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Visiting the Grand Cayman and looking for things to do besides relax on the beach? Then you have come to the right place. My guide not only “lists” the best things to do in the Grand Cayman but goes into detail on what makes each activity fun and special. Whether you are visiting from a cruise ship or staying for a week, there are plenty of things to do on this beautiful island. From the most popular attraction, Stingray City to the famous Seven Mile Beach, fun brewery and distillery tours, snorkeling, riding jet skis, and much more.

So grab a pen, some paper, and a cocktail – here is my guide of the best things to do in the Grand Cayman to include in your itinerary.

Full disclaimer –  Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. Furthermore, we were offered a generous discount by White Sand Water Sports to go on their tours. As always, our opinions are non-biased and our own. We want to thank White Sand Water Sports for their generosity and for everyone following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.”  

Best Things to do in the Grand Cayman Out At Sea
Stingray City

Of course, one of the best things to do in the Grand Cayman is visiting Stingray City. Stingray City is not only the most profitable and popular attraction in the Grand Cayman but the entire Caribbean! Visitors get the opportunity to go swim, feed, touch and even kiss the stingrays.

Some may be thinking how is this safe or ethical. For one, these stingrays are very docile and unique to the area which make them special. The stingrays are also 100% wild and are not held in captivity. They come and go in the shallow sand bar as they please. Some will approach you on their own while others may just swim beneath your feet. I can assure you – this is an experience you cannot miss in the Grand Cayman.

Tours run daily to Stingray City and make it very easy and accessible for visitors. Some tour operators will provide complimentary transportation from the cruise terminal or hotels on Seven Mile Beach. Most tours last for three hours and will also include snorkeling to a nearby reef. I highly recommend booking your tour to Stingray City with White Sand Water Sports, especially if you are staying on the East End. They are truly the best tour operator on the island! As you continue to read my guide, you will see we booked every tour with White Sand Water Sports because of their outstanding service.

Ride Jet Skis

If you have a need for speed and want to have fun in the sun, I highly recommend renting jet skis or going on a guided eco-tour. Moreover, you can even take a jet ski tour to Stingray City!

Visitors can experience the thrill of riding jet skis all around the Grand Cayman. You can take a leisurely ride around the stunning waters of Seven Mile Beach, take a guided tour to Rum Point and Starfish Point, or go snorkeling on the East End to some of the best spots on the island. The options to have fun on the jet skis are almost endless.

During our time in the Grand Cayman, our Jet Ski Snorkel tour with White Sand Water Sports was at the top of our list for being one of the best experiences on the trip. So I highly recommend you add jet skis to your itinerary.

Bioluminescence Tour

Bioluminescence is a special experience that only happens at specific times of the year and only in certain parts of the world. The Grand Cayman happens to be one of the very best destinations in the world to see this natural wonder. So going on a bioluminescence tour is truly one of the best things to do in the Grand Cayman.

To the naked eye, bioluminescence looks like sparkling blue water from Avatar. It is caused by millions of single-celled plankton that produce light when disturbed in the water. To put it simply, the effect is magical. With that said, you can only see the bioluminescence a week before and after the New Moon. So if this is a priority for your trip, make sure you check the schedule or call a tour operator beforehand to confirm dates.

You can experience a bioluminescence tour two different ways – via boat or kayak. Each tour operator offers something different. Some offer snorkel gear to swim in the water whereas White Sand Water Sports offers the only glass bottom kayak tour.

Private Boat Charter

For a fun day out at sea, book a boat charter with a group of friends or family. Pack some alcohol, food, and drinks on board to have the ultimate party in the Grand Cayman’s deep blue sea.

There are several different boat charters to choose from. The private charters are more expensive but can be reasonably priced if split amongst others. We chose to do a pontoon boat charter with White Sand Water Sports on the East End of the island. The pontoon boat is a double-decker so you can jump from the deck or race down two slides into the ocean. In addition to having a good time, the charter excursion includes two fantastic snorkeling spots and a shipwreck sighting. You will have so much fun on a boat charter, you will not want to ever come back to shore.


Snorkeling is definitely one of the best things to do in the Grand Cayman. We snorkeled countless times during our trip because it was truly the best underwater experience we’ve ever encountered.

The Grand Cayman is known for their crystal clear blue water with abundant sea life, so it is no wonder why it is one of the best places in the world to snorkel. There are several different spots to snorkel whether its by boat, an excursion or just on your own. In our experience, we found the East End of the island to have the best snorkeling. You can find reef sharks, spotted eagle rays (yes, our group did see one!), spotlight parrotfish, blue tang, and more.

Some of the best snorkeling spots near Georgetown include Smith Cove, Cheeseburger Reef, Eden Rock, Cemetery Beach, Wreck of the Cali, and Wreck of the Gamma. Other great snorkeling locations include Rum Point, Spotts Beach, Cayman Kai Beach, and the Coral Gardens (typically included in the excursion to Stingray City).

If you are going snorkeling on your own, some resorts will allow you to take equipment off-site but I highly recommend purchasing your own. My family and I found this snorkel gear to be perfect!

Scuba Diving

For those wanting to delve deeper into the ocean to see marine life, scuba diving in the Grand Cayman is amazing! If you have never scuba dived before, do not worry – learning in the Grand Cayman is the perfect opportunity. Several different tour operators offer PADI certified lessons so that you can learn and go scuba diving before it’s time to go home. If you are already an avid scuba diver, then you will be pleased to know there are some amazing spots to discover. The most popular diving sites include Devil’s Grotto, USS Kittiwake, Sunset House, and Babylon.

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding

For those wanting to stay above water, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are the best way to go – just don’t fall over like my parents. Most hotels on the Grand Cayman offer complimentary kayak and stand-up paddleboards for guests to enjoy at their leisure. However, if complimentary rentals are not an option, both activities are still very budget-friendly.

What we love about kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding is the freedom to glide peacefully over the beautiful water. It is fun for all ages and a great way to spend a few hours on the water.

Seven Mile Beach

Of course, the last but certainly not the least best thing to do out at sea in the Grand Cayman is spending time at Seven Mile Beach. People travel from all around the world to walk this pristine white sand and to see the prettiest clear blue water. Moreover, the water is the warmest we have ever experienced while swimming in the ocean. To say Seven Mile Beach is breathtaking is truly an understatement.

If you are staying in a hotel on Seven Mile Beach, you have perfect beach access. Some higher-end hotels such as The Westin, also have cabanas, umbrellas, and service directly on the beach. If you are not staying on Seven Mile Beach and have a rental car, the best way to visit is from Governors Beach. This is a great part of Seven Mile Beach because it has free public parking and direct access to the beach.

With that said, Seven Mile Beach is comprised of several different beaches. A few other great ones are Cemetery and Public Beach. Cemetery Beach is on the northern part of Seven Mile Beach and has some of the best snorkeling on the island. Public Beach is the largest and most popular amongst visitors. It is located near a few luxury hotels such as the

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The food, the culture, the landscapes, the sheer range of available things to see and do in Italy makes it an incredible place to visit. We would know – we spent over two incredible months trying to check off everything in our Italy bucket list. From visiting the Colosseum in Rome to leaning against the Tower of Pisa, visiting a Parmigiano Reggiano dairy farm, driving a Ferrari, visiting the Blue Grotto in Capri, and so much more.

Trust me, you will not find a more unique and grand Italy bucket list than right here! Just remember to download this app to help with your Italian language skills. We used Google translate so much during our trip to Italy – it was a true lifesaver.

Whether you visit Italy on a family adventure, take a romantic adult only getaway, or take a summer hiatus like us – it is a truly magical place that needs to be experienced to be believed. So, pack your bags, dig out your passport and head to the country of romance, rich history, delicious pasta and more! Here is the one and only ultimate Italy bucket list to include in your itinerary!

Full disclaimer –  Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

Italy Bucket List for Scenic Drives
Drive Along the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of shoreline in the entire world. The best way to experience the sheer beauty is by driving an open-topped car through the winding roads. Or better yet, hire a private driver, so you can keep your eyes on the dramatic landscape instead of on the road. With a succession of dramatic hairpin bends winding through the beautiful and picturesque villages of Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi over secluded bays and deep gorges, driving along the Amalfi Coast never ceases to thrill.

Drive a Ferrari

Calling all car lovers with a need for speed – do not miss out on the ultimate experience of driving a Ferrari in Italy! This was the number one item on my Italy bucket list and it did not disappoint. This experience is everything I wished for and more. You can either drive a Ferrari through the winding roads of the Italian countryside or burn rubber on a race track. Either way, you cannot go wrong and this should definitely be included in your itinerary.

Italy Bucket List for Foodies

Take a Cooking Class

Italy is known for its delicious cuisine – pasta, pizza, tiramisu, gelato… the list goes on. So while you are in Italy, don’t just enjoy the cuisine, learn to cook the traditional Italian way with quality, local produce. Your friends and family will thank you later when you return home and impress them. There are countless cities that offer cooking classes for different levels of experience – from kitchen novices to experienced cooks. You cannot leave this amazing experience out of your Italy bucket list.

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the world’s greatest destinations for wineries and an Italy bucket list item you cannot miss, especially for wine enthusiasts. From Sassicaia to Chianti – there are several different reds, whites and dessert wines to enjoy. Even the views from the Tuscan vineyards are out of this world.

Learn How to Make Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano also referred to as Parmesan, is one of the most popular cheeses in the world. Grated over pasta or enjoyed on its own, it is simply delicious and only produced in a small region of Italy. Going to a dairy farm and learning the entire process of producing a Parmigiano Reggiano wheel is one of the best experiences you can enjoy in Italy.

Italy Bucket List for Outdoor Lovers

Sail on Lake Garda

The breathtakingly beautiful Lake Garda is known worldwide for its excellent sailing conditions. It has the perfect northerly wind in the morning and a warm southerly wind in the afternoon. So it is ideal for a full day of sailing on the waters. Furthermore, if you are first-time sailors, there are plenty of centers dotted around the lake offering lessons.

Hike Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is the volcano that destroyed Pompeii back in 79 AD. It is the only active volcano on mainland Europe. So reaching the top of it is a pretty incredible experience that should be part of every Italian bucket list. You can only reach the very summit by hiking, but if that is not your thing, you can get panoramic views from afar in Pompeii.

Classic Italy Bucket List
Ride a Gondola in Venice

Venice is the city of canals – there are no roads, just miles and miles of water. What better way to navigate the city than by the iconic gondolas. It is an undeniably romantic and a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every Italy bucket list should include.

Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain

An Italy bucket list is not complete without including a visit to the Trevi Fountain in Rome and throwing a coin over your shoulder to make a wish. The magical legend says if you throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain, you will return to Rome. When you throw two coins, you will find new romance, and three coins will lead to marriage! How many coins will you throw in the Trevi Fountain?

Gaze Upon the Glorious Sistine Chapel

Though you have to walk through the entire Vatican Museum, there is no piece of art more glorious than the Sistine Chapel. As soon as you get a glimpse of the Sistine Chapel, your jaw will drop. Michelangelo’s greatest work brings the entire chapel to life with color and passion. So make sure you leave room for a full day at Vatican City during your time in Rome.

Keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Falling

Did you even go to Italy if you did not take the iconic photo of holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Even if you fail at taking the photo like us, I don’t think so. To be fully transparent, there is not a lot to see and do in Pisa besides seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Yet, I am still glad we went because it is such a beautiful landmark and an easy day trip from Florence.

I hope you enjoy my ultimate Italy bucket list. I can say with personal experience, Italy is filled with so many wonderful adventures. So you will have a great excuse as to why you need to revisit once or twice to check off every item off the list.

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Swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman at Stingray City is hands down one of the best experiences ever! It is not only the number one destination but also one of the best activities in the entire Caribbean that you cannot miss! With that said, there are a few elements to think about before planning your visit to Stingray City.

In this guide, I will be explaining everything you need to know about visiting Stingray City from my own first-hand experience. From the unique story of Stingray City to the reasons why swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman is ethical, how to choose a tour, what to expect, and more. So do not swim away, stay and read my ultimate guide of visiting Stingray City!

Full disclaimer –  Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

The Story of Stingray City

The story of how Stingray City became an attraction is quite unique. Back in the 1970s, fishermen would get attacked by mosquitos while cleaning their fish onshore. So they started to clean their fish in shallow water at a sandbar on the North Sound of the island. The fishermen would throw fish guts overboard and wild stingrays would swarm to eat the scraps. Eventually, Pavlov’s Law took into effect and the stingrays would correlate the sound of the fishermen boat engine to food.

After several years of this ritual, in 1981, two local diver instructors decided to take a leap of faith and feed the stingrays while underwater. The divers found the stingrays to be quite docile. Eventually, they were able to earn the trust of the stingrays and start hand feeding them. As lovers of marine biology, the divers began documenting the behavior of the stingrays. Thereafter, world-renowned journalists from the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic published articles of the stingrays for the entire world to see. Thus, swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman became an experience everyone wanted to be a part of – Stingray City was born. Now, Stingray City is the most profitabl and number one attraction and in the entire Caribbean.

Is Swimming with Stingrays in the Grand Cayman Ethical?

For those that are longtime readers, you know that we do not condone any unethical animal encounters. So when we heard about swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman, we thought, how could this possibly be ethical? After we did our research, we learned enough to know Stingray City is more than a tourist attraction – it is an ethical animal encounter. Then we visited Stingray City first-hand and learned more details on why this is an ethical experience. So if you have any doubts, here are a few insights which make swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman ethical.

Please note, we are not experts in animal encounters, we only have our own beliefs and do our best to have amazing experiences without endangering the well being of animals. Some may consider Stingray City to still be unethical, but to our best knowledge, we do not believe that to be true.

The Stingrays are WILD!

First and foremost, the stingrays at Stingray City in the Grand Cayman are WILD! These beautiful animals are not held in captivity whatsoever and have never been captured for profit. They are wild and come to Stingray City on their own. In fact, some wild stingrays choose to not come close to humans because it is too loud for them. Whereas the docile stingrays will swarm to anyone with food and allow to be held, stroked, and even kissed.

With that said, it is important to note that every tour guide respects the stingrays and their freedom. You will never (and should never) see any tour guide or visitor come up to a stingray and forcibly hold them. Instead, you will see the stingrays swim naturally to a human with or without food.

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Impact

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) has made a huge impact on maintaining Stingray City to be an ethical animal encounter. Moreover, the GHOF stingray census is the longest running study of any wildlife interactive site in the world. Since 2013, the GHOF has completed a bi-annual stingray survey. These surveys provide valuable information to help see the overall health of the stingray population in correlation to the impact tourism brings to the animals. The result is POSITIVE! In 2014-2015, the population of stingrays was around 80-90. Today, the survey has shown a population of at least 113 stingrays. So as you can see, they are repoduscing better than ever.

Feeding Regulations

Though Stingray City brings in the most income of any attraction in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands government puts the health of the animals as the first priority. How? In addition to the information above, the tour operators must follow guidelines. One of the guidelines is the food regulation. Whether a boat has 5 or 20 people on board, only one pound of food per boat. This helps regulate the intake of food for the stingrays. In fact, when there was a drop of visitors after Steve Irwin passed away, the Grand Cayman stingrays showed no signs of malnutrition. Which brings us back to the very first statement as to why swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman is ethical…..they are 100% wild animals.

Lastly, you will notice that I say swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman often. It is because some other destinations have tried to replicate Stingray City and have failed. Some have even tried to steal the microchipped stingrays and create their own Stingray City. It does not work like that because these stingrays are truly special. They are naturally docile and the Grand Cayman is their HOME. This is why Stingray City is a unique and special experience you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

When is the Best Time to Visit Stingray City?

The best time to swim with stingrays in the Grand Cayman at Stingray City is during sunrise or when there are little to none cruise ships. Otherwise, you are looking at a very overcrowded experience. With that said, I understand you cannot always get lucky with perfect timing (especially if you visit from a cruise). So regardless of when you visit, trust me when I say, any time of any day at Stingray City is still an amazing experience.

Sunrise Stingray City Tour

If you have the opportunity to visit Stingray City during sunrise – take it! Our friends were able to enjoy a Stingray City sunrise tour with Whitesand Water Sports and had the most unique experience for two main reasons. One, a sunrise tour will most likely have no more than two to three boats at Stingray City. In total, you could have dozens of stingrays amongst only 30 visitors. Compared to at least 10 other boats filled with 16 to 30 people each. Moreover, the other important reason is you are the first boat to the sandbar. Therefore, you get to watch dozens of stingrays come swarming to you. Yes, it might sound frightening, but our friends said it was one of the most breathtaking experiences ever!

Cruise Ship Ratio

If waking up at 6 am is not for you, do not worry, I completely understand. So the next best option (if possible), is to ask your tour operator how many cruise ships are visiting on the desired date. We went to Stingray City with only one cruise ship docked and still had at least 10 other boats among us. Ten other boats did not feel overwhelming at all – there was plenty of space for everyone to have a great experience, but it’s still a lot more than the sunrise option. So, I can only imagine what it must look like with more than two cruises docked in one day.

Choosing a Tour to Swim with Stingrays

Choosing the right tour operator to visit Stingray City is vital. It can truly make or break the amazing experience of swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman. When choosing your tour operator, I recommend looking at a few variables – price, location, time, group size, extra excursions, and reviews.

The location can play a huge factor in choosing the best tour operator to visit Stingray City. If you are staying along Seven Mile Beach or coming from the cruise terminal, you will want to book with a tour operator that provides complimentary transportation to the boat. Another component to consider is additional activities or sightseeing. A lot of tour operators will bundle Stingray City with either snorkeling, sailing, visiting Rum Point, Starfish Point, etc.

Furthermore, some tour operators will offer small group tours, but make sure you verify the maximum number in a group. Some may claim they have small groups, but they actually have at least 20 to 25 people per boat. In my opinion, that is not a small group because we only had 9 people in our tour. The length of the tour is also an important factor, especially if the group size is large. The more people in a three-hour tour, the less time being able to share the experience interacting with the stingrays. Moreover, a three-hour tour could be including the time to get to Stingray City and back – not the time actually spent swimming with the stingrays.

Of course, price is always something to consider when choosing a tour to swim with Stingrays in the Grand Cayman. Most tours will cost around $40 to $70. When comparing prices, look into what is offered i.e. free transportation to the dock, snorkel gear, group size, and length of the tour. Lastly, look at reviews! TripAdvisor is a great source to see previous customer reviews...

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Let me start this post off by saying Frisco is one of the COOLEST cities to enjoy in not only the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex but the entire state of Texas! There are so many fun things to do in Frisco over a weekend, especially for sports fans and gamers. Arlington may have the stadiums to watch the Cowboys and Rangers play, but Frisco also has professional sports teams in the city. They have the Cowboys World Headquarters where the Cowboys practice, a lazy river to watch the RoughRiders (AA team for the Rangers), and the Toyota Stadium where the FC Dallas soccer team plays. As for the video gaming world, Frisco has the National Video Game Museum and a restaurant dedicated to playing video games.

To have the perfect weekend in Frisco, I recommend checking the schedules for both the RoughRiders and FC Dallas home games. You can easily enjoy both games, The Star, National Soccer Hall of Fame, National Video Game Museum, and more – all in just one weekend. To help plan your epic weekend, I have created an itinerary at the end of this post so you can see what to expect. So without further ado, here are details of the most fun things to do in Frisco for a perfect weekend!

Full disclaimer –  We were invited by Visit Frisco to feature the city. As always, our opinions are non-biased and our own. Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

Fun Things to do in Frisco for Sports Fans

From the NFL to MiLB, and MLS – here are four fun things to do in Frisco for sports fans!

RoughRiders Game

Going to the RoughRiders Games at Dr. Pepper Ballpark is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Frisco for several reasons – intimate ballpark, great atmosphere, and they have a lazy river! Granted we love going to Rangers games in Arlington, but going to a RoughRiders game in Frisco has a special vibe in the air. It is also a great way to see future Ranger prospects since the RoughRiders are the Texas Rangers’ AA team. Moreover, tickets are also very budget-friendly! The most expensive ticket is only $21 for home plate seats and the cheapest is $8 to sit in the lawn.

Pro Tip: During the entire 6th inning, there will be a “special” for everyone to enjoy. For example, they can have $1 hot dogs, discounts at the shop, half-off burgers, and more.

Choctaw Lazy River

The coolest (no pun intended) part of going to a RoughRiders game is the Choctaw Lazy River. The lazy river is only open on Thursday and Sunday home games. Thursday nights are only for guests 21 years and older, whereas the Sunday games are more family-friendly oriented.

There are several reasons why the Choctaw Lazy River is unique – it’s heated year-round, has the best views of the ballpark, has free tubes, the entire lap is 400 feet, and it’s the ONLY lazy river pool at a professional sports stadium. The Choctaw Lazy River is located behind the right-field wall with all the best action. Every time the ball comes flying near right-field you will feel so close to the action!

Pro Tip: They do not supply towels so make sure you bring one!

Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Party @ the Yard

The fun just keeps going at the RoughRiders game which is why it’s truly one of the best things to do in Frisco! On every Thursday home game, the Deep Ellum Brewing Co. hosts Party @ the Yard – the biggest party in North Texas for everyone 21 years and older.

So in addition to fun, what’s included at Party @ the Yard? For starters, $1 beer throughout the entire game with a FREE koozie! Beer choices include Deep Ellum Brewing Co. fan-favorite, Dallas Blonde, Michelob Ultra, and Bud Light. There are also great seats in the center outfield, a DJ, food trucks, and tailgate games consisting of Jenga, trashcan beer pong, and corn hole.

Pro Tip: Make sure you get your $10 tickets in advance. Better yet, upgrade to gain access to the Choctaw Lazy River for just $25!

The Star Tour

Calling all Dallas Cowboys fans! A weekend in Frisco is not complete without going to The Star District and touring the Cowboys practice facility. It is definitely one of the best things to do in Frisco that you simply cannot miss! Moreover, just hanging out with families and friends at The Star District is a lot of fun.

The VIP Guided Tour of The Star is available to guests daily from 10 am to 6 pm with a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes. This special tour allows fans to get an inside look of the Cowboys training facility where the players practice 355 days of the year. So if you are lucky, you might be able to see a Cowboys player – we did! We saw Ezekiel Elliott! Furthermore, guests will also be able to see the Ford Center, the War Room, Nike Star Walk, Super Bowl Memorabilia, Grand Atrium, Press Room, cafeteria, weight room, and the locker room if permitted (tours are not allowed in the locker room when players are inside).

I won’t give everything away, but the Ford Center is the acclaimed 510,000 sq-foot indoor athletic facility. The War Room is a beautiful state-of-the-art conference room with the latest technology where the staff selects their players during the NFL Draft. This is a very cool room to see during the Star Tour, especially if you have seen the movie, Draft Day. Another great part of this tour is the history and memorabilia of the Cowboys. Even as Cowboys fans, we learned so much about America’s team that does not always get mentioned in the media.

Of course, one of the greatest highlights of the entire tour is being able to see all five of the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl trophies!!! Another fun highlight of The Star Tour is in the Press Room where the tour ends for final remarks. During this time, guests are able to take the opportunity to stand at the podium and make a speech (or just take fun photos).

Pro Tip: Please keep in mind, you cannot bring in backpacks or purses – only a clutch purse or clear tote bag. Also, camera lenses cannot exceed 3 inches long.

FC Dallas Soccer Game

As lovers of the sport, we could not spend a weekend in Frisco without going to a FC Dallas MLS game. Ever since our experience watching Juventus play in Italy, we have been itching to watch soccer again. Lo and behold, FC Dallas puts on a great atmosphere for soccer fans all around the world.

The FC Dallas team plays at the beautiful state-of-the-art Toyota Stadium that has a 20,500-seat capacity. There are several different unique areas throughout the stadium to provide guests the best soccer experience possible. Depending on the ticket you purchase, you can gain access to the elite Winners Club, the Red Star Club, Beer Garden, and more.

Pro Tip: You cannot bring in backpacks or purses – only a clutch purse or clear tote bag.

National Soccer Hall of Fame

Connected to the Toyota Stadium is the National Soccer Hall of Fame (NSHOF) – one of the most interactive and high-tech exhibits you will ever find. It is perfect for all ages, soccer lovers and new fans of the game. Visitors will start their experience at the NSHOF by creating a face recognition profile. So during the exhibit, you can pull your profile up by face recognition and partake in the interactive-technology focused exhibits.

Some of the exhibits you can enjoy at the National Soccer Hall of Fame..

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Whether you are visiting from out of town, a local or looking for a St. Louis getaway, a weekend in St. Charles, Missouri is a MUST! This city has so much charm and history that you are going to fall in love with this city as I have. I might be slightly biased because St. Charles is Adam’s hometown and as a couple, we have enjoyed several great weekends in St. Charles.

There are so many diverse things to do in St. Charles – from outdoor adventures to casual walks on Main Street with a refresh of American history. Furthermore, once springtime hits, you can easily find a fun festival to attend almost every weekend in St. Charles.

So with that said, please enjoy my local guide (thanks to Adam) of the perfect weekend in St. Charles Missouri.

Full disclaimer –  We were invited by St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau to feature the city. As always, our opinions are non-biased and our own. Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

How to Get Around for a Weekend in St. Charles

For both visitors and locals, a great way to get around and enjoy some of the best things to do in St. Charles is by the St. Charles Trolley or Uber.

The St. Charles trolley operates from April to December and is FREE for everyone! From start to finish it is a 30 minute loop around some of St. Charles best attractions. There are 11 stops which include the St. Charles Convention Center, Ameristar Casino Resort Spa, Streets of St. Charles, Frenchtown, Mark Twain Village and 5 stops along Main Street. It is a very easy and convenient way to travel in St. Charles.

Uber has been around for a few years, but just arrived in St. Charles. If you are unfamiliar with Uber, it is a reliable taxi service where you can share rides with others or request a private ride as an alternative to traditional taxi cabs. The fares are always shown to you up front and are usually a fair price. It is a fast and easy way to get around St. Charles because you can request a driver from the Uber app at any time – any day.

Friday Night and the Feeling’s Right

What better way to start your weekend in St. Charles than with fun games, craft beers, and maybe a little gambling too!

Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade

I cannot think of a better start to a weekend in St. Charles than this awesome microbrewery with ALL the games you can imagine! You will have to leave the children under 21 years old behind to enjoy classic board and arcade games. When I say Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade has ALL the games you can imagine, I am not exaggerating. I lost count after 50. I like to think of myself as a board game lover, but I had never heard of half of these board games before. They have classic cards and board games such as The Game of Life, Battleship, Clue, Guess Who?, UNO, Boggle, Risk, Monopoly, Operation in addition to some fantasy/science fiction ones. So grab a friend, a table and a craft beer and enjoy!

If cards and board games are not your thing, don’t worry, Two Plumbers also has several different classic arcade games and pinball machines. To name a few of my favorites are Time Crisis 2, The Simpsons, Frogger, Ms. Pacman, and Galaga. Most of the games are only 25 cents, and if you are anything like my brother-in-law, you might beat an entire game with less than five dollars.

In addition to all the fun games, what makes Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade special, is the other half of their name – brewery. They are a microbrewery creating some of the best beers in the state! On tap, you will find their latest featured beers which are always on rotation in addition to other craft brewery beers from Missouri and around the nation. To cap it off, they also serve delicious street food. Needless to say, you have everything you need to spend all night at Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade.

Ameristar Casino Resort Spa

For games with a little more money on the line, visit Ameristar Casino Resort Spa. The St. Charles Ameristar has one of the largest casino floors in the country boasting 130,000 square feet. You can place your lucky bet on slot machines, video poker, table games, baccarat or in the poker room.

Furthermore, going to Ameristar has been one of the local’s favorite things to do in St. Charles because it’s a little getaway within the city. In addition to the casino, Ameristar also features a hotel, relaxing spa, delicious dining options, luxury retail shops, and a night scene with bars and a night club. It is a little slice of Las Vegas within St. Charles.

Saturday’s on Main Street

Some of the best things to do in St. Charles is in the historic district, more commonly referred to as Main Street. Main Street is 14 blocks long and runs parallel to the Katy Trail and Missouri River. The beautiful red-brick-paved streets are filled with charming buildings dating back to the early 1800s. Today, these buildings have been fully restored and are now local retail shops, restaurants, and more.

We love Main Street so much, we could spend every weekend here! Whether it is to go shopping, eat delicious food, or simply enjoy a nice walk – a weekend in St. Charles is not complete without a visit to Main Street. So with that said, let me show you how to have the best day on Main Street!

Bike Stop Cafe

Bike Stop Cafe is the perfect spot to start your day on Main Street because every day needs to start off with a hearty meal. Their breakfast and lunch menu is heavily focused on healthy options using organic produce which includes their greens, drip coffee, espresso, and tea. Some of the menu options include salad, soup, sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, and more. In addition, the cafe is located along the Missouri River and Katy Trail so you can enjoy your breakfast inside the cute shop or outside on the patio with views of the Missouri River.

Must order: White Rabbit Latte, Triathlon Wrap, and Jodi’s Famous (Chocolate) Peanut Butter Balls.

In addition to delicious and healthy entrees, Bike Stop Cafe is also known for their bike rentals, service, and equipment. So if you enjoy biking, this is a great place to rent a bike and explore the Katy Trail. They even offer a shuttle service along the Katy Trail. Or if you are looking for a great family endeavor, you can rent their 2 or 4 seat pedal cars to bike on Main Street.

Shopping on Main Street

One of the best things to do in St. Charles is to simply walk on Main Street. The smell of the fresh air, green trees towering over the red-brick-street, and the beautiful historical buildings create a lovely atmosphere. With that said, it will take you a while to walk all 14 blocks quickly because every cute shop is going to tempt you to walk inside.

Main Street has all the shops you could ever imagine. From clothing stores to gourmet foods, little knick-knacks, and more. A few favorite shops I enjoy are Olde Town Spice Shoppe, Main Street Marketplace, and Di Olivas. Old Town Spice Shoppe has all the spices you need to perfectly season your dishes at home. Main Street Marketplace is the cutest building stocked with several tasty sampling dips, mustards, and sauces as well as jams, coffee, decorative accessories, gifts, and more. Di Olivas is the perfect store to find the most unique flavor infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar such as Smokey Chipotle Olive Oil and Cinnamon Pear Balsamic Vinegar. As you can see, after one walk on Main Street you will leave with your hands full of goodies for your next meal.

Little Hills Winery Wine Shop

Calling all wine enthusiasts, you cannot miss this shop on Main Street! Little Hills Winery is the only winery in the city of St. Charles and has some of the best wines I have ever had. The winery was founded in 1998 and has evolved into an award-winning winery producing between 16 and 20 different wines per year. You cannot tour the winery, but you can visit their wine shop on Main Street. To find out which wine you should walk away with, enjoy one of their wine tastings where you get to choose which wines to taste.

I did their wine tasting and enjoyed Little Hills Traminette, Ada Tyler’s Harvest Peach, Mead, and Chocolate Strawberry. Each wine was delicious, but my two favorites are the Traminette and Ada Tyler’s Harvest Peach. Traminette is a lovely table white wine for lunch or dinner while Ada Tyler’s Harvest Peach is a wonderful semi-sweet wine to end a meal. If you are looking for something truly unique, the Chocolate Strawberry tastes EXACTLY like you are enjoying a chocolate covered strawberry! To top this amazing wine tasting off, with the tastings of at least four wines, you walk away with a complimentary Little Hills Winery souvenir glass.

Grandma’s Cookies

To continue your sweet adventure on Main Street, head to Grandma’s Cookies – a store not only known locally but around the world! Grandma’s Cookies history dates back to 1976 and has been making people smile ever since with her famous homemade cookies.

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Looking for the best ice cream in Dallas? Then you have come to the perfect place! I will be your local guide to find the very best ice cream in the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth area. As a local and former pastry chef, I have searched far and wide to create this elite list of ice cream shops. Whether you are looking for soft serve, custard, gelato, rolled, artisan, old-fashioned, liquid nitrogen or unique flavors – I have it all in my list of the best ice cream in Dallas!

Since the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is the 7th largest metro area in the United States, it is safe to presume that these ice cream shops are spread out throughout the metroplex. So rest assured, there will be at least one ice cream shop in a city near you! From Ft. Worth to Denton, Frisco, Carrollton, Plano and more – my list of the best ice cream in Dallas covers the entire metroplex.

Please note this list of the best ice cream in Dallas is not ranked in order. It is only listed alphabeticlly in order by category.

Best Gelato in Dallas

As an Italian, I am slightly biased because I will be starting my best ice cream in Dallas with gelato! Gelato goes much further than being Italian-style ice cream. It has a different mouthfeel than regular ice cream because it uses less cream and eggs (or none at all) which results in 70% less fat. So yes, gelato is a healthier dessert! Furthermore, gelato is churned at a very slow speed to incorporate less air, which also helps create the soft, velvety texture.


Locations: Plano and Fort Worth

This gelato shop in Dallas is special to me because I remember seeing them all over Italy in 2016 thinking wow, this need to be in Dallas! Three years later and it is here. Yes, this gelato is truly authentic because Amorino was created in Italy back in 2002 between two childhood friends. Now it is a giant empire with countless locations around the world.

Amorino was founded on the philosophy “to create the highest quality of authentic traditional Italian gelato by using only organic and natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavorings.” Over 28 different flavors later, they continue to achieve success based on their philosophy. Furthermore, they have taken traditional Italian gelato and created a masterpiece or as some people would say, “Instagram-worthy” gelato. With precise concentration and detail, Amorino takes your gelato and creates a rose bouquet! Some of the unique Italian flavors to incorporate into your gelato rose bouquet include Mascarpone Figs, Amerena Cream & Black Cherries, Chocolate & Hazelnut, and of course, Tiramisu.

Must order: a rose bouquet with Tiramisu, Amerena Cream & Black Cherries, and Dulce de Leche.


Location: Dallas

When I stepped inside Botolino, I felt like I was in Italy all over again. The authenticity begins with the owner Carlo “Botolo” Gattini. His family moved from Tuscany to Dallas 30 years ago when he was fifteen. Making gelato is like second nature to Carlo because his grandmother served gelato in her shop. She also resurrected the epicurean magazine La Cucina Italiana, which I had a subscription to growing up – what a small world! Moreover, as I briefly stated, Botolino has an authentic Italian feel from the steel containers they store gelato in, the pure ingredients, to the owner, and the traditional way of making gelato.

What makes Botolino one of the best ice creams in Dallas is the flavor and consistency. Every ingredient is pure, not processed and is locally sourced when possible such as pecans and honey. They even grind all the nuts and make everything in-house i.e. peanut butter, mint infusions, jelly, and more. Another special element Botolino brings to Dallas is their “Italo Texano” style. Carlo takes his Italian recipes and traditions of using pure ingredients and combines it with local influences. In addition to Italian flavors, you can find also find American flavors such as Apple Pie, Dallas Honey, Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich, N.Y. Cheesecake, Red Velvet, and more. With at least 60 flavors on rotation (including dairy-free sorbetto), you are bound to find your perfect flavor. If not, you can also request any flavor in their suggestion box! To top it off, Botolino also sells Italian gelato cakes. Carlo takes the classic American ice cream cake and turns it into an Italian masterpiece.

Must order: you cannot go wrong with any flavor, but I highly recommend several scoops of Gianduia, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, and Mascaropone and Figs.


Several locations in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Arlington, Ft. Worth, Grapevine, McKinney, and Mesquite

To say Paciugo is one of the best ice creams in Dallas would be an understatement because most locals can tell you that it is like the godfather of gelato in Dallas, Texas. No one was talking about gelato in Dallas before Paciugo arrived. I remember growing up that having a scoop of gelato from Paciugo was a luxury. So when I learned my aunt and uncle were opening a Paciugo at Shops at Legacy, I was ecstatic!

Paciugo started in 2000 when founders Ugo and Cristiana Ginatta moved from Turin, Italy to Dallas, Texas. Since then, Paciugo has become a gelato empire in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and has expanded to more locations throughout the United States. What makes Paciugo special is their consistency throughout every shop, its silky smooth texture, and 300 delicious flavors using locally sourced and all natural fresh ingredients. Their flavors rotate seasonally, but you will always find fan-favorites such as Amaretto Chocolate Chip, Pistachio, Panna Cotta (Wedding Cake), and Texas Pecan Sea Salt Caramel. In fact, the Texas Pecan Sea Salt Caramel won one of two spots at the US gelato festival and advanced to the 2020 world finals! Furthermore, Paciugo is one of the first ice cream shops to serve plant-based options. You can also find dairy-free sorbets, gelato shakes, and Gelatte – rich steamed milk poured over espresso with your choice of gelato. Needless to say, there is a delicious option for everyone at Paciugo!

Must order: a waffle cone with three giant scoops of Pistachio, Amaretto Chocolate Chip, and the award-winning Texas Pecan Sea Salt Caramel.


Locations: Dallas, Fort Worth, and Richardson

What do you get when you combine gelato and popsicles? Popbar! Popbar creates all natural, handcrafted gelato on a stick. This phenomenon started back in 2010 in New York City and now has over 25 shops spanned across four countries. Of course, everything is bigger in Texas, so there are 8 shops in the state (tied with California) with three in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

What makes Popbar unique and one of the best ice cream shops in Dallas is not only the creation of gelato on a stick but also their nutritional value and customization. All of the pops are gluten-free and made with all natural ingredients – no added sugar, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. There are over 40 different flavors with three types of pops – gelato, sorbetto, and yogurt. Once you choose your flavor and type of pop, you can customize it by dipping it in chocolate and covering it with delicious toppings. The flavor combinations are almost endless which makes it pretty intimidating, so they also include a menu to help you decide your flavor and topping combination. In addition, they keep the most popular flavors and rotate the rest.

Must order: My masterpiece creation of Strawberry Yogurtpop dipped in white chocolate and covered in Fruity Pebbles.

Best Shaved and Rolled Ice Cream in Dallas

For the last few years rolled ice cream has been a hot trend in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with shaved ice cream becoming a rising star.

Rolled ice cream, also known as Thai rolled ice cream, is a sweetened frozen dessert from Southeast Asia that has taken over the hearts of Americans. It is made with milk, cream, sugar, and any additional ingredients to incorporate flavors. Then the liquid mixture is poured and stirred together onto an advanced cold plate around -20°F. This technique eliminates the need to add in additional fat to the ice cream, so it is slightly healthier. Once the mixture is mixed together thoroughly, it gets spread thinly across the cold plate in a square and then scrapped into rolls. The final step is placing each rolled ice cream vertically into a cup and covered in toppings. The result is not only unique and special but also velvety smooth and delicious!

Shaved ice cream, also known as milk snow or snow cream, is a popular Taiwanese frozen dessert. It is made with milk or cream and a flavoring of choice. Then the mixture is frozen in a cylinder and a special machine slices it into paper-thin sheets inside a bowl per order. It is typically finished with fresh fruit and drizzled with condensed milk. The texture is almost hard to believe it is so light, creamy, and refreshing.


Locations: Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Rockwall

Since opening in 2016, Chills360 has been one of the most popular ice cream shops in Dallas. It is also the first rolled ice cream shop in Dallas and thus, has expanded quickly to open in other locations in both the metroplex and the entire state of Texas.

What makes Chills360 one of the best ice creams in Dallas, is not only their unique Thai rolled ice cream but their ability to engage with their guests. You not only watch the artists make your rolled ice cream in front of you, but they also will write your name on your ice cream! Furthermore, they only use the freshest ingredients – no preservatives or stabilizers are added. Some of their fun flavors include Monkey Business (banana and Nutella), Cookie Monster (Oreos), Pinky Promise (strawberry and graham cracker), and Ice Ice Baby (taro and lychee). Once you pick your choice of flavor, you can also add additional toppings and sauce if you want your name written!

Must order: Cookie Monster with chocolate sauce!


Location: Dallas

If you are looking for a healthier frozen dessert, Snowbaby has it! The best way to describe this local “ice cream” shop in Dallas is if a snow cone and ice cream have a baby, you would get Snowbaby! Snowbaby is inspired by Tawainese shaved ice cream and uses only the freshest certified organic and locally sourced ingredients. They also only use pure cane sugar and condensed milk as a sweetener. You will not find any artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives in this ice cream shop. In fact, even the sprinkles are colored with turmeric, vegetable and fruit juices! Snowbaby’s shaved ice cream is the perfect healthy dessert option to satisfy your sweet tooth. Depending on what you order, there are no more than 200 calories and the portions are not small by any means.

Snowbaby is founded by Chrissy Kuo and opened in March 2018. She created Snowbaby to offer her community a fresh and healthy dessert option. Snowbaby is not only one of the best “ice creams” in Dallas, but also one of the best supporters of local businesses and the community. Chrissy supports local communities such as White Rock Coffee and gluten-free Unrefined Bakery by using their products in her shaved ice creations. Speaking of creations, some of the signature items include Pina Colada, Birthday Cake, and Choco-Cappuccino. Furthermore, one of their most popular seasonal offerings is shaved ice from Buda Juice’s Blue Lemonade. If the signature creations do not delight you – create your own by choosing any flavor and additional toppings. The options are almost endless, but they are all healthy!

Must order: Pinda Colada Snowbaby creation

Wonders Ice Cream

Location: Dallas

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One of the most beautiful times of the year in the Lone Star State is spring because it becomes colorful with the most beautiful flowers in full bloom. You can find orange and yellow wildflowers popping up throughout the Texas hill country and of course, the Texas state flower, the bluebonnet. People travel near and far to see the famous bluebonnet flower and Ennis, Texas is the best city to see them. Moreover, Ennis is the official Bluebonnet City of Texas which features the famous Bluebonnet Trail.

Needless to say, Ennis is where you want to find and see bluebonnets. So, I have created the ultimate guide. You will learn the best time to visit and see the bluebonnets, what to expect, which Bluebonnet Trails to take, where to eat, and more – I have everything you need to know about Ennis Bluebonnets!

Full disclaimer –  Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

When to Visit Ennis Bluebonnet Trail

The beautiful Ennis bluebonnets will start blooming in mid-March and will reach full peak in April. So the best time to visit and see the Ennis bluebonnets is during its full bloom which is typically the entire month of April. With that said, the bluebonnets will reach their full peak at different times of the month. Most of the time, the Ennis bluebonnets will be at its best peak near the third week of April.

Since Ennis is the official Bluebonnet City of Texas, they do an excellent job of keeping the public informed of the bluebonnets. In fact, they have a designated Ennis Garden Club that drives the Bluebonnet Trail every week to check the bloom status. So it is highly recommended that you visit the Ennis bluebonnet website to receive weekly updates.

Ennis Bluebonnet Festival

The Ennis Bluebonnet Festival takes place every year in April for three days (Friday – Sunday) and is FREE ADMISSION! Over the course of the three days, visitors can find arts and crafts, bluebonnet souvenirs, wildflower walks, wine sampling, live performances, children’s activities, scenic country rides, state fair rides, and more. It is truly the perfect festival for everyone of all ages.

How to See Ennis Bluebonnets

The best way to see the Ennis bluebonnets is on their official Bluebonnet Trail which runs annually from April 1-30. With that said, the Texas state flower can also be seen throughout the city and on the side of roads. Moreover, you can enjoy the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail at your own leisurely pace or on a 2 hour guided tour with a member of the Ennis Garden Club for $50.

On the Bluebonnet Trail, you will see the bluebonnets in parks, lakesides, along fences, in vast fields, and private properties. When you visit the bluebonnets along private property fences, remember to respect the bluebonnets and the locals. Do not go on private property! Make sure you read the signs and abide by the law.

What to Expect on the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trail is the oldest trail known in Texas and is over 40 miles. The best way to follow the trail is by vehicle because the trails are on gravel roads and paved roads. The rule of thumb is you can pull off on the side of any road as long as you do not block driveways or fire hydrants. Depending on how much of the trail you want to see and the number of times you stop to take photos, you could spend at least five hours driving the Bluebonnet Trail – we did.

As I briefly stated earlier, the Ennis Garden Club will drive the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail every week to check the bloom status. Then they will report their status to the visitor center so they can create a weekly trail map for visitors. So what might be the best trail one week may be different during the next week. With that said, I highly recommend you visit the Ennis Visitor Center before you begin the Bluebonnet Trail. They not only provide a color-coded and informative map, but they also walk you through the different trails and help answer any questions you may have. Overall, I was very impressed with the center. They were very organized to truly make the Bluebonnet Trail the best experience possible.

How to Follow the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail

Again, every year the trails will vary, but to help guide you through what to expect on the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail, I will use my personal experience with the trails I drove. During the peak week (third week of April), we were able to visit three trails – west, south, and north. Furthermore, to follow the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail, use the trail map as your guide. There will also be small visible Bluebonnet Trail signs on almost every left or right turn on the trail to help guide you along.

West Trail

The West Trail is just west of the Ennis Visitor Center and downtown area. It is the shortest trail, but it is suggested that visitors take their family photos on the West Trail at specific locations. To be honest, all of the marked locations had the least amount of bluebonnets because so many people had visited throughout the month. With that said, it was easy to find areas to sit and take photos because of the footprints people left behind. The best part of the West Trail is Lake Bardwell. The bluebonnets along Lake Bardwell not only provide the most beautiful scenery but also the best place to gather for a family picnic. There are several picnic tables with shaded areas to enjoy a lovely lunch.

South Trail

On the South Trail, you can expect to find a lot of beautiful bluebonnets in full bloom along the barbed fences and on private properties. Remember, you cannot go on private property and should respect the bluebonnets along the fences as well. There is one property off Zmikek Rd and Mach Rd that has bluebonnets covering every inch of the vast front yard. It is one of the most beautiful properties and scenic landscapes of the Ennis bluebonnets on the South Trail.

North Trail
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We all visit Paris for something magical. Whether it is to find love, unravel history, marvel at art, go on a shopping spree, or eat macarons and croissants – but chances are we all have one thing in common, to see the Eiffel Tower. So why not see the Eiffel Tower every day? To truly make your trip to Paris one you will never forget, book one of the best hotels with an Eiffel Tower view. There is nothing more special in Paris than waking up with a perfect view of the Effiel Tower from your hotel room.

Here are five of the best hotels with an Eiffel Tower view from the room. Starting from the top of the list is the most budget-friendly 3-star hotel followed by a few 4-star hotels and finished with a 5-star hotel on the higher end. Regardless of price, they are all amazing hotels with an Eiffel Tower view based on my own personal experience and from fellow travel bloggers.

Full disclaimer –  Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

3-Star Hotel with an Eiffel Tower View

Les Jardins d’Eiffel

Les Jardins d’Eiffel is one of the best 3-star hotels with an Eiffel Tower view from your room. With that said, not all of the rooms have an Eiffel Tower view. The rooms with an Eiffel Tower view are only available in the privileged rooms – and what a privilege it is to stay in these luxurious rooms. Furthermore, the hotel has undergone recent renovations and the rooms look even more spectacular! The rooms have a French traditional style with a touch of modern design.

When we stayed at Les Jardins d’Eiffel’s privileged room, every morning and night felt like a fairy tale. During the evening, the Eiffel Tower would sing us a lullaby with its twinkling lights sparkling throughout the night. Then in the morning, there was never a better start to our day in Paris than a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower from our room.

In addition to an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower from our hotel room, Les Jardins d’Eiffel also has generous and welcoming hospitality. They were always attentive to all our needs, held our luggage before we checked in, provided us with excellent dining options and information to help guide us throughout the city. Furthermore, the location could not have been better. We truly loved the location of Les Jardins d’Eiffel, we were a 15-minute walking distance to the Eiffel Tower, 20-minute walk from Champs Elysees and two blocks from the nearest metro. Near the hotel were some great pastry shops and restaurants that felt more local than touristy, which made our trip feel more authentic.

Just remember, when you book a privileged room, a view of the Eiffel Tower is not always guaranteed. So make sure you contact the hotel and request a room with an Eiffel Tower view and Les Jardins d’Eiffel hotel will do their best to accommodate based upon availability.

Book your hotel room with an Eiffel Tower view at Les Jardins d’Eiffel here.

4-Star Hotels with an Eiffel Tower View

First Hotel

First Hotel is a 4-star design hotel in Paris located in the 15th arrondissement. The rooms at the First Hotel have a modern, black and white interior design that provides all the comfort you need. All of the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a flat screen tv with satellite channels, free wifi, a safe, ensuite bathroom, an iPod docking station, and a mini bar. The rooms are not huge but this is the case all around Paris. However, the deluxe rooms and suites have a wonderful Eiffel Tower view from the room.

Though Paris is world renowned for its delicious bakeries, First Hotel offers a good breakfast for guests. For a romantic morning, you can enjoy breakfast in bed in your hotel room with a view of the Eiffel Tower. You can also enjoy their lounge to relax, drink coffee, or simply read the newspaper.

In addition to being one of the best hotels with an Eiffel Tower view from the rooms, it is also perfectly located in Paris. It is right in front of the Cambronne metro station (literally a 30-second walk) and only a 5-minute walk to La Motte Picquet station which can take visitors almost anywhere in Paris. Ligne 8 will take you to the Opera district and ligne 1 will take you to Concorde and les Champs Elysees. Lastly, it is a lovely 15-20 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower itself.

Myriam from Tranneta’s Travels

Book your hotel room with an Eiffel Tower view at First Hotel here.

Hotel Le Littré

If you are looking for a quality hotel with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower, take a look at Hotel Le Littré. The hotel is situated in the Montparnasse area of town, just a few metro stops from all the major sites in the area and easy access to the Montparnasse train station, which makes getting around France very convenient.  

The 4-star hotel has five superior rooms on the top 2 floors that have a perfect view over the rooftops of Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Not only is there a great view, but it also has a patio outside the French doors where you can enjoy a glass of wine and cheese in the evening or a delicious breakfast in the morning. 

We were so thrilled to be welcomed to Paris by the site of the Eiffel Tower outside of our window and to be able to take a look at it whenever we wanted to. We especially enjoyed the view at night as the tower sparked every hour. 

Beyond the amazing view, the hotel serves a hot breakfast with savory and sweet dishes that is included in your stay.  Breakfast with jam or chocolate filled crescents, sausage, eggs, fruits, meats, and cheeses make for a great way to start the day. You can also take advantage of the on-site sauna, laundry service, full bar, and attentive staff. 

Dan from Honeymoon Always

Book your hotel room with an Eiffel Tower view at Hotel Le Littré here.

The Westin Paris – Vendôme

 I visit Paris once or twice a year and one of my favorite hotels to stay at is the Westin Paris – Vendôme, located on the corner of Rue de Rivoli and Rue de Castiglione in the first arrondissement. It is exceptionally located across the street from the Tuileries Garden (Jardin des Tuileries) and the Louvre. From many of the hotel rooms, you will have incredible views of the Eiffel Tower, and hotel garden, in addition to the Roue de Paris (Ferris wheel), and l’Assemblee Nationale. On the flip side, the Westin is super close to the ritzy Place Vendôme and a couple of blocks walk to the Opéra District.

The 4-star hotel has a great breakfast buffet, nice bar and even when I am not staying in the hotel, I use their luxurious bathrooms on the first floor – hey, it isn’t always easy to find a restroom in Paris! It’s also a convenient place to grab a taxi. Furthermore, there are lots of meetings and small conferences at the hotel – I’ve seen French dignitaries and people from all over the world in the lounges and lobbies, bonus people watching! Of course one of my favorite things is that it’s super close to Angelina’s so I can pop in for one of their hot chocolates any time I want!

I may love the convenient location and generous breakfast, but in the end,  it is the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that I have witnessed time after time from the windows of the Westin Paris Vendôme that bring me back reapetedly.

Andi from Mis Adventures with Andi

Book your hotel room with an Eiffel Tower view at Westin Paris Vendôme here.

5-Star Hotel with an Eiffel Tower View

Hotel San Regis

Located on a quiet, charming street off the famed Avenue Montaigne and Triangle d’Or, the Hotel San Regis is a classy and beautiful Parisian style 5-star hotel with an haute couture feel. The Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Seine River, and the high-end boutiques of the Champs-Elysées are all within easy walking distance. Moreover, many celebrities have stayed here such as Gene Kelly and Lauren Bacall.

The San Regis was originally a private mansion until 1923. French designer Pierre-Yves Rochon did the interiors of the hotel in addition to the Four Seasons Georges V and the Shangri-La, Paris.

Although there is no gym or spa on the property – Hotel San Regis makes up for it with exceptional service. They also have a Clefs d’Or concierge who can help with anything you need.

The colors, fabrics, and furniture combinations in each of the 42 rooms and suites are a little different. All ‘Classique’ (standard double) rooms have modern furnishings, floral patterned Hermès wallpaper, wood panelling, and antique portraits. The decoration becomes more unique and eccentric in higher room grades, including elaborate Versailles-style décor.

Highly recommended is the Deluxe Junior Suite, which boasts an unforgettable view of the Eiffel Tower and Paris from your balcony. You’ll want to spend every second here on the amazing balcony! Furthermore, make sure to get breakfast in the morning on this balcony.

Henry and Zory from This Life Of Travel

Book your hotel room with an Eiffel Tower view at Hotel San Regis here.

So, have you found your perfect hotel with an Eiffel Tower view from the room yet? I hope you have because each one of these hotels is special and will truly make your trip to Paris magical!

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Taking a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park is perfect for anyone. Whether you are an avid hiker, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, a couple taking engagement photos, or a casual bystander, there is something special for everyone to see at Joshua Tree in one day.

We have been to several U.S. National Parks and Joshua Tree is the first park we think is truly unique. One of the fascinating elements of Joshua Tree is that it’s not just a vast desert, but two distinct desert ecosystems – Mojave and Colorado. Furthermore, every national park we have visited so far has been to enjoy incredible hikes to high peaks. However with Joshua Tree, though there are lovely hiking trails, we felt more at peace just driving through and admiring the desert landscape and plant life. Joshua Tree is also one of very few U.S. National Parks that can be seen entirely in one day. Therefore, a day trip to Joshua Tree is perfect for anyone coming from San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Phoenix!

Full disclaimer –  Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

Best Time to Visit Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is open all year-long but since it is a desert, the best time to visit is during the spring and fall. Late February to early May are the recommended months to visit Joshua Tree because the weather is perfect and wildflowers are beginning to bloom. These months are also some of the busiest times of the year, so if you can visit during the week that would be your best option. From late September through November, there are fewer crowds and the weather is perfect for scenic hikes or rock climbing. In fact, September through October is always our favorite time of the year to hike and enjoy a national park vacation.

The Best Things to See in Joshua Tree in One Day

Though the park is over 800,000 acres large, there are a handful of essential things to see in Joshua Tree that can all be done in one day. From hiking trails to taking picturesque photos – here is a list of things to see in Joshua Tree to help plan what you want to do in one day.

Recommended Route

Based on personal experience, here is my recommendation of the perfect route to enjoy Joshua Tree in one day. Of course, if you are coming from the south entrance station then you can enjoy my route in vice-versa.

Starting at the west entrance station, begin your day trip to Joshua Tree by admiring the vast Mojave desert landscape filled with the iconic Joshua trees. Take your time driving through and feel free to stop, walk along paths (Hidden Valley is a nice one), and take plenty of photos. Then make your way to Skull Rock to see the famous formation, followed by Arch Rock. Lastly, a day trip to Joshua Tree is not complete without a visit to Cholla Cactus Garden. After Cholla Cactus Garden, you can make your drive back up through the park and continue to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Joshua Trees

Of course, you must see the Joshua trees at Joshua Tree National Park. They are not hard to find but only located within the Mojave desert of the park (the west side). You can find a vast amount of Joshua trees along Park Boulevard road with plenty of places to stop, walk, and take pictures. We really enjoyed stopping near Hidden Valley to take our scenic photos of Joshua trees.

For those wanting to enjoy a short nature walk surrounded by Joshua trees, Cap Rock is a great trail. It is a quick and easy 0.4-mile loop (30 – 45 minutes) with unique boulder piles, Joshua trees, Mojave yucca, juniper, and other desert plants, and flowers.

Skull Rock

Nature is a wonderful and surprising gift. Who would have thought that raindrops accumulating over time could create a granite rock to start eroding and turn into the shape of a skull? It is easy to get to the iconic Skull Rock. In fact, you can see it from the road and park very closeby. From the parking lot, it only takes about 2 minutes to walk to Skull Rock.

If you are up for a 1.7-mile loop hike (1-2 hours), you can start the Skull Rock Nature Trail at Jumbo Rocks Campground and enjoy a scenic trail to your Skull Rock treasure.

Arch Rock

Arch Rock has become beloved by several visitors throughout the years and is a site you cannot miss on your Joshua Tree day trip. It might not be as magnificent as the ones at Arches National Park, but it is still a beautiful work of art by Mother Nature. In fact, if you look closely and use your imagination, it actually resembles an elephant head and trunk!

If you are up for just one short hike during your Joshua Tree day trip, this one is it! To get to Arch Rock, park at White Tank Campground and find the marked trailhead near site #9. Then walk 0.5-miles (30 minutes) along the trail and viola, you will come across an arch rock shaped like an elephant’s head.

Cholla Cactus Garden

Though both Skull Rock and Arch Rock are amazing, the Cholla Cactus Garden surprised us the most with its sheer beauty. It is definitely one of the best things to see in Joshua Tree National Park. I have never seen such exquisite nature before walking amongst the thousands of densely concentrated cholla cactus. If you fall in love with the Cholla Cactus Garden as we did, you can enjoy a lovely 0.25-mile (15 minutes) walk surrounded by the fuzzy cacti. Remember it is a cactus – though it looks warm, fuzzy and cuddly, do not touch it!

Best Major Cities to Take a Day Trip to Joshua Tree

I won’t stop anyone from taking a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park no matter where they are coming from, but the best way to see Joshua Tree in one day is by coming from San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Phoenix. When you are coming from any of these cities, you can expect your day trip to Joshua Tree (including the round trip drive) to take anywhere between 10 to 12 hours. So ideally you would want to start your morning drive no later than 8 am and leave the park around 4 to 5 pm.

There are three different entrance stations into Joshua Tree National Park – west, north, and south. Depending on the city you are driving from will dictate which entrance station is the best option. The entire drive inside Joshua Tree from the west and north entrance stations to the south takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes without any stops. With that said, during the weekends, especially on the holidays, the west entrance station is extremely busy. So if you are not arriving early and it’s during peak season, driving to the north entrance might be a better option.

Joshua Tree Day Trip from San Diego and Los Angeles

One of the best things to do in California is visiting Joshua Tree National Park. Luckily for those in San Diego and Los Angeles, a day trip to Joshua Tree is very easy. When you are driving from San Diego and Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, you will want to enter at the west entrance station. The drive from San Diego to Joshua Tree takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes whereas, from Los Angeles, it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.

In my opinion, I think the west (also referred to as main) is the best entrance into Joshua Tree National Park. You immediately begin in the Mojave Desert where you see an abundant amount of Joshua trees spanning for miles on end. It is also a very easy and straight forward drive because you hit all the best things to see in Joshua Tree within 45 minutes.

Joshua Tree Day Trip from Las Vegas

If you are coming from Las Vegas to Joshua Tree, the closest entrance station is north, but I recommend driving 30 extra minutes to the west entrance station for reasons listed above. The drive from Las Vegas to Joshua Tree’s west entrance station is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

I recommend following the route from the west entrance station and after you visit the Cholla Cactus Garden, exit the park through the north entrance station.

Joshua Tree Day Trip from Phoenix

When you are coming from Phoenix, the best entrance station to Joshua Tree National Park is from the south. This entrance into the park begins in the Colorado Desert, whereas the west and north entrance stations are in the Mojave Desert. It is also a lot less crowded than the other two, so enjoy the serenity until you enter further into the park with the crowds.

I recommend following the route from the south to the west entrance station and enjoying all the sights along the way. Then exit the park and drive home from CA-62 E to CA-177 S, then I-10 E until Phoenix. It is almost an hour faster than driving back through the park, but if you want to enjoy the scenery again, I do not blame you.

Final Notes for a Day Trip to Joshua Tree

In addition to no cell service, there are also no places to eat inside Joshua Tree. So I recommend packing a nice lunch and enjoy a great outdoor picnic. With that said, please do not forget to bring plenty of WATER! It is a desert after all.

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Out of all the popular destinations in Italy, Rome is by far one of my favorite cities to visit. Everywhere you look there is beautiful architecture, history to unravel and romance in the air. As the nation’s capital and largest city, you can imagine that there is plenty to see and explore. From famous landmarks such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill, to visiting the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City – how could 2 days in Rome be enough time?

To be honest, there is so much to see and enjoy in Rome that 1 – 2 days is not nearly enough, but it CAN be done. With that said, if you want to explore at a more leisurely pace or enjoy a delicious food tour, I highly recommend visitors spend 4 days in Rome. However, I know that time is not always in our favor.

So to help make the most of your trip, I have created this first timer’s guide to see Rome in 2 days. This guide will help maximize your time and explore all of Rome’s bucket list places including the Vatican City. I discuss the best way to get to Rome, transportation throughout the city, travel cards to get fast pass entry to attractions, the best sights you cannot miss and more!

Full disclaimer –  Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

The Best Way to Get Around Rome

When you only have 2 days in Rome, you need to make the most of your time. So here are a few notes to getting into the city and traveling within it.

Visit Rome by Train

Whether you are flying into Rome or coming from another city, the best way to get into the city center is by train. My recommendation is purchasing your tickets ahead of time to save both time and money. The main train station to arrive at is Roma Termini inside Rome’s city center.

If you are coming by plane to Leonardo da Vinci airport, then you can take the non-stop Leonardo Express train (€14 per person) to Roma Termini. Once you make it to Roma Termini Station, you will be able to travel easily by foot or metro.

Rome Day Pass (BIG)

A Rome Day Pass (BIG) ticket allows unlimited public transportation from the moment the ticket is validated until midnight of the same day. The BIG ticket travel card costs a total of 6€ per person and can be purchased at vending machines inside any metro station or convenience stores. The travel card includes unlimited transportation transfers between the metro, buses, trams, and urban trains. For 2 days in Rome, you will want to purchase two BIG travel cards. If you plan on staying for 3 days, you can upgrade to the 3 Day Tourist Pass (BTI). I highly recommend purchasing BIG if you do not want to do a lot of walking because there are buses and metro stations at all the major sightseeing destinations.

Walking in Rome

As stated before, Rome is the largest city in Italy so be prepared to pack your best walking shoes. Though you can expect to walk several miles a day, it is the most rewarding and majestic way to see The Eternal City. Furthermore, you can easily burn off all those pasta and pizza carbs!

The Omnia Vatican and Rome Pass Card

Though this card is for 3 days, it is a great investment for 2 days in Rome too. For only 113€ the Omnia Vatican and Rome Pass includes:

  • FREE entry with FAST TRACK pass to St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel – plus a free Wi-Fi downloadable audio guide for St. Peter’s Basilica
  • FREE entry to your choice of 2 out of 7 popular Rome attractions:
    • FAST TRACK pass to Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
    • Capitoline Museums, Carcer Tullianum, Museum of Rome, Borghese Gallery, and National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo
  • FREE hop-on-hop-off bus tour ticket of Rome for 3 days
  • FREE travelcard (like the 3 Day Tourist Pass) for unlimited access to Rome’s public transport system
  • A FREE detailed guidebook of Rome
  • Discounted entry to over 30 other Rome sights, attractions, and museums

The Omnia Vatican and Rome Pass have plenty of great values and benefits. This travel card can save you a lot of time, specially when you are only in Rome for 2 days. However, it does not include any guided tours and only one audio guide at St. Peter’s Basilica. So if self-guided tours are not your preferred method of travel, it will be in your best interest to purchase budget-friendly tours in Rome with fast track entry.

You purchase the Omnia Vatican and Rome Pass online and either pick up your travel packet in Rome or pay for shipping. I recommend paying for the shipping and have it delivered to your house, so you arrive into Rome ready to go. Once you enter your first attraction using the travel card, it will automatically activate and will only be valid for three consective days.

Rome in 2 Days – Sights to See on Day 1

I would arrive in Rome as early as possible to start your Roman adventures. Based on my personal experience, the following 2 days in Rome is what I recommend. Please use this as a guide to help plan your trip and if you have any questions or need further assistance, contact me.

Your schedule will dictate which day and/or attraction you should visit first – i.e. if you need to do these 2 days in Rome vice–versa. Furthermore, some of these popular attractions can be combined for a full day sightseeing tour or you can visit them individually on your own.

Feel Like a Gladiator at the Colosseum

I cannot think of a better start to Rome than exploring the Colosseum, one of the Seven New Wonders of the World and Rome’s greatest landmark. The reason why I recommend going to the Colosseum first is that there are so many ways to see and explore the amphitheater. You can go on a guided tour, virtual reality tour, gain exclusive access to the Underground Colosseum, or just walk on your own. The options are almost endless, just note that you can expect to be here for almost 4 hours.

The first entry into the Roman amphitheater is at 8:30 am year-round. The number one thing you need to know about the Colosseum is to obtain your tickets beforehand and reserve a time slot! (even if you purchased the Rome Pass, you need to make online reservations). I cannot stress enough that if you visit the Colosseum without reserving your tickets beforehand, you will waste so much precious time that otherwise could be spent wandering the Eternal City. I am not exaggerating when I say that it probably took visitors without tickets at least three hours to get in. Even my family and I had pre-purchased tickets and we still had to wait in line for quite a while. Furthermore, visitors with a FAST TRACK entry should know that you also have to wait in a long line because everyone must go through security.

Once you make your way through the lines and set your eyes inside the largest amphitheater in the world, you will instantly be in awe and feel like a gladiator. It is one thing to see the Colosseum in photos or even in person outside, but to be standing inside this historical amphitheater where gladiators fought is an unreal feeling.

Explore Ruins at the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Just across the street from the Colosseum is the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, known as the Heart of Rome. Both the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are located in the same archaeological area and count as one admission. Just like the Colosseum, you must reserve your time slot ahead of time before you visit these destinations.

The Roman Forum was used as a market place and area to hold public affairs. It was home to the ancient city’s most impressive temples, monuments, buildings, and statues. Walking amongst the towering columns that were once the temples truly gives you a glimpse into the ancient Roman Empire era.

Palatine Hill is the most famous of Rome’s seven hills and towers over the Roman Forum. With that said, visitor’s can not only see ancient ruins but also one of the best views of Rome. Standing on the edge of Palatine Hill is the only place in Rome with spectacular views of the Circus Maximus, Colosseum, and Roman Forum in its entirety. 

Domus Aurea – Nero’s Golden House

If time permits, you can also visit the Domus Aurea, also known as Nero’s Golden House. In 64 AD, Nero’s Domus Aurea used to be the most ornate building in Rome with extravagant architecture, a courtyard to fit a 120-foot colossal statue and a man-made lake. Today, it is an underground excavation site. Visitors can take a guided-virtual reality tour so you can feel as if you are royalty walking in the golden palace.

Rome in 2 Days – Sights to See on Day 2

On the second day in Rome, I recommend starting early again and going to Vatican City. Inside Vatican City, you can marvel at the Sistine Chapel and the glorious St. Peter’s Basilica. To really make the most of Rome in 2 days, you can take this tour and visit the Vatican Museums an hour before the public. Follow your morning at Vatican City with an afternoon on the Spanish Steps and making a wish at the Trevi Fountain.

Marvel at the Sistine Chapel

During your 2 days in Rome, you must visit the world’s most famous chapel and Michelangelo’s greatest piece of work, the Sistine Chapel. With that said, it is quite a journey to get to the Sistine Chapel because you must walk through the entire Vatican Museums. This can take up to two hours if you are on a guided tour or enjoying some of the museum’s highlights.

The Vatican Museums contain the world’s largest private art collection and most ornate golden ceilings you will ever see. If you only want to see the Sistine Chapel, I recommend going through the Vatican Museums at a leisurely pace – don’t just zip through. Trust me, you are going to want to take in some moments to admire the beautiful art collection. If you are interested in getting the full experience and information about the artwork, then I highly recommend booking a guided tour.

Once you make it through the Vatican Museums and enter the Sistine Chapel, your jaw will drop. Every wall and ceiling is painted with a vibrant story and color. It brings the entire chapel to life and is truly mesmerizing. Please remember to be polite and respectful to those around you and to the Sistine Chapel.

Say a Prayer at St. Peter’s Basicilica


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