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In most cases, dog parents overlook their dog’s ears during the regular grooming routine. Still, proper ear care needs to be incorporated into your dog’s regular sprucing up.

Lack of ear care can lead to wax and dirt buildup hence making your dogs susceptible to catch an ear infection. This is a painful condition that causes discomfort and can lead to deafness.

The easiest way to keep your pooch healthy and his ears clean is to incorporate ear grooming into your regular routine. Still, once you start you can’t clean your dog’s ears with just anything, hence opt for products that are designed for dogs.

With the best dog ear cleaner, you will keep your dog’s ears clean, thus lowering the development of an ear infection. These products are designed to serve as a preventive care and keep the ears of your four-legged companion healthy.

Name Image Best For Use Age Natural Ingredients Size Price
Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash Cleans and soothes raw and itchy ears As needed Yes 4 oz Check Price
Zymox Ear Cleanser Gentle cleaning of dirty and smelly ears 1 to 2 times a week Yes 4 oz Check Price
Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Yeas infection, wax buildup, and foul smell 2 to 3 times a week No 8 oz Check Price
Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes Reduce foul odor and prevents ear infection As needed Yes 100 soft wipes Check Price
Eco Ears Dog Ear Cleaner Infection Formula Ear infections, dirt, smell, wax buildup As needed Yes 8 oz Check Price
Top 5 Best Dog Ear Cleaners 1. Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash – Best ear Cleaner For Dogs
  • Brand Name: Pupkiss Pets
  • Best For: Cleans and soothes raw and itchy ears
  • Use Age: As needed
  • Natural Ingredients: Yes
  • Size: 4 oz

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Vet’s Best designed a natural ear cleaning product that is a perfect solution for owners that don’t want to expose their pet to harsh chemicals. This cleaning solution is great for cleaning and furthermore, it will soothe itchy ears.

This product contains Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Yucca, Tea Tree Oils, and Echinacea. All of them have soothing abilities and will calm raw and inflamed ear.

Furthermore, this ear cleaner is great for an unpleasant ear odor, that can be caused by an ear infection or just normal smell of your dog’s ears. And although this ear cleaner has a strong smell for some people, all of them agree that their dog’s ears now smell great.

Besides treating ear infections and foul odor, this product is great for greasy ears that are full of wax. Once your dog’s ears are clean there would be no more itching and constant ear flapping and head shaking.

Since Vet’s Best Relief Wash is made from natural ingredients, it can be used as much as you need it, even once a day for ear infections. This product is also great for dogs who have environmental allergies because it removes all the pollens and dirt.

You can use these drops both for deep ear cleaning or just to keep the outer ear part grease and dirt free. Overall this is a great product at an affordable price, and most importantly made without alcohol and harsh chemicals.


  • Natural
  • Soothes and cleanses
  • For foul smelling ears
  • Removes wax, debris and stops itching


  • The smell is too strong
  • Some dogs were scared

2. Zymox – Ear Cleaner With Bio-Active Enzymes
  • Brand Name: Pet King Brands
  • Best For: Gentle cleaning of dirty and smelly ears
  • Use Age: 1 to 2 times a week
  • Natural Ingredients: Yes
  • Size: 4 oz

Check on Amazon Check on Chewy

This is a mild and non-toxic ear cleaner that contains natural ingredients and is a great product for keeping the ears clean. If your dog already has an ear infection you can combine this product with Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone.

Zymox Ear Cleanser contains Lacoperoxidase, Lactoferrin, and Lysozyme, which have bio-active properties for microbe control. They make this product perfect if you want to prevent the occurrence of ear infections.

Furthermore, this product reduces redness, foul odor, ear discharge, inflammation, and itching. Using this product regularly will make your dog’s ear clean and smelling nice.

Since it has a microbial function, this ear cleaner is great for dogs that have occasional problems with ear infections. It is gentle and soothing which makes it perfect for regular maintenance and healthy ears.

Made without harsh chemicals or cleaners it can be both used for deep ear cleaning. You just need to drip a few drops into the ear and massage the bottom of the ear.

If your pooch doesn’t need deep ear cleaning you can apply it to a cotton ball and wipe the outer part of the ear. On the other hand, if your dog is showing the signs of infection this product isn’t strong enough, so talk with your vet in order to find the right treatment.


  • Microbial function
  • Non-toxic natural ingredients
  • For clean and nice smelling ears
  • Prevents ear infection


  • Don’t have a long-lasting effect
  • Can cause itchy ears

3. Virbac – Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner
  • Brand Name: Virbac
  • Best For: Yeas infection, wax buildup, and foul smell
  • Use Age: 2 to 3 times a week
  • Natural Ingredients: No
  • Size: 8 oz
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So, you want to take your pet ownership mode to the next level. But, are you sure you’re really up for it? The idea of getting a pet may be really cute and tempting if you want a little companion at home. However, there are some things that you have to be aware of especially if you already own a pet dog. Owning a dog is like having a child and a best friend. You have to look after him, feed him, bathe him, play with him, and treat him with love and respect.

Thus, one of the most important things that you have to provide for him aside from food is a bed. That is right, even dogs need something that they can call as their official spot. Moreover, it will be easier for you to find your dog once you give him his own spot. So if he’s not around to chase you around and play fetch, he’s probably sleeping in his cozy bed. Now, read on and don’t take your eyes away from this article to know more about dog beds.

Number of Dog Beds

Believe it or not, the number of dog bed in your house matters too. Why? Because dogs love to sleep a lot and most often than not, you would find them sleeping in certain spots. Even without a bed yet, dogs already become used to certain places which you can call their “favorite” spots. Thus, it is also great to have more than 1 bed in the house for your dog. This comes in handy once you decided to wash his bed since your dog doesn’t have to wait until it’s dry.

He can just sleep on his second bed instead of waiting for his first bed to be ready again. But if you want to minimize the number of dog bed inside, you can put another outside. This way, your dog can chill outside whenever he likes and still feel comfortable in his outdoor bed.

The Perfect Spot for Placing Dog Beds

Have you considered where you can place your dog bed already? This is one of the most common things that some dog owners forget before purchasing a dog bed. Thus, they arrive home feeling clueless about where exactly they should place their newly bought bed. Do you even have enough space to place a dog bed without blocking the hallway or doorway? Normally, it’s easier to find the right place if you know the favorite spot of your dog.

Observe where he stays a lot whenever he wants to slumber or simply lie down and watch anything interesting around. However, you still have to make sure that it is a quiet area where your dog can slumber peacefully. It should not be in the area where it is too hot or too cold to avoid putting your dog’s health at risk.

Matching Your Dog’s Sleeping Position to His Bed

Just like us humans, dogs also have their own sleeping positions that may vary. Some dogs prefer to curl up into a ball when sleeping while some prefer to stretch their legs out. Whatever sleeping position your dog has, take note that it matters when you buy him a bed. For instance, would you sleep in a bed that is shaped like a ball if you stretch your legs out? Or, would you prefer a bed that is too long and wide if you like to curl up like a fox?

Clearly, even the size and shape of dog beds depend on how your dog sleeps to ensure his comfort.

Importance of Dog Beds

Can you imagine a life without a bed to sleep on every night? Can you even live without a bed? For some of us, sleeping on the sofa or other surfaces may not be an issue. But if you are used to the soft and comfortable feel of your bed, missing it for at least one day can be hard. Even animals have their own precious belongings. Obviously, a bed is part of that list because dogs love to snuggle in their favorite spot all the time.

Some dogs are even hard to pull out of their bed when they’re not in the mood to do anything than to snuggle. This shows how dog beds can become an important part of our pets once they learned that it belongs to them.

Benefits of Dog Beds

Dog beds are more than just a comfy place where your dog can burrow. In fact, there are also other benefits that your dog can enjoy if you give him a bed. For instance, a dog bed can keep your dog comfortable and protected against harmful elements. A dog bed will put your mind at ease thinking that your dog isn’t sleeping somewhere dirty and unsafe.

In this case, be sure to check your dog’s bed and clean it regularly to keep it safe for your dog to stay. It can also keep him warm with proper insulation, prevent injuries, and cushion his pressure points. If you’re lucky, you may also speed up your cleaning by getting rid of dander and pet hair in one area only.

Final Words

Whether you are new or not when it comes to being a pet owner, it’s best to do some research once in a while. This way, you can discover new things on how you can treat your pet better. Of course, this includes the proper way of taking care of your dog which may depend on his breed too. Regardless, getting a dog bed is not a luxury but a necessity for dogs because they deserve their own spot. Dog beds may differ in size, shape, and color depending on what your dog needs.

If your dog has special needs, it should be considered before purchasing a dog bed. Depending on your their condition, there are special dog beds that are designed to help their deal with their anxiety. There are also beds that are designed for old dogs and those with orthopedic issues. 

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All dogs have the same basic nutritional needs, but not all dogs can eat the same food. When it comes to choosing what is right for your pet, there are a lot of things to consider.

After all, the pet industry is set to fulfill the needs of every dog owner. But not all brands use the same quality ingredients that are suitable for a healthy and happy life. And with so many different options, we know that finding the best dog food can be overwhelming.

To help you find the right diet for your pooch, we came up with a detailed guide that has something for everyone. Even if you are on a tight budget, or your dog eats only wet or raw food, we got you covered.

Top 10 Best Dog Foods Reviews/ Rating
Name Main Ingredients Type Life Stage Best For Check price
Orijen Original Deboned Chicken Dry All life stages Food sensitivities, digestion problems, picky eaters Check Price
CANIDAE Life Stages Chicken Meal Dry All life stages All breeds, skin and coat problems Check Price
Blue Buffalo Deboned Whitefish Canned All life stages Picky eaters, skin allergies Check Price
Taste Of The Wild Bison Dry Adult Skin and coat problems, grain allergies Check Price
Primal Pet Foods Chicken Freeze dried All life stages Picky eaters, food allergies Check Price
Whole Earth Farms Pork Dry All life stages All breeds, allergies, digestive problems Check Price
Hill's Science Diet Brewers Rice Dry Adult Sensitive stomach and skin Check Price
Wellness CORE Deboned Turkey Dry Adult Obese dogs, weight management Check Price
Earthborn Holistic Chicken Meal Dry Puppy Skin and coat, stomach problems Check Price
Instinct Raw Boost Chicken Dry Adult Small breed, sensitive stomach Check Price

On today’s market, there’s a variety of differently priced dog food choices. Because of this, it’s essential to know how much you can spend on your dog’s food. In actuality, quality dog food for dogs of different ages and breeds comes at different prices. Furthermore, it’s possible to find cheaper but still quality food.

With all this uncertainty, you’re probably wondering what’s the right dog food on the market for your pooch’s individual needs. In the sections below, we will proceed with reviews of best dog foods that are made to suit the needs of every pooch.

1. Orijen Original – Best Overall Dog Food
  • Brand : Orijen
  • Calorie: 449 kcal/cup
  • Protein: 38%
  • Fat: 18%
  • Main Indgredient: Deboned Chicken

Check on Amazon

This dog food comes from Canadian brand that only uses regional ingredients to provide the right nutrients for your dog. Due to this, we consider this one of the best dog foods in 2018. Also, this brand has several different flavors. Each flavor is made from premium quality meat to suit your dog’s needs.

Concerning the actual dog food, Orijen’s Original formula is made from 85% of meat, and the main ingredient is fresh chicken meat, followed by turkey meat, chicken liver, herring, flounder, turkey liver and more. In combination, these ingredients make a minimum of 38% crude protein which makes this formula a protein powerhouse that supports muscle and tissue growth.

As a grain-free formula, it contains easily digestible whole red and green lentils, green peas, chickpeas, and yellow peas amongst other fibers. These ingredients provide a maximum of 5% crude fiber that is suitable for dogs who have problems digesting grains.

Meanwhile, herring oil is the primary source of fat, followed by chicken fat that’s good for the skin and coat. Together, these sources of fat create a minimum of 18% crude fat that is the primary source of energy in this formula.

To make this food complete and balanced, Orijen included pumpkin, kale, spinach, cranberries, blueberries, and pears. These vegetables/fruits provide all essential vitamins and minerals needed to support a strong immune system and healthy organ function.

Additionally, glucosamine and chondroitin encourage strong joints and better mobility. This formula also has botanical inclusion that mimics a natural diet and supports better digestion and stimulates liver cleansing.

Lastly, this formula contains 470 kcal per 120g cup that will provide all the necessary nutrients suitable for puppies, adult, and senior dogs. With an AAFCO certificate, this is a well-balanced dry food for daily feeding.


  • Grain free
  • High in protein
  • For all life stages
  • Easy to digest
  • Made from 85% meat


  • Some dogs don’t like it
  • Can cause stomach problems

2. CANIDAE Life Stages – Best Dry Dog Food
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Normally you shouldn’t have a problem temporarily locking, securing, or transporting your dog. However, some dogs have escapist tendencies, and it seems that no crate is a match to their inner Houdini.

Coming home to find that your dog has broken out of his crate and destroyed your furniture and belongings can end now. The best heavy duty dog crate is specially designed to contain even the strongest and most creative pooches.

They are made from more resilient materials than regular crates and feature special locks and other traits that improve their security.

Bellow, we will review 5 heavy duty dog kennels that can put Fort Nox to shame and prevent your dog from escaping.

Read More: Best Large Dog Crate 2019

Editor’s Choice

Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

When it comes to heavy duty dog cages, the Guardian Gear ProSelect Dog Cage is one of the strongest and most escape-proof kennels available. This doggy Alcatraz features thick steel tube construction, heavy duty welds, and paired door latches. Floor grate with a tray ensures that cleaning the cage is easy and the design allows for ample airflow. Furthermore, the removable wheels ensure that the crate is easy to move. This cage comes in medium and large size and will prevent even the strongest dogs from escaping.

Check on Amazon

top 5 best heavy dog crate 2019
Name Material Portability Easy to clean Ventilation Security Average rating
Merax Heavy Duty Dog Crate 70 100 100 100 80 90
Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage 90 100 100 100 100 98
SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage 70 100 100 100 70 88
Petmate Sky Kennel 80 80 70 70 100 80
MidWest Home for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate 80 30 70 100 90 74
1. Merax Heavy Duty Dog Crate – Heavy duty dog crate

The Merex Heavy Duty Dog Crate offers a solution for escapist dogs. Four wheels make it easy to move and the slidable tray is easy to clean.

Check on Amazon

The Merex heavy duty dog crate features a super strong and secure iron tube. This model comes in two sizes, 36 inches, and 42 inches and keeps even the strongest dogs contained.

The Merex cage comes with top and front doors. Thus, making it easier for you to feed your dog without letting him out.

The front doors have two stainless latches for extra security. The latches are conveniently positioned so a dog doesn’t have any way to manipulate them and escape.

Both grated floor and the tray can slide out for easy cleaning. Two of the four wheels can lock and will prevent the crate moving while your dog is in it.

Some owners state that this is the only crate that was able to contain their escapist dogs. They also like the heavy-duty design, and the fact that is super easy to clean.


  • Comes in two sizes.
  • Easy to move and locks in place.
  • Two latches for extra security.
  • Features two doors.


  • Some dogs were able to escape.

2. Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage – Steel crate heavy duty

The Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is able to contain even the strongest dogs. The reinforced steel tubes are strong and can’t be chewed through.

Check on Amazon

The Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is one of the strongest dog cages available on the market. This heavy duty large dog crate is designed to withstand the toughest abuse from the strongest dogs.

This crate features 20-gauge steel and reinforced 0.5’’ diameter steel tubes. The entire cage is covered with a long-lasting high-grade hammerstone finish that will discourage rust.

The ProSelect Heavy Duty Cage has only a front door that sports two latches for extra security. The removable 4-inch tall wheels allow for easy moving. Two of the wheels can be locked for extra stability, and you can always remove them all and keep the cage in one place.

The floor grate and removable bottom tray allow for easy cleaning and ensure that the crate is spottles and odorless. Due to its strong frame, this crate is best suited for dogs who were able to chew through and escape from other crates.

In the reviews, owners rave how their dogs finally found their match in this crate. They also like the removable wheels and a sliding tray that makes cleaning much easier.


  • One of the strongest dog crates.
  • Removable wheels.
  • Works for dogs with separation anxiety.
  • Easy to move and clean.
  • Protected against rust.


  • Wheels can break off.

3. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage – Heavy duty dog crate 48 in

The SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage can offer a solution for escapist and destructive dogs. The reinforced steel frame and heavy-duty design discourage most dogs from even attempting to break out.

Check on Amazon

The SmithBuilt heavy duty dog cage crate kennel is expertly crafted to be durable and last for years. The crate’s steel frame is reinforced with 20 gauge welded steel tubes from top to bottom to prevent breaking out.

This crate features two-door design, with front and top doors for easy access. The front door sports two latches for extra security and the top door has one latch.

The entire crate is coated in a multi-layer protective coating that will not stain, rust, or retain odors. Therefore, you can use this crate both indoors and outdoors.

Due to four rolling casters, the entire crate is easy to move. Two wheels can be locked in place preventing accidental movements and injuries.

The removable pan features integrated lip that prevents any mess spilling from the kennel outside. Furthermore, it is secured with a latch to prevent any overflow.

Most owners are pleased with SmithBuilt heavy duty crate and state that it prevents their dogs from escaping. Some owners added carabiners or locks on latches for extra security.


  • Sturdy and well built.
  • Rolling casters for easy movement.
  • Comes in three sizes.
  • Removable pan.
  • Multi-layer protective coating.


  • Some dogs figured how to open the latch.

4. Petmate Sky Kennel – Heavy duty plastic dog crate

If you are looking for a traveling crate, the Petmate Sky Kennel can be a great option. This IATA approved crate comes with all stickers and tags you need for air travel.

Check on Amazon Check on Chewy

Petmate Sky Kennel is IATA-compliant and a suitable choice if you are looking for dog crate heavy duty for travel. This heavy-duty kennel comes in 6 different sizes with a carry case style.

This crate is made of durable plastic shell, extra strong steel wire, and interlocking doors for extra protection. The vault style door has a 4-point locking mechanism that will prevent your dog from breaking into the cargo hold of a plain.

The 360-degree ventilation system allows plenty of air for your pooch and ensures that he feels comfortable inside the kennel. This crate also contains absorbent materials, allowing your dog to drink water whilst staying dry.  

This heavy duty XL dog crate comes with 2 “Live Animal” stickers, clip-on bowls, and ID stickers for travel. Owners state that this crate is well-made and that they had no issues boarding a dog into the plane. However, some owners report that the handle broke off only after a couple of uses.


  • IATA compliant and safe for travel.
  • Made of durable plastic.
  • 4-point locking mechanism.
  • Comes with travel stickers and bowls.


  • The handle can break off.

5. MidWest Home for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate – Heavy duty extra large dog crate

The MidWest Home For Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate is a great option for large dogs with escapist tendencies. This huge crate can easily house you and your dog.

Check on Amazon Check on Chewy

The MidWest Home for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate is 54 inches long and made for dogs weighing over 90 pounds. Due to its sheer size prepare to have help while assembling this crate.

This crate features two massive doors, one on front and the other on the side. Both doors are equipped with three heavy-duty slide bolt latches.

The drop-pin construction ensures a strong and secure crate. The “L” bar on the top reinforces the sides of the crate, preventing them from bowing inward after the assembly.

The entire crate is coated with a protective coat that prevents rust and occurrence of unpleasant odors.

The MidWest Giant Dog Crate also comes with a tray that is easy to remove and clean. On the other hand, this crate doesn’t have wheels which combined with its size makes it hard to move.

The Frisco XX-large heavy duty double door dog crate 54-in is also a suitable option since it matches the size of the MidWest Giant Dog Crate.

Owners state that this crate is big and sturdy enough to house and prevent a Great Dane from escaping. However, the metal ledge on the door can be a safety hazard for clumsy dogs.


  • Extra large for giant breeds.
  • Protective coat against rust.
  • Bottom tray for easy cleaning.
  • Two doors and six latches.


  • Hard to assemble.
  • Dogs can trip on a door ledge.

Criteria used for evaluation Material

Heavy duty crates made from metal, especially steel or aluminum prove to be the strongest and the hardest to escape.

Unlike most regular dog crates that are made from plastic,..

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Every dog needs regular exercise, but taking your dog for longer walks can be a problem. Long working hours or inclement weather conditions can prevent your dog from getting all the exercise he needs. And making sure that your dog is active enough is a vital part of his health and overall happiness.

If you are concerned that your pooch isn’t getting enough exercise, the best dog treadmill can offer a solution. A dog treadmill helps a dog to burn excess energy and calories in a safe and controlled environment. However, you need to be aware that a treadmill can’t in any way be a replacement for regular walks. But, it can increase your dog’s fitness level, help with behavioral issues, and rehabilitation after injury.

To help you get the most for your dollar we will review 6 of the best dog treadmills that will suit the needs of any dog.

In this update, we take a closer look at the best dog treadmills on the market today. The new format and added FAQ section will provide answers to all your questions and help you pick the right product for your dog.


After a lot of research, we found that DogPacer Treadmill offers the best value for its price. This treadmill can be used on any dog up to 180 pounds. DogPacer Treadmill weights 97 pounds and is completely foldable for easy storage. The super quiet motor and customize running programs ensure that your dog gets the most of his workout.

Amazon Price

Editor Choice

Name Speed Protective Sides Noise Levels Storage Low Height Average Score
DogPACER 3.1 Dog Pacer Treadmill 90 100 90 100 80 92
Go Pet Treadmill in Small Medium 100 90 90 60 100 88
DogPacer Minipacer Treadmill 100 100 90 100 90 96
PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill Large 80 90 90 60 80 80
Go Pet Petrun Treadmill 80 90 90 60 100 84
PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill Small 90 100 100 60 80 86

The DogPacer 3.1 Dog Pacer Treadmill is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget. With a 180 pound limit, this treadmill fits any dog and burns off extra energy.

The DogPacer is one of the best dog treadmills available on the market since it can be used for any dog up to 180 pounds. It provides a running surface of 71 x 16.5 inches and comes with customized running programs.

This treadmill can be set for speeds from 0.5-7.5 MPH according to your dog’s level of fitness. With 0.1 MPH increment, you have the option to find the speed that is right for your dog.

The degree of the incline can also be adjusted from 5 to 9 degrees giving you an option to spice up your dog’s workout.

Owners love how quiet the motor is and the fact that this treadmill is so easy to store. They also state that this treadmill is a great option for overly energetic dogs that don’t tire easily.


  • For all dogs up to 180 pounds.
  • Folding frame for easy storage.
  • Large speed range.
  • Customize running programs.
  • Quiet motor.


  • Takes time to assemble.
  • The 9-degree incline is too steep for older dogs.

The Go Pet Treadmill can be a great option if your dog needs a bit of motivation to step on a treadmill. The low-speed setting makes this treadmill great for old and injured dogs.

The Go Pet Treadmill in Small and Medium can be used for any dog weighing up to 132 pounds. The tread is 15 x 72 inches and offers plenty of room for smaller and medium-sized dogs to run at it.

The adjustable speed ranges from 1-8 MPH and can be adjusted via buttons on the treadmill or by remote control. The wide range of speeds means that Go Pet Treadmill can be used on older and injured dogs and ones with plenty of energy to spare.

The built-in wheels make moving and storing the treadmill so much easier. Furthermore, Go Pet also included a metal eyelet for a toy. Thus, making it easier for you to get your dog motivated to do his workout.

Dog owners state that the treadmill is surprisingly quiet for its sturdy design. They also like that protection along sides ensures that the fur doesn’t get caught in the tread.


  • Suitable for dogs up to 132 pounds.
  • Wheels allow easy movement.
  • Protection on the sides.
  • Option for remote control.
  • Eyelet for a dog toy.


  • Can feel small for larger dogs.

If you are looking for a treadmill for a smaller dog look no further from a dogPacer Minipacer Treadmill. It comes with a wide range of speeds suitable for older and younger pups.

The dogPacer Minipacer Treadmill is suitable for dogs weighing up to 55 pounds and is the cheapest dog treadmill currently available on the market. It features 38 x 14 inches tread and a foldable design.

The incline has an angle of 4.5 degrees and a speed in between 0.5-7.5 MPH. The speed can increase at 0.1 MPH which makes this treadmill ideal option for older and rehabilitating dogs and ones in prime health.

The Minipacer also comes with programmed workout programs making it easier for you to exercise an obese dog. Furthermore, the motor is surprisingly quiet and won’t deter shy and fearful dogs from jumping on the tread.

Customers state that the Minipacer is very easy to assemble and that their dogs got used to the tread in just a couple of days. Furthermore, most dogs started to lose weight and are in far better shape after regular use.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • A wider range of speed options.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Comes with workout programs.


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