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Dogs can get nervous for a huge number of reasons. They may have heard a suspicious noise outside, or they may be experiencing separation anxiety.

Or, if you just have a generally anxious dog like our Rico, they could be nervous over seemingly nothing!

There are a few things that you can do to try and make them feel more at ease. Read on for some tips to soothe your nervous dog.

Play Classical Music To Calm Your Anxious Dog

Classical music has often shown the ability to calm dogs down. If your dog is pacing around the house or if they are just unable to settle in general, turn on the classic tunes or nature sounds!

This is super easy to do, and you don’t even need to turn it up very loud. A dog’s hearing ability is far better than our own, so they will be able to pick up on it at a low volume. Plus, it can help cover up noises that may be coming from outside.

Set Up A Safe Place For Your Dog

If your dog does not have a safe place they can hide, you can set one up to give them that comfort. A simple dog blanket laid on top of a cushion or dog bed can work wonders.

There are plenty of stylish dog blankets available and it is easy to find one that will match the look and feel of your home. Click here for some of our favorite dog blankets!

When your dog has a safe, comfortable place to go, you can then teach them to relax while also helping them to stay calm regarding the things going on around them.

For whatever reason, Rico has decided our guest bathroom and our master bedroom closet are his two favorite safe spots to curl up.

After we had our major earthquake in November, he would run there and hide out during the aftershocks. It helps to have a spot I know he feels relatively safe and comfortable in.

It may take some time for you to get them into a good routine, but when you do, you will soon find that it can work miracles for your nervous pup.

Do A Physical Activity Together, Then Treat Them To A Massage

Heading out for a walk, taking a trip to a favorite dog park, or even just sitting and working their brain with an interactive dog puzzle are all great ways to spend some of that nervous energy. Here’s a great list of the best dog puzzles to work their brain!

Once you’ve gotten some exercise, a massage is a great way to relax! Many dogs find getting massaged to be very relaxing as well.

It may take some time for your dog to get used to it, but when they realize how great it feels, they’ll love it. It’s especially beneficial for senior dogs who struggle with aches from time to time.

Be Calm and Soothing With Your Nervous Dog

Dogs have the remarkable ability to pick up on the energy around them. If you are nervous about a situation, your dog will likely escalate their anxious behavior. Staying calm will help keep them from building that frantic energy.

Lavender is an amazing calming scent that can help both you and your dog relax. Take slow, deep breaths, and rub a drop of lavender essential oil mixed with coconut oil onto your wrists.

While you’re at it, try rubbing a bit of that blend onto the top part of your dog’s head, where they can’t lick it off. It’ll help calm them and as a bonus, they’ll smell fantastic!

Consistency Is Key To Easing Anxiety

Dogs love routine and consistency, and it becomes much easier for them to stay calm when they know what to anticipate each day.

Once Rico got into a routine of feeding potty, play, and nap times, he was often much calmer on a daily basis because he knew what to expect.

Work with them, give them support and structure as much as you possibly can.

Do you have a nervous dog? How do you manage their anxiety? Share below!

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Loving a senior dog comes with its own unique set of challenges, but it can be very rewarding. Senior dogs can be adorably cute and sweet. It’s important to know a few things about them and their care if you’re going to ensure their final years are as comfortable for them as possible.

It’s not necessarily something that most people like to think about, but you should be prepared. Below are a few things we bet your senior dog really wants you to know, or will want you to know in the future.

They Aren’t Making Messes Inside On Purpose

A senior dog can find it tricky to hold themselves as long they used to. This may result in them having accidents with peeing or pooping in the house on occasion. They really can’t help it, and they definitely aren’t being naughty. It’s important not to scold them.

Dogs can get embarrassed when they have accidents, so just clean it up without making them feel worse. It could be due to a health issue, which calls for a vet visit. Also, some medications like Prednisone can also cause increased thirst, which leads to increased urination.

Just know that sometimes senior dogs find it difficult to hold it in as they used to and will need more frequent potty breaks.

They Can’t See/Hear As Well Anymore

Your dog probably isn’t ignoring you on purpose – they may not be able to see or hear as well as they used to. Their hearing and eyesight declines with age, so don’t get too frustrated with them if they aren’t coming to you as quickly when you call them.

They May Be Hungry For Different Types of Food

Your dog’s appetite can actually change as they get older. You can take a look at site like Freshpet reviews and Dog Food Advisor to get a feel for different types of food that could be beneficial for your senior dog.

You may need to test out different types of foods to see what they like, but beware of switching too quickly, which can cause tummy issues. Typically, you’ll want to switch by starting with ¼ new to ¾ old food, and increasing the ratio of new to old every few days over the course of two weeks.

You may need to entice them to eat from time to time with something new and exciting in their dish. Stick with things to support their health, like carrots, peas, and broccoli. Fish oil is a great addition to help lubricate their joints. Our Ginger loved my homemade dog food recipe, which is easily adaptable. Get the recipe here!

They Might Need You To Go The Extra Mile For Them Sometimes

On occasion, your dog might feel tired and not want to get up for their breakfast. At times like this, it’s perfectly fine for you to take their bowl to them. They’ll probably really appreciate it! Them not getting up to eat doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not hungry, but sometimes they may be in pain and want to chill.

They Might Feel A Little More Anxious Or Grumpy From Time To Time

Dog’s personalities can change as they get older. They might be a little more anxious, jumpy, and grumpy as they age. Prepare for this and try not to get upset with them, as they can sense how you are feeling. CBD oil is wonderful for easing anxiety and helps with minor aches and pains. We especially like KingKanine CBD oil, since it’s made from krill oil, which supports healthy joints. Learn more about the benefits of CBD oil here.

You’re Still Their Best Friend

No matter what, you’re still your senior dog’s best friend. Have a plan in place for when you know it’s their time to go. When Ginger turned 15, we knew she most likely wouldn’t make it another year. I researched local vet options and found a few that would come out to the house so she wouldn’t have to make a final vet visit. Having those numbers handy when she was still healthy made it much easier to call and schedule the appointment when her health took a bad turn.

When the time comes for them to leave, be there for them as they have been there for you. It sucks. There’s no getting around that. It will be hard for you, but making sure they don’t leave the world anxious and frantically wondering where you are is much worse. They’ve given you so much love, it’s important to give them this final gift.

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You may have heard that Alaska had a major 7.0 earthquake! It was centered pretty much right where we live. This wasn’t our first earthquake, but it was definitely our biggest, scariest one!

The shaking from the initial quake lasted over 30 seconds, which seems like an eternity when you’re in the middle of it. Read on for some tips on how to get your dogs through earthquakes safely.

Did Our Dogs Sense The Earthquake?

The earthquake started while Dan was making coffee and I was getting breakfast ready. Roxy and Rico had just eaten and were lounging in front of the fireplace.

I’ve heard that animals can sense earthquakes before they happen, but it took a few seconds after the shaking began for R&R to really notice. They hadn’t been overly anxious over the past couple days, either.

Teach Your Dog A Strong Recall

Having a strong recall is a vital skill for your dog’s health, especially during earthquakes! It can keep them from danger so they stay safe. If you have a frequent word or phrase that’s guaranteed to bring your dog to you, such as calling out come here or treats!, practice getting your dog to respond by coming quickly. This will help build the foundation to keep them safe during an earthquake.

Mentally Map Out Your Safe Room Plans Now

Roxy and Rico both reacted perfectly to the earthquake, even though they were scared. They ran over and dashed between my legs, and I knelt down with them as we were in a safe spot away from any possible falling hazards.

One thing I hadn’t considered was our windows possibly breaking. We were in the kitchen when it started and stayed in place. It wasn’t until I saw photos from nearby houses that I realized how lucky we were with minimal issues at our house and no broken windows.

In hindsight, I would have moved us all over to our guest bathroom. It’s a windowless room with no fixtures that could topple over, and they could be contained in it after the shaking stops to keep them from getting injured while we clean up.

If you don’t have a room like this, aim to gather everyone under a sturdy table to keep objects from falling on you. Keep your dogs close and try to keep them from running around and possibly getting cut on falling picture frames, glass, or broken plates.

Remain Alert For Aftershocks

The initial earthquake shook us hard, and only a few minutes later we were hit with a strong 5.7 aftershock. This one had the pups panicked and they started barking at the house shaking and the windows rattling.

We continued to have strong aftershocks in the 36 hours since the initial quake, and they pups are still a bit anxious. Roxy is typically our calmer, more chill pup, but she was shaking like a leaf after the earthquake.

I gave her a good dose to CBD oil, which helped ease her anxiety. See all the benefits of CBD oil here, or click the button below to buy some for your dog!

Keep a Current Collar/Tag on Your Dog

I mentioned the importance of keeping an up-to-date collar on your dog at all times in “Lost Dog? 4 Things You Need to Do”, and I want to emphasize that again. Boomerang Tags are AWESOME and quiet, which we all love.

Microchipping your pet is another great way to help them be reunited with your family if they get lost. In the hours after the earthquake, there were SO many posts looking for dogs that had panicked and escaped. The ID tag and microchip are the best ways of getting your dog back home.

Walk The Fence Line and/or Keep Your Dog Leashed

Fences can fail during earthquakes, so don’t let your dog out on their own until you’ve inspected the fenceline. Look for fallen panels or holes in the fence that your pet can squeeze through, and verify there’s nothing that could injure your dog.

Make sure the gate is closed and locked. If it’s dark out, or you normally let your dog out off-leash, keep them on a leash, because aftershocks can happen for many hours after the earthquake. Don’t take the risk of your dog getting spooked and darting off!

Have a Neighbor Check In If You’re Away From Home

I’m so, so thankful we were home with the pups when the earthquake hit. We originally had plans to meet up for an event and were going to leave the house at 9am.

The earthquake hit at 8:30am, so luckily we were still home. I can’t even imagine how panicked I’d be if we had been away, even though we would’ve been just on the other side of town.

This was a good reminder to have a neighbor that can check on your house and pets if you’re not home during an event like this. Cell towers were overloaded, but texts were still getting through, and our neighborhood Facebook group was still available and helping each other out by checking on family members and pets.

Having someone willing to check your house and make sure your pets are uninjured is a huge relief when it’ll take time to get home. Make sure they understand to not let your dogs out, at least until someone can walk the fence line to ensure there’s no way they can escape.

Have an Emergency Kit Ready For Your Dog

After a strong earthquake comes the possibility of a tsunami, which forces many people to hurry and evacuate to higher ground away from coastal areas.

The most important thing to grab is a way to keep your pups safe in uncertain circumstances. I keep their favorite leashes in a cabinet in a closet by the front door, but I also keep a spare set inside my car.

To make things easier to grab in a hurry in case we need to evacuate, I have a bag on top of the cabinet. It’s stocked with treats, poop bags, a ziploc bag of food, and some Beneful Prepared Meals that Roxy & Rico really like.

Spoiling them with a favorite treat helps ease their anxiety; just don’t give too much so they don’t get an upset tummy!

Let Your Dog Process On Their Own

Don’t force your dog to let you comfort them, in turn comforting you. Some dogs need a bit of space to wind down on their own. If they have a crate that is their comfort zone, they may choose to hide in there for a bit. That’s perfectly normal and fine!

You can also try distracting them by having a good play time, or a training session to work their brain. I pull out some of their favorite dog puzzles to give them a bit of mental exercise.

It’ll take time for you and your family to calm down after such a scary event, but these tips will help.

Has your family gone through an earthquake? How did your dogs handle it? Share below!

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When it comes to budgeting for pet essentials, things can add up quick. Regular needs like food, treats, and poop bags all play a part in adding to your pet’s monthly expenses.

An awesome way to save money on pet basics is by using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. There are over 10,000 items on Subscribe & Save JUST in the pet category! They range from dog food, to poop bags and more. Read on for our ten favorite pet items and see how it can help your family save.

What is Amazon Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save is Amazon’s regularly-scheduled delivery program built for convenience and helps you save money. You simply subscribe to monthly shipments of products, which allows you to save over the single-shipment price.

How Does Amazon Subscribe & Save Work?

To get set up with Subscribe & Save, start by shopping their store here. You then select an item you want, set the amount and frequency of delivery (up to 6 months) and hit Subscribe Now.

The best part is there’s no commitment! You are free to change, cancel, or delay your monthly delivery each month. Don’t need poop bags so soon? Skip delivery for the month! Take a look at the image below to see how easy it is to modify or cancel your subscriptions.

How Much Can I Save?

You can save up to 15% off when receiving 5 or more products in a given month to a single address. I typically save between 10-15% every month since I make sure I have 5 items. If the price of an item changes, Amazon will send you an email with the updated price for you to approve.

Don’t have Amazon Prime? Sign up for a free trial and see how much time and money it saves!

Dog Food

Cheap dog food isn’t the best way to go for optimal health and a long lifespan for your dog. That doesn’t mean you need to throw down big dollars on pet food, though!

I occasionally make our dog food, but we recently started using Wag dog food. Our veterinarian recommended a high-protein food for Roxy & Rico, and Wag fit the bill.

It’s super convenient to not have to worry about remembering to order dog food or swing by the store and pick up a bag, especially when it’s -20 degrees and snowy outside.

Wag isn’t the only option available through Subscribe & Save. Taste of The Wild, Purina Pro Plan, and many others are offered! Click here to view all the dog food selections available.


One of the best ways to save and keep your dog healthy is to brush their teeth! It’s way easier to adapt them to it from a young age. However, a yummy toothpaste can be enticing enough to teach older dogs that brushing can be fun and tasty!

Flea & Tick Treatment

As a pet owner, you know how important flea and tick treatment is to keeping our pets healthy and our houses parasite-free. Signing up for regular deliveries of flea & tick treatment keeps you from forgetting to stock up on this. If you don’t use diatomaceous earth yet, click here to learn how it can kill fleas & ticks!

Dog Treats

Roxy & Rico LOVE their treat time, so I’ve gotta make sure I have plenty on hand. Here’s a list of yummy ones on Subscribe & Save.

Bissell Pet Stain Remover

Let’s face it, having dogs can be messy at times. Even dogs that don’t normally have accidents can have a rough night and puke on the carpet. We absolutely adore our Bissell Little Green Spot Cleaner for taking care of those messes. Bissell Pet Stain Remover is a must to have around just in case. We don’t tend to need it often, so I set it for every 6 months and adjust if needed.

Nature’s Miracle

The puppy stage is a tough one to get through, especially when house-training. Nature’s Miracle is widely regarded as one of the best for cleaning up potty accidents.

The enxymatic cleaner breaks down the urine to minimize the smell, which keeps your dog from marking in the same spot again. It also works to break down other dog-related smells like poop and vomit, too! See our house-training tips & tricks here.

Fish Oil

I’ve talked about the importance of fish oil before, and it’s one of the most vital additions to my dog’s meals. Having it on Subscribe & Save guarantees I don’t run out!

Glucosamine is another great supplement I recommend, as it helps keep your dog’s joints healthy. It works by helping their bodies to build cartilage, which decreases as they age. Starting them on it early helps as preventative care.
Calming Treats
With one rescue dog that deals with anxiety, we go through these calming treats pretty regularly! It’s nice to ensure I have them when my boy is stressing over fireworks or car rides.
Poop Bags

Picking up poop is basically the least fun part of having a dog. No one enjoys this task, but it does help minimize the spread of diseases and parasites. Plus, picking up your dog’s poop allows you to notice if there are any changes that could indicate an illness.

Dog Shampoo

When we had 3 dogs, plus our foster dog Buddy, we would go through quite a bit of shampoo! It didn’t help that we were regularly dealing with tropical rains, which resulted in epic mud puddles to splash through. Now we don’t go through it as often, so I reduced the delivery frequency.

Do you use Subscribe & Save? What items do you typically get to save money? Share below!

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When you adopt a dog, they become an important member of your family. Because of that, you want to ensure that your pooch is always taken care of as much as possible. Ensuring that preventative healthcare is the best way to have a happy, healthy dog!

The question is, of course, how can you go about doing that – what steps do you need to take? To help your dog remain happy and healthy for as long as possible, check out our guidelines below!

Schedule Regular Veterinary Checkups

First and foremost, it’s important to remember how vital regular veterinary checkups are for your dog’s health. Far too many people don’t take their dogs in for regular veterinary checkups. That can lead to health issues not being noticed as quickly as they could have been.

Ask any veterinary surgeon and they will tell you that the majority of surgeries that they do on pets could be avoided if the problem being dealt with was found sooner, such as at a dog’s annual checkup.

That’s why it’s so essential that you take preventative healthcare seriously, and get your dog seen at the vet for regular checkups so that any issues are spotted early.

Ensure Vaccinations Are Up to Date

Of course, vaccinations are another key part of keeping your dog healthy. When it comes to your dog’s health, to prevent your pup from catching any of the most common canine diseases, follow your vet’s recommended vaccination schedule.

It’s not just about getting the initial vaccine, it’s also about getting them their annual boosters as well. If you miss these boosters, your pup’s level of protection decreases.

Also, if you need to go on vacation and board your dog at a local kennel, they often require updated vaccinations to prevent the spread of disease. See our tips to take before boarding your dog here!

Treat Your Dog for Fleas, Ticks, and Worms

Fleas and worms can be uncomfortable for dogs, and can cause many illnesses. which is why it’s essential that you treat your pup for these conditions.

In the cooler months, you don’t tend to see fleas as much as they’re usually in hibernation mode. That doesn’t mean that they’re not out there, though. Surprisingly, we even have them up here in Alaska!

Throughout the year, it’s vital that you treat your dog for fleas, ticks, and worms, to keep them safe and prevent discomfort.

When it comes to taking care of your dog, it’s essential that you take preventative healthcare seriously. It’s easy to think that unless your dog is actually sick they don’t need to see the vet for a checkup, or that unless you see fleas they don’t need treatment.

Now you know that isn’t the case – preventative healthcare is extremely important for keeping your dog safe and well!

The post Why Preventative Healthcare For Dogs is Important appeared first on Om Shanti Pups.

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