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Many of us have encountered the shock of coming home to our things being completely shredded and destroyed. It can be very frustrating. I’ve personally had the corners of my dresser chewed, pillows destroyed, the threshold entrance of my carpet and most of all shoes chewed up. Trust me, its very hard to stay clam when you walk into this type of situation. But try too. Puppies naturally chew stuff.

Why this happens….

This is most common in puppies. Puppies experience teething issues much like a toddler. Chewing things help with cutting teeth. They also don’t realize this is bad behavior yet.

When you leave them alone they get bored and lonely. A lonely dog is one that is left home alone without any stimulation. If they get bored they find ways to entertain themselves.

This could possibly be a fear related issue. Most dogs are very social. Fear can stem from separation anxiety. Try not to make a big deal about leaving the house. Sneak out if possible. Leave your TV on or keep soft music playing when you must leave your dog alone for long periods of time.

Take all precautions necessary….
  • Don’t let them roam freely. Shut all bedroom and bathroom doors if possible. Limit areas for potential destruction.
  • Take out your kitchen garbage daily or keep your garbage can in a closet. I’ve found they are very much attracted to garbage cans, kind of like a magnate effect.
  • Place all household plants up high on counters or give them to a friend. I once had very large beautiful plants… once upon a time.
  • Try and hide all wires and cords. Duct tape them to the floor or buy an electrical wire strip protector.
  • If you are fond of any material object don’t risk keeping it within reach. They simply cannot be trusted at this point.

There are many resources available to help you through this difficult time. Below are the best products I have found.

10-PACK QUALITY Safe Pet Dog Rope Chew Toys Set Supplies for Small Medium Breeds

  • 10 Pack Dog toys Sets IN ABAG – Pack of 10 most popular dog chew toys comesneatly packaged in non-woven fabric bag with drawstrings that helps you keep these toys tidy after use
  • Safe and Durable MATERIAL– Washable 100% natural cotton fibers, non-toxic and durable cotton fiber made .
  • CLEAN TEETH AND MASSAGE GUMS – The rope chew toys can help clean dog’s teeth, improve dental health and preventing gum disease.
  • THE BOND BETWEEN DOG AND OWNER – Show him or her some extra attention with these fun toys. The best choice as Birthday, Christmas, New Year and all Holiday gifts for your dogs.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not satisfied with your dog toys,we will offer you a full refund.

Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy – Treat Dispensing Dogs Puzzle Toys – Anxiety Relief Smart Dog Game for Medium/Large Dogs – Refillable Food Tough Dog Toys for Training

  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND DESIGN: Our tough dog toys is the perfect way to keep your dog occupied while making sure they have a good time. Our puzzle dog toys are made using high-quality materials that are both durable and non-toxic to ensure your dogs stays healthy while having fun. Keep in mind, these are not dog chew toys and are not designed to be chewed on.
  • FUN & CHALLENGING: Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy is made to provide your dog with a challenge that’s both fun and interactive to keep them thinking. To make sure your dog doesn’t get tired of playing with this puzzle, we made it hard enough to provide a challenge but easy enough to solve for your dog after a few tries.
  • EASY TO USE & ADJUSTABLE: Our Treat Dispensing Dogs Puzzle Toys are made with multiple dog breeds and sizes in mind which is why we these as easy to use as possible. The adjustable dog toy is easy to assemble and comes with two different height settings. Simply place the handle with food dispensers on your desired height.
  • IDEAL PASS TIME: Simply add your dog’s favorite treats to Pupper Pamper Interactive Dog Toy for playtime or when you want your dog to eat slowly. Our dog toys for separation anxiety are perfect for Perfect for Medium/Large pets to help prevent boredom and make sure they have a great time. If you’re looking for a fun interactive toy for pets then our Treat Dispensing Dogs Puzzle Toy is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: At Pupper Pamper, we genuinely care about pets which is why we go the extra mile to acquire the finest and most durable materials to make our Interactive Dog Toy. From using the highest quality wood to ensuring its super fun to play with, we take all necessary steps to ensure you get the best. Each purchase is backed by our 100 Customer Satisfaction Warranty so that you can buy with confidence knowing you’re making a risk free investment.

Ollieroo Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Cat Fence Pet Outdoor Indoor Cage 8 Panel Black E-coat

  • GOOD DESIGN: Black E-Coat finish resistant to rust and corrosion; The panels are strong and coated so they will not rust
  • PORTABLE: Easy to Set Up, Fold Down, and Transport
  • Size of each panel: 24” x 30”, one door access available; Comes with 3 clips to make it one piece or attach to a crate
  • Durable pet playpen ideal for indoors and outdoors use
  • You can combine it into many different shapes whatever you prefer; Long rectangle, Octagon shape, Square shape, multifunctional item

Anti-Chew Bitter Spray for Dogs – Tea Tree Oil to help soothe – 8oz

  • GENTLE, FAST TRAINING AID – Let_s face it, the chewing phase is tough. Catching your puppy in the act is the only true way of getting him to understand that chewing is bad and by that time, your household possessions are ruined. All puppies go through the chewing phase and all dog owners face the challenge of training that tries our patience, but Particular Paws Anti-chew spray can help.
  • ALL NATURAL FORMULA _ Purified water, bitter principles and just a hint of tea tree oil are all it takes to keep your dog from chewing up your favorite possessions or himself. The bitter principles deter your dog from chewing, while the 0.1 percent of tea tree oil acts as an antifungal and antiseptic for hot spots. No additives, harsh chemicals or unsafe ingredients are ever used. USA created under the supervision of veterinary professionals in a GMP certified facility registered with the FDA.
  • HELP YOUNG DOGS LEARN GOOD HABITS _ Dogs, especially puppies, are naturally curious animals which can sometimes be dangerous. Restless, bored, and adventurous dogs can chew through electrical cords, containers of poisonous materials, and other hazards. By training them to associate chewing items with an unpleasant taste, you_re teaching them how to live a safer life.
  • SAFE TO USE IN ENTIRE HOME _ Spray the formula on anything that can handle a light misting of water. Safe for use on furniture, fabric, carpet, drapes, and other common household materials. You can even safely spray the formula on electrical cords, but make sure the cord is unplugged. The formula has a very light smell to humans therefore you can use the product all throughout your house and you likely won_t even smell it.
Because we love them…


A new dog or puppy will always take some time to adjust. It’s a new home and environment for them. It’s so important to train your dog and be as patient as possible. Its very tragic to see a dog be placed in a shelter because of the frustrating ups and downs and trials needed to help them adjust. Get through the rough times and you will have the best companion on earth!

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Let’s face it, having a dog in your life can bring an unimaginable amount of joy to your world. Dogs can be a stress release and unfortunately if you don’t do your research on different types of dog breeds for your lifestyle than dogs can become very stressful. The key is to find the right partner the first time. Decide what will work best for you, a docile dog, and active dog or a means of protection, I can’t stress that enough. Many pets are given up to shelters all the time because the choice in pet didn’t fit in our lives or didn’t meet the expectations we had in mind.

Try this link as a tool to help you decide

IAMS Dog Breed Quiz

The Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for the Workaholic

Keep in mind that adopting a dog requires time and effort regardless of the breed. Dogs will quickly become an important part of your family and you need to be willing to provide the care and attention needed to maintain a happy dog. If you work a lot here are some suggestions that will fit perfectly with your schedule.

  • Chow Chow: Often considered the most reserved of all dog breeds. The chow chow has a personality trait that can be compared to a cat. A very low maintenance dog, they rarely bark and are very comfortable being left alone for long periods of time.
  • Basset Hound: The Cadillac of couch potatoes. These dogs are very easy-going dogs and it isn’t typical that they would be stressed out if they are left alone. Many dogs suffer from anxiety if left alone and turn to destroying your house if left unattended for long periods of time. They enjoy having alone time but will be thrilled to death when you come home.
  • Pug: One word, “lazy”. This breed is probably your best bet if you tend to work a lot. They love to sleep and when you finally get home from a long day they will still have the energy to cuddle up with you and enjoy yet another nap laying beside you.
  • Peekapoo: The answer to this dog is simply “toys”. The peekapoo is a mix of poodle and Pekingese and is a very beautiful dog. They are easy to train and is very much okay with being left alone. The secret to this breed is having a lot of toys or other things to keep them engaged and busy throughout the day.
  • Greyhound: If you are a fan of large dogs and are less attracted to the small lap dog than the greyhound is an excellent choice. This dog is very docile and can make a great companion for those that work many hours. They love to sleep a lot and rarely have separation anxiety. If you are interested in dog rescue this is a great option. Many retired racing dogs are looking for homes and they are incredible loving animals.

  • Border Collie: The border collie is a very beautiful and very smart dog. This breed bubbles over in energy and personality. If this dog is kept active and stimulated he will be the perfect dog. A warning here, if you do not give this dog a lot of physical and mental activities it will develop very negative behaviors. But hands down if you have the time this is an excellent companion.
  • German Short haired Pointers: It’s hard to beat this breed if you are a hunter. This energetic dog is very intelligent and versatile. I add versatile here because this dog is comfortable hunting pheasants, quail, grouse, waterfowl, raccoons, possum and deer. This dog loves to stay active trailing, retrieving and pointing. Very good for the outdoors man.
  • Vizsla: If you love to run and exercise this is the best companion. Vizsla’s are very athletic dogs. They have exceptional training ability and are very focused dogs. They excel at speed, endurance and navigating obstacles.
  • Dalmatian: Another excellent running mate. Dalmatians are a more protective breed to accompany you on your daily running routines. This breed has been known to keep the pace of horses. Very good endurance in this dog and will be very happy to run wherever you prefer to go.
  • Doberman Pinscher: Loyal guardian and very intimidating to some people. This breed is very affectionate to its owners and very protective. This dog loves to hike or run as long as it is active. Very beautiful companion.
  • German Shepherd: Very intense and loyal dogs to their owners. Some people assume the German shepherd’s main talents are herding livestock and maintaining control over a flock. In addition to this skill this breed can be very protective and can easily attack any threat to their home or owner.
  • Giant schnauzer: This breed has a very intimidating size and a fierce bite. Will love its family unconditionally but does not care for strangers very much. Over protective is not an understatement here.
  • Akita: Very beautiful and intense dog. If not socialized this dog can be very dangerous to strangers and company alike. This dog was bred to be loyal to it’s owner and can be very intimidating and will not back down from a fight.
  • Chinese Shar-Pei: Although looks can be deceiving this cute cuddly dog is very serious about family protection. It was bred to protect the parameters of their property and as a watch dog for livestock. The protection instinct holds strong to this day and they have a strong desire to protect their family and can be extremely aggressive.
  • Rottweiler: This is a great dog hands down, intimidating to look at and it’s hard to imagine that this dog is very sweet and loving to his family. However, if this dog feels even the slightest threat to his family he can turn fierce quick.

Regardless of your lifestyle or specific reason for getting a dog please do your research. This is the key to finding and understanding the breed, general traits and behaviors of the dog of your dreams. Finding the right match for your lifestyle can be achieved. If you are having a hard time deciding, try to foster a dog from a shelter. It’s an excellent suggestion to try out being a dog owner before making a commitment.

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My Experience

I’ve had dogs all my life and I am positive that I always will. I currently have three dogs, Chili, Caesar and Precious. Only one came to me intentionally and the other two are rescues.  Caesar came from an abusive neglectful back ground and Precious was my sons step mothers dog.  She unfortunately passed away and nobody in her family could take her.

It was very difficult in the beginning.  Poor Precious was morning the loss of her mother and wouldn’t eat at all, it took lots of love and patients, she now seems to be happy.  I hope one-day Caesar will feel safe and secure enough to like people.  He generally hides if anyone comes over or refuses to get off my lap if he can’t make it into hiding soon enough. It’s very heartwarming to see how they have all come together and meshed as a pack.

In all my experience as a dog owner my dogs have always begged for whatever I happen to be eating at any given time…even salad. I’m a sucker and I rarely don’t share my food or snacks with them. It’s not easy depriving them when they all act as if they are starving to death.  It’s very hard to look away and ignore them.  I oddly associate food with love which isn’t good for anyone.  I am guilty of consuming an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting with them.   As a result of this giving destructive nature all three of my dogs put on a ton of weight.  Their energy level was very low unless they heard some sort of food being unpackaged and then they would come running.  I was horrified at the Vet when all three were classified as obese.  Wow, what an irresponsible dog owner I am.

I’ve done extensive research on what I could do for the three little pigs and I recall one suggestion was to just not eat in front of them. I guess I could stuff them all in the small closet that I have or lock them outside in this brutal weather, but both seemed cruel to me. I decided to always have healthy snacks and treats for them on hand when I eat so when I’m on my own depressed junk food binge eating phases I will only be hurting myself.

What to Look For

When I began my research for a healthier lifestyle for them I discovered that there are tons of treats out there to choose from. It can be very overwhelming.  I’m also not a rich person and some snacks can be very expensive. Make it a habit of reading the ingredients/nutrition labels before you purchase any of them. If you decide to go with an option for low fat treats you will see that leaner cuts of meat are used and are generally a safe switch. I however have gone with using low calorie treats instead. I’ve found that I can give them treats more often with the lower calorie intake and I’ve added an additional walk throughout the day. Low calorie dog treats are also made of leaner meats and fewer fillers, low glycerin whole grains, and fruits and vegetables which are much easier for a dog’s body to digest.


What is Harmful

I’m including some harmful foods that are toxic to dogs. My source for this information is from the ASPCA website, https://www.aspca.org/. I hope to help spread the word as much as I can. I’ve actually unknowingly given some of these items to my dogs not understanding that they were toxic.

·         Raw/Undercoated Meat, Raw Eggs

·         Onions, Garlic, Chives

·         Macadamia Nuts

·         Grapes and Raisins

·         Salt and Salty Snack Foods

·         Xylitol (Artificial Sweetener)

·         Milk and Dairy

·         Coconut and Coconut Oil

·         Nuts

·         Alcohol

·         Chocolate

·         Caffeine

·         Citrus

What is Recommended

There are several sites out there recommending dog treats.  I’ve discovered that many of them are only trying to sell you something and offer very little information about the product and specifics on the pros and cons of what it intends, and they try and sell you with cute pictures of dogs.  I guess that’s why they are called ads.  In the past I’ve found that snacks with the worst ingredients are my dogs absolute favorite.  Just like me, I love food that is horrible nutritionally speaking and chocolate, sugar and fat are the main ingredients.  Below are some simple recommendations made by my veterinarian.  To be completely honest my dogs wasn’t interested in any of the fruit or the sweet potato. I made baked chicken mixed with oats and carrots.  They ate it but I’m really interested in healthy nutritious dog treats.  It isn’t easy to carry all of that around when I want to give them a treat. I’m conditioned to the biscuit or jerky type treat.

·         Oat Cereal

·         Raw Carrots

·         Apples

·         Pears

·         Sugar Snap Peas

·         Natural crunchy peanut butter

·         Fresh Blueberries

·         Strawberries

·         Blackberries or Raspberries

·         Baked Sweet Potatoes

·         Baked Chicken or Turkey Bananas

Always remember to be mindful of what you are giving to your dog. Stay away from unnatural chemicals in foods and don’t forget to always check the nutritional information labeled on the package. We want to keep our dogs healthy, happy and around for a very long time.  It’s taking some doing but my dogs, Chili, Caesar and Precious are doing so much better and in a surprisingly short amount of time.  The weather is very cold here and none of them like the snow, so the struggle is real!  I bought all of them jackets but it’s still hard getting them out the door. That additional walk I’ve been taking my dogs on every day is actually helping me also. I’ll keep you updated on the weight loss progress my three little pigs are making.  Collectively they still have around six pounds to go and I’m around 25 more pounds… oops, this isn’t about me.  They are very inspirational to me! I hope you found this helpful. I’m currently researching the best exercise program for them that is easy on their hips.  I wished they liked to swim.

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