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We have a new charity partner!
This March, we are kicking off our buy 1 pair, donate 1 pair of Pals charity program with Cradles to Crayons of Philadelphia! Cradles to Crayons describes itself as ”the product of countless small acts of kindness that, together, make a big difference.” The non-profit organization collects new and nearly new infant and children’s clothing, shoes, books, toys and school supplies. When we initially reached out, Molly (the lovely development coordinator) was very very excited to partner with us! As it turns out, new socks are hard to come by. For us, it was a perfect opportunity to clear out the excess socks in our warehouse and in the process add a little bit of happiness and normalcy to a child’s day by giving them cool, new socks to wear.

We had a chance to visit the Cradles to Crayons warehouse (also known as the Giving Factory) in Consohocken, PA. Hannah, our founder, got the full tour and saw the donation process in action!








It is no secret that systemic poverty is a gigantic and devastating problem with discrimination and politics at its roots. Our city of Philadelphia happens to have the highest rate of poverty per capita of any city in the US. Yes, nearly 1 in 4 children in this city live under the poverty line. That translates to around 130,000 children. It is absolutely heartbreaking to think about.

The cycle of poverty is extremely hard to escape. Children living in poverty typically lack access to the educational, economic and social resources needed for anyone to be able to succeed.  We at Pals, working with and through organizations like Cradles to Crayons, want to help inspire citizens that want to help others rise up, who want to leave the world a better place than they found it, and who want to inspire others by example. Having access to new, good quality clothes can give a child a new sense of self-worth, normalcy and self-esteem. Owning books and receiving school supplies makes it a little easier to succeed in academia. They could ease a social worker’s burden too, by freeing up time to create plans for these kids instead of having to focus on basic necessities (such as making sure a kid has clean clothes to attend school.)

For all the reasons above, we stand behind Cradles to Crayon’s mission and are excited to serve and inspire the underserved kids of Philadelphia.

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NEWS!!! We are super excited about our brand new Pals Artist Series launching this month, the month of love: our first ever artist designed series! Every Spring and Fall we plan on releasing a different original series of Pals Socks created by a designer we love. It is so important to support artists and creative passion, and we are beyond thrilled to be able to that with our socks that promote friendship.

Our amazing first artist series has been designed by US born, UK based artist Anni Betts. What a unique, whimsical and fun style! Good vibes! Perfect for Pals. Amazingly, she loved what we are all about (as an indie brand with lofty goals) and took on this project. We threw around some concepts, refined the designs, and voila, the Anni Betts artist series has come alive.

The goal for this series was to create mismatched animal friends in fun colors that *almost* match, which is a bit of a change from the obvious mismatched style of our signature series, but still firmly in the spirit of our official MANIFEETSTO – “You don’t have to match perfectly with your perfect match.”

The Anni Betts Artist Series features 6 awesome new styles: Snail and Hedgehog, Owl and Mouse, Monkey and Giraffe (pictured above), Frog and Turtle, Fox and Bunny and Wolf and Sheep. Each design has a bold yet complimentary color palette and geometric shapes, and the socks are more light weight than our signature series socks. They retail for $11. So worth it for these cute and totally original designs!

  Q&A with the artist Anni Betts:

Age:  40

Hometown: Champaign, Illinois

You were born the the USA and now live in the UK, how did you end up there? My husband and I moved to the UK in 2013 because he got a job here, at Durham University. The move was made easier by the fact that I’m self-employed and can do what I do from anywhere, and I can definitely say living in a new environment has been very inspiring!

Did you go to school for illustration or did your hobby turn into your profession? I went to the University of Illinois and got a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, but I did always like illustrating more than designing. After 8 years as a designer, I saved up my pennies, quit my job and made the leap to being an illustrator full-time.

How would you describe your illustration style and M.O.? I would describe my work as happy, colorful, decorative drawings.

Are you more of a digital person or do you prefer pen, ink and paper? I do a mix of both. I really like drawing by hand, so I draw all of my lines by hand, then do all of the color digitally. I like the intensity of color and control that working digitally gives me.

What profession did you want to be as a kid? I basically always wanted to draw pictures for a living!

What inspires you? I’m inspired by walking through nature, meeting animals, seeing new places, and by the work of lots of awesome artists and illustrators out there.

What do you love most about our Pals collaboration? What inspired you to take on our project? I love the whole concept of socks that are animals, and that those animals are maybe normally adversaries but in this case they’re friends. And it was a really fun challenge to adapt my drawing style to making sock characters.

Which is your favorite pair? I think I like the owl and mouse best, maybe because I like those colors!

How has your lifestyle changed as a new mom? How has it changed you? One fun change is that my weekend activities revolve around entertaining my son, which means going to places like science museums, aquariums, and petting zoos, which is as much fun for my husband and I as it is for our son. I also can’t work all hours anymore, which is probably a good thing. Also I find watching a person grow up and learn everything to be the most fascinating thing ever, so that, along with all of his cuteness, has really made life that much better.

After creating our first artist series and as a new mom, do you think the concept of Pals is easy to grasp on a forming mind? I definitely think kids can appreciate socks that don’t match, and I think they will totally accept the idea of different animals being a natural pair, because why not?

What is your one wish for humanity? To get along with each other and stop hating! Which I guess is appropriate here.

Where is your favorite place to explore? Since moving to the UK I’ve really enjoyed exploring here, there is SO much to see if you’re into beautiful scenery and historical places as I am. Even just our corner of north-east England is jam packed with hikes, castles, cute towns and bucolic views.

What types of projects do you enjoy most working on? Any project where I get to do what I do, and draw fun pattern-y animals. Recently I illustrated a book of mindfulness exercises for kids called Breathe Like a Bear, which was so much fun because it’s all animals! I also illustrated an all-narwhal calendar for 2019, which was fun and kooky to work on.

Favorite color: At the moment it’s turquoise. But it’s always changing! I really think every color has a place where it can shine.

Favorite movie: Footloose.

Favorite book: Alice in Wonderland.

Favorite season: SUMMER. Which I dearly miss, living in England!

What other kids brands are awesome that we should know about? I really like the Boon line of products, they’re such fun objects to have around and they also are really functional. When it comes to other things I think the brands here in the UK are somewhat different from what they have in the US, so maybe they don’t translate!


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Yes, there was a lot of sad news, bad vibes, things of that sort in 2017.
But. A big positive came from negativity in 2017: people coming together. Something Pals is all about.

We got distribution in Canada (again) hooray!!!
We moved to Philadelphia with our very own warehouse space!
We attended not 1 but 2 trade shows!
We are selling Pals to over 400+ Pals retailers!
We launched baby sizes, redesigned our packaging, and released new styles!

And, we worked so hard.
And had so much fun.

The real reason for this post-celebratory message:

Just wanted let you all know, thank you so much for allowing Pals to exist and supporting Pals, bringing our characters into your homes and making them part of your daily routines. It is such an honor to be able to create a product that really does have the power to create positive change. The more we think it’s fun to have friends that aren’t exactly like us, the better our world will be.

There is no better time to spread this message of love, and Pals will continue to spread this message in 2018 with your help.

I wish you a peaceful, healthy, happy, progressive and productive 2018. Hope your 2017 and holiday season were good too.

-Hannah, owner and creator of  Pals

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We are so thrilled to announce we were given a Family Choice Award!

“The Family Choice Awards” recognize the best in children’s and parenting products.  Now in its 21st year, the “Family Choice Award” is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer award programs in the nation.

It is beyond gratifying to know that something we are so passionate about really resonates with our customers. You know what isn’t fun? Talking about diversity. You know what is fun? Mismatched socks. If we can help inspire our youth, the future leaders of the world to enjoy branching out, how fun it is to have an open mind, to leave your stereotypes at the door, our world will be a much better place to live.

In the email announcement, the chairperson, Candace Evans wrote “We want to convey our gratitude and recognition for producing an extraordinary product that makes a positive difference in the lives of our families.” Thank you, thank you, thank you, we humbly accept and will continue to #defeetthenorm.

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We are thrilled to be offering our first Pals Playdate of 2017 at Private Picassos art studio in Brooklyn, NY!

Each little artist will be able to create their own unlikely friends socks using google eyes, felt, fleece and other tactile art materials.

AND best of all, you get to make a new friend, create something new and take home your own pair of brand new Pals Socks!

Date: 11/4/2017
Time: 10:30-11:30 AM
Cost: $25/kid or $40/two siblings
Age reccomendation: 4-8 years old

Enroll now by clicking the ticket link, select “camp/event” section and RSVP/pay online.. Can’t wait to see you there!

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Did you ever think you could warm up to things like baldness, teenagers or milk?


The Make Me Like It podcast asks you to leave your preconceived notions at the door using hilarious, honest and thought provoking conversation amongst friends.

We here at Pals are gigantic fans of the show, so it was suuuuuper cool to interview the hosts Dan Klein and Kelly Hudson on our blog! You will LOVE their unique podcast concept, and they may even change your mind about certain topics.

Our whole interview is around 30 minutes long. Because they are seasoned podcast hosts, we HAD to tape this and bring the interview to life. You can hear how passionate they are,  and how much fun they have with the show


Dan and Kelly pose with their favorite socks!


HANNAH: So. Maybe you guys could give a little overview of your unique concept, a little summation?

DAN: Sure yeah! Well “Make Me Like It” is a podcast where Kelly and I have a lot of things we don’t like. We have all of our funniest, smartest, and coolest friends come on the show and tell us why they like certain things. We always listen with an open mind and see if by the end, we like it too. And yeah, it turns out like after doing 50 episodes or something, that it really is about me and Kelly loosening up a little bit.

KELLY: Yeah! The concept of the show is to loosen up and broaden our minds!

DAN: When people tell you why they like something so much, you’re like oh my god I like this person, and they like this thing, and boy, I guess I either just missed the boat on it or I gotta just lighten up a little bit and open my mind! <laughter>

KELLY: Yeah, I’d say that a lot of what we cover on the show is fear based. Like I‘m scared of this thing, tell me why I should not be scared or I wrote this thing off for 5 minutes and then stopped doing it, why should I pick it back up. It comes from having great conversations with people we really like. It’s just so fun watching someone talk about what they like. It’s always a pleasant conversation. Even if the topic is Dan, what was Andrew Law’s topic?

DAN: Pessimism?

HANNAH: <laughter>

KELLY: <laughter> It’s still a very interesting conversation.

DAN: It’s hard to disagree with someone when you hear about them passionately talking, and happily talking about something that they like.

KELLY: Yeah!

DAN: You’re like, oh yeah, I guess I can kind of see that.

KELLY: Exactly.

DAN: And it’s fun to hear.

HANNAH: So how did you guys get into the podcasting game?

DAN: Well, our podcast is on a podcast network called Headgum. That is run by Jake and Amir who were pretty well known from their College Humor videos. They’ve been doing that for years and they started a podcast network. Essentially they were just looking for ideas and I had this idea a long time ago because I hate golf so much.

HANNAH: <laughter>

DAN: And I was going to do a whole podcast just based on trying to get me to like golf. That’s why it’s our first episode. Jake and Amir approached us, and I was like oh, this could be a fun thing for us to do together. It would be fun to talk to people about more than just golf!

KELLY: They approached us together and asked both of us if we had any ideas to pitch that we would do as a team. <Make Me Like It> was our favorite one, they loved it immediately. And, we ended up having a podcast. We didn’t strive for it, it sort of just happened.

DAN: Yeah.

KELLY: And that’s kind of the story for most of the great things that have happened in our lives, that’s for sure.

HANNAH: Yeah! You had an opportunity you couldn’t pass up. It’s cool it turned into a couple of different episodes, know what I mean?

KELLY: I think the guests we have on the show contribute to that because we’ve already got a weird list of stuff for people to look at, but then the stuff people come up with that they want to talk about is always way more interesting, I feel like.

DAN: Yeah, I never thought I would do an entire episode on squalor!

KELLY: <laughter>

DAN: And I never thought by the end of it would I agree with it.

KELLY: Yeah!

DAN: You know what? There is a certain amount of squalor that is enjoyable in life.

<both laugh>

DAN: So that one kind of blew me away.

KELLY: Also, I from day one wanted really bad to do an episode on mayonnaise. So many people have almost done it but been like, I don’t know if I can spend a whole episode doing this. That was a topic that I thought would take off but it’s a small topic, if you think about it.

HANNAH: So funny! What do you think were the topics that got you the most feedback so far? The most conversation? Have people been like ahhhhhhhhh, cool, positive feedback for you?

KELLY: From us for from our listeners?

HANNAH: Oh. Your listeners!

KELLY: Our death episode got a ton of feedback. I like death now too! But just sort of commiserated with us and talked about their opinions about why death was good. That was just a really interesting-

DAN: It brought a lot out of people. We got tons of emails for that one. I’m trying to think of other ones that we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from. That one is definitely the most feedback and we still get emails about today. Remember, we got some emails about the Royal Family?

KELLY: From our British listener!

DAN: Yeah, we have a British listener who really tried to get us to like the Royal Family. In that episode our guest just talked about watching The Crown. We did not like the Royal Family and he’s like, just watch The Crown. We watched the crown and now I like the Royal Family! <laughter> It’s really interesting. I can’t believe how intense and dramatic it is.

HANNAH: History! Lots of history.

DAN: Not to get too off topic, it’s kind of a horrible responsibility. It essentially ruins your life in a way that I never knew. So, it’s really fascinating. It’s a great TV show.

KELLY: Yeah! I’m definitely fascinated by the Royal Family now. But I definitely don’t like it. <laughter>

HANNAH: So. What do you guys hope to accomplish in the podcast. Is it the comedy but also make people not be as quick to judge? The psychology of being introduced to something by someone you like? What’s that impact?

DAN: The <Make Me Like It> idea was pretty simple. Could somebody make a convincing argument enough to get us to like things that we don’t like? But as we’ve –

HANNAH: In this day and age of hate and bigotry , judging and all that stuff…

DAN: Yeah and I think, to be honest, none of that stuff was in our minds when we started it. But now that we’ve done it, and you feel it, you do realize the power of persuasion of having a nice, fun conversation as opposed to yelling. That’s part of Kelly and my personalities is that we don’t want to fight. When we first started inviting people onto the show, I think they thought it was going to be heated, big fight. Like a debate.

KELLY: They were nervous. They were like, ok, so now I have to force you to like something? And I was like no no no, we’re friendly! This is warm!

DAN: The thing that is fascinating to me is finding those moments in these peoples lives where it’s clear why they like something, or what got them interested in something. To hear a funny interesting person that you know discuss  things they wouldn’t normally discuss – in life, you’re not really ever like do you know why I love this movie so much? We just talked to someone about Britney Spears. You know why I love this so much? No one really expresses themselves in that way. Here’s someone that you’ve been talking to and it’s hard for me not to like it. It’s a nice way to open up your mind to things that you didn’t think you would ever like.

KELLY: It’s become easy in that way. It’s become not a burden to do, because we’ve always enjoyed it. Something I didn’t expect is how many people have related to it and how many people have reached out on a personal level. Most of our fans write an email that’s personal, in addition to being like hey, I love the show. I don’t want to go huge with this, but my main goal in making art is connecting and understanding people, and being understood by people. So that’s been a huge, cool part of it for me.

HANNAH: That’s really cool. Obviously cool because it’s something that’s funny and makes people happy, but it’s extra cool when there is an added layer of being very beneficial to society. Not just slap happy, three stooges type of thing. Memes or stuff. This <podcast> is all about trying to be very friendly about keeping an open mind and how much happier our world is when people have friendlier conversations. It’s not a big deal! It doesn’t have to be a fight! It can be a very interesting and mind opening thing that if more people-

KELLY: Yeah something that you can keep it light-

DAN: We like giving our guests the opportunity to know that we are a captivated audience. If you say oh the reason I like this thing is because I was 10 years old and my mom did this, we aren’t going to scoff at you. We’re not going to judge you for it. We’re interested. We’re coming at everything with an open mind. This is a little off topic but part of what inspired the podcast, because I was on this improv team at the UCB Theatre in New York called The Law Firm. We used to interview people at the beginning of the show either about a run-in they had with the law, or even ask people about their week. We would just want to get information from the audience members. You would be so surprised how people just didn’t think they were interesting! Sometimes they would avoid the questions. But, whenever you got to know anyone for real and they were just honest with their answers, it was always fascinating!

KELLY: Everyone was interesting!

DAN: Yeah everyone was interesting!

KELLY: That’s been a big lesson – every single person is interesting.

HANNAH: Hmmmm! It’s true, it really is. Everyone has their own story. But yeah, it’s so cool that you are reaching people who, obviously are into the comedy scene but also people who just never really gave a thought about things they didn’t think about. I think it’s a lifestyle. You’re like, let’s try it out! Not everything is horrible! It’s so cool you have this type of voice to introduce the concept of keeping an open mind! Try new things! Have fun! Don’t take it so seriously. We’re all friends here, we’re all PALS here, right?

KELLY: Yeah to answer your question, the comedy has always been secondary. Our careers have been based around comedy, but this podcast is a way for us to have a low pressure zone to be naturally funny and not write. Not try to do the perfect improv scene, we’re just being ourselves. We didn’t have a just ourselves outlet. The comedy has definitely just been in the backdrop.

HANNAH: Yeah! That’s so cool. Let me think what I was going to ask you. How do you guys choose your topics? Just do a brainstorm of things you strictly don’t like? Or do you call your friends who are funny and be like Hey! What is a topic that is weird you are passionate about? OK. Let’s brainstorm. I hate X,Y,Z, is it a public broadcast? How do you find it and whittle it down?

DAN: It’s a combination of the two. We have a master list of things we will just add to when we see something or–

KELLY: Or remember something we don’t love.

DAN: We just remembered how much we hate Keurig coffee machines so we just threw that on the list.

HANNAH: They’re horrible for the environment!

DAN: Oh totally.

KELLY:  There’s nothing good about them. <to Dan> I feel like we could have your mom on to talk about it. <laughter>

HANNAH: Well it’s just convenience, right?


DAN: I think that’s the only thing.

KELLY: Convenience really wears thin with me.

DAN: That’s true. I am not always a huge fan of convenience. If someone could convince me to like that, I would be very impressed. Kelly and I have a master list that we always add things to whenever we run into something,  because it’s easier for us (from a production standpoint) to book a guest first. As opposed to having a topic and then searching for someone to speak about that topic. We usually contact friends and people that we know to schedule a time, then show them the master list. If there is something in particular that they like or usually it inspires them like what about these few things? Oh, let’s do that because that seems like something we could talk about for a long time.

HANNAH: Right, right.

DAN: Yeah.

HANNAH: Makes sense. So what were the topics that you were the most surprised you warmed up to? That you didn’t think you would ever be interested in? Maybe anime, or…? That one seemed like a pretty good argument.

DAN: I’m literally looking it up the episodes right now.

KELLY: Which ones… let me see here…so Taylor Swift definitely got me to think a lot about my opinions about women in pop culture. That was a really big one. I was like, Taylor Swift, F her. And then it was, ohhhhhhh there is a lot going on under this. It’s not just about me not liking someones music, someones personality. How society writes off these women like Lena Dunham or Anne Hathaway and like ohhhhh they’re so annoying. Why do you find them annoying? Let’s explore that. So I thought that was an interesting one.

DAN: For me, I think it was fraternities and sororities, something I always had a bias against. The way that frats are treated, not even in pop culture but in the comedy world, you’re sort of in this nerd society. You have judgements against frats because they are cool and <nerds> are always portrayed badly in movies (like Revenge of the Nerds). But the person we had on here, first of all. He was a guy who was just a fan of the show and wrote to us hey, I heard on an episode that you want to talk about frats and sororities. I was in one. Can I be on the show? And we were like alright, let’s do this. He talked about his experience in (I believe it was Iowa) and how-

KELLY: How positive it was.

DAN: Positive and valuable to his social life there, and even to this day how he is still connected to members of the fraternity and there are different chapters. And I was like, oh, this is something that is a useful, positive tool and not every fraternity is a horrible place where men date rape women.

KELLY: One of my favorite episodes was the magic episode.

DAN: Oh yeh!!

KELLY: Just because I guess Avery Monsen is just a magical person that says the funniest things. I loved seeing magic through his eyes.

DAN: He was both for it and against it, that was really interesting. He also performed magic right on front of us.

KELLY: It was insane.

HANNAH: That’s really funny. Awesome. So that gets me to: if anybody is interested and would maybe be fun on radio, is open to be a guest on the episode? Not just people in comedy?

KELLY: That’s what is has become!

DAN: I mean we had always wanted to talk to a variety of people and I’ve always been interested in talking to “normal people” but not people in evolved in the comedy scene. To be honest, at this point it’s just hard for us to get in touch with people.

KELLY: It’s so much easier to just ask a comedy friend if they want to be on a podcast as opposed to…at the beginning we wanted to get normal people and experts.

DAN: It’s really just us doing the booking so we don’t exactly have a far reach to different fields. Another thing– back in New York I was part of a sketch group and we hosted a late night show briefly. The idea was that we would talk to normal people as opposed to celebrity guests, and we did have a New York City cab driver on there one time. That was pretty fascinating. Treat an NYC cab driver as if they were a famous celebrity and ask them questions about what they do or they’re working on. And again, I don’t think the cab driver thought he was interesting at all but it’s like, oh my god you are a fascinating person. Who are you? <laughter>

KELLY: I actually listen to and am into the parenting podcast world. Dan and I are on the edge of becoming parents the next couple of years. There’s something about doing this podcast that has prepared me for raising a child. I had this realization about what it’s like to have a kid. When you are parenting, you are rediscovering the world. You give your kid a vanilla wafer, you are rediscovering the world with them. They are so blown away by things you wrote off as something you weren’t interested in or that had no value. So, I feel like there is a child-like wonder about this podcast and being like, what’s the big deal with cats? And then being like, OMG cats are amazing! Like you are discovering for the first time. And there’s a lot of big subjects that we tackle on this thing.

DAN: We also have an episode on teenagers, which a lot of parents would probably want to listen to-

KELLY: That’s a good one!

DAN: If you have teenagers… or your children will soon be teenagers.

KELLY: We’ve also had a kid on the show.

DAN: Oh yeah that’s true, we also had a child guest talk to us about milk. <laughter>

KELLY: Poppy! This guy that Dan worked with, he and his daughter came on the show to talk about milk. Yeah, I think this would be a great podcast for parents.

DAN: Poppy was a great guest, I would listen to her.

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Did you know we have the best little brand reps? Our reps and spokesbabies live and breathe the Pals way of life: always making different kinds of friends, always having fun exploring, always curious, and always keeping a funky fresh mind whether it be new food, new music, or even new playgrounds. Of course mommies and daddies need to take credit for introducing this mindset to their little ones, so thank you, parents!
For this first of many spotlights, we want you to meet this little dude with a perfectly adorable cowlick and rosy cheeks: Decker!


January 15th, 2016 (14 months)


Greeley, Colorado, USA

What makes Decker a great spokesbaby for Pals?

Aside from taking silly pictures and wearing adorable sock pals, Decker is a kid who is truly learning to be everything that Pals Socks stands for! We love spreading your message and being able to represent a brand that we believe so strongly in!

How does Decker embody what Pals stands for?

Since Decker was born, we have strived to teach him our core values. Always be kind, always be honest, accept others for who they are, differences are what make us special, and you can be anything you want to be. It is so important to us that Decker knows who he is and isn’t afraid to be that person!

What’s his favorite pair of Pals?

His favorite pair of Pals is definitely Cat & Dog!! He absolutely loves his puppy Gino, so he will go and grab that pair of socks, hold them on his feet and say “GiGi” repeatedly until I put the socks on for him!

What would Decker’s spirit animal be and why?

Decker’s spirit animal would be a wolf. He is all about his pack! He loves mommy and daddy (and Gino) and is an excellent listener. He is also very strong-minded and when he is focused on completing a task, there’s no stopping him! He also loves to howl haha!

Who are his best friends? How does he pick out his friends?

Decker has three best friends: Connor (14mo), Charlie(4yr) and Cooper(6mo)! When he is with his buddies he is happy and totally himself! Decker is a very social kid and gets along well with everyone he meets! He tends to gravitate towards other really active kids and often kids a little older than him that he can follow and learn from! However, if other children come up to play with him he is always very welcoming and includes them in the game as well!

What is his strongest personality trait?

His strongest personality trait is definitely determination. Decker is a very focused kid, when he gets fixated on doing something it’s almost impossible to pull him away from that until he is finished! He loves mastering new skills and doing things that challenge him!

What new food or place has Decker tried or been to that he absolutely loves?

Decker’s favorite place to eat is The Rio!! It is a Mexican restaurant in downtown Greeley! He loves their kid meal quesadilla with black beans and rice!! When he’s a little older I can’t wait to tell him that when mommy was a baby that was her favorite place to eat too!!

Does he have any adorable and unique quirks?

He has what we call his “special toe” haha! One of his toes is a little bit crooked and sits on top of his other toes! When he was born, Decker’s Pepére (mom’s dad) loved his little feet and started calling it his special toe and the name has stuck!

What is mommy most proud of that Decker has accomplished?

Decker was extremely determined to walk! He so badly wanted to be able to keep up with the “big kids” and play! He started truly walking at 10 months and we were so proud of him!

Decker’s favorite book:

ABC’s of Canada – Decker is a dual citizen (USA/CAN) so it is so important to us that he knows about his Canadian roots!

3 things mommy wants Decker to know about life:

1. There is ONLY one you. Be you.
2. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Be kind.
3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Do things that scare you. Work hard. Take chances.
(annnnnd added #4)
4. Mom and Dad love you unconditionally. You are so loved.

BONUS QUESTION: If Decker could say what he wants to be when he grows up, what would he be?

A hockey player! He loves watching hockey and going to the rink! He has already been skating and loves being on the ice!

Thanks Maddy and Decker! You can keep up with Decker on his insta, @decker-acorn!

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The post GIVEAWAY | Monkey see and monkey do with Peaceable Kingdom! appeared first on Pals Socks - Unlikely Friends for Your Feet!.

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