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A dog is a man’s best friend. It only makes sense that you want to do everything you can to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Taking the holistic approach with essential oils can treat your dogs in a variety of ways.

Certain oils have properties that are safe to use on dogs, allowing you to treat conditions without having to take them to the vet.

Keep Pests Away

Some essential oils can be used as a natural insect repellent, ensuring that your dog doesn’t get chewed up by different insects. Citrus oils have been observed to repel many kinds of pests.

Fleas, ticks, and other pests are common for dogs to deal with. By using a drop or two of an essential oil, it can provide the repellent that your dog needs without having to turn to prescription drugs or other expensive treatments.

Certain citrus oils, including lemongrass, can be used as a bug repellent while also helping with digestive problems and arthritis.

Prevent Shedding

Plenty of dogs shed. No matter how often you brush them, it may seem as though they leave a trail of hair or fur wherever they go. Some breeds are more prone to shedding than others. However, most of this stems from skin conditions.

Flaxseed and olive essential oils can help with shedding as well as dry skin. If it seems as though your dog is constantly scratching, you can use these essential oils by the teaspoon on their food. Your vet may even have these oils in the form of a powder or capsule.

Reduce Fear

It’s hard to see a dog with a lot of anxiety. When you’re taking them to the groomer or on a long car ride, you don’t want to see them shaking with nerves the whole time.

Essential oils, when properly used, can help to calm your dog down. It may also help your furry friend to build up some confidence. Neroli or lavender essential oils can be used topically with a carrier oil like jojoba or aloe vera gel.

If your dog is hypersensitive to sound, then you may want to use Melissa or lavender oils. In addition to topical methods, you can also use a diffuser so that inhaling the aroma can help before, during, and after their fearful activity.

When you use essential oils, be sure to follow the instructions. High-quality oils used sparingly is the best approach.

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Having a pet is a big responsibility and one that should never be taken on lightly. Taking care of your four-legged friend takes work, but having a dog can enrich your life in so many ways.

It’s no coincidence that dogs are called man’s best friend!

Following these tips can help your pet to live a happy and healthy life as part of your family.

Feeding Your Dog Quality Food

With those cute puppy dog eyes, it can be tempting to feed your dog whatever they want, while healthy treats are fine in moderation, feeding your dog human foods can be dangerous.

Chocolate is the best-known example of a food that is poisonous to dogs and should always be kept away from where your dog could get to it.

Be sure to choose the best healthy dog food to ensure that your dog is receiving the correct balance of nutrients from their diet, and has access to fresh water so that they can stay hydrated.

Sometimes you may notice that your dog is experiencing signs of illness, such as vomiting or diarrhea.

If this happens, it is worth taking them to the vet to determine if their diet caused it, or if it is something else causing the issue.

Keep Them At A Healthy Weight

Overfeeding your dog is so easy to do, particularly if they are continually begging for treats. However, this can lead to your dog’s health being affected if they become overweight.

As with humans, being overweight can make your dog more likely to suffer from conditions such as cancer and heart disease. So to keep your dog healthier for longer stick with the recommended portion sizes for your dog.

As well as eating the right food and the correct portion size, dogs need to get daily exercise to keep them in tip-top shape. Of course, giving your dog exercise is also a great way to have fun together too, whether it’s playing fetch or heading out for a long walk.

Grooming Care Is Important

Carrying out a grooming routine each day for your dog will help them to not only stay looking great it can help to keep them healthy too. Brushing your dog’s teeth will help to keep them clean and healthy, as well as keeping their breath fresher also.

Combing through your dog’s fur will keep their coat looking shiny and healthy, and is a lovely way to spend time caring for your pet.

Every once and a while you may choose to have your dog professionally groomed, be sure to check that they are a reputable groomer before entrusting them with your dog.

Visit the Veterinarian Regularly

If you have a puppy, it is likely that they will need immunizations to protect them against certain diseases, your veterinarian will be able to advise you on this.

When visiting the veterinarians you should also ensure that your dog is up to date with worming, and you may also want to discuss preventative flea treatments, to help protect your dog.

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One of the most important bonding experiences we have with our dogs is taking them for a walk. It’s a fun, healthy activity for both you and your dog. It allows them to sniff around and see new interesting friends in the neighborhood.

When you’re taking your dog on walks, you want to be comfortable! I’ve used so many leashes over the years that just weren’t very comfortable to hold.

It’s even worse if your dog is a bit of a puller or gets overly excited! Read on for the best dog leashes to make your walks easy and fun!

Why You Need A Dog Leash

One of the first things people need when getting a new dog is a collar and a leash. Collars with updated tags are necessary for identifying your dog if they manage to run away, but leashes are vital to keeping your dog safe by your side.

Let’s say your dog is amazing off-leash, and walks by your side easily. It’s still important to find a great dog leash! Having your dog leashed is mandatory in most places, including many veterinarian offices.

Plus, even dogs who normally have wonderful recall back to you can still get distracted by another dog, human, or even moose in our case here in Alaska!

I’ve also heard way too many stories of dogs running off the trails here and getting caught in a hunting trap.

It’s happened so often, there are now local classes and videos on how to help a dog if they do get caught.

It hurts my heart to think about poor dogs hurting like that, so please, keep your dog leashed when in unfamiliar territory!

Best No-Pull Leash

If you’ve got a dog that just loves to pull on the leash, there are ways to help them (and your shoulders!). Roxy is a sturdy girl and at 50lb, she’s got some strength!

We signed her up for training classes a few years ago, and one of the skills we learned was how to direct her attention toward us with high-value treats.

I’d keep the treats in a pouch on my hip and reward her positive behaviors.It helped Roxy so much!

She does get a bit out of practice over the winter, which makes spring the perfect time to reinforce those skills while brushing off the last bits of the cold weather.

If your dog gets overly excited and forgets their manners when heading out on walks, spend some time in your house or yard practicing.

Working on training in comfortable, familiar areas helps reduce the amount of stimulation and distractions.

When we took Roxy in for training, the instructor highly recommended the PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar for dogs who pull.

It applies gentle pressure to their pressure points, while removing painful pressure from their neck. She did a demonstration with a young, energetic dog who loved to pull, and the difference was immediate!

PetSafe even includes a DVD with instructions on how to adjust the fit, along with training tips to help your dog feel comfortable and learn how to walk politely. Add a leash to this and it’s often considered the best dog leash for pulling.

Best Hands-Free Leash

If you’re a runner who loves bringing your dog along for a nice jog, a hands-free leash may be just what you need. The OneTrail Hands Free Leash is one of the best dog leashes for running.

It straps around your waist and has a convenient pouch for storing treats, keys, and poop bags. Basically, it holds all your essentials!

The waist pack has leash rings on both sides, so you can switch sides you have your dog walk on, or even walk two dogs at once. The 4-foot bungee leash keeps them close while still giving a bit of freedom and movement.

Best Padded Handle Leash

My husband swears by leashes with a padded handle. He feels they’re so much more comfortable than flat leashes. This Vivaglory Dog Leash is great! The padded handle gives you a nice grip that doesn’t chafe or dig into your hand.

The Vivaglory Leash also has an additional handle to keep your dog close when needed. I really like the reflective thread sewn in, as much of our walking in Alaska happens in the dark when days are short.

Best Inexpensive Dog Leash

Looking for a basic, cheap leash until you figure out what style you like? This leash by PetSafe is fantastic for the price!

The clip is nice and secure, and while the leash is pretty basic, it’s well-constructed. It pairs perfectly with the PetSafe Gentle Leader mentioned above!

What About Retractable Leashes?

When picking out dog leashes retractable ones seem to come up often. We used retractable leashes for years with Ginger, who was an excellent walker and never pulled.

While it was fine for her, I’ve come to learn that they’re not recommended and can actually be quite dangerous.

Retractable leashes reinforce the desire to pull by letting your dog have extra freedom when they demand it. That doesn’t help them learn safe walking habits, and may in fact cause their pulling to get worse.

In addition, retractable leashes can often extend 10-30 feet, which makes it harder to secure your dog if a safety concern arises.

There’s also been horror stories of retractable leashes snapping and causing burns, cuts, and even finger amputations! I’ve now learned to stay far away from them. Know better, do better, right?

How to Use a Dog Leash with No Collar

I don’t know about you, but it’s always seemed like I’m a dog magnet wherever I go. In fact, my friend Lauren was joking about how I would have a trail of dogs following along with me during our trip to Bali a few years ago!

One thing I picked up on quickly while living in Puerto Rico was how a dog leash could be used with no collar. As I was volunteering with OBRA dog rescue, I always had my eyes open to dogs in need, which, sadly, was all too often in PR.

While it didn’t make sense to carry a bunch of different size collars with me, I did get into the practice of keeping a few spare basic, flat leashes in our car to be able to secure stray dogs.

You simply slip the end of the leash through the handle to make a large loop. When you have the opportunity, slip the loop over the dog’s head and tighten. This essentially turns a regular leash into a slip lead.

Slip leads are not something I recommend for normal use. They can be difficult to walk with, tighten past the point of comfort, and can cause neck pain.

However, if it’s to prevent a lost or stray dog from running into traffic, it’s worth knowing this skill for very short-term use.

Note: be super careful of doing this if you are using this technique on an unfamiliar dog. You don’t know their temperament and how scared they must be, and scared dogs might lash out and bite.

Cute Ways To Store Dog Leashes

Now you’ve got your favorite leash, but where are you going to store it? I have an easy-access station with Roxy and Rico’s leashes, harnesses, backpacks, and my walking bag. I learned to make it easily accessible since we’ve had a few large earthquakes that made me consider what to do if we needed to evacuate quickly.

To set up your easy-access station, get a small storage container and fill it with your pet’s essentials. I keep ours in the coat closet near the front door to make it convenient for walks.

If you want to display your leashes, there are TONS of adorable wall hooks to hang them on! Here’s a  few super cute ones!

Do you have a dog leash or leash holder you love? Share below!

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Our dogs are like family, and we want them to stay happy and healthy throughout all aspects of their lives. If there comes a time when you decide to relocate, you’ll want to be sure that your pet is just as prepared as you are for this life-changing event. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help accustom your dog to the moving process as well as to the new home.

Packing with a Pup

Your dog will sense that something serious is happening once you start packing all your stuff. Keep an area for them unpacked until the last minute. Have a dog bed (or crate if your dog uses one) and a few of their favorite toys around to give them some comfort.

Along with packing your own things, you’ll want to be sure that your dog is prepared for the trip as well. Among the most important things to pack are vaccination and health records. ID tags with the new address and phone number should already be on the dog’s collar. A pet first aid kit is always a good idea. Bring some extra towels. Keep all your dog’s favorite items in a separate bag, and show your pet that it’s coming with you.

Source: Rover

Get Them Ready for the Ride

Bring out the carrier as soon as you are ready to move. Let the pet get used to the carrier by placing food and water in it, and then get them used to eating with the door closed. Once they’re accustomed to that, you should start carrying them around the house in the carrier so they can get used to moving in it. From there, make small, safe trips with them in the car until they get used to traveling.

Source: On The Move Moving and Storage

If you have a larger dog, be sure that they are comfortable with car rides. Put a bed in the back seat for them, and consider getting a dog seat belt to keep them safe and prevent them from trying to jump up beside you. You don’t want your dog getting underfoot while you drive.

Adjust Your Pet to Your New Home

The most important part of acclimating your pet to the new home is to maintain normal routines. Continue to feed them at the same time every day, and use the bed they had at their old house. Show them their toys. Make their new home as similar to their old one as possible. Once you’ve done that, show them any new advantages such as a bigger backyard.
Source: PetJets

These few simple steps will help you greatly in preparing your pup for the move and keeping them safe on the journey. Proper planning and preparation can make your move easier than it otherwise would have been. Remember that you have one big advantage. Dogs are more attached to people than to places.

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Moving to a new home can be equal parts exciting and anxiety-inducing. That holds true for you and your dog. You will both need to acclimate to new surroundings, but at least you will know why.

Your dog might get stressed with all the new smells and sights. Plus, when you leave for work after the move, they might become even more anxious wondering if you’ll be coming back.

There are ways to minimize their anxiety, and it has a lot to do with establishing routines. Here are some other tips you can put into action when moving with your dog.

Let Your Dog Watch

Packing up a home can become overwhelming. You might have an inclination to put the pup into doggie daycare while you prepare to make the big move.

Imagine how you would feel if you came home to discover everything you owned was packed in boxes. Let your dog watch while you pack up.

They’ll get the sense that something is going on, and you can reassure them through the process with soothing chats.

Get Your Dog Used to a Kennel/Crate

If your dog isn’t crate trained, then you might consider training them in this manner for the new home. Crate training actually provides them with a safe place where they can relax. There isn’t going to be “sensory overload” in a crate.

Start by letting your dog eat its food inside the crate with the door open. Then start shutting the door while it’s eating. Once they’re used to this, carry your pet in the crate and practice taking short drives.

After spending time in the crate, always give your pet treats and play time. By moving day, your dog should be ready to travel inside the crate to your new home.

After you move in, you can continue to practice taking short drives with your dog in their crate.

This is the safer way to travel especially on long road trips. The more time they spend in their crate, the more comfortable they will become.

Wash the Dog, Not the Bedding

On moving day, you won’t want your dog underfoot. This is the day to send them to the groomers. You should try and time it so that they can be with the groomer for the duration of the move.

Just because you’re giving them a bath doesn’t mean everything should get a bath. Avoid washing their bedding for the first few days after the move-in. This will provide them with familiar scents, and that can bring comfort.

It is important to reestablish the same feeding and walk times once you move into your new place. Your dog will become used to their new surroundings just as you will.

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Just as with humans, what you put inside your dog shows on the outside. If you’re eating healthy food, you’ll have stronger nails, shinier, thicker hair and an overall boost of energy and lease of life. Not surprisingly, it’s the same for our pets!

As good dog parents, you want to have them feeling their very best and to be the healthiest they can be.

They can’t tell you in words how they’re feeling, if their joints are a little sore, or if they just aren’t feeling their best. It’s your job to watch out for them and make sure you’re giving them the best.

Everyone knows that for humans, eating healthier and fresher foods has enormous benefits and makes you feel great and ultimately increases your happiness. Is this the same for our pets?

Fresh Food Can Help Improve Digestion

Again, your pet can’t tell you if they have a tummy ache, you can tell from when they go to the toilet and if they’re not quite themselves. Giving them fresh pet food can improve your dog’s digestive system and help to prevent stomach upsets.

Many pet owners have reported seeing a massive difference in their dog’s digestive habits after starting them on a new diet. Freshpet dog food reviews are a great place to start to read what other dog parents have to say.

It’s best to switch them over slowly, over the course of a few weeks to avoid upset tummies.

If you’d like to try making homemade dog food, here’s an easy recipe!

Give Them Relief From Nagging Health Issues

Have you ever changed your diet and noticed that all those little annoying health issues disappear?

You can breathe better, you stop snoring, your immune system seems to function better, and little allergies are alleviated. Well once again, it’s the same for your dog.

If your pet is itching and scratching, they could potentially have allergies so you should speak to your vet. However, introducing them to a diet of fresh food can help with this too.

Boost Your Dog’s Hair and Skin

Soft skin, shiny hair and an overall glow show that you are in good health and this is just the same for your pet. Looking at your dog’s skin and coat will often tell you about his or her health and what goes on the inside will show on the outside for them too.

Many dog parents have said that eating fresh food has changed their dog’s skin and coat for the better. In addition, the food has helped to prevent dry skin and shedding too. Fish oil is another great addition to help improve your dog’s skin and coat. See all the benefits here!

Lose The Extra Weight Bulge

It’s essential to keep your dog’s weight in a healthy range to ensure that they are healthy and happy. Fresh food can keep them on track and help them to build lean muscle too.

Plus, excess weight adds stress to their joints. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight will help them move around easier and live a longer, more active life.

Give Your Dog A New Lease Of Life

Your dog may not need it, and you may not want an even bouncier, energetic pet. However, you do want the best for your pup and feeding them fresh pet food can do this. It will boost your pet’s energy and can even help them feel like a puppy again!

Do you feed your dog fresh food? How do they like it?  

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If you’ve been considering getting a puppy for a while, I bet you’re full of excitement about the idea. Having a cute little bundle of fur following you around, teaching them tricks and taking them to exciting new places is so much fun!

There’s a lot to having a new puppy, though. Here are some things that are well worth being aware of before taking the plunge and getting a puppy.

Raising a Puppy Can Be Stressful

Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, but it can be pretty stressful, particularly during the puppy stages! Our dogs need us to teach them how to listen and obey to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

It can take serious time and trial and error to see how your dog learns best. Many mistakes will be made, trust me. They might eat your favorite pair of shoes, pee on your couch more than once, or develop behavioral habits that you’re not sure how to deal with.

Roxy was the cutest, snuggliest puppy ever. One day, we were napping when she was only a few weeks old. Since she was abandoned in a box with her siblings, we’re unsure of her exact age, but she was probably around 6-7 weeks old.

So we’re in bed snuggled up and fast asleep, when all of a sudden, I felt wet…and warm…NOOO. Even though I had just taken her out to potty right before our nap, she decided that the blanket I was under made a GREAT potty spot!

That’s just one example of the many crazy, gross things puppies do. Now, I wouldn’t trade them for the world, but it is important to go into it knowing what to expect.

They Take a Lot of Your Time

If you enjoy regular trips away, late night parties at friend’s houses, and the freedom to come and go as you please, it gets much more difficult when you have a dog.

The first few months of a puppy’s life, they shouldn’t be left alone for more than an hour or two.

Up until they’re around a year old, they’ll need someone available to let them out regularly. Having a dog sitter come in and spend time with them during the day is a great option to get them through long days.

Dogs are social creatures that are highly bonded to their family, so if you live the kind of life where you’re constantly away, it may not be the best time to get a puppy.

Instead, you might consider rescuing an adult or senior dog! Many older dogs are much more adaptable to a busy lifestyle. They still need time, love, and attention, of course. But they typically require much less training and housebreaking than a new puppy needs.

And keep in mind, saving a senior dog doesn’t necessarily mean they’re old! Many dogs are considered “senior” at around 8 years old, but can have happy, long lives well past that.

For example, our Ginger lived to be 15 years old! From 8 to 15 was the easiest, most fun time. We could take her anywhere with us, and she was calm and chill.

She’d still get zoomies and would play with toys, but didn’t need as much constant monitoring to make sure she was staying out of trouble like puppies always seem to get into.

Dogs Are Expensive!

The many costs of owning a dog can add up to serious money! For starters, the cost of food, bedding, and toys adds up. In addition, they’ll need regular veterinary care for wellness checks and to get their vaccinations.

Some dogs require professional grooming to keep their coat from getting matted and from falling in their eyes. You may also need to take them to training classes so they learn positive socialization skills.

Another expense to consider if you rent your home is that you may have to pay extra for a pet deposit.

I still find myself googling things like 2019 best puppy food to make sure I’m giving them the best quality food I can. You’ll also need to consider if pet insurance is necessary, and which company you should go with.

You’ll also inevitably end up making worrying trips to the vet when they’re under the weather. Plus, there’s always some worry about if you’re doing a good job raising them to be happy, healthy, well-adjusted dogs.

Everyone tells you about ‘parent guilt’- no one tells you the same is true when you’re raising a puppy!

Dogs are Meant to Be Lifelong Companions

If you aren’t committed to the idea of giving your dog the best life for their entire life, I highly recommend reevaluating your motivation for getting a dog. They aren’t disposable things that you can get rid of when going through life changes, such as having a baby.

Now, I’m 100% team dog, obviously! But seriously, raising a puppy is hard work and not something to be taken lightly. You lose sleep, you can get frustrated at times, you might even feel a little tied down where you have to turn down social plans to stay in and care for your pup.

With this being said, it really is all worth it. Dogs are loyal, sweet, and offer true companionship. There’s a bond between you and your dog like no other. Just be aware that it will be difficult at times.

It’s best to go into it in the right frame of mind and prepare to commit to everything that your puppy will need when you bring them into your life.

Have you recently brought home a new puppy? Here’s a list of essentials to spoil them with!

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Having a dog is a wonderful thing. You get a companion, a friend and someone who is going to love you unconditionally, the way you love them.

As a dog parent, you are going to want nothing but the best for them, and that’s why it is important to keep an eye on your dog to make sure that they are happy and healthy. If you don’t know what to look for, don’t worry because we are going to talk about some of them down below!

Ensure Your Dog Is Eating Regularly

Whether you feed your dog once daily, or twice daily depends on your dog. Some are fine with once daily, while others can’t go quite that long between meals.

For example, our Rico has a fast metabolism. As a result, he tends to throw up if he goes more than 10-12 hours without food.

You need to make sure they are eating their food. One missed meal is not something to be overly concerned about, but refusing to eat could be a sign of an issue.

You should be checking that your dog is eating regularly, and they are pooping and peeing regularly. If this is not the case, then you may want to take your dog to see a veterinarian. They will be able to tell you if your dog has something medically affecting their appetite.

Taking your dog to see the vet will at least give you the peace of mind you need not to panic every time your dog turns their nose up at a meal. But, if something is wrong, the vet will be able to fix it and have your dog on its way to feeling better in no time.

See If Your Dog Loves To Play

A happy, healthy dog loves to play. Whether this is outside, running around or inside with their toys, your dog is going to want to play at some point.

Now, they aren’t going to play 24/7 as they do need to sleep, relax, have a drink and so on. Even senior dogs can get excited at the sight of a favorite toy!

But if they seem lethargic and are not playing at all, this is when you should start to worry slightly.

Try to entice your dog to play with you by picking up one of their toys, or running around your garden trying to get them to chase you. Or, simply rub their tummy and see if they respond.

If they are not responding in their usual way and this has been going on for longer than a few days, you might want to take them to seek medical advice.

Watch For Sudden Behavior Changes

If your dog starts being uncharacteristically snappy or short-tempered, then this could indicate an issue that’s causing pain.

Please consult your vet to get their medical opinion about any sudden behavior changes. Sometimes when your pet is in pain, they will become more sensitive or snappy to keep you away from what hurts.

If this is the case, discuss their behavior and symptoms with your vet to determine what could be causing the issue.

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When you get married, you want to spend this special day with all of the important people in your life. For pet owners, that could include their dog.

But how can you make sure your dog is part of your special day? You’d be surprised by the different options available! Read on for some great suggestions.

Walk Your Dog Down The Aisle

One of the cutest ways to incorporate your dog into your wedding day is to walk it down the aisle. If you have a senior dog, you may want to look for a carrier.

You can search for something for my big dog online, you will find plenty of different options to push or pull them down the aisle. They can even be decorated to match your wedding theme!

If you have a small dog, you or one of your bridesmaids could carry it down the aisle. One bride who worked at a rescue center got all of her bridesmaids to carry rescue dogs down the aisle, which is a super cute idea!

Center Your Wedding Around a Dog Theme

If you can’t physically include your dog in the proceedings, you can still honor your dog by incorporating dogs into the theme of your wedding.

There are so many fun, different ways you can do this. For example, when it comes to sending invites and save the dates, you can create your own, incorporating your dog.

Get a sign made with “we’re getting married” on it, place it around your dog’s neck, and take a photo. That picture can then be used for save the dates.

You can also have a dog theme in terms of the favors you provide your guests with. Why not make a donation to a dog rescue center as the wedding favors? Or you could give guests a fancy chocolates in the shape of a paw print! The options are endless.

Include Them In Your Wedding Photography

You’ll most likely want to include your dog in the photos you have taken for the special day. There are many different ways you can do this. The best thing to do is talk to your wedding photographer beforehand.

Explain that you want a good selection of photos with your dog, and they will offer their professional advice on the best way to do this. If you are having a photo booth at your wedding, you can get some props for your dog too.

Plan For Your Dog To Have Rest Time

An overtired dog is not exactly the easiest to manage, and you don’t want to be dealing with an exhausted dog on your wedding day. Select a quiet area for their crate to let them have some downtime during the festivities.

Consider appointing someone to check on them often, or even to take them home early if they’re tired or anxious. You want the day to be fun for all involved, and knowing they’re safe and content is the best way to have a wonderful day!

Are you including your dog in your wedding day? Share the details below!

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Summer vacation might seem like it’s still a million miles away. But spring break will be here before you know it, and that calls for a getaway!

This is the perfect time to start looking for your next destination to explore. It’s nice to get a break from the cold if you live in a snowy climate like we do!

As a dog parent, one of the primary concerns that arise when planning a vacation is what to do your pet. The most significant consideration is whether or not to take them with you.

If you aren’t bringing them, you then have to consider is if there is someone that you can leave them with. If not, you’ll need to research nearby boarding options for while you are away.

If you’re planning to board your dog at a kennel, click here for helpful tips before dropping them off!

If you can’t imagine having an enjoyable break without your dog, why not consider planning a pet-friendly vacay? Taking a pet on vacation isn’t always as easy as you might hope, but it’s definitely manageable.

When we had our Ginger girl with us when living in Florida, we would take her on pretty much every road vacation. She was a great traveler and loved staying in new places! Here are some quick tips to help you plan a dog-friendly vacation.

Think About the Ideal Place For You and Your Dog

You might be longing for some warm, sunny beach days, but will your dog enjoy that? Try to choose a destination that will suit their needs, making sure there is plenty for them to see and do, and that it’s not too hot or cold for them to be comfortable.

You should also double-check with any hotels that you are looking at to make sure dogs are allowed. Don’t just assume a “dogs welcome” badge online means that they really are.

That could mean having to pay for a different hotel at the last minute, so it’s best to do the research well in advance.

You’ll also want to find out what facilities they offer, such as a dog-walking area. In addition, find out if your dog will be allowed to stay in your room without you, and if they need to be in a dog crate while you are away.

Stock up on Supplies For Your Dog’s Vacation

Your dog should have its own packing list, just like a member of your family. Shop for pet supplies online to stock up on items you might not be able to get at your destination. Be sure to pack all of the essentials that they need on a typical week.

Bring plenty of dog food, along with their favorite snacks. A Kong and their Easy Treat Filling is great for an interactive treat after a long day!

A new location can cause distress for some dogs. Ease this with some home comforts like their favorite toys or blanket. You can also give them a bit of CBD oil to calm any anxiety they may have. See all the benefits of CBD oil here, or shop below!

Take a Trip to the Vet In Advance

Depending on where you are going, your dog might need specific vaccinations, and a possibly even a pet passport.

If they are flying with you, they’ll need a health certificate. These generally need to be dated within 10 days of travel, so check with the airline to confirm.

This is also a good time to refill any prescription medicine your dog may be on.

Even if these aren’t required, it’s a good idea to head to the vet for a thorough check-up before you leave.

Finalize the Details of Your Trip

Your trip isn’t just about the hotel. When you arrive, what is there for your dog to join you in?

GoPetFriendly.com is a fantastic resource for finding all kinds of dog-friendly restaurants, events, and hotels.

That way you don’t just assume that they’ll be allowed to go to places, and visit spots they’ll be happily welcomed!

You’ll also want to search for a nearby vet, in case of emergencies. It’s easier to find one and have their info saved on your phone and not need it, than it would be to frantically search in the middle of an emergency situation.

Finding a local dog park nearby is another great idea. That will allow them to explore, take in new scents, and even make new friends!

What’s your favorite spot to bring your dog on vacation?

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