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Hi everyone,

Hope you didn’t forget about me.

I still share reviews but of sheetmask on my IG account memasksheetandi

Time to revive my blog .

Today I’m sharing my experience with Pleasia tooth paste in natural mint,basic care.

I discovered this brand thanks to Wanna One as they are the current brand model.

워너원(WANNA·ONE) 플레시아(Pleasia) CF - YouTube

Yes this was a fangirl biased purchase, but a very good purchase.

At the beginning of the year special sets of 6 toothpaste were sold for around 17 000 Won, which makes it less than 3000 Won per tube.

The regular price is 4000Won.

The packaging

I had purchased this toothpaste in a special set, but these can be purchase by the unit.

The packaging is quite clear and the information well structured.

The explanation of the product is written in Korean, but you also have basic English for a quick understanding of the product.

Yes toothpaste is a product easily found everywhere, you would think you don’t need it to be this detailed.

With Pleasia you’ll find that each flavour has their own specific “job” so if you are looking for a toothpaste that is more for gum care, breath or just for basic care,you’ll be sure to find one from this brand.

They even provide more details on what to expect on the taste : you’ll find the level of sweetness, saltiness and even the cooling sensation it provides.

All these “extra” information already makes Pleasia stand out from any toothpaste I have ever tried.

Each tube contains 100 ml,with an easy screw top opening.

The tube is very soft and it’s easy to squeeze out the paste.

The toothpaste

Let’s talk about the toothpaste itself.

As per the title this is the review for the “Basic care – natural mint”. The other flavor might be different.

I have been using this toothpaste for a month now and this is how the tube looks like now.

The packaging of the toothpaste is the same as the box. It’s the same writing on both sides.

The toothpaste has a clear gel like texture. This actually feels nice on the teeth. It didn’t feel cold the first time it touched my teeth. It just glides on.

The taste is minty but a bit sweet, so the aftertaste is not too strong.

While using this toothpaste, this did not make my teeth sensitive too.

This also does not foam a lot, which is great so you can really clean your teeth and will not want to spit immediately.

I also like the feel of my mouth afterwards as it does not leave me with a very strong minty taste or a bitter aftertaste, that distorts my bud taste if I were to drink and eat a couple of minutes later.

This also does not have a grainy feel, like other Korean toothpaste, which makes this toothpaste really nice.


I have been using this toothpaste for a month and I am very satisfied with it.

This did not make my breath smell bad, it has a nice sweet like minty taste.

I actually feel very excited to try out the other flavors and try out their benefits.

Pleasia is a very well thought product, in making an everyday product feel so elaborate and special. Do you know of another brand can make you feel excited and have a hard time deciding on which toothpaste to use?

I used to use Colgate before, but find this foams too much, the mint taste is pretty strong but also gives me bad breath after.

I also used Signal but this made my teeth sensitive.

I then switched to Elmex which I find is great : this helped me a lot in not having sensitive teeth anymore, this does not foam a lot as well but then there is only two types ( normal & sensitive) but the taste is quite boring.

Pleasia has all these benefits and more thanks to the different taste you can chose from.

Brushing your teeth with Pleasia makes it fun again like when you were a child being excited to use that “bubble gum” or glittery star shaped toothpaste, since you can switch up taste when you get bored with just your regular toothpaste.

Really cannot wait to try out the other taste, but I’m also sad that I’m almost done with one tube.

Have you tried Pleasia or any other flavor? Do you have a preferred toothpaste?

See you next time

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Hello everyone,

May has come and people are starting to get ready for holidays.

Let me share a review for Labiotte’s perfume bar.

Yes May has arrived, it’s finally spring. The weather is getting warmer as well!

Today let me share my experience with Labiotte’s perfume bar in Flomance

This product actually came out last year, but I didn’t really see this much anywhere.

I had bought mine on Ebay, on auction. This had cost me less than 10USD, and it’s usually on sale for around 12 USD.

The packaging

This perfume bar comes in box with this wine bottle embossed design.

The design is quite simple, quite pure since it’s all white.

You have a description of the product, but it’s all in Korean.

You only have a small part in English explaining this product’s main ingredient is roses.

Once removed from the box, this is what it looks like : a white wine bottle shape perfume bar.

There isn’t much explanation on the product itself. Just the name is mentioned in English and Korean. It follows the same desig. As their liptints and lipsticks. I think this is a really great design.

It’s pretty handy and easy to use when travelling around. You can easily recognize the Labiotte signature design.

The product

As mentioned, this is a perfume bar.

To open this, you just need to remove the cap on top and you’ll find the perfume bar is white, buy clear when you rub it on your skin.

The expiration date can be foun at the bottom of the product.

There are actually four scent, I have the Flomance scent.

The main scent is rose, so this is a very flowery and powdery scent. It has that warm feeling, but fresh enough even for spring.

The scent is not too overpowering or sweet which I like.

I had used this perfume with me while I was in Japan. I was glad to see this bat doesn’t melt easily but spreads easily on the skin.

This scent lasted a couple of hours during that super hot summer( it was always between 27~30°c last July). I sweated a lot.

I think this could last longer if the weather is not too warm.

My skin did not react to this as well, no redness or pimples, or itchiness.

If you don’t like rose scented product, this might not be for you. You might say this smells like bathroom deodorant…


Travel wise this is a great product. The size is just perfect, and very travel friendly. You need to lift the cap to open it, so it won’t open accidentally in your pouch. Since this is a bar, it also won’t leak during your travel.

This Flomance scent is a very feminine and classic scent, so if you prefer more fresh and cool or even sweet scent this won’t be for you. Labiotte did come out with 4 different scent, so you might find a scent that works best for you.

All in all I have enjoyed using this while travelling.

The staying power is quite decent, and the pricing for this product is quite fair as well.

The scent worked well with my skin. If you are looking for a classic scent, with a very handy design, why not try this product!

See you next time.

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Hi Everyone,

It’s already April and it should be spring… But the cold still lingers here. Hope the weather is nice wherever you are!

Here’s my latest review, it’s Dear Klairs supple preparation unscented toner.

A couple of weeks ago, Wishtrend was looking for people to review the latest Klairs product, and it’s a new version of their toner but in an unscented version.

I immediately applied since I love their toner! I had discovered this toner two years ago and now I always have a bottle in reserve.

Let’s see how the new version will do!

The packaging

Just like the original version, this toner comes in a cardboard box.

You can find the explanation of the product in English and Korean.

You’ll also find that this is sealed on top with a sticker.

The toner itself comes in a transparent bottle this time.

You have once again the explanation of the product in English and Korean.

At the bottom of the bottle is where you’ll find the manufacturing date and expiration date. You know exactly how “fresh” your product is.

If you compare the design of the original and new version of the toner, you’ll see they stuck to the same the design but just inverted the colour which is pretty neat. It’s a change but still has that familiar look : simple and straight to the point.

The product

My first impression was “wow this looks like glue!”. The more you shake the bottle the more bubbles it formed.

I was so used to the brown bottle that I never really paid attention to the toner before it dropped on my hand.

I must say I do like the way the original toner smelled like, it’s just that trademark scent of flower and herbs to me.

So when I first used the new version of the toner, I felt this smelled like plastic… and even a bit like glue that you used to use in elementary who also had the same consistency.

But after applying the scent dissipates and your skin feels smooth.

You’ll find that this unscented version is actually more watery than the original version, despite it being so bubbly in the bottle.

I also feel this one is much quickly absorbed by the skin. You can be very generous with this toner if you want, or you can even use this to do the 7 layers of toners technique.

I did a moisture test on my face after washing it and this toner actually more than doubled the moisture level of my skin!

I have been using this toner for 2 weeks day and night and did not have any bad reaction to it. It did not react to any of the other products I used in my routine.

3 to 5 drops is good for the whole face and neck if you want.

It will leave your skin feeling soft and plump and ready for the next step of your skincare routine.


This new version is definitely a winner as well.

It still has that jelly like texture, but it’s much more watery when applied on the skin.

This can be good for any skin type and I find this can be very refreshing to use during the warmer days, in summer.

If you don’t like scented skincare products, you should definitely give this one a go.

This bottle contains 180ml so this should last you at least 3 months.

You can find this on Wishtrend at 21.99 USD.

If you don’t have an account on Wishtrend, you can use my 5USD coupon “163864312” for your first order, or you can use the following code to get 5% off your order by applying “wishspring” this month of April.

Thank you Wishtrend for sending me this toner.

See you on the next review.

Note : this product was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion, no compensation was received to write this post.

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Hi everyone,

Can you believe it’s already March?!?

Let me share today a super long overdue review… Sorry Wishtrend for the lateness.

Here are my thoughts of By Wishtrend latest product called Teca 1% barrier cream.

I received this product back in December so really I am super mate with this review.

By Wishtrend came out with this product to help out with breakouts and to prevent them.

The packaging

First of all, I loooove the turquoise blue of this box. I just really love it and it even look super nice on picture.

You have the explanation of the product in Korean and English, which is always helpful.

Out of the box, this cream comes in the same color as the box in a nice turquoise tube.

The opening of the tube is quite small so you can easily apply it on the trouble area.

One small annoying thing about this tube is that the silver writing comes off whenever you touch it. I sometimes had some silver specks on my finger without realizing it.

This contains 30 ml which will last you a long time since you don’t need much anyway.

The product

On the box it says that this is a cream, but this is more like a gel that kinda looks like a primer.

It has a white opaque colour and not scented.

Thanks to the very narrow opening it’s really easy to just apply some on the problem area.

I usually use this when it’s that time of the month and I get breakouts that pops up on my face.

As soon as I see a red bump I apply this cream on the bump and it usually gets smaller.

Or when the pimple develops , I pop it and then apply the cream.

I can say that this does help in calming the pimple down.

Here I had a pimple on my nose and after popping it I applied the cream every night. After 7 days here is what it looked like.

The redness was gone, it’s like I never had a pimple!

As mentioned this is more a gel than a cream but it is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy film afterwards.


This cream works! Well on small breakouts anyway.

I don’t know if this would help if you have full blown acne.

There was no pimple scarring afterwards which is always good.

You really don’t need much of this product, so it will take a while before you finish a tube.

You can get this on Wishtrend for around 28$ , which is quite pricey but it works!

Thanks again Wishtrend for letting me try this product.

I have enjoyed it and will continue to use it each time I have a breakout.

See you next time!

Note : this item was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion, no compensation was receives in exchange.

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Hey all,

Oh no we arrived to my last review for Swanicoco… Sorry for the lateness, but here it is it’s for their Swan cream intensive vital.

I have been using this cream for almost 2 months now so I had enough time to make up my mind about this product.

Small reminder Swanicoco is mostly a brand not that known yet, but if you love kbeauty product you of course must have heard about them.

This is a brand that uses “bio” ingredients and are cruelty free!

Their main ingredients are usually fermented.

[스와니코코] 백조크림 버터 에디션 홍보 영상 - YouTube

The packaging

Like the other received product, this cream comes in a box, where you have to unfold it to have more details of benefits of the products.

This cream comes in a plastic round container, it also comes with a plastic spatula.

You can easily scoop the product with the spatula since it’s more hygienic. It also has an extra lid inside to seal the product.

I do like the little illustration in front, which makes it looked a bit pharmaceutical.

All the explanations of the product on the pot is Korean.

The product

As this cream says it’s intensive I used the cream as part of my night routine.

I do like that unlike the other skincare products I received, this one is not scented

The texture of this cream also feels like it’s whipped. It might be a heavier cream but it feels a bit fluffy.

I also found that a little goes a long way, unless you want to apply a thick layer to make it like a night mask.

I like that when I use this cream at night, in combination with the other Swanicoco products, my skin feels quite soft in the morning.

It doesn’t make my skin oily, and did not react badly to it.

You could try using this in the daytime as well, but unlike the emulsion I received, it didn’t control my sebum level.

I do use a bit of this around my mouth area, where there are dry spots in the morning, but I never fully use it on my whole face during the day time.


I was pretty satisfied with this cream.

It does it’s job as a moisturizer. I did find that the results are different when I use this cream with non Swanicoco products, my skin does not feel as soft but my face still looks fine.

I can’t really say this is a must, but if you are looking for a light and fluffy like texture cream that is still quite moisturizing, maybe you should try this.

Best results are found if you use this in combination with othe Swanicoco products. If you ise it with non Swanicoco products, it just feels like any other moisturizer.

Thank you again Swanicoco for sending me this product. I enjoyed trying out and discovering this brand!

See you next time.

Note : this product was sent to me for review purposes, no compensation was received. This is my own opinion and experience with this product.

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Hey everyone,

Ok I’m almost done with my Swanicoco review.

Here is the before last item which is the Bitamin C calm down emulsion!

This is from the same collection as the toner I received.

This line helps in keeping your sebum level in control and keeping your face clear and bright, and to calm your skin for any redness.

I have been using this emulsion for almost a month and half during my morning skincare. I am now ready to have an opinion on this product.


Just like the toner, it has the same design : a white bottle with red writing.

The description is also almost the same.

You also need to open the box to have further explanation on the product.

This also comes in a pump dispenser.

If you are half awake in the morning, you can mix up both toner and emulsion as they are exactly the same format!

The toner comes in a sturdy bottle with that hard cap on again.

I have been using this for almost a month and a half and I think I still have more than half a bottle left. A little goes a long way with this emulsion!

The product

This emulsion is a white milky moisturizer.

One pump and a half is enough for my whole face.

Just like the toner this also has this rose like scent which bothers me a bit. Once applied the scent does dissipate which is alright.

It doesn’t leave a sticky feel but more like a dry matte finish.

I was nicely surprised with this emulsion as it really controled the secretion of sebum during the day : my face wasn’t oily at all!

Here is an evolution of me wearing this emulsion.

I applied this before 8h and my face was shine free the whole day.

I only started to “shine” at the end of the day around 18h. You can see this on my forehead .

I don’t feel the need to bloat my face throughout the day, which is great.

I do feel that the Swanicoco combo of first essence+toner +emulsion really works well and gave me this great result.

This didn’t break me out or have any other side effects like rashes or itchy skin.

I can’t really say if this helps in keeping your makeup longer.

I only apply blush in the morning, but it does give me a good base to start on.

You should keep in mind that I have been using this for almost a month and a half during winter time, it is colder but I don’t feel I need an extra layer of moisture with this one.

The weather here is between 3°c to 9°c. If it gets colder this emulsion might not be enough.

I can’t say I would get the same result in a warmer climate, but for moderate cold months this emulsion is enough for me.


I am really satisfied with this emulsion.

I do feel the promises are real, it works even better when you use this with the toner.

I love that this provides enough moisture to my face and does not make it shine. I also like that this gives me a more matte finish, instead than that “glowy~wet” look.

I do wish this wasn’t as scented as it is. I would have loved this sooo much more. The smell of rose this has is really not my fave.

It would also be great if the packaging was just a bit different than the toner, just so you don’t confuse the two products…

If you are looking for a product that would help you control your sebum and have a nice clean and matte finish, you should give this product a go …but beware of the rose like scent this has…

Thank you Swanicoco for selecting this product. I am very much enjoying it despite the scent.

See you on my last Swanicoco review soon!

Note : this item was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion, no compensation was received in exchange for this.

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Hello everyone,

For some reason I am being very lazy this January, is it because of the cold or because I’m getting old?!?

Anyway let’s continue our reviews with the second product I received from Swanicoco which is their Bitamin C calm down skin toner.

I must say when I saw Bitamin C , I shrieked a bit … Had a horrible experience with vitamin C and I don’t want to go down that road again… In this case it was just the name.

This is again a product that is quite new to me so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

The packaging

This toner comes in a white box with explanation of the product in Korean.

To have more details about the product, you actually need to break the box.

This box has an extra layer of protection with again that dr silhouette everywhere.

Once removed, the toner comes in this white plastic tube with the same design as the box.

This toner actually has a pump, so a pump of two is enough.

The plastic cap is also quite hard, and can be a bit annoying to open and close. I guess this is also a good thing if you want to take it with you.

Because this has a pump dispenser you are sure you won’t spill it!

This toner contains 120ml so this will last you at least 3 months if you use it twice a day.

You can find the expiration date of the product at the bottom of the bottle.

The toner

I was really surprised that this toner is rose scented… And it can be quite overpowering.

If you’ve tried Mamonde Rose water, it smells like that but with a mix of saliva scent, if you can imagine it. I’m not really a fan of rose scented skincare so this put me off a little.

I was really imagining this of having a citrus scent because of the name “bitamin c” but there was nothing of that sort!

The texture of this scent is watery and clear.

One pump and a half is enough for the whole face.

By itself, this toner doesn’t really seem that special but when I combine it with the other Swanicoco products, I feel this helps in giving me clear looking skin and my skin isn’t as oily.

It is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave you with a sticky feel.

It this toner wasn’t scented, I think I would like this even more.


I have been using this toner for almost a month and a half and I have seen a difference in the way my skin looks when I use this toner.

It doesn’t smell that good, but it works really well with other Swanicoco products.

The pump is a good sanitized way of getting the product, but if you pump too hard, it you splash you in the eye so be careful!

I would have liked if a part of the plastic bottle was see through so you could immediately see how much of the product is left. It could just be a line with a ruler design for example and you can see how much is let, when it’s time to get a new one.

I also like that they push the consumer to break the box open for more information, but I would have wished for more explanation in English. Graphics and bulletpoints are good, but sometimes you do need more clarifications.

Thank you Swanicoco for sending me this product.

I was surprised and despite the scent this is actually a good toner that is helping me have a clear skintone!

See you on the next review.

Note: this product was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion, no compensation was received for writing this.

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the absence. I had a bit of writer’s block … And the holidays kinda tired me.

I have too many overdue reviews, so let’s start catching up.

Let’s start with Swanicoco’s the bio theraphy 1st essence.

A couple of months ago, Swanicoco was looking for people to take part on their “Swan project”. If you were chosen, you would be sent products to review based on your skin type.

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of their newest swan!

Swanicoco is a Korean brand that is specialized in using bio and natural extracts!

This one is a first for me. Because of this, the prices of these products are a bit more expensive.

I was able to visit one of their stores in Seoul and the store is quite chic and they are still new. You can’t find these store that easily yet. I found this store in Ewha.

Let’s get back to business and go to our first review, the 1st essence.

The packaging

This essence comes in a nice red aluminium box.

Most of the writing are in Korean though.

When you open the box, you’ll find that there is an extra layer of protection.

You can see may Dr Swanicoco drawing inside which I find pretty cool!

If you completely open the box you’ll find more explanation about the benefits of the product.

Elasticity,moisture, soothing and nutrition are the benefits of this product.

It is also mentioned on the box that you could use this as a mask.

Here is the bottle of the 1st essence.

This is a glass bottle with the same as the box and feels quite heavy and looks expensive imo.

It has a screw top opening and I feel it has some sort of dosing system as you really need to shake it to let the product out.

This bottle contains 100 ml so this should last you a couple of months, at least 3 months if you use it day and night.

The product

This 1st essence is to be used after washing your face to prepare your skin for the next step.

It has a bit of a jelly like texture so it’s not that watery but it still have a more body that most 1st essence I have used. I would compare the texture to Klairs toner.

This doesn’t really have a scent which is great.

I have been using this 1st essence for a month now twice a day and night and find that this is a great product.

At first it feels sticky then after a minute it dries up and feels matte and if you wait a bit more you’ll feel your skin will be super soft to the touch.

I was really amazed by the evolution of the product once it touches your skin. It’s really magical, that’s really the only way I could explain it.

I do feel this prepares my skin for the next step as it smoothes it out and gives me a perfect canvas for the next product.

I usually shake the bottle 3 times to get enough product for my face. Because it has this jelly like texture it’s easy to apply and can be spread out evenly.

It won’t drip from your hands.


This is a great discovery and will already say this is my favorite Swanicoco product I have tried so far.

The texture is just magical, you just need to try it to understand!

This product can be a bit hard to find online. I think the only available seller right now is W2beauty but it’s quite costly at 51$… Hopefully there will be more sellers online that will offer this at a lower price soon.

Thank you Swanicoco for sending me this product. I am enjoying this very much, even my sister has started using this and loves the immediate results it gave.

See you next time , I still have some Swanicoco products to review soon.

Note : this item was sent to me for review, no compensation was given. This is my honest opinion on this item.

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