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Markberg is here to rock your wardrobe.

Markberg is rebellious. Markberg is that one friend in the group who owns a motorbike and rides through the night. She’s also the friend that has your back, through thick and thin. She’s unruly and wild, but she’s sophisticated and sharp. She’s got attitude, she’s got substance and she’s got class. We’re delighted to introduce you to Markberg, the Danish accessory brand that has landed at Magpie Style.

As with many rebels, a strong sense of romance runs deep through their veins, and the same can be said for Markberg. Founded by real-life couple Mette Astrup and Rune Klemmensen, the Markberg narrative is one of love, commitment and beauty, with an edge. The duo strive to create sensational accessories that you’ll use and cherish for a lifetime. Now, this is a love story with depth and devotion; animal welfare, human rights and environmental initiatives are all core chapters in the Markberg tale.

Their Scandinavian style shines through and gives their products a certain uniqueness that is refreshing to see on the New Zealand market.




It’s rare to discover a brand that offers beautiful products that are well-made, reasonably priced and functional, but Markberg ticks all of those boxes. There’s more than meets the eye with Markberg delights, so let’s get better acquainted with some of the wonderful items that we currently stock, shall we?

Firstly, let’s take a walk on the wild side with the ‘Vega’ cross-body bag, which we’re thrilled to offer in black, yellow snake print and leopard print, made from buttery, Italian calf skin and goat skin. These exotic looking bags are adapted for the everyday, with a zipped internal pocket, a zipped external pocket, a magnetic button closure and adjustable cross-body strap. This is the ultimate statement bag that will turn heads styled with casual black clothing and Chelsea boots during the day, or your go-to cocktail dress and heels for those special events.

Whilst it takes a dash of daring to opt for the yellow snake print, it’s guaranteed to spice up any outfit, and the compliments are yours for the taking. But don’t delay, with limited numbers available in New Zealand, these eye-catching bags won’t stick around for long.


Now, whilst we’re surely in denial about the arrival of the colder months, it needn’t put a dampener on your mood or your style. Markberg’s gloves are simply some of the most stylish we’ve seen. They’re timeless additions to your seasonal wardrobe that will last many a cold snap to come.

Enter their ‘Helly’ glove. These gorgeous gloves are part wool, part leather and we’re fully in love with them. The knitted element of the glove can be worn folded down as shown, or pulled up for that little bit of extra warmth up the arm. Either way, your hands will be both warm and chic this winter. Now, the ‘Helly’ glove has a magic trick up its sleeve. When sporting your new Markberg gloves, you can still use the touch screen function on your phones and tablets. This is certainly one brand that understands the life of a busy woman.

With three different sizes to choose from, you’ll never have to suffer ill-fitting gloves again. In general, we find that a taller woman will usually opt for a larger size, to allow for plenty of wrist coverage. That said, the Magpie Style team are only too happy to talk you through all of our sizes in store or online here.



The founders of Markberg often state that ‘high quality leather is like fine wine. It only gets better in time’, and ladies, we’ll drink to that…

We’ll be catching up with founders Mette Astrup and Rune Klemmensen, so be sure to keep your eyes on our blog.

View MARKBERG collection here.                                            


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Fashion Icon (noun) definition – A person or thing that is very well known as being highly fashionable.

Source: Collins Dictionary.


As we wind up 2018, we take a look at high-profile women who have mastered the art of owning their personal style - whether it be on the red carpet or on the street.

The following women stand-out for having an individual sense of style that has commanded attention, and in turn a rapid following around the world. 


#1. Meghan Markle

She is married to the world’s most famous bachelor and has fast become a royal jewel in the crown ever since. Meghan's relatable fashion sense and easy-to-emmulate style has us coming back for more. Her monochromatic palette and relaxed hair keeps her look appear fresh, modern and relevant. 

Although she's always on the mark, the Duchess of Sussex is also conscious of the continuous string of events she has to attend and is often celebrated for re-wearing her clothes sustainably just like her much admired sister in law, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

So what can we learn from Meghan?

Invest in good quality staples such as trench coats, pencil skirts, denim and classic heels that you can re-vist season after season.




#2. Olivia Palermo

It doesn’t take long to work out why Olivia is close to the top of our list. She has her own aesthetic, that seamlessly makes her stand out in a crowd full of wannabe's and street style lookalikes.

This one-time reality TV star was thrown into the stratosphere due to her vehement taste for fashion and style while creating trends on her own. Olivia's inspiring overall appearance balances between wearable pieces that are a mix of designer and high-street brands such as Zara and H&M while looking polished.

What can we learn from Olivia?

Mix up your High Street prints and designer gear and don't be afraid to push your own fashion boundaries.



#3. Christine Centenera

Possibly already pinned to your Pinterest board, Vogue Australia Fashion Director At Large, Christine Centenera is a modern day fashion muse and could start a trend simply just by accidentally walking out the door with a tissue stuck to her shoe. She's that cool.

She was reported by The Daily Mail to being paid a cool $1 Million to style celebrity heavyweight Kim Khardashian. Her individual contemporary style of slick and up-to-date high-end pieces keeping her at the forefront of her peers.

Preferring to wear a stand-out shoe or single item are the centrepiece of her lookis her signature which often sees her street-style snapped at Fashion Weeks around the world.

What can we learn from Christine?

Make one item the stand-out piece, keeping the rest of your outfit simplistic and structural.


  #4: Sarah Paulson

Sarah's first stand-out fashion moment (for this writer) was in 2016 at the Emmy Awards when she wore THAT green Prada dress. "My green Prada dress was so heavy I nearly put my neck out", she later revealed. "But it did not matter to me as it was the best dress I have ever put on my body".

As a fashion chameleon she has a natural eye, and isn't afraid to change up her style with her long time stylist Karla Welch always finding the right mix of polished and haphazard, keeping Sarah always looking on-point whether it be red-carpet chic or off duty du jour!

What can we learn from Sarah?

Change it up and keep it fresh! Go short, go long, go blonde, go brunette. Go rock star, go country, Whatever you do, own it and rock it.



#5: Blake Lively

Increasingly recognised for being her own stylist, long-time actress Blake owns the red carpet with her fierce and fearless looks that keeps us on our style-watching tippy-toes.

With her goddess-like features and as a regular front-row fixture at New York Fashion Week, Blake has blossomed from an aspiring teenage actress to a fashion-forward queen of the red carpet. 

Once mocked on twitter for her constant love of matching suits, she quipped back with a reply to the internet troll that she'd tried firing her stylist Blake Lively many times but she won't leave, much to the amusement of the world.

Blake's tall silhouette is standout in anything tailored and she knows how to wear structure with aplomb when doning a suit. Not one to easily emulate on a daily basis, Blake Lively is definitely one to watch with admiration and amazement.

What can we learn from Blake?

Own your style personality. And don’t listen to any voices that are negative.





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Magpie Style by Louise Heller - 6M ago

With Christmas just around the corner and pressure rising - we have complied a list of gifts to please even the most difficult-to-shop-for friends and family.

Shop the Gift Guide Here


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Magpie Style by Louise Heller - 6M ago

When static electricity strikes, it can be nightmare when you're about to step out the door in your floaty dress or skirt. It clings badly, causing you to feel self-conscious, and more rubbing of the fabric will cause more clinging. 

We have the solution...

Statique spray has arrived to Magpie Style for all your static remedies. 



What is Static Electricity?

Static is generated by movement or friction between two surfaces. It is a normal daily occurrence that can easily amended.  Friction, rubbing, wiping, can all cause static build up and is very common when wearing man-made fabrics whether they are quality or not, you can't avoid it.

Static causes uncomfortable and even annoying problems such as clinging, bunching, sparking, dust attraction, and unpleasant shocks when touching objects.


What is Statique?

Statique is an anti-static spray which prevents static build up on fabrics.  It is easy to use - just spray onto trouble spots:


 Pictured above: The Statique Spray, available two for $30 from Magpie Style 

Statique on Clothing

Spray the statique directly onto clinging clothes, pants, dresses, shirts, socks, sweaters.  It is best sprayed on the inside of the garment, and only a light mist is required.  Long gone are the days of your skirts and dresses clinging to your panty-hose and lingerie, so spray on the outside of these.


Washing Machine and Clothes Dryer     

For washable items, three tablespoons in just enough water to cover a shirt, pants or skirt.  This is particularly useful for highly static fabrics such as 100% polyester and add to the final rinse or softener to add extra anti static.

Spray into the clothes dryer - about 8 sprays. This will stop items clinging together and sparking when removed.




Carpets and Furnishings

Spray onto carpets to prevent zaps from door handles and other objects, and directly onto a cloth and wipe over your leather furniture for prevention of clinging to the sofa with your clothes.


At Home          

TV screens, plastics, furniture, Venetian blinds, spray onto your cleaning cloth to stop dust attraction.
Spray onto car seats and carpet to stop sparking as you alight from the vehicle.



Keep in your bag for travel Take a small bottle of Statique with you.  The static cling to fabrics on aircraft can be really embarrassing - On long flights the humidity gets as low as 5%, causing very high static charges.
Sometimes it will take a few hours for static to start building up on your outfit.  Keep a 50ml size in your bag just in case.



How long does Statique last?

Statique will be effective on your fabrics until the next wash or dry cleaning.  On carpets and furnishings, you may need to reapply once a month.


Can it be used on any fabric?

Statique can be used safely on most fabrics. Always test first if unsure. Statique may leave a watermark on shiny, glossy, satins and silks (similar to a spray starch). It is best to spray a very fine mist on the inside, or if washable use a final rinse with Statique added.  Alternatively you may spray undergarments or hosiery instead.  Some gold or metallic fabrics may not be compatible.

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Magpie Style by Louise Heller - 6M ago


Modern Summer Makeup - YouTube


This summer, bold prints and electric brights reign supreme for fashion. And with such an explosion of contrasting colours hitting our wardrobes - it's important to pay close attention to our hair and makeup. Applied too heavy and it can easily appear overdone. But makeup applied too light, can also see the prints overpower you.

We asked resident Magpie Style makeup artist, Renee Hay, to share some tips on how to recreate the looks for our team during our recent summer photo shoots.



Bridget Hope, Wardrobe Director


"For this look I start with a light base of foundation/concealer and a light powder through centre of face only." says Renee. "This is followed by a cream base with the blonde shadow applied in the crease and blended so it frames the eye."

Wet Stila kitten eyeshadow and press it into the lid to create a wet look shine, then apply the gel liner to create a soft wing on the top of eye only followed by lots mascara. Finish with makeup-setting spray.

Hit tip: Framing the face with a strong brow will balance the strong red lip.

Contour lightly with the Nars Laguna bronzer and then highlighter on cheekbone. Finish with pink blush swept across the apples of the cheeks. Finish off with Nars Dragon Girl Velvet Lip Pencil. This is a pencil & lip colour in one and won't dry out your lips.



Pictured above: This look on Bridget is a classic Hollywood glamour look. A ruby red lip is the focus with a softly defined eye and glowing skin.

Products used:

M.A.C strobe cream, NARS natural radiant long wear foundation in Santa Fe, BY TERRY hyaluronic powder , BOBBI BROWN creamy concealer in beige , BOBBI BROWN cream eye base in shore , BOBBI BROWN golden pink creamshadow stick, STILA kitten eyeshadow, BOBBI BROWN blonde shadow, BOBBI BROWN black gel liner, M.A.C zoom lash mascara, HOURGLASS arch sculpted brow pencil in soft brunette, NARS Laguna bronzer , BOBBI BROWN Pale pink blush, HOURGLASS ambient lighting powder in luminous light, NARS dragon girl velvet lip pencil.



 Pictured above:  M.A.C strobe cream $34 from MAC Cosmetics 

Pictured above: M.A.C Extended play lashes $42 from MAC Cosmetics.

Pictured above: NARS dragon girl velvet $43 lip pencil from Mecca Cosmetics 

Pictured above: HOURGLASS ambient lighting powder in luminous light from Mecca $38

Pictured above: STILA kitten eyeshadow  $28 from Mecca Cosmestics.

Marga Bastings, Stylist


"On Marga I started with strobe cream, then foundation/concealer and followed with a light dust of powder through centre of her face." said Renee. "Then I used a cream eyeshadow as a base on her eye, then added a mix of matte and metal shadows from the Stila eye palette".

Apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow first, then a deeper bronze in the crease and an even deeper brown applied in the lash line top & bottom. Finish with a gel black eyeliner on top of the eye and lots of mascara. 

Bronzer was brushed on the high points, cheekbones and down through the neckline. Highlighter was applied on the cheek bone and the blush on the apples of her cheek.

The sandwash pink lip colour at the end to finish the look.

Pictured above: Marga wears a smokey day eye and mid-pink lip with glowy skin. 

Products used

M.A.C strobe cream, NARS natural radiant long wear foundation in Punjab, NARS radiant creamy concealer in custard, BY TERRY hyaluronic powder, HOURGLASS arch sculpted brow pencil in soft brown, BOBBI BROWN cream shadow in shore, STILA Matte n metal eyeshadow palette, BOBBI BROWN black gel liner, M.A.C zoom lash, BOBBI BROWN medium bronzer, BOBBI BROWN blush in sand pink, BOBBI BROWN high lighting powder in pink glow, BOBBI BROWN sandwash pink lip colour, NARS natural radiant long wear foundation in Punjab.


Pictured above: NARS radiant creamy concealer in custard $48 from Mecca

Pictured above: BOBBI BROWN medium bronzer $44 from Bobbi Brown.

Pictured above: STILA Matte n metal eyeshadow palette $78 from Mecca


Pictured above: BOBBI BROWN sandwash pink lip colour $29 



Louise Heller, Fashion Editor


"On Louise, strobe cream was used followed by foundation/concealer & powder just through t-zone," says Renee.  A cream eyeshadow in a bronze/gold colour on the lid, followed by a deep bronze in the eye crease and blended out. A deeper shadow under the eye, followed by a black liner along top of the eye then lashings of mascara added". 

I used the arch brow pencil to create a strong brow to frame the face, and warming up the high points of the face and through the cheek bones with highlighter and added the pop of pink on the apples of the cheeks. 

Last but not least the beautiful dusty pink lip added at the end which is a pencil/lip colour in one. 

Pictured above:An edgy sultry look. Louise can handle a stronger eye and a contour to show off her amazing bone structure.

Products used.

M.A.C strobe cream, ELLIS FAAS fast veil foundation, NARS radiant creamy concealer in custard, BY TERRY hyaluronic powder, HOURGLASS arch sculpted brow pencil in dark brunette STILA Matte n metals eyeshadow palette, BOBBI BROWN black gel liner, M.A.C zoom lash, NARS laguna bronzer, BOBBI BROWN sand pink blush, BOBBI BROWN high lighting powder in pink glow, BOBBI BROWN dusty pink art stick

Pictured above: ELLIS FAAS fast veil foundation $126 from Mecca

Pictured above: NARS Laguna bronzer $63 from Mecca


Pictured above: HOURGLASS arch sculpted brow pencil in dark brunette $54 from Mecca




Pictured above: BOBBI BROWN dusty pink art stick $29 from Bobbi Brown



FRESH AND DEWY Stacey Harris, Customer Relations Manager


"Stacey only needed a small amount of foundation/concealer and no powder to keep the glow." says Renee

"I applied a gold cream eyeshadow on the lid and the wet the brush with setting spray and  pressed the shimmer shadow on top. This creates a wet look gold. I then followed with a rich brown liner in the top lash line with lots of mascara".

Using a bronzer to frame the face, highlighter on cheek bones and a light dusting of pink blush on apples. 

"I strengthened Stacey’s brow with the brow pencil then applied the soft pink lip". 

Pictured Above: Stacey has the most amazing skin so she doesn't need a lot of makeup on her to give her a fresh natural look. Her look is effortless and relaxed.   

Products used

M.A.C strobe cream, NARS natural radiant long wear foundation in Santa Fe, BOBBI BROWN creamy concealer in beige, HOURGLASS arch sculpted brow pencil in soft brunette, BOBBI BROWN long wear cream shadow stick in sand dollar, BOBBI BROWN eyeshadow in champagne quartz, BOBBI BROWN gel liner in espresso, M.A.C zoom lash, NARS Laguna bronzer , BOBBI BROWN Pale pink blush, HOURGLASS ambient lighting powder in luminous light, BOBBI BROWN Pale pink lip colour, MAC strobe cream

Pictured above: NARS natural radiant long wear foundation in Santa Fe $78 from Mecca


Pictured above:BOBBI BROWN Pale pink blush $32 


Pictured above: BOBBI BROWN eye-shadow in champagne quartz $27


Pictured above: BOBBI BROWN Pale pink lip colour $29



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Magpie Style by Louise Heller - 7M ago
It's Time To Dress To Impress

Summer is nearly here and this means one thing! Store away the coats and knitwear and bring out the form-fitting undergarments because it’s time to party!

Starting with the NZ Cup in November, followed by the Christmas parties, Christmas day, Weddings and of course the Polo. We have all the ideas for you here.


Racing Cup Season

We might pretend it’s about the racing, but (let’s be honest) for many of us - it's really about the outfits! The racing season is our one time of year where we can have fun with special-occasion wear, especially for day.

This is a time to embrace the best of spring; think florals, lace and colour. Matching your shoes and accessories is not always a must, although if there ever is a right occasion to do it - this is it.

Floaty fabrics, bold prints and full skirts are a big player this season, so try teaming a full skirt with a stylish waisted top, and belt and like-minded accessories. This will bring the outfit together and polish it off seamlessly. If your main outfit or hat is very outstanding, suggest pairing with calmer more neutral accessories.


Pictured above: Full skirts and tops are a popular look that can be worn multiple times post events.


The turban headband is a key trend this year. This is one style that will be here for the next few seasons. They can be also be worn post races to your next summer events in the diary.


Below: An A-line full skirt with a bodice will work well on any body especially if you are a fuller in the bust as it will follow the lines of your shape.

Pictured above: Marga wears the Trelise Cooper Tie me Dancer Dress $699 

To take this dress up a notch, pair with red accessories for a statement.

Pictured above: Morgan and Taylor Octavia Turban $119

Above: Seek out a comfortable stacked heel like these Kathryn Wilson Brydon Heels $339 - designed for long days standing. Avoid stiletto or narrow heels regardless of their height as they will sink easily into grass.

Pictured above:  Trelise Cooper A Blooms Of One Own Dress $699

Choose an equally ornate and similar toned headpiece to wear with this dress such as the Julieta headpiece below.

Above:  Morgan and Taylor Julieta Headpiece $109



Above: The colour gold of the Paula Ryan Platina Heel $550 will pair well seamlessly with Trelise Cooper dress.



Weddings, at times can become an unnecessary source of stress… and that’s just being the guest! You can never be too overdressed for a wedding, as long as you don’t overshadow the Bride and Groom on their big day.

There is an old myth around not wearing white to a wedding, but it is quite acceptable to do so as long as it doesn't resemble anything close to a bridal gown.

Dresses are always an easy go-to outfit, but again there are no set rules around needing to do so. Today there are less boundaries around covering your shoulders, or needing a matching jacket.

Keep your look fresh and summery with accessories shoes that will take you from the ceremony to the reception ready for the dance floor with ease.



Above: Trelise Cooper Florence And The Dreams Dress $799

Below: Trelise Cooper Frilled Life Dress $649 . A bright boxy shaped summer dress will be comfortable, and be the perfect shape for wearing post wedding either day or evening.


Pictured above: Trelise Cooper Out In The Sun Dress $699 in pink. Below: Trelise Cooper Out In The Sun $699 in black. Also available in yellow.

Pictured above: Trelise Cooper Out In The Sun $699 in black.

Above: Cooper Lei Lei Di Lei Dress $499 Belt this dress with the Trelise Cooper Feeling Yellow Belt $99 and team with the  Four Corners La Boca Earrings $119 for a modern take on Tropicana. 


The Polo

Get your friends together..It’s time to stomp out some divots and quaff the Cliquot! And what says summer more than a floaty dress or skirt, panama hats and platform sandals?

The polo call for relaxed summer chic and polish without the true pomp and show of the Racing Cup season. 

You will be on the grass the entire time, so wear comfortable heels, or opt for a stylish flat. Then style back with a stylish panama, boater hat or turban headband.



Pictured above: The turban headband - and effortless summer style for day or night.

Above and below: White is a fresh option to wear polo events this summer.

Above: Trelise Cooper Run Wild Dress $649 . Try this with a contrasting headband, like the Morgan and Taylor spotted turban $79 below.


Pictured above: Polka dots are also having their day in the sun. The Trelise Cooper Tier Me Up Dress $599 in blue.

Pictured above: Paula Ryan Ankle Stretch Espadrille $370. The Polo is traditionally set in a grassy paddock, so a good platform or stacked heel is best.


And don't forget about the men!

The easiest way to dress up your man without too much drama (or retail resistance) is with an authentic panama hat.

These Sarah J Curtis hats $180 are the perfect addition to any mans outfit at the polo, races or weddings.



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Magpie Style by Bridget Hope - 7M ago
Calling all South Canterbury Magpies! We are on our way to the Geraldine Country Fete!

Girls - It's time to get your diaries out! The team at Magpie Style are about to load up the trucks (with fabulous frocks) and head to the Geraldine Country Fete. 


WHEN: Thursday, November 1, 2018

TIME: From 9.30AM - 4.00pm

WHERE: Stover Farm
220 Main North Road, Geraldine, South Canterbury.

The Geraldine Summer Fete is a day of indulgence and elegance. Wander around Stover’s Stunning garden while listening to live music, enjoy the friendly, fun relaxed atmosphere.

A unique shopping spree with an amazing selection of 200 stalls of gorgeous wares you will not be able to resist, showcasing products from around NZ. Furniture, art, jewellery, fashion and a delicious selection of food. Great timing to get that Christmas list ticked off, this unique shopping opportunity will be a sensational day out for all, save the date and make a day of it with your friends and family and enjoy the beautiful Country setting.


Magpie Style will bring their full collections of Paula Ryan, Trelise Cooper, Curate and Shjark designer fashion to the Geraldine Summer Fete. Look out for our pop-up fashion shop!  Our top fashion stylists will be on hand to help with expert advice to get you outfit ready for any summer occasion from casual summer BBQ's right through to important wedding dates.

Gate tickets on the day or prepaid. Only $15.00 each.

Children under 15yrs are free

Pre-paid & Gate Admission Ticket Includes: - Gate admission - Free car parking - Access to stunning, quality, hand-picked stalls - Live music throughout the day - Walk around the stunning Stover Garden

Note: The Summer Fete is still on if wet. 

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE: www.eventfinda.co.nz/2018/geraldine-summer-fete/geraldine

See www.geraldinesummerfete.co.nz for more updates and details.



We hope to see you there!

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From overpriced puffers to platform Crocs, Louise Heller takes a look at some of the most unusual social media trends in 2018.

According to Wikipedia, a trend called Normcore or "Hardcore Normal" began in 2014 by a trendcasting group called K-hole which took the unisex aspects of fashion and in-turn celebrated the 'special' in 'nothing special'.

'Ugly Fashion' - a recent follow-on from this has filtered down. In layman terms, this means the uglier these "normal" fashion statements are, the more people want to covert them.

Words to describe Normcore possibly include: Orthopaedic, Colleen Meets Gordon? Or Clunky meets Couture? Whatever the case, it is a flashback to the Nineties when Mums and Dads wore bad denim, and in turn - equally bad sneakers.

While Fashion or “Far-sharn” is definitely subjective, 2018 has delivered a succession of perplexing looks. 


The Chunky Sneaker

I’ve seen you Chunky Sneakers, I’ve tried to like you, I’ve even tried to emulate you to pretend that I like you because I work in fashion. I’ve had to succumb to the realisation that I’m just not cool enough to pull you off. 

What started out in the Normcore era as a slim-lined white Stan Smith sneaker,  has progressed into a heavy-soled, bulky fabric outfit-stand-out.

These are for the fashion die-hards, the ones who can push the boundaries and I salute you. These are the essence of coolness in the age of social media and there is no sight of them dying away just yet.




Ill fitting Mom jeans

Worn by many millennials, mocked by Saturday Night Live and despised by children of the Eighties, Mom jeans have become a huge power-player in denim culture of today. 

It's fairly difficult to wrap one’s head around this trend. They are wedgie-inducing and bum-expanding, so why would we want to wear something that says, “I’m not a woman, I’m a MOM” !?

Made of a heavy-set denim, pale in colour and worn with frumpy sports-sneakers (or *Sneans as we used to call the look in the Nineties), this surprising look is now converted by some of the hottest international models in their off-duty dressing. 

Below: Bella Hadid looks sideways in her Mom Jeans


 *Snean: The wearing of sneakers and jeans.

Millenials: Do you really want to dress like a Mum when you’re in your early 20’s: There are some great versions of these jeans available. If so, shop for a pair that fits you in the right places, and wear with a fitted top.


Above: Hello Mom jeans!


What a Croc

Have we hit pinnacle of ugliness with rise of the high-end Croc?

These ergonomic foam creations were originally designed in 2002 to alleviate discomfort and quickly became the shoe-dujour for nurses and chefs worldwide. So how has this “ugly” shoe managed to reign-supreme in the world of high-fashion? Have we become so numb to fashion that we need to expect the unexpected?

Shock value is key and the desire to stand out from the crowd is  what sells fashion in the first place. When Balenciaga collaborated with Crocs in 2017, it took an every-day comfort shoe and transformed it into one of 2018’s hottest “it” shoes. It has almost become a badge of honour to turn one of fashions darkest moments into the heights of untouchable materialism.

Starting at $450, and up to $850 a pair - for the "bejazzelled" version, these meme-inducing shoes sold out in record time after launch. 

The case of the Balenciaga Croc is succession, failure and irony all at once. The irony is that we are want to stand out, but 'standing out' is actually fitting in. Or are we simply fitting in with the crowd that's standing out. Exhausted much?

What will be next..... shoe-mops?


 Above: Balenciaga Crocs, a cool $850 a pair.


The House of Windsor Headscarf

Yes. This is a thing. (Mic drop).

The Queen's most worn accessory has royally caught on.

As iconic as her corgi’s, the Queen’s life-long love of the headscarf is one to watch (with aghast). And as much as we love The Crown on Netflix, this is not the source we expected to get our fashion cues from.

Practical? Yes. Wearable in everyday life? Maybe.

Silk scarves have certainly become a winning fashion go-to piece. They're timeless, elegant and interesting and can be worn in a myriad of ways to uplift an outfit. So why has this accessory become so hot, when styled like Nana on a windy day?

Highlighted in a recent Stella McCartney fashion show, UK designer, Richard Quinn also took inspiration from her Royal Highness and hosted Queen Elizabeth  in the front row watching as models paraded a extreme version of her signature look.  





Giant Puffer Everything

Whilst researching this story, we didn’t have to look far to find some of the fashions biggest "WOW" moments! 

With designers such as Balenciaga and Martin Margiela breathing new life into the puffer, this does come with caution. These are next level puffers and not to be worn on the rugby side-line without an expectation of being ridiculed by your peers.

Living in a colder climate we often deliberate over how much “arm-pit space" a puffer has to have to accooadate layers of jerseys underneath with ease. BUT with this trend, there's enough room for a small village under these.

Above: Who says looking like a human beetle is out of fashion?


Bike Shorts Worn As Pants

"Hey Kim, Bike Barn rang.. they'd like their shorts back".

Bike shorts are popping up all over Instagram; as worn on bloggers, paraded down fashion runways and gracing the bodies of It-girls.

It wasn't too long ago that we were throwing some serious shade towards  MAMILS or Middle aged Men in Lycra for wearing these into the cafes in their packs. But have we become so lazy now, that active-wear means we literally do not need to shower after a spin class - we can simply throw on a top, heels, handbag and we're out for cocktails?

Resurrected in 2016 by Kanye West through his fashion label, Yeezy, bike shorts have been worn on every female Kardashian ever since.

A personal fashion crush and Vogue Australia's fashion director, Christine Centenera (pictured below) has released a pair onto her own wardrobeNYC.com. They're slick, smart and when worn in the right way with a longer slimline tee, and blazer seen on Christine below, you have yourself a winner. It also helps to have incredibly good pins.

 Above: Psssst... "Kylie, you forgot your pants".


Social media has a lot to answer for when it comes to what drives the fashion set. Trends come and go and today it seems the more extreme, the more social-media acceptable a trend is. It takes a sense of dare, or inner confidence, to be able to pull these UGLY looks off, because you have to have a sense of not giving a toss.

So where to next? With fashion being brought forward from the past, I say bring back kung-Fu shoes and bubble-gum jeans. Now there's an idea.. Stella? Martin? Hello. Anyone?



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Eighty Magpie Style guests were in attendance to enjoy the Trelise Cooper Garden Party. See here for all the pics of our wonderful women, their fabulous outfits and incredible sense of style.

Sometimes an occasion calls to pop out some colour to set the scene, lift the spirits and create a little magic. Our elegant guests certainly didn't disappoint!


Above: Radiant in jewel tones: Pictured from left: Marietta Horncastle, Nicky McGuigan, Lynette McFadden and Valerie Jones.

Below: Jo Grams, Bridget Hope and Charlotte Malone.


Above: Vibrant in Bold Florals: Nancy Peters and Jane Hickman.

Below: In Luxe Bohomium Prints: Cathy Field, Amber Hamilton and Marietta Horncastle in Cobalt Blue.

Above: Nicky McGuigan, Lynette McFadden and Valerie Jones. Below: Bridget Hope welcomes Valerie Jones.

Above: Sue Wardell and Julie Stevenson. Below: Bridget Hope, Annie Bonifant and Sue Allison.


Above: Juliana Hilson, Kate Peers, Helen Hobson-Bradley, Kate Senior, Brigid Lee and Suzy Tutton.

Below: Jo-Anne Pennycruik, Sharon Lang, Susan Bishop and Robyn Mooney

Above: Julie Bohemn, Lynn Ritchie, Jess Blakely and Adrienne Francis.
Below: Lee McVicar, Sarah Brakenridge and Judy Derbidge.

Above: Karin Rypma and Bridget Hope.
Below: Denise Enright, Elaine Lynn and Karen Joyce.

Above: Joanne Pennycruik and Susan Bishop.

Below: Eileen Croft, Helen Rutherford and Pauline Inder.

Below: Annie Rutherford and Elizabeth Rutherford.


Above: Suzanne Kitley, Elizabeth Kirby, Helen Hanson and Rebecca Stewart.
Below: Dame Trelise Cooper and Lynn Ritchie.

Below: Karen Joyce, Bridget Hope, Vicki Ogden-O'Fee and Denise Enright


Below: Dame Trelise Cooper and Robyn Talbot


 Above: Judith Pratt, Dame Trelise Cooper and Kate Devlin.


For more stories from our Trelise Cooper Garden party:

1. SHOP THE RUNWAY Looks - Secure your favourite styles early. 

2. THE MAIN EVENT: See our full event coverage here.


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It was the perfect Spring day for fashion show, to be held in the garden setting of Magpie Style

Warm sun filtered its rays through the trees, birds tweeted the optimism of the changing season and freshly-cut grass crunched under foot. The boxed hedged gardens of Magpie Style had been transformed into an Alice in Wonderland like setting to deliver a whimsical backdrop to showcase the new Trelise Cooper Spring/Summer collections. 

PICTURE PERFECT: Dame Trelise Cooper and the Magpie Style Garden Party team.

From left: Judith Pratt, Mary Ling, Kate Deviln, Susan Butler-Thomson, Julie Leuchurs, Bridget Hope, Franka Van Ginkel, Tanya Izard, Robyn Mooney,
Marga Bastings, Sarafina Pavia, Stacey Harris.
(Not pictured: Fashion Editor, Louise Heller, who at the time of this photo was making a mad-dash to the airport to collect our new headpieces!).


SHOW READY: Dame Trelise Cooper with Bridget Hope.


Above: A green carpet was rolled out to create the perfect garden runway. 

Below: The white pergola was decorated with pastel pom-poms. The surrounding hedges scattered with multi-sized pin-wheels. 

Small round Portuguese Laurel trees were decorated with bright coloured pom pom flowers, injected to create a sense of whimsy and fun.

 White chairs lined the edge of the garden giving every guest a front-row view.


The champagne of the day was Perrier Jouet and guests enjoyed bespoke canapes created on-site by the chefs from White Tie Catering

Below: A fountain was filled with Spring blooms gifted from a neighbours garden.



Above: Silk magnolias were added to evergreen trees to create extra Spring blooms.

Below: Backstage ten models were preparing for the Runway show with a team of 5 hair and makeup artists led by Renae Hay.

Below: VIP guests take their seats.


Sixty Spring/Summer looks were presented from the new collections of Trelise Cooper, COOPER and Curate (see Fashion Runway story here).




At the end of the show, Bridget Hope interviewed Dame Trelise Cooper on stage about her inspiration and what drives her each season to create fabulous collections time and time again.


Magpie Style Trelise Cooper Garden Party - YouTube



Guests were then invited to the courtyard where they enjoyed more champagne, New Zealand wines and canapes with Dame Trelise, the Magpie Style and Trelise Cooper teams.

Pictured below: Helen Hanson and Dame Trelise Cooper 


Below: Model Jemima Allison, Cathy Field, Amber Hamilton and Sue Allison

Below: Magpies Sarafina Pavia and Tanya Izard.

Below: Magpie Style, Fashion Editor, Louise Heller (back from the airport!).

Below: Charlotte Malone and Jo Grams enjoying the fashion market.

Below: Floral headband from Morgan & Taylor. .

Above: Morgan & Taylor Chantelle Flower Floral Headband, $89

Pictured below: Jenny Slater and Robyn Talbot - winner of the Magpie Style/Trelise Cooper grand prize - discuss styles with Dame Trelise and Kate Devlin.


A heartfelt thanks to our Garden Party team.

Without your incredible efforts - this spectacular event would not have been possible (or as magical as it was!).

Photography and Video: Neil Gussey

Hair & Makeup: Renae Hay, Jenna Brown, Pearl Babington, Alex Pennell, Monique Cadigan

Models: Bella, Christiane, Daniella, Rebecca,Yan, Isabella from Portfolio Models. Georgia from NZ Models, Jemima and Victoria.

Catering: White Tie Catering led by Helen Harrowfield and Alice Norton

Sound Engineering: Jaron Hart from Shipleys Engineering.


Team Trelise Cooper: Dame Trelise Cooper, Kate Devlin, Robyn Mooney, Julia Leuchars, Judith Pratt.

Team Magpie Style: From L to R: Tanya Izard, Franka Van Ginkel, Louise Heller, Bridget Hope, (pictured with) Dame Trelise Cooper, Marga Bastings, Sarafina Pavia, Stacey Harris, Mary Ling and Susan Butler.  

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For more stories from our Trelise Cooper Garden party:

1. SHOP THE RUNWAY Looks - Secure your favourite styles early. 

2. THE GUEST LIST: See all the pics of our fabulous VIP guests.






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