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Reading books is always one of the best and most used hobbies for all the people across the globe irrespective of their country, language or anything. Once you love to read books, then it is highly difficult for you to stop reading books. Even reading books is good for your thought process and it helps you to gain knowledge and experience as much as possible. Do you know that popular website Bookzz.org is closed? In this article we have shown you Bookzz Alternatives of 2019 to download ebooks for free.

Bookzz.org Alternatives Sites | itechhacks originals

Similar Sites like Bookzz: I think we all people accept reading books increases your knowledge and helps you to think out of the box. Many books help us to experience the real pain, love or whatever the feeling it may be. There may be thousands of new entertainment medium may come and go but always reading books has their own set of fan following which is also an insane number. 

You may think this generation of people is not reading that much of books than their older generations. Actually, it is not that much correct. In fact, we can say these new generation peoples are reading more books than any other generation but the way they reading books is different.

Yes, they are reading books on their laptops, mobiles, tablets or some of the book nerds has their own Kindle to read their books without any distractions.

Now people have more convenience of not to carry a physical book on their each and every travel or in free times. In this technology era, all they need is just a megabit or kilobit of data for the entire book. It gives us more convenient like they can read the book whenever they want and the digital version of any book is always way cheaper than the actual book. But there are many ways from which you can get a free digital copy of almost any of the book out there in the market.  You can check some amazing Digital Kindles on Amazon

We are living in the technology era where each and everything will be available for us for free. Everything means music, movies, dramas or whatever the entertainment medium may be.

Yes, piracy is not only on the side of music or just movies. It is literally everywhere. In this article, we are not going to discuss whether piracy is good or not for the end users or the creators. iTech Hacks always wants to hear from you so do comment below your thoughts about this.

Rather we are going to look at some of the alternatives for the site bookzz which is great and go through the site for all the digital books you are looking for. Especially if you are not a downloading nerd, this site comes very handy for you in many times. It helps you to download any of the books you need in very minimal time as it has a huge number of the database than any other site which is available on the internet today. 

But the bad news is this bookzz site is permanently banned by many countries governments and most of the users are already facing many issues with the site because of the block of the site by their local governments. After this, there are a large set of people who is longing for this kind of sites and not able to find the correct alternative of Bookzz. If you are one of those, all you need is this article.  In this article, we will look at some of the best available alternative sites like bookzz. Without wasting any more time let us actually dive deep into the article. 

Just hold on! First, we need to know what are all the features that bookzz offers to you. Let us look at them and later we will list some perfect alternatives with all of these features. 

Bookzz Features:
  1. It has a huge collection of books from all the different genres. Literally, if you ask this site, any books to download, it will offer you the download link at an instant of time.
  2. More reliable than any other e-book downloading sites on the internet today. Yes, before the local governments block this site, it is one of the most reliable sites for downloading free e-books.
  3. Premium User Interface –  We all know this is illegal to download premium ebooks for free. But once you are in this site, it doesn’t look like all other sites. It’s different and premium. You don’t believe this is a  free site which offers you to download e-books illegally. 
  4. You can have many ways to find a book. Even if you don’t know the exact name of the book or if you are running out of book names in the list, you are covered. As they have many recommendations and you can search any book by using its other information like author name, publications and by using many pieces of information.

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Bookzz Alternatives Websites of 2019

Let us look at some of the best alternative sites which have all the above-mentioned features with more reliability.


As the name suggests, free E-bookz is a great site to download digital books which are worth many hundred dollars The best thing about this site will be its collection of books. It has an insane amount of books available for you to download.  You can literally download books and articles from any genre and from any of your interest and for sure you will get that book for download.

 If you finish your wishlist and don’t know what to read next, they got you covered too. You can select any books as they are categorized books according to many bases from which you can easily select of the books which suit your interest.

Also, on this site, you can download audiobooks for free. Yes! Now you can easily listen to your favourite books of your choice for free. If you are a book person, then this site will be a heaven for you. So, why are you waiting for? Just hit the below link to visit Free-Ebookz and download all the books you need.

FREE-EBOOKZ.NET – https://www.free-ebooks.net/


Another great site which has all the kind of technical and non-technical articles and books. It is one of the famous sites in America and Europe. BookSc is famous for its huge collection of religion and culture related books. and this is one of the best bookzz alternatives.

If you are someone who is really into research and other scientific events, then you will definitely love this site. It has a very huge collection of scientific books and many research papers from all over the world for you to download. Yes, you can download all the research papers which are very expensive for absolutely free.

They don’t categorize their huge book collection into any category. Instead, they provide you with a search bar from which search and get all your books and papers without any issues. But if you don’t know which book to read, you don’t get any suggestions here. They focus more on minimalism than other features. You can visit  BookSc by clicking the below link.

BOOKSC – http://booksc.org/


As the name suggests, it is an online virtual library which has millions of books for you to download. Once you entered the site, you won’t believe it is free to use the site. It definitely looks like a premium site which has all the necessary features and millions of books to download for free. 

It has many features like search engine like design which is very functional and makes the site very minimal.  Also, it is like Wikipedia where you can contribute to the site by creating webpages. You can get your desired book by searching its name, author name, publication or by any information you know about the book.

It has one more great thing which is quite rare in this list. You can read many old books whose physical copies are not available but you can get all those books for free here in this site. Sounds Great. Isn’t it? So why are you waiting for? Head over to the below link.

OPEN LIBRARY – https://openlibrary.org/


It is a perfect alternative for bookzz site with regards to features and availability of books. If you are a student or an aspiring reader then you will love this site for sure. It offers you all the books related to your studies for free. No matter which branch you are studying, you will get the books you need to download for free. 

Book Boon is widely used by students all over the globe on a daily basis to download free e-books. The best thing with this site is its user experience and retention. Once you started using this site you will get comfortable with the site in no time. You get all the gimmick features and all the other cool things which are offered by many premium sites but for free to use. You can visit the book boon site from the link which is located down below. 

BOOK BOON- https://bookboon.com/


Library Genesis is popularly known as the Search Engine for E-books and it is quite true as well. It has more than 2 million books in their database which is greater than any site in this list.  It is originated in Russia and operates for some quite a long time which means, library genesis is quite reliable than any other sites in this list. 

All sort of books is available in this site for you to download. I mean all category like science, fiction, non-fiction, technology, business, sports, text and what not? You will literally get any book you want to download. You will also get the mirror links for all the books which means even if the server is down, you can able to download the books you need. You can visit the library genesis site by clicking the link which is located down below.

LIBRARY GENESIS- http://gen.lib.rus.ec/

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Hope this article will help you to find alternatives sites for bookzz. Share this article with all your friends and family if you find this article helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article let us know in the comment section. Also, feel free to let us know your opinions or thoughts in the contact us section. Thanks a lot for reading. Catch you guys on the next one. Cheers!

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Many people tend to wonder what they need to do when they lose their phone. Unless you have no hopes of finding it again, you do not have to purchase a new phone.

Finding a lost iPhone is easy. Whether it is an iPhone 7 or 5, 4, or whichever version, finding it again is possible. You can locate the phone using so many ways as long as you have the right measures put in place.

While some methods require that you pay for the tracking services, you can still do it free. If you want to know the free techniques, here are five of them you need to know.

1. Use a free geo-tracking service

While most services require that you pay, you can find reliable iPhone search sites that are free. Be open-minded. Instead, practice adequate research techniques when finding the best one for you.

In such a situation, the recommended app is to use Cocospy. Millions of users love this stable and reliable app. It has also received numerous mentions from websites such as Forbes, CNET, Android Authority, Digital Trends, and many other authoritative sites.

5 Best Ways to Track an iPhone Location for Free

Although the site provides free services, it does not limit searches. You can track an iPhone by number via Cocospy as well. Once it finishes with the search, it will indicate the movement of the device, and even show you its location. Note, the results are in real time mode.

2. Using an Apple Watch

Apple provides numerous products. One of them is the Apple Watch. It comes with great features, including tracking your health and fitness levels, remote control functionality, and other easy-to-access functionalities.

If you are the kind that keeps forgetting, an Apple Watch can be a great way to locate the iPhone still. Always ensure that both devices have a functional WI-FI and Bluetooth connection.

The process of finding the phone is easy. Press the Digital Crown button. If the iPhone is connected to it, it will indicate at the right top corner. Tap on the find iPhone button. It should ring the device within a few seconds.

By the way, it can be a suitable solution for people who do not have their computer nearby.

3. Find my iPhone app

It is a pre-installed on your iPhone. The process of searching does not require much.

Start by logging into your iCloud account. Ensure that you log out of the current account if you are using someone else’s account. Use your Apple credentials.

After logging in, you can track your phone using the timeline provided. On the other hand, if you rely on this method, avoid erasing any of the information. That can delete all the data in your cloud; hence, you will not be able to track.

Nevertheless, if locating it is a problem, you can delete the account.

4. Using Google maps

The Google maps are available for all devices, and it is free. It uses GPS technology to track your phone’s method.

For you to do a successful search using these maps, you will have to provide your SIM number. It will then show your new paths. However, the method can only be limited if you switch off your phone.

In that case, it will indicate the last recorded location. Additionally, you can ask your circle of friends on Google Plus to help you search for your phone.

5. Contact law enforcement officers

Some states can limit the use of geo-tracking apps. Additionally, you may have missed putting all stringent measures to use all the above criteria.

You can contact local law enforcement officers in that case. As long as you have your phone number or your SIM card’s IMEI number, they can use that to locate it even when switched off. By the way, the law enforcement officers work together with your network operators to find your misplaced iPhone.

Final Verdict

All of the above methods work correctly. We recommend that you apply the required measures. It will be of help because you will have a variety of techniques to use if you lose your phone.

When selecting the best geo-tracking service, it is not necessary that you use a paid service.

A free tracking app can also provide the same service you will get from a paid tracking service.

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With the increase in the use of smartphones in our everyday life, people store a lot of data on their smartphones! However, smartphones being electronic devices can break down at any time. If this happens, one can lose out on all the data stored on that particular smartphone.

How To Recover Lost Photos from iPhone using PhoneRescue

But, one can make use of PhoneRescue software to recover the lost data on any smartphone. Initially, this software was designed only for iOS devices. But, currently, it is available for both iOS as well as Android devices.

There are several steps and changes which you need to make in your smartphone, in order to recover your lost data using PhoneRescue software on it.

Some of the most helpful features of PhoneRescue include:

1. You can recover files of more than 31 types such as Contacts, Messages, Safari History, Photos, Music, Videos, Ringtones, iBooks, App Documents, WhatsApp Attachment, etc.

2. It comes with three different recovery modes, and can increase your chances of recovering data.

3. PhoneRescue is capable of repairing your broken iPhone when you connect it to your device. This feature proves to be useful in case of a physically damaged or faulty device.

4. You can export files from your smartphone to your computer, using this software.

5. It can recover your data from your smartphone, even if it is lost!

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How to Recover Lost Data on iOS using PhoneRescue?

Since iCloud is known for keeping a backup of all the data on your iOS device, we will be making use of iCloud to recover all your data with the help of PhoneRescue. The steps involved in this method are listed below in detail.

Method: Recover from iCloud.

If you have a backup of your data on iCloud, you can use this method to recover that backed up data.

Note: Turn off ‘Find My iPhone/iPad‘ and keep your iOS device connected while recovering data to your device.

Step 1- Install and launch PhoneRescue on your PC.

Step 2- Connect your iOS device to your computer via USB cable.

Step 3- Now, select ‘Recover from iCloud‘ mode on PhoneRescue from your PC. PhoneRescue will automatically detect your iOS device.

Step 4- Then, you will be asked to sign-in to the iCloud account on which you have backed up your data. Enter your username and password in the given fields.

Step 5- Soon, all the available data will be displayed on your screen. You can then select the type of data which you wish to recover from iCloud backup.

Step 6- Once you have selected all the data which you wish to recover, click on the ‘Download’ option to initiate the downloading process.

Step 7- After the backups are successfully downloaded, click on the option located at the bottom right corner of your screen. A dialog box with two options will pop-up on your screen.

Step 8- If you click on ‘Only Scan Backup’ option, PhoneRescue will scan and display all the available data in the backup.

But, if you click on the ‘Compare’ button, PhoneRescue will compare data available in the backup with data available on your device.

And then it will only display the data which does not exist on your device.

Step 9- If you wish to scan the data, click on ‘Select all’ or choose which type of Foss you wish to scan.

Step 10- Once all the data is scanned, you can preview the recovered data such as your contacts, messages, photos, etc. To filter out the already existing data, you can select the ‘Only list deleted’ option, instead of ‘List all items’.

Step 11- Now that you have selected all the data which you wish to recover, you will find two options at the bottom right corner of your screen.

One will recover the selected data on your computer while the other will recover the same days on your iOS device.

Step 12- After all your data is completely recovered, you can open the export folder by clicking on ‘Click here’ option. Also, you can use this option to know the location of the recovered files on your computer or your iOS device.

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This is the method and the steps which you need to execute in order to recover deleted photos from iPhone . The steps are quite simple to understand and execute. However, you need to be careful while executing them.

If you have any queries regarding the steps involved in the above method, then please let us know about it in the comments section below. Also, you can contact the customer support of PhoneRescue, which is available 24/7 for your assistance.

The post How To Recover Lost Photos from iPhone using PhoneRescue appeared first on iTech Hacks.

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Android devices provide hundreds of fabulous features to its users. Some features such as overclocking the device, using special apps etc require the device to be rooted. Here we have lists of top 10 best apps to control one android with another.

How To Remotely Control One Android Phone with Another Using Apps

While some features are such that neither do they require the device to be rooted nor any special permission to run. Sometimes, you may come across situations where you just cannot explain the steps to perform on an Android device to solve a particular problem to the person seeking help from you but you can show the steps on a device to explain the steps or you are unable to understand through a person’s description about what is being displayed on the screen or maybe you are experiencing an irresponsive screen or a problem with your touch.

Imagine how amusing it would have been if you were able to view and control the screen of another Android device from your Android device! If you imagine this, your imagination just came true! Android devices do support apps such as TeamViewer, ScreenShare etc which allow you to view and control the screen of the Android device to which you are connected.

The steps involved to set up the connection between the two devices is easy and quick. Once the devices are connected, you will be able to view and control the screen of the other device that is connected.

 Remotely Control One Android Phone with Another Android

So let’s take a look at the different apps and steps required to establish a connection between the two devices using these apps which will help you view and control the screen of another Android devices using your Android device.

#1 TeamViewer

This is the most popular app available on Google play Store for free which is used to control one Android device from another Android device. All you need is the TeamViewer ID from the QuickSupport app and enter it in the ‘TeamViewer ID‘ field. Then, hit the ‘Remote Control’ button placed below the field. You will then be connected and have full control over the device you are connected with in no time.

TeamViewer für Fernsteuerung (Free, Google Play) →

Features of TeamViewer:
  • Access keyboard functions
  • Access computers behind Best proxy servers & firewalls
  • Transfer files in both directions (Ups and Down)
  • Security will be standards as High
  • Intuitive touch and control gestures
  • Sound and video transmission.

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#2 Join.me

You can hold online meetings, share screens using this app. If you wish to share your screen with the meeting members, all you need to do is hit the orange button which will start sharing your screen with the meeting members. Once connected, the meeting members will be able to see whatever is there on your device’s screen. You can create your own personal link here.

join.me - Einfache treffen (Free, Google Play) →

  • Share Screen from Android phone or tablet
  • Set your own background image.
  • Swap presenters during meetings
#3 RemoDroid

This app is available on Google Play Store which helps controlling one Android device with another Android device. But, it is still in its Beta state which means there are some bugs and isn’t compatible with every device. However, it does work with most of the Android devices. First of all, run the app on both devices. You will notice two options, namely ‘stream‘ and ‘connect.’ See to it that both the devices are connected to the same WiFi. The stream options let you control another Android device while the connect option lets your device to be controlled from another Android device.

RemoDroid (Free, Google Play) →

  • Remote control Sharing
  • WiFi and 4G
  • Support Screen Sharing
  • Multiple Connection Managment
  • Applet Support for internet connections
#4 Tablet Remote

This app is available on Google Play Store which should be downloaded on both the devices. Then, turn on the Bluetooth on both the devices and launch the app on both the devices. Then, connect both the devices over Bluetooth. Then, setup a device as remote and the other as input. Thus, you will be able to use one device as the remote and another as the input.

Tablet Remote (Free, Google Play) →

Features of Tablet Remote:
  • You can now connect devices with Wifi!
  • Fix an issue with the screen size for Android 4.0+ and the visual effects should be a little more smooth on tablet.
  • Added dark background setting.
  • The remote Gamepad is added.

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#5 ScreenShare (Phone)

Both the devices need this app to be installed which is available on Google Play Store. The ScreenShare browser eliminates the need for both the devices to be connected over the same WiFi. You can easily control an Android device through your Android device using this app.

ScreenShare (tablet) (Free, Google Play) →

Features of ScreenShare:
  • Share remote device content.
  • Wireless media sharing, dual screen apps, two-way input streaming or beaming, Air Droid and AirPlay.
  • ScreenShare organizer can let you share and play your phone contents.
#6 AirDroid: Remotely Access One Android Via PC and Another Android

AirDroid is one of the best app to remotely hack or  control any android from android and PC easily. It gives the access and manage your any android mobile phone or tablet from any windows, mac or on the web wireless. This AirDroid app is totally free to download and use. Go and download this app and start transferring the files between your devices and sharing it with your friends.

AirDroid: Remote access & File (Free+, Google Play) →

  • Notification Mirror
  • Backup & Sync
  • SMS & Contacts management
  • AirIME
  • Record screenshot
  • Speed boost
  • Other phone management features (Web client only)

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#7 An2An Remote

This app let you give a feature to Use your Android device to remote control another Android/PC device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network.You can use your Android phone as a wireless keyboard/mouse/touchscreen, or redirect physical keyboard/mouse/controller to target device. Let’s go anf try this app to hack or remotely control one android device with another.

An2An Remote (Demo) (Free, Google Play) →

  • Your Android Screen is not blocked by onscreen keyboard.
  • Turn wired keyboard/mouse/controller into wireless one.
  • Use touchscreen apps on devices which have no physical touchscreen.
#8 AIO Remote

You can control any application on your computer through WIFI, Bluetooth by creating your fully customized custom remote controls. You can control another Android device (Beta)

AIO Remote (Free+, Google Play) →

  • Control PC, Control Another Android phone/tablet(Beta).
  • WIFI & Bluetooth are supported.
  • Windows, Linux and Mac are supported.
  • Advanced custom remote designer lets you create custom remotes to control any app ever.
  • Possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
  • Share your created remotes with all users..
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Trading is one of the most important activities that nurture the world’s economy. This industry has changed the way we live, the way we think and the way all the countries around the globe interact. The fact that major financial markets are accessible to individual investors through a virtual network is mind-boggling and online trading should function in the most optimal conditions to live up to the expectations. The MT4 is arguably the most popular trading platform and the ideal environment for investors to reach their ambitious goals. Read more about it below and find out how you can use it.

How to start trading with the MT4 platform The MetaTrader4 platform – A standard of professionalism

The MT4 platform was created in 2005 by MetaQuotes Software Inc. and revolutionized the world of trading with its interface, tools, and resources. It rapidly gained momentum and dozens of online brokers adopted it as their platform. Because it was built to address all skill levels, both beginner and experienced investors can use it and enjoy its simplicity for different goals. Now, the MT4 platform is considered a standard of professionalism and the first choice as a trading platform for most investors.

How to download and set up the MT4 platform

If you’re new to the trading world and you are still figuring out how it works – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! What you need to know is that the platform belongs to the MetaQuotes Software company we mentioned above. That company licenses the software to the online brokers that request it and meet the imposed criteria. The brokers that get it provide it in turn to the investors that open an account with them. Consequently, in order to trade on the MT4 platform you need to:

  1. Find an online broker that provides the MT4 platform.
  2. Download the platform from the link available on the broker’s website and run the .exe file.
  3. Fill in your e-mail address and the other personal data requested to create an account.
  4. Sign in to your account and start trading!

In case you want to trade on your mobile/tablet, you’ll have to get it on Google Play. The broker will put the link at your disposal and all you have to do is follow the instructions that come with it.

How to use the MT4 platform in an effective way

The first glimpse of the platform will confuse you if you’re not familiar with the basics of trading yet. By default, it opens with four chart windows that represent four different currency pairs. At the top of the screen you will see the toolbars section and at the bottom the Terminal, which encompasses the Trade, Account History, Alerts, Mailbox, Experts and Journal tabs. One of the many advantages of this platform is the fact that it lets you “play” with a demo account. Don’t hesitate to navigate and click on all tabs to see how they look and work. Take your time and explore it, watch tutorials and find the answers to all the questions you have. Once you feel ready to trade, consider the following tips:

  • Backtest trading strategies with the MT4 strategy tester. All the financial markets are extremely competitive and intimidating in the present times. Without a proper strategy, there’s no chance to succeed. All you have to do is upload the Expert Adviser and use the strategy tester on the platform.
  • Add all the indicators you need to implement the desired strategy. Indicators are very important! The platform has a large number of incorporated indicators, but in case you need one on your price chart that isn’t there, click on the “Add Indicators” icon in the top toolbar and add them.
  • Customize the charts to help you be organized. Another advantage of the MT4 is that the charts are highly customizable. You can change the colors, draw/add objects and indicators, or even select how the price will appear on the charts. Use the CTRL + click option to copy any object on the platform.
  • Use Trading Advisors avoid missing out on opportunities. When you feel the potential is out there but you don’t have the time to trade, the automated program will do the work for you. In addition, the MT4 offers the MetaQuotes Language Editor (the Tools tab in the main menu); a unique coding program that enables you to create your own automated strategy. Pretty amazing, right?
  • Use trading orders to minimize the risks. When you enter/exit a position, the platform will execute the desired orders automatically once a certain price action is reached. The most common orders are the stop-loss and take-profit.

The beauty of the MetaTrader4 platform is its simplicity and the elegant way in which it contains a plethora of advanced tools. The fact that investors can customize the charts, plug-in additional indicators, and expert advisors or even build their own from scratch – makes it more relevant than ever. This guide covers only the essential steps and tips on how to use the MT4 in an effective way, so stay curious and dig deeper, because this platform has many, many other things to offer!

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Acestream for Windows and Android is something that you are searching for? Am I right? Acestream is a video streaming application similar to torrent. Well, In this article So Here, We’d share some useful and best working methods to use AceStream on your Windows and Android OS.

How To Run AceStream on Windows

Some people know about AceStream while some don’t! However, almost everybody knows about torrent and how it uses peer-to-peer sharing to download files at a faster rate. Similarly, AceStream is a media streaming website, which also uses peer-to-peer for broadcasting video streams. While using AceStream, people are downloading from peers as well as uploading the same video to other peers.

AceStream is mostly used by the gamers, who wish to live stream their game and those who wish to watch another person’s game. W already published a tutorial on Acestream for Mac OS users. Also, the features of this media streaming platform are available for free! Users can use this platform, without signing up to it.

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Download and Install AceStream on your Windows PC

If you wish to use AceStream on your Windows 7/8/10 PC, you can follow the steps listed below to download and install AceStream on it.

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your Windows PC and go to the official website of AceStream. You can use this ‘http://www.acestream.org‘ link to do so.

Step 2- On the left corner of this website, you will find a download option, click on it to initiate the downloading process of AceStream on your Windows PC.

Step 3- Once the software is downloaded, install it on your PC, just like any other software. Run it after it is successfully installed on your PC.

AceStream on your Windows

Step 4- Now, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Follow the pop-up dialog boxes to complete the installation process of AceStream in Windows PC.

This is how you can download and install AceStream on your Windows PC to live stream videos on it!

How to use AceStream on your Windows PC?

Now that you have successfully installed AceStream on your Windows PC, let us understand how to use AceStream to live stream videos on it!

The very first thing which you must have to use AceStream on your Windows PC is a Content ID. This Content ID is used to identify your video category and connect you to that particular streaming link.

How to get a Content ID?

You can search for ‘AceStream content ID‘ followed by the name of the sport which you wish to stream on your AceStream account.

Also, you can visit some well-known websites to search for the Content ID of your preferred sport. Group discussion websites such as Reddit and Quora can help you in finding such content IDs, which are completely genuine.

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How to stream media on AceStream?

Step 1- Launch the Ace Player application.

Step 2- Click on Media option on this app itself.

Step 3- Click on ‘Open Ace Stream Content ID‘ and enter a valid content ID. Then, click on ‘Play.’

Open Ace Stream Content ID

Soon, your video will be buffered and will start playing.

These are the steps involved in using AceStream on your Windows PC to stream media on it!

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How To Use AceStream on Android device

The steps involved in this method are different from the previous method.

Step 1- Download and install the AceStream application on your Android device. Then, launch it.

How To Use AceStream on Android device

Step 2- Now, tap on the three vertical data located at the top right corner of the app.

Step 3- Tap on ‘Enter Content ID‘ option from the list of options displayed on your screen.

Step 4- Now, enter a content ID and click on ‘OK.’

Step 5- Then, select a video player to play your video. You can enable the ‘Remember my choice’ option to eliminate this step in the future.

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Conclusion: AceStream for Windows

This is all you need to know about AceStream and how you can use it to stream live sports on your Windows PC. The steps involved in this method are quite simple to understand and execute.

However, if you have any queries in the steps listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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A DNS or Domain Name Server is one of the most helpful tools utilized by internet users, though they are mostly unaware of it. As internet users, we only memorize or take note of a website’s name so we can visit the website whenever we need to. However, for your browser to display the website you are trying to reach, it has to go through a DNS first.

DNS: What Is It and How It’s Beneficial?

The DNS is where the domain names and their corresponding IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are stored. In a way, a DNS serves like a phonebook for websites. The reason your request has to go through a DNS first is due to the fact that machines do not use domain names to look up websites. Instead, they use IP addresses, which consist of 4 clusters of numbers between 0 and 255, separated by dots.

Although your internet service provider already has a DNS for you, you can still make use of alternative DNS service providers. You can find a free DNS list on the internet. Just do a quick search on your browser and you will find a lot of alternative DNS providers.

How is DNS Beneficial?

 For internet users, a DNS is widely unappreciated. That said, here is a list of the important benefits of a DNS:

No Need To Memorize IP Addresses

As human beings, we tend to memorize words faster than we memorize numbers. Machines, on the other hand, seem to work better when they deal with numbers. Thankfully, a DNS serves as a bridge between machines and humans when browsing the internet.

People type in the website address of the page they wish to visit and the DNS looks up their list to find the IP address of the said website and connect your browser to it. This means you don’t need to memorize the IP address of your favorite websites. Knowing their domain name is enough to be able to browse the internet with ease.

Changing A Website Host Will Not Confuse Your Website Visitors

 At some point, website owners sometimes have to change their website host for one reason or another. Although changing a website host usually means you also have to change your domain name, sometimes, you get to keep it. However, changing a host means you will need to change your IP address.

But since users don’t really need to memorize your IP address, changing hosts often means nothing to them. So despite changing your host and subsequently changing your IP address, your avid website visitors won’t be confused by the changes since your domain name will be the only thing that is required to access your website. A DNS takes care of matching the domain name to the correct IP address.

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Added Security While Browsing

 DNS providers often have an extension feature that allows for safer browsing sessions. These features filter phishing sites, or cloned websites intended to fool users into harvesting their login details, malware sites, and other unsecured websites, so you are not exposed to the threats that come with visiting these type of websites.

If your browser points you to a questionable website, then your DNS often displays a warning on your browser screen that the website you are about to visit is not secure and it would be up to you whether you wish to continue or not.

This is a very important feature since many users have become victims of these types of websites. Especially with more companies handling very sensitive information like bank account numbers and other sensitive data going online, you must ensure that you have added security to be protected from phishing sites and other questionable websites.

Limiting Access To Other Content

 The internet is such a huge community that offers very helpful information. However, it also has a lot of dark corners where unpleasant content or content inappropriate for younger users proliferate. For parents, this can be a huge problem, and they would want their curious children to be protected from these types of content or websites. Whether suspicious ads led to these types of websites or they specifically type it on the address bar, it is important that children stay protected. So this benefit is very helpful for parents who want to protect their children by restricting their access to websites that are not appropriate for them.

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Some DNS providers offer these filtering options. Although these sites will not be totally blocked, there will be a significant speed reduction when they try to access these age-inappropriate content or websites.

These are some of the important reasons why a DNS is an integral part of the internet browsing experience, even though internet users may not be completely aware of it.

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Bitcoin is the original and most popular form of cryptocurrency on the market today, and it’s therefore considered as the king. This is reflected in the amount of credible services like Luno providing a robust bitcoin wallet, the number of business which accepts the currency and how well known it is worldwide. However, while Bitcoin is often portrayed as the only form of cryptocurrency to get involved with, there are some viable alternatives out there, many of which crypto fans may not have even heard of. So, if you’re in the crypto scene and looking for a realistic Bitcoin alternative, keep reading.

Viable Alternatives To Bitcoin Ether

Ether, in the eyes of most crypto users, is everyone’s second favorite. It’s the main rival to Bitcoin and one of the reasons for this is that they do share some similarities in some instances, however, there are plenty of differences between the two as well. Ether has more than proven itself capable of holding its own in what is now an industry rife with competition though.

Ether comes in the token form and this cryptocurrency runs on its own network. The Ethereum network operates using smart contracts, which are written by coders and then uploaded to the blockchain and put to work. The Ethereum network, very much like the network Bitcoin runs off, is open-source and therefore managed and maintained by the users themselves.


Litecoin shares many similarities with Bitcoin, none more so than its name, with many people viewing the pair as cousins. Both Bitcoin and Litecoin for the most part work in a very similar way, which automatically makes Litecoin a big attraction to those looking for a Bitcoin alternative, but there are of course differences, and it’s these differences which may see a crypto user choose one over the other.

While for many, the fact that the creator of Bitcoin is unknown, for some they prefer to know who is behind the digital currency they’re using. Litecoin’s creator, Charlie Lee, is very much in the public eye and well known. Transactions with Bitcoin are notoriously quick, but Charlie Lee, an engineer by trade, designed Litecoin to be up to four times quicker, and that’s a huge selling point. So is the fact that Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins, while Litecoin’s limit is in excess of 80 million.


Ripple works in a completely different way to other cryptos on the market, and that’s perhaps what is its biggest attraction. The crypto world, for the most part, is unregulated, and this had led to many concerns being raised. This gave the people behind Ripple the idea to come up with a way to offer a bit of peace of mind, which was obviously lacking elsewhere.

The Ripple currency is known as XRP, with Ripple being the company who take charge of both payments and interactions. Ripple doesn’t use a public blockchain like the other cryptos mentioned in this list, instead choosing to operate through a group of nodes. There’s no mining required with Ripple either, which can be seen as both a positive and a negative.

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iTech Hacks by Mukesh Bhardwaj - 3w ago

The age of Cable and satellite TV is reaching its dusk, and from its ashes, something relatively new is taking the world by storm. Online Streaming Services are becoming more and more popular day by day with an increasing number of people switching to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu (find VPN for Hulu) and other regional streaming services. What are all these services the same? Which service is worthy of your hard earned money? Well, let’s find out which of the two of the biggest American video streaming platform that reigns supreme.

Netflix vs Hulu: Which is better? Netflix vs Hulu Round 1: Basic History and Background

Before we get into the really interesting stuff, let’s have a look at where both these streaming giants actually came from and to which corners of the world they have spread till April 2019.

Netflix was founded in 1997 but began operations on 4th of April the following year. It was the world’s first ever online DVD lending service and soon started to find success. Not being afraid to change its ways according to the market, Netflix started an online streaming platform where people could just watch movies on it over the internet whenever they wanted to do so. As of now, Netflix has spread to over 190 countries.

Hulu was started in 2007, way later than Netflix, by multiple media corporation which has made its origin story read more like the launch of a new product rather than something that actually shook the world.

Winner:- While Netflix definitely has a more interesting backstory than Hulu, it’s the fact Hulu only serves two countries that make Netflix the clear winner of this round.

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Round 2: Number of Users

Netflix has over 150 million users worldwide, Hulu had just about 25 million users at the end of 2018. While this can be attributed to that fact that Netflix’s users are from all over the world and it got a head start over Hulu, the numbers are hard to argue with.

Winner:- If you know basic math, you know which streaming service wins by a landslide in this round.

Round 3:- Price

Finally, something you might actually care about.

Netflix is most probably the most expensive streaming service that is legally and officially available in your country but it can be argued that is definitely worth the price tag as it—depending on your plan—lets you use it on multiple screens at the same time and without any annoying ads whatsoever.

Hulu is less costly when compared to Netflix but if you are living beyond the territory of the US and Japan, you might face some difficulty in setting up a proper, stable payment method. If you manage to that then you can opt for the relatively cheap ad-enabled plan or the costlier almost ad-free plan depending on your preference.

Winner:- Tie, it literally comes down to what sort of pricing model you are comfortable with and if you are okay with dealing with a few ads to save some money.

Round 4:- Content

Now we are at the comparison that matter the most. Exactly what you can watch on which platform.

Netflix has an extensive library of TV shows, Web-Series and Movies from around the world on its platform that can provide almost endless entertainment. However, not everything is available in every region which can be extremely annoying at times. Thankfully there are clever workarounds that can quickly fix this problem.

Hulu also has a good collection of content which you can spend hours exploring, though it is not nearly as extensive as Netflix. However, it has programs from multiple American networks that you can watch instantly after they finish airing.

Winner:- Tie, while Netflix definitely has much more content to watch, not everything is going to appeal to everyone and you might have to wait for months to watch new episodes of your favorite network shows before they get added to Netflix while with Hulu, you have the option of watching them instantly.

Round 5:- Originals

Winner:- Too Obvious. While Hulu has produced a few of the best series to come out in the last few years like The Handmaid’s Tale, when it comes to original content, Netflix is leagues ahead. There are way too many Netflix originals to reasonably list in a single article but what makes Netflix’s original content so special is that it literally made people start to take its original Web-Series just as seriously has any high-budget HBO show.


Now while on the surface it is perfectly understandable that this comparison might seem a bit biased towards Netflix but this result was inevitable. Hulu is still a great streaming service that is better than most other regional streaming services but unfortunately, at this point in its life, it just can’t match the global supergiant that is Netflix

Winner:- Netflix, by some Margin.

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