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Remember Ken Bone?

Here's why our startup asked the guy in the red sweater to go to a conference with us:

It all started with a single question.

During a debate in one of the most polarized presidential elections, Ken Bone rose above the fray to become an overnight internet celebrity. Some say he "broke the internet" with the amount of buzz and traffic that he generated. We all know the internet works in mysterious ways. However, Ken Bone was a "bone-a-fide" (sorry, not sorry) superstar that captivated the nation for inexplicable reasons.

Well, it wasn't just the nation that was captivated by Ken Bone. NoiseAware cofounder, Dave Krauss, was also swept up in Bone-Mania. Through a friend who worked a local TV station in Ken Bone's hometown of St Louis, Dave got in touch with Ken to ask him if he would be interested in working on a promotion with NoiseAware. After a few exchanges, it was clear that Ken Bone was just too darn busy to focus on the promotion.

But that is not the end of the story.

Dave and Ken kept in touch. Over the two years that followed the 2016 presidential election, Ken's internet fame came back down to earth, and NoiseAware continued to work on solving noise issues at vacation rental properties. Then, just a few months before the 2018 VRMA International Conference in Las Vegas, Dave and NoiseAware Director of Business Development, Michael Goldin, were brainstorming ways that they could attract vacation rental managers to their booth for on-camera interviews. And that is when the light bulb went off.

There was one person out there that had a) once considered working on a promotion with NoiseAware and b) got internet famous for asking a single question on live national TV. From that moment forward, the plan was put into motion to get Ken Bone to be NoiseAware's "Conference Reporter" interviewing customers and future customers. It was certainly the most outrageous promotion in the history of VRMA.

And that is how the most loveable internet sensation, Ken Bone joined Team NoiseAware.

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Airbnb has distinguished itself as the go-to destination for travelers not only looking to have a place to stay but to expand their “travel palette” and experience the world in a new way.

The platform (and many others such as Vacayrx and HomeAway) has played host to millions of travelers since its inception in 2009, which is an astounding feat and speaks to these platforms’ massive growth in addition to the cultural acceptance of home-rental services.

You may have thought: “Well, this Airbnb thing looks interesting...I’m just not sold on the idea of being a guest in a stranger’s home or renting my home out to strangers.”

If you’re still on the fence about being a host or a guest for Airbnb or any other home-sharing service, we hope this article will convince you otherwise.

Here are 5 key experiences you’ll gain as a host or a guest of a home-rental service.

1. The experience of meeting new people and engaging

A lot of adults find it hard to make friends after they finish their formal school.

School and college is a place where you’re corralled together with thousands of other people in a similar predicament and you’re told: “figure it out.”

In real life, you need to be more intentional about connecting with people because it takes more effort.

One way you can expedite this process is by meeting new people and engaging with them, preferably in situations past your comfort zone. What better way to stretch past your comfort zone than sharing a small space with unfamiliar people?

When you’re a host on Airbnb, you have a unique opportunity to connect with your guests and visa-versa. It’s not uncommon for people who had an home-sharing experience to connect on a heart-to-heart level with their hosts or guests and stay friends after the experience.

You can add this experience to your “lifetime list” of experiences as well.

2. The “official” Airbnb experience

Airbnb has recently released a whole “experiences” list where guests can book accommodations with people who are offering fun and unique things to do.

Some of these experiences include sailing, paddleboarding, learning how to fly a plane, hiking, and much more.

Airbnb has a strict vetting process for people who are trying to host experiences, so you’re guaranteed to get quality experiences.

The service has a wait-list of people per city, to make sure each listing gets proper attention and create diversity amongst the experiences.

If you’re thinking about hosting an experience and you have a unique perspective to share, head on over to the Airbnb Experiences page.

3. The “unofficial” Airbnb experience

Just because an experience isn’t officially “listed” doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility.

When you stay at a person’s home, they are by default letting you into their world.

They may cook a dinner for you, show you around town, or even entertain you with stories.

The experience of staying in someone’s personal accommodations can’t be put into words - it needs to be...experienced.

4. Themed houses experience

There’s a lot of houses for list on Airbnb and other home-sharing sites that are completely out of this world.

For example, in Europe, there are many castles that you can book accommodations in. There are people who actually own these castles and put them for list on Airbnb. Think about that: your vacation in a place like Ireland can be complemented by a stay...in a castle.

If that doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will. 

And if you don’t believe us, see it for yourself.

5. The social experience

As mentioned earlier, there’s a big social component that exists with Airbnbs and home-rental services.

There’s the social experience of spending time in a new place with your friends and close companions and there’s also the social experience of experiencing a new city in a novel way.

Instead of going to a hotel for New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, imagine staying in a place in the French Quarter! How many stories and memories would come out of that?

The social element is an indistinguishable part of staying in an Airbnb and it’s one that creates a better experience than one that you would have otherwise had.

After reading this post, it should be clear that if you’re not a host or guest on Airbnb or other home-rental services, you are definitely missing out.

Furthermore, you are missing out if you’re a host who has an awesome or unique property and you aren’t sharing it with the rest of the world (and gaining some cash flow in the process).

We hope this article gives you some motivation to get out there and experience our big, beautiful world and make unforgettable memories with other people in the process.

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The Challenge

Vacation rental managers, from large sophisticated companies in Destin, FL to small managers on the Oregon Coast, struggle to run the complex back-office operations that their business demands. Many managers face overwhelming guest expectations and sub-par property maintenance, on top of juggling constant requests from owners. Executing cleans, inspections, and maintenance across unique properties on a tight time-frame is tough, but not impossible, and the consequences of failing to rise to the challenge can affect the company and brand. Running a vacation rental company without tech-driven programs can result in more than just stressful turn days; it exposes managers to unprepared units, guest refunds, liabilities, owner maintenance disputes, and lost revenue.

Enter Breezeway

Breezeway makes it easy to manage property care and
maintenance operations. Their mobile solution helps
property managers and owners coordinate cleaning and
maintenance tasks, improving quality and ensuring the
job is done right. By implementing property inventory and
smart templates, vacation rental managers, owners,
cleaning services and contractors use Breezeway’s tools
to keep their property well-maintained, their operations
running smoothly, and their clients happy.

Are they Integrated with other Property Software?

Breezeway integrates with the best software in the
industry to eliminate duplicating information. Specifically,
these integrations allow property managers to sync their
booking schedule with Breezeway’s cleaning and
maintenance app for more efficient operations and easier
turn days. See a full list of integrations here.

What Results Are Property Managers Seeing?

Through comprehensive functionality that includes photo
uploads, customized checklists, and task assignments,
Breezeway is giving property managers visibility into the
day-to-day needs of each property. Task coordination is
a lot easier, and managers are reducing missed
cleans by 95% and saving 30+ hours of scheduling
per week.

Sharing reports with owners have enabled managers to
demonstrate transparency. They can showcase their
knowledge and care of each home, all while eliminating
maintenance disputes. Smart maintenance programs have led to increased service revenue and the ability to attract more owners. As a result, Breezeway customers are better monetizing their repair work, and some are billing owners an additional $5k per month!

Do You Get Anything as a NoiseAware Blog Reader?

Yes! Breezeway is offering property managers of all sizes one month free! Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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The home-rental movement is picking up steam, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon.

Since its conception in 2008, the home sharing service Airbnb has had 200 million bookings on its platform. That’s just Airbnb alone, not even counting the other home sharing services such as Vacayrx or HomeAway.

How many stays have you had in your own home from these services? Are you getting your piece of the pie?

If not, you’ll want to check out these quick tips to help you run a more successful home-sharing service, so you can get more customers, and make more cash.


Tip # 1: Separate Yourself

Stepping out from the crowd is always one of the hardest steps in any venture, and this is no exception.

When putting a room for Airbnb or any of the home-sharing services up on the web, think about these elements:

  • What makes my property stand out?

  • Do I live in a heavily trafficked city (like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles)?

  • What could I add to the property to make it more attractive?

  • What desirable amenities add to the property?

  • Do I offer special services that incentivize guests?


Putting some definite thought into these will make it much easier when you go to list your property.


Tip # 2: Make a Good First Impression

Your guests have never stepped foot in your house before. A majority of them also won’t be familiar with the general town or city you live in. That means it is your job to make your property sound as attractive as possible.

The best way to do this is to write a great description and include some photogenic pictures.

If you want to write a great description, focus on appealing adjectives. If you were looking for a place to stay on vacation, what would you want the property to be described as? Luxurious? Accommodating? Cozy? Focusing on words like these that will attract the potential guests you’re looking for.

You also want your property to look appealing in pictures. Invest in a good camera and some photo-editing software like Adobe Lightroom, to add some “punch” to your photos.

If there’s one tip that you should follow, it’s this: make your place incredibly clean. This can’t be understated.

Think of your place like a hotel. If you were going to stay at a hotel wouldn’t you want it to be the cleanest place possible? 

The same should go for your home. Your home is a representation of you and your values to the outside world. You don’t want it broadcasting a bad message.

Areas of note: bathroom, kitchen, living room, and the guest bedroom.

If you need some help cleaning your place, use an application like Properly, an application that helps hosts and their cleaners partner together to make sure that the home is cleaned above and beyond the expectations of guests.


Tip # 4: Be Responsive

No one likes to be hanging in the wind when it comes to communication, especially communication when it comes to a platform like Airbnb or HomeAway.

Your guests expect timely and rapid communication from you when you’re talking with them on one of the home-sharing services.

If they’re asking questions of you and you don’t follow up quickly, you run the risk of appearing like a careless host. No guest wants that, so they’ll more likely pass on you and go to the next host.


Tip # 5: Small Details

The saying “the devil’s in the details isn’t just cliche.” It’s very true, especially when it comes to renting your home out to guests.

Adding small touches here and there that make the place stand out or make the place seem a little cozier will go a long way to:

  1. Separate you from other hosts

  2. Show your guests you care about their experience

Some of these may be:

  • Leaving snacks in your pantry area

  • Leaving travel/must-do pamphlets about your area in your kitchen

  • Even making your guests a meal!


NoiseAware Tip: Use a service such as GuestBox to save time, boost reviews, and increase the value of your listing! GuestBox curates luxury goods for your guests to enhance their experience. Easily provide your guests with more than just the basics!

All of these small things add up and put you one step closer to Superhost status.


Tip # 6: Be a Superhost

On the home-sharing platform Airbnb, excellent hosts have a chance of becoming “Superhosts.”

An Airbnb Superhost is a person who gives an amazing travel experience for their guests and is noted for their above-and-beyond hospitality.

If you get this coveted status, a badge will appear on your profile and next to your listing letting potential guests know that you’re a Superhost.

Superhosts are much more likely to have guests fill up their space in addition to having their listings featured higher in search results.


Tip # 7: Amenities:

Have you ever been in a home that has run out of toilet paper? Not fun.

Make sure your house is stocked to the brim with basic amenities. We’re talking about paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, tissues, toothpaste, floss, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes… All of the things that help promote cleanliness in and around your home.

If you buy things in bulk from somewhere like Costco’s, BJ’s, Sam’s Club, or even Wal-Mart, all of these will help you cut down on costs and ensure that you have all the supplies ready at hand when you need them.

If you follow these tips and make sure you are treating your home with all of the standards of a hotel while maintaining an intimate and homely feel, you’ll have hordes of guests coming to stay at your place.


If you liked this article, share it with some friends who could use some of these pointers!


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As a short-term rental owner or manager, you are likely always keeping your eyes and ears open for ways to maximize the revenue potential of your space. This is, of course, most often accomplished by simply listing with Airbnb as well as other overnight rental platforms such as VRBO and HomeAway. But what if you could make your nightly rate by renting your space out for only a few hours? And still, have it available for overnight rental that same day? Introducing AVVAY.com.

AVVAY opens up fresh revenue potential for short-term rental and other property owners and managers to rent their spaces out by the hour for creative projects and events.

In case you don't already know, AVVAY works by letting space owners list their unique properties for photographers, YouTubers, bloggers, and other content creators to rent by the hour for their projects and events (i.e. photo shoots and meetups).

AVVAY rental properties make an average of $90/hour

booking the time in between their overnight reservations for content creation and events.

Connect your Airbnb, VRBO, and other external calendars

to your AVVAY listings and automatically update their availability.

Good news right? What if I also told you that short-term rental properties are already some of the best performing spaces on AVVAY? Oh... and it's free to list. Once you are listed, you simply accept the requests that make sense for you and your space and decline the ones that don't. Plus, AVVAY only takes a 15% fee on confirmed reservations, meaning we only make money when we bring you new business.

You can learn more at AVVAY.com, also feel free to list your property now!


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Competition is climbing and the heat is on to provide the best experience for your guest. With endless lodging options doing the little things for your guest like checking in with them from time to time can go a long way to build a lasting reputation. So are you doing everything you can to make sure your guests come back again and again?

Nancy McAleer is a co-founder of Florida Rental By Owners, a vacation rental listing website that allows property owners and managers to advertise their real-estate without the fees of Big Box OTAs. Short term rental property owners have noticed an industry trend of incoming travelers seeking hosts that go above and beyond the basics. Nancy recently wrote up an in-depth checklist that she uses, and you can too, that successfully “[nurtures] the guest before check-in.”  

The “Ritz-Carlton effect,” a term coined by Nancy, is exceptional customer service that puts the guest in a positive frame of mind before arrival to stand apart from the millions of other listings online.

Why Does This Campaign Work?

In a study that looked at the relationship between happiness and vacations, the report found that people are typically the happiest before they actually go on vacation and are on a “happiness high” up to 8 weeks after returning home. Keeping this study in mind, the “Incoming Guest Nurture campaign” takes place during this time period, before the visit, to take advantage of the “Happiness Vacation High.”

It’s Easy, But It Does Take Time to Create?

The “Incoming Guest Nurture” campaign was meant to be flexible and allow yourself to be creative. Nancy sends her “guests 3 warm-up newsletters with clickable information,” and on the day of arrival she gives them a personal call to make sure that “they are all set for their vacation.” Nancy explains the reasoning behind the phone call is to establish a working relationship with the guest, increase their respect of her rental property and quickly solve guest related issues.   

The Incoming Guest Nurture Sequence:
Now that you have a better understanding of your customer bases psyche let's dive into why you are really here reading this article and discuss a detailed guide to nurturing your guests before arrival that you could start implementing today.    

Below is a guide to the Nurture Sequence:

Email #1: Send upon booking

  • List of recommended top 10 restaurants.               

  • Link of local items of interest, such as museums

  • Links to social media

NoiseAware Extra Zone:
In the hospitality industry going the extra step for your guests is key to a thriving business. Asking your guest the reasons why they are coming to your location is a great way to collect data to see trends in seasonality, not to mention so you can plan a memorable experience for your customers. This one question is about establishing a working relationship with your guest and shows that you have their best interests in mind.      



You’re ¼ of the way to establishing a working relationship with your guest.

Email #2: Send 1 month before arrival

  • Include FAQ’s

  • List of rental amenities

  • Links to social media

  • Instructions on how to mail or deliver packages/items to the rental

NoiseAware Extra Zone:
Keeping the study from above in mind we would recommend adding a small note about how excited you are that the guest chose you for their stay. This would also be a great place to mention on how you are adding something special to enhance their stay at your rental.


Halfway there! Look you have created a working relationship with your guest!

Email #3: Send 2 weeks before arrival

  • Link to weather guide

  • Link to local artist/ events going on   

  • Check-in information

  • Links to social media

NoiseAware Extra Zone:
 At this time you can send a possible itinerary that your guest could use while staying at your rental. This may take time at first to do but think of how impressed the customer will be and how well this plays into the “Ritz-Carlton effect.” Another way to leave a positive lasting impression is by adding a note about a small surprise awaiting them upon arrival. (i.e., if it's a birthday leave cookies or a treat!)   



By now you have done ¾ of the work! Now it's time for the final touches.

The Goal of the emails:

  • Set the guest expectations of the rental

  • Give the Host the opportunity to exceed the expectations

  • Play to the “Happiness High”

  • Get the guest to go to her rental website

  • Get the guest “talking and sharing information about their upcoming vacation with friends and family, increasing referral and repeat bookings”   


Step 4: A human phone call on arrival day

  • Inform guest of maintenance issues that could have possibly risen

  • Inform guest about the welcome sheet location

  • Discuss details of the rental that may not be I the welcome sheet

  • Have welcome basket ready

  • The host should give personal cell number so guest can contact them if they have a question or an issue arises

NoiseAware Extra Zone:
Have the itinerary you created printed out with tips on what time and what day is least crowded to popular destination sites. Include information about the going rates to transportation and different route options with ETAs included.    



Now that's how you nurture your guest!


Why The Phone Call Is So Important
Nancy goes into detail about a rental home being severely damaged and how even though the guest did not get exactly what he was promised at booking; however, since the relationship had already been established between Nancy and her guest she was able to manage his expectations by keeping him informed of the situation and made sure that there were no more surprises.

Due to the constant communication between Nancy and her guest, Nancy received a five-star review and a renewed booking.


The Incoming Guest Nurture Sequence is an excellent tool for you to leave a lasting impression on your guests. In a day and age where word of mouth is the most potent form of marketing, it’s of the utmost importance that property managers and owners recognize the trend of guest expecting hotel-style treatment from vacation rental reservations. Nancy referred to it as the “Ritz-Carlton effect” in her article sharing with us the genius behind The Incoming Guest Nurture Sequence.


The Data Behind It All...

Bottom Line:
The hospitality industry, like many other industries, must have an online presence to stay relevant in the market.

An interview conducted by Phocuswright asked property owners why guests had chosen their rental, and three-fourths of the respondents said word of mouth and online reviews were the primary reasoning behind a guest chose.

The online B&B market is predicted to grow 6% annually with $3.7 billion in bookings by the year 2020. With the endless lodging options available on sites such as HomeAway and Airbnb, building your online reputation is the only real way to make yourself standout.

While the sequences may take time to create once mastered, you have already built a strong relationship with the guest and have placed them in a positive frame of mind all before they have even experienced their vacation.

So what are you waiting for, start making your emails today!      


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Short term rentals - best known through AirBnB - have grown explosively over the past decade.  From early wild-west days when travelers would sleeping on a stranger’s couch, the industry has become a mainstream travel category.  By 2019, the industry is predicted to generate $167.9 Billion in revenue.  But as a mass market product, the category must address its impact on communities and convince an ever-larger population of hosts to open their homes to strangers.  

To convince the next million Americans to join become short-term rental hosts, the industry must address their anxiety about guest behavior.  Homeowners see the possibility of additional income, but they need solutions to potential downsides such as:

  • Managing the condition of their home to ensure guests pay for any damages

  • Limiting the time spent managing their listing - especially on cleaning and maintenance - without sacrificing quality

  • Ensuring guests do not throw parties in their home

Additional income is attractive, but homeowners will not risk their greatest asset when the dangers and effort are too great.

Fortunately, entrepreneurial Airbnb hosts have built tools to solve homeowners’ anxiety surrounding vacation rentals, drawing upon their first-hand experience.  For David Krauss, the founder of NoiseAware, guest parties raised concern with his homeowners’ association and opened his eyes to the need for noise management. Alex Nigg, the founder of Properly, developed management processes to ensure a consistent, high-quality experience for guests.  But with a peripatetic travel schedule, Alex needed a way to keep tabs on his property from the road and ensure his cleaners were executing according to his standards. For both NoiseAware and Properly founders, experience has enabled them to build the tools to ease homeowner’s fears about getting into short-term rentals.

The Origin of NoiseAware

Based out of the land of barbecue and fancy calculators, NoiseAware is a lean start-up with one mission: to set an industry standard for noise with its cutting-edge noise monitoring equipment.

NoiseAware was founded by David Krauss and Andrew Schulz after Krauss experienced a “mini-Coachella” in his apartment. Here’s how it started:

Krauss was an active user on Airbnb, the famous home-sharing platform. He had gotten to Airbnb Superhost status after supreme diligence.

Then, one day, Krauss opened up his mailbox to find some heart-sinking news.

“The letter was a cease and desist from my Homeowners Association informing me of the raging party thrown by my Airbnb guests two days prior. Apparently, every one of my neighbors, my building’s lawyers, and even the police department knew about my guest’s crazy party before I did.

Just like that, my Airbnb hosting dream had become a total nightmare. One party resulted in a life-changing moment for me and unfortunately led to the distressed sale of my investment for a loss of over $35,000.”

Krauss was not alone. Each year, thousands and thousands of people report disturbances related to parties in their area.

Determined not to let this happen to him again, he teamed up with Andrew Schulz, who would later become the CTO and Co-founder of NoiseAware. They realized that it wasn’t just Dave’s problem they could solve, but a recurring issue within the industry that affected the growth of STRs.

How NoiseAware Helps Owners and Managers Prevent Parties

Easily one of the biggest fears of any host is guests having a party. If you have a neighbor who is keeping watchful eyes on your home, they may call you when a party is underway. But what if they don’t? Or what if you don’t have someone to help you monitor the property?

That’s where NoiseAware comes in. It will notify you of noise in your home, so you know before the authorities do.

NoiseAware works by monitoring the noise level in your property. When noise reaches a certain threshold, the owner of the home is quickly notified via SMS alert on their phone.

The owner of the house can then take preventative action by contacting the occupants in the house.

Most occupants will agree to lowering the noise in the property or taking the festivities elsewhere. 

In essence, the owner of the house knows about the noise before disgruntled neighbors or law enforcement, enabling them to be proactive instead of reactive.

Being proactive is a key feature in the sharing economy and Alex Niggs, the founder of Properly, knows it too.

The Origin of Properly

Properly was started by Alex Nigg after he experienced first-hand the complications of managing cleaners and other service providers as a short-term rental host. In four years of hosting, Alex found himself facing three problems:

  1. Finding cleaners who knew the difference between an Airbnb and residential cleaning

  2. Ensuring new cleaners understood how to prepare his listing

  3. Managing the quality of cleaning when he was not present

With a heavy travel schedule, Alex couldn’t be present to manage these issues in person.  But by solving these problems for his rental, Alex laid the groundwork for Properly.

How Properly Helps Owners and Managers Operate

Properly provides owners and managers with two critical tools—world-class solutions to manage cleaners and service providers, and a network of cleaners and service providers who understand Property Manager’s needs.

Properly’s tools solve key operational headaches: training, scheduling, inspections, and more.  
Properly’s Visual Checklists make it easy to train cleaners on your requirements.  These checklists provide cleaners with simple, step-by-step instructions to turnover a listing.  Visual Checklists are based on your specific listing photographs, so cleaners know exactly what guests expect when they arrive.  No more questions about the position of furniture!

Scheduling is also a breeze.  Properly integrates with most major listing platforms and PMSs, and its Reminders automate job scheduling.  What’s more, Properly’s app verifies exactly how long cleaners spend on a job and whether they are actually on location.

Inspections are another integral part of the solution.  Through the Properly app, cleaners photograph their work—both cleaned rooms and projects from previous guests— enabling property managers to track cleaners’ work without in-person inspection. Additionally, a record of listing condition is incredibly helpful when filing a damages claim with an OTA or home warranty provider.

Alongside these tools, Properly’s marketplace of thousands of cleaners and service providers enables hosts can to find the partners needed to run their listing—whether they are just setting their listing, dealing with an emergency due to a cleaner cancellation, or expanding their team to manage seasonal demand.  Cleaners are vetted by the community; they can only join the Properly marketplace by proving they work for Airbnb hosts or PMs. Properly monitors marketplace activity to ensure only high quality, trusted providers can respond to jobs. And badges based on cleaners’ work help hosts understand where a given cleaner excels—response time, experience, reliability, or thoroughness.

Bottom line: whenever hosts and property managers need help, Properly’s marketplace provides ready access to qualified partners.

Alex Nigg has this to say about his service:

“My main aspiration was to deliver opportunity: for hosts, the opportunity to host remotely, with peace of mind. And for service providers, the opportunity to build their own business, and to trade on their reputation. It’s been humbling to see how Properly is being adopted around the world, and how it creates an opportunity for hosts and their service providers alike.”

It’s safe to say that Properly is doing a “proper” job of giving property managers and cleaners alike a robust platform to conduct business.

A Greater Picture

When taken as a whole, Properly and NoiseAware are innovative tools that eliminate homeowners’ anxiety around vacation rentals.

Both companies solve operational challenges that consumer property managers’ time and energy.

They are passionate about giving homeowners a great platform to start or expand their short-term rental businesses.

Both NoiseAware and Properly can significantly cut costs for new owners and managers or those looking to scale their businesses. That means that as the industry grows, they’re able to provide amazing experiences for travelers.

Interested in working with either of these companies? Email us at marketing@noiseaware.io


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