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It’s literally burning outside and summers have just started. The weather here in Chandigarh is confusing! Times it’s dry as a desert and some days I keep sweating like anything but yeah, the heat is constant. And it’s not just me… almost everyone is complaining about how hot this summer is.

And this heat has been taking a toll on my skin and hair alike. I have been having hair fall, my hair looks dry as hay, then there is dandruff, it’s crazy! I am drinking a lot of water which I think is very important and I really want to use hair masks but, Its that time of the ‘fauji wife life’ when I do not have a home yet and so its hard to make a homemade mask.

So, I have got my hands on this mask by Biotique and honestly, I did not read a review or ask anyone before buying it. I bought it because the price was decent and the product looked promising and Biotique products have worked well for my hair before –

After using it around four times I decided to write a quick review as I got a few messages requesting for more blogs on hair care.

Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair Mask

Product – Ayurvedic

Priced at – 230/- INR for 230gms.

Ingredients – Mulethi Root – 9.0%, Amla Fruit – 15.0%, Behda Fruit – 15.0%, Harar Fruit – 15.0%, Jaiphal Seeds – 2.0%, Bael Phal – 5.0%, Jatamansi Root – 5.0%, Bhringraj Plant – 10%, Kikar Gond – 4.0%, Neem Bark – 1.5%, Purified Water – Q.S.

Application – Mix with egg or yogurt before application. Apply liberally to dry scalp and hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Shampoo. Rinse well with water. Apply once a week or as needed.

Appearance – Appearance is very typical of a Biotique product. A huge white tub with a green screw cap is safely packed in a cardboard box which has all the instructions about the product.

Shelf Life – 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Fragrance – Looks and Smells a lot like henna.

Claims – Musk root has been called ‘the divine herb’, found deep in the Himalayas and used for centuries to promote hair growth. This nourishing treatment pack is a blend of pure musk root, bael, liquorice, and nutmeg to invigorate and rejuvenate the scalp, add strength to every strand and promote growth for longer, thicker, stronger hair.

Availability – You can find this in any good drug store or order online through the links provided below.

My Verdict

I tried this mask when I was having really bad hair fall and dryness. It’s been four times that I have used the mask and I do see a considerable improvement. I won’t say that my hair fall has stopped completely or the dryness has gone but, the hair fall has definitely reduced and so has the dryness.

After seeing the product I was in a dilemma that it might tint my hair because it looks and smells a lot like henna. But nothing of that sort has happened and I am glad that it did not stain my hair or clothes but my hair does smell of henna(which I am not very fond of).

I have used it with eggs and curd but I prefer using curd for certain reasons like I don’t like the smell of eggs in my hair and also curd is a great mask to get rid of dandruff. But you can use it either way because it works well with both these ingredients.

A bottle of 230gms can be easily used for 5 to 6 times depending on the length of your hair. While using, make a thick paste with whatever ingredient you choose so that it doesn’t drip and you can use a shower cap to cover your head. It is advised to leave the mask on for 30 minutes but I had kept it for more than an hour. The mask was too dry by the time I went for a shower and it took me a little while to get rid of the pack completely. Make sure you wash your hair with a mild shampoo thoroughly.

Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide on this product –

Pros –
  • It’s a herbal product and has no chemicals
  • Has a really impressive line of ingredients in the product.
  • Hair definitely looks nourished and has a little shine after use
  • Will make your hair less frizzy and adds moisture
  • Smells like henna which is nice but it doesn’t stain your hair or clothes
  • The packing is decent and is not messy taking out of the tub
  • Decently priced
Cons –
  • Now that my hair is half the length I had, the pack will go up to one or two more use max. So for longer hair, it might just be a 3-time use mask.
  • The bathroom is a mess after washing it off (very much like using henna)
  • Even after you wash your hair thoroughly the smell like henna lingers which many might like while some might not.

So will I recommend this? – Yes!

Though I haven’t seen a faster hair growth, which the product claims, I do see an improvement on the texture and my hair fall has reduced and so has the dryness.

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I love everything about a little hill station but mostly the quiet and peaceful evenings. And when I picture those evenings I see myself sitting in a beautiful little café reading my favorite book with a good coffee in my hand. Bliss!

However I think it’s not just hill stations, I have a thing for beautiful cafes with cozy interiors everywhere. Any day I would choose a pretty looking café with good food over a fancy fine dining restaurant. There are a number of times I like going on a date with myself and its always a quaint little café with cozy interiors and good food that I have preferred.

During my stay in Leh, I had been to almost every little café I found. I traveled around solo, explored the little streets on my own and I never felt unsafe or the need of a companion. Leaving Leh and moving to Manipur was tough and also because I was there at a time when there was hardly any tourism and the state was going through a tough phase during the economic blockade.

I was homebound for almost 5 months and the frequent IED blasts and bandhs had made it worse. But gradually things changed… I saw Manipur grow and develop into a tourist-friendly and peaceful state.

It was during my stay I saw some really good cafes come up. Though a few cafes were already there, they renovated their interiors and revamped their menus for good. I was amazed at how tourism and peace can change a place in all good ways.

Gradually I started getting out and exploring and thus began my café hunting. Hills in Manipur does not have much to offer in terms of fanciness but there was this little café just 10 minutes from my house where I would spend hours…

Gaby’s Café

If you plan on visiting Manipur, make sure you visit Moreh. The little town that shares its borders with Myanmar, is known as the commercial hub. You will find anything and everything on Earth here at throwaway prices. And on your way to Moreh, just exactly halfway in a place called Tengnoupal, is this pretty little café.

Sitting in one of the highest peaks of Manipur this café offers a heavenly view with some great coffee and sandwiches. They have extended their menu due to the demand but their good old coffee and sandwich remain the best order for me yet. I would sit here for hours reading my book or working on my laptop.

While staying in Tengnoupal was one of the best things that happened in my life, at times I missed dressing up and going out. And Imphal was my place for rejuvenation and it was during these short visits to buy grocery or essentials or just driving around the city I used to spot pretty cafes coming up. I was glad my visits to Imphal wouldn’t just be restricted to grocery shopping and I had found some beautiful cafes with amazing food and people with warm and lovely smiles.

My café hopping in Imphal started with a very fancy looking Foragé and till date, it remains one of my favorite cafes in Imphal.


Forage is cozy, casual and classy at the same time and their all women staff with their pretty smiles adds up to the beauty of the place. I love the fact that the owners of the place have taken care of little things which matter. They don’t use any kind of plastic be it bottles or straws and make sure there is less paper waste by providing nice and clean cloth napkins and apart from tissues.

Their interiors depict the thought of best out of waste in little things like coconut shell planters and rustic wooden chandeliers and wooden tissue holders. It’s fancy yet thoughtful in their part.

Adding up to the décor is their oh so delicious food! They have traditional ingredients in their menu which they have incorporated in modern cooking which I think is a brilliant idea. From the menu, the chicken stroganoff, pasta, pork ribs are to die for but my favorite remain chicken salad( I have never had better chicken salad till date) and iced mocha.

The next café that made it to my list has one of the poshest crowds.

The House Café Route 39

 I found this very fancy looking café during our visit to Limakong. The café is tiny with a sitting area outside. The interiors are very fancy with fairy lights and dreamcatchers. The menu is very typical of a café consisting of sandwiches, burgers, salads, wraps and a range of drinks. Mostly the food menu is displayed in the glass case and you get to choose from that. However, their cold coffee and Greek salad is really delicious.

They also have live bands and events on Saturdays and special days. And these events generally attract quite a glamorous crowd and is fun to attend.

Next one – hardly a few months old, this beautiful rooftop place is a must visit.


While coming down to Imphal from the hills I noticed this beautiful place at a rooftop and we planned to go there for our anniversary. And I must say I was really impressed by the way it was done up.

I wouldn’t say it has amazing food but the food is fairly decent and the idea of serving a platter with an electric grill to grill your own food is impressive and bold. Though it’s very common for people out there in cities but, this is very new in a place like Imphal and they have really put in a lot of thought and effort.

The next eatery in my list is bang on the airport road.

Halley’s Bistro

Went for a quick lunch at this place before dropping my folks at the airport and I couldn’t help but drool over the interiors. Very tastefully done up and the food is equally good. The best part of their menu is their fruit based deserts in which they use the fresh fruits of the season and serve it in martini glasses.

I haven’t really seen this place crowded maybe because the airport road hasn’t developed as yet. But I am sure this place will turn out to be quite a favorite once the word spreads.

If you are a fan of Korean food, you might want to check out this quiet little place.

Asian Bowl

A pretty and cozy place where you would love to take your parents for a quiet dinner or lunch. The interiors are done up in a very Asian style with the music complimenting the mood and so is the inspiration of their menu.

They have quite a lot of variety in Korean dishes, so if you like Korean food you might want to check this place out. The Chinese menu is pretty good too and I have been there with my parents and they loved the place.

The list of beautiful eating places with yummy food in Imphal doesn’t end here. There are lots of amazing places if you really want to explore. Apart from the places mentioned above, here are a few more options for you to check them out and let me know

And for the people who are not fond of experimenting with food and want the usual menu you find everywhere, there is always the restaurant of The Classic Hotel. They also offer traditional Manipuri food.

Speaking about traditional Manipuri food there are two amazing places that offer traditional thalis – Luxmi Kitchen and Hotel Imoinu.

** click on the names of the cafes to go to their facebook page.

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It’s been a while I shifted from tampons and pads to menstrual cups. So, has the experience of inserting something in my vagina and going on with my daily activities been a smooth cakewalk? Well, I shall be coming up with my experience and the good and bad in a new blog post. And if you are a first-time user or you wish to change to a menstrual cup but you are scared for some reason, the post will come handy.

Why Menstrual Cup?
Image source: Google

But for now, if you want to understand what a menstrual cup is and why you should shift to one, then, you should read this post –

I had just started using a menstrual cup when the company Everteen approached me to review their products. The best part was that I was already using a menstrual cup from Everteen when I received the call. While I won’t be able to compare the product with any other, I can definitely give you a review of it from a new user point of view.

Why did I choose Everteen and not any other brand?

A few months back when I decided to shift to a menstrual cup, I did my bit of research on how intimate hygiene is evolving in India. There were very few companies that were focusing solely on products of intimate hygiene and Everteen was one of them. Their products looked user-friendly, thoughtful and decently priced.

EVERTEEN is based in India and their products are government-approved or USFDA approved. That means their products are certified to meet stringent safety and efficacy guidelines. The parent company is Wet & Dry Personal Care (W&D), which was established in 2013.

And their products are not tested on animals, they are completely paraben free and sulfate free. So, when I was approached by the company to review their intimate hygiene kit, I was more than happy to do it.

And the very first product that I used and I will be reviewing, is the Menstrual cup.

Everteen Menstrual Cup

First Impression/ Packaging  – The cup comes in a white colored, small and, sturdy cardboard box. The box has all the information written on it and the box overall looks very feminine. It contains a menstrual cup in a plastic packet, tiny fancy looking muslin pouch to store the cup when not in use and an information leaflet. Overall, the packing and storing system of the cup is pretty impressive from the first glance.

The Menstrual Cup – The menstrual cup is made of silicon that is soft(easy to fold) and it is medically graded making it 100% safe to use. The cup can stay inside your body for 12 hours and comes in two sizes. The small one collects as much as 23ml, which is good enough for a light to normal flow. The big one is good for women with very heavy flow and can collect as much as 30ml.

Get your hands on them — CLICK TO BUY

My Experience

Shifting from pads to a menstrual cup can be stressful because it is a big lifestyle change on has to make. For people like us, who have been using pads since the time we got our periods it’s a little difficult. And at times a little awkward to totally stop using a thing we have been using for a decade now and shift to a new kind of product for good, is not easy.

And I am glad I chose Everteen as my first product! Not because they have sent me their products to be reviewed, but I genuinely liked the cup by Everteen. It was soft, easy to fold, easy to hold on to, it did not cause any kind of irritation on my skin and it was not uncomfortable inside me even when I was using it for the very first time.

The cup is supposed to last for almost 12 hours, so it is a boon during long travels. There was no leakage. I went for a run with it and it was perfectly fine. Though I was very conscious as I was using it for the very first time but I can promise you the whole idea of a menstrual cup can be hassle-free once you get a hang of it. I agree we need to use it a few times to get used to it but once you are used to it, it’s very convenient.

Image source: Google

Here are a few pros and cons of using an Everteen Menstrual Cup –

Pros –
  • Cost effective! ( one can last up to 10 years)
  • No leakage
  • No bad odor
  • No rashes and dry skin.
  • The cup can last up to 12 hours making it suitable for travels and long journeys.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It’s eco-friendly and a much better alternative to pads and tampons.
Cons –
  • No matter how flexible and soft the menstrual cup is, it is painful inserting it the first time for a few women( including me)
  • Cleaning and Sterilizing the cup in public places can be an issue
  • Removing the cup can be a little messy

If you are planning on buying a menstrual cup, here are some links to help you ->

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Guest Post by – Neha Singh

If you have only 4 days to spend in Dubai, we suggest that you get busy. From the time you land at the Dubai airport to the time you get back to the airport, don’t waste a single second. Get your money exchanged to AED straightaway at the airport, and pick up a Nol Silver Card for a suitable amount to use the metro, bus, tram and river taxi during your 4 days. Book yourself into a hotel in Downtown Dubai so you can be close to the major sights. Once you’ve done all this, you’re ready to squeeze every second out of your 4 days to explore the City of Gold and Glamor.

Day 1: Dubai Mall, The Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Fountains

  • Dubai Mall: Take your time to explore this stupendous mall with its 1200+ retail outlets, 150+ food court stalls, 25-screen multiplex cinema, Olympic ski rink and more. Check out the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which is home to millions of fancy marine creatures. The beautiful waterfall at the lobby is worth some leering at as well.
  • Burj Khalifa: Enjoy the ride on the world’s second-fastest elevator and the simply mind-blowing panoramic views of Dubai from the observation deck on the 124th floor. If you want, you can top up this experience by buying tickets for the observatory deck on the 148th floor as well. Watch the sunset from Dubai’s highest point – it’ll be an unbelievable experience.
The Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Fountain: The Dancing Dubai Fountains are located directly below the foot of the grand Burj Khalifa. The splendid Sound and Light show is on every half hour after sunset. The best places to enjoy a grand view of the Dubai Fountains are from a boat on the Burj Lake, and from the Burj Khalifa Boulevard.
Dubai Fountains

Day 2: Old Dubai and Dubai Souqs

  • Old Dubai: On the second day of your 4 days in Dubai, start a study of Dubai’s ancient culture. Visit the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood with its narrow cobbled alleyways, its art galleries, Arabian cafes and old crumbling houses made of black coral. You’ll find the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding here, a place that literally takes you into the past before oil was discovered. Spend some time learning about the history of the UAE at the Centre. Visit the Dubai Museum to see relics of Dubai’s past – weaponry, armor, tools, beautiful exhibits of pearls, evocative dioramas of life before oil and much more.
A glimpse of Old Dubai
  • Dubai Souqs: Visit the spice, gold, textile and carpet souqs of Bur Dubai and Deira. You can smell the spices from a long way away. The narrow traditional Arabic streets are cobbled and lined with old stalls that are loaded with spices, textiles, nuts, berries and dry fruit of every variety. Be sure to check out the largest ring in the world, proudly displayed at a store window at Deira. Crossing the Dubai Creek from the Deira to the Bur Dubai side is part of the fun as well. It costs just 1 AED to cross the creek on a wooden vessel called the Abra, which is part of the fun of exploring Old Dubai. While you’re at it, visit the Meena Bazaar & Spice Market, which is the oldest part of the city. This is the part where fishing and trading began in Dubai all those centuries ago. You can purchase anything here – clothing, spices, gold, craft items, jewelry and much more. What to do in Dubai when you’re free to bargain at the souqs? You just shop like mad! Also, plenty of great restaurants and cafes in the traditional part of Dubai, offering fantastic eats at nominal prices, so enjoy your lunch.
A glimpse of the stunning Dubai Souqs

Day 3: Hot Air Balloon Ride, Aquaventure Waterpark and Desert Safari

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: You’ll be starting your day really early – before sunrise. The experience of sailing over the clouds at a height of 3500 feet is simply indescribable. Each balloon holds 24 people; you can book an entire balloon just for your party, or book a balloon for a romantic couple’s flight. The view of the sunrise from the balloon is magnificent, as is the view of the desert below with its myriad wildlife. Keep your telephoto lens peeled for the red Arabian fox, the Arabian gazelle, wild camels, the Arabian Oryx, and other wildlife.
The dreamy hot air balloon ride
  • Aquaventure Water Park: Since your balloon ride gets over early in the morning you can give your morning over to enjoying Aquaventure Waterpark. Dubai’s premium waterpark, Aquaventure is all set to thrill you with magnificent rides. Aquaventure Water Park is part of the Atlantis Hotel which is perched on the tip of the Palm Islands. Don’t forget to try the Tower of Poseidon and the Tower of Neptune for some scary spills.
  • Desert Safari: Since it’s evening, you can join the Evening or the Overnight Desert Safari. Get ready to enjoy some fabulous adrenaline-jerking dune bashing, quad biking, sand boarding, and camel riding. After this comes to a fabulous Emirati buffet repast, plus entertainment in the form of belly dancing and Tanura dancing. Henna artists will draw delicately perfumed tattoos on your hands and feet as you sit back on silk cushions with a shisha pipe in hand. The only difference between the Evening and the Overnight safaris is that with the latter, you get to spend the night under the stars. Be sure to tie up with a respectable desert safari tours company to get the best experience.
The adventurous Desert Safari

Day 4: IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai Miracle Garden and Dhow Cruise

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure: There’s nothing like IMG Worlds anywhere else in the world, so it’s a must-visit. The largest indoor theme park in the world has many delights in store for you. IMG Worlds brings your beloved MARVEL Comics and Cartoon Network characters to life. Join in the adventures of your favorite superheroes and run from the hair-raising dinosaurs. Explore all four epic adventure zones full of delight for an entire morning and afternoon.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: Towards late afternoon, head over to Dubai’s lushest, most verdant gardens, the Dubai Miracle Gardens. These aren’t just any old gardens – these are magical gardens where flowering plants are trained to develop into fantastical shapes. There’s a giant teddy bear, an Airbus, many arches, cartoon characters, famous people and famous landmarks, all made out of flowering plants.
The beautiful Miracle Garden
  • Dhow Cruise: By evening, make your way to Dubai Marina for your evening Dhow Cruise and Dinner. Spend two blissful hours sailing the smooth waters of the Persian Gulf in a beautifully-renovated dhow, Arabia’s original trading vessel. Enjoy the amazing view of Dubai’s scintillating skyline, skyscrapers lit up to the nines, with the lights reflected on the waters. Enjoy a fabulous Emirati buffet dinner on board while being entertained by belly dancers, Tanura dancers, and henna artists.
The romantic Dhow Cruise


So as you can see, you can enjoy a great deal in Dubai in just under 4 days. If you plan your itinerary right, you can enjoy all the shopping and sightseeing your heart desires. Just map your metro routes, keep that Nol card ready, and get going.

A little about the author

An avid trekker, explorer and a true foodie; Neha finds happiness in small endeavors of life and loves to pen them down as a cherished memory. A firm believer that “we have just one life to live and so much to do”, Neha lives every moment to the fullest.

You can check out her blog for more interesting articles on Dubai –  http://www.dubaiwikia.com/

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Guest Post by Saad Atique

We cannot now imagine our modern life without electricity, computers, mobiles, vehicles and other necessary things which you may entail in your daily life. We are going Over the last few years, we have witnessed a lot of revolutionary changes in advancing the technology which has a strong impact on Humans at every step of their lives.

to discuss all the latest technologies which you can use to convert your old lifestyle to modern life. YES, it’s impossible to discuss all the technologies but following best technologies breakthroughs surely going to help you a fair amount.

So, without wasting more time let’s head towards the topic.

Artificial Intelligence and Robots

Robots and Artificial Intelligence have now become the headlines of every news channel because we are eye-witnessing some of the most unimaginable development of the 21st century. In Japan and America, robots are being used for many purposes, such as in restaurants, hospitals and schools to avoid mistakes that are often made by humans.

Apart from performing everything perfectly, all the assembled robots are faster, better and cheaper than the physical labor. If we take another example of artificial intelligence in our daily life then American Airport would be a better place for the discussion of AI because more than 8 Million of flights are being scheduled, processed and guided by advance software assistance.

Transferring of Funds

If we go back a couple of decades then transferring of Funds weren’t that easy as it’s now. You can transfer any numbers to any account in the world within a fraction of seconds and can hold all the records/history of your transactions as well.

Now, you can save all your money in your banks and transfer them anywhere or grab a PayPal to buy online and sell your services on Fiverr, Freelancing, and other secured websites.

Nuclear Power

Well, the name sounds very terrifying because we have seen Japan being demolished by America in 1941 by a nuclear bomb. But that’s not the case we are going to discuss here but the advantages of having nuclear power in today’s era.

You can now generate a lot of electricity through nuclear reactors and it is considered as one of the cheapest & pollution-free energy of all time. There are few countries in the World like America, Brazil, India, North Korea, and China who are making 20% of their country’s electricity with nuclear power and they are saving millions of dollar.

Mobile Phones

How can we forget Mobile Phones when we talk about technology? Yes, Mobile Phones are an essential part of our lives nowadays and it’s impossible to spend a single day without using a phone (My Perception). Because whether you have to make a phone call, text message or video call, mobile phone is a must thing to have.

And yes it’s very true that mobile phones have lessened the distance from our beloved ones and we can call them or text them anytime and anywhere.

The Internet

Every single person is aware of the Internet nowadays and it’s like your library where you can find each and everything related to anything. All you have to do is to turn your internet on in your device and start searching for your desired thing. And guess what? You’ll be surprised by many recommendations and suggestions related to your question.

Electronic Media

There’s a famous quote related to electronic media and digital media which is “Camera Doesn’t Lie” and every media channel around the globe is working on this quote and providing the audience with all the shreds of evidence they need to believe a piece of news.

Without electronic media, there was not a single trustworthy source of spreading a piece of news to the people and most of the times people obligated to believe on a rumor. But now that’s not the case, people are very literate to judge news and you can’t betray them. 

Electronic media isn’t only about news channels; it’s about sports, entertainment and all the other fields of life.  Now you can record your voice and send it to YOUTUBE, watch all the movies and stuff you like.

Satellite Communication

Satellite communications authorize the TV, Radio, Mobile Phones to transfer data all around the globe. Satellites are powered by batteries and solar energy so that they can stay in the stay for a longer period of the time and they transfer information via networks of satellites.

Fancy Text

I know that it may sound irrelevant to the topic but Fancy text has a lot of advantages in the present world. If you’re a social media addict and running a lot of pages then you can generate a lot of text styles within no time.

The fancy text allows you to convert your normal text into all different look so that you can get the attention of your audience when your status, description or any other thing pass by them because the normal text has become boring for everyone and people rely more on videos than reading the text.

If you’ve any intention of giving your text a whole new look then you can click on the link given below


 Personal Computers

Personal Computers are a great source of saving all your information and is operated by a single end user.

Basically, businesses use the PC’s mostly because they have to perform a task like accounting, word processing, invoices and to run a database for the spreadsheets. If we talk about PC being used a Home then PC is mainly used for entertainment, Gaming, Internet purposes because all the other work and load of PC has been shifted to mobile phones which are considered as mini PC’s.

– In a Nutshell  

Technology is evolving day by day and we have to learn about the technologies on a daily basis in order to know what’s going on in the global village.

If you are still unaware of all the technologies which we have discussed then surely you need to research more on them in order to change your life and most importantly by using them.

Thank you and Cheers!

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While it’s very regular for women to discuss hair, skin, makeup, and clothes, but talking about the intimate area and their hygiene is still not as normal as it should be.  While a lot of people still cringe at the topic, I feel it’s high time we take our intimate areas as standard body parts. And there are so many issues that one might be facing, and she might not be comfortable discussing it with someone unknown and here’s where girl bonding comes handy!

We, women, are beautiful complex creatures, and there is a lot that is going on inside that body. And like every other body part, our vaginas are essential! And taking proper care of our vaginas could help avoid some serious and unpleasant health issues.

There are several ways to take proper care of our intimate areas. Some of them –

  • Wear cotton underwear
  • Always use a soft drying towel
  • Do not use sponge or gloves to clean the area. The skin is very delicate there, and it might cause bruises.
  • Wash your intimate parts at least once a day

 And it is the last point that I want to discuss in this blog. Do we need a special kind of a wash for our intimate areas? Or do we need a wash at all?

Our intimate area should have a pH or acidity level of 3.5-4.5 ideally, which promotes a suitable atmosphere for lactobacilli, a good bacteria that helps to keep the harmful bacterias at bay and thus preventing bad odor, irritation, and vaginosis( the most common disorder).

 Generally, the pH level of soaps is much higher than that of our intimate areas. And using soap could disturb the pH level down there resulting in the multiplication of harmful bacteria and thereby foul odor, irritation, and vaginal discharge.

What is pH level?

A pH level determines the acidity and alkalinity of a substance. It is measured from a scale of 0 to 14; the lower the number, the higher the acidity and vice-versa.

Interestingly, even within our intimate area, the pH differs from the vagina and the area around the vagina. A normal healthy one will be acidic and have a pH of around 3.5 – 4.5 and that of the area around our vagina should be 4.5 – 5.5. So definitely soap is not an option when it comes to cleaning our delicate areas, so maybe intimate washes?

What is an intimate wash?

Because soap is not suitable, there is a special kind of wash formulated medically for our intimate areas. It is available in medical stores and also sometimes prescribed my doctors.

An intimate wash helps to balance the vaginal pH level, thus preventing itchiness and viral infection.

But still, there are a lot of questions that remain –

Is it necessary to use an intimate wash? Can we use an intimate wash daily?  With so many brands selling intimate washes, how do we decide which one is the best for us? And a lot more questions maybe…

So here’s my take on a few of the issues that came to my mind and I asked my doctor and ended up researching about them.

Do we need an intimate wash? When do we need one?

An answer to this question is another question – Do you have healthy private area hygiene? Which means does your lady part look, feel and smell like it should generally do?! Then probably you don’t need to use an intimate wash daily.

Our vaginas are naturally well balanced and have a miraculous self-cleaning property. As for me, I don’t generally use any form of washes for my private area; normal water does the job for me.

Now having said that, these medicated washes are required if you have an infection and also during periods and after sex. So, it’s always a good idea to keep one handy!

Our blood has a pH of 7.4 and semen has something around 7 – 8. And although our lady parts must be naturally well equipped to handle these two, there might be chances of infection. So it’s always taking precaution better than cure.

What to look for in an intimate wash?

When it comes to choosing an intimate wash, it’s not rocket science! Just keep in mind to avoid anything that has harsh chemicals like sulfate and paraben. Lactic Acid is a good ingredient. It should also have glycerine as that helps to keep your skin moisturized and prevents dryness. And avoid anything that has strong scent or perfume – you want your vagina to smell like a vagina and not like a bunch of roses!

Here are a few links to help you buy the best intimate wash in the market – Click ->

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I love oils on my skin, and I feel they are essential for all skin types. And one oil that you would always see in my cupboard is the tea tree oil, and there are some great reasons for that. A little before this TT craze hit the beauty industry; my dermatologist had suggested me to use one.

Almost a year ago, I had a terrible acne problem and skin infection. FYI it was not due to any product that I used but due to a hormonal disorder. My skin still has a few marks from that infection. It was during this time that I started using tea tree products and TT essential oil on my skincare. And since then TT oil has always been in my rack.

What is Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil or Melaleuca alternifolia belongs to the species that are native to Australia. Though the name suggests but let’s not confuse it with the plants whose leaves are used to make green or black or any other tea. Tea tree is volatile, and it is also one of the active ingredients for household products and cosmetics. The components that give tea tree oil its antibacterial and antifungal qualities are terpene hydrocarbons,  monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes.  It is naturally antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which makes it one of the most popular essential oil.

Let’s have a look at some of the best uses of tea tree oil –

Tea Tree Oil for Skin

With such amazing qualities, there are no points for guessing that it can do wonders to your skin.

  • Acne control –

 The most popular use of tea tree oil is acne control, and I can assure nothing works better than this one. There are several TT products available in the market, but I prefer using the essential oil and making my own cost-effective product with it. Heres a way I use tea tree oil for acne control.

In a 100ml spray bottle add 40ml rose water or 40ml witch hazel and 40ml water. In this add 30-35 drops of tea tree oil – Use this on your face twice a day if you have acne prone skin. **Shake well before use.

Pimple spot treatment – If you have pimples apply raw oil on the spot

  • For Blackheads –

Tea tree oil penetrates in your skin to disinfect and unclog pores, and this helps to prevent blackheads and also eliminate them. My ideal remedy for blackheads is using a clay mask.

Take a tbsp of Multani mitti, add rose water/normal water and make a paste. In this add two-three drops of tea tree and mix well – Apply on your face and neck evenly and let it dry completely. Wash off with regular tap water.

  • For Glowing Skin –

Tea tree makes your skin acne free, melts blackheads and gives your skin a healthy glow. And all these reasons make it one of the most sought after ingredient in the beauty industry. While the above ways of using work amazingly well for your skin, you can also use it in your moisturizer.

Add one drop of tea tree oil on a dollop of the moisturizer of your choice – Mix well and apply it on your cleansed and toned skin.

  • For Itching –

When I suffered from skin allergy and infection, the worst thing that I faced was itchy skin. And I was told not to itch them as they would result in spots on the surface. Tea tree oil worked wonders during this time. I would dab raw tea tree oil on the spots that were itching, and it was instant relief.

** For first-time users, tea tree oil might give you a burning sensation. It is very normal, but make sure you use it with a carrier cream or any other product when you are using it.

Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Not just skin but tea tree oil has some fantastic benefits for hair too.

  • For Dandruff –

With properties like anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil is one of the best natural cure for dandruff. It fights the fungus that causes dandruff, prevents itchy and flaky scalp and inflammation. Pretty much cover all the significant problems for me, and I am using it on a daily basis. Heres how –

I prefer washing my hair daily or at least alternate days. After washing my hair and towel drying it lightly, I take a tbsp of water and add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil.  And massage this water on the scalp while my hair is wet. It gives the hair some weight and sobers my fizzy and fluffy hair down and keeps dandruff at bay!

** I am not sure how it would work for people with an extremely oily scalp.

  • For Hair Growth –

Dandruff blocks pore and causes itchiness and inflammation. Curing dandruff will automatically result in a reduction in hair loss. Tea tree is also considered to have antimicrobial properties which help to unclog hair follicles which allows the essential nourishment to reach the roots.

Though I haven’t used it myself, I am sure adding a few drops of TT oil in your regular hair oil can work great.

Aroma oil diffuser and candles on blurred background Tea Tree Oil for Health

From what I have read tea tree has been used to treat bronchial conditions since ages. And from those excellent properties that it possesses, it can also provide relief for sinus congestion and cold and other health benefits.

  • For Sinus Congestion and cold –

Due to the antibacterial quality of tea tree oil, it works well in destroying the harmful bacteria causing cough, cold and sinus congestion. The best way to use TT oil in this process –

Take a bowl of boiling water and add a few drops of tea tree oil in it. Lean before the bowl and cover your head with a towel. Make sure that the towel is placed in a way that the steam does not escape. Breathe in the vapor for at least 10 – 15 minutes.

  • Tooth and Gum Care –

A recent study revealed that tea tree oil is more effective than chlorhexidine, a standard ingredient in mouthwashes. You can make your mouthwash with tea tree oil.

Take a cup of water and add two drops of TT oil in it. Use it as a mouthwash and see how it leaves your mouth fresh and prevents bad breath too.

**Though TT oil works brilliantly, but it can be toxic when ingested. So make sure you do not swallow it.

Other than these amazing benefits mentioned above there are many more. And one such use is that it is used for helping cancer patients! The oil when used in aromatherapy helps to reduce anxiety, depression and helps you sleep better, which helps improve the well-being amongst cancer patients.

Warning :

However, no matter how beneficial, essential oils can be powerful. It is always a good idea to do a small patch test on your legs or arms before you start using one.

And if you have certain medical conditions or you are pregnant, always seek medical advice before using any kind of essential oil.

Image source: Google

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When I started writing this blog, I promised myself I wouldn’t start again by saying how I hated this place when I first landed here and how I have fallen in love with this place and people over the last two years. Now that you all are so aware of my love for this beautiful little state in the northeastern part of India, I am going to talk about Imphal and only Imphal and nothing but Imphal.

I stayed in the hills of Manipur, in a little village near Tengnoupal. I was alone, if not lonely and there was nothing around really. Even for daily groceries, veggies or fruits, we had to get it either from Imphal or Moreh. And Imphal was my place for rejuvenation. Only two hours from my home, I kept running to Imphal for getting a feel of a town if not a city. I had seen Imphal grow from that dull and disturbed place to a place with some fantastic shopping areas and stunning little cafes with their finger-licking food.

And one day when a friend asked, “What are the places to see in Imphal city?” I realized I hadn’t explored Imphal city even though I was visiting it every month. And so, I sat down with a map and google, ticked all the places that were in the touristy lists, packed some food and water, and I was all set.

The first place in my reasonably long list was The Kangla Fort, the most popular tourist place in Imphal.


A 10/- INR ticket to enter a place which speaks volumes about the rich culture, history, and heritage of Manipur.The Government has declared it as ‘Ancient Historical monument, and an Archeological site.’  If you ever visit Imphal, the glorious gate of Kangla fort right at the center of the city is hard to miss. A man-made canal surrounds the area of the fort. There is a massive map of the Kangla Fort right at the entrance which suggests there are around 16 places to visit inside, the Fort itself!

It has the King’s residence from the British time, a polo ground, a museum, lots of temples, holy ponds and a lot more. There are cycles and golf carts available to explore the vast complex. However, I chose walking down the fort campus.

I was there at the fort at around 9 in the morning, and there was no one except the gatekeeper. I took my time walking around the beautiful campus, read every signboard, visited every little temple inside and the museum. The museum, even though small was informative. I especially loved that the museum had one full wall dedicated to explaining how the flag of Manipur evolved. I had always been curious! The museum tells the history of Manipur from the 15th century to the 20th century. The place also has some ancient books, manuscripts, and handicrafts.

Then there’s the Pakhangba Temple of the ruling deity of Manipur, that caught my eye. Other than the beauty I was awed by the story behind the ruling god.

Even though historically very rich, very little of it remains visually. A lot of it had been destroyed in air strikes during WWII. The fort also witnessed the Anglo-Manipur war before being captured by the British. Till 2004,  it was occupied by the Assam Rifles.

Now that it has come under the Archeological Department of Art and Culture, there might be some exciting discoveries.

I spent two and a half hours in Kangla Fort. It is enormous, and there is a lot to explore but, I had a list, and so I headed to my next destination –


Call me old fashioned, but I love visiting museums! No matter how small the place, if it has a museum I make it a point to visit it. And I think everyone should do it. You might be surprised how much you can learn about a place with these visits!

Manipur state museum was nothing extraordinary but it is informative and well maintained. Though a small one it has a lot of things to offer. Photography is not allowed inside, and the entry ticket is 20/- INR per person.

From the museum, I went to one of the most beautiful and vital temples in Manipur –


Poised and graceful, this Temple is of great importance, spiritually and historically. Built in the 1846 AD during the reign of Maharaja Nara Singh, it was severely damaged in the earthquake of 1868 and was rebuilt keeping in mind the original design. It is located next to the palace premises. The temple is held in high regard by the Vaishnavites. Pilgrims from all over the world come to visit the temple

The temple has dedicated times for each prayer, and there is a dedicated team of musicians who play during these prayers. There are special performances during festivals that include traditional Manipuri dance and Raas Leela. One such spectacular time to visit the temple is during Holi.

I spent a little time watching the devotees, loitered around the temple complex and clicked some pictures. And it was finally time for lunch. I headed to the Lakshmi Kitchen to have the traditional Manipuri Thali.

After lunch, I headed to the IMA market.


I have visited this place several times just for the vibe if not for shopping. I love how vibrant and colorful this place is. Ima translates to mother in Manipuri. Ima market or the Ima Keithel, is more than 500 years old and is managed entirely by women. It is also the largest all-women market in Asia! And I have a blog written on it do check it out!

Click on the link to check out the blog.

From the IMA market, I went to the Three Mother’s Art Gallery.


The artist Shri Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma made sculptures carved out of a single root of a tree. The structures find inspiration from the history and mythology of Manipur. The artist who is no more amongst us had single-handedly built this art gallery, and each sculpture is unique and a masterpiece. Sadly, after his demise, the family struggles to preserve his art, and I fear if the Government does not take necessary steps the work of an incredibly talented artist will go unnoticed

I was visiting The Three Mother’s Art Gallery for the second time. I had already taken lots of pictures here and asked about the artist on my first visit itself. But this time I was visiting to meet the lady, the wife of the artist. I somehow remembered her face and wanted to meet her before I left Manipur.

I had already written a blog about this art gallery, and it’s a worth visit place. Please do read the blog and decide for yourself.

Click on the link to read the blog!

From there I headed to RKCS Art Gallery


Rajkumar Chandrajitsana Singh(RKCS) –
” I have lots of things to do. I dream of restoring the lost culture through paintings. I dream of recording of such events for prosperity”

A man of his words, the brilliant artist takes you on a ride to witness the history, heritage, myths, and culture of Manipur through his painting. With more than 10,000 works to his credit, he is still one of the most celebrated artists of Manipur and his family takes the name ahead with much panache!

Once again my second visit to this beautiful art gallery. This time I went to buy a painting for the mess. But I have everything about this beautiful art gallery written in a blog. And it’s worth checking out!

By the time I came out of the art gallery, it was already getting dark. And I was glad I did tick the best places I could in a day. As I leave Manipur, I will be coming up with more blogs on the different areas and experiences I had. And I shall repeat it… Manipur shall be special to me always for reasons I have ever mentioned and much more!

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No matter how great you are with your content, if your blog is full of grammatical and spelling errors it’s going to suffer a setback. This is where Grammarly comes to play its part. Though there are probably a number of tools and applications out there to help you with it, Grammarly is one of the most popular and best grammar, spelling and punctuation checker tool out there for all the right reasons! But just in case you have never heard of it, here’s a little introduction to what exactly Grammarly is and how does it help.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly comes in the form of an online app where you can write directly or paste/download a previously written article for proofreading.  

Grammarly is an online grammar and punctuation tool that proofreads everything you write. You can download a free extension to your browser and it sits there and detects every spelling or grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes in whatever you write. It also has a plagiarism checker tool in the premium version of it. It is one of the most popular tools that is used by writers from around the globe.

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, journalist, student, teacher or just writing for your own self, this little online tool helps everyone save time and write correct English the better way.

But, is the free version of Grammarly good enough? Though there are a lot of good features in the free version too, let’s have a look at the overall best features it has to offer.

What are the best features that Grammarly has to offer –
  1. It corrects mistakes while writing online in blogs, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler or any social handle for that matter.
  2. It helps you check your punctuations and sentence construction. Which is absolutely brilliant. I have this habit of not putting commas where necessary and this tool has worked like a boon for me.
  3. It has a free browser extension.
  4. Corrects over 250 grammatical errors at a time
  5. Helps you check overuse of a particular word.
  6. Points out poor vocabulary and suggests synonyms that would sit perfectly in that sentence. (Premium version)
  7. Finds weak adjectives in your article and helps you with better options. (Premium version)
  8. There is a plagiarism checker that points out the percentage of duplicate or copied items in your article. (Premium version)

Grammarly is that English teacher who sits right there with you and helps you write better articles with lesser mistakes.

I have been using the free version of Grammarly for a while now, for writing my blogs. All I can say is, it has saved me from embarrassing spelling mistakes my friends kept pointing out after I posted them.

But Is the free version good enough for you?

The premium features that Grammarly offers are –

  • Plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion websites
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • +100 more critical grammar and spelling checks

The free features in Grammarly are definitely better than MS Word and the inbuilt spell check in WordPress and has definitely been worth downloading! In the free version, I get a lot of help and also a weekly writing update report.

But for a frequent and fast writer like me, outsourcing articles, allowing guest blogs, or somebody who has to write to make a living, or someone whose first language is not English and still want to publish articles in English, the free version seems very limited.

As of now, I have been using the free version for a while and from my experience, these are the pros and cons of Grammarly-

Pros of Grammarly :
  • Instant grammar and spelling correction – It helps you work fast and efficient. Grammarly is automatic in correcting you as you draft making the process time efficient.
  • Working on Grammarly is easy – The explanation process of Grammarly is easy to understand. When you make a mistake in a sentence it goes ahead to suggest with explanations, making it easier for you to understand. In the process, it helps you improve and write better.
  • It can be customized according to your wish – You can turn off Grammarly for a certain document or a website, add your preferred words in the dictionary. And these features are available in the free version.
Cons of Grammarly :
  • The free version is very limited – If you are looking for a tool to transform your writing other than just better grammar and vocabulary, you might end up feeling that the free version is not enough.
  • It does not work on Google docs – If you are someone who is using Google docs as your writing companion then Grammarly is not an option for you. But, they are currently beta-testing with Google doc so you might hear good news pretty soon.
Overall Review

After using Grammarly for a while now, I don’t see myself writing without it. It’s easy, convenient and helps me write faster without making errors in spelling and grammar.

I would highly recommend it to someone who needs to write better or want to learn how to write better.

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