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This has been the talk of the town since CBD as a chemical compound called Cannabidiol has been gaining traction in the world. Of course, the friction is mainly due to the therapeutic effects of the rising star chemical compound. But now many have started to wonder if the restaurants are also going to introduce CBD in their foods. Well, that remains to be seen, but it shall be seen in this content by researching if it is still the case with CBD in food, so let’s find out.

First of all, we’ll see what kind of CBD foods and drinks are there:

CBD has been known for therapeutic effects and also an excellent sleeping aid. This is why a lot of people are vying for this in their food and drinks. With the gradual relaxation of federal cannabis laws, the CBD is spreading out in many different types of food and beverages. There are many CBD in food restaurants, and CBD infused drinks that have Government scrambling over it. Do not worry though, CBD may be derived from the cannabis plant but unlike its sister chemical compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is not at all psychoactive, which means that it cannot nor intoxicate you or neither it can make you high.

For people, this means they are adding it up in everything from carbonated drinks to CBD ice-cream and even the gummy bears. These will often promise you to make you feel better and even healthier. It can do things like cancel out the harmful effects of coffee when it is mixed with it. Additionally, it can also cancel out the results of other chemical compounds such as the THC.

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1000mg Blue Dream Vape Juice for $49.99! Why CBD?

Well, this is an important question. What could CBD in food, and CBD infused drinks mean, and this is precisely why people should use these. The answer to this, we will say is the therapeutic effects of it. The effects include reduction of the anxiety, and stress, treatments to various kind of illnesses and ailments, and even handling of the ailments like epilepsy.

This is why people are bent on using foods and drinks with CBD in them. The real question should be: Are the restaurants serving CBD infused consumptions at their places? Well, the CBD aficionados are getting their fix of the CBD in various types of bars and restaurants, but there is another bitter truth behind it, which is that the legal status and social stigma of the cannabis plant is creating resistance. Just because of this, one is not able to have his or her favorite CBD infused drinks or CBD food in the places they like. And this is unjust, as even though it is legal in many of the states. But they would not rather have it served in the bars and the restaurants on the basis that it relates to the cannabis, which also gives birth to marijuana. Just because of this we are our chances of enjoying these at our favorite restaurants and bars are keenly taken.

What is stopping the freedom of CBD in food and drinks?

Well, due to the associated stigma of cannabis, the CBD in food, and CBD in drinks is not allowed. While this contradicts the nature of CBD as proclaimed by the World Health Organization who issued a report about how “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile…” but organizations like the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) still does not allow the extensive use of it outside some of the realms. WHO even goes on to say things like “… To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

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While it is true that hemp, which is the source of CBD, is not banned for production, FDA still stated products that say they have therapeutic effects could not be sold until and unless the agency has approved them. Naturally, most restaurants are not able to do this because of the time constraints involved, and people’s chance for getting that CBD fix (which is not a ‘high’) is also gone. The places that still do get the opportunity to sell in their food and drinks are already under crackdown for unapproved CBD in food, and CBD infused drinks. This has happened in New York City where the Department of Health is just closing down the shops, bars, and even the restaurants that have been using CBD infused drinks and food.

1000mg Gorilla Glue #4 CBD Vape Juice for $49.99! What does the research say about this chemical compound?

While the research is incomplete, it is also at the same time promising, but that does not mean that we cannot mention some of them. In 2018, already, CBD had been approved for the use of two different forms of epilepsy as an oral solution in the form of Epidiolex. This does not come in vain, as they probably did it through administering tests and trails on the drug. That is a study in itself. There have been many studies that have pointed to the fact it can treat ailments like chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and schizophrenia. The information that is not available is more about the dosage, and how correct it should be. The experts say that scientists still do not adequately understand how does CBD interacts with receptors of the human body, and how it affects the brain.

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Final Words: 

These ensuing words are the last words, as in conclusion.  You know now what kind of CBD infused drinks there can be, which types of restaurants provide CBD in food. You know their benefits and how these products are not allowed for selling, freely in the market. You even see the legality status of these products, and how CBD is gradually becoming free of its stigmas. This is why you can yourself form your own opinion about it and if you want to, please even try it too, as the idea will be even better.


The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate the statements regarding these products. FDA research did not confirm the efficacy of these products yet. These products are not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information we present here is not a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.

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Denver Colorado – May 20, 2019.  It is with great pride that we would like to announce the addition of Senna Leith to the Healthworx CBD Team!

Besides being an all-around great dude, consummate outdoorsman and world traveler, Senna races professional snowboard-cross for the US National Snowboard Team. Over the past few years, he has became one of the top up-and-coming athletes in snowboard-cross; competing on the North American Cup tour and in FIS Jr. World Championships.

More recently Senna has moved to a full-time role on the World Cup stage to chase his Olympic dreams.

Beyond snowboarding, Senna is passionate about photography, traveling, anything outdoors, and Healthworx CBD of course!!!

You can always find him searching for the next big adventure and Healthworx CBD is happy to support him every step of the way! Go Get Em Senna.. All the best for this upcoming season!

Team Healthworx CBD 

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For some, CBD seems like a tough cookie to crack, even though it is a straightforward chemical compound that belongs to the cannabis family of plants. Here, we tell you what we can about it, its origin, why it cannot get you high, and why people are regularly thinking why the effects of CBD oil seems to have been getting them high. This is the start of an article that essentially tries to tell you some things you didn’t know about CBD or CBD oil. So, here we go now:

First and foremost, understand the chemical compound CBD:

CBD (Cannabidiol), as mentioned before, is a chemical compound that is derived from the cannabis plant (well, different species of it), and is part of the many cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are certain types of chemical compounds that exist in different parts of the natural (and sometimes unnatural) ecosystem. These places in the natural (or unnatural) ecosystem can include places like our bodies, the cannabis plant (or others like it), and even the labs.

The ones that originate from our bodies are called Endocannabinoids, which means they are endogenous to the body. Anandamide is a well known Endocannabinoid. Originating in a plant like cannabis (or any species of it) makes that cannabinoid a Phytocannabinoid, which means it is a plant-based chemical compound. CBD hails to this type of classification of the cannabinoids.  The ones that are made in the lab, or in other words, are artificially made are called synthetic cannabinoids. K2 and Spice belong to this group of the synthetic cannabinoids that can mimic the effects of actual cannabinoids but are highly toxic for human ingestion, as these are highly potent. Synthetic cannabinoids like these can only be used for industrial purposes, for example spewing a little of it, on plant-based vaping items.

All of these cannabinoids have a natural affinity for two different types of cannabinoid receptors found in our bodies. Both of these, receptors are called CB1 and CB2, respectively. Together, the two of these are found in different places of our bodies, with CB1 in the brain, and the CB2 in places like the spleen, and tissues of muscles, and these make up the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for many of the bodily functions, for example, mood regulation, cognitive senses, and it also takes care of keeping your body in a balanced state, which means it helps to keep it in homeostasis.

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Cannabinoids can interact with the receptors on this ECS (excluding CBD, and others like it, even if they are cannabinoids – more on this later). This way, the brain can be altered the way the cannabinoids had wanted to because of their chemical properties. This is why when people take Marijuana, they feel a “high.” It is because the chemical compound predominantly found in it, called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has psychoactive properties. Being psychoactive means that it can alter the brain to feel intoxicating effects. While THC is a phytocannabinoid itself, it is different from related phytocannabinoid called CBD. CBD is not psychoactive and therefore, cannot make a person high. Henceforth, whenever you take a product like CBD oil, the effects of CBD oil does not make you high.

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If CBD does not make us high, why do people think otherwise?

There is a certain stigma attached to the chemical compound called CBD, and therefore people will ask, “can CBD get you high.” This is the case because of its relation to the cannabis plant, which people will always think has psychoactive properties, even though many of its species do not have psychoactive properties. This, in turn, with its legality status in some of the states in the USA, indeed imposes higher stigma than what was previously known about it.

People have lazy minds, and they tend to make stereotypes with bits and pieces of information that do no correctly add up, and therefore end up with a wrong conclusion. This is why many people wrongly think, “can CBD get you high,” and ask around about it more, basically spreading out the wrong information.

It is the same with the law, as it also tends to make similar stereotypes as the general public, which leads to an against-type campaign towards the innocent CBD. The end result is that many of the states (although the number is getting low by the wayside) tend to make legislation against the use of CBD, even though it is being praised by many of its users as a miracle medicine. But, instead of focusing on that these legislators tend to focus more on the relation it has with the cannabis plant.

They tend to then, think of it as being in the same vein as marijuana, even though it can come from a different species of the cannabis plant like the industrial hemp. Now, industrial hemp is known for its various applications in different industries, and also for being the main source of extraction of CBD. But the public will still think that CBD has something to do with marijuana more rather than the industrial hemp, and therefore will always ask, “can CBD get you high?”.

1000mg Blue Dream CBD Vape Juice for $49.99! Why CBD oil is also considered a culprit of getting you a high

CBD oil and the effects of CBD oil can also be considered as the main culprits behind the high, a chemical substance like THC can only produce. As with any other derived medicine, people tend to think it will have the same effects as the source of it, which naturally they also think about a product that is infused with CBD. They believe that CBD comes from a cannabis plant; thus the product like CBD oil will have CBD, and therefore the effects of CBD oil are going to be psychoactive, which means it will make us high. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

But the truth always comes with a grain of lie, and we elaborate how so. Many of the CBD products can have THC in them, and it can be around the amount of 0.3 percent relative to the container, carrying it. 0.3 percent of THC is not able to produce a high, and it is added for additive purposes, can come as a result of extraction from certain cannabis plants. 0.3 % is legally allowed amount for any product. But sometimes, what business managers or chemists, will tend to do is that they will add a little more, either because they could not contain the extra THC flowing in extraction, or they can add it for additive purposes. For this THC (in higher concentration) can come in many of the CBD infused products, and also, therefore, can produce a high. Mind it that it is not CBD that is creating the high, but THC is, and henceforth, this is why sometimes the effects of CBD oil can have the euphoric feeling of being felt high. This leads the user of this kind of product to feel they need to ask, “can CBD get you high?”.

So, how do we know a certain product has only 0.3 THC or none at all?

Well first things first, there are certain products available that do not have any form of THC available in them. You should be able to find these type of products very easily. The other way is to check if the product is procured through correct procedures by checking the back. The back sticker of the product may or may not have specific certifications that tell you if the product did go through certain processes that were correct. This what they call certificate of analysis, and it also shows how much CBD and THC is there. This way, one can save oneself or others from the effects of CBD oil that may produce a high because of the hidden THC. Instead of asking around questions like, “can CBD get you high?”, do this!

Will I fail a drug test, if I am taking CBD infused product like the CBD oil?

As CBD cannot get you high, it can also not get you the failure of the passing of a drug test. A drug test may be needed by an organization you might be working for. Or it might be a medical test, and you are worried about being embarrassed (even though marijuana is not that big of a deal). Whatever your deal is, we can assure that CBD, again is not the culprit behind it all, if and when you do get caught in a drug test.

Here too, THC is the main culprit behind it all. You see most of the drug tests are made to catch THC anti-bodies, therefore if you have CBD or the effects of CBD oil in your system, then do not worry about it. But, if you had taken a CBD infused product that had high THC, then you are going to fail the test. This is because of the slipped in THC antibodies that are created by the body for THC ingestion.

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Alternatively, if you take a high dosage of CBD infused product with even the negligible amount of 0.3 percent that is legally allowed, then you can still fail the test. This is because you had been taken the numerous amounts 0.3 percent of THC in the CBD infused product, which in accumulation produced a high, and therefore THC antibodies were created, which in turn led the identification of the transgression. Things like these lead people to say things like can CBD get you high. This is why be sure to either not take anything with THC as a safety measure, or at the very least not in high dosage even if the percentage of THC is meager.

What about the legality of CBD, if it does not produce a high, is it legal?

CBD is legal in almost all of the states of the United States of America. Some of them are in the process of legalizing it. Many have already given their blessing to the CBD sellers and buyers. Hemp, which is legal in all 50 states, is a significant extraction source of CBD.

Due to many of its therapeutic effects, much-renowned organizations have given their blessing. Organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and World Health Organisation (WHO) have also given their blessing for the use of CBD. FDA has even allowed it to treat two separate forms of epilepsy called the Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Geraut Syndrome. World Health Organisation has identified its therapeutic levels and effects to an international level, in the process, giving CBD a greater awareness.

Keeping these things in mind, you should know that CBD is getting traction. And, in the process is also getting rid of the associated stigmas, which are there because of THC. All you have do is avoid THC, and then you are good to go. This should get rid of the questions like what are the effects of CBD oil or can CBD get you high.

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The difference between THC and CBD:

While both of these are Phytocannabinoids, THC and CBD are vastly in their effects on the brain. CBD does not even interact with the cannabinoid receptors found in the endocannabinoid system, while THC directly does. CBD is an antagonist to these receptors. What’s interesting is that the CBD can reverse the effects of THC, by indirectly dealing with the endocannabinoid system. What it does is that it blocks the interaction of THC with the receptors found in the endocannabinoids system that produces a high, collectively. This is because as an antagonist, it takes up the place of THC binding receptors, not letting THC in, while also not inducing those receptors to work.

Final words:

This is the end of the line here, and we would like to bow out. Before we bow out, we would like to tell you that you know what are the effects of CBD oil, and now you can stop asking out the question: can CBD get you high, as probably your curiosity is fulfilled. We also talked about related things like the difference between THC and CBD, and the legality of CBD.

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Nowadays many are asking What are Cannabinoids? They are right to ask this question though. This is probably happening because of the rising popularity in certain cannabinoids like CBD. What they are, forms the cusp of discussion here. We talk their purpose, how they do it – whatever they do, and things like where they come from. We briefly go into the little details of these cannabinoids, and why they are important to us.

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The use of cannabinoids can be dated back to the Asian and Far Eastern Folktales. To the western world, it was introduced through the works of Irish scientist Sir William B. O’Shaughnessy. People in the west of the 18thCentury had no idea of the Cannabinoids. He was an Irish physician working in the city of Calcutta, India, when he did his research. Sir William was the one to introduce anything related to cannabinoids in the 19thCentury to all of the public. His seminal work on the cannabis research had led to the benefits of cannabis use in the world and all around the world, and since then there has been a lot of research on this kind of subject matter.

Cannabinoids in detail:

The word cannabinoids refer to the chemical substances that have the affinity of the cannabinoid receptors found in our body, in the Endocannabinoid System. The endocannabinoid system, or in short ECS has a range of different cannabinoids scattered throughout the body.

These cannabinoids can come from different places. Many of them like anandamide can come from inside the body. These are created from precursor lipids that are created by the neurons in the brain. These type of cannabinoids are called Endocannabinoids, hence the name of the system. There are also Exo-Cannabinoids, and these come from outside the body. These can be classified into two separate groups: phytocannabinoids and Synthetic Cannabinoids.

Phytocannabinoids are plant-based, and this is where cannabis comes in. Phytocannabinoids are chemicals compounds like Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Before we go into Synthetic Cannabinoids, there are some things that you should know about CBD and THC, as it is vital to know about.

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Today, CBD and THC are two of the most renowned cannabinoids in the industry. They are revered for their therapeutic effects for the user. Though there is a subtle difference between them, and that changes the way that a user can feel. THC is essentially psychoactive. This means that it can alter the mind in an intoxicating way. CBD, on the other hand, gives therapeutic effects, along with the treatment of specific ailments. The high makes the THC popular, and the therapeutic effect of the CBD without any high makes CBD very popular. Different species of cannabis have both of these. CBD and THC can be found in equal amounts, but both of these can be in different quantity. The one with the higher amount in a species will have a powerful effect on the user. One of these can also be low or completely absent from a species of the cannabis plant. CBD is predominant in a species of cannabis like the hemp plant, and THC can be seen in the likes of marijuana.

There is one other classification that pertains to different exo-cannabinoids. And these are the synthetic cannabinoids. The main difference between this one and the others is that this one is created in a laboratory. Yes, you heard that right, as cannabinoids can also be created artificially. One of the most notable examples of this cannabinoids is the artificially created dronabinol, which is used in different medicines in the world, especially the ones that treat nausea, vomiting, loss of weight, and loss of appetite. Another example of this class of cannabinoids is the nabilone. This one used in medicine called CESAMET®. This one is used in medicinal treatments like chemotherapy. Both of them has been allowed for sale in the UK, USA or countries like Switzerland.

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Synthetic cannabinoids like these are used in smart drugs that mimic the effects of cannabis plants. Drugs like these are called, and have been given the name of “Spice.” Many say that synthetic cannabinoids are ideal for human consumptions as they were invented for research and active-ingredients for things like medicine. Their raw use can make or cause distress to or for the user, and in some case can also cause panic, which can be even more so, than what you can see in phytocannabinoids.

This essentially tells you what are cannabinoids.

So, how do they work?

Before going into how do the cannabinoids work, one needs to know how an endocannabinoid system works. You see the endocannabinoid system works as a spread out system of cannabinoids and cannabinoids receptors throughout the body, especially in the peripheral and the central brain systems.

The cannabinoid receptors found in this system can control the neurotransmission of the neurotransmitter that is located in the body. This neurotransmission that is found in the ECS helps with tasks like motor coordination, mood, regulation of sleep, pain, and memory.

The receptors found in the system are sort of like key and a lock, where the receptor acts a lock, and the cannabinoid, in this case, acts as a key, It is only when, the lock is opened the neuron allows the neurotransmission that can be related to different tasks that bear their responsibility to the ECS system. Take a load of that.

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As mentioned before, the neurons found in our brain can create their own cannabinoids. Hence they are called endocannabinoids. These can sort of act as a dimmer knob for the neuron as a way to control the transmission of neurotransmitters such as dopamine. A neurotransmitter goes from one end of another neuron to the other end of another neuron (This place is called a synapse, and this process is called synaptic transmission) where the neurotransmitter from one of a neuron (the axon terminal of it) goes on to attach to the receiving end called dendrite, where they have their own receptor. One they go on the receptors tells the receiving neuron to either initiate a negative or positive response. This in turn, in culmination with other neurons begins or inhibits a body process.

So, where do cannabinoids come in all this and is it related to the subject at hand: What are cannabinoids. Well, the endocannabinoids can be used by the body itself for optimizing the body processes, like inhibiting excessive dopamine production (which can have beneficial or detrimental effects depending on where it is going on). The phytocannabinoids like CBD can also be used for all-out beneficial purposes.

There are two kinds of cannabinoid receptors – The CB1 (found in different parts of the brain) and CB2 (found in parts like tonsils and spleen), respectively. Both of these do not have the affinity for CBD, though. Endocannabinoid like anandamide (the bliss molecule) or phytocannabinoid like THC can cling to CB1 and CB2.  This THC produces its high, and anandamide provides a reduction of stress and anxiety and increases better mood overall by regulating it. This is why it is called the bliss molecule, and this one also improves motivation.

Phytocannabinoid like the CBD though does its work and magic on the endocannabinoid system, indirectly. What it does is, cling on the receptors of neurons that create Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH). This acid inhibits the production of anandamide and similar endocannabinoids like it. This molecule or moreover endocannabinoid anandamide, as mentioned before helps with motivation and pleasure. So, when CBD clings to the neurons that produce FAAH, it substantially inhibits it from secreting this acid. This means the inhibition of the anandamide stops, and therefore it increases motivational, and pleasurable feelings while reducing the effects of stress and anxiety. It is the brain’s antidepressant, and CBD here helps them release in much more success and great ease. So, if someone asks What are cannabinoids, and which one is the best of them, then you should say its CBD.

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Other popular cannabinoids:

Aside from synthetic cannabinoids described above, endocannabinoid-like anandamide, and phytocannabinoids like CBD and THC, there are others too. Just have a look:

There is one called Cannabinol (CBN). This one neither synthetic in its make-up, it is neither endogenous or nor it is directly derived from a plant like cannabis. This is because this one is not created by any biological processes related to any of the cannabinoid classifications. CBD is created from the improper storage of THC. It can happen when too much light or heat exposure can change the genetic makeup of THC. This one has antibacterial properties, anticonvulsant properties, and it also increases appetite.

Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) is another one. This one primarily activates the CB1 receptors found in the brain. This one can be quickly metabolized after its and can be quickly available on demand. These have a natural tendency to minimize the damage that can affect the brain. Perhaps, this is why 2-AG is seen in people with Alzheimer’s or stroke. This also plays a role in certain neurodegenerative diseases and brain injuries.

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Ever wonder, why different species of the cannabis plants smell different? Why some people are overwhelmingly repulsed by one smell, and by one species, they are absolutely in a trance. Well, the precise reason here is the magic of terpenes. These are the component that is responsible for a species flavor or their unique aroma, and they exist different types of varieties. These terpenes are what form the cusp of discussion here. We talk about their roles, their benefits, and also some of their most well-known varieties. Let’s begin:

Say hello to Terpenes:

The cannabis plant has been known for various types. Variations in everything, their aroma, their species, and even their formulating methods. Some species of this cannabis plant has been known around the world. Some are also notorious for the high they can produce. Examples can be marijuana and hashish. Some are known for giving a lot of therapeutic effects and none of that “high” that marijuana-like species can produce. This can be something like hemp. Whatever the case, all of these have terpenes in them, and these terpenes can be in different varieties, with different outcomes for the user, especially when they have been extracted.

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The different species can have a wide range of differentiated chemical makeup. Around 483 different chemical compounds can be found in different species of the cannabis plant. Out of these 484 known chemicals, 140 of these are terpenes. Sometimes you may also hear their other name: Terpenoids. While both of these terms: terpenes and terpenoids can have a different meaning, they are being used interchangeably.

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The difference in both of them is what defines them. The one called Terpenoids has been dried and cured of the flower through the process called oxidation or can be chemically modified. The one called terpene is a hydrocarbon (hydrogen and carbon elements are the only elements in them).

A terpene, other than their usual purpose of spreading aroma and flavor for the user can also give huge benefits to the user. They are therapeutic and carry many advantages to the health of the user (more on this later).

They are generally found in the cannabis plant species (can be any species) before the period of senescence. This is the process in which the plant starts to deteriorate with age. Their high concentrations are usually found in the unfertilized species of a cannabis plant. The terpenes are synthesized in the glandular trichomes of the secretory cells of these unfertilized species of the cannabis plants. The light production helps with the synthesizing process even more.

To the plants themselves, these terpenes can provide the added benefit of natural protection against environmental factors such as bacteria, fungus, and insects. They have a way of attracting carnivores to them so that they do not fall prey to the herbivores roaming around them. If it benefits its own plant this much, imagine how much it would be doing so to a user like us. For growers their ultimate advantage of terpene usage is marketing. Yes, you heard that right, the higher and more delicate aroma, and taste there is, one can market the product more so than ever. Hope this tells you what are terpenes?

So, what exactly it does to us?

It has been suggested that terpenes in conjunction with other chemical compounds like CBD (Cannabidiol) can give a lot of beneficial and therapeutic effects to the user. Even they can have good effects on the user that are excellent for their health.

The conjunction of heightening effects with other chemical compounds of the cannabis plant is called the “Entourage Effect” by the scientists, and experts. Alone or in combination with other chemical compounds, terpenes can produce numerous benefits for the user too. A study done in 2017 at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea found out that the terpenes found from the forest can have different beneficial biological reactions for the user. These can range from benefits like anti-inflammatory properties, treatment of depression, reduction of anxiety, relief from insomnia, and stress. Additionally, it assists with the relief from muscle spasms, and also relief from chronic pain.

All of these beneficial effects are present in different types of terpenes. The physical and mental impact known to take place come from different types of these chemical compounds. This is why it is crucial to know, which terpene you are using as you will be able to get the specific effect you want. This can be one way of how to use terpenes.

Terpenes that are commonly found in the common species of the cannabis plant:

These are different types of terpenes that are frequently found in the different species of the cannabis plants, so, let’s have a look at few of them:


Found in certain species of the cannabis plants, it can also be found in Lavender. It has a spiced up floral aroma to it. It has a lot of soothing properties; Linalool has also been known to be part of the ingredients that make up the essential oils.

This may be the driving force behind the legalization of the cannabis plant because of its ability to tackle with seizures. It specifically targets the convulsions that take place because of the seizures. Linalool can reduce these, by a mile. Additionally, because of relaxing properties, it is also calm you down from stress and anxiety.


Its aroma is citrusy and herbal in any nature. No wonder this one also found in fruits like mango, and orange. This one like Linalool is also sedative due to chemical properties. But additionally, it is also analgesic, and very anti-inflammatory for its user. The study mentioned above suggested that it can also be cytotoxic to tumor cell lines. Its sedation like properties is so excessive that one gets in a couch-lock state for a considerable time.


This one is abundant in nature and can be found in a lot of sources. Limonene is also citrusy, which provides the taste and smell; this one can also be found citrus fruits, Lemon. While the research on terpenes may be limited, but there has been a lot of research that looks into the beneficial effects of the citrus oils. These suggest there might be a lot of positive effects on it.

It elevates mood through its scent, and the purported properties it is mainly made of. This it does through the reduction of anxiety, stress and mental pain. It helps with inhibiting the proliferation of cancerous cells. The antioxidant properties can help with inflammation.

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This one may be one of the most popular ones of the terpenes. As suggestive from its name, this one gives out a pine aroma. The aroma is similar to the one found in the pine trees, hence the name. As with many of the terpenes, this one also stops cancerous cells from metastasizing.

This one also counters the short term memory loss, especially if it is brought on by Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. There also have been evidence that it can act as a bronchodilator, which essentially means that it can help with ailments such as asthma.

How to use these terpenes?

Here we tell you how to use terpenes in different ways. Did you know that cannabis plants were not the only source to get these in your hand? There are a couple of sources from where you can extract these, and avail their benefits. One way to get them is through one of the essential oils called tea tree oil as the oil’s own source is a tree, which can have a lot of terpenes. This term “tea tree” is used to used describe several plants, from the Myrtaceae family. This family of plants is native to Australia, and New Zealand. It has been used in things like shampoo, and skin cream for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Another way to get is to get it from a citrus oil called Lime oil. This one can be used in food, and through those foods, you can enjoy the effect of this and the terpenes found in it. The active ingredient in this one can be Limonene, and therefore it can act as a sanitizer of some kind for yours truly, for example, a dishwasher.

Another way you can use this is as Gum Turpentine. It is a useful solvent that is derived from the distilled resins that found on the pine trees. But you cannot use it on yourself as this is a solvent. This one is primarily used as a thinning agent for paint in the industrial spaces. This is used for organic synthesis.

Patchouli is another herb but not related to the cannabis plant that essentially has common and beneficial terpenes in it. This one is mainly found in Asia and is used in anti-aging products like facial cleansers. You can use it as an herb in tea to get you to combat aging going.

Pure Terpene can be dangerous:

It helps to know that the pure forms of terpenes can be hazardous for us. This is because they have not been diluted. If it has only been diluted, one can then use for their benefits as they stay there after dilution. If a pure terpene, even comes to contact your bare skin, then there can be consequences.

If you are trying to extract terpenes yourself, then the best way to go by is to wear protective gear like masks and gloves. Additionally, be in a well lit and well-ventilated area when doing the extraction.

1000mg Gorilla Glue CBD Vape Juice for $49.99! Final Words: 

This is the end here, and we would like to bow out. We hope you understand what a terpene is, how it can be beneficial, and how it can be used. This also tells you how can a cannabis plant be useful in so many ways. The chemical compounds of this plant alone can act as alternative medicines for so many different purposes. Hopefully, this will get you hooked to our news about cannabis and the terpenes we have talked about here, so, see you later.

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The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate the statements regarding these products. FDA research did not confirm the efficacy of these products yet. These products are not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information we present here is not a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.

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CBD has been gaining popularity among masses over the last few years. Its medicinal usage has plenty of benefits, and it is entering the mainstream quite fast. As soon as its users proclaimed CBD’s excellent benefits, extensive research in terms of its profits was conducted by significant scientists. Since then evidence-based claims have taken CBD usage to all-time new levels. It is now being used for all sorts of purposes, mostly relevant to health. Many people believe that CBD induces a high, well if you’re looking to get high on CBD, then you will fail. As CBD lacks the essential component THC which is responsible for the euphoria one can safely say that you cannot get high on CBD.

Today’s blog, however, is on a topic that has been under a lot of debate. Can CBD oil make you sick? Firstly, we would like to point out the fact that CBD oil is safe to use regardless of how you prefer to intake it. Secondly, yes CBD can make you feel sick if you misuse it. As a general rule, most of us should understand that can cbd make you sick is a question that is entirely dependant on the user. If you use it without professional advice than yes, CBD can make you sick. If you use it under supervision; however, the results will fall entirely on a different spectrum. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because many users even use CBD to calm themselves and relax. Sickness is out of the question if you know the appropriate amount of dosage.

There are several ways to intake CBD, want to learn which form is best for you? Click here!

A General Misconception:

Can CBD make you sick is also a common misconception as this gist can be obtained from users voicing their concern over the internet. Just a single click on Google and you will see hundreds of users claiming that they feel sick after consuming CBD. We want to point out that these users are often inexperienced and are maybe trying CBD for the first time. If that is the case, then chances are the CBD might make you a little nauseous. After all, it is a medicine and is only allowed to use for medicinal purposes, if someone does feel nauseated then the chances are that their body is getting accustomed to using CBD and that can make them sick.

Intensification of Depression:

The other most common misconception is that CBD usage can make a person more depressed. However, scientific research claims that CBD introduces components in a human body that is responsible for lowering down depression or a state of stress. There is no evidence whatsoever that supports the question can CBD oil make you sick. Majority of the studies support the claim that CBD usage will reduce a current depressive state. Many CBD users specifically use CBD to treat anxiety or depression, and their testimonials are supportive of the cause. However, one most point the fact that some users do complain that their depression has been intensified after using CBD. But researches are unable to distinguish between whether the intensification is because of CBD. Instead, it might be because of some underlying reasons.

Click here to read our article on CBD for depression!

500mg OG Kush CBD Vape Cart for $49.99! Will CBD make you Feel Lethargic or Tired?

The question as you can notice is a little different than can CBD oil make you sick? Well, the truth is that of course, it will not make you sick unless you’re abusing it. However, we would be lying that after using CBD a person might not feel lethargic. The very first CBD drug known as Epidiolex is a trial based drug and is the first drug that has been approved by the FDA. Experiments were conducted, and results deduced which did find out that CBD usage can make a person feel sluggish or tired initially. But small dosage around 20mg will not make you feel tired. Anything above that then the chances become higher. Hence, yes there can be chances that CBD will make you feel tired if you use in high quantities. On the other hand, the question can CBD make you sick is totally out of place.

Will CBD make you Feel Nauseous?

Another question that may need answering is that can CBD make you feel nauseous? This question might be more relatable to can cbd oil make you sick? However, we would like to point out that nausea itself is a somewhat subjective feeling. Many people are ambiguous when it comes to explaining the exact symptoms when it comes to nausea. This is the reason why there’s a lot of fuss out there that CBD can make you feel nauseous. However, the opposite is trying. It might induce symptoms of lethargy or tiredness, but it will not make you sick. Another interesting thing is that many users use CBD for specific ailments and there are chances that the person is already using other drugs for treatment. Using CBD hence can make things complicated and feeling nauseous can be a common symptom.

Can CBD give you Dry Mouth?

Many users experience a dry mouth after using CBD. Experienced users as well as newbies, as dry mouth is a common symptom that users face when they use CBD. This is a standard accepted fact that CBD users go through. Also, this happens for a reason as once a person becomes a regular user and starts consuming CBD more than 40mg, then dry mouth will occur. However, this can easily be combated once you have water with you. Again, if a dry mouth falls under the category of feeling sick then yes CBD can make you sick. However, if you like to drink water, then this problem will not occur. The best way is to have a water bottle with you when you’re about to consume CBD. That way even if you do feel thirsty or get a dry mouth you can always take a few sips.

Does CBD worsen Insomnia?

Sickness falls under a lot of categories, and it is true that insomnia can be classified into illness as well. According to research, CBD does somehow manipulate the sleeping cycle of a person. However, the interesting thing is that there are no clues whatsoever on how it manages it or what changes it makes. Hence CBD and its impact on insomnia are still a little under the shade. Although, the consensus still lies towards the fact that CBD doesn’t worsen insomnia. According to user testimonials it helps in the treatment of insomnia and not the opposite. Like we mentioned before that cbd can make you sick if you consider getting tired as ill. Still, getting tired will only help you in sleeping better. Consensus still lies towards the fact that CBD usage helps them sleep better, but one shouldn’t be surprised if an oddball comes in and claims that cbd has worsened their sleeping condition. This can happen under rare circumstances. Epidiolex trials also list sleep deprivation, poor quality sleep, and insomnia as possible symptoms.

Can CBD cause Eating Disorders?

CBD has anxiolytic properties which in simple terms means that it can reduce stress and depression. These properties, however, have one thing that many CBD users experience. Many claim that using CBD has increased their appetite. This doesn’t imply that it causes a sleeping disorder. Instead, it claims that CBD when it reduces stress it contributes towards a healthy diet.

On the other hand, many people think that CBD reduces weight or appetite. Also, many people even use CBD to lose weight. Hence there is a divided opinion on how CBD impacts a person’s appetite, but one thing is for sure that it doesn’t cause eating disorder. It produces a slight change in eating habits though which depends on how your body reacts. The consensus hence lies towards that it will reduce your appetite not increase it. Typically, you will never question when it comes to the appetite that can CBD oil make you sick?

Can CBD make you feel Disconnected?

Many new users feel that after using CBD, they get disconnected from the outside world. This doesn’t mean that they are claiming that they experience a high. It just points out that they feel disengaged on a personal level with reality. For some people, this can be classified as sickness; however, the causes why people think like this are virtually unknown. The feeling of being disconnected might occur in a person due to some other reason. The truth is that feeling disengaged is slightly a far stretch when it comes to the symptoms themselves. Most people who can also be classified as frequent users of CBD say that they only feel relaxed and calm. If a person feels disengaged, it probably is because of some other reason. Again, we hope that you got the answer to can CBD to make you sick? No.

Can CBD Induce Panic Attacks?

Of course not, not even a single case has also occurred that people suffered some form of a panic attack after CBD consumption. However, yes people have complained about feeling depressed or maybe anxious after consuming it. Still, no such occurrences have ever occurred of a person getting a panic attack from using CBD. Many people claim that CBD has helped them countering panic attacks which itself means that CBD is safe to use. People who do suffer from panic attacks must look into CBD as a possible option of safely avoiding panic attacks.

Can someone Overdose on CBD?

This one is one of the biggest myths out there, and there are virtually no cases that can testify to this claim. No, no one can overdose on CBD regardless of the amount they use. Of course, several other complications can come into play, but we are talking about the quantity that is consumable in practical terms. For example, Even 1g of CBD dose will not result in an overdose. The truth is that many patients who have epilepsy consume around 1g dosage of CBD to avoid epilepsy attacks.

1000mg Green Crack CBD Vape-Oil for $49.99! Can CBD Lead to Addiction?

We have already covered this, and at this point, this is a worthless question. CBD lacks THC which is the compound responsible for the high. Hence, naturally, if you cannot get high, you cannot get addicted to it in the wrong way. Sure, one might feel that using CBD helps them and they won’t be able to function without it, that certainly can be categorized as an addiction. Still, addiction as far as drug usage is concerned there are no pieces of evidence that say CBD can cause addiction. Instead, many people who suffer from addiction try CBD as a substitute for certain drugs.

Can CBD make your Pain Worse?

Pain or inflammation are two conditions that are known to be treatable through CBD. In reality, many wrestlers who go through vicious battles in the ring also use CBD to ease the process of healing. The claims that it might further increase your pain are wrong. CBD hence cannot make your pain worse it improves it.


Can cbd oil make you sick was the question we were trying to address. For this purpose, all kinds of rumored sicknesses were discussed above where people claim that CBD made them sick. The points as mentioned above are research backed as well as go in agreement with customer testimonials. The conclusion is that the question can CBD make you sick is baseless and has nothing to do with reality. It might make you feel sluggish or tired. It might result in a dry mouth, but other than that if you consume according to your prescribed dosage, there are no chances that you will feel sick. If you have any questions or comments, then drop them below!

Want to learn how to make CBD? Click here!


The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate the statements regarding these products. FDA research did not confirm the efficacy of these products yet. These products are not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information we present here is not a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.

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Most cannabis enthusiasts know that the “high” you can get from many plant species of the cannabis plant comes from a chemical compound called THC. This compound, which is also called Tetrahydrocannabinol in scientific terms, is found in many “high” inducing cannabis-derived plants, for example, marijuana.  Before you ask, “can you get addicted to CBD(also called Cannabidiol)?”, You need to find out how addiction, and along with it, how THC works. In many of the first ensuing sentences, it is precisely what happens, and afterward, we tell if one can be addicted to CBD or not.

Let’s find out if we can or cannot get addicted to CBD:

Just like CBD, THC is a chemical compound that is extracted from many different species of the cannabis plant. There is a system of cannabinoids in our bodies, called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS), through which certain cannabinoids can interact with our body. THC can do two things through ECS to our body, which can make us addicted to it. This brings us closer to the explanation of the question: can you get addicted to CBD?

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You know the apparent reason behind THC’s addiction (or any kind of “high” that something can produce) is dopamine. Dopamine is itself endogenous chemical compound that is secreted when a brain wants to reward behavior. It also helps in regulating mood as dopamine levels spike up when someone intends to do something that may be pleasurable for them.

This is what makes sex, sleep and other fun things feel good. Hence, when you feel pleasure from a “high,” it means dopamine is doing its job. When you get addicted to something, it probably means that you are spiking your dopamine levels, unnaturally, and that substance you are using is spiking your dopamine levels higher than what usually is. You get Desynthesised to lower levels of dopamine, and this new level of dopamine can only be reached by the substance you are using. This necessarily leads to addiction, without you know ever knowing it, as now you crave for another high of that newly reached benchmark of your dopamine level. This can make someone psychologically addicted to the substance that one is using. Too high Dopamine or too low can both be bad (when compared to your normal levels). Low dopamine can lead addiction of adrenaline-infused stunts (as adrenaline also induces dopamine). This brings us closer to the explanation of the question: can you get addicted to CBD?

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While THC does not directly influence dopamine levels, it indirectly can. THC, which like CBD belongs to the cannabinoids family of chemical, does not have any receptors on the dopamine-inducing neurons. But it has receptors, called CB1 and CB2, on something called GABA neuron. GABA neurons usually release gamma-Aminobutyric acid, a neurotransmitter that is used for inhibitory purposes, for which it is known for.

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It is what primarily inhibits dopamine production if it is excessive. But as it also has CB1 and CB2 receptors whose effect on GABA is inherently antagonistic, THC binds with them to inhibit GABA Neurons from doing their work. This can increase dopamine production by a mile or so, therefore through which THC can make you addicted to a substance which has it in high concentration. Again, This brings us closer to the explanation of the question: can you get addicted to CBD?

CBD, on the other hand, does not bind to cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, even though it is a cannabinoid. The reason behind is that CBD docks at neurons that have serotonin receptors and can even dock at GABA neurons. Serotonin as a neurotransmitter is known for producing psychedelic, and therapeutic effects in the body. CBD also interacts with GABA neurons. No wonder, CBD is not psychotropic (meaning it does not makes you high). Rather than making us high, all CBD does is that it gives beneficial therapeutic effects or psychedelic taste of alternative medicine. It also makes sure to inhibit the effects that are produced by THC.

600mg CBD Oil for $44.99!

This another way of saying that there is no such thing like CBD addiction, as it cannot get you addicted. This very easily, gives out an explanation to the question: can you get addicted to CBD?

Are there any other side effects of CBD though?

They say excess of everything is bad. So then it only makes sense, that some effects are going to be there if there is a high dosage of CBD that one takes frequently. This not at all means that these effects of CBD products or cannabis oilare harmful because they are not. Though they can be a nuisance, they are indeed worth a bonus mention in this topic.

As there are many cannabinoids receptors under the tongue of humans, if one takes excessive CBD,  the receptors inside our mouths can trigger dry mouth. This can be very annoying and irritating. While this is not at all harmful in any way, it can affect your eating and drinking habits for some days. Additionally, to much dosage can bring upon its sedative effects. This can make us very sleepy and very lazy to do anything, so, therefore, the ultra-high dosage should be avoided at all times. At times there can be a trigger of dizziness or nausea, but again these also are the result of excessive usage and ultra high dosage of CBD or CBD oil (cannabis oil).

Wrapping up:

We are on the edge of the end, so we would like to bow out. But before we do that, we would like so some recap. While individuals are afraid that they will be addicted to CBD, CBD is essentially is not made that way, and does not induce any high for that matter. We have primarily explained all the science behind the topic “Can you get addicted to CBD,” we hope you did get what we were trying to say, so read carefully. While it may not be addictive, it boasts some specific effects that can affect your behavior. See you later, our constant reader.

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Recently in the recreational leaf market, CBD (also called cannabidiol) is making rounds as the newest alternative medicine with the best therapeutic effects for the user. If you knew better, CBD has around for many years now, in fact, it was what first found in Central Asia when essentially cannabis was discovered there.  With that in mind, we can say that CBD is at least as old as marijuana, and it’s only now that media or the general public are coming to know of it. At the same time, when it’s awareness is disseminating in society,  some opportunists are going to take advantage of CBD’s newfound popularity.

They want to bank on CBD’s popularity by selling products (or CBD oil infused ones) with it that are not 100% CBD pure and are also mixed with harmful additives to make these products survive longer. Little did you know that there is a way around this kind of problem. What is that solution? Well, it is entirely possible that you can make your own CBD (and oil), and this way one can come around the problem of additive infested CBD ( and oil). But to know how one can make it, one should also understand what is CBD? And, this is what the next section tries to answer.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound that is derived from many different species of the cannabis plant that is highly concentrated on it. Unlike THC (also called Tetrahydrocannabinol) – another chemical compound that is derived from different species of a cannabis plant, CBD is not psychotropic. This means that CBD cannot make you high, while THC can easily do it. While these two have similar therapeutic effects for the user, but only THC can make you high. An example of high THC infused species of cannabis plant is marijuana. An example of species of the cannabis plant that is low on THC, and high on CBD is the industrial hemp. This is why a lot of times, CBD is extracted from the hemp family of the cannabis plant. Now that we are done with answering What is CBD? In the next section, we are going to discuss how do you make CBD oil?

Want more information on What is CBD? Read our complete article on it here!

1000mg CBD Oil for $99.99!

So, how exactly is CBD made?

Before we go onto describing the processes of making CBD, we shall inform you that the easiest way to make CBD is producing CBD oil. Other methods may be difficult to enact or do require an industrial/agricultural level of knowledge to create CBD. Down below are the ways CBD oil can be made. You may, or you can use your own formed CBD oil to make more CBD derived products, afterward. Though, right now the focus will be on how do you make CBD oil?

There are three ways, through which CBD oil can be made. These are called Carrier Oil Extraction, Super/Sub Critical CO2Extraction, and Solvent Extraction. Each of these has different difficulty levels, and each of these will need different types of tools for the extraction of CBD. Your focus should clearly be on each step of the instructions that are provided for each of the methods.

Only, in the end, you can conclude what your preferred method of extracting CBD oil is. Until then, you are up for a ride with us through the careful instructions of creating/removing CBD oil via different methods. See down below, for the methods of extraction that pertains to an answer to the question of how to make CBD oil:

Carrier Oil Extraction:

This is a popular way of extracting CBD oil. Usually plant oils like hemp oil or olive oil is the perfect candidate oil for the extraction of CBD. This method is essentially one of the safest methods of producing CBD oil, as the risk of explosions and accidents is minimal. Another benefit of this extraction method is that it can include some of the best nutrients, that can be derived from a carrier oil such as the olive oil.

What one does is, put in the carrier oil and the plant resin from bud, all mixed up into a large piece of crockery that may be helpful with heating both of the materials. The heating is done up to a certain level (usually 200oF). This should be done after the buds of the CBD carrier plant have been decarboxylated in the baking oven for 20 to 30 minutes at 260oF. When this step is done, then it is time to prepare it in the saucepan.

This is where have to the mixture is stirred perfectly, so both the ingredients are nicely combined. When done with it, heat the saucepan, as mentioned before to a level of 200o F at the very least but not more than 300oF (this is where chemicals like CBD evaporate). Keep the heat going until water starts to boil. Pour it in some containers so it can cool it off to room temperature. Seal the container, and then let it rest for at least two hours, while an overnighter can be much better. When you take the mixture/container out of the fridge, you will see CBD oil hanging about the upper portion of the mixture, while down will be the remaining water. Drain water out of the container, and then what’s left of substance in the container is, essentially CBD oil. Hopefully, this provides one answer for the question, how do you make CBD oil? It may have one drawback though, which is that the oils used in it, can be perishable after a long time, meaning that the CBD oil through this can only be made for personal usage.

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Super/Sub Critical CO2Extraction:

Hopefully, this will be the best answer to the question – How to make CBD oil. This is where Carbon Dioxide is used through a piece of extracting equipment to extract CBD oil. The machine is called “The closed-loop extractor,” and is considered to be very expensive. While it can technically be used at home, but it can essentially also cost someone around thousands of dollars just for the equipment (excluding operating costs), and ten thousands of dollar for industrial grade setup. The equipment is expensive because, through this method and the equipment, one can have the purest form of CBD, without the additives. It is also safer and generally less toxic than the usual oil extraction method, and even the solvent method.

This is because “the tuning” this extraction can provide helps put off harmful, and uninvited (even the ones that are not harmful) substances out of the result. This equipment has three chambers, and each one has a specific task to do. The first one is responsible for dry iced CO2, the second takes care of the hemp plant, and the third is responsible for the result.

The first one pumps the CO2(dried ice) into the second chamber. This is where it is combined with the hemp plant to make a mixture, in a gaseous form (or liquid form if it goes subcritical). This is where it becomes supercritical or subcritical (depending upon your knowledge and essentially the temperatures, especially). In the third, the mixture (whether liquid or gas) is thrust from the second chamber. This where the cannabinoid(to which CBD also belongs) particles are absorbed. These are then spewed out in liquid form (always!) in a container that is temporarily attached to the third chamber, Voila! You get CBD oil here. Hopefully, this provides one answer for the question, how do you make CBD oil?

1000mg Pineapple Express CBD Shatter for $54.99!

The Solvent Extraction:

Known solvents like butane, alcohol, isopropyl, and ethanol can be used for extraction. This is not the safest method of extracting CBD oil from a cannabis plant, because a solvent can be highly flammable, so, therefore, can result in explosions. While it may be the least popular method for extracting, it is also the least expensive method of creating CBD oil.

What one has to do is that mix the solvent with cut out buds of the cannabis plant that is high in CBD. Afterward, one has to leave them to combine completely. Check an hour later; then the solvent material has probably absorbed the cannabinoids (which also includes CBD). Then all that is left is CBD oil because now the CBD and solvent have become CBD oil after each other’s absorption.

This type of extraction method is infamous for negating the positive effects of CBD, as it ruins the beneficial wax on a CBD infused plant, which contains many of the basic CBD compounds. Hopefully, this provides one answer for the question, how do you make CBD oil? But you shall at any cost refrain from this method at all times.

Final words:This is the end of the line here, so is the end of our words. We hope, you know now how to make CBD oil(or CBD via its extraction). If you still want CBD products that are pure and do not wish to make CBD yourself, then by all matters try us.

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As evident above, there are numerous benefits of using CBD for skin that you need to check out. As much as CBD derived from cannabis plants remains greyed out and sometime wrongfully stil illegal in many areas, CBD may be the wonder product you have been seeking out for your beautiful skin. There are only few and isolated cases where CBD may not be advisable for patients recovering from certain skin illnesses and given their medical history and so be sure to find out from your dermatologist if you are a suitable candidate for this amazing new remedy.

At times, CBD will suffer blame for the adverse effects of some of the chemical additive used in the extraction process and so it is prudent to always be mindful on which manufacturer you choose to buy your skincare CBD products from.

Action of CBD in the human body

Cannabidiol is one very popular cannabinoid given that it what you hear everyone talk about versus its evil brother THC. The two compounds have risen to fame despite the fact that there are a least 98 other cannabinoids that are present in cannabis plants in general. Over the last decade or so, scientists are fascinated with the findings that CBD has had tremendous success in treating for various ailments and conditions for which there was previous no real cure.  Unlike its synthetic counterparts, this drug has mild side effects even for the long term use and is less addictive. CBD has far reaching effects on the human body and balances general health. How? The answer lies beneath our skin. Meet the Endocannabinoid system alias ECS. This is a system of interconnected nerves and receptors for natural cannabinoids that the body produces. That’s right, the body does manufacture its own cannabinoids and therefore the phyto-cannabinoids we get from the herb are not at all strange to the body. It is this unfair advantage alone that make weed and hemp such great healing agents for the body and mind.

Want to learn why smoking weed gets you high? Read up on it here! 

CBD already finds receptors in the body strategically placed in the brain, tissue and muscle and this includes the skin. This means that the effects of taking CBD by swallowing or topical application are instantaneous felt across the body and deliver real benefits for skin by direct action. Not to mention that the cannabis plant is an amazing chemist when it comes to mixing some portions to knock out fungal and microbial parasites. Our bodies produce cannabinoids to promote a general balance with good health and stress, and disease can interfere with the production and speed up the breakdown of these causing acute imbalances.  This explains why a stressed person will start to experience skin problems too.

When CBD enters the body it does not prevent production of natural cannabinoids in the body. On the contrary, it will promote healthy production of these cannabinoids and even safeguard them from their breakdown and thus promote full body health.

So now you know how and why CBD can be good for your skin, let us explore some of the acclaimed benefits of CBD for skin and some anecdotal evidence that this is really magical skincare product! After reading the following you should know what to expect and how to use CBD correctly to produce excellent results for your skin and full body

Action of CBD on skin CBD relieves stress

Some skin conditions are actually linked with increased stress levels and the fact that CBD generally has an anti-stress effect means that it helps your skin. Even just feeling good about yourself is a good head start for a good skin day with optimal skincare unlike days when you just don’t want to get out of bed even for a Grammy.

Click here to read our blog on using CBD for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)!!

CBD Oil for Acne

Acne can be a painful and humiliating condition that can attack both adults and young teenagers. The same skin soothing and calming effects of CBD that we very well know have excellent results for acne patients. First, Acne cause inflammation of skin whereas CBD is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce the damage caused by acne. It reduces redness and the visible scars following an acne attack.

Excessive sebum production is only a result of imbalances in the skin and CBD will go a long way to restore the said balance. It’s not entirely clear in what other ways CBD is able to control acne but studies yet to be concluded give the green light to use CBD products to control acne.

CBD for wrinkles and anti-aging treatments

The CBD substance is a well-established anti-oxidant that also scavenges for radical elements in the body preventing deterioration of skin cells. This means that CBD keep you looking young and with beautiful skin without the visible signs of aging like wrinkles and dullness of skin. Free radical damage is seemingly inevitable with age given the modern lifestyle choices of most people.  It may not be the only antioxidant we have to choose from or even the most effective one for that matter, but it does work as one with numerous other benefits for full body health.

CBD for sensitive skin

Recent studies show that CBD is very beneficial for sensitive skin and other conditions like psoriasis. CBD almost instantly soothes sensitivity on skin while at the same time inhibiting triggers of skin disorders. It has these well-known skin calming and skin-normalization effects that tends to restore good skin even where damage has already taken root. All ongoing research has promising provisional results.

Is CBD legal for use?

The legality of use of CBD is subject to controversy since weed is still illegal to grow and use in most parts of the world. Even in states where the herb is legal, the CBD oil can be legalized provided that stringent regulations are followed in its extraction process to ensure that no THC leaks into the final product if the source is marijuana.

Do you or anyone in your life use or have used CBD oil benefits for pain before? Feel free to share your thoughts and stories below. Also, you might think of another use for CBD we left out, share your knowledge much to the benefit of other users and aspiring users.

Background on the research of CBD for skincare.

Being one of the most abundant cannabidiols whose effect is felt in what is clearly the most controversial herb to ever be exploited in history on humanity, it is no wonder that most of the medical benefits of CBD have been clearly identified. The range of benefits vary from person to person and depend on the quality of CBD oil and the source plants from which it was derived. For instance, there will be a clear difference between oil derived from marijuana and hemp derived CBD. The part of the plant used and the quality of the extraction processes also play an equal role.

The unfortunate truth is that as much as CBD is an awesome solution for healthy skin and body, it remains one of the most misrepresented products marketed under false pretenses of a wonder drug. CBD is not quite the magical healer that some salesmen want to set it out to be. Others will happily pass off hemp seed oil as pure CBD oil just as long as they can convince you to buy something.

Is CBD safe for skincare? 500mg CBD Barrier Balm for just $49.99!

Aging and illnesses tend to cause deterioration of skin healthy and aesthetics. For centuries people have sought skincare products that can restore youthful and healthy skin. It has been a well-known fact for years that Cannabis extracts have had tremendous success in treating for skin ailments.

Is CBD safe for use?

Cannabidiol is tested and proved to be a safe drug for use for most people. Without the high, you can expect to do most of your daily routines without posing a risk to yourself and others nearby. In that sense, CBD can be termed as safe for use based on statistics drawn from previous users who chose to go on record.

However, the long term effects of using CBD remain unknown to science as studies are still underway. There is an inherent risk of addiction and the effects of consuming thinners included in commercial oils could be harmful with long-term use. Perhaps the best way to tell if CBD is the real deal for you is to consult with your physician who understands your medical history.

Final thoughts on CBD for skincare

CBD is a healthy supplement that still suffers the same off-shoot stigma that is thrown at use of cannabis and it is no wonder many patients want to conceal the truth about the healing benefits they receive from this natural cure. As with any other good supplement, there purposes for which it is useful and some which are just wrongful use and misuse of good essential oil. Skincare is one of those uses for which CBD oil will give the best results. Perhaps it is worth the stigma given the many ways CBD could benefit your skin but the best part is that you can have CBD delivered  to your doorstep with discretion and quickly too.

If you are using other medicinal remedies for treating your skin condition, then it is prudent to consult your doctor before adding CBD products or pretty much any other remedies for your skin treatment efforts

Want to learn some health benefits of CBD Oil? Click here!

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Is it time to legalize marijuana or is it past already? While a majority of people both smokers and non-smokers think marijuana should be legalized, here are some facts and arguments why marijuana should be made legal as well as an update on the latest in end prohibition efforts. While millions continue to suffer the adverse effects of cigarette smoke and zero benefits to health from them, these are sold freely at a store nearby. Alcohol is no better being one of the leading causes of multiple diseases, secondary injuries like fender benders when people drink and drive. All these undisputable evidence and yet it is marijuana that suffers unnecessary stigma for its mind-altering effects. The fact remains that marijuana is innocent in all of this and it’s not one of the drugs that kill a person every half an hour from an overdose. Marijuana has not yet killed anyone for an overdose and yet it packs many amazing gifts for your general body health and mental wellbeing.  Do you agree it’s time we legalize it?

More states and countries overseas are following the trend to legalize the holy herb, but it is not for religious purposes only. Here are some reasons why pot smoking is not such a bad idea for any nation, given that a good number of citizens around the world already acquire and use marijuana regardless of the legalities of the drug for recreational and medicinal purposes. Today we debunk some gigantic lies that are commonly spread by anti-marijuana politics which have no scientific ground or even logical reasoning behind them. It doesn’t take a scientific study to convince a marijuana user that it is good for their health; they have known it for a long time and continue to enjoy its numerous purposes. The truth about marijuana prohibition is that when they passed laws against it, they had no idea that it was a useful medicine.  The goal was to control the “unruly” populations adapting to new government policies so that they are not very “liberal minded.”

For thousands of years, the human race has been enjoying the healing power of good weed, and the benefits have been well known over the years. Now, modern science is merely catching up on what was has been an old truth that the cannabis plant is endowed with fantastic healing benefits. It is becoming increasingly difficult for governments across the world to justify denying their citizens the right to better medical care and recreation as their counterparts in countries where the herb is legal.

You might be sitting here wondering, is marijuana even safe. Of course, marijuana is harmless to the veteran smoker. Any drug can be misused and abused, and when that happens, there are some inherent risks. For instance, alcohol is legal, but that does not mean you should drink and drive. Similarly, there are situations when it wouldn’t be safe or convenient for you to weed. In a nutshell, it would suffice to say that for short time use and with correct usage, marijuana is reasonably harmless.

1000mg CBD Oil for $99.99! Does weed make users mad?

Claims that marijuana can drive users insane are entirely unfounded. Just like the effects of other drugs, marijuana eventually subsides, and the high is only temporary. It is true that marijuana has mind-altering effects and some strains if taken in excess can make users do crazy things that are unlike their usual self, the user remains self-conscious throughout and is not insane as that is mostly related to mental illnesses and not psychoactive high.

Can marijuana kill brain cells?

Yes, long term use of marijuana reduces memory and learning by a very minute percentage. This alone has been used to witch hunt marijuana with claims that it makes people less intelligent. Well, these claims are an exaggeration because even aging does cause a decrease of these two abilities and also through studies concluded that a slight reduction was added due to use of marijuana, there might have been other factors in play that caused the same. Further, marijuana may reduce memory and learning, but it has proven results with combating neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Does marijuana make people lazy?

Antagonists say that marijuana makes users motivational. On the contrary, most strains will boost your enthusiasm by activating more rewards in your brain for each task you accomplish. As a result, artists have been able to complete great pieces that had otherwise stalled with a little motivation and inspiration from good old pot.  The so-called motivational syndrome of ganja has never been proved because it’s only a rumor that the initiators know all too well to be false. On the downside, if you are lazy and unmotivated and that is the way you tune your mind in the first place, there are weed strains that will help you achieve just that. Don’t get it twisted, the couch lock effects of some Indica strains come in handy when it comes to calming nerves for people with anxiety and stress as well as some sleep disorders.

Does smoking marijuana lead to cancer?

It will surprise many to know that marijuana smoke once a day shows no damage to the lungs at all. So why it is that cigarette smoke is dangerous, but ganja isn’t? Well, all smoke irritates the respiratory system, and hence the irresistible coughing fits typical among smokers. The only difference is that marijuana has THC and other components that have excellent anti-inflammatory properties which restore the health of the lungs.

750mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules for $49.99! Final thoughts on the legalization of marijuana

As more and more people light up their joints, the draws nearer when the people will have their freedom to enjoy and treat with marijuana without limitation. People in power know that it is only a matter of time before the herb is legalized. In all honesty, the only reasons that governments around the world are bent on keeping the herb illegal are worried over how legalization could affect their trade balance with producing countries.

Perhaps the key to winning the war against narcotics such as opium and cocaine lies in the ability of governments to identify drugs that fit the criteria and marijuana is not one of them. Instead of spending billions of tax payer’s money fighting this useful medicine, we could be making twice as much taxing and selling the same abroad.

Click here to read our blog on Which is better for pain management: Opioids or CBD?

History of cannabis

The history of cannabis use in the US has been mostly about trying to contain its use but the last few decades have brought new hope for millions of people with medical marijuana and CBD products on their wish list.

Want an in-depth article on what CBD is? Click here!

The first time marijuana was used for medical purposes was in 1839 when William O’Shaughnessy first applied it for western medicine. The good doctor had discovered the healing power of the herb during his many years in India in pursuit of new healing discoveries. The doctor first reported his findings on marijuana in England and by the 1850s medical marijuana had already been used in hundreds of pharmacies in the US.

And that is how anti-marijuana campaigns were secretly started under the pretenses of controlling poisons.

Fast forward to today when many states have strict regulations and controls on cannabis grow and use with the federal government and other nations around the world place marijuana in the same category of drugs as cocaine and opium.  Remember that the initial reasons for wanting to criminalize the drug was under the pretense that marijuana turns citizens unlawful becoming violent, overly sexual and downright irrational. There was what they call the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act 1925-1932 which came around in the early 1900s which was the first comprehensive marijuana prohibition laws.

It was not until the year 1930 that the Federal Bureau of Narcotics was formed that advocated harsher penalties for cannabis users.  Things would take a turn for the worst when the Reagan administration of the 1980s unleashed pain on cannabis growing and distribution die-hards. Sadly, this included the death penalty for drug kingpins. These laws that went up during this period apply for marijuana as they do for heroin and cocaine.

The legal strife between protagonists have been a long and muddy one with many end prohibition laws having been put forward and rejected more times than we want to remember. Even though the Obama administration was looking suitable for marijuana enthusiasts with the encouraging Cole Memo, ending marijuana prohibition act of 2017. Trump has since repealed this, and we are back to mixed signals.

CBD Topical Lip Balm for ONLY $7.99! The future of medical marijuana in the US

Despite the many many challenges that growers, users, and doctors using marijuana have had to endure, things are still looking up for legalization. The public has a substantial majority behind the end prohibition bills, and it’s only a matter of time before the people get what they want. One of these good days, the people will be free to light a joint freely. That is the day when people will be truly free from their woes and pains. It’s a day to look forward to.

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