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Happy Easter everyone!

Sorry for disappearing for so long , it’s just that inspiration wasn’t coming to me for some reason.

But I am back with an overdue review of Think Nature products.

Yes time for some body and hair care today!

Think Nature is a Korean brand that became known thanks to Park Bo-Young and I discovered them thanks to Kang Daniel.

워너원(WANNA·ONE)'s Daniel 씽크네이처(think nature) CF #2 - YouTube

Their brand ambassador are usually celebrity that are well loved with a nice image. Who could resist this cute puppy face.

While I was in Korea they had special gift when purchasing from this brand, such as bromide, stickers, cards and calendars.

You had to get this while Daniel was the brand ambassador.

Let’s stop with the fangirling and start reviewing the products!

Body wash moisture

The body wash are usually the cheapest item from this brand and cost around 6000 Won.

Compared to other brand this is definitely not the cheapest. A bottle contains 300 ml and last around a month.

I honestly did not see much difference using this body with other brand. It does have this “hanbang” feel to it though, smell wise.

This body wash is a white milky and creamy texture and lathers quite quickly.

It is an okay product, but you can honestly pass this it.

Body Lotion mild

All Think Nature product have the same presentation so this body lotion also comes in this pump dispenser and contains 300 ml.

Now my first impression of thid product is how much I hated how it smelled, like burnt plastic.

Luckily after several use, and finishing the bottle, the smell of burnt plastic would gradually fade away and leave my skin moisturized.

[ENG SUB] Wanna One Go 2: 'Cloud it beauty' Sungwoon's honey skin class 171110 EP 6 - YouTube

It does take a couple of minutes before it’s fully absorbed by my skin, but then my skin didn’t feel dry anymore.

This is an okay lotion , once you get over the smell. This would cost around 9000 Won.

There is actually another version of this ,for normal skin, but I haven’t tried that one.

Hair loss care sweet blossom shampoo

This is by far my most favorite product from Think Nature.

I discovered this shampoo in Fall/ Winter time and this was perfect for my hair.

Your hair is more fragile when it gets colder and you do lose more hair than regularly.

This shampoo is a clear shampoo with a grape like scent, it did not smell like “sweet blossom” to me.

There is a bit of a fresh minty feel but it’s not too strong.

Your hair will feel light after using this, and you’ll immediately see that less hair goes down the drain!!!

Yes I kid you not, I was going to share a pic of this, but thought it might gross people out too much

If I were to give you an image, I would say I used to lose enough hair to make a small wig for a Barbie while showering.

After using this shampoo, the lost hair looked like doodles when I would take the hair out from the drain with a paper towel.

A small bad effect is that I would sometimes have dandruff, but not too much.

My hair felt light and had less hair loss. When I would run my fingers through my hair, the texture felt thicker !

This is the most expensive product from Think Nature at 13 000 Won a bottle. The bottle also contains 300 ml and would usually last for almost 2 months.

Natural care Sweet Blossom conditioner

This conditioner is actually from the “normal” care.

This is a white pasty conditioner and has once again that “hanbang” scent to it.

What I like about this conditioner is that this doesn’t weight your hair down unlike other conditioner. Just like the shampoo, this provides a light feel to your hair.

My hair did not become greasy easily when I would apply this.

One thinkmg that could be improved is the dispenser. Unlike the other product from this brand, the conditioner has a thicker and heavier texture.

When you get to 2/8 of the bottle, you can no longer pump the product out. You have to open it and tap the bottom to get the product out.

If you are looking for a rich conditioner that does not have a heavy feel, this is for you. This usually cost less than the shampoo and is priced around 10 000 Won.


Think Nature definitely has some quality products. I cannot recommend the hairloss shampoo enough. I always have a bottle in stock, it’s just that good!

The other products are good too, but I would only get it if it’s on sale though …

The packaging is quite simple and I do like the flowery design that makes you think of nature lol!

I also like Think Nature’s sign, like Mother nature surrounded by the beauty of nature … Or is she the “sister” of the siren from Starbucks?

Each product is easily recognizable thanks to the different sticker design. They might all be in these brown pump bottles, but the stickers all bring a different feel to each product.

I should say thanks to Daniel for introducing this product, this was definitely money well spent!

See you next time!

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Hi everyone,

Here’s another review of a product I’ve been using these past few months.

It’s (Dear) Klairs supple preparation all-over lotion.

Klairs is a brand I had discovered from Wishtrend. It used to be really difficult to get hold of this brand. But thankfully there are stores like YesStyle now where you can also get this brand.

It’s sometimes much more interesting, as the shipping for example is much more interesting, plus YesStyle sells much more products and they have so many offers going on.

I had bought this cream from Wishtrend when this product was launched, at the time it only cost around 10 USD with free shipping. Now the full price is around 25 USD.

The packaging

This actually came in a box, but I already threw it out.

The product itself comes in this soft plastic beige tube with purple accent.

There is explanation of the product in English and Korean.

One tube contains 250ml and should be used within 12 months once opened.

The cream

As per Wishtrend’s site this is :

+ Cruelty-free
+ Vegan Friendly
+ Ethanol-free
+ Paraben-free
+ Steroid-free
+ Artificial coloring-free
+ Artificial fragrance-free
+ pH 7.0 ± 1.0

They also explain that :

The Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over lotion is a fast absorbing lotion that immediately moisturize the skin. It is absorbed quickly without stickiness and use-able all throughout the year. This lotion has a lighter consistency than a cream, which allows faster absorption. Recommended for those who feel creams are too heavy

Because this is an all over cream, there are apparently several ways of using this product :

Formulated with mild ingredients, the Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion can be used on the entire body and face, for all skin types.

Tips on using the All-Over Lotion
1) Apply generous amounts 2-3 times over dry areas.
2) Store in small container and use as hand cream on the go.
3) Can be layered with fragrant body product that lacks hydration to get a perfect blend.
4) Can be used on the tip of the hair, as hair lotion.
*Make sure to apply when hair is damp.
5) Not recommended for areas with body acne.

If interested, you can actually find the full list of ingredients from WISHTREND’s site as well :

Water, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Sorbitan Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Beta-Glucan, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Microcrystalline Wax, Cyclopentasiloxane, Betaine, Ceramide NP, Polyquaternium-51, PEG-100 Stearate, Illicium Verum(Anise) Fruit Extract, Citrus Paradisi(Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Chlorphenesin, Carbomer, Arginine, Citric Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Althaea Rosea Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Apium Graveolens (Celery) Extract, Brassica Oleracea Capitata (Cabbage) Leaf Extract, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Extract, Brassica Rapa (Turnip) Leaf Extract, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract, Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Fruit/Leaf/Stem Extract, Natto Gum, Centella Asiatica Extract, Disodium EDTA, Lysine HCL, Proline, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Acetyl Methionine, Theanine

My first impression of this creal is that I didn’t like the scent of it, it smelled like melted plastic.

I used it on my body but didn’t really like the feel of it afterwards. I also tried it on my face, but that didn’t work out well either.

The best way I found to use this is as a handcream.

I brought this at work and it’s actually perfect for my hands!

I’ve been using this for the past two months and I’m almost done! It kinda felt I would never finish it lol.

This is a milky white cream.

I honestly do not like how it smells, and so did my colleagues…

But the texture feels nice on the hands.

It feels light and moisturizing. The best part is that it is absorbed quickly and there is no greasiness.

At work, after washing my hands I always apply a pea size amount and apply it on my hands evenly. I can immediately work without leaving any greasy mark around me.

The promise that this cream is light and non sticky is definitely true!


This definitely was not my favorite Klairs product, but as a handcream this is great.

I don’t think I would buy this again because of the scent, plus my face didn’t react too well or felt soft afterwards when applied on my body.

This cream would definitely work for you if you have normal skin. If you have dry skin, you could apply several layers without it feeling too heavy on your skin!

See you next time

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Hi everyone!

First of all happy new year! I hope your year has started positively and you are all in good health!

Sorry for being MIA, will try to share more reviews again and do it more regularly!

My first review of the year is about handcreams! This will be for Lapcos handream rose and Minnie and Chonee romantic rose hand cream.

I love handcreams, I always have a tube or two inside my bag.

At work, there is always cream on my desk as I apply some each time after going to the bathroom,I just don’t like having dry hands. And if I smell something “bad” I apply cream on my hands so I can remove the bad odours.. I have quite a sensitive sense of smell, I just can’t help it.

Rose scented products is not really my fave as it can either smell like those cheap scented candles to me, and can be overpowering.

That’s why I don’t have too many rose scented products.

That’s a small details about me, but let’s start with the review.

Lapcos handcream rose and Minnie

Lapcos is a Korean brand who also sell clothes under the name Lap , so their cosmetic brand is called Lapcos(metics).

Quite an easy name to remember. Discovered this brand thanks to Kang Daniel really, so I got curious about their cosmetic products.

Their items are mostly sold online on theamall.com , and in some standalone Lap store.

The price range is midrange, it’s not cheap but also not too expensive.

Last year, they had some special sale and got a kit for around 25€ that contained a cushion, eyeshadow palette, lipstick, nail stickers and this handcream.

Ordered this via Testerkorea btw, if you guys want to buy something from a Korean online store, just submit a request to Testerkorea and they might add the product on their site.

This handcream is a collab with Disney.

The design is pretty simple, but with some cute details. It doesn’t look childish and looks quite fancy actually!

The packaging

This handcream comes in a grey squeeze tube that contains 50 ml. Once opened, you need to use the product within 12 months.

The explanation of the product is in Korean, the only English part is the name of the product.

It has a screw top opening, so you can securely close it . There won’t be any accidental leakage inside your bag/pouch.

I must say I do really the matte frey with the glossy little Mickey prints all over the tube.

The cream

This handcream has a buttery and thick texture, but once you spread it it kinda becomes watery.

The rose scent is not too strong, the scent gradually spreads and has more of a powdery smell to it. It’s quite discrete which I appreciate a lot.

There is no greasy feel to it, and best thing is that you don’t have an oily finish, so you can easily open a bottle or grab a pen after applying this. No greasy fingerprints on your desk too!


I really like this handcream, it has a great finish with no oiliness. Despite it being rose scented, it’s not overpowering and the scent is quite discrete.

Chonee Romantic rose handcream

I had won this handream from an IG giveway to celebrate the opening of BBcosmetics.

I am quite unfamiliar to Chonee so I can’t really say if this is a good brand or not.

I have never this Korean brand in store when I travel to Seoul so maybe this is quite a small brand only sold online. But again I might be wrong…

The packaging

From the look of it, it looks like this is more for young people teens to early 20’s.

The cream comes in a tube that contains 50gr.

It has this illustration of a girl with a bob haircut and a very girly and frilly top. It gives me this vintage feel to it because of the drawing.

It also mentions that this is “City girl’s choice”.

On the back you have the explanation of the product in Korean.

This has a very big screw top opening, so it’s again easy to close and open.

The cream

This cream is more liquid and oily. Once you spread it out, you’ll feel it’s oiliness too.

As soon as you open this, the scent of rose hits you very quickly.

When I apply this as work, all my colleagues can smell it and always wonder what it is. Once I tell them it’s my handcream, they just tell me how much they love how it smells. That’s how strongly scented this cream is. The scent linger for quite a while too.

It has a bit of greasiness too, so you do need to wait a couple of minutes before you can start grabbing stuff and work.


I can use this cream but in very moderate amount, as it’s way too strong for me. The moisturizing effect is ok.

All in all, it was fun to discover these brands.

It I had to buy a rose handcream, it would definitely be from Lapcos because of the stylish design , the texture of the cream and most definitely because of the soft and discrete scent of rose they used.

Do you have a fave rose scented hand cream or have any recommendation?

See you next time!

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Hi everyone,

Today I will be sharing a review for contact lenses. Yeap contact lenses, that can drastically change your look.

Let’s check out Lens Town Aloha Candy contact lenses in gray

A couple of weeks ago, Kosmeshop was looking for reviewer to try out these contact lenses. I was one of the lucky ones.

I usually wear contact lenses on holiday, or when I used to do sports, but they were always clear coloured.

I had previously tried Geo contact lenses, but they didn’t feel thay comfy and they were the type to make you have manga eyes. It didn’t really look natural and were a bit of a pain.

I was pretty excited to try these.

I also opted for coloured contact lenses with a dioptre. This was an extra test to see if they could pass the mark.

The packaging

I’m honestly not that knowledgeable about Korean contact lenses, but I did find that Lens Town is a pretty reputable brand as they have collab collections with Pony, Monsta X and other kpop idol bands.

If it’s good enough for Pony then these should be fine.

Pony x Lens Town 1Street 1Month 月Con - YouTube

I received these contact lenses in two separate glasse vials. They were sealed on top with plastic and a metal aluminium sheet. It was pretty hard to open, but with the help of pliers, I got it open.

It didn’t come in a box, but maybe because this was sent for review purposes. This might come in a box if you do buy them in store.

There isn’t much explanation of the product, but the seller did give a pair contact lenses container.

From the water, you could already see the contact lenses which looked pretty thin.

The colour

As per the package this pair is gray.

It’s gray with a touch of yellow. What I did appreciate about these is the size of the coloured part is “normal”. These won’t give you the manga eyes, with a bigger iris. It can look pretty natural.

These contact lenses were pretty easy to wear. They are not too thick and sits nicely on the eye.

Once on, I sometimes forgot I was wearing them.

After a couple of hours, my eye did start to get dry. I would say you can comfortably wear them for around 5~6 hours. After that your eye do get dry and you start blinking a bit more and just want to close your eyes.

The first time I wore these contact, I was a bit shocked of the results and didn’t recognize myself. Just changing the colour of your eyes can change your lok so much.

At first I thought I looked like a cat, then a fairy or even a werewolf. But with makeup, it looked pretty good.

The look also changes with indoor and outdoor lighting.

Indoor lighting makes it look pretty natural.

Outdoor, it’s different and people can question your origins. Hehehe.

I did have fun playing around with these contact lenses. And the dioptre on the lenses worked perfectly. I could see and read just like when I’m wearing my glasses.


Well I am pretty happy with these contact lenses.

If you want to change your look, or want to get that idol look, why not try these contact lenses?

These Lens Town contact lenses are priced at less than 10 USD, which is pretty fair. You can get them here from Kosmeshop.

These are monthly contact lenses, so once opened you can use them for a month. Please do make sure you keep them in a clean container, for hygienic reasons.

Thank you Kosmeshop for giving me the chance to try these on.

Have you tried coloured contact lenses? Do you have a favourite colour or brand?

See you next time!

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Hey everyone,

So today let me share another kbeauty favorite.

It’s Innisfree orchid eye cream.

Innisfree needs no introduction. This is a Korean skincare brand that is quite popular.

Their “star” product is no doubt their green tea serum, but they also have other star products like the Soybean first essence or their green tea mist, sebum powder, creamy lipstick , wash off masks and more.

All the “benefits” from their products all come from Jeju.

They had many popular brand ambassador like Lee Minho, Yoona and more recently Wanna one.

You know that when Innisfree comes out with a product, it usually is a great product of quality.

innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream main video with Yoona - YouTube

The orchid range is more for the “older” population, that’s about to start the anti-age,products, but not for mature skin yet.

It’s all about providing hydration to the skin and keep it firm.

If I were to put an age range, this line would be good for people between 25~ 40 years old.

This came out a couple of winters ago, so it’s quite easy to find this product.

The packaging

This eye cream comes first of all in this paperbox, with the explanation of the product in Korean and English. The theme of packaging is purple with a flower design.

The eye cream itself comes in a purple plastic container which contains 30 ml.

Here there isn’t much explanation, everything is on the box anyway.

One first observation is that this is quite a generous eye cream.

When you buy eyecream it usually only contains 15ml, so seeing this contains 30 ml, I know this will last me for a while.

This cost around 15~20USD(shipping included) online, if they are selling it higher than this, you know you are getting ripped off… Check around stores and see where you get it a a reasonable price.

The product

To open the jar, you just need to unscrew it open.

You’ll find this is highly scented, like all Innisfree product.

If you don’t like scented product, this might put you off.

I do like how it smells though, it’s a nice flowery scent that is not sweet. It is quite strong yet fresh at the same time.

All products from this collection all have the same scent by the way. Even with your eyes closed, you can recognize this product!

This eye cream is white with a rich feel to it, but “melts” easily and absorbed quickly.

I just dab my finger on the side of the jar and apply it on the lower eye and tap it all around eye, from bottom to top.

See how it does not give a greasy or oily finish?

When you touch the cream it does feel thick, but once applied it has a different texture. It is easily spreadable as well.


I have been using this eye cream for a couple of months now, and I’m maybe 1/3 out already, so I’m thinking this can last a whole year.

I usually use Clinique’s eye cream, but this cost 30€ for 15ml. It can last for around 6 months.

Thinking price wise, the Innisfree is already so much more affordable and generous.

I like how even though this is quite a rich cream, it does not feel greasy or oily or look oily/greasy afterwards.

This eye cream definitely provide enough hydration to my eye area.

This does not help with puffyness, or dark circles, but it definitely keeps your eye area moisturized.

I completely understand why so many people like this :

  • It’s not that expensive
  • it has a nice rich but fresh texture
  • Despite being scented, I actually like how it smells. It’s easily recognizable.
  • A little goes a long way, a couple of dabs is enough.
  • This is a good alternative for Clinique’s eye cream.

Very happy I purchased this eye cream.

The orchid collection is what is best suited for my skintype right.

I might try and get more products from this line.

Have you tried this line before? What is your fave eye cream.

See you next time!

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Hello everyone,

May has come and people are starting to get ready for holidays.

Let me share a review for Labiotte’s perfume bar.

Yes May has arrived, it’s finally spring. The weather is getting warmer as well!

Today let me share my experience with Labiotte’s perfume bar in Flomance

This product actually came out last year, but I didn’t really see this much anywhere.

I had bought mine on Ebay, on auction. This had cost me less than 10USD, and it’s usually on sale for around 12 USD.

The packaging

This perfume bar comes in box with this wine bottle embossed design.

The design is quite simple, quite pure since it’s all white.

You have a description of the product, but it’s all in Korean.

You only have a small part in English explaining this product’s main ingredient is roses.

Once removed from the box, this is what it looks like : a white wine bottle shape perfume bar.

There isn’t much explanation on the product itself. Just the name is mentioned in English and Korean. It follows the same desig. As their liptints and lipsticks. I think this is a really great design.

It’s pretty handy and easy to use when travelling around. You can easily recognize the Labiotte signature design.

The product

As mentioned, this is a perfume bar.

To open this, you just need to remove the cap on top and you’ll find the perfume bar is white, buy clear when you rub it on your skin.

The expiration date can be foun at the bottom of the product.

There are actually four scent, I have the Flomance scent.

The main scent is rose, so this is a very flowery and powdery scent. It has that warm feeling, but fresh enough even for spring.

The scent is not too overpowering or sweet which I like.

I had used this perfume with me while I was in Japan. I was glad to see this bat doesn’t melt easily but spreads easily on the skin.

This scent lasted a couple of hours during that super hot summer( it was always between 27~30°c last July). I sweated a lot.

I think this could last longer if the weather is not too warm.

My skin did not react to this as well, no redness or pimples, or itchiness.

If you don’t like rose scented product, this might not be for you. You might say this smells like bathroom deodorant…


Travel wise this is a great product. The size is just perfect, and very travel friendly. You need to lift the cap to open it, so it won’t open accidentally in your pouch. Since this is a bar, it also won’t leak during your travel.

This Flomance scent is a very feminine and classic scent, so if you prefer more fresh and cool or even sweet scent this won’t be for you. Labiotte did come out with 4 different scent, so you might find a scent that works best for you.

All in all I have enjoyed using this while travelling.

The staying power is quite decent, and the pricing for this product is quite fair as well.

The scent worked well with my skin. If you are looking for a classic scent, with a very handy design, why not try this product!

See you next time.

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