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What if you could make $460 per day with no technical skills? The 12 Minute Affiliate from Devon Brown and David Sloan claims it can help you become a pro-ClickBank affiliate and start making money within 12 minutes.

This program is a done-for-you product like many on the popular affiliate marketplace. It makes bold claims with little results to back it up, making it appear like a product for fleecing unsuspecting novices of their hard-earned money.

Can you honestly make that much money in so short a time? And is it possible to become a successful ClickBank affiliate with no requisite skills? This done-for-you program promises many goodies but doesn’t live up to the hype. In this review, we look at what the 12 Minute Affiliate is all about and whether you can become rich through it.

What exactly is 12 Minute Affiliate?

As said earlier, the 12 Minute Affiliate is a done-for-you program that claims it can help you earn affiliate commissions with its software. According to the owners Devon Brown and David Sloan, this software does not require any prior knowledge or experience in the affiliate marketing industry.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection. The program is easy to set up and you can start running it in 12 minutes. With the program, you should be able to earn $460 every day.

But is it that simple to make money through affiliate marketing? Considering the stiff competition on ClickBank and other affiliate marketplaces, anybody who claims you can start earning that amount of money from the go is probably trying to shortchange you.

What they created is a done-for-you sales funnel complete with landing pages and emails. Essentially, this is a plug and play system that may help beginners make money in their affiliate marketing business. However, don’t fall for the 12-minute claim as it’s almost impossible to generate anything instantly with the quality of what this program offers.

In the program, you will get a pre-created sales funnel for the following affiliate marketing niches:

  • Weight Loss
  • Home Business, and
  • Personal Development

The done-for-you route can offer some benefits for newbie affiliate marketers, but it does more harm than good as it prevents you from mastering core skills you need to become a professional.

The worst part is that this product only gives you access to outdated traffic methods which are not only difficult for beginners but also expensive and do not provide the desired results.

As we continue, you will understand this product is a money-making scheme for its owners, not you as the membership cost is way above the benefits.

How 12 Minute Affiliate Marketing Works

The principle of this program is simple. It involves three steps including:

Personalize the System

Here, you add your affiliate links to the products you want to promote. You also have to configure your email autoresponder and other components of the sales funnel to get everything ready for launch.

Drive Traffic

This part involves directing traffic to your sales funnel. For this, you need to pay the platform an upfront cost for traffic to your offers. They have different traffic options based on your budget.

However, the quality of the traffic is so poor you may just be spending money with no returns. The traffic sources are outdated, targeting is poor and the whole operation is geared towards maximum ROI for the owners of 12 Minute Affiliate.

Generate Commissions

They assume that once your affiliate links go live and you send traffic to your offers, the affiliate commissions will roll into your account. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case for the done-for-you programs.

If you earn any commissions, it may be because of your extra hard work and not from the poor traffic the system is sending your way.

What You Get in the 12 Minute Affiliate

In addition to the done-for-you sales funnel and emails, this program also provides an EZ Funnel Wizard that allows you to customize your sales funnels. There is ready-made traffic although you have to pay for it upfront and the quality is in doubt.  

To give the program some legitimacy, the owners created a Facebook group where members can interact and share their experience with the software. However, it is not clear whether the group provides the needed support to help members succeed in their affiliate marketing businesses.

Price of 12 Minute Affiliate

At first glance, this program is affordable at only $9.95 for the 14-day trial. After the trial period, the price skyrockets to a whopping $47-$97/month subscription for basic and gold membership respectively or $397-$797 respectively for basic and gold membership for lifetime access.

This means the whole package can set you back by almost $800 and it does not guarantee you any success. There is also an upsell called “3 x Your Results Blueprint” that goes for a onetime fee of $39 and the Done For You Setup costs $67-$97.

The basic membership provides landing pages, email templates and recommended products for only the make money online niche. However, you get the whole package for the three niches in the program if you buy the gold program.

They will also try to persuade you to buy their upsells, promising better results. But there is nothing spectacular about this program as it uses old school solo ads that are expensive and ineffective to drive traffic.

Plus, you are directing the ads to their email subscribers hoping that someone who sees the ads will click and buy your offers. How do you make money when every member of the program is directing their ads to the same traffic?

Also, you don’t know whether the email subscribers are real people or bots. There is too much opacity in the way this program is set up, and you don’t have control over the most important aspect of the business which is your traffic.

To succeed as an affiliate, it’s better to take your time to learn how to build formidable traffic that you can call your own. That takes time, dedication and a lot of effort but is worthwhile in the long run.

Is 12 Minute Affiliating a Scam?

This program is not a scam, but it doesn’t deliver on its promise. From its incredulous earning claims, outrageous membership fees, and unwarranted upsells, the setup is like that of scams.

The biggest fault in this program is its earning claims. Sales funnels are an excellent way to make money through affiliate marketing and even drop shipping, but traffic also plays a vital role in the success of any funnel regardless of its sophistication.

Sadly, we can’t determine the quality of the traffic members buy on this platform. And this makes it difficult to assess the success of any campaign on the program.

Can You Make Money with the 12 Minute Affiliate?

You may make money through this platform, but it will be difficult. The main reason for this is that affiliate marketing requires time and investment.

For this to work, you will spend far more than the membership fees.

You may need to create your own traffic ad copy, find new niches and create compelling content. The only plus here is that you can use the sales funnel wizard to customize your sales process for better results and get a refund if it does not satisfy you with the results. Visit 12 Minute Affiliate Official Site

Expect nothing extraordinary from this program though. 

I hope you enjoyed this “What is 12 Minute Affiliate” review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Starting from Zero is an audiobook created by the prolific and highly successful internet marketer Fred Lam. At only $1.99, this program is one of the most legitimate on Clickbank. If you know anything about Fred Lam, you understand he is one of the most driven online personalities with results to show.

Fred has featured been on Grant Cardone’s show Ask the Pro, has been endorsed by thought leaders like Anik Singal and more. What he teaches in Starting from Zero can help you create a viable online business in record time if you follow it to the latter.

In this review, we look at what the program offers and whether you can make money by implementing the advice therein.

What Is Starting From Zero?

The name says it all. Starting from Zero is a program that provides you with easy-to-follow systematic instruction on how to start a new online business from scratch.

This program provides a 5-step process to help you start a successful e-commerce business. You will learn how to create your own online store, source products, target a lucrative market and close deals. Everything you need including how to find reliable suppliers and scaling the business comes with this program.

Fred outlines the following steps:

  • Instant Online Presence: This step shows you how to create an online presence using Fred’s exact templates and resources.
  • Inventory Arbitrage: Here, Fred shows you how to sell products without keeping an inventory or warehouse. You do not need to get involved with the complicated logistics of shipments and supply chains.
  • Profit Multiplier: This allows you to scale your business by providing maximum value to your market without looking greedy.
  • Rinse & Repeat: Once you have the structures in place, all you need to do is fine-tune your processes and repeat. Consolidate your business and watch your business and profits grow.
What Is Inside Starting From Zero?

This product is an audiobook but comes with a PDF version. In it, Fred explains his 5-step system in eight chapters including:

The 30,000-Foot Overview

In this chapter, Fred teaches you how to start a profitable e-commerce business with only $100. Starting a business has never been easier thanks to the low financial barrier Fred sets in this section of the program.

Your Opportunity Within The Falling Empires Of Retailers

This part talks about the benefits of eCommerce and how to leverage it to become a successful internet marketer. Fred talks about the online retail business, the power of Amazon and how to make it a profit generator for you.

The Digital Goldmine Opportunity

In this chapter, Fred teaches how to research and choose lucrative niches. You will learn the secret of finding and taking advantage of low-hanging profitable and less competitive niches.

This section also shows you how to buy a domain that people can remember. Overall, this chapter is all about building an enduring brand image that will endear you to your markets.

The Wizard Behind E-Commerce

This chapter is dedicated to Shopify and how to use it for your eCommerce business. You will learn the rudiments of Shopify, how to build a store, create a payment processing gateway and activate your store to receive payments directly when customers place orders.

Check out What Is Shopify About – A Complete Guide

You also learn how to use PayPal to automate orders for seamless operation of your online store. In addition, Fred provides actionable tips to help you process credit cards with no fuss or risks to your store and customers.

The Inventory Arbitrage

This chapter introduces you to millions of inventory. Fred teaches you the pricing formula that helps him run highly profitable eCommerce stores. He also shows you how to find lucrative products and sell branded goods at a premium.

“Build It And They Will Come” Is False

This chapter blows away your misconceptions about traffic. Here, Fred shows you the three most important sources of traffic and how to apply it for maximum store visibility.

The Magical Alignment of Your Buyers

This section is all about leveraging the mind-blowing reach and precision targeting power of Facebook ads.

While the information here is best practised, the chapter shows you how to run FB ads and optimize the best performing ads set.

The four Levels of Optimization helps you fine-tune your Facebook ads campaigns for best results.

Scaling Up to Millions

Using emails and other traffic methods, this chapter shows you how to scale your online business to the highest level. Here, Fred not only teaches you core business skills you can apply to every enterprise but shows you how to build a resilient brand, diversify your income sources and even monetize your store.

One of the most lucrative ways of earning big money in the eCommerce world is to flip your store. However, that requires having the patience and experience to build something worth paying top dollar. This chapter will teach you how.

How Much Is Starting From Zero?

At the frontend, this product costs a meagre $1.99 for the audiobook. However, there are upsells farther into the program. Some of the upsell include:

Six B.S Framework: The $47 Brilliantly Strategic framework is a 6-step guide that shows you how Fred buys media to increase your store traffic for more revenue and profits.

eCompreneur: This upsell goes for $147 for 3 months after which you will pay $49 per month. It comprises a 12-week training that provides hands-on training on how to become an eCommerce expert.

The program provides several automation tools to help you get the best out of your store. You might wonder if this is not the same as what Fred teaches in the Start from Zero audiobook, but it is more comprehensive and you get access to some fabulous tools as well.

Influencer Masterclass: At $197, this program shows you the workings of influencer marketing. In short, you will learn how to become Instafamous, cultivate a loyal following for your brand and boost your store’s popularity and incomes.

Is Starting From Zero A Scam?

Fred Lam has been in the online business environment for a long time and his credibility is not in doubt. This product is only $1.99 although it comes with many upsells, which can push the price to almost $400, however, it delivers.

While you may not agree with all the claims in the program, Starting from Zero is one of the few products on Clickbank that has a real face to it and offers actionable knowledge.

Fred Lam is not a fraud and his products teach legitimate proven methods of making money online and building eCommerce brands that endure. If you want to learn the fundamentals of dropshipping, eCommerce, influencer marketing and more, this product offers a good primer on these subjects and more.

Can You Make Money with Starting From Zero?

The concepts taught in this product offer tested business lessons you can apply to diverse industries. If you stick to the teachings and practice what is inside this audiobook, you will have a firm foundation to build a profitable online business.

Fred Lam teaches you actionable strategies that will help you create and run profitable eCommerce businesses. This program has made many successful entrepreneurs already. You too can be one of them. Click Here for Starting From Zero Audiobook


I hope you enjoyed this review and now have an understanding of what “Starting From Zero” is about if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Have you heard about niche sites? It’s a type of affiliate marketing where you promote niche products for a commission and it’s a serious money-maker if you know how to run the business model. Niche Site Formula is a hands-on, comprehensive training that provides everything you need to know about internet business from setup to earning money.

The Niche Site Formula is the brainchild of Roman, a veteran internet marketer who has been in the industry for over 15 years. Unlike most affiliate marketing training, this course focuses only on the Amazon Associates Affiliate marketing program. So what exactly is inside this course and can you really make money from Amazon niche sites? Let’s find out.

What Exactly Is the Niche Site Formula?

The Niche Site Formula is a start-to-finish guide that teaches you how to build your own profitable niche site.

This program is not based on overhyped income claims or get-rich-quick tactics. It provides proven actionable training but you have to do the work to get the desired results.

The Niche Site Formula has 12 modules which cover the whole spectrum of building and promoting niche sites from scratch. Here are the modules.

Niche Selection

This module provides a step-by-step niche research approach to help you find profitable products with less competition. In this module, you will learn how to do basic niche research, brainstorm, and use Aliexpress and Amazon to discover trending products and niches among others. There is also a PDF with 100 niche ideas to help kick start your niche site business.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of niche sites. Rather than target highly competitive keywords, this module teaches you how to generate keywords that rank using competitor-based research and long-tail keywords which actual buyers type into search engines.

If you want to master keyword research, this guide provides a good foundation for a beginner.

Domain and Hosting

In this module, you will learn everything there is to know about choosing a domain name for your niche site. Also, Roman shows you how to select domain suffixes to increase your site visibility.

The module also covers domain registration and how to select fast and reliable hosting among others. This is the foundation of building a website and you need to get it right to reduce cost and boost your chances of recouping your investment.

Brand and Design

This module shows you colours and brand names that captivate buyers and persuade them to buy from you. In this section, you will learn how to choose a brand-friendly logo, captivating persona and how to build a brand that resonates with buyers for maximum ROI.


WordPress powers over 70 percent of all the websites and online properties worldwide. It enjoys a thriving community of users and developers who keep churning out impressive solutions to make the platform serve you better.

In this module, you will learn how simple it is to install WordPress, plugins, and themes to boost your sites rank and help you win customers. Also, you will learn how to use the WordPress CMS dashboard, and use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to get the best out of your niche site.


Why build a niche site if you can’t populate it with quality content that resonates with your audience? In this module, you will learn how to plan and create content to solve the problems of your audience.

This section shows you the different types of content you need on your niche site, must-have pages, disclaimers among others.


How do you create content buyers would love?

You can either write your articles and reviews or outsource the job to freelancers on sites such as Upwork. Here, Roman shows you how to hire quality writers that are affordable.

You also learn the common pitfalls of working with freelance writers and how to avoid them.


This section covers how to rank your content and website with on-page SEO. You will learn how to use Meta tags, calls to action and others to boost your conversions for higher earnings.

Amazon Program

Module 9 takes you through the registration process of the Amazon Associate program. You will learn how to create tracking tags, read and analyze reports and boost your conversions.

Link Building

Here, you will learn how to build backlinks using a simple method. Building links is hard but Roman shows you an easy way to get to the top of the SERP.


In this module, Roman shows you free tools you can use to boost your results. You will be surprised at how powerful some of these tools are and the capabilities they provide for your niche site.


In the last module, you will learn how to outsource your website functions for cheap without compromising quality. Also, Roman shows you how to access premium tools at unbelievable rates.

How Much Is the Niche Site Formula?

The Niche Site Formula is affordable, but it’s not cheap either.

Unlike $35 get-rich-quick affiliate marketing programs on Clickbank, this course goes for a one-time payment of $797 for the premium level and $197 per month in 5 instalments for the Silver Level.

The only difference between the two is that the Silver Level membership does not have access to free lifetime access to future updates and the closed Facebook community.

Does the Niche Site Offer Support?

Yes, there is unlimited email support to every member of the course. You can contact Roman for advice on any problem you encounter as you build your niche sites.

Also, there is a closed Facebook community where Roman interfaces with members to guide them on their journey as they become niche site owners. The support provided for the users of this course is impressive, but you don’t expect less from such an expensive program.

30-Day Money-Back guarantee

Roman provides a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee if you feel you didn’t get value for your money. You can use the course for 30 days and ask for a full refund if you don’t like what you got from the program.

This is a laudable move by Roman as it demonstrates his confidence in the program and the value members can get from the guide.

Is Niche Site Formula a Scam?

No, this program provides a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to create and run a profitable niche site.

Niche Site Formula equips you with the knowledge and resources you need to make money through niche sites but you have to follow the guideline and put in the effort.

If you bought the program but didn’t implement the advice, you are likely to fail. But if you can be disciplined, you will enjoy positive results within a reasonable amount of time.

Can You Make Money from Niche Site Formula?

There is no guarantee of making money with any program, including the Niche Site Formula.

However, the program provides all the resources you need to become a successful niche site owner plus ongoing support if you run into problems during the execution stage.

So, there is no doubt you can make money with this program. But you must put in the work, stay disciplined and continue to fine-tune your processes until you get the desired results.


In my opinion, as good as this program is there are more cost-effective programs in the marketplace, one training and business building platform I would highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. One of the main reason we have made this our number 1 recommendation is that ANYONE can start with a Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Membership and decide if it’s a right fit for them, With a thriving community of 1.8 million this is becoming the training and business building platform for anyone who wants to build a serious online business. Check out our Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I hope you enjoyed this review “What Is Niche Site Formula?” if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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What is all the hype about Smart Profit App? Robert Fisher claims his groundbreaking app can generate up to $13,127 per week. But can you truly earn this amount of money in a week? How exactly does this program work and is it a legitimate means of making money or an overhyped scam?

In this review, we look at the Smart Profit App and whether it offers any value for your online business dreams.

What Exactly Is Smart Profit App?

What comes to mind when a sales video claims you were invited privately to view it? You feel great about yourself and thank your stars for bringing this life-changing opportunity your way. But you may be wrong. With a measly number of views on YouTube, how can this video be a private affair when it is posted on the largest video sharing platform in the world?

In the video, Robert claims he has a secret formula for making money. Don’t buy it as its only marketing gimmick he uses to lure people to watch the video. Robert says his app has nothing to do with blogging, surveys and other such methods of making peanuts online. He even states you can start making money immediately with his advanced income generating machine.

Experienced marketers know that when you have somebody promising immediate incomes, that is a sign of a scam. In reality, online businesses take time and there is no guarantee you will make money after spending money, time and energy on setting up the business. But not everybody is so discerning when the potential of making a windfall with minimal effort is so strong in the air.

According to Robert, you can start making money with the Smart Profit App in 30 minutes and 17 clicks as if there is a mathematical formula to the program. He also claims you need no prior experience or education. In fact, this program is so flexible you can use it without a computer or mobile phone. So, how do you make money with this program if you don’t need an internet connection?

The sales video raises more questions than it answers. Rather than convince you with hard facts and verifiable claims, the narrator goes on about the income you can make through the platform and even mentions the name of another low-quality product while referring to the Smart Profit App.

It is easy to make empty promises, but the most important determinant of success is the tangible results of real people. Unfortunately, this program falls short in all these areas, making it belong in the category of low-quality, unreliable products that make huge claims and deliver nothing. Smart people have no business coming close to this business because it provides no value.

What Is Inside the Smart Profit App?

When you see the app in the name of this program, you may think it is a done-for-you product that automates a function of your online business. But you will be wrong. If you make the mistake of buying this product, you will find out what it offers is neither a computer program nor a mobile application.

It’s a set of PDFs and videos that provide basic training on making commissions through the Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative means of making money online, and you can make as much as you want from this business model. But successful affiliates spend months and even years perfecting their strategies, building networks and capabilities and prospecting for potential sources of commissions before achieving their goals.

You can also make money through affiliate marketing via the Amazon Associates program, but the training in the Smart Profit App falls short of anything you can convert to commissions. Plus, the 30 day and 17 clicks claim is outright misleading and sets many people up for failure.

Unlike most affiliate programs, Amazon Associates has stricter rules and regulations and you need to have a well-designed website populated with content before you can get into the program. You also need to have a good understanding of SEO, keyword research, niche selection, traffic generation, content generation and planning among others. The information in the Smart Profit App members’ area does not equip you with all these resources, impeding your ability to succeed even if you manage to get off with a plan.

While the narrator in the video claims you can make over $13000 per week, he failed to tell you it might take more than five years to achieve that level of income with Amazon affiliate commissions. Plus, most products on Amazon pay extremely small commissions, so you have to work extra hard to generate enough traffic while providing tons of value to visitors to convince them to buy products through your website.

The above points might sound simple, but they require a lot of investment in money, dedication and time. You will make money through the Amazon Associates affiliate program, but it’s not as simple or fast as Small Profit Apps claims it to be.

What Is the Real Cost of Smart Profit App?

This product retails for $37 on Clickbetter.com like other offers on this fairly new affiliate marketplace. But that is not the whole story. The program has three upsells that increase the total package to a whopping $471!

They will also bombard you with offers and persuade you to buy tools via their affiliate links. If you allow them, these people will milk you dry until you have nothing to spare.

The only silver lining here is the 60-day money-back guarantee but this may also turn out to be a marketing tactic as many unhappy buyers of get-rich-quick systems have found out.

While they advertise this product as an effective money-spinner, the truth is you need to buy the upsells to enjoy the full capabilities of the app, if it can deliver that at all. This program only favours the owners and the unscrupulous affiliates promoting it. As for potential buyers, you are going to be the cash cow if you join this program.

Is Smart Profit App a Scam?

This program might not be a scam outright, but it will be difficult for it to deliver on its lofty promises. Can you honestly make the amount claimed in the sales video in a week? Even super affiliates with several years’ experience in the online marketing landscape hardly make 5 figures in net income per week. And it takes a lot of time to build a system that can work effectively to generate such revenue in so short a time.

Robert Fisher is also an anon. Despite his claims, Robert does not show up, an indication his program is an overhyped product out to line his pocket at your expense. Would you allow him to get fat off you with nothing to show for it?


The Smart Profit App is not a reliable way to make money online. It makes bold claims but fails to provide a framework to deliver on its promises. Despite its high-income claims, the business model it chooses has a history of low commission payouts and the training material do not even scratch the surface. In my opinion, you won’t make any money with this program.


I hope you enjoyed this and now have an understanding of what Smart Profit App is about if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Have you heard of My Work for Life? It’s a website that claims it can help you make money from home with little to no effort. The website owners want you to believe you can earn a good income online in your spare time as long as you have one hour to spare per day.

But can you truly make money on this website? Is My Work for Life a legitimate online platform or a scam disguised as a means of making money on the internet? Is making money online as simple as owning a computer and a reliable internet? Let’s find out.

What Exactly Is My Work for Life?

MyWorkforLife.com is a website that claims to be the fastest way to make money. The most striking thing about the website is the low-quality design and layout. For a website that claims it has the key to riches, the content is abysmally poor and the user interface smacks of amateurs who are not even trying enough to scam you.

Right from the first sentence, the content on this platform is so poor it will put off the discernible immediately. The website says it has been around for many years with thousands of members globally, but hardly will you see anybody talking about making money on the platform.

According to MyWorkforLife, you can take advantage of the enormous opportunities brought about by the gig economy to earn money from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is set up an account with the platform and your membership will be approved instantly. Once you are an approved member of the platform, you can access jobs and get paid.

So what type of jobs can you do on MyWorkforLife? The website claims you can login to your account to access the job board. There are several easy and little tasks you can do to make money. However, the promoters of this site say nothing about the particular jobs you can do on this platform on the homepage.

This website has all the hallmarks of a get-rich-quick scheme. It promises great things but lacks substance.

According to the people behind this website, you can start making money within a few minutes of joining the platform. They claim the website is the easiest service conducting live earning program for uses and members benefits. This can seem to be a positive statement, but it makes no sense upon further scrutiny.

They do not specify the service they conduct and how much you can make doing it. You have no business joining this website if you are serious about making money online. To find out what you will be doing in your spare time to make money via this site, let’s visit the FAQ section.

How You Will Make Money on MyWorkforLife

In the FAQ section of the website, the promoters claim they will give members a referral link(s). To earn through the referral link, you have to promote it so people click through the link.

The site claims you will earn $5-$10 for each click on your referral link. However, you can only take your earnings when you make a minimum of $300. That is equivalent of 60 people clicking through your link.

You might think this is easy to achieve, but the amount of competition on the internet is stifling and you might end up spending more promoting the link than you would make from the clicks. Which brings us to an important question? That is, will you really get paid the commission and why is the payout so high?

If you are familiar with affiliate commissions and related business models, do you honestly believe you will earn up to $10 for having someone click on your referral link? What if they don’t click through to make any purchase? Where will the money come from? Let’s assume you earn the high commissions, do you think the website will pay you when you hit $300?

In reality, such outrageous commissions are rare on the internet. Making money online is a legitimate business, but you must understand that earning a living online is as hard as or even more difficult than making money through brick-and-mortar businesses. There is no magic to making money online. The only problem is most people are too greedy to see the telltale signs of a scam before they fall into the trap.

Red Flags on the MyWorkforLife.com

A lot is wrong about this website. From the wanton grammar and punctuation errors to the absurd registration requirements, this platform has ulterior motives. When you land on the registration page, you will be asked to fill your email address and home address. And this makes it clear the people behind this platform are up to something.

While it is normal for them to ask for your name and email address, what do they plan on doing with your home address? Never give strangers your private information such as a home address. It is too risky regardless of any potential promise attached to the arrangement. You may be putting your life and the lives of your loved ones at risk because you want to make money online.

Getting Paid

Even if you were able to make the $300, how will you get paid? It’s a bit complicated.

Before you can withdraw your money, MyWorkforLife needs you to visit another site to download a payout form to process your payment. The problem with this arrangement is that it’s impossible to download the form.

Without the form, you won’t get paid regardless of how much you have in your account. This can be really frustrating after spending your time, energy, and resources getting the referral link in front of people to ramp up the clicks.

Can You Make Money with MyWorkforLife?

In theory, you can make as much as you want through this website. But the opposite is true in reality. This platform looks and feels like a scam and there is no guarantee you will receive any compensation for your work. When you try to contact support if you can’t download the payout form, you will get a rude shock. It turns out the email on the website does not exist.

Why bother wasting your time and broadband on a platform that does not intend to pay for your efforts? You may try as much as you want, but this website is most likely a scam. Despite the fact membership is free; the owners of the platform don’t appear to have your interest at heart. You are better off staying away from the platform.

Should You Join MyWorkforLife?

Why join an obscure website with low-quality content? Everything on the site points to a lack of attention to detail, professionalism and technical know-how. If you really want to make money online, you must be willing to learn the core skills of marketing, sales, traffic generation and perseverance. In my opinion, and from my own experience one of the best platforms for learning the skills and turning your passion into a real online business is Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

There is no free meal on the internet or anywhere else. You require a huge dose of patience and dedication to earn an honest and sustainable income online. There is no sign the MyWorkforLife platform can provide any valuable skills or opportunities for your online business prospects. Seek better alternatives even if you need to pay. It will be worth it.


I hope you enjoyed this review and now have an understanding of what is my work for life program if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing? The most effective form of affiliate marketing training is online. This is because most affiliate marketing opportunities are internet-based, so it pays to look for quality affiliate marketing education on the web.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn money by promoting the products and services of other vendors. When buyers purchase an offer through your affiliate link, you earn a percentage of the sale as commission.

There are thousands of materials on affiliate marketing online. However, not everything you see online is valuable. A lot of the free advice from internet gurus comes with a price. Most gurus want you to sign up to their newsletters so they can pitch you products and services indiscriminately. But every relationship must offer value to both parties. Look for training that helps you achieve your affiliate marketing goals.

Learning Affiliate Marketing Online

If you are trying to learn affiliate marketing online, you can take advantage of free and paid resources. Everything you need to start your affiliate marketing business is available online free.

A simple Google or YouTube search will uncover mountains of content. The problem is most of this free advice lack a coherent structure and mentorship.

If you have been through any internet-based business, you will understand the importance of having a coach or mentor guide you through the process. Many would-be affiliates think it’s a waste of money to buy courses or hire coaches. However, a coach or mentor can save you years of trial and error and thousands of dollars you could waste trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t use free affiliate marketing training, but invest in a quality program if you can afford it. It will save you a lot of trouble and boost your potential to earn affiliate commissions. Now, let’s look at the top paid and free affiliate marketing programs.

Human Proof Designs (HPD)

If you are looking for real done-for-you affiliate websites with in-depth courses and coaching, Human Proof Designs is one of the best in the affiliate marketing industry.

HPD builds Amazon.com affiliate websites and customized affiliate marketing sites. The firm can build a new website for you or an aged site with content and niche that is already making an income. All you have to do is pay and become the new site owner.

HPD also offers affiliate marketing training courses on a wide range of skill sets. The company offers the following training:

  • Monthly training which is updated regularly. The training covers the most recent tips and tricks in the affiliate marketing industry. 
  • Private coaching from the founder Dom Wells and other senior trainers.
  • Resources: You can also get loads of PDFs, cheat sheets, templates and others to fast-track your progress to a super affiliate.

HPD’s training goes for $59 per month, which may be expensive for new affiliates. But if you have the budget, you can buy an aged website which is already earning to reduce the time spent on ranking and content creation.

Next Big Niche

This affiliate marketing course from Aaron Jones is one of the most in-depth training on the subject available online. The course contains over 18 hours of affiliate marketing training with about 60 videos covering a variety of topics.

Aaron is an excellent teacher as he explains everything in the PDFs visually in the videos. Not only are the videos detailed, but they provide a practical guide to every question you may have on affiliate marketing.

Aaron covers creating targeted content, making a niche website, backlinking, monetization, and more at $27 for lifetime access! Not only is the Next Big Niche affiliate marketing course loaded with value, but it is also affordable for most beginners. What are you waiting for?

UPDATE: Aaron Jones has shut down his program as the domain name is now for sale


Affilorama provides a ton of valuable affiliate marketing content for free. Members have access to over 100 video tutorials and PDFs on every aspect of the affiliate marketing business.

When you are starting out and financial constraints prevent you from buying a course, Affilorama offers a free but effective learning process to keep you on the right path. The website also provides premium offers for people who want to take their affiliate marketing game to the next level.

Wealthy Affiliate

With 1.8+ million members, Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop shop for everything affiliates marketing. The platform offers free training and a premium membership that goes for $49 a month. Wealthy Affiliate has a thriving ecosystem of like-minded people and the platform is famous among top affiliates earning 6 figures.

Whether you want to build a niche site, do keyword research, or ask questions about problems you encounter on your journey, the WA community is there for you. Jaaxy, the keyword research tool developed by Wealthy Affiliate, is one of the best resources for targeting laser-focused niche-specific keywords and their competitive data.

Everything you want in affiliate marketing is on the WA platform, and you don’t have to be a premium member to enjoy the benefits of the community. If you want to become a top earning affiliate marketer, WA is an excellent training resource.

Social Media 

Facebook groups offer loads of training resources and networking potential for people who want to learn affiliate marketing. Many super affiliates own private Facebook groups where they provide mentorship and sell courses to would-be affiliates. You can search for top affiliate to know more about their offers.

There are also high flying affiliates and internet marketers on Instagram and Facebook who post timeless gems every day. If all you have is your smartphone, social media is enough as a training resource to get your affiliate marketing business off the ground.

Network, contribute positively to discussions and soak in as much of the good stuff as you can accommodate. The impact of the experience is priceless and most of it is free. So get on social media today.


Alison.com is famous for its short courses, many of which apply to the affiliate marketing niche. There is a course called “21 days to Building a Web Business” that teaches you everything you need to know about starting an online business. You can also take writing courses, social media courses and several other skills that will help you become adept at affiliate marketing. The best part is most of the training is free. You only pay a token if you want to get a certificate of qualification after you finish the program.


Udemy is the future of education. This platform offers a breathtaking array of programs on every human endeavour. From programming, writing, speaking, design, internet marketing to e-commerce and everything in between, you will find a suitable course for your needs on Udemy.

Most programs on the platform are taught by professionals and are affordable. Take advantage of the coupons and promos to snatch top-earning skills relevant to the affiliate marketing industry at a fraction of the price.


Online affiliate marketing training programs offer you the opportunity to test your knowledge in real-time. These courses condense the experience of the heavy movers in the industry into easy-to-follow steps. That way, you can avoid mistakes and make money in record time. While you can learn everything about affiliates marketing for free, it’s better to invest in a course that will show you the goldmine while avoiding the pitfalls along the way. 

I hope you enjoyed this “How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Online” article if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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What are the best affiliate marketing programs you can join for free? Well, it turns out the most popular affiliate marketing programs are free. Many people dream of making money while they sleep and affiliate marketing commissions, is one of the surest ways of making this a reality. But like in every business, you need to limit the entry cost when you are starting. And that’s why many beginners look for free but successful affiliate programs.

Not only will this give you more leverage, but it helps you make the most of your tiny budget. So if you have already chosen a niche, learnt content creation and promotion and have your website all set up, now is the time to search for the best online affiliate marketing programs with free membership. Let’s go!


With over 200 million users, Clickbank is the undisputed leader in the affiliate marketing space, and it’s free to join. Clickbank has been around for over a decade and a half, and the company generates over a billion dollars in revenue every year, making it one of the most profitable platforms in the affiliate marketing landscape.

You can choose from a myriad of products to sell or promote on Clickbank across a broad range of categories. However, most products are digital programs from the make money online and other online marketing categories.

Clickbank pays high commissions. In fact, you can make up to 70% commissions selling eBooks and other digital products. Plus, it’s free to join the site, making it perfect for new affiliates. Clickbank also offers a comprehensive training program from beginner to advanced level through the Clickbank University run by the best veterans of the platform.

However, Clickbank has a reputation for hosting low quality, offers. The platform is a den of scams and frauds posing as the real deal.

Here are some low quality products we have reviewed in the past:

7 Minutes Daily Profits
Bulletproof Profits
30 Minutes Money Method

However, don’t write off this platform as there are also some good programs worthy of your time, so research a product thoroughly before promoting it to avoid denting your online integrity.

Overall, Clickbank is a profitable and user-friendly platform available in most countries around the world. If you want unlimited affiliate commissions, this platform is a place to be.


If Clickbank dominates the digital products affiliate marketing industry, ShareASale is the go-to-market for high commissions on physical products. For over 18 years, this platform has been lining the pockets and bank accounts of affiliate marketers worldwide. While the company is now a subsidiary of an international affiliate marketing firm called Awin, ShareASale still provides tons of opportunities for new and experienced affiliate marketers.

You can choose from a wide range of physical products including eyewear, beauty supplies, luxury goods, sports gear, and outdoor equipment, among others. The platform hosts thousands of vendors and affiliate marketers in several niches and categories so you will always find offers that match your passion. ShareASale offers free sign-up, and the interface is super-easy to use.

While this site offers juicy commissions, you can only withdraw a minimum of $50. This doesn’t seem like a big amount of money, but it can be challenging for new affiliates with low traffic. Also, the site may delete your account if your earnings are less than $25, a policy which does not endear the administrators to newbies.

If you want to promote physical products but don’t want to earn peanuts as commissions, ShareASale might be worth consideration. 

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates affiliate program helps you earn commissions from the largest retail market on the planet. While many retailers claim that Amazon is killing their business, savvy and smart sellers understand that the platform provides an unprecedented reach for their business and they can scale to any level they desire.

Now, Amazon is the biggest retail market selling everything you can think of. If you buy things from Amazon, wouldn’t it be nice if you can make some money promoting Amazon products to others?

It’s free to join the Amazon Associates affiliate program. All you need is a website that meets the company’s requirements and content relevant to the products or niche you intend to promote. When you join the program, you can sell Amazon products in any category and you can also earn commissions when your referrals make purchases within 24 hours after they first bought something on the site.

The only drawback of Amazon Associates is the low commissions which can be as small as 1% and 2% in some categories. However, this won’t matter if your site receives a lot of traffic and many people buy Amazon products through your affiliate links.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate has been operating for over 2 decades, making it one of the most trusted affiliate marketing sites. This platform provides Product Widgets and deep link automation. The widget displays CJ Affiliate products on a slideshow or grid so visitors can see and buy things on the site. With the deep link automation feature, you can monitor transactions in real-time and monetize links that redirect to the CJ advertiser domain automatically.

However, CJ is more difficult to join than other affiliate programs on this list. The website has a stringent application process that requires having a functional website that meets the platform’s high standards regarding content quality, traffic volume and optimization. Also, you have to apply to individual vendors before you can promote their offers, and there is no guarantee they will accept you into their affiliate program.

But if you can scale the application process, CJ offers a lot of opportunities for hardworking affiliate marketing professionals. You get automation of deep links and real-time transaction tracking and more, but you must contend with the difficult two-stage application process.


JVZoo is relatively new in the affiliate marketing industry. But it uses a different approach. JVZoo is a Software as a Service or SaaS affiliate marketing platform. What this means is that the site is actually a software that provides you with all the resources you need to run a profitable affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketers and vendors can use the platform for free but JVZoo takes a 5% commission for every sale.

One of the best things about JVZoo is the instant payments on every successful sale you make. Plus, you can withdraw any amount you like since it uses PayPal which does not have a minimum payout threshold. However, you can only withdraw earnings through PayPal, which isn’t a bad thing except that some countries cannot use the payment system.

Another great feature of JVZoo is that you can earn commissions from users you referred to the platform, known as Second Tier Commission. You also get commissions on other products which your buyers purchased even if you didn’t refer them to that product.

The biggest drawback of JVZoo is that many of the top performing products are low-quality digital products. This makes the platform riskier and the chances of refunds are often high, eating into your profits.


If you are looking to make money from affiliate marketing, it’s important to select the affiliate marketing programs you join carefully. There are programs that offer low payouts but consistent commissions and some provide huge commissions but haphazard payments. Some affiliate programs are notorious for fraud and scams while others help you nurture clients and you earn their trust for long-term success.

Whatever you do, don’t choose an affiliate marketing program that will paint your business in a bad light. Remember the internet never forgets, so only promote offers you truly believe deliver value to users.  

I hope you enjoyed this “Best Free Online Affiliate Marketing Programs” article if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Do you want to be a ClickBank millionaire? ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces on the planet, making billions of dollars per year for affiliates and vendors. But it can be difficult for newbies and even professionals in other affiliate marketing spaces to crack the code of this huge market.

John Thornhill’s Clickbank Superstars aims to help you leverage his in-depth knowledge of the platform to become a successful Clickbank vendor. With this product, you will sell your own products on Clickbank and make huge profits. Or do you?

ClickBank is a money-spinning machine of the affiliate marketing world. While the platform is popular as a hotbed of low-quality products, it’s also one of the largest markets for affiliates to earn mouth-watering commissions. The problem most people have with ClickBank is that it’s too large for them to handle. It helps if there is someone to guide you through the labyrinthine mazes of this big market so you don’t make costly mistakes.

Unlike many products that claim you can make thousands within minutes, John’s course does not over-hype itself. And John Thornhill is not a faceless guru hiding behind a pseudonym. He knows his way around the ClickBank landscape and has achieved tremendous results after years of active engagement as an affiliate marketer.

At less than $20, do you believe you can learn everything you need to know to succeed on ClickBank through this program? Or is it a ploy to get you in the door for more expensive upsells? We will know in this review of the ClickBank Superstar.

What Exactly Is ClickBank Superstar?

Clickbank Superstar is the brainchild of John Thornhill, a Clickbank veteran who has been earning money from the platform since 2005, making him one of the most authoritative voices on anything about the Clickbank ecosystem and its evolution over the years.

Right from the sales page and the website design, it’s easy to tell that this program is unlike those get-rich-quick scams that have tainted Clickbank in recent times.

While many affiliate marketing programs focus on earning commissions by promoting other people’s products, the Clickbank Superstar teaches you how to make money selling your own products. This program is about becoming a Clickbank vendor, which is where the money really is.

People have been making money selling their own products on ClickBank and other marketplaces such as JVZoo and Warrior Forum. It’s nothing new, but the most popular way of making money in this landscape is still affiliate commissions.

If you want to make money creating and selling your own digital products, then the ClickBank Superstar may be a beneficial investment even if it doesn’t provide all the information you need to become a millionaire vendor.

The information and training in this course are detailed and can be used for ClickBank and JVZoo, WarriorPlus and other affiliate marketplaces. If your goal is to pay affiliate commissions instead of earning it, this product seems to hold a lot of potentials.

If you go the vendor route, you will find hundreds of thousands of affiliates willing to promote your offers for a commission. You only need to make your offers provide enough value so that your target audience will have no choice but to buy.

How ClickBank Superstar Works

In ClickBank Superstar, John Thornhill teaches you how to convince affiliates to promote your products to potential customers so all of you can make money.

The training includes setting up your ClickBank account free in most countries. Note that the website is not available in some countries because of legal restrictions and the prevalence of fraud.

Once you have set up your account, you need to add your products to the marketplace, set up your sales funnel, add one-click upsells and create a membership site for affiliates that join your program.

All the activities outlined above take time and in-depth knowledge of how ClickBank works. Thankfully, John provides a detailed step-by-step guide to help you complete each step with ease. The members’ area contains plenty of PDF guides, video training and more on how to start your vendor business on ClickBank., Not only will you be able to set up the apparatus for attracting reliable and knowledgeable affiliates, but this course also provides training on product promotions and sales optimization.

John also provides information on how to help affiliates make the highest commission possible. The affiliate marketing business is a numbers game. The higher the commission, the more affiliates willing to help you sell products and services. By giving them the option to make 100% commission, you can increase the turnover of your products many times as affiliates fall over themselves to promote your offers.

The ClickBank Superstar also offers some traffic generation tip. Affiliate marketing is big business if you sell a compelling offer to clients, but you won’t make any sales if you don’t have the right traffic. While John provides some training on multiple traffic sources such as Facebook, article marketing, social networking among others, most of the information is basic. So that means you need to look for more information about traffic sources as the one in this program does not meet up with what you need to excel on ClickBank.

Further, ClickBank Superstar provides a product creation workshop for members. This workshop guides you on how to create products that sell on ClickBank although each person’s success depends on a wide range of factors such as commitment, passion, knowledge, finances among others. 

How much Is ClickBank Superstar?

ClickBank Superstar retails for $19.95 at the initial price. However, this is the tip of the iceberg. Considering the huge value in this product and the clout of its creator, it begs the question of why the course sells for such a ridiculously low price.

Even low-quality scams sell for $37 and more. The truth, however, is that ClickBank Superstar comes with several upsells, a common tactic used by many vendors on ClickBank and other affiliate marketing platforms.

Going by the affiliate commissions one can earn with this program, the total cost of the package is $2,000. This is because the affiliate program pays 50% commissions and promises affiliates they can earn up to $1,000. The implication is that you need to spend almost $2,000 to get the most of this product. The small entry price is to encourage you to enter the program so they can offer upsells. That is where the money really is.

There is nothing bad about upsells, but make sure you are providing value to your customers. It makes no sense to pay extra when you are not getting more value. Also, tell your members upfront about the upsells as they can be rather expensive. You don’t want to create a negative impression about your offers as being exploitative in the eyes of potential buyers.

Is ClickBank Superstar a Scam?

No, this program is not a scam. It is a legitimate program that provides detailed guidance and training on how to become a vendor on Clickbank. The course provides training on the full spectrum of the things you need to know to become a top performer on Clickbank and other affiliate marketplaces.

However, understand that you may not have the same success as John Thornhill who has been on the platform for about 14 years. Plus, you won’t be making money overnight either. Give it time, follow the training and look for what is missing elsewhere. This program offers a ton of value at a bargain.

I hope you enjoyed this and now have a better understanding of what is Clickbank Superstars if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Traffic Ivy is a product that promises to help you generate free traffic like never before. A program from Cindy Donovan, Traffic Ivy is targeted at newbies and uses a method similar to spamming to generate traffic for you. Is this product really worth the hype? Can you get valuable traffic that converts from this product? Let’s find out in this review.

What exactly is Traffic Ivy?

Cindy Donovan is a veteran of the online marketing industry, and she claims to have sold millions in offers to thousands of users. With Traffic Ivy, she tries to create a one-stop shop traffic-generating tool that allows you to disseminate your content across a wide range of media including social media platforms, blogs, and authority websites among others.

The Traffic Ivy website is well designed and contains a ton of well-written and persuasive content. But users are only concerned with results. When you join this platform, you become a part of a community of social influencers, marketers and bloggers who share each other’s content to gain traffic. Does this sound like a workable idea to you?

Based on your participation in the community, the platform awards points you can use to drive more traffic to your content and that of others. The idea behind Traffic Ivy is to build a thriving platform comprising people with plenty of social media accounts and blogs. Users will then promote each other’s content without having to pay. This is an excellent concept, except that you can’t control the quality of what others want you to share. And that is a big problem.

How Traffic Ivy Works

Traffic Ivy is supposedly a free traffic source for anybody who engages in internet businesses. When you buy the product and join the member’s area, you will have access to a SaaS-based viral traffic network where you can create and publish ads across multiple media platforms and formats.

Traffic Ivy allows you to see how your campaigns are doing with live stats and trackable traffic. You will be able to display your articles on a variety of niche blogs, display banners across hundreds of websites and blogs hosted on WordPress, Wix, Joule and others. Also, you can post your content on Facebook groups, pages and walls of other users. Plus, you can post on Twitter, Interest, LinkedIn, Reddit and many more.

Here is how it works. The first step involves connecting your social media accounts and websites or blogs to your member’s account. Next, you earn points for sharing relevant content with the community. As you share, you earn points that drive traffic to your content and offers. Does this sound familiar to you?

Does Traffic Ivy Work?

Traffic Ivy works by spamming other people’s products and services in the hope that someone somewhere will see the link and make a purchase. Unfortunately, this won’t work.

It won’t work because everybody on the platform is trying to sell something. If you are all trying to sell affiliate products and services and recycle each other’s links, who will buy your offers? When you promote other people’s links on your website and social media accounts, how do you get buyers to purchase from you? Isn’t this counterproductive?

The only way this would have worked was if you are sending the links to non-competitive accounts but that is not the case here. So it’s a big cycle of newbies fooling around. Apart from the points earned through community activity, you can also buy points to increase your reach.

Cindy claims you will be able to get backlinks to high authority sites. This is not true. Top shelf backlinks come from sites such as Forbes, Wikipedia, and high-flying publications don’t follow-back easily. At best, your links will end up on lower ranked sites that will further obscure your website’s visibility.

Why Traffic Ivy Does Not Work

This viral traffic tool sounds actionable in theory but will fail in reality. Here’s why:

Low Community Participation

The major drawback of this type of system is the limited number of members. For you to achieve viral traffic, you need tens or even hundreds of thousands of members creating excellent content worth sharing. Unfortunately, this is not happening in the member’s area.

There are a low number of active members and content sharing is disappointing. This is likely because the content being shared is either too low quality or irrelevant to other users’ niche. Either way, this is a big problem for anybody who wants to use Traffic Ivy as their source of profitable conversions.

Low-Value Members

Why do you need a product like Traffic Ivy if you have a solid following on social? The only people who attach any value to this platform are people who do not have a following to promote their links to, so they recycle links to people who don’t have a following as well.

Consider the low membership and lower quality content and the fact that everybody on the platform is trying to sell something. If you are sending your links to people who also want to sell your type of offers, how do you make a sale? This is not an effective business model as your links won’t get to the real people who need to buy your offers.

Limited Niches

Since the number of members is low and the content is also limited, there will be only a few numbers of niches to promote your offers. This discourages many people since they won’t earn any points or traffic by sharing content that isn’t relevant to their niche.

The small niches that are available are populated with poorly written and spammy content that provides little to no value for readers. Apart from the make money online and online business niches, others do not have any content or activity, which calls into question the real effectiveness of this platform.

Low Quality Content

Content is king only if it delivers value and resonates with your target market. Most people who join Traffic Ivy will create content but it will be of extremely low quality. There is nothing bad in low-quality content as a beginner, you will learn to perfect your game as you become more experienced. But the problem here is that experienced and successful marketers won’t join such low energy communities because it offers no value for them.

The majority of the posts and articles shared on Traffic Ivy are intended for traffic generation. But content marketing doesn’t work like that. You need to deliver value to your audience consistently before trying to sell your offers. If your content is low quality and does not address your market’s pain points, you won’t get anybody to give you their money.

How Much Is Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy retails at $19 but it comes with upsells. Cindy Donovan has released many other low-quality products similar to this one and most of them always try to sell easy traffic.

But the best things in life come at a price. Considering the low price of this offer, any discerning individual should realize it’s not going to deliver value. You get what you pay for though.

Is Traffic Ivy a Scam?

This product cannot be called a scam but it can’t deliver on its promises. It is a legitimate product with a known creator and a well-built website. However, in my opinion, its claims are not true.

This platform is designed for beginners who don’t understand how traffic generation works. In the online marketing world, traffic is more about quality, not quantity.

This is not a product you want to invest in at the beginning of your online marketing career.


I hope you enjoyed this and now have an understanding of what traffic ivy is about if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Have you heard of John Crestani? He is the creator of the Super Affiliate System and the program really rocks. If you want to win as an affiliate marketer, there are several routes you can take to become a super affiliate, but the road is fraught with scams and frauds posing as the real deal.

But John has been there, and he walks the talk. At first, he appears as a bombastic, larger-than-life person, but this guy knows his onions and his happy to share his knowledge for those who care to know.

In this review, we take a critical, unbiased look at John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System. Is the course really that big of a deal or it’s all fluff and no substance? We shall see! But first, it’s essential you meet John before his products. So here we go.

Who Is John Crestani?

You may have seen a guy with a full beard talking passionately on YouTube about how lucrative the health niche in affiliate marketing is and how you can become a part of the largesse. That may well be our man John Crestani.

Like most internet marketers, John had a rough start trying to make money online. He tried and wobbled at different things until he finally found success in the health supplement niche. Now, John owns a health supplement company called Nutryst and makes millions from his health products and affiliate marketing courses.

John has many high-profile products under his sleeve. He is the creator of the Super Affiliate System course, Internet JetSet and many other great resources thousands of people have used to find their way to success online.

Like I said before, John may appear as a person with a large and almost fake personality but he delivers epic stuff. If you don’t know about him, you can Google his name or videos on YouTube. He is arguably one of the best affiliate marketers in the industry which is why the Super Affiliate System has been such a hit among newbies and professional affiliate marketers.  

What Is Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System is a course John created to teach people online marketing. Don’t confuse the program with Internet JetSet which is a linear affiliate marketing course. Super Affiliate System is an upgrade of the Internet JetSet course but it comes in the form of a one-time payment program.

While both programs are designed for beginners and focus on internet marketing with an emphasis on affiliate marketing, the Super Affiliate System contains more resources and bonus content at no extra cost.

The best part is if you buy the Super Affiliate System, you will get the Internet JetSet course free. Plus John has a free training webinar session that’s loaded with everything you need to kick off your affiliate marketing business.

Whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge of affiliate marketing, this course delivers a ton of value. It’s important to say that this course is for people who are starting an affiliate marketing business and need step-by-step guidance to reduce mistakes and fast-track their success.

The Super Affiliate System features in-depth bundles of knowledge encompassing the affiliate marketing ecosystem. The modules are taught by John and other industry experts who are subject matter specialists in specific areas of internet marketing.

What Does Super Affiliate System Offer?

There is a lot going on in this course. The 2019 edition comes with the standard courses and more. It is a 12-week immersive training comprising over 50 hours of content.

You will learn about the affiliate marketing ecosystem, marketing skills, Facebook and Google ads, Scaling, automation, optimization, and more. The course also provides targeting data to fine-tune your niche and ads campaigns, Ready2Launch campaigns that have been proven to deliver high conversion rates and ad swipes to get you started on a sure footing. Everything you need to excel at affiliate marketing and most online marketing businesses is available in John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

One of the most valuable resources in this course is the native ads training where John teaches you how to get traffic from free sources. Most affiliate marketing courses emphasize paid traffic sources but this may not be possible for many beginners. When you are starting out, a good understanding of organic traffic can be a game changer in your quest to make money online. John delivers this knowledge in a way that is accessible even for the most tech-unsavvy person.

In the first weeks of the course, you will learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, how the business model works and the right mindset to win in the industry. The training also covers how to set up your domain, tracking software, and creating landing pages for your offers. In fact, John provides samples and templates of landing pages you can adapt for your offers.

The next stage of the course focuses on traffic sources. If you are familiar with the affiliate marketing landscape, you know traffic is the maker or breaker of deals. The more quality traffic you can get the better for you. John takes you through paid ads sources such as Facebook, YouTube, Adwords, among others.

You will learn how to run campaigns, target specific populations, look-alike markets and John provides tricks that will set you apart from the rest. The course also covers native advertising and other traffic sources you can use to leverage your affiliate marketing business.

In the last stage of the course, John covers how to optimize your processes and procedures. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can automate most of the grunt work. In the Super Affiliate System, John provides an effective procedure to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI. He also teaches how to scale your affiliate campaigns from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands and wherever you want. Plus, you will learn automation, outsourcing, and every other thing you need to operate a self-sufficient and highly scalable online business.

If you get the basics right the first time, it’s easier to blow up this business, and that’s the beauty of this program. It doesn’t only make claims but goes over and beyond to give you the skills and resources to implement what you have learned in the course.

What Else Is In the Super Affiliate System?

There are over 50 hours of training videos in this program. When you buy the program, you will get free access to Crestani’s Free Traffic Training Course webinar plus the Internet JetSet which is a serial training but you get the whole bundle for free if you join the Super Affiliate System.

You also receive free video training on free traffic from Facebook, YouTube and Google among others. This differs from the videos in the main program, so it’s a hefty bonus.

The Ready2Launch campaigns are done-for-you templates of Facebook ad campaigns optimized for a wide range of niches in the health supplement category. You will find a wealth of resources in this training to help you get your foot in the door and make money.

Weekly Group Coaching

Members of the Super Affiliate System get to see John’s bearded face every Friday at 3 pm PST for about 2-3 hours when he conducts a weekly group coaching.

In this live training, you can ask him any question regarding your promotions, ads, and anything affiliate marketing. He will critique your copy, give advice on your ads and everybody gets to bond.

There is also a private Facebook group for members of the SAS. Members receive updates to the training, connect, and there are Q&A sessions now and then.

Can You Make Money With Super Affiliate System?

You can, if you follow the instructions and complete the training. There are some negative reviews of this program online with some people claiming that John’s methods are ineffective.

But most of the time, people who don’t make money with this system didn’t complete it or rushed through the training. It’s difficult to blaze through over 50 hours of video content. If you want to understand and assimilate the knowledge in this course, take your time.

John Crestani claims in one video you can make money with this program after two hours. This may not be possible in practice because the sheer amount of content in the course is such that you need plenty of time to digest everything before you implement the teachings.

Depending on how fast you learn, it may take you up to a month or more to complete this program. And you need to go back to it as you execute so you don’t make mistakes. How then do you make money instantly?

The truth is this is one of the best affiliate marketing training on the market. But you need time before you can make money. It’s not an indictment on the program’s effectiveness; this is just the reality of how things work in the affiliate marketing world.

Student Mentorship

One benefit of the Super Affiliate System is John’s live webinar training that allows you to ask him questions in real-time. John has scheduled webinars where his students can ask questions regarding their affiliate marketing business, ads campaigns, landing pages and everything else that can help them optimize their conversions.

Majority of the courses out there do not provide this feature. In fact, most courses on affiliate marketing do not even provide the contact details of the publisher. This makes it difficult for students to get the right guidance while implementing what they learned in the program. You won’t have this problem with the Super Affiliate System as you can connect with the owner on Facebook and other platforms.

This is a valuable mentorship many affiliates never had when they were starting out. Some people spent years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out something another person had done hundreds of times. So it really helps to have someone answering your questions as you go into the unpredictable world of affiliate marketing.

How Much Is Super Affiliate System?

At $997, this isn’t the cheapest course out there but it is worth every penny. If you are looking for a sub-hundred-dollar course, this is not the program for you.

The Super Affiliate System offers a ton of value in the training and support it provides for affiliate marketers whether they are beginners or pros but it comes at a price.

It is understandable that this price tag may be beyond the reach of most newbies, but if you want a great head start as you find your way around the affiliate marketing world, few programs provide the value and insight you will gain from this course.

I recommend you register for John’s free training webinar to have a feel of what you get if you decide to join the Super Affiliate System.


The Super Affiliate System delivers exceptional quality for beginner and expert affiliate marketers. Its hefty price tag is a testament to the immense value that comes with the program. There is no doubt you will find success with this course if you follow it to the latter. I highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed the Super Affiliate System Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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