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It is one incredible feeling to bring home an adorable waggy baby, isn’t it? Certainly, Labrador puppy can be one of the most adorable breeds- they are so active, cute and athletic after all, plus that emotional hazel eyes and looks that can win any heart. So decided to take home a chubby cute little Labrador puppy?As a responsible ‘to-be’ pet parent, it is quite natural that you might have so many questions going on in your mind and things to consider. Let us guide you through and offer all the answers and solutions to your doubts regarding buying a Labrador puppy.
For those who are new to Labrador, here is a brief about them. Labrador is a pretty active and strong breed and can be trained to be a show dog, guide dog, service dog, therapy dog, sniffer dogs, the rescue dog, and if nothing, your best companion.
Talking about their features, the breed features a strong back, straight legs with webbed feet, adorable otter tail, broad head, decently big nose and the hazel brown eyes- we mentioned earlier (read Features segment of this article for further info on Labrador features). With Labrador, you have four choices-Black Labrador, Yellow Labrador, and Chocolate Brown Labrador. Personally, we find Labrador dogs in all colors equally adorable!

Average Labrador Puppy price in India

Labrador puppy price may vary at different parts of India. Also, prices of black, yellow and brown Labrador may vary slightly. You might jump seeing quite lower prices in some marketplaces and listings, but take note that they may not be pure breed. An average price for a pure bred Labrador puppy would range between Rs.12000 to Rs.17000.Marshallspetzoneoffers you a better price. You are taking the responsibility of a tiny life after all; we try to make the deal as economical as possible for you. Check out our prices and offers on female and male Labrador puppies here: Click Here
Or, contact us to order your puppy:

  • Call Us Or Whatsapp Us n 8106360786
  • Write us on info@marshallspetzone.com
  • You can also message us your questions on our Facebook Page

Read on to know more about various aspects you should check before adopting or buying a Lab puppy. You can contact the representatives at Marshallspetzone with any of your queries and doubts; we take pleasure in helping and assisting you.

Choosing the Right Labrador Puppy

There are various things to consider before buying a Labrador. Here are the main points you may want to think about before making the final decision as of whether or not you are ready to take the plunge and bear the responsibility of bringing a Labrador into your life, as your family member.

Do You Have The Right Amount Of Space For A Large Dog?

Okay, Labrador may not really be ‘Large’ dog breed, but yes, it is a decently sized pet. Plus, it is an utterly active breed. So, they sure need a bit of space to burn their energy and straighten up their limbs. They could be quite adjusting and, you know, understanding, if you don’t have a park of your own- it is just that the thick tail of theirs can ‘accidentally’ knock down some of your tiny décor pieces while prancing around. Baseline is, simply, you need a bit of extra room for your active pup to run around.

Do You Have Time For A Dog?

No, you don’t need to be at 24×7 servicefor them- and certainly not for Labrador dogs (that doesn’t mean they have any issue if you are with them 24×7). They can pretty much take care of themselves once you train them. However, you still are expected to offer a decent piece of time to them, especially in their initial and adolescence period. First, you need to derive time to train them and then, as mentioned above, Labrador puppies are quite active. You need to have time to play with them a bit and to make them do exercises. Physical activities are quite important for this breed.
You don’t need to be terrified- half an hour in morning and evening won’t be so much of demand, right? And, it need not be you yourself; if you live with your family and if some of them can, in turn, take a little time out to play with the paw-pal you bring home, it will work. However, if you or any of your family members won’t be able to take out that bit of time to take care of them, you might want to reconsider buying a pup- seriously, it won’t be fair leaving a little one alone in the house all day.
Can You Afford A Dog?
Now, you need to consider the fact that it is not just the initial buying price that is involved in owning and taking care of a puppy. There are also other costs that you sure need to think of before getting a Labrador puppy home, like their medical costs, maintenance costs etc.
While Labrador is not really a very high maintenance breed, you still need to consider an average for the pup’s food supplies, vet appointments, vaccinations and, oh sure, their happy face treats. In addition to these basics, there are food bowls, leashes, winter clothing, beds etc. Besides, if you work full time, you might want to hire someone to take him out on a walk, or for exercise and for freshening him up. Here, that is some extra bucks again.
Let us offer you some tips to minimise these expenses. The best way to cut down the medical costs is to get a medical insurance for your Labrador dog. It would take out just a small amount of your savings- once a year- and in return, you will save burning a hole in your pocket in case your pet gets unfortunate with any illness. Think twice before deciding on the cheapest insurance alternative though, since it might not really cover all medical contingencies.
Then, you can do a bit of search to find second hand or more pocket friendly dog stuff. Hey, why not check out Marshallspetzone.com and find the best quality yet budget friendly accessories and things for your pup? As stated earlier, we try to make dog care as economic and easy as possible for you.

Pros and Cons of a Labrador puppy

Pros Cons

Large & Bouncy High Amount Of Exercise
Easy to groom Mouths a lot
Cheerful Active and frisky
Loves to exercise Average shedding
Easy to train


High Amount Of Exercise
Mouths a lot
Active and frisky
Average shedding

Features and facts about Labrador Dogs

• An average Labrador lifespan is- 10-14 years
• Black Labradors are known to become successful competitors, yellow Labradors as police dogs
• Chocolate or brown coloured Labradors has got the prettiest coat and can be an adorable companion
• Average litter size for Labrador is 5-9
• Labrador Body features:
Height- 55 cm to 65 cm
Weight-Male: 29–36 kg, Female: 25–32 kg
Straight Otter tail
Thick oily, waterproof coat
Straight legs
Long nose
hazel brown eyes
Chest Extends below
Folded ears
No wrinkles
• Labradors are great swimmers, thanks to their webbed feet
• They are quite playful and highly active and they can make great companions

Allergies and health issues

Given below are some allergies and health issues common with Labradors.
Food allergies: –
Sometimes, general food items like beef, corn, soy, fish, egg, chicken etc. may cause food allergies in Labradors.
Contact allergies: –
Just like some of us may be allergic to dust or smoke etc. some puppies can develop allergies as they get in contact with some plants, dust, pollens, grass, wood etc. This might not be detected in one go. You may have to take care and observe for some allergy symptoms. Itis advised to take suggestions from a vet as soon as you doubt any kind of allergies or notice any symptoms in you Lab.
Flea & tick issues: –
This is also one of the most common problems with not only Labradors, but with most dog breeds. Caused when a flea bites the dog and inserts the saliva into the body, it mostly suffers the back or tail of the dog.
Medication: – Tick and Flea Shampoos, Collars, Powders, Dips, Spot ons Checkout:https://www.marshallspetzone.com/230-flea-and-tick

Symptoms of allergies or improper health: –

• Itchiness
• Hair loss or excess shedding
• Swelling
• Skin or ear infection
• Inactivity
You can check out dog shampoos, powders and dog medications at Marshallspetzone for preventing most allergies and treating flea and tick issues in your dog. Our product line includes everything you need to take care of your Lab and assure his health, and that too of the best quality. We would still recommend consulting a vet before getting medications and treatment products for your dog.


Choosing a particular Dog food brand to count upon for long term can be tricky, particularly with tons of pet food brands available in market. Simply,when it comes to the feeding and ‘what to choose to feed’, it would be natural for a pet parent to getmuddles up between all those alternatives. Adding to the confusion are those cool dog food commercials.

Well, we are here at your rescue. Let us put down the perfect diet for your lab in simple words.

Expert recommends that such foods be chosen for your Labrador which are:
• Balanced supply of nutrients,
• Ensure development and growth,
• Support puppy’s natural defenses,
• Complete diet and
• Branded and reliable products

In other words, what experts recommend is wholesome food for Labradors. A balanced diet is as important for active breeds like Labradors as they are for us human beings. It keeps them in great physical and mental condition.Have a glance on the below table with our suggestion for you on some best food which you can count on for your lab:-
Age Arden Grange N&D Royal Canin
Pedigree Focus
Up to 3 months Weaning puppy Starter Royal Canin Maxi starter 15kg
Mother & pup Starter
Up to 15 mnths Puppy Junior Puppy Maxi Royal Canin Maxi Junior 4 Kg/ Royal Canin Labrador Junior 12kgs
Professional Puppy Puppy
Above 15 mnths Adult Adult Royal Canin Adult/
Royal Canin Labrador Adult 12kg
Adult Adult

Labrador Puppies for Sale: The best dealer in India

Though you can find Lab puppies for sale at various pet stores as well as on online marketplaces like on OLX, they may not really be pure breed. You might not be able to find trustworthy deals easily. Besides, the health conditions may not be checked appropriately. So it is always recommended to find and get your pup from a certified Labrador breeder.
Wondering where to find Labrador puppies? Marshallspetzone is the ultimate answer before you for reliable, personalised and hassle-free home-coming of your healthy pup. We exclusively dealin the pure breeds and have strong delivery channel across India. You can find pure breedBlack, Brown and Yellow Labrador puppies for sale at Marshallspetzon.com. With us, you can certainly find the best prices for pure and healthy Labrador breeds. We make it a point to maintain transparency throughout your deal with us. Every detail about the puppy you order shall be given to you in advance. Our experts personally check and assure the health conditions of the pup beforehand. You will be receiving the Labrador puppy pictures and it is only after your satisfied assent that the puppy is delivered to you. Simply, we make sure that our service is undeniably the most reliable for you.

Ganga K kurup
An experienced and professional writer, working to search, create and present most appropriate content and information to those in need. Quite in love with animals and every creation of nature and exceptionally happy to share whatever knowledge I gained from my love and curiosity for the same. I believe in working to make the world a better place to live- not just for the human, but also for all the beings with whom we share this planet.

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A friendly, playful and loving, Beagles make great companions, whether to be kept as an apartment dog or as an outdoor dog. A perfect blend of cuteness, activeness and intelligence, the breed was originally developed for hunting purposes. For the pet parents expecting a homecoming beagle soon, here is everything you need to know about this adorable breed!

Beagle Dog price in India

A Beagle puppy prices in India- mainly, Beagle dog price in Delhi and Bangalore- range from Rs.23000- Rs.28000. We would recommend buying Beagle puppy from certified breeder for you to rest assured of buying original Beagle puppies. Though Beagle pups for sale in puppy mills or animal farms might cost you somewhat lower, you run the risk of getting an unhealthy puppy, which mean you will end up spending huge amount in his treatments and care.

You can consider Marshalls Petzone as your reliable companion in making a fit and healthy beagle puppy a part of your family. You can also check out Beagle puppies for adoption with us. Reach us out any time with your doubts about the breed and for any counselling you might need. Contact Marshalls Petzone representatives with your queries here:

  • Visit our website www.marshallspetzone.com to check out original Beagle pups for Sale in India
  • Call us or simply Whatsapp us on 8106360786
  • Write us at info@marshallspetzone.com
  • Live chat with our Customer Service Team 24*7 over our site.
  • Inbox us in our Facebook page.
Beagle Dog breed information: Beagle facts, nature and appearance Beagle Nature

Developed mainly for hunting purposes, Beagle is quite an intelligent and determined breed. Speaking of beagle temperament, the breed is quite amicable or friendly. Beagles are also relatively social, unlike the dangerous hunting dog breeds. At the same time, you need to have some patience in house-training Beagles. Moreover, them being hounds, they are pretty much food focused. However, once trained, they can adapt to apartment living. Always playful and active, Beagles display moderate affinity to water.

A trait of the breed that can be bothersome for some pet parents, especially if not trained, is their habit of biting. Also, playful as they are, Beagles are quite vocal as well, with much frequent barking and howling.

Beagle Appearance

Belonging to the hound family, Beagles are somewhat similar in appearance to the larger hound breed, foxhounds. Here is a brief appearance detail of these medium sized breeds:

  • Moderately long and slightly domed skull
  • No wrinkles
  • Raised, strong tail
  • Large (Brown or hazel) eyes
  • White low set and long ears
  • Hard, medium sized, low maintenance coat
  • Broad black nose
  • Straight front legs and bent rear legs
  • Beagle colours: Tri-color, Red & White, White & Tan, Chocolate Tri, Lemon & White, Orange & White.
  • Pure bred Beagles have white tipped tails, even if it is just a few white hairs on the tips.
  • The word ‘Beagle’ is believed to have its origin from the words ‘bee gueule’ in French means ‘loud mouth’.
  • They follow their nose, and could run around if they smell something interesting.
  • Beagles are a really old breed- about 1000 years old as an estimate
  • The earlier variations of beagles were quite small- small enough to fit in an arm; they were called miniature beagle or pocket beagles.
Interesting Beagle Facts
  • Pure bred Beagles have white tipped tails, even if it is just a few white hairs on the tips.
  • The word ‘Beagle’ is believed to have its origin from the words ‘bee gueule’ in French means ‘loud mouth’.
  • They follow their nose, and could run around if they smell something interesting.
  • Beagles are a really old breed- about 1000 years old as an estimate
  • The earlier variations of beagles were quite small- small enough to fit in an arm; they were called miniature beagle or pocket beagles.

You can read more of interesting and unknown dog facts here.

Beagle Health problems and allergies

Comparatively, Beagle is pretty much of a healthy breed. However, there still are some health issues found common among Beagles, including hip dysplasia and some back problems, cherry eyes, epilepsy etc. Dwarfism is also observed among Beagles as a genetic problem. Also, obesity, diabetes and hypothyroidism are commonly seen health problems in beagles.

Offering proper nutrition plays an important role in preventing beagle health problems. Ensure a balanced diet and get you pup into proper exercising routine. In order to avoid obesity and related problems among the breed- beagles actually tend to over eat- you must make sure you have their diet properly scheduled. Consulting vet for regular check-ups and for fixing diet and exercising routines is also a good step towards keeping your beagle healthy. You can access our comprehensive puppy feeding guide to know more about puppy diet.

Beagle diet: Beagle food chart,

As discussed before, offering a complete, fuller diet to puppies essentially helps in keeping them in good shape and health. However, it can be pretty much confusing for the pet owners to figure out the right dog food that can offer them with adequate nutrients and is a fuller diet.

The best food for beagles would be the one that meet their energy requirements, that is a complete diet in itself, contains sufficient supplements to promote a healthy coat and growth of their shiny hair. Moreover, choose a dog food that vets at large would recommend.

Feed Chart In English

Feed Chart In Hindi

Top Dog food brands for Beagles

These are the most recommended and proven best food for Beagle puppies and adults. These dog food brands are reliable and recommended by vets.

Age Arden Grange N&D Royal Canin Pedigree Focus
Up to 3 months Weaning puppy Starter Mini  starter Mother & Pup Starter
From 4 to 15 months Puppy Junior Puppy Mini Beagle JuniorMedium Junior Puppy small breed Puppy
Above 15 months Adult Adult Beagle Adult, 3kg /Medium Adult Adult small breed Adult
Arden Grange:

Renown for its product quality, Arden Grange is one of the premium dog food brand offering a wide range of pet food. With Arden Grange, you can be sure of providing your pooch with a complete diet with adequate nutrition

Royal Canin:

Relatively economic and yet high in value is Royal Canin pet food. What make Royal Canin Dog food attractive and reliable is that the brand has specifically created food products for every major dog breed, including Beagles, thus saving pet parents any confusion on whether or not the product would meet the nutritional requirements of the breed they own.

N & D Farmina

Certainly an above average dog food manufacturer, Farmina N&D’s grain free dog food formula contains about 70% animal protein that reflects the meat requirements of dogs, as a part of their characteristic. Beagle being a hunting breed, Farmina’s N&D can be among the best food brands for Beagles.

Best treats for Beagles

Treats would come very handy while dealing with dogs, especially as in case of beagles, that need pretty much of patience and lot of rewards for training. Here are some of the top treats suggested for Beagles.

Beagle growth chart

It is good for pet parents to stay informed about the growth rate of Beagle. Here is Beagle weight chart in kg depicting the weight of male and female beagle puppies at different ages until they attain physical maturity.

Age Beagle Female Weight in Kg Beagle Male Weight in Kg
3 months 3.9 kg to 4.3 kg 4.2 kg to 4.7 kg
4 months 4.5 kg to 5.7 kg 4.9 kg to 6.6 kg
7 months 7 kg to 8 kg 7.8 kg to 8.5 kg
10 months 7.5 kg to 9 Kg 8 kg to 9.8 kg
12 months 7.5 kg 9.8 kg 10 kg to 11kg
FAQs on Beagle puppies Beagle Shedding: does Beagles shed a lot?

No, Beagles do not shed too much when compared to other breeds. Especially with their short hair, beagle pups are much easier to groom and maintain.

What are some negative traits of Beagles?

Some not-so-favourable aspects of Beagles include the facts that they are quite vocal, have comparatively greater biting instincts and you might need an extra bit of patience for training them.

Is it true that beagles hate to be left alone?

Well, most dogs hate being left alone. In case of beagles, you need to note that they are pack animals and really wouldn’t do well if you leave them alone for long hours.

At what age do Beagles mature?

Pet owners often ask ‘when do beagles mature?’ Male beagles attain maturity in about 12 to 14 months while female beagles mature in 12 months period.

Click Here to Know More About BEAGLE

Author: Ganga K Kurup

An experienced and professional writer, working to search, create and present most appropriate content and information to those in need. Quite in love with animals and every creation of nature and exceptionally happy to share whatever knowledge I have gained from my love and curiosity for the same. I believe in working towards making the world a better place to live- not just for the human, but also for all the other beings with whom we share this planet.

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One of the most common problems confronted by every dog, irrespective of the breed, is that of fleas and ticks.So, in this article, we have tried to cover all the possible doubts or questions you must be having and all the things that you, as a dog owner, need to know about these tiny organisms- and the complete flea and tick solution- the right way to treat fleas and ticks. If any confusion still remains, or if you have any queries with respect to fleas and ticks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.

  • Visit our website www.marshallspetzone.com
  • Call us or simply Whatsapp us on 8106360786
  • Write us at info@marshallspetzone.com
  • Live chat with our Customer Service Team 24*7 over our site.
  • Inbox us on our Facebook page
What are flea and ticks?

Ticks and fleas are both types of parasites, that look for and live on their hosts, which include animals like Dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, foxes etc., eventually causing irritations and discomfort to the animal.

Fleas are wingless insects, which find a host and live on it for life, feeding on the host’s blood. There is a wide range of fleas(like about 2000!) and they can easily thrive in humid or warm conditions. While they are not as harmful as ticks, fleas still cause discomfort since they transmit microbes and worms like tapeworms.

Ticks, on the other hand, are arachnids, that closely related to mites and spiders. These eight-legged organisms are relatively much more harmful in comparison to fleas. Ticks are relatively much harder to kill and transmit relatively much more deadly diseases.

What are the signs of flea and ticks in dogs?

To prevent accidental ignorance of the presence of fleas and ticks on your dog, you should be aware of the common symptoms exhibited by dogs when they are getting bugged by these vexatious things. So, if you notice any of the symptoms given below, you might want to dig for some fleas and ticks.

Flea and tick symptoms:
  • Flea dirt (Small black or reddish brown substance)
  • Abnormal scratching
  • Red hot spots
  • Pale gums
  • Licking and biting
  • Hair fall
How to check your dog has flea and ticks?

So as to ensure your dog is not affected by these parasites, you need to check your dog now and then. Here is how you can check your dog for flea and ticks.

  • First of all, you need to check the coat- the fur of your pet. How do you do that? Well, no big deal- just divide your pet’s fur and try to spot some small brown or black colored stuff on them.
  • Another thing you can do to find Fleas and ticks is combing the pup’s fur- while you do, you would feel come bumps. For this, you can use flea and ticks combs. Check out  Marshallspetzone.com if you don’t have a flea and tick comb already.
  • You can even check for flea dirt by wearing white socks and walking around the region where your pet tends to spend more time. Flea dirt is a sort of black dirt (if it helps- it somewhat resembles crushed black pepper).
Where do flea and tick hide?

Wondering where to look for these annoying organisms? Here are the common regions where Fleas and ticks hide, and thus, are the first places you should be looking for during you flea and tick hunt.

  • Under the collar
  • Inside the grain area
  • Elbow
  • Under the front legs
  • Under the tail.
Removing Fleas and Ticks Flea and Tick removal products

Before you jump to get some the flea and tick medicine that looks the best, and experiment it on your paw-pal- WAIT. First, you’ve got to figure out the population size of the parasites dwelling in your pet’s fur. It is on the basis of the number of fleas and ticks you find on your pet that you decide as to which Flea and tick remedy you must look for. You can get the right dog flea and tick removal products online at marshallspetzone.com- choose from the extensive range of reliable flea and tick products available to us!

So, here are our suggestions- the flea and tick medications you can consider according to the number of these parasites on your dog’s body.

Recommended Flea and tick products for the initial stage (fleas and ticks in very few numbers)

For the initial stage, when fleas and ticks on the body of your pet are very less in number (less than five), simply using flea and tick Shampoos and powders can be enough. Just apply the shampoo or soap evenly on your dog’s coat and leave it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off. After the coat is entirely dry, you can apply Flea and tick powder.

Flea and tick shampoos need to be used only once in a week for a month; powder can be applied daily. Once you make sure the fleas and ticks have stopped sticking to your fur baby, you can start using regular dog shampoos and powders.

Flea and tick products are not to be considered for regular usage. They are to be used only during the treatment period

Given below are few products we recommend you for treating fleas and ticks at their incipient stage. You can always check these Flea and tick products out at Marshalls Petzone online store and grab the best deals!

Flea and Ticks Shampoo:

We personally like Intas softas flea and tick shampoo, Vitoquinol  Reltix Anti Tick and Flea Shampoo and Sky Ec Tick Free Anti Tick Dog Shampoo. Non-sticky and nourishing, they would be mild over the coat and skin, and moreover, would act as a moisturizer to the coat. Some other reliable shampoos are Bay O Pet Bolfo Shampoo and Virbac clinar-M Cypermethrin And Miconazole Nitrate Shampoo which assures easy removal of fleas and ticks with regular usage.

Flea and Ticks Soaps:

We recommend Tick free anti-tick dog soap for efficient removal and prevention of ticks without harming your pet’s coat. Flick out Soap For Dogs and Intas Softas Max Soap are also something we would suggest as the top flea and tick soaps. These soaps are relatively mild over the pet’s skin and also offers additional protection from Rashes.

Flea and ticks powder:

K9 bact powder for dogs comes as our first recommendation here. It is an effective and easy solution to control fleas and ticks eventually.Himalaya Erina Ep powder and shampoo combination is yet another product you can check out.

Recommended products in case of relatively high flea and tick infestation (5-10)

If you find there is an average number of fleas and ticks on the body of your pet, you first need to bath your dog with Flea and tick shampoo or soap as mentioned earlier. After the coat is completely dry, Flea and tick spot on must be applied. The popular one is Fiprofort Spot on Solution. Based on the weight of the breed they are in 4 types:

  1. For DogsFiprofort Plus Spot On For Small Dogs up to 10kg
  2. Fiprofort Plus Spot On For Medium Dogs- From 10kg to 20kg
  3. Fiprofort Plus Spot On For Large Dogs- From 20kg to 40kg
  4. Savavet Fiprofort Plus Spot On For Dogs Over 40 to 60kg

Fipronil Fixotic Spot On and Bayer Advantix are also popular Flea and tick spot on.

Heavy Flea and Tick Infestation

Sometimes, due to persisting ignorance or other factors, the number of fleas and ticks on your dog can reach an awful lot. In such cases, we recommend the use of strong medications. Here are two products you can consider in this context:

Flea and Tick Dips:

Available in concentrated liquid form, dips are most effective flea and tick remedies in case of heavy infestation. These need to be mixed with water according to the size and weight of your pet before application. They should be applied just once a week on the entire body for two weeks. Two rounds of application would wash out most of the fleas and ticks. Afterward, you can treat the remaining fleas and ticks with shampoos and soaps.Ridd Anti Tick And Flea Solution For Dogs is a recommended Flea and Tick dip.

Caution: The solution, until dried, can be fatal if licked my dogs. So, after applying the solution, you must take your dog out in sun, so that your pet stay distracted and do not lick its body while it dries quickly. After the solution dries, you simply need to brush the coat and apply flea and tick powder.

Do not apply on the face of your pet, due to the risk of it licking the solution.

Flea and ticks spray:

Spray application procedure is similar to dips except that they are readily diluted and don’t need to be mixed with water- you can directly spray the product and leave it to dry.

Fiprofort flea and tick spray is the most reliable spray form of Flea and Tick solutions. It is an effective way to prevent Flea and tick build-up as well as for preventing Flea and Tick infestation in future. The product remains effective even if exposed to sunlight or even if the pup comes in contact with water and assures of zero toxic effects.

While applying these Flea and tick medications, keep in mind the Flea and tick removal tips and precautions though, as given below.

Flea and tick removal tips

There are a few tips for you to keep in mind while you are on Mission Flea and Tick Removal!

One: Always consult your vet before you finalize the Flea and tick medication, especially the strong ones. The vet would diagnose your pet and see if his skin is compatible with the medication you are considering and if not, he can make better recommendations suitable for your fur baby.

Two: Be sure to muzzle your pet so as to prevent him from licking while you apply the flea and tick removal products.

Three: If you are not sure about the right way to use or apply or about the dosage of products, be sure to either talk to your vet, or do the research to make sure you don’t use the product inappropriately.

Four: Give preference to only powder alternative in case of pups younger than 4 weeks of age, since their skin and coat are relatively much more sensitive.

Five: If you happen to pull out a tick, never ever crush-kill them. Tick-blood is known to give rise to more ticks. Instead, put them in water or kerosene or flush them out.

Preventing flea and tick infestation in future

Though you get rid of Fleas and Ticks for once, your job isn’t over yet. It won’t take much for some more of these insects to find the way to your dog’s body. Here are few tips to protect your dog from Fleas and ticks in future.

Buy Flea and tick collars for your dog:

These are specially designed to keep fleas and ticks away.Tickless pet ultrasonic tick and flea repeller for pets is one of our most relied collars. The device, that appears as a pendant, sets out ultrasonic rays to keep flea and ticks away. Bayer Kiltix collar for flea and ticks is are commended product as well.

Wondering How to use Flea and Tick Collars? Here is how to use Dog Collars:

  • Unpack the Dog collar.
  • Remove the plastic strips attached.
  • Open the pores by stretching the
  • Put the dog collar around the neck.
  • Keep a check on the collar now and then.
Flea and tick T-shirts:

These Flea and Tick T-shirts available on our website are largely helpful in keeping these bugs away by repelling and preventing fleas and ticks from entering the body of your dog while he is outdoors. An advantage that these T-shirts have over collars is that they offer a greater coverage.

Keep your place dry:

House is generally good when dry, right. What’s more? It is good to keep these pestering insects away as well. Moist or wet places are of course an abode for fleas and ticks.

Bath and Brush:

Make sure you brush and groom the coat of your pet at least once in a week. Use reliable pet grooming and pet care products for this purpose. Hair grooming is one of the ways to keep fleas and ticks away. Use Flea and tick Combs for brushing purposes.

Other tips:
  • Keep the dog bed
  • Take note of walking your pet in relatively cleaner regions.
  • Bath your dog at least once a week.
  • Use flea and tick repellent products as suggested by your vet.
Ganga K Kurup

An experienced and professional writer, working to search, create and present most appropriate content and information to those in need. Quite in love with animals and every creation of nature and exceptionally happy to share whatever knowledge I have gained from my love and curiosity for the same. I believe in working towards making the world a better place to live- not just for the human, but also for all the other beings with whom we share this planet.

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