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Demi-fine Jewelry...

What does that mean? According to Victoria Berezhna from Business of Fashion “The demi-fine customer is looking to accessorise, whilst the fine-jewellery customer is looking to make a significant purchase.” Demi-fine jewelry is more than the stuff you might purchase at a mall store and defiantly a big step above costume jewelry.

“This type of jewellery allows the consumer to make something more personalised, layer up and make it into everyday jewellery” (Victoria Berezha).  Astley Clarke summarizes it well: "demi-fine offers contemporary designs crafted from gold plated silver and semi-precious gemstones marketed at moderate prices. This offering seamlessly bridges the gap between high street jewellery and aspirational fine jewellery."

Which is why we offer 3 demi-fine collections (Every Day, Any Evening, and Beautifully Bridal) nestled within Naughton Braun's home of re-imagined pearl pieces. We also offer many Bespoke pieces in those collections (one-of-a-kind and very special).

Our genuine freshwater pearl pieces allows you to hit that sweet spot between over-the-top fun and experimental costume jewelry in plastics or metals with glass gemstones and fine jewelry, comprised of 14Kt gold and precious gemstones, both in terms of style, material composition, and the big "P", price. You can explore our re-imagined options of pearls for lunch, dinner, your evening out and for all those especial occasions that are memorialized by mantle photos! 

Our cultured pearls are typically much larger and of a higher grade than those seen in most jewelry stores because we have a unique relationship which allows us to design hand-crafted necklaces, bracelets, and earrings without any middle buyers, resulting in excellent craftsmanship for pearls that your Daughter and Grand-Daughter will enjoy! Colored pearls, keshi pearls, biawa pearls, rice pearls, coin pearls, and potato pearls are just a smattering of the types of pearls we feature, unusual and highly prized. We also offer Edison pearls, a freshwater equivalent to Tahitian pearls but at prices that won't set you back a BMW! 

To quote Marisa Hordern from Missoma in a recent Forbes article: "This is literally a cottage industry (Hordern says jokingly). We would always go to the markets together and we found jewelry that was either too fine or really cheap looking. We wanted to make pieces that we wanted to wear. We wanted it to be wearable and affordable.”

Yep that's right, wearable and affordable, pieces we love to wear and so do our customers!

And remember I mentioned "Bespoke". Unlike any other pearl store, we offer a free design service for Brides or other Women who'd like something designed just for them. We "collaborate to create" the piece that says this necklace is my story, my expression, my style. We have had so many Brides come back to us after their wedding with their photos and it's such a great feeling for us to know that in a small way we helped make that day even more special. And we can help you too! 

Finally, we are a Woman owned and operated company where customer satisfaction and pleasure are what we are known for. Lot's of stores offer demi-fine jewelry but not a single one offers the variety and types of pearls that we do. Doesn't a piece of demi-fine pearl jewelry seem like something that you might want? Drop us a line if you'd like to know more of if you just want to ask a question at HiPretty@naughtonbraun.com

And if you'd like to actually "see" what our demi-fine pearls look like, tune in each month to our Livestream video broadcast, Pearls for Lunch, where we run a quick QVC-like show at 12:30pm one day/month. Use this link to sign-up to receive a personalized invite to our broadcasts:

https://mailchi.mp/39a920bc88d4/pearlsforlunchsignup .

Is something demi-fine in your future?

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Hey Friends,

A completely different type of blog post! 

We are pleased to let you know that we are now the ONLY online pearl jewelry store that offers onsite Website live-streaming video shows @ Naughton Braun. 

Big shout-out to Shopcast by Bunting for creating this new and exciting technology that allows this to happen for us!

We know how scary it can be when you order off of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other Website but Amazon because way tooooooooo often when you receive whatever it was that you ordered, it is not like the picture, the quality is terrible, there is no way to return it to where ever it came from across the ocean, and your credit card company won't return your money even after you have emailed the company. 

Sound familiar?

I know it has happened to me more times than I can count. 

So what we wanted @ Naughton Braun is to ACTUALLY SHOW YOU what we are offering, show you the quality and the details, give you a real idea as to the size (because who really knows what an 8 versus 14 mm pearl really looks like), as well as let you know that we are real Women running a Women-centric business AND that we stand behind our pearl jewelry because customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Basically we run a little "QVC" type shopping video on our Website AND our friends, customers, interested people, and your neighbor can comment, share, and purchase our jewelry during and after the show. We call the event, "Pearls for Lunch", because we hold it at a time when working Women, Mom's, Grands, Aunties, Sisters, and anyone else typically takes a lunch break. You can watch the video from your phone, tablet, or computer and it is so easy to ask us questions, invite YOUR friends to the show, and shop, plus we respond to questions from our audience as soon as they come in! So unlike the "QVC", you can ask questions that occur to you as you see the jewelry, making it an easier choice to decide if a particular piece is right for you.  

In the screen shot below from a recent Pearls for Lunch video, we received a question from Hildi which we were able to answer immediately online. In addition in this screen shot of the actual live-stream video broadcast, you can see the 40% discount code offered during and immediately after the broadcast, the piece of jewelry that Bernadette was featuring (Monteverde Cloud Forest - Biawa Pearl Necklace), as well as any emojis from the audience (love)! And at every broadcast we will be offering a discount as well as extra-special surprises!

In order to make it really easy for our friends and followers to get our monthly broadcasts on your calendar, we have created a simple email sign-up entitled "Pearls for Lunch". 

So click this link --> Pearls for Lunch

and give us your email address.

A day or two before the broadcasts we'll drop you a email with all the particulars, including a preview of the pearl jewelry that we'll be featuring and offering BIG discounts on! And right before the broadcast, we will personally invite you to attend via email right from the broadcast.

So Pearls for Lunch is beginning to sound like a really nice lunch break!

One more thing, you might have noticed this at the bottom of all our Naughton Braun Web pages:

and wondered what this was?

Well one more time, another Shopcast by Bunting shout-out for creating this wonderful new feature!  By clicking on the "Invite friends to shop and get 20% off" button, you can do 2 very important things: 

1. actually invite your bestie or besties to shop along with you @ Naughton Braun


2. save 20% on your order and if your bestie orders, her orders too!  

So imagine this, you saw a re-imagined pearl necklace on our Website that you think would be amazing for your next date night, but you're just not sure. So you click on the "Invite friends" link and invite your best friend to "see" the necklace with you, like you were in a brick-n-mortar store together. 

And the best part of this little adventure is that both of you are on your couches, in your own homes, enjoying a totally private conversation and looking at beautiful jewelry together, comparing wine notes, kid notes, school notes, life notes AND enjoying each other's company while shopping for re-imagined real pearl jewelry in your yoga pants! Fun and easy.

So why are we offering all this to you? Simple, because we want your shopping experience @ Naughton Braun to be fun, engaging, remarkable, satisfying, and simple. @ Naughton Braun, all of our real pearl jewelry is handcrafted by Women artisans, with careful attention to detail, quality, and design. We know you will be pleased with your order BUT we also want you to know that if you are not, we will respond to phone calls, emails, text messages or comments during our live-stream broadcasts to make things right for you. We are not across some ocean, we are right here in beautiful blue-sky North Carolina!

So click the link above, give us your email, and we'll look forward to chatting with you during our next Pearls for Lunch Shopcast live-stream video!

Stacie and Bernadette

In case you'd like to share that sign-up email link with your friends -->


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Dynamic Shift: Trending Jewelry 2018-2019


some time in Milan earlier this summer looking at the newest fashions and jewelry trends and it seems to us like there has been a pretty dynamic shift compared to the more staid styles of the past few seasons. Almost everything was larger-bolder, more intricate, more interesting, attention-grabbing (think chrome, azure, fuchsia, lime and bright yellow)! We saw a lot of self-expressive pieces reminiscent of the blended lifestyles of millennials and calming concepts intertwined with sustainability in this ever-increasing fast paced world we live in (colors of tangerine, lilac, buttercup, and pearl gray). In addition, there is an entire subtext where the focus is on kindness, and the value of genuine handcrafted pieces as well as a push toward cultured-inspired bohemian influences (colors like opal, jade, smoked topaz, ivory, and pearl) (Ksenia Gulko, Jewelry Trends 2019). Images of these types of colors create an immediate sense of the style of the wearer as well as the fashion.

Another thing that we were amazed at was the shift towards both longer and choker style necklaces that permeated almost every collection as well as the asymmetrical trend toward earrings. Layering is ever-popular, and charms and talismans are making a strong come-back as well as broach and accenture features.

And so with further ado, our takes on

“If you like this-->

 then perhaps you’ll like this!”


If you want BIG and Bold, try the biggest black biawa (biwa) pearls on the planet! Fireball pearls reflect color around them so add elements of texture and surprise every time you wear them. In designing the Papalaua Falls - Black Pearl Necklace, reflective of a bold Molokai waterfall, we went for volume and turned on the explosive appeal using ^ magnificent lustrous pearls an black leather. Nothing shy or demure here!

Self-Expressive / Reflective / Mismatching

Self-expression in recent jewelry trends is dominated by asymmetry and in-the-know style cred, shown everywhere by singular earrings (most of us can do that simply by checking our jewelry box and wearing that single earring that we have kept even though we lost the mate eons ago) or by mixing similar elements creating the asymmetric edge. Pairing seed pearls and blue lapis lazuli, we offer tassel earrings that can be mixed and matched with other jewelry box favs to create a playful yet elegant look! These Obi - Seed Pearl & Blue Lapis Lazuli Tassel Earrings offer endless possibilities for your own self-expression as you add stud,dangle, lever-back, or other drop earrings or just wear either tassel earring alone!

"Alexander McQueen’s mismatched earrings were both comparatively attention seeking and luxurious, featuring pearls, metals, and jewels. Chanel’s mismatched earrings were subtle and proved that if you stick to a similar color family, this look can actually be rather sophisticated!" (Emma Kansiz, Fall/Winter 2018-2018 Winter Accessory Trends).

Terra Firma / The Earth in Jewelry

Raw and mixed stones and the need to reconnect with nature is a dominant theme. Authenticity and real materials is "reflected in the renewed interest for handmade and artisanal finishes, mixed and matched with natural materials" (Jewelry Trends 2019). In today's hyper-busy world, there is something to be said for real experiences, outside, in nature, far away from computers, cell phones, and screens... And designers have keenly felt that need in textiles, fashion, and jewelry. 

No one wants to wear plastic anymore.... 

Warm, inviting, genuine, and handcrafted, this raw and polished citrine and biawa (biwa) pearl necklace is a statement necklace that  make you just want to touch it, and run your fingers along the smooth citrine crystals and lightly textured freshwater pearls. And it looks happy, serene... 

Want to know what it is?  ------>

The Bespoke Moraine Lake - Citrine & Pearl Necklace!

Calm. Serene. Lovely. PEARLS!

Pearls continue to expand and extend their reach across runways and according to Laura Eggerston, "long-lost stones like jade" are also making a refined comeback (The Jewelry Trends, What Everyone will be Wearing in Three months, Eggersten). So isn't it fitting that we have combined the simple pleasure of 11.5 mm white and near-perfect freshwater pearls with the calm, cool jade, carved jade ball. These pearls are not your high-school graduation garden variety! 

In another nod to asymmetry, the newest pearls to hit the market, Edison pearls, contain textural qualities that far exceed traditional smooth freshwater pearls. Their organic nature and incredible lustre make them shine against the competition!

LAYERS & Layers & layers

As trends go, layering is timeless. But instead of a myriad of dainty chains, the new look is a bit more chunky, with some pendants, interspersed with fine chain.  So hit up your jewelry box for the chain and add some interest to your layers! Mixing it up with gold, silver, and crystal is also a sweet statement!

And speaking of CHAINS!

Chunky geometry, big and bright links, and appealing baubles swept the runways and street styles and as the cooler weather approaches, we can only expect to see more diversity as sweater-weather styles make their entrance. One of things we noticed was that jewelry box lariat style necklaces can easily be converted into these wrapped styles, instantly updating your necklace options! So bauble on....

Hint: use a "converter" to instantly shorten your lariat length chains into wrapped styles:

Another option, multi-chain and bauble necklaces that combine the best of both worlds!

Choose a Choker for Drama!

According to Oliver Jackson " The versatility and diversity of the chokers are extraordinary. Also, there are so many different designs, textures, fabrics, and purposes to these pieces. Go from the very basic and classy tattoo choker to a very glamorous and chic metallic choker" (Jackson, Fashion Jewelry Trends 2018-2019). Like Chloe's double wrapped neck chain from the pre-fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection, @ NaughtonBraun we offer a wrapped white pearl and CZ draped choker:

Love what you've seen? What small changes are you going make now that you have some new ideas? And isn't it really great that you never threw away those single earrings???

Links and References:

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