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Do you always get pimples on your chin? Or maybe acne always seems to crop up on your cheeks and your t-zone?

Your breakouts might be trying to tell you something!

One of the ways your body gets rid of toxins, illnesses and stress is through it's largest organ... your skin. So it makes sense that if there's something going on with your skin, then there might be something else going on, beneath  your skin.

This is where we introduce you to our favourite holistic approach to skin health - Face Mapping - and the amazing insights it can give you about your body.

With roots in traditional Chinese medicine, Face Mapping is the method of using the location of your acne to guide treatment and prevention of other issues that you might have going on.

It's fascinating stuff and too long for a single blog post, so we've written a free eBook for you to download :) And there just might be a discount code in there at the end too...!

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The words ‘sensitive’ and ‘sensitised’ are often used interchangeably when it comes to your skin. But did you know that they’re not the same?

Sensitive skin is often a condition you’re born with. That means your pesky genetics may predispose you to rosacea, eczema, dry skin, allergies and so forth (darn!).

Sensitised skin, on the other hand, is a condition that can affect all skin types - oily, dry and anywhere in between. It’s not caused by your DNA, but by your lifestyle and the choices you make. 

Like where we spend the most time (think sun, wind, pollution, the temperature and even air conditioning!), or the products you put on your skin.

Of course, making the matter even more baffling is the fact that both sensitive skin and sensitised skin share similar symptoms.

Signs of sensitive skin and sensitised skin include:

  • Skin tightness
  • Dryness and patches
  • Redness or blotchiness
  • Itching and irritation
  • Peeling, flaking and cracking skin
  • Burning or flushing sensation
  • Rashes and breakouts
So how do we tell the difference? 

Good question! Usually if you have sensitive skin you’ll experience the symptoms we listed above, plus, one or more of these...

  • You’re more prone to asthma and allergies
  • The symptoms are persistent
  • It’s likely that other family members have sensitive skin
  • Flushing or blushing is common
  • Your skin burns easily
  • You can’t tolerate many skincare products and often have a low-level discomfort or irritation, regardless of the weather.

If you don’t experience any of the above then your skin could just be sensitised and not sensitive. This is good news for you, because it is easier to fix :)

What triggers sensitised skin?

Given that sensitised skin is not a result of genetics, it can come and go (whereas sensitive skin is with you all the time). Getting to grips with the types of environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence skin sensitivity is a no-brainer!

  • Pollutants in the environment 
  • Irritants in products (the list is huge but 2 of the big ones are parabens and methylisothiazolinone) 
  • Strong foaming detergents like SLES and SLS
  • Harsh cleansers that interfere with the natural pH balance of your skin
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Airborne allergens
  • Temperature changes and air conditioning
  • Hard water
  • Stress
Tips for both Sensitive and Sensitised Skin

It’s not easy to avoid changes in weather, stress and pollution but you can take steps to bolster your skin’s protective barrier and overall health.

  • Avoid using the wrong products for your skin type, which can  disrupt your skin barrier. If your skin’s barrier isn’t at its best then you’re much more likely to experience further irritation. 
  • Instead of trying to overcorrect, you should avoid extremes. Don’t use hot or cold water, you want to use a tepid temperature.
  • Stay away from harsh cleansers, anything that foams; you want the products with the least number of ingredients in them, and ideally natural (but read on about natural below).
  • While there’s nothing wrong with buying a product that’s labelled “sensitive,” know that the buzzword alone doesn’t mean it’s the best thing on the shelf for your skin. Tons of products are labelled sensitive or hypoallergenic because it’s a buzzword that sells products and this isn’t regulated! 
  • Just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it can’t irritate your skin. If you’re having a bout of sensitivity, choose products that have been recommended to you (we can help via our Happy Skincare email consults!).
  • Simplifying your routine and trying only one new product at a time is a good rule of thumb. More is not better and can often lead to sensitivities.
  • Clean up your diet - try removing common causes of inflammation like coffee, alcohol and anything processed and high in sugar and see if that helps.
  • Visit a naturopath; sometimes reactive skin can be a by-product of gut dysbiosis or candida, so it always pays to get some assistance with getting your body back into a state of alkalinity with the right herbs, habits, supplements, lifestyle choices and products.
  • Choosing skincare products that are free from cheap filler ingredients and synthetic fragrance, and are packed with skin-caring ingredients is something your skin will thank you for instead.
  • Get enough sleep and stress less! #nobrainer
What about some products recommendations? 

Luckily, we have a bunch of beautiful products that are suitable for both sensitive and sensitised/reactive skin.

Take our Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm… it’s surfactant free and uses oils to cleanse instead of soaps. That means your skin is moisturised and comfortable after cleansing instead of tight and itchy. Don’t be scared of using oils on your skin - your skin actually *needs* its oily acid mantle to give your skin a protective barrier that helps prevent further sensitivity.

To help rebalance sensitive and sensitised skin after cleansing we developed our Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic. Steam-distilled Rose Oil combined with skin-soothing Aloe Vera Juice assist with cell renewal and repair while imparting a wonderful rosy scent. Ahh….

If you have sensitised skin you can’t look past nature’s first aid kit. Dilo Oil (a.k.a Tamanu Oil) is a natural healer, moisturiser and inflammation fighter. This silky-soft 100% pure, wild harvested oil drenches your skin in goodness. It can be worn under creams or in place or your moisturiser, making it a must have.

To finish, we can’t go past Over The Moon Rich Repair Cream, a deeply hydrating, rich, luscious daily moisturising cream for that’s incredibly soothing for the most sensitive skin. Potent native Australian antioxidants plus the essential beauty mineral MSM helps to improve your skin barrier function, keeping moisture in while calming inflammation. Wahoo! 

(Psst…. If you have oily skin, check out the Perfectly Happy Light Anti-Oxidant Cream instead).

If you like to try super-sized samples before you commit to full-sized products, you can try these beauties all together in a brand new sample pack that we’ve just put together for skin needs that extra bit of TLC.

Check out the Super-Sized Sample Pack for Redness/Ultra-Dry/Ultra-Sensitive Skin here.

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It has been action stations here in Happy Land because this week we have a world-record-breaking 8 (!!!) new products for you to indulge in.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. 8 new Happy babies have been born.

They're not *totally* new though - they're your old favourites in brand spanking new BIGGER packaging options. You've been asking for larger sizes for yonks, and they are finally ready for you :)

These beauties are now all jumbo sized in 250ml post-consumer-recycled bottles....

These bottles all come *without* pumps - instead they have a simple tin cap so that we can give you an option to really cut down on your use of non-recycled or non-renewable plastics. The idea is that you can refill your smaller 100ml bottles, but these sizes are totally usable too if you're happy to go pump-less!

PLUS the crowd favourite Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm is now in a humongous 200g tin!

And we're not quite done yet - today we're also releasing the SURF scented Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste in a larger 70g size and (we're very excited about this!) its jar is made from 100% bio-plastic (sugarcane!). This means it's still 100% recyclable but now also 100% renewable.

Phew! So much goodness, right?

Hold the phone. We have a new eBook too!

We weren't exaggerating about the action stations. Last month we took some time away from the lab to put some ideas down into a new eBook.

The book is filled with 45 (mostly *super duper easy*) eco-friendly tips that will hopefully inspire you to have a bit of a think about how "green" your life is. And - just maybe - add a few tweaks here and there to live a little more sustainably (because every bit counts!).

And don't worry, perfection is NOT expected :)

Click here to download our new eBook. Enjoy!

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A few weeks ago we dropped a few hints about changes that were on the way, and if you’re on the ball you might have noticed a few of these changes start to creep into reality… ;)

We’ve quietly been working away at introducing a few very special new ways of packaging our best selling Happy creations, and our major motivation behind this has been thinking about this big ol’ planet of ours.

Of course it also helps that our new packaging is *very* swanky.

You probably already know that the impact our packaging has on the environment is something that means the world to us (no pun intended!), and something we think about constantly.

When we learned about the rather chaotic state of recycling in Australia right now (check out this recent blog post in case you missed it), we couldn’t help but have a knee-jerk reaction, and we changed things up as soon as we could, and this is just the start.

Up till now our focus has always been on using as much 100% post-consumer recycled plastics as we could, but since Aussie recycling is becoming less and less reliable, we feel the need to take things into our own hands. So that’s what we did.

Our best sellers now live in glass

As of last week we’ve moved some of your favourites into glass packaging (there will surely be some cheers from the bleachers on this one - we’ve been getting *lots* of requests for this!). First off the rank were the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm, Spoonful of Sugar Exfoliating Scrub, and the Happily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum.

It's not just any old glass either. It's luxe miron glass which provides the ultimate level of protection for your precious Happies by filtering out light that causes skincare products to oxidise and lose their effectiveness over time.

Now, the reason we’re making this move to glass is the most exciting bit… it’s so that we can become less reliant on recycling programs that don’t work, and instead focus on our very own refill programs!!

As we mentioned, it’s still early days and we’re not able to refill your jars just yet, but it’s coming :) :) Before we can safely run a refill program we need to invest in a very expensive machine called an autoclave which will sterilise all of the returned glass packaging so we can re-use it.

(By the way, if anyone has a spare autoclave they’d love to donate to our cause or if you want to help us crowdfund one, we’d be OVER THE MOON).

We’ve put Pig In Mud in a bag :)

There’s also now a handy version of our Pig In Mud Mineral Mask in a bag! We are undecided as to whether it will stay in a bag (and only a bag), or if we’ll offer both bag and jar options, so if you have thoughts on this please drop us a line.

We don’t actually have any of our white plastic jars in stock at the moment so right now the only option available is for you to your Pig In Mud Mineral Mask in a bag. The bag is awesome because it uses 85% less plastic and can be dropped off at your local Woolworths to be recycled by Redcycle, but it will be even more awesome soon. We’re waiting on the arrival of new compostable bags which will make the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask bag option an absolute winner.

But wait, there’s more

In a couple of weeks we’ll have even more exciting changes to announce, but as always we’re in this to create a range of products that you love, and your opinion matters immensely to us, so….

Do you like these changes? Leave us a “YES” or “NO” (and some thoughts if you have time) in the comments below.

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Have you got a stash of Happy products? Have you diligently been following the instructions on the labels, to make sure you get the absolute most out of them?

If you have, that’s amazing! And your skin is most likely thanking you for it each and every day.

BUT. (Yep, there’s a but). Today we’re giving you a license to stray away from the rules. Get creative. Go a bit wild. Today we’re going to see what OTHER ways you can use our creations.

We’re always listening to you, our little happy family, and over the years we’ve heard some cracker ways that you’ve been multi-purposing your products. By using your products to do more than 1 job not only are you saving cash, you’re also helping the planet (less products = less packaging = less shipping = happier earth).

Ready for some of our favourites? Here they are!
  1. Treat spots with the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask - just dip a cotton tip into water then into your mask and dot it on
  2. Customise your Pig In Mud Mineral Mask with your tonic - whether you’re a Tickled Pink gal or a Raindrops on Roses fan, use your tonic instead of water to mix with your mineral mask for a nutrient-boosted supermask.
  3. Nourish your eyes with the All Things Nice Multipurpose Balm - Just dab it on like you would your eye cream
  4. Condition your hair and beat frizz with your All Things Nice Multipurpose Balm - A teensy weensy amount in the palm of your hands massaged into your roots after shampooing will give you amazing shine and smoothness.
  5. DIY liquid foundation - Mix your favourite facial oil (Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil is our favourite for this!) with your loose Eco Minerals powders for a liquid foundation and phenomenal hydration
  6. Don’t wash off your Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm for extra moisture - Whether you need extra moisture or protection from cold and wind this is the bomb. Wear it for as long as you like as an ultra moisturising mask.
  7. Use your 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil as a pre-shave oil - our beloved cleansing oil will give you a smooth and irritation free shave every time.
  8. Do a 2nd cleanse with your Tickled Pink Perfecting Tonic - ever felt like you needed something a little extra to get your oil-based cleanser or makeup off? Wipe with the Tickled Pink for a really effective 2nd cleanse. Just quietly, it’s also an awesome aftershave (but we don’t want anyone stealing your Tickled Pink now, do we?).
  9. Set makeup with your Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic - just spray after applying your mineral makeup to set your makeup and give you a gorgeous dewy finish.
  10. Stay fresh when travelling with your Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic - or just spritz any time you’re stuck in air conditioning for longer than your skin likes!
  11. Exfoliate your face with your Kicks and Giggles Body Scrub - remember to be gentle, but the coffee in this scrub is fantabulous for acne and breakouts. We do stress though - be gentle and definitely avoid your eye area.
  12. Relax in the bath with your 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil - a spoonful of 3 Cheers will give your bath a beautiful aroma.
  13. Pump up the Vitamin C with your Happily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum - this serum’s talents don’t just stop at your eye area. Your whole face (and other problem areas!) can benefit from this light cream-style serum’s Vitamin C and caffeine hit.
  14. Protect from chafe with your Woohoo - our best selling all natural deodorant paste can also be used in those areas that rub and get uncomfortable, like under your bust and between your thighs. Steer clear of your sensitive bits though :)
  15. Stop smelly feet with your Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste - yep, Woohoo can bust odour anywhere, even your feet.

… and this is just the beginning!

Have you got a clever little way to make your Happy Skincare products work overtime? We'd love to hear it - just leave us a comment below :) 

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While moisturising your face isn’t quite rocket science, there’s definitely an art to it!

When done right, you’ll get more bang for your buck because you’ll need less product and it’ll actually work better.

Sound good? Thought so ;)

This week Phoebe sat down with our in-house beauty extraordinaire, Jen, to create this list of foolproof tips to make sure your moisturiser is giving you the results you’re after.

Whether your favourite moisturiser is an oil or cream, these tips should set you on the path to moist skin heaven.

1. Start with damp skin

If you’ve just cleansed you face it’s best to start with damp skin - this makes your moisturiser spread easier. Your skin can be dampened by water or your favourite happy tonic (but if you’ve already applied your serum you can skip this step!).

2. Take a small amount on your fingertips

When it comes to moisturising your face, for most of us less is more :) If you’re using a cream then a pea sized amount is a good starting point. For oils all you want is 1 to 3 drops. Spread the product evenly over your fingertips. Here comes the good bit...

3. Press and Roll

Starting from the outside of your cheeks and moving towards the center of your face you want to press your moisturiser into your skin using your fingertips. We like to think of this as a “press and roll” action, almost like you’re gently kneading your skin. Your skin is like a sponge so this pressing and rolling action will help it drink up your moisturiser’s goodness!

4. Don’t Dot and Drag

It’s incredibly common to dot little bits of product over your forehead, cheeks and chin and then to move it around in a massaging action, but it’s time to ditch this method! If you’re using this method you’ll end up dragging your skin which is a one-way street to wrinkle-town. Either that or you’ll end up using way more of your precious moisturiser.

4. Work from the outside in

We mentioned above that we start from the outside and move towards the center of your face, and there's a method to this madness. The reason we start at the outside is because this is where your skin is driest, whereas the center is where we tend to produce the most oil (amiright, fellow oily skinners?!). This saves you getting too much moisturiser on your oily bits and not enough on your dry areas.

5. A little patience before makeup

Wait a few minutes before you apply your makeup to give your product a chance to soak in. Your makeup will last longer this way.

What about eye creams?

And we’ve got a couple of handy little tips for applying your eye serum too. Use these and you’ll be getting the absolute most out of your Happily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum.

Our top tips for using your eye serum (so that it actually works!)
  1. Use the tip of your ring finger to pat or tap your eye cream onto your skin (don’t drag or rub!)
  2. Apply it to your orbital bone, or eye socket
  3. You don’t need to apply eye cream to your eyelids or directly under your bottom eyelashes
  4. Your cream will spread naturally as it melts and moves on your skin

And that’s it! You’ve now officially graduated from our moisturising masterclass. We’d love to hear how you go with these tips, so please leave us a comment below to let us know :)

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Today is Earth Day. This means we’ve been thinking (more than usual) about our beautiful Earth, and what we’re doing to make it a better place. Being an eco-friendly brand is uber important to us, and the single biggest way that our Happy little company impacts the Earth is through our packaging (i.e. recycling and rubbish!).

There’s some pretty heavy stuff going down right now so we wanted to take some time to share some good news and some not-so-good news.

We’ll start with the not-so-good. It’s with a bit of a glum note that we are announcing some new restrictions to our Happy Earth Recycling Program. Up till now we’ve been able to receive a huuuuuge variety of beauty packaging back from you, and we’ve been sending it away in bulk to our recycling partner, Terracycle, to have it properly recycled.

However things in the Aussie recycling world aren’t all rosy at the moment. We don’t actually have the facilities in Australia to recycle a lot of the plastics that we’re using, and right now we don’t really have anyone to recycle them for us either.

In the past we (i.e. Australia’s recycling big-wigs, not us personally) have sent our plastics to China, India and Malaysia where they have the proper facilities to recycle it. But recently all 3 of these countries have decided that they’ll no longer be accepting plastic waste from Australia.

For us that’s a massive deal, because it means that there’s a high likelihood of plastic waste heading to landfill, given that we - as a country - don’t really have any other options. Sadly it seems that New Zealand is in a similar boat to us here in Australia.

Coinciding with all of these changes to our recycling industry, Terracycle has decided to restrict which types of recyclables they’re able to accept. Basically the biggest change is that anything that is accepted by your kerbside recycling program is NO LONGER accepted by Terracycle. Terracycle are switching their focus to recycling what is UNRECYCLABLE with your local council (and a massive kudos to them for being leaders in this challenging space!).

What does this all mean?

Firstly it means we can’t accept as many different types of packaging as a part of our recycling program. We’re still fully committed to our program (and rewarding you for returning empties too of course!) but it would be irresponsible of us to accept your recyclables if we’re unable to recycle them ourselves.

The new guidelines for what we can and can’t accept are best explained with the picture below, so please take your time to check it out.


The GOOD news - get ready for new packaging :)

We promised some good news, and after all that glum news you definitely deserve some.

You know we’re so invested in Happy Skincare on every possible level, and the thought of our impact upon the planet being a negative one is enough to make us change things up a bit!

We’ve been working (even harder than usual) on some packaging changes that are going to give us more and more plastic-free and low-plastic options for your most loved skincare products :)

In the next month or two you’re going to be seeing some massive changes - we’ve got glass options, eco-friendly refills and bulk sizes all coming VERY SOON. In fact, the first product you’ll see switching over will be our Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm as we’ll be testing out some very, very slick and luxe miron glass jars.

For the most part our new packaging options are more expensive and more difficult to ship (because they’re heavier and fragile), but given the current state of Aussie recycling we felt like this was the most responsible thing to do.

Even though the goalposts of being an eco-friendly brand keep moving on us, we’re 100% on this journey and we are so grateful that you’re here with us, working to make sure our planet stays a happy one for us all. As always we love nothing more than hearing from you, so drop us a comment below :)

XX Aaron and Phoebe

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Happy Skincare by Phoebe Happy - 3M ago

It occurred to us the other day that we’ve never really given you a peek into the everyday going-ons of our Happy HQ (where all the magic happens!).

Though it’s nowhere near as glamorous as people might think it is, we thought it might be a bit fun to walk you through a typical day.

We tried for a great pic of us together looking all official and work-like but the truth is that we don't really get spare time to take pictures of ourselves at work! So this one is of us and our 2 cheeky sons who keep life (more than) interesting ;)

Here goes Monday....

6am – There’s no easing into the day with a lazy brekkie in bed. Phoebe hits the ground running. Literally! She’s already up and out the door for her morning run (She’s got a half marathon to train for, people!).

7am – Phoebe’s back (looking a bit red-faced and sweaty but nothing our 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil can’t solve) in time to make the kids’ school lunches. Meanwhile, Aaron’s skulling coffee and planning his escape. Just kidding. Super Dad’s taking one for the team and rallying the kids up to get a healthy brekkie into their hungry bellies.

7.30am – While Phoebe and Aaron wrestle in the kitchen, Dave (our legendary compounder) is already at the Happy Shed and has fired up the pots to start cooking a batch of Woohoo Deodorant Paste. Nice one Dave!

8am - The Happy Shed’s A-team Michelle (our back-of-house mastermind) and Kerrie-Ann (customer service extraordinaire!) arrive at work and sing “good morning” to Dave who is already well and truly into handmaking fresh batches of Woohoo. Legend! Michelle works her magic labelling, filling, and launches into the mind-boggling process of getting all the products on the storeroom shelf. Kerrie-Ann cracks into the emails we received overnight, making sure there are no urgent things we need to change for today’s orders and so the work day begins!

8.45am - Phoebe cajoles the kids into the car and heads off to school. She manages to remain sane despite having two clever little boys talking to her simultaneously or squabbling in the back seats. Aaron hits the road and braves the traffic to work… lucky we’ll be moving closer to Happy HQ soon!

9.30am - Aaron arrives at the Happy Shed. Kerrie-Ann is printing off shipping labels for today’s orders, ready to pass them over to Michelle so that she and the multi-talented Maureen can pick and pack orders ready to be shipped off to our amazing customers. Jen (our resident beauty expert) is already at her desk enjoying fielding customers’ questions and doling out invaluable advice and personalised skincare prescriptions.

10.00am – A woman of many hats, Phoebe swaps her mummy cap for her broad-brimmed business hat and launches into an email frenzy. Monday morning inboxes are pretty hectic! …but not before making Dave a coffee ;) we think he needs two shots!

11.00am – Teaser alert! Aaron’s at his computer with brow furrowed as he nuts out the formula for our latest product. That’s all we can tell you for now but it might be ready for testing very soon….

12pm – Time for lunch and chit-chat! There aren’t many quiet moments in the office, we’re always bouncing ideas off each other, or enjoying the show while Dave and Aaron belt out a tune.

1pm – With all the emails read and responded to we’re ready to jump into a brainstorming session. (We’re always looking for ways to make your experience with us happier!). Perhaps we’ll plan an exciting new promotion or overhaul our Happy help desk with some super-helpful new FAQs. There’s always something fun to work on.

1.30pm – Mavericks Michelle and Maureen have finished picking and packing orders, ready for the postman to arrive. Now it’s time to get stuck into helping Dave with some batch coding and labelling.

2pm - Aaron dons his white coat (Think “Doc” Brown from back to the Future!) to head into the lab and check on his time machine… we mean... to see if his latest skincare invention is a winner.

3pm - Aaron emerges, triumphant! There are smiles and high fives from the team and we all dance into the lab to see for ourselves the magic formula. Having witnessed Aaron’s fabulous new creation, it’s time to look forward and plan what’s coming up for the next day/week/month/eon and make sure we’re on top of all of our stock levels. If we run out of any ingredients we could be out of stock of a product for weeks. Big frowns all round!

4.15pm – Time to quickly jump into Slack and chat to our Marketing and PR manager Kristina about any fun campaigns we’re working on, any great ideas to help spread the Happy love all around the world and (the fun part!) what giveaways are coming up next! So much goodness in the works *wink*.

4.30pm – Phoebe heads off to collect the boys from school, who will most likely sit in the backseat declaring a state of complete starvation. Once through the front door she’ll set about making them a delish dinner (probably still wearing her coat) and feed her fur baby (Rusty the Cavoodle).

5pm – Talking of coats, Aaron leaves his behind and heads to the gym for some thinking time (or maybe to avoid the feeding frenzy at home! He wouldn’t?).

7.15pm – After the usual banter and delaying tactics, the kids are tucked into bed and a kind of sweet serenity fills the air.

7.30pm – Phoebe and Aaron enjoy a quiet dinner over a glass of red and catch up on the day’s events.

8pm - Phoebe heads into the study to catch up on what’s been happening on social media and respond to any comments or messages while super-hubby Aaron cleans up the kitchen.

8.30pm – This is the time where we might do a cheeky little website upgrade. We are a bit obsessed with perfecting it!

9.30pm - Phoebe reaches for the computer’s “Shut down”. Aaron and Phoebe aren't too far off shutting down themselves! They head for the couch. Time to reeeelax and eat chocolate (unless the kids have found their stash and polished it off).

10.30pm - Zzzzzzzz (Dreaming of the next Happy invention)

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Happy Skincare by Phoebe Happy - 3M ago

Given most of us are in a perpetual state of distraction thanks to social media and our smartphones (and funny memes… and MAFS...!), it’s no  wonder the Slow Food and Slow Living Movement exist. Now without further ado we’d like you to meet our most trusted friend of all… the Slow Beauty movement.

Though ‘Slow Beauty’ may sound like the name of a retired racing horse, it’s actually a flourishing lifestyle trend that’s all about adopting a natural and holistic approach to taking good care of yourself.

It involves not giving in to the mainstream beauty industry’s quick-fixes, invasive options and immediate results; but rather, it’s about reshaping your ideals and ideas around beauty.

It champions a long-awaited and much needed reconnection to self; an antidote to the fast-paced world of the beauty industry.

Here’s a few simple ways you can jump on the Slow Beauty train and glow, baby, glow!

DAILY SELF CARE is all about carving a few small moments out of each day to practice the kind of mindful self-care and wellness that makes you glow. When practiced over time, these little moments add up to big results - you feel healthier, joyful and more radiant too. Journaling, a cup of tea, a mindful skincare routine... these daily rituals all matter.

SIMPLE SKINCARE You don’t need a full arsenal of lotions and potions; less is more. Use natural, good-for-you products (like Happy!) and integrate these as a non-negotiable part of your day to anoint your skin with beauty vitamins and plant-based nutrients so you can get glowing from the inside out.  Slow Beauty is all about working harmoniously with your skin to produce more natural, softer results.

SLOW AGEING So many marketing ads for international beauty houses portray ageing as something to fear and be ashamed of. But Slow Beauty invites you to stop feeling dissatisfied with the natural ageing process and simply be the best version of yourself - graceful, kind, thoughtful, generous. Ageing is an entirely natural - and unavoidable - process. It’s how we do it that counts. Nourishing and caring for your skin is surely better than subjecting it to a host of toxins, needles and painful surgeries in the name of smoothing out every wrinkle.

THREE PILLARS OF HEALTH The food you eat, the way you move your body and how much sleep you get are all intertwined. These also affect the way your skin looks. A healthy body inside equals glowing skin on the outside. So where possible eat fresh, seasonal produce, exercise, and get your shut-eye!

SWITCH OFF Slow Beauty is here to encourage you to switch off, to slow down, to stop and be present, and to enjoy every juicy second of it. We can do this through mindfulness. In a nutshell mindfulness is just taking the time for the things that matter most. When it comes to beauty, it simply means understanding the old adage that real beauty comes from within – and so health and emotional wellbeing are key to looking your best.

BE YOURSELF In an age when women (and men) are bombarded - through TV, magazines, music videos and advertising - with standardised images of the “perfection” they can never hope to attain, Slow Beauty is about setting you free to be yourself. Let’s celebrate individuality, embrace our differences and refuse to be clones.

The world is not slowing down any time soon, and it’s up to you to set boundaries and embrace Slow Beauty. It’s all about carving a few small moments out of each day to practice the kind of mindful self-care, wellness and self-acceptance that makes you glow.

When practised over time, these little moments add up to big results - not only in feeling healthier and more joyful, but in achieving true beauty and timeless ageing.

What does slow beauty mean to you?

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Over here at the Happy Shed we’ve been doing some asking around, and found out that only about 1 in 5 people use a tonic or toner (they’re the same thing by the way).

We’re complete tonic devotees so we were totally surprised by this.

How about you? Are you with us? Or are you in the majority who are not on the tonic bandwagon? (And if you’re not, read on, these tonics are good stuff!).

Gone are the toners of old

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away toners were quite different to what they are now. We used to cleanse with mineral-oil based cleansers and a toner’s job was to help with removing the oily residue left behind and re-balancing your skin’s pH.

They were full of alcohol, and that meant they could be drying and cause irksome irritation.

Not anymore.

Tonics = happy skin

Fast forward to right now, tonics are a different kettle of fish. They cleverly multi-task and (depending on which active ingredients they have) can benefit your skin in oh-so-many ways.

You apply your tonic straight after cleansing, before you apply your serum and moisturiser, and you can either spritz it on or soak a (reusable please!) makeup pad and wipe it over your skin.

6 reasons to tone your skin #1 Rebalance your skin’s pH

Your skin is protected by its acid mantle, which is made up of oils - it keeps germs out and moisture in, and ideally has a slightly acidic pH of 5.5. Lots of cleansers (not ours of course) can strip all of your skin’s natural oils away and upset your skin’s pH levels (the balance between acidic and alkaline). This means your acid mantle will be damaged and skin issues start popping up. Not cool.

Happy Skincare tonics help restore your skin’s pH to 5.5 after cleansing and keep your skin in optimal health.

#2 Make your moisturiser go the extra mile

By making your skin damp just before you moisturise, you actually need less moisturiser. It’s true!

Your skin is like a sponge, so to understand this better have a think about your regular old kitchen sponge. When it’s wet it can soak up more water than when it has dried up and gone all hard. Your skin is the same. When it’s wet it can soak more up.

So by toning you’re allowing your skin to absorb more, plus your moisturiser, serum or facial oil will be much easier to spread.

#3 Moisture boost, stat

After cleansing you’ll want to get a quick shot of moisture back into your skin and a good tonic (like the Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic) will give you that in spades. Look for ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid to work some moisture-boosting magic.

#4 It’s a sports drink for your skin

More than just moisture, a tonic can be incredibly nourishing and deliver active ingredients when your skin is wanting to drink them up. Every tonic is different in this department, and you’ll want to choose your tonic based on your unique skin needs and which one suits your skin type best.

The Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic is for those of us with normal, dry, or sensitive skin and has a delicate blend of aloe vera, rose, pomegranate, kakadu plum and MSM to purify, calm, soothe and rebalance your skin.

The Tickled Pink Perfecting Tonic is for our oily and combination-skinned friends and is filled with MSM, witch hazel, black willow bark and pore refining probiotics to help control redness and blemishes.

#5 Double cleanse

If you are using an oil-based cleanser and feeling like you might need some extra assistance removing it all, the Tickled Pink Perfecting Tonic makes for a sensational 2nd cleanse. Simply spray it on and wipe it off (along with your cleanser residue)! Simple as that.

#6 Recycled plastic rocks

OK, this one doesn’t apply to all toners and tonics, but it DOES apply to our Happy Skincare creations. We’ve packaged these beauties up in a bottle made from 100% post-consumer-recycled plastic so that you’re being kind to the earth while you’re doing something special for your skin too :)

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