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MrsChettyLife by Natasha Chetty - 5d ago

Introducing this Mom platform!! (insert drum roll) As a first time mom and as a sahm, I always look for the best products for my son. Since pregnancy, I always google information and ask other moms. I joined many Facebook mom groups looking for advice and a way to connect with other moms. Finally I came across MomSays.

It is South African owned and based mom platform.

It is a platform that showcases tried and tested South African products from real moms. Good way to go local. I signed up for this wonderful review center and I am not disappointed. It is free. All you have to do is review and read other mom reviews. Its like my own personal mom based google.

MomSays launches innovative new data platform in SA

MomSays has launched their new website, and it’s the platform that moms and brands across the country have been waiting for. 

MomSays is a unique resource for moms who are looking for unbiased, trusted advice from other moms regarding the best product solutions for their families. And before you brush this aside as ‘just mommy talk’, consider this:

  • 60% of the 18 million female consumers in SA are the primary buyers in their households.
  • 65% of moms trust what other moms buy in the retail market.
  • 83% of new moms are millennial’s of which 46% trust the recommendation of other parents above any other channels.

According to global trends and research company Nielsen,

“ first-time moms tend to be unsure about the delivery and reliability of products. They rely on trusted advisors for product recommendations and become averse to trying new products, unless otherwise advised. Brands therefore have a short window of time to capture and retain their trust and loyalty”.

With this clear need for reliable information in the market, MomSays has created a data analytics platform that helps brands engage with new moms by utilising the collective knowledge of 1000’s of experienced moms in South Africa. MomSays creates opportunities for companies to effectively engage with this influential demographic in a way that produces results.

Depending on the product or brand, MomSays makes use of its extensive network of influential moms to facilitate product testing, brand events, exposure, panel discussions and social media activation’s. (Amazing idea, ain’t it?)

MomSays gets this influential network to interact with – and talk about –brands and products across various platforms.

According to Sureshnie Rider’s, local radio presenter and MC,

“As a Mum, I wish I had a portal like MomSays when I started out my Motherhood journey! This is a tribe of women who help you navigate the tricky roads you might find yourself on when you’re trying to get the right products and items for your little one. This site will save you time which becomes super limited as a new parent and it will help you save because parenthood is expensive! Congrats guys! I’m in love with your tribe!”.

About MomSays and Mompreneurs

In addition to product information, MomSays also provides a platform for Mompreneurs to connect, collaborate and network with each other.

Mom tribes are quickly becoming the most powerful form of personalised marketing in the industry because it is authentic. The fast-growing MomSays ‘tribe’ is a network of mompreneurs who support and collaborate to create an industry of strong, successful moms who all have significant influence in their respective circles.

What makes this such a fascinating enterprise is the variety of businesses that are being created by mompreneurs. These range from product blogs to coding and start-ups in the financial sector.

With a platform giving them a voice and connecting them with relevant brands, the MomSays tribe is set bolster the buying power of moms in SA and revolutionise the way brands approach them.

Take a look at our quick explainer video that puts it all in perspective.

About MomSays founder, Shanèy Vijendranath

Shanèy Vijendranath is a wife, mom of three and an innovative businesswoman. She is the co-founder of the award-winning parenting blog – You, Baby and I – and is the Chapter Lead for SoGal Johannesburg.

We gotta stick together as moms. This is a wonderful mom platform. See you there. Visit www.momsays.co.za

Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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MrsChettyLife by Natasha Chetty - 5d ago
My birth story Happy birthday Nathaniel.

Sitting here in the hospital for the third time this 3rd trimester, the IV in my arm hurts and is uncomfortable. I watch as the colorless mixture runs cold into my blood. The Foetal Doppler is connected to my belly. I sit in silence listening to his heartbeat. I always look forward to listening to his heartbeat.

I have been having contractions since last night. I went to bed quite late. Woke up at 2am this morning to clean the house. After I went back to bed. I woke up at 10am as contractions began to rise. My husband is in Botswana. At 12 o’clock, I called my father, the contractions where not going away but rising slowly. My panicking father drove me to the hospital once again. We went straight to floor 1, maternity ward. The sister confirmed the contractions. Baby is coming.

They set up a room for me and there I lay. My mother had traveled for work as well. I was trying not to stress as this would worry my baby. But who would hold my hand during birth? I screamed in my head for the 30th time. I cannot do this on my own. Thoughts run through my head. This is the last time I will be pregnant. The last time I will feel his kicks inside me.

I will miss him inside. The bond and secrets we shared while pregnant. I stand in the mirror and took one last picture of me pregnant. I engross every last moment. He frantically turns inside me, letting me know that he is ready to see and hug me now. It’s time. It’s the 1st of May. His due date is 8th May.

Sad and stressed, my husband informs me the bad news.

His boss won’t give him time off for the birth of his son. My mom is calling. My dad is confused. Until it hits my husband. He calls my best friend to come. We sit together. I am silent. Keeping myself calm as a thousand thoughts run through my head. Atleast someone is here. As labour slowly progresses, unfortunately Clarissa can’t stay the night because of hospital regulations. So she leaves. I did not sleep. My mucous plug runs out at midnight. This is really happening.

Every few hours the midwife bursts in my room. Taking note of my blood pressure and checking the baby. Can you still handle the pain? Yes, I respond. She checks the IV and leaves. I pass out at 4am. At 7am the midwife wakes me again. Breakfast time. At 9am the doctor comes in. He is making rounds. Checks everything and asks questions. I am still at 1cm dilated. My water breaks. Doctor is alarmed, I have to do a c-section plus I have a low laying placenta. My world crushed. I heard the pieces of my heart break.

Natural birth was all I wanted and prepared for.

Anything could go wrong via c section. My husband was not there neither was my mom. I felt a little less than a woman. My body is failing me. It’s supposed to naturally know what to do during labour. My husband called and my voice broke. In tears I told him my fears. He assured me that no matter how the baby came out, as long as mom and baby are fine.

That’s what matters. Be strong for baby. He was crushed he couldn’t make it for me and his son. Picking up my pieces, Clarissa came. C-section scheduled for 2pm. I was moved to the operation room. The helping nurse explains that half of my body would feel numb as he injected the epidural in my back. I had to be awake. The epidural fes strange on my body. It’s as though my body is made of balloons with water in side.

They drap a curtain across my chest so that I shouldn’t see the operation. The moments after felt like my equipment in my body is being shifted and carried out, then put back later. Then I heard my son’s first sharp loud scream. My son screams. He doesn’t cry. The room went silent. My son is a different shade of color from me. My son was weighed and cleaned.

They show him to me. Tears run down my cheeks as it finally hits me. My son is born. Clarissa took him to another room for the Apgar test as instructed by the doctor. While I need to be stitched up. I am then taken to a new room for mothers who just had a c-section. I wait for an hour or two to finally hold my baby. He is beautiful, so tiny, fragile and completely perfect. He is my son.

His name is Nathaniel Mapalo.

My husband and I chose this name as it means God has given a blessing. (Nathaniel – God has given, Mapalo – blessing). He was born on the 2nd May at 2:30pm weighing 2.7kg. This is my birth story. The days following where priving of pain, sleep, cries, exercise and food. Immediately the epidural run out, I was encouraged to take a walk. My legs where wobbly and my operation hurt. I could not laugh or bend. Luckily the midwives where immerse help. They took care if baby for me. He lay by my side. They bathed him. And only took him away if I requested to sleep.

I stayed in hospital for 4 days. I was given some pain killers and suppositories. Nathaniel wouldn’t latch right and my milk did not come out. Only on the fourth day on my way home I was engorged. It took a while for both of us to learn to breastfeed. He kept latching wrongly and he would give up and cry eventually. But we kept trying, till he did it. He would soon forget how to latch and its a process again. I went to my mother’s house to stay when I was discharged.

Finally, my husband met his soon for the first time when he was about a week old.

Within a month I was healed and ready to go back to my home with my husband. Everyday since then has been a wonder and teaching. I learn my son, myself as a mother and my husband as a father. It’s almost a year. I would not change anything about what happened. When he was born, I forgot about everything and not giving birth naturally. I was just glad I finally met him, could see, touch and hold him and he is healthy. That’s what matters to me.

I am glad and grateful for having Clarissa by my side. Every gift I have received, everyone who visited, every word of advice and encouragement, everyone who gave me a minute to get myself in order, every smile I received from my son, and those random hugs. I am grateful to God for provision, for strength even during those many sleepless and tiring nights. I am grateful for the wonder weeks app that helped explain Nathans moody days.

I am grateful for my mom groups. I am grateful to my husband for sticking by me and co-parenting. And for giving me a break, for his love, patience and understanding when I lose my shit and for encouraging me to be the greatest mom. For standing by me and holding my hand when I can’t go further. I am grateful to my family, my father, mother, brothers and sisters who embraced me and where there for me, for their encouragement and excitement whenever I share about Nathan’s new thing a thousand times. I am grateful to be a SAHM and walk every milestone with my son.

In conclusion: This is my birth story. Let go of all the expectancies and preparations that you have of birth. Pregnancy and birth are complicated and unpredictable. Enjoy and embrace the moment. Cheers to a year and many more blessed years to come. Happy birthday Nathaniel. Happy first year. May God continue to bless and keep you. Daddy and I love you. God loves you too.

#MrsChettyLife #MomBlogger #MrsChettyLifeMomBlogger. 

More from MrsChettyLife: https://mrschettylifestyle.co.za/category/motherhood

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Cultivate that relationship with yourself. The most important relationship you can ever have is a relationship with yourself. I lay in bed at 12 to 1 am and I think. My mind is racing, jumping from topic to topic as I self reflect. I have not done this in a while. Life has been too busy.

I have been too busy being a good mom and a good wife I forgot about being me. Being Natasha. Yes, a mom and wife are part of my description but they are not only who I am.  It is only a part of this gigantic puzzle called Natasha. Nowadays if you ask me who I am. I will simply tell you I am a mom and a wife.

Picture this, a SAHM dedicated to her being a SAHM perfected to excellence.

Her kids are all grown now. Does she continue to be a SAHM? What does she do now? All those years were dedicated to the children and the home. What’s her self worth? Another instance could be you gave yourself and everything to a man in a relationship or marriage.

Your life was perfect. Till he up and leaves you for another, how dare he! or less fortunately he dies. Where does that leave you? Today, my mind ponders on relationships.

My mother is moving overseas. Sister is already living overseas. Father is moving to another town. My brother is moving on his own. I feel like a perfect puzzle piece being broken and strung across the world. Or parts of a body being cut off and joined to another and shipped off.

My family has always been close-knit. But with time differences, no personal interaction, new puzzle pieces, will we stand the test of time? We will video call and keep in communication. But sometimes you just crave for humanly interaction. Where you meet face to face and talk. Memories are made that way.

Why should you cultivate that relationship with yourself?

One thing relationships have taught me is that everything can change with the flip of a coin. Priorities, virtue, time, space and people change. I’m afraid to admit I lost one too many friends because she decided her boyfriend was better than me or because she decided I no longer belonged in her circle, or she could not use me for her own selfishness.

All the times and efforts we spent building and cultivating were useless because she now had a ‘Bae’ and ‘besty’ to fill her most precious time and needs. People change with a flip of the coin. Do not find your self-worth in other people. Cultivate that relationship with yourself.

You are enough. You and you make the perfect couple. When all else is gone or they are all grown for whatever reason, you have yourself to account to. You were there since your birth, in good health and bad health, good times, average and bad times. There were times when you were lonely and through your mistakes.

You had you and you will still have you till death do part. Cultivate that relationship with yourself. It is the most important relationship. Give yourself a break and enjoy your time.

Cultivate that relationship with yourself.

Hey, you won’t have it forever. Give parts of you to other people but not your whole self to a point where you don’t recognize who you are. Don’t find value in other people. Cherish and take exceptionally good care of you.

When you do this everything else falls into place. When that one up and leaves you know your value and self-worth. They won’t stop you from flourishing and growing. You are worth more than rubies. Rubies are one of the most fragile yet strong, delicate, rare and most expensive jewels.

Enjoy your relationships and give. But don’t lose yourself. Enjoy the most precious relationship with you and everything to do with you. Make yourself a better person. Cultivate that relationship with yourself. The best and only rewarding thing you can do is take care of you. Taking care of someone else is exhausting and most times go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Celebrate who you are today.

You know who you are and what you have done. How far you have come, the obstacles that you have faced and mountains you failed and climbed, only you know you best. So do you right. Put this to an end now. That person was not with you in your mother’s womb. That person was not with you every single step of your life, especially during your down times.

Put them to an end.

Stop putting your self-worth in someone else’s hands apart from you and your God, no one else deserves it. Yet don’t put your needs above all else that others suffer. Cultivate the relationship with you. Build who you are so you can better build others. That is our purpose in life. Boom, I just hit a light bulb. Your purpose in life is you.

In conclusion, cultivate that relationship with you. A person cultivates a relationship with themselves by cutting people that suck the life out of you from your life and putting your self first. Just as every relationship takes time and patience, do that with yourself.

By grooming, cherishing and loving who you are. Feed yourself, drink plenty of water, cloth yourself, take necessary medication for healing, by practicing self-care you are cultivating yourself. You will know your worth.

When the arrows come and try to destroy your self relationship, they will be your cupid to make to fall more in love with yourself. When this happens your perspective changes. Your world is better, happier, self rewarding and much stronger. Give yourself credit, you stayed even in your darkest hour. That’s what matters the most.

Don’t procrastinate. Start now. By accepting and celebrating your wins and fails. You may begin with this post: https://mrschettylifestyle.co.za/4-steps-to-heal/.  

More from MrsChettyLife: https://mrschettylifestyle.co.za/keep-your-head-up/

Cheers MrsChettyLife. Please follow me on instagram

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MrsChettyLife by Natasha Chetty - 5d ago

As a mother, we want what is best for our children. One way to do this is by using as much natural ingredients as possible. Why not kill two birds with one stone by using a multi-functional, budget friendly Lavender essential oil which can be used for your entire household.

Lavender essential oil is part of the largest oil producing family called the Lamiaceae (Labiatae) also known as the mint family. Lavender oils’ Latin name is Lavandula Angustifolia. Other Essential oils part of this family are Basil, Bergamot Mint, Clary Sage, Melissa, Oregano, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Spearmint, Sweet Marjoram and Thyme. This post is all about the wonderful uses and benefits of Lavender essential oil. 

Properties and benefits of Lavender oil

Antiseptic- it prevents growth of disease caused by micro-organisms which makes its good for treating fungi and thrush.

Analgesic- it is a natural pain killer that relieves headaches and migraines.

Antidepressant- calming from stress and depression.

Aromatic- can be used as perfume or deodorant and as air fresheners.

Calming itches, dandruff, rashes, thrush and skin irritations.

Strengthens and supports digestive system.

Supports respiratory system- helps with allergies, flus, colds, sore throats etc

Anti-inflammatory- helps reduce inflammation.

Stimulating or healing oil- assists in healing scars, wounds, burns, stretch marks.

Natural insect repellant for fleas, lice, mosquitoes etc

Good Fungicidal oil in the sense that it facilitates in destroying fungi.

Increases blood circulation thus stops nose bleed.

Supports Hair growth.

Good for skin treatments as it treats and prevents acne and aging skin.

Antispasmodic- relaxes muscle spasms.

Common diseases Lavender Essential oil is good for are written below.

Please note that I am not a doctor, please use essential oils with caution and at your own risk. Don’t forget to do a patch test if you have never used the essential oil before. It is also best to ask the advice of your doctor before using this oil especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding and have blood issues. Use carefully around children and pets.

  • Allergies
  • Alzheimer
  • ADHD
  • Antibacterial
  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Athletes foot
  • Back pain
  • Bladder infection
  • High blood pressure
  • Boils
  • Bug bites
  • Insect stings
  • Cancer
  • Cellulite
  • Chicken Pox
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Colds and Flus
  • Dandruff
  • Depression
  • Detoxification
  • Diaper rash
  • Ear infection
  • Eczema
  • Insomnia
  • Fear
  • Fever
  • Fibroids
  • Hair loss
  • Hangover
  • Heat stroke
  • Itching
  • Jet lag
  • Measles
  • PMS mood swings
  • Scars and stretch marks
  • Stress
  • Sunburn
  • Tonsilitis

Source: https://www.easy-aromatherapy-recipes.com  

Uses of Lavender essential oil for babies.

Lavender essential oil is considered generally safe to use while breast feeding and for babies. I will mention this again, do a patch test before use, dilute with a carrier oil and use with caution.

  • Calming and relaxing a fussy baby
  • As a sedative as it encourages sleep in your baby.
  • Reduces the sting of Insect bites and itchy skin.
  • Help alleviate colic
  • Soothes teething irritants
  • Heals wounds. You should keep it as a first aid must have.
  • Calms fever.
  • Eases eczema on your babies delicate skin.
What are the best ways to use Lavender essential oil?

Adding 3-10 drops of Lavender essential oil to your bath for relaxation.

Rubbing your temples, neck and forehead to relieve migraines and nose blocks.

Add to your carrier oil or aqueous (unscented) lotion and massage onto skin for a glow, eczema and sun burns

Pour some onto cotton buds and apply onto affected areas on skin for acne and scars

Add some drops to your shampoo for hair growth

Add 10 drops of lavender oil with warm coconut oil, massage onto scalp and wrap your head for an hour for relieving dandruff.

Add to your diffuser.

As a natural cleaner: mix with white vinegar to clean counter tops, stoves and walls.

Add to your mopping water as a deodorizer and tile cleaner.

When scrubbing and sanitizing carpets, a few drops makes them smell fresh.

Drop in your washing machine when washing your towels, pillows and beddings. 

Make your own DIY salt bombs with lavender essential oil.

Drops to pine cone help in refreshing the house smell while being a lovely home decoration.

To your spray or roller bottle as a perfume.   

What can you blend Lavender Essential oil with?

For efficient effects this essential oil blends well with Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Clove bud, Clary sage, Geranium, Lemon, Rosemary, Chamomile, Sweet orange, Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Vetiver.

Carrier oils that blend well with Lavender essential oil are Flaxseed oil, Coconut oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, sunflower oil and Rosehip oil.

Safety first! Don’t forget to be cautious when using these oils. Ways to be cautious include:
  • Stop use immediately if you notice an allergic reaction to the essential oil such as hives, swelling and difficulty breathing.
  • Do not inhale. Seek medical attention if inhaled accidentally.
  • Do not use if you will be going on a long drive as this essential oil causes sleepiness.
  • Do not use over prolonged periods of time. Use with caution.
  • Store in a dark bottle at room temperature and away from heat and sunlight.
  • Studies suggest that lavender essential oil is linked to breast tissue enlargement that is not suitable for young boys.  

In conclusion: Lavender essential oil is a widely used multipurpose oil that is good for babies as well.  It is one of the few essential oils that you can use without diluting or a carrier oil. Its safer to use with a carrier oil though. Apart from its wonderful smell, it is used for calming stress treatments, skin care routines, hair routines and cleaning routines. Read here for more on essential oils and download your freebie from MrsChettyLife: https://mrschettylifestyle.co.za/essential-oils

Cheers and happy oiling, MrsChettyLife. PS let me know in the comments why, how you use lavender essential oil and why you love it.

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MrsChettyLife by Natasha Chetty - 5d ago

Ain’t anybody got time for queues, nor spending hours hunting down deals nor changing plans. All the best travel suppliers and specials can be found on Travelstart.

From Visa denied policies to premium service packages and mobile apps, Travelstart has it all and should be your go-to travel app.

Plan your trip with this travel app. Disclaimer: The following post was done in collaboration with Travelstart.

  • Be flexible and travel on the date you want. All passengers on Travelstart can make one date change without having to pay additional airline penalty fees.
  • Travelstart offers you delayed and lost baggage protection. Doesn’t it suck to arrive at your destination before your luggage worse off if your luggage somehow gets lost. Imagine if your airline cannot give you the figures of when you get your luggage back. Ease your racing heart with this. They also offers a track and expedite return of your delayed or lost baggage after landing.
The visa denied policy by Travelstart covers you if your visa application gets denied by an Embassy.
  • Do you need an insurance policy that is Schengen visa complaint? They offer you a travel insurance policy that meets this criteria.
  • Go premium. The premium service package offers you dedicated help when securing all your flight specifications. You have your meals, seating arrangements, check in online, travelling with children and frequent flyer programs all sorted out by the premium service package.
A great offer for travelers a full refund on airfare and taxes if the airline you are travelling with is liquidated prior to departure.
  • The mobile app called Flapp by Travelstart allows you to conveniently and easily book flights right from your mobile device.
  • Another top reason to use Travelstart is the widest range of car rentals at the best prices from all over the world.
  • Get the best fares from all airlines.
You might as well choose your preferred airline with this travel app.
  • Receive expert assistance from booking your flight right till departure.
  • Book your stay with 1000s of hotel listings worldwide.
  • Use the comprehensive traveler’s guide on the website and they offer great holiday packages.
  • Read on the wonderful and highly informative Travelstartblog.
  • Services offered include Travelstart for business, Group travel and Travelstart live.

Need more convincing? Try it for yourself here: https://www.travelstart.co.za

More from MrsChettyLife: https://mrschettylifestyle.co.za/top-essential-oils-for-green-cleaning/

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MrsChettyLife by Natasha Chetty - 5d ago

The most useful guide to essential oils you will need.

Essential oils 101.

Comprehensive guide to essential oils

Essential oils are one thing I heard about a lot but never bothered to try. My sister in law bought us Camphor essential Oil, Eucalyptus essential oil and mustard essential oil. I use eucalyptus oil to deodorize the air and cleaning. My interest for essential oils then grew. I love how I use a small drop of eucalyptus
essential oil and that drop goes far in refreshing the smell in my house.

My son is going through a sleep regression and I began to research more on these oils. I also spoke to Shannon at www.merelymeadows.com and she was very resourceful. I bought my first lavender essential oil. Did a patch test on my son. He slept like the baby he is, and I love how it works. This intrigued me and that’s what inspired this post on essential oils.

Download your list of common essential oils and their uses at the end of this post. 

What are they?

Essential oils are the aromatic life source of a plant. They derive from herbs, flowers and other plants. They are used in Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy (also known as essential oil therapy) is the use of naturally extracted plant aromas to promote physical and emotional well-being. Aromatherapy is commonly used in spas.


  • Use in moderation, that is in small quantities (10 drops) and not with prolonged use. Essential oils are highly concentrated.
  • Some oils must be diluted while a few can be used without dilution such as chamomile, lavender, sandalwood, cypress and rose.
  • Do not use essential oils if you are epileptic or blood conditions
  • Store all essential oils in dark glass bottles.
  • Be careful when using essential oils around children and pets.
  • Close essential oils tightly when not in use.
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight, oxygen, heat and humidity.
  • Avoid water getting into the bottle.
  • Wash your hands after using essential oils.
  • Essential oils should not be taken internally, they are only for external use unless medically advised.
  • Always blend essential oils with a carrier oil or unscented lotion before applying to the skin.
  • Avoid essential oils getting in contact with your eyes. Rinse with milk or vegetable oil if this occurs. Go visit a doctor immediately.
  • Many essential oils are photosensitizers (which means that they increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun), you should not apply essential oils before going into the sun.
  • Research on an essential oil on its uses, safety and adverse effects before using it.
  • If irritation occurs, stop using the oil immediately.
  • Should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Are flammable, keep away from a naked flame.
  • Pregnant women should not use essential oils without consulting a doctor.
  • Should not be used on people who are ill or who have torn muscles or broken bones.
  • Essential oils should not replace the advice of a medical practitioner and should not be used to cure a medical condition unless prescribed by a medical practitioner.

How and where to use essential oils

  • Blend with carrier oil. Use in small quantities 10 drops of essential oil to about 20ml of vegetable oil
  • As a spritzer. Add to your water bottle and spray in well ventilated rooms.
  • Steam inhaler: add 7 drops in a bowl of boiling water, cover your head with a towel over the bowl, close your eyes and breathe through your nose. Eucalyptus, thyme and tea tree can be used this way.
  • You may also diffuse essential oils in a water based vapourizer.
  • Add 10 drops to your bath.
  • As a massage oil if blended with a carrier oil.
  • For use in hair care products.
  • Added to skincare products after the patch test has been carried out.
  • As a perfume, use with caution.

Essential oils that are safe for baby and their uses

  • Chamomile oil is good for insomnia, colic, teething and helps uplift babies’ mood. It has natural soothing properties.
  • Dill oil soothes indigestion.
  • Lavender oil helps relax a fussy baby and induces sleep. It is calming and helps relive insect bites.
  • Distilled Lemon oil helps uplift mood.
  • Tea tree is natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and disinfectant. Add a maximum of 10 few drops of tea tree oil to an unscented oil or lotion to help with diaper rash and fungal infections. Tea tree oil is a strong oil. Do a patch test before use.
  • Eucalpytus radiata helps unclog respiratory system. Make sure it is Eucalpytus Radiata.
  • Mandarin oil can be used if lavender oil irritates your baby.
  • Marjoram can help to increase circulation and ease muscles and joint pain.

Caution when using essential oils on babies.

  • Use only on infants who are 3 months and older.
  • Use organic oils.
  • Use in moderation.
  • If irritation occurs stop use immediately.
  • Always mix with carrier oil.
  • Essential oils are not to be taken orally.

It is not recommended to use the following on babies

Essential Oil                     Latin Name

Bay                                      Pimento racemosa

Cinnamon bark or leaf  Cinnamomum zeylanicum*

Clove bud                         Syzygium aromaticum

Citronella                          Cymbopogon nardus

Cumin                                Cuminum cyminum

Lemongrass                      Cymbopogon citratus

Lemon verbena              Lippia citriodora

Oregano                            Origanum vulgare

Tagetes                              Tagetes minuta

Thyme ct. thymol           Thymus vulgaris

How to know if the essential oil is pure.

  • Buy from a trustworthy source.
  • Should be in a glass dark bottle.
  • Place a single drop on white printer paper and let dry. If an oily ring left is behind, it’s not a pure essential oil. This is exceptional on heavy oils such as sandalwood.
  • Make sure the plant’s Latin name is listed on the label of the essential oil.
  • Must specifically state that it is an essential oil.

Why use essential oils.

They are natural. They also have multipurpose functions.

What is a patch test?

A patch test is a test to see if your baby is allergic to that essential oil. Do in bits, diluted with a carrier oil and one at a time. Apply a drop of diluted essential oil onto a spot on your baby’s leg or arm. Wait for at least 24 hours to see if there is a reaction. If a reaction in form of redness, itchiness or irritability occurs, discontinue use. If no reaction occurs, you may likely move forward with applying the essential oil.

What is a carrier oil?

Vegetable oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil are good carrier oils as they blend well with most oils and are nourishing to the skin.

Purpose / advantages of them according to the specific oil.

Essential oils have many advantages. It is also good to mix oils for a good effect. A few are mentioned below.

  • Peppermint increases concentration, clarity of mind and enthusiasm and reduces fatigue.
  • Lemon oil protects the skin from ageing.
  • Rose oil is used as a skin toner and is often used in skincare preparations.
  • Clary Sage relieves premenstrual cramps.
  • Eucalyptus oil relaxes nervous tension and aching muscles.
  • Tea tree oil is used for the treatment of acne, burns, cuts and wounds.
  • Bergamot is a good mood booster.
  • Lemon and eucalyptus oils purify the air.
  • Lavender oil can be rubbed into the temples of your head and forehead to relieve headaches and reduce insomnia.
  • Natural insect repellent such as neem oil.
  • Geranium, rosemary and ginger detoxify body tissues such as liver.
  • Coconut oil and lime are hair strengtheners.
  • Thyme treats skin disorders such as acne, eczema and athlete’s foot and relieves pain.
  • Peppermint and rosemary clear out respiratory tract during coughs and sore throats
  • Tea tree and lavender control dandruff.
  • According to the smell you like: Lavender, rose, Jasmine are nice smelling for the house and as perfumes.
  • Lemon and wild orange are used as cleaning agents.
  • Rosemary balances hormones.
  • Oregano helps with skin conditions such as eczema.

Trustworthy places to buy.

Download your freebie of 36 essential oils and their use:

 In conclusion: Essentials oils should be used in the right way and with caution. Other than that, they are good for multiple uses. Most skincare and medicines have essential oils in them. Read https://naha.org/index.php/explore-aromatherapy/safety/ on essential oils safety.

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