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What if you could make money while you sleep? It is possible, and affiliate marketing is one of the most legitimate ways to earn money on autopilot.

Many people long for a life with no financial worries and they want to achieve it through affiliate commissions. But there is so much information out there it is dizzying to find your way through. This makes most people who want to earn an income through affiliate marketing fall for scams and lose money. But it does not have to be like that.

Affiliate marketing is easy as long as you know the fundamentals and put in the work. In this guide, you will learn the step-by-step process of starting a profitable affiliate marketing business on a budget. Let’s go!

Select a Niche

The first and most important step in affiliate marketing is niche selection. This is vital because the choice of a niche can make or mar your success. If you choose a lucrative but saturated niche, you will do more to make less. There are low-hanging opportunities in many small niches, but most beginners make the mistake of going for the popular ones forgetting the stiff competition they have to fight to make an income.

Niche selection requires deliberate planning, get some ideas by reading Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing. When you are choosing a niche, make sure you have a passion for that category of products. If you love exploring the outdoors, survival gear could be a great niche for you. A niche you are passionate and knowledgeable about is easier to survive in because it is easier to endure when you don’t get results.

Regarding passion and knowledge, can you comfortably churn out high-value content consistently for your audience? If the answer is no, then you may have to outsource your content creation needs to an expert, and that increases your running cost. Remember, content creation does not guarantee commissions. So, you need to choose a niche you are passionate enough to stay active in through thick and thin.

Also, you need to research the needs of the consumers in that niche and check for affiliate programs. There is no point choosing a niche with no affiliate offers. Make sure the affiliate programs are reliable and trustworthy.

Choose Affiliate Programs

When you have chosen your preferred niches, the next step is to select affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are the food basket of affiliates, so you need to take your time and perform due diligence before picking programs or products to promote.

One way to assess the potential success of a program is by checking the number of affiliates and customers using it. If there are thousands of people on the program and the reviews are positive, the program is something right. You also need to consider the commission they pay.

Affiliate programs that pay huge commissions may not offer consistent payouts because of the high-ticket price of the offers. However, programs that pay lower commissions usually offer more consistent payouts as more people can afford to buy them.

Before choosing to promote ClickBank products, look for programs that offer over 50 per cent commission and that are in high demand. When promoting physical products, choose offers that pay over $40 commissions. The ideal commission for CPA programs should be above $1.

Another important factor to consider when choosing affiliate programs is the quality of the products and services. The internet does not forget, so you need to be careful what you associate with or promote. Make sure everything you tell your audience about a product or service you are promoting is correct.

If you are promoting make money online products on ClickBank, you must perform due diligence as there are thousands of low-quality products and outright scams on that platform. If you have not used the product before, be upfront with your users and make no claims you cannot verify independently.

The best affiliate programs offer 24/7 support for affiliates. If a program promises jumbo commissions but provides no contact details, there is something fishy about that product or service.

Get An Affiliate Website

Your affiliate website is your office as an affiliate marketer. Building a site is easy and you can choose from a wide range of platforms, but the best among them is WordPress. WordPress does not require you to know programming or tech-savvy as it comes with an easy set-up and user-friendly CMS. While WP is free to use, you need to buy a domain name.

Your domain name is the URL of your website. It is important to choose a short, simple and descriptive domain name that tells users about your products or services. It helps if the URL is memorable.

Also, you need to buy hosting. The hosting is like a house for your site. It is where all the files on your website are stored. Thankfully, you can now get quality website hosting for under $30 per year. Note that the quality of your hosting directly affects the load speed of your website, so consider investing in a reputable hosting service.

Once you have bought your domain and hosting, install a content management system like WordPress or SquareSpace. There are many other options but WP is the most user-friendly, and it has the largest number of themes, plugins and add-ons to help optimize your website. Setting up WP is easy, but it can still be impossible for some people. If your aptitude for techy things is below a WordPress setup, you can hire a professional or ask a friend to help you out.

Content Creation

Once you have set up your website, create valuable content that resonates with your audience. After niche selection, content creation is the most important success factor in affiliate marketing, and that is why industry experts say content is king.

The type of products or services you promote determines the content you produce. Product reviews are one of the most popular affiliates marketing content.

Although some people say reviews no longer work, this is far from the truth. With the continued proliferation of e-commerce, people who want to buy products and services online always look for unbiased reviews before deciding to buy.

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to position yourself between top quality offers and people who want to buy them by creating in-depth reviews that answer all their questions. You only need to add affiliate links at strategic locations in your reviews to make commissions.

If you are an authority or subject matter specialist in a particular field, blog content is a powerful medium of earning affiliate commissions. Answer common problems people face in that area, provide industry updates, and offer valuable insights that will help your target audience make better decisions.

Lead magnets are appetizers to encourage users to join your email list. It can be a gift in the form of an eBook, course, or a trial version of a product.

It is easy to create content if you are knowledgeable about your niche. However, you can outsource the job to freelancers on up work and Fiverr. But you get what you pay for.

Establish Authority And Build A Large Following

If your content creation strategy is tight, you won’t have issues building an audience. Keeping your audience engaged with valuable and interesting content will not only endear you to them, but they won’t hesitate to hand you their credit cards. A satisfied audience can be a reliable source of traffic. They will share your posts; refer friends and families and more.

Besides creating excellent content on your website, you can increase the reach of your business by promoting content on social media, guest posting on blogs and websites with high inbound traffic, and building an email list. Organic SEO and paid advertising can also increase your visibility. However, it is not advisable to use paid ads when you are new to affiliate marketing, except you have a large budget.

Promote Affiliate Offers

Once you have your content creation game going strong and your audience sees you as a valuable and reliable source of credible information, monetize your site. Product reviews are still the top technique for promoting affiliate offers. Make sure you are as factual as possible in your reviews and include your affiliate links. Banner ads, emails, discounts and promos are other ways of promoting affiliate offers.

Be Patient and Resilient

At this point, you have covered everything you need to do as an affiliate marketer. The rest is to repeat and fine-tune your processes and be patient enough to see your efforts yield results. It is important to continue delivering valuable, high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

Keep positioning yourself as an authority in your niche and don’t stop even when things don’t work. With time, the commissions will start rolling into your account, and you will finally be making money while sleeping.

I hope you enjoyed this Step By Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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If you are looking for a money-doubling system, the 30 Minute Money Methods may be the answer to your problem. The 30 Minute Money Methods is a system that claims to generate $500 in 30 minutes flat. There are systems that can make this happen, but considering the low price of the product, it begs the question how you can make so much money in such a little time.

Can you truly make $1k in one hour using this program or it is another propped-up scam? In this review, we look at everything you need to know about the 30 Minute Money Methods before buying it.

What Exactly Is 30 Minute Money Methods?

30 minutes. That’s the time you need to make $500 with the 30 Minute Money Methods. If anybody told you there is a product that can help you make $1,000 in an hour, wouldn’t you be elated? That is the feeling the 30 Minute Money Methods wants to evoke from you, but sadly there is no system with such a capability that sells under $50.

There isn’t much to the 30 Minute Money Methods. When you land on the website, you will see a sales video narrated by a woman who says she is Shelly West. In the video, Shelly narrates how she transformed her poor existence into a rich and happy life.

According to Shelley, she didn’t have a college degree and there was no money to feed her children. She was forced to keep her kids with her mum while she was experimenting with her online business. Shelly tried to make money with online surveys and blogging, but she found out it was difficult to live on the peanuts that came from selling her opinion.

What did she do? She didn’t stop and her perseverance paid off! In her third iteration, Shelly discovered secret websites that were instant hits. She was earning $10,000 per week, had more than enough money to take care of herself and her children and quit her shitty job. Now, she wants you to benefit from those secret websites through the 30 Minute Money Methods.

Shelly tries to lure you with her sweet talk of making huge sums of money from her secret websites. But is there a secret website anywhere that can generate a thousand dollars by the hour and people won’t know about it? If these sites truly exist, we should have millions of people making money from the platform. But then, it won’t be a secret anymore.

Many things are out-of-place in 30 Minute Money Methods. The emotional storyline and the outlandish income claims should tell anybody there is something fishy about the program.

How 30 Minute Money Methods Works

According to Shelley, the 30 Minute Money Methods is simple and has no downside. In fact, you will make money right from the day you sign up to the program. She boasts that the users of the website make money on autopilot but is mute about what brings in the money.

Let’s say we are naïve enough to believe that these secret sites really make such amounts of money, but what will you be doing to earn it? Will you be promoting affiliate links? Are you going to be blogging or filling online surveys or writing copy? Unfortunately, the program does not talk about any of these questions. And this casts a huge doubt over the intentions of the promoters. But you will get to know what is inside when you get to the member’s area. The only problem is you need to buy the product before you see what is inside. 

What Is Inside the 30 Minute Money Methods?

If you sign up to the 30 Minute Money Methods program, you will have access to the member’s area. In the member’s area, there are four training sections. Like every low-quality product out there, this program, despite all the hype only provides basic training in the form of four PDF files that provide a brief introduction on making money through:

  • Online Voice Over
  • Online with Stock Photography
  • Playing Games Online
  • Freelancing Online

There is a bonus method called “Making Money by Being the Middleman and a secret method called “Making Money by Managing Social Media”.

What is secret about any of these methods? Nothing, the owner only wants to create a fervent hunger for her product, but her conduct is misleading and not worth the sob stories in the sales video.

Despite all the hype, a discerning person knows that there isn’t one method here that can generate $500 in 30 minutes. The worst part is that the materials contain only rudimentary information about the methods, providing no concrete, actionable tips you can quickly convert to money. If you think buying this program will put an end to your money troubles, you will have to continue your search to the fabled Eldorado.

You will be disappointed when you find out 30 Minute Money Methods offers low-quality training. What you get is starkly different from what Shelley said in the sales video. This and more make 30 Minute Money Methods one product you don’t want to spend your money on for whatever reason.

How Much Is 30 Minute Money Methods?

The program costs $37 but you can get a discount and buy it for $27. There are upsells though. The 30 Minute Money Methods comes with upsells worth $99.

Can you honestly become a millionaire with a product selling for $37? It’s like buying a Ferrari for $10,000. You are buying a fake if you get such as an offer or someone is trying to swindle you of your money.

What Is Wrong with 30 Minute Methods?

30 Minute Methods has multiple issues that make it highly suspicious. Here are red flags that show you can’t trust the product.

Fake Owner

Shelley West is a fictitious character posing as the legitimate owner of 30 Minute Methods. It is most likely she was hired by the real owner to act a script to convince unsuspecting and gullible people to buy the program.

Shelley provides no links to her social, email or telephone in case anything goes wrong or you need to make enquiries about the product.

Only people who have something to hide operate like this. It is the hallmark of scam digital products, and this places 30 Minute Methods in that category.

Fictitious Testimonials

Why would any self-respecting product hire actors to put up fake video testimonials? The main reason for this is that the product does not have real satisfied customers who can send positive feedback. But a product needs social proof and one way a scam or low-quality offer can increase its credibility is to use paid actors from Fiverr to launder their image. Again, this practice is common among fraudsters who are only out to mislead and fleece people of hard-earned money.

Can You Make Money from 30 Minute Methods?

The methods outlined in the 30 Minute Money Methods are a legitimate means of making money online.

Unfortunately, most people can’t make that much money in 30 minutes using these methods. Also, the program does not provide enough training to guarantee any level of success.

The worst part is there are no forms of support from the owner. You will need to work really hard to make money from the methods in this course. As for the $500 per 30 minutes, that is a tall dream.


I hope you enjoyed this 30 Minute Money Methods Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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If you want to learn how to build an online business then start with a  Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Membership  (No Risk and No Credit Card Required). Free membership gives you complete access to the platform to evaluate if this educational and business building platform is right for you.

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Do you want a piece of a 1.2 billion dollar market? Jamie Lewis claims he can make that happen if you buy his new ClickBank program selling under the name Profit Injector.

How does it feel to make cool cash from YouTube videos? Can you make a living with this product or it’s another internet scam that offers no value? Jamie Lewis is a popular name in the online marketing environment and he has several products already. But we don’t know for sure how this new product compares to others regarding performance, training and earning potential.

Find out everything you need to know about the Profit Injector in this piece.

An Overview of Profit Injector

Profit Injector is the brainchild of Jamie Lewis. The program claims it can help you make money through YouTube videos with only 2 hours of work each day.

Jamie, who has been around for some time and has several other programs to his name, says the program requires no prior experience or skill as it comes with automated software that handles the bulk of the work.

In other words, Profit Injector is a done-for-you program that will make you money even while you sleep.

When you land on Profit Injector’s sales page, the first thing you see is a Jamie Lewis with a money counter and bundles of cash around him. What is he trying to do here? He is painting a picture of the riches that will soon become yours if you sign up to his program.

He may be successful, but Jamie is misleading and baiting would-be clients by priming them with the wanton display of wealth when he has had several years to build his online business.

Unlike many digital products that use fake persons to present their video, Jamie Lewis appears in the video of his product, which gives Profit Injector credibility over many programs in its class.

In the sales video, Jamie explains that his product will help you make affiliate commissions through YouTube videos. The way it works is that you look for profitable videos of YouTube and place your ads.

With his system, Jamie says all you need is 2 hours of work every day and basic computer skills to make money. If you sign up for the Profit Injector, you need to email the results of your campaign to Jamie so he can be sure the system is generating an income for you.

The above shows Profit Injector is based on the affiliate marketing model. Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative sources of making money online and the industry offers unlimited opportunities. But most of the products you will find on ClickBank such as this one don’t go deep enough.

Jamie does not make fictitious income claims in his sales videos, but most of his products sell on building up people’s hopes without backing it up with the tools they need to make it happen. There is no doubt one can make a windfall through YouTube ads, but there is more to earning affiliate commissions that buying a done-for-you system.

To earn money as an affiliate marketer, you need to choose a niche(s). Then you need to create content, promote the content, look for traffic and have a thick skin and persevere even in the face of failure.

You can use a done-for-you approach to run affiliate marketing, but you will spend a lot of money and time to create such a system. If you really want to make money online through affiliate marketing, you will need to invest over two hours each day to see the outcomes you desire.

What Does Profit Injector Offer?

If you sign up for the program, Profit Injector offers PDF guides and a few video files that shows you how the program works.

The training also comes with email swipes that help you to negotiate with video creators so they can allow you to place your ads on their content. You will also get a keyword tool and software courtesy of Jamie Lewis.

Beginners new to the online business world will find the training beneficial. However, like many other products, it contains only introductory information. If you want to make money as an affiliate marketer, you need to know how to choose a niche, search for affiliate programs, and create compelling content and so on. These are lacking in the Profit Injector training module, reducing your ability to make money with the system.

How It Works

Here is how Profit Injector Works. First, you look for YouTube videos that are seeing some decent traffic but have no ads. You can know this by checking whether the video contains a link that leads you to a product sales page.

Next, you create a ClickBank account because you will promote ClickBank products. You get your affiliate links and commissions through the website.

The third stage is to contact the creators whose videos will promote your affiliate links. Depending on the agreement of both parties, you either pay them or split profit from the ads based on a certain percentage.

This way, you leverage the free traffic from the YouTube videos while the video creators get a slice of the pie. Everybody wins. To help you cover more ground faster, Jamie adds a keyword tool to reduce search time. This setup is excellent, but there are many things you need to consider before jumping at it.

How Much Is Profit Injector?

The Profit Injector costs $37 like many other ClickBank products in the MM0 niche. However, that is not the end of the story.

The program also contains three expensive upsells which begs the question; why have upsells if the real product works as you claimed? When you sign up for Profit Injector, you will also see:

  • Upsell One which is a $197 training class
  • Upsell Two which is a $97 training class and
  • Upsell 3 which is the $297 Profit Injector in a Box

If you are comfortable with the upsells, you can join the program. Otherwise, look for better alternatives.

What Is Wrong With Profit Injector

Profit Injector is based on a proven business model, but there are things which are not right about the program. Here are red flags to watch out for in this product.


Whenever you hear a person boasting of an automated system that makes you cash, be wary. Affiliate marketing is not MLM or pyramid scheme, it requires serious work and dedication to get the desired results. If you want to get the best out of your affiliate marketing business, you will need to dedicate over 2 hours to the business when you start. There will be sleepless nights and many skills to learn.  It’s hard to believe a system can do these things on autopilot.

Finding Videos

The main selling point of this product is monetizing performing videos that have no ads yet. In reality, this can be difficult for even the most technically astute and deal maker.

The reason is that most people whose videos are doing well on YouTube have it monetized already. It’s the reason they create videos for upload on YouTube.

They want to make money, and some are already making money. To convince them to carry your ads, you must agree to their terms, which may not be favorable.

No Legal Pages

If you are entering a transaction, it is important to know your rights and obligations as written in the terms and conditions of the deal. Unfortunately, there is no legal page on the Profit Injector website. This makes it risky to buy the product.

Is the Profit Injector a Scam?

In my opinion, the product is not a scam. But you may find it difficult to make money through the program.

While it offers good training for the beginner, it may be tough to use the information to earn affiliate commissions without a considerable investment of time and resources. Click here to visit the official site

I hope you enjoyed this Profit Injector Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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If you want to learn how to build an online business then start with a  Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Membership (No Risk and No Credit Card Required). Free membership gives you complete access to the platform to evaluate if this training and business building platform is right for you.

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One of the most common questions that bother new affiliate marketers is how to choose a lucrative niche. When you are starting your affiliate marketing business, a critical success factor is to select a profitable but unsaturated niche. You need to put in much thought before picking a niche, and that is why it is essential to know the best niches in affiliate marketing. But first, what is an affiliate niche?

Affiliate Niche

An affiliate niche is a product or service you promote as an affiliate marketer. You can choose a niche based on your knowledge of the industry, passion, or for purely economic reasons. The make money online, health, beauty, and fashion industries are some of the most lucrative niches in the affiliate marketing environment. It is advisable to choose a niche you love and know about so you can put in your all without giving up even when you don’t see results.

But even if you are not passionate about a particular niche, there are many niches with plenty of potential for growth and financial gains. It is important to note that some niches are seasonal so factor this into your cash flow plans. Here are some of the best affiliate niches.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness niche is big! It is no surprise because most people will do everything within their power to protect and preserve their health and wellbeing.

Whether it is longevity, improved quality of life, freedom from chronic health problems, and others, men and women want to live a disease-free life. And your job as an affiliate in the health and wellness niche is to help them achieve their objectives.

There are thousands of companies selling products such as natural supplements, health insurance, home test kits, medication, pregnancy products, and more and they all want a large chunk of the pie.

Thankfully, there are millions of people in different demographics that are willing and able to buy these products. You only need to find the right products or services and connect them with the people who need to buy most. And you will be in business.

In the health and wellness niche, the natural supplements and herbal products command a large followership as people become more aware of the side effects of big pharma products. The best part is that health and wellness affiliate programs pay some of the biggest commissions.


The beauty niche is one of the most lucrative niches in the affiliate marketing landscape. People want to look good and they will pay good money to achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes.

From anti-aging creams, hair products, makeup and everything in between, the beauty niche is a multi-billion dollar money spinner.

The beauty niche is at its biggest during the festive period, but it is always booming at every time of the year because ladies want to look their best always. If you can research quality beauty affiliate programs, choose one or two and create compelling content to push your links, you will make a windfall.

There are many top-rated beauty companies that offer affiliate programs-your job is to do due diligence before choosing any company.

Outdoor Gear

The great outdoors continues to draw millions of converts every year. And that keeps the sale of outdoor survival gear on the rise.

From multiple day hikes, jungle exploration, waterfall hunting, wilderness camping, hunting, fishing, canoeing to kayaking, nature lovers can’t stop buying their favourite outdoor gear to enjoy the best time outdoors.

You can choose from hundreds of high-paying programs in the outdoor niche. Backpacks, footwear, underwear, knives, hammocks, pliers, coolers, and many other products provide ample opportunities to earn big commissions.

It helps if you have a passion for a particular outdoor activity, but you will find plenty of high-quality materials to create captivating content that will drive users to your affiliate website.

During the holiday season, many families move out of the city to unplug from their hectic schedules and soak in the freshness of nature. You can earn a decent and even WOW commissions by providing access to camping gear, outdoor supplies and everything that will make their trip worthwhile.

Don’t worry if most programs in this niche don’t pay premium commissions; the goal is to earn a decent amount consistently.


If you search how to become lean on Google, the site will return over 800 million results, showing you how passionate people are about their physique. The fitness industry is one of the biggest in the world.

If people don’t have time to hit the gym, they want to build a home gym where they can work out in their free time. The fitness niche is a mega-niche with sub-niches, all of which are money spinners.

You can promote fitness equipment, weight loss supplements, exercise attire such as shoes, yoga pants, compression socks and more. While most people want to lose weight, there are many who want to gain weight, and this also presents opportunities.

The muscle building niche is lucrative and you can promote everything from specialized workout programs, diets, protein shakes, and many others. You don’t have to be a fitness expert to promote fitness affiliate programs. Do your homework, have patience and go with the flow.


Are you a pet lover? So are millions of other people all over the world.

Humans love their animals, and they will do anything to make them happy.

In a world where many people will cringe at accommodating a homeless person in their home during the peak of winter, most humans show heavenly compassion for their animals and even consider them family.

Pet owners will buy luxury beddings for their dogs. Breeds like the brachycephalic dogs require special care because of the morphology of their head and health disorders.

You don’t have to stress yourself in the pet niche to make money. Research and look for a micro niche that offers enough audience with low competition. Search for something with 500,000 results on Google and look for affiliate programs in that area.


Do you consider yourself a fashion aficionado? Then you can monetize your love of good looks by promoting fashion products to a target audience.

The fashion industry is huge and includes things such as footwear, men and women’s apparel, jewellery, luxury brands, sunglasses, accessories, perfumes and everything in between.

Choose any of these sub niches, do your research, pick one or two affiliate programs, and create a few authoritative posts on the most common questions people ask about the product or service you promote.

One of the best ways of finding lucrative products to promote in this niche is by following the latest fashion trends in town. Trends come and go but some remain evergreen. Your job is to look for those classic trends and look for a particular brand or type favored by a select audience.


You can choose from several niches in the affiliate marketing industry. But the best way to succeed is to select a low-competition niche that pays decent commissions. You need to know your audience inside and out. Knowing your audience thoroughly, their wants and desires and the products or brands they love to use will help you serve them better. This is the key to making it as an affiliate marketer.

I hope you enjoyed this best niches for affiliate marketing article if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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If you want to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business then start with a  Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Membership  (No Risk and No Credit Card Required). Free membership gives you complete access to the platform to evaluate if this educational and business building platform is right for you.

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Cash Formula claims it can help you make loads of money through a done-for-you system. If you follow the news in the make money online world, you understand that offers with claims like this usually end up as a farce. However, hasty assumptions can be dangerous and that is why you need due diligence before putting your money into any money-making program.

Can you truly make thousands of dollars with Cash Formula despite investing less than $50? The investment world, like every other type of business provides an output commensurate with your input. Cash Formula claims to be an outlier in this case.

In this Cash Formula review, we take a critical look at the product, how it works, what you will gain from buying it and whether it is even worth your money.

What Exactly Is Cash Formula?

You might have seen emails and reviews talking about the mouthwatering returns users get when they use Cash Formula. According to the purported owner who claims to be Michael Grant, the Cash Formula system is a done-for-you system that will give you so much money with no hassle.

The sales video on the homepage of the program at cashformula.co claims the product will show you a shortcut that will help you earn up to $5,000 or more per day when you sign up to the program. Isn’t that good news? Well, maybe it isn’t.

Is there anything like a Free Money system in the world? Cash Formula claims to have one such a system, and the best part is that it is free although you pay to gain access to the member area. If you are the discerning type, you will start feeling uneasy about this program at this point. Not only will you be able to make $5,000 in the first 24 hours of using this system, but Michael Grant adds that his system can help you make $100,000 in a month! We live in interesting times!

Big figures, done-for-you system and free money claims are telltale signs that Cash Formula is a carefully packaged scam trying to fleece unsuspecting people of their money. Except you are in the hunt for a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s difficult to fall for this. But anything can happen in the murky waters of digital business and you should be on your guard always.

To provide even more legitimacy for his low-quality product, Grant guarantees people who join the program success, as if he is in control of all the market forces. What of your input? If you don’t work for the money, how does a system generate money for you without selling or promoting a service? 

Michael Grant also tries to deflect claims of scam from his product by saying he empathizes with people who are victims of scam. His product, he continues, is not like the others who make huge promises without substance. All of these theatrics are standard procedure for scammers. They are only trying to gain your trust so you can hand them your wallet.

The stark reality however, is that Cash Formula is a rehashed scam like many other sub-$50 low-quality products you will find on ClickBank. If a low-budget product promises to make you $100k in a month and guarantees you can’t fail, you need to ask how the system works and where the money is coming from.

How Does Cash Formula Work?

So how does Cash Formula work? Contrary to the claims of Michael Grant, you won’t be getting any done-for-you system that makes you free money. Instead, you will find training on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn a living online, and you can scale it to any level as long as you are ready to put in the effort and have the patience to see your sacrifice transform into income streams.

As an affiliate marketer, you promote the products and services of vendors in return for a commission whenever people make a purchase through your affiliate link. Why the Cash Formula is pushing a different message to sell its services smacks of deliberately deception largely because the training it offers is of low quality.

Most times, what you get in the form of training from products like the Cash Formula are generic, foundational materials in the form of PLR files and old YouTube videos which you can get online free with a few clicks. In fact, there are several high-quality free educational resources that show everything you need to become a top affiliate in any niche.

In the sales video, the presenter claims the program can generate up to $5k per day in affiliate commissions. If it were that easy to make money through affiliate marketing, most of your favorite gurus will be millionaires today. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Cash Formula is high on claims but low on specifics. How do you get started with the program? Will the system assign products to you as an affiliate? Do you need to create an affiliate website? What about traffic and content creation? The program mentions nothing about these subjects and yet claims it can make you hordes of cash? How is that even possible?

Red Flag to Watch  out for in Cash Formula

Despite the hype and big income claims of Michael Grant and the unscrupulous affiliates promoting Cash Formula, an observant person will notice several things are out of place regarding this program. Here are signs that this program is a scam.

Fake Testimonials

A common practice among scam product owners is to hire actors to pose as genuine satisfied customers to give positive testimonials about their products. Cash Formula also uses paid actors to launder its image. A quick search on Fiverr will reveal the identity of many of these actors who can deliver a 5-minute video testimonial for as low as $5.

They are not real customers; they only do it for the money. There is also a picture of a man which you can find on different stock image websites. The promoters of Cash Formula only added his photo to prop up their image. The man is neither a member of the program nor has he made any money through it.

Fake Owner

Who is Michael Grant? We don’t know for sure. The picture of the person posing as Michael Grant is a stock photo. This can only happen if the real owners have something to hide. They know their product lacks merit and don’t want to expose themselves to scrutiny in case disgruntled buyers want to sue.

How Much Is Cash Formula?

Cash Formula costs $37 initially, but like most scam products in its class, expect upsells along the way. During the presentation, the owners claimed the product was free, but you still had to pay for access to the member’s area.

A quick check on the Cash Formula affiliates page shows affiliates can make upwards of $398.25 in commissions. Expect to pay upwards of $400 if you buy this program. The best thing you can do is not to buy at all. If you sign up for the program, the owners will try every trick to make you buy more expensive but worthless upsells.

Is Cash Formula a Scam?

Cash Formula has all the hallmarks of a scam. It promises and does not deliver; the owner does not show up, and fake testimonials and the misleading sales pitch show you cannot trust the owners.

If you really want to make money through affiliate marketing, you have many other tried, tested and effective alternatives. As for Cash Formula, in my opinion, don’t go near it.


I hope you enjoyed this Cash Formula Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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The Oxford Club is a financial publication that provides its members investment intelligence to optimize their profits and reduce risks. It is a private investment club that offers varieties of publications such as newsletters, reports and investment opportunities through its pool of investment and financial experts. The Oxford Club seems like a secret society for many outsiders, but there is nothing esoteric about the organization. While you pay to get their expert insights, the club has shown for over three decades it is a reliable source of financial and investment advice that members can depend on to make big gains. But you still need to do your due diligence.

What Is The Oxford Club?

According to the club’s website, the Oxford Club is a Baltimore-based independent financial publisher which offers members access to global opportunities for unprecedented returns, industry-leading investment strategies for maximizing profits and wealth preservation. The club has over 157,000 members in over 130 countries.

Aside the monthly newsletter, trading advisory and investment research services, the club also hosts symposiums, seminars, and investment excursions in different countries. But that is not all there is to know about the club. Let’s go back when the Oxford club was known as the Passport Club and beyond.

How The Oxford Club Began

The Oxford Club is over 30 years old. The club traces its root to a group called The Merchants & Brokers Exchange, a brainchild of the American Gary Scott. Gary Scott sold insurance and mutual funds in Hong Kong during the 1970s and envisioned a group where like-minded people such as himself could gather and share thoughts and ideas about the changing economic landscape in Asia, particularly the Cultural Revolution in China. Soon the group started a branch in London.

Gary relinquished leadership of the group to Bill Bonner, the CEO of Agora, Inc., an industry giant in the financial and travel publishing company operating out of Baltimore, Maryland. It was Bill Bonner who in 1989 changed the name of The Merchants & Brokers Exchange into The Passport Club. He then recruited Julia Guth as Membership Director to bring in more people into the club and expand its services.

By 1991, the Passport Club transformed into The Oxford Club, after an investment and business publisher of the same name which Bonner bought. For Bill, the Oxford Club gave the Passport Club an Old World quality and a traditional appeal. This was the beginning of the now popular club which has been a consistent winner on the Wall Street Journal for more than a decade thanks to the sound investment advice of its experts, especially Chief Investment Director Alexander Green.  

What Does The Oxford Club Offer?

According to the Oxford Club website, the club will provide several opportunities to create and preserve extraordinary wealth for its members.

The club has a simple mission of helping members grow and protect their wealth by sharing new ideas that give them a competitive edge in the investment landscape.

The organization is a private group where you can learn the best investment strategies to reduce loss, mitigate risk, and boost returns. But it’s not free.

Member Benefits

Members of the Oxford Club enjoy many benefits from the organization. As a member, you receive well-researched investment strategies and stock recommendations. You also network with some of the best minds in the investment and entrepreneurship landscape. The club also promises members the keys to monetary gain and financial freedom through enhanced investment returns that will secure their financial life forever. Also, you will enjoy personal achievement and be wealthy enough to give back to society. The club provides a community of goal-getters who share the same values about their financial life and business.

The Oxford Club has several outposts scattered all over the world. These properties epitomize everything luxury and affluence with their tastefully furnished interiors and choice locations. Two of these outputs include the Chateau de Courtomer in France and The Inn at Rancho Santana in Nicaragua. Club members get juicy discounts when they use any of these facilities.

Membership Costs

The Oxford Club is a subscription-based organization. The club has several publications and three membership categories including:

  • Subscription for Financial Publications, Newsletters, and Investment Books: You pay $49/$79 per year based on your selection. The club provides a 45 Day refund period from the Sign Up date.
  • Premier Level: This comes with a $149 yearly subscription.
  • The price for the Directors Circle and Chairman Circle are not available to the public. You only know of the price after passing a screening process. 

The Oxford Club has several publications and financial advisory services, but we will look at only three here. The three include the Oxford Communiqué, the Oxford Income Letter, and the Strategic Trends Investor.

The Oxford Club Communiqué

This is the most popular publication of the Oxford Club written by its Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green. Alexander Green is an influential figure in the investment industry, and his book on investment has always topped S&P 500’s projections every year since publication. He has over 20 years’ experience as an investment advisor, research analyst, financial writer and portfolio manager.

This newsletter is a compilation of Alex’s thoughts on the market and his latest investment tactics. The newsletter appears on the Club’s site and also has a printed version. Also, the Club sends out email copies of a weekly Oxford Communiqué Portfolio Update to keep members posted on the most important happenings in portfolios.

The Oxford Income Letter

This newsletter is sent at the beginning of each month. It is written by the Club’s Chief Income Strategies, Marc Lichtenfeld. In this publication, Marc narrates how to leverage dividends and other income-yielding strategies with his proprietary 10-11-12 system.

There is also a Oxford Income Weekly that provide updates on the key points within the four portfolios of The Oxford Income Letter’s and other trends important to your investment strategy.

Strategic Trends Investor

This publication provides members investment snippets before the public gets a whiff of what’s happening. The Club, through its many experts finds market patterns and trends that show promise of huge returns and this newsletter is the organization’s way of alerting its members of the opportunity.

It is the product of collaboration between Energy and Infrastructure Strategist David Fessler and Emerging Trends Strategist Matthew Carr. They offer in-depth industry insights on the best investments in a wide range of sectors.

Can You Really Make Money with The Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club is a well-recognized financial publication outfit. Its experts and strategists are some of the best in the industry with many having over 2 decades’ experience on Wall Street. There is no doubt about the club’s value-adding insights and comprehensive market research.

However, there have also been complaints about the organization’s conduct from disgruntled members. There are about 51 complaints on the Better Business Bureau regarding the treatment of members.

Many of the complaints are about refunds and strategies that don’t work. Some members complain that after paying hefty fees for the club’s advisory services, they lost money because of the faulty advice from its experts.

Some members also complained about the refund process. However, the club showed magnanimity and understanding in dealing with most of the complaints and resolving them amicably.

You can make money with advice from the Oxford Club. However, like all financial advisory services, you are responsible for any action you take thereafter. Due diligence is important at all times regardless of the qualification of any financial advisor. So, take their advice, do your research, and follow your gut. 

I hope you enjoyed this The Oxford Club Review, if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Amazon Cash Websites claims it is a new way to make money online through the e-commerce company of the same name. Amazon, the retail-killing juggernaut and its super-rich owner Jeff Bezos are both icons of everything prosperity. And that is why some unscrupulous people capitalize on the fame of the company to swindle unsuspecting individuals of hard-earned cash.

You might have received a random email telling you about this hot new way to become an internet guru through Amazon websites, but don’t fall for it. There are many websites that make these types of claim, but most are out to take your money and disappear. In this review, we look at what Amazon Cash Websites is all about, and whether you should be a part of the program.

What Is Amazon Cash Websites?

According to the website promoting the program, Amazon Cash Websites claim to be a work-from-home program designed to help you earn a living through Amazon. The promoters claim the opportunity requires no experience or skill sets. All you need to make money is a reliable internet connection and a laptop or mobile device to access the website.

With the Amazon Cash Websites, you can work anytime you want for as long or as little as you desire. They crafted the message carefully to evoke your emotions and become irrational. But its bait and you are the prey. Don’t fall for the gimmicks.

In the news article promoting this shady program, the writer talks about Chris Peters, a 37-year-old dad who lost his job in 2015 and how he achieved financial freedom. The program changed his life for the better after someone advised him to join for free. Today, Chris earns a cool $14k per month with this program. This would have been excellent news, except that it is false.

How does Chris make this whopping amount of money? Suddenly, Chris becomes financially independent, working at the time of his choice and spending quality time with his family thanks to a website he got from Amazon Cash Websites.

If making money online was easy, everybody will be in the league of Sam Ovens. But the article promoting Amazon Cash Websites, in our opinion, is a scam selling a fraudulent program. Don’t let this surprise you. Fraudsters can go to any length to give their schemes a cover of legitimacy. The reality is there is nothing new about the Amazon Cash Websites. It is a rehashed scam that has been around for a while, always coming back in a different package. Below, you will learn how this low-quality product works and why to avoid it.

How Amazon Cash Websites Work

Amazon Cash Websites are built on the online affiliate marketing business model. As an affiliate, you make money when you promote the products and services of companies and vendors. Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates that you can join to promote products on Amazon for a commission. For that, you need a dedicated Amazon affiliate website designed for the company’s standards. It is difficult to meet the stringent requirements of Amazon, but you will enjoy the rewards when you do.

This is what Amazon Cash Websites try to do. They give you a website where you promote products and services but these websites are at a serious disadvantage. Affiliate marketing is a serious business and you need certain skills to excel in the industry. You need a quality and unique website, above average writing skills, excellent products or services to promote, and importantly a reliable traffic source.

Amazon Cash Websites goes on about making money without working, but this is misleading and false. If you don’t have the budget for paid traffic, the only option left is organic traffic. Anybody who has built a successful affiliate marketing business using organic traffic will tell you it takes time. This means you need to continue providing value for your audience and be patient enough to see your efforts germinate into affiliate commissions.

No system can warp the time to build a loyal audience, and it is a lot of hard work. The claim of Amazon Cash Websites that you only need one or two hours to make money with their website is not only misleading but dangerous. You have no business with this scheme.  

The Amazon Cash Websites is silent about what you will do to make money You only get to know of the affiliate marketing when you land on one of the program’s many sales pages. In the video promoting the program, the narrator mentions affiliate marketing several times during the presentation, alluding to the method the program uses to make money. Unfortunately, the narrator says nothing about the products or services you will promote to get paid.

A lot of details are missing in the presentation. The promoters continue to harp on how easy it is to make money with their website. But you will need over two hours per day to earn a living online, especially when you are starting. It is possible to make money on autopilot via the internet, but this is only possible when you have a system that takes care of everything you should have done manually. These include writing, running ads, website maintenance, product research and more. If you can’t outsource these tasks, get ready to soak yourself in the work until you earn enough to hire extra hands to help you. Until that time, you will not be making any $14k with a done-for-you program.

How Much Is Amazon Cash Websites?

The Amazon Cash Websites program goes for a small $47. But it doesn’t end there. They will bombard you with several upsells along the way. This program is built to enrich the owners and affiliates. So if you want to make money online, you are better off looking for credible, top-quality training elsewhere. Whenever you hear outlandish earning claims that requires no work, run as fast as you can because that is a telltale sign of a scam.

The Amazon Cash Website is one such a program. It was designed to fleece you of cash under the guise of a legitimate business. Guard your wallet and don’t let their sweet words sway you. Except you want to get burned.

Is the Amazon Cash Website a Scam?

There is no doubt about the fraudulent intentions of the Amazon Cash Websites. From making fictitious claims, using fake client photos, to hiding under the banner of Amazon, and many more irregularities, this program screams of scam to the high heavens. One of the biggest problems with this program is the many lies of its promoters. The affiliate marketing model is a tried and trusted method of making money online, so why hide the truth from your customers if you really want to help them achieve financial freedom?

It is impossible to make money with the Amazon Cash Websites. The program comes in different packages and websites, but they all have a common goal; to get into your wallet and disappear with your funds. Why would you want to lose money when you don’t have enough? Stay far away from Amazon Cash Websites because the program is a scam. 


I hope you enjoyed this Amazon Cash Websites Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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If you want to have financial freedom by building a REAL online business then start with a  Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Membership  (No Risk and No Credit Card Required). Free membership gives you complete access to the platform to evaluate if this educational and business building platform is right for you.

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Voice Cash Pro claims you can make $9,800 per week with its system. Can you make that much with this system or the promoters are only trying to collect your money and run? The internet is full of scams posing as legitimate online businesses, so you need to be careful with the products you buy. When a program makes outlandish earning claims, it shows there is something fishy going on with such a program.

In this review, we dive into the full details of Voice Cash Pro, what it is, how much it costs, whether to join, and if you can make money with the system. As a budding online marketer, you need to be extra vigilant and selective with the programs you join as many do not have your interests at heart. Let’s look at Voice Cash Pro.

What Is Voice Cash Pro?

Voice Cash Pro was released in November 2018 by a woman named Monica White. Monica, who is the narrator of the sales video claims the program can help you make $1,000 in 30 minutes.

According to her, Voice Cash Pro is the easiest way to make huge amounts of money on the internet. It is a new, easy, and interesting way to turn the internet into a money-making machine.

Monica’s story has a human twist. In the sales video, she narrates how she ran into financial troubles after her husband cheated on her. She needed money to help her son but there was nowhere to get the money. Providence helped her meet an old friend who taught her a 3-step system she now uses to rake in $15,000 in two weeks flat! Isn’t that amazing?

However, the Voice Cash Pro system is not new. It involves earning money from creating voiceovers. According to Monica, becoming a voiceover artist is super easy; you need no special skills, experience or training to get started. Even if you have the voice of a frog, it won’t stand in your way to become a financially successful voiceover artist.

If you are familiar with freelance sites such as Fiverr and upwork, you will realize there is stiff competition among voiceover artists all over the world. But Monica claims her first job paid her $450, and she has been making a killing ever since.

 Can you monetize your voice and make tons of money each week this easily? If it were that easy why is everybody with an excellent voice not selling their natural gifts for money? Well, the Voice Cash Pro sales video is a combination of lies, fake claims, misleading incomes and everything you find in a scam program. If you are planning to become a voiceover artist, you can make an honest living from the profession, but it is not as easy as Monica White claims it to be.

How Voice Cash Pro Works

When you join the Voice Cash Pro program, it takes three steps to set up the system and make money, according to Monica. She says you only have to follow a simple step-by-step guide to set up your account.

Then spend one to two hours each day on your laptop or smartphone recording voiceovers. In step three, you sit back, relax and watch payments roll into your account. If only it were that easy.

Monica says nothing about what you will do to make money. Does the Voice Cash Pro provide any training? What type of training does it provide? How do you get clients? Will you need any specialized software or mike? The program is silent on many of these things but continues to pontificate on how it can help you build a stable income in the thousands of dollars.

Voice Cash Pro provides no system that can turn you into an instant hit online. While the sales video says you can get paid to make voiceover recordings for commercials, audiobooks, and video games, it does not tell you where to get clients.

The voiceover industry is a money-spinning market. Every day, millions of businesses create catchy audio content for marketing, education, information, entertainment and a wide range of other applications.

 If you have the right skills and industry connections, you can establish a lucrative business as a voiceover artist, and you will never lack work. Unfortunately, most people don’t hit success from the start. You need time to build your reputation in the industry, gain contacts, develop connections and create a reliable network of satisfied customers who will always bring work for you. This takes time, effort and dedication.

Voice Cash Pro does not provide the leverage you need to become a successful voiceover specialist. It only provides basic training and huge, unattainable income claims that leave you frustrated and disappointed. You deserve better than that.

Red Flag in Voice Cash Pro

Voice Cash Pro is a misleading program you should never do business with even if it’s for free. Here are red flags that show the system is a fake.

Upsells and Hidden Costs

The initial price of Voice Cash Pro is $37. However, the program also contains several upsells and hidden costs, amounting to over $300.

When you join the program, the owners bombard you with upsells, all the while telling you how much you can make with the system.

If you are not careful, you may end up spending over a thousand dollars on this program with nothing to show for your investment.

The aim of these types of programs is to milk you as hard as possible until you become frustrated and lose hope. That is why they always include disclaimers which state that there is no guarantee of you making any money through the system.

While there is a ClickBank 60-day refund guarantee, you don’t want the pain and hassle of trying to get your money back from fraudsters. You may or may not get your refund, but the fact you need to seek a refund defeats the whole essence of buying the program. 

Repackaged Program

Why do low-quality products like the Voice Cash Pro keep getting repackaged? This program has been around for some time. The promoters only change a few things and resell to the public. Before buying any program on ClickBank and other digital products platforms, scrutinize the product to avoid falling for scams.

Fake Owner and Testimonials

In the sales video, Monica claims many people have found success with her system. The only problem is Monica is not a real person and the users whose name she is dropping lack credibility.

Many scams use peanut actors who charge $5 for testimonials to boost the legitimacy of their low-quality programs.

They need to hire paid trumpets since they can’t get satisfied customers to send positive reviews and testimonials of their products.

Should You Buy Voice Cash Pro?

Voice Cash Pro provides no value for its buyers. It is designed to enrich the pocket of the owner and affiliates who promote it. The program lacks any valuable training and is bereft of tools and insights you need to become a successful voiceover artist.

You might have a great voice and the hardware to start a voiceover business, but you may not achieve success in a month or even a year. Every business has a gestation period.

The claims of Voice Cash Pro of making you $9,800 are misleading and fake. The program is a low-quality product claiming to be the real deal. 


I hope you enjoyed this Voice Cash Pro Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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If you want to have financial freedom by building a REAL online business then start with a  Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Membership  (No Risk and No Credit Card Required). Free membership gives you complete access to the platform to evaluate if this educational and business building platform is right for you.

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Have you heard of Wealth Project? It’s a new program that claims to help you earn $17,520 each week. Wherever you are in the world, that amount is a lot of money, and the truth is most people don’t make half of it in a month. But this program makes bold claims about its ability to get you rich within a short period. If it’s too good to be true, maybe you are dealing with a scam.

The internet is flooded with these types of products, especially on affiliate marketing platforms such as ClickBank. A digital product that sells under $40 will promise you tens of thousands in weeks. The promoters of these products are waiting for you to make mistakes, get greedy and buy their product. Well, you will lose money if you followed their advice.

In this review, we look at what Wealth Project offers, how it works, and whether it lives up to its grandiose claims.

What Is Wealth Project?

Wealth Project is a digital product that promises to help you make $17,520 in a week. The program is the brainchild of a man who claims to be James Robertson. James says he is a writer, researcher and online business expert.

According to the short sales video on the product’s website, you need no prior knowledge or skills to make money with this system. You only need a reliable internet connection and a laptop or smartphone to access the website and you are in business.

In the video, which is only four minutes long, James emphasizes the ability of the program to make you rich, right from the first week of using it. James adds that the system he is selling does not involve cryptocurrencies investments or taking online surveys. However, he keeps mute on the main money-making activity in the system. He only states that both of you will collaborate and he wins when you win.

The implication of that statement shows the Wealth Project is an affiliate business, direct sales or pyramid scheme. In fact, the program is based on the affiliate marketing business model, and you will work as an affiliate for the website. Why James kept silent over this is unclear. Where he gets it wrong is the claim you can make money in less than 40 minutes of joining the program.

While affiliate marketing is a lucrative online business, it is not a get- rich-quick solution. You need above average skills, time, financial commitment and patience to become a successful affiliate marketer. And even after investing all of these, there is no guarantee you can make $1,000 per week in affiliate commissions, never mind making a mind-boggling $17k plus per week. Something is wrong with the messaging of the video presentation of this program.

You can’t make thousands of dollars per week without prior investment in time, money, and skills. Online business is like a restaurant where you pay before service. If you don’t make the initial payment, you won’t make money.

How Wealth Product Works

Despite James’s claims of helping you make thousands of dollars, the program is not based on any special system. The Wealth Project is a series of PDFs and YouTube videos on how to become an Amazon Affiliate.

In the eBook, which provides rudimentary training, you will learn how to:

  • Choose a lucrative niche on Amazon
  • Create an Amazon Affiliate website, and
  • How to earn commissions through the Amazon Affiliate program.

The above are excellent topics, but unfortunately, the information in the Wealth Project barely scratches the surface. It falls short of every parameter you need to excel as an Amazon Affiliate. In fact, you can get better and more actionable advice for free on the internet. The Wealth Project only mouths off big claims but does not back it up with the right tools to become a top affiliate.

Wealth Project does not talk about the stringent requirements of qualifying as an Amazon Affiliate. The program is also mute about the financial requirements, how to promote your website, traffic sources and many other essential factors you need to survive the competitive Amazon ecosystem. James pretends you can raise an Amazon website and earn commissions the same day. This is far from the truth and difficult even if you bought an aged Amazon affiliate website.

You won’t make any money with the basic training in the Wealth Project. If you are new to Amazon affiliate marketing, you might learn one or two things, but more experienced people will see it as a waste of time and money. The only way to earn through this program is to join the Wealth Project affiliate program.

As an affiliate of the program, you will promote this low-quality training to other people. And the surprising thing is that Wealth Project pays $355 per referral. How can this be? The only plausible explanation for such a high commission is expensive upsells. Therefore, expect your referrals to pay upwards of $488 for the initial program and upsells.

The only problem is people will find the resources in the main program low-quality they won’t buy any upsells. Even if people buy the upsells and still get low-quality training, they may accept their fate but your online reputation will take a huge dent forever. Remember the internet never forgets.

So don’t promote a product that won’t add value to your customers’ bottom-line. You hurt yourself the most. If you are looking to build a long-term affiliate marketing business, Wealth Project lacks the tools to help you achieve your goals. 

How Much Wealth Project Costs

Wealth Project sells for a paltry $37, although James claims it can turn you into an instant money-making machine. The truth, however, is that the program also has several upsells, running into hundreds of dollars, should you take the first step.

Besides the initial $37, there are three upsells in the program including:

  • Wealth Project 2.0: Price $197
  • Wealth Project Pro: $177
  • Wealth Project Social: $97

The above shows the total cost of Wealth Project is $488. If you have this budget, you are better off buying a high-quality hands-on course that provides in-depth training on making money online. That this program has upsells shows it is a low-quality product. If you need to buy upsells that are five to six times more expensive than the original, then there is no point joining the program.

If you are considering buying the course and the upsells, you also need to factor in the cost of designing a professional website, buying hosting and domain name, operating an autoresponder service to engage your email list (if you have one), and other ancillary costs such as writing, ads, and more. Unfortunately, this program does not cover these areas but claims it can earn you over $17k per week.

Can You Make Money with Wealth Project?

With the low-quality training in the program, it will be hard for anybody to monetize the knowledge gained from Wealth Project. The program only gives you an idea of what Amazon Affiliate entails, not how to make money through the platform.

James Robertson, who is a fake, only makes incredulous claims but does not provide the tools to actualize those claims.

This product won’t help you earn money as it does not consider the whole picture. In fact, Wealth Project is misleading and can lead to loss of money.

It’s better to be sure of what you are getting yourself into from the onset. Wealth Project only confuses you as a beginner affiliate marketer.


I hope you enjoyed this Wealth Project Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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If you want to have financial freedom by building a REAL online business then start with a  Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Membership  (No Risk and No Credit Card Required). Free membership gives you complete access to the platform to evaluate if this educational and business building platform is right for you.

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Fast Profits claims it can make you stinking rich. The owner of the program boasts he made over $2 million with the system in two years and you can make $1,700 per day when you join. Can you make such money with Fast Profits? In this review, we examine what this product offers, how it works, and whether to buy the program.

What Is Fast Profits?

Fast Profits is an online e-commerce program that claims to help you make over $1,700 per day, every day. The sales video presenter says everyone who bought the system has made $20,000 in less than three weeks of joining the program. The owner who calls himself Michael Carson, claims he is a millionaire. He claims Fast Profits helped him make over $2 million in two years, and the secret system is now available to the public. How altruistic of you Michael!

Michael Carson or whatever the name of the presenter is paints an alluring picture of his moneymaking product. He brandishes big claims that show Fast Profits as the ultimate way to make money online. He says you have no business with Forex and binary options and castigates affiliate marketing and paid surveys.

For Michael, you can only make good money if you join his program, but it is a lie. Internet ‘gurus’ praise their products to high heavens while downgrading other people’s offers to convince you to part with your wallet. If it’s too good to be true, then you should follow your heart. You can’t make $1,700 with the training you will get from Fast Profits. The program falls short of every success metric you need to excel in dropshipping.

You can make money by the boatload through e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Amazon, but not as easy as Michael claims. You can build an online store and blow it up within a short period, but you need to spend hundreds to thousands of money on paid traffic. Are you ready to spend $3,000 on Facebook ads? 

How Fast Profits Work

For the hype of a system that can make you stinking rich, the Fast Profits program is a basic e-commerce eBook. The product comprises a 28-page PDF and a few 5-9 minute videos on making money through dropshipping with Shopify, an e-commerce business platform.

Fast Profits teaches you how to create a Shopify store but does not go into the full details of how to run a profitable e-commerce store.

If you know a bit of dropshipping, it will disappoint you to find what Fast Profits delivers on the subject. The program provides only generic information that may help you create your online store, but not enough to monetize the business.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping involves selling products online without holding an inventory. All you need do is create an online store with Shopify or a similar platform, list goods you want to sell, and take orders. When you take orders from buyers, you forward the orders to suppliers who will then ship the merchandise to the doorstep of each customer.

The business model is lucrative and has the potential to make you a millionaire, but not with the low-quality training in Fast Profits.

Dropshipping requires a high level of research, coordination, logistics, and financial resources. Paid ads are a critical success factor for a dropshipping business.

A quick search on Google will show how much top dropshippers spend on Facebook ads per day. Some dropshippers spend as much as $100,000 per day on paid ads.

Without traffic, nobody will see your online store, and you can’t make any sales with zero visibility. This program does not reiterate paid ads, but keeps chiming about how easy it can help you make $1,700 per day.

Apart from the funds for paid traffic, you need to organize shipping, process payments, handle refunds, and pay for other ancillary services. The higher your traffic, the more sales you can make, and the more complicated the shipping and refunds. Michael is silent about these facts because people will think twice before buying his product. He does not come clean because his aim is to collect your cash while providing no value.

Spending thousands of dollars on paid traffic guarantees nothing. You may end up making zero sales, or your revenue may fall short of the amount spent on paid ads. So, it is important to weigh the potential risks and revenue before jumping into a dropshipping opportunity.

Shopify charges a fee, starting at $29 per month to host your online store and process payments. If you have an email list, you need to pay for an autoresponder such as Aweber or Mailchimp. Add these costs with paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and other paid traffic sources, and your account is in the red.

Dropshipping might be lucrative, but it’s riskier than most online business models. The Fast Profits system does not talk about how to cut cost through free traffic sources, niche research, managing refunds and logistics among others. If you want to pursue dropshipping as an online business, check out the high-quality training at Shopify (opens in new window)

What Is Wrong With Fast Profits?

Like many low quality products, Fast Profits has many red flags that make the program a risky enterprise. Here are the negatives of this system.

Fake Owner

The owner of Fast Profits who claims to be Michael Carson is anonymous. The photo of Michael is a stock image from Shutterstock, which casts a huge doubt on the true intentions of the person.

If you have nothing to hide why not show us your face? This is standard practice for fraudsters as they don’t want their victims to know their identity to avoid prosecution.

Fake Testimonials

Using actors in sales videos are common to scam products, including Fast Profits. In the sales video, the program used several Fiverr-based actors to deliver fake testimonials of the product. Fraudsters do this to convince you of their program’s effectiveness. Many of the faces in the sales video are on several videos promoting low-quality products on Clickbank and Clicksure.

Why do you need to hire a paid mouth to praise your product if it works? In our opinion Fast Profits does not work, and that‘s why they can’t find genuine customers to send real testimonies.

False Earnings

Dropshipping offers an excellent way to leverage the power and reach of the internet to make quick gains. But you better have a huge chest of money to run ads, research, and maintain your online store.

Claims of making $1,700 per day or $2 million in two years are misleading. The presenter only wants to make you irrational so you can join the program without asking questions. You can make over $1,700 per day through dropshipping, but it takes more work than Fast Profit admits.


Fast Profits sells for $37. However, the program has upsells designed to lure you to spend more on the crap product. It calls one of the upsells Platinum Upgrade and another the Leverage Profits Trick, and both go for $197. The program blasts you with these upsells before you can access the member’s area. You buy them at your peril.

Should You Buy this Product?

No, don’t buy Fast Profits because it is a misleading product with all the attributes of a scam. The product uses shady marketing tactics, makes false and outlandish income claims and also rents paid actors to lie on its behalf.

You can get higher quality dropshipping training for free on the internet. Fast Profits is a low-quality product not worth your time and money.


I hope you enjoyed this Fast Profits Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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