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Computer difficulties with today’s upload aside, I’m glad to be re-joining you here in this dusty corner of the web to continue our ritual to fend off the demons with Horror Haikuesday.

To Inspire You:

With a Salt Loaded Shotgun in Hand

Simon Hells, monster
hunter at your service. You
summon, we banish.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week we turned through the dusty pages of Haikuesday to discover some new monsters in the forests of our minds. Here are the stories you had to tell:

Its eyes gleamed black like
The night sky, its jaws dripped red
Sweet and metallic pic.twitter.com/XmLLz1BZrl

— Alexander James (@HtvImmortal) April 11, 2018

Wild wiry hair grows
New teeth cutting through my lips
I hide from the light#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/NKQgAmwo7N

— SelkieMade (@selkiemade) April 11, 2018


Halfway in between
The world of man and of beast
Lust and death beckon pic.twitter.com/6E4UysFgmg

— Eric Z (@zmudae) April 10, 2018

Disturbance is caught
In a paradox of fate
Evil masks beauty#Poetry #haiku #vss365 #HorrorHaikuesday #madverse #NaPoWriMo #nationalpoetrymonth #SockItTueMe pic.twitter.com/X0fN7nnLel

— P (@epower05) April 10, 2018

Eyes as black as death
Engorged from a feast of flesh
Life renewed again#HorrorHaikuesday https://t.co/tQ6dSkPJtJ

— SCREAMWORLD (@screamworld) April 10, 2018


Beast without Beauty
no talking clocks or dishes
just feral feasting pic.twitter.com/Ja2CwQPshk

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) April 10, 2018

Repugnance unknown
An early, hollow curse dies
enjoying the dark

#horrorhaikuesday #micropoetry #vss #horror #amwriting #prompt pic.twitter.com/HBNpqcj2gY

— Arthur Unk (@ArthurUnkTweets) April 10, 2018

Repugnance unknown
An early, hollow curse dies
enjoying the dark

#horrorhaikuesday #micropoetry #vss #horror #amwriting #prompt pic.twitter.com/HBNpqcj2gY

— Arthur Unk (@ArthurUnkTweets) April 10, 2018

Its disdain for me
eclipsed and protected me
from its appetites.#HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/Z8kCpBrFsM

— Chris Fischer (@SurlyByDefault) April 10, 2018

Meld of man and beast
A thirst for innocent blood
Black eyes glistening pic.twitter.com/LSrNYusGGS

— Eric Z (@zmudae) April 10, 2018

Crawled through the window
And darted under the bed
It feasts on children pic.twitter.com/5J2yCXi4f7

— Ace The Final Countdown! (@AshVulpine) April 10, 2018

Question for you:

What have you been creating outside of Haikuesday lately? I’d like to check it out. Leave a link to something you made recently in the comments below and I’ll pop by and check it out.

Happy Haikuesday my firneds!

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Although I drew this initial sketch a while ago, I was pulling a lot of influence from the Wicked Library’s most recent episode, “Tunda” by Micheal Landry while touching it up . If you have some time and need an extra boost of inspiratu, definitely give this episode a listen: http://thewickedlibrary.com/806/

To Inspire You:

From the Pages of Doctor Phineas Ainsley

I only caught a
glimpse of the creature as it
fled the scene of its
hideous feeding grounds,
but a glimpse was all it
took to sear its visage
into my memory forever.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week you created some beautiful, melancholy, and sometimes hilarious haiku based on my Festering Artwork. Let’s read them, shall we?

We planted a rose
Fed it with our life and blood
But it outgrew us#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/TP2nJ1B3b0

— SelkieMade (@selkiemade) April 3, 2018


The beans that Jack bought
Were a little more deadly
Than he expected pic.twitter.com/PEIMfV2IW5

— Eric Z (@zmudae) April 3, 2018

The horror has grown
From deeply rooted terror
No screams will be heard#HorrorHaikuesday https://t.co/PV6CtPmeyS

— SCREAMWORLD (@screamworld) April 3, 2018

On the edge about to crack
Hell strengthens it’s roots#HorrorHaikuesday #haiku #MadVerse #vss365 #SockItTueMe #nationalpoetrymonth #napowrimo pic.twitter.com/gMW4XN2Ul4

— P (@epower05) April 3, 2018

Too quickly agreed,
equal parts pain and beauty.
Now Spring dryads bloom.#HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/o9fRPCj2aC

— Chris Fischer (@SurlyByDefault) April 3, 2018


Brought down to his knees
The fungus takes his body
Tearing him apart pic.twitter.com/9TmfM2rFPr

— Eric Z (@zmudae) April 3, 2018

Here’s a little haiku tag between Kylie and Kerry that I loved:


It sprouts from sorrows
Nourished by turmoil and guilt
Tears souls limb from limb https://t.co/HrR68HamsC

— Kerry E.B. Black (@BlackKerryblick) April 3, 2018

she buried the seed
in ground made fertile by fear
and watered by tears#horrorhaikuesday

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) April 3, 2018

captured by the shrike
she twists upon the branches
part of his larder#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/lufh6J8ieY

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) April 3, 2018

In the dark forest
of night, of death, trees whisper—
feed me, I’m hungry #HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/LUfjYQI4Qv

— A. F. Stewart (@scribe77) April 3, 2018

It grows from inside
Festering disease for you
Nutrients for it pic.twitter.com/d6kBzNyc1F

— Ace 12 Days (@AshVulpine) April 3, 2018

Thank you all for visiting, and I’ll see you again next week! Same bat time(9am EST) Same bat place, (here and on twitter using #HorrorHaikuesday).

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I kept seeing this wonderful trend going around Instagram all about #Witchsonas and #WitchsonaWeek. There were beautiful characters being made and I jumped right in making a few Witchsonas of my own. But it wasn’t until a couple months later that stopped and asked myself a few important questions. What exactly is a Witchsona? And When is Witchsona Week?

So I investigated. And here are the answers I found.

P.S. If you’d rather watch a video explaining the art challenge you can watch it right here. Otherwise, read on.

What is #WitchsonaWeek? - YouTube
What is a Witchsona?

To answer this question, we first have to ask, What is a persona?

A persona is a an outward representation of your own character.

Which means a witchsona is a character designed around some aspect of your own personality with the aesthetic of a witch.

Now, I’ve seen witchsonas done many ways. Sometimes it’s not a personal character but a character built off of one type of plant or type of magic. But at the core of it all you are creating a new original character based around the clothing, magic and symbols of witches.

What is #WitchsonaWeek?

Witchsona Week is an art challenge where people design and share a new witchsona character each day for a week.

How did Witchsona Week get started?

From what I was able to dig up it looks like Witchsona week started on witchsona.tumblr.com. The blog stopped posting so someone, who was a fan of the art challenge, took it up and created a new blog to keep it going. So you’ll find the official prompt list for Witchsona Week on witchsona-week.tumblr.com.

When is Witchsona Week?

Ah the biggest most mysterious question of them all. When is it? Witchsona week takes place on the last full week of January every year.

How can you join in on Witchsona Week?

The easiest way is to add a hashtag (#) to the front of “Witchsona” or “WitchsonaWeek” on whichever social media platform you prefer. I saw the tag being used heavily on Tumblr and Instagram, but I also saw it up on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. So, create, tag and share away!

  1. #Witchsona
  2. #WitchsonaWeek
  3. #WitchsonaWeek2018 (or whatever year it is)
Want to make one of your own?

I’ve created a full tutorial on how to make your very own Witchsona! You can check it out over here:

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To Inspire You:


It started as a
seed of doubt, with constant fear
it spread and consumed.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week we baked up some #NailedIt masterpieces. Here’s what you created:


The cake freshly iced
With eye of toad, newt, and frog
Just like Grammie made. pic.twitter.com/40kTQhQyn0

— Eric Z (@zmudae) March 28, 2018

The ingredients
Of a good cake; Equal parts
Love, sugar and bile. pic.twitter.com/JPxqcInWKS

— David Tully (@CynicalEyebrow) March 28, 2018

His eyes were the most
Beautiful shade of green that
I had ever tasted #horrorhaikuesday #haiku #amwriting pic.twitter.com/UfSAy0Kd7g

— LuᏟᎥᏁᎠᎪ ☾ Di/\n€ (@lucindad16) March 27, 2018

For those who gaze at
Her creation with contempt
Sprinkles you will be!#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/eWCeALErqv

— Immortal Alexander (@HtvImmortal) March 27, 2018


Entrails, bones, and blood
There’s no accounting for taste
Horror-filled birthday! https://t.co/pt8yYJ0RTd

— Kerry E.B. Black (@BlackKerryblick) March 27, 2018

One cup of sugar,
two cups of flour, beat three eggs,
then a can of eyes.#HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/0FQtfGGd87

— Chris Fischer (@SurlyByDefault) March 27, 2018


She baked a white cake
With eyes of her enemies
Revenge tastes so sweet pic.twitter.com/EQzglzm8Od

— Eric Z (@zmudae) March 27, 2018

Everyone tells me
You shouldn’t cook with eyeballs.
More for me I guess.#HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/Cq06PKwXEN

— The Nonsense Forge (@Wit_LackThereof) March 27, 2018

eyes provide texture
and algae lends it piquancy
the judges are biased

#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/nMo2GDcNTf

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) March 27, 2018

“Eyes are hard to cook
But, they will love my style!
Just needs more Foxglove!” pic.twitter.com/sSJ1tnfvjf

— Ace Face (@AshVulpine) March 27, 2018

With sea slime frosting
Wondrous cake, come celebrate—
It’s the Eyes of March #HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/hNILVZxTn8

— A. F. Stewart (@scribe77) March 27, 2018

monster motherhood:
ten thousand tadpole birthdays
all on the same day#horrorhaikuesday#horror #illustration #haikuchallenge #WritingPrompts pic.twitter.com/oUxlwxrDbf

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) March 27, 2018

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To Inspire You:

Needing a little space

Out of the airlock
and into the night to meet
the hungry locals.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week you guys took the question “Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?” and ran with it. There were some funny haiku along with heartfelt and enjoyed every single one of them.


Death comforted her
Whispering “The end is near,
If you want it, love.” pic.twitter.com/tdB9Bt2mJZ

— Eric Z (@zmudae) March 13, 2018

From every acorn
(planted in a dead man’s chest)
Comes a twisted oak. pic.twitter.com/rMicEJiWY6

— David Tully (@CynicalEyebrow) March 13, 2018

Wounds of ignorance
The lonely go unnoticed
Cradled by the night#horrorhaikuesday #haiku #horrorprompt #Btr2sDay #vss365 #TuesdayThoughts #amwriting #poetry pic.twitter.com/HrlHvsKKRT

— P (@epower05) March 13, 2018

enclosed by branches
she finally gave up waiting
for one to free her

#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/Z9LOi5Mawk

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) March 13, 2018


Her skeletal limbs
Beseech the hands of justice
To set her soul free pic.twitter.com/rXi7Q5lXkj

— ¡ r e n e (@_Irene_Dreams_) March 13, 2018

She talks to her dead,
her victim, hidden away
Savouring revenge #HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/80gTnKWRSA

— A. F. Stewart (@scribe77) March 13, 2018

the tree holds secrets
she also held a secret
now they’re both silent#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/A4b5aYCmwb

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) March 13, 2018

Hug a tree today
Who knows they may hug you back
Or go for your heart#horrorhaikuesdaypic.twitter.com/uURWUSG9TK

— Ace Face (@AshVulpine) March 13, 2018

Hate to wait?

Make sure to check in on #horrorhaikuesday as it’s being created by checking out the hashtag on Twitter.

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Today’s piece is inspired by a true crime mystery.

Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?

Back in 1944 a skeleton was found inside the trunk of a wych elm tree by some kids that were poaching on private property. Despite being afraid of getting into trouble, the youngest of the kids told about the skeleton which lead to its exhumation. Almost an entire skeleton of a young woman was found inside this tree. I say almost because the only thing missing was her hand. That was found a little further off all on it’s own apparently having be cut off. Despite some clear clues that should have helped identify her, such as hair still on the skull and missing teeth, police were never able to figure out who she was.

There are a lot of theories as to who she was and what happened to her. And this is where she gained her name as “Bella” instead of the usual “Jane Doe.” One missing person that lined up with her disappearance was a local prostitute named Bella. Some theories say she was killed by spies for knowing too much. Others say she, herself, was a spy, or that she was killed as a sacrifice in a ritual to create a hand of glory. We may never know. But what we do know, is that she was a least found. And that, even if we don’t know her true name, she has not been forgotten.

To Inspire You:

Under the Unflinching Stars

In the embrace of
the swaying wych elm, Bella
rests her head and grins.

For the secrets she
knows will come bubbling to
the surface again.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You

Last week I invited you to join me on the Horror Haikuesday Train. And here’s what wonderfulness you created:

The metal beast crawled
Through the overgrown weeds to
Stalk its human prey#horrorhaikuesday #AllAboard pic.twitter.com/V7wPZhUqNK

— Immortal Alexander (@HtvImmortal) March 7, 2018

Dead train, lost train, toot! Dark things done in dark places, Victims never found. #HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/TaL6dFhsQK

— Dennis Liggio (@DamnedLiesProj) March 7, 2018


“Oh please!” cried Thomas,
“Can’t I be repaired? Refuelled?
Was I a bad train?” pic.twitter.com/1SsqjTZpwV

— David Tully (@CynicalEyebrow) March 7, 2018

the conductor comes
to punch your ticket at last
it’s your final ride

#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/DNX2DFfAgV

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) March 6, 2018

Train screeching to hell
Engine breathing fire and smoke
There is no escape

— Eric Zmuda (@zmudae) March 6, 2018

Echoes through valleys
Clacking along decayed tracks
Phantom whistles whine#horrorhaikuesday https://t.co/EBvKH7BlKx

— Kerry E.B. Black (@BlackKerryblick) March 6, 2018

throw away your stub,
the journey has ended now;
no return tickets.@horror_made #horrorhaikuesday

— book mongrel (@bkmngrl) March 6, 2018

Ghostly guards wither
Marching each haunted morning
To their journey’s end#horrorhaikuesday #haiku #horrorprompt #vss365 #darklines p222 #PoemTrail #Btr2sday https://t.co/15tmu3WOHP

— P (@epower05) March 6, 2018

All aboard! An echo
as eyes peer and the wind howls
End of the line- Death #HorrorHaikuesday https://t.co/5iKy4SguuP

— A. F. Stewart (@scribe77) March 6, 2018

Last destination
Only bodies disembark
Ghosts ride forever pic.twitter.com/7ZKpGAqFw3

— Debbie Cribb Owens (@CribbOwens) March 6, 2018

Confusion besets
Lonesome traveler who finds
Weeds grown around train#haikuchallenge #amwriting #horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/Xyh6joiez0

— Veronica Hosking (@HoskingPoet) March 6, 2018


all aboard
the ghost train
one-way ticket pic.twitter.com/dpynVsZFuE

— ¡ r e n e (@_Irene_Dreams_) March 6, 2018

Aww. Lost your ticket?
Then you cannot disembark
until you find it.#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/GTGvJtOapR

— Chris Fischer (@SurlyByDefault) March 6, 2018

a life derailed
left out to rust and ruin
and going nowhere#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/R6IFtAZnbp

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) March 6, 2018


Old rotting metal?
Or a train to a new stop?
Only nature knows pic.twitter.com/YobKkyqTyb

— Ace Face (@AshVulpine) March 6, 2018

Want access to full resolution downloads of Haikueday artwork?

If you become a patron on my just-launched Patreon for $2 a month, you’ll get the full resolution files of each and every Horror Haikueday piece. And if you become a sponsor before June 2018 you get to help me build the rewards. I’ve put some placeholders in there for now, but my early supporters will get a say in what rewards are going to be created for each tier of support. So if you like what I’ve been bringing to you, please consider supporting my journey as an artist.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JeanetteAndromeda

Thank you as always and have an incredibly spooky day!

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To Inspire you:

Family Portrait

Beneath their chilly
calm demeanor they plot hu-
manity’s downfall.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Featured Woman of Horror:

This poet and author of horror is a powerhouse of creating unsettling tales. A.F. Stewart is the featured woman of horror today. And I know I’ve mentioned her on the blog frequently, but I can’t recommend her and her work to you enough. She has a fantastic blog, publishes new books frequently and is forever promoting the work others create.

If you’d like to check out some of her work, I recommend trying out her newest book, “Ghosts of the Sea.”

If you’d like to give her a digital high five, you can find her as @scribe77 on Twitter, or on   her blog: afallonblog.wordpress.com.

Created by You:

Thank you for your understanding of the Necromancer post last week. I was really counting on clean wi-fi to get things out on time and alas… that’s not what the cards had in store for me. But enough of that, let’s read what wonderful things you guys wrote last week!

recipes matter
whether it’s bread or the dead
that you want to rise#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/z5cOxcBPhz

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) February 20, 2018

Alas, poor Yorick,
skull just a prop for Hamlet…
you deserved better.#horrorhaikuesday

— Kylie Goetz (xkg) (@eXtremeKylieG) February 20, 2018

The prettiest shades
Are known only by artists
And Necromancers.#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/dAusNi8d5o

— David Tully (@CynicalEyebrow) February 20, 2018

This one cracked me up!

Too damn many skulls,
And not nearly enough ribs!
I hate IKEA.#horrorhaikuesday

— Chris Fischer (@SurlyByDefault) February 20, 2018

Long years of study—
At last, the book of the dead
Need sacrifices#HorrorHaikuesday pic.twitter.com/eKWUGdCtKU

— A. F. Stewart (@scribe77) February 20, 2018

Necromancer not
Yet her rituals needed
Bodies of the dead#horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/8rcwIQZen5

— St Basil Fish (@HanfordGround0) February 20, 2018

Trial and retried fails
Until she perfects the spell
New necromancer

Love the #WiHM
Divas of @horror_made @JeanetteAndrome#horrorhaikuesday https://t.co/qi1h7jmc76

— Kerry E.B. Black (@BlackKerryblick) February 21, 2018

Skull throne, witch’s font Old darkness speaking in tongues Barbarous wisdom #horrorhaikuesday pic.twitter.com/kArqfaBfYy

— Dennis Liggio (@DamnedLiesProj) February 21, 2018

 Like my artwork?

I have prints and stickers and such! They live in my Society6.com store.

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Good morning haikuers! I appologize for the tardy post. I’ve been fighting with internet connectivity this morning as I’m traveling and workin’ with what I’ve got. And apparently, what I’ve got is my phone. My connection is better over data right now but posting from here means embedding your haiku the way I normally do is next to impossible. So what I’m going to do is share a couple of your poems and once I get a better connection, I’ll add everybody else back in. Without further ado-

To Inspire You:

How to make new friends:

One stack of body

parts and your handy dandy


Created by you:

Here are a few responses to last week’s Valentine’s day prompt:

They never knew he

stole her heart, until he tried

Putting it back.

Written by Ben Walker @bensnotwriting

What a way to die

With your hands around my neck

Take my breath away.

By @lucindad16

Forever at war

Angel and demon smoulder

Their forbidden love.

By A.F. Stewart @scribe77

Thank you all for visiting! And I look forward to seeing your work on Twitter today!

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