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The most often asked question from our clients is "where to stay at Cliffs of Moher?" So whether you've chosen the cliffs as your wedding ceremony location or you're just planning to visit and looking for recommendations for accommodation near Cliffs of Moher - we've picked the top 28 properties of varying style and budget

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Of course the meaning of the acronym! But seriously if you're getting married in Italy, you can easily understand why you have to pay the SIAE tax after discovering what the letters SIAE stand for. It’s an Italian organization in the name of Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori. In English, it's the Italian Society

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Getting Married in Europe - Why Couples Choose It Over Other Destinations You might not know it now but your whole life is going to change the moment you get married. It’s that one special day where the life you have gotten used to has transformed into something better. What was once a life all

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Unusual & Unique Wedding Venues in Northern Ireland

Isn’t it obvious? We have fallen deeply in love with the wedding venues in Northern Ireland that we just can’t help but share them to adventurous couples like you! Why? Because after we’ve visited and arranged weddings in this region, we have come to the conclusion that Northern Ireland has so much to offer to couples who are dreaming of an epic destination wedding in Europe!

Just recently, we wrote about wedding venues in this country that also served as filming locations for no other than the world-renowned series, Game of Thrones. But today, we’re even more excited to share with you other iconic and breathtaking locations here in Northern Ireland. They may just convince you to get married within this country’s surreal grounds.

As planners for destination weddings in Europe, we understand how difficult it is for adventurous couples to find a perfect venue that their special day deserves. So if you’re confused right now with all the options in front of you, keep those wedding brochures and notebooks out of sight and close those venue websites. Indulge instead, in this magical journey of discovering dreamy wedding venues in Northern Ireland! Who knows, you may just realize that a unique venue like one of these is all you need to make your big day truly a dream come true!

Let’s begin!

The Drenagh House & Estate

This 19th century Georgian Mansion House is located in a gorgeous parkland that we cannot describe without superlatives. This is one of the wedding venues in Northern Ireland that is reserved only for couples dreaming of a very intimate celebration. This whole estate can be reserved the whole day exclusively for you and your guests!

Now, let’s take you to The Drenagh House & Estate’s Moon Garden which is a favourite spot for outdoor wedding ceremonies. This historic garden dates back to the 1960s. It’s a favourite for couples because of its rich greenery consisting of tall aged trees, lush grasslands, and big bushes that are decorated by colourful flowers. There’s also an iconic brick wall with a circular hole in the middle that lends a view to the estate’s gorgeous woodland. The majesty of the Moon Garden cannot be denied and we never wondered why it is listed as one of the Gardens and Demesnes of Special Historic Interest. Groups of up to 40 people can dine in the house itself for a very private and intimate reception. Although if you have over 40 guests, a marquee can be set up in the Walled Garden outside. is available for larger groups. Don’t bother bringing a caterer with you in The Drenagh House & Estate because meals are served on site should you take advantage of this option. Wondering where to stay before or after the wedding? Take note that the venue offers accommodation for up to 26 people. Isn’t that convenient?

Photo from Jayne Lindsay

Mussenden Temple

Photo from the venue’s official website

If you want something more scenic and historic for your wedding in Northern Ireland, check out this 18th century temple that was originally built for the Earl Bishop as a house for his books.

Perched on the edge of the Irish border along the Downhill Demesne near Castlerock, this temple and former library is located 120 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Now, let that sink in for a while. 120 feet above the Atlantic Ocean! Imagine how amazing your photos will be when your backdrop is the beautiful ocean, clear blue skies, and the cliffs of the Northern Ireland coast! If that’s not enough reason to have a destination wedding here, we don’t know what is.

Because of the breathtaking ocean views that it offers and the scenic landscape around the temple, the National Trust was kind enough to open the Mussenden Temple for wedding ceremonies.  Not only will you have a unique wedding here. You can also enjoy walking along the woodland, the gardens, and the ruins around the area after the ceremony. Take note though that weddings are allowed here only from March to September every year.

Cultra Manor at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Photo from the venue’s official website

Be transported back in time when you get married here at the Cultra Manor. What makes it one of the most unique wedding venues in Northern Ireland is the fact that it is among the structures inside the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum that shows how Northern Ireland looked like 100 years  ago.

Couples who get married at the Cultra Manor are given free access to the museum’s wedding trail. It’s a generous freebie not only for you and your spouse but to all your wedding guests. The wedding trail is a visit to the various original century-old structures in Northern Ireland or their replica that are all located inside the museum. These structures include a historic school built in 1865, a century-old farm and fishermen’s house, an iconic Catholic church, and a replica of a building originally located at the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, among all others.

As for your ceremony and reception, the elegant Cultra Manor will be reserved for your wedding exclusively. Wedding preparations happen inside the sophisticated rooms of the manor where you can have your photos taken. You’ll also have a very intimate wedding ceremony inside the venue, either at The Kennedy Room or the Drawing Room that houses 100 to 150 guests. The reception can take place at the bright and spacious terrace and the gardens.

Finnebrogue Woods

Photo from the venue’s official website

Wedding venues in Northern Ireland can’t get more exclusive than this. The Finnebrogue Woods is a relatively new venue for all sizes of weddings but it has easily captured the hearts of many couples, turning it into one of the wedding venues in Northern Ireland with perfect 5-star reviews. Looking at the photos of this venue, we don’t really need to explain why.

The Finnebrogue Woods offers a stunning backdrop of the magical lake and the heavy woodland on its 200-acre grounds. When you get married here, you and your guests will be housed in a huge Nordic Tipi for the reception, while you have the option to have a ceremony outdoors. Be amazed by the ancient oak trees and life-size bushes scattered all around. Even the heaviest of rains won’t spoil your wedding because the owners of the Finnebrogue Woods created a mud-free setting for every event here. Enjoy the campfire grounds which is a portion of the venue where you can all have barbecue, snacks, and drinks, while the kids can run around. Pause for a while and marvel at the sight of the lake because you have all the time in the world to do that. The Finnebrogue Woods is one of the wedding venues in Northern Ireland that implements a one-wedding-per-weekend policy.

The Orange Tree House

Photo from the venue’s official website

Located in the historic village of Greyabbey on the shores of Strangford Lough, the Orange Tree House has been renovated over the past decades to make it a perfect setting for a rustic or boho-themed wedding.

This building was originally an 1820 stone barn-style church that was later transformed into a unique conference and wedding venue. It has a function room that can accommodate up to 130 guests for a dinner reception. It also has a terrace overlooking the lough towards the Mourne Mountains where you and your guests can watch the glorious sun setting behind this part of Northern Ireland’s scenic landscape.

The interior of the Orange Tree House consists of imperfect century-old bricks, a rustic ceiling, and an impressive green door. Despite these features, you can transform the venue into a perfect setting for your rustic, shabby chic, or boho wedding according to your taste and preferences.

Outside the tree house is a gorgeous white-sand beach where you can have your wedding photos taken.  A marquee can also be erected along the beach if you want a panoramic backdrop of the Strangford Lough towards the Whiterock Bay for your ceremony. To complete a unique scene for your big day, the Dromara Hills and the Mourne Mountains will add more majesty to your photo backdrop.

Kilmore Country House 

Photo from Bryan McEwan

The Kilmore Country House is another scenic spot for a sunset or mountain wedding. It’s famous for its gorgeous outdoor setting overlooking the mountains of Northern Ireland. Lay the red carpet on the garden, place your wedding arc in front, and let your ceremony unfold with a stunning backdrop of the Glenariffe Glen right across this wedding venue.

In case you’re wondering, the Glenariffe Glen is one of the nine “glens” or valleys of Northern Ireland’s County Antrim. It’s called the “Queen of the Glens” because it’s the largest among them all and is arguably the most beautiful because of the rich woodland and magical waterfalls on its grounds. These are basically the places that you can visit the day after your wedding.

This 17th century house is among those wedding venues in Northern Ireland that went through  several transformations to make them a perfect location for destination weddings. When you choose to get married here, you can bring up to 80 guests with you in the Ballinluig function room for a very intimate wedding celebration. For guests of up 230, you have a bigger option in the Kilmore House’s marquee that can be set up for both the ceremony and reception. There’s also a luxury pavilion with a patio extension for weddings with over 200 guests. What’s more is that the Kilmore Country House offers accommodation onsite for 35 people. That means you and your family members won’t have to book a hotel separately to have a place to stay days before the wedding or thereafter.

The Tree House in Belfast

Photo from the venue’s official website

The last entry to this post about unique wedding venues in Northern Ireland is no less than the Tree House in Belfast. It’s made only for the most intimate of occasions as evidenced by its capacity of only up to 70 guests. You can hire it exclusively for your event, but unlike the other locations we’ve mentioned above, the Tree House in Belfast offers a more relaxed and urban ambience, being an indoor restaurant type of wedding venue.

Nevertheless, it’s a charming location that’s available for both civil ceremonies and receptions. Located in a rooftop terrace in the heart of the city centre, this quirky space has impressive interiors that combine modern luxury with rustic and minimalist greenery. Bring your favourite people here and dance the night away after your civil ceremony.

Pick a Venue and We’ll Arrange Everything Else!

Can you imagine how magical your destination wedding will be if you pick one of these Northern Ireland wedding venues?

If you find one of them having the wow factor that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate! Don’t dwell on the fear that going for a destination wedding will make everything more complicated. Our planners here at Peach Perfect Weddings will make you realize how easy it could be for you.

That’s what our couples found out and experienced when they chose to get married in one of Europe’s scenic locations and asked us to arrange everything for them. Who knows? You may be just one consultation call away from your dream wedding!

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Legal requirements for Australian citizens to get married in Italy

If you are an Australian citizen without a permanent residence in Italy, but wish to marry in the land of delicious food and gorgeous landscapes, here we are for you: we can’t stress enough that having an intimate wedding in Italy is the best of options. But please, take notes on all the required documents and the step-by-step process you will need to follow for your civil or religious marriage to run smoothly.

First of all, make sure you leave your country carrying 3 fundamental documents with you:

  1. a valid passport,
  2. your original birth certificate (which must show the names of both your parents and be translated into Italian),
  3. if applicable, evidence of termination of any previous marriage, for example a final divorce decree, an annulment decree or a death certificate of a former spouse.

All these documents need to be originals, photocopies are not accepted.

The “Atto Notorio”

Besides these three, two other important documents are required for Australian citizens to marry in Italy: the “Atto Notorio” and the “Nulla Osta”.

The Atto Notorio should be obtained from the Italian Embassy or nearest Italian Consulate in the state where you reside before leaving for Italy, asking two adult witnesses to assist you. It has a validity of 6 months.

If you are unable to obtain the Atto Notorio from the Italian Embassy or an Italian Consulate in Australia, or plan to be in Italy much ahead the date of the wedding, you may obtain the Atto Notorio from any Civil Court (“Tribunale Civile”) in Italy or from the Civil Registrar (“Ufficiale di Stato Civile”) of the marriage office of the city where you plan to get married.

Please note that you must call beforehand to set an appointment at the Tribunale Civile or at the marriage office.

If you are requesting the Atto Notorio from the Tribunale Civile, you must attend in person together with two adult witnesses and bring with you all your Apostilled documents. If either spouse or one of the witnesses does not speak Italian, it is necessary to provide an English/Italian interpreter, in addition to the two witnesses.

Payments at the Tribunale Civile are made in the form of revenue stamps (“marche da bollo”) which you should purchase in advance at any tobacconist. The amount required varies depending on the urgency of your certificate.

For an urgent certificate issued on the same day, you need to purchase:

  • one duty stamp for the value of 16,00 euros for the original Atto Notorio, which will be kept by the Tribunale Civile;
  • another 16,00 euros duty stamp for your copy of the Atto Notorio;
  • 3 other duty stamps for the value of 6,20 euros each.

If the certificate is not urgent, so you can collect it after 5 days, you need to purchase:

  • one duty stamp for the value of 16,00 euros for the original Atto Notorio, which will be kept by the Tribunale Civile;
  •  another 16,00 euros duty stamp for your copy of the Atto Notorio;
  • 1 other duty stamp for the value of 6,20 euro.
… and the “Nulla Osta”

After the Atto Notorio, an Australian citizen wishing to marry in Italy should take care of the Nulla Osta.

The Nulla Osta is a “Sworn Declaration” to be obtained at the Australian Embassy in Rome or at the Australian Consulate-General in Milan. It states that there is no impediment to the marriage and must be signed, whether you are single, divorced or widowed, in the presence of an Australian Consular officer.

So, you should plan to be in Rome or Milan at least 4 working days prior to the wedding to meet the Australian Consular officer and sign the Nulla Osta in his/her presence.

An appointment is required in order to obtain the Nulla Osta, so make sure you contact the Embassy in Rome or the Consulate-General in Milan in advance.

If you have been married previously, please provide evidence of the termination of your marriage. The Consular officer who witnesses your signature for the Nulla Osta will need to see, where applicable, your original divorce certificate or the death certificate of your former spouse.

Keep in mind that a divorced woman who wishes to marry again within 300 days of the date of her divorce must contact the local Italian authorities and seek special permission from an Italian magistrate to remarry. Otherwise, a divorcee must allow the required period of 300 days to elapse.

The Nulla Osta is valid for 3 months and costs the Euro equivalent of 70,00 Australian Dollars for each Australian citizen.

Once you have obtained the Nulla Osta, it will have to be legalised by the “Ufficio Legalizzazioni” of the Prefettura. You can take the document to any Prefettura office in Italy.

Before going to the Prefettura, you will need again to purchase a 16,00 euros revenue stamp. This stamp will be applied to your Nulla Osta by the Prefettura official who performs the certification.

A trip to the marriage office

For your civil ceremony, take the Atto Notorio and Nulla Osta to the marriage office in the Italian city where you plan to marry. If you do not speak Italian, you should seek the assistance of someone who speaks Italian and can provide a simple translation. If you’d like someone else to take care of this errand, please ask the town hall before if it’s possible for the couple to delegate it.

At this time, you will be given an appointment to lodge your “Declaration of Intention to Marry”, and another one for the actual marriage ceremony. The first appointment usually happens two days before the ceremony, but it can also be that they’re both scheduled the same day: this is something that needs to be discussed previously with the town hall.

Many town halls in Italy are very nice and antique buildings of the middle-ages, some also have outdoors spaces where you will be able to celebrate you wedding. It’s very likely that you will have to pay a fee being a non resident, which varies depending on the town hall, the day/time of the wedding and in some case your nationality.

So, the Declaration of Intention to Marry is followed by the civil ceremony. You may apply for a marriage certificate (“certificato di matrimonio”) shortly before the wedding ceremony and you should receive it immediately after the ceremony.

Also, ask to have an Apostille affixed to the Italian marriage certificate by the Italian authorities at the Prefettura of the city where you get married, so that it’s legally valid once you return back to Australia.

Finally, if one of the spouses is Italian or an Australian with Italian residency, the Italian authorities may require that banns (“pubblicazioni di matrimonio”) are posted for at least two weeks before the date of the marriage.

We suggest to contact the marriage office of the city where you intend to marry in order to obtain more detailed information regarding this requirement.

… and you can finally get married!

We’re pretty sure that with all these informations you’ll be ok but, of course, always contact the marriage office of the city in Italy were you intend to marry in order to obtain more detailed information on marriage requirements (including the list of documents that you need to present); or, needless to say, ask your wedding planner for support to have the greatest small wedding in Italy!

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The 6 Most Awesome Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues in Italy!

So where exactly is the Amalfi Coast and what makes it so special?

We’re quite sure you won’t miss this vibrant northern coastline of Italy with its surreal clifftop resorts, century-old hotels, and scenic castles. There is no better way to describe it than a vertical city perched in the middle of glorious mountains and a perfect sea. This, my friends, is what makes Amalfi coast wedding venues the most dreamy locations for your ceremony in Italy!

This Italian destination spot is located at the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is divided among thirteen municipalities of southern Italy with people that are as amazing as the views that you can see here.

Their creative minds are to blame for turning this steep stretch of land, devoid of any agricultural and rural opportunities, into a unique paradise that it is today. After building hotels, castles, and pastel-colored establishments on the coast, this area fast became a destination spot that now enjoys UNESCO’s recognition as a World Heritage Site.

What can one expect from this Italian paradise?

Known as Italy’s best kept secret, the Amalfi coast offers unprecedented views from any location – offering absolutely equal scenic backdrops to both luxury and budget brides alike. So if you are looking into a venue for your destination wedding in Italy, you better list this down as one of your options.

This magical place is more than just first impressions. It doesn’t amaze people only as they approach the coastline, but it offers more surprises as they embark from the vehicle to start their journey in the Amalfi coast’s hotels, castles, churches, museums, and other attractions.

Now, how do you feel about getting married in one of the Amalfi coast wedding venues with lush green gardens, gorgeous beach scenes, and balconies offering spectacular views of the sea?

We have listed the top hotels that you can choose from!

Grand Hotel La Favorita, Amalfi

Photo from the venue’s official website

With a mix of modern amenities, classy interiors, and mediterranean gardens, this 5-star hotel in central Sorrento will easily earn your approval. We picked the Grand Hotel La Favorita as one of the best Amalfi coast wedding venues for intimate celebrations because it offers several options for the ceremony and reception.

One of which is the hotel’s garden with a dedicated space for special events. This space is open on the sides so guests can enjoy the fresh breeze from the garden but is covered with roof so your day won’t be ruined by an unfavourable weather condition. You can also have your dream small wedding in Italy at the terraces of the hotel that offers a serene backdrop of the sea. Take the reception to one of the indoor areas of the hotel that are perfect for banquets and intimate occasions.

If you prefer a religious wedding ceremony inside a Catholic church, you have several options around the venue. There is no way you can go wrong when you choose Grand Hotel La Favorita as the venue for your wedding in Italy.

Hotel Palumbo

Photo from the venue’s official website

Another wedding hotel in Italy is Hotel Palumbo that’s filled with antique furnishings from the 17th and 18th centuries. What you can expect from this venue is an exclusive ambiance, having only 13 rooms in total, making it one of the perfect venues for small weddings in Italy.

It boasts of a unique setting for a garden wedding ceremony where your guests will be seated on the grounds of the hotel, enjoying the scenery of flora and fauna crawling on the walls of the building. You can also hold the reception at the hotel’s restaurant “Confalone” with a terrace overlooking the garden and the sea!

Not only your wedding will be special when you hold it in Hotel Palumbo. You will also enjoy the unparalleled privacy of the hotel and the scenic backdrop of its terraces when you choose to book a room for your honeymoon here. Each day of your stay here is a chance to wake up to the view of the mediterranean mountains and the vertical city of the Amalfi coast.

Hotel Marincanto

This romantic hotel in Positano is one of our favorites because of its location. It is one of those establishments that’s on the very edge of the Amalfi coast, offering the best views of the sea day and night!

More than the view and the location, this hotel was built for the most intimate occasions. In fact, your options for the ceremony and reception can only fit 10 to 50 persons.

The terraces of the hotel are bride and groom’s favourite areas here because they’ll have the unbelievable view of the sea as their backdrop for wedding photos. Some terraces within the hotel offer the backdrop of the Amalfi coast’s vertical community of pastel-colored buildings and establishments.

The terraces are so plain, like a blank canvass, making them so flexible for any wedding theme. The hotel also provides long and round tables for the reception so you can choose which is more fitting for your wedding decorations.

What’s more is that only this hotel can offer access to a private beach in Positano! So if you and your future spouse would love to hang out on the beach after the wedding, this place will totally rock your honeymoon.

Casa Angelina

Photo from thehoteldesigner

If you want something grand for your small wedding in Italy, we invite you to look into Casa Angelina. This is one of the Amalfi coast wedding venues that boasts of modern minimalism and true perfection as can be seen from its amenities, room interiors, and views.

When Casa Angelina says minimalism, it refers to the all-white interiors of its rooms and restaurants. Truly, less is more in terms of decorations and interiors here. But they give more emphasis on the quality of service and the taste of food that they provide to their guests. Prepare yourself for a grand fine dining experience, the Amalfi style, when you choose their restaurant as your reception venue.

Take a look at the rooftop terrace of Casa Angelina and you’ll fall in love with the pale blue sky and the calm sea from all directions. You can hold a wedding ceremony right at this very terrace which is a perfect setting for an intimate occasion. All your guests will surely enjoy the amazing view of the sun setting behind the Italian mountains. After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy cocktails at the garden and a fine dining experience at the villa’s restaurant.

Lloyd’s Baia Hotel

This luxury hotel in the Amalfi coast boasts of a private beach and a wonderful sunset view. That means you’ll have a perfect setting for a beach wedding with the sunset as your backdrop when you get married here!

We recommend Lloyd’s Baia Hotel for small weddings with guests of more than 50 persons, since this venue’s grounds are so wide that it can host events of all sizes. You’ll have a wide array of options for your ceremony and reception here, including indoor and outdoor areas, some on the ground, while some on the terrace.

The terrace location can accommodate over a hundred guests and it’s your best option if you want an area that offers the view of the sea and the mountains. The hotel can also make arrangements to secure your event from unfavourable weather conditions while still maintaining an elegant ambience with amazing views.

What we can assure you is that your wedding here in the Lloyd’s Baia Hotel will be astounding whether it happens in the day or at night. Both indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel will give you and your guests the chance to see the undying beauty of the sea and the mountains that the Amalfi coast boasts about. Take note that the hotel offers a lower rate for weekday weddings than for weekend occasions.

Hotel Santa Caterina

Photo from citalia

What sets this hotel apart from other Amalfi coast wedding venues is that it has cultivated olive groves and fruit orchards within its premises. Not all hotels have enough space for a scene like that and it could be the winning backdrop for your small wedding in Italy.

Upon entrance to the Hotel Santa Caterina, you will be amazed by the 19th century architecture of the building and the lush greenery around it. Enjoy the rooms and suites of the hotel with classic Italian interiors and fine furnishings in all corners. You’ll surely feel like a royalty once you enter these rooms.

Hotel Santa Caterina is also famous for its beach club that is located on the edge of the Amalfi coast. Fall in love with the infinity pool and the beach which you can both enjoy from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening. Or simply watch the beauty of the sea while lying on the chaise lounges which are placed on the corner of the coastline with sufficient steel bars for security.

As for your ceremony, it can happen in the beautiful garden on the hotel grounds, in one of the hotel’s terraces, or in its indoor restaurant that’s embedded with nature-inspired accents and decorations. If you want a religious ceremony, there are Catholic churches within the vicinity too. After the ceremony, you can head on to one of the hotel’s reception areas that all offer a spectacular view from the coastline.

Is an Amalfi Wedding for Me?

The Amalfi Coast is suitable for both luxurious and budget weddings. Our advice is for you to wisely select very few guests for your small wedding in Italy and bring them to one of these Amalfi coast wedding venues.

After that, you can take advantage of the packages for small weddings in Italy that are complete with the essentials of an elegant ceremony and reception. This way, all you have to do is to bring yourself, your future spouse, and your guests in Italy for that intimate destination wedding you’ve been dreaming of! Yes, no sweat and no preparations needed. All you have to do is to discuss your vision of a wedding in Italy to one of our destination wedding planners and we’ll both decide on the package that suits you best. What’s even more exciting is that our packages are designed for flexible customization according to your desires!

So if you’re a couple who dreams of that kind of wedding and a honeymoon in this romantic country, then choosing one of these Amalfi coast wedding venues and picking the right package for your destination wedding should be ideal.

Aside from the fine amenities and spectacular views for your wedding ceremony and reception in these Amalfi coast wedding venues, you’ll enjoy loads of other activities in the Amalfi coast. You can have a Sorrento farm tour, a pizza making adventure, a full day of cruise in the surreal Capri island, or the sought-after Pompeii Sightseeing Trip! Imagine all these adventures that will get you started the exciting way in your married life.

The post The 6 Most Awesome Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues in Italy! appeared first on Peach Perfect Weddings.

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Tailored Elopement Packages – Finding the Balance between an Expensive Bespoke Wedding and an Off-the-Shelf Package

What is a bespoke wedding anyway?

If you’re still in the early stages of planning for THAT big event in your life, it’s best to read this post because today, we’re going to talk about the framework of wedding planning.

A ‘bespoke’ or ‘package’ are your two framework options for wedding planning and your decision on this will determine the course of your next steps.

A lot of couples these days like to make their wedding highly customized so that their preferences and personalities will be reflected in every element of their special day. That’s exactly what a bespoke wedding is all about – “your choice” down to the last detail.

Why are couples crazy for bespoke? Personal Preferences

In our experience as wedding planners for many years, we’ve seen how every couple dreams of a “customized” wedding.

They want a specific style for the bridal gown, a specific floral arrangement for the ceremony, a definite type and number of tables for the reception, a unique calligraphy style for their invitations, along with all those very specific details for their big day.

21st century brides and grooms are just so inspired about how they want their wedding to be because of everything they see on Pinterest, Instagram, and all those “wedding websites.” Not just that. Couples are also very knowledgeable about how to make their wedding exactly as they envisioned because of all the wedding tips they see online.

What we realized while planning bespoke weddings is that this type of “highly customized wedding” is a product of gazillion online inspirations out there. With all these available wedding resources online, everything you want to do for your big day seems to be achievable! With a little modification from the published weddings you see online, you can turn yours into something so unique and so reflective of your personality.

Culture and Religion

Aside from personal preferences, cultures and religions are the top reasons why some couples want a bespoke wedding.  They have a specific preference for the food they’re going to serve, the rituals performed in the ceremony, and other very specific details and rules which need to be followed based on their religion and culture.

How to plan a bespoke wedding

Sounds all too special, right? But when the real work begins, planning and arranging a bespoke wedding starts to get difficult for couples. Oftentimes, you need to hire a bespoke wedding planner long before your big day because this type of wedding requires precision and attention to detail. You don’t just plan a bespoke wedding, but you need an expert to help you “prepare to plan.”

So how do you plan a bespoke wedding? Here are some ideas.

#1 Identify the big details of the wedding

Here’s a list of the important elements and suppliers that you have to decide on:

  • Venue
  • Venue Styling (and Stylist)
  • Type of Ceremony (and Officiant)
  • Legal Paperwork
  • Ceremonial Traditions and Symbols
  • Flowers
  • Wedding Cake
  • Food for the Reception
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Wedding Planner and Coordinators
  • Hair and Makeup Artist
  • Photographer and Videographer
  • Musician
  • Overall Budget

After deciding on all these major aspects of the wedding, your planner will fill in the little details that you’d miss out.

#2 Decide on a timeline

“If my wedding will be 12 months from now, when do I need to book a venue? When do I need to start writing the guest list? When do I need to send out the invitations?”

These questions can all be answered by setting a wedding timeline. Couples must do this with their wedding planners because a bespoke wedding, being a highly customized event, has a unique timeline as well.

This is a sample timeline that bespoke wedding planners usually follow:

First quarter of planning

  • Accomplish the legal paperwork
  • Make a draft of the guest list and decide on a range
  • Book a wedding planner and coordinator
  • Set a ceiling for your wedding budget
  • Book the venue and venue stylist based on the range of guest list
  • Book the officiant, photographer, and videographer

Second quarter of planning

  • Finalize the guest list
  • Decide on the unique elements you want for your wedding
  • Book the florist, wedding cake supplier, and caterer
  • List down your options for accommodation and transportation
  • Decide on the look and wedding attire
  • Talk to your planner about the estimated wedding budget

Third quarter of planning

  • Book the artists/suppliers for your bridal gown, groom’s attire, and wedding attire for the entourage
  • Book your HMUA and musician
  • Talk to your planner about the little details you need to finalize
  • Decide on alternatives for some elements that are difficult to procure
  • Start formally informing your prospective guests of your intent to invite them
  • Finalize your total budget with the wedding planner

Fourth quarter of planning

  • Send out invitations and RSVPs
  • Finalize all the details with your planner
  • Start relaxing to physically prepare for your big day

As you can see, you need to make a lot of decisions. Most of them involve picking wedding suppliers and thinking about those unique details that you want to incorporate to your big day. This is the big difference of a bespoke from small wedding and elopement packages.

There is a price to pay for a highly customized wedding and oftentimes, they are time, creativity, and money. Having said that, here are the pros and cons of a bespoke wedding so you can see the bigger picture and decide whether or not it is for you:


#1 It is 100% unique and reflective of your desires

Bespoke is bespoke because it is 99.99% customized to fit your specific desires in all aspects of the wedding. These unique elements come in different forms such as the favorite dishes of the family; wedding dance based on your cultural background; religious elements and decorations; and wedding giveaways based on your interests.

#2 Your options are unlimited

You can look for any supplier you want and book him or her for your wedding. Unlike an off-the-shelf small wedding and elopement packages, you are free to choose anything and anyone you want without being limited by a specific list of options that usually comes with a package. The same goes with all the other aspects of your wedding – your choice prevails!

#3 You can be your own venue stylist

Venue, venue, venue. At the end of the day, your wedding venue spells half of the success of your wedding. The good thing about a bespoke wedding is that you get to decide how your ceremony and reception venue will look like. It is your chance to be your own venue stylist so you can fulfill your dream wedding!

#4 You make most, if not all, of the decisions

We’ve been talking a lot about “your” decisions and that’s the bottom line of a bespoke wedding. Whether you hire a planner to help you out or not, planning a bespoke wedding means executing all the details of your wedding based on your choice in every aspect of it. Unlike in off-the-shelf wedding and elopement packages, bespoke weddings give you the complete freedom of choice.


#1 Takes more time to plan

Since a bespoke wedding is completely unique, you’re going to start from scratch. And by scratch, we mean getting a pen and paper, listing down the wedding elements you need to decide on, researching on how to make your choices possible, and going through all the excruciating details to execute them.

Be ready for the not-so-good surprises as well, like the unavailability of some unique wedding elements or the longer waiting period from certain suppliers. These all require adjustments to your planning timeline. These surprises are minimized or totally eliminated in elopement packages.

#2 Bespoke wedding planners must be there every step of the way

To help you execute your plans, you really need a bespoke wedding planner on board. Otherwise, you’ll need twice as much time to plan and arrange everything.

#3 Actual budget is hard to determine

A budget estimate is usually determined later in the course of bespoke wedding planning. The main reason is that your planner needs to look for the best sources of the unique elements you want for your wedding. Another reason is that there’s a lot of finalizing that needs to be done. Expect a lot of alternatives to the original plan and a corresponding series of budget adjustments.

Off-the-Shelf Package

This is a much simpler framework that is completely different from bespoke wedding planning. An off-the-shelf package includes pre-selected wedding details and elements so couples won’t have to start from scratch.

Typical package inclusions: the venue, catering and wedding cake, photography, videography, hair and makeup, flowers, and the musician(s).

Wedding planners who offer this kind of service pre-select the suppliers for all the abovementioned wedding essentials and categorize their packages into high-end, mid-end, and budget options. Here’s a quick look on the pros and cons of  wedding packages.


#1 A complete package that needs a little to no modification at all

Once you choose a specific package, everything else has been decided for you. Most wedding packages include the suppliers behind each wedding element so all you have to do is to tell the planner your venue styling preference or motif and their stylist will do what has to be done.

The same goes with food for the reception, your photographer, and your musician. Typical wedding packages even include a specific menu that you cannot modify. With all these characteristics, you can expect a complete package that does not require a lot of planning.

#2 Less time to plan and arrange

Since everything has been decided for you, expect less time to finalize the details and arrangements for your wedding. If you’re a couple who’s too busy to research for a wedding inspiration, much less plan for every detail of your big day, then a package will definitely be a good fit.

#3 A predetermined budget

Every package comes with a price tag. In fact, this is the first thing you’ll see when a planner explains the differences of their wedding packages. Therefore, if you go for this option, you can easily set a budget and start saving up for your wedding.


#1 Not as personalized as a bespoke wedding

As you may expect, every typical wedding package follows a pattern. Therefore, you can’t have a customized event when you go for off-the-shelf elopement packages.

#2 You have very limited options or no options at all

As mentioned before, most wedding packages have pre-arranged elements and suppliers. You may not have the chance to change these aspects because they are the inclusions in your chosen package.

#3 You can’t choose who to work with

Some couples are very particular with the photographer, videographer, and caterer that they’re going to work with. However, in a typical wedding package, you don’t have the luxury of choosing the people you will work with on your wedding.

A Balance Between the Two

Is it possible to simply have the best of both worlds?

Peach Perfect Weddings used to plan bespoke and luxurious weddings before but our experience taught us what’s really important for couples. That’s why we’ve built up a network of suppliers for venues and other wedding essentials so we can come up with a package that eliminates all the time and stress that bespoke wedding planning entails.

Here at Peach Perfect Weddings, we’ve created our brand by personalizing elopement packages and finding a balance between the two extremes.

We love the idea of a customized wedding but we don’t want to give you the burden of planning every single excruciating detail of your big day. In the same vein, we love the convenience that wedding packages give but we don’t want to limit brides and grooms to the elements we have pre-selected for them.

Therefore, we’ve searched not only for one or two caterers, photographers, musicians, and other wedding suppliers for our packages. Instead, we widened our network so you can decide who you want to work with for your wedding.

We’ve also searched for the best venues for destination weddings all over Europe so you’ll have a wide range of options on this crucial aspect.

In the end, we were able to create elopement packages that are complete with the essentials but are still flexible to accommodate your preferences.

In fact, we’ll let you customize the package by removing and replacing one or more elements so it will be tailored according to your needs.

Peach Perfect Weddings has found its niche in creating a perfect balance between a bespoke and a wedding package...

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Marry in Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Northern Ireland

Can’t wait for Game of Thrones, Season 8? I know, right?! The waiting game seems to be so long when all we want is to see Daenerys, Jon Snow, and the vile Queen Cersei back in action! But while we all try to endure this painful waiting ordeal, let’s find out a little secret about this hit series and some wedding venues in Northern Ireland too!

You may be a walking wikipedia of GoT but do you know that there are over 27 places in Northern Ireland where the episodes of Game of Thrones were filmed?

If you had no idea about that, we can’t blame you. Sometimes, it’s easier to assume that the production team used the green screen tech to film unbelievable GOT scenes, like those inside a castle, on the edge of a cliff, in the middle of a desert, and along a wild, rugged coast! These places just look so unreal that it’s hard to believe they are actually existing somewhere along the green and mountainous landscape of Northern Ireland.

They are open to public!

Contrary to what you might think, these places are not exclusive. Most of them are open to public so you can pay a visit should you decide to add some spice to your European tour.

In fact, some of our couples did not just pay a visit to these places but they had their wedding photos taken in these GOT filming locations during their Northern Ireland elopement!

But before we talk about weddings in Northern Ireland, let’s focus on the goal, which is to name these GOT filming locations, get to know them up close, and find out which episodes were shot there.

If you’re ready, let’s dive into these hidden gems in Northern Ireland to discover how breathtaking they really are.

The Tollymore Forest

Remember that very first episode of GOT where Ned Stark, together with all his sons, found six baby direwolves in the forest? They were heading back home that time after witnessing an execution and they passed by a woodland with a river running along its trails.

This location is called the Tollymore Forest at Northern Ireland’s Country Down. This forest is at the foothills of the Mournes and is a perfect spot for a foresty GoT scene. It’s a 1600-acre of woodland and the first forest state park in Northern Ireland.

You know what’s exciting? The Tollymore Forest is included in our list of small wedding venues in Northern Ireland! Yes, you can have your wedding photos taken anywhere in this forest park and brag about eloping in a GoT filming location!

The Downhill Beach

If you watched Daenerys Targaryen’s return to Westeros in Season 6, you’ll definitely get a glimpse of Downhill Beach.

This place in Northern Ireland serves as the majestic spot for Drangonstone. During the show’s earlier seasons, this castle served as Stannis Baratheon’s base of operations until he left for The Wall.

Since Daenerys spent most of her time away from Westeros, her return is one that captures the glory of Downhill Beach. Watch the episode we’re talking about and you’ll see the pristine shores of the beach.

The seven-mile shore offers a plethora of exciting activities, such as surfing and swimming. You’ll also find the Mussenden Temple in this location, one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Northern Ireland.

Furthermore, you’ll get a mesmerizing view of surrounding counties, such as Derry, Antrim, and Donegal.

Fair Head

Fair Head is a cliff off the coast of Country Antrim that gives you a scenic view you cannot find anywhere else.

This spot is known as Northern Ireland’s tallest cliff to date. Standing on this cliff brings you 600 feet above sea level.

The view alone is a perfect tandem to Downhill Beach, making it a great location for Dragonstone’s cliff scenes in Game of Thrones Season 7.

The Cushendun Caves

Photo from Lydia Scapes

Who would forget about that horrifying Season 2 episode when the priestess Melisandre gave birth to a shadow? This monster was created to kill the sitting King of the Iron Thrones, Renly Barratheon.

That exact scene was filmed in one of the enchanting caves of Northern Ireland called the Cushendun Caves. It’s a dark and lonely cave with small recesses, one of which was the exact place where the priestess laid down as the creature of the dark came out of her.

This may not be the perfect location for your marriage ceremony but you can visit this place when you get married in one of the several wedding venues in Northern Ireland that’s included in our list.

Shillanavogy Valley

As compared to the various kingdoms in Westeros, the Dothraki is more barbaric in many ways.

As such, their habitat needs to convey a sense of raw power without any distracting structures. The Shillanavogy Valley perfectly captures the essence of these people.

The wide open spaces are ideal for horseback riding, of which the Dothraki are known for. The whole landscape boasts a breathtaking view and is perfect for bird watching. Spend a whole day here and you’ll see meadow pipits, black ravens and buzzards, to name a few.

Castle Ward

House Stark has been the focal point of the show since its start. The regality of this family is clearly showcased in Castle Ward, the setting for Winterfell.

Take a look around and you’ll see a mixture of classical and gothic architectural elements, making it the perfect choice for this fictional castle.

In real life, this structure serves as the residence of the Ward family since its construction in the 16th century. Spend some time here and you’ll be captivated by the hillside view.

The 820-acre walled castle also contains several gardens and wooded areas. For sure, you’ll never feel winter will come when you visit Castle Ward. Imagine eloping nearby and getting the chance to take photos with your spouse with this as the background. When you choose one of the wedding venues in Northern Ireland, this will definitely be possible.

The Dark Hedges

If you’re an avid fan of Game of Thrones, there’s a big chance you’ve seen this place.

In the show, this spot is used as a location for the Kingsroad. The unique shape these hedges make is awe-inspiring and brooding at the same time. Scores of characters, including Jaime Lannister and Lady Brienne of Tarth have shot their scenes in this place.

In reality, these beech trees were planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family. They were meant as an entrance decoration to their property, Gracehill House.

Over the course of time, these trees grew into what they are today and have become one of the most photographed locations in Northern Ireland.

If you decide to get married in Northern Ireland, we can arrange a photo shoot along the Dark Hedges for you! Just recently, we did that for our couple who eloped in one of the wedding venues in Northern Ireland.

The “Doors of Thrones”

But there’s more to the Dark Hedges than just photographic opportunities. From the fallen trees of this enchanting place in Northern Ireland, ten doors were created in remembrance of GoT’s epic scenes.

Way back in 2016, a storm hit the area where the Dark Hedges was located, causing some of these century-old beech trees to fall. What a craftsman did was not to discard the tree trunks but to create doors out of them. Yes, doors! But they are not your plain wooden doors. They are what we now call the “Doors of Thrones.”

The craftsman carved symbols and images on these doors to depict the scenes of GoT Season 6. We’re sure you’re wondering where these doors are. Far from your expectations, they were not placed in some sort of a museum. Rather, they are strategically installed in several commercial spaces like restaurants and pubs near GoT’s filming locations in Northern Ireland. Even cooler, right?

Visit these places when you get married in one of the wedding venues in Northern Ireland and get the chance to see these doors that some say are as magnificent as the series itself.

Getting Married Soon? Do it the GoT Way!

If you’re an avid fan of Game of Thrones and you’re also getting married soon, we’ve just given you enough reasons to have a look at our wedding packages for Northern Ireland. You can have a GoT-inspired marriage celebration by choosing to say your “I do” in one of the small wedding venues in Northern Ireland.

We mentioned only seven GoT filming locations in this post, but there are many other unusual venues for weddings in Northern Ireland that are as epic as the series itself.

Just contact our European wedding planners who can answer all your questions about destination weddings. Once you find out that we can handle every aspect of your wedding for a GoT-inspired elopement, you can start writing your vows because “Winter is coming.”

The post Marry in Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Northern Ireland appeared first on Peach Perfect Weddings.

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A Romantic Wedding Villa in Italy along the Arno River

The venue is one of the most important wedding ingredients because it could make or break your big day.

This might sound like a sweeping declaration, imagining the plethora of all other things in your wedding planning checklist. But believe us that half of the work is done if you have picked your wedding venue wisely.

Being wedding planners for quite a long time, we’ve arranged bespoke weddings, small weddings, elopements, and vow renewals. We’ve also witnessed how meaningful ceremonies and joyful receptions unfolded inside our couples’ wedding venues. 

It breaks our hearts whenever we hear stories of couples who felt they did not make the best decision on this aspect. It’s not because they have a poor taste on venues. But because they have very limited time to inspect their options. This is so true, especially for couples who choose to have a destination wedding.

So we made a vow a few years back to personally hunt for the best places to get married in Europe’s different regions. We’ve searched all through out Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, and Italy to find the most promising venues that we can recommend to couples.

In fact, our search has become so enjoyable and productive that we now have hundreds of venues in our list, which are all included as suggested locations in our destination wedding packages!

During the past few months, we’ve decided to feature some of the top venues for small weddings in Italy that we can proudly recommend to couples.

If you’re one of those who are planning to get married in this romantic country, you can say good bye to your research notes for now! Start reading our previous posts about the best Italian wedding venues that we’ve personally visited for you. One is about Lake Garda and the other is about a unique venue atop the South Tyrolian mountains.

Today, we’re unveiling the third instalment in our Italian venue series. It’s about a riverside wedding villa in Italy that offers a grand view of the Arno River in its most fascinating ceremony areas.

A hidden venue away from the busy streets of Florence

You can find this hidden 5-star villa at the skirts of the River Arno in the romantic city of Florence. It’s one of those venues located far from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Fresh from its 2014 renovation, it has already won the hearts of travellers from all around the world when it received the Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award for Hotels in 2016.

And what would you expect from a hotel skirting a tranquil Italian river? Nothing but a romantic, elegant, laid back, and calm ambience.

While located away from the busy streets of Florence, Hotel Ville sull’Arno is still accessible to various tourist attractions like the Piazza della Signoria, the town hall called Palazzo Vecchio, and the Dominican church, Santa Maria Novella.

Outdoor and indoor wedding spots

The primary wedding ceremony areas in this wedding villa in Italy are its two private gardens for intimate occasions. This hidden venue in Florence is inspired by the element of water, so don’t be surprised to see beautiful water features all over the place. The artistically designed pool with luscious green bushes and trees all around is most notable.

Don’t worry about having a little rain on your wedding day. This wedding villa in Italy has a perfect indoor venue for small and intimate ceremonies. This room is splashed with white and floral accents for a relaxed ambience. The furnishings are mostly wooden while the lights are uniquely dressed to look like gorgeous hats!

Hotel Ville sull’Arno has what they call the Flora and Fauna restaurant right beside the pool which is a good choice for receptions. We enjoyed the dishes prepared by the villa’s international chefs who cooked the food right in front of us. After the meal, you can have some refreshments in the mini bar near the restaurant.

What to expect from the hotel’s interiors

The room interiors, on the other hand, have three various themes – literature, fabric, and nature. So don’t be surprised if you see a mini library in your room or some historic Florentine artworks. Some rooms have book pages creatively pasted on your bed’s headboard too. They all have large windows so you can see the beauty of the Arno River anytime you want.

The furniture pieces of this wedding villa in Italy, on the other hand, are predominantly wooden and bronze. You’ll also notice a nice wine corner with shelves containing the finest Italian wines in one of its common areas.

Some of our favorite spots for relaxation are the veranda overlooking the river and a cafe by the river. These are our most recommended reception spots for couples who want to get married here. Should you feel tired looking at the river, there’s a poolside cafe that’s enclosed in fresh greenery!

Overall, we love how romantic every corner of the Hotel Ville sull’Arno is. So if you’re dreaming of a destination marriage ceremony in a quiet hidden venue, this wedding villa in Italy should be one of your options! We can assist you in booking this venue, along with other vendors that you’ll need for your wedding in Italy!

The post A Romantic Wedding Villa in Italy along the Arno River appeared first on Peach Perfect Weddings.

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Top Lake Garda Wedding Venues for a Dreamy Italian Elopement

If you ask us for a quick definition of Lake Garda, we’ll say that it’s a magical body of water enclosed in surreal mountains and gorgeous Italian villages and that Lake Garda weddings are among the most magical and romantic.

Now, let that sink in.

Calm blue waters, mountain ranges covered in fresh greenery, and Italian villages with castles and medieval structures scattered all around. If that’s not an ideal landscape for your small wedding in Italy, we don’t know what is!

Lake Garda and every little detail of it is just astonishing that even European wedding planners like us fell in love at the very first sight of it.

We didn’t know there’s such a heavenly place hidden in between Venice and Milan. Just when we thought these two cities have the best wedding venues Italy can offer, we were surprised to witness a different kind of beauty right around the charming Italian lake, which is the largest in the whole country.

As a brief background, the name “Lake Garda” originated from the Italian word ‘garda,’ which is an evolution of the German word “warda” or a place of observation. Lake Garda was formed during Ice Age by glaciers melting from the mountains, and finally settling inside Italian grounds which would later become the provinces of Verona, Brescia, and Trentino.

The northern part of Lake Garda is populated by breathtaking mountains, parallel to gorgeous medieval houses tucked inside Italian villages. You’ll also see castles, some of which are high enough to offer a heavenly 360-degree view from above.

As if the beauty that surrounds the lake is not enough, you can still find magical islands emerging from the lake. The biggest of which is Isola del Garda or the Garda Island. This place is one of our most recommended venues for couples eloping in Italy.

Here are plenty of reasons why.

Get Married in a Private Island

You’ll need to ride a speedboat to get to the island, and as you get nearer, you’ll see the view of Villa Borghese Cavazza. It’s a family-run Venetian neogothic hotel where all the magical moments of your Italian elopement will unfold.

What makes Garda Island the best choice for couples looking for an outdoor wedding venue is that it’s filled with all the amenities for an Italian destination elopement.

As you approach this extraordinary villa, towering cypresses, pines, and acacia trees framing the intricately designed structure will welcome you. Against the villa is a dramatic backdrop of Italian mountains which are partly covered in white rocks and largely dominated by a rich vegetation.

But there’s more to the Garda Island than just a unique villa and a mountainous backdrop. It also offers a calming view of the lake right at its outskirts where the owners added dedicated wedding ceremony spots.

Aside from the view, Garda Island is also covered in rich and vibrant formal gardens. Perfectly shaped bushes populate the garden, making it a fitting venue for your dreamy celebration. You can also hold your ceremony here for a stunning garden wedding, or simply make it an area for the cocktails and reception.

You and your guests will enjoy the radiance of the sun whilst savouring the cool Italian weather even on summer when you get married here. This one-kilometer private island has additional features like the wooden dock jutting out to the lake where your guests can enjoy a closer look on the calm waters.

With all these awe-inspiring features of the island, you’re sure of how unforgettable Lake Garda weddings can be when choosing this venue.

The Mysterious and Magical Malcesine Castle

Another stunning venue for Lake Garda weddings is this medieval castle that was built during 500 AD. It’s one of the few Italy wedding venues along the lake where couples can have a legally binding civil ceremony.

For us, the best spot to get married in Malcesine Castle is at the terrace facing the lake. This specific area in the castle has been redecorated for marriage ceremonies. What you can expect from here is nothing less than a stunning view of Lake Garda and the Italian mountains on the opposite side.

Have your photos taken right at this spot high above the castle and you’ll have great memories of your elopement in Italy. Walking on the staircase leading to the terrace may be challenging, but it’s going to be worth it when you see the panoramic view above.

After the ceremony, you can bring your spouse to the wooden dock floating right above the waters of Lake Garda for a photo shoot. Here, you’ll have the castle and the lake for a backdrop!

Torri del Benaco

Last but not the least is an elopement venue in Italy right inside the humble village of Torri. It’s one of the most suitable venues for a very intimate celebration that provides two options for the ceremony – either the castle itself or St. John’s Church.

This Italian elopement venue in the province of Verona is a historical center that’s surrounded by medieval walls. We’re particularly in love with the harbour nearby that’s populated by fishing boats anchored on the coast, a view that anyone would love to take a photo of.

The best spot to get married in the castle is up on its terrace where you’ll have Lake Garda and the surrounding mountainous landscape as your background for the ceremony. Schedule the wedding late in the afternoon just in time for the sunset and yours will be one of the best Lake Garda weddings ever!

But if the weather won’t cooperate on your big day, you don’t need to worry. You can hold the ceremony inside Torri del Benaco’s modernized room with parqueted floors. It can accommodate up to 40 people.

Right after the ceremony and just before the reception, you and your spouse can walk along the lemon orchards and olive groves surrounding the venue for your photo shoot.

Final Words

The distinctive features of these Lake Garda wedding venues will certainly make your destination wedding worth all the effort of flying all the way to Italy. We know this for sure since we’ve personally visited all these venues to make sure you’ll have the best options for your Italian elopement. Of course, we can book these venues for our couples. In fact, you can choose one of them to be part of the Italian wedding package you will get from us.

So if you want to have a Lake Garda wedding as beautiful as the ones we just described, contact us or schedule a consultation call with our Italian wedding planner.

The post Top Lake Garda Wedding Venues for a Dreamy Italian Elopement appeared first on Peach Perfect Weddings.

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