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We are all about diversity in the crypto and blockchain space – so we made a list of the woman in crypto who are disrupting this space so everyone can find a motivation to join them and do the same.


Here’s the infographic with the most influential ladies in crypto space:

  1. Joyce Kim
  2. Perianne Boring
  3. Amber Baldet
  4. Jinglan Wang
  5. Jen Greyson
  6. Fahima Anwar
  7. Meltem Demirors
  8. Raine Revere

Now back to you

I hope this was helpful.

And if you want to learn more about these woman who are disrupting blockchain space head over here.

On top of that, if you are looking for more awesome content here are few brilliant post to read:

  1. Fight the bear and learn how to make crypto while the market is down.
  2. And if you are looking for useful resources to become a master trader check this post.

Stay awesome

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Cryptocurrency has created a buzz in the tech industry and every second person wants to jump into this great big bubbling pool of opportunity. If you are no different and want to learn what is cryptocurrency and find cool sources with lots of useful info – this is the post!

Like any new trend, it can take a while to become mainstream, and with that, the general public often has a perception that it is intimidating to learn, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many resources that can assist in gaining knowledge about how cryptocurrency works, how to invest in cryptocurrency sensibly, and even the best cryptocurrency to invest in at any given time. Below are 21 are excellent starting points for beginners which include:

    • Some top crypto books
    • The best crypto podcasts
    • Awesome cryptocurrency training courses
    • The best crypto forums to hang out in
  • The best cryptocurrency news websites
  • The biggest and best cryptocurrency documentaries
  • The top crypto YouTubers

So, let’s dig in – here is everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies:

Now back to you

I hope you loved the post.

To learn how cryptocurrency works visit the source of this awesome infographic.

And to learn more about crypto and blockchain here are two useful resources:

Best of luck and stay smart

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How to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard.

In all honesty, I don’t know a single investor, who hasn’t once thought or even bought Bitcoin. If you trade with crypto – you know that, sometimes, it can be challenging to find a safe and more private way of buying cryptocurrency. That’s why here I will give you all details on how to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard.

What’s a Paysafe card?

Just to warm you up to Paysafe a little, let me brief you on what that is in case you haven’t heard yet.

Paysafe is a payment system that doesn’t include a physical credit card, middle-man or a bank. Instead Paysafecard has vendors in different locations (45 countries to be exact) all over the world. They sell vouchers containing a 16-digit pin code. The cool part here is that, when buying stuff with the voucher, you don’t need to share your credit card details or any personal information completing a payment. You can just use the code from the voucher to buy from any online shop that supports paysafe cards.

This is great for those who don’t have a credit/debit card, or even a PayPal account. It is also a good solution for those who want to purchase cryptocurrency anonymously. 

How to use Paysafecard

Using Paysafecard is just as simple as putting and egg to boil. Wow…not the greatest metaphor, but you get the idea and I must be hungry. You’ll have to know this before you can know how to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard. No voucher – no Bitcoin.

Here’s a handy infographic on the Paysafe website itself on how to buy the vouchers and how to use them later on:

As you can see in the picture from their official website, it really is very simple:

  • Find your closest vendor by entering your ZIP code.
  • Purchase a voucher with a credit of choice from 10$ up to 100$ value (the only step with includes you leaving the house too). The amount will depend on the country you’re in and the fiat currency that’s used.
  • Use the voucher in any desired online shop that allows Paysafecard payments.

Now onto how to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard.

There are definitely a few ways on how to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard. Before I jump into the list of exchanges and websites to buy from, anyone who is worried about privacy or safety, fear not.

This is why Paysafe is so awesome!

The site will ask for your e-mail address and phone number only to create a ‘Paysafecard wallet ‘ but that’s just if you are planning to not use the whole value of your voucher and collect an amount in your wallet for later use.

If you want to spend everything on your card, you can skip this step completely.

Where do I go from there?

There are exchanges, which allow you to buy Bitcoin directly, without having an account, then there are websites that require you to register and there are also sites, where you can first buy other Altcoins and then exchange them for Bitcoin.

Here are a few websites where it is simple to see how to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard:

Websites to buy from anonymously (No Signup required)


This website is truly for those who don’t want to be seen, heard or known of. It is a completely anonymous way to buy your Bitcoins. Here, all information you have to disclose is the Paysafe voucher and your Bitcoin wallet. Click here to check it out.

In case you don’t trust non-registation websites and want to have an account before you exchange your voucher to Bitcoin, here are a few popular options to go for:

Buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard (Sign up required)


You will have to register on this site first, before you can buy Bitcoin using your Paysafe voucher. You can then find different sellers, choose the most reputable one and buy. Try the Local Bitcoins website.


This is a peer to peer platform which connects you to a seller instantly. You will have to register in this website as well, but by completing this step you will get better price tags for your Bitcoin, compared to fully anonymous exchanges. Find more information on the official Paxful website.

Buy another cryptocurrency first, then convert it to Bitcoin.


This platform will probably expose the most of your information, since you will have to register and first buy another cryptocurrency, before you can exchange that to Bitcoin. It will also charge you about 20% commission on the transaction. But, an option is still an option. If this interests you try out VirWox.

So, in finale, I would say that Paysafe card is ridiculously easy to use and therefore would be a great start in buying crypto. An added bonus is that you can manage your finances by controlling the urge to spend more cash on Bitcoin, since the Paysafecard vouchers have limited funds.

That being said – it is one of the more expensive options and you will definitelly find better pricing for your Bitcoin, if you decide to go with different payment methods, such as bank transfers or Neteller.

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After the last bull market of 2017, many investors educated themselves enough to go out and purchase hardware wallets to store their coins off the cryptocurrency exchanges. And yet, you still seem to think that paying for a hardware wallet can wait. There must be other ways, right? Today, you are in luck! In this article we are going to teach you how to make a bitcoin paper wallet.

A bitcoin paper wallet is a randomly generated public and private key printed together, ready for you to print.

Paper wallets are offline wallet. They are mostly referred to as “cold storage” (very secure storage that does not make contact with the internet). These wallets, however, do have some important differences that make their usage a matter of debate, which we will analyse further bellow.

As you, probably, already guessed, paper wallets are made out of paper, although depending on the printer you use and the durability you are looking for, they could also be printed on plastic, metal or even get laminated (cool idea for a gift huh?

As you can see on the picture above, the printout one develops through a paper wallet generator includes the Public Key (SHARE) and the Private Key (SECRET).

Very important: Never share your private keys with anyone! Only share your public bitcoin address.

You could just copy and paste the keys on a Word document and print them out (deleting you history and  any copy of the file subsequently). You could also make use of the free online services that generate a Bitcoin paper wallet for you (more on that bellow). Make sure, however, that it is not saved on your computer or smartphone.

Many Bitcoin paper wallet web services have a fancy design that you can turn into an art piece through cutting, folding and sealing. This way, the wallet becomes not only secure, but also an opportunity to practise your crafting skills.

After generating and printing the wallet, you can now send your Bitcoin to the public address presented on the wallet, and then store it in a place no one will ever care to look (I can think of some ideas!).

What makes your Bitcoin paper wallet the most secure of all options out there, is that they are totally offline (not connected to the internet in any way). They are not reachable by cyber criminals or hackers and there is no other party that may limit the control you have over your coins. Therefore, as long as your Bitcoin paper wallet is secure, your Bitcoin is secure too.

But you need to be really creative with your hiding place. See, there is nothing to protect you if someone finds your paper wallet. Someone could take it, spend all its holding and return the paper back to its original place, so you could never know who did it. This is by far the most important security drawback that Bitcoin paper wallets have.

One option to help you solve this is to fold the paper where your private keys are and seal the fold with a seal that cannot be broken or removed. These seals are usually called “tamper evident seals” but by the time you read this there may be even more “crypto specific” sealing methods that work better. Make sure the seal not only hides the private keys from plain sight but also if held under special light which can read the layers bellow

Then, you also need to think about natural disasters. What if your secret hideout gets flooded or catches on fire? what about an earthquake? Many people will tell you to keep your paper in the freezer , or in a plastic bag. I will share with you what I personally did:

I printed the wallet on a piece of paper. I then laminated that paper into hard plastic to protect it from ink fading and possible water exposure. Finally, I wrapped the laminated paper wallet in aluminium foil to protect it from fire. Simple, cheap and quick.

And don’t worry if you have your paper wallet hidden somewhere that is very unconventional to reach. As long as you have your public address, you can always check your balance online. And when the time comes, most online wallets will give you a full tutorial on how you can withdraw your paper wallet holdings.

Our favourite Bitcoin paper wallet generators:

Bitcoinpaperwallet is by far the best paper wallet generator if you want to gift a (hopefully loaded) paper wallet. Its an awesome idea as a Christmas present, a birthday gift or simply a kind gesture. The website also provides you with the tamper-evident seals that I mentioned above.

Walletgenerator and Bitaddress are your best call for the most random public and private key generation. They are created through your browser’s Javascript engine, so there in no information sent through online pathways. Similar to the Ethereum wallet generator, here too, you will be called to move your cursor around to create a random sequence that leads to the generation of your keys, which will be visible in the next page, ready to print out.

Mycelium provides an alternative and possibly more secure method to create a Bitcoin paper wallet, with the assistance of a USB which is plugged directly into your printer. The USB will generate a paper wallet through its random algorithm sequence, which gets printed out automatically, without the need to even visit a paper wallet generator website.

So go ahead and create your own Bitcoin paper wallet. It is not only free and secure but also an activity that could awake your inner creativity!

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We talked about mining Bitcoin from your pc, but surely, this isn’t the only and definitely not the easiest coin to mine. At least, without losing an arm and a leg, by investing in fancy hardware ASICs and powerful machinery. So in this article I wanted to discuss the easiest coins to mine, ones that would perhaps be great for beginners and easy enough to get started with, at least.

Whilst the ‘easiest coins to mine’’ might sound just picking the most common coin options and mining them, there really are more factors you should be looking at, when choosing the right ones.

Things like the difficulty to mine can be determined by researching the right places – it will also show you which coins are better to mine for you, depending on the mining hardware you use (GPU vs ASIC). Your research should also show you the most profitable coin to mine, based on the block rewards.

Then there is also the recognition of the coin, which basically tells you how big your competition is and what are the chances of you successfully mining with a profit too.

Bet you have heard of mining from your phone. And guess what – you’ve heard right! Before we jump into the list, I have to give props to how fast this industry has developed really.

Electroneum is probably on of the easiest coins to mine, however I haven’t directly included this in my TOP 5, just because, well, there is no other coin easier to mine than this. The team behind Electroneum, who formerly worked for Monero, don’t shy away from their ambitions. Intended to become the most decentralized cryptocurrency in the near future, you just so much as need a smartphone and a good connection to mine.

So the reality is – ETN is probably THE easiest coin to mine, because all you need to do is download the application on your phone, register and start mining. Safe to say, it doesn’t quite have any competition as of now.

But lets not get too far ahead and say you do want to use your PC and have invested in a GPU to mine. Here would be some of the easiest coins to mine for you:


If mining is something that has been on your mind, you have most likely also heard of this particular coin. Monero is one of the top privacy coins out there. The reason we placed it at numero uno in this list, is because it is the most profitable to mine, without needing a fancy ASICs hardware. You can use your PC and still reach a good profit over time.

In order to mine Monero, you will have to first make sure you have the mining software, which supports Monero. Then, also make sure you have the wallet to match – Monero GUI client.


This coin initially started out as a joke, its fan base and current marketcap definitely isn’t one though.

This definitely is one of the easiest coins to mine, as it can be done from just your CPU. Investing in additional graphic cards is always advisable, however not necessary. 

You will need to get yourself a Dodgecoin Core Wallet, to store your coins, albeit the software you need can be any general CPU mining software. It also doesn’t eat up lots of energy, so it can mine in the background of whatever else you are doing. Easy enough, right?


As easy as the other two previous coins, Bytecoin proves to be simple to mine too. However, the returns might not be what you expected initially, therefore solo mining might not be the answer when it comes to Bytecoin.

Joining a mining pool would be the best option here. Join in and have a happy mining!


An easy and convenient coin to mine, since it has been specifically designed to resist ASICs mining. So for those who don’t want to overcomplicate mining, this might be a great option to start with.

You’ll need to first to join a specific miner of Vertcoin, which you can find here. Further join a mining pool, depending on your computing power and go ahead with mining Vertcoin!


Yet another privacy-based cryptocurrency, Zcash is also designed to be ASIC-resistant, much like Vertcoin. It would still be profitbale to mine Zcash, even without all the fancy hardware investment, and of course, easy enough because of that.

What’s even more intriguing is that the legendary former NSA agent Edward Snowden, has got the likes for this coin and has even commented on its privacy properties being ‘unique.’ Quite the recognition, huh?

So there you have it! Mining might sound challenging at first, but it doesn’t have to be! Using your good old PC and maybe investing in an additional graphics card would be all you need to try out mining. Unless you ain’t got time for that – whip out your trusty smartphone and get on with ETN, you really don’t even have a good excuse anymore. And who knows – you might even get good at it!

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I received a phone call yesterday from a (not so close) friend of mine who had been lurking on my Facebook. He somehow realising I was “into” crypto and knew the ropes. He told me with a whispering voice that he had decided to put a chunk of his savings into crypto and asked me to recommend him some cryptocurrency expert.

My initial response was: Did you talk with your wife about this?

All jokes aside, an emotional decision without careful analysis can often ruin relationships. It is therefore really important to understand that, no matter what newsletter, tweet or podcast you trust, there is always a chance that your money will lose its value; and I mean lose it completely.

Ok, now that we are aware of the uncertain environment let’s get to our topic. We have decided to host a weekly blog post to talk about some of the most trusted and knowledgable cryptocurrency experts, hoping that, just like my buddy, you learn how to swim before you jump in deep waters.

This week, I will talk about my favourite expert, and and ultra-incredible resource to stay up to date with crypto in general.

Cryptocurrency expert: Anthony Pompliano

Anthony is the definition of a cryptocurrency expert. His Twitter is one of the most followed accounts for crypto traders, Bitcoin enthusiasts as well as business information in general.

If you have a Twitter account to observe traders and Bitcoin maximalists, it is almost certain you have come across “Pomp”, a smiley man with a hurricane next to his name.

And, usually, all of his posts are hits!

He also has a growing number of successful articles on Medium and other blogs, all which relate to cryptocurrency, written in an analytic and carefully thought out manner.

But that is not the reason he is on the top of my list. Even though I knew “Pomp” from Twitter and enjoyed his content, my respect for  him grew even further when I discovered his podcast: OFF THE CHAIN.

In these long form conversations, Pompliano talks to some of the most respected cryptocurrency experts and Wall Street hustlers to get insight into the thought patterns and strategies of intelligent investors when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency.

Now, whenever a friend asks me what Bitcoin is, how to invest the right way or simply advice on the current market situation I always make sure to refer them to Anthony’s Podcast to get an easy to understand and incredibly comprehensive overview.

But how did Anthony Pompliano develop these communication skills, as well as his investing knowledge and business experience leading him to become a cryptocurrency expert? Let’s take a quick look at his Bio.

Anthony Pompliano spent seven years in the army, three of which were in the intelligence division. After completing his military service, Anthony did a course in economics and sociology. According to him, economics offered him a deeper look into the macro aspects of the world and Sociology helped him analyse and understand societies and people.

As a result of his newly acquired knowledge he found two companies, which, in a short timeframe, were acquired and sold.

With proof of success and a strong track record, Anthony joined the product team of Facebook where he worked for two years, before joining the growth team of Snapchat.

After spending some time with these Social media giants, working on pressing issues with stealth-like focus and discipline, accompanied with some of the smartest people in the industry, Pompliano became a managing partner at Full Tilt Capital.

And it did fit the story.

Anthony’s passion to create businesses translated into Full Tilt Capital, a venture capital firm which helps early stage startups with investments  up to $100,000 each.

According to Anthony, investments of Full Tilt take a 48-hour consideration time before a decision is made and he prefers to invest in companies he is not an expert on. This is a good way to further improve his knowledge and learn more about the industry he choses to support financially.

We would strongly recommend you to sign up to Anthony Pompliano’s premium newsletter for advanced information, as well as listen to his podcast next time you have a commute to make or find some free time.

Especially for people who want to stay informed on the developments of the cryptocurrency world with reliable and factual information, the gems you can get out of his conversations are going to help you in your journey to (hopefully) riches!

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Neteller is an e-money transfer service, similar to the almighty Paypal, used to transfer money between individuals as well as businesses. It can withdraw funds directly using the Net+ card which is why this service is often preferred over Paypal.  But how can you buy Bitcoin with Neteller?

There is not much information out there since most people will either use their Debit/Credit card or simply Paypal.

But what about you, Neteller fanboi?

Fear not. This article will help you find the best places to purchase Bitcoin using your Neteller account in a safe and easy manner.


Bitpanda is a popular and reliable Bitcoin exchange based in Austria. If you are a European citizen, it is very easy to buy Bitcoin with Neteller using this exchange.

One drawback of Bitpanda is that fees will not be displayed publicly, instead you will be shown a buy price at the completion of your transaction which include the fees charged when purchasing with Neteller.

A second drawback, which unfortunately many exchanges have, is the timing factor. Bitpanda requires you to sign up and verify your account before completing any transactions, which for many may not be ideal and certainly not fun. This is why the next two options may be better suited for you.


We have talked about Paybis before. If you wanna purchase Bitcoin fast and easy, this is the option we recommend and use ourselves. Paybis does not require you to sign up or verify your account for purchases and, is therefore the quickest method to buy Bitcoin with Neteller. Here is how:

1) After visiting Paybis, select Neteller from the column on the left.

2) Input the preferred amount of USD or any other currency and press on Start transaction.

3) After you confirm your Facebook account, which only takes one click, you will be redirected to the transaction page, where you need to input your Bitcoin wallet address.

4) Complete your payment and be the proud owner of some Bitcoin. Congratulations, it took less than a minute.


LocalBitcoins is also a very popular website to buy Bitcoin with Neteller. Any payment provider is accepted there really. The Finnish company does its best to offer relatively private transaction opportunities by allowing transactions to be completed without ID verification (At the time of this writing).

This has, of course caused some controversy, mostly for US customers that have been tracked down for large scale transactions and questioned for the transaction’s purpose. Therefore, make sure you still claim all transactions to your annual tax form.

When selecting a seller to buy Bitcoin from, use caution; check each seller’s profile to verify a history of successful trades. Also, because Neteller is not often used for Bitcoin purchases, make sure you get a good deal (up to 4% above the average price). Many individuals will try to sell their Bitcoin for up to 30% above the average price, which is not a smart idea for the buyer.


With its great customer support as well as the fact it is a trustworthy and completely legal UK business, we could not leave Coincorner out of this list.

CoinCorner recently added support for more payment providers. This company lets you buy Bitcoin using Neteller without giving up your credit card details or further personal information that could expose you.

We encourage you to check out their website and decide for yourself, since Coincorner is still, relativelly, unpopular to the mainstream cryptocurrency investor.


SpectroCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency friendly banks, offers many ways to purchase bitcoin, including Neteller. Buying Bitcoin with Neteller can be performed in EUR and/or USD currencies and is processed without disclosing debit or credit card details.

Thanks to this added layer of privacy, many Spectrocoin members have started to give some thought to the usage of Neteller as a payment alternative to purchase Bitcoin.

Keep in mind, however, that Neteller does have a different fee structure. There is a 5.00% deposit fee and the maximum deposit limit is 5000 Euros ($5800).

Not bad limits if you ask me, but for the wealthy ones out there, it might cause some irritation.

Once you purchase your Bitcoin with Neteller, just like Paybis, you will have to provide Spectrocoin an external Bitcoin wallet to receive your Bitcoin. The fees for this transaction can be configured by yourself, much like Ethereum transactions, which helps if your budget is tighter than your time.

All in all, Neteller is a great alternative to purchase Bitcoin, especially because oftentimes you will not be asked to share any credit or debit card details. Of course, each and every method has its pros and cons and, while Neteller is not as popular as other online wallets (*cough*PayPal*cough*), it is still is a good way to get into crypto.

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