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Alison Lea Sher killed the game with this book, it was one of those books that you really just don’t know how much you need until it falls into your lap. Her writing style is raw and inspiring. I mean honestly, life is hard, but your twenties are harder. I’ve been living the struggle for quite a few months now, feeling out of place, misunderstood, alone, and just downright worthless at times. Sher’s book made me feel like I wasn’t actually alone. It helped me see that I’m allowed to have this time to not have life figured out, but it also helped me realize that I can’t unpack and live in this state either. This book is a must-read, not just for millennials but for the other generations who could use a real insight into the mind of us crazy millennials. You can find her book on Amazon
( amzn.to/2K2TrZ8 or http://www.millennials-incorporated.com ) and if you love it or if you can recommend some new books for me to check out, I would love if you’d leave it in a comment below.

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Most of you would have seen movies or pictures of beautifully landscaped gardens, lush and inviting. Many would have envied them too. Well, for those who have the land and space, but long for it to be lush and beautiful, the solution is right here. Hire a landscape designer! He /she will help you to create detailed design plans and layouts with aspects like design layout, irrigation, plants, lighting, drainage, etc.

But, it’s not very easy to find the right landscape designer for your space. Many firms advertise
through multi-media. Who do you choose?

1. List out your wishes
Before you explore and make a choice for the one to hire, make a list of things you are looking
for in your landscaped garden which has privacy hedges. These could be:
 The area to be landscaped
 Your budget and costing
 Proper maintenance
 Lighting
 Pavements
 Signages
 Safe Pools
 Drainage system
 Waste control
 Allergy-free artificial plants
 Accessories like: Privacy Hedges, roll out mats, boxwood topiary, letters & logos &
signage, screen rolls, artificial topiaries, green walls, or boxwood hedge

2. Prepare a Checklist

After this step, prepare a checklist with the criteria of a landscape designer who is right for you.
What may have suited your neighbor may not be right for you. There are several points to keep
in mind while selecting your designer.

Many firms could have multiple professionals like landscape designers and architects. Are you looking for a complete project with design, installation, and maintenance or just a part of it?
Some firms could give you references of good designers as well for DIY ideas. Do you want a
design only; design and build; or design, build, and maintain professional?

Check all licenses and work permits with the local authorities before hiring someone. All identity proofs and licenses should be up to date and from a professional organization. Ask for proof of other certifications and professional affiliations as well.

Experience and References
Check for references to other clients and professionals that they have worked with. Visit the site for an ongoing project yourself and see the workmanship. See past record, check websites for problems like giving misleading advertisements, leaving work halfway, not paying his labor,
giving poor quality of work, refusing to listen to you, violating civic laws, etc. Check too for any current, pending, or past complaints against him.

It is important to hire someone who will stick to your budget and not overshoot it. He should clearly list out the cost, with nothing hidden coming up as the project moves. Be clear if he offers an estimate or a fixed budget. Ask him if he offers any ideas for reducing costs like artificial hedge bushes. Pathways, patios, walls are more expensive. See if he can replace them with artificial topiary trees.

Garden Consultation

Will he/she come to visit your garden and listen to your ideas and wish list? Get an answer to this question before taking things further. You may have to pay a small consultation/visit fee, but it’s worth it. He should ideally submit a proposal only after the site visit.

The vision for your garden
While speaking with him/her, ask about the vision for your garden. See if his ideas match yours or is he trying to overpower your ideas just because he is a professional. Ideally, he should envisage the landscape in tandem with your wish list and ideas; not negate them to show his clout.

Creativity and Imagination
Does he offer any good, creative, and imaginative ideas or are the ideas ordinary and common?
You would obviously want your garden to look originally landscaped and not just copied from
the immediate neighborhood.

See if he gives well-defined processes and services for the project to complete. Will he oversee everything or would you be required to take over at some parts? Clarify this and choose what suits you.

Though you would want to enjoy your landscaped garden at the earliest, don’t give a deadline to the prospective designer. Ask him instead, how much time would be needed to complete it.
Negotiate and see if that suits you. Can you wait for that much or do you want someone who can do it faster? Keep in mind weather conditions, availability of materials and plants, etc.

After Sales Service
Satisfy yourself on this very important criterion before hiring anyone. Find out if any maintenance or support will be provided after the work is included. Also, see if the vision or plan will give you a landscaped garden which you can easily and affordably maintain yourself or would you require external help all the time.

Make sure that there is no ambiguity in the services or products which are under warranty. If so,
for how long is the warranty?

See if the products he uses are of a good quality and if these can be procured locally. The
products he offers should be fire-resilient and UV stable for outdoors.
3. Final checklist
Finally once more check the list below:
1. Commitment to excellence
2. Compliance with timelines and budgets
3. Variety of products
4. Enhancement of your wishes
5. Maintenance of standards
6. Professionalism
7. Respect and mutual understanding

4. Precautions
There are some red flags or precautions that you need to take care of while hiring the
right landscape designer.
 Don’t begin work on verbal commitments.
 Get all proposals in writing and make sure you understand the terms and fees.
 An unlicensed vendor could land you in trouble if an accident happens on your land
during the project

The most important aspect of your landscaped garden is realistic foliage adorning it. The designer should give authentic looking faux plants which will add to the beauty of the garden.
Save money by using authentic-looking artificial hedge products. Artificial boxwood, artificial hedges, bushes and other artificial outdoor plants are an excellent replacement for real plants as they are maintenance free, don’t lose their gleam, and can be easily washed. These won’t

bring in mosquitoes too. Your topiary options could be boxwood topiary and artificial topiary trees.

If the prospective landscape designer fits in with most of your criteria, and who will incorporate all these beautiful artificial plants in your garden, go ahead and hire him. You have made the right choice!

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Milsos and Makeup by Kieraboo1021 - 1y ago

Hey guys!

It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve posted anything… I’m going to do a check in soon and catch you all up on life and what’s been going on these past 6 months. But before then, I partnered with Neutrogena to do a full review on my youtube channel of their new acne proofing line and would love for you guys to check it out! Let me know what you think, and it would be awesome to hear what your go-to acne cleansers are!

Neutrogena Acne Proofing Cleanser: Hit or Miss? - YouTube

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