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Playing the long game is what will separate you from the rest of the crowd. Everyone wants to be an immediate success, a “meme”, and for that reason they reject the things that are important to them, and diminish the importance of their work.

The first thing to consider is this, what is it that really interests you? In other words, what are you passionate about? Do you feel “nerdy”? Welcome to the club! For every wild success story that you experience or read about today, there was one (or a couple) “nerds” who were convinced that nothing would come of their efforts.

This is the dilemma of the adventurer. To face the self doubt, and yet give it credence at the same time, is what sets you, the adventurer miles apart from the folks who want the “sure thing”. Those people who seem to think that there is some recipe for success other than individuality and hard work.

Believe in yourself, play the long game and your vision will arrive with more clarity than you could have imagined.

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Series Part 1: make money by teaching

Making money by teaching; series part 1? I’ve decided to embark on a whole series of blog posts dedicated to making money. Some will be from active income and some will be passive. My philosophy here is that sometimes you need to start out by making active income so you have money to invest in things that may passive income (like stocks that pay dividends and P2P lending. Work hard to invest hard. I believe we’ve covered this topic before.

In this series, which I’ll write a post for each of a number of categories.

  • Income from teaching
  • Renting out your stuff for passive income
  • Income for delivering things
  • Freelancing
  • Income from artistic endeavors
  • And income from things that don’t fall into these categories
11 ways to Making Money by Teaching

Teaching? Why am I starting with teaching? Because investing in yourself should be the first thing you invest in and you’re helping others invest in themselves. And, because it’s the shortest list of ways to make additional money. Not to say that it’s not profitable, but merely the least tapped of my long collection of ways to make active and passive income. Here I have nine sources of active income, and two sources of passive income; all through teaching.

Yes, the goal here on this blog is passive income but sometimes you still have to make passive income, especially at first. So, first I’ll give you the active ways to make money by teaching, and we’ll end with a couple ways to make passive income by teaching.

First, the active types: ClassGap.Com

What is it? You get to select your subject, how much you get paid, and where you work. Seems pretty simple.

What will it cost me? There’s no fee to sign up and get started. As for how much of a cut ClassGap will take; that seems to vary on how much you teach. It’s minimally 1.25 euros, after that it’s 20% for the first 50 hours, 13% for hours 51-500 and after that just 10%.

How do I get paid? Paypal, it seems to be the only way they pay you.

Requirements? Tablet or computer with mic and webcam and Google Chrome.


What is it? Wyzant lets you choose your jobs by subject or by location so there are opportunities both online and in person. You pick your students and the rates you receive. You can even have different rates for online versus in-person tutoring.

What will it cost me? Free to sign up but Wyzant will take 25% of your tutoring fee. If you refer a student that uses you as a tutor then you get to keep 100% (minus their minimum 9% service fee). Not sure why they just don’t tell you that you’ll only keep 91% instead of making it seem like it’s a better deal for referrals.

How do I get paid? Direct deposit.

Requirements? You have to take Wyzant’s proficiency test in the subject you wish to tutor. What if you don’t pass? Well, there are no second chances for the proficiency tests. I actually think that’s pretty fair; you should know it well enough to pass the first time if you’re going to tutor someone. Oh, some of the subjects require a written summary of your experience rather than a proficiency test.


What is it? Stuvia buys and sells summaries and class notes. If you’ve taken a class and you’ve taken good notes then you can sell them for extra cash. Apparently, they pay out each time your notes are downloaded.

On Stuvia, you can sell any study material of which you own the copyright. Think of book summaries, lecture notes, study guides, case studies, essays, theses, and so forth.


What does it cost me? Nothing, you simply get paid a small commission when your material is downloaded. I haven’t found any information on how much of the commission they keep.

How do I get paid? Direct deposits in sums of at least $10 on Mondays. Let’s not sugar coat it. It’s kind of a gamble. If you don’t make at least $10 they essentially keep your money.

Requirements? They want to know the name of the school and the class where you got the notes/material.


What is it? Online tutoring of course, this whole thing is about making money by teaching and tutoring is teaching. However, this one seems a bit stricter than some of the others.

  1. Application
  2. Subject Exam
  3. Mock Session
  4. Background check
  5. And then you’re in and you’re allowed to be a tutor.

This one’s interesting because it also gears its tutoring positions toward military spouses, teachers, and professionals/experts. They seem to have a higher standard for their tutors.

What does it cost? Nothing

How much do I get paid? A set hourly amount. You’ll have to go through the whole application process to get their pay structure. I’d do it for you but I’m not in a position where I can both write these kinds of posts for you and also tutor other students.

How do I get paid? Like a normal paycheck with direct deposit.

Requirements? Surprisingly technical and detailed requirements for your computing equipment can be found here.


What is it? Board certified teachers and people with Masters/PHD subject matter experts.

What does it cost? Probably the price of two to three degrees.

What does it pay? $25 per hour. To be fair, if you have a Masters or PHD you’d probably only do this because you like helping people or just need a hobby for your spare time because you should be making more than $25 with those degrees. Or, perhaps you’re just retired and need something to do.

Requirements? An actual teaching degree or better.


What is it? Another tutoring gig. This one surprisingly offers very little information without actually signing up.

What does it pay? $20/hr and it’s somewhat misleading unless you read the fine print which you should always do. It says, “Top tutors can earn up to $1000 per month,” and in tiny letters (represents the top 5% of all tutors 9/2015-2/2016). What an oddly specific period of time from about three years ago.

Requirements? I’ve got some requirements. Be less sketchy if you want people to sign up to be tutors. Oh, their requirements? Unknown because you have to sign up first.


What is it? Set your own pay and tutor/help students with their problems. You bid to be able to answer questions and earn badges as well as money.

Pay? You set your prices, kind of. Actually, you bid for the privilege to answer someone’s needs. I actually think this is kind of smart. If you happen to answer a certain question or type of question frequently then you should be able to save the questions and answers and build a kind of stockpile to answer the same questions faster and for less money (like how manufacturing works, economies of scale and all that).

What will it cost me? 20-30% of your commission.

How do I get paid? Paypal, no statements on minimum payouts.

Requirements? None that I can see. As long as you can be helpful if you win the teaching bid you should be good.

Wonderkids English

What is it? Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). This is pretty much a part-time job teaching English.

Requirements? Professional teachers with one year minimum of teaching English. Headset with microphone, 1mbps minimum internet connection speed. Commitment to work at least 5 hours a week.

How much does it pay? $10-25/hr. and you’ll be paid on the 10th of each month via Paypal or wire transfer.


What is it? Become a mentor to a coder (or a codementor as they call them). Set your price and pick your projects and get paid to be someone’s programming mentor.

What does it pay? Unknown. This is another one that gives you hardly any information about how, how much, or when you get paid. It does say that you can make potentially get paid $2,500+ per week though (somehow).

No know requirements, it’s really sparse on information.

Make money by teaching: passive income options

These are going to be much more work up front but if you create a great product then you’re more likely to get paid more money more frequently.


How does it work? Skillshare sells memberships and then allows the people who buy them to take all the online classes they want. You create a class, and then they offer it to their members.

How does this make me money? You get paid for every minute that people watch your classes. It doesn’t say how much but they do claim that some of their top teachers make over $100,000 per year. They also pay $10 per student referral who buys a membership. There’s more information here.


How does this work? Similar to Skillshare above in terms of creating a course and then selling it. What’s different is how you get paid.

How do I get paid? Well, there are three different pay structures for Udemy. First is the instructor coupon. If you sell your course to your students you get 97% of the course fee which is pretty good. So, you drive your traffic and you get paid more. The second tier is for people who just happen to find your class on Udemy and decide to take it. Udemy takes half and gives you half. Lastly, if the class is taken because of a Udemy ad that or has in some way promoted then they keep 75% and you get 25%. You can find more on the topic here.


That’s it for the first installment of the ways to make money series; teaching.

I hope it gave you some ideas if you’re interested in sharing your knowledge for warm soft digitally transferred currency.

Remember, if you make money by teaching from any of these, immediately invest it in something that will make you passive income, don’t just waste it on ho-hos and jolt cola with whiskey.


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What about passive income quest content?

Passive income quest content apparently has too many posts to scroll through and there’s no way to quickly browse the site for topics of interest. I’ve been informed that this is the situation. So, for now, I’m going to create a lost of topics and their associated links in this post to help you find things that you may be interested in.

This will have to be the solution until I figure out how to move posts to their own individual pages and get the site better organized.

The quest itself

If you’re interested in my personal quest to find passive income and why I’m on the quest here are the posts related to the quest. I’ve written a fair amount along the way about my own passive income quest. Hopefully, there’s something in here that will help you. I’ve had a few successes and a fair amount of frustration; learn from my mistakes. Not all of the passive income quest content is about how to earn passive income, some content is just about my quest to find it.

Passive income quest content – blogging

Blogging has been my main focus for passive income because it’s something that I can do at any time that costs me time but no money. I do some research, I try some things, I write, I repeat. You’ll find information on my struggles to get some traffic, my quest to create a better user experience for the blog, my efforts to optimize with SEO, troubles and successes with social media and some minor success with ad revenue.

Passive income – eCommerce

I haven’t had a chance to dabble too much with eCommerce so this is a limited area for the time being but if you’re ready to get into it you’ll find a review of the top 3 drop ship suppliers.

Passive income – photography/graphic design

Trials and tribulations of the artistic type. Obviously, my artistic talents lie in writing but for the few photos and designs that I’ve put up, I’m somewhat proud of what I’ve put up for sale. If I ever get bored of writing and researching, I can always dust-off GIMP and Inkscape and throw together some graphic designs. It’s also a good place to market my photos which I’ve taken on my travels.

Passive income – advertising

Mainly focused on my experiences with Google AdSense. If it wasn’t for people clicking the advertisements once in a while this blog would still not be making money.

Passive income – affiliate programs

Hopefully my research works better for you than it has for me. To be fair, I haven’t really put much effort into making the most out of my affiliates. I’ve tried a few with Amazon and I’ve promoted a few others that I like but no luck yet.

Passive income – investing

eCommerce for your pleasure mainly revolves around buying an eCommerce site and running it. I expect that once you get it going you can hire that work out to someone else and then it’ll be passive income. Aside from that, investing is a tried and true way to make passive income. However, little effort or little money often means little reward.

Passive income – P2P lending and interest

I’d recommend P2P lending if you’re not confident in your ability to choose stocks because it’ll get a decent rate of return (as long as you don’t go too risky). If you’re not making enough interest on your bank’s savings account, switch, and if you have good credit, get a card that pays back more points.

Other passive income quest content

I had no idea where to stick this one but it’ll make you a little money which is better than making zero money if you’re too young to work or have no left-over money for investing. Whatever you make from this, be sure to invest it in something that will make you passive income.

Active income

Because sometimes you just need to make more money in your daily life through active work to have something extra to invest for more passive income.

Passive income quest content: Financial Foundations

These posts are focused on helping to give some insight into personal finance or otherwise point you in the right direction to help steady your finances and improve your personal finance acumen.


I’ve taken a look at some other passive income bloggers and I don’t like to be disparaging if I don’t have to be but sometimes a passive income site does nothing for you but suck you in to make money for themselves. I sincerely hope that you find value here while I make my way along my own quest.

More passive income quest content

Here’s to the start of more passive income quest content in the future. I hope to see you here in the future.


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It’s time to increase passive income by changing banks. Back when I started with an online bank, I signed up for OrangeING and the interest rate was great. I’ve parked my money there for a long time and over that time the interest rate had declined. OrangeING was bought out by Capital One and though the level of service that I appreciated from OrangeING has remained the same, the interest rate is now lacking. I understood why it went so low after the great recession but now it’s been over 10 years since then and I kinda feel like I’m getting screwed on the interest rate. So, I’m moving the savings over to Ally.


Ally’s interest rate on savings is 2.2% where Capital One is only giving me 1%. Is it worth moving my money by 1.2% more? Let’s do some quick math. Let’s use $1,000 as an example because it’s an easy round number and we don’t need to break out a calculator. With Capital One the amount of interest in a year would be $10 and with Ally, the interest would be $22. So, if I only had $1,000 in savings, I’m now instantly making an extra dollar per month of passive income just for switching to a different bank.

I also see that the interest rates for IRAs are also much better than what I’ve been getting with Capital One so I’m now planning on moving my IRAs as well.

How about CDs? Well, I don’t typically keep CDs because the interest rates are so low but after more investigation, I found that the 12-month CDs (at 2.75%) with Ally pay better than all the other term lengths save the 5-year CD which pays 3.1%.

As you can see, by moving all my money from Capital One to Ally I’m more than doubling my interest on my savings and increasing my passive income from bank interest to about $16/mo.

So obvious, increase passive income by changing banks

Right, it seems like an obvious move. I’ve lost so much money from not taking this opportunity. Why didn’t I do it before? Simple complacency. I’d heard that Ally paid a better interest rate but I didn’t really know if they were well established, or how much work it would take to get my money over there, etc. I just didn’t take the time to go through the hassle of moving my assets to another bank. Well, now it looks like something that will pay off.

Moving banks is not something I like to do regularly but once in a while, it has to be done. Don’t be afraid to have multiple accounts with different banks or other financial institutions to get the right mix of financial products that will maximize your money.

Complete abandonment?

Am I leaving Capital One completely? No, not completely. I still have two credit cards with them that I like so I’ll keep those but my savings accounts will definitely be going. I’ll also continue to use my Capital One checking account because it has a better interest rate than Ally’s.

How do I keep track of them?

I’ve been using Mint.com as a financial aggregator for over a decade now and it’s been great. I’ve also started using PersonalCapital recently. I like different aspects of each. Mint’s easy to use and lets me investigate my finances and I think it works better with my banks. However, if PersonalCapital worked better with my banks so that I didn’t have to receive texts and enter pins from my banks just to update, I’d probably switch over. I also like that PersonalCapital is willing to give me a call and do a quick checkup on my finances with me. I received a call one day from PersonalCapital and had a quick chat. The advisor questioned me on why my above average liquidity and explained that it was a compromise with my wife and that I would normally prefer to have that money invested where it could be making more money.

Anyways, these financial aggregators help me keep an eye on money in all my accounts, in one place. They track all account balances, credit card balances, loan balances, investment account balances, and even give me estimates on how much my home and vehicles are worth.

I also like that they both show me my net worth over time so I can see how I’m doing. Why net worth? I consider it the king metric of personal finance. Keep it moving up and you should be alright.

Back to the main topic

Increase passive income by changing banks. It’s not all that difficult and if you don’t you could be missing out on years’ worth of interest. So, it’s Sunday morning here and that’s how I’m spending it; moving my assets to a better place and documenting the move for posterity (and hopefully inspiring you to do the same).


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Let’s make some passive income with Redbubble.com; it’s a print on demand service. You provide the content and they print on whatever someone wants to buy.

I’ve created my account and created my first bit of design. It’s not terribly sophisticated but I like it. I once had a boss that said, “what’s your passion?” and all I could think is that I’m passionately stoic. I’m not the kind of person who gets very emotional. I don’t feel any passion for my work; it’s work, what can I say? So, that’s my design, “Passionately Stoic.”

Anyway, I made my design and I posted it.

My first designs on Redbubble – Passionately Stoic

Getting set up with Redbubble was pretty easy; no complicated survey, no to too many questions, just sign up and get started.

A little something about creating content first

You’ll need some tools, I recommend GIMP for image editing (it’s like Photoshop except it’s free) and Inkscape (it’s like Illustrator but free). GIMP will help you with working with your images (colors, sizing, alpha channel (transparent background), and other classy photo manipulations. Inkscape is a vector drawing program. The problem with normal images made or edited by something like GIMP is that as they scale you can see the pixels getting bigger and bigger. Vector based graphics are based on mathematical equations so as the images get bigger the lines and shapes that create the image scale without pixelating. I’m sure it’s more technical but that’s really the simple answer that’ll get you by.

Now content

Next, you’ll probably want some content. This is up to you; do some brainstorming to see what you can come up with. It doesn’t have to be a funny phrase or even have words. It could just be a pattern that you like. Redbubble has an option to repeat a pattern so if that’s what you have, it’ll work.

Not skilled as a graphic designer? Get yourself on youtube and start learning about graphic design or perhaps check into your local community college and take a class or two. Here’s an Inkscape tutorial and a GIMP tutorial to help get you started. Here’s a link for the GIMP download and for the Inkscape download.

Now for passive income with Redbubble

Ok, now that you have some content (imagine we just had your training and design montage). Sign up with Redbubble, confirm your email address, set up your payment information and upload your first image.

Redbubble has lots of options for you to slap your image on. I chose the generic t-shirt because I think my Passionately Stoic design looks nice on a shirt and I believe there are lots of people who want the world to know that they give zero fucks for other peoples’ drama. I also put it on a notebook, a mug, and some device cases. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say “think before you decide what to put it on” but I’m going to anyway. Obviously, my design wouldn’t be noticeable on the scarf they had, wouldn’t look good on an a-frame dress and probably wouldn’t make sense on a number of the other products they’re offering so I chose to be judicious and abstained from spamming my design like a teenager having sex for the first time.

Athenian Red

I also added a photo to see how it would hold up on Redbubble ’s products. I like it, and it’s nice to see it on more product types than are offered with Printful.

So, how do I feel about all this?

The first thing that I noticed that I didn’t like is that I can’t seem to find a way to rotate my images. If I want to put something on an iPhone case at 90 degrees, it looks like I’ll have to rotate the image myself with GIMP and then upload again as a second design. That’s really my only gripe about adding my images to products; everything else was pretty easy and I can see what the product will look like instantly.


One thing that concerns me is that I’ll be lost in the crowd of other designs. There are a lot of great designs on Redbubble and I’m not seeing how someone would find my two little products. I specifically had to search for “Passionately Stoic” to find the shirt design and again for “Athenian Red” to find my products. If there’s some way to market and stand out on Redbubble I haven’t found it yet. Perhaps it’s based on sales; more sales, more recognition is my guess. I’ve heard that it can take some time to make passive income with Redbubble so you may have to be patient. Also, submit lots of quality work.

I don’t see an option for this but I would also like to be able to sell or at least promote the Redbubble items on my Etsy store. That would probably interfere with their agreement with Printful though. It would be nice if Redbubble had a store option similar what I set up on Etsy but I suppose you could set up something on Shopify. Here’s more about getting started with Etsy and Printful if you’re interested.

Well, anyway, now that I’m set up with Redbubble there’s more potential for passive income. Multiple revenue streams is the name of the game here.

Give it a shot and good luck, cheers!

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First, this free book on passive income is something that I didn’t write, I merely found it and thought I’d share.

This book will not give you any skills that you’d need to make passive income, nor will this book give you any new ideas about how to make passive income.

Why should I care about a free book on passive income then?

Well, I think it’s important to keep in mind what passive income is. Passive income generally doesn’t mean that the money is absolutely free; there’s always some cost up front.

Up front costs are usually money that you made from active income or somehow sacrificing your time or other resources. The post I made yesterday about free passive income; was it actually free? Not in the strictest terms. What you’re giving them is access to your search information. I’m guessing most of us don’t really care because we’re usually searching from something mundane and innocuous. Why should I care if anyone knows that I’m searching for today’s weather?

Back to the book at hand. While it may not be the most useful book in terms of teaching you how to make passive income, I find that it may give some ideas on ways to make money but it’s worth is in its encouragement to persist, and its reminder that if you want passive income, you will need to create something that will continue to provide value for others even when you’re not around.

So, I’m including the link to the book, The Secrets to Passive Income and I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to read it (it’s only 27 quick pages).


The first chapter talks about taking matters into your own hands to create your own assets which will pay you over time. Using your own creativity and spirit you can create intellectual property that will help you achieve financial freedom.

Chapter two covers what passive income is and lays out the two basic ways to make passive income (investing money, and investing time). Choose one path to passive income at a time and seek future diversification.

Third chapter talks about building a business and automating your way out of it and then gives some examples of ways that people have made money on the internet.

The book goes on to give some actual paths to passive income but no real details on how to get there (as so many passive income books do).

Lastly, the book talks about how you should not forget to actually enjoy your financial freedom once you’ve achieved it. I think that’s actually a good lesson for life. What’s the use of making a lot of money if you die before you get to spend it? From my perspective money should be used to enrich lives and not become the thing that enslaves us.

Happy reading, cheers.

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Free passive income for your internet searches? It’s not going to make a lot of money so you won’t get rich but if you save it and invest it wisely (perhaps in P2P lending) then who knows how big of a difference it will make. Every little bit of passive income adds up.

I stumbled on an article that’s actually pretty good about explaining how this can make a bit of money.

Towards the bottom they lay out a way to make three of these systems work together.


This is a browser plugin that will pay you as you search. You’ll get random appearances that’ll ask you to click on an add and get paid a few cents. There are also surveys that you can use to make a little extra money but from what I can tell they essentially pay slave wages. You’d be making about $3/hr. for taking the surveys.

Install the app and only click the adds that appear (if they appear, I haven’t seen one yet, but it’s only been a day).


Bing will actually pay you to use it. It’s not much, you’d have to make something like 260 searches for $5 gift card for a limited number of places. It will also give you extra points for doing things like quizzes so if you have zero money and lots of free time you can actually make the money a bit faster.

What to do with your gift card? First, choose wisely, pick something that you’d actually use. If it’s Burger King, use the card there and then put $5 of your own money aside (possibly in an envelope or separate account). Keep the money you make from these things separate and use them to buy something that will help you make more money. Consider this a business and use the money you make to reinvest in something that will make you more money (perhaps a $25 P2P lending note).


This one is kind of strange in that it doesn’t pay you cash. It pays you in a cryptocurrency called PRE. As of the time I’m writing this, 1 PRE is worth $0.065 cents. Presearch will give you a 25 PRE bonus on your first sign up which is $1.63. With the searches I’ve made within the last day I’m at about $1.89. With a max of 8 PRE per day from searches, you’ll only be making about $0.52 per day.

How does this fit together?
  1. You install the Qmee extension which gives you random bits of change when you happen to search on something related to what it wants to advertise.
  2. You sign up with Presearch and set your default search engine to Bing.
  3. Install the Presearch extension and make it your default search engine (the tutorial will tell you how to make Bing your default).
  4. Make sure you have a Microsoft so you can get the points.
What’s it doing?

Presearch gives you the PRE for your search and then sends you on to Bing which gives you it’s points for searching. You’re pretty much double dipping your search payments. Free passive income; not a lot but it’s better than zero.

Is free passive income worth it?

That all depends on your own perception, but think about this? If you search and make about a dollar per day from both, then you’re now making about $30 per month for doing nothing more than searching for things you would anyway.

This is probably a good way to start for anyone who doesn’t have any money since it’s all free. What I would do is save all the money made from this strategy and use it to buy P2P notes. It might not be much but over time it could make all the difference.

Bonus – Sell your computing power

LoadTeam.com will pay you for your spare computer processing. Use this promotional link to sign up and you’ll get a bonus of $0.20. You install the app and let it run, that’s it. It may only make you a few dollars a month but hey, free passive income.

More apps that are willing to pay you tiny amounts of money.

If you need to know more about apps that are willing to pay you small amounts of money, here’s a link to ohmconnect for more info.


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My favorite Little Caesar

Making passive income from photography doesn’t have to be hard if you’ve got some good shots. I say that but I’ve yet to make any money from it. However, after a few incidents with Shutterstock which have left a bad taste in my mouth, I’ve decided to move on to Etsy.

My first attempt with Etsy was just opening a store and adding a few images to see if there was any interest. Well, someone liked them but not enough to buy. I was only selling digital prints, and who wants to buy digital prints for anything other than advertising.

I also like how they show you pretty mock-ups of what it would look like on your wall.
Attempting to make passive income from photography

After a bit more research I found that Printful has partnered with Etsy. Printful.com is a print on demand service. Here’s how it works. I link my Etsy store (LostWorldPhotos) to Printful and then use Printful to generate some products based on my photos. For the most part I’ve gone with framed posters and a few printed canvas items for some of my favorite photos. I even made an iPhone case from one of my pictures from Europe (I believe it was Florence but it’s possible that it’s Milan, I forget).

Overall, I found that it’s quick to get set up with Printful and linking to my Etsy store was also simple. Apparently, they’re pretty well integrated and I like how easy it is to get products set up.

I do with there was a bit more selection of things that I could put my photos on but I can’t complain too much. You’ll find the usual posters, prints, canvas, mugs, hats, towels, socks, etc. Putting images on stuff is the essence of making passive income from photography.

Decided to make a phone case too.

In the future I’ll most likely also try putting some of my photos on other print on demand sites. For now, though, this is a good place to start and see if there’s any interest in my photos.

If you’re interested in print on demand (perhaps you’re a photographer or graphic designer), you can try some of these: CreativeMarket.com, redbubble.com, Zazzle.com, CafePress.com, and perhaps even Merch by Amazon.

As always, I’ll report back if, when, and how this makes money.


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Passive Income Update History So Far

In this passive income update I’d like to start with the actions which produced the increases in passive income.

2/23/2019: Starting passive income (not including retirement accounts). PI/mo.: $13

2/28/2019: Purchased TGT: 20 Shares @ $72.35 = $1,453; current value: 1533.2; expected annual divided value: $50. New PI/mo.: $17

3/7/2019: Purchased T: 50 @ $30.92 = $1,546; now $1,533; expected annual dividend $102. Purchased XOM: 25 @ $80.18 = $2,005; now $2,004; expected annual dividend $82. Also added $1.57/mo. through P2P Lending. New PI/mo.: $34

Current Status

3/17/2019: After about a month of waiting for Google AdSense to kick-in, it finally did. I only have three days’ worth of data and it’s averaging about $10 per day (we’ll see how that goes after another month). I’ve added a Twitter account (https://twitter.com/pi_quest) and now when posts are created, there are tweets to announce them. Hopefully it’s helping with traffic (It seems to; I am seeing twitter as a referrer in the site stats). So, give my three-day trend of ad revenue the projection is $308 per month of passive income from ad revenue. I’m cautiously optimistic about this number and for all I know it might just be a fluke but three days at a rate of $10 a day is still pretty good. Even if it was only $30 for the whole month, I’d call it a win. Would you call $360 a year in passive income a failure? Let alone a potential $3.6k/year?

Google AdSense has made all the difference in monetizing this blog and I hope to see it continue in the future. As it stands right now, it looks like the ad revenue from this blog is the single biggest source of passive income (as long as it continues).

Also, please don’t think that you have to write about passive income or any other kind of finance to get ad revenue. You need a site, you need access to your HTML header (to be able to use AdSense), you need some content to bring people to your site, and a few social network accounts can’t hurt.

Passive Income Summary

I’m actually kind of iffy about putting the ad revenue into the same PI/mo. bucket as the investments because of its potential variability. I also worry a bit that it’ll just stop or slow down to nothing. However, for this passive income update, I suppose this will have to do until I get enough months’ worth of data to produce a better analysis. Eh, any progress is good progress!


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