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Peanut Gallery 247 by Peanutgallery247 - 4M ago

Photography Is Not A Crime or PINAC as it is sometimes referred to, is a term that if frequently used when referring to the right of the general public to photograph anything in the public domain, including police and government buildings and personnel.

In the US, this has led to the infamous First Amendment Audits. Whether these “audits” are really to test constitutional rights is questionable. The act of recording in public, including police and other government officials, is legal. The subsequent actions of individuals after being approached by the police is where cause for concern lies.

It seems like of these “audits” are being used as a mechanism to entice and provoke police, to the extent of getting abused, detained and/or arrested, which inevitably leads to lawsuits and subsequent settlements. And yes, it does seem like a lot of police officers and security guards do not understand the laws or constitutional rights afforded to individuals, in terms of free speech, freedom of the press, etc.

In this blog post, I will try to present what the laws says and how they can be interpreted, specifically in terms of privacy and trespass, as applicable to South Africa.  The moral and ethical issues related to public photography is best left to the reader to decide on.

SA PHOTOGRAPHY LAWS You have the right to take photos of anyone or anything in a public area or that be can be seen from a public area.

When you enter a public area, you essentially waive your right to privacy. Since we are a democracy, anything in public is a matter of public record.  Simple enough? Not quite!

Union Buildings Pretoria

There are a few caveats to this….and that’s where things become tricky! You cannot photograph anyone or anything in public where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. And this is where some degree of interpretation is necessary. In some cases, it may be clear to most people as to what is considered to be off-limits, e.g. changing rooms, rest rooms, medical facilities, etc.

It is also important to note that the law specifically states public places only, but there is a general understanding that it includes private properly which is openly accessible to the public. If there isn’t a specific sign prohibiting photography, it is generally meant to indicate that it is acceptable.

In SA, shopping malls are privately owned, but openly available to the public. However, photography is at the discretion of the mall management, and this is usually indicated with no photography signs posted. There are also many places that may also appear public, but it is in fact privately owned, such as the V&A Waterfront are Melrose Arch (I never knew this until now).

Photography isn’t specifically prohibited in such areas, but if you were taking a photo and subsequently approached by staff, you may be asked to stop taking further photos, which you should do. If you persist, then you may be asked to leave the premises and you are obliged to comply or you risk trespassing.

Taking a photo is legal, but trespassing is not! It is also important to note that no private person or company may detain you, confiscate equipment or attempt to delete your photos. Asking you to stop taking photos and/or to leave the premises is about all the legal powers available to private property owners.

In general, you are allowed to take photographs of private property from an area which is deemed public property, unless there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Taking a photograph of a private hotel from the street is legal. Taking a photograph through someone’s hotel room window or of someone sunbathing on a balcony is probably not. I say probably because circumstances like this could be debatable.  If you leave your hotel room curtains or blinds open or if you are sunbathing on the balcony, is there any reasonable expectation of privacy??? There are a few grey areas in the interpretation of the law. But if in doubt, it would be best to stay on the cautious side.

For public photography involving people, the situation and outcomes differ significantly. Some people may not even pay attention to you or care about you taking photos, or you may be lucky or even get a smile for your photo, whilst others may be a bit skeptical of your intentions.

Don’t hide your photographic equipment. Shoot out in the open!

Some may even be angry or confrontational about it. The law states that you are not obliged to ask permission, but if you are unsure or the situation allows for it, asking for people’s permission may be the wise thing to do.  If you are taking photos in public, do it openly and people won’t assume you have ulterior motives. Although, I would avoid taking pictures of children under any circumstances……that always leads to trouble!

And if people in public specifically ask you not to take photos of them?

In my opinion, you could stop if you wanted to or even if just out of respect for someone’s opinion, but once again, you are under no legal obligation to stop even if asked to do so. Can their request for you to stop taking photos of them be deemed reasonable expectation of privacy? I don’t think so and I am of the opinion that there are no legal grounds for you to comply. Imagine if people asked journalists not to take photos of them and they had to comply? What happens to freedom of the press and in direct contradiction to the Constitution.

Capture the moment, but always be polite and respectful!

Private events held in public places, such as concerts, shows, for which you pay a fee to enter are subject to the specific rules and regulations of the organisers, and you are obliged to comply. This could be due to copyright and/or intellectual property. So no, you can’t photograph a concert that you paid to enter just because it is being held in a public place.

What about National Key Points and/or sensitive installations? With the Nkandla debacle, we were led to believe it is illegal, but that was quickly dismissed. In general, it seems legal to take photos of National Key Points, except if the photo is used for illegal purposes? How one goes about proving or disproving that is beyond my comprehension. In any case, the National Key Points Act is currently in the process of being replaced with the Critical Infrastructure Bill, so let’s wait to see what that eventually says.

And before you ask, the use of drones (private or commercial) is subject to SA Civilian Authority regulations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), so you cannot fly a drone from or in a public place and use that as an argument to justify aerial photography/videography. There are limitations on flying drones, so please educate yourself prior on the rules and regulations.


In today’s technologically advanced society, where everyone has access to high quality cameras and smartphones and can take photos of virtually anything, knowing your rights is vitally important.  At some point, you may very well be confronted by people, either just out of curiosity or sometimes by people who are opposed to having their picture taken.

Here are some guidelines to deal with situations if the need ever arises:
  1. I have broken no law by making a photograph of you
  2. I am under no obligation to explain to you what I am doing or why I am doing it
  3. I am under no obligation to show you the photograph I have made
  4. I am under no obligation to identify myself to you
  5. The photograph I have made is legally my property
  6. Although I may not do it, I am fully within my rights to continue making photographs of you while you are in conversation with me
  7. If you attempt to physically restrain me from doing so by touching my person, you are breaking the law. If you do not wish to be photographed the only legal way you can prevent it is to move away from the scene
  8. If you threaten me physically you are breaking the law

As much as we acknowledge terrorism and the threats around us and the need for heightened security, we cannot allow our constitutional rights to be infringed upon. The mere act of taking a photo is not a crime, and can never be the basis for illegal detainment or arrest. Education for the public as well as law enforcement is vital.

It is therefore vitally important that you know your rights, but please use your own judgement! Standing your ground is good and protecting your rights is perfectly acceptable, but avoiding a night in jail when you could have just been courteous might have been a better decision? There will always be opportunities to take more pictures!

Disclaimer – while to the best of my knowledge the information regarding the law as it applies to photography in South Africa is correct at the time of publication, I am not a lawyer. This article is my personal interpretation of the law written as a lay-person and should in no way be construed as legal advice. I accept no responsibility for any damage that arises from your use of the information published..

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My hubby and I have always been into photography for as long as we can remember. And that of course meant we owned an assortment equipment, from small compact digital cameras to expensive professional and semi-professional equipment. As good as the equipment was, it was not always very practical to carry around, especially for travel and holidays when you need it the most. And since the arrival of Kayden, packing light has became a necessity in order to make extra space for the requirements of an infant.

So, a decision was made to part with some exceptional Canon gear, and research into suitable replacement gear started in earnest. It was around the time of his birth that significant developments in mirrorless cameras were taking place. The advantages being offered by mirrorless systems in terms of size and weight were substantial, and with the technical and performance gap between mirrorless and DSLR systems shrinking, a move to a mirrorless system was becoming a reality.

So, we sold off all of our beloved equipment. And if you have ever looked at the second-hand camera market, you know that they hold their value fairly well, especially if the equipment is taken care off, so it’s a worthwhile investment.


Being Canon fans, and after many hours of research we opted for the Canon EOS M5 body, aimed mainly at photography, but with the ability to do vlogging and general videography. Some of the notable specs are as follows:

  • DIGIC 7 Processor with Dual Pixel Autofocus
  • 2MP APS-C Sensor (as used in the Canon 80D)
  • ISO 100 – 25600
  • Full HD Video (60fps)
  • Built-in Electronic Viewfinder (2.36 million dot OLED)
  • Rotating touchscreen LCD (1.62 million dot) with Touch Autofocus
  • Canon EF-M lens mount

The M5 is very light (427g) and capable camera and I absolutely love it. I will not bore with an in depth technical overview, but you can check out DP Review for all the technical details.

There are however two major flaws which I cannot ignore and is worth mentioning:

  • LCD does not rotate to the side or up
  • Lack of 4K video recording

There was huge backlash from customers regarding the limited LCD rotation, especially for vlogging. You can tilt the LCD 180deg downwards, but if you happen to use a tripod, you cannot see the screen! What was Canon thinking?

To stem the negative criticism, Canons answered by introducing the Canon EOS M6 with a properly rotating LCD screen. But the M6 ditched the built-in viewfinder. You could of course add an external viewfinder on the hotshoe, but then you lose the ability to have an external flash! And still no 4K video?

Then came the Canon EOS M50 with built-in viewfinder, 4K video recording and an LCD that opens to the side with 180deg rotation. At least Canon were starting to listen to what customers were asking for! I am still contemplating whether a change from the M5 to the M50 makes sense or not. Or perhaps I should wait for an M5 replacement? Decisions, decisions!!!


Canon offers a limited set of EF-M specific lenses. The 18-150mm kit lens is good value for money and a nice compact solution for a variety of shooting situations.

But based on previous experiences, we opted for the 15-45mm and 55-200m to give us a greater focal length coverage, as we were used to shooting close to 200mm quite often. With the small size and weight of the EF-M lenses, carrying around two lenses instead of the single kit lens was not a significant disadvantage.

Canon has also introduced an EF-M to EF Mount adaptor which allows any existing EF/EF-S lens to be used on the mirrorless range of cameras. So, if you own existing Canon lenses that you want to keep and just want to change to a mirrorless body, then the mount adaptor is all you need to buy to make full use of your existing lenses.

Where to from here:

  • Adding the EF-M 28mm or EF-M 32mm Macro lens as we love macro related photography
  • Adding the EF-M 22mm F2 for low light, night and landscape photography
  • An ND filter set for long exposure photography

We kept our trusty Canon 580 EX II Flash and see no reason to upgrade or change that any time soon. It is a workhorse and we have had no issues with it. We just added a Phottix Stratto for off camera flash photography.



If small and practical is your goal, then the ingenious Joby GorillaPod is the way to go. It is a flexible tripod with wrappable legs that can be mounted almost anywhere. It is such a versatile solution that we rarely leave home without it.


The latest addition to my kit is the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, which when paired with my iPhone X is increasingly becoming my favourite piece of kit. There are obvious limitations with mobile photography / videography, but if you can’t afford to carry any photographic equipment, then a smartphone phone paired with a gimbal is the next best thing, and the results can be astonishing.


We have used a DJI Spark in some of my YouTube videos. Except for the lack of 4K recording, it is a very capable little drone and lots of fun to fly. With the SACAA limitations regarding where you can fly for recreational reasons (without a license) and the increasing spotlight on drones, its use is becoming very limited, especially if are intent on following the letter of the law.

But I would love to upgrade this to a Mavic Air or Mavic Air 2 in the near future, as drone photography and videography is another powerful tool for expressing your creativity.

Photo and Video Editing

And last but not least, after all the photos and video footage has been captured, its time to edit those into something more visually appealing…

For mobile photos and quick editing, I highly recommend Snapseed by Nik Software (now owned by Google), available on

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Peanut Gallery 247 by Peanutgallery247 - 5M ago
…To love?

Love begins within. It seems so simple yet for many, the hardest thing they can do is love themselves.  Before looking for someone to love, look for reasons and ways to love yourself. If you yourself don’t love you, why expect someone or anyone else to? Take a deep look within and find yourself and learn how to love yourself. Self-love is not selfish, it is important. Self-love is not vanity, it is for your sanity.

Self-love is about being content with who you are now and the plans you’ve set in place to transition to where you desire to be in the future. You are work in progress. Love this about yourself, don’t compare to others nor seek approval from others.

Look in the mirror and you’ll find someone to love.

…To Spoil?

Pamper yourself. Why wait for someone else to whisk you a way to some special place or buy you some gift? If you want those things, do it for yourself and feel proud that you’re able to – not everyone can. You don’t know how long it will take to find that someone special so don’t just sit around waiting – spoil yourself and/or others you have special relationships with.

Look in the mirror and you’ll find that someone to spoil. …To make happy?

Nobody can make you happy but yourself. Sure, they can contribute. Never depend on someone else to make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind – YOUR mind. Think happy thoughts. Envision happy goals and speak happy and positive words. That paradigm will attract happiness into your life. Nobody likes being around someone who is unhappy and complaining all the time so be someone that radiates happy vibes. Try doing a good deed to make someone smile and experience the happiness it creates within yourself.

Look in the mirror and you’ll find that someone to make happy. …To make smile?

Why look for someone who will make you smile when you are more than capable of making yourself smile? Do things that make you smile. Even if it means doing something for someone else, as long as it makes you smile to see them smile. Smiling creates endorphins which are feel-good hormones, so don’t be afraid to smile, you may never know who is touched by your smile.

Look in the mirror and you’ll find someone to make smile. …To care for?

Before you seek someone to care for, look at yourself. Ask yourself if you have been caring for yourself or not. Not just physically but also mentally. Do you give yourself breaks? Do you give yourself time alone? Do you look after yourself physically? Do you care about your health? When you are in good shape, mentally and physically, it becomes easier and possible to care for others.

Look in the mirror and you’ll find someone to care for. …To spend time with?

Spend time with yourself. If you are unable to feel comfortable with yourself, how do you expect others to feel comfortable in your presence? If you don’t have a romantic partner to spend time with, then look at spending time with someone else – a friend or family member. There are many places that you can visit on your own – pretend to be a Tourist in your local town and explore the sightseeing options and activities. Take photos and save them as memories.

Look in the mirror and you’ll find someone to spend time with. …To Believe in?

Believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable of loving yourself. Believe you are capable of caring for yourself. Believe that you are able to enjoy your own company. Believe that you can reach all your goals. Believe that you are an amazing individual and that you don’t “need” anyone to complete you. Believe that you are better off on your own than with the wrong person for the wrong reasons.

Look in the mirror and you’ll find someone to believe in. …To feel proud of?

Make a list of your achievements. Look back to see how far you’ve come. Think about the times you’ve been hurt and you walked away, didn’t you? Feel proud about that cos it takes strength and courage to walk away from someone or something that doesn’t make you happy anymore. You valued yourself and you didn’t settle for less, that is something to feel damn proud about!

Look in the mirror and you’ll find someone to feel proud of. …To appreciate?

Appreciate your family, your friends, your colleagues and show them with a kind gesture. Appreciate the car guard who looks after your car in any kind of weather. Appreciate the waiter who’s on their feet all day, trying their best to provide you with excellent service. Appreciate the security guard in the area you live in. Appreciate the pointsmen directing traffic when the traffic lights don’t work. There are so many people around to appreciate – you just have to find opportunity in everything. Most of all, learn to appreciate yourself. Reward yourself with gratitude tokens when you accomplish something worthy.

Look in the mirror and you’ll see someone you can appreciate. …To be kind to?

Be kind to the people that you appreciate – give them a token of appreciation. Be kind to your co-workers, to your boss, to your sibling, to your friend. Ask yourself how you can be more accommodating. Practice saying “yes, I am happy to help” instead of saying, “sorry, I am busy” or “no, I can’t”. In the spirit of kindness, give to those in need. It doesn’t have to be of monetary value. It can be your time.

Look in the mirror and you’ll see someone you can be kind to.

Look in the mirror; love, respect and accept yourself.

Never doubt that you are worthy of love. Don’t settle for less. Don’t lower your standards for anyone.  If someone doesn’t appreciate you for who you are, it’s their loss. Don’t lose yourself trying to be perfect for someone else. Find yourself and strive to be better than you were yesterday.  You are worthy of love and respect, never doubt that. Give it to yourself and never feel bad that you do.

The post Looking for someone… appeared first on Peanut Gallery 247.

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Peanut Gallery 247 by Peanutgallery247 - 6M ago

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to experience the Fairmont Zimbali Resort and what it had to offer. After all, it is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations on the Kwa-Zulu Natal coastline. Fortunately for me, that desire was realised late last year when my husband booked us a surprise stay there for a few days.


Fairmont Zimabli Resort is situated in the luxurious Zimbali Coastal Estate, in Ballito, which is in the North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is less than a half hour drive away from the uShaka International Airport.

Our Room

We were fortunate to have been allocated a room with a gorgeous view over the main pool (yes, there is more than one pool on the resort) as well as stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Dolphins and sharks are very common in the waters adjacent to the Fairmont Zimabli Resort, and we spotted them quite regularly.

Pano view of the pool


Fairmont Zimbali Resort 2018 - YouTube

The beach is easily accessible from the resort, you can take a short walk down to the beach or you can utilise the complimentary golf cart shuttle service. As this is a private beach there is security at the entrance to the beach.

Due to the abundance of sharks so close to the shoreline and the lack of shark nets, swimming is prohibited on the beach. This is, unfortunately, a major drawback. But if fishing or just relaxing on the beach with a good book, or in our case, enjoying the sights and sounds of a child playing on the sand, then a trip to the beach is a must.

Since swimming is not allowed and there is security available at the entrance, I think that some umbrellas or chairs to relax on the beach would be a great addition. But if are you planning to spend some time at the beach, you should consider carrying an umbrella and camping chairs – may be a good idea to check if this is allowed.

The Restaurants/Bars

There are a variety of dining options, including The Coral Tree restaurant renowned for its buffets, 31 Degrees, Ayoba and OSA. There are others, but these were the only ones opened during the off-peak season.  I did try the lamb bunny chow from The Coral Tree restaurant on one of the evenings, I can’t say it’s anything to rave about. Maybe we should have visited OSA for its Indian cuisine? The butter chicken at The Coral Tree restaurant is highly recommended and one of the best I have had so far.

Click to view slideshow.

We tried both the food and drinks at most of the restaurants, and I fully indulged myself in the variety of cocktails on offer, from sitting on the balcony of 31 Degrees to the unique poolside settings of Ayoba at The Beach Club or the Bite Pool Bar and Grill at the main pool. What could be more relaxing than spending time quality time with family in such a picturesque setting?

Click to view slideshow. Activities for Kids

We deliberately chose to visit Fairmont Zimbali Resort during the off-peak season, so it was peaceful and quiet, just the way we like it.

Unfortunately, this meant that the family area at the Bushbuck Club was closed, and which is normally the main attraction for the little ones. Since Kayden loves the water so much, we managed to make full use of the beach and pools. Sadly, the weather didn’t fully cooperate with us, but that did give us the opportunity to explore some of the surrounding areas.

Flag Farm, which is about a 10-minute drive away from the resort, is one of the places we visited and is a must-see attraction for anyone with kids. I’ll share our experience with some photos soon, in a separate post.


The service received at 31 Degrees was excellent, professional and efficient. The menu is somewhat limited, but the food was delicious. You get the 5-star service for the 5-star prices you pay here.

The staff at the Ayoba Restaurant were very friendly and even though we went there very close to closing time on the one day, they remained hospitable and accommodating.

I do believe there is room for improvement, especially with regard to the availability of towels for the pool. There were no visible signs in the pool area, and some of the staff I spoke to was also not sure where to get them. After a lot of waiting and phone calls between different staff, we managed to locate the storeroom. Maybe during peak season or better weather, these are more readily available and accessible?

Final Thoughts

I think if you’re looking for a romantic getaway or some quality time with friends or family, with a then Fairmont Zimbali Resort is a must. From the spectacular views, an abundance of dining options, on-site facilities, you will definitely not be disappointed!

If you are travelling with children, it’s best to check if the facilities are open during your stay or not. If you are planning a romantic getaway, then off-season is the best time.
And if you do plan on staying at Fairmont Zimbali Resort, then make the most of it and check out the local attractions as well.

I have no idea why we didn’t use our camera to take any photos, all of the photos on this post were taken with my mobile device. So they don’t really do justice. Nevertheless, here are more photos in and around the Fairmont Zimbali Resort.

Click to view slideshow. Have you stayed at the Fairmont Zimbali Resort or plan to in the future?


In case you didn’t already know, if you use the Entertainer App to book, you can take advantage of the 2 for 1 special. If you’re an FNB client, download the app for free and start taking advantage of this and other amazing deals, from meals, to leisure activities, to travel and lots more.

The post Fairmont Zimbali Resort Review appeared first on Peanut Gallery 247.

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Shopping is an activity common to the world. People might hate it or love it, but it is a part of our daily lives. The therapeutic appeal of shopping has not died down by any means. You need stuff, you shop. India is a wonderland for people who love shopping. Whenever we travel, we always shop and want to take something back as a souvenir. So, shop till you drop on your next trip at these Top 10 Indian markets.

1.  Devaraja Market, Mysore Photo by Christopher Fynn, CC BY 2.0

This local market gives you ample exposure to the local culture and is a pretty diverse market. At the entrance of the market, you will be greeted by a colorful clock tower which can be called a symbol of what the market is. As you enter, the rows are lined with fruits and vegetable arranged in careful manners. As you progress through, you’ll find heaps of colors arranged in conical shapes. The vibrant colors hit you out of the blue. And definitely not miss the flower section where shopkeepers make garlands for rituals in the temples. This market is perfect if you want some eye-catching Instagram pictures as it is heaven for photography lovers.

2.  Jew Town Market, Cochin Photo by Thunderboltz, CC0 1.0

The Market consists of antique furniture, shawls and spices. The market is located in a historic part of Cochin. The Jewish Synagogue is worth a visit and on the streets leading to it are all the stalls. The antiques here remind you of the British era and can give your home a colonial feel. After you are done shopping, there are many coffee shops and eateries to satisfy your appetite. A famous tourist place, it is quite and secluded but gets noisier as you get to the market.

3.  Floating Vegetable Market, Srinagar

This market is more of an experience for a tourist. The only one in India, the floating vegetable market is a must visit for any explorer. Situated within Dal Lake, this market is the primary source of food for people living in the area. It is a wonderful experience as you see people shopping for vegetables in a Shikara. For incredible photos, visit either early morning or in the evening about an hour before sunset. The golden light illuminates the waters of Dal Lake and the house boats and the shikaras make for a perfect snapshot. Talk with the local shopkeepers and you are in for some great stories.

4. Sarojini Market, Delhi

All roads for shopping lead to Delhi, and one of the most popular one is the Sarojini Nagar Market. Considered a paradise for women shoppers, bargains are to be had everywhere if you know where to go. The golden rule here is to haggle a lot and if you don’t get the price you want, keep browsing as shops are aplenty here. Inventory ranges from cheap t shirts to main brand export surpluses and many more. Do carry your own bag as it is guaranteed you won’t be coming back empty handed and the carry bags that the shopkeepers give you won’t hold out for much long.

5. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai Photo by Baishampayan Ghose, CC BY-SA 2.0

Mumbai is famous for tourist and locals alike. Situated in the vicinity of Gateway of India and the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel,

This shopping street is filled with antiques, trendy clothes, quirky t-shirts and many small stalls selling replica watches, Zippo lighters, and football jerseys. At one end, you’ll also find cafe Mondegar, a popular eating joint where you can quench your thirst with a cold beer or have some amazing French fries. Another popular eating joint called Bade Miya’s is also situated close by along with cafe Leopold and Starbucks. The street also houses many big brand retail outlets. Whatever souvenir you were looking for, you will definitely find one here.

6.  New Market, Kolkata Photo by Abhinaba Basu, CC BY 2.0

If you don’t find it here, you probably won’t find it anywhere else in Kolkata. The term ‘new market’ refers to the whole area that surrounds the shopping complex. Ranging from grocery items to clothing items like the Taant saree, you will find various stalls and shops in every nook and cranny of this area. Watch out while shopping here as the area is very crowded. There are many restaurants around here too that can satisfy your hunger. The Kathi rolls at Nizam’s are highly recommended. The area is very convenient for tourists as there are many hotels in the nearby vicinity. New Market is the perfect embodiment of chaos on which the city of Kolkata thrives.

7.Hazratganj, Lucknow Photo by Mohit, CC BY-SA 4.0

The hustle and bustle of this market is a character on its own. Highly rated by the locals and tourists, Hazratganj is situated at the heart of the city. The more you explore the area, the denser the market becomes with narrowing streets and increasing crowd. Hazratganj is the perfect blend of the old and the new, modern Lucknow as the streets are filled with old buildings, street shops and food stalls as well as boutique stores, big brand outlets and coffee shops. The perfect vibe for a shopaholic, the place is always filled with people. The famous artisanal craft of Chikankari is also found in Lucknow and many shops are situated in Hazratganj. There are shops for every budget and design. The food here does justice to the culinary heritage of the city.

8. Arpora flea Market, Goa Photo by Ipshita B, CC BY 2.0

The party capital of the country also has great shops and flea markets all around town. Also, known as the Saturday Night Market, this place is a wholesome shopping experience. It is a weekly market that opens up on Saturday evenings and goes on until the wee hours of Sunday mornings. You browse around the numerous stalls located all over the market as pleasant music is being played and the moon shines brightly in the night sky. There are also live performances from time to time to entertain the public. The sheer range of items for sale along with food and dining options is just incredible and so is the fusion of cultures from around the world. As it is a flea market, bring your best haggling game with you. It is also a great place to just hang out, window shop and enjoy the lively, party vibe.

9.  Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad Photo by Abhinaba Basu, CC BY 2.0

Located near the iconic Charminar, Laad bazaar or Choodi bazaar is a well-known market for jewelry, especially locally made bangles. You can also find great works of pearl jewelry amongst other things such as perfumes and clothing. Situated just footsteps away from Laad Bazaar are various restaurants where you can try the local cuisine. The marketplace is always very lively with a lot of people coming through the area at all times. Shopping here can be hectic and exciting, but you can refresh yourself from the tea shop which sells various varieties of teas and sweets. The vibe of the place is incredible as you will see people all around you shopping, bargaining with the shopkeepers, shopkeepers trying their daily hustle, aroma of the food being prepared in the restaurants. It is a great place to be for both the shopaholic and the explorer inside you.

10.  Chor Bazaar, Mumbai Photo by Elroy Serrao, CC BY-SA 2.0

Probably the most notorious flea market in the country, Chor Bazaar is quite different from other markets on the list, but you should experience it at least once. Basically, a second-hand goods market, it has been called Chor bazaar or the ‘thief market’ due to various stolen goods found on sale here. There is a very ghetto, dangerous but incredible vibe to this market.

The huge range of goods that are sold here is mind-boggling. From antiques to electronics, fitness equipment, auto parts etc., you name it, this market has got it. Be careful of your valuables here while shopping and don’t flash your swanky camera around. There are some great deals to be had here to those who are willing as bartering here is considered mandatory. This place has an amazing history which has culminated into a great experience with just the right hint of the wrong side.

Shopping is also considered an art form by many. And no place else you will find that truer other than India’s marketplaces. So,..

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The Bar

Writing this review and looking at the images of the bar at the Tin Goose Restaurant, started to conjure up memories of Casablanca (1942), which is one of the most iconic movies ever made, well, at least according to my husband. I have personally never seen it…at least not yet.

Now that I think of it, why didn’t I get a photo of me at the bar with a whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other?! The bar at the Tin Goose Restaurant was the perfect setting, with its elegance and charm. And yes, the cigars had already been arranged.

“Here’s Looking At You, Kid” – Humphrey Bogart – Casablanca

The lighting at the bar and in the restaurant caught our attention, even before it was dark enough to really take effect. It was around 2pm when we got there, but as the afternoon progressed into evening, the lighting created a totally different atmosphere. And when coupled with some relaxing background music, this created a very nice ambience.

The bar has a very impressive selection of drinks, from your favourite whiskeys to signature wines and of course, being the cocktail lover I am, I had to try a few varieties. As I watched the barman, I noticed how much care and attention to detail was given to create each individual cocktail. One of our family members is pregnant, so she got to enjoy the virgin cocktails.

The Lounge

The leather lounge between the bar and the restaurant is not only very tasteful as décor but also serves as the practical purpose of creating a more relaxed and sociable environment. And yes, it works for both adults and kids. During the long time we were there, it was inevitable that the kids would grow restless sitting at the dinner table. So Kayden and his cousin took full advantage of this and made themselves comfortable on the couches. Each with his own Apple device, they proceeded to make full use of the free Wi-Fi as well.

Dining out should be an experience…..and should not be confined to the dinner table. And a place to relax between drinks and meals or after meals makes world of difference.

The Dining Area

The dining area, also aviator themed, makes a serious design statement with all its lighting and décor. Its truly unique, and that is probably what appeals to me the most.

There is also additional seating with TV screens available, a chance for those avid sports enthusiasts that want to quickly check-up the latest scores. Or perhaps a place for the kiddies to get together and mingle. The design is such that it does need to limit itself to one specific purpose, and that is another of the small design choices that seem to make a huge difference.

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Peanut Gallery 247 by Peanutgallery247 - 6M ago

Some people walk out of our lives by choice or mutual agreement and some just leave without warning.

Either way, their absence sometimes creates a sigh of relief or it leaves a hole in our heart.

That hole, they say, takes time to heal…

They never tell you how much of time.

Forever is a measure in and of time.

How can time erase the memory of a loved one?

Someone so dear, so loving and so wonderful?

Every occasion and every day,

You ask yourself why and you wish you had a little more time with this person.

The memory of their smile,

The memory of their laugh,

The memory of their being…

It all seems like it was just yesterday that they were there with you and suddenly,

They’re gone, just like that!

You try to take solace in the fact that death prevails in this life for us all…

Yet deep down inside,

You’re angry. You’re sad.

Angry & sad cos they’re gone too soon.

You see them smile.

You hear them laugh.

You listen to their words of wisdom that have become etched in your heart.

There are those memories that make you smile.

But there are those that make you sad.

Sad because you miss them.

Sad because you want them there.

Sad because you need them.

Sad because you love them.

Even though they’re gone,

They’ve never left the place where they reside in your heart.

There’s a certain kinda void that can never be replaced, or filled, no matter how long.

That’s just the way that it is.

That’s just the way some people are.

They can leave an imprint in your life,

Even if they touched your life for a brief period of time.

As we step into another year,

Let us remember these special people &

All that we have learned from them.

Let us use the memory of their smile as inspiration and motivation.

Let us remember that they’d want the best for us.

Let us remember that they’d not want us to be sad.

That would make them feel bad,

I’d also like to just add,

That it’s not a tad bit bad,

If you’re feeling somewhat mad.

Missing them like crazy,

You’re surely going to feel all sorts.

Get all the support,

That’s your only resort.

The post Missing a loved one appeared first on Peanut Gallery 247.

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SoundCloud enables you to publish your own music and create your own followers in no time. This can be done on a simple push of a button. Read more about this music platform here. The problem is that competition is hard and you have to get an edge on how you promote your music.  Here are some tips that you might find useful on ways of promoting your SoundCloud Tracks.

 1.  Allow Public Sharing of your Music

SoundCloud is a platform that allows your stored and uploaded tracks to be shared across other channels. These channels can include blogs, social media networks, search engines, and a lot more. You can easily get your tracks into your Facebook account and it will appear as music coming from SoundCloud. This is possible through the waveform player which embeds your music on SoundCloud and making it shareable at the same time to the world.

When you are looking for engagement, you can get a lot of feedback and comments by encouraging your fans to leave their impression of your music. Be interactive and ask them how your music makes them feel. Be open and get their suggestions about the next title of the track that you are planning to create.

2.  Ask Bloggers for Help

You can ask bloggers, journalists, and critics for help in promoting your soundtrack. You can even ask for their comments and suggestions on how you can improve. When it comes to the SoundCloud platform, you are in control when it comes to allowing downloads or just streaming on your channel.

3.  Make your Work in Progress Private

If you have a new track in mind or if you are planning to collaborate with a famous artist, you can control the people who can see your unfinished track. This will prevent prying and other aspiring artists from copying your work. If you only share the first few minutes of your music to a few select people that you trust, you will be able to get great feedback before you release your tune in the world. You will have a greater chance of getting followers and supporters in no time if you have a track that has undergone critical and helpful feedback from experts.

4.  Give Free Tracks to Fans

Make them get a sample of your work through the free download option of SoundCloud. No one wants to purchase something that they know nothing about. A free track can know more about you, can be familiar with your beats, and they will be able to recognize your voice in no time if they heard a sample of your work. You don’t necessarily give out your whole life’s work. You just give them a sample or a tidbit so that they will be hungry for more tracks coming from you. For more information, you can read an additional discussion here: https://www.quora.com/What-is-royalty-free-music-How-does-it-work.

5.  Grow Fan Engagement

It is important for you to be up-to-date with comments and feedback on your channel. This shows a lot of fans that you care. You can also leave comments on established music. You can leave a note saying things like you have done a cover on this song, or you made an original soundtrack that you are sure others will love. If you frequently comment on other videos that have lots of followers, your SoundCloud channel will be discovered in no time.

Having Trouble Getting Started?

All of these take a lot of work. The great news is that you can jumpstart your way to become the guitarist or the music artist that you dream of. You just have to have the right dedication and access to the right information that can help you. You can start by visiting websites such as https://buyplaysfast.com/ which can offer you alternatives.

The websites that can help you jumpstart can double the number of your followers, commentators, and fans in no time. You will be able to make your music heard far and wide if it reaches a lot of targeted audience.

Want to Know More?

You can research and read about buying plays, comments, and likes in the first months of your career as a music artist. If you have the artistic streak of producing catchy, sweet, or melancholic music that people love so much, then you don’t need to worry about too much promotion.

Keep in mind that you still have to continue the music promotion. However, you will receive a lot of help from other people. The help that you need is just around the corner. If you want to know more about the products and services about companies who can help you with your career, you can just simply go to the right website.

You can also grab your phone and call them today and see what they have in store for you. You are just one step away from becoming the music artist of your dreams. Act now.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

The post Ways of Promoting your SoundCloud Tracks appeared first on Peanut Gallery 247.

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We had the pleasure of visiting GOG Kids Harties on the official opening day.  If you enjoy taking a leisurely drive to Hartbeespoort and you have kids, do make a point of spending the day at GOG Kids, which in my opinion is great family fun, more suited for the younger kids, whilst parents and older kids can relax in a safe surrounding.

I liked the fact that it was not huge – it was more of an intimate feel and this is great if you don’t enjoy crowds and want to really experience and enjoy the facilities.

The childminders were fantastic, they don’t just keep an eye on your children, but actually play and interact with them, to the extent of going into the pools with them and ensuring their safety.

Check out my Instagram posts here for more images from our visit or my Facebook Page.

  • Exclusive and secure in the heart of Chameleon Village
  • Dedicated party venues for kids and adults alike
  • Spray Pad, Pools, Beach Playground and more

GOG KIDS Harties is the newest lifestyle and family adventure destination in the heart of Hartbeespoort, located right inside the Chameleon Village precinct. Officially opened 8 December 2018, the venue is a vision to give families a new place to frequent for thrilling kids’ entertainment and a relaxing environment for parents alike.

It is a vision brought to reality by CEO of GOG, Tim Hogins who saw the need for a family venue in the area and approached Chameleon Village with a plan. “GOG is about creating lifestyle experiences where people can make great memories and as our slogan says, have the best time of their life.”

What was once an area full of small retail outlets, GOG Kids has transformed the heart of Chameleon Village into a lush, vibrant, relaxing and peaceful destination for families. Hogins explains, “Parents are often looking for venues that give them peace of mind and loads of fun for the children, and GOG KIDS has been created to do just that.”

Here’s some footage from our visit to GOG Kids Harties:

GOG Kids Harties - YouTube


For unforgettable childhood memories, GOG KIDS, Harties features 7 dedicated kids party venues, each with their own unique size and colour scheme. The park features 4 ‘neutral’ party venues, 2 traditionally boy-coloured venues and 2 traditionally-girl coloured party venues. Each venue comes with furniture, a GOG Kids host and the ability to book and pay for these venues online at gog.co.za/lifestyle-parks. Guests are able to bring in their own added décor, food and drinks etc.

GOG KIDS also features a dedicated venue for adult-celebrations where it is convenient to bring the children along. This venue comes furnished and opens onto a water fountain and grass area. Ideal for baby-showers or such celebrations, it is also available to book and pay for this venue online at gog.co.za/lifestyle-parks.


Perfect for the warm summer days, the park has a Spray Pad with no less than eight spray features and a safe, non-slip and porous rubber flooring. The Spray Pad lies adjacent to the pristine, 42 square-meter swimming pool. Customers are allowed to bring in towels and sun mats and change rooms are provided within the park.


Scattered around the park are three dedicated playgrounds with jungle gyms and beach sand for fun, active play. One of the playgrounds is built from safe and durable steel and features climbing apparatus, barrels, swings, slides, and other accessories. Another is built from wood and features slides, rope walls. Climbing apparatus, slides, obstacle runs and tyre ladders. These are both located on soft and lush grass. The Beach play area is a 132 square-meter area filled with fine beach sand. Here, children can play to their heart’s content. Inflatable balls, plastic toys and more are available at the retail store. Adjacent to the beach area is a dedicated treat outlet, that sells summer favourites such as Slush Puppies, Ice Creams and other confectionery.


Set in lush surrounds, GOG Kids is rich with gardens, fauna and water features – an experience of being in nature. Throughout the park are open grass areas perfect picnic spots for family relaxation. Visitors can bring in their own picnic baskets, blankets etc at no additional charge.


In 2019, GOG Kids will welcome in new retail and food outlets, namely Toyland, The Ice Cream Parlour, Sweet Factory and Waffle Place. Toyland will retail items for kids to use within the park as well as take-home gifts and accessories such as sunscreen, towels, beach toys to name a few. The Ice Cream Parlour and Sweet Factory will retail as their names suggest and The Waffle Place will serve delectable sweet and savoury waffles from within the park. GOG Kids will also add braai facilities as well as a kid-friendly bike track to its offering.


Price:   R150 (Kids aged 4 – 18)

            R50 (Adults Over 18’s)

            FREE ENTRY (Children under 4)

All tickets and bookings can be made online at gog.co.za/lifestyle-parks as well as at the entrance gate.

Disclaimer: This is a Press Release, a few minor changes and additions have been made

All images (except the GOG logo) and the video are my own, feel free to use with credit

The post GOG Kids Harties is open this festive season appeared first on Peanut Gallery 247.

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Monday, December 17:  Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green made the Top 3 at the Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok, Thailand, this morning. Tamaryn was crowned runner-up as Miss Philippines took the crown.

Twenty-four-year-old Green, from Paarl in the Western Cape, represented South Africa against contestants from 93 other countries in the competition which was won by Miss Philippines Catriona Gray. Green was one of the front-runners throughout the build-up to the finale.

The 67th Miss Universe pageant, which took place at Impact, Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok, Thailand, saw Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa crown her successor at the end of the event.

The show, which was screened in South Africa on 1Magic (DStv channel 103), was hosted by comedian Steve Harvey and supermodel Ashley Graham, while television personality Carson Kressley and runway coach Lu Sierra provided commentary and analysis throughout the event.

Green spoke of her experience: “The Miss Universe experience has been beyond my wildest expectations and I am delighted to have done so well. Congratulations to Catriona. The contestants were wonderful – some I think will be lifelong friends. It has been a true journey of the sisterhood. Thailand is a fantastic country with friendly people who have made us all feel so welcome. We worked hard but what we have received in return is priceless. The support I got really spurred me on. Thank you, everyone, back home.”

Says Claudia Henkel, Group PR manager Sun International: “We are incredibly proud of Tamaryn and how she has shone on the world stage. She has worked really hard during her reign and in the preparations for Miss Universe and she deserved her Top 3 placement. We look forward to welcoming her home where her Miss South Africa journey continues.”

At the time of winning the Miss South Africa title in May this year, Green was a sixth and final year medical student at the University of Cape Town with her sights set on specialising in paediatrics once she qualifies.

She continued to promote her #BreakTheStigma at Miss Universe which has been hugely successful at raising awareness around TB. Green also travelled to New York in September to speak at the first-ever UN General Assembly high-level meeting on tuberculosis and was invited to speak at the Union Conference on Lung Disease at The Hague where she told her story and her battle with TB.

Go to:

The post Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green runner-up at the Miss Universe Pageant 2018 appeared first on Peanut Gallery 247.

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