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When it comes to dating or being in a relationship, there is a lot to manage, and the grey spaces must not be overlooked as they are a part of the deal. There are so many people who call themselves single and have been hard on their ownfor  a long time searching for love. The rules of being in a relationship or dating have changed from generation to generation, and the statistics for relationships portray the substantial alterations that have taken place over time.

Nowadays, an extraordinary amount of people believe that the old generation love or dating was significantly better, which was all about small gestures, values, and morals. On the other hand, a vast majority looks at love as an online matchmaking process. However, each generation or era has had its relationship pros and cons and had a set of rules that, even though, were not much talked about, but held immense importance. An evolution of romance has been seen in the past few decades, and in this article, we will be bringing the statistics for relationships to the limelight, to understand the growth.


Important Statistics of Relationships (Survey is done on women):

A survey done on women, regarding their dating experiences, disclosed some astonishing results. Before we dig into the past form of romance, here are some “must-know” statistics for relationships that the survey unveiled:

  • Firstly, the majority of women (the more significant number) are in search of a serious commitment. A close and long-lasting relationship is what the majority of women desire.
  • Secondly, some women have no idea where they will get the right man who has morals and values of love and this creates anxiety and stress.
  • Lastly, it was surprising to find out that a lot of women are not even dating in the modern world because, either they do not get a firm commitment or they have not found the perfect match for themselves.

Relationship Statistics Overall:

Dating or relationship theory has evolved a lot over the past few years. Online matchmaking apps and websites have taken a toll, and social media influence has disrupted the idea of a kind and healthy relationship. Couples have started building up a fake bubble of expectations or hopes around themselves, which is causing a massive rise in separations and divorces. Let’s dig deep into the statistics for relationships to get to the bottom of the trouble with dating in the modern world and how it is different than the past relationships.

  • Effect of Poor Marriage Statistics on Children:

Recent studies suggest that almost 18% of couples in the UK, fight, argue, or consider separating from one another regularly. This indicates that around 2.87 million couples are going through a distressed relationship, which is pretty much surprising because that is a considerable number. Also, Dr. David Marjoribanks states that this daily argument between married couples has a severely negative impact on couples. He also says that due to the negative environment of the house, these kids indulged themselves in crime and did pretty bad at school too.  Thus, we need to understand that a relationship argument is not just affecting the man and the woman but is also extremely harmful to their children too (if they have any).

According to Dr. David Marjoribanks:

“It is not just the actual breakdown of the relationship itself; it’s specifically the conflict that surrounds that.”

He further added:

“It is the conflict in intact relationships that can be just as damaging, as when relationships end.”

Thus, this study held on almost 21k people unveiled that the UK has a large number of people living in distressed and unhappy relationships and are not just harming themselves but are also bringing massive harm to their children’s mental wellbeing.

  • Statistics of Couples who believe that “Nothing will Change”:

Amongst the 2.8 million couples who are not happy with their relationship, the majority fall prey to the fact that nothing will change, once anything goes wrong. This is a significant flaw in relationships in the modern world, and it was not present in the past. Lack of trust is the major issue here as people or couples in the past understood the hardships of relationships, but sadly, it is declining with every passing day.

Couples need to understand that there is no sunshine without rain. It might sound cliché, but how can you expect your life to be merely colorful when the ups and downs are a part of it? A relationship does not give you the guarantee of a “forever happy “state.

Having arguments or going through financial stress is a normal thing in relationships if you are unable to overcome it then you probably need to go to a relationship counselor because it might help you in redeeming your relation.

A study done in 2014 showed the horrible statistics of relationships in the modern world. Around 9030 divorces were granted in Scotland during 2014 and 2015. Further stats suggested that majority of the divorces were of couples aged 40 or 45. In 2013, 114,750 divorces took place in Wales and England. It was a remarkable rise as the rate of divorce was meager in England in 2012.

Why Relationships in the past lasted longer?

The statistics for relationships are a mess in the modern world, and they are getting worse with time. Why? Are we missing out on something important? In light of the stats, here are some reasons why relationships in the modern world do not last longer:

  • Social Media

Social media has become a way to carry out a personal conflict with your partner. You fought; you go and tweet a very competitive quotation with “LOL” as your caption. Well, that boosts the fire on the other side too, and things get worse. Instead of communicating personally, people rely on social media, which is why the conflicts are never solved.

  • Lack of Trust:

Lack of trust is a significant issue in modern relationships. Understand the fact that nothing will work if you don’t trust your significant other. If you are not ready to trust someone, then don’t commit yourself to anyone because it will only end badly.

  • Third People Party:

First of all, a relationship is between two people, and the couple needs to understand it. Nobody hates a little drama, and it never hurt anyone, does it? Once you start sharing a minor problem with a third person, they will poke their nose in all your relationship conflicts; making it worse. ONLY YOU understand your partner, and you need to handle the problem. Don’t involve other people in it, but sadly, modern dating doesn’t work without screenshots and a couple of people guiding the couple about what to do next.


The statistics for relationships are saddening, and they have risen with the passage of the past few years, which is alarming. The number of divorces is, and it has a very negative impact on children too. They are unable to trust their partner also in the future.

The fear of commitment is growing in the modern world, and even if we state ourselves as the “modern generation,” we are losing the morals and values of loving someone. Nobody is ready for a lifelong relationship or commitment, which has been a significant reason for breakups and divorces.

Communication, sharing the burden, loving your partner on bad days, and understanding that your relationship is not a ticket to “happily ever after,” be very important these days! If you don’t focus on the good and keep emphasizing on the bad ones, then it will never get right. Also, if you are not ready for a relationship, then don’t jump into one. Don’t put your loneliness on someone else shoulder. Carry it on your own and don’t allow social media to fool you with the false expectations of a relationship. Keep it real; it is not meant to be perfect.

We decided to delve deep and get a more up to date survey on peoples relationships and dating views please see what we discovered below:

Please see below a Miss Date Doctor statistics for relationships survey taken on Instagram :

  • Do you believe in love at first sight ? 50% Yes   50%No
  • Do you believe in the one? 86%Yes 14% No
  • Do you think this is Naomi’s fault ?  31%Yes  69%No
  • Should Naomi have the baby ? 25% Yes  75%No
  • Do you think most people cheat? 67% Yes 33% No
  • Do you think a destructive relationship can be change? 14%Yes No 86%
  • Do you think its true that a lack of self respect and confidence stops people from leaving bad relationships? 90% Yes 10%No
  • Do you think its is hard to let go when you love someone? 100% Yes
  • Do you believe there are certain actions that don’t work  in today’s modern dating arena? 100%
  • Do you think the reason some people are single is because of their bad behaviour? 57%Yes No 43%
  • Do you think people should be more vocal when dating and give a person a chance to amend bad behaviour? Yes 86% No 14%
  • Do you think finance plays a major role in choosing a partner? Yes 78% No 22%
  • Do you think a lot of people understand no matter what happens you can always meet someone else? Yes 80% No 20%
  • Do you think if less women would tolerate cheating men would do it less ? Yes 70% No 30%
  • Do you think dating websites work? 27% Yes 73% No
  • Are you in relationship?  14%Yes  86%No
  • Have you ever felt threatened by an ex?  45% Yes 55%No
  • Are you ready for marriage ? 75%Yes 25%No
  • When you date someone do you know when to walk away if it is not working? 46% Yes 54%No
  • Do you know when someone loves you? 60% Yes 40%No
  • Do you believe if you truly love someone you will forgive them for anything 58% Yes 42%No
  • Do you think sex on the first date is ok? 43% Yes 57% No
  • Which type of characters do you prefer ?chatty or quiet?  83%Chatty 17% Quiet
  • What is more important in a relationship trust or love? 60% Trust 40% Love
  • What is more important in a relationship finances or attraction? 36% Finances 64%Attraction
  • Have you ever cheated on a partner before? 29% Yes 71% No
  • What do you need more help with in your dating life advice or finding the right person? 42% Advice 58%Person
  • What do you want from Miss Date Doctor? 46% Support 54%Partner
  • Would you like us to find you the right partner? 77% Yes 23%No
  • Do you think that dating is getting more difficult in today’s modern society? 100% Yes
  • How quickly do you decide if someone is worth dating? 69% a week 31% 18 Months
  • Do you think money is an important factor in choosing a partner? 50% Yes 50%No
  • Have you dated a Narcissist before? 86%Yes 14% No
  • Do people love in different ways or do you believe if a person is not chasing and obsessed then it’s not love? 80%Yes 20%No
  • What is the worst trait to have in a woman cheater or goldigger? 60%Cheater 40%Goldigger
  • If you had to choose one of these qualities for your dream partner which would you choose?
  • Sense of humor or good looks? 100% Sense of humor
  • What is the best thing you can have in a relationship? 63%Trust 37%loyalty
  • Is it ok to breakup with someone marry someone else and then decide you married the wrong person and comeback? 43%Yes 57%No
  • If someone is single for a long time do you think? 25% Why 75% No big deal
  • If your partner cheats on you are you staying or going? Staying 0% Going 100%
  • If you can see your partner is ready for marriage but you have only been dating for a short time do you get married or wait? 50% married 50% wait
  • Do you believe people are not as serious about commitment these days as they were in the oldern days? 100% Yes 0% No
  • Do you think finance plays a major role in a relationship heading for marriage?

82% Yes 18%No

  • Do you think it is best to be married before 30 years old? 33% Yes 67%No
  • Is it ok to invite a date back to your home on the first night? 42% Yes 58% No
  • Are you dating or in a relationship? 32% Yes 68%No
  • Do you believe in the one? 70% Yes 30% No
  • Is it ok to be friends with an ex? 61% Yes 39% No
  • Who should mention marriage first a woman or a man? Man 82% Woman 18%
  • Does it matter who mentions marriage first?

Yes 29% No 71%

  • Do you care about someone’s background?

61% Yes 39% No

  • I am looking for? Dating 38% Marriage 62%
  • Sex is a big part of the success of a relationship? Yes 94% No 6%
  • If you love someone you? Fight for it 80% It just works 20%
  • Relationships with too many arguments? Fails 24% are not Healthy 76%

Various dating statistics:https://www.datingnews.com/industry-trends/online-dating-statistics-what-they-mean-for-future/ and https://sexyconfidence.com/dating-statistics/

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Seeing all these stereotypical, judgmental and downright shaming dating websites where men and women are available as cattle, don’t you ever say to yourself, I am tired of dating sites? Swiping left and right people on their looks and description to overcome your loneliness or for just a fling. Is this why we evolved into the perfect species to do? Technology is great, and all but dating websites are just trash. They give you a sense of hope, but in reality, all the members on these websites are desperate weirdos which you would avoid in real life.The best of the best people live inside the real world; they don’t waste their time around in these dating websites. In this article, we will discuss what makes us say, I am tired of dating sites.

Real life crush >>> Online crush:

Thanks to technological advancements and the invention of Adobe Photoshop, You can be Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt at the ease of editing. Online profiles are highly tampered-with, so don’t expect someone to look so flawless in real life as they do on their online dating website.

Go outside, find the right guy/girl for you. There is a whole world beyond that laptop screen. People fill dating site profiles like lying on their resume; you don’t catch the lie until it’s too late to abort. Sure you can go for a fling on these sites, but that is unethical.You cannot hope to find the love of your life floating on a webpage; there’s no chemistry in online relationships.

Costing you a lot of money:

Some people pay lots of pounds and dollars for dating ‘consulting’ for people getting rejected and finding no match, which is because of their algorithm.These sites catch your weaknesses and make sure you don’t get a match so that your desperation rises and you spend a lot of money on the consultants or so-called ‘dating experts’ on their websites promising you the perfect partner or increase in your confidence. Buddy if these people had confidence they wouldn’t be on your site anyways.

Stop mass spending on these bogus websites, better yet go on that fishing trip or go on a country trip. The right one will come to you regardless you spend thousands of pounds on increasing your confidence or live your life to the fullest with your hard-earned money.

Destroying Self Confidence:

Dating sites use unique algorithms to make sure people reject you in the beginning. They don’t care about the emotional damage you are going to go through all they care about is somehow getting that money out of your pocket.Gloating about yourself in the description, giving a display photo. What is the difference left between browsing a dating site or browsing Amazon? Rating and judging people, you are materializing yourself if you take part in such websites.What you don’t release is that these websites will lower your self-confidence and all that chatting with that girl or boy online will leave nothing but awkward silence when you finally meet. Anything that glitters is not gold, and everything on the internet glitters, and 90% of it is utter crap. So why not spend your time and energy meeting a real person in the outside world?Crap websites like these are the main reason the new generation is jam-packed with introverts who can’t have a decent conversation with the opposite sex.

I am tired of dating sites which destroy people’s self-confidence and give them false hope that they’ll find the person of their liking online.

Is it even safe?

Meeting someone online is always a danger. Anyone can make a profile, fill it with any data he/she desires and attract people.

Any weirdo can make a profile. Add fake descriptions and upload a stock picture with any intentions in mind. That is why it is crucial if you are making a friend online or matched with an anonymous partner, it’s best to cross check and confirm if they are real or not.

Lies, lies, and LIES!

People lie about their age, height, complexion, and even gender. You cannot trust a single person online because it is an open source platform which doesn’t cross-check or confirm any data you input in your profile.

Usually, older adults lie about their age and are in a disadvantage when they are finally matched with someone.

Now stop wondering why that cute boy hasn’t called you back since your first date.But if you’re an older adult, desperate for a partner, go outside or don’t lie about your age.

Babies cannot be downloaded:

People expect to find love off the internet and live their entire life with that person in the real world.
I am tired of dating sites giving people a false sense of hope that the love of their life is only clicks and chats away.You can’t live your entire life with a person online; you have to meet them one time or another. Meeting people face to face creates a bond of trust. Dating websites are like markets where you get a lot of options if you dislike one, block them and move on. Dating sites is not love, this is to buy and sale of a product from the market, real people, don’t come with a warranty.

Conclusion: Matches are made in heaven, not on Tinder.

I am tired of dating sites, making people think they’ll find the love of their life on one of these websites. Even if you did succeed in finding ‘the one’ on one of these platforms, what will you tell your children? That you were a stay-at-home and no-effort-giving introvert, who met their partner on the internet?

Or that you were browsing the web and stumbled upon a person that you just knew by looking and reading their description were the one for you?If online dating were a shortcut to love, then Romeo and Juliet would’ve been a tinder match.

Article written by Thomas walker contributing writer for Miss Date Doctor

The above views in this article are not those of the Miss Date Doctor platform but the views of the contributing writer.

The post I am tired of dating sites appeared first on Miss Date Doctor©No 1 Dating Coach Platform for dating advice.

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Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner or spouse is something that everyone aims for and tries their very best to do. However, quarrels and fights are everywhere between couples, and one cannot deny it. Sometimes the situation is so annoying that a person stops talking with you without telling the reasons behind it and adopt the silent treatment behavior. This is a serious issue to be addressed because if the situation prolongs it may result in ending of the relationship. Have you ever thought about what will happen if she stops speaking to you? Sometimes one is conscious about what procedure will work best to sort out the issue. Relationship counselling is the best way one can sort out a problem like the one she won’t speak to me. This will help you to ascertain painpoints and problem areas

Here are multiple ways one can adapt to make the situation better.

  • Let your partner speak first:

If she is not talking with you, then the primary step to do is to listen to them before judging at first. Maybe what you are thinking is not the real reason behind the issue. Do not be judgemental about the problems you did not know about. When asking what the problem is, speak to your partner politely, so they feel it easy and relax to say out words.

  • Know the importance of apologizing:

Most of the time there is always some reason behind that silence that urges your partner to stop speaking with you. If you know, the cause or your fault then its better to sit with your spouse or partner and say sweet words for an apology. Admitting your mistakes in front of your loved ones is the best apology remedy that works most of the time.

  • Say good-bye to your fear of communicating issue:

This is the real problem reported by several people, or maybe you are facing this right now. Some people are good at explaining the issues with their partner. There could be two reasons behind it; one is that you are shy or another that your partner is aggressive. Avoid aggressive attitude when she won’t speak to you. Make her feel so comfortable that she can communicate her issues with you.

  • Try to forgive:

The real problem with a lot of people is we struggle to forgive others. Sometimes the silence between your partner and you is because you lack the habit of forgiveness. Do not make small issues into lifetime quarrels. Sit with your partner and promise with her that you will try to forgive her if she makes some mistakes. It will help as a positive gesture and make your partner feel more comfortable with you.

  • Forget “tit for tat”:

To restore your love bond forget the rule of “tit for tat” when you are in a relationship. Few couples work on insult-by-insult, slap-by-slap, hate by hate rule. What one did to them the other will do the same in revenge. There is a need to say good-bye to this attitude because this behaviour destroys relationships and achieves nothing.

  • Put your all efforts to make things work:

We all remain busy all the day long as well as on weekends and if we get free time we waste it to use mobiles, chitchatting with friends, and ignoring the partner, who wants to spend time with us. Relationships always demand efforts to run the system smoothly. If she won’t speak to you, try to put all of your efforts to make it work and resolve the issues.

  • Try to admit the problem:

The problem due to which relationships start going wrong is because we do not want to recognize and accept that this issue is arising and the relationship is crumbling. In simpler words, we deny the existing problems. Most of us wait for things to settle down automatically with time; however, do not become fool of your thoughts because this is not going to happen. It will destroy marriage or love relationships. Facing the problems is the real practice that works effectively in resolving matters.

  • Be direct in your thoughts to express:

In relationships when it comes to solving an issue, buttering the partner is not a smart option to choose, because she may quit silence and be happy for a few days and not for a long time. Take your time and arrange your thoughts on the problem that is real cause behind she is not speaking to you.It is important to address the root of the problem. Whatever you say must be accurate and keep your tone gentle while explaining.

  • Look is there any needs you are not fulfilling:

Taking care of the need of your spouse or partner is essential for a healthy relationship. In some scenarios, we are so busy in our jobs that we forget what our partners wants from us. Find out cool ways to find the love factor by fulfilling the needs of your partner.

  • Always show kindness:

To most of the people who asked what to do because she won’t speak to me. The  main tip to remember is always showing kind acts or gestures towards your partner if she won’t speak to you. This is not a new or innovative idea but an old but straightforward trick. Small gestures of kindness will make a soft corner for you in your partner’s heart. Through this, one can restore his love bond as well.

  • Are you in serious trouble and need some help from relationship counselling? Here is the solution:

We cannot be strong all the time and we may try to handle things by ourselves. Sometimes talking to your partner becomes so hard that it seems that it is going to end for most of the couples. In this scenario, relationship counselling can help you to sort out things. Relationshipsmdd.com is the best relationship-counselling platform that provides multiple services to resolve the issues between couples and single persons.

Relationshipsmdd.com helps people in maintaining their relationships by educating how to communicate, develop understanding, build trust, compromise, and give respect. They offer different packages related to various issues. Please see the packages here https://relationshipsmdd.com/services/

If you have any issue with your spouse or partner or still single, go to relationshipsmdd.com on the web, pick up your mobile phone and dial the number to get the best relationship advice solutions.

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Are you feeling betrayed and broke up??? Does she leave you because you asked her to sleep with you? Are you still asking the same questions from yourself? Why are you blaming yourself if she won’t spend the night with you… here we are going to discuss the facts about why women always wait to have sex and how a man behaves if she wants a woman to stay in his life. Let’s talk a case similar to you and learn why she won’t spend the night with me????

That was an amazing evening, they had dinner, they chat about everything, and she was a wonderful personality. After that evening they met a few more times and then he told her about his feelings. Firstly she became shocked then he saw twinkling in her eyes, and a wide smile spread across her beautiful face. That was a priceless moment for him. After day by day, they were coming more close to each other. He was happy to have her, but what happened they broke up? Why she left him broken???

After a lovely dinner, they both went for parting, and that time he finally asked her about spending the night with him. The idea of sleeping and word Night creates a knot in her stomach. She refused to sleep with him. What was the reason? Why she won’t spend the night with him? He was pretty sure that she would not reject him, but her reply leaves him surprised.

She said, “I am sorry, I can’t spend a night with you” this was true that she liked him but what happened after his proposal of spending the night.

He asked her again you can’t spend the night or won’t spend the night with me? And here it is she remained silent. From the look on her face, he could surely tell you that she was searching for words in reply.

After that, she started to behave differently. There is no doubt that they enjoyed each other’s company a lot; they shared everything about each other. He was comfortable in her company, but after that day everything becomes changed. She started to ignore him, and after some time he also stopped calling her. She never saw him after that night, and yes it is painful to see your love ignoring you. He was not going to pressure her if she doesn’t spend a night with him, but she had chosen to ignore.

In the above mention case, both the partners took the terms of having sex and sleeping together interchangeably wrong. These two terms are hugely different, and both have different meanings. Let’s discuss the meaning of both terms.

Sex, it is a physical activity that people that are centered around to pleasure and fulfilling needs. Yes, it is physically vulnerable but doesn’t involve emotions every time. One can have sex anywhere, whether one partner is feeling safe or not. One can perform sex anytime, anywhere because this act only requires physical presences and don’t require emotional attachment from the person.

But sleeping together is the whole different thing……

For many people spending time together is more vulnerable than having emotionless sex. But some for some men and women it is too much. They are comfortable to have sex with a person but don’t feel comfortable sleeping on the same bed. Moreover spending the night with each other often lead a happy relationship to disasters and misunderstandings.

Sometimes women wait to have sex with a man. There are different reasons behind this let me tell you a few ones.

  • It’s all about timing and respect. Every woman wants respects. No matter if they sleep with the man on the 1st date or seventh, they value their bodies and except the same behavior form men.
  • Some women don’t prefer spending night or have sex with men on their first meeting. And this is the most valid point because if a woman is not feeling comfortable in your existence then how should she feel relax in bed with you.
  • Instead of jumping on each other, some women wait to see if they are genuinely attracted towards a man or they are just hanging out because of lust.
  • This point goes for both man and woman because in first both of them don’t know each other. So instead of asking for spending a night or having sex both of them try to figure out their motives. Having a nice dinner doesn’t mean that a woman truly believes you.
  • Women play games; they want to know if a man truly wants them in their life or not Just in bed. Not a woman wants to be judged based on the character of his partner.

In which way a man should behave if he wants a woman to trust him?

The relationship is also based on the behavior of a man like how he treats his woman and how should he can make a woman to trust him.

  • Nowadays women think a real man doesn’t exist anymore. For winning the trust of a woman, a real man always respect her no matter who she is, what is her financial status or many other things?
  • A real man knows sex and spending a night is not essential in your first meeting because things take some time to adjust. A real man always respects the decision of a woman and doesn’t enforce her to have sex with him or spend a night with him.

If a man respects a woman then he can do anything to protect her physically or emotionally.

These are the ways that a man can choose if he wants a woman to fall in love with him or trust him completely.

In the case mentioned above, there are different reasons if she won’t spend the night with him. It is possible that she wanted to build a strong relationship with him before spending the night with him or she misunderstood his feelings and thought he was pressuring her to spend a night with him.

Are you broken? Are you tired of living in a meaningless relationship? Why do you want to go back to your ex? Why you can’t seek the help of professionals in these types of tiring situations? Sometimes you need medications and you want someone to console you, and https://relationshipsmdd.com/ is all here for you. Set your appointment today with Miss Date Doctor and discuss your problem with professional consolers.

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Choosing to be in a relationship means that you are making a sincere commitment to your loved one. But there’s no denying that regardless of your endless love for your partner/spouse, betrayal is unjustifiable. Being cheated by your spouse is one of the most distressful and unbearable situations. Infidelity (or being unfaithful) will shake your confidence in all spheres of your relationship. It will destroy the picture-perfect view of the future you had imagined with your partner. You will feel like being hit by tons of brick. You will feel broken like everything is falling apart. After finding your partner to be unfaithful, you would be in a state of shock. Many questions arise in your mind like My love was not enough for him? Am I to blame for this? I didn’t ever understand what he wanted? Am I such a fool? Am I less attractive to him? A cluster of questions start revolving around your head immediately, and you feel like crying to death. You devoted yourself fully in love with him but caught him red-handed, and now you are standing alone justifying your emotions. Even if you consider to forgive him, still you have a doubt feeling in yourself. You would start questioning yourself. Will he cheat again? What if he would? Is he worth it? Should I be able to trust him again? Shall we share the same bonding ever?

The Emotional impact of Cheating/Infidelity on uninvolved partner

Cheating can have a profound effect on the uninvolved partner. It is expected to affect the mental health of the faithful partner adversely. In the case of a married relationship, its adverse effects even extend up to children. Studies have shown that cheating has a severe negative impact on physical and mental health of a person. It may generate the experiences of:

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety and increased distress
  • Shaming or self-blaming
  • Poor work performance
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Nausea
  • PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Memory loss

The depressed individual is likely to indulge in high-risk behaviors. They include self-harming activities or excessive use of drugs and alcohol, over-eating, over-exercising, undereating. All these behavioral patterns lead to deterioration of mental and physical health. Whatever might be the circumstances, infidelity can spell trouble for a relationship and will generate trust-issues in future.

The Emotional impact of Cheating/Infidelity on the Cheater

The aftermath of cheating is complicated to deal with, for the uninvolved partner and the cheater himself too. The feelings of helplessness and hopelessness may trap them. The severity of guilt feeling might overtake them. It is generally expected that the longer the affair, the more severe would be the impact on both cheater and the faithful partner alike.

Why does it happen?

A successful, stable relationship is expected to be the one where both partners feel satisfied and secure with each other. However, studies have shown that married men are expected to engage in the extramarital affair when they are not satisfied sexually, and women are expected to engage in such affairs if they are unsatisfied emotionally. Also, adultery (infidelity in a married relationship) might not be the reason for lack of satisfaction. Instead, it may be due to personal unhappiness or for some ego or confidence boost. Although infidelity might happen for multiple reasons, some of the common causes could be:

  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Low self-esteem
  • Inferiority/superiority complex
  • Avoidance of solving relationship problems
  • Sex addiction
  • Emotional dissatisfaction
  • Difference in mentality or thought processes
  • Forced married relationship (arranged marriage)
Other contributing factors could be:
  • Individuals who had a high higher number of prior sexual relationships and exhibiting sexually broad-minded/ permissive attitude are more likely to indulge in cheating/infidelity.
  • The escalation of dating apps and sex chat rooms has increased the rate of cybersex (romantic/sexual communication maintained via online) and hence provide an increased opportunity to the individuals to engage in the acts of infidelity.
  • Another possible reason could be the workplace issues as spouses spend more time with their co-workers than with each other. As one study suggests that those spouses are likely to have divorce due to infidelity who work with a large fraction of opposite sex co-workers.

How to handle it:

Finding your partner/spouse to be unfaithful can be so devastating. For the time being, negative emotions will pour uncontrollably, and you won’t be able to accept it. Take a deep breath and try to handle them the following possible ways:

1. Acceptance of feelings

Pain, depression, shock and agitation, all of these are natural reactions to infidelity. Sometimes, the confused state of mind will blur your imaginations. You will start questioning yourself, What was my fault? Why did he betray me? Am I a bad person? I want to forgive him but how can I trust him? Will he cheat again? You will feel like being on an emotional rollercoaster ride in that duration. But all you have to do is give yourself some time to accept whatever happened.

2. Self-care

You may experience a lot of physical and mental pressure like sleep problems, nausea, diarrhea, low appetite, and mood. Once you feel like the shock effects are reduced, try to focus more on your well-being. Eat good, feel good, have fun, go for a walk.

3. Seek relationship counseling

You were depressed for a while, but the spouse wants to make up to you and ask for a second chance. Still, the question of “Will he cheat again?” constantly hits you back, and you don’t know what to do. The best advice to overcome this confusion is through professional couple therapist/counselor. An experienced therapist can help communicate the issues better between both of you and process the feelings of you both. The qualified therapist will avoid biased judgment and hence provides better insight. You both may end up saving your marriage. In the end, you won’t regret that you didn’t try your best.

4. Try to forgive

Finding your partner unfaithful can induce the feeling of revenge, but ultimately, it won’t work best for you. Whether he wants to do reconciliation or not, forgiveness is the best way to reclaim your mental health. To get over the feelings of anger, guilt, hatred and all the negative emotions that affect you badly, you need to forgive to heal. Forgiveness will not only open up to a healthier relationship among your spouse but also diminishes negative emotions and causes better well-being.

Infidelity can be the most challenging hardship faced by marriage. But, infidelity doesn’t always mean that it’s the end. Rather than relying on your confusion state of “Will he cheat again?”, Try to be more practical about yourself, about your children. Like, will you be able to pay for your bills and essentials, custody arrangement problems,living arrangements,impact on you emotionally etc.? Sometimes, being understanding is more important than being right. You can forgive your partner and understand the causes of adversities in your relationship and find solutions. It might work well for you both as understanding is the key to a successful relationship. As you work through the aftermath of the situation, you will become more clear about how far can you go. Whether you can trust him again or still baffled in the mystery of “Will he cheat again?”

Every situation of infidelity is different and not always resolvable but where emotions are involved things can be difficult it is important to decide what you want and take the necessary steps to move forward.If you want to take further advice from expert therapists and want to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner by resolving your conflicts, click on the link below.


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We all come to a phase in our life where we question the uncertainty of life and the people in it? Why do they leave and what really happens within some time that they decide to leave, forgetting all the good times. One day, you feel that you are the center of their world and the other day; you are not even someone they would want to keep in their life. The next sunrise just takes them and their attention and love away from you and you are just left with a simple question; will he come back to me or why did she just go?

The pain of someone leaving you…

The pain of someone leaving you is huge. It is a lot more than just mere sadness when someone you wanted to stay in your life, just leaves. You had imagined a happy and exciting love story with them. You were looking forward to a forever that just crashed overnight and it is really hard to come up with the situation and now you are just asking yourself that will he come back to me ever?

The pain of someone leaving you, even when you have given your best to them is large. Your stomach curls up with the thought and the words keep bouncing back in your head over and over again. You find yourself crying in the middle of the day and all through the night. Your pillow is certainly your best secret keeper. You have shed endless tears in it and only you and the pillow knows. The days seem long and never ending and all you want to do is, lie in bed and cry or binge watch movies that take the misery away for a while.

The pain is certainly hard to deal with but it is not impossible. We all have been through this phase where it did seem impossible to move on from the fact that someone you loved wholeheartedly, left you. But we have made it through, haven’t we? Also, someone leaving you is always hurtful. Even if you weren’t dating, being with a person for a long time can make you infatuated with them. And when they leave, you keep asking yourself that will he come back to me or not?


We will definitely discuss whether he will come back to you or not but before that, we need to clarify that even when it seems painful and hard to bear, you need to know that begging is not an option. Ladies, never force a man to love you and never beg for his attention. There are definitely a lot of ways through which you can make your man fall in love with you even more but there is literally no way that you can force someone who does not love you.

The truth is that a woman can never do anything about a man who doesn’t wish to stay with her and cannot make him lover her or treat her like a queen either. If he doesn’t want to; he won’t. No matter what you do, he won’t be attracted towards you. If they choose not to care, even you bending backwards won’t magnetize them. Ladies, you need to understand this and stop begging him for attention and affection. If he feels something for you, he will give it all to you, without you demanding for it. You can do so much and at the end of the day, someone who doesn’t love you, can simply decide not to care about it because he has a free will and in no way wishes to commit it with you.

Girls need to understand that they don’t have to make a fool out of themselves in order to understand that a man is simply not interested in her. Don’t push your limits to make him realize that you are worth it. Anyone who doesn’t want to value you simply won’t do it at any cost. You will only waste your time for such a man and will end up with a broken heart. No matter how much you cry and beg. Feelings are out of your control.  Begging someone might make them sympathetic towards you but won’t arouse feelings that don’t exist in their heart, for you. So you are not just wasting your time and effort but you are also losing your self-esteem to someone who doesn’t feel a thing for you. The earlier you realize it, the better you are! Never persuade someone to love you and just let them go.

The right man will come at the right time and will make you feel amazing. He will love you without you having to beg for it. He will also give you more than just attention and even if it feels cliché, you will know when the right man comes. Till then, love yourself and love yourself so much that you are full of love and happiness and you won’t need attention from a man. It yet again sounds cliché but the reality is that when you love yourself, you know what you are worth of and what you deserve and you don’t settle for anything less than that. This ensures you to bond with someone who is definitely going to stay with you for a long time.

So, will he come back to me?

Now, the question that has been eating the tiny threads of your brain that will he come back to me or not is to be answered. Although, the theory of not begging for love and attention is somewhat enough to let you know that you deserve more than waiting for someone who didn’t think twice before leaving you. Should you want him to come back to you? Do you want someone, who does not love you wholeheartedly, to be with you?

Anyways, a lot of ladies still wish him to come back and maybe loving with all your heart and soul, does that to you. You think that maybe staying away will help you attract him. There are some ways that can boost the chances of a man coming back to you. BUT it only becomes true once you are sure that the next person loves you and is willing to give your relationship another chance. However, if everything was just fine between you two and he suddenly left you; he definitely won’t come back. Also, if you have been the major contributor in the relationship and still he has managed to leap out of it; you know that he is not interested in you. Thus, he won’t be coming back.

So, will he come back to me? If he doesn’t love you No girl, he won’t! A man who makes his way out of a relationship, willingly, won’t come back to you. This is because he had a free will and he does not care about what you feel for him. He won’t be coming back to you until and unless he is unable to find someone else to fool. Therefore, don’t fool yourself for such a man. Leave him behind for good.

Look out for help

Many people struggle to handle broken relationships. They cannot accept the fact that the person they loved so badly, decided to leave them. Many girls keep asking their friends to tell them ways through which they can attract him back. They keep asking themselves that will he come back to me or what did I do wrong that he left me and that simply worsens the situation for them. Thus, what everyone needs to know is that they can look out for help; professional help. Your friends might not understand the depth of your issue like a professional would. You might be going through major mental breakdown and handling it can be stressing. It would be taking away the life from you and avoiding it can make things worse.

This is where you can rely upon some professionals to help you come back to life and accept the fact that people do leave. No matter how much you do for them, they sometimes decide to walk out of the relationship. If you are looking for help then simply click here: https://relationshipsmdd.com/dating-issues-with-ex-packages/

This package includes a lot of elements and it is extremely helpful for anyone who has issues with their ex or is unable to get over them. If you are still looming over the fact that he might come back to you and you unable to just move on with life, then you can get the perfect help right here. Contact us right away and stop stressing yourself out. You are certainly going to feel a positive difference after trialing our services.


The pain of someone leaving you is intense. It is heartbreaking and it shatters you from within. That perfect journey that you had imagined and planned with the man you love comes tumbling down and it shakes your life badly. However, getting over it might seem impossible but you can do it. If you find it hard to manage all on your own, then you can simply contact here for help; https://relationshipsmdd.com/dating-issues-with-ex-packages/

Don’t feel shy to ask for help as everyone needs a helping hand at times. Fetching for the perfect help during the hard time can really boost you and your efforts in moving on. So stop asking yourself will he come back to me or not and just move on, loving yourself and the right man will come at the right time, to show you, why it never really worked with anyone else.

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Miss Date Doctor by Missdatedoctor - 2M ago

What men want is a very important but very difficult question to answer. Every man and woman wants to find a perfect partner and everyone has a different definition of “perfect partner”. Many studies have been conducted to find out what men actually want from women, but no study has been able to give a clear and simple answer.

Every man wants different qualities in his partner. Some men want a partner with a beautiful body and face. Some prefer women with a good sense of humor. Some would say they want a beautiful woman with good a sense of humor.

Choosing the right partner is really necessary for living a happy life. If you and your partner have different interests, it is very unlikely that you will live a peaceful life. Every man should know what qualities he wants in a woman and must know all the important things about a woman before choosing her to be his life partner.

15 things men want from women
  • Compliments

Every man like compliments just as much as a women do. They want to be complimented for their looks. Men want women to appreciate their physical appearance. Many guys are very insecure about their physical appearance and like knowing that their partner finds them attractive. They want to be complimented for their fashion sense especially when they dress up for a party.

  • Affection

Men want women to be caring and affectionate. Affection is the biggest quality men want in a woman. If any man is feeling sad and down, few words from a woman that shows him that she cares for him can really boost his moral. They want women to express their love for them very often.

A woman can be affectionate towards a man by holding his hand, kissing him or by just telling him how much she loves him.

  • Respect

The base of any good and loving relationship is respect. No man would trade respect for beauty. Men want women to respect their decisions, job, and hobbies. They don’t like negative comments about their thoughts and opinions. They also want women to listen to them intently. Women can also show their respect for them by always being positive and thankful.

  • Acceptance

Every man wants to be accepted for who he is and doesn’t want any woman to try to change him. If a woman is always pointing out negative things in man’s personality, it will discourage him and he will lose his affection for his partner. They want to be accepted and loved with all their flaws. They want women to accept and be fine with the fact that they have different likes and dislikes.

  • Sense of humor

Everyone likes to laugh, and the biggest quality male and female want in their partner is good a sense of humor. If you are making jokes your partner will be more attracted to you. It can enlighten his mood when he is sad.

  • Sociable

Men don’t like a boring woman, or woman who doesn’t want to engage in fun activities with other people. Every man wants his partner to be friendly and sociable. Your partner would like to go to parties with you without being worried about your attitude towards his friends. He doesn’t want you to complain about his friends.

Every man wants a woman to be friendly with his family and treat them good.

  • Good physical appearance

It’s a fact that men are attracted to a woman’s beauty. Every man wants his partner to look gorgeous. He wants her to always dress up beautifully. Men are more attracted to women who go to the gym. Women must take good care of their skin, body, and teeth.

  • Ambitious

Men like women who are ambitious. They want women to support and motivate them to achieve their goals but they also want their partner to aim and achieve big. In today’s modern society a lot of men are less likely to take on a woman they see as a liability with no goals.

  • Understanding and supportive

Life is not easy and couples will face a lot of challenges together. If any couple wants to survive these challenges they need to support each other. Your partner wants you to be understanding and supportive. He wants you to talk to him about his problems and tell him that you are with him and will support every decision he makes.

  • Trust

Trust is the most important thing for a healthy relationship. Your partner wants you to be honest with him and also trust him when he is being honest with you. If you start doubting and questioning your partner’s loyalty it will create tensions in the relationship and he will become irritated and resentful.

  • Appreciation and acknowledgment

Your partner wants you to appreciate how hard he works for the family. He wants to be acknowledged for the effort he is doing to make your relationship more beautiful. You can appreciate him by saying kind words or even by making him a surprise dinner just show him you recognize the importance of the role he plays in your life.

  • Intelligence

Every man wants his partner to be highly intelligent. A woman who knows what’s happening in the world and also knows about all the technological advancements. Men like women with whom they can engage in an intellectual conversation.

  • Hard work

If you are a hard working woman it means you are responsible and you know what’s good and what’s bad for you. Men want women to be hardworking. So, they both can earn and support the family. Men don’t like women who just sit at home and enjoy and shop with their hard-earned money.

  • Confidence

Confidence is a quality which really attracts men. Every man wants a woman who loves herself even with all the flaws. If you are struggling in your life you would want a confident woman by your side. Who can fight with all these challenges and keeps you motivated as well. A woman who always stays positive in every situation.

  • Similar values

Men like women who hold similar values as them. If you want to have a successful relationship, your values must align. Your beliefs must be the same. You must also know how to treat his family. Men like women who are family oriented.

What Men Want (2019)

Many novels and books have been written on this subject.  Some movies have also been made on this topic. One such movie is What Men Want. It’s an American fantasy/romance movie and its release date in the United Kingdom is March 15, 2019.

This movie is about a woman (Ali Davis) who is a sports agent and wants to be successful in a man’s world. So, she drinks a potent concoction and gains the power to read men’s inner thoughts.

If you are having problems in finding the right partner, visit this link https://relationshipsmdd.com/dating-relationship-courses/

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If you are facing problems in your life and you don’t know the reason for these problems you need good counseling. Many people fail in achieving their goals and they don’t know what they are doing wrong, in this case, counseling is the best solution.

A counsellor is an expert who will listen to you and will give you advice for solving your problems without judging you. A counsellor can help you in reducing stress and anxiety, gaining confidence, and enhancing self-awareness. You can also go to a counsellor if you are having problems in your relationships with your partner, family, and friends.

You need counselling if:

  • you are suffering from anxiety or stress
  • Some feelings are troubling you and you are unable to find a solution on your own.
  • Past experiences are affecting your life.
  • If you are unable to share your feelings properly to your partner or family.
15 Types of Counselling
  1. Behavioural therapy

Behavioural therapy uses different techniques to identify and treat different self-destructive and unhealthy behaviours. It helps you to change those behaviours without focusing on the root cause of the original bad behavior. People suffering from mental health disorders like fears and phobias can benefit from behavioural therapy.

  1. Cognitive analytical therapy

Cognitive analytical therapy is an integrative approach. Cognitive analytical therapy allows you to understand your certain feelings and behaviours and the reasons behind them. It studies past events and experiences. A specialist trainer is required whose job is to propose a solution for you to cope with your problems. He teaches you how you can change your bad behaviours and turn your negative thinking into positive thinking.

  1. Cognitive behavioural therapy

(CBT)Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can be used to treat many physical and mental health problems like anxiety and depression. It tends to solve problems by focusing on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and their connection with each other. It can also help people with phobias and sleep problems.

  1. Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy is used to identify and tackle negative thoughts. It can change the way you think about yourself or the world or any current situation. It can be used to reduce depression.

  1. Family therapy

If you are having relationship problems with your family, family therapy could be really beneficial for you. It requires a specialist trainer who can interact with the whole family at the same time. It solves problems by changing the way family members interact with each other.

  1. Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is a person-centered approach that can enhance a person’s self-awareness and freedom. It identifies the problems in a person’s behaviour and body language and their impact on his actions.

  1. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to reprogram your mind and thoughts. It uses your mind for self-improvement and for reducing stress. It can also be used to treat anxiety, phobias, communication, and sleep problems.

  1. Integrative approaches

The integrative approach combines different approaches to provide the best treatment for a person’s mental and physical health problems.

  1. Multimodal therapy

Multimodal therapy is just like integrative approach and combines many approaches. The therapist looks at different areas of a person’s life and identifies behavioural problems and then creates a customized treatment.

  1. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach to change our behaviour and promote personal development and growth.

  • Neuro: Every person has his own mental image of the world.
  • Linguistic: Every person gives his own meaning to the information.
  • Programming: It’s the behavioural response to the information.
  1. Person-centered counselling

In person-centered counselling, the therapist understands a person’s experience from their own perspective. The client is supported and encouraged. The therapist does not give his expert advice to the client but asks him to develop a solution.

  1. Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis has its origin in the theories of Sigmund Freud. Its aim is to release the hidden emotions and experiences. It deals with your unconscious mind. It is used for the treatment of anxiety and depression disorders.

  1. Psychodynamic counselling

Psychodynamic counselling is linked to psychoanalysis. It focuses on our past experiences and relationships and their impact on our behaviours. It helps in understanding the reason for problems and give strategies to cope with them. It basically makes us more self-aware.

  1. Relationship counselling

Relationship counselling helps in identifying and understanding the problems in a relationship. The therapist explores the patterns of the couple’s behaviour. It also improves communication.

  1. Solution-focused brief therapy

This type of therapy just focuses on the solution to the problem. You are motivated by highlighting your strengths and all the positive elements in your personality.

Benefits of counselling

Counselling can help you personally and can also help you in improving your relationship with your family and colleagues.

  1. Self-awareness and personal development

Counselling can enhance your self-awareness. You understand who you really are and what you want in your life. You are able to set goals. You gain more confidence. You understand what makes you happy and start enjoying your life. You develop personally and improve your relationship with others as well.

  1. Improved communication

You are able to share your feeling with the people around you. You also start to listen intently to your partner

  1. Reduced depression

A good therapist can help you in overcoming depression. The reasons for depression are identified. Your negative thinking is turned into positive thinking. A therapist may also create an exercise plan for you. If you are healthy physically it can help you in reducing depression.

  1. Better handling of anxiety and anger

Counseling can help you in managing anxiety and anger. It identifies the reasons for anxiety and anger. It explains the role your thoughts play in increasing anxiety level. It also explains the role of your past experiences and behavior in causing continues anxiety and anger.

  1. Improved mental and physical health

If your problems are solved and you are happy, you will be healthier physically and mentally. Counseling can help you in this regard. When your confidence and relationship issues are solved you will be at more peace. You start to take good care of your health.

If you are not healthy mentally you can’t be physically healthy as well. You would not be able to do anything the way it needs to b done. You won’t be able to enjoy your life as well. Counseling can help you in maintaining good mental health.

  1. Better relationships with family

It can solve your relationship problems with your family. The therapist will analyze how you interact with your family and will help you to improve that interaction.

  1. Clarify misunderstandings

If you are on edge of divorce just because of some misunderstanding, counselling can save you from this. You and your partner are allowed completely to express your feelings and complaints. The therapist then helps you in clarifying those misunderstandings.

Counselling can help you with any issues you are facing your life and give you the ability to overcome these issues with the support of a qualified professional counsellor.

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Are you worried because you think and feel that, “My boyfriend hates me”? Are you heartbroken because you think that, “my boyfriend is selfish”? Here, I will tell you about the top most reasons behind why he starts hating you or becoming selfish day by day.

  • Infidelity

Suppose, I have a boyfriend and suddenly I start noticing a change in his behavior. Without evaluating myself for the reason behind his changing behavior, I would start complaining that my boyfriend hates me. Is it worth saying these things or such arguments? Absolutely no because the wise act is to first evaluate one own self if one notices any behavioral change in his companion. The first and foremost reason behind his changing attitude could be infidelity. There are chances that you are being unfaithful to him and he is noticing this thing. As a result, he would ultimately start developing a distance from you as no one likes to spend his time with an unfaithful person. Thus, it is very important that both of you must be infidel and faithful towards each other so that your relationship could go in long run.

  • Financial discomfort

The second reason behind why a person seems selfish to you may involve the financial discomfort. If you are thinking or complaining that, “My boyfriend is selfish”, stop right there and spend some time to figure out the actual reason. There are higher chances that he may be facing the financial burden and couldn’t continue a blooming relationship due to that. If you know that your boyfriend is financially down, stop making any high demands to him. Try to be his support in this difficult time. Furthermore, it is always advised to avoid asking for things where he has to spend money. If you always demand financial things from him, he might think that you are after his money only. And if he couldn’t fulfill your demands due to financial discomfort, he will start creating a distance from you. Therefore you must look for such triggers in your relationship when you feel like your relationship is facing financial issues.

  • Talking about an ex

The most annoying thing for a man is that when his woman always talks about her ex. If you ever had an ex, be careful. Never talk about your ex in front of your boyfriend. Whether your ex was a good person or a bad person, there is absolutely no reason to discuss him with others when he is gone. A man cannot bear this, that his partner always remembers and talks about her ex. If one does so, his boyfriend would ultimately start hating her due to such reasons. If you are complaining that, “My boyfriend hates me”, just take a minute to figure out whether you are discussing your ex with him? If so, then he will definitely start hating you because he couldn’t bear that when you are physically with him, there is someone else in your mind and thoughts. Additionally, there is absolutely no reason behind remembering your ex at certain times because if he is out of your life, he must also be out of your mind.

  • Not respecting privacy

The most important thing in making a relationship stronger and better is to respect each other’s privacy. If you have a boyfriend and you are always after him, inquiring his every act, it will annoy him. It is always recommended to give each partner their personal space. Having the personal space is the basic right of every human being, then how could you take this right from a person? Whether it is your boyfriend or any other person, make sure you take care with privacy. Never try to invade the privacy of each other, especially when it comes to your boyfriend. Suppose that you are trying to unlock your boyfriend’s mobile phone for checking his emails and messages, and he is not allowing you. instead of thinking that, “My boyfriend is selfish”, just remember that you are not respecting his privacy. If you respect his privacy, your relationship would get stronger and stronger with time.

  • Constant nagging

Another important thing that could potentially be the reason behind why your boyfriend hates you or getting selfish with you, is the constant nagging. No one likes to be forced in any way, if you are doing so, you must immediately stop. It will kill the positively in your relationship. It will engage you both in a boss-servant relationship where one is always force ordering and the other one is bound to follow. This will kill the beauty of your relationship and ultimately, your boyfriend would start hating you. therefore, if you want to establish a good and ideal relationship with your boy

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Have you still got him under your skin? But you think it is time to have him gone for good? Well, you are at right place.

99% of us have someone special in our lives, that definitely belongs in the past now but is hard to forget. Either that man who left you feeling miserable has been gone since the past 5 years or it has just been 5 days to your breakup; getting over someone you truly loved is pretty hard. But ladies, there is no word as IMPOSSIBLE and according to Oscar Wilde; the human heart has been made to be broken.

Stop saying that I can’t get over him or I am depressed because he left me; you deserve better than that, don’t you? And you deserve to move on. Thus, here are some very simple and easy steps that will help you get over him and move with life, giving yourself another chance at being happy. Trust me, you will survive and here is how your issue of I can’t get over him, will get solved.

1. Embrace how you feel; mourn it out:

Where majority of ladies go wrong is that they don’t accept their feelings. They pretend that they are good without him and later on, the feelings keep coming back. Don’t do that! Embrace how you feel. If you feel like crying, then cry it out. You are allowed to cry, be angry or miserable for a few days. To heal, you must feel a feeling, no matter how painful it might be. Feeling is going to lead towards healing. Thus don’t run away from what you feel; embrace it but don’t let the mourning phase last long.

2. Cut down the communication:

The idea of staying friends after breaking up is WRONG. The young generation these days believes in doing so but it tortures you every day and doesn’t let you move on completely. A clean and total break up is what will lead to forgetting them and moving on. Don’t text, don’t call or receive their calls and please don’t stalk them on social media. It requires a lot of self-control but once you are able to do this, you will realize that you won’t be feeling depressed and you will find yourself moving on.

3. Remember why you two aren’t good together:

A breakup usually leads through a series of circumstances. It doesn’t happen just out of the bolt. There is always something that hurt you to an extreme too but you decided to overlook it, just to save the relation. Now is the time that you tell yourself that you are better off without him because there were something’s that you couldn’t deal with for a lifetime. Don’t hate as that is a strong and overtaking emotion. Just remind yourself that you two wouldn’t have made a great couple and risking an entire future is certainly not intelligence.

4. Don’t talk about it a lot:

Talk it out for once with someone and then don’t mention the breakup at all. Sometimes venting out your emotions all the time, just simply boosts them more. It is good to vent out sometimes, but the more you do it, the more awful you will feel about your condition. You will find yourself whining about the fact that I am depressed or I can’t get over him and what do I do? The best way to get over him is to stir clean him from your topic of discussions. Focus on yourself and talk about other things that make you happier.

5. Don’t look for love support:

A lot of girls get indulged in another man to forget HIM. This is wrong! First because you are going to hurt the one you just casually date and secondly, dating will become more of a habit for you. The scenario will keep repeating from one partner to another but you will never be able to forget the ONE. Thus, don’t jump back into dating. Go through this rough phase on your own if you really want to move on from it. If you want to feel okay permanently, you need to find your own happiness and not fetch it in another person.

6. Put yourself First:

Do something that brings you joy and the tiniest bit of happiness. Put yourself first! Travel, go out with your friends and take those dance classes that you had been missing on because of him. Do whatever that makes you feel good. Be productive and think where you want to lead your life to. Do you want to keep mourning or you want to build your life in a positive and better one? By doing this, you will see well, gradual changes in your life that will definitely make you a better version of yourself. You will feel that you transform into a different person who is worthy of immense love and appreciation. Thus, for a miraculous transformation, you must put yourself first and the rest will start falling into place on its own.

7. Be Kind to Yourself:

The process of getting over him can take time. Loving someone is not easy and seeing them walk away from you, despite all the love you gave them, is even harder. But trust me that you are allowed to mourn in between the process. Some day if you miss him a lot and you feel like you can’t contain it within the little, broken heart of yours; mourn it out. It is totally okay. One day, you will get up and automatically, your heart will be at peace because you will be trying all along. One day the effort will bring you the required peace that you have been looking for. Thus, be kind to yourself while you take tiny steps towards healing.

At the end, just move the eff on! Give yourself time, prioritize yourself and let yourself know that you deserve better. Don’t go on dating someone else right after breakup because you will just be looking for a shoulder to mourn your love on. You need to stand back on your feet, on your own and you must do it. Do whatever makes you happy and build a stronger and happier life around you. Be kind to yourself while you move on and within no time, you will find yourself saying:

“I am doing so much better without him.”

Instead of saying; “I can’t get over him what do I do.”

Transformation from this sentence to the other might take time but it will happen for good and you will feel the happiest when it does. Also, try this amazing breakup package too; https://relationshipsmdd.com/product/m-d-d-breakup-package/

You can buy it for yourself to treat yourself with some little delights and a breakup guide or you can gift it to someone who had just had a breakup. Isn’t that thoughtful? You can also rely on them for relationship counselling if you are unable to move on, completely on your own. They will help you in the process and you will feel a great change within a week.

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