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A lot of us have road bikes as well as dirt bikes. By reviewing the latest technology in best bluetooth helmets, and featuring a range of road bike products, we will attract a whole new audience. Some of those riders will have an interest in dirt bikes, and may join our community too. 

Joking aside, there is a lot of cross pollination in the racing world. You will find many Moto Gp, World Superbike and American Superbike riders training on, and enjoying Motocross bikes. You will also find many Motocross, Enduro and Extreme MX riders enjoying a track day on their favourite road bike. So in the interests of diversity, here is our top 5 Best Bluetooth helmets for road motorcycles. 

One of the reasons that this article is important, is that I want to understand who our readers are. With this information I can best develop the site to benefit you the reader. It has become apparent through my recent research on Bluetooth products, that the Off road world is lagging when it comes to this technology. Products are definitely biased towards road and adventure bikes. Is that because we don’t want the technology? Maybe it is because the key manufacturers have not spotted the need? 

With this article, you can not only compare some good products, but you can help shape the future of off-road riding. Read on and find out which Top 5 Best Bluetooth Helmets are available for road or track use in 2019.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Helmets for your Road Bike 2019 1. Nexx – SX100

Nexx have been making helmets for about 18 years. They are one of the last remaining European factories in existence. All of their products are designed and manufactured in Portugal. They are extremely proud of this fact and rightly so. Helmets are a competitive market place. Many manufacturers outsource to eastern factories, and retail their products for a fraction of the cost. Nexx sits in that vulnerable space in-between the industry giants and the cheap and cheerful. 

Nexx helmets are not cheap. They are very reasonably priced. They are cheerful though. A glance around the company website reveals a bold and colourful range of products. This is a courageous move from Nexx. Most riders have a favourite brand. Shoei, Arai, Bell, HJC and the like, all have a fiercely loyal following. The lower end of the market are happy to buy a helmet purely on price. For Nexx to stick to European manufacturing, supporting their local economy and keeping everything under one roof is no easy task. 

What makes Nexx bluetooth helmets stand out?

Design is one of the key focus areas for Nexx. Their range is contemporary, and their designs stand up against the more established Japanese, US and Italian factories. 

In addition to the designs, Nexx have spent a lot of money developing their own technologies to rival the big competition. This investment has paid off, with many reviewers and industry experts citing them as a premium manufacturer.

Nexx use premium materials and have also aligned themselves with the right partners to complete the picture. Pinlock and Sena both appear as contributors to the Nexx range. It is Sena who we are particularly interested in for this comparison, as they provide the Bluetooth System for the SX100. 

SX100 Review

The first thing to note here is that the SX100 is an entry level helmet for the brand. If you are new to Nexx, this is the baby of the family. Nexx helmets get far more technical and exotic in both materials and design, the further you go up the range. Take some time to look at their other products too!

The SX100 is a thermoplastic shell, DOT rated, and comes in a range of 6 designs. At 1550 grammes in a small, it is not the lightest helmet available, but it is in line with its competition. 

Venting is simple but effective. There is a chin vent and another in the centre of the head on top. These are easily operate with a gloved hand. Both vents feed one exhaust port on the back of the head which is permanently open. The system is basic, but it works. You will find a steady stream of cool air coming in, and warm air is pushed out. 

As mentioned, the SX100 is Pinlock   ready. You will need to purchase the Pinlock   separately. The visor is scratch proof and optically correct. Nexx have done well to keep the quality up here. Many manufacturers will scrimp here and ruin a helmet. The SX100 does come with an internal sun visor, which, like them or loathe them, offers an easy solution to changing light conditions. Again, Nexx show their worth by making sure this visor filters out 99% of harmful UV light and that it is also optically correct. Well done Nexx. Finally, Nexx have a good visor clip in system. It is easy to operate and so changing visors is quick and easy. 

Another area where Nexx have spent some time, is around the neck. There is a substantial neck curtain which really keeps out the wind and the noise at speed. The helmet is comfortable to wear for extended periods and will appeal to both leisure and track day riders. 

Finally, the SX100 is factory prepared to accept the Nexx X-Com system which has been developed with Sena. 

SX100  with X-com; Bluetooth features:
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 900M range
  • Multi channel volume control so you can balance one source against another
  • Multi rider conferencing
  • Music Sharing
  • Audio Booster
  • Voice Commands
  • A simple two button control
  • FM radio

The Sena Unit is reliable and highly specced. It will add around $160 to the price of any Nexx Helmet. With the SX100 you get a great all round package, including Bluetooth for under $400.00. If you want a higher spec helmet, check out the rest of the Nexx range. 


2. Sena – Momentum (with 20s capability)

Sena are a Korean company, primarily tech focussed and primarily known for their hugely popular range of Bluetooth communication devices. It makes sense that at some point a company who make Bluetooth communication, would diversify into helmets. The question is, are their helmets able to compete against the more established brands? Let’s start with the helmet itself. 

What makes Sena Bluetooth helmets stand out?

The Momentum came out a few years ago, and is a fibreglass composite shell, DOT rated and a very simplistic minimal design. The weight of the helmet is actually on a par with the Nexx, BEFORE you fit the Sena to it. At just under 1500 grammes, it is very light for what you are getting. Another thing to note here, is that the Sena Helmet is fully waterproof, rather than just water resistant like its stand alone units. 

Sena Momentum Review

The Sena has a very specific fit. Because they have incorporated the Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones into the lining, there is not the customary adjustable cheek pads you would find on a regular helmet. That said, what you do get is an extremely secure fit, with a tight neck roll and firm hold. You can remove liners to allow washing, but the structure of the cheek pads stays intact. Safety is enhanced with a multi density EPS liner to soak up impact and reduce the risk of concussion.

The Visor system is Pinlock ready, UV and scratch resistant and comes with Sena’s own quick release and locking system. It is worth mentioning here that Sena have designed their best bluetooth helmets from the ground up, rather than badging someone else’s design. 

The Momentum can be controlled via a smartphone App which makes programming and personalising a lot easier. The battery life is impressive and can be upgraded with an optional oversize battery, which is not that much heavier, and will extend battery life to 27 hours!

The momentum light is a comfortable helmet to wear. The tight fit design keeps outside noise down  to a minimum and enhances the Bluetooth experience.  As a helmet is does the job well and you are hard pressed to improve on the Bluetooth/Helmet integration that the Momentum offers. Purists may prefer to add Bluetooth to their favourite helmet, but expect to pay $250+ more if you go that root. 

Venting is OK. If there is any area which betrays the DNA of the helmet, it is probably the venting. It is not complex. It does work though, and that is what counts. If you are a demanding rider, who wants absolute perfection in every part of the helmet, you may decide that the integrated offering is not the best route for you. 

Sena Momentum Bluetooth features:
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Bespoke fitted speakers and mic
  • Noise control
  • Audio Multi-tasking
  • 8 way rider intercom
  • Voice command
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Smart Phone App
  • FM Radio

All in all, the Sena Momentum is a leap forward in integrated Bluetooth or SMART helmet design. The Momentum comes in various combinations should you want less rider connectivity, or increased features such as built in camera. 

If you want to find out more about the Bluetooth System on this helmet you can read our review of the Sena 20s Bluetooth system here 


3. Icon–Airflite including the Optional Sena based Comms

Hailing from Oregon, USA, Icon have been building their distinctive helmets for around 12 years. As another relative newcomer, they hit the market place with bold and uncompromising designs. Their pitch is very similar to Nexx. Designed by riders, for riders the Icon range is out to impress. You will either love them or hate them. 

There is no doubt that the Icon range is different. The Airflite featured here, would not look out of place in an Alien movie. So, how do these futuristic, droid like lids shape up?

What makes Icon Bluetooth Helmets Stand Out?

Although the Icon Airflite may look like it is not taking things too seriously, the helmets are in fact incredibly well designed. As well as having all of the safety features and options you would expect from any leading brand, Icon have developed their own technologies to ensure you will not be compromising in any way. Every part of an Icon helmet has been thought out. There is a quality feel that you expect from a leading manufacturer. Between Nexx and Icon, there are evidently two new kids on the block. Both are turning heads for all of the right reasons. 

Icon Airflite Review:

Lets deal with the looks. Straight out of the box, the Airflite is going to grab you. The unique full face shield will either make you purr with delight or scream with horror. Either way, it is going to get a reaction. I like it. I like it a lot! The way in which the Shield (Visor if you are from the UK), drops over the chin section, creates a super futuristic vibe which is like nothing else on the market. The shield comes in a whole host of funky colours should you wish to enhance that alien look. The Airflite is based around the more race focussed models in the Icon range. However, it is useable as an everyday lid.

The Airflite has really good venting, and is light and airy to wear in that sense. Twin top-vents and the well highlighted chin vent feed the exhausts. Cool air is plentiful and the clever design quickly exhausts hot and moist air through the passive rear ducts. The chin vent offers three positions; Closed, onto the inner of the shield (visor) or into the face. No problems here. The Airflite is not a light helmet though. 1700Gms is quite a chunky lid by anyone’s standards, and is quite a weight for a polycarbonate shell. If you want to ride extended distances, or have a neck issue, bear this in mind. 

The Airflite has a neat inner sun visor, which locates into place easily. Both the Sun visor and shield are optically correct and UV protective. Liners are made from Icons own Hydra Dry material which wicks and are totally washable. Multi absorption EPS and DOT/ECE rating keep things tidy in the safety department. 

Icon RAU Bluetooth Communicator Specification:

The RAU is another Sena derivative and so quality is assured.  The Bluetooth specs are as follows: 

  • Bluetooth v4.1 
  • intercom up to 1.2 Kilometres. 
  • Four-way Intercom, 
  • Group intercom
  • Audio Overlay
  • Music Sharing
  • Voice Prompts
  • Advanced Noise Control
  • Supports Charging on road trips
  • Water resistant 
  • Built-in FM radio 
  • Smartphone App 
  • Optional Sena remote control support

All in all the Icon Airflite is a mean looking beast. It offers good all round features and with the specially developed RAU unit, will give maximum Bluetooth capability. It may be the weight that swings your decision in the end, although if you have a wide fitting in the head, then you may struggle also. Try on before you buy, or look for a free shipping deal to make doubly sure. Whatever you decide, this is one of the coolest looking road helmets that I have seen in a while.

4. Shoei–Neotec 2 – PLUS the Optional Sena SRL Bluetooth

Shoei is a company famous for its uncompromising standards. Their helmets are amongst the lightest on the market and the brand sits at the premium end of the Helmet market. One of the big Japanese manufacturers, they have a huge and very loyal following. You can feel the quality with a Shoei helmet, straight out of the box. 

What makes a Shoei helmet stand out? 

The construction of a Shoei is based on their exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell construction. Combine this with the proprietary, Shoei Motion Energy Distribution System [M.E.D.S.], and their helmets are understandably some of the safest models available. Shoei’s proprietary AIM+ is a technology which combines fibreglass with organic fibres. This composite produces a helmet so hard, it can only be cut with a laser. 

Every Shoei helmet is designed to absorb and distribute the force of an impact in a safe and efficient way. They are also very comfortable with the Shoei 3D Max-Dry system working with the air flow to pull sweat away from the head and face 2X faster than conventional nylon.

With any Shoei model you can opt for a 7-year guarantee, which I think says it all.

Shoei Neotech 2 Review:

The Neotec 2 is a modular helmet. This means that the full face front will flip open to create an open face helmet. This is a popular design amongst touring and road riders alike. The Neotec 2 comes with the Sena 20s Evo as a factory fitted option and so qualifies as one of the top 5 offerings in our integrated Best Bluetooth helmets for road bikes. 

The original Neotec was a winner. The Neotec 2 sharpened the overall design and refreshed the looks, bringing a more stylish and aerodynamic product. With the option of having the Sena fitted at the factory, you end up with one of the best touring, road combinations money can buy… Which at a shade under $1000 is a a good job. However, quality is assured and if high end is your thing, then you will struggle to beat this package. 

Whether you are touring, commuting or leisure riding, the Neotec is a contender. Be aware though,  the Shoei comes in at 1800 Grammes. Neck workout anyone? 

Venting, mechanisms and safety features are simply the best you will find. At this kind of money, nothing is left to chance. Pinlock is not only fitted as a standard, but of course, you get the pinlock screen too. The closure mechanism is super swish, and with the interior lining ad neck curtain having been completely re-shaped the Neotec is far quieter and more wind resistant than its predecessor. 

Sena / Shoei Combination unit features:

Again we are essentially looking at the 20S, so your Bluetooth is also top end. Rather than repeat the specifications on the page, why not click here and read up in detail on the 20S (link to our original Bluetooth communicators article) 

Possibly the Rolls Royce combination of products, and maybe beyond the budget of most casual riders, the Neotec/Sena represents the high end of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

5. Shuberth– R2 – PLUS the Optional Sena Bluetooth

We have seen what Shoei have to offer in the modular helmet department. Let’s look at the high end road offering from Schuberth. 

Schuberth have been building their best bluetooth helmets in Germany for around 70 years. They are renowned for building quiet and comfortable helmets at the premium end of the market. They have teamed up with Sena (again) to bring you the R2 Road Helmet with full Bluetooth Capability. More on this later. 

What Makes Shuberth Helmets Stand Out? 

Comfort, quiet and build quality are the order of the day here. Hand built, and with clinical attention to detail throughout the process, if you are investing your money at this end you are unlikely to be disappointed. 

With decades of competitive research and development across multiple disciplines, each helmet carries the DNA from some of the most competitive and demanding motor sports. 

The Shoei carries its quality in the weight. The Schuberth demonstrates the how design and planning can deliver a fully loaded lid for a little over 1300 Grammes! It is SUPER light for a product that is not only one among the safest, but has the Bluetooth fitted at the factory. 

As you would expect, Schuberth have developed all of the safety and comfort features to the highest possible standard. You will get UV and Pinlock Shield, with anti scratch, outstanding venting, Multiple layer EPS and a high tech shell composition. All of this is finished off with extremely comfortable and fully washable interior wicking fabric, and of course the Bluetooth itself. Remember though, this helmet does all of this at a ridiculously light weight! 

Schuberth Bluetooth Functionality:

Whilst the Schuberth R2 has the Sena 20S Bluetooth System speakers built in, the actual guts of the unit are the 10U. This means that it has slightly different functionality to the Shoei helmet. The R2 comes with SC1 from SENA, 

  • HD Voice
  • Audio source priority function
  • Advanced Noise Control
  • 4-way intercom,
  • 14 hours talk time,
  • audio multitasking,
  • music sharing,
  • FM radio.
  • The R2 Carbon represents the top end of full face road helmets, with integrated Bluetooth.


So that is our first venture into Road helmets and technology. Ia m sure many of you will have a road bike. If you arrived here as a road bike rider and you haven’t thought about Dirt bike riding, why not have a look around the site and whet your appetite, maybe even check our review about the best dirt bike helmets in 2019

If you filled out the form above, then thank you for taking the time to do that. I really appreciate you contributing to make the resource here better for everyone. 

Look out for another article soon. A share and a like is always appreciated.  Whatever you are riding, have fun!


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Motocross Neck braces have become quite popular with motocross racers and riders over the last 10 years. Although there seems to be on and off phases, there is no denying that neck brace for motocross has become an essential piece of kit for a lot of riders.

As time has went on, these motocross neck protectors have evolved quite a bit from the original neck doughnut days. They are becoming lighter, more durable, and much more comfortable to ride with. So even if you tried a neck brace in the past, it might be time to give one of the modern ergonomic designs a try.
Below we have covered some of the most asked questions about motocross neck braces

What is neck brace for motocross designed to do?

A motocross neck protector, or neck brace, is designed to perform two very important tasks. Firstly, it is supposed to direct harsh forces placed on the neck during a crash, away from the neck and disperse them safely across the body. Secondly, a motocross neck protector is designed to limit the back and forth, and side to side movement of the head. This prevents hyperextension and hyperflexion during a crash. Hyperextension occurs when the neck is bent too far backwards. Hyperflexion is the opposite meaning it occurs when the neck is bent too far forwards.

Which level of riders need neck brace for motocross?

The decision to wear or not wear a neck brace for motocross does not usually depend on the rider’s skill level. It is instead personal or parental preference. For instance, you see many very young riders wearing neck braces. Despite the fact that they are not riding at professional speeds, their parents still believe that a neck brace is a worthy investment for their little ones. On the other hand, you will see that many professional riders do not sport neck braces. This is likely because they want 100% freedom of movement and anything that gets in the way of that is not worth it to them.

So there is no real answer as to what level of rider should wear a neck brace. It is more so, how worth wearing a brace is to you. For those young riders, nothing is on the line that would make wearing a neck brace too incontinent or in the way. Where a pro rider racing for money may find that they ride a split second faster without one. I personally believe that neck braces are worth it in every way, and having fun on the track is not at all hindered by wearing one.

How motocross neck brace works?

The concept of how a motocross neck brace works is actually quite simple. It sits on your upper chest, and back, and limits the movement of your head during a crash. This is done to prevent spinal cord injury. The human vertebra is actually quite strong, however the spinal cord is not. The spinal cord is where you find nerves and spinal fluid. This is what a neck brace for motocross aims to protect. Since hyperextension and hyperflexion both can cause spinal cord contusion, braces have been designed to prevent this injury.

You will notice that every different neck brace company has a different design and way of directing force from a crash. Each of those designs is the company’s own take on what they believe will work best while still remaining comfortable to ride with. It is impossible to say if one brace works better than another, however, it is easy to see that any proper motocross brace is better than no brace.

High quality braces have thoracic struts that have been engineered to break after a certain pressure is applied to them. This is done so that during a crash, your neck brace will not dig into your back and cause injury. There are many myths about neck braces breaking collar bones. Although there is no real evidence that the braces caused the breaks, neck brace companies are no longer building braces that will put excessive pressure on your collar bones during a crash. Instead the energy is dispersed over a larger area that is safer for the body.

Find out which Dirt Bike Helmets are best with neck brace for motocross.

How to choose motocross neck brace from different price levels? Expensive or cheap?

Any trust worthy neck brace company will offer braces that place safety as their number one priority. You will usually see entry level, and top of the range models from the same company offering the same basic shape and design. That being said in the motocross neck brace world, you really do get what you pay for as far as comfort goes. You may be able to buy a safe neck brace quite cheaply, but it is almost guaranteed that the more expensive one will be much lighter, and offer more adjustment to raise comfort levels.

So here is where you have to make another decision for yourself. Personally, I will always choose the higher end model neck brace. This is for a few reasons, but put simply, if I’m not comfortable, I won’t want to wear it. Where if I can adjust the brace to fit right and it isn’t too heavy, then I really have no reason not to wear it.
The most important thing you can do is put some time in to research the braces that most appeal to you. Whether it is looks you are after, or comfort. You will be able to find a neck brace for motocross that you are happy with if you put the time in.

Find the best Motocross neck protector 2019

To Conclude

Motocross neck braces have come a long way in the comfort and safety department. They are at the stage now where the right brace is hardly even noticeable when out on your dirt bike. The important thing is that we all have the choice to wear a neck brace, and unless you are a top pro racing for your paycheck, is the risk of not wearing one worth it?

The post Neck Brace for Motocross – Why You Need It | 2019 Buyer’s Guide appeared first on Motocross Advice.

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Bluetooth technology has made a significant impact on the motorcycling industry in recent years. More and more riders are demanding wireless communication, entertainment and GPS as part of their riding experience.  The ever growing range of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets, available to riders, is an indication of the burgeoning popularity. Are all Bluetooth Helmets up to the job though?

Just because a helmet looks the part, and claims multiple functionality in the communications department, is it going to deliver protection in the event of a spill? With many mid to high end bluetooth motorcycle helmets costing way over $300 without Bluetooth, should we sacrifice quality for features when looking for a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet? These are just some of the questions we will consider in the Best Bluetooth Helmets, Ultimate guide.

Before we look a the Best Top 5 Bluetooth helmets Ultimate Guide, a word of warning. With many key manufacturers of helmets embracing Bluetooth slowly, the market has become saturated with gimmicky and potentially dangerous crash helmets. The reader should use discretion when shopping for Bluetooth Helmets.

If a manufacturer has a basic or tacky website, or you are struggling to find them at all, maybe think twice. If a helmet claims to be a “racing” or “competition” product, and has a built in Bluetooth system from the factory, dig deeper. Are the necessary safety standards in place? Do they have sponsors or endorsement programmes with respected riders?

If the helmet makes these claims and is priced at under $100 be very suspicious.

A few tips when buying a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet:

1. Look for the following safety ratings: ACU, DOT, ECU, SHARP

2. Read customer experience reviews. Many inferior products  regularly show up the same faults.

3. Use a pricing filter. If you want a quality helmet, with full functionality expect to pay + $150

4. Visit websites and social media. The best products have communities of happy riders.

5. Go to forums, or better still, ride outs and dealerships. Talk to other riders.

1. Airoh Commander Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Who are Airoh?

Airoh are an Italian manufacturer of quality motorcycle helmets. They have years of racing development under their belts and some impressive riders in their stable. With over 80 world titles to their name it is clear to see that Airoh mean business.

What makes the Commander Helmet stand out?

The Airoh Commander is the latest incarnation of the old S5, which features in our best ATV helmets guide. The Commander is one of the few models in our top 5 Bluetooth Helemets guide that is a genuine dual sport design. With aggressive off road styling and some useful features for those who prefer the dirt, it is definitely one to check out.

The Airoh Commander is “Bluetooth Compatible” rather than having a built in Bluetooth system. This means that it can accommodate the ear speakers, wiring and clip on units that your Bluetooth Communication system will come with. Whilst this helmet doesn’t give you a one stop solution for Bluetooth, if you are looking for an adventure touring, enduro or dirt bike helmet that can accommodate it is very capable.


Main Off Road Features:
  • Detachable ABS Peak
  • Lightweight High Performance Composite Shell
  • Well designed air venting system
  • Removable and washable lining, made from breathable, high wick material
  • Interior pop down sun visor.
  • UV coated, scratch resistant visor with Pinlock compatibility
Airoh Commander Review:

This is one of the lighter options on our list for top 5 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets. At just over 1440gms the Commander is around the weight of many competition Off-road helmets.  This will definitely be appealing to those who are planning long days in the saddle.  The option to ride with or without the ABS peak will also appeal to regular off-road riders. The Airoh Commander has a very aperture giving fantastic all round vision.

The pop down sun visor is a bit gimmicky, I would prefer to have the option to ride with motocross goggles and remove the visor for off-road riding. For those interested in touring though, the sun visor may well provide a good solution for ever changing light conditions.

Bluetooth compatibility comes in the form of removable sections to where you can insert speakers and factory designed cable routing. This means that you can choose your preferred Bluetooth Communication system and pick your functionality.


2. Klim Krios Sena 10U Stealth Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Who Are Klim Krios?

Klim (pronounced climb) have been quietly making incredibly robust and comfortable outdoor gear for over 15 years. Based near the Rocky Mountains in Idaho, the often challenging weather conditions, and extreme nature of the terrain have shaped their products. With an enviable reputation for tough, long lasting and comfortable products, Klim have a strong offering for the top 5 Bluetooth Helmets list.

What Makes The Klim Krios Adventurer Stand Out?

One of the first things that you notice when picking up the Krios, is that it is incredibly light. The carbon composite construction has given Klim the edge when it comes to building a lightweight adventure helmet. The Shell is well designed, extremely aerodynamic and even with the Off-road peak in place, remains quiet and comfortable at speed.

The bluetooth motorcycle helmet is well vented, with the chin vent pushing air up to the visor for fog prevention. This is a nice touch, and results in a cool and relaxed ride. More confidence inspiring features such as pin lock as standard, and quality microfibre removable interior lining, complete a great package.


Main Off Road Features:
  • Wide aperture for good all round vision, will accommodate goggles
  • Off-road style adjustable peak
  • Great venting
  • Extremely lightweight
Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Review

The whole feel of the Krios is one of quality. The Krios Adventure is designed to accommodate the Sena 10U Bluetooth Communication system. The even better news is, that the Bluetooth system can be pre-installed.

The Sena 10U is a capable system. It offers multi user connectivity, with up to two Bluetooth channels. This will allow music to be shared, and up to four way conversation with other Sena Users. Range is a little over 400 metres give or take. The Krios, with the 10U weighs in at just over $600.00 but it is possibly the most comprehensive off-road Bluetooth package available. You can download the Sena app for increased functionality, including the audio boost which will give you some extra volume.

Music lovers can choose between streaming from a Bluetooth device or using the 10 preset FM radio which is built in.  Around 12 hours of battery life with a 2 to 3 hour recharge will keep you connected for even the most dedicated of rides.

Sena 10U features:
  • Up to 4 riders connected
  • Great speakers
  • Noise cancelling
  • Integral battery and head unit design for improved aerodynamics
  • Remote control Unit to add functionality at the handlebar


3. HJC RPHA90 With optional Cardo Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Who Are HJC?

The third suggestion for our top Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets is another combination offering. This time, Japanese legends HJC team up with Sena’s rivals Cardo. Although this package is aimed more at the long distance tourer, this design of helmet could work for the adventure rider, who spends the larger proprtion of their time on the tarmac.

Those who ride more road race orientated bikes can opt for the RPHA 11 with the same Cardo communication system. HJC have long proven their worth. Decades of race development, a real eye for design and passion for customer satisfaction have seen them gaining a loyal following over recent years.


What make the RPHA90 stand out?

HJC are one of the industry leaders in developing helmet design and technologies. The RPHA 90 is one of the most compact flip-style modular helmets available. If you are looking at Shoei or Schubberth touring helmets, the RPHA90 may interest you.

First up, the HJC is light for it’s class right out of the box. This has to be a major consideration for anyone planning on riding long days in the saddle, especially if you are going to add more weight with a Bluetooth system. HJC have done a great job of keeping the RPHA90 slim and light whilst retaining quality feel and function. The latest version for 2019, has extended underside padding, offering a greater level of protection against wind noise and unwanted draft.

For a flip face helmet, the HJC is remarkably quiet. The mechanism is solid, and clicks into place with a confidence inspiring feel. A modular helmet of this type offers a host of options for you.

Main touring features:
  • Wide aperture port
  • Easy to use one touch mechanism for flip face
  • Redesigned venting and vent controls for better airflow
  • Optically correct pinlock visor system
  • Easy to adjust drop down sun shield
  • Optional Cardo Bluetooth System

Again we are looking at a high end package here. The RPHA90 is one of the most popular variants of the modular, flip face design. HJC use high quality components and have developed their propriety technologies extensively. As such, you can feel the build quality. HJC have designed a quiet and aerodynamic in the RPHA90, another big plus when eating up the miles.

The Cardo Scala based Bluetooth system designed for this helmet, is a top end product too. With full Bluetooth features including Cardo’s own dynamic Mesh, self healing network, you can ride with multiple connections. The dynamic mesh system will use each rider as a node, creating up to 4km of useable range.

One of the key features of Cardo Bluetooth systems is that they 100% waterproof and dirt proof. You can ride all day in all weathers and not worry about the unit switching into any kind of protection mode.


4. Scorpion Exo AT950, Off-Road, Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion are one of the new kids on the block. For around 10 years, they have been pulling data from competitive motorcycling, including the very stringent demands of MotoGP. They have translated that data in to some truly inventive style sand designs, whilst maintaining safety, performance and value for money. If any of the more established brands are keeping a beady eye on what the next generation are doing, I am sure Scorpion will be in the cross hairs.

For 2019 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Guide, Scorpion have an exciting product for the adventure market. The AT950 is a modular design, which also draws heavily from the motocross, ATV and dirt bike world. It is interesting to note that Scorpion have chosen not to make a Bluetooth unit as standard. As with many other manufacturers, they have put the recesses and ports in place, to allow the rider to chose the Bluetooth of their own preference.


Here are some of Scorpions key features:

  • Advanced LG® Polycarbonate Shell:
    Dual Density EPS
  • Aero-Tuned Ventilation System: Combination vent and port force cool air in vent hot air out.
  • EverClear® No Fog Faceshield: Optically-clear shield with state-of-the art fog free technology. Anti-Scratch hardened coating. 100% UV protection
  • Over-sized Eyeport: Designed to accommodate most off-road goggles.
  • EverClear® SpeedView® Drop-Down SunVisor: internal retractable tinted sun-visor
  • KwikWick II® anti-microbial fabric keeps you cool and dry, easily removable and washable.
  • KwikFit® Cheek Pads: Allow easy on and off of the most common styles of eye glasses
  • Easy-Use Flip-up Chin Bar
Communication System Speaker Pockets

As you can chose any Bluetooth system to work with the Bluetooth ready interior design, you can pick a Bluetooth specification to suit you.

Scorpion EXO AT950 Review:

As with all dual sport models, the off road peak is easily removed if you are going to be on the road for an extended period. The chin bar raises easily and locks into place firmly. A large aperture gives good all round visibility and it will accommodate goggles.

The internal sun visor drops easily and can be operated with ease, even with gloves. The interior wicking is up their with the bets, Scorpion using their own KwikWik technology. Everything about this bluetooth motorcycle helmet feels good. Bearing in mind it is under $300 and we are pitching it against some heavy weight contenders, it holds its own admirably.

The fact that you can chose any Bluetooth system may well prove to be a bonus for you. There are some great communication systems outside of the standard Sena, Cardo obsessions that most riders have. A mid range unit, coupled with this helmet, will come in under the price of some of the bluetooth motorcycle helmets we have featured in this guide, so if you are on a budget then this could be the answer.


5. Arai Tour X4, Bluetooth Helmet

We are back to Japan for this seminal helmet. Arai helmets are amongst the best in the world. With decades of research and development, we see solid design which has been honed over time. Arai are no strangers to technology, and even aside from the dedicated, Sena 10 SU Bluetooth system, the Arai is packed with features

Arai has a range of patented safety and design features, which regular readers may already be aware of. In case you have landed on Motocrossadvice.com for the first time here is a quick overview:

  • Dual intake air system with Easy maintenance venting: For superior airflow
  • Complex fibre laminate: High fibre, low resin, for maximum strength coupled with flexibility
  • Aerodynamic pull down chin spoiler: Reduces wind noise, and vents hot air away from the face
  • Pinlock as standard: Patented third party fog prevention system
  • Fully removable, washable and replaceable interior: For superior comfort, and longevity
  • Superior safety standard testing: For peace of mind
  • Standard 5 year guarantee

The Tour X4 has all of these features and more.

Tour X4 Review:

This bluetooth motorcycle helmet is loaded with premium helmet features and can be used for a variety of purposes. The off-road style peak can be removed if required. There is a large aperture on this helmet, which means great all round vision through the full face style visor. If you want to go full motocross, you can even remove the visor all together and use goggles.

Airflow is superb. You can also change the airflow direction, having the it into your face, or channelled up the inside of the visor to keep it clear and so on. Getting the X4 to fit perfectly is also made easier by Arai’s ingenious cheek pad design. They provide each new helmet with layered pads, so that you can remove a layer at a time and find the optimum width for your face. Once they have worn out, you can buy fresh new ones! Cheek pads, are one of the main contact areas for your head, and I find that they really affect how comfortable and firm the bluetooth motorcycle helmet feels when on.

Aside from all of the comfort features, directional impact design, to reduce rotational forces in the event of an accident will reduce concussions significantly. A lot of thought has gone into this helmet, and that shows.

To provide you with well fitted Bluetooth, Arai have worked with Sena, and the popular 10U system. A solid Bluetooth unit, offering all of the key features including:

  • Up to 4 riders connected
  • Voice Activation
  • Great speakers
  • Noise cancelling
  • Integral battery and head unit design for improved aerodynamics
  • Remote control Unit to add functionality at the handlebar
About Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2019 

In the first part of this two part article, we looked at the Bluetooth Communication Systems themselves. If you are not up to speed on Bluetooth functionality, the latest technologies and the buzz words, you can read that article here. 

One thing that is immediately evident as you begin researching Bluetooth Helmets, is that the bias is definitely towards road and road racing helmet models. There are some off-road helmets that have recesses for speakers and so on. For the most part though, the designs and features of most popular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets seem very much orientated towards the road rider. I think that this will change rapidly over the coming few years.

ATV riders, enduro, dirt bike, adventure and adventure touring riders, all have as much an interest in communication as any other motorcyclist. With the increased isolation and dangers associated with off-road riding, Bluetooth is even more attractive.  In part one of this article, we looked at a Bluetooth Communicator with a built in crash detection, SOS dialler. This feature saved the life of a motocross rider. I think that the main manufacturer’s of dirt bike/dual sport helmets would do well to look at Bluetooth as a key feature in the next few years. 

So what do you do if you want a Bluetooth Helmet for use off-road, dirt biking or even adventure touring? 

Well there are some key products out there. I have compiled a list of the top 5 best Bluetooth compatible helmets for dual sport, ATV, adventure, dirt bike and touring. The helmets will have a minimum compatibility of recesses for speakers and wiring. Some will have a dedicated optional Bluetooth System and then there is built in Bluetooth with full functionality, straight from the factory.

Top 5 tips for selecting a potential Bluetooth Helmet

By taking the time to balance your needs against your budget and expectations, you will be able to find a good Bluetooth product fairly easily. I am sure it will be a very fast evolving market in the next few years Motocrossadvice.com will continue to keep an eye on the developments and bring you up to date news of products as they are launched. 

In the mean time, here are some Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets that really should be on your shopping list, if you are looking to ride off road, tour, adventure tour or go out scratching for the day.  

So there we have it. A solid range of Bluetooth and Bluetooth ready helmets that are designed for the rider who will venture off road. All of the bluetooth motorcycle helmets suggested have a minimum safety standard, and I would have no hesitation in riding out for the day wearing one. 

I would like to see more motocross and adventure helmet models coming with the option of a pre installed Bluetooth system. There are also some amazing products from Sena, Cross Helmets, and even some..

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Motorcycle Bluetooth For Adventure, Touring & Enduro

When researching for the recent Best ATV Helmets Guide 2019 it was apparent that an increasing number of helmet manufacturers are putting Bluetooth connectivity into their design. They are doing this this by offering ear piece cut outs, flat mount panels on the side of their profiles and even building helmets with Bluetooth communicators already fitted. This opens up two new areas for Motocrossadvice.com to cover. Firstly Bluetooth Communicators themselves, and then helmets with Bluetooth capability built in. I am going to deal with this in two parts. In part one, we will look at Bluetooth communication as a concept, and which Bluetooth communicators are available to off-road, touring and adventure riders. Then in part two, we will look at which Helmets are available with built in Bluetooth capability. 

It makes perfect sense that even relatively extreme off-road riders will start to use these technologies. Charlie Boordman and Ewan McGregor made stars out of the BMW R1150GS in their first round the world adventure, wearing Arai Tour X3 helmets fitted with Garmin Bluetooth. That was over ten years ago. Hard to believe isn’t it! With a second programme under their belt, and hot rumours of a third in the series, “The Long Way Up” looking like a reality, I decided we should look into the world of Bluetooth Communicators. In particular, we will consider how Bluetooth can benefit riders of all styles, and the main features they use.

What are motorcycle Bluetooth Systems?

If you are new to the idea of motorcycle communication systems, you would be forgiven for thinking that a motorcycle Bluetooth system simply puts the rider in contact with a pillion. Certainly this was the main function of early wired communication systems. The now defunct wired technology really served little more than just that. Those first steps in to Bluetooth Communicators would often mean trailing wires, clunky battery packs and uncomfortable ear pieces. Well, thankfully all of that has changed!

Motorcycle Bluetooth system Functionality

Whether you are blasting across the desert, negotiating forest trails, or touring across continents, riding with friends is a social thing. 

Nowadays, with Bluetooth you can:

  • Hold conversations with your pillion and other riders 
  • Listen to your favourite albums and artists from your phone
  • Receive instructions from GPS systems
  • Plug in Auxiliary sources such as old school ipods which have no Bluetooth

Modern systems, using what is known as a mesh, will allow you to talk to multiple riders who are spread across distances of up to 5 miles in group mode.   It is now an expected standard, to be able to listen to two sources at once, so you can listen to music and receive GPS, or talk whilst listening to music and so on. The implications for group rides, instructors, adventure riding, off road riding and long distance touring are far reaching. 

What are the downsides of motorcycle Bluetooth Communicators?

In the interest of fair discussion, we should look at both sides of the debate. As with all products and technology, the golden rule with motorcycles is SAFETY FIRST. It is all very well having your favourite album blasting into your ears whilst on the last leg of a long day in the saddle, but if you don’t hear that big truck bearing down on you, or are distracted from that car pulling into your lane by a phone call from home, things are going to get nasty. 

Also, let’s be honest, in any large group of people, there is always one character who can get a bit tiring. If your not sure who that is in your group, it’s probably you! I am joking of course. Having too many people chattering away,  connected to a hub, whilst the group is riding technically challenging roads or terrain,  is fraught with danger. As such, these systems tend to limit the number of those who are able to talk, to around four at any one time. If you are finding the group chatter distracting, you can drop in and out of the group at will. Bluetooth reconnection is best done whilst stationary, as it can be fiddly. (More on this later).

Personally I am uncomfortable with the idea of using a Bluetooth feature that involves a conversation on the phone, or even loud music whilst involved in; 

Urban riding with high levels of traffic hazards, track days, or any kind of competitive riding where you would instantly become a danger to yourself and other riders. 

The idea of taking a phone call whilst in motion is a real danger under any circumstances. Far more so than talking to other riders in the same group who all have one purpose. Anyone who has tried to do a simple task like make a coffee whilst on the phone, will know how easy it is to get distracted from the task at hand. For me, if you bike is moving, don’t take a phone call!   

This is a debate that may well become more prevalent as motorcycle communication systems become more popular. I say, be safe and be sensible. If you are riding within your skill level and are prioritising external sound and data before the latest Deadmau5 album, or that call from home, then you can’t go far wrong. 

There is a community of people who are concerned about the safety of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in general. Bluetooth works in a similar way to Wi-Fi, it is essentially radio waves. Whilst we have been using radio waves for decades, there is an increasing focus on how these are affecting our physiology. There is no conclusive proof that using a Bluetooth device, mobile phone or wireless router system of any kind, is actually causing damage. Which means of course, that there is no conclusive proof that it isn’t either. I guess it comes down to each of us reading up on the subject and making an informed decision as to our priorities. One thing I can say for sure, is that using a Bluetooth communication device is no more dangerous than using a mobile phone, airpod, home router or any other wireless device.    

Activities where motorcycle Bluetooth systems would be a distinct advantage may include;

…long off road social rides, which can be a lot more fun as you share banter with your mate or group of mates. Extensive group touring, both on and off road can be vastly improved with Bluetooth communication. Having directions fed to you at split decision moments, and simply being able to keep conversation flowing for hundreds of miles, really adds to motorcycling as a whole. We all hate having to to turn back and find the road/turn off that we missed four miles earlier, especially as the day wears on! I guess with this shift in attitude, banter whilst riding is going to be more of a thing. At least now, when your mate who is leading takes the wrong turn, you can start winding them up about it long before you even reach the bar! 

The advent of Bluetooth communications does put an end to the endless cycle of having to take your helmet off and then put it back on again, every time your phone rings. Having established that motorcycle Bluetooth Systems are here to stay, and that on and off road, there are benefits to be had, lets see what is out there…

Top 5 Bluetooth Communicators for your On / Off Road Motorcycle 2019

As we have discussed, Bluetooth and bespoke protocol processors (Dyno Mesh, and the other manufacturer specific systems),  have rapidly accelerated the functionality of even the most basic of systems. For very little money, you can bag yourself an extremely capable package. When considering the best motorcycle Bluetooth communication systems, I am looking at products that offer exceptional functionality, reliability, Safety features and, above all value for money. 

In the top 5 Bluetooth Systems for 2019 I am presenting options for off road and on road riders who require the best out of their Bluetooth Communicator system. I have chosen models which will work well for those who are spending long days in the saddle whether you are are touring, adventure riding, offroad, track days ATV or road riding. 

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Ultimate Guide 2019   1. Sena

Sena have positioned themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Motorcycle Bluetooth Systems. They have achieved this through cutting edge technology, high levels of research and development, reacting to the evolving market and setting their own high standards. Sena proudly tout their mission statement as “Advancing Adventure” particularly when faced with the word “Can’t”. 

With products spanning motorcycling, skydiving, boating, mountain biking, industrial teams and even the peletons of the Tour De France, it is easy to see how their reputation has grown. Their passion for adventure and obsession with perfection matches that of their key client base, so if you place a high demand on your equipment then Sena will undoubtedly come up on your radar. Even some of the helmet manufacturers now describe their helmets as “Sena” ready, rather than just Bluetooth ready. That says something quite significant about their market positioning. 

Sena products are pretty easy to use within the parameters of a tech item. Of course, any technical product is going to pose challenges. Fitting a kit to your helmet can be fiddly, and navigating apps and menus to set up a product always has those curse moments. Expect any motorcycle communication system to have some foibles. None of them will be as simple as switching on and going. 

On the whole, if you are relatively tech savvy, and are happy to mess around with some, clips, wires and speakers, it wont be too long before you are ready to go. You can learn the more in depth features as you go. 

Buying tip: Beware when considering the Sena 30K Something to consider when looking at the 30K Sena!

Since the launch of the Sena 30K in late 2017, the popular brand has inadvertently upset some of it’s loyal followers. The problem seems to have arisen when 30K users attempted to listen to music whilst connected to a second user via Bluetooth. As we mentioned earlier, the ability to listen to music or GPS whilst simultaneously having useable Bluetooth connection to another rider has become a standard. When customers found that, in fact, this functionality had been lost on what they considered to be a flagship model, their were some very upset people. Throughout 2018, the forums were littered with impassioned people, incredulous that having spent over $300 on a unit, they had lost features present on cheaper and older versions. 

When researching for this article, I was not in a position to test this feature for myself. As this is quite a significant issue I contacted a Sena dealer to see the current state of play. The first dealer I contacted was UK based MCA Motorcycle Accessories of Leicester, UK. There answer was fairly straight forward. We have not yet stocked the 30K as the 20S is selling so well for us. (See the review of the 20S below). Next up, I tried Bridge Motorcycles of Exeter UK. They told me the same story. The 30K hasn’t made it on to their shelves. Both dealers were of the exact same opinion. The 20S is a fabulous system and, at this point, offers the best value for money in the Sena range. With this information, it was apparent that the high end Sena model for this article should be the 20s which you can find reviewed below. rather than the 30K

Looking at the negative reviews, it would seem that a large number of existing Sena customers had upgraded to the more expensive 30K with the new Mesh technology, expecting all the features of the 20S PLUS new features. In reality, the 30K, which employs a new “group talk” feature, has actually removed the ability to listen to music or GPS whilst talking to another Bluetooth user. The ability to listen to two audio sources is still possible, BUT ONLY if everyone is using a Sena 30K in Mesh mode. Bluetooth connection on the model has taken a step backwards in many peoples eyes. This doesn’t help if one or more of your mates is riding with something other than a Sena 30K. When connected to someone without a 30K and via Bluetooth, your shiny new 30K will have the ability to listen to just one Bluetooth source at a time. 

Digging through the technical support responses and customer opinions, it would appear that the error was a case of miscommunication (very ironic). Sena hasn’t been clear about the reduced functionality of Bluetooth in the case of the 30K. Their has been no official statement, but it is most likely they had to remove one of the two Bluetooth chips found on other models, in order to accommodate the hardware for the Mesh, thus removing a channel. Looking through the various marketing materials, it certainly isn’t clear that Bluetooth functionality was degraded on the 30K. It is easy to see why customers were upset. 

The whys and wherefores of how this has happened are not really the point. The point is, if you are looking for a communication system, and you want multiple functionality when in Bluetooth mode, then the 30K is not going to suit your needs. In this instance you will want to look at the 20S If you are buying as a group of friends, or as a passenger/pillion, and all users will be using a 30K, this ceases to be a problem as you will use Mesh, not Bluetooth, most of the time. It is probably best to see the 30K as a completely different product to the 20S, not a development of it. I hope this pertinent information stops you from making a very expensive mistake. Most retailers will not refund a motorcycle communication system once it has been opened.

So now we have tackled one of the most controversial aspects of this subject. Let’s get on with looking at some really great motorcycle Bluetooth communication systems. 

Sena 20S Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication Device. Sena 20S Review

The Sena 20S raised the bar considerably when it was launched. Taking what they had learned from the Sena 10S, and retaining the FM radio, Sena added the ability to have up to 8 riders on one group. They also added the ability to listen to two Bluetooth sources simultaneously through the addition of a second Bluetooth chip. 

The 20S quickly became a benchmark product and remains so today. There are always certain characteristics of Bluetooth, like having to reconnect manually if a you have dropped out of range of the group, which can be frustrating and fiddly. (This is the kind of problem Sena may have been trying to eradicate by developing their mesh system) But, on the whole, a vast amount of riders and dealers agree that the 20S is a benchmark in Bluetooth communication. 

The 20S comes with a comprehensive iPhone/Android app which allows the user to fully configure their unit using a friendly interface, rather than relying on multi function buttons. There are a whole host of adjustable parameters, from volume settings through to group rider configurations. 

Since its launch, the major update on the 20S has been the type of antenna used. The old unit had a hinged antenna which has now become a moulded shark fin antenna with no moving parts. Not only has this improved connection, but it is one less thing to snap off. 

Battery life is good, with around 13 hours of talk time, 10 days of standby and a recharge in around two hours using USB. The unit can also be recharged while you ride if you patch into the bikes electrics via a USB. 

There are just 3 simple control buttons for accessing functions on the move. One of the nice features about the 20S is the ambient mode. Pressing the ambient mode button will amplify the outside world through the speakers, making it much easier to communicate with people when you are off of the bike, but are still wearing your helmet. 

The 20S comes with a boom style mic, a wired mic that can be attached to the lining of a helmet if you are using full face, and a hybrid mic that has different positioning options. As well as the disc style speakers, which would be fitted in the lining of your helmet, there is a universal mini jack. The mini jack provides functionality for anyone who prefers to use ear buds over speakers.  It also has an Aux input, so that you can connect old style iPods and other sources that don’t work with Bluetooth. 

Sena’s jog dial design is a real plus in terms of ease of use. However, Off road, touring and adventure riders take note, the jog wheel design does reduce the waterproof rating of the unit. Sena describe the unit as Weather resistant, rather than waterproof. This does mean that in a period of sustained rain, the unit may go into safety mode and shut down to protect itself. One of the future features must surely be a fully waterproof version of the jog wheel, if that is possible. 

Finally, voice activation is also a feature. There are a range of commands and instructions that your unit will understand when you activate voice command using “Hello Sena”. If you use Siri/Alexa, then this way of using the unit may well appeal to you. 

Specifications and features of the Sena 20S
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Audio Multitasking
  • Intercom (2KM, 1.2 miles)
  • Eight way Communication
  • Universal Bluetooth Communication
  • Voice Command
  • FM Radio
  • Group Intercom
  • Noise Cancellation

All in all the 20S was a game changing product when it was launched, and it is still one of the best motorcycle Bluetooth communicators on the market. Value for money, it is top of the Sena products list. I think one of the main factors for touring, enduro, adventure and off road riders has to be the level of Water resistance. Although the Sena will switch off to protect itself, I feel a fully waterproof unit which will stay working regardless of the conditions is a much better choice for riders who will be riding in all weathers. 

Sena 10C Pro Combined Camera/Communicator Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication Device. Sena 10C Review

Here is something a little bit different. Most people are aware of the ever increasing demand for a good quality camera for your ride. Since the advent of Go Pro cameras, the world has become awash with HD footage of all kinds. For track days, off road days, Adventure riding, and touring, one of the most tedious aspects is compiling all of the footage after the event. Having to ride with a separate communicator, camera, and wired mics can be a bit much. So if you are looking for a Camera solution and would like to add Bluetooth Communication as an extra, or if you are considering a Bluetooth Communicator and have not yet thought about a camera, this is a great option.  

Sena launched the 10C a few years ago. Now updated with a better camera and a few other minor improvements, the Sena 10C Pro is a the latest version of their Bluetooth Communicator/Camera combination unit. If you are a vlogger, or simply enjoy sharing your riding exploits with friends and family, the 10C Pro from Sena will give you a great all round functionality. Even if you already own a camera, and are looking for a new communicator it is worth a look, as you can then re-appropriate your existing camera for a new angle. 

How does the Sena 10C Pro perform as a Bluetooth Communicator?

The 10C Pro works really well as a Bluetooth Communicator. It has all of the features you can find on the Sena 20S. This is great news as, there is always the worry that a combination unit will in some way compromise the functionality in some way. 

You are going to be able to enjoy up to two Bluetooth connections simultaneously. You can connect to up to 4 other Bluetooth users over a distance of 1KM. There are voice command functions and the unit comes with the same choice of mics and high quality speakers as the Sena 20S. It has the FM radio and you can charge while you ride. The 10C pro even uses the same layout of simple controls including the ever popular jog wheel. I presume this means that the 10C Pro is only listed as weather resistant and not fully waterproof, like its other models. 

Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth Communicator Features
  • Up to 4 riders 1km
  • Dual system Bluetooth functionality
  • Voice command for basic functions
  • Boom or wired mic
  • New improved larger speakers
  • FM Radio
How does the Sena 10C Pro work as a camera?

Again, the 10C Pro by no means embarrasses itself. OK, the stills camera is only 3.7Megapixel, but how often do you use a camera on your bike? The video for the 10C pro has been uprated to around 2K – and will give 30 FPS at 1440 with the 64GB SD card (Not supplied)  

Picture quality is not the best on the market, when compared to high end dedicated cameras. You are not going to be using this camera for professional filming assignments!  It is is perfectly good enough to use for leisure riding, sport riding and even vlogging. For the latter, you can use it in combination with your other cameras and get a mix of shots, whilst reducing the amount of kit you need to wear. 

Set up is made a whole lot easier with the neat internal WiFi. This feature allows you to live stream to your smart phone and see exactly what the camera is seeing in real time. It also allows you to send the footage to the smart device, without the need for removing the SD card, editing or converting the files. This means you can be sharing content online minutes after you have shot it. 

Another neat trick on this model is the addition of loop mode. Anyone who has used a GoPro will know that this is not a new idea, but it is now available on the Sena 10C in this Pro variant. Loop mode means that the camera will continue to film once it has reached the card capacity by overwriting the previous 2 hours of footage. As you ride, you have the comfort of knowing that the unit is always recording data. If at any point you want to save a section then you exit loop mode at the push of a button. If there are no incidents that you need to save you just let it keep looping. I can see this being very useful for long rides when there is very little happening, courier riders, or urban riding when you may want to use it as a kind of dash cam, or if you are looking to catch a particular shot and don’t know when or where it may happen!

This feature is supported by another upgrade for the 10C, which is the ability to charge while you roll. Using a micro USB connection, you can keep the unit charged via 12v to make sure you don’t miss a thing on a long day in the saddle

Maybe this is not the device to buy if you are looking for a dedicated high end camera. If you are currently shopping for a Bluetooth communicator and you could see the benefit of having a camera too, then this is a really good option to consider. 

Sena 10C Pro Camera Features
  • Accepts an external SD card up to 64gb (Buy separately) 
  • Internal Wi-Fi to allow real time streaming to your smart phone
  • Noise cancellation system for audio
  • Watch and share to social media instantly without the need to remove the SD card and convert files
  • 3.7MPX camera
  • 30 FPS at 1440 for around two hours with a 64GB Card
  • 135 Degrees Field of view
  • Loop mode.
  • Charge while you Roll
2. Cardo – Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator

Generally considered as Sena’s rival market leader, Cardo have a long history with Bluetooth communication products. Back in 2003 they were one of the only manufacturers in the world, to be producing Bluetooth headset to link to a phone.

Since then Cardo, have continued to develop and evolve the concept of Bluetooth communication for the motorcycle market. In fact, Cardo are in fact a company who have been first to the line with many Bluetooth communication features. They boast the first built-in FM radio, rider to rider communication, long range intercom, music sharing and mesh device concept. In 2018, they released their natural language voice activation system which not only mimics, but integrates with, Siri and Alexa. 

Cardo feature here..

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Why you need a proper ATV helmet? When you are riding off road, it is very easy to get carried away and ride beyond your skill level. This is true of all motor sports. The balance and skill required to keep a dirt bike upright does have an advantage though. With a two wheel dirt bike, riders, tend to be more cautious, and build their skill level slowly. You can tumble off a two wheel dirt bike at really low speeds, so there is a natural respect for the machine.

Why is Riding an ATV at speed more risky than a dirt bike?

With an ATV there is a tendency for new riders to feel over confident. Because an ATV is much more stable, a rider can tend to push the speed up higher, more quickly than they would on a dirt bike. This can lead to cornering too fast, hitting unexpected hazards at higher speed and getting way too much air over a jump. If you plan on riding ATV you would do well to take your time over increasing your pace. There are lots of ATV centres and riding schools that can help.

Another reason ATV riding can be more risky, is that a rider is often thrown clear of a two wheel machine in a tumble. When an ATV rider is involved in an incident, they often remain attached to the vehicle, or even end up underneath it as they try to hang on.

ATV riding can be a great fun. It can also be a very safe past time when you approach it with the right attitude and control. Many off-road activities for the aspiring ATV rider do not demand aggressive or unduly fast riding. Whatever vehicle you decide to ride off-road, self discipline is one of the biggest safety factors of all.

Choosing the right ATV helmet

All off-road activities demand a minimum level of safety equipment. Because ATV riders will invariably end up on a wider range of terrains, adopting a wider range of riding styles, they need more then best motocross or dirt bike helmet.

With an ATV, you could be riding on a dirt trail one minute, and then find yourself blasting down a section of tarmac highway the next. It is not uncommon for ATV riders to take their machines on to more challenging surfaces. Sand, snow, rock, shale and thick mud are surfaces that a  two wheel rider may avoid. Because the ATV is far more stable, you could easily find yourself switching between these terrains. Given the increased stability of an ATV, you are also likely to be riding in more changeable weather conditions.

With so many variables, putting on your trusty motocross helmet may not always be the best solution. To help you choose the right helmet for your intended purpose, I have put together 3 handy guides for you to consider:

  1. Top 5 ATV Helmets Ultimate Guide – For those who want the best helmets money can buy.
  2. Top 5 ATV Helmets Under  $250.00 – For those who need to keep the budget under control.
  3. Top 5 ATV Helmets For Youth – For the younger off-road/ATV rider rider.

Each list will consider the best ATV helmets on offer, introduce the manufacturer and consider key technologies used. There will also be a short review of each product. So, if you are looking for a new ATV, Quad bike, all terrain helmet, get comfy and lets dive in!

Top 5 ATV Helmets Ultimate Guide 1. Best ATV Helmet: Arai XD4

In the 1970’s, Mitch Arai decided that he wanted Arai to be something more than the average. Not only did he want to “make Arai better”, but  he set his goal to “be the number one helmet in the world”. For Mitch, this meant that his helmets had to offer the best protection that they could, and that they were as well constructed as they could be. This was not a box shifting exercise. The intention was to build a legendary brand. History shows that this was achieved. Arai stand as one of the most popular helmet manufacturers in the world.

What makes Arai helmets stand out?

Arai ATV helmets have been designed with passion. Mitch Arai spent many months developing a method of manufacturing that would give a more consistent shell thickness. Once this was achieved, he turned his attention to the interior, developing EPS materials and multi layered liners to increase absorption and spread impact forces. Arai were one of the leading manufacturers of these technologies, paving the way for the huge range of modern helmets that we see today.  This dedication and passion has continued, and today Arai continue to dominate, both on and off road. They remain true to their mission statement, “Function over style, Performance over profit”

Arai’s key technologies for the Tour X4 include:

  • The emergency cheek pad release system
  • Intermediate and long oval shell design to cater for individual head shapes
  • Superior, Dry-Cool interior lining
  • Micro Fit Cheek pads with tearaway layers for personalisation
  • Pull down Air Spoiler
  • Special Glass Fibre Laminate
  • Rigorous Safety Check standards
Arai Tour X4 Review

One of the main reasons for choosing the Tour X4 as a Top 5 ATV helmet, is  it’s sheer versatility. This helmet is loaded with premium helmet features and can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the neat features is an off-road style peak, which can be removed for on road riding if required. As an ATV rider, you can ride with the peak on or off as required.

There is a huge aperture on this helmet, which means great all round vision through the full face style visor. This is particularly good for off-road sessions when you need clear site of obstructions and objects around you.  The Tour X4 has a pin lock visor system to avoid fogging. If you want to go full motocross, you can even remove the visor all together and use goggles.

Airflow is superb. Arai are one of the manufacturers who have really got this right. A complex air flow system offers you multiple settings for airflow, via various vents and grills. All are easily operated with gloves on and regardless of whether you are tearing through sand dunes in the baking heat, or sweeping through tarmac bends in the pouring rain, you will be able to find a comfortable setting. You can also change the airflow direction, having the it into your face, or channelled up the inside of the visor to keep it clear and so on. There are lots of combinations to try.

At 1600gms the Tour X4 is not a feather light race helmet, however, it is extremely comfortable and  this shouldn’t be an issue for general ATV riding.  The interior is fully removable and replaceable to enhance comfort and lifespan.

All in all, this has to be one of the most versatile helmets on the market today. The Tour X4 is equally at home in full off road mode, or chomping up the miles on the tarmac and everything in-between.

Arai Tour X4 Features
  • Five Year Arai Warranty
  • Super Fibre Construction
  • Triple density inner shell
  • Two TDF3 front ducts
  • TX4 rear diffusers
  • Side exhaust vents
  • New controlled chin ventilation
  • Flatter neck roll to minimise turbulence
  • Patented visor brow ventilation ducts
  • Wear with or without peak
  • Wear with or without visor
  • Facial Contour System
  • Removable 5mm temple pads on the head liner
  • Fully washable and removable Dry Cool interior
  • Emergency release tab cheek pads
  • Double D retention system
  • Pinlock visor insert included


2. Best ATV Helmet: Shoei Hornet X2

Like Arai, Shoei helmets are lovingly built in Japan. You will find many motorcyclists fit into either the “Arai” camp, or the “Shoei” camp, each being fiercely defended as the pinnacle in helmet design.  Often, of course, this comes down to the fit or rider taste. Whatever your choice, Shoei ATV helmets come from the same commitment to safety, value and performance as their rivals.

Born out of the high demands of the racing community, Shoei helmets have over 60 years of research and development behind them. Every helmet is hand made in their world class factory in Japan.

What makes Shoei helmets stand out?

Combining hand-laid interwoven layers of fibreglass with organic fibres and resin, Shoei’s shells are both incredibly strong, and light.  They come in an industry-leading number of shell sizes to ensure a great fit, no matter your head shape or size.

Ventilation is well engineered, featuring multiple intake vents and exhaust ports which gulp in the air and feed it around your head as you ride. Each vent or port can be adjusted, using Shoei’s venting systems, in order to give you the most comfortable of rides.

Visor technology is also industry leading, with pinlock and visor locking systems to keep things clear, and safe at high speeds.

Multi layer EPS ensures impacts are dealt with efficiently and effectively. The EPS liners are designed to make up part of the airflow system with custom channels built in.

Shoei are another manufacturer that have gone to great lengths to ensure their helmets are comfortable. The design applied to the interior lining system gives a superb fit, with fully removable, washable and replaceable interior padding and components.

Shoei Hornet X2 Review

The Hornet X2 is the development of Shoei’s older Hornet design, with a far more aggressive styling, the introduction of new interior design features and redesigned venting systems.  All in all, this leads to a much more refined helmet, with better balance and reduced road noise, and superior airflow over the older model.

Riders who are looking for a helmet for low speed use may find the Shoei a little heavy at 1750gms, but if you are planning on extended riding at 40mph plus, or need a premium helmet that will work across your ATV and road bike, this will be less of a worry. The design of the Shoei does mean that weight is offset as you ride faster.  The air flow under the peak lifts the helmet very slightly, making it appear lighter.

As you would expect with an adventure helmet, field of vision is great, with a wide aperture.  The Hornet has really embraced the off-road helmet design in both shape and fit. If you are coming from motocross it will not feel to much different from the type of helmet you may have worn. With this in mind, Shoei have designed the helmet so that you can use the helmet with goggles on and then pull the visor down if required. This is very much a design feature from the VX Pro featured elsewhere on motocrossadvice.com

As with most premium ATV helmets, the venting system is highly capable for the variety of riding ATV riders will be doing. Air comes in through the front vents,. The Chin vent has a simple open/closed option. It is then fed through the variety of channels and ports within the helmet through to the rear exhaust ports. Cold dry air in, damp warm air out. Simple and highly effective.  Brow vents bring air in through the top of the helmet.

The off-road style peak has a clever gill system, which will keep things tidy as you increase speeds for tarmac riding, and is designed to be completely replaceable should the worst happen. The visor has the handy addition of Shoei’s ratchet system found on their race and road ranges. This will allow you to secure the visor open at various settings, increasing airflow further. The peak and visor are completely separate, allowing you to change the visor on the road. The peak is also removable with quarter turns of the lock in screws, and one push on the central button.

The interior of the Hornet is fully removable with Shoei’s own version of an emergency cheek pad system. You will be able to  regularly replace key components and wash the bits that are in close contact with your head.

Shoei have really nailed the latest version of the Hornet. If you are an ATV rider, wanting a versatile, adventure/off-road/touring helmet, you would do well to check this one out.

Hornet X2 Features
  • AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi Fibre) shell construction
  • Dual-layer multi-density EPS liner
  • CNS-2 visor system for distortion-free vision
  • QR-N base plate system, quick and efficient peak removal without having to remove the visor
  • Max-Dry System II liner material quickly absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture
  • Removable ear pads
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System)
  • Includes removable breath guard and chin curtain


3. Best ATV Helmet: Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX

Bell helmets are another brand that have been setting the pace with helmet technologies and design for over 60 years.  Bell was Founded in California by race car builder Roy Richter, as a response to the ever increasing dangers of hot rod and drag racing. He approached the task of building ATV helmets with the same dedication and commitment that he put into race cars. The brand has always stood for outstanding performance, and function over design. That said, Bell helmets are no slouches in the looks department either.

What makes Bell helmets stand out?

The Bell helmet range features the same kind of detailed approach to design as their Japanese counterparts. With the Adventure MX-9 DLX MIPS, you will find some of the cooler features from their road models, added to the DNA of their motocross helmet. This places the helmet right up there with other adventure/dirt riding/ATV helmets. It is this niche design which makes the Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS, one of my top 5 picks for ATV riders.

Bell_MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS Review

The slightly convoluted name is actually easy to understand once you break it down. Take the basics of the Bell MX-9 dirt bike helmet, add the “Adventure” combination of visor and peak. Upgrade the visor to the  DLX (deluxe) Transitions   UV & Photochromic system, and finally a sprinkling of safety with the MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System… See, easy!

The Bell MX 9 is a world class off road helmet. This variation really delivers the perfect option for the ATV rider/Adventure Rider. The polycarbonate construction weighs in at just 1530 grammes and so is one of the lighter models in our top 5 ATV helmets guide. This will really appeal to you if you are weight conscious with your kit.

The peak has two positions, using a simple coin screw. The peak does use the same hinges as the visor, so this will make visor changes a bit more tricky. That is less of a worry with the DLX version we are featuring here, as you wont have to change the visor at night like you would with a regular tinted visor.

The DLX visor is a really cool piece of kit. As soon as you hit UV and bright sun, the trademarked visor system, (which is the same as used for transition sunglasses), will tint within 40 seconds or so. No more reaching for sunglasses, and if you want to ride in conjunction with goggles, the visor will take care of bright sunlight for you. All of this is delivered with minimal optical distortion.

MIPS   is a Bell safety feature designed to minimise sideways impact. Bell have fitted a slipper plate between the EPS absorption layer and the comfort liner. It is this slipper plate which allows lateral movement in the event of impact, reducing lateral forces on the neck and head.

Venting is adequate. Maybe not quite as capable as the Arai and Shoei, but you have an open close vent on the front, feeding a series of vents and exhaust port on the side and rear.

The MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS is yet another solid offering from Bell and holds its own against its more expensive rivals. The reduced weight is a big factor and really could make all the difference for some riders.

Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS Features
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction
  • MIPS Energy Management System
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system for maximum cooling
  • Exclusive Magnefusion Emergency Removal System
  • Fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor with air intake vents
  • Photochromic Visor/shield
  • Industry-leading Five-year warranty


4. Best ATV Helmets: Fly Racing Formula Carbon

Fly racing have a long standing pedigree when it comes to providing the ultimate in dirt bike gear. They set out to design the safest and most up to date technologies when building their helmets. This is very important for a brand who use the word “racing” in their name. They need to know that the equipment can stand all of the rigours of modern competitive riding.  This singular commitment to the world of competitive equipment has led to an impressive stable of world class riders endorsing their products.  The brand is synonymous with the Rockstar brand, a popular off road sponsor.

If you are looking for a competition standard ATV helmet, which will rival any off-road product out there, then the Fly Racing range is a must see.

What makes Fly Formula Racing helmets stand out?

One of the key features of the Fly Formula Helmet range, is the huge investment in impact design. Off-Road riding can lead to some fairly gnarly crashes. Fly are one manufacturer that have gone that extra step in the search to find solutions to the age old problem of concussion and head impact. To do this, they have designed a totally unique, layered system for their flagship helmets.  This system works on the theory that linear and rotational impacts will cause different stresses and strains on the head.

Fly have designed a material that reacts differently, according to the amount and direction of the force applied to it. Clever! This 7 component “Conhead ” system is linked to expanded volume EPS to absorb shock.  This multiple component layer is then coated in a high quality 12k Carbon shell.

To complement this impressive safety design, the Formula Racing range have a cleverly designed venting system which keeps cold dry air flowing in to the lid, quickly drying and cooling unwanted moisture under race conditions.

Fly Racing Formula Carbon Review

As soon as you pick up the Fly Racing Carbon Formula, you understand where the money has gone.  This is a quality piece of equipment. It feels super light, coming in at a little over 1200gms. The overall finish is incredibly high. This helmet is the culmination of many years of research and design, and it shows.

The whole point of this helmet is the incredibly advanced impact system which has multiple components working together to reduce the damage caused by the various forces at work. The amount of parts layered into the helmet is incredible. Each part plays its own role on taming lateral and direct impact forces, at various speeds. It has to be one of the safest Off Road Helmets on the market.

The 12k Carbon fibre results in a super strong composite, which is ridiculously light, so it is not just  safe, it is extremely comfortable.

The venting system is as capable and complex in its design as any road or race helmet. Again, Fly are leading the way here.

The peak is a traditional motocross style, with break away design. It is important to note that this helmet does not have a visor (shield) and so it is really for those ATV riders who want a more Off Road styled product. If you are planning on minimal tarmac use, and don’t mind having goggles as your only option, then the Formula Carbon is the helmet to beat.

Fly Racing Formula Carbon Features 
  • 12K carbon fibre shell
  • Impact Energy Cells – Made by RHEON
  • Conhead® EPS Technology
  • Expanded volume EPS
  • EPP chin bar
  • Clavicle shell relief zone
  • Custom moulded rubber trim with integrated nose guard
  • Lightweight Custom visor screws
  • Titanium alloy D-rings
  • Comfort liner and quick release Cheek pads
  • True Functional Ventilation (TFV)


5. Best ATV Helmet: AGV AX9

To complete our ultimate, top 5 guide for the best ATV helmets available in 2019, we are going to look at the Italian manufacturer AGV. The brand are yet another industry leading manufacturer. Formed in the late 1940’s, AGV became the choice of some of the worlds leading motorcycle racers. The brand added Formula one to their repertoire in the 1970’s.

With sleek Italian design, coupled with the high demands of the racing community, AGV have carved out a solid following from riders around the world. The popular brand was purchased in 2007 by the Dainese group and subsequently absorbed by the Investment Group of Bahrain. With huge investment, their products continue to shine through. AGV have even launched their own safety initiative with the “Extreme Standards” helmet rang, which was 5 years in development.

What makes  AGV helmets stand out?

As with many  Italian products, the AGV helmet is a beautiful design. The AGV-AX9, is the first helmet in our ultimate guard that favours the tarmac side of ATV riding. Technology is really focussed on the fibreglass shell laminate, a capable venting system with removable filters and impressive safety design.

AGV AX9 Review

As the replacement for the 10 year old AX8 variants, the AX9 hits some key improvements. The venting system has been improved to allow much more air flow through the chin vent..

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Dirt bike boots are one of the most essential pieces of kit you will buy. In my opinion, you should never ride a dirt bike without wearing proper MX boots or an MX helmet.

Even if you only intend to ride a few hundred feet, wear your dirt bike boots and helmet! Are you riding from the pit to the track? Wear your boots and helmet. Even for a chilled out ride with friends in the local field… You get the picture.

MX, and off-road riding in general, is a sport that can go wrong. Even a low speed spill can hurt. As the speeds increase and the terrain gets more challenging, so the danger increases too.  Why am I emphasising this?  Well, I have seen some brutal injuries which have happened because the rider didn’t wear dirt bike boots.

As your motocross skills improve, you will demand more from both your bike, and your kit. There are three main points of contact when riding a dirt bike. These are your hands, feet and inner leg.  Your backside also comes into play as a secondary point of contact. It makes sense that all these points of contact give you good feedback as to what the bike is doing underneath you. Grip and traction with the bike is very important. If you are catching big air and trying to whip the bike, or if you are pinned down a bumpy straight section, you need to know the bike and you are going to stay connected!  Grip and manoeuvrability are key features of a good motocross boot, which will make up to two of our three main contact points when riding.

With this guide I will walk you through the best dirt bike boots available in 2019.

We will look at dirt bike boots in the following categories; entry level, intermediate,  premium and Pro level.

The Ultimate Dirt Bike Boots Guide 2019, will walk you through some of the key features of motocross boots available for the 2019 season. I hope this will make your decision on which boots to buy, a much easier one.

So, let’s get into it!

Motocross Advice – Best Cheap Dirt Bike Boots 2019 Price guide under $200 

This is one of the most regularly searched areas of MX and dirt bike riding. I suppose this makes sense. A lot of people come into dirt bike riding with a low budget.

Wulfsport TrackstarWulfsport
Fly MX MaverikFlyCHECK PRICE >>>
Thor – BlitzThorCHECK PRICE >>>

Maybe you have bought your first bike? Perhaps a second hand motocross bike? You are looking to ride for fun. You may not even plan to go to a track with the purpose of racing other dirt bike riders. All you are thinking about is getting out in the dirt and riding your bike for the first time. In this situation, the first thing many riders do is search for second hand or used motocross boots.

This poses a potential problem.

Boots, like helmets and clothing, undergo various stresses and wear and tear. This is especially the case when a rider falls off.

So does it make sense to risk buying a second hand boot, or to search for free MX boots online?

For me, the answer is no. Especially when there are so many cheap motocross boots on the market.

Budget dirt bike boots are not just for beginners. If you are a regular weekend rider, there is no doubt that you will wear out your kit. That is the nature of the sport. So if you are looking to replace your dirt bike boots, but are not riding competitively, or for long periods of time, you would do well to start your research with cheap MX boots.

Having researched the dirt bike boots available there are a number of brand new, cheap boots available to you. I feel that these dirt bike boots give fantastic performance and value for money. They also come with a guarantee, unlike second hand dirt bike boots!

Here is the list of best cheap dirt bike boots which will protect you, when entry-level riding.

1. Wulfsport Trackstar – Dirt Bike Boots

The Wulfsport Trakstar is a great place to start when considering an entry level motocross boot. They have all of the basic features you need, and you have the benefit of a guarantee.  Wulfsport claim that the Trakstar is the best value off road boot on the market. Extensive researching certainly backs up that claim.

There are a few things to consider when looking a dirt bike boot, regardless of it’s cost. Ride comfort is a top priority. It is important for your foot to be able to flex when changing gear and moving around on the pegs. If your foot is too rigid, this will lead to pain and fatigue in the muscles around the foot and ankle. For me, this is key. The last thing you want when you are having fun out there, is to have to turn back due to pain. The Trackstar has a flexible sole which will allow your foot to move naturally. These boots also have a nylon and polyester lining which is generously padded.

Given the nature of motocross riding, protection features are high on the list when it comes to buying a dirt bike boot. This is another area where cheap motocross boots can let you down. For the price point, the Trackstars have a full range of features designed to protect you in the event of a fall, or collision of any kind.

One of the most important features is a shin guard to protect the front of the leg. When riding off-road, the legs can come into contact with all manner of objects. Tree branches, scrub, rocks and flying debris are all coming at you at various times. The front of the legs need to be adequately shielded from such debris. The Wulfstar dirt bike boots have a micro-injection shin guard which will go some way to protecting the front of your leg. Finally, they have added adequate ankle protection to complete the job.

One of the nicest features on this entry level boot are the replaceable straps. Another problem with cheap boots is components failing. Straps take a lot of wear and tear. They can easily get snagged on things. If you snap a boot strap, it is comforting to know that you can order a replacement rather than having to buy new dirt bike boots! On this note, Trackstars also have a suede heat shield to stop you burning a hole in them. Nice!

Finally, these boots look great! They come in a choice of two designs, and they look much more expensive than they actually are.


  • Designed to withstand tough conditions
  • Adjustable and replaceable straps/buckles
  • Suede heat shield
  • Available in black or white
  • Available in sizes 39-48
2. Fly MX Maverik

The Fly Maverik is another hot contender for the cheap motocross boot category.  This boot ticks all of the boxes required for a first time dirt bike rider, or a rider looking to replace a boot within a budget.

Lets deal with comfort first and foremost.

The Fly Maverik boot has a number of features designed to increase comfort when riding off-road.  A motocross rider will find themselves going up and down the gear box many times in a ride. The Fox boot goes one step further than other dirt bike boots at this price point, with the addition of an articulated ankle.

This increases the range of motion available for gear changes so that the rider is not working against the boots rigidity. The design allows movement to take place without sacrificing the structural integrity of the boot. This will allow longer periods of riding and also maintains the all important support required for the ankle.

The Fly Maverik boot also has an elasticated gaiter around the top. This increases comfort where the boot meets the calf and keeps out unwanted debris. This comfort is extended to the inside lining, which is well padded.

Although the soles of this boot are fairly stiff out of the box, they break in nicely and their contoured profile will allow a more natural walking gait when you are off the bike. This is definitely something to consider of you are touring off-road and will be walking around more than the average dirt bike rider.

Protection is excellent for a boot at this price point. The rubberised heat guard is over sized, running almost to the top of the leg. This provides great protection from heat sources to both the boot and your leg. It is nice and grippy too. Allowing the novice rider to experiment with the grip techniques required for off-road riding.

The toe area is protected by a wrap around section, which is topped off by a metal toe guard. Flex panels all over the boot are generous and increase the boots flexibility and allow the rider greater freedom when riding. Shin guards come in the form of plastic moulded, oversize panels which inspire confidence and add to the dirt bike boots aggressive styling.

When it comes to the construction of the Fly Maverik, we see some really neat features. The recessed stitching gives the look and feel of a much higher priced product. The soles are also stitched on. This attention to detail means that the boot will last longer as the soles can be replaced by a shoe repair shop for extra longevity. This will pay dividends over time.

Other areas that I think are worth noting here include the straps, which have a memory locking system and open design. Once you have found a good setting for the straps, you don’t need to worry about adjustment every time you put the boot on. Simply snap them shut and that is it. I like this feature, as it is one less thing to think about when going through your pre-ride set up. Also, as time passes and the boot gives, or your leg size changes due to natural weight gain or weight loss, you can adjust accordingly.

The open design of the buckles makes sure that mud and debris is easily removed rather than it building up in the mechanism, causing malfunction or failure. Finally, the grip levels on the sole are really good, with a hard outer sole to increase durability.

All in all the Fly Maverik is an extremely competent boot for very little money. It mimics the kind of features you will find in higher price point boots.


  • 3D moulded plastic shift panel with added grooves and texture
  • Articulated rear ankle
  • Pre-shaped moulded plastic 3D shin
  • Inner ankle panel made of durable and flexible plastic
  • CE Approved to EN13634:2015
  • Moulded rubber outsole
  • Rubber heat shield
  • Elastic gaiter
  • innovative one-piece plastic injected ‘fish tail’ mid-sole
  • Adjustable quick-lock buckle



3 Thor – Blitz

Personal taste is a big factor when choosing your dirt bike bitz! Every one has their own preferences. I have chosen these budget dirt bike boots to feature as they are ideal boot for riders who prefer a stiffer boot.

The Thor Blitz are constructed from robust moulded sections, joined together with recessed stitching. Whilst they provide manoeuvrability in the right places, they are definitely stiffer than other dirt bike boots. This could actually be an advantage if you require increased support due to a long term injury or physical condition, or if you just prefer a stiffer boot. These boots can take about ten hours of riding to break in, but if you like a stiffer ride, these are a great boot to consider.

Comfort levels are good. The interior lining is more breathable than other other boots at this price point, as they include a breathable mesh section. My thought here is that water ingress may be an issue. A breathable mesh will let water in. With that in mind they may not suit a rider who uses the boots in all weathers for extended periods. If you are a fair weather rider who favours shorter rides, these dirt bike boots will provide you with all you need. If you are looking for a secondary pair of boots for dry weather riding, these may well tick that box.

Safety features come in the form of pre-moulded sections for shins and ankles. The toe cap area is also tough and features a replaceable metal toe guard. The Thor’s tough and solid reputation continues in the sole of the boot. A steel plate runs through the moulded sole to give unparalleled protection at this price point. The Thor Blitz is the second boot in this class to feature a replaceable stitched in sole for a longer boot life.

Heat guards on the Thor Blitz are synthetic panels. I like the extra grip they provide when the side of your leg is in contact with the bike.  They also do a great job of keeping heat away from your leg. The injection moulded shin plate completes leg protection.

All in all this is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a secondary dry weather boot, or requiring a stiffer construction from their dirt bike boot.  The Thor Blitz provides the widest range of designs at this price point. With four colour schemes to choose from you are bound to find the right one for your set up.


  • Pre-curved injection-moulded shin plate
  • Three fully-adjustable straps allow for a custom, rider-specific fit
  • Fully synthetic heat shield provides temperature resistance
  • Injection moulded medial abrasion plate with integrated shift protection
  • Mesh liner promotes airflow without sacrificing comfort
  • Uni-directional outsole with a steel shank insert
  • Injection moulded positive-lock buckles
  • Tested and certified according to European Standard EN 13634:2010


Motocross Advice – Best Dirt Bike Boots 2019  – Intermediate Price Guide Under $300

As we step up to the intermediate level, motocross boots increase in both quality and features. Although still very affordable, expect to see more protection and shock absorption. Boots in this category tend to be more comfortable too. This can be important when riding for extended periods or at higher speeds.

Fox Comp Motocross BootsFOXCHECK PRICE >>>
Gaerne GX1 Dirt Bike BootsGaerneCHECK PRICE >>>
Fly FR 5 Intermediate Motocross BootsFLYCHECK PRICE >>>

With brands like Fox or Gaerne, their lowest price point motocross boots start in this category. These dirt bike boots are great for you if you are an entry-level rider, but can spare the extra budget to get a better quality boot. They are also good for a more experienced rider who is upgrading from budget level too. 1. Fox Comp Motocross Boots

We make rules to break them. Sure, these dirt bike boots should sit in the category above as they are under $200.00. However, the fox comp boots perform like an intermediate MX boot, and for that reason they lead the under $300 category in this article. Intermediate performance from a budget price point equals a real value for money product.

Fox are a legendary motocross brand. They have a stable of world class riders in their camp.  The partnership with HRC (Honda Racing), sees riders including Tim Gajser, Brian Bogers and Calvin Vlaanderen wearing a full compliment of Fox kit. These guys will be wearing the instinct boot for 2019. The Fox Comp draws heavily from the higher priced Instinct boot to deliver a top quality product.

Lets have a look at how comfortable these dirt bike boots are. There are two main features which set this boot apart from the cheap dirt bike boot category.

The first feature Fox have used, is a truly unique inner lacing system. This works in a very similar way to a snowboarding boot. Once you foot is in the boot, a sleeve like inner lining is drawn snugly around you foot and ankle using a laced system. One pull on the lace anchors your foot in firmly in place. This totally eliminates foot lift (heel float), keeping the boot locked on tight.

This ingenious system is complimented by Fox’s active lock, straps.  The top two straps on this dirt bike boot are made from silicone straps. These hook into place without using a traditional buckle. Not only does this system allow for differences in leg size, but more importantly it allows a range of stretch and give. This means more manoeuvrability around the shin area when you are moving around on the bike. This is a simple but highly effective feature. I also like the fact that this system is not as vulnerable as traditional buckles when it comes to dirt and debris.

This boot is made from Fox’s Synthetic leather material. It is very comfortable and lends itself more toward the all day rider and that is where this boot scores highly. There is a level of sacrifice when it comes to competitive race riding, as the Comp boot may not be as rigid as other intermediate and premium dirt bike boots. This can be a big plus if you are leaning towards all day leisure riding. Waterproofing is another consideration as these boots are not fully waterproof. That is a common thing with MX boots.

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Throughout my motocross career, I’ve used many different kind of dirt bike helmets. Buying a new motocross helmet is one of those things you will do on a fairly regular basis.  There are many reasons for buying a new helmet. Maybe your current lid has suffered a big impact. Replacing a motocross bike often leads to buying new kit. Perhaps you are taking your first steps into motocross riding?

Fox Racing V3 Dirt bike helmets 2019FOX Racing
Bell Moto-9 Carbon FlexBell
Shoei VFX-W 2019 Shoei
Troy Lee SE4 Factory Carbon 2019Troy Lee
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Whatever your motivation, choosing the right helmet is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your helmet will need to keep you safe. It will need to be comfortable and light. Let’s be honest, it will also need to look amazing!

When I started riding I was just 4-years-old. One of my first dirt bike helmets was an Arai. It was an old school design, with removable chin guard. This allowed you to ride “open-faced” if you wanted to. This reduced weight and increased airflow. Of course, it was far more dangerous to ride without the chin guard. It wasn’t long before my face was covered in cuts and bruises!

Thankfully things have come on quite a way since those days. In Motocross, a removable chin guard is pretty much unheard of nowadays. Advances in technology have seen a flurry of new materials, composites and safety features.

The choice of motocross helmets is bigger than ever before. The variety of trademarked designs for airflow, impact absorption and visor clip systems, has increased. Each manufacturer has their own take on how to make motocross helmets safer, lighter and easier to ride in. When shopping for the right helmet, things can get really confusing

In this review, we are looking at the Best Dirt Bike Helmets available today. I have researched and considered a wide range of products. I have taken into account safety, comfort and key design features. That has left me with a list of top 5 Motocross helmetsfor you to consider. I have also added a bonus choice at the end of the reviews.

I hope this helps you to cut through the confusion and that you find the right helmet for you!

TOP 5 Best Dirt Bike Helmets – Ultimate Guide 1. Fox Racing V3. (Kila, Motif, Baz, Matte Carbon) Best Dirt bike helmets

Fox has been producing quality motocross gear since 1974. They have over 40 years of experience in designing great products. Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey are just two world-class motocross riders who put their trust in Fox gear. As one of the brands that have invested heavily in their marketing and brand image, Fox dirt bike helmets look as incredible as they perform. The current range has 4 design options.

With the V3 helmet series, you get a premium quality helmet. Fox has achieved the perfect balance of lightweight materials and high spec V value for money. The V3 is loaded with features, which is why we have referred to it as best dirt bike helmet for the money in previous articles.

What makes Fox motocross helmets stand out?

Fox Helmets Main technologies:

One of the really notable things about Fox V3 helmets is their Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)

Many manufacturers of cheaper helmets test impact resistance with a vertical force only. This will replicate what happens to a helmet when it is dropped straight down onto the ground. The issue here is, when you have an unplanned dismount, rarely do you fall straight down head first. This makes vertical testing redundant for a motocross helmet. At very least, it makes vertical testing a low priority.

In a real-life crash, a rider will make contact with the ground at an angle. A motocross crash will often result in the rider’s helmet twisting on a sideways plane. It is this sideways force that can lead to a serious concussion or worse.

MIPSis a scientifically developed system fitted to each V3 helmet. Think of it as a kind of shock absorber designed to counteract sideways force. It does this by absorbing rotational energy. With sideways force soaked up, there is less head movement. This equates to less disruption of the fluid surrounding the brain and reduced chances of concussion.

Another great safety feature is the magnetic visor release system. Most visors are fitted to a helmet with screws. Slam the helmet into the ground visor first and you create a rapid twist motion. The result for a rider can be pretty nasty whiplash injury. Fox has developed a visor system that is robust enough to perform when you are shiny side up but will detach easily with any kind of impact.

This drastically reduces the chances of the helmet “grabbing” the ground on impact. It is features like these that made the V3 one of the safest dirt bike helmets in previous tests.

Fox V3 Description and product details

• MVRS Magnetic Visor Release System
• New specific medium shell size for improved scaling and fit
• 4 shell and 4 EPS sizes for a precise fit
• Reduced weight over the previous generation V3 dirt bike helmets
• Muti-Directional Impact Protection System®
• Multiple-composite technology construction
• DriLex® comfort liner & cheek pads
• 14 intake and 4 exhaust vents for optimum airflow
• Certification – Exceeds ECE22.05 and DOT certifications


See the Fox V3 2018 Dirt Bike helmet review here: Fox V3 2018 helmet review

2. Bell Moto-9 Carboflex. Best Dirt Bike Helmets

Bell is a name synonymous with motorcycling. A trusted brand since 1954, they have produced a real contender for the best dirt bike helmets available today. Bell’s Moto-9 Carboflex is a carbon composite, lightweight lid, with a whole host of benefits. Many of the outstanding features are centred around their unique interior layer design.

With the Moto-9, Bell set a goal of creating a dirt bike helmet with a longer life span. High-quality materials, unique design features and attention to detail, place this helmet firmly amongst the industry leaders.  From beginner to a pro rider, the Bell helmet inspires confidence and provides high levels of comfort.

One of the secrets of Bell’s success is the highly technical interior lining system. With the Moto-9 Flex dirt bike helmets, Bell has approached the issues of sideways force and impact absorption with their own technology.  A first-of-its-kind, three-layer impact liner utilizes 3 densities of material. This hi-tech approach comprehensively disperses impact energy and works to reduce rotational energy transfer. The three-layer system is designed to cope with low, medium and high impacts, each in their own specific way.

The added benefits of this system are a more personalised fit due to the flexibility of the lining system and increased airflow.  When I tested the Moto-9, I found it to be a really clever design and one of the most comfortable dirt bike helmets I’ve ever worn.

Whilst many cheaper manufacturers focus just on impact itself, Bell has gone one step further. In the event of a spill, safe helmet removal is one of the main challenges faced by marshals and medical staff. A neat magnetic clip in system ensures the safe removal of the Bell Moto-9 with the minimum of head movement.

Bell helmets – Main technologies Progressive layering

A revolutionary three-core progressive layering system for absorbing kinetic energy at three different speed levels: low, mid and high-speed impacts are all dealt with by their own layer within the helmet.

Adaptive fit

The Moto-9 features segmented construction, automatically conforming to the riders head for a better fit and more predictable energy management.

Rotational energy management

A “Slip zone” within the impact liner allows for subtle movement between the inner layers and works to lessen rotational energy from angular impacts.


With the new segmented and flexible liner in the Moto-9 Flex, Bell helmets were able to improve upon the already effective Velocity Flow Ventilation system to provide unparalleled airflow within the helmet.

Here are some things I really liked about the helmet when I was tested it:
  • It fits perfectly

It feels like the helmet has been specifically made just for my head shape, the new lining also does an excellent job of supporting my head and neck. This makes the riding experience far more comfortable. Buy this helmet from Rocky Mountain and you get the extra comfort of a size guarantee. If the ordered helmet does not fit, you can exchange it for free!

  • Easy to wash lining

The harder you ride the hotter you get. The inside of a helmet can become a very sweaty place. The Bell’s magnetic cheek pad system takes far less effort when removing, washing and replacing cheek pads.

  • Excellent ventilation

The highly impressive cooling system sends a flow of air onto the chin and forehead. This effective intake system coupled with well designed rear vents maintains fantastic airflow at all speeds.

  • The helmet weighs 3.4 pounds.

While not the lightest helmet on the market, it definitely isn’t the heaviest either. Its safety features and ventilation system inevitably add to its overall weight. As somebody who has a vast experience of dirt bike helmets, I can say with confidence that the Bell Moto-9 carboflex falls in the class of lightweight dirt bike helmets.

I firmly believe that the Moto-9 Flex dirt bike helmets will set a new benchmark in the dirt bike helmet industry. Bell claims that the Moto-9 is the most advanced helmet that they have ever made. It has certainly won a place amongst our Best Dirt Bike Helmets available.

 Bell Moto-9 Carboflex description and product details

• 3K Carbon Shell
• Flex Energy Management interior liner
• Fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor with air intake vents
• Industry-Leading Five-Year Warranty
• Integrated Vented Roost Guard
• Lightweight Carbon Composite shell construction
• Magnefusion Emergency Release System (MERS)
• Magnefusion Magnetic Strap Keeper
• Magnefusion Removable Magnetic Cheekpads
• Padded Chin-Strap with D-Ring Closure
• Padded, Lined Helmet Bag Included
• Velocity Flow Ventilation system for maximum cooling
• X-Static® and XT-2® Padding

Weight 1450
Certification DOT. ECE Snell M2015


3. Shoei VFX-W – EVO.  Best Dirt Bike Helmets

No ultimate guide of best helmets would be complete without Shoei.

One of the Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands, Shoei is a company famous for its uncompromising safety standards. Their world-class helmets are amongst the lightest on the market.

Creating lightweight, industry-leading helmets, is not possible without using the very best materials available. Shoei’s Premium class helmets utilise their very own AIM technology.  If you are willing to pay slightly more, then this could be the helmet for you.

Shoei Dirt Bike Helmets – Main technology achievements

The latest evolution of Shoei’s leading helmet may have taken a while to arrive, but the development of world-class technologies takes time.  Completely reimagined and re-engineered without sacrificing an ounce of the quality and performance, these are some of the new features that have kept Shoei at the front of the race.


Few characteristics of a motorcycle helmet are as critical as its first-layer of defence. This is precisely why the all-new VFX-EVO features the SHOEI-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+Shell construction. Combine this with the proprietary, SHOEI-exclusive Motion Energy Distribution System [M.E.D.S.], and the all-new VFX-EVO sets a new standard for safety and performance.

Shoei’s proprietary AIM+ is a technology which combines fibreglass with organic fibres. This composite produces a helmet so hard, it can only be cut with a laser.

Every Shoei helmet is designed to absorb and distribute the force of an impact in a safe and efficient way. The brief for the VFX range was to make a helmet that combined strength, with the minimum amount of weight possible.

The all-new EVO uses the MEDS system. MEDS enhances and increases the performance of the helmet in the event of an impact.

Emergency Quick-Release System (EQRS).

This safety feature is one of my favourite things about this helmet. When you crash, you sometimes crash hard.  You may require immediate track side medical attention and your helmet has to be removed. Helmet removal is a tricky process, especially with the possibility of a serious neck or head injury. Too much head movement or jolting can make injuries even worse.

Shoei dirt bike helmets have a really cool system (EQRS), that lets you remove the cheek pads as well as the lining really easily. This means that the helmet can be quickly and safely removed and you can be attended to right away. This simple feature could minimise the result of a neck or back injury. It might even end up saving your life.

Ventilation System.

Shoei is renowned for high-performance ventilation systems. With the VFX-W, there are several well placed ventilation channels inside the helmet that bring in streams of airflow. These channels are part of a system which works with the dual-density EPS liner. (The EPS inner liner features air channels for efficient cooling). This complex network of venting channels is fed by the front vents. Air then passes through the helmet and exits via the rear venting system.

Shoei’s 3D Max-Dryworks with the air flow to pull sweat away from the head and face 2X faster than conventional nylon.

Large Eye port:

When you are riding flat out in the dirt, things can change quickly. With mud, spray dust and other riders all vying for the space in front of you, it can get quite hectic! In these situations, or even when riding the dirt with friends, clear vision is a distinct advantage. Shoei has ticked that box with the new design EVO range. Their large eye port design;

  • Provides a massive peripheral field of vision
  • Facilitates oversized goggles
More awesome things about this helmet

Shoei is so confident in its dirt bike helmets, they provide an extraordinarily long guarantee.

You can opt for a 7-year guarantee that starts on the date the helmet was manufactured or a 5-year guarantee starting from the moment you bought your helmet. That level of confidence in the product is very cool! I have known many riders who swear by Shoei helmets. Once they have worn Shoei, many have stayed with them throughout their careers. I cannot think of a single example where the guarantee has been used.

The Shoei is a badass looking helmet.

Shoei set the benchmark with the Josh Grant model in 2018. The VFX-W EVO range is now 17 strong, with a whole host of variations and colour schemes.

I really like how this thing fits on my head.

Shoei has managed to design their dirt bike helmets in a way that allows for a lot of natural variation in head shape. Finding a helmet that fits, can be a challenge for me. The Shoei is one of the few helmets that fits beautifully, straight out of the box. I would recommend trying it to anyone, irrespective of your head size or shape. Sure, the Shoei is one of the more expensive choices. When it comes down to it though, what sacrifices are you willing to make when it comes to riding in comfort and safety?

Shoei VFX- EVO Product details and description Motion Energy Distribution System [M.E.D.S.]

A strategically engineered system to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head in the event of an accident. This feature places Shoei right up with it’s fiercest competitors when it comes to impact management.


  • Exclusive, state-of-the-art shell forming technology
  • Incorporates the aerodynamic advantages of a spoiler into the shell
  • Consistent shell thickness guarantees proper strength and weight
  • Shell-integrated goggle channel forms a perfect goggle retention system


  • Fine-tuned by SHOEI’s professional motocross and off-road racing team
  • Specially designed for a seamless connection with the shell
  • Provides superior roost protection and channels cooling air into the helmet
  • Utilizes the highest point of adjustment as its standard “home” position
  • New flange mechanism to easily find the home position and prevent unexpected movement
  • High-grade polycarbonate screws will shear off on impact, reducing forces to the rider’s head


  • Equal parts style, functionality and safety
  • Wind tunnel-refined for optimal cooling
  • Reinforced by a strategically-placed strip of AIM+ shell material
  • Aluminium mesh screen & washable foam filter prevents ingress of roost, rocks, mud, and dust


  • Boasting sixteen (16) intake and exhaust vents in total
  • Wind-tunnel-tested for optimal vent port shapes, sizes and locations
  • Improved negative air pressure suction for enhanced cool-air intake and hot-air expulsion
  • Cooling air channels in the dual-layer EPS liner further enhance airflow
  • Optimized to excel in the demanding confines of off-road and motocross environments


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 BrandTOP Features 
Wimius 4K Ultra HD- Slow motion
- Time lapse
- Loop recording
- 64 GB
USATREKKER W9- Waterproof
- 32 GB
- Really light
ODRWM 4K- Wireless remote
- HD Screen
- Inbuilt WiFi
- Waterproof
- 2 extra batteries
- Waterproof
- HD quality
- 170 degree lens
- Great battery
YI action camera- Bluetooth
- Wifi
- 7 photos per second
- Lithium battery
KINGEAR F9 HD 1080P- Good battery life
- Light weight
ICONNTECHS IT Full HD- Light weight
- Waterproof
- Perfect lenses
- Has screen
- 32 GB

Cheap helmet camera is something that has helped us a lot in this modern world. We can capture unlimited scenes in the action and the memory is saved forever. There are so many types of camera right now that we cannot even imagine. For every situation there is another kind of camera. Some of them are expansive but some of them are not. Both of these types of cameras work great. Both give their best results in every situation.

One of the kind is action and helmet cameras. Since, helmet cameras are used on helmets, they are small in size. The cameras more often look like a button which is installed on the helmet. But other times the camera is fitted with the helmet. These cameras are designed very precisely considering the fact that these are going to be used by dirt bike riders, surfers, climbers, etc. this is why they are very high in definition, tough and can capture a whole world in tiny lens.

Helmet camera helps dirt bike riders in saving the amazing sites they are in and letting them complete their task on time or some time before time. Their small size is very amazing. Even though it is small but it has the capacity of capturing a whole world inside of it.

If you are interested in buying some cheap helmet cameras, then here are the Best Cheap Helmet Cameras of 2019.

Best Cheap Helmet Cameras 2019: 1. Wimius 4K Ultra HD sports helmet camera – best budget helmet cam

The first cheap helmet camera is Wimius 4K Ultra HD sports helmet camera. This is the best camera which is cheap and works the best. This is a waterproof camera. You can use it under water or in water. The camera will give the best result in high resolution. The shoots will be perfect and amazing. This is an HD camera which means that it is very high in definition. You will get every shoot with every detail.

The amazing features of this cheap helmet camera Slow motion mode

First of all, the camera has a slow motion mode. This a very amazing feature. With the help of slow motion mode, you can slow down every video you want to see. Slow motion mode also provides you an opportunity to have a look at the every detail in the video in a very clear manner. You will see the minor details which are normally hidden if used other cameras.

The Time lapse Mode

The Time lapse Mode is another feature which is very new for helmet cameras. Usually most of the cheap helmet cameras lack this feature, but Wimius Ultra k HD helmet camera has this feature to provide its customers with everything they want. There are so many times when we have taken so many good pictures instead of making a video. There are situations and conditions when we prefer taking pictures instead of videos. Time lapse mode allows you to make a video with the help of pictures you have taken from the intervals which range from 0.5 to 60 seconds. This is such a good feature which has opened so many ways of creativity for many people.

Loop Recording feature

Another feature which has enhanced the value of this camera is Loop Recording. Loop recording is the best for the helmet cameras since they can easily be carried on the helmet without fearing that it might get damaged. The battery is one of the important item in any camera. If the battery dies out, you will have nothing. Battery is the soul of the helmet camera. The company has put forward this view which is why we have Auto screen saver mode which controls everything on your camera. An Auto saver saves up the battery for your use automatically. You can use the saved battery as well. There are moments which you want to capture so, auto saver comes to your rescue then.

Why to buy this best budget helmet cam?

There are so many advantages of buying this cheap helmet camera. First of all, you are getting a camera which has so many advanced features which cannot be found in any other camera. Secondly, this camera is actually cheap, but it works perfectly. Thirdly, you are investing in something which has a guarantee. The camera comes with an amazing life span. You can take this camera anywhere and it will work. What else you need?

What are the main disadvantages of this cheap helmet cam?

Everyone has some types of questions before buying anything new. While some people question about the memory of the camera on the other hand, some people have doubts about the features of the camera. Well, once you have bought it, there is nothing to worry about. The 64 GB memory is enough, but it all depends on the footage’s size. If the size is big then it will consume more space. It is very good if you want to keep your camera’s lens safe, but company does not provide any cover for the camera lens.

There are very less disadvantages of buying this camera. But yes, every product has some flaws in it which can be ignored because there are some amazing features in the camera.

The camera does not come with a lens cover. You have to buy a lens cover if you want to keep your camera protected from everything. Other than this, you may have difficulty in using the accessories but you will get used to it after the first use.


2. ODRWM 4K Helmet Camera

Another amazing and cheap helmet camera is ODRWM 4K. The camera has 4k ultra HD 20MP with the 12MP Sony sensor. The camera has some very new features which make this cheap helmet cam unique and amazing.

Features are the only thing which makes any item unique and different. When it comes to this camera, it has features and the best result.

Main features of this budget helmet cam

First of all, the camera has a wireless wrist remote control camera. This is especially made for the people who are in sports or you can say that the camera is an action sports camera. The camera is equipped with a 2.4G wireless RF wrist remote control with which you can control everything. This remote control will help you in controlling the camera and taking pictures along with making the best videos in a completely different and new angle. In addition to this it screen is the best. It has a 2 inch HD screen on which you can see the pictures and videos in a new way.

Why to buy this cheap helmet camera?

The camera includes a very dramatic FOV. There is an inbuilt Wi-Fi in the camera. You have to download apps and then connect your smartphone or tablet with the camera in order to use the internet. The internet range is interestingly wide as it ranges up to 15 meters.

This camera is basically perfect for the people who are divers or who want to have adventure under water and want to take the best shoot. The camera is not recommended for the use in forests and any other place. Since it is a waterproof camera it works best underwater.

There are always doubts and some questions about the product before buying it. So, here are some answers to the common questions. Yes, the camera comes with 2 extra batteries and a USB charging cord. The camera can easily be used on a selfie stick as well.


3. USATREKKER W9 Wi-Fi 12mp 170 Degree 1080p action Camera

This camera is specially designed for people who loves to ride bikes. Bike riders can use this cheap helmet camera and capture their adventures in it.

This action camera is waterproof. You can take this anywhere you want. Other than this, its lenses are amazing. The size is 5.93 x 2.46 x 4.11cm. This size is very ideal for taking pictures. A micro SD card is provided with the camera. The limit of the card can be exceeded to 32GB. It takes really amazing videos, so you do not have to worry about the pixels.

The best features of this cheap helmet camera

The best feature in this action camera is that you can control this camera with your phone. No matter how far you are, control is in your hand. There is an app named iSmart DV app. This app helps you in placing the sports cam and then move away from it. You can control over it from a distance with the help of your smart phone. The camera box includes a pamphlet of instructions. Read it before using the camera.

In addition to this, the camera is really light weight. You just have to fix it up on the helmet with the straps (that comes with the camera) and you are ready to go.

Are there any disadvantages of this budget helmet cam?

It is very difficult to find out disadvantages of this camera. Since, this is an action camera it is best suited for people who are bike riders and runners. It works best in these conditions.

If used in other condition the pixels might deteriorate. It is preferable to use while riding a bike or running.

This camera is a discount camera. There is % off on this camera if you buy it. This is a good opportunity for people who really want to have a camera but cannot buy it. With this offer, you will have the best camera which has amazing features and amazing results.

Yes, the camera comes with different accessories like helmet straps, extra battery life and instruction pamphlet.


4. APEMAN Helmet Camera FHD 1080P

APEMAN helmet camera is a camera which is small in size. You can carry this camera easily. This small sized camera can do wonders. It has the capacity for taking best shots, it can edit them as well and it can give you a perfect direction.

Main features of this cheap helmet camera

Some other main features of this camera include a storage card. The capacity of the storage card may exceed up to 32GB. 32GB is a maximum limit of the card which can be installed in it.

The camera is waterproof. It comes with a waterproof casing. This casing allows you to take your best shots under water. However, there are some other amazing features in it as well. There are multiple video recording and photo shooting modes. You can take single shots with it or you can take several shots in no time.

When it comes to lens, the lens is a wide angle lens with HD quality. 170 degree angle provides you an opportunity to capture the stunning and amazing adventures happening around. It has a very powerful battery system. The recording time goes up to 240 minutes with the help of two batteries. You can charge up the batteries in 3 hours as well.

Main cons of this budget helmet cam

There is something which is minor but cannot be ignored. The package does not include a Micro SD card. You have to buy it separately. Other than this, the limit is 32GB only, which is a little less in comparison to the other camera which support 64GB memory.

Why you should buy this cheap helmet camera?

Anyways, you should buy this camera because this is on discount and it is at a very amazing price. There are definitely some good features in it which are really amazing.

The package comes with all the accessories like extra batteries, data wire, bicycle stand, waterproof case, etc.


5. YI action camera

This is the best small sized camera in very cute lime green color. It is a limited stock which has been released for a very short time. A 16MP camera is installed in it. It has a Bluetooth system in it along with Wi-Fi.

The camera is small in size and does not have many features as there are in other cameras. It is not waterproof. You cannot take it in the water and dive in.

But there are some advantages. This is small in size, which means it can be carried anywhere. The camera provides the best and professional shoot.

The camera comes with accessories like battery and cable wires as well.


6. KINGEAR F9 HD 1080P Helmet Camera

This is another cheap helmet camera that fitted in my list. It is a mini sport camera. This camera is best to use for climbing, skiing or riding dirt bikes. The features of this camera are that it is completely HD 1080P camera. The videos you take from this camera are high in resolution. The size of this camera is really small and compact. Since the size is small, the weight of this camera is less as well. It is easily carried anywhere you want.

What makes this cheap helmet camera great?

People like climbers, bike riders and those who love skiing are fun and adventurous people. They like to enjoy every bit of moment in their life. So, when they are on some adventurous mission they would like to capture every moment. This is why the battery timing of this camera is really amazing. The battery stays up for 2.5 hours. You can take unlimited photos and make videos. In addition to this, there is an inbuilt ¼ inch of low noise feature. This feature allows you to take pictures in the dark areas where there is no light. The recording format in this camera is Amarelle 1920 x 1080P. There is a memory card slot in it. You can use a card of 32GB in it.

Main disadvantages of this cheap helmet..
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Best Cheap Dirt Bike Helmets 2019:
O’Neal 7 SeriesO'nealCHECK PRICE >>>
Fly Kinetic ProFLYCHECK PRICE >>>
Troy Lee Designs AirTroy Lee DesignsCHECK PRICE >>>
One industries AtomOne industriesCHECK PRICE >>>
Scorpion VX-35ScorpionCHECK PRICE >>>
1. EVS T7 Pulse Dirt Bike Helmet

Before hitting the tracks, every rider wants to be sure about two basic things: Firstly, that your vehicle is on course; secondly and most critical that your helmet is typically designed for the particular driving competition you are about to head out for. You don’t want to get on a well-tuned craftsmanship such as a dirt bike having a bicycle helmet on; that’s ridiculous! The more you advance in riding and racing, your protective gear should as well be upgraded. EVS Sports T7 cheap dirt bike helmets are well-designed product of EVS technology and race design which ranks them as an exclusive protective wear. Here are various designs and sizes available; hence every rider has got his helmet right here!

EVS series T7 ranks among the best cheap dirt bike helmets in 2019

T7 Helmet is a polycarbonate which comes in light weights and provides adequate ventilation for proper flow of air. The helmet has an inbuilt air cooling mechanism and an internal EPS channels for ventilation as well as a detachable and cleanable internal liner which is designed to wick moisture.

Key Features of these cheap Dirt Bike Helmets
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell: 1632g
  • Inbuilt RAM air cooling Technology
  • Inbuilt EPS airflow channels
  • 6 outlets and 4 inlets ports for adequate ventilation/airflow
  • Well suited detachable and cleanable internal liner for moisture wicking and comfort
  • Certifications from SNELL 2010, DO and ECE.

Read about the most important dirt bike helmet features from my article.

What makes this motocross Helmet Unique?
    • Great and free airflow
    • High comfort
    • Perfect fitting
    • Great value for money


2. O’Neal 7 Series Cheap mx Helmet

Here comes another favorite on the cheap dirt bike helmets market – O’Neal 7 Series Crank Helmet! This is one of the top ranking, cheap helmet you can find. O’Neal has over the years proven to be a leader in the graphic design industry. This Crank Helmet surpasses everyone’s expectation for intensity. With its great designs and alluring finish, the latest Crank Helmet is a masterpiece.

The 7th on the series of Crank Helmet is the newest model from the stable of O’Neal; closest to the 8th series. Although this series is relatively cheap, the piece is packed with various advanced features. The modern, thermoplastic alloy built helmet is available in different sizes to perfectly fit any head size and shape. It also combines numerous features which give it an edge over most of the present day helmets found in the markets. The helmet features an air-vent system specifically designed to aid proper air ventilation. Similar to most modern helmets design, O’Neal 7 Series Crank Helmet features a wick cheek pad removal in the event of an emergency where the cheek pad needs quick removal. Also, the internal moisture liner can be removed and washed; where the cheek pad and liners are worn out, you may replace the linens, visors, and cheek pads.

What makes this affordable dirt bike helmet special?

Excellent graphics, quick removal of cheek pad, as well as the aerodynamic design gives O’Neal 7 Series Crank Motocross Helmet’s buyers a bang for their buck. The product further lost some weight following an upgrade of the primary materials to thermoplastic alloy; this also increased the security level of the protective gear. The shell-like shape was also upgraded from the earlier five series, enhancing the transfer of energy in the event of a crash.

This cheap mx helmet uses high air circulation system to maximize free flow of air from front to back, maintain dryness and coolness. With its pliable and cozy interior, combined with the removable and washable interiors, you certainly want to have this piece on. The helmet also enhances rider’s visibility with the help of the adjustable visor, designed with an inbuilt sun shield extension. Another interesting thing is that the replacement parts are widely available and affordable, and the helmet comes with O’Neal’s Anti-defects warranty.

Distinguishing Features of O’Neal 7 Series Crank Helmet
  • Light weighted built with thermoplastic alloy shell (of about 1402G)
  • Various sizes for a perfect fit
  • Adequate air ventilation channel
  • Quick Removal of check pad
  • Visibility enhancing shell and visor
  • Goggle traction to maintain goggle strap
  • Detachable and cleanable interior that absorbs moisture
  • Availability of replacement parts
  • O’Neal’s warranty against defects
What’s so special about this reasonably priced dirt bike helmet?
    • Perfect fitting
    • Extreme comfort
    • Light-weighted; compared to helmets with similar prices
    • 100% recommendable


3. Fox V1 – Cheap FOX Helmet

Made in 7 different colors, the dynamic race helmet gives riders a bunch of options to choose from. Cheap fox helmet is an excellent helmet for amateurs; this dirt bike helmet has 13 air vents, 4 EPS liner sizes, and 3 shell sizes. This shows the quality of the product. With the V1 helmet, riders get value for their money, comfort and optimal performance all in a single pack, creating utmost protection for the head in the dirt.

Key Features of this Cheap FOX helmet
  • 9 inlet and 4 outlet airflow channels
  • Moisture and heat resistant vent channels
  • Injected polycarbonate
  • Inbuilt roost guard
  • EPS liner with double density
  • ECE and DOT certified
Why this Cheap FOX helmet stands out:
    • Perfect head fitting
    • Great graphics
    • Top quality and highly affordable
    • Better physically than in pictures


4. Fly Kinetic Pro Bike Helmet

The popular Fly Racing firm began their operations as producers of motorcycle helmets and handlebars. But over the years, the brand has evolved into one of the leaders of power sports equipment brands today. Their cheap dirt bike helmets are comfortable and they fit perfectly with any head shape.

Primary Features of this powerful cheap dirt bike helmet
  • Shell made of Poly alloy – a great blend of sturdy poly materials for a strong light weight shell
  • Double-EPS layers integrated for better impact absorption
  • Emergency removable cheek pads and liners- giving you a clean look and extending your helmet’s life span
  • Plush liner for additional comfort and design
  • Aluminum visor for lighter weight
  • 10 massive air vents for coolness and dryness.
  • Hi-flow mouthpiece

ECE and DOT certified for the United States and AS standard for Australia. This Cheap helmet surpasses or meets all market standards for safety.

Why people like this cheap mx helmet
    • Perfect fitting
    • Extreme Comfort
    • Great looks


5. Troy Lee Designs Air Dirt Bike Helmet

This helmet is a clear display of patented technologies responsible for the distinguished personality of Troy Lee Designs in the market for off-road helmet globally. Every helmet is designed with quality materials and advanced features common in TLD helmets. With the combination of the exclusive pre-preg carbon or composite shell as well as the ventilation system and also the impact liner with double density, the Air Helmet offers you total confidence to maximize your driving skills and drive at your preferred speed and still cocksure of your safety. If you are an off-road enthusiast, then Troy Lee Designs Air Helmet is a must have! And the best part is that their cheap dirt bike helmets are light and safe at the same time.

Features of the Troy Lee Air dirt bike helmet
  • Light weight
  • Vortex visor with one point adjustability
  • Customizable mouthpiece
  • Stainless still hardware
Some features about this cheap dirt bike helmet fitting:
  • Detachable, replaceable and cleanable comfort liners made with Coolmax and Dri-Lex materials
  • Replaceable cheek pads with extra sizes
  • enhanced EPS liner type that suits different head shapes
  • Three-layer mesh and open-cell foam to offer adequate airflow and maximum comfort
What makes this cheap mx helmet safe?
  • Double density EPS liner
  • Pre-preg composite/carbon shell reinforced with Kevlar
  • Flexible vinyl nose guards for roost protection
  • Inbuilt polyurethane chin liner with EPS
  • Surpasses SNELL M2015, CE 22.05, AS 1698 and DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards
  • Massive vent inlet provides high flow of air to your face
  • Inbuilt brow air inlets for proper ventilation
  • 5 vent outlets to serve as a channel to send out heat
  • Mesh grills to prevent entrance of debris
Why you should get this mx helmet
    • Lightweight
    • Perfect fitting
    • Value for money
    • Proper ventilation


6. One industries Atom dirt bike helmet

The Atom by One Industries is manufactured with high-tech but with due consideration to price; as most people may not be able to purchase expensive helmets. So if you wish to get a superb quality helmet with state-of-the-art technology that won’t have you break your safe, then Atom cheap dirt bike Helmets are on top; offering a combination of performance, style, comfort and affordability to the rider who craves them all.

Exclusive Features to watch out for
  • Perfect match of strength and weight; shell built with polycarbonate alloy
  • Ultimate shock absorption
  • improved cooling system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cozy liner
  • Better visual and well-fitted goggle
  • meets and even surpasses FIM and AMA racing standards
  • ECE and DOT certified
Why you should get this cheap mx helmet
    • Fits perfectly
    • Great value for money
    • Great appearance


7. Scorpion VX-35 Cheap mx Helmet

This helmet is made with world’s renowned off-road rider’s specifications, yet the Scorpion VX-35 helmet is affordable to practically every rider. The protective gear comes in lightweight and with its double EPS liner; the protection impact is just incredible! The VX-35 comes with a custom fitted AirFit cheek pad system and integrated with antimicrobial KwikWick II Liner is moisture resistant for maximum comfort on your ride. Just remove the liner and get it washed when dirty, then open up the chin vent for some cleaning if need be. VX-35 has a combination of exclusive features that are not found in a lot of cheap dirt bike helmets like a..

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There are many motocross riders, who prefer to buy their dirt bike pistons and piston kits online. Buying piston kits is not that easy and unless you know your motorcycle very well, you need a little guidance. In this review of the Best Dirt Bike Pistons 2019, I compare several different pistons and figure out, which is the best piston kit for your dirt bike.

I have been loyal to the Kawasaki brand for the most of my life and truth is that the same piston can have a slightly different result in different brands, so this review is based on my experience with my Kawasaki. But I should say that this difference does not have to be a big one and you won’t even notice anything unless you are really experienced. Truth is that these dirt bike pistons I am writing about in this article are much better than the stock ones. So where is the difference? Let’s find that out!

Pro Circuit High Compression Piston kit
Editor's choice
- Very good power - both top and bottom end torque
- Works great with Premium pump gas
- Equally good with stock engine
- Can't use stock rings
- Higher price
Wiseco Pro-Lite High Compression piston kit
Rider's choice
- Great power
- Long lifetime
- Easy to install
- Cheap
Athena Big Bore Piston Kit- Durable
- Low price
- Good with offroad
- Not that powerful than other two
 Best Dirt Bike Pistons 2019

1. Pro Circuit High Compression Dirt Bike Pistons

The main benefit with Pro Circuit High Compression Dirt Bike Pistons is the power. These pistons are designed to gain both low-end torque and top-end power. This means that your engine gains excellent power and you don’t need to have modified engine. High compression dirt bike piston makes your stock engine much more powerful.

Pro Circuit dirt bike pistons are easy and cheap way to make your engine more powerful. They work with Premium pump gas (91-93 octane) as well and maintain the power. But you will get more power when mixing premium pump gas with racing fuel – 50/50 is a safe medium (93 and 110 mixed).

When changing your piston, make sure you also change gasket kit! If you need gasket kit also, then best way is to buy Piston kit – Pro Circuit High Compression Piston Kit

Depending on the lifetime of your engine, it would be a good idea to replace the bottom end at the same time. That’s because the high compression piston is harder on your crankshaft than a stock piston.

This piston’s compression ratio is 13:1

This piston includes a high compression piston, rings, wrist pin, and circlips.

Would I buy this piston?

To save your time, then the answer is yes. I have used Pro Circuit Dirt Bike Piston along with my Pro Circuit Ti-6 Performace exhaust for quite many rounds by now and I am happy. Ofcourse I have my own reasons for that. For starters, it is major importance for me that the dirt bike piston will add good amount of low-end torque for my bike, because that’s one key for getting the holeshots.

The second thing I like about the Piston is that it goes so well with Premium pump gas which I use. The result is an excellent power. No matter if you have a stock engine and other parts, you will instantly feel that extra power which puts a smile on your face. That’s pretty much how I ride with.

I am not recommending this dirt bike piston for you, if your goal is not so much gaining power, but getting something durable. You should know that high compression pistons do not last as much as stock ones do. Get your goals straight and when you are ready to add some power for your dirt bike, I would recommend you starting with a high compression dirt bike piston. Good value for the money!

Impotant! Pay attention to the fitment

Pro Circuit Video Product Spotlight: High Compression Piston Kit - YouTube

2. Wiseco Pro-Lite 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Pistons

Wiseco Pro-lite dirt bike pistons are made to add power and to last. I have used this Wiseco piston on my kawasaki many times and it is hard to be dissapoinnted. Some say that it is easier to install Wiseco pistons than Pro Circuit ones and I think I am going to agree. But, that does not mean that as an amateur you shouldn’t bother to read the manuals, yes you should!

Wiseco produces the top quality forged pistons in U.S.A. They produce all the dirt bike pistons in their own factory, with their own tools. This allows Wiseco to control all the manufacturing process and keep the quality as high as required.

Wiseco’s pistons are much stronger than stock ones. That’s mainly because of the high quality materials used, that give the piston long lifetime and high performance. Wiseco’s pistons are excellent for riders who are looking durability and constancy from their pistons.

This piston is designed to stand the tough racing conditions that stock pistons may struggle with. It is also easy to install. As it is with Pro Circuit piston, you also need new gasket kit with this one.

This piston’s compression ratio is 13.5:1

They come with the piston, ring(s), circlips and depending on what model it’s for, they usually come with the wrist pin.

Would I buy this dirt bike piston?

Yes, and again it depends on your goal. This piston has more durability than Pro Circuit one, but some riders may disagree with me. At this level it really depends on your riding style. Of course this adds good amount of extra power to your bike, but I am riding with my Pro Circuit today, because I feel kind of more from it. On the other hand Wiseco has more durability which is highly important also.

This piston kit comes with everything you need. If you use internet to buy this then I have bought all my equipment from amazon and I am happy with the service. The shipping is free and you get your delivery within the few days. For me it has saved a lot of time and money.

Need only Replacement Piston Ring Set? WISECO PISTON RING SET WISECO 2126XE

Impotant! Pay attention to the fitment
 Proper Circlip installation

Wiseco Piston Inc. - Proper Circlip Installation - YouTube

3. Athena Big Bore Piston Kit

Athena has focused on the off-road and ATV market. Athena’s aftermarket Pistons are good with their price and quality range. They are reliable and also more powerful than stock pistons. Athena Big Bore piston gives you an extra low-end power.

This piston comes with complete with rings, wrist pins and circlips, which are very easy to replace. Like the pistons above, also with this one you need to but gasket kit separately. Find Athenas big bore gasket kit Athena Gasket Kit for Big Bore Cylinder Kit

 The compression ratio is slightly higher than stock piston’s.
 Would I buy this dirt bike piston kit?

As the other two dirt bike pistons, I have owned this one too and also with a simile on my face. Athena has a different focus than the ones above, but there has to be something for everyone, am I right? I think that Athena dirt bike pistons are perfect for offroad and adventure riders. They add decent power and they are durable.

Athena pistons add both bottom-end and top-end torque which adds constant and steady power to your dirt bike. Athena pistons are cheaper also than the other two and this is a huge importance to many riders I know. I agree with you 100% that the dirt bike piston should be both high quality and fairly priced which this Athena dirt bike piston is. I am happy to recommend this one for you. Also like the other two, this piston comes with free shipping and fast delivery from amazon.

 Impotant! Pay attention to the fitment How do I know, which way to install my new Wiseco dirt bike piston?

Wiseco dirt bike pistons are marked on the top, showing the right direction. In most cases, pistons have an arrow on top that point towards the exhaust side of the engine. Here is important to remember that it doesn’t always have to mean the front side of the bike.

How Do I know which direction to install the flat rings of my new piston kit?

Find the ring end gap from your ring, there should be a mark, which is easily identifiable. When you have found the mark, then this should be on the top. That means that this ring should be installed with the mark facing up. The basic rule is that if there is no mark, then the ring can be installed with any side facing up.

Will Wiseco rings fit my OEM piston?

The short answer is no! Wiseco piston and rings are designed to work together and their design is different from stock pistons.

My engine bore is in millimeters, but Wiseco ring end gaps are listed in inches. Why?

Here is the only way to convert your metric bore diameter to inches. Take your calculator and divide your millimeter bore by 25.4. This result will be inches. Now multiply the result with 004 (or 005 depending on your application). This number now will be the minimum ring end gap.

Wiseco 4-cycle piston kit has three rings, how do I know which ring goes where?

Most of the 4-cycle pistons use three rings and it is highly important that you know, which ring goes where. It is really common, that top compression rings are steel alloy and they will be bright and shiny. Sometimes they will have a coating or treatment to the face of the ring. The material of the coating could be moly filled (looks dark grey), industrial chrome (dull silver), gas nitride (bright silver) or titanium nitride (gold). Generally top rings have a top side marking, which has to be faced upward when you install it.

Second rings are cast iron material or they can be steel also. The colour of the second ring is usually dark and the face of the ring will be tapered. This ring will have top side marking also. As for the top ring, the marking side has to be facing upward when installing.

Wiseco oil ring assemblies are three piece type. They contain two oil rail rings and a center oil separator. These oil ring assemblies are quite delicate and this could be quite complex to install them in the right order.

In order to have your engine running safe and powerful use quality 2 stroke dirt bike oil or 4 stroke dirt bike oil!

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