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How do you know if relevant life insurance for your business? Our guide will answer the key questions you need to know about this insurance policy.

Put Your Life Insurance On Expenses with Relevant Life Cover

Life insurance is one of those things we all need but no one likes to talk about. Critical illnesses and death are, let’s face it, morbid subjects for discussion. Who wants to go there? No one, of course, but eventually it will come for us whether we like it or not so it’s best to be prepared.

In the case of small businesses with high-value employees who are important to your business, you may want to offer them a relevant life insurance policy as an inducement to stay with you. The employee doesn’t pay the premiums, the company does so the financial impact on them today is nil.

Death or critical illness presents a family with a financial emergency that needs to be dealt with regardless of the emotional upheaval they’re dealing with. In that case, the financial impact on the survivors will be tremendous, in a positive direction.

How Does Relevant Life Insurance Work?

For all the complete details you can visit mykeymaninsurance.com but we’ll give you a brief overview here.

Relevant life insurance refers to an employee who is highly relevant to your business. That is, they play a major role in the sales department, they perform valuable research, they lead a key department, and so on and so forth.

You want to retain them and their expertise for the company, but you can’t afford to pay the kind of salary they can command on the open market. Instead, you decide to offer them a relevant life insurance policy.

The company pays the policy premiums for as long as the employee remains with the company. If they die or fall critically ill while they are at the company, the policy kicks in and their family receives a lump sum payment from the insurance company.

This is a way to offer extra benefits to an important employee without having to increase their salary or bonuses. The policy is put in a trust separate from the employee’s estate, which helps with inheritance taxes too.

It’s not entirely a one-way street, however. Relevant life insurance policies are seen as business expenses that are tax-deductible, therefore they can be used to offset some of your corporate taxes.

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How Much Should the Person Be Insured For?

This is a variable that will be different in every situation. Things you need to consider are the person’s salary, how many people they have in their family, their bills such as their mortgage, as well as their monthly living expenses.

If those numbers are high, you’ll need a higher amount of coverage. If the person is single, or only has a partner who has their own high-paying job and very few bills, the amount of coverage would be less.

Can Relevant Life Insurance Be Used For Retirement?

No. The policy can be transferred to another company if the employee transfers their employment, at which point the new company would take over paying the premiums.

It is not a retirement policy though. It only pays out if something happens to the employee during their term of employment at the company.

The employee should have separate retirement planning for themselves, which they alone would be responsible for. The company wouldn’t be involved in that.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Relevant Life Insurance Policy?

This is another one of those questions that will depend on numerous variables. A typical policy with no unusual factors can be completed and become active in one to two weeks.

If there are health problems, if there is a large payout amount over £500,000, or if the employee is over the age of 50, then there would be additional constraints and it would take longer. Aside from that, figure about one to two weeks.

Is Relevant Life A Good Idea For My Company?

How important are your employees to you? If you want to retain the ones who are making money for you and growing your business, you certainly don’t want them leaving and taking all their expertise with them to a competitor.

You want them to stay, stay happy, and keep doing what they’re doing for you.

Offering them a way to take care of their family if anything happens to them, without it costing them a single penny, is a huge inducement. It shows them, in the most practical imaginable, that you care about them and their family.

They’ll return that loyalty with their own loyalty to you in return.

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Watches are an important accessory for your ongoing success. Here are some of the benefits of watches.

Financial And Personal Benefits Of Watches: Stay Sharp With A Watch

There are few things that are almost synonymous to financial success and prosperity. Some of them are luxury cars, luxury homes or villas in exotic locations, antique and artwork collections, not to forget the luxury watches.

Luxury watches have always been seen as the mark of success. In fact, many people still see it as a important accessory for financial and personal growth.

In this age of technological advancements and portable devices, you might be wondering why people still wear traditional watches. In this post, we shall check out why you should wear watches to stay sharp and smart to become successful, both financially as well as in your personal life.

Since many centuries, watches have been closely linked to words like professionalism and prestige. Most of the successful businesses will vouch for the fact that their watch is one of their most essential clothing accessory.

Let’s first check out why people who wear traditional wrist watches are bound to succeed financially. For better productivity:

Time management is undoubtedly the most important priority for professionals and businesspeople alike. Of course, you can also see the time on your phone, but it can be a big distraction as well, especially while you are working.

Also, many IT companies do not allow their employees or professionals to take their smartphones to their desks, because of company policies on information security.

Watches not only allow you to look professional, but will also give out the same kind of impressions to others. They won’t look at you suspiciously, like you are spending time on social media at work, when you are looking at your watch.

You can be more focused at work, because watches allow you to work comfortably and hands-free, because you will not have to keep dipping your hand in your pocket all the time,  to retrieve the phone. Wristwatches allow you to do away with all the distractions that the smartphones cause, thereby helping you work more productively.

If you wish to become successful in your workplace, then you must definitely try wearing a traditional wrist watch, if you don’t do that already. These classic timepieces do not disturb you with countless notifications like the smartphones.

In simple words, they help you in improving your productivity at your workplace.

Priority for quality:

People who wear luxury and traditional wristwatches give importance to the quality. They admire the expensive materials and fine craftsmanship that goes into making of these lovely watches. Similarly, they look for quality on other aspects of professional lives, which helps them shine above the rest of their colleagues.

The wanting for quality also rubs off on their work ethics, which is why they are able to deliver top quality works on their projects, or businesses.

That is probably why most of the successful professionals and businesspeople are seen to be sporting luxury wristwatches.

Some of them have even made watch-collection their hobby, and they also like to talk about the quality and precision engineering of their valuable timepieces.

Fashion, Class, and Ornamentation:

Men usually don’t like wearing ornaments like chains and bracelets to their workplaces. However, they are more passionate about wearing luxury wristwatches. When it comes to watches, you will be simply spoilt for choices. There are so many different types of watches sold by the top brands and designers that you will surely find the right ones to suit your taste in fashion and personality.

Be it formal-wear or Friday casuals, traditional watches go well with almost all types of clothing and attires. These watches give you a much sophisticated and classy look, which your colleagues will always admire with envy.

If your company is looking for someone to make important business presentations for the clients, then they will surely want to choose the most presentable employees for the job.

Over the years, people wearing watches are perceived to be punctual and professional. Even after the advent of smartphones, this perception hasn’t really changed.

Wearing wristwatches to work can surely help you, because people cannot help but notice your style and attitude. You stand a good chance to get noticed, when compared to your colleagues. It will help you with your career and financial growth in the long run.

Stay ahead of time:

Many people have the habit of setting up the clock for 5 minutes or 10 minutes earlier than the actual time. It might sound a little strange to you, but many people will vouch for the effectiveness of this practice.

Not only does it help them in getting on with the tasks a bit earlier, it also gives them a bit of buffer time for handling unexpected change in events or plans. On the other hand, it is not possible to change the time of smartphones. Even if you get the option, then it could mess up the functioning of other apps that you have installed.

From the above mentioned points, it is clearly evident that people who wear watches are able to stay more focused and sharp. Therefore they are bound to become more successful financially in their lives.

Watches can make a great conversation starter:

If you see one of the expensive jewelry pieces someone wearing on the dance floor, or at a wedding reception party, then you can easily break the ice, by starting a conversation about their watch. You can simply say something like – That’s a lovely looking Rolex Submariner you are wearing! Where did you buy it from?

I am sure that this opening line will make a much better first impression about you too, when compared to other conversation starters. You can carry out your conversation even further, and discuss about many other great watches that you have seen with your friends and colleagues.

If you are into any kind of business, then you may even get a chance to discuss about that too. Perhaps that person may turn out to become your future client too.

A watch will really project a good image about you:

Just imagine that you are meeting, with many people who are unknown to you. Even if you are seeing them for the first time, you cannot help notice that one of them is wearing a new “Greubel Forsey GMT Earth!”.

Then another one arrives wearing a “Eberhard Chrono 4 Full Injection Chronograph!” and the next person is entering the room sporting a brand new “Grand Seiko Caliber 9F!”

Since you are a watch lover, you are surely going to form different opinions about each of these people, right?

That is because different watch choices will give you few silent clues about the personality of each person, who you are not familiar with. Also, let us face it, you will also size them up in terms of their income-wise too. You will perhaps even go further to imagine what the person really wants from his watch.

Now let us imagine that none of them are wearing watches, and instead of that they all are pulling out their own cell phones in order to check the time. That will not tell you much about them, right?

Similarly people will form judgment about your taste with the watches you wear, so better give them reasons to talk about you with admiration and envy. Sport a classy luxury watch for the meeting.

Now let them look at some reasons why people simply love watches: Watches can make great gifts:

If you buy for your daughter an expensive watch for her graduation, then you will see her wearing that same watch for many more years to go. Who knows, maybe even your granddaughter may also wear the same watch one day!

Just consider it, if you present your daughter a cell phone instead of a watch, then you will find that she has already upgraded your gift after couple of months. The feeling of presenting a memorable gift is lost somewhere.

You can easily pass on your watches to your heir:

Just imagine that your time is almost over, and you want to write your last will. You will list out all your properties. In that list, you will not forget to list the item that was your constant companion for a long time. You Omega Speed-masters. Your heir will surely cherish and value such a thoughtful inheritance.

Watches display artistry:

You may often lose yourself while checking out the beauty and craftsmanship of certain lovely watches, such as the “Bovet Recital 22 Grand Récital”. You will be simply dazzled by the materials that are used for making them. Timepieces with real diamonds, gold, platinum, and artwork, will leave you spellbound.

People wearing such lovely watches, are seen as people with fine tastes in artistry, beauty, and sophistication. They are also perceived to be successful people.

Watches can keep running for decades:

Most of the top luxury watches are usually powered by traditional and ingenious mechanical gear and clockwork technology, which even predates electricity. They keep going on and on for many decades.

Even when your cell phone runs out of battery, you can trust the watch technology to keep running always on your wrist.

Watches may offer you varieties daily:

Many of you may have a number of watches in your collection. Some of you wake up and want to start the day by deciding, which one out of your collection will be the best with the outfit of that day, and also with your plans. You can also mix and match them with your clothing and accessories, to make your own style statement.

Watch collection will promote fellowship:

Many people have actually developed lifelong friendship, because of your love for watches. There are a few events you can visit such as “Watch-Time New York”. At these events, watch lovers come together and then share their stories, or compare their collections, They also debate the merits about various new models, and sometimes even buy their new grail watch.

During these tours, most of the guests travel together and spend a week seeing watch-making skills, tradition, and craftsmanship that make the well-known brands in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and America. All of them are so unique and special.

We are yet to hear about the similar event ever took place among diehard fans of smartphones, as we have never ever been invited by any smartphone companies to any kind of phone-collector gatherings.

Watches may sometimes rise in their value, but cell phones, not really:

If you are a Watch-Time reader, then you must have seen extensive coverage on some of the rare and historically significant timepieces. Sometimes these luxury watches come up for auction, and are eventually sold for unbelievable prices.

Some watch-collectors are simply crazy about historical waters, and will goal that any length to own them. Luxury watches can be compared to vintage cars. The companies might not be manufacturing those products anymore, but their prices simply keep going up, instead of coming down.

On the other hand, mobile phones lose their value in just a few months, when the new models for upgrades get introduced in the market. As a matter of fact, many people have earned a fortune with their hobby of vintage watch collections and trading.

There can be no hidden charges while you are using your watch:

Another important thing which many people fail to notice about traditional watches is that they are a one-time expense. There are no any other hidden charges whatsoever.

On the other hand, after purchasing mobile phones, you will be forced to make more purchases on upgrades and paid apps.

Conclusion on Benefits of Watches

From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that the technology of traditional wristwatches and luxury watches are here to stay. New technology gadgets cannot simply replace these watches, because they are totally different segment altogether.

That is probably why many people still love to wear watches, in spite of using cell phones every day.

If you want to look smart and sharp in your personal and professional life, then you must surely get hold of a nice watch, if you already don’t have one.

What are your favorite benefits of watches? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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These crucial money goals will set you off on the right track with your personal finances… for good once and for all.

13 Money Goals To Improve Your Finances For Good

Here’s the reality. A lot of want to improve our finances but many of us don’t know how to do it or don’t even know where to start.

Believe it or not:

Improving finances starts with having money goals and working through steps to reach those goals. For example, if your goal is to be a doctor, you need to get your college degree, go to medical school, get the training you need, pass the medical board exam, among others.

If you’re one of those people with money goals, kudos to you. You’re one step ahead of many people. If you don’t have money goals yet, don’t worry there is still time to make those.

That time is now.

A lot of us have money goals in mind. Some would like to increase their wealth (i.e., become rich fast) in a few years, some would want to buy a car or a house, and some want something else.

This post will exactly detail some of the money goals you could get inspiration from. Better yet, you can literally use these goals and call them your own.

If you are onboard and ready to make changes to your finances, read on!

1. Create a Budget. Period.

One of the best things you need to do to start improving your finances is to create a budget. Yes, creating a budget is one of your money goals.

Here me out on this.

No matter how small or big your money goal is, without a budget, that goal may not be achievable or may be hard to achieve, to say the least.


Because you don’t have a way to track your finances or income and expenses.

When you jot down and detail your finance, you know exactly where your money is going.

Does the benefit of a having a budget stop there? No, not at all.

When you consistently budget and track what’s coming in and going out, you’ll eventually identify which expenses are excessive, which ones you may need cut or adjust, and which ones you don’t need anymore.

When you identify these, you can make adjustments and put the savings towards your bank account, investments, or some other important expenses.

But there’s more:

When you have a budget, you will be able to identify if your expenses exceed your income.

If or when you’ve identified that your expenses exceed your income and need money urgently to fill the gap and/or save some more, you could make a tweak on your expenses or get a side hustle or two to make extra cash and improve your income.

This is where Personal Capital comes into play. It’s a free budgeting app that allows you to monitor your cash flow and income in real-time.

2. Always Check Your Credit Score

If you want to improve your finances, one of the money goals is to always check your credit score.

No kidding you credit score or credit can make or break your finances. A lower credit score may mean you won’t be qualified for better interest rates on loans and other forms of debts. Also a lower score may mean that a lot of companies won’t extend credit to you.

Believe it or not, some employers also require that you allow them to check your credit score especially if you are applying for a job that involves managing finances.

Your credit score provides creditors a way to see your financial health and capability. A high credit score means that you manage your credit well. A low score could be a red flag and your potential creditors may or will question your dependability.

Checking your credit score carries additional benefits.

By checking your credit report, you can assess if all your credit information is correct and accurate. A mistake in your credit can negatively impact your score.

Worse, you could be liable to pay any loan, credit card, and other debts that were opened in your name even when those aren’t really yours to begin with.

Check your credit score with Credit Sesame to find out what your score is in an instant.

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3. Make Small Increases to Your Retirement Savings

Retirement is for old people or for those nearing retirement. That’s what other people say especially the millennials.

I agree that it is easy to put aside thoughts of retirement, especially if you are of a younger age, but retirement will be an issue for most people someday.

A lot of people especially the senior ones don’t have enough money saved for retirement. Ask them what they should have done in the past, and a lot of them would tell you that they should have saved more money for retirement when they were young.

If you don’t believe me, go to different establishments or companies like Walmart stores, Target, among others, and you’ll see a lot of senior citizens.

Of course, you can’t easily judge them and say that they didn’t save enough money for retirement. Just so you know, some of them just like to work and it doesn’t matter if they make thousands per month or a few dollars per hour.


Start saving for retirement and make small increases to your retirement savings on a periodic basis so that your future funds increase as a result of putting a little more into the fund each year.

These small increases will add up and won’t break the bank while pursuing these money goals.

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4. Take Advantage of Employer-Provided Benefits

If your employer provides benefits such as 401(k) options and health savings accounts, take advantage of these items.

A lot of companies will match (up to a certain amount of percentage of your salary) whatever it is you put in your 401(k). That’s free money there that you don’t have to pay back.

You’ll see the savings come in on a continual basis from doing so.

When an employer provides employees with benefits it’s imperative to use these benefits whenever necessary and able to do so.

As part of your employment compensation, you want to accept all of the benefits which are offered to you.

Believe it or not:

One in five Americans makes mistakes when it comes to their 401(k). Don’t be like them.

5. Put Discretionary Spending on Hold for a Certain Time Period

It’s also a wise idea to put your discretionary spending on hold for a bit of time.

Take some time off from dining out, going out for drinks, or seeing the latest movies.

Have your date night at home with your special someone and save some cash while still enjoying a homemade dinner, drinks from your refrigerator, and a Netflix movie.

By doing so, if only for a little while, you can take that spending cash and put it aside for a rainy day (and improve your finances).

It’s up to you to determine how long you want to pause your discretionary spending.

Just think, any money that you don’t spend on these items, is money which you can save for the future.

6. Make a Grocery List Before You Go Shopping and Stick to It

Grocery shopping bills can really add up, especially when you go shopping without a grocery list.

There’s one thing you should never do. Don’t go out without making a list and checking it twice. Seriously!

Before you head out to the food store, make sure you have a list made up with all of the things you will be getting at the store.

Also, take a look at any coupons you may have and see if they will help you save money on your shopping trip.

By having a list and using coupons, you’ll find that what could be a pricey trip to the food store is actually an economical one.

To get more savings, you could also use grocery-saving apps such as Ibotta and Drop.

This is an easy step to take in striving for optimal money goals.

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7. Contact Creditors for Lower Interest Rates

Another small but crucial step which you should take to improve your finances is to contact your current creditors to see if they will lower your interest rates.

Interest rates are costs which can really bump up the overall price of your debt.

By trying to get a lower interest rate, you are taking a really important step in the right direction to lowering your total debt.

Believe it or not:

A lot of creditors aren’t always sharks. They’re not always there to bite you with interest and penalties.

Many times creditors are there to help you.

I’ve asked my credit card companies if they could lower my interest rates. Do you know what their answer was? The answer was yes.

Because of lowered interest rates, I was able to pay off my debt faster and was able to save money faster because I paid less on interest.

8. Bundle Your Entertainment Services

Another simple and not very time-consuming step you can take to improve your finances and save money is to bundle your entertainment services.

Obtain cable, phone, and internet services in one convenient bundle from the same provider and you may experience some beneficial savings each month by doing so.

You can get all of the services that you need from the same provider at a fraction of the price.

9. Cancel Subscriptions You Don’t Need

We’ve all been tempted by subscription services at one time or another.

If you’re one of those individuals who has a lot of subscriptions, take a close look at those items and see what subscriptions you can do without.

You might just want to get rid of one subscription or purge your entire collection of subscriptions in one sweep for the ultimate quest for money goals.

Canceling subscriptions may not seem like it would save a lot of money but you would be surprised as to how much you can save.

Where do you start?

Start by looking at your credit card bills or charges. When you see those services that you don’t need, call the service providers and tell them that you no longer need their services.

Just make sure you are longer bound by a contract and you could face yourself with contract termination. You do not want that charge.

As simple as that!

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10. Take Advantage of Entertainment Discounts

Entertainment discounts are often available for various locations and event venues.

For example, movie theaters sometimes offer two-for-one specials while amusement parks will often provide discount coupons during certain times throughout the season.

Entertainment discounts make it easier to save money and still have fun while doing so.

11. Dine Out with Your Budget in Mind

Just because you want to improve your finances doesn’t mean you should stop from dining out.

After all, if that’s what you want and that’s your reward for yourself for working hard, then, don’t cut it out completely.

Don’t feel as if you have to give up dining out completely in order to take small steps to improve finances and pursue money goals.

You can either cut back on the amount of times you dine out each month or dine out in a more economical fashion.

Early bird specials and two-for-one dining options provide you with a way to save cash and still savor the enjoyment of eating at restaurants.

When you dine out, just keep your ultimate finance goals and concrete budget in mind.

12. Restrict Online Shopping

Shopping sprees can be tempting, but these days it’s even easier to embark on shopping sprees with online shopping access at your fingertips 24/7.

In order to really save money and take the necessary steps to do so, you have to possess the willpower to say no to online shopping, at least to frequent online shopping.

With so many online shopping deals, sales, and free shipping offers, it’s hard to resist the temptation of online shopping.

Therefore, it’s up to you to restrict your online shopping to once a month or on an as needed basis to enable you to take the steps to save money for your future needs.

Here’s a trick that always works.

When you see something you like online or in-store, try to sleep on it for a week or so. If it’s no longer in your mind, then, that’s a want and that’s something you should pass on.

If, however, you still have that something in mind, then, that’s a need.

So, what do you do then? Ask yourself if there are substitutes for that product or service or coupons/discounts to lower the price.

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13. Take Time to Think Before Buying

Sometimes it’s those impulse buys which tend to rack up the bills.

Resist the urge to buy something you like right away and think on it.

You might find that when you take a little bit of time to ponder your purchase, it might not be a good way to spend your money after all.

Also, you may find a similar item with a more favorable price tag when you wait a little while and survey your options.

This will allow you to keep some cash in your pocket and act as a small step to improve your finances.

Final thoughts on Important Money Goals

While many people don’t believe that money goals aren’t for everybody, believe it or not, those goals are for everyone.

No matter how big or small your money goals are, they can be achieved when you put your mind into those and believe in those goals.

So, where do you go from here?

The answer is simply to start creating your goals, start achieving them little by little, and you’ll be happy now or down the road that you make such move.

Have you done any money goals? Do you think those goals are achievable? Do you believe that these can make a big difference in your finances? Please let me know your thoughts.

Author Bio:

“Allan Liwanag is the blogger behind The Practical Saver. An analyst by day and dedicated blogger by night, he loves to share his thoughts – based on his research, personal knowledge, and experience – on topics related to family, life, and money.”

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Do you want to dive into the real-estate investments industry, but you feel like you don’t have sufficient cash to do so? Well, you don’t need a lot of money to get into it. Today, you can get into this lucrative industry with as little as $100. Here are a few ways to invest in real estate with little money.

How to Invest in Real Estate with Little Money

One of the biggest obstacles in real estate investing is the cost of buying the properties. Traditionally, Banks and lending institution could give loans to an individual with a good credit score and leave out those with poor credit. However, nowadays people have devised ways on how to invest in real estate with little money.

In the past, real estate investments were a preserve for the rich and wealthy because of the high cost of buying properties. At least, most of them could afford to raise the vast amounts of money that were required to invest in real estate properties, or at least they had an excellent credit score.

Though such people still have a wider variety of options, at least now you can become a real estate investor with little cash, poor credit, or no money. That way, you can also become a landlord.

Real estate industry is one of the most lucrative sectors. One of the primary reason being that, with time, properties appreciate. Also, housing is one of the most substantial expenses in the personal budget of every household.

Therefore, if there is a way to cut this expense and save more money, then the better because saving will help boost your wealth and help you retire early.

If you want to get into real estate investing, there are numerous ways to do so with no money or with very little cash. The most popular method involves purchasing REITs.

Besides REITs, you can still get into this industry through other exciting ways, and that is what we will be discussing here.

So, if you’re wondering how to invest in a commercial real estate with little money, then this article will explore some of the unconventional ways to do so.

Ways to Invest in Real Estate with Little or No Money Down

Now, let’s dig into how you can invest in real estate with little money.

  1. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate investors have now adopted crowdfunding as one of the best alternative ways to invest in properties. With crowdfunding, business owners can raise cash from a large pool of investors where each investor contributes a small amount of money.

Several crowdfunding real estate websites offer investors a chance to pool together resources and invest in both residential and commercial real estate properties.

In addition to crowdfunding websites, business owners also use social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to market the idea to a broader network of interested investors.

There are several real estate crowdfunding platforms both for non-accredited and accredited investors. Some of these websites work with individuals while some work with institutional investors and some cater to both individual and institutional investors.

Some of the most popular crowdfunding sites include Fundrise, Groundfloor, Realty Mogul, and Crowdstreet to mention but a few. While Crowdstreet is a platform for accredited investors, Fundrise and RealtyMogul cater to non-accredited investors.

Most of these crowdfunding sites connect borrowers and sponsors. With crowdfunding, you can invest in real estate with little cash. For example, in Crowdstreet, you can invest with only $5,000, and you can start investing with as low as $500 using the Fundrise platform.

Fundrise is one of the best platforms to pick if you want to get into commercial real estate.

Real Estate



Min. Investment$500$1,000$10,000
Fees1%/year0.30% - 0.50%/year2.75-3.75%/year
Accredited OnlyNoNoYes
Company Website
  1. Real Estate Wholesaling

If you have little cash and you want to dive into real-estate investments, then you can try real estate wholesaling. This involves finding an excellent deal on the house and then selling it or assigning it to another investor immediately with no additional costs or renovations.

The concept behind wholesaling is that you identify a distressed house – one that you think is a hot deal and could attract keen interest from other investors. You schedule the closing date with the seller that could be a month or a month and a half away.

Then immediately start pitching the property to other interested buyers and investors. In essence, you’ll be looking for a buyer to buy the same property that you want to buy.

After you find a buyer, you schedule the closing date for the same time as to when you’ll be buying the house. That means that you will sell it the same day you buy it and will probably own the property for a few minutes only.

The buyers’ down payment plus the earnest money will most likely cover the money that you put as down payment and sometimes even more. Sometimes, you will have to sign over the check directly from your buyer to your seller. You only act as a middleman and earn by arranging simultaneous deals.

You should have excellent communication and negotiation skills and have an eye for distressed properties that could be on demand to make it in this venture.

Rules and regulations about wholesaling vary with different States in the US, and thus you should join your local real estate investment groups and have a real estate attorney for advice.

  1. House Flipping

House flipping can also help you get into the real estate industry. Most people use the terms wholesaling and house flipping interchangeably. But there is a slight difference.

Unlike wholesaling, house flipping involves buying a distressed home, making renovations and then selling it at a higher price than the buying price and cost of repairs combined. With wholesaling, you don’t have to do house repairs and renovation and can even close the buying and the selling deals the same day.

House Flipping, on the contrary, involves holding the house while doing rehab. If you want to get a lucrative deal, you need to know when and where to search for them. Most of these distressed houses are sold during foreclosures, auction, and in bank short-sale and are usually at a discount. If you beautifully renovate the home, then you’re typically adding some value to it.

House flipping is expensive because you have to do renovations, but you don’t have to buy the house for cash. You can finance it through various other ways. One of the best ways is through credit. However, you need to have an excellent credit score to invest in this high-risk venture.

You can look for tips on how to build your credit if your credit is poor. Alternatively, you can also apply for a home mortgage loan or take out a (HELOC).

  1. Turnkey Rental Properties

Turnkey real estate investing is a good option for people who are not in a position to do all the hassle of buying the house, doing rehab, and managing the property on their own. In essence, a turnkey rental property is a property such as a house, duplex, apartment building, and more that have been bought at a lower price usually below average value and has been fully renovated.

What that means is that the new owner is ready to “turn the key” and begin renting the property out.

Most turnkey companies manage the property on your behalf. Thus, they offer you the joy of earning passive income while doing nothing. These companies buy and sell fully renovated rental properties on your behalf.

Roofstock, HomeUnion, and American real estate investments are some of the best turnkey real estate investing companies available today. Roofstock is also one of the best platforms to use if you want to get into residential real estate investments.

These companies may charge an acquisition fee, which is an additional price paid during purchase. With turnkey projects, you only need to put down 35% as a down payment to get started.

However, with Roofstock, you can put down as much as you’d like to start earning passive income through real estate. If you use my link for Roofstock, you can sign up for completely free and start browsing real estate property investments.


  1. House Hacking

This is one of the best ways of investing in real estate with little cash. When house hacking, you make a small multi-unit rental property your primary residence. In essence, it means that you buy a small multi-unit rental property, live in one unit, and then rent out the other units.

All you need is to own the house by paying the down payment. These rental properties can range from a duplex, a triplex, or even a fourplex. The income that you receive from the tenants can cover some or all of the house expenses.

Later, you can move out, and the property will remain an excellent long-term passive income investment. This kind of investment has numerous benefits and a few downsides too. Also, you can take out an owner occupant loan, which is easier to acquire than an investment loan to do house hacking.

You can do house hacking by renting out rooms in your home already through Airbnb.

  1. Lease Option Real Estate Investing

Another way to reduce the amount of money that is needed to buy a rental is by using the seller financing option. This option involves getting financing from the seller to buy a rental property that you can rent out on a lease option to tenants.

The renters must sign a lease contract, which says that the renters have agreed to buy the home. That means that they will pay the rent plus an additional amount of money that goes to paying off the house in their name.

After signing the contract, the tenants also agree to give you their down payment. That can help you cancel out the money you had incurred to pay for the same.

With this option, you’re acting as the bank for the tenants to purchase the house and so the interest rates and the purchasing price may be a little more too.

  1. Seller Financing

Seller financing strategy is a bit more like a lease option strategy that we have explained above. The only difference is that with seller financing, you’re the one that gets the lease option from the owner of the property and not your renters. After getting the lease option, you are at liberty to either sell the house to someone else on a lease option or you can hold it and follow the buy-and-rent strategy.

With this particular type of financing, you can get a better rate and terms on a down payment. If you opt for the lease option sale, then you must have excellent negotiation skills. That will help you get more out of the property in a lease option sale or at least get enough from renters to cover all your payments and make a profit.

Some of the most excellent seller financing deals are usually from motivated sellers such as Bank Real Estate Owned Properties or For Sale by Owner (FSBO).

Most banks typically let go of these foreclosures for less than what they are worth because they don’t want to hold the real estate property for long.

  1. Partnering

If you partner with another investor, then you’ll put down less money than if you were alone. However, you will have to share not just the capital but also decisions and profits as well.

Therefore, you should have everything in writing to avoid issues later. Why? You need to know how you can structure your real estate partnership for the partnership to run smoothly.

In the partnership, you can either offer equity or debt investment in the deal. A debt investment involves putting up a loan, and so you’re committing to pay either quarter or semi-annual interest and then pay the loan in full typically with a lump sum after three or five years.

An equity investment, on the other hand, involves putting up some cash and then getting paid out from free cash flow or the eventual sale. The equity investment poses less risk compared to the debt option. Alternatively, you can opt to go with a formal partnership or create a limited liability corporation (LLC) for each deal.

An ideal place to find partners is in the National Real Estate Investing Association and the local real estate groups on Facebook. With National Real estate Investing Association, you may incur training and membership fee, but they are better than Facebook groups.

With Facebook groups, you need to watch out for fraudsters and spammy groups. Alternatively, you can ask from the local real estate agents to refer you to legit local real estate investor groups.

  1. Using FHA and Hard-Money Refi Loans

Another way to invest in real estate with little cash is to take out property loans. You can use the FHA Loan to get started in property investing. The FHA loan is a unique loan program that helps people purchase their first home and can use it as an investor to get into real estate investing. You can get a property for as little as 3.5% down and even when with bad credit.

Another way to invest in real estates is to take out a hard money loan. With hard money refi, you can buy a rental property with a hard money loan. Then you can refinance the property into a conventional mortgage.

This is a very high-risk strategy, and hard money loans must be refinanced within a year or less. You need to have a lot of experience and skills to succeed in this strategy.

  1. Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

With M1 Finance you can build a portfolio of REITs for completely free of charge and they will automate your investing. They will even reinvest dividend income or your contributions as fractional shares.

Generally speaking, you can invest in both public or private REITs. However, with a brokerage, you will likely only be able to invest in public REITs.

There are a lot of great public REITs out there to choose from in the following industries, including:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Casinos
  • Office buildings
  • Senior living facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Solar
  • Land
  • Mortgages
  • Single family or residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate

REITs can give you a lot of flexibility. Especially if income is a high priority for you.

Conclusion on Invest in Real Estate with Little Money

Real estate investments have potentially higher returns over other types of investments. That is why most people want to get into this lucrative industry. This industry was hard to penetrate before due to the high amount of money needed to get started.

Unlike before, now you can invest in real estate with little or no money down.

Have you invested in real estate through any of these methods? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Titan Invest is an investing platform that enables you to invest like a hedge fund. Our Titan Invest review will highlight everything you need to know about the platform including an overview of the company, investment strategy, pricing, security and more.

Titan Invest Review 2019: Invest Like A Hedge Fund

The rise of financial technological innovation from robo-advisors and different investing apps have allowed for anyone to start making money in the stock market while saving time.

Investing with robo-advisors and other investing apps can help you build wealth, but are all of them right for you?

Hedge funds are often viewed as an investment product that is not available to retail investors. Until now.

Here we will evaluate the feasibility of using Titan Invest to start investing like a hedge fund.

Overview of Titan Invest

In a world with so many investment services and robo-advisors, it can be hard to understand how each option differs and which one is best suited for you.

In my view, Titan, a hedge fund-like investing platform backed by Y Combinator, seems to stand out from the crowd.

While most modern robo-advisors and investment products offer a passive, index-tracking approach, Titan is an active advisor that offers hedge fund style investing that seeks to outperform the market over the long term.

Titan Invest’s Investment Strategy

First of all, let’s talk about Titan’s strategy.  Titan invests you in a basket of 20 high-conviction stocks that are vetted by leading long-term hedge funds.  According to their website, they believe these portfolio companies are typically high-quality businesses that have strong competitive advantages and long growth runways.

Titan identifies these stocks via their proprietary algorithm, which analyzes thousands of hedge fund filings known as “13Fs.”  Per their website, these filings can offer a wealth of valuable information to investors but are also filled with pitfalls that can render them misleading to the casual onlooker.

By analyzing and comparing thousands of filings every quarter, they believe their algorithm is able to filter through the noise and identify strong picks.

On top of the core portfolio, Titan offers you personalized downside protection via a portfolio hedge tailored to your individual risk profile and investment goals.

The hedge dynamically adjusts to different market conditions, which seeks to offer protection to investors from market risk, especially in protracted bear markets, like the one witnessed in 2007-08.

This entire strategy is designed to offer investors attractive returns over a long-term time horizon (say, several years or more).

By focusing on businesses that they believe have attractive fundamental drivers and taking a concentrated approach that isn’t “over-diversified,” Titan believes its strategy offers investors a way to sustainably grow wealth over the long run.

The portfolio itself is relatively low turnover and is rebalanced once every quarter.

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Titan’s Returns

While past results should never be taken to be indicative of future performance, Titan seems to have done well so far. As of April 30, 2019, a hypothetical client with an Aggressive risk profile who joined Titan on January 1st, 2019, would have been up 26.7% YTD versus 18.2% for the S&P 500 over the same period.

What’s more, it was able to achieve those returns with a Sharpe ratio that was higher than the S&P 500’s – meaning it was able to offer better returns than the S&P 500 for each unit of risk taken.

You can track Titan’s performance here. See the end of this post and Titan’s website for full performance disclosures.

Screenshot of Titan’s performance as of 4/30/2019. For full disclosures, see their website.

Quick Explainer: What’s a Hedge Fund?

Some of you may be wondering what exactly a hedge fund is.  If you’ve seen the show Billions on Showtime, you may have a good sense.  In essence, hedge funds are investment vehicles designed for high net worth (read: extremely wealthy) individuals or institutional investors like pension funds.

Hedge funds typically have minimum investments in the millions of dollars as well as “lock-up periods” (during which you can’t withdraw your funds) for one year or more.

In return, hedge funds offer their investors the opportunity to earn attractive returns that exceed the level of risk they take (or in other words, attractive “risk-adjusted returns”).  They do this via their namesake element – “hedging” – which enables them to have positive exposure to both upturns and downturns in the market.

While even the most robust hedging can’t eliminate volatility in its entirety, top hedge funds, on a multi-year basis, tend to do quite well for their investors.

Titan’s founders themselves used to work as investors at hedge funds before leaving to start Titan.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the founders revealed they grew tired of helping to make the already-wealthy wealthier, and sought to design a system that could offer the everyday investor the ability to invest like top hedge funds.

See Related: How to Start Investing Your Money

How Titan Works

The signup process is very simple: just download the app from the iOS or Android app store, then complete a brief signup process right on your phone.

As soon as you fund your account, you’ll be granted access to the app, where you can see your individual portfolio holdings as well as all of Titan’s in-house investment research.

The app’s home screen features a scrolling timeline of Titan’s latest investment research.

The first thing you see on the home screen is an overview of your portfolio’s performance, followed by a constantly updating feed of Titan’s investment research.

Their research covers all sorts of topics, from their portfolio companies and upcoming IPOs to market analysis and investment strategy.  The format of the research also varies widely – from deep dive reports and videos to podcasts and interviews.

Scrolling through the feed, I saw a pre-IPO analysis of Uber based on a proprietary survey Titan conducted across 50 hedge fund investors.  There were also notes from a private meeting with Howard Marks (a veteran hedge fund investor), as well as a transcript from a conversation with executives at a market-leading beverage business.

This material all seemed exclusive to Titan clients and was presented in a straightforward, jargon-free fashion.  While the analysis seemed very thorough and typical of the research hedge funds often conduct, it did not strike me as unapproachable.

This all seemed to check out with Titan’s mission of creating a world of more informed investors.  The research is not just aimed at providing updates and insights, but also at helping clients become better investors.

According to Titan, it’s important for all investors to have some understanding as to what they’re invested in and why, as they believe investor behavior can dramatically influence their realized returns.

To top it off, if you have any individual questions, you can chat directly with Titan’s research team of former hedge fund analysts inside the app.  This struck me as a level of transparency and access that typically isn’t available at traditional hedge funds or robo-advisors.

Screenshots from Titan’s research library, which includes videos, interviews, and podcasts.

Managing your funds inside the app is also quite simple – you can make transfers into and out of your account at any time with just a few taps.  Recurring deposits are available for people who want to get in the habit of regularly saving and investing.  And unlike traditional hedge funds, which can have lengthy lock-up periods of up to one year or more, Titan lets you withdraw from your account at any time.

The recurring deposits feature allows you to make regular contributions to your account over custom time intervals.


You may be wondering how much all of this costs… Traditional hedge funds often have complex fee structures, often referred to as “2 & 20” – meaning 2% of assets under management and 20% of performance.  Titan’s fee is much simpler, at a flat 1% annually.

Lower fees may be available elsewhere; for example, traditional robo-advisors often charge 0.25-0.50%. However, Titan believes its higher fee is justified by its differentiated features (e.g. concentrated portfolio of stocks vetted by hedge funds, personalized hedge security, investor education through detailed reports and videos).

Another thing unique to Titan’s pricing is their referral program, which can allow you to effectively reduce your fees to 0% just by referring friends.  Under their current program, each referral you make reduces the advisory fee for both you and your friend by 0.25%, for life, on this first financial product.

That means after just 3 or 4 successful referrals, you can invest with Titan for no advisory fees, for life, on this first financial product.

From what I can tell, no other active investment advisor comes close to this when it comes to pricing (to say nothing of traditional hedge funds).

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Security – Is Titan Invest Safe?

Titan security measures seem very robust, with all data and financial information in the app encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption.  In addition, all funds are held not by Titan, but rather in individual accounts in your own name via the leading financial custodian Apex Clearing (which you may have seen in your account statements if you’ve ever had an account with Robinhood or M1 Finance).

What this means is that while Titan directs the investment activity in your account, your funds are held safely and independently of Titan.

All Titan accounts also come with up to $500,000 of SIPC insurance.

How Titan Compares to Other Investment Platforms

At this point, you may be wondering how Titan fits in in the broader landscape of investing platforms.  With a plethora of options available to the everyday consumer, ranging from other investment apps to mutual funds and ETFs – it can be hard to understand what services might work best for you.

The key thing to understand about Titan is that it’s an active investment manager, much like the hedge funds it tracks. Titan actively selects stocks based on its proprietary algorithm, which is designed to construct what it believes to be a “best-of-the-best” long-term equity portfolio.

Beyond that, they don’t aim to track any single index, factor, or even fund.

This is similar to the behavior of traditional human investment advisors, but with a state-of-the-art algorithm, a fully digital interface, a more attractive fee structure, as well as a fully-fledged research platform attached.

“According to Titan’s founders, simplifying the consumer investment process and democratizing access to elite investment strategies are the primary aims of Titan’s mission.”

While Robinhood and M1 Finance look similar to Titan in terms of their front-end interface, from an investment perspective they are also totally different. These types of firms are not investment advisors, but rather brokerage houses that let you diligence and manage all of your trading decisions yourself.

Similarly, robo-advisors like Wealthfront and Betterment are very different from a strategy perspective and are geared towards investors who are seeking more passive options that look to track the market rather than outperform it.

When it comes down to it, as a long-term oriented investment platform, Titan seems best suited for people looking to grow their wealth for the long haul. This includes people who are saving up for retirement or just building their nest egg.

Titan has announced plans to launch IRAs this summer, which would make it a more comprehensive platform for those planning on investing for retirement.

Pros and Cons
  • Pros
    • Simple, hands-off approach
    • Access to curated investment research (videos, podcasts, deep dives, etc.)
    • Generous referral program
  • Cons
    • Not suitable for active traders and shorter-term investors
    • Currently only invests in US-listed stocks

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Conclusion on Titan Invest Review

Titan gives people a hedge fund-like investment option over time or an opportunity for those who simply lack the confidence to manage a stock portfolio themselves. It’s a completely hands-off approach to investing a nest egg for years down the line (compared to the multitude of merely index-tracking offerings out there).

I believe that the research they publish is a particularly unique aspect of Titan compared to other investment services.

Although I think their current offering differentiates itself from the market, something I hope to see in the future is that they offer more options to invest in bonds, options, and other asset classes.

What do you think of this Titan Invest review? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Related Resources

This article is a paid partnership with Titan Invest (“Titan”). All opinions are our own. This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a comprehensive description of Titan’s investment advisory services. Titan uses a proprietary algorithmic strategy in selecting recommendations to advisory clients. Please see Titan’s website (https://www.titanvest.com/) and the Program Brochure (available on the website) for more information. Certain investments are not suitable for all investors. Before investing, consider your investment objectives and Titan’s fees. The rate of return on investments can vary widely over time, especially for long term investments. Investment losses are possible, including the potential loss of all amounts invested. Titan’s registration as an SEC-registered investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training and no inference to the contrary should be made.

Nothing here should be considered as an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell securities. The above content is for illustrative purposes only to demonstrate products, services, and information available from Titan. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections, are hypothetical in nature and may not reflect actual future performance.

All Titan performance results include the use of a personalized hedge for a hypothetical client with an “Aggressive” risk profile; clients with “Moderate” or “Conservative” risk profiles would have experienced lower returns. Please visit https://support.titanvest.com/investment-process/hedging for full disclosures on our hedging process. 2019 YTD results are from 1/1/19 through 4/30/19. 2018 results are from Titan’s launch date of 2/20/18 through 12/31/18. Performance results are net of fees and include dividends and other adjustments. All-Time figures represent the performance of a hypothetical account created on 2/20/18 using Titan’s investment process for an aggressive portfolio, not an actual account. See Titan’s website for full performance disclosures.

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Do you ever think about your golden years after you leave your career? Here are some juicy retirement quotes that will help you think more about it in a different way.

87 Best Retirement Quotes: Including Funny, Short and Inspirational

Are you ready to retire? A mention of the word retirement automatically provokes many thoughts to people around. Some think of the graceful age where you enjoy all that you’ve been working for, whereas some only think of problems.

Still, some may not even want to picture it out of fear of the old age and also the loss of that fulfilling career. Various retirement quotes can change your perspective about retirement and maybe paint a different lovely picture.

Whichever the case, retirement should be happy, fulfilling, as well as healthy life later after you have saved enough to sustain you for the rest of your life.

For me, when I think of retirement, I can’t manage to think of anything less than a happy, relaxing, wealthy life full of vacations.

I’m striving to achieve financial freedom through investing in dividend stocks.

I’ve been using Personal Capital’s retirement planner to monitor my investment portfolio and ensure I’m on the right track for retirement.

It’s completely free to use and sign up.

If you want to ensure that you aren’t wasting too much money in your retirement accounts, I suggest you check out how I saved money instantly in my retirement accounts.

I used Blooom to analyze and optimize my 401(k) and Roth IRA. If you use my link, they will optimize your 401(k) for free and provide exact steps to reduce your fees.

The hard work and painful savings of the youthful years ought to pay fully for that comfortable retirement.

List of the Best Retirement Quotes

I have compiled a good number of words of wisdom or better, what I like to call the best retirement quotes that will brighten your day.

This list of retirement quotes has been compiled from various people whose words of wisdom couldn’t go unnoticed.

Inspirational Retirement Quotes

Here are some of the most popular inspirational quotes on retirement that you should read before retiring as well as after.

1. “Just because you are getting older and have retired doesn’t mean that you should have less confidence in your abilities. Think about the experience and knowledge that you have gained by all the years you have worked” -Theodore W. Higginsworth

2. “Retirement: It’s nice to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to get along with less cheese.” – Gene Perret

3. “Planning to retire? Before you do, find your hidden passion. Do the thing that you have always wanted to do.” – Catherine Pulsifer

4. “Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it. Experience achieves more with less energy and time.” – Bernard Baruch

5. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Lyrics from “Closing Time” by Semisonic

6. “What does retirement mean now that there are so many opportunities for learning, for caring, for serving? We can redefine aging.” – Rachel Cowan, Wise Aging

7. “Retirement is a new beginning, and that means closing the book on one chapter to begin the next.” Sid Miramontes, Retirement: Your New Beginning

8. “Retirement gives you the time literally to recreate yourself through a sport, game, or hobby that you always wanted to try or that you haven’t done in years.” – Price, Stephen D.

9. “Shall the day of parting be the day of gathering? And shall it be said that my eve was in truth my dawn?” by Kahlil Gibran

10. “There is a whole new kind of life ahead, full of experiences just waiting to happen. Some call it ‘retirement.’ I call it ‘bliss.’” – Betty Sullivan

11. “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

12. “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

13. “Preparation for old age should begin not later than one’s teens. A life which is empty of purpose until 65 will not suddenly become filled on retirement.” – Arthur E. Morgan

14. “You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

15. “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” – T.S. Eliot

16. “Retirement is not a life without purpose; it is the on-going purpose that provides meaningfulness” – Robert Rivers

17. “Retirement is …. a time to experience a fulfilling life derived from many enjoyable and rewarding activities.” – Ernie J. Zelinski

18. “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” – Anne Bradstreet

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Funny Retirement Quotes

If you have negative thoughts about retirement, go through these quotes and lets us help change the attitude.

If you also want to know how you can make your retirement life blissful, check out our retirement investment and other financial blogs to help you plan for it.

19. “Retirement is wonderful. It’s doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it” – Gene Perret

20. “When a man retires and time is no longer a matter of urgent importance, his colleagues generally present him with a watch.” R.C. Sherriff

21. “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain

22. “Retirement without the love of letters is a living burial” – Seneca

23. “Happy days are here, at last, the days of nine to five are history, you’ve worked your life and paid your dues, now you can do just what you choose”- Anon

24. “He who laughs last at the boss’s jokes probably isn’t far from retirement.” — Unknown

25. “I enjoy waking up and not having to go to work. So, I do it three or four times a day.” —Gene Perret

26. “While working comes with the setting of goals to achieve as much as possible, retirement comes with the setting of goals to do nothing as much as possible” – Unknown

27. “After all those years of seriously doing what you had to do to make a living and raise a family, now you can be a clown, work at Disneyland helping Mickey Mouse, build new homes for Habitat for Humanity, or just be lazy in scenic surroundings.” – Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

28. “Retirement is like a long vacation in Las Vegas. The goal is to enjoy it the fullest, but not so fully that you run out of money.” – Jonathan Clements

29. “I’m not sure that too many Americans would choose the president to manage their retirement accounts.” Mike Pompeo

30. “Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did.” – Malcolm Forbes

31. “The best time to start thinking about your retirement is before the boss does.” – Unknown

32. “A retired husband is often a wife’s full-time job” – Ella Harris

33. “Sooner or later, I’m going to die, but I’m not going to retire.” – Margaret Mead

34. “When you retire, you switch bosses – from the one who hired you to the one who married you.” Gene Perret

35. “When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income” – Chi Chi Rodriguez

36. “Retirement: That’s when you return from work one day and say, “Hi, Honey, I’m home — forever.” – Gene Perret

37. “The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.” – Abe Lemons

38. “Money, friends, and memories are all you need in your old age, make lots of them before you retire”- Arthur N

39. “During your retirement years you should never drink coffee at lunch; it will keep you awake in the afternoon.” — Unknown

40. “Retirement at sixty-five is ridiculous. When I was sixty-five, I still had pimples.” — George Burns

41. “There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” – Calvin & Hobbes

42. “When men reach their sixties and retire, they go to pieces. Women go right on cooking.” Gail Sheehy

43. “Retirement is when you stop worrying about very few vacation days with lots of things to do and start thinking of the so many vacation days you have with very little to do.”- Lydia W

44. “The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money.”- Author Unknown

45. “I think the whole concept of retirement is a bit stupid, so yes, I do want to do something else. There is this strange thing that just because chronologically on a Friday night you have reached a certain age. with all that experience, how can it be that on a Monday morning, you are useless?” – Stuart Rose

46. “What can you call anyone who is joyful on a Monday? Retired.” – Unknown

47. “When you think about it, retirement is when you need not ask for a day off to rest” – Unknown

Short Retirement Quotes

These are a set of short, simple retirement quotes. Sometimes shorter is truly sweeter.

48. “Retire from work, but not from life.” By M.K. Soni

49. “Retirement is when having a good time is your only job.” – Anon

50. “As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning.” – Earl Nightingale

51. “I’m gonna make the rest of my life, the best of my life” – Unknown

52. “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” – Vince Lombardi

53. “I’m retired – goodbye, tension!” – Unknown

54. “The question isn’t at what age I want to retire; it’s at what income.” -George Foreman

55. “You can’t put off being young until you retire.” – Philip Larkin

56. “Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway.” – Unknown

57. “There are some who start their retirement long before they stop working.” — Robert Half

58. “I have never liked working. To me, a job is an invasion of privacy.” — Unknown

59. “My formula for a treasured retirement is simple: plan, design, enjoy.” – Julia Valentine, Joy Compass

60. “For retirement brings repose, and repose allows a kindly judgment of all things” – John Sharp Williams

61. “Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them” – Louis Armstrong

62. “Retirement is when the living is easy, and the payments are hard.” Author Unknown

63. “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

64. “I guess I don’t believe in retirement. I believe in shorter days and maybe in weekends” – Alice Waters

65. “Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials — much to live on and much to live for.” – Unknown

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Farewell Retirement Quotes

These retirement quotes highlight any farewells and goodbyes.

66. “Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They mean I’ll miss you until we meet again.” – Unknown.

67. “It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.” Ernie Harwell

68. “Best wishes on your retirement. Enjoy an overdue rest. Take pleasure in the finer things that are awaiting you.” – Judith Wibberley

69. “Retirement may be an ending, a closing, but it is also a new beginning” – Pulsifer

70. “A gold watch is the most appropriate gift for retirement, as its recipients have given up so many of their golden hours in a lifetime of service” – Harry Mahtar

71. “Those long hours in the office, every extra hour after the long shifts, every sacrifice, and all the hopes you held onto for so long should now reminisce in a relaxing, rejuvenating, and enjoyable retirement.” – Adrian J.Williams

72. “Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends” – Richard Bach,

73. “The purpose of retirement is not simply to exist, to simply survive, but to elevate oneself in life, to have a purpose, to achieve, and to conquer new horizons” – Dave Erhard

74. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened” – Dr. Seuss

75. “It won’t be the same around here without you. For you brightened every day. You will be missed, but we wish you lots of happiness.” – Julie Hebert

76. “May your old age and retirement be best in four things — old wood best to burn, old wine best to drink, old friends best to trust, and old authors best to read” – Unknown

77. “We celebrate with you and thank you for the smiles and the memories. We know God has more for you to do, so as you retire, we can’t wait to see the continuing difference you make in people’s lives.”- Unknown

78. “The retirement timing is always a tricky thing for a dancer. I think it’s different for everyone. How you say goodbye to the thing you have focused on that much is a tough one. I’ve always intended to leave in good shape, to exit on a high note.” Damian Woetzel

79. “As any Brit will understand, things get a little easier when you don’t have to be number one anymore. Really, the fall of an empire is not as bad as everyone thinks. It’s like retirement. People fear retirement, but it can turn out be rather pleasant”- John Oliver

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Retirement Quotes for Coworkers

These are wonderful retirement quotes that you can dedicate to your retiring colleagues as well as those who fear the thot of retirement.

80. “Don’t act your age in retirement. Act like the inner young person you have always been.” – J. A. West

81. “Retire the word ‘retirement’ from your vocabulary. Look it up: it means to ‘withdraw’ or ‘retreat.’ Words can shape reality, and it’s time for this one to go. Doesn’t ‘renaissance’ or ‘graduation’ or ‘transition’ better describe your post-career life?” – Marika Stone

82. “On the positive side, retirement can be an opportunity to enjoy life in a new way, the right to stop work and do the 1,001 things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time for, and a chance to give yourself over to new challenges and adventures.” – Sara Yogev

83. “Maybe the word ‘retirement’ makes you think of old age, boredom, and laziness, but I’d rather have you try to think of it as freedom to do what you want, freedom to be as active as you’d like, and even freedom to work the job that you like – to be in a place where money doesn’t dictate your choices.” – Rex Dalen

84. “My retirement plan is to get thrown into a minimum-security prison in Hawaii.” — Julius Sharpe

85. “A lot of our friends complain about their retirement. We tell ’em to get a life.” —Larry Laser.

86. “We spend our lives on the run: we get up by the clock, eat and sleep by the clock, get up again, go to work – and then we retire. And what do they give us? A bloody clock” —Dave Allen.

87. “Living each day as if it were your last doesn’t mean your last day of retirement on a remote island. It means to live fully, authentically, and spontaneously with nothing being held back.” – Jack Canfield.

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Conclusion on Retirement Quotes

When the time to retire comes, it ought to be a time for fulfillment for the accomplishments you’ve made during your working years. Never should it be a punishment or a season of loneliness.

Let these retirement quotes shape your way into the bliss of retirement and push you towards achieving your retirement goals.

Whether you are just starting your working life or almost retiring, this retirement blog can teach you how to invest for retirement wisely and retirement strategies to help you achieve financial freedom.

What comes to your mind when the word retirement is mentioned? Are there any retirement quotes that we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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Do you love watching videos online? Why not get paid to do it. In this digital era, you can now get paid to view ads on, the internet. Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can do it.

How to Watch Ads for Money: Earn Money Now

Are you always online, and do you enjoy watching videos online? Numerous apps have now come up that pay people to watch ads on their phones and computers. If you are looking for a side hustle to make some few extra coins, then you can watch ads for money on the internet.

In recent times, a majority of people are now cutting cable TV cord and prefer streaming online videos to TVs. That means more people are now online today than there were a decade ago.

Companies are thus taking advantage of this and now opting to promote their products online as well. In turn, this has opened up opportunities where you can watch ads for money.

I have encountered many people who think that there is no such thing like earning money by watching video ads. Most of them believe that it’s a scam. Well, it’s not.

There are some which are scams out there, but it’s doesn’t mean that all of them are rip-offs. Some are genuine and can pay you real money.

If you’re a teen and looking for a legit way to make money online, then you can try watching ads for cash.

The most important thing for you to do is to identify the good ones and subscribe to them, and you’ll be on the right path. This article is a comprehensive guide on the best and honest apps and ways to earn money watching ads.

Watching ads can be a decent way to earn some extra passive income and create additional wealth for yourself. Monitor your passive income by signing up for Personal Capital. It’s completely free and will help you track your net worth.

How Watching Ads for Money Works

If you want to earn money watching videos, the first thing you need is a good internet connection. Then, you will need to click on the video clips or the ads given to you and view them.

Topics in the video clips may include advertisement, movie trailers, TV shows, and news clips, and more.

Each platform has set its own rules and rewards. Some can reward you inform of cash while others use gift cards.

Watching ads for money is an easy way to get free Walmart gift cards. And, if you get gift cards but prefer cash, you can sell the free Amazon gift cards for cash.

Watching advertisements for money will not replace your daily job per se, but it is an easy way to earn a few extra dollars.

Best Ways to Watch Ads Online for Money

Here are some of the most proven ways to watch ads for money.

  1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the best apps that allow you to watch ads for money.  All you need to do to start earning with  InboxDollars is to log in to their website, identify the list of videos available and then watch and earn.

You will first receive $5 just for signing-up with InboxDollars if you use my link.

InboxDollars is one of the apps that can pay you daily cash because it pays you to watch short video clips daily.

Also, InboxDollars pays you to complete surveys, play games online, sign-up for promotional offers, and perform web searches. You can also receive rewards for opening sponsored emails that have been sent from InboxDollars.

  1. Slide Joy

Slide Joy is another excellent pick of the best way you can get paid to watch ads on your computer. With this app, you can earn money by watching video ads as well as doing your other everyday phone activities. The app unlocks the ads the moment you open your phone, or you input your passcode.

So, here is how Slide Joy works. Once you download the app, it will load news stories and ads on the home screen of your phone. Then, it offers you two options to choose from.

The first option is to slide left to check out the ad (the ad is usually something that you would have an interest in). The second option is to slide right. That is, dismiss the ad and proceed to the home screen and do whatever you were going to do.

Now, here is the most exciting part of this app. Imagine, whichever option you choose, you get a reward. Their rewards are usually in the form of points.

Once you have accumulated enough points in your account, then you can ask for payment which is sent to you via PayPal. Slide Joy app is only available for Android phones.

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  1. App Nana

App Nana also pays you for doing various activities, including watching ads, testing new apps, and playing games. With App Nana, you also get rewards in the form of points which are commonly referred to as “Nanas.”

You can redeem the Nanas for different kinds of prizes including iTunes, Amazon gift cards, Google Play apps, Xbox gift cards, paid apps for free and paid games for free, among others.

For each activity that you complete, you will earn a few “Nanas.”  And, there is more. This app also pays you for visiting it daily. Isn’t it interesting?  You will earn 400 Nanas for just visiting the app every day. After accumulating enough Nanas, you can then decide what to redeem them for.

Then, you let them know, and they’ll send you the prize within 48 hours. You can download App Nana for Android and iOS devices.

  1. AdFun

AdFun is a different kind of app. You can watch ads for money in this app, but it’s different because this is social networking- based earning site that pays not just you but your friends too. With AdFun, you are required to create a team and watch ads together to accumulate points.

These points are then used to get entries that will give you chances to win different prizes. Some of the rewards that you could win include Keurig coffee maker and MacBook, among others.

You increase your chances of winning if you increase your number of entries, and that is every time you watch the ad. That increases your odds of winning more items.  You can also earn money for watching videos alone, playing games, and even taking surveys, among other online activities.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the easiest ways to make money online.  This app allows you to earn points usually called bucks for doing activities such as watching a variety of videos, including sports highlights, world news, and even themed videos.

You can also earn for watching sponsored videos.

Apart from watching videos, Swagbucks also pays you for surfing the web, shopping online, and taking online surveys. Once you have accumulated enough bucks, then you can request for payment usually sent via PayPal or gift cards.

Use my link and start earning money online.

  1. Perk.tv

Another app that pays you to watch videos is the Perk.tv. The app is available on different platforms, including OS, Mobile Browser, Google Play, and Desktop. Perk.tv rewards the users for watching video clips, answering the pop question, performing web searches, shopping online, testing new apps, and even playing games.

Once you have amassed enough points, you can receive your payment via a prepaid debit card, PayPal, or a store gift card to a big retailer such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart. Some of the potential reward prizes include gift cards, cash rewards, and electronic merchandise such as video games consoles.

Alternatively, you can donate your reward to a charity. Besides earning points, you can also earn Tokens which are redeemed to enter the sweepstakes.

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  1. Viggle

Next on our list is an app called Viggle. This app pays you for watching your favorite TV shows. To start earning on Viggle, you’ll have to tap the app when you’re watching TV or streaming on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.

With Viggle, you will earn one point per minute plus other bonuses.

You may encounter shows that will offer you ten times (10x) bonus, which enables you to make 10 points per minute of watching. You can redeem the points for cash prizes paid to you via prepaid debit card or gift cards.

Viggle also offers in-show opportunities and games to enable you to interact with your friends to earn even more points. Also, you also get extra points for watching new shows in addition to your current favorites. The Viggle app is available on Android and Apple devices. If you love streaming online shows, why not get paid to watch commercials online.

  1. QuickRewards

Founded in 2002, QuickRewards also rewards you for watching videos and completing other tasks online. QuickRewards membership is open to Canada, the U.S and the U.K.  Some of the activities that you can do to earn with QuickRewards is complete three daily surveys, read emails, and shop daily online and more.

QuickRewards rewards users in three ways, including cash, quick points, and tokens. With QuickRewards, you will earn $0.5 to $6 depending on the length of the video clip.

To redeem your points from QuickRewards, you can either get cash prizes paid via PayPal or gift cards to your favorite restaurants and stores.

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  1. CreationsRewards

If you’re looking for something online that will add real value to your life, then you should check CreationsRewards. Established in 2000, this app pays you to watch ads online.

Besides, you also get paid for completing other online activities such as taking surveys, shopping online, and exploring websites and more.

New members who join this app get a $5 signup bonus. Online earning opportunities are limitless, and you cannot afford to miss them.  With this app, you can accumulate points for money. When you accumulate 5,000 reward points, you’re eligible to get $5.

You can redeem the points for cash sent to you via PayPal or gift cards from Amazon and Walmart. Anyone who is 18 years and above and based in Canada, Australia, the US and in the UK can join.

  1. SendEarnings

Another famous get paid to (GPT) website is SendEarnings. Established in 2000, SendEarnings also pays you to complete specific tasks on the internet, including, watching ads, completing offers, taking surveys, receiving emails, and more. InboxDollars which is one of the recommended sites here acquired and now owns SendEarnings.

You earn $5 for just signing up and an extra $1 for completing your general profile survey, interests survey, and a household survey. With this app, you can get paid 50 cents for completing an online survey of 20 minutes.

Why not try SendEarnings? You can earn a cent or two if you watch playlists of different videos. SendEarnings pays in cash, and you must have at least $30 in your account before you cash out.

After you receive your first check, you will become a Gold Member and receive a few more additional features. Your first payment will be made by check. After that, you can request a prepaid Visa or gift card.

  1. EarningStation

If you’re 18 years and above and reside in the US, then you can sign-up to EarningStation and start making money online. EarningStation also pays users to do simple online tasks that include watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys.

You receive $0.50 for signing up where you can fill up the registration form or use your Facebook account. After you join, you can also earn an additional $10 for joining five survey sites that partner with EarningsStation.

With this app, you’re only allowed to watch ten videos per day. The points that you accumulate in this site are only redeemable for gift cards.

  1. CashCrate

CashCrate is another excellent watch ads for money app. Since 2006, CashCrate offers its users a chance to make money doing simple online tasks that include watching ads for money, watching videos and playing games surveys and more. Joining CashCrate is free.

The payout may be little, but it is an easy way to make a few extra coins if you do more than one task. You can accumulate up to $50 in a day if you’re active and if you complete many tasks in addition to watching videos.

You can also make money through referrals and may earn at least 20% of everything your direct referral earns and 10% of everything their referral earns.

The first payment from CashCrate is via check, but afterward, you can receive your money via PayPal.

CashCrate can flash two numbers across the video screen while the video is playing. Then you have to remember and enter these two numbers at the end to be credited.

  1. YouTube

With YouTube, you can get paid to watch videos. YouTube rewards you to watch their videos. You can watch any topic that you may choose in their list.

To start earning, you’ll need to sign up at Paid2YouTube and start viewing videos. Also, you can make more money when you comment on videos, rate the video, or refer friends.

You can earn $0.005 per video that you watch $0.10 per comment and $0.15 per subscription. You make money for watching the videos that have been posted on the website.

If you want to maximize your earning potential, then you need to take your time to comment, rate and subscribe to many YouTube channels. Also, send referrals to as many people as possible.

You can receive your payment via PayPal.

Conclusion on Watch Ads for Money

I believe that this article on how to watch ads for money was useful.  If you are an online fanatic and enjoy watching videos even when there is no incentive, why not get paid to watch videos.

The money may be small, but it can make a slight difference in your finances. Right? Besides, if its something you already do for free, why not get paid for it. It’s equivalent to getting paid for doing nothing.

You can complement it with other ways to make money online like dropshipping to increase your wealth.

Do you love watching online videos and ads for money? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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Have you ever encountered a financial emergency? What was it about, and how did you deal with it? Here, we will explore some of the most common financial emergencies and how to deal with them.

9 Important Financial Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Have you ever been in a situation that requires you to use some finances which you had not anticipated?  In life, we’re sometimes faced with sudden inevitable occurrences.

Whether a sudden sickness, job loss, or sudden demise of a loved one, different financial emergences occurrences require us to dig our pockets deeper to fix them.

I’ve been using Personal Capital to plan for a financial emergency. I can use it to monitor my emergency fund and see how much cash is embedded in my net worth. Best part it’s completely free to use.

Financial freedom is all about having the flexibility to live completely free without any burden even if there is an emergency. Even if you’ve achieved financial freedom, building some sort of buffer in your financial plan for financial emergencies is important.

Before we explore more on the different types of financial emergencies and ways to deal with them, let’s look at what a financial emergency is first.

So, What are Financial Emergencies?

Financial emergencies are unexpected situations that require one to use some money that they didn’t intend. What happens when you find yourself in need of cash abruptly from an unanticipated event is what is referred to as a financial emergency.

If not resolved on time, it can pose immediate grave repercussions. These emergencies can occur at any time and in any circle of life, including at home, and work and more.

Since you can’t prevent some of these emergencies, the prudent thing to do would be to plan for them. That is, make sure that when the unexpected event occurs, you have some cash stashed somewhere to cushion you from the impact.

Although you cannot entirely plan for everything, having a fall back plan or some backup is always crucial.

List of Most Common Financial Emergencies

Here are 9 of the most severe financial emergencies you are likely to encounter.

  1. Major Medical Emergencies

Some health or medical emergencies are beyond our control, and no matter how much we try to stay healthy and fit, they still occur. Although we all want to believe that we won’t get sick, planning for such things before they happen is the best thing to do.

The emergency may be directly yours or relating to you, for example, for a close family member. Even though we have insurance covers, it may not always suffice in such unfortunate occurrences.

A major medical emergency may require an ambulance, in some cases major surgery and post-surgery therapy. Depending on the severity of the medical emergency, an insurance cover may not cover the whole expense, and you may need to dig deeper into your wallet.

Also, if it’s your pet that requires medical attention, you may incur some costly expenses, especially relating to the veterinarian visits. If in case you haven’t insured your pet, then you may incur some considerable amounts which may strain your budget.

Thus, planning for such eventualities is vital. Sometimes, even with the flexible spending account (FSA), the medical emergency may consume all the funds in the account and still require more. In such an instance, you again go back to your pocket to cater to the remaining balance.

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  1. Job or Income Loss

A sudden loss of your source of income can be devastating not only financially but also emotionally and mentally. Having to cope with the ever-rising cost of living without a job is something to dread and which can cause tremendous financial strain.

Your employer can decide to let go of you when they no longer require your services. Thus, this is an event that you should plan for and have savings that will cover your needs, days, weeks, or even months before you secure another job.

If you’re in business, you know that some events may cause sudden closure of the company. That can leave you with no income and probably with huge expenses that need to be paid. Therefore, you need to plan for such eventualities.

That doesn’t mean you are over cautious or afraid. It means that you are wise enough to know that some events may cause your peril. When you plan, it means that you will be able to handle the financial emergencies when they occur and remain on your feet.

If for example, you abruptly lose your job or income, you need to be sure that you can still pay for the basic needs expenses. This will help you reduce the amount of pressure for the next few months, as you figure things out.

According to the rule of thumb, you need to have enough savings which can maintain you for three to six months. But, going by the current average rate of unemployment, you should plan even for more months.

You can always use these income opportunities to diversify your income beyond your employer too. This can help mitigate the damage in the event you are laid off.

  1. Drastic Increase in the Cost of Living

Significant fluctuations in the economy like inflation can mean varying housing payments and bills for the ordinary citizen. Whether it’s the rent that skyrockets during the renewal of your lease, or it’s the heating bill that hits the roof due to the higher cost of energy, financial stress will be felt.

Since as an individual, you can’t control what happens with the economy, you need to have a fallback plan in place to help you in such financial emergencies. Regardless of how the economy is at the moment, you should know that anything can happen and then plan for it.

It is a win-win situation for you since if the event occurs, and you are safe. And, if it doesn’t, the money you’ve set aside for it, is still yours.

Various expenses will change due to inflation. Thus, understanding how to plan for such financial emergencies will take you a long way. When such events occur, those who had planned for it will thrive while those who didn’t face the wrath of hardships.

You can mitigate this by staying invested in assets that are protected by inflation like investing in commercial real estate or investing in stocks. Regardless, you should continually invest your money.

Need a place to do it? Try these top investing apps.

  1. Home Repairs

Although you have an insurance cover to cover some major expenses that may occur, it does not always cover everything. Some home repairs may be sudden, costly, and also not be covered by the insurance.

In some cases, the insurance covers parts of the repair expenses, and you have to chip in extra money from your savings to cover the rest.  If there’s a part of repair not covered by the policy, you have to look for an alternative source of funding which can be financially draining.

For example, some few years back, a friend had to pay around $4,500 to install a new interior drain system in the basement. Such an amount if not planned for can cause a significant blow to your finances.

Other home repairs like roof repair are covered by the insurance, although it might still require you to add some extra bucks to cater to the difference. It is vital for homeowners to do more than just relying on insurance, which may sometimes disappoint you.

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  1. Unforeseen Travel Expenses

Sometimes, even after trying hard to stick to your budget and avoiding unnecessary costs, some events will still pop out. Life is short, and death is inevitable though we can take life insurance.

Traveling to attend burials for extended distant family members, friends or workmates, are but a few surprises that might come up.

Although you may have set-up a budget, some of these events are a must-attend, especially when it comes to family.

A last-minute plane ticket purchase can cost you a considerable amount of money. Combined with other expenses that may occur along the way, this might significantly dent your finances since it’s something you had not anticipated.

This means that you’ll need to adjust some other routine expenses to factor in the new cost. Without a proper reserve to cater for such eventualities, one may feel the heat of having to forego some crucial issues to provide for the sudden expense.

Having to stay broke even for a few days or weeks just because of an unforeseen event can be distressing to many.

To avoid all this hassle, planning for those events is essential, and it offers relief.

  1. Abrupt Relocations

Having to suddenly relocate from one place to go live in a different location can be costly. For example, this may happen when your employer transfers you to a new office, or you accepted a job offer in another company that is based in another location.

The cost can be significantly high, primarily if the relocation allowances don’t cater to everything and you will need to add in something too.

If it’s a new job, especially in another country or another state, the expenses may be significantly high. Also, if the cost of living there is higher than the one in your former town, you may require finding extra cash for survival before your next paycheck.

If by any chance you are moving with your belongings, the cost of moving can be even higher depending on the distance you have to travel.

Moreso, if your employer does not cater for the whole expense, it can cause a significant dent on your finances. Having a cushion for such incidents helps you avoid stress and loans that may incur high interests when trying to secure extra cash to cater to such events.

One of the best ways to handle this is to try moving on a budget.

  1. Car Repairs

Another type of financial emergency can come from car repairs. Some significant repairs may cause substantial costs that may not be favorable to your budget. Although many may argue that repairs are not expensive and one can use their credit card for these type of repairs, sometimes it’s not economical.

If in any case, you borrow on your credit card, most of them have interest rates which if you delay repaying, you may incur severe penalties. Other repair costs can also be a bit high and can significantly dent your financial budget.

Assuming some of these small issues can cause you some severe economic damage that you will wish you never overlooked.

  1. An Unexpected High Tax Bill

For many Americans, an un-expected high tax bill is an unwelcome surprise that can cause significant financial difficulties. With a high tax bill, many have to adjust the spending to cater to the expense. I’ve seen this happen time and time again. Your employer might not be taking out the right amount of taxes. Come tax season this can cause some headaches.

An unexpected high tax bill can come in as a big blow. Moreso, when you don’t have much savings in your account. If you use all your account savings to pay for Uncle Sam’s outrageous tax bill, you might need even to borrow to pay for your regular expenses.

Also, if you were expecting a higher tax refund and receive much less than expected, you will also need to make some adjustments. Some activities may have to be foregone until you can eventually manage.

Many people receive their tax savings during the year in their paychecks and hence when the year ends, they have fewer refunds. For this kind of financial emergency, it’s wise to consult tax experts to avoid experiencing such surprises.

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  1. Major Pet Care Emergencies

For pet owners, this can be another source of financial emergencies. Many people can handle the regular costs that come with owning a pet, but many unforeseen expenses may be out of reach to them. For example, if your pet needs emergency surgery, you might have to deal with costs that will stretch your budget.

The managing director of Kiplinger.com, for instance, had to part with $9,000 for his dog’s medical emergency deficit. This was as a result of the fact that pet’s policy could only cover $4,000 out of the $13,000 needed.

Without a cushion, this can be very detrimental to your finances.

How to Deal with Financial Emergencies

With all these unforeseen expenses, it’s wise to have a plan to enable you to handle them when they occur. You ought to have a contingency plan or a financial emergency assistance plan in place. Use Personal Capital to ensure you are tracking your emergency fund balance and spending habits.

So, here are some financial emergency options that you ought to consider:

  • Set-up an Emergency Fund

One of the money mistakes to avoid is not having an emergency fund. An emergency fund refers to an account for money set aside to cater to an unexpected personal financial dilemma. You can use the funds to cover any expenses that result from any of the eventualities mentioned above and more.

The primary purpose of this fund is to ensure that when such sudden events occur, you don’t experience grave financial difficulties.

For any emergency fund to be helpful, it must contain enough funds that can cover most of these financial emergencies. For example, according to many financial planners, the account should have at least three to six months of your income equivalent. Since there are no accounts in financial institutions designated for an emergency fund, it’s upon the individual to request a set up for one. Your emergency fund is likely a money market account or a savings account.

You must decide what you want to use emergency fund for. This is to avoid using it for events that don’t pose a financial emergency. The emergency fund can also help you avoid incurring losses from huge interests rates that result from loans taken to handle emergency costs.

The best way to handle the above mentioned unforeseen challenges is to set up a financial emergency fund account. This is a money reserve that can help you cater to specific emergencies and thus will prevent personal financial crisis.

Although may sometimes get tempted to use the fund for other needs, having an emergency fund list and sticking to it will help you avoid misuse.

My emergency fund is with American Express Savings and covers at least 9 months of expenses.

  • Maintain a manageable debt level

This is another excellent way of ensuring that you can handle financial emergencies with less strain when they occur. If you maintain a low and controllable debt level, then you’re guaranteed that you will get financial emergency assistance when the need arises.

Although zero debt can be impossible, it’s always good to try to maintain a low one as much as possible. Also, borrow what you can afford to repay, which is one of the best millionaire hacks that work.

While this approach may not be as effective as an emergency fund, it will still help to sort you out during those needy situations. The only shortfall of this method is that you will pay high interest rates, especially when you don’t pay on time.

Using the money that you don’t have reduces your next paycheck as you will have to pay for it then. These are some of the most proven methods to clear your debt.

  • Create and Stick to a Budget

Having a personal budget and sticking to it is another incredible option for dealing with sudden financial emergencies. You can significantly reduce a lot of unnecessary costs with a budget planner. This method ensures that you have enough money to handle unexpected financial needs without breaking a sweat.

If you stick to your budget, then you avoid the temptation of engaging in impulse buying and borrowing.

That way, you won’t consume money you had not planned to use. Although it’s the most challenging option to adhere to, it’s an easy way to avoid loans.

Download my free annual budgeting spreadsheet that will help you create a financial plan and stick to it.

Download Now

Conclusion on Financial Emergencies

Even with all these possible financial emergencies, proper planning will help you avoid economic frustrations. A financial emergency doesn’t have to be the source of your financial ruin or downfall.

I believe that this guide will help you understand different financial emergencies and how to deal with them.

Have you ever encountered a financial emergency, and how did you handle it? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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Did you know that you can get paid to exercise? Well, if you have always wanted to become physically active but you keep procrastinating, and then maybe a small financial incentive will do the trick. Here are several apps that pay you to exercise.

11 Apps That Pay You to Exercise

Most people set for themselves a goal of getting active and doing physical exercises, time, and time again. But how many people stick to it? A significant majority lose the motivation a few days, weeks, or months later.

Today, there are tons of income opportunities, including apps that pay you to exercise.

These mobile apps will not only push you towards achieving your fitness goals but also your financial goals.

Think of these apps like Personal Capital. With Personal Capital, I can track my personal financial goals and progress. I just don’t get paid for it. Here you can live a healthier lifestyle and get paid along the way.

Why track your exercising progress through a mobile app?

We all want to live a healthy lifestyle. Now imagine this. Through exercises, you can now not only lose weight and reduce stress but will also get paid to get in shape.

Isn’t that cool? Recent research reveals that, if people are given a financial incentive, they are five times more likely to do something compared to those without. That includes getting physically fit.

A lot of people are aware of the numerous benefits of doing exercises, but they rarely pursue it aggressively. Why is this so?

For many, there is no right incentive to stimulate them.

Thus, the apps that reward you for exercising can be an ideal solution. Right? Besides offering motivation, the apps for exercising, and apps that pay you to walk can also become a perfect side hustle for anybody.

You can get paid to participate in wellness challenges that have cash prizes, and that will increase your income.

Therefore, if you want to make money faster, why not try apps that pay you to exercise.

Passive income is the name of the game to accelerate your wealth building. I like to take all the money I earn from passive income and invest in dividend stocks that provide me additional cash flow.

You can read my guide on how to exactly invest in dividend stocks here.

Click here to download

How Apps that Pay You to Exercise Work

Are you wondering how the apps work? Well. With most apps, you will be placing a bet on yourself to reach a specific fitness goal.

Once you attain that goal, you are refunded the amount of money that you set as the bet plus extra bucks for hitting your target.

Therefore, the money that you make largely depends on how much you bet and your inner push to meet your goals.

When you win your bet, then you pocket the money.

List of Apps That Pay You to Exercise

The below list of mobile apps is included in various versions including cell phones, smart watches and exercising smart devices. So, without much ado, let’s review the best apps that pay you to exercise.

  1. StepBet

StepBet is one of the apps that can pay you to exercise. This app rewards you based on the number of steps that you take as opposed to the weight that you lose each week.

With StepBet, you bet on yourself, and the bet varies with the game that you choose to participate in where an average bet is usually $40.

You must achieve your weekly targets for you to get your money back plus a little extra. But if you don’t meet them, then you lose your money as well.

You can make, on average $10 to $20 per month with StepBet, and it pays you conveniently via PayPal. The app is compatible with fitness devices such as Android S Health, Garmin trackers, iPhone Apple Watch, iPhone Apple Health via phone, iPhone or Android Fitbit, and Android Google Fit via phone.

  1. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is another cool app that can reward you for losing weight. Just like StepBet, you will need to place a bet with your money.

This bet is on your weight loss goal and is time-sensitive, which means that you must achieve it within an allotted timeframe. If you win the bet (reach your preset goals), HealthyWage pays you through PayPal or Amazon credit.

The app gives you a chance to participate in the weight loss challenge as a part of a team or individually. So, it works well in a family setup or in the workplace to motivate employees to keep fit.

With a HealthyWage, the longer it will take for you to attain and maintain the weight loss, then the more money you can win.

Every member contributes $25 a month. With the app, you can easily monitor your progress and can even share with other team members. The top three prizes for a team challenge are usually $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000.

This money gets split among the teams that have the highest percentage of body weight loss during the three-month challenge. Only three teams win a considerable payment, but smaller prizes are also awarded to other groups.

  1. Gym-Pact

Third, on my list is the Pact app. This is a different health app, which enables you to create weekly health goals, commonly called ‘pacts.’

After that, you earn cash when you attain the goals. To participate, all you need is to sign-up and make a “pact.” You can create multiple pacts which may include gym pacts, veggie pacts, or food log pacts.

With gym pacts, you will earn money if you meet your gym goals and lose if you don’t. You will need to set up weekly pacts with a minimum amount of $5 or higher.

For example, let’s say that your goal is to run seven days a week. If one day you fail to run, you will lose $5, and if you fail for three days, then you will lose $15.

You get on average around 50 cents in winnings with each completed workout. These may not be substantial cash rewards but is a good motivation incentive.

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  1. DietBet

DietBet is another top pick when it comes to apps that pay you to exercise. You can earn more than $1,000 with DietBet, which is a good reward. With DietBet, all that you need is to join the site and set up a fitness challenge or join an already existing one.

In this app, there are two types of challenges which include the Kickstarter and the transformer.

The Kickstarter is a four-week or one-month challenge whereby your goal is to lose up to 4% of your weight. On the other hand, the Transformer is a six-month or semi-annual challenge where you can aim to lose at least 10%.

If you achieve your goals, the money that you had placed as a bet is refunded to you, and also you receive some extra dollars.

Every Kickstarter must place a bet with at least $25-$30. Winners usually receive this money back plus $5 extra. The extra cash is often the money from the losers, which is generally divided among all the winners.

If most of the participants meet their goals, then Dietbet forfeits their share to ensure no winners lose their cash.

  1. FitCoin

Fitcoin is yet another way that you can earn money for burning calories. When you workout, the app pays you in Bitcoin. The Fitcoin rewards also largely depend on how hard you push yourself to get in shape.

To use this app, all you need is to download the app, set up your bitcoin repository, and fill out all your necessary information.

After you synchronize the app with any fitness tracker, then hit the gym. The app can record the level of your heart rate as well as the length of your activity to measure the amount of energy that you’re expelling and how much that is worth in terms of Bitcoin.

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  1. GOODcoins

GOODcoins is another app that pays you real money for meeting your fitness goals. This app rewards you for doing things such as running, walking, and cycling for half an hour. You can join GOODcoins for free and then synchronize with a device.

After you earn GOODcoins, you can only use it in GOODcoins shop which mainly deals with eco-friendly products. Alternatively, you can donate it to a charity since GOODcoins offers you a chance to direct your earnings to an ethical and sustainable cause.

You’ll need to create an account, then discover new causes that you want to support and set-up the donations account. The platform also offers featured challenges, surveys and also provides as a way to make more money.

  1. WellCoin

Wellcoin is another perfect way to keep fit and maintain a health-lifestyle and earn at the same time. Sounds good? This app offers you a health-related currency and lets the customers redeem the currency for stuff from retailers such as Reebok, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Whole Foods. You can also redeem the currency into a gym class.

WellCoin rewards you for simply choosing a healthy beverage, going for a run or even sleeping seven or more hours at night. And not just that, there is more. You also earn for keeping your kids and pets healthy too.

All you need to do is verify that you’ve completed these tasks to receive your payment. To prove this to them, you can use a community member, a friend, or any other trusted source.

WellCoin daily limits include eat well (60), feel good (30), get moving (60), tune up (180), and give back (180). Once you receive about 1000 Wellcoin points, then you can redeem $10 worth of reward.

  1. Runister

Another excellent app that pays you to exercise is Runister. This app rewards you for doing two different fitness activities, including walking and running. Runister app is available on iOS devices and in the Appstore.

To use the app, you join for free, fill the activity, log workouts (exclusive of treadmill workouts) and start making money. You can earn $0.08 for every workout and can receive your earnings via PayPal or donate it if you so wish.

Runister also offers a fitness survey tool that provides a lifestyle statistic store with a wide range of statistic and survey report portals. Runister has a premium plan which doesn’t have surveys feature and is available for $4.99 per month.

  1. ExerciseRewards.com

Do you want to get paid to lift weights? ExerciseRewards.com is based in California and is an excellent app that rewards for exercising. This app connects your existing fitness center to an app.

Then, using the ExerciseRewards Checkin app, you can log your fitness progress. Alternatively, you can visit any fitness center among the contracted 8,000 fitness centers to monitor your exercise.

With ExerciseRewards, you receive your rewards in the form of points for working out at any of those fitness centers. You can receive up to 5,000 points through working out at any fitness center.

You’ll earn one point for every step you make, 250 points for every minute you swim, and 250 points for every minute your bike, if you’re using a wearable app or fitness device. Moreover, the app offers fun fitness challenges and a range of classes.

  1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a multifunctional app for runners, bikers, and joggers. The app caters for multiple users who have different ability types, including those running for a marathon, for fun or a charitable cause. Runkeeper does not offer you money directly, but it provides workout rewards.

The app helps you monitor the pace, cadence, time, workout distance, and elevation of your exercise. With this app, you can quickly set-up goals for yourself and use its activity tracker and can view your training in real-time.

If you want to get in-depth details on your workouts, then you can upgrade to the Runkeeper Go. Again, in this app, you can participate in virtual races, join challenges, and share your achievements with a team.

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  1. MapMyFitness

Another free fitness app that pays you to exercise is MapMyFitness. With this app, you can make real money exercising. This app enables users to map their routes, log their meals, and track their fitness activities.

MapMyFitness helps you identify, save, and share new exercise routes, new scenery, or more challenging routes that other app users have tried. The app also offers a grand prize at the end of every calendar year.

With the MapMyFitness app, you can create training plans, workout routines, and count calories.

MapMyFitness has an in-built GPS to use on your mobile devices to offer you a tracking solution. This is to track all your fitness activities. On an interactive map, you can record your workout information distance, duration, speed, pace, route traveled, calories burned, and even elevation details.

You can view your workout history on the app effortlessly too. You’ll receive feedback and stats to help you improve your performance for every mile that you go. This app rewards only the top monthly fitness performers.

Conclusion of Apps that Pay You to Exercise

If you think that you need a little push to help you achieve your fitness goals, then these apps that pay you to exercise can come in handy.

These apps for exercising offer you a small financial incentive that will boost your income and desire to exercise. The best part is that if you already workout, you are literally increasing your income without working more. Here are some other ways to increase your income without working more.

Thus, it will not only become a perfect side hustle income for you but also a great motivator towards keeping fit and achieving healthy living.

Hey, if working out isn’t your thing you can always use these ways to make money for doing nothing.

How often do you exercise? Will you try one of these mobile apps to get paid? Let us know in the comments below.

Other Related Resources

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Website flipping can be a lucrative way to make money online (if done right). I view websites as real estate to an online world. There’s a number of different strategies you can deploy to make money buying and selling websites. I’ll walk you through a complete guide on how to make money with digital real estate.

Art of Website Flipping: How to Make Money with Digital Real Estate

Thanks to innovation with the internet. There are a million ways to make money online. You can do make money no matter the location and no matter your resources. I’m a firm believer of that.

We’ve already given you guides on how to flip a number of different things, such as:

  1. Best Items to Flip for a Profit
  2. How to Make Money Flipping Phones
  3. How to Become a Sneaker Reseller
  4. Guide to Reselling Tickets as a Side Hustle
  5. How to Flip Event Tickets for Profit Online

However, website flipping is a personal favorite of mine. I think it has the most potential for upside to build massive wealth over time.

I use Personal Capital to monitor my net worth, cash flow and profits from any digital real estate that I own.

Flipping websites might require the most upfront capital. With any website flip or profit from selling a website, I like to invest the proceeds into real assets and stocks that provide additional income such as dividend stocks or real estate.

You can download my guide on how I plan to invest for passive income below.

Click here to download

I’ll show you exactly why and how to make money flipping websites, why websites are viewed as real estate and how to think about returns/valuation.

What is digital real estate?

Digital real estate is internet property such as domain names, starter websites, established websites, blogs and eCommerce stores. These are all pieces of property that make up the internet, which is why they have similar characteristics to real estate.

What is included in your digital real estate?

It’s more than just a website, digital real estate is the following:

  • Domain name
  • Links to your webpages
  • Social media profiles
  • Content
  • Email list
  • Apps
  • And so much more

Digital real estate comprises of everything that the internet is made of. Every link that gets placed somewhere provides incremental value to your ‘real estate’ on the internet.

By looking at digital real estate, you are investing in a website for income and/or growth.

Why is it called digital real estate? Aren’t they just websites?

The internet is a web of various pages between websites and domains. There are only so many clicks on the available on the internet by people around the world. The internet is a web of pages all interconnected together through links.

Like real estate, there is only so much land space available on the internet. Think of the “land space” as clicks and the links/domain are the property.

Social media and mobile apps are killing websites?

This is a tough debate. Some people say yes. Others say no. At the end of the day, there will always be some level of risk that some new product or service could overtake the internet. It won’t happen overnight.

The case for mobile apps not killing websites is that they are likely only reinforcing internet usage. Think about what you do on social media, it generally leads you to somewhere off the web. There are often topics, industry reports and content that simply can’t be fit into 140 characters or less.

Or, you can’t explain how to flip websites with just a single image (yeah, I’m talking to you Instagram).

When you start to formulate your plan for making money flipping websites, you should consider that one source or all sources of traffic are at risk at any given time.

Buying a Website vs Building a Website

How do you know if you should buy a website or build a website from scratch? Well, you need to know what your strategy is first. To help you identify the difference between buying a website versus building a website here are a few considerations.

Buying a Website

  1. You are buying a potentially stable business primed for growth.
  2. You’ll likely need a decent amount of upfront capital to acquire your digital real estate.
  3. Buying a website allows you to deploy multiple strategies to achieve success.
  4. Way less work required for buying a website versus building one (strategy dependent).

Building a Website

  1. With building a website, you need to focus on keeping costs low.
  2. Significant time is required to build a successful website from scratch.
  3. By building a website, you need to acquire pieces of digital real estate… This is only done by taking away pieces from other websites or established forms of digital real estate.
  4. You aren’t guaranteed success. Some sites built from scratch simply don’t work out.

In order to flip websites, you are likely going to buy an established or starter website, scale it and eventually sell it.

How to Flip Websites for a Profit

First and foremost, you will need a plan and a specialty for flipping websites. There is no one size fits all approach to website flipping.

Think of it like real estate investing or even investing in a business. If you don’t think about it like that, you will lose money.

Mindset over matter.

You need to make changes to the website that you are purchasing.

Steps to Start Flipping Websites

Follow these steps to help you get started with website flipping.

1. Learn a Specialty and Test It

Before you get into the business of flipping websites for a profit, you should understand what you are very good at. It doesn’t need to be multiple things. It only needs to be one specialty. This is important. You will eventually go out and acquire websites that do not have this feature attached to them.

These specialties that will help you grow your website include:

  • Ability to grow revenue through partnerships
  • Social media expert knowledge
  • Lead generation automation and scaling
  • Growth hacking
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

It doesn’t hurt to simply try building a website with one of these above specialties. Spend a lot of money doing it. This is a great way to invest in yourself and knowledge.

You’ll learn a lot, which can be applied to help you become an absolute website flipping genius.

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2. Choose Your Strategy

With any form of investing, you should have a formulate strategy upfront that tailors to your risk tolerance. If you can’t tolerate the volatility of high-growth stocks, how would you be able to flip a website that has no earnings at all and is extremely expensive?

There are a number of strategies that you can deploy by investing in digital real estate, which include:

  • Income-Only: You buy a very established website solely for passive income. In this strategy, you are looking for businesses that have a strong moat, automation and need little involvement from you. You simply cash the checks. When you sell, you don’t really need it to appreciate in value. You are fine with the same valuation as your purchase.
  • Balanced (Income and Growth): Balanced website flipping entails acquiring a website that produces great income, but possesses an opportunity for further income growth with just a few tweaks or updates.
  • Growth-Only: Growth-only website flipping solely relies on acquiring websites that do no make money right now, but have massive potential. You are simply banking on the eventual sale of the website.
  • Distressed Website FlippingDistressed website flips include acquiring dormant websites. These websites have either been inactive or somewhat shut down. You can acquire these types of websites on the cheap and fix them up, which can result in massive gains. They just need some renewed love.

No strategy is better than the other. You simply need to get very good at one strategy. This will ensure constant profits and compounding wealth.

3. Choose a Niche and Revenue Model

This is pretty straightforward, but you should identify a handful of niches and revenue models ahead of time. Each one is very different from one another.

Some common niches to buy a website for eventual sale, include:

  • Food and cooking
  • Travel and leisure
  • Business
  • Personal finance and investing
  • Health and medical
  • Technology

Of course, these niches are very broad. There’s plenty of micro-niches within each of these broader topics.

Look for a website that has a stranglehold on one of these niches. Then, find complementary industries that you can expand into.

4. Start Finding Websites to Flip for a Profit

How do you find websites to flip for a profit? You need to start by finding one to buy!

There are only two ways to buy a website: 1) go out and find one on your own or 2) use a marketplace to buy a website.

If you want to go out and find your own website takes a lot of work. That’s a whole different post on its own.

The skinny of finding a website to acquire on your own means that you must be willing to go the extra mile to do outreach, find underloved digital real estate, interact and negotiate with unwilling sellers.

It’s a lot of work. But. You can end up getting better assets for cheaper that way.

The other way would be to use brokers and marketplaces such as Flippa, Empire Flippers or FE International. These sites all have a stronghold on the market of buying and selling websites.

The one thing to consider about these brokers and marketplaces is that they do a great job of marketing your digital real estate.

Therefore, websites marketing on these platforms usually command premium valuations. Depending on the niche, revenue model and history, usual valuations for websites are 2-3x annual profit or 20-30x monthly profit.

Think about what you will need to do to the business upon acquiring it. Annual profit for the website being sold is not always the same as when you own it. Here are several questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Will you need to hire additional writers?
  • Do you need to improve the theme or framework?
  • How much investment is needed to develop a new revenue stream?

After evaluating these above questions, evaluate what you think about the go-forward earnings of the business.

5. Execute Your Strategy

Okay, you just bought your website. Now is crunch time. How are you going to grow your revenue to make your website more appealing for an eventual sale?

Well, you need to start monetizing new channels. These are the ways that you can make money from your website.

  1. Advertising: Advertising is solely a revenue per impressions (RPM) or cost per click (CPC) model. You put ads on your site and earn revenue from it. It’s an easy, hands-off way to make money from your website. However, it also requires the most volume to have a meaningful amount of revenue. Most people start with Google AdSense as a starter, but there are plenty of alternatives to AdSense that can help you grow your website.
  2. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is in a way, advertising. However, affiliate marketing solely relies on a cost per action (CPA) to generate earnings. You need someone to click through and either sign-up or buy the product. If you are a news website with significant viral content, breaking into affiliate marketing might be pretty tough. Bloggers likely have more success with affiliate marketing due to the trust buildup with their readers.
  3. Lead generation or customer acquisition: Lead generation is solely a model that you sell your leads to qualified businesses. You will earn a commission for every converted lead. This very different than affiliate marketing in that you usually take a local SEO approach and build a database of leads. Think like local roofing or lawn care maintenance leads. There’s a lot more of this going on than you think. You can use an amazing tool like Leadpages to start capturing leads through easily customized landing pages and lead magnets. If you use my link, you can start a completely free 14-day trial.
  4. Customer mining: With customer mining, you basically use your existing customers, readers, etc to establish new partnerships and joint ventures. With any new conversion that happens from your customers, you earn a commission. A classic example of this is when bloggers team up with other bloggers on sharing a course. Here’s how to create a course to sell for profit.
  5. Advertorials (aka sponsored posts): Informative posts or publications that can be worked into articles to give companies positive press. Most bloggers know these as ‘sponsored posts’ or some sort. These can be much more sneaky than what you see in the blogging circles. Much larger news outlets and content sites do expansive campaigns to help position companies in a positive light.
  6. Product or service sales: This way to make money online through your website is easy. You sell a hard good or service in exchange for money. Your site is either an eCommerce store, a SaaS (Software as a Service) or a freemium product. This is a lot different than the other advertising-based revenue models. With the recent boom of Amazon and other sources, making money from drop shipping has become extremely competitive.

When finding a website to buy for eventual sale for profit, you want to think about the additional monetization methods that are not already present.

For example, you are about to acquire a website that solely relies on display advertising for revenue. Why not bolt-on affiliate marketing and/or lead generation through SEO?

When you execute your strategy upfront and start buying websites for profit, ensure that you do your due diligence on the website.

You need to validate every single component of the income statement, assets, social media profiles and anything that is classified as “digital real estate.”

After you have acquired your new website to grow and flip for a profit, it’s all about the execution on the revenue side.

People need to stop caring so much about traffic. That only goes so far because display advertising revenue is simply not the most scalable revenue solution.

Yes, traffic can help you generate more leads and potentially lead to profit.

Find a high-quality revenue solution for your new piece of digital real estate.

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Typical Return on Investment (ROI) for Websites

The best news about all this is that the returns for buying and selling websites are fantastic. You can crush anything that you can earn from investing in the stock market.

Some considerations with your return on investment:

  • You likely won’t be able to use leverage when buying your website.
  • Selling your website takes more time and is less liquid than other asset classes.
  • There is no defined time for ownership before you’d like to sell your website for profit.

With a successful website flip for profit, you can earn 10x your money and even earn 100+% returns (depending on your strategy).

Even that, buying large websites with established customers and strong competitive advantages, can yield returns in the 10-20% internal rate of return (IRR). You can achieve these type of returns even with only modest improvements to the site.

Pros and Cons of Flipping Websites for Income

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying and selling websites.

Pros of Website Flipping
  • Massive upside potential that could earn you serious wealth.
  • The flexibility of strategy depending on your risk tolerance.
  • Ability to learn and live completely independent of a full-time job.
  • Has the potential to unlock pure financial freedom and personal independence.
  • Your fate is (somewhat) in your control. Make the right decisions and have your strategy down pat, it will likely work out.
Cons of Website Flipping
  • Significant time investment.
  • Fastly evolving digital world. You’ll need to be nimble to achieve consistent success.
  • No guarantees of success.
  • You won’t win with every website flip. Think about it like a portfolio. You’ll have some huge winners and some losers. The point is to win much more than you lose.
Conclusion on How to Flip Websites

The sky is the limit with website flipping. There’s a significant runway for you to build an outstanding website from something that already has some form of digital real estate attached to it.

What are you doing? Start making money with your piece of digital real estate before it’s too late. If you do it right, you could end up living as a digital nomad traveling the world and making money while you sleep.

You don’t need to be a coder, programmer or a tech genius. You just need to be savvy and work hard.

Was our guide to flipping websites helpful? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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