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Miniature Whims by 3smilingdogs - 3M ago

Last year I worked on an Easter themed roombox but it did not get totally DONE until about a month past Easter. Needless to say it didn’t seem timely to share it then in the blog so late BUT I can now (and would appear ahead of time if I hadn’t filled you in)!

I love spring with the changing of the dab browns of winter into green.   Nature’s wake up call!  So Easter themed sweets with bunnies and pastels was always on the list. This is a photo of a setup a few years ago with a couple of the baskets that now reside in the roombox.  The doll is by Loretta Kasza and the dog by Leslie Frick.

A vignette for Spring in 2017

For me, what color to build around is the biggest hurdle to begin a project. This time a glance at a pile of odds and ends was the catalyst. A leftover piece of soft yellow tile drew my eye.  There was enough for the flooring. Yipee!  Digging around in the scrapbook papers (this isn’t a large room) lead to a coordinating diamond pattern that would work with it.   My photo isn’t translating the nice colors but they are soft and pastel.

The color scheme beginning

My box itself was a small shop kit with a top opening.  I wanted the inside to be more accessible and visible so the front facade with paned window and a door was changed to a glass front but kept the side window.  I wanted a hint of a shop but not the reality.

Original front A glass front allowed better visibility of my Easter treats A hint of a shop Metal finding added some interesting detail

I had a wall shelving unit from Reutter Porzellan.  I have used them before and like the flexible shelving and the mirrored center.  It fit the box perfectly and the back wall of the shelves pops out (I think it is so you can change out the wallpaper if it is not to your liking).  I just left them off so my room wallpaper was the background for it. I picked up the soft tan brown tone from the wallpaper to paint the shelving. I was on a roll and added pastel polka dot paper to the doors and painted the trim framing a robin egg blue.

Original Shelving Repainted and tweaked Doors further embellished

I have had the Peter Rabbit  figure for a really long time.  He wasn’t expensive ( I got a couple – a good thing -I have never seen them for sell again ).  I really thought I would have used him somewhere before now but they never worked into a scene until now.  Peis the perfect ambassador for presenting a tray of Easter cookies!

An ornament of some kind? Care to try a nibble of my cookies?

The little vagabond rabbit vignette is another treasure that never looked right for a scene until now! It looks like it was specifically made for this room.  It even  inspired me to try to make one, so the chicks and umbrella vignette sits beside it.

Chicks and bunnies abound

Of course, an offering of cake is always welcome.  The egg braid cake is by Ann Caesar. A couple from the counter includes a rich chocolate cake by Betty Accola and a decorative feast by Ruth Stewart.

A Easter tradition in miniature Not your average cakes!

I will admit some of the fillers come from my Easter line from my website.  I do better when I have a need or purpose in mind when creating products.  So at times there is an overlap.  I try not to do it too often or this blog just becomes a long advertisement.  The taller cabinet is a kit and the cookies are made from my cookie shapers. I wanted more foods and cookie trays were the ticket.  I enjoyed the cookie making adventure so I made plenty!

The counter top displays an abundance of bunny themed sweets.  The basket on the far end is by Betinha Murta.  I brought it last year at Chicago International even though I really didn’t need another filler but it was so cute! Therefore it had to have a spot on the counter top.

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Miniature Whims by 3smilingdogs - 6M ago

Miniatures can literally take you way from the cares of the world to a place time has slowed down.

Shrink down and come inside!

This morning’s weather has changed to a damp rain.

A pair of wellies by the door , the watercolor palette on the chair with binoculars are from this morning outing that ended when the damp rain began.

Wellies by the door A timid mouse is checking out the activities Chair with this morning’s paraphernalia

With the cold and damp setting in outside…

Hot tea, fresh bread and rustic cheeses more than make up for the dash inside.

Ready to pour a cup This morning’s bread A wonderful assortment of cheese to go with the bread and hot tea.

A lazy cat enjoys the warmth of the fire besides the favorite rocking chair.

Best spot in the cottage on a cold day!

Upstairs is a sled bed with lots of warm blankets to snuggle under.  I imagine the cat abandons the hearth with bedtime comes.

Simple but elegant

The bed warmer is a recent find from a lot of copper things on ebay.  It added to the mood.  Imagine snuggling down is a toasty warm bed on a cold night after its use!

Makes for an inviting bed when the weather is cold

The kitchen counter….

This turned out so good!  I do love aging and adding character to pieces.  Going from a blank canvas to this …. is a total artistic escape for me.

Bare beginnings A well loved sink with lots of use

If I could give you a step by step instructions of the transformation I would, but it is like asking Grandma how she does a recipe that she doesn’t measure — just makes it!  It leaves me perplexed by the inner workings of the mind that control the hands.  How does that happen?

My treasures collected over time have pulled together to breathe life into this cottage and given it a story!

The coolest butter mold with an imprint is from a box of junk.  No idea who made it but it is a cherished find. It sits on the counter by the fresh bread and butter dish.

A spot for the spice drawers – all which open.  I know it is silly but I love knowing that.  A wonderful rustic chicken print  from Dominque Autin. Every one of her pieces are simple but done so well they delight me each time I look at them.  The shelf sports a bottle of wine and special canned goods to be used for the arrival of someone special.

Warm glow of candlelight Always ready for the unexpected guest
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Miniature Whims by 3smilingdogs - 6M ago

I had bought a half done project at a miniature show auction some time ago. It was a cottage from a Rik Pierce class. They are a lot of work but so beautiful when done. The structure was glorious but the exterior landscape had a swampy wetland with all kinds of creatures.

The beginning cottage
  • definitely the start of a witch’s home…

The previous owner’s intent was for a witch’s cottage. That was not an interest of mine. What to do with the poured resin swamp had me stumped. So it sat all this time waiting.

Changing the landscape

Finally, I started to play house inside the structure this summer and ignored the exterior. A plan of action developed. The fantasy of a place away from the busy world tucked away in a woods emerged. The cottage began to have a personality – I pulled out the barren tree (so much easier in miniature than real life!) and covered the swamp with paper clay to get a landscape to support flower beds. This then sat for several months without any further work. The reality of how many plants this involved overwhelmed me.

The dead tree is gone!


  • Animal control has removed the rats.
  • Paperclay saved the day!

Not today – another day – was my response each time I started to think about it UNTIL an unexpected Christmas package arrived! My friend, Loretta Kasza had been talking about creating and making plants this fall but I hadn’t seen them. She sent me a batch of them!

I think my cottage had simply been waiting for them! They were just perfect! I wish had had photographed before planting but didn’t plan that far ahead. So here is a peak of them in the ground so to speak.

Click to view slideshow.

Flower beds emerged! Combined with my stash of plants collected over time, Loretta’s foliage plants and filler materials it became a lush cottage garden that I could envision enjoying living there in the cottage.

A fimo butterfly from Lola’s Originals (in a drawer far too long) now rests on a hydrangea flower. Two of Loretta’s spectacular variegated plants show off the hydrangea bush.  Then for fun, I added the dandelion growing in the rocks, it seems the gardener missed that one.  The dandelion is by my friend, Twilla McKee.  The corner became a composition with all the elements working together. I was thrilled!

A perfect corner!

Another butterfly sits on my prize rose bush ( I can grow them in miniature it seems versus reality it is not so pretty. Kansas weather is rather harsh on them here). Another plant from the drawer stash. Along with a cadmium made ages ago.  

Rose bush in full bloom

I even had some creatures to add to the garden. The path around the corner has a toad and a snail peaking out from the greenery. The lovely hosta is another of Loretta’s treasures.  Can you see the ladybugs added to the plant to keep the aphids away? They were another forgotten treasure from the drawer stash.

the eye catch corner of the path as you approach the door

A pot of lavender on the bench by the door has a few more butterflies. Sitting beside it are a few vegetables harvested from the garden to add to the stew for supper tonight. The lavender is by Maryvonne Herholz. The bench is by R-stuff.

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