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On Tuesday, a four-storey Kisarbhai building collapsed in the Dongri area of ​​Mumbai, where more than 40 people are likely to be buried. Local authorities have so far confirmed 12 deaths.

In the same area of ​​Hillary, Pir Mohammed and his family have been living for many years.

On Tuesday, when the building collapsed, Pir Mohammed was present there. He also ran away to help. Two members of his family were also injured in this accident.

Pir Mohammed Kesarbhai building tells about the fall of the building, "I live nearby." When the building collapsed, a very loud sound came out. I ran out and came and saw many people lying under the rubble. We took out some people, we managed to get four people out there, many people were buried in the rubble. "

Some people lost their families in this accident, then some people died.

The picture that is created after every incident in Mumbai has been created even after this incident. But the question arises that who is responsible for this?

Could the accident be prevented?
Like other roads in Mumbai, like the development of roads or bridges, the responsibility of the buildings is also on the shoulders of different people. It is the responsibility of all the people living in it, the private owner, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) and the Municipal Corporation.

The building that has fallen falls under the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA), but the share which was dropped was illegal. Chief Prose Vaishali Gadpale confirmed this.

MHADA asked the people who had been here to send a notice in 2017 to vacate the place. ANI had printed that notice of MHADA

MHADA says that the original form of the Kesarbhai building still stands. This correspondent of BBC Marathi has captured the picture of the part of the building on his camera, some part of which collapsed on Tuesday.

If this building does not come within the MHADA, then when and how did the illegal construction of its illegal part start? These are some of the questions that have not been answered yet.

According to the ANI, former Congress MP Milind Deora said that the people of Mumbai should question the government. NCP leader Ajit Pawar has demanded an inquiry into the matter. He said, "MHADA or builder, let him be guilty, he must be punished."

Maharashtra's Home Minister Radhakrishna Vikhepatil said that strict action will be taken against officials related to this matter.

They said, "How did this construct? How such carelessness was done, it will be investigated and strict action will be taken against those found guilty."

Rehabilitation issue

After all such incidents in Mumbai, quick investigations are conducted and those who are guilty also take action. But the question is, why are not any concrete efforts done to stop such incidents?

There are many narrow streets in this area of ​​Dongri. Many buildings are 80-90 years old, so have passed some 100 years. Many of these buildings are in a dangerous situation. But, after the warning, people living there live in the same buildings.

Regarding the notice of MHADA, Pir Mohammed says, "MHADA had sent a notice to us to vacate the place but we would need some other place to live. We need some help, otherwise, where will we go with our family? There were meetings every day, but where can we go from here? "

"This is one of the main places in Mumbai, people are living here for generations, therefore, they are not ready to leave their homes in these buildings, hence the old buildings have issues of rehabilitation and redevelopment," says VikhPatil. Are left behind. "

"The elderly people are living here for three or four generations and they are not ready to go here. I have requested the Chief Minister to give us some acre land of the Mumbai Port Trust so that we can get the transit camp If this happens then people will not need to go too far. They can continue their jobs and studies and stay here. "

Why did carelessness?

Town Planner and architect Harshad Bhatia told the BBC, "In many areas of South Mumbai, the condition of buildings is similar to the Hillary building, many of these buildings have been granted legacy status, but for their redevelopment and maintenance. Some must be done. "

He says, "Man should also keep the attention of things created by human beings, maintenance of any building depends on the weather, its devaluation, changes in its use and financial resources." After the implementation of the Rent Control Act in Mumbai The owners stopped getting huge income from the buildings, so maintenance of these buildings became a bit impractical. "
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Hafiz Saeed, the accused of the Mumbai attacks, has been arrested in Lahore, Pakistan.

These arrests have happened in the case of fundraising for extremism. In Pakistan, the anti-terrorism department of Punjab had registered a case against 13 other people, including Saeed.

It is alleged that those arrested were making non-governmental organizations in order to collect money for terrorism and these organizations were collecting donations for the banned institutions.

At present, Hafiz Saeed has been kept in Kot Lakhpat Jail. Hafeez's arrest took place when he was going to Gujranwala.

Hafiz's arrest is being discussed in India as well as in Pakistan. #HafizSaeed is the top trend in Pakistan.

Let's tell you further how the Pakistani social media are responding to the arrest of Hafiz.

Pakistanis reactions

  • Aamir Naved writes, "A man has been arrested, who served the poor and the whole life of Islam. The government should be ashamed. 
  • Asim Majid writes that the crime of Hafiz Saeed is that he talks of peace in Pakistan. They want people to stop fighting.

  • Aamir Navin writes that Hafiz Saeed has been arrested. A man who neglected his life for the help of poor people and put the whole life in Islam to strengthen Islam. The government should be ashamed of the arrest of Hafeez Saeed. Release Hafiz 

  • Wajahat Kazmi has written that Hafeez Saeed has been arrested by the anti-terrorism department of Punjab in Pakistan. At the time he was going to Gujranwala from Lahore, he was arrested. India has accused them of being the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

    • Mujammil Khawaja writes "Nawaz Sharif never took action against him, while India continued to speak and told him to the terrorist but he helped him and gave him a safe place in Pakistan. But now in the government of Imran Khan, he is in jail. If this was Hafiz Saeed Nawaz's aggression in the government ... then? "

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    US regulators have given the permission to impose a fine of $ 5 billion (about 34 thousand crores) on Facebook.

    According to reports printed in the US media, the penalty has been imposed against the social media company to settle the ongoing investigations in the matter of privacy conflicts.

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating a case in which political consultancy company Cambridge Anilica is alleged to have obtained data from 79 million users of Facebook fraudulently.

    The sources told the US media that FTC has given this approval for the agreement with a majority of 3-2.

    When the BBC asked Facebook and FTC on these media reports, they refused any comment.

    What has happened so far

    FTC launched this investigation against Facebook in March 2018 after the reports that Cambridge Analytica had obtained data from millions of Facebook users.

    The investigation is focused on whether Facebook had violated the 2011 agreement in which it is compulsory for users to get their consent before receiving personal data.

    The Republican commissioner and Democrats were opposing it.

    Although this penalty is based on Facebook's estimate, in which he said earlier this year that he is estimating a fine of up to five billion dollars.

    If this news is confirmed then this FTC will be the biggest penalty imposed on a technical company.

    The company had told its investors in April that it has kept the majority separate for the penalties, which means that the company will not feel too much financial pressure from this penalty.

    We do not yet know what further action will be taken against the company, such as monitoring of privacy, will be given more attention or even the company's chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg will have to undergo any action.

    This settlement is equal to one-quarter of the company's annual earnings. This will revoke the criticism of those who say that this penalty is not enough.

    What is the Criminal Analyst Case?
    Cambridge Analytica was a political consultant British company, on which millions of Facebook users are charged for access to data and used to use Donald Trump for US presidential elections.

    It is alleged that the company used the data to affect voters' views.

    This data was acquired through a quiz, in which users had to answer some questions.

    This quiz was made such that the participants used to collect the data of the users not only the data of the users but also their associated friends.

    Facebook said that he believed that the data of 8.7 million users were incorrectly shared with Cambridge Analytica.
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    Guwahati / Itanagar
    Due to floods in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, the situation has become serious. The disaster has affected 62 thousand people from eight districts of Assam. While the Arunachal Pradesh flooded the clouds on Monday, the bridge and dozens of homes have been damaged in the flood. While many people have gone missing. The news agency reported this on Wednesday.

    Disaster Management Officer (ASDMA) of Assam told that 145 villages have been flooded and crops in 3,435 hectares have been damaged. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of further rain in the coming days. Around 62,400 people have been affected in Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Biswanath, Barpeta, Chirang, Golaghat, Jorhat and Dibrugarh.

    Damages to roads in several districts of Assam

    ASDMA said that relief work is being run by officials. Five relief and distribution centers have been set up in two districts, where 203 people have taken shelter. Barpeta, Udalguri, Lakhimpur, Sonitpur, and Jorhat districts have suffered many damages including road, bridge-bridge.

    Army and paramilitary forces gather in relief work

    A large number of people have been missing and many are stranded in the floods triggered by a cloudburst on Monday in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. Army and paramilitary forces have been deployed along with disaster management officers for relief work. The Meteorological Department has expressed the hope of heavy rains between 9-12 in Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura.
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    1992 World Cup Semifinal match between South Africa vs England

    To defeat England, South Africa was to score 22 runs in 13 balls. But then the rain falling from the sky stopped the game.

    After 10 minutes when the rain stopped and the South African batsmen returned to the ground, they fired a new target on the scoreboard. 22 runs on a ball to win Although it was a typo and South African batsmen had to score 22 runs, 21 runs to win.

    The new goal that was met by the rule of that time was shocking for everyone. Christopher Martin Jankis, who is commenting on the radio, said in a shocking voice, "I'm sure somebody will find a way out of this problem somewhere."

    This commentary on the radio was also heard by a British statistician Frank Duckworth

    Duckworth told in a BBC interview, "I realized that it is a problem related to mathematics that needs to be addressed."

    Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis

    In 1992, Duckworth had presented a paper in the Roy Statistical Society, whose title was - 'Fair play in bad weather.'

    There was still a lot of work left in the way of making this paper a perfect rule. Tony Lewis, the lecturer of the University of the West of England, has made it difficult.

    Both mathematicians gave the last form of rule through fax. The formula created with these two is called the Duckworth Lewis Rule.

    After many attempts, the Via England Cricket Board found these rules to reach the ICC.

    Louise told the BBC, "It is so comforting to see that the players usually accept the decisions made by our rules now. Our rule in the development of the game has proved to be a lot of work. "

    The first match with Duckworth Lewis rule
    The Duckworth Lewis Rule was first implemented in 1997. The match was Zimbabwe versus England This match was won by Zimbabwe.

    This rule was used in New Zealand, West Indies, India, Pakistan, and South Africa in 1998.

    The ICC included the Duckworth-Lewis Rule in the World Cup in 1999. But then the weather in England was not like in 2019. As a result, these rules were not used in the 1999 World Cup.

    The ICC adopted the Duckworth Lewis rule formally in 2001. It was used as a trial in all formats of cricket.

    Duckworth Lewis rules permanently became part of the ICC in 2004. Although the rules have also been criticized.

    After retiring Duckworth and Lewis, Professor Steve Stern was made its guardian. In 2014 this rule was renamed Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS). To date, these rules have been used in more than 220 matches.
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    US President Donald Trump has invited the North Korean leader Kim Jong to voluntarily visit the North and South Korea border.

    The region of North Korea and South Korea's border is called DMZ, which is called the demilitarized zone. On both sides, there is a huge presence of the armies of the two countries.

    Trump participating in the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan, will travel from here to South Korea. They are reaching Seoul on a two-day tour from Saturday.

    In a tweet, President Trump offered a surprise meeting with Kim Jong.

    He wrote, "After some very important visits, wherein my visit to China's President Shei, I am coming from Japan to South Korea. If Chairman Kim Jong wants them, we can join hands on the border, hello can speak! "

    Talking to reporters during a G-20 conference in Osaka, Japan, Trump clarified on his tweet and said that he thought of meeting with Kim on Saturday morning.

    Talking to reporters before lunch with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, he said, "If they are there, then we will both meet two minutes and that's fine."

    It is not clear whether President Trump had told his officials about this before giving a proposal to visit Kim.

    Had to return due to bad weather
    President Trump had also tried to visit DMZ (demilitarized terrain) that divided the two Korea in November 2017 but due to bad weather, he had to return.

    Trump and Kim met in Hanoi in February this year, which failed. After this visit, there is bitterness in the relations between the two countries.

    The United States wants North Korea to stop its nuclear program, while North Korea wants relief from the economic sanctions imposed on them.

    In recent months, President Trump has talked enthusiastically about Kim Jong.

    Last week he sent a personal letter to the North Korean leader. Kim said this letter was a great one.

    In the same month, Trump had said that North Korea has immense potential under Kim's leadership.

    During the visit to Japan in May, Trump had described Kim as a "very smart person" and had said that there would be a lot of good things with North Korea.
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    Mohammed Shami
    One important match of the one-day cricket World Cup in 2015 was to be on Holi.

    The place was Australia's Perth City and the World Champion of that time, India was about to encounter the West Indies.

    Two teams of matches arrived at Perth's Namkeen Waka Stadium to practice nets at different times.

    Those who landed before Team India's bus were Suresh Raina, Shikhar Dhawan, and Ravindra Jadeja, and all had gulal packets in their hands.

    In the end, Mohammed Shami was the one who had a white Gulzar and Abir on his forehead, and he smiled at the nets and got engaged in bowling.

    India's last match was from the UAE, who could not play Shami and this time it was early to prove themselves.

    During the nets, I asked, "Fit feeling, Shami brother?".

    Dhoni was batting on the nets Shami took a full run up and put Dhoni in a yorker who went straight to Dhoni's lower pad. Ravi Shastri, standing behind, shook his head and appreciated the ball.

    Before the Nets ended, Mohammed Shami talked to me, "Holi is a day.

    Come down to prove yourself

    Shami had reason to ask questions. Before that World Cup in 2014, Shami took 10 wickets in the ODI series against the West Indies in 2014 and he was also selected for the Sri Lanka series after that. But suddenly, Dhawal Kulkarni was included in the team because Shami had a thumb in his thumb.

    Baharal, March 6, 2014, in the match played at Waka, India put West Indies on just 182 in 44 overs. While four wickets, the Indian batsmen completed the target in the 40th over.

    Mohammed Shami who was Man of the Match, who hit two fours in eight overs and three wickets shocks. It included Smith, Chris Gayle and captain Darren Sammy.

    In the first match of that World Cup, Shami did something similar against Pakistan. In the match played at Sir Don Bradman's City Adelaide, the four Pakistani batsmen who had returned the pavilion to Shami included Yunus Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi and Wahab Riaz.

    In that tournament, Shami had just come down to prove himself.

    Just like in the ongoing World Cup in England, it was found in 2019 when Shami did not get to the place in the playing eleven in the first four matches of India.

    But in the match against Afghanistan, he took a hat-trick in the last over and not only brought India out of the mouth of defeat but also saved credence.

    According to the former editor of AAP Kuldeep Lal, "The World Cup for India has started with this final over and the result is going to increase further."

    Earlier, in any World Cup, the only hat-trick by India was taken by Chetan Sharma and Chetan Sharma sent his congratulations on Shami's achievement.

    Mohammed Shami, living in western Uttar Pradesh, started playing cricket in Amaroha's fields since his early childhood like his brothers.

    Cricket practice started with a cement pitch between his village, his farm of Alinagar Sahaspur.

    Farmer father Tausif Ahmed was himself a lover of cricket and also recognized the skills of children.

    He had insisted that Shami would play cricket in the Cricket Academy Badruddin Academy in Moradabad.

    From then on, Mohammed Shami looked back and saw only when his father and brother standing at the station were shouting Shami for goodbye to Kolkata.

    When Shami was unable to select the junior cricket team of Uttar Pradesh, then coach Badruddin planned to play him by sending him to Kolkata.

    After playing cricket for Dalhousie and Town Club for years, Shami got a place in the Bengal Under-22 team.

    A close friend of the family told on condition of anonymity that after playing for the team, when Shami Amroha had come, one evening of winter he had said while drinking ginger tea, "If Indian selectors told me yesterday morning, Nets will also be successful if I let them a bowl. "

    Actually, Shami did not even realize that his time is about to change.

    After playing Ranji in 2010, he was selected for Team India in 2013.

    Shami had said about this, "In the Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Sourav Ganguly got the opportunity to bowl and learn a lot, it was the first round of IPL and national and international batsmen got opportunities to bowl fast. Were going. "

    In the meantime, Shami got started scoring wickets as he came in the first one-day and then the Test team. Shami was at his peak during the Test matches that took place in Australia in the 2015 World Cup.

    However, after India's defeat in the World Cup semi-finals, they had exposed the fact that there was some injury in their leg. Those who covered the team had also realized this.

    India and host Australia were to be semi-finals in Sydney. One day before, during the nets in SCG, Mohammed Shami threw nearly a dozen balls. At that time the bowling coach of the Indian team reached India Arun and there was talk for about five minutes. Shami then reduced his run-up in the nets and did not participate in the fielding drill after bowling.

    The Week Magazine's cricket correspondent Niru Bhatia was present at the time of the World Cup.

    During the nets I talked to them about Shami and Arun's discussions.

    Niru Bhatia said, "Shami's last year's injury could not be fully repaired, that the World Cup had come, feeding him was a calculating risk that has been successful till now. Maybe Shami will not be there too. "

    In the semi-final played the next day, Australia first scored 300 runs and Mohammed Shami did not get a single wicket in his ten overs and also needed 68 runs.

    Till the year 2018, Mohammed Shami, the passion of cricket and the successes of success, only a hindrance remained.

    Shami also started to overcome this, that suddenly, an earthquake came in his private life.

    In March 2018, wife Hussein, who accused her of domestic violence, attempted murder and rape, and Kolkata police filed an FIR against Shami.

    Mohammed Shami tweeted all these accusations wrong, "Any news that is going on about me is all wrong and there is a conspiracy by which I can be defamed and my game can be degraded".

    Between all this Shami's wife had made another serious allegation, match-fixing. The result was that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) ousted Mohammed Shami from the contract for the team players and the inquiry started.

    BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit found Shami guilty of match-fixing and re-signed Shami.

    But in these so many stories spread like fire.

    In the village of Mohamed Shami in Amroha, people were still in this situation and even today.

    The relative Mumtaz (name renamed) said, "I do not believe how things get worse, both used to come here often and laugh, daughter is also very sweet, Shami had also taken a farm in the name of his wife. Look, what happens next? ".

    The dispute between Shami and his wife has not been settled yet.

    But Shami's activities did not end there. To get a place in the Indian team, every player has to go through a fitness test named Yo-Yo.

    Shami got out of the team in the Test match against Afghanistan, after he failed in that Test only three months after his domestic dispute.

    If Shami's people believed in the people, it was probably the last shock, and Shami Bhai decided that the same practice would be started again as soon as it was for the first time in the team to come in 2013.

    Shami also took help from his early coach Badruddin and started focusing on fitness.

    In October, only in 2018, the team had to make a comeback. Due to good bowling in the home series against the West Indies, Mohammed Shami got a place in Team India in New Zealand and Australia in January this year.

    Although he was not given the first three matches of India in the World Cup in England, according to a senior journalist covering the team, "If Shami's fastballs do not get to play in English conditions, then Indian batsmen Match practice will not be as good as it seems. "

    Recently, Shami has also revealed that he has also stopped eating bread and sweet food to improve his fitness, due to which he has also lost his weight earlier.

    Mohammed Shami, fond of eating Mughlai, told me in a team India hotel in Adelaide a few years ago, "The Ferry Tour is a very good opportunity to improve your game. Just eat a little problem. Even then it does not go. "

    Since then, a lot has changed in Mohammed Shami's life. There was one thing that was still there and it is still today.

    Among the seven Indian cricketers, Dhoni, Kohli, Rohit Sharma is also included in Shami who also played the 2015 World Cup and are also playing 2019.
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    Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill: The rules of the road will be a big change

    The Cabinet Committee of the Central Government has approved the draft of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill. Now the government will pass it in Parliament.

    Although this bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha, this time it is expected that the government will be able to pass this bill.

    It is being said that this bill has been fined up to ten times on the violation of the traffic rules and the jail sentence has been made.

    In the last decade, about 12 lakh people have lost their lives in road accidents, and ten times more people are seriously injured and permanently disabled.

    The major reasons for this are that they are involved in behavior, engineering and police behavior on the road. In this regard, the need for a new law was being felt for a long time.

    The work that began after the former Union Minister Gopinath Munde's death in the road accident in 2014, is expected to be completed soon.

    What is the amendment bill

    Three-four things in this amendment bill are going to be taken care of. First, many of the old arrangements are being updated. Like the licensing system under which it was not so difficult to get permission to drive, the process is now being updated.

    • For the first time provisions are being brought to protect their passengers, who are most susceptible to accidents, such as pedestrians, cyclists and children. For the first time, helmets are being arranged for children. Provisions like proper car seats for children are coming in trains.

    • If there is an accident due to bad roads, then there is no accountability for road engineers currently making it. But in this amendment, they are being brought under the purview of the law and a huge fine is imposed on them.

    • Not enough money is being taken as a penalty for violation of traffic rules. This statute was created for the first time in 1988 and the amount of penalties for several violations at the same time is still applicable today. Now it is being extended too.

    • For the first things that were not fined, for example, do not give way to the corner side or ambulance, now the penalty has been made for them.

    • Now, after drinking alcohol, a fine of two to three thousand rupees is imposed on the vehicle. Now, for the first time drinking liquor, the amount of the penalty is being increased to ten thousand rupees. For the second time drinking liquor and a provision of jail for 15 thousand rupees and jail provision.

    Why not pass this bill in the last term?

    There are many provisions in addition to road safety in this law. Some improvements are being made in public transport. Many states felt that tampering in public transport would have a bad effect on their revenue. Therefore, this bill was opposed by several State Governments.

    There were several strikes at the national level. This made the bill stuck and road safety got a lot of damage. Only eight lakh people have died in these five years.

    Now it seems that the central government has persuaded the state governments and they have been assured that they will not lose their revenue and every decision related to the state transport will be done by talking to them.
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    According to the report of the Commission, health conditions in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are very poor.

    According to this report published in Hindustan Times, according to this report, the best health facilities in the states of India are in Kerala while the worst facilities are in Uttar Pradesh.

    According to the report, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Punjab come in the best health facilities in the country. While the worst facilities are in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

    At the same time, 12 out of 21 major states of the country have reduced the number of girls compared to boys. These states include Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Himachal.

    Vehicles can not be reached on Sunday and Monday in the Inner Circle of Connaught Place, the headquarters of the capital Delhi.

    This news, published in Hindustan, has been told that restrictions on the entry of vehicles will remain on Sunday and Monday from 5 pm to 10 pm.

    NDMC is going to use it for the first time, it is being used to facilitate pedestrians and to curb pollution.

    It has also been reported in the news that this decision is being opposed in the business class. Traders say that this decision will affect their business.

    At the same time, there has been talking about providing a free WiFi facility in Lutyen Delhi in the next six months.

    Two hundred tons of waste from marriage
    After the marriage of the sons of the Gupta brothers in Auli in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the news of the garbage dump has been published in the public.

    It has been reported in the news that on 20th and 22nd June, a total of two hundred crores was spent in the marriage, after which two hundred tonnes of garbage spread in the surrounding area.

    Chamoli District District Magistrate Swati Bhadauriya has said that the notice has been issued to the Gupta brothers in this regard and they have also been challaned. Apart from this, whatever expenses incurred to remove the garbage will be recovered from the Gupta brothers.
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    Yoga Day
    Lakhs of people celebrated fifth International Yoga Day on Friday in different parts of India on Friday.

    In addition to the national capital, Delhi is booming in many areas, despite its millions of people coming out from yoga to make yoga. People who participated in Yoga Day made at least one hour.

    And on this occasion, people of every age, every region, and every class participated. People did the army of dogs and horses joined Yoga Day!

    Indo-Tibetan Border Police- and their dogs and horses- they did not only practice yoga but also performed their yoga art on the occasion of Yoga Day.

    And he was more fortunate than many others involved in Yoga Day because he was doing yoga in the Himalayas calm and churning instruments.

    The men who employed in extremely difficult and challenging situations were also jawans deployed on aircraft carrier INS Viraat. This vessel is currently stationed near Mumbai's coast.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who likes Yoga a lot, has done yoga with about forty thousand people in Jharkhand.

    Beginning Yoga Day, Modi said, "We have to make efforts to take yoga from the cities to the villages and from the villages to tribal areas. Yoga is above the religion, race, color, gender, and region. "

    On Yoga Day, Prime Minister Modi also exhibited many asanas. He did yoga in Ranchi.

    In Gujarat, in the fifteenth-century Bawdi, too many people practiced yoga.

    Thousands of people came out of yoga in the Jammu region of India-administered Jammu and Kashmir.

    On the other side of India, on the banks of the capital, Chennai, Tamilnadu, people also saw yoga in large numbers.
    Thousands of people have come out to work in large cities and towns.

    Read for later

    Articles marked as Favorite are saved for later viewing.
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