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Many collectors want to invest in authentic jewelry. It’s a good investment and the jewelry looks stunning when worn. Shoppers need to be careful and avoid unscrupulous dealers. Here are a few tips on learning real from fake.

Shop With Reputable Dealers

Many jewelry lovers find one trusted dealer and stick with the company. The best jewelry dealers win you over with your first order. The dealer may offer the customer tips on determining whether a piece is authentic. They also know where to find collectible jewelry.

Learn Jewelry Hallmarks

It’s common for authentic jewelry to have distinguishable hallmarks. For example, sterling silver is engraved with 925, 800 or sterling silver. Markings are found on the clasp of a necklace or inside a ring. Further, you may be able to find a mark on a bracelet clasp or an earring post.

Real gold is often engraved with a mark that tells how much gold is in the piece. Look for 10k, 14k or 18k. Known platinum hallmarks include PLAT, PLATINUM or 950. Sometimes, you’ll find an authentic piece engraved with the name of a recognized maker.

Check the Weight

Authentic jewelry is heavier than the fake versions. Brass and pewter are often used to imitate gold and silver. These metals are light in comparison to real gold and silver. Further, imitation pieces often feel hollow inside. Likewise, the color of the piece changes. This does not happen with authentic jewelry.

A Girl’s Best Friend

There are several ways to determine if a diamond is authentic. The density test requires a glass of water. Fill the glass ¾ full and drop a loose diamond in it. A real diamond sinks to the bottom of the glass. Floaters are probably faked.

 It’s probably better to have a diamond tested by professionals. A jeweler looks at a diamond through a loupe. The loupe is a magnifying glass made to use with diamonds.  Fakes look perfect but genuine diamonds have flaws called inclusions. Many jewelers use a diamond tester or a thermal conductivity probe. Diamonds are heat conductors and fake stones are not. Therefore, a diamond gives off the heat quickly after being warmed by the probe.


It’s difficult to tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds. They have almost the same chemical makeup. An expert needs to examine the diamond to determine whether it’s natural. Lab-created diamonds aren’t worth nearly as much as natural stones.

Synthetic moissanite is the most difficult stone to distinguish from a real diamond. In fact, synthetic moissanite is a heat conductor so the thermal test doesn’t work. A jeweler must look at the stone to investigate. White topaz looks a lot like diamonds but there are physical differences. White topaz has a soft exterior while diamonds are very hard.


Sapphires are almost as hard as diamonds so the stone may be fake if it’s scratched. Genuine sapphires are so blue they almost look black. Collectors shouldn’t be able to see any other color in a sapphire. Further, authentic sapphires never look shiny.


Color may be able to help a collector spot a fake emerald. Colombian emeralds are the most desirable stones. Emerald lovers know that Colombian stones have tinges of yellow or blue mixed with green. Emeralds that are a deep green color are likely fakes.

Shoppers prefer authentic jewelry and gemstones. However, it can be difficult to spot a fake. Lab-created stones look so much like the real thing. It’s always best to have jewelry appraised by an expert before buying it.

The post How Can You Tell If You’re Buying an Authentic Piece of Jewelry? appeared first on Magali Vaz | Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel Blog.

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With the Christmas season kicking in, the joy of the season is slowly but surely getting on to you. One of the many joys of Christmas is giving and receiving a gift. However, the task of selecting gifts for friends and loved ones is an ordeal. There is immense pressure to look for something that is thoughtful and useful. It should match the need and personality of the person who will receive the present.  For instance, if you have a friend or a family member who is a fitness buff, buying a gift that will add value to his or her workout routine is a real steal.

We all have a friend or a family member who takes fitness quite seriously. Then there are those who make their fitness wish-list every year, but never seem to follow it. So, irrespective of which side of fitness they are on, here are five gift ideas that they will thank you for, especially after a week of indulgence and binge.

Buy/Renew Gym Membership

Being fit and remaining that way is important for everyone. But someone who is a fitness enthusiast, the need is even more serious.  However, with cold winter months closing in, the motivation to work out can hit the wall. To evade this possibility, why not gift your friends or loved ones a year-long membership at a gym. Working out at a gym as opposed to home has many perks. One has access to the right equipment, guidance and motivation. So, just in case your friend or family member does not have a gym membership, or his or her membership is up for renewal, surprise them which this thoughtful and stupendous gift.

Buy Them a Juicer

Fitness isn’t just about staying active—it’s also about making sure that your body is getting the right nutrients. So, presenting a fine juicer to your fitness freak amigo makes absolute sense. Consuming both vegetable and fruit juice daily can do wonders for one’s diet. For busy people who are calorie conscious, a juicer is a perfect Christmas gift.  They no longer have to worry about their meals and can simply consume juice on the go.  Buy a juicer from a popular brand like Kent.Cold compressed juicers and slow juicers use groundbreaking juicing technology that preserves the nutrients and fiber of the juice.

Get A Water Purifier

We all know that water is a necessity for life. While most of us are aware of this obvious reality, we often take it for granted.  In fact, most of us tend to drink less water during the winter, however in actuality there’s a need to increase water consumption in winter to combat the dryness of the skin, dehydration, and flu.  However, the quality and cleanliness of the water matters a lot. Unclean or contaminated water can lead to several health complications and gastrointestinal problems.

So, why not gift your friends or loved one a water purifier this holiday season as a token to showcase your love. Before buying one, do a thorough research about the water purifier and its reviews.  When reading up on water purifier reviews, look for one which dispenses harmful impurities from the water while retaining natural nutrients.  Working out is essential for a fit body, but supplementing it with fresh, clean filtered water is also vital for lubricating the joints and transporting the nutrients through the body. One feels more energized and can work out better if they consume an adequate amount of clean and pure water daily.

Gift a Spa Coupon

If your friend or family member is a fitness freak, chances are they are working out strenuously for the most part of the year. While working out can make you feel incredible, the body can be sore with all the tightness and endurance training. A relaxing steam or massage at a Spa can do wonders to the body. Therefore, book a session at a Spa for your beloved friend as a Christmas gift. Your friend will surely appreciate this thoughtful gift.   

Trekking Holiday

What better start to a new year than a trekking holiday to the mountains. Buy an all-expense paid trip for your fitness buff friend over the New Year weekend. People who like to stay fit and healthy love to participate in the outdoor activities. A trekking trip will indeed be a delightful gift if your friend likes adventure activities like camping, rock-climbing, mountain biking, etc. x

The post Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Fitness Buffs appeared first on Magali Vaz | Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel Blog.

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