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BMW Motorrad will have a new boss when Markus Schramm takes over as director in May and the company has a new look in riding gear for 2018.

Schramm, who will succeed Stephan Schaller, is 55 and a “passionate motorcyclist”. He has been with the BMW Group since 1991.

BMW boss Markus Schramm

There is no word on which direction he will take BMW, but his predecessor recently said electric motorcycles were not in their immediate future.

New look

However, BMW will have a new look for 2018 with the release of their new riding gear range. (Prices and availability are not yet available.)

There is no mention yet of the head-up display helmet they have been developing for the past couple of years.

BMW HUD helmet

The HUD helmet will allow riders to see vital information such as GPS directions, speed and various motorcycle functions on a screen in their periphery vision so they don’t have to take their eyes off the road.

BMW says it may also display real-time information for future vehicle-to-vehicle communication to prevent crashes.

Meanwhile, their latest System 7 Carbon helmet weighs only 1590g and can convert into an open-face helmet via the quick removal of the chin section without tools.

BMW System 7 Carbon helmet

Its double-glazed visor is anti-fog on the inside and scratch-resistant on the outside and there is an integrated sun shield with continuously variable adjustment.

The helmet can also be fitted with BMW’s communication system.

Rallye suit BMW Rallye suit

The latest generation of their ubiquitous Rallye suit has a new look and new material. It is made of ProTechWool, a mix of polyamide and wool with a carbon finish.

It is compressed under pressure and heat to make it abrasion resistant. There is no European specification available yet.

The elbows and knees have additional protection with ceramic dot prints. The Rallye suit is fitted with removable NP2 protectors and a bigger NP Pro back protector.

The button-in waterproof jacket insert can now also be worn over the top of the suit.

GS Dry suit BMW GS dry suit

The GS Dry suit is now made of a new high-strength mixture of Cordura 500 and polyamide developed specially by BMW Motorrad.

They claim the fabric is breathable, extremely dense and has “significantly increased abrasion resistance” thanks to a PU layer with ceramic particles to reinforce certain areas.

It has waterproof-bonded zips at the chest and back, opening not just the upper material but also the membrane to allow air to circulate.

It features the long version of the new NP Pro back protector.

Atlantis suit BMW Atlantis suit

This all-weather leather touring suit Atlantis also has a new look.

It is made of “breathable” nubuck leather which looks and feels like suede.

The 1.2-1.4mm thick leather comes from young pasture-raised bulls in the Alpine region.

BMW claims it offers a high degree of elasticity and abrasion resistance.

During manufacturer, a special hydrophobing is applied to make it water-repellent while retaining the leather’s natural breathable properties.

The rate also includes gloves, lifestyle gear (shorts, wallets, belts, etc) and a Dainese airbag jacket and vest.

However, we are unlikely to get the airbag gear as Dainese does not service them in Australia.

The post BMW has new boss and new look appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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Do you know what you should look for in a leather jacket, pants or suit?  We’re not talking about style, but protection.

Is cow or roo leather best? Should the gear have triple stitching? What do the EN numbers mean? What armour should it have? Do perforations make it weak?

We asked Brisbane leather exert Andrew Smart of Ricondi Motorcycle Apparel for his tips on what customers should look for whether they are buying a leather jacket for the road or a suit to go racing.

Andrew Smart of Ricondi

Here are his tips:


Andrew says leather thickness does not equate to quality.

Leather hides are split into layers and the toughest is the outside layer, or “top grain”.

It is difficult even for some experts to tell top-grain leather from lower layers, he says.

So you may simply have to trust the label if it says “top-grain leather”. Typically cheap products use cheap leather.

Usually it feels more supple, has a rich natural grain ad doesn’t have a plastic-sheen look.

However, Andrew warns that some manufacturers run their hides through a roller that imprints a false grain.

Both kangaroo and top-grain cow hides are good quality and many racers these days choose kangaroo.

Properly tanned roo hides are stronger at a thinner thickness which can make a garment lighter, more supple and more comfortable.

Andrew Smart of Ricondi with roo leather hides

Andrew calls Roo the “carbon-fibre of leather” because of its low weight and high resistance to abrasion and tearing.

Kangaroo hide should be 0.9mm to 1mm thick and cow hide needs to be 1.1-1.3mm, Andrew says.


Make sure the jacket has CE-approved labelling and features the latest softer impact reactive armour in the elbows, shoulders, knees and back.

Avoid old armour that used to consist of a plastic shell with foam underneath. The plastic tends to crack on hard impacts.

Modern armour is softer to absorb the impact and disperses the energy.

To test it, Andrew put some armour on his concrete floor and hit it hard with his fist to show how it absorbs the impact force.

How effective is motorcycle armour? - YouTube

Look for the armour’s European approval number. EN1621-1 is for shoulder, elbow and knee armour and EN1621-2 is for back protectors.

Sometimes they will also indicate a number to show protection levels. Level 2 has a higher impact rating than level 1.

“The main thing with the armour is that it should fit properly and not move around in the jacket or suit. The best armour in world is no good if it’s not being held in place with a correct fitting jacket or suit,” Andrew says.

That means it will stay in place if you fall off. No point having armour if it falls out of place when you hit the ground.

Some race suits also have armour on the outside, usually with a made from PU and or a metal slider such as titanium.

Ricondi leather jacket shoulder slider survives crash

Make sure it is backed by leather and they haven’t cut a hole in the leather to fit the armour.

“I don’t get why a company would cut a hole in the suit to fit this shoulder armour,” Andrew says.

“Having it stitched on the outside of the shoulder for example not only adds to better impact protection but more importantly protects the integrity of the suit.”

Also, make sure it is extra armour and doesn’t simply replace internal armour.


Check the seams and stitching both outside and inside.

Andrew says customers should not just look for triple stitching.

It depends on what type of seam they use.

Andrew uses at least one blind seam which means at least one stitch thread is not visible, or protected by leather.

“Where possible we use a flat seam in more impact prone areas on the suits. This is to try and help the suit seam slide rather than catch on the ground.”

Ricondi leather racing suit with blind seams survives crash

Most cheap leather jackets and suits simply stitch one piece of leather over the top of the other.

Andrew says this exposes the seam which can catch on the road surface and tear.

Exposed seam

If that happens, the seam stitching can rip no matter how many rows of stitching it has.

You should also check the inside of the seam to see if the multi-row stitching is bonded or reinforced with another material, usually a nylon but sometimes leather.

Seam bonded inside Perforations

Leather is not breathable, so you may need perforations to ensure you don’t sweat too much.

Perforations also take some of the weight out of the leather, pants or suit which makes it more comfortable in a race or riding long distances.

However, perforations can weaken the leather at that point, so try to avoid perforations in any impact areas.

Perforated Ricondi leather

Perforations are best if restricted to the chest and inner thighs which are least likely to hit the ground in a crash.

They should also be small pin-prick holes, not big gaping holes.

Zips Ricondi leather jacket with YKK zip

Zippers are also weak points in a jacket, so you need a high-quality, strong zip.

The industry standard is YKK, but be aware that some manufacturers simply copy the logo and stamp it on their zips.

While metal zippers may seem stronger than nylon zippers they also tend to snag and don’t run as easily as nylon.


It needs to fit firmly, but have enough flexibility to be comfortable, Andrew says.

You don’t want it to shift around if you come off as that can relocate thew armour to a position where it does not protect you.

You also don’t want parts of the leather flapping around at high speed, which can be uncomfortable, fatiguing and annoying.

MBW in a tight Ricondi race suit

Stretch panels help you get a tight fit without making the jacket, pants or suit uncomfortable.

But make sure they are made from a mixture of Spandex for stretch and a tough material such as Aramid for abrasion resistance.

These panels should also be in areas of least impact.

Click here for our guide to finding the perfect road jacket fit.


Few manufacturers provide a warranty on leather goods.

But even if they do, you should check to see what it covers.

Of course, they won’t cover a crash, but if a seam, zipper or component fails in that crash, then it should be covered.

Andrew says he has a full five-year warranty on all his leather products and cannot remember ever rejecting a warranty claim.

“Crash damage aside, a Ricondi product is expected to last beyond its five-year warranty but if a product is in a crash and not performed as expected we will look at it on a case basis.” he says.

The post What to look for in leather riding gear appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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Motorcycle Blanket Runs are about to start as the weather gets cooler and homeless people become vulnerable to disease and death.

We are interested in publishing details about your motorcycle club’s Blanket Run. Just send details and photos to us via email.

The first on the calendar is the annual Blanket Run for Brisbane’s Homeless on Sunday, April 22, 2018, at Harry’s Diner.

There is breakfast from 8am and the ride starts at 9.30am, heading to Dayboro for lunch by the local Lions and Men’s Shed.


This year’s Blanket Run is being organised by BMaD-Bikers Making a Difference.

Spokesman Jason Hallett says BMaD consists of bikers, friends and families who meet weekly throughout South East Queensland organising events, and feeding and supporting the needy. They also work with other community groups.

“Our purpose is to help those less fortunate from making a young disabled child smile to providing items and food directly to the homeless on our streets,” he says.

“We encourage others within the biker community to help us help others, so far the support and contributions to our group from others has been overwhelming.”

2018 Blank Run 2017 Brisbane Blanket Run for homeless

Last year’s Brisbane Blanket Run collected more than 300 blankets and attracted 170 bikes.

“This year we hope to have over 200 bikes and have invited custom cars along to the event,” Jason says.

“We have changed it up a bit this year by adding new socks to the appeal as they are a much needed item for the homeless to keep them warm and dry during the cooler months.

“This year a portion of the donated items will be sent to more regional areas of south east Queensland where the needy are often not given necessities like they are offered in the city.”

In summer, BMaD also organises a thong appeal to raise hundreds of pairs of thongs to be distributed to the homeless.

Homeless stats

One in 200 people in Australia is homeless, according to the 2011 census, which was up 17% on the previous census in 2006.

Homelessness can be caused by a number of factors including unemployment, gambling, addiction, divorce, poverty and a lack of affordable housing.

The post Blanket Run season begins for homeless appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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Suzuki has registered the Katana name and logo in the USA in its latest hint that it is bringing back the 1980s model.

Late last year Suzuki registered the name, trademarked the Samurai sword symbol and unveiled the Katana 3.0 concept by Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli.

It’s actually the third time Suzuki has re-registered the Katana name since 2010.

But there is also talk that their turbo-charged Recursion concept may be released within the next year as the GSX-700T, possibly with the extra moniker of Katana.

Will the Recursion be branded as a Katana?

Suzuki is certainly due for a new model. The only new road bike they have released in the past year is the SV650X which is just a cafe racer makeover variant of the SV650.

2018 Suzuki SV650X Katana concept 3.0

Rodolfo’s concept is based on the GSX-S1000F sports tourer ($A17,490 ride away).

It is powered by the championship-winning GSX-R1000 999cc in-line four with “street tuning with 110kW (150ps) of power at 10,000rpm and 108Nm of torque at 9500rpm.

The bike is the perfect model on which to base a Katana, although the modern twin-spar frame dominates more than the original cradle.

For the concept, Rodolfo has mimicked the iconic sharp-nose fairing and blended tank/seat of the original which was designed by Target Design of Germany.

However, modern emissions targets means it gets a massive muffler and radiator which tend to clutter the clean lines of then original which was built from  1979–1980.

We’re also not sure about the tail with the remote mudguard/plate holder.

However, Rodolfo has retained the two-tone seat and front fender, bold capital-letter logos, colouring and overall sporty stance.

Compare the above concept photos with the original GSX1100S.

Suzuki Katana GSX-1100S

Rodolfo also designed the Moto Guzzi Griso, Norge, Breva and Stelvio, Triumph Speed Triple, Triumph Tiger 1050 and a Yamaha XJR1300 flat tracker concept called “VR46 Mya” which was  presented to MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi as a gift from Rossi’s VR|46 friends.

Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha XJR1300 big-bore tracker Katana history

This was Suzuki’s 1980s futuristic designed sportsbike and many riders loved it, although it was awfully uncomfortable to ride.

Unfortunately, the bike was short-lived and the name was reused and abused for a scooter and some mid-sized bikes about 15 years ago.

The GSX1100S was the fastest mass-production motorcycle in the world in 1980 and was raced in many national and international events with mixed success.

If Suzuki bring the name back, let’s hope they pay more attention to the original design and its performance credentials.

The return of the this “retro” name would follow Kawasaki’s recent return of the Z1 with the Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe Racer.

The post Suzuki registers Katana name and logo appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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Riders could soon be earning a wage taxiing people around on their bike or scooter like an Uber driver, thanks to the new Scooti service starting in Melbourne in April.

Scooti chief operating officer Brett Balsters says they are recruiting riders who can use their own bikes or buy an electric scooter from one of their suppliers. 

Like Uber, the service is based on an app which customers and riders use for bookings.

The app is still being tested and optimised with plans to go live in April in Melbourne with about 50 riders.

They say Scooti will develop “as quickly as interest gains momentum”, with plans to launch in Sydney within the next 12 months. 

Riders and their bikes or scooters will be tested and approved by Scooti and riders will have to provide their own insurance. However, Scooti has back-up insurance in case the rider’s insurer fails, such as going into liquidation.

Scooti COO Brett Balsters, CMO Eva Krane and CEO Cameron Nadi

Riders must also provide their own approved helmets and hair nets.

Scooti boss Cameron Nadi says the main advantage of Scooti is getting where you want to go sooner.

“Two wheels has a distinct advantage in busy traffic,” he says.

“It’s more cost-effective than other chauffeur-driven ride sharing options and creates less emissions than most other public or shared transport options available.”

Nadi says Scooti promises benchmark pay rates and rewards, and a commitment to have a female driver available for women who want to ride with a female driver.

“Our checks and balances go beyond the likes of an Uber and involve practical assessments of scooter skill and common sense,” he says.

Peer-to-peer services UberEATS app

The Scooti service follows the launch in 2016 of UberEATS in Melbourne.

UberEATS is part of the Uber worldwide taxi service which operates in 58 countries and 300 cities, including the first motorcycle passenger service in Thailand.

Thai scooter taxi

Spokesperson Megan Smith says Uber Eats has been “overwhelmed by the positive response from local residents who’ve truly embraced the app as a new way to get the food they love, delivered to their door at Uber speed”.

However, she could not disclose how many riders or deliveries they do “for competitor reasons”, not how much riders earn.

“Earnings vary depending on the time or day our delivery partners choose to work,” she says.

“UberEATS also offers delivery partners a flexible way to make money on their own schedule.

“Delivery partners can go online when they want, and choose how they want to deliver, with motorbikes being an efficient option.”

A Parisienne UberEATS cyclist

While these peer-to-peer services are escalating around the world, there are a few hurdles for riders.

They include:

  • Carrying the right size helmet for all passengers;
  • the varying standards of safety gear passengers wear; and 
  • the cost of insurance which is already high for motorcyclists. Imagine how much higher it would be if you are using your bike or scooter as a taxi service!
Uber fatal

Meanwhile, Uber has suspended testing self-driving vehicles in North America after one of their self-driving cars hit and killed a woman crossing a street in Arizona.

It is the latest incident involving autonomous vehicles being tested.

A lane-splitting rider was hit by a GM self-driving car in San Francisco, a Tesla Model S on autopilot crashed into a parked fire engine in Los Angeles and a female motorcycle rider was rear-ended by an automated Tesla S under test in Norway.

Autonomous Tesla hits fire engine

The post Riders could provide Scooti taxi service appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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Riders have been warned again about single-layer protective rider jeans after Swedish company Halvarssons released their version.

It follows the release last year of single-layer rider jeans by Australian companies Saint and Suus.

Draggin Jeans boss Grant Mackintosh says they have been working on the technology for a few years and have still not been satisfied enough with the results to release a product.

Draggin Jeans boss Grant Mackintosh

“Our Scandinavian importer advises us of any new developments there,” he says.

“I didn’t like their protective lining because it was polyester (which is) highly flammable and melts.

“Saint single layer has been out for ages. It didn’t test well; very poorly in fact.

“The plant that makes all these denims routinely supply us with samples which we test. To date none have tested well enough for us to use.”

Draggin Jeans has always disputed Saint’s CE-approval and 5.9-second abrasion claim for their new single-layer Unbreakable 6 rider jeans. 

Saint Unbreakable jeans Saint rider jeans

Saint says their new Unbreakable 6 is the first single-layer jean in the world that has an all-over CE EN13595 certified single-layer denim.

They say their CE EN13595 certified single-layer stretch denim is tested by two different European protection standards agencies: Dolomiticert in Italy and Satra Technology Centre in the United Kingdom.

There are also Suus Road Denim single-layer jeans made in Australia.

They are blended with Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, a Dutch fabric claimed to offer similar protection to leather. The fabric is tested using EN-13595-2.

Suus jeans Halvarssons jeans

Now Halvarssons have released their Macan Jeans In Blue at £199 (about $A360) that’s woven using aramid fibres. 

They come with CE armour for the knees and hips.

Halvarssons Macan single-layer jeans

Halvarssons claim they meet new EC standards that don’t officially come into force for another year.

When you start evaluating testing procedures, it gets complex.

For example, the new standard tests abrasion resistance for speed, not over time, so it is difficult to compare.

However, they are believed to have an equivalent of about four seconds of abrasion resistance.

They come in men’s sizes 48 to 60, plus short leg in sizes 50 to 58 and women’s ladies fit in EU sizes 38 to 46 (UK 10-18).

The post Warning on single-layer rider jeans appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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Solutions to the poor state of road repair are being sought as riders and authorities across the nation grapple with the important safety issue.

In NSW, the Roads and Maritime Services is calling on industry partners, innovators and developers to pitch innovative solutions for road maintenance.

In Victoria, the Independent Riders Group is staging a Bad Roads Rally to Parliament House and a petition over the state of road repair.

And in Queensland, the Motorcycle Advocacy Group has claimed a significant victory in forcing authorities to repair melting tar issues on the motorcycling nirvana of Mt Glorious. Click here to read more.

Sub-par roadworks at Mt Glorious a sticky mess of tar

Road maintenance issues are paramount for riders who are particularly vulnerable to potholes, bumps and loose gravel.

Phone app

Motorcycle Council of NSW secretary Steve Pearce has welcomed the RMS initiative and called for a phone app for riders to record and report road conditions.

Steve Pearce

“Regional road infrastructure is being placed under more pressure from interstate transport and the growing number of grey nomads, and with real estate prices in capital cities more people are likely to look for regional lifestyle which means more travel and road transport,” he says.

“MCC has access to motorcyclists across the state, who by nature and their mode of transport are more likely to see and experience poor road conditions than most other road users. We would like to see a phone app developed as a recording tool for road condition around the state which we could look at endorsing.”

The RMS is calling for submissions to address a number of core areas – such as inspections, surveying, safety, vegetation clearance, etc.

The MCCNSW rider app would be a worthy submission.

Click here if you would like to make a submission or download the guidelines.

Bad Roads Rally

The Independent Riders’ Group (IRG) is organising a Bad Roads Rally on May 8 to raise the issue of road maintenance.

Spokesman Damien Codognotto says the Victorian Roads Minister Luke Donnellan should follow the NSW lead and seek advice on rural road repair from road users.

Potholes near Melton in Victoria

“It is obvious to a lot of Victorians that VicRoads has no idea on road maintenance outside Melbourne,” he says.

“The RACV apparently did market research and found that most Victorians think roads money would be better spent if we got rid of VicRoads.”

The IRG has organised a petition to stop the dangerous neglect of country roads and the costly roll out of wire rope barriers in Victoria.

It will be presented to Parliament at the Bad Roads Rally at 1pm on May 8.

Riders are being asked to gather at Lansell Square carpark, High Street, Kangaroo Flat, at 8.30am to leave at 9am for a protest ride along the Calder Highway to the steps of Parliament House.

The post Poor road repair under spotlight appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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The Royal Enfield Bullet has the longest production run in the world and the 350 model is the biggest selling bike in the world over 1124cc, so it is no wonder the Indian-owned company’s bikes turn up in the news.

Here is the latest from the world of Royal Enfield.

Royal stunts

India army bike stunt - YouTube

This video shows a rider displaying his banking cents and patriotism.

The unidentified riders performs the stunts on the 350cc model at highway speeds and at te end seems to have finally been caught by the law.

While the stunts are illegal and dangerous, they do display the bike’s legendary stability thanks to its weight and single-cylinder engine with a big flywheel.

Royal crystals

A Royal Enfield Bullet 350 covered in thousands of crystals has gone on display at the Heritage Transport Museum in India.

This modification was done to celebrate the huge demand that REs enjoy even after several years of existence.

Royal twins Royal Enfield 650 twins

Royal Enfield has returned to twin-cylinder models after several decades with the Interceptor 6540 and Continental GT 650.

A couple of models have arrives in Australia this month presumably for homologation purposes ahead of their showroom arrival later this year.

There is no word yet on pricing or scheduled arrival.

Royal Rumbler 2018 Royal Enfield Rumbler 350

Royal Enfield Australia has decided to import the Rumbler 350 cruiser at an attractive $6790 ride away with 24 months warranty and 24 months Customer Care Program.

Royal Enfield Rumbler 350 - YouTube

It’s been around in India for a while as the Thunderbird, but had not previously been imported here.

Thunderbird 350X

Despite Royal Enfield recently releasing a 350X Thunderbird with mag wheels, we get the previous mode with traditional spoked wheels.

It may look traditional, but it has some modern features such as LED halo daytime headlight, LED rear brake light, and blue LCD dash with multiple trip readouts.

The post Royal Enfield models, stunts and cyrstals appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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Despite the KTM 1290 Super Duke R getting a significant update in 2017, these spy shots from motorcycle.com seem to suggest it is getting an even bigger makeover.

The powerful Super Duke R stormed on to the Australian showrooms in 2014 and is one of the best power-to-weight ratio naked bikes on the market.

Current KTM 1290 Super Duke R

Its 1301cc LC8 V-twin engine has output figures of 131kW of power and 144Nm of torque with 100Nm at 2500 revs, all in a nimble package that weighs only 189kg dry.

While the spy photos show the engine has not changed, there are changes to the exhaust, catalytic converter, radiator, swingarm and frame that could make it even more powerful and lighter.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R spy photos from motorcycle.com

It could also have similar output, but run cleaner to meet the Euro 5 emissions limits that come into force in 2020.

The larger radiator, exhaust and catalytic converter tends to suggest the latter.

Other changes include a boxier swingarm connected to the shock via a link rather than connected directly and lighter aluminium rear subframe from the 790 Duke.

Spy photos from motorcycle.com

There is no rush to release the bike to meet 2020 emissions standards, but we should expect to see a production-ready prototype at Intermot or EICMA shows later this year.

Super Duke R recall Faulty Brembo PR16 master cylinder

Last month the 1290 Super Duke R was one of several KTM models caught up in a global recall over faulty Brembo front PR16 master cylinders.

The Brembo brake problem resulted in thousands of European-made bikes recalled around the world.

The motorccle.com spy shots show the bike is still fettled with Brembo brake units, no doubt with new master cylinders.

The post New KTM 1290 Super Duke R spied appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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Triumph Motorcycles has taken the Daytona off its official websites around the world as super sport sales slump, but it is not the end of the venerable model name.

The company has trademarked the name Daytona in Europe and the USA, and is race-testing the 765cc Moto2 engine from the Street Triple in an updated Daytona frame and fairing.

The engine has to be ready for Moto2 racing in 2019, so the Daytona could return as a 765 about the same time.

Triumph Street Triple powers Moto2 Daytona history

Daytona has been a model name in the Triumph line-up in various forms and engine sizes since 1967.

The current 675 model does not meet strict European emissions restrictions and will only be sold until stock runs out.

It is powered by a 675cc in-line triple with 94kW of power at 12,500rpm and 74Nm of torque at 11,900rpm.

The 765cc inline triple which will power Moto2 racing comes from the new 765 Street Triple RS and has slightly less power but more torque (90kW and 77Nm) than the 675.

Triumph Street Triple RS

However, we expect the Moto2 testing will provide a substantial output boost.

It would put the Daytona in competition with the MV Agusta F3 800 and Ducati Panigale 959 rather than the Japanese 600cc super sports.

Only Yamaha has updated their super sport model and Honda is pulling theirs off the market.

Perhaps the new model will tap into a new super sport segment above the traditional 600cc mark.

The bigger bike would fit into their strategy in the important India market where the growing middle class is buying larger-displacement bikes.

Triumph says India will be among their top five markets for their big bikes in the next five years.

The British company has launched six new products in India this financial year and has invested in local assembly facilities.

The post Triumph plans bigger 765 Daytona appeared first on Motorbike Writer.

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