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 What is health ?
Or a perfect health ?

Well, an individual can be seen as having good health if-
  • if he is able to follow the basic instincts of life - ahaar, nidra, bhaya, maithuna - ie he is always at ease to comply with the basic natural instincts of food, sleep,survival and procreation.
  • if he has ability to feel happiness and express happiness.
  • he is not dependent on medicines.
  • if he has a healthy mind.
  • he is independent both mentally and physically.
  • he has ability to engage himself in positive acts.
  • he is able to help and support others.
  • he is able to go to sleep in time and also able to get up in the morning as per his own decision.
  • once having awakened in the morning does not simply spend time lying in the bed.
  • is exercising his control to have mit ahaara and mit nidra ie optimum food intake and optimum sleep.
Here the age factor is not taken into consideration.

What is health insurance ?

The dictionary meaning is - insurance policy purchased for covering the  cost of medical care of the insured by the insurer during the coverage period.
Why health insurance is necessary?
Uncertainty of life plays important role in insurance business. One cannot take it for granted not to fall sick in life. No body can boast.

Similarly, there are chances, may be the most, to meet accidents (major or minor). In such events, and in case of sickness, expenses for medical treatment are very high and beyond the reach of an individual.  But it has to be met inevitably.

By opting for insurance coverage policy one can lead a stress free life in that the insurer guarantees to bear the portion of such medical expenses based on the policy terms for which a monthly premium is charged.

Why health insurance is necessary ?

Every one is concerned about the future of his loved ones and dependent ones after own sudden death or due to fateful and terminal disease.  By taking life  insurance policy one can have significant relief from stress in the mind and thus live a tension free life.

Why health insurance  is necessary ?
No body intends to fall sick, get hurt, meet accidents, and other such emergencies in life.  But nothing is predictable in life.  And in any such type of events, the expenses required to bear are huge - some times, even one's entire savings in life are not enough to meet such emergency expenses. In such eventualities, more huge amount of money has to be arranged.

The health insurance policy enables the insured ones to meet  huge expenses to tackle the undesired yet inevitable emergencies in life with comfort at the financial front.

Having health insurance policy is a significant step for an individual because everyone is seeking happiness in life.  And being tension free is first meaningful step towards that.

Why health insurance is necessary ?
Medical treatment being quite expensive, one is inclined to undergo various investigations, consultancies,  medicines and treatment even in cases of preventive care and early detection. Even one tends to avoid minor treatments in time which inevitably results in major and advanced stages of illness when it becomes unavoidable to bear the huge expenses.  Health insurance policy may facilitate to meet the expenses towards such as investigations like blood tests,x-ray investigations, the specialists' fees, hospitalization, post hospitalization expenses, expenses on medicines and so on.

In short, one can opt for preventive medical services and get the care needed to have good health and prevent illness having serious concerns. Also one can get early medical services for early diagnosis of serious medical condition as also avoid the situation when the illness gets very serious.

Such concern is more so in case of the individuals whose spouse is not an earning member of the family.

Why health insurance is necessary ?

We often hear from our family Doctors when we take our old parents for check-up the terms ageing. What they emphasize is the fact that ageing cannot be stopped.  If we take it seriously and consider duly, it will be revealed that yes, day by day one gets older.  As one gets older, the old age related  health problems have to faced.  What are these ?  Well, blood pressure, diabetes, joint pains and what not.  And for this, expenses towards health maintenance increase along with many more health disorders.  Thus, at old age, savings do not match with the expenses towards health maintenance.  At such crucial period, health insurance policy really becomes significant and meaningful. 

And this is the reason, many times old people remark, "Good God, I have had this health policy".
And such people do have that attitude of " Who is afraid of ageing ?"

And when one happen to come across aged happy person, the feeling of respect and to encourage the elderly dominates the mind. 
Why health insurance is necessary ?
  1. Savings in entire life can be wiped out at once.
  2. It is best instrument to work out retirement plan.
  3. In certain countries, tax benefits are available.
  4. Health insurance pays for the medical expenses met by the insured and 
  5. Health insurance enables the insured to get timely treatment needed without facing financial burdens.
As it can be seen from the above, one will not differ from the fact why health insurance is necessary.

It is observed that an individual has more concern for his own  particular body part as the same is being applied by him in his career and therefore, as a further dimension of application of this significant instrument to be assured, he takes health insurance policy covering that particular body part at an eye-popping consideration. 

When I Googled, I came across the following interesting cases -
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Legs insured for $ 195 million
  2. Daniel Craig - fully body insured for $ 9.5 million
  3. Kylie Minogue - Butt insured for $ 5 million
  4. Julia Roberts - Smile insured for $ 30 million
  5. Jeniffer Lopez - Butt insured for $ 27 million
  6. Tom Jones - Chest hair insured for $ 6.8 million
  7. Mariah Carey - Legs insured for $ 1 billion
  8. David Beckham - Legs insured for $ 70 million
  9. Gene Simmons - Tongue insured for $ 1 million
  10. Kim Kardashian - Butt insured for $  21 million
If nature of their career is considered, well, such application of insurance coverage is quite rational and essential too !

And no doubt, the followers for whom the above celebrities are source of inspiration  must be getting inspired to go for health insurance.

Ultimately, it is the universal truth that man is seeking happiness, discover happiness, express happiness, share happiness to have that feeling of peace and serenity in daily life.

And you know what, having purchased proper health insurance, one can rest assured to live active and healthy life without any stress build up.

HEALTH INSURANCE- some shelter is there !
Now, regarding another important aspect of insurance ........

Next time ........
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The basic idea of stress that it is consequence of our inability to tackle the circumstances we are in, is significant and must be understood properly.
And basis for any circumstances is our own desire and if we fail to fulfill our desire it leads to stress and anxiety. This in turn affects our health inevitably. Therefore controlling own desires is first step towards  stress management.
It needs healthy and efficient mind to be able to decide what are reasonable and natural desires.
Therefore,having healthy mind is important.
I will share here with you the basic idea and significance of having a healthy mind.
If only we are aware of this, we can have a healthy mind which suggests a peaceful, fresh. stress-free mind which is in a continuous state of having ability to tackle day today issues effectively in our life.
Because brain is only instrument of thought and application. And when the mind is healthy, peaceful and enthusiastic, our purpose of stress management will be served.
The effective strategy is to have a healthy mind. 

What to do to have a healthy mind?
You are right, we must also take regular mental bath like we take physical bath every day. And you know, some people take bath twice a day.
I would like you to read my post - WHAT IS MENTAL BATH AND HOW TO TAKE IT?
Briefly speaking, it is to avoid negative thoughts, assimilate good and positive thoughts, giving good diet to our mind regularly, (remember sat sanga ie company of good thoughts and wisdom?) and so on.
We must avoid - 
  • exposure of our mind to negativity in all respects
  • stop seeing good for nothing tv programmes, movies, dramas, internet etc.
  • stop  useless company of people of negative nature
These are examples. One may find more such things  depending on own personality.
Avoiding unnecessary desires is another effective  stress management strategy.
And we must engage our mind in -
  • positive thoughts
  • informative, educative, inspirational tv programmes, movies, dramas etc.
  • quality reading ie reading books of wisdom, inspiration, motivation.
  • engage in sat sang - not essentially physical one, sat sang means to keep mind occupied in any manner effective in getting wisdom of life, positive in all respects.
  • have some interesting  creative hobby.  Mother nature believes in creativity. Creative hobbies like reading, painting, drawing, photography,and the likes.
  • enjoying company of the mother nature.
Feeding the parrot 
Having read the above, I am sure one will be able to apply  effective stress management strategies and engage in stress management activities to achieve the desired results. 

Your comments are most welcome !

Next time .....
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A casual look, and we spontaneously say, PERFECT HEALTHY TREES !

The perfect health is reflected in one's own physical appearance and attitude.

A perfect physical health is one of the  important aspects of having optimal health.


Optimal health includes,besides physical health, mental and spiritual health status.


For developing meaningful healthy habits in life, three aspects are considered here -

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Spiritual Progress
Physical health is most important, remember the saying, HEALTH IS WEALTH !

For this sufficient exercise is needed - Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), morning walk, Pranayama, breathing exercises, asanas etc. 

One must be aware of own ahara ie diet -  both quality and quantity.  
We must not forget to have atleast four morsels less than actually required.

Sound Mental health  is equally important which is not paid attention to.
We need to be cautious of what we feed to our mind.  We must take care about the qualitative aspect in every media our mind is exposed to ie we should be cautious of what we feed to our mind while indulging in activities connected with reading, tv, cinema, internet etc.
For this one must be aware of what is mental bath and its importance to maintain healthy mind.
 We must remember  that healthy mind ensures healthy body.
Further, being aware of meaning and significance of own sarasar vivek helps in adhering to the attitude of developing meaningful habits in life.
Spiritual Progress - About spiritual practice one becomes aware late in life stage,say in fifties plus.One should get awareness of the same at the earliest to achieve progress on the path of spirituality which is a step to achieve fulfillment in life beyond and above happiness.
Having the above awareness, one can apply these basic things in day today life to be able to have the optimal health status in our life.

According to me, as our sarasar vivek suggests,  person can be said to have optimal health status-

  1. if he is able to follow the basic instincts of life - ahaara, nidra, bhaya, maithuna effectively.
  2. if he has ability to feel happiness and express happiness.
  3. if he is not dependent on medicines on regular basis.
  4. if he has a healthy mind.
  5. if he is independent both mentally and physically.
  6. if he has ability to engage himself in positive acts.
  7. if he is able to help others
  8. if he is able to go to sleep in time and also able to get up in the morning as he decides.
  9. once having awakened in the morning  he does not simply spend time lying in the bed,
  10. if he exercises his mind control to have optimum level of food and sleep.

Here I have not taken into consideration the age factor.

So, let us enjoy optimal health.
Next time ....

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For me,I feel that one being well is reflected in the way how enthusiastically one gets up in the morning to start the day. Another equally important sign is ability to get up in the morning whenever one desires. One such well being  individual eagerly starts the day by expressing gratitude to the almighty for what one is,one has and the total existence.
It is obvious that being dependent on medication does not matter. The crucial thing is one's body,mind and soul are functioning harmoniously.
Any minor imbalance directly affects one's health.
Healthy people are well aware of the importance of both physical and mental health. Besides taking physical bath they do take mental bath also.
In fact the one who respects the supreme values in life and capable to discrete between the polarities in values such as truth and untruth, healthy and unhealthy,right and wrong,justice and injustice, moral and amoral and so on and is making right choices while making decisions and accepts consequences of own decision making is certainly well being.
Such individuals are really healthy and able to achieve transformation in their life.And this is the secret of having a healthy life.
With an intention, I have not contemplated here regarding- 
  • diet,
  • exercises, 
  • yoga, 
  • meditation practice to be followed etc.
  • gym activities

What I wish to communicate is the important basic ideas which are reflected in one’s own attitude and consequently the overall healthy life.
We must have awareness that meaningful and significant habits play important role in our own life.
For developing meaningful habits in life, three aspects are considered here-
  1. Physical Health
  2. Mental health
  3. Spiritual progress
Physical health is most important, know the saying- health is wealth. And we are generally aware of this fact.
For  maintaining  good physical health, sufficient exercise is needed- 
  • Surya namaskaras, 
  • morning walk 
  • Pranayam, 
  • breathing exercises, 
  • asanas etc.

One must be aware of our ahaara ie diet - quality and quantity. Remember we must have at least four morsels less than required. 
Our mental health is equally important which is not equally paid attention to .
We should be equally cautious to have healthy diet for our mind. Have positive exposures in every media - reading,tv,cinema,internet etc.
For this one must be aware of what is meaning and significance of mental bath and its importance to maintain healthy mind.
Let us remember healthy mind ensures healthy body.
Remember the saying, an idle mind is devil's workshop ?
Therefore, one must engage own mind in creative, positive and  healthy activities. 
Even simply enjoying beautiful flowers in the nature refreshes our mind and enables us to enjoy the feeling of being in the company of the almighty. And we feel both our body and mind get rejuvenated instantly.
Further, being aware of meaning and significance of own health helps in identifying and practicing the same with a view of living a healthy life. 
About spiritual practice one becomes aware late in life stage,say in fifties plus.
Having achieved the set goal of good and sound physical and mental health, one often feels that there is some thing more to be achieved, which in later stage one identifies as spiritual progress.
One should get awareness of the same at the earliest to achieve progress on the path of spirituality which is a step to achieve fulfillment in life beyond and above happiness.
It is hoped that the above tips will help my readers to live a healthy life, discover happiness, feel happiness, express happiness, share happiness with others and achieve the fulfillment in life.
Next time ......
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Having life values makes us different from animals.

Ahar,bhaya,maithun and nidra are characteristics of animals. Meaning eating,instinct for survival,procreation and sleep in theses processes animal life is spent.
Ability to think and aspiration for seeking and discovering happiness makes human being superior to animal.
Aspiring for happiness !

For this, there are universally identified life values. These are essential requirements for healthy coexistence, conducive life environment for all living being.

Mercy,pity,love,compassion, looking at world as a family, and striving hard for welfare of all members of  universal family irrespective of race,religion,castes, achievement of universal peace in healthy manner - these are the important and significant life values one must respect.
The core approach will be understanding sarasar vivek ie power of discretion and its application. For this quality reading is essential to strengthen sarasar vivek . And of course reading only is not enough. Ability to apply sarasar vivek is utmost important.

Next time ......
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Dear Parents,

I understand your concern as to how to enjoy summer vacation activities with your children. (Of course, you are also worried how to keep your children busy in the summer vacation, I know !)

Let me share my own experiences of how we enjoyed summer vacation activities with our children.

As responsible parent, I felt that it is our primary responsibility to make every effort possible so that the personality of the  children,considering their age factor, do bloom, flourish to the fullest. After all, the mother nature expects us to do the same.

The above photograph is taken on my mobile while on Europe tour.  The cute tiny flowers have flourished to the fullest.  We can see the tiny buds also in the process.  It is obvious that these tiny plant is being taken care of regularly. 

I often see strong analogy here.  We parents also duty bound to take care of our children, monitor their growth, attend to them at emotional needs.  Protect them from the harsh realities of life. 

And this is more so in the summer vacation as in the rest of the period the busy schedules of both children and parents make it difficult to get time for the same.

Therefore, summer vacation is the best opportunity one should not miss.
summer vacation activities
We always preferred to encourage our children to enjoy outdoor activities - outdoor games, like football, cricket etc.

We made it sure they get exposure in the pleasant morning and evening sunlight.

They were taught how to appreciate beauty of the nature, sunrise, sunset, expansive trees etc.

This also enabled us to explain to the children what it means to refer to the nature as the mother nature. 

Activities to do in summer vacation

This is the area where we paid more attention.  

This is the duration when we introduced them to various activities that have potential to become a great hobby for them.  For example, drawing, painting,reading.

In this regard, we were well aware that we parents are the role model for our children, of course  after their teacher. Fortunately, we do have interesting and significant hobbies of quality reading. We need not emphasize here that quality reading proves a great source of wisdom of life one needs to lead a healthy,peaceful and meaningful life.

Another important thing we encouraged our children was to make them aware of the hard and stressful life people live - the newspaper vendor, the laundryman, the sweeper in the  housing society,the cobbler at the corner of the road, the laborers working on the road, and so on. The children were encouraged to look at these members of our society with compassion and humanity and respect their work because indirectly they are serving the society.

Our main purpose always was to give them opportunities to learn some thing new, learn more about the mother nature, the harsh realities of life, and never miss any opportunity to be curious and be always positive in attitude.

Now, I will not hesitate to state here that all our above efforts proved helpful on the path of achieving overall personality development of our children besides their academic achievements !

Of course, all the above activities to do in summer vacation were not conducted  in a single summer vacation.

I have shared my experience with our children with a hope that the same will prove helpful to other parents and their children also.

Next time ........

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I think we being integral part of this entire universal system, we must have this basic awareness - like universe, the need to make every effort to keep myself and every living entity around me happy,peaceful, flourishing and joyful.
And we may have our own  stylish spectacles to have a view of the world around us, the universal nature does not change depending on the spectacles we use.


For conceiving the world around us as it is, one must identify essential daily habits and to adopt them in daily life.
And good personal habits are always welcome in the life.
I have experienced and learnt the reality that in implementing the above feelings in practice I am able to -
  • give due respect to supreme values of life like freedom, peace,live and compassion.
  • honor and respect every living entity.
  • understand significance of polarities in values like truth and untruth, moral and amoral, justice and injustice, ethical and unethical, right and wrong and so on.
  • make right choices while making decisions in life.
  • accept the consequences of own decision making in life.

  • life becomes meaningful, happier and full of creativity
  • keeping oneself in the company of positive people
  • effective way of listening and speaking
  • art of thinking
  • life becomes active
  • cheerfulness

So one will realize this small yet effective and significant habit will bring transformation in life.

Next time .......

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One becomes conscious of presence of people around.  The feeling is there, what people will think about me?  Am I doing right or wrong?


We often find people who are inclined to get embarrassed easily.  For them, it is inevitable nature of their interactions with others.  But the feeling of burden is there and they want to ease the same by some or other effective ways. 

Some times they wonder how to stop being embarrassed so easily.

And enjoy the natural process of flourishing, expanding like flowers in the nature.


The more serious thought process make them realize that yes, there is some basic reason. More serious contemplation by them lead to the conclusion that yes, there is answer.  And the answer is obvious. Lack of self confidence.

Lack of self confidence leads to hesitation in every ordinary act of the individual.
As a result one becomes conscious of presence of people around. The feeling of “what people will think about me”” Am I doing right or wrong?” dominates one's mind. As a result one gets embarrassed now and then.
What is the practical solution?
Well,  one must take calculated efforts to build self confidence.
For this, continuous process of learning be adopted. One learns out of own experiences. But then in a normal life span how much time one can devote to learn from own experience? One life time will not be enough.
Therefore one has to learn from experiences of others. That is learning from wisdom gained by others from their own life experiences.
A lesson learned from experience is wisdom.
And one of the effective way of getting introduced with wisdom of others also is personal interactions with others. But it involves a lot of time and related resources management.
Another effective way is to read quality books depicting quality thoughts and ideas useful for desired transformation in life.
This quality reading helps one build and develop sarasar vivek ie power of discretion which paves the way for achieving transformation of life on the path of spiritual progress.
Reading only is not enough. One has to be aware of power of discretion and significance of its implementation in our life.
Quality reading also enables one to develop awareness of significance of polarities in values like truth and untruth, right and wrong, ethical and unethical, moral and amoral and so on.  This prepares one to make right choice while making decisions in life. 
Having this strong awareness, one has full confidence that one is making right and proper choice. This also prepares one to accept the consequences of the own decision making.  There will be no hesitation.
This will give confidence in one's  own judgement and decision making as well as prepares one to face consequences of one's decision making effectively.
And thus, there will be no trace of being embarrassed in day today life.

Next time.......
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I know, I do not need to write about Sir Albert Einstein.

In the last fortnight I happened to be on the tour to Europe. 

Few more of my next posts will be about the same.

But the first I am writing about is the experience I had that touched my heart and mind.

Our tour manager narrated few interesting anecdotes of Sir Einstein, which are well known world over.
Einstein museum Bern 
The Einsteinhause (Einstein House) is a former residence of Sir Albert Einstein converted in to museum.  It is located in Bern, Switzerland.  Sir Einstein and his family occupied the second floor flat from 1903 to 1905.  

The very famous theory of Relativity as a contribution towards founding work of modern physics was written here.

During this period Sir Einstein worked at the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Now, about the heart and mind touching experience.

There is a statue of Sir Albert Einstein sitting on a bench in the open compound.  Tourists are allowed to take selfies and photographs with the statue.

I humbly felt I was not qualified even to sit besides the statue of Sir Einstein.  I was feeling as if Sir Einstein himself was sitting in person on the bench.  How realistic the statue is ! But my better half prevailed upon me. The result is this photograph I am sharing with my readers.

My feelings at the time of writing this post-

I feel I should give credit to my better half for this experience of taking my own photograph along with the statue of Sir Einstein. This is because, basically I am never inclined to be sort of crazy, expressing my liking towards famous  personalities and celebrities. And my better half knows this very well. But on this occasion she insisted on me to take my photograph along with the statue of Sir Einstein sitting on a bench in the garden. And thus, the photograph !

Now, remembering  my feelings at the time the photograph was being taken.

Although it was a statue of Sir Einstein, I felt as if I was sitting besides Sir Einstein, the greatest Scientist who introduced Modern Physics to the human being.

This made me feel very humble,very obliged, very much honored, being given great respect to me.

I think this is what we feel in the live company of the greatest towering personalities in the world.

This was really a unforgettable experience I had in my Europe Tour in the last fortnight.

Next time......

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  1. Be motivated always to improve one's own life.
  2. Identify and eradicate the negativity in one's own personality.
  3. Identify and implement the positive qualities in own personality.
  4. Develop the awareness regarding sarasar vivek ie Power of discretion.
  5. With this sarasar vivek start discretion between polarities in value of life like truth and un-truth, moral and amoral,ethical and unethical and so on.
  6. Choose the right option while making decisions in life.
  7. No hesitation in implementing one's own decisions.
  8. Be prepared to accept the consequences of one's own decisions.
  9. Pay attention to physical and mental hygiene. (Mental bath)
  10. Have compassion and due respect for every living entity.
  11. Enjoy natural beauties. 
These habits will not only change one's life but there will be minimum botheration to others.  There will be complete transformation in one's life,I am confident!

This is the best life advice for any one desiring to achieve significant transformation in own life !
And let me add, I have had very significant and meaningful experience in this way.

Next time .......

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