There are many hard-to-master subjects in the world, and Astrology is definitely one of them. We get that many of you may not believe in the effects of astrology while some others may have a blind faith. And, there is also a community of people who use the power of astrology in Hindi for leading a good life of their own. In fact, they are the ones who really get the best out of this subject and all the studies and research that have been happening in the world of astrology. Nevertheless, every subject has to change according to the times. Just to take an example, the way we read newspapers and articles today is quite different from what we used to do before a decade or two. Similarly, astrology has also changed and the growth has been impressive so far.

It’s a matter of discussion whether astrology in the digital world is making things good or bad. We would surely say that the impacts have been noticeably positive and we can be proud about that. We did actually bring a seemingly-old yet trustworthy science into the digital world and made it globally accessible. However, if you are still double-minded, we can change that at the end of this article. Here, we will point out how astrology in the digital world is making things easier and comfortable for a lot of people who have believed in this. So, shall we really see what astrology has been up to when papers made way for smartphones?

Astrological Traditions Are Now Global

For those who want to believe that planetary positions and stars at the time of one’s birth can have a lot of influences in his/her life, astrology is something awesome. Viewing things from that perspective, it was truly a loss that the tradition of Indian astrology was hidden in this subcontinent for a longer time period. Many of believers would have lost the opportunity to know their lives better just because they were located in an inaccessible place. Obviously, there would have been some news and updates about this stuff but none of it served the real purpose as it was envisaged. It was in such a time that the Internet made its influence in a restricted world of astrology, kundli reading and other associated tasks. And, now, as you can guess, things have become so awesome and accessible.

At the current point, astrology is something truly accessible from any part of the world. Even in this situation, the believer has two choices. He or she can seek help from the digital world to bring the traditional methods into action. Or, they can go for an entirely digitized version of astrology itself. To understand these things, it makes sense to take some examples. For instance, just think that you want to consult an astrologer about a Kundli you have. Say, you want to know whether it’s the right time to make some new financial moves and get a new job. Today, you have two options. You can simply call an astrologer – no matter where he is or what he is doing – and carry out the consultation. In most cases, you can have the same experience. If you want to upgrade things a bit, you can even conduct a video-conferencing session with all the environments.

The second option, however, is much better than any of you would have thought a few years before. We do hope that you know about the many online platforms that offer digital astrological services. You can go for any of these services and get your kundli analyzed. We don’t want to talk about the advantages of the digital astrological services, which we will at a later part of the article, but the focus here is accessibility. In this easy scenario, the services are accessible to everyone, and not just people who can listen to astrology in Hindi. It opens up a global door, through which we have seen the flow of many nationals who want to embrace the Indian version of Vedic astrology than the western counterpart. With all due respect to the other creeds and astrological concepts, the digital world has helped Indian kundli world to ensure its ground.

In short, as far as accessibility goes, we can say that the digital world has been of immense help.

Digital Astrology in Hindi Services Are The Best

We now have the focus on astrology-based services that have become digitized in the course of time. Among the huge list, kundli is the best example we can take. Those who are familiar with kundli don’t need much of an introduction to the various sub-tasks are involved. And, to be frank, the traditional methods have been quite time-taking and tough for the most part. There was even a time when people stopped relying on this thing just because the process was too complicated and money-consuming.

With digitization, things have changed a lot. Currently, you can find the digital counterpart for almost every kind of astrology-based need you have. Sticking with the example that we talked about, let’s think that you need to create a kundli for your child or someone else. Gone are days when it was necessary to go to an astrologer and wait for him to do all the calculations, whereupon the Kundli will be ready. I mean, the task was a lot of complication, right? You had to walk a lot, pay a certain fee and wait for the convenience of the astrologer. In today’s world of astrology, everything is just a few clicks away. As far as Kundli making is concerned, you may need a few keystrokes as well. Still, the process is way better than completely relying on astrologers and their own brains for calculations.

In the same way, we can take the case of kundli matching as well. As you know, it’s necessary to test a form of compatibility between the to-be-married couple by comparing their kundli documents. As per astrology, the Kundli can share a lot of information about the person, including his/her future for that matter. So, when it comes to matching Kundli of two people, you can again get the help from astrology services in the digital & online world. It does not really matter if the services bring you astrology in Hindi or other languages, but the results are just awesome. The best part is that you may not even have to upload the existing Kundli into the servers or anything. Thanks to the powerful system and algorithms, the digital services have been upgraded themselves to create the conventional Kundli in a matter of seconds.

Just like kundli making and matching, there is much astrology in Hindi services you can check out – many of them being so popular among the internet community. These services not only save a lot of time but also make things trustworthy than they really. If you are wondering whether the digital world has improved the authenticity and reliability of astrology, let’s cover that in the next point.

The Digital World Made Astrology More Reliable and Trustworthy.

This is going to be a long discussion; so, behold.

After almost every discussion that deals between the classification of traditional Kundli and online-powered Kundli, we understand the common notion. Most people believe that there is something that makes the old-school Kundli documents more authentic or powerful than the new-gen ones. Of course, every single time, we do try our best to correct them, but the attempt goes in vain most of the times. So, as far as a conscious person is concerned, there should be a fine line that lets you choose the right type of Kundli from the digital world. It goes in the same way if we consider the other digitalized astrology services as well. But the actual question is something else: has the digital world made astrology more trustworthy than it really was? At the end of this section, you should have a clear-cut answer for this question, we assure you.

As you know, almost every astrology-based service requires a person named astrologer, given that you want to stick to the traditional method. Astrologers are, as they have been for years, professionals who have a thorough amount of knowledge when it comes to astrology and related subjects. To take the example, they will be able to create one’s Kundli by receiving the basic information like date of birth and time of birth. Of course, you can expect the involvement of reference documents and routine calculations. While there are a lot of benefits of experience and dedication, the traditional method for astrology-based activities have some of the noticeable issues too. For example, there have been instances when the personal issues or inclinations of an astrologer seem to interfere with the activity or the document in preparation.

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Digital astrology, on the other hand, expects a world of astrology that is free of errors and personal biases. It is easy too because almost every process in the world of digital astrology works based on algorithms and other databases. When you want to create a Kundli using an online service and submit the date and time, it does not go and consult an astrologer. On the other hand, your data will be processed and compared with a help of the various databases and other decision-making factors. In some cases, Artificial Intelligence is also being used for brilliant comparison and other purposes. In short, the digital astrology world completes all the activities with the least amount of human intervention and impacts. Unlike most of you think, this can have multiple benefits in the long run. For example, we can take the case of specificity and the lack of bias

You can easily guess what is going to happen in the case of specificity. If you recall the basic working principle of astrology and Kundli, you would understand the value of every second – it may even go deeper into some milliseconds or microseconds. Even the slightest change of time, even if it’s 0.00001 seconds, can cause a lot of issues in the determining of one’s Kundli and all the related predictions. As you can guess, these kinds of errors are normal when a human being does all those. However, the digital world simply gets rid of such errors in a matter of seconds. You need not worry about anything, apart from providing the right information at the right time. You may even have an option to add more data into the Kundli-making process and get an even more dedicated Kundli document.

If we are to consider the presence of bias, things become more interesting.It is a common fact that Kundli when made by common astrologers, may be biased in a positive or negative manner. The person may have to suffer for all these slight inclinations in the long run. For example, the Kundli might say it’s a good time to make some investments even when the chances are at stake. In online services, however, no one wants to make changes to your Kundli and you have better chances of having a neutral and reliable Kundli document for all the needs. This is something commendable as far as true believers of Kundli and astrology would ever be concerned. To say the least, they can trust what their documents say without thinking about the person who made the document. The same scenario is applicable for other services like the comparison of two astrology documents too. We have seen cases when an astrologer takes some extra effort to approve or disapprove a particular comparison and do something about the decision, say a marriage or something.

Cutting the long story short, Digital astrology has a better reliability and authenticity when compared to the prophecies of a human being. After all, it’s about the meaningful calculations, you know.

Astrology in Hindi is Old; It’s Astrology Everywhere.

Earlier, we discussed how the digital services helped astrology to break the geographical borders and hence to attract a lot more people from different cultures. It has also been a journey of breaking the journey of an integral limitation – of language. For those who are not familiar, Kundli and almost everything that related to astrology were available in the medium of Hindi, which was also the native. However, there was a problem of accessibility when it came to believers who lived abroad. To consider a quick scenario, suppose you want to compare the two Kundli documents of two people, but you happen to be in abroad. There aren’t many astrologers who are well-versed in Hindi, but you happen to have a Hindi-based Kundli. What would you do if that’s an emergency?

In the old days, there was no escape from that situation, but, now, things have changed. You can easily log onto one of the best websites and create a Kundli in the language you like. It all happens like clockwork and you will have the document ready in less than one minute. Thanks to the power of AI and translations, you’d be able to convert the same Kundli into a language of your preference. For instance, if you are going to visit an astrologer in Tamil Nadu, you might need it in the language. In that case, you will have to convert the terms of astrology in Hindi to terms of astrology in Tamil, or any other language for that matter. This feature has been a huge blessing for a lot of people, for obvious reasons. They can literally surpass the language-based boundaries and keep their life updated from what is being said by astrological documents.

This is surely one of the points where the astrology world has made the right use of upcoming as well as the on-going technological advancements. We are also sure that the growth would be imperative in the time to come.

More and More Purpose-Oriented Astrology Services.

It does not matter which is your choice among astrology in Hindi and English, we now have some new types of astrology services to rely upon. Even if we narrow down this point to the concept of Kundli, you can find a wide variety of services – starting with the deeper analysis of Kundli documents. In the course of the past five or six years, we have also seen the use of AI and powerful processing technologies to bring a personal and purpose-oriented version of astrology services. Kundli matching and analysis are the basic versions only.

For instance, let’s take the case of remedies. In the best online Kundli services, you can have a feature to get to know about the possible remedies, as soon as the analysis is done. Similarly, you can have purpose-based reports too. For instance, sometimes, you may want to know the financial situation of yours, which may be covering some questions like whether you are ready to make some new investments. Similarly, you may like to have an overview of the education sector too. That is, by analyzing each house of one’s Kundli – as you may know, these houses represent the different aspects of one’s life, the digital services can give you an impressive idea about your own life, which is impressive so far.

There are also websites that keep you up to date in the world of astrology. You need not look for the old Panchang or other books to get an idea about what is happening. A single web page should quench the thirst to know more about astrology and how astrological changes will be impacting your own life in the long run. We repeat, all these things are applicable for those who have the genuine belief in the world of astrology, and we don’t recommend the scenario of partial belief, under any circumstances. We hope you get the idea and believe that you’ll use these services wisely.

Wrapping Up

These are some points where astrology has made use of the digital technologies to make life easier. Indeed, it was for those who have the strong belief in the world of astrology, but that’s pretty convincing too, right? You have to check out all these options only when you can believe what these documents say. For all that to get into real-life, you should understand the point that the specific time of your birth can turn your life upside down, at one point or another. So, if you are someone who believes in astrology in Hindi and its implications, make sure that you get the best results out of these digital services.

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Janam Kundli, commonly referred to as Kundli, is something common among Hindu families. We even know a lot of families from other religions who believe that a Janam Kundli is an important document for getting insights for one’s future and related actions. If you take a look at the history, you can say without a doubt that Kundli has been there for a huge amount of time. For decades and centuries, people have been treating this astrological document as something viable and trustworthy. As it goes back, the core basis of Kundli is on the fact that a newborn child’s future may vary according to the date and time it was born. So far, there has been not much of hard proof to object that claim.

That is, if you are someone who believes the importance and impact of Kundli, you should also believe that a man’s future will have several implications as per the time he/she was born. That having said, despite the long history Janam Kundli has, there has been noticeable changes in the world of Kundli — both positive and negative at the same time. While summing things up, you should know a lot of things about them too. Here, in this article, we have created a list of some things you should know about making and using Janam Kundli. Some of these are tips while we have tried to cover common knowledge as well.

The sole idea of this article is to make sure that you don’t commit mistakes while reassuring your beliefs in a world of Kundli. We can also clear some common doubts you might have about Kundli, especially if you’re new to Hindu religion. I mean, if you did not have a solid background with Hindu religious stuff and myth, it is probable that you may have some misconceptions. Anyway, we can start ahead and almost all your doubts will be cleared once you reach the end of this article. Shall we start?

Janam Kundli – Why it is so important in India?1. Janam Kundli Isn’t A Wild Guess; It’s Well-Calculated And Crafted.

We are not talking about the scientific aspect or anything, but the focus is merely on the astrological value, authenticity and other sub-aspects of a kundli. There are people who believe that kundli is a result of mere guessing by an astrologer, which is one of the biggest misconceptions ever. There are a bunch of serious, time-taking and philosophy-based calculations involved for creating and crafting one’s kundli. As we did say earlier, the main point of kundli has its basis on the time of one’s birth. It does not mean that only the time is being considered for making the kundli as a standalone document. On the other hand, several elements will be taken into the account.

According to Vedic Astrological System of India, Kundli can be made by analyzing the planetary positions of the time of one’s birth. Planetary positions mean a lot of things, including that of the major planets, stars as well as other signs that might have an impact on one’s life. You would have a specific idea about these if you have approached an astrologer for comparing two kundlis, whereupon he would talk about the compatibility of two planets or signs. So, we were saying, the planetary positions are considered and you can also have an impressive idea about a person’s different areas from the different Kundli houses. Each of these houses is a representative of different aspects, such as education, relationships, finances etc.

To sum up what we have said, you cannot ignore the presence and effects of kundli by simply saying that it is a wild-guess result. For someone who believes in Vedic astrology of India, it’s something to count on when it comes to their life. As far as the usage is concerned, there is no imposition here, but when you want to use the document for getting insights, please try not to have a serious misconception about its making. It’s more of common logic, you know — you can’t believe in kundli if you don’t believe in the astrology concepts and other aspects. And, if you believe in the astrological system that we follow, you have reasons to reassure the technical viability of your Janam Kundli.

2. Your Kundli Can Be As Specific As You Want It To.

This is something you should know before you approach an astrologer for making a Kundli for yourself or a child of yourself. In most cases, Kundli is made with the help of common details about one’s birth, such as date and specific time. It’s also considered that the combination is satisfactory for creating a document that provides insights for one’s life. That having said, as far as specificity is concerned, Kundli has more to offer.It needs to be noted that you cannot apply this to every scenario and every astrologer. We hope you know that there are multiple ways of creating a kundli, depending on your requirement and the features you need. The easiest method nowadays is to check out one of the Janam Kundli online platforms of softwares, where you can enter the required information and have the document ready in literally no time. One of the major advantages of such platforms is the option to make your kundli as specific as you want. If you are wondering how it will be done, you should have a look at the modus operandi of this document and how it’s made.

We already said that the time and date of one’s birth — along with the name, if any — will decide his future as far as Kundli is concerned. It also makes enough sense to believe that the place you are born and a bunch of other aspects will have the same impact on life. As far as online kundli platforms are concerned, you have an option to input additional information such as the co-ordinates of the location where one was born. This way, whatever that is mentioned in a kundli will be crystal clear and applicable to the different aspects of a person’s life. So, whenever possible, you can try to make the Kundli a bit more specific and authentic.

It may not be possible if you are someone who believes that online Kundli websites aren’t good, which is an extreme misconception. They are as authentic and valuable as other modes of making your Kundli. For now, you can make sure that you pour in enough information into the making of Kundli and receive a specific and more reliable Kundli document for yourself.

3. Online Kundli’s Are As Authentic As An Astrologer’s Version.

We just mentioned the same in our previous point, but an extensive explanation is really required here. It’s because, even after all the digital revolution and growth, there are people who believe that Janam Kundli is something fake if it has been made using online platforms. There is one thing that most people forget when they something like this — computers perform much better than human beings when it comes to calculation activities. And, recalling what we had said earlier, a perfect Kundli is a combination of the right calculations and predictions, right? And, that is why it makes more sense to use an online platform making kundlis than to approach an astrologer.

If you have read our complete guide to kundli making, you would have noticed the process of kundli making, where a wide variety of elements are taken into account. Most importantly, planetary positions at the time of one’s birth are given the single-most priority, and several planets and signs will be considered for the same. Don’t you think that all the calculations will be more accurate and flawless if computers are used? Well, that is what happens when you rely on online Kundli making services for getting the document ready for you. At the time you enter your time and date of birth, the data will be compared and analyzed with the help of an extremely huge database of planetary positions. In every step, powerful computers and algorithms are being used  and there is no need to worry about the burden of errors. Every single calculation will be perfect as it should be.

In a second or so, you can receive the complete Kundli in front of your eyes. Now, you should compare this above-mentioned process with what happens when you approach an astrologer for creating a Kundli. He/she will have to input details from you manually and compare it with the years-old document he has been using for the entire career he is leading. Then, hours are being spent in cross-checking and finding the respective elements for each part of the Kundli. Like this, there are many steps involved, consuming a lot of time than you expect. And, amidst all of these steps, there are high chances of mistakes too. Even the current mood of an astrologer can cause errors while making the Kundli, which makes it less authentic and defeats the whole purpose of such an insightful document. Obviously, there are some experienced astrologers who make no single mistake in the process of Kundli making, but we can ignore these negative possibilities.

Wrapping up, we think we have come ahead of what we were saying. An online-powered Janam Kundli is not only as authentic as an astrologer-made kundli but can be more than that. As far as the perfection and viability of calculations are concerned, we can say that an online kundli software is better in many aspects. Still, we’d leave the selection completely up to you, though our recommendation will always be the online method.

4. You Should Have An Unbiased And Authentic Janam Kundli.

Do you think that the Kundli document that you receive from all astrologers are equally authentic? You are completely wrong, or, at the least, you do not know the problems that are involved in the traditional method of Kundli making and analysis. To understand the point in an effective manner, we can consider a common situation. Obviously, the plot is set in a simple village where not many people are living. And you are going to approach a prominent astrologer out there, who knows you and your family. Can we now analyze some of the possible situations that can impact the authenticity of the Kundli document? Let’s start with the one who is making the Kundli, the astrologer in point, itself.

You reach the astrologer and make a request to create a Janam Kundli for you or another person you like to get insights of. In the first look, there may be nothing wrong, but there are some hidden possibilities. First, the astrologer may know you already and may be expecting some good things to happen for the person. In some cases, this attitude may cause the Kundli to be extra positive than it really is. For instance, some of the bad signs may disappear from the final Kundli document, which isn’t really good. The same things can happen in the other direction as well. For some unknown reason, the astrologer may be expecting some negative fate for the person, whose Kundli is being calculated and crafted. In the case, he/she may put some known or unknown effort to make the Kundli look bad and thus cause a lot of issues in the future.

This is the sole problem when human intervention is present in the process of Kundli making. With all due respect to the experienced astrologers in town, there have been instances when the advertent/inadvertent errors from the astrologers have caused a lot of people who then believed in astrology and power of Kundli. And that is the same reason why we want you to have an authentic and unbiased Kundli that is transparent as far as your life and future are concerned. A positively biased Kundli may make you feel happier, but in the long run, it does more harm than good, you know. After all, you need a document that gives you proper insights for life, and not some simulated content. Keeping all these in mind, you should take some additional effort to ensure the authenticity of the life-book you have.

We sometimes believe that online Janam Kundli websites were made to fix this issue, probably by someone who faced the issues due to the errors from an astrologer. As you know, these websites the human element from the whole equation, thus transforming Kundli making into a systematic process. If you’re worried about its integrity, you don’t have to be. Such online websites are made with the help of powerful algorithms for calculation and crafting of Kundli. So, as far as the planetary positions and valuable information are into the account, you don’t have to worry about anything.

5. Janam Kundli Analysis Should Be Done Properly.

People follow a hasty approach when it comes to matching or analyzing their Kundli. Selective belief is not really a good thing, no matter what you are believing in. The same goes with Kundli and astrology as well. It is not a good thing to disregard what your Kundli says just because you don’t like what is being said. Similarly, you cannot stop doing your hard work or making your basic effort just because the Kundli says that it’s a good time for you. In shorter words, you should never take your Kundli for granted. Moreover, you should seek its insights and help whenever you can. Let’s have a look at the common situations when you can use your Janam Kundli for getting an idea about what needs to be done.

Marriage is perhaps the most important decision one would take in his life. Just think about this: you might be making the decision after you have earned your education, got into a position and have made a no less than impressive living as well. In that situation, you cannot make a mistake that would turn your life upside down. In this situation, your Janam Kundli can help you in many ways. There are two options. As you know, a marital relationship is about the compatibility between the two people who are involved in the union. To have a viable estimate about the compatibility, you can compare the Kundlis of you and the bride/groom. It is definitely an easy task, especially if you are going for one of the simple-to-use online Kundli matching and making websites. This matchmaking will probably help you to take a decision that moves your life smoothly.

Kundli, as you know, isn’t just about comparing two people. It says a lot about the person and his future and characteristics in different aspects. For instance, there will be a time in your life when it is not a wise decision to make financial investments and start new ventures. No matter how hard you try during these times, there won’t be much of hope or success, for that matter. Kundli analysis will let you know about these issues before they actually happen. Here too, the binary of options is here — traditional, astrologer-based one and the online Kundli website-based ones. It does not matter which way you take; the real point is that you should have analyzed the Kundli using the actual data and principles. Only then will you be able to get your proper future predictions and remedies, if any.

Cutting the story short, having a Kundli also gives you the responsibility to make use of it. Also, while doing so, you should be using the right type of methods and other aspects. For instance, you should not be running towards each and every astrologer. It will, in the long run, tamper your belief in astrology, because there are many fraudsters in the world of astrology and Kundli-making itself.

Wrapping Up

These are the 5 most important things you should know about Janam Kundli and its usage — be it a common analysis or Kundli matching. In both cases, it is your responsibility to reach the right people. When you can’t find the right people who will be judging your Kundli in an unbiased manner, you must be finding the solace with online Kundli websites. It should be noted that those websites can get your Janam Kundli in English or other regional languages, as your requirement wants you to. For instance, if you don’t have a Kundli with you but want to consult a local astrologer, these features should help. At the end of the day, you should give the certain amount respect the insightful document deserves.

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If you belong to a religious Hindu family, you would have heard of kundli. Chances are, you need to have an impressive amount of information about Kundli during the many important decisions that you may take in a lifetime. The common examples include marriage and education, for that matter. So, if you find someone to be quite conscious about Kundli software the next time, he/she would have their own reasons to do so.Those people may even have witnessed the power and impact of kundli in their lives. It’s completely up to you to decide whether to let kundli impact your life decisions, but there are a lot of people who believe in it.

Enter your birth details below and get your Kundli within few seconds –

And, our post is for those who have a strong faith in the world of astrology and kundli.In this article, we have created a comprehensive guide to the world of kundli and its different aspects. We’re sure that, at the end of this discussion, you will have a clear idea about the core concepts and the sub-areas of the same. We can also recommend you some tips that will prove themselves useful when you want to get the best results from kundli and associated practices. We expect absolute newbies here and we badly feel a need for a detailed introduction. After that, we will go to the sections like kundli software, things to consider and many others. Therefore, we will be answering the commonest questions you may have, such as what is kundli and why does kundli matter.

Our guide will definitely help you to make the right decisions when it comes to making your kundli and letting it affect your life in a wholesome manner. it’s common that we cover the aspects like whether you must be using kundli software instead of traditional methods and how effective they are in the long run. All it should happen only if you have the basics clear. Shall we start the introduction?What is Kundli?

What is Kundli?

Every single second, several babies are born into this world, right? This has been happening for a long period of time, even before we started tracking history. So, do you believe that the time of birth has something to do with a person’s life?

Just think about this. Vivek and Manya would have born on the same dates, but on different times — one in the morning and one during the midnight. In an ideal world, if we give both of them the same amount of resources, both of them should gain the exact same amount of success, right? Sad enough, things may not be the same in the current world. In most cases, both these people end up having a non-common life. This could have been the reason that made astrologers think the need of understanding the relationship between one’s life and the time at which he/she was born into the world. And, there comes the ultimate need and concept of kundli software.

Defining Kundli :

If you are looking for definitions, there are many available for kundli. In fact, depending on your level of info about the particular system, kundli can be defined in different ways. For the time being, we will go with the simplest and easiest-to-understand one. kundli is based on astrology, which is by definition the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. In other words, astrology establishes the connection between celestial bodies and our major life changes, if not everyday lives. So, when you talk about Kundli, you need to talk about the relation between our lives and the changes in the sky. Hope you are clear so far.

In the simplest form, kundli can be called as a personal astronomical chart. As we said earlier, every celestial body has a particular position when someone is born. And, astrology believes that the position can have very noticeable impacts on one’s life, including the every single second he/she lives. So, kundli is considered one astronomical chart that registers the position of the major celestial bodies in the sky, at the particular time of one’s birth. In addition to the position of the common celestial elements, there will be mentions on some angles too. The best part about a kundli software is that this personal horoscope will be covering every element that matters at the end. It has its bases on the Vedic System of Astrology, pertaining to Hindu religion.

We hope you have a clear idea about the concept of kundli right now. Now, we will move onto other aspects like how kundli is made and why should you care about it in your life. If you are new to the world of astrology and Kundli, you will find the following sections useful.

How to Create a Kundli — Traditional or Kundli Software?

Now that you have known the basics of the kundli, you might be interested in having one of your own, right? At least some of you would have this thought of having such a personal horoscope. Would not that be great if there is a document that provides you some insight into your past, present and the wide-enough future? Will not that be tremendous if you can take some effort and prevent some dangerous things from happening to your life? These are some of the reasons why most people recommend having a kundli for their life. If there is nothing else that helps you decide your life, you can count on the kundli’s excellence to do that. These do become more viable and used in case of marriages and other important decisions.

As you could have guessed, there are two major ways to create a kundli — the traditional way and the new-generation way using the kundli software online. Don’t worry; we will give you an introduction to both the options. In addition, we can also suggest the cons and pros of each method so that the selection process would be easy then you expect. As the first one, we will get into the traditional way of kundli making.

Method #1 — Create Kundli with the Help of an Astrologer

This is the common method people would recommend if you are asking someone from the old generation. It can be noted that the method is completely old school, although people are sticking onto it. Here, you’d need the help of an experienced astrologer, who would determine the position of celestial bodies during the time of your birth. Upon the birth of someone, the parents would probably approach an astrologer, who would ask for the local date and time of birth. As we have discussed above, the exact date and time will have the bigger impact on one’s life as far as kundli is concerned. Although it’s the most used method, there are more than a few downsides to consider before proceeding.

The biggest problem here is the astrologer you will be approaching. While we agree that there are definitely talented professionals, there are some fraudsters as well. It’s completely not secure to go for random choice when it comes to creating your own kundli. At the end of the day, you will be having something you would consider as an insight into your life. So, it’s necessary that you should have the right kundli for the right needs. If you go to the rural parts of the country, this is the only method for getting a kundli.

While going for this method, the chances of stumbling upon a fraudster is way too high. So, this is one of the commonest cons of this first method. Another problem is about the accuracy of the data you get. You are actually depending on a single person to determine a document that can be having impacts on your life. In that case, a created document should be accurate enough to be trusted. We are not saying that all astrologers can make mistakes, but there are some compromises they can make due to old age and other issues. Even the slightest mistake in the process of calculation and house classification would defeat the purpose of having a kundli.

It was a result of such miscalculations and fraudsters that the second method of kundli software came into the world. And, it offers a lot more advantages than the current one.

Method #2 — Using Kundli Software for Windows and Other Devices

We now live in a digital world and it has managed to bring in the concept of kundli as well. Won’t that be an awesome thing if you can use an effective software to create your own kundli in a matter of a shorter time period? That’s what we are doing in this innovative method. When compared to the old-school way to make a kundli, this one is way too better and requires less effort from the human side. The result is that your kundli would have the ultimate perfection when it comes to accuracy. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for years to get your kundli ready, because everything is done with the help of super-power devices.

Obviously, there are a lot of advantages when you prefer the online, digital method to the conventional one. And the first thing we should talk about is the ultimate accuracy. No matter what, the powerful devices and algorithms are not going to deceive you or compromise anything. That is, in 99.99% cases, you would have a perfect kundli that is in accordance with every rule of astrology. After all, we are dealing with the position of celestial bodies, right? So, it’s a computer will have up-to-date and reliable information about them. We do hope that’s a huge relief as far as those who believe in kundli are concerned.

Another point is the total easiness of the Kundli-making process. As we said earlier, if you are planning to do a consultation with an astrologer, you need the comparatively longer amount of time to get it processed. That is, you essentially have to wait for the astrologer to make all the calculations and create the Kundli, right? Even so, there is no absolute surety about the reliability of the same. In case of online Kundli making, though, the amount of waiting is extremely low. In most cases, you can have the Kundli ready in a few seconds or a few minutes. Isn’t that something you love, especially when you need the Kundli for an emergency?

We hope you are clear about the process of making a Kundli using a Kundli software and by downloading it. Both Kundli software for Windows and Kundli software for Mac are available on the Internet, and there are a few kundli software online services as well. If you are someone who needs to create many kundli, there are many options of Kundli software free download. We believe you would make the right selection.

So, what do you think about the process of kundli making for commons? Aren’t the steps easy to get through?

Some Elements of Kundli

Have you ever wondered about the technicalities that are involved in a kundli? Let’s have a look at some of its elements. These are involved in the process and analysis of kundli in several practices. Are you not really sure why Kundli is used? Don’t worry; we will cover them in the upcoming section. For the time being, we’ll have our focus on the technical elements that are present inside a Kundli.

  • A typical Kundli will be classified into 12 different houses. The starting point of the Kundli will be known as the “Ascendant“. After that, we can the series of Houses in an anti-clockwise direction. It needs to be noted that the position of these 12 houses is static. No matter what, they will stay in the same position throughout one’s life.
  • The case of Signs and Planets are quite different from that of Houses though. Unlike Houses, signs, and Planets are subject to change in position and in other aspects. In fact, according to a particular set of time periods, the planets will have different positions in the kundli. These movements would be tracked for understanding the different aspects of one’s life.
  • As we said, there are 12 houses in a kundli and these 12 houses have their own purpose. In fact, they represent the different aspects of one’s life in an extensive form. For instance, one House may be a representative of the Education sector while another one deals with Relationships or Finance. A good astrologer would have enough expertise to understand the significance of and analyze the houses in an effective manner.
  • In addition to representing the different aspects, kundli houses also act as the forerunners of several events and possibilities in one’s life. For instance, if a person is going to be in a good/bad relationship, there will be certain signs of the same in a kundli. And, that’s how the purpose of a Kundli is fulfilled, you know.

These are the basics you should know about the technicalities of a kundli. Apart from these, everything will be taken care of by the astrologer whom you are approaching for the respective purposes. Now, we will list down some of the commonest instances where you need kundli, given that you believe in astrology.

Don’t Feel Like Reading? Here’s Our Video Tutorial:

Explaination of 12 Houses of Kundli As Per Lal Kitab - YouTube

How Can Kundli Software Be Helpful & Where Is It Used?

If you are someone who believes in Hinduism and astrology, you will find Kundli useful on several occasions.

1. Marriage

This is perhaps the most common and important instance where you need a Kundli of your own. Before you start a long-term relationship, it’s a good thing to make sure that it goes without any problems, right? As we said earlier, Kundli acts as a reflection of one’s personality and fate. So, when you compare two kundli of two different persons, there can be found a few bunches of information about the future of both. That is a reason why most parents are pretty stubborn when it comes to getting some matched kundli. It’s also one of the rare situations when you can thank kundli with all your heart.

2. Making the Right Decision

As said, each house in your Kundli is a representation of a different aspect of your life. So, when it comes to taking an important decision, you can count on the help offered by kundli. Suppose you are planning to make a change in the profession or to invest some money in some unknown areas. Before proceeding, you will be able to analyze your kundli and see if you have a good time in the current state of things. Accordingly, you’d be able to make the right changes too. This isn’t just about the decisions. If you want to do something lucky for yourself, a Kundli may help you do that with the best results.

3. Problems and Remedies

According to astrology, many of your problems can be caused by the current position of planets and signs. It also proposes some remedies for fixing the issues and leading a happy life in the end. So, a Kundli is a basic necessity when it comes to finding such problems and their remedies. That is, if you are in some unexpected trouble, Kundli can act as an awesome solution-finder. This may not work all the time, but many instances to prove their importance in the end.

Wrapping Up

Well, these are the major things you should know about kundli making. As we mentioned earlier, you have the freedom to choose the mode through which you create a kundli. We always recommend you to go for a Kundli software, which can be accessed through the web as well. It’s okay if you stick with the conventional methods but there are some serious advantages. When you have a well-prepared Kundli, you have a better rate of understanding your future and taking the right decisions.

If you have any queries related to this kundli software post, feel free to contact us from here and we will help you solve all your queries related to kundli.

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All the time we have known, people have been fond of a document that works as a future-teller. At the least, they love the concept of a piece of text that can be interpreted and analyzed for finding the ups, downs and other aspects of one’s life. It’s the same reason kundli in Hindi, also known as many others depending on the area & language, became so popular among those who believe in Hindu religion. It has been touted, for many more years than you expect, as a reliable document that provides insights on one’s past, present, and future. Kundli has its base on the time of the individual’s birth and the planetary positions of that specific instant.

Make Your Kundli In Hindi Online With This Method –

There have been enough discussions on the scientific viability and integrity of kundli, and astrology itself for that matter. We are not going to do the same here. We would rather have a topic that will be useful for the people who already believe in the impacts of kundli and those who really need to get one for themselves. In the past years, we have seen a better, innovative and seemingly-easy way to create kundli in Hindi as well as other languages. We are talking about Kundli software and online services that create your kundli in just a few seconds or something.

We did a survey among a random group of people who believe in kundli and discovered something amazing. Not only did they know nothing about such kundli software and websites, but also thought that astrologers were the only way to get their kundli ready. So, we thought of doing an article on this subject. And, here it is. In this detailed article, we have covered the different positive aspects of preferring kundli software to the traditional kundli methods. That is, the next time you need a kundli in Hindi for a newborn baby, you can make the right decision.

How Did Kundli in Hindi Online Come to the Stage?

Before we move on to the actual reasons why Software-based kundli is better, there’s another section to be explored. Have you ever wondered why these digital services were made? Obviously, there would have been the desire for convenience and easy to use interfaces. However, there was another point that made people rethink their decision to go for the best astrologer in town. In the past decades, we have been seeing a lot of fraudsters and non-authentic people in the world of astrology.

Those people see astrology as a simple business and as a way to earn quick money. As you can guess, this is completely unethical and cause a lot of issues in the long run. You can simply understand the further impacts if one starts relying on a non-authentic and wrong kundli document. His or her life could turn into chaos, let it be education, marriage or something else. Along with that, we saw the rise of errors as well. All these things were making things worse whereas a kundli is supposed to do the opposite.

So, as an answer to all these questions, we have kundli software that can give you an authentic kundli in any language that you like. In this article, we will be listing out those reasons to recommend kundli software and the digital method over the traditional way. Shall we start? There will be around 5 reasons for doing so, but you will find much more depending on your current situation and requirements.

1 – It’s Easy to Get Your Kundli

This is perhaps the biggest reason why kundli making using software is recommended over the traditional & time-taking method. Let’s have a look on the things you need to do if you want to get a kundli ready using a traditional method. First of all, you need to collect more than required information about the person, whose kundli is to be made. This information may include the name and other details as well. However, in most of the cases, you will have to carry the basic ones like time of birth. Now that you have the required information with you, another step is about finding an integral part of the process — an astrologer or a dedicated kundli maker. Once you approach the kundli maker with this information, you need to wait for more than a few days when he makes the calculations based on the data you have provided. After calculations are done, all of it is converted to a well-organized document named kundli. Quite a hectic process it sounds, right?

In a software-powered way, however, things are super easy and you don’t have to worry about anything. Here too, you need to provide the basic details such as the time of birth and location of birth, but there will be no need to wait for your results. All you have to do is to launch the website or software for making kundli and type these details into the respective sections. After that, you can give the service a few seconds to do all the required calculations and come up with the kundli document. Depending on your requirement, you can get the kundli in Hindi, English or any other language. As you might know, the core elements of a kundli are the same, no matter what language you are using. It all happens in the span of a second, which you won’t even notice if you have a faster internet connection. So, we were saying, you can have the kundli ready in a few clicks and keystrokes. If we compare this to the long process of waiting in the queue, it’s way too better!

When you don’t have time to move and visit all the astrologer every time, this is pretty convenient too. It’s not just about the time either. If an astrologer becomes way too busy or something, it can affect the total authenticity and specificity of the document. It’s like two shots with the single bullet, as you don’t have to wait for a more authentic document. So, if you are planning to get a kundli from a software or online service, this is the biggest reason to do so, we’d say.

2 – Your Kundli Will Be More Authentic

For some of you at least, this statement may sound a bit awkward, but you need to accept the facts. We do agree with the fact that there is a misconception regarding kundli documents that are made using software or online services. Some people believe that online-powered or software-powered kundli are less authentic when compared to the astrologer-made ones. This is utter bullshit, and we have plenty of reasons to prove otherwise. Before we begin, we want you to understand how kundli making works. As we had covered in an ultimate guide to kundli, the creation of kundli depends on the planetary position at the time of one’s birth. Depending on that, every Sign should change and will change. That is, even the smallest error in perception will defeat the purpose of kundli in the long run. What’s the point of having a kundli if it does not represent your life? We are living in a world in which there is a new baby every single second. It also means that slight errors can cost you a lot at the end of the day.

Nevertheless, it needs to be noted that almost all of these perception errors are human. They are caused by the human intervention. For instance, suppose the astrologer is a bit angry or frustrated while making your kundli. Then, chances are high that there will be some serious mistake in calculation of the positions, which would really impact the results in the course of time. When we come to the case of kundli software, this will not happen. The reason is simple too: kundli software is made with the help of algorithms that can easily understand the planetary positions without human intervention. As you might know, there are many online services and free projects that give us the correct celestial body position without messing up with anything. Also, you don’t have to worry about the serious aftereffects either. To cut the story short, you can have one kundli that is as authentic as it can be. Don’t worry about the integrity of algorithms, because the best kundli software and services will be creating the algorithms with the help of the best astrologers in India.

So, at the end of the day, by making kundli software your preference, you are going to have an authentic & trustworthy kundli document, which you can rely on for your life. One thing you should understand about kundli is that it can get more specific if the calculations are a bit more authentic. The more specificity it has; the more story it tells about your life. This should be enough to keep you stuck to the digital way if you are going to see the kundli as the divine guide for your life, right?

3 – There Will Be No Bias

We don’t know if you have thought about this possibility of having biases in kundli document. For now, you are clear about the fact that a kundli can have a long-term impact on your life, right? It’s the same reason why even the slightest bias will cost you a lot in the course of time. For instance, you are approaching a popular astrologer in your area, for making a kundli for your child. However, the astrologer has a secret grudge against you, for something that you do not know. Do you think that you are going to have a perfectly-crafted kundli for your child? The answer is a strict NO and that’s a big problem if you think about it. Just think of the many consequences you will face if the astrologer makes some changes in the kundli and those calculations turn the predictions upside down. Just think of the situation when even the best decision will be deemed to be the worse by the kundli. Like these, there are many instances when bias can defeat the purpose of a kundli.

The online method for kundli making removes the element of bias from the whole scene. Except in the time of development, human beings are not involved in the process of kundli making, you know. It means that no one is going to deliberately edit the kundli document, even if they have some grudge towards you. This is a surely-commendable advantage of sticking to the software-powered way of kundli making if you think of the possibility. First of all, you are not providing your personal details to the website. As we said earlier, even if you don’t have an account, you will be able to use kundli-making apps and software from the web. All you need to do is providing the basic information such as your time of birth and location, for that matter. in not more than a few seconds, you can see the kundli document on the screen, available for download or printing for that matter. All such kundli software is powered by a general algorithm that’s as powerful as you will expect it to. Even then, the chances of human interception and biases have been kept to 0%.

We understand that not many of you have discussed this aspect of bias yet. If you think about the issue, this is something that can defeat the whole purpose of a kundli. A biased kundli does not really matter if it has been biased in the negative or positive manner is as bad as a misinterpreted kundli. If you are looking for a worthwhile insight to your future, it should be crystal clear as well as true to the conceptions that are used for making the same. In other words, you will have a true possible record of your own future if you do stick to the digital world to make the kundli.

4 – Easy Access, Availability of Kundli in Hindi and More

We are now living in a digital world and it makes sense to keep your documents available in a digital format. Then, as we have talked earlier, your kundli is an important document that you will use in various occasions of your life. So, the above-mentioned advice is applicable here as well. When you create a kundli using one of the trusted kundli software or services, this becomes a piece of cake. You will be receiving the document in a digital document, which you can carry with ease. So, when it comes to sending the document over to someone, it will be done in a single email or something. You are actually getting rid of the process of keeping the physical copy and taking photocopies of the same, whenever you need. In this case, a single mail would do the job, which is a great matter of convenience. We believe that this perk of easy access is going to be a big reason why kundli software services make more sense than the traditional counterparts.

Another point to be noted is the availability of kundli in different languages as you would expect it to. It does not really matter if you want to get the kundli in hindi or English, everything can be translated in the language that you expect. Apart from these, there are some online services that give you the correct kundli document in the required language. That is, if you want to get it in a regional language, you can mention the same while making it, and the need would be fulfilled. This is something you can rely on when you want to use the kundli in a different place than where you have made it. For instance, you may have moved to another part of your country and may want to consult an astrologer at that particular place. Even if you don’t have the copy of the document in the regional language, you can log into the online service and get the translated copy.

Last but not least, there are some integrated services you can find along with kundli-making services in the industry. For instance, some service will provide you the best advice for education, relationship, and financial needs. In addition to that, you have the benefits of easier access too. Also, it’s completely up to you to decide whether to make the kundli in hindi by date of birth and time, or with something better. Some services let you add extra information into the making process, such as the co-ordinates of the born location. This way, you can have a more specific kundli at your possession. We already mentioned that the kundli is quite a lot dependent on the person and being more specific will enhance the insights you receive after interpretation. We hope these reasons are strong enough to pull you to this method of kundli-making than the old-school ones.

5 – It’s Easy to Match Two People’s Kundlis

In case of normal kundli documents that are made by astrologers, the process of interpretation and analysis is way too difficult. You have to visit the astrologer for comparing two kundli’s are making the decision in the end. However, things are extraordinarily easy if we consider the case of kundli software. The best part is that you don’t need to wait for the professional astrologer for the comparison process. And, there are two ways you can use for comparing two people’s kundli. The first way, you can compare the different elements of kundlis of both the persons. The second option is to use the built-in engine for date comparison.

Out of these, we would recommend the second option, for obvious reasons. First of all, the system will be creating an up-to-date kundli in hindi for both the people. That is, the system can analyze the current positions of the major stars and planets in a moment of time. As you can guess, this process is more effective than that of comparing two general kundlis. In other words, once you have decided to stick with the online method for kundli matching, you have a better chance of getting accurate insights in the end. You can even compare two people’s compatibility using their names too, but the results will be rather vague.

At the end of the day, you have better access to kundli matching using the online services — not to mention the perks of additional accuracy.

The Final Point

As you can see, the world of kundli software and online kundli software is filled with a lot of advantages. It is easy to use, does not consume a lot of time and offers the best authenticity if compared to the other major alternatives. Regardless of the particular area you consider, it is just perfect. And that’s something you can count in when you need a quick and effective way to get this document. It does not matter where you are or even if you have an astrologer nearby; online world is so much better. Feel Free To Contact us if you have any queries related to creating you kundli in Hindi language from here.

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While it’s completely up to you to believe in the world of kundli, there are people who trust the conception so much. They believe that their faith in kundli and its impact on their life has been useful so far. This is quite the reason why we see a huge number of people following the insights from kundli matching when it comes to making an important decision of their life. Obviously, if you have seen a religious family that belongs to Hindu culture of astrology and living, you would have seen the pertinence given to kundli as well. Be it a marriage, decisions related to education or some financial adventures; people do count in the advice they get from a detailed & proper interpretation of their kundli.

Two Available Methods For Kundli Matching –

At least for now, let’s not discuss whether kundli is completely scientific or not. If you want, you can check our other article that covers the scientific aspects and methodology of creating and analyzing one’s Kundli. We had also made a few mentions of Kundli matching, which is a technique used during a marriage of two people who have a Kundli. To be simple, it will be a comparison of the Kundli of the bride and groom but the actual story has a longer plot. Don’t worry; we will cover this aspect in detail in the upcoming parts of this guide. This guide, however, focuses on another topic that you might be confused about – Traditional kundli vs Kundli software. If you are not comfortable with English, you can opt for kundli in hindi language as well.

It has been in the discussion forums for a longer while than you expect. The reason is simple: we have been seeing a lot of digital counterparts to kundli matching and kundli making in the past decade. In other words, people did find out that kundli making had a better scope in the digital era too. Now, after a period of more than a decade, it’s time that we make the right decisions for the duo. In this article, we will have a thorough comparison of the two methods you can use for making, analyzing and matching kundli. The first one is the traditional one, for which you need to approach an astrologer; the second one is completely digital and they make use of a kundli software as they are called. Rather than going for the random choice, you’ve better option.

About Traditional Kundli Vs Kundli Matching Software Comparison

As you can guess, our comparisons will be side-by-side, covering almost every bit of doubt you may have. The idea is to help you make the right decision as far as your children’s kundli is concerned. While we don’t have any problem in going for the old-school method, we had seen a bunch of issues where a defective kundli caused a lot of issues. So, if you are believing in kundli and letting it have a flame of impact on your own decisions, you have the responsibility to ensure its authenticity. Obviously, you don’t want a document spoiling your whole life, just because the one who wrote it was a fraud. So, there are a few things you should understand before you jump into the world of kundli making or matching. All you need to have is this kundli software and you are all set to get your kundli.

To start with, we will have a brief introduction to both the methods of kundli making. After that, we will go through the pros and cons of the both options so that you get the right idea. As you would want it, we have the traditional kundli-making process in the first position. Shall we get going, then?

1. Traditional Kundli Making and Kundli Matching

You would have a basic idea when you hear the word traditional. Many of you would replace the word with something like ‘old’. In this case, at least, we cannot blame you for doing that. For those who do not know, the world of astrology and kundli has been here for a longer while than you expect it to be. For more than a few centuries, people have been relying on astrology and kundli documents to make the right decision at the right time in their lives. It’s the same that has been happening in kundli matching by name as well. Now, we will see how the traditional mode of kundli making/matching works.

There is one thing that you cannot exclude in the process of making/matching kundli in the traditional way, and that’s an experienced and talented astrologer who knows about the elements of kundli and the Vedic concept of astrology. He/she is supposed to have a strong idea about the celestial bodies and their impact on one’s life, depending on the date of birth. There’s no traditional way without an astrologer. Is it clear?Suppose you have been blessed with a child and you want to have an idea about his/her future. Or, to be a bit more precise, you want him/her to have a great life ahead, without much troubles and with the effective relationships. And you decide to make a kundli for the kid, which you see as a document of insight. To do so, you first have to approach an astrologer with some basic information. The astrologer will need to know the time and date of the child’s birth; upon which he will be making some calculations. In most cases, he’ll first understand the planetary positions and other celestial body aspects at the time of the kid’s birth. It’s after that step that the actual process of kundli making begins.

Depending on the talent of the astrologer and the perfection you need, you may have to wait a few days for the kundli to get ready. And, if you happened to approach a popular kundli making astrologer, you may require more than that. OK, so, in a few days or so, you will receive the kundli document in your hand. And, as you may know, the document consists of the various information regarding one’s life, past, future as well as the present. Thereafter, one can start using kundli for various purposes, such as kundli matching by name as well as kundli matching according to date of birth.

We hope you are clear about the traditional process of kundli making.

2. Kundli Making & Kundli Matching By Using Kundli Software

You would have guessed a lot of things from the title itself. Things are a bit obvious because we’ve included the term ‘Software’ here. It basically means that you will be using a kind of software for making and matching kundli documents, right? Well, that’s pretty much the introduction you should have about going for a digital way of kundli making. However, for the sake of utter newbies, we will explain the process in simple terms. So, if you are someone who thought that there’s only one way to make and analyze kundli in the world, you can prove yourself wrong and get to know the whole new world ahead.

The biggest difference here is that you don’t need the help of a professional. Of course, the developers who made the kundli matching software would have received some help from some professionals, but let us not count that. What we meant to say was that you don’t have to approach an astrologer for making the kundli or- comparing two kundli’s for that matter. It all happens on your screen and you just have to provide the set of basic information you would have provided in the earlier method.

Let’s take the same example of childbirth here in this method. If you have decided to follow the digital way of kundli, you don’t have to rush to the astrologer. On the other hand, you need a computer and an internet connection is sometimes optional. For instance, if you are using an online service that helps you make kundli and compares them, you might need the help of an internet connection. Otherwise, there are a bunch of offline kundli software that takes care of every aspect and creates the correct kundli for your needs. You’d have to provide a bunch of information such as the time of birth, date, name etc. In a single click, the service or software will start the process of making one’s kundli. As you can see, everything is quick.

Rather than relying on an Astrologer’s head, online kundli making seeks the right help from perfectly-crafted algorithms. Depending on the level of perfection you need, there is provision for giving more data. You’d be able to provide the coordinates of the location where the kid was born. It’s completely up to you — but the more data you give; the more credible the kundli gets. Now that you have provided all the required info for the kundli making software, the calculations will begin. At the end of the day, you will receive a well-crafted document that is accurate when it comes to planetary positions and can be used for proper analysis. Things are almost the same for kundli matching as well, but we will cover them in a later section.

For the time being, you do surely have an idea about kundli making using online service/software.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Kundli Making & Kundli Matching

We now consider the two sides of the conventional method kundli making as well as kundli matching. Both sections have a few points and we will cover them from a neutral viewpoint.

Pros of Kundli Making in Traditional Way

The following reasons are why you can still go for the traditional way of kundli making. All these reasons are applicable only if you are going for a responsible, authentic and experienced astrologer who has been proven to be effective when it comes to kundli and other astrologic documents. If that’s the case, you are welcome to check out these pros.

  • It’s Widely Accepted

As you may know, it’s not been quite a lot of time since people started using the digital kundli services from the web. And, we are comparing all these to the centuries of experience that the traditional methods have. So, if you are going for something quick, chances are high that the traditional method will receive a lot more acceptance than you would expect.

  • Experience Matters

Once again, we repeat the necessity of consulting a professional kundli maker who has enough experience what he/she is doing. In that case, you can count on the benefits of his own experience. We believe that it’ll have the noticeable impact on the interpretation of kundli rather than the making of it. The reason is simple: he will be able to bring into practice the things he has learned in the course of time.

  • It’s Common

This isn’t really a pro, but you can count it as a serious benefit of the traditional way. As you know, India still has some places where you can find no internet connectivity. Even in those places, you would not have a lot of trouble in finding an astrologer nearby. You can just ask your neighbor and find out where he is located. That’s it, you are ready to meet the kundli maker.

Cons of Kundli Making in Traditional Way

Obviously, this system isn’t perfect, and that’s why we came up with alternatives such as the kundli software for kundli matching and making. Out of the many problems you may encounter in the process, we think the following ones matter most. Shall we check them out? It needs to be noted that if you happen to stumble upon the fraudster ones among astrologers, you have more troubles than you expect.

  • Time Requirement

As you know, making a kundli with the help of an astrologer is a hectic task in terms of time required. It may take a few days and even a few weeks to get the kundli ready in your hand. The reason is the inclusion of human involvement. You need to wait until the astrologer has time to analyze your provided details, make the right calculations and come up with the document. This is the biggest disadvantage of traditional ways.

  • Chance Of Miscalculations

You may not believe this, but the chances of miscalculations are way too high in the traditional manner. Once again, we can blame the human nature for this issue. This happens when you approach an old astrologer for getting things done. They are relying on their memory to prepare the document, but the calculations might go wrong at some point.

  • It Can Be Subjective

The traditional astrologer can be biased at times. You cannot know if the astrologer you have approached has some grudge against you. If he has, the kundli can advertently make wrong. Goes without saying, this would have some negative impact on the person’s whole life, especially if he/she is going to use it for making the best decision on important occasions.

Pros and Cons of Software Based Kundli Making & Kundli Matching

Obviously, the sole point of the article is here because the digital way of kundli making has its pros and cons. We will start with the Pros, which are the reason why we recommend this to the conventional way.

Pros of Software-based Kundli Making

You can expect the following benefits if you have decided to use some kundli matching app instead of going for an astrologer. Obviously, the word ‘app’ can be meaning a lot of things. Sometimes, it means a Windows app, or sometimes, it’s an easy-to-use web-based service. The take is yours, but the following benefits will be there for sure.

  • It’s Super Quick

With some exaggeration, creating a kundli using a software or web-service requires no time at all. All you’d have to do is entering the basic details about the person, whose kundli you are going to make. Just wait for a few seconds and you will have the required document on your screen. You don’t have to wait for that cool astrologer to become less busy and deal with your child’s future-insight document.

  • Anyone Can Do It

We talked about the element of availability and acceptance in the above section, but online methods offer something more. Because there is no astrologer involved directly, you don’t have to wait in lines or know a bunch of basics. Instead of all these, you have to enter the date and place of birth. Rest of things will be done by the algorithms and the service.

  • There’s No Bias

No computer would possibly have a bias against you or any person whose kundli is being made. So, you have a high chance of getting 100% authentic and worth-relying-on kundli. Obviously, the algorithms will be made with the advice from the top and talented astrologers and reliable information from trusted sources. There is no doubt about authenticity and you can completely rely on the kundli document that you receive.

Cons of Software-based Kundli Making

In fact, there aren’t many noticeable cons as far as software-based kundli making is concerned. However, for the sake of saying, we can list a few. Chances are, you won’t give a damn about these issues.

  • Accessibility

If you happen to live in a place where there is no internet connectivity — God knows where —, you will not have an option to create a kundli. We don’t still know who will be applicable to this problem, but, for the sake of problem, this is the problem of the digital method.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the noticeable pros and cons you should know about both traditional and software-powered ways of creating and kundli matching. While the choice can be depending on your requirements and the place you are from, the online method is at the same time quick and offers a lot of options. These are a lot more authentic too if you think from the broader perspective. Those services are using high-class algorithms to match two kundlis or create a kundli using the details. So, make the right choice and have the right doc with you.

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As soon as a child is born, his/her Janam kundli is made. This is done to predict his future and knows the planetary influences at the time of his birth. But when you see a Janam kundli, you are hardly able to understand things. So to make it easy, there are 12 houses of Janam Kundli. Each of them has its own significance. Let us find out what each house represents.

Recommended ReadBest Kundali Matching Apps for Android Users

Read below to see the detailed meaning and importance of each house of Kundli.

1. First House
  • Lagna-sthan, Tanu-sthan
  • House of the Self – Tanu Bhava

This house basically governs the head and face of an individual. Through this, one can signify the life, longevity, self, health, nature as well as the appearance of the native. Complexion, sorrows, and profits to younger brothers and his friends can also be judged by it.

2. Second House
  • Dhana-sthan, Kutumb-sthan
  • House of Wealth – Dhan Bhava

Through this house, one gets to know the inflow of finances, right eye, family, early age and boyhood, speech, sanyas, servants as well as friends. In general, this house is present for depicting self-earned wealth, loss or damage, worldly possessions, jewelry, grandfather, and mother.

3. Third House
  • Shatru-sthan, Parakram-sthan
  • The House of the Siblings – Sahai Bhava

Through this, one gets to know a relationship between younger brothers and sisters. Overall, this house signifies courage, intelligence, education, ornaments, clothes and short journeys. One also gets to know about body parts like arms, right ear, and shoulders etc.

4. Fourth House
  • Matru-sthan, Sukha-sthan
  • House of the Home/Mother – Bandhu Bhava

This house depicts mother, property, conveyance, happiness and domestic surroundings. In body parts, breasts, chest, lung, stomach and elbow joints are depicted by it. Besides, we also get to know of Old age environments, private affairs, inheritance, false allegations, agriculture land produce etc.

5. Fifth House
  • Vidya-sthan, Putra-sthan
  • The House of Children – Putra Bhava

Native’s Children, speculation, luck and intellectual status can be gauged through this house. This house majorly denotes about pleasure, love affairs, legal or illegal amusements, rape, kidnap, etc. Amongst body parts, this denotes Belly, heart, liver, and spleen.

6. Sixth House
  • Ripu-sthan, Rog-sthan
  • The House of Enemies – Ari Bhava

This house is majorly responsible for enemies, health, service, and servants. On relative’s front, this is related to uncle, aunts, and relations on father’s side. On body parts front, it is connected with kidney, large intestine, uterus, and anus. It also tells about subordinates, debts, obstacles in life, mental worries, theft, and calamity etc.

7. Seventh House
  • Bharya-sthan, Maraka-sthan
  • The House of the Spouse – Yuvati Bhava

All the Matters related to wife, husband, partnership, external sex organs, conjugal happiness etc. are related to this house. Besides this, one can also use this house to check marriage, married life, love contracts, litigations, divorce, and reputation. The body parts connected with this house is private parts, uterus, glands etc.

8. Eighth House
  • Mrityu-sthan
  • The House of Death – Randhr Bhava

This house is used to check the diseases, death finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in-laws, mode of death, worries, and privations in the life of the native. The body parts connected to this house is scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, external genitalia, etc.

9. Ninth House
  • Bhagya-sthan
  • The House of Fortune – Dharma Bhava

This house depicts your future in general. It tells you about religion, foreign travel, publicity, preceptor, higher education and learning etc. It also tells about faith, wisdom, prosperity, powers of foresight etc. Body parts connected with this house are hips and thighs.

10. Tenth House
  • Karma-sthan, Pitru-sthan
  • House of the Career – Karma Bhava

This is a very important house. Thai house denotes profession, status in life, activities outside house, pleasures, honor, power, and authority, Government favor, trade, business, occupation etc. The Body parts which are connected to this house are knees, joints, bones, hairs as well as back.

11. Eleventh House
  • Labha-sthan
  • The House of Large Sums, Gains, and Friends – Labh Bhava

This house helps to analyze the accumulated wealth, relationship with elder brothers and sisters etc. of the native. Friends, fluctuating money gains, emotional attachments, love affairs, friends, honor, social success etc are also judged by this house. Associated body parts are legs, left ear, teeth, ankle etc.

12. Twelfth House
  • Vyaya-sthan
  • The House of Enlightenment – Vyaya Bhava

This house essentially signifies private enemies, pleasures of beds, lawsuits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, and hospitalization etc. One can also know about conjugal relations with opposite sex. The sorrows, debts, lost goods etc. can also be judged by it. Connected body parts are feet, left eye, teeth etc.

Recommended Video – 

Explaination of 12 Houses of Kundli As Per Lal Kitab - YouTube

The Last Words

So we have seen that all the 12 houses of the Janam kundli have their own significance. Each house determines different things in the life of the native. Besides, each house is also connected to every body part. Hence it is important to know about them to analyze the kundli.

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Lal Kitab is the very popular astrology and palmistry book which was published in the Urdu language in the 19th century. They are five sets of Urdu books which are based on Samudra Shastra. The origin of the book is Persian and it has very effective principles and remedies based on palmistry. Remedies in the book are based on the planetary affections. Lal Kitab is believed to be a wonder book of astrology. Over the years the book has been followed by North Indian and Pakistanis. It contains Vedic astrology.

Lal Kitab Writer And History

The writer of the book is still unknown. People believe that the originator of the book is Pandit Roop Chand Joshi from Punjab. There is also a belief that Ravan has been considered as the original author and he lost the possession of the book after he lost the power. Later book was the surface in Aaad in Arabia and translated in Persian and Urdu. It also became popular in the name of a red book of Persian but the book has the planetary knowledge and has names of Navagraha which is used by Vedic people to give remedies. Pandit Roop Chand Joshi published and authored five set of books in the name of :

  1. Lal KitabKe Farman 1939
  2. Lal KitabKe Arman 1940
  3. Gutka 1941
  4. Lal KitabKe Farman 1942
  5. IIm-e SanudrikkibuniyadkilalKitab 1952
Why the book name is Lal Kitab?

It is the book of Astro-palmistry and it is of red color. Traditionally the business ledger books come in red color. The red color is the auspicious color for Hindu. The Lal Kitab is red because it is the ledger book of our life.

Why Lal Kitab is so popular?

It is an auspicious book for lovers of astrology. It is written on all the aspects of life. With the help of Lal Kitab on can understand the past, present, and future. In this book, palmistry has been beautifully defined. The human brain has 42 divisions which are related to the birth chart. it shows how human being are related with palm lines and signs. The palm lines show the horoscope of the individual. The horoscope is defined by the planet placements of each house in the birth chart. The book is very precious as one can predict about the past sins and can use the remedies and measure to overcome the negative impact of those sins.

Today we all are facing troubles in our life whether financial personal or health. We get influenced by our surroundings and feel fear and anxiety. Lal Kitab is a magical solution to all the issues of life. It makes us free from all the problems of the life. To check the horoscope, one needs to know about the date, time and birthplace.

Mystery Behind The Lal Kitab

The Lal Kitab offers the knowledge of palmistry and astrology and it defines all the rules, principles and remedies. Even a common can read the book and gain the understanding of astrology. It provides remedies for planetary sin on the horoscope. The remedy does not involve wearing expensive gems and all. Since 1983 it has gained popularity when fate and fortune book has used the remedies from Lal Kitab. It contains poetic verses which are based on the philosophy from the Persian origin. All the five books are having kundli matching energy which is used as Tantra Udava. The book shows the different position of the planets in the horoscope and how they affect the palm lines and affect our life. Those people who follow the book do not believe in Havans and humans. The earlier book was famous in the name of red cover then soon it became famous as Lal Kitab of remedies. People believed the philosophy and principle of the book and accepted the new style of palmistry which gives quick and effective remedies for all cause. The remedies and methods are not using gemstones or any sort of puja so it is not similar to Jyotish or Vedic astrology.

Lal Kitab Remedies For All Major Life Problems!

Lal Kitab has unique remedies to solve human issues in personal and professional life. It does not practice Puja or Havans and other complicated rituals like mantra and tantra. All the methods are self-defensive in the Lal Kitab and are very effective to solve the human troubles. The kind of remedies the book offers are as follows-

  • Throwing coins in the river.
  • Feeding grass to cow.
  • Feed bread to dog.
  • Provide meals to unmarried girls.
  • Avoid eating on the bed.
  • Keep dining table close to the kitchen.
  • Usage of silver utensils.
  • Give respect and blessing to elders at home, at the office and in neighborhood.
  • Feed monkey and so on.
Few More Solutions To Reduce Planetary Effect On Human Beings

To reduce the bad effect of planet Lal Kitab has the specific solution as per each planet:

  • For Rahu Dosh, all Kitab offers not to insult a women or elders. Always touch feet and take the blessing of the parents in the morning.
  • For Ketu book offers to take care of pets and donate on every Sunday.
  • For sun always wear a white cap and give sweet to the blind people.
  • For moon take bath in rainwater and give full glass milk to the father.
  • To reduce mars effect avoids telling lies and put a red color cloth in the pocket to get good luck.
  • To reduce the mercury effect avoids keeping money plant and prohibits novel and liquor.
  • For venus feed the cows.
  • For Jupiter do not accept free gifts from anybody and
  • For Saturn provide a glass of milk to the well.

Lal Kitab explains how palm lines are influenced by the planetary position in the individual’s horoscope. It is based on Vedic astrology. There are many practitioners of all Kitab n India and in abroad. In few places, Upayas (remedy recommended) and Farmans (The Edicts of Lal Kitab) are the everyday part of the life. For example, we tend to throw the coin in river whenever we pass it.

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Marriage is a sacred institution and has much more reverence in India. It connects the lives of two people with each other. According to Astrology, Kundli matching for marriage is necessary because it helps to analyze the potential of the connection of two people. It has many other uses as well. Let’s take a look at some. 1. It Helps To Find If Two Partners Are Compatible Or Not –

It is of utmost importance in a Marriage that the partners have good compatibility. In fact, many believe it as one factor which can even make or break a couple’s married life. According to the Astrology, there are 36 different gunaas which are required to be matched. This helps to find out the compatibility level between two potential partners. The more the gunaas match, the higher is the compatibility and the happier their marital life is. So Kundali matching helps in this.

Read this to find more details about these Gunaas: 4 Reasons of Kundali Matching Before Wedding

2. To Discover The Financially Stability After Marriage –

After the marriage, two different individuals come together. But when taking the oath and the vows of togetherness then it has a lot of effect on the planetary influences as well. The planetary influences from the Birth Charts of both the partners begin to affect each other. Hence, it can have a positive or even a negative impact on the financial stability of a household. It is very important to know of it in advance and prepare for it. This is why most of the reputed astrologers who offer astrology compatibility reading between two potential life partners always tell the people to consider this facet of Kundali Matching very carefully. By doing this, they help them to deduct the consequences of financial instability in the lives of the bride and the groom after their marriage takes place.

Recommended Read: Top 10 Astrologers in India – Who Are Just Perfect in Their Job

3. To Know About The Progeny in Potential Partners Life –

One more significant factor which requires deep assessment as well as analyzation while matching the Janam Kundali or the Birth Charts of potential partners is how happy they and their future children are in the life ahead will. Through this, the astrologer can go on to predict as well as indicate the chances of childbirth. They can also tell the potential problems related to it after the marriage of the future life partners. Therefore, we can say that this is a vital point which needs to be mulled over before one agrees to take vows of togetherness for the lifetime.

4. To Find Out The Doshas/Planetary Defects in Horoscopes of Potential Partners –

There are many occasions where some planetary influences in one’s Janam Kundali or Birth Chart carry a few “Doshas” or faults. The examples of these doshas are Mangal Dosha, Shani Dosha or Chandra Dosha or Sarp Dosha etc. Due to these planetary defects, there can be a number of problems in the marriage of potential partners. Besides this, these can at times turn out to be very fatal for even the partner and not only for the natives themselves. To an extreme and in rare cases, it can also lead to death after marriage but also for their potential life partners. But with the help of Kundali Matching, one can deduct these “Doshas”. This can be done by performing a certain rituals or poojas after detective the exact dosha.

5. To Know The Requirements Of Any Special Ritual For Pacifying Malefic Planets –

Kundali Matching also helps to know the requirements of any special pooja, Homa or rituals before marriage. Sometimes these are necessary in order to ensure a happy married life. If “Doshas” are detected in birth charts, then they can only be corrected after performing certain poojas, Hamas or rituals. So by Kundali matching, one can know if they need to do them and hence perform these rituals well in advance and ensure a happily married life.

The Last Words

So we have seen that Kundali Matching before marriage is of utmost importance and should not be avoided. To have a good married life, everyone must get their Kundlis matched well before marriage and then deduct all the faults as prescribed so that you do not have to face any problems or consequences later on.

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We can bet that your Grandmother would still ask for your future partner’s kundli before giving her consent for the marriage even if you have known him/her for your entire life and are readily compatible
with them. Kundli matching has been a very important part of determining whether the marriage would last for a long time, is the pair compatible and to know a couple’s future prospects after marriage. Whether people believe in it or not, kundli matching apps has been going on for a long time in and around our lives and there is no escaping this at all. Best Kundli Matching Apps For Android

With the advent of technology, everything you need is now available in the palm of your hands. And, kundli software is no different to that. Today, you can find a number of kundli matching apps over the Google Play store. Here is our selection of some of the best that you would ever come across.

1. AstroSage Kundli

For people looking to read into depth about their kundli, find out more about the planetary positions when you were born and how would it affect their lives and to check compatibility and match kundlis for free on this app for free. This app also allows you to check your moon signs and helps in predictions and providing personalized horoscopes. One of the best features of this kundli software is that allows you to download your kundli prediction in PDF format to help you to print it.

Get it on Google Play Store

2. Horoscope Matching

This very popular app allows you to check compatibility of two persons depending upon the predictions made by their kundlis. This matchmaking is done on the basis of the nakshatras and matches the horoscope on a 36-point match theory depending upon 8 different characteristics. For the kundli to match, it should obtain a minimum of 18 points or more in the test. Also, the app provides you with a detailed prediction of the planetary positions during the time you were born and how these positions can have an effect on your present and future life.

Get it on Google Play Store

3. Kundli – Free Horoscope

This app is also one of the most popular kundli software apps that people use on their Android devices to check and match kundli of the two people involved. This app, available in Hindi and English, provides you with a personalized dashboard which helps to update your biorhythmic charts and details on a daily basis and reveal your personality traits depending upon your horoscope. The app also makes use of Avakahada chart to make the horoscope calculations and helps to provide you Dasha period till 5 levels for any given date you enter in the app.

Get it on Google Play Store

4. Zodiac and Astrology App

This app is a mixture of your daily horoscope app while also providing you with the kundli matching platform. You can use the app to find out more about your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope. If you are looking to match your kundli with that of your partner. The app helps to compare your kundli’s for compatibility based upon the 8 different Guna and predicts if you two are compatible to each other or not. Getting a favorable score on the sum of these individual characteristics is a way to ensure that the two people are compatible.

Get it on Google Play Store

5. Personalized Astrology

If you are looking for kundli software which provides you with a detailed description and content about your birth horoscope, then Personalized Astrology is one app that you can download and install via the Google Play Store. This app provides you with a free personalized birth horoscope in addition to providing you with daily and weekly horoscope as well. Also, this app includes options to use other useful stuff such as biorhythm compatibility and provide you nicely detailed reports of numerous astrology charts regarding your individual future forecast.

Get it on Google Play Store

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The marriage is often considered as the meeting and uniting of two very different souls into one post the marriage ceremony. However, one particular thing that has always been constant to decide whether the marriage is possible or not is the matching of kundli. Since a long time, people have placed a lot of thought in the whole process of ensuring that kundli’s meet. It has become like a major entrance test that every couple has to pass to convince to their families if the couple is compatible or not.

However, there are stories of where kundli’s never matched yet the marriage survived the most difficult circumstances of life. So, if by any chance, your kundli doesn’t get the require approval for the God’s above, you can still live a good life with your would-be partner.

1. Kundali Matching Can Be Wrong Over Compatibility Between Two Persons IMAGE CREDIT: PINTEREST

The position of planets when you were born or any other information written on a piece of paper which was made when you were born is not the best way to judge your compatibility with your partner. The compatibility is usually judged upon how similar interests the pair have between themselves and you would never know if your interests meet if you haven’t talked over them in your life.

2. Knowing Each Other For A Longer Period Of Time Matters IMAGE CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK

If you and your partner have been together for a long time, then you both would have been well averse to each other’s best and worst points. You two would have practically grown knowing each other’s best qualities and ensuring that Janam Kundli matches is only a traditional barrier that you need to cross to convince your families.

3. Mangliks Would Have Been Single All Their Life If Kundali Was Given A Serious Thought

Has anyone ever given a thought about people who are ruled by Mars? This is because Hindu astrology believes that those people are affected by Mangal Dosh and makes it difficult for them to find a match for themselves. There could be a case where they haven’t find a match due to compatibility problems but all the blame is put upon the shoulders of Mars.

4. 8 Gunas To Meet For Kundali To match? That’s Too Much

Kundali matching places a lot of effort on ensuring that 8 very important Ashtakoot or Guna as they are commonly called are in compatible with the other person’s. While logically, it could be a good way to ensure that your compatibility quotient matches with your partner but if you have spent a lot of time already with them in your life, then it is natural that it should match already.

5. Instances Are Their Where Kundali’s Have Matched Perfectly But Marriages Failed IMAGE CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK

Browse through the internet, Ask your friends. Do whatever you like but you could easily find people where their Kundali’s matched perfectly well with their other halves but still, the marriage couldn’t survive due to compatibility issues.

6. Kundali Might Not Match, But Marriages Have Still Survived

There are instances to negative the previous point also. The world is full of wonderful stories where the couple decided to marry each other despite their kundli’s not being a perfect match, yet they are living happily ever after post-marriage.

7. A Piece Of Paper Can’t Decide The Fate Of Two People In Love

Indian people have placed a great value in making sure that kundli of a prospective groom and bride should match perfectly for them to be happy for the rest of their lives. But how could a piece of paper decide if the people involve love each other or not? For a couple to live together happily, their mind, their thoughts, interests, and other more important things should match rather than ensuring some mathematical value add up to a required number.

The Final Thoughts

Since old times, a lot of emphasis has been made on ensuring that the horoscope of the lady and man involved in the marriage should be compatible with each other but there have been cases where people who completely different horoscopes have found love in each other and have led a happy married life. So, do not fret if your horoscope doesn’t match with the one you love. You can still live a happy married life.

The post 7 Reasons Love Marriage Happens Even If Janam Kundali Doesn’t Match appeared first on KundliGuru.

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