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Ideas on how to grow your job search network today.

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Networking is often the best way to find a job, but growing a network takes time. You really need to build it before you need it.

Employed or not, spend at least 30 minutes per day actively reinforcing your brand and growing your network through the activities listed below.

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  How to network for jobs and career success

The key question to ask is not “what can you do for me?” but rather “what can I do for you?” The more you give to your network, the more you can get from it.

1. Get an email address that's easy to remember

A good format is firstname.lastname@gmail.com (or Yahoo.com, Outlook.com, etc.). This address should be for your job search only.

2. Choose your personal tagline

Find a 3-4 word phrase that relates to who you are professionally and puts you in a positive light. You want people to think that phrase when they hear your name, and everything you do work-wise should match your tagline.

Use it in your email signature and begin by saying it when people ask what you do. Get ideas by seeing how people describe you in recommendations or reference letters.

3. Prepare an elevator pitch

In only 30 seconds, you need to be able to describe who you are and which problems your expertise can solve. Practice until it comes naturally. Tweak as you go, judging by listener response.

4. Build an impressive web profile

A recommendation-filled LinkedIn profile also impresses by showcasing your accomplishments, successes and even your above elevator pitch.

LinkedIn will also give you a short, easy-to-remember vanity url to put in your email signature, on your resume and business cards, encouraging people to connect with you. Use your above personal tagline and job search email address.

5. Become a LiON

Being a LinkedIn Open Networker makes it easier to grow your number of LinkedIn connections to the top level of “500+” but the looseness of these connections means you shouldn't expect much from them. Still, all it takes is one good connection for this to be worthwhile.

6. Be active on LinkedIn Groups

Hang out in popular, local Groups related to your profession, responding to questions and drawing other LinkedIn users to notice you.

Engaging in a LinkedIn group does NOT mean posting about your business every single day. Seeing it happen in two groups, ugh!

— Kristi Dosh (@SportsBizMiss) March 18, 2015

7. Be active on Twitter

Take a few moments to flesh out your profile, putting your personal tagline in the Bio box and customizing the background image. Discover more people to follow by browsing the who your friends and industry influencers follow.

Download The Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide

8. Create a Facebook Page

Use Facebook for more than staying in touch with friends and family. A 2017 survey conducted for Facebook claims that “one in four people in the US said they searched for, or found a job using Facebook.”

The way how to network for a job on Facebook is separately from your personal profile, use a Facebook Page to promote yourself professionally, giving Facebook users a place to follow you as an expert in your field. Then, interact in Facebook groups and on other relevant pages while posting as your Page instead of your personal account.

9. Carry business cards

Have business cards with your personal tagline and contact information to give out to potential business contacts. Try to always leave a note on the back before handing over your card. For example, write where you met the recipient (for them to remember later). I use and recommend Zazzle business cards.

10. Ask for referrals when handing over business cards

People are more likely to respond about job leads at other companies than if you ask directly about open positions in their company. Give them extra cards if they have any potential referrals to put you in contact with.

11. Use calling cards

Calling cards are for non-business occasions. They're like a business card, but with personal information. The novelty aspect alone will leave a good impression.

12. Join real-world business networks and chambers of commerce

You want people in your industry to notice you. Find local networks by googling “business network” and the name of your city.

13. Join general purpose business social networks

Besides LinkedIn, there are other networks such as Xing and Viadeo. Use the one that is most popular in your local industry.

14. Join industry-specific social networks

In many cases, these are business social networks created on the Ning platform. Use Ning's search to find relevant networks or start a Ning network yourself.

15. Start blogging about your profession

Blogging is a terrific way to not only grow your network and show off your expertise while helping others, but also to attract job offers.

16. Follow industry blogs

Both big and small, subscribe and comment on them so that their bloggers discover and interact with you, especially if you have your own blog too. It's better to get a lot of attention from 10 small blogs than no attention on 2 big ones. And a good way to find and follow them is using my.alltop.com (hat tip to Jeff Gillis for that idea)

#ProTip leaving a comment on a blog post is generally not an effective way to apply for a job.

— Dr. David Shiffman (@WhySharksMatter) March 11, 2015

17. Participate in industry discussion forums and mailing lists

Become the expert that people want to hear from on the topics you specialize in.

18. Become a member of professional associations

Every market has a group of people who are creating the standards and organizing member professionals. Being part of such groups can net you recognition from across the industry.

19. Create an industry newsletter

Become a trusted source of information. Create a newsletter for an industry niche that doesn't have one. Or, become a contributor to an existing newsletter, with a byline explaining how to reach out to you.

20. Go to industry conferences

Once there, make time to meet people and exchange business cards. Conferences are also a great time to finally meet people face-to-face after having met online.

21. Attend local (speed) networking events

Have lots of business cards with you and a polished elevator pitch.

22. Organize informal industry events

Coordinate your own launch parties, anniversaries, expert speakers, you name it.

If you choose the right type of event and promote it well, the success will carry over to your personal network and people will want you to do it all again so that they can bring along other contacts who missed out.

23. Bring friends along

Whatever kind of event you attend, go with friends. Split up to network separately and later compare notes.

24. Join a job search support club

Also called job clubs or job search clubs or groups. Network with like-minded people. Commiserating is a great conversation starter.

25. Volunteer

Meeting new people is one of the best reasons why job seekers should volunteer. If there aren't many opportunities locally through e.g. religious institutions or NGOs, find them online using a site like Idealist.org.

One of the new kittens at my volunteer job name is Brutus and Id liked to high five whoever is in charge of naming at the animal shelter

— Sunny Balkin (@Sunny_Balkin) March 15, 2015

26. Join a gym

A great place to network with people across different industries and positions, there are also many other reasons job seekers should exercise regularly. Here are 10 reasons to work out on your job search and here are 10 more reasons.

27. Get a coach

Among the many benefits of having a job search coach or a career coach: they'll be able to guide you to even more ways to grow your network.

28. Find a mentor or mentoring community

Look for people who have achieved your goals and can help you achieve similar success. Take your mentor out for lunch and pick their brain.

29. Do information interviews

This is a great way to get your foot in the door, and you'd be surprised how often an info interview can lead to a job, even in a different department or company.

30. Email friends and family

Get help from people who want to help you by default. Ask them to put you in contact with anyone that can help your job search.


All Udemy courses are only $10.99

Save hundreds of dollars, such as on Udemy's bestselling job search course "(2018) Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More".


31. Talk to people you see regularly

Neighbors, parents at your kids' school, taxi drivers. Cast your net as wide as possible.

32. Offer a cash bounty

Use it as a way to crowdsource your job search.

Mention the bounty in an email to your personal contacts, and ask them to forward your message to relevant contacts of their own, for whom the cash prize could be a big motivator.

33. Join an alumni / veterans' jobs network

Placing alumni in jobs is usually a major goal of university or college alumni networks and also military veterans' associations.

34. Send updates to your contacts

If they don't hear from you, they'll just assume you found a job, so nudge people in your network from time to time. A simple “any way I can help?” is a great way to stay in touch and not be forgotten.

35. Keep track of your contacts' needs

Fill those needs whenever you can. The more you give, the more you'll get. Here are another 9 ways to keep value in your network relationships (lower half of the article).

36. Always follow up

Whether to confirm a referral or send over a link to an article you discussed, find a good reason to follow up with new contacts before they forget about you, which is usually within 24-48 hours.

37. Use thank you notes

Always take the time necessary to appreciate the people in your network. Just because people are happy to help doesn't mean you should take their help for granted. Handwritten thank you notes, perhaps on a postcard, will stand out more than a quick email but even that will still be noticed in a positive way.

Other takes

Bonus: Networking For Job Search & Success

The best way to build a network is to give before you get.

Networking For Job Search & Success - YouTube

Subscribe to JobMob via and follow me on Twitter for the best job search networking tips you can use right now.

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The top job boards that job seekers and recruiters are using around the world.

Photo by NASA

Job boards are one of the most misused tools in a job seeker's toolbox.

The worst way to use a job board is the easiest way: just jump right in and start applying to the first jobs you qualify for. That short term gain often leads to long term pain as you're competing with many other job seekers for a job at a company you may ultimately not even want to work for.

On the other hand, the best way to use a job board is as a research tool to gauge demand for your current skills and which employer-attracting skills to learn next. Then, target companies directly, away from the job board.

The larger the job board, the better it will represent your industry's job market, the better an impression of market demand it will give you.

With that in mind, here are many of the biggest, most popular job boards around the world. Browse the list, enjoying some of the job board logos while you're at it, or simply look for your country or ‘international' and start researching.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. The top job boards around the world

#101 Neuvoo Greece (Greece) – Looking for a job? You will find on neuvoo all the jobs available in your region. Your job search starts here.

#100 All Cruise Jobs (Germany/International) – All Cruise Jobs is the biggest job board within the cruise line industry with most current cruise ship job vacancies available on the Internet.

#99 Aviation Job Search (International) – Check out Aviation Job Search for 1000s of the latest aviation jobs and vacancies.

#98 TipTopJob (International) – Search for Jobs in the UK and Worldwide

#97 Observer Jobs (Sri Lanka) – Observer JOBS is the only recruitment product that brings together print, web, mobile and social media to create a comprehensive, easy to access employment network with the largest database of job opportunities and the widest coverage of all districts in Sri Lanka

#96 employment4students (International) – Most visited UK student jobs website helping students find part time jobs, temporary job vacancies, internships & graduate jobs during Christmas & Summer

#95 Neuvoo UAE (UAE) – Looking for a job? You will find on neuvoo all the jobs available in your region. Your job search starts here.

#94 Neuvoo Switzerland (Switzerland) – Looking for a job? You will find on neuvoo all the jobs available in your region. Your job search starts here.

#93 GovJersey (Jersey, Channel Islands) – Search for jobs and current vacancies in Jersey, Channel Islands.

#92 Brighter Monday Tanzania (Tanzania) – Find the job that's right for you. Search for jobs, read career advice and sign up to receive alerts on the latest job vacancies.

#91 Neuvoo Spain (Spain) – Looking for a job? You will find on neuvoo all the jobs available in your region. Your job search starts here.

#90 Jobs Luxembourg (Luxembourg) – Jobs in Luxembourg

#89 Job Monkey (International) – The coolest jobs on Earth

#88 Brighter Monday Uganda (Uganda) – Find the job that's right for you. Search for jobs, read career advice and sign up to receive alerts on the latest job vacancies.

#87 JobbSafari (Sweden) – Find your next job or your next coworker with Jobbsafari. Jobbsafari offers the most complete list of available jobs in Sweden.

#86 Neuvoo UK (UK) – Looking for a job? You will find on neuvoo all the jobs available in your region. Your job search starts here.

#85 Eluta (Canada) – Official job search engine of the Canada's Top 100 Employers® project

#84 Neuvoo Brazil (Brazil) – Looking for a job? You will find on neuvoo all the jobs available in your region. Your job search starts here.

#83 The Local Spain (Spain) – English-Language Jobs in Spain

#82 Trinidad Job (Trinidad and Tobago) – Welcome to the #1 Recruitment website in Trinidad & Tobago – Dedicated to Jobs in Trinidad and Tobago

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The only list of internships in Israel you'll need this year.

Photo by Arno Smit

Quit googling “israel internships summer 2018”. If you're considering an internship in Israel in 2018, you've come to the right place.

Not only does this article have the longest list of internships, it has answers to common questions, success stories to inspire you and help you choose, and even a downloadable spreadsheet you can use to keep track of your applications.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

How to use this list

Start by downloading your spreadsheet copy (will open in a new browser tab).

Next, go through the internships list below, using the spreadsheet to note which programs to apply for, and later, track your progress.

Keep in mind as you go through the list is that while some of the internships listed below are paid, many have significant fees to cover besides airfare and living expenses.

Even if your parents can help out or you can dip into some of your own savings, it might not be enough. So…

How will you fund your Israel internship?

Here are some ideas on how to pay your way:

  1. Grants – for example, many of the internships listed here allow you to cover at least part of your fees with a Masa grant
  2. Funds and scholarships – apply for funds and scholarships, such as Keith Berman's fund. Also, many of the organizations listed offer their own scholarships.
  3. Crowdfunding – crowdfund your internship using Gofundme like Molly did

Other questions and remarks I've had:

Any internships for non-Jews?

Many of the internships do specifically say they're aimed at Jews, but not all. If you're not Jewish, avoid organizations that specifically mention Judaism or Zionism in their name or internship description. If you take a look at the success stories, you'll see a few are from non-Jews.

The internship I want is no longer available, or the deadline has passed.

If there's an internship that interests you but the application deadline has passed, you should still reach out to the organization. On the one hand, there may be some flexibility if the application deadline was recent. On the other hand, last minute cancellations mean open spots for you.

Ultimately, the list is like a job board. It's up to the organizations featured to update about any changes to their listings.

Israel internship success stories

Get a taste of past interns' experiences by reading their stories:

A Chinese student interned at IN-VENT, a startup co-working space in Haifa:

Israel summer internship 2017 - YouTube

On to the list…

Spring and Summer 2018 internships

TopIsraelInterns.com – “provides prestigious internships in a wide variety of fields and professions. Their 6-week Summer programs, and 5-month programs (Spring, or Fall), are perfect for those looking to boost their career, and enter the job market. Explore their internship options today.” TBD- Summer 2018: $3500 USD (including accommodations) Or: $1900 USD (if you wish to find other accommodations). Spring Session – January 17, 2018 – June 7, 2018: City – $7500 USD excluding Masa grant, $3000 – $4500 including Masa grant, or Suburban – $5,950 USD excluding Masa grant, $1,500-$3,00 USD including Masa grant.

Top Israel Interns - Stories - YouTube

WUJS Israel – “over 400 customized internship and arts placements. Options include: high tech, medical research, journalism, TV, new media, marketing, human rights, politics, photography, film production, visual arts and more. As a WUJS intern you’ll learn Hebrew in our private Ulpan, and learn more about the country with weekly trips exploring different areas and themes in Israeli culture. You’ll also develop friendships with Israeli students who also join the program’s activities.” WUJS INTERN/ART SPRING 2018 SEMESTER: January 10, 2018 – June 4, 2018. TEL AVIV INTERN: $7,950 ( Only $4,950- With Masa Grant). TEL AVIV ART: $8,300 ( Only $5,300 With Masa Grant). HAIFA INTERN $4950 (Only $2,000- With Masa Grant). HAIFA ART $5,250 (Only $2,250 With Masa Grant). Discount: $200 off if you've previously attended a Young Judaea camp or went on a YJ Israel program.

WUJS Israel Internship - YouTube

Clinical Data Programming Internship – TechnoSTAT is a cutting-edge Ra'anana-based clinical research firm that offers a wide range of services to global biomedical companies. If you are interested in data and clinical research, this 3-month (mid-July through mid-October 2018) internship is right for you. Interns who excel in the internship may be offered a full-time position at the conclusion of the internship. Interns will receive a stipend and local travel expenses are covered. To apply, start by registering for one of the testing dates by writing to intern@technostat.co.il.

Livnot Galilee Trek & Connect – Livnot, in partnering with the Israel Antiquities Authority and Onward Israel, is offering a community service program in the heart of the Galilee. You will be involved in various archaeological and volunteering activities that will let you explore Israel’s ancient past, impact its present, and preserve its future. Connect with the diverse population of northern Israel and your own personal and Jewish identity.

AMIRIM – The WUJS Summer Experience – The perfect blend of structure and freedom to explore Israel on your own. You choose the length! 4 or 8 week options. You choose the location! Tel Aviv, Bat Yam and Jerusalem. Option to combine Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in one summer. Rich itinerary of inspiring day and overnight tours relating to Judaism, Israel and the Middle East. Live in apartments with Israeli students your own age! Registration for Amirim 2018 will open in November 2017.

Taglit Birthright Israel's Business Experience Program – a 10-week internship program for students pursuing careers in business and technology. Candidates who are accepted into the program are assigned to an internship in Israel in fields such as finance, venture capital, consulting, and technology. Throughout the summer internship, Fellows can expect to gain in-depth knowledge and experience from high-level executives. Birthright Israel Excel Fellows become an integral part of the team in the office.

Abraham Hostels & Tours Programs – Started by a group of international travelers and backpackers, Abraham Hostels & Tours was founded in Jerusalem in order to create a home for independent travelers in Israel and the Middle East. Our vision is to provide an exceptional traveling experience for independent travelers – from backpackers to couples, families and small groups. We aim to meet all needs of backpacking globetrotters, from an affordable bed and trustworthy tours to travel information, language classes, bike rentals and memorable in-house events. A number of internships in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Nazareth (“the Jesus Trail”) are offered in the tourism and travel industries, with work related to project management, marketing, photography and more. Accommodation is provided and local travel fees are covered.

The TAMID Group Fellowship – a competitive, 8-week summer internship program that provides outstanding TAMID Group leaders with the opportunity to work with host companies in Israel while living in Tel Aviv. TAMID Fellows come from a range of backgrounds, including business, computer science, and liberal arts. What they have in common is a strong track record, inside and outside the classroom, and a desire to tackle and complete substantive business projects that will contribute to their company’s growth. Past projects addressed challenges such as pricing strategy, supply chain, market research, digital marketing web development, beta testing, competitor analysis, financial modeling, and more.

Facebook Data Scientist, Analytics Intern (Tel Aviv Summer 2018) – The internship experience involves a training period, a project owned by the intern under mentorship of a Facebook Data Scientist, followed by a period working as a full-time Data Scientist. You will apply your expertise in quantitative analysis and data mining to understand how our users interact with our core/business products, identify trends and opportunities, and influence the direction of the product team.

Tel Aviv University International Summer Internship Program – In the current competitive global environment, experiencing different cultures is an investment for your future. Tel Aviv University International invites you to immerse yourself in our excellent academic program and intern in Tel Aviv, one of the world's most exciting cities, all while experiencing the real Israeli lifestyle! Program Length: 7 weeks. Language of Instruction: English. Tuition: $2,000. Application Deadline: March 15, 2018. Program Dates: First session- June 10th – July 29th, 2018.

Israel Tech Challenge – Our interns work as software developers at Israel's leading technology companies. Gain the skills you need to launch a successful career in tech. Enjoy a paid internship in one of Israel's top tech companies (expect around 5,500-6,000 NIS per month). Join an international experience for excellent computer science / Software Development students. (May 21st – August 2nd  2018, Tel Aviv) Compensation: $2,500

Israel Tech Challenge Interns - YouTube

Summer in Jerusalem – An amazing opportunity for college students to live, learn and work in Jerusalem. Join us as we create an exciting social and religious summer community in the heart of the Old City! OU/JLIC educators Rabbi Elie and Miriam Schwartz will be spending the summer together with you in Jerusalem, and they are joining up with the teaching staff of Orayta and World Mizrachi to bring you a fabulous learning experience. Early Bird Special (until Jan 15) – $650. Includes: housing, personalized internship placement, Beit Midrash program, Shabbatot and health insurance. (June 20 – August 5, 2018)

The Jerusalem Press Club Fellowship Program – The JPC launched in September 2017 a fellowship program opened to international journalism students. The fellowship is a unique program, that provides work experience with leading media outlets in Israel, alongside an extracurricular program to enrich their journalistic experience in Israel.

The four fellows were chosen by a committee made up of world-known and well-experienced journalists, who have been a part of this field for decades. The four members of the first round of JPC Fellowship – made possible by a generous grant from the Crown Family Philanthropies – participated in JPC’s toast for the new year. The program is a 3-month long program. Send applications no later than February 1st, 2018.

Year-round internships

Aardvark Israel – Participants of our Israel gap year programs are given a wide range of choices and are placed at sites that match their interests and skills for the duration of each semester. You will volunteer three to four mornings a week, giving you the chance to build your resume, interact with the Israelis, and contribute to Israeli society. In addition to the numerous options you will be given, the staff is available to identify additional options to suit your individual preferences.

Top Gap Year in Israel Program - YouTube

Torah Tech Elite Gap Year Program – Torah Tech is a unique gap-year program in Israel for young men that integrates intensive Torah study with professional development through business internships. Students will also connect to the land of Israel through exciting trips and tours, give back to the community through chessed projects and volunteer work, hear from distinguished religious personalities from both the Torah and corporate worlds, and enjoy exclusive access to nearby gyms, men-only beaches, self defense training courses, and much more.

Big Idea Gap Year – BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS is a five-month internship extension program. Use your knowledge in developing mobile and web application and gain more hands-on work experience. Be a part of the Israeli hi-tech industry, intern in Israeli Hi-tech company. Travel and explore Israel, work on your Hebrew and live independently with your friends. Participants who sign up for BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS will participate on the 5 month gap year program in Be'er Sheva and then continue for another 5 month internship program extension in Tel Aviv or Be'er Sheva. $200 application fee. Spring semester: February 11, 2018 – July 25, 2018. Fall semester: September 2018 – February 2019. Full Year Experience: September 2018 – June 2019. New – Up to $2000 masa grant!

Make an impact - BIG IDEA gap year program in Israel - YouTube

Shurat HaDin’s Internship Programs – Shurat HaDin’s internship programs provide law students with a unique opportunity to play a role in the fight against terrorist organizations and states or institutions sponsoring terror. Students will work in a dynamic environment with volunteer lawyers from around the world. Our program is not found at other institutions or non-government organizations and the acquired experience is invaluable, providing you with an edge when competing for a post-graduation job.

Tikkun Olam Internship Track – Tikkun Olam's new Internship Track lets you gain valuable career experience in the non-profit sector, while living among the populations you work with, studying the complex issues facing Israeli society and gaining important skills for social entrepreneurship. The Internship Track is the only internship program in Israel that specializes in non-profit work, so you can prepare yourself for a future career while making a difference in the lives of others! $100 non-refundable application fee. Masa grants are applicable.

The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) Internships – The Institute for National Security Studies does not respond to unsolicited applications for paid positions. We offer internship positions to graduate students and academics with backgrounds in international relations, strategy, the Middle East, or Israel's national security. Priority will be given to M.A. students. Applications should be sent to..

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