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AppCoiner claims you can make lots of money by testing apps on its platform. But it wants you to pay before you can access the apps and test them. Is this true? Are you testing apps or writing free reviews for some faceless people?

While it is true that you can get paid for testing apps, the way this website goes about it is outright misleading. In this review, we look at the good and bad about AppCoiner and whether you can make money testing apps on it. Let us find out.

What Exactly Is AppCoiner?

AppCoiner is a platform that claims to help you make money by testing apps.

According to the homepage of the AppCoiner website, all it takes to start earning from the platform is to join by providing your name and email.

When you join the site, you will have access to thousands of new apps which you can test on your smartphone or tablet and get paid.

The website claims it accepts app testers from every country in the world, as long as you have a phone or tablet and reliable internet connection. Getting paid is easy and involves three simple steps. First, you choose an app from the huge app review database and test it on your mobile device. Next, you write an honest review of the app on a website provided by AppCoiner. Lastly, you get paid. And your earnings increase as you write more app reviews. Or maybe not.

You are going to make money from each review you write, not from testing any app. The claim that you can get paid for testing apps on this platform is misleading and false. You won’t get anything from testing apps on the website, as the primary purpose of the platform is to promote digital products from Clickbank. At its core, the AppCoiner business model is affiliate marketing, but the way it implements the strategy is somewhat confusing.

How AppCoiner Works

So, what exactly are you doing to make money on AppCoiner since the platform confuses testing an app with writing reviews?

It turns out that when you become a member of the platform, AppCoiner will open a review website for you to write as many app reviews as possible in exchange for compensation.

But this is wrong, and will ultimately put you at a disadvantage. In the sales video, AppCoiner claims the reason for writing the reviews is to make the apps more popular due to the stiff competition in the app market. Unfortunately, this is not true.

The truth is that none of the developers you will be reviewing their apps know about what you are doing and will not even attempt to pay you in the first place. It is wrong to pay people to write an honest review of a product. Think about it; how do you maintain objectivity when a vested interest pays you to give an opinion of their product? Do you say the app falls short in certain areas and risk losing your compensation or stand your ground?

The industry regulators frown at this type of conduct because it gives an unfair advantage to developers by overhyping their products, and culprits face sanctions. If the developers don’t know about what you are doing and you are writing reviews on a subdomain, where does the money come from?

There is nothing wrong in writing reviews, but getting paid to write reviews in this context is wrong. Furthermore, the reviews you write will get no visibility since you are posting them to a generic subdomain, like every other Appcoiner member all over the world.

Search engines frown at cookie cutter website, so your well-written reviews will be cooling off on the fifth or sixth page of Google where nobody will ever find them. In essence, this method is self-defeating as other AppCoiners pull you like crabs trying to get out of a bucket.

Additionally, you are at a serious disadvantage by writing reviews on this site since you have zero control over the website. If the site crashes or the owners decide to take it down, you will lose your content and all your hard work. Meanwhile, you don’t rank high on search engines due to the duplicate nature of the domain. In the end, you may not make a dime on the platform.

How Does AppCoiner Generate Income?

After extensive research, it turns out that the platform makes money through ads.

Don’t be fooled by their claim of getting paid to test apps; nobody is paying AppCoiner for that. What they do is place adverts on all the pages on your AppCoiner website.

The website also earns money whenever people click the buttons that are supposed to take them to the app store. If you look at the adverts, it is clear that they are promoting Clickbank products, making Appcoiner an affiliate scheme of a sort. 

How You Make Money from AppCoiner

After setting up your AppCoiner website and reviewing apps, you will get an AppCoiner affiliate link which will be included in your reviews. You make money whenever people buy products on Clickbank through your link. But before people can buy via your link, they have to see the content, which brings us to getting traffic to your AppCoiner website.

How Do You Get People To Your AppCoiner Website

Traffic is one of the most significant success factors when it comes to making money online. It is the reason for building email lists, Instagram and Twitter followers among others. However, getting an audience to visit a duplicate website is a nightmare as search engines won’t direct organic traffic to it on their own.

The only way to direct traffic to these sites is through paid traffic and social media. If you want to invest in paid traffic, it is better to be a high-value website which you can control – not one that can be shut down at any time without your input.

You probably won’t make anything out of your paid traffic efforts, so you might as well build your own review website. Social media might be a viable option, but people loathe spammy content. Except you already have a traffic source from other internet businesses, you may never be able to monetize your reviews on Appcoiner.

What Is Wrong with AppCoiner?

AppCoiner might have a professional-looking website, but there are many red flags if you are observant.

First, why do you have to pay to get work? There are hundreds of legitimate work-from-home businesses such as survey sites which pay you to fill questionnaires. Most do not ask you to pay anything to get work; all you need do is register and search for opportunities that fit your skill level or interests.

Pay to work platforms such as AppCoiner usually end up as scams.

While the website claims all you need to start earning is a smartphone or tablet, it keeps silent about the membership fee of $27 for the lifetime membership or $17 per month. There is also an upsell of $9.95 upsell at the time of signing up. The platform tries to trick you into signing up by offering discounts for specific countries. In some cases, AppCoiner offers up to $20 discount to persuade you to sign up to the website.

Is AppCoiner a Scam?

No, AppCoiner is not a scam, but it is a very misleading platform that makes you believe you can make a lot of money testing apps. The reality is that you won’t be testing any apps. You will be writing reviews and hope that people will buy Clickbank products via your affiliate link to make commissions.

However, this is difficult as the platform does not provide a source of traffic and the websites are at a disadvantage on search engine results. In short, trying to make money on Appcoiner is a big waste of time. You are better off creating your affiliate marketing website (FREE) and writing reviews about things you are passionate about.

I hope you enjoyed this Appcoiner Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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These days, we’ve learned to be cautious around websites and companies that offer outrageous claims. Therefore, when we first heard of Raikov Effect and what they were offering, we were instantly intrigued, nervous, and curious.

What if we told you the likes of confidence, weight loss, brain power, and more could be achieved with audio guides? Well, this is essentially the claim of Raikov Effect. In this Raikov Effect review, we want to cover these claims as well as answering the all-important question of whether they have a right to offer these things. Is the package worth your time? Should you be investing in Raikov Effect for more brain power and confidence? Let’s take a look!

Obtaining The Mindset of Leaders

Before looking at anything else, we should first assess what Raikov Effect is offering. From the website alone, you can’t really tell what it’s all about but, luckily, we have the inside scoop so can offer all the details you need to know.

For example, your investment will earn;

  • A 100+ page course
  • Raikov Effect audio (10 minutes)
  • Five different audios for different topics (Law of Attraction, Confidence, Wealth and Abundance, Brain Power, and Weight Loss)
  • Quick-start guide (alongside a 20-minute quick-start audio guide)
  • Cheat sheet

In addition to all these features, Raikov Effect says you can get 24/7 support, a $100 discount, and a one-year money-back guarantee. Sounds great, right? But what does this all mean?

Effectively, this Raikov Effect review (as with the package itself) is designed for absolutely anybody who wants to change their mindset and start achieving their goals in life. Regardless of age, finances, or previous successes (or failures), the package is available. In truth, it doesn’t matter about external circumstances or what’s happened in the past, it’s all about mindset. By providing information and tools from those who have already experienced success, the idea is to utilize this knowledge to improve one’s position in life.

The Genius Of Dr Vladimir Raikov

Why is this program called ‘Raikov Effect’? Well, it’s named after a real scientific discovery by a Russian doctor, Vladimir Raikov. As a form of neuroscience, the idea is to boost the mindset through a number of brain techniques. After testing these techniques, the individual should see improvement in their targeted attributes.

A key part of the process is using people the individual admires and respects in the field; this could be Richard Branson, Jackson Pollock, Albert Einstein, or any other individual who reached the peak of their field.

What did Raikov suggest? He believed an enhanced mindset could be achieved through positive thinking, hypnosis, deep trance states, visualization, relaxation techniques, suggestion, modelling, and by simply believing. Some of these techniques are therefore utilized by Raikov Effect.

The Truth Behind Raikov Effect

As well as to explain the basics, the aim of this Raikov Effect review is to inform a wide audience of its intentions; is it a scam? This is the question most will be asking while reading. We can confidently say that this IS NOT a scam. There are a couple of reasons why we feel confident in the package and why we would recommend Raikov Effect to others.

  • Scientific Backing – First and foremost, the grounding for this platform is a scientific discovery that has support from people all around the world. As a result of Raikov’s work, there are people of all nationalities looking for information on how to take advantage of the research. With Raikov Effect, they’ve accumulated the required information and presented it in an easy-to-use manner.
  • One-Year Money-Back Guarantee – Secondly, we always love it when a platform offers an extended money-back guarantee because it means they’re confident in their product. Whether it’s a lawn mower, computer, or a website such as this, they wouldn’t offer a full refund within the first year if they didn’t assume it wouldn’t be needed too often.
Testing The Resources

In order to provide a high-quality Raikov Effect review, we needed to test the package and really get to grips with how it works and, needless to say, we walked away impressed.

During the short period we used Raikov Effect, we were pointed towards ‘modeling’ which can also be called ‘mirroring’. As the name suggests, this is where you mirror a leader in your chosen field. Whether you want to improve in a sport, in business, or in a relationship, you model yourself on somebody successful in this field.

Not only did we enjoy our time with Raikov Effect, but we’ve also spoken to several customers of the platform that have enjoyed success. In the early days of using the resources, there’s likely to be an element of the placebo effect (where results are heightened because you want the audio guides to work) and, of course, this is a key feature of the program. However, over time, as the positive mindset continues and the impact is longer-lasting, it can then be attributed to a permanent shift as opposed to a temporary change.

Why Should You Choose Raikov Effect To Change Your Life?

Now you know how Raikov Effect works and what you’ll receive after investing, let’s look at some advantages to choosing the website to improve your mindset.

  • Useful Resources – One of the biggest areas that impressed us with Raikov Effect is the value offered by the resources. The main attraction is the three PDF documents explaining the history of the effect, how Raikov used his own theory, and how it actually relies on modern psychology. After this, there are various audio guides, quick-start guides, and even a cheat sheet (to carry when away from home!).
  • Simple and Effective – Rather than having to spend several hours on techniques, you can get started with as little as five minutes a day. Of course, the best results will be seen with the biggest investment (time-wise) but anybody can get started quickly.
  • Lasts a Lifetime – Next, you don’t have to pay an amount per month for a number of years. Once you’ve learned the techniques and perfected them, you’ll have them in your arsenal for the rest of your life. Whenever you need, you’ll be able to work towards unlocking your potential.
  • Suits Everybody – Finally, this effect can work towards an unlimited number of goals. Whether you want to lose weight or learn how to operate successfully within a specific industry, you’ll get a positive return on your investment.
Are There Any Disadvantages?

In case you haven’t been able to tell, we’re big fans of Raikov Effect but we also want to provide a fair review. In terms of negatives with these resources, the only one we could think of was the lack of physical product.

Considering it revolves around our mindset and the impact it can have in this area, there’s no physical evidence of how Raikov Effect works.

For us, this isn’t a concern because more and more people are investing in the package. Also, all customers have access to the ONE YEAR Money-Back Guarantee which allows a layer of security.

Do We Recommend Raikov Effect?

Although this question is probably redundant at this point, we absolutely DO recommend Raikov Effect. You can tailor the program to your needs and improve the area of life most important to you! Click Here To Bring Out The Genius in You!

I hope you enjoyed this Raikov Effect Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Slice The Pie is a review website where people write their opinions about varieties of products including music tracks, clothing, kitchenware, and others in exchange for cash. The website touts itself as the largest paid review site on the planet, and claims over 37 million reviews have been submitted on the platform.

Like all review sites, artists, record labels and brands use feedback to improve their products, boost customer interaction and enhance service delivery. Is Slice The Pie a legitimate platform? Is the claim that it has paid out over $4 million to reviewers the truth or marketing tactics? Can you honestly make money from this website? In this Slice the Pie review, we look at what Slice the Pie is all about and whether it truly lives up to its hype.

What Exactly Is Slice The Pie?

According to the website, Slice The Pie is the largest paid review platform on the web where anybody can earn money for sharing their opinion about the products listed on the site. The website is mostly known for music reviews, but also provides clothing, kitchenware, and other products for review.

It says that the feedback it receives from the public help artists, record labels, and brands makes better decisions about their businesses. So, if you want to earn some change by writing reviews, Slice The Pie says it will provide the platform and plenty of products.

Slice The Pie has been operating for over a decade and caters mostly to upcoming artists and fashion designers, although you can also find tracks from established artists. Fashion designers from the US and the United States list their products on the website for review.

The only problem is the pay which is small, although it is higher than what most review sites pay for lengthy questionnaires. Slice The Pie is simple to use, and many people claim it pays, but others claim it does not pay when they want to withdraw their legitimate earnings.

The reality is that you can’t make a living from this review website. While it pays more relative to mainstream review websites, you have to work your hands off to earn up to $10, which is the amount you must earn before you can cash out.

How Slice The Pie Works

To review music and other products on Slice The Pie, you have to sign up. The sign up is free, and you will be sent a confirmatory email when you complete the process. Once you have signed up, you need to complete a short form where you will provide your marital and employment status, and choose the genre of music you listen to. Then you can start reviewing music and other products listed on the platform.

Reviewers are known as scouts. To review music, you have to listen to the track and rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. Compensation also depends on your Star rating which is on a scale of 1 to 5. The higher your star rating, you more you can earn for each review. However, the website also has different policies regarding written reviews.

According to the Slice The Pie website, a review must be written thoroughly, must not have repetitive words, most not be computer generated and must be factual, constructive, and to the point. If your review fails to meet any of these conditions, you may not be able to receive compensation for your efforts. Meanwhile, your star rating can change at any point.

There are numerous categories to review, and you have to select each category before you can write a review.

For example, you must select music on the page to start reviewing music. Once you are on the music review page, choose a track and listen to it for 90 seconds. After listening, write a review of at least 60 words commenting on factors such as the production, rhythm, vocals, and instrumentals, and rate the track on a 1 to 10 scale. Once you have written your review and chosen a score, submit.

Product reviews show images of an item over which you write a review about the visuals, description, the material used and whether you will buy the product. If your review meets all the criteria of the website, you will see your earning in the Slice the Pie account.

One of the problems here is that it is impossible to choose the music genre you prefer, making the exercise less enjoyable if you would like only to review songs that appeal to you.

How Much You Can Earn

To ensure that your review is as balanced as possible, you can only see the name of the song and artist after submitting your review. The thoroughness and quality of your review will determine your member star rating, which in turn determines your pay.

Music reviews typically start at $0.01 t0 $0.02 per review and can later increase to $0.05 when your star rating improves.

Conversely, product ratings pay far higher, and it is possible to earn up to $0.10 to $0.20 per review.

If your first review is constructive and well-written, you will be allowed to continue writing reviews on the platform.

Referral Program

Slice the Pie also offers a referral program. When you sign up to the website, you will receive an invitation code and link which you can share with your family and friends who wish to join the platform. For every person that you refer to the platform, you will receive a 10 per cent commission from all their earnings for one year after their first review.

Should You Join Slice The Pie?

Slice the Pie can be a great platform if you want to earn a few dollars online, but it will be a waste of time for many. Here are some of the pros and cons of the platform.


Legitimate – While it may seem absurd that you can get paid for listening to music online, Slice the Pie is authentic, and it does pay its scouts. If you doubt its authenticity, google STP, and you will find several screenshots of paychecks from the platform.

If you can sacrifice the time and effort, Slice the Pie is a legitimate way of making money online, although the pay is small.

Monetize Your Love For Music – If you are a lover of music, Slice the Pie provides a safe platform to sample great tracks, offer constructive criticism and get paid for your opinion.


Extremely Small and Delayed Payment – The biggest shortcoming of Slice the Pie is the small compensation it pays its reviewers. To reach the $10 payout threshold, you will need to spend several hours per day writing reviews.

It is almost impossible to make $100 from this platform in six months, making it a waste of time. Also, you have to wait for five office days before the website can process the withdrawal of your earnings.

Unfavourable Censorship – Slice the Pie has a stringent censorship policy that scrutinizes reviews before scouts can receive payment. Despite efforts to ensure their reviews are original, non-repetitive, and unique, many reviewers still fall short of the standards of the platform. Many people believe the site is a scam because they were not paid after spending time and resources to accrue some money in their Slice the Pie account.


Slice the Pie is a legitimate paid review website. It offers music and product review opportunities for cash. However, the payout is extremely low, and many reviewers don’t get paid because of the platform’s stringent policies on uniqueness and originality of reviews. The platform is not worth your time, except you have plenty of free time and nothing to do with it.

I hope you enjoyed this Slice The Pie Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Clone My Sites claims you can make $1,000 per day with its done-for-you system without doing anything. The program throws about many misleading claims on making money the easy way, but these are baseless claims that will get you into trouble.

Many people make thousands of dollars every day through their online businesses, but they have had to work hard to reach that level. With this program, the owner claims everything has been created for you, and an account is already making money on your behalf even before you signed up for the program. If you believe this, then you can believe any cooked up story from any stranger.

The truth about this product is that it was designed to defraud unsuspecting novices trying to scratch out a side hustle on the internet. No self-respecting internet entrepreneur should fall for this gimmick, except the most gullible and naive of persons who do not have a mind of their own.

Please tell me, how does a stranger generate an income for you in anticipation that you will buy a product? It is a standard tactic fraudsters use to lure newbie internet marketers into their trap. When you hear or see this type of product, do not even try to click or read anything about it, because it probably will not end well. If you had enough money to blow away, would you be looking for an excellent product to make $1k per day? It’s not likely.

What Is Clone My Sites?

So, what exactly is Clone My Sites? Clone My Sites is the brainchild of one anonymous Jake who claims you can make $1,000 per day through his program. When you land on the product’s website at clonemysites.com, the first thing you see is the sales video.

In the sales video, Jake claims the program has already created an account on your behalf, and it is already making money as you watch the video. How is that even possible? It tries to panic you into buying the product by saying that only 15 spots are left, and you must hurry if you want to make $1k per day without breaking a sweat. Do not be fooled.

In reality, Clone my Website is a replica of Copy My Websites and Profit with Our Websites, scam products that have defrauded people of their cash last year. All these websites are promoted by the same person who is out to fleece innocent people of their hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, these products do not deliver, and people end up feeling frustrated and disappointed after losing money instead of making $1,000 per day. Get-rich-quick schemes make money, but you will not be the beneficiary. The owner of the product and the unscrupulous affiliates promoting such scam products are the only beneficiaries of these products. As for the buyers, they will be left high and dry.

How Does Clone My Sites Work?

If Clone My Sites can help you make $1k per day, how does it do it? What is the secret system that allows a cheap product to earn you hundreds of dollars each day without working? Jake is silent about how his program works but goes ahead of himself to tell you how much you can earn with the system in a bid to persuade you to sign up.

As the name implies, you are supposed to make money by cloning the website of the product’s owner, which we assume is already making money. Thus, every infrastructure used to monetize the site will become yours with a few taps on your keyboard. Unfortunately, there is no way this is ever going to work.

The way the internet is structured, search engines like Google frown at duplicate content, and your cloned site will be cooling off at the bottom of the search results where nobody will ever be able to find it.

If you bought this system, you would not make any money from it; instead, you are going to lose more than the initial amount it took you to gain access to the program. The owner and promoters are the only people who will gain here, not you. As an affiliate marketer, you will do yourself and your online reputation a great disservice by promoting low quality, scam products such as Clone My Sites and other get-rich-quick products. These scams will stain your credibility forever.

How Much Is Clone My Sites?

Clone My Sites costs $37 for the initial sign up. However, it also comes with several upsells like the $100 monthly membership fee and $40 training fee. Why do you have to pay extra when everything has been done for you?

What Is Wrong With Clone My Sites?

There are several things wrong with this product. It claims many things but does not deliver. It also uses fake testimonials and pressures you to sign up. Here are some of the reasons to steer clear of Clone My Sites.

Overhyped Earnings

The Clone My Sites program is all bluster and no tangibles. It makes bold claims and promises but fails to deliver. The sales video claims there is an account making money for you while watching it, and you only have to clone the sites to start making thousands of dollars without work.

No system can make money for you in this way without first investing your time and effort. There is nothing wrong in copying another’s ideas, but the way this is structured leaves much to be desired.

Cloned Product

While this product claims it can help you make money by cloning websites, it comes as no surprise that the program is also a clone of similar products. Programs such as Copy My Sites and Profit with Our Sites are an exact copy of Clone My Sites. Therefore, you are not buying any novel product. It is a rehash of a scam, and you are falling for it.


In addition to the signup fee of $37, you will also be persuaded to spend more on this crap product. After signup, instead of sitting back and watching the money roll into your account, they will tell you to sign up for a $100 per month membership if you really want to make money. There is also a $40 for training. The sad reality is that you will not make any money if you are unfortunate to fall for this trick.

The Disclaimer

Most people fall into this trap because they do not read the fine print. In the disclaimer, the promoters of this product state explicitly “the typical purchase does not make any money using this system.” The chances are that you are a typical buyer, which means you are signing up for a lost cause.

Should You Sign Up For Clone My Site?

Signing up for this product is like throwing money in the river. In my opinion, it is an outright scam that has been in circulation under different names like Profit from Our Sites. The program promises huge earnings, charges hefty upsells, but fails to deliver on its promises.

There are thousands of legitimate ways to make a good earning online, but Clone My Sites is not one of them. To make money online, you have to work, spend money and time, be dedicated and have a lot of patience.


I hope you enjoyed this Clone My Sites Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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‘To change billions of lives’ – this is an aim we see far too often these days and, unfortunately, most services fail to deliver. With Shaw Academy, we have another platform with lofty ambitions but are they any different? In this Shaw Academy review, we’re going to take a look at what the service provides, how it all works, and whether it’s worth your time moving forward. Let’s take a look!

What Is The Shaw Academy?

Formed in 2013, Shaw Academy is an online education platform with numerous courses in topics such as:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Photography
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Beauty
  • Music
  • Business
  • Language, and
  • Marketing.

The first question likely to arise from this is whether the certifications are recognised – the answer to this is a definite ‘yes’. For the most part, the qualifications are diplomas that are accredited and recognised around the world. With this in mind, you can research the courses knowing the end result will be worthwhile.

Why are we doing the Shaw Academy review here? Although the service launched in 2013, it really made headlines in 2016 where monthly student numbers reached 400,000. As more and more people ventured onto the site, they even had to launch a specialised platform – Phoenix. Now, the process is smoother, more students can be taught online at the same time, and this renders many old reviews outdated. Shaw Academy also now works with Adobe, GoDaddy, and Naukri.

In addition to the education side of the website, Shaw Academy also has an affiliate program which has caught the attention of many. After signing up for no fee, participants can choose from a list of campaigns before then earning commission and bonuses depending on performance. In terms of conversion rates, these fall between 25% and 35% and the service seems to be expanding as it becomes more popular.

For example, the platform offers eleven online interactive courses to get you set up and in a position to sell the product. Additionally, the list of creatives is expanding and now includes various email templates, videos, text links, and banners. For those wanting to get into affiliate marketing, extra creatives are always a bonus because they make it easier to make sales and earn the commission advertised so heavily.

With all this in mind, it’s important to treat the two sides of the website individually. So how are they being received?

Educational Courses

Of course, the Shaw Academy review section on the website has nothing but positive comments for the platform; but we can’t be sure how these are selected so we need to look elsewhere to get a real idea. On Trustpilot, the website has a ‘Great’ reputation after a total of over 1,600 reviews (this is an average of four stars out of five). Breaking this down, 85% of the ratings fall within the ‘Great’ or ‘Excellent’ categories while only 11% of people considered the service ‘Poor’ or ‘Bad’.

On the whole, the number of positive reviews is encouraging and suggests a good experience for most people who try the courses on offer. With the negative reviews, the majority seem to be complaints regarding customer service which is an issue Shaw Academy has addressed in their replies (at the time of researching, nearly all negative reviews had a response from a company representative either offering solutions or addressing the problem). As the company has grown so quickly, it seems they have struggled to cope with the overwhelming demand from customers. Overall, perhaps this is the one area of Shaw Academy that needs improvement; though it isn’t as large a problem for premium members.

Affiliate Program

As a company, Shaw Academy seems to be pushing towards a self-sustaining system where many of their courses are advertised on their behalf through the affiliate program. As more people join the affiliate program, their courses are advertised to a wider audience; some of which will purchase a course and may even become an affiliate themselves. As a result, they want to make the platform simple and this starts with a free sign-up and the opportunity to start receiving commission immediately. This is perfect for those who want to avoid risk; if it doesn’t work as planned, you can simply walk away with no harm done.

The first benefit of choosing Shaw Academy’s program is the sheer number of courses available on the website. While some affiliate programs require you to work within a particular niche, Shaw Academy could work for a whole manner of industries. For example, a photography blog could advertise a diploma to all budding photographers or a website all about cryptocurrencies could suggest a diploma in this area to improve overall knowledge.

With so many options, content creators aren’t pigeonholed into offering something that doesn’t resonate with their audience.

The second benefit comes through the creatives and this is something we touched upon earlier in the Shaw Academy review here. Although there’s no need to delve into this again, affiliates are enjoying their options with regards to banners and other creatives because it makes their job easier. Who wants to work hard generating clicks on boring banners when the creatives can do the work themselves?

Sadly, there are some problems that seem to be occurring with the Shaw Academy affiliate program. Above all else, the company has been experiencing some growing pains and we saw the result of this with customer service. As an affiliate of the website, it may be somewhat difficult to sell the courses when some members are having issues like this. Furthermore, live training may be a fantastic addition but it doesn’t suit the needs of everybody. Those who have limited free time, such as new parents, may not be able to attend the live events and this instantly decreases the value of the course for some. This being said, all webinars are recorded and then uploaded to the Members area which removes some of the pressure for students.

Is It Worth It?

Whether you want to get a diploma, join the affiliate program, or both, the Shaw Academy review here has shown you the basics of how it all works. From here, the only question that remains is whether we recommend the platform.

There have certainly been some negatives we’ve discussed regarding the platform, but there aren’t issues with the fundamental core of the business and this is important.

Overall, people are responding positively to the course content and the affiliate program. Over time, we hope the customer service issue will resolve itself; let’s face it, even some of the biggest brands on the planet have had problems with customer service as they grow in the market.


In around five years, Shaw Academy has experienced exponential growth in a market that’s difficult to master. While the courses might not stand up to university degrees, the information learned can be ideal for employees, entrepreneurs, or just people pursuing a hobby. Thanks to optional assignments each week, progress feels real and rewarding. Once you add into this the trial system and the commission opportunities with the affiliate program, we don’t see why this platform isn’t worth a go.

With a 30-day free trial, members can cancel if it doesn’t live up to expectations which is something similar services lack. CLICK HERE TO LEARN THE SKILLS YOU NEED TO SUCCEED TODAY

I hope you enjoyed this Shaw Academy Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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