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Want to know how to effectively use BioBizz nutrients? While Mr Bloom from BioBizz was in South Africa he educated us.

You might have been wondering how to use BioBizz nutrients correctly from seed to harvest with maximum yield: We asked on your behalf!

Mr Bloom 

Patrick Stevens aka Mr Bloom is the brand ambassador / key account manager for BioBizz world wide organics and is famous under the moniker "Mr Bloom", at least amongst the cannabis growing community globally.

Mr Bloom visited our store in Port Elizabeth and spent time educating us on the Dutch brand BioBizz and how to use the entire range effectively.

BioBizz : How to use

Have a look for yourself

How to use BioBizz nutrients? Mr Bloom educates us in South Africa - YouTube

Here are some of the informative points that Mr Bloom touches on:

Root Juice vs. Acti-Vera for seed germination

He discusses the difference between Root Juice and Acti-Vera, why it is so important to use them in the early stages of your plants life and explains which one to use for different substrates. He also learn the difference between assimilation vs. activation of organic material.

How to use stimulators and fertilizers through your plants vegetative stage

Mr Bloom explains the benefits of using Bio-Heaven at the early stages of growth as well as the very end of the plants life.

He touches on the different fertilizers that you would use from early vegetative stage through to flowering as well as the difference between plant stimulators and fertilizers and how the plants use them.

We learn more about Fish-Mix - How and when to use it, what nutrients it contains, how the plants use it, why it is so beneficial for your substrates micro life and the benefits you can expect from using it.

The similarities between Fish-Mix and Bio-Grow are discussed and Mr Bloom teaches us at which stage of the plants life we should be using Bio-Grow. The same as Fish-Mix, he details what is in Bio-Grow, it's benefits for the plant as well as your substrates micro life and when to use Bio-Grow through your plants life.

How to use stimulators and fertilizers through your plants flowering stage

He also chats about the importance of using Bio-Bloom in conjunction with either Bio-Grow or Fish-Mix when going into flowering stage. He teaches us about the natural plant hormone contained in Bio-Bloom and how it increases the plants yields.

Mr Bloom teaches us about their infamous product called Top-Max and explains why the combination of Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom and Top Max is considered the 'holy trinity' during the flowering stage. You'll learn about the unique nutrient combinations contained in Top-Max that you won't be able to find in any other product on the market and goes into detail about the roles that each of those nutrients play.

Damien gets the opportunity to taste the Bio-Heaven to guess what is in it while Mr Bloom discusses it's role at the end of your plants flowering stage. Our Vegan and GMO aware customers will be delighted to hear about the environmentally conscience process that BioBizz go through while producing Bio-Heaven to ensure it is in line with their very strict standards. We learn about the specific Amino Acids that Bio-Heaven provides and how it assists our plants to take up every last drop of the stimulators and fertilizers that have been supplied to your substrate.

Mr Bloom gives us a breakdown of Bio-Heaven's chelation process in a way that all growers can understand, how it dramatically increases your plants mineral absorption rate and how it can cut a few weeks off of your outdoor and indoor cultivation.

Download BioBizz Feeding Chart

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How to deal with spider mites in late flowering stage?
When you are late into flowering the last thing you want to do is use any harmful chemicals or traditional spider mite removal methods in your grow room or tent. While we have found that neem oil is an effective long term preventative solution, both of these options can leave residue as well as a bad taste on your buds if applied in the late stages of flower development.
Then how do you deal with spider mites successfully, organically & naturally? The answer, Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
As it is organic, and non-poisonous, it is normally considered by growers to be the holy grail of Spider mite control. To top it off, using CO2 to kill spider mites is extremely easy and inexpensive to use.
Why use CO2 to kill spider mites?
While it can be said that  CO2 is non-poisonous, it will kill. It does this by amount of oxygen in the air, as a percentage. This smothers the victim, leaving no lasting residue on your grow equipment or plants, like oil based pesticides and chemicals.
Additionally, your plants will LOVE the  CO2 rich environment. 
How to kill spider mites with CO2 directions:
Ensure that your Room is sealed as well as possible. Any leaks will lead to wasted carbon dioxide.
Set your  CO2 ppm meter to 12,000 ppm, if you have a sealed room. If your meter does not have that large of a range, you can do the math with a calculator.
If you do not have a sealed room ie a tent then calculate the CO2 required to 15,000 ppm. This will allow for air leaks in the room.
Switch on your  CO2 generator once you have done your calculations and switch off your exhaust fans.
When the 1 hour is up. Turn exhaust fans on BEFORE entering the grow room. Let these fans run for at least 1/2 hour.
You can now enter the room.
Repeat in 5 days. This should solve your spider mite problem permanently.
A note of advice about how to kill spider mites with  CO2 in flowering:
Please use caution when using  CO2 to kill spider mites. Carbon Dioxide will kill you if you are not careful. It is highly suggested that you have a friend help when doing this project. Make sure that only one person goes into the room at a time, just in case the  CO2 level is higher than expected.
This gas will make you tired and fall asleep. Then you will DIE. If you start to feel tired while using this method you should IMMEDIATELY go OUTSIDE. Breathe the fresh air.
This CO2 eradication method can also be used to cleanse and sanitise the environment before your next load of plants are set to grow and flower.
**Browse our CO2 collection for tools to assist in getting the job done.
We hope you enjoyed this article on how to kill spider mites during flowering. If you have your own method or experience to share on  how to get rid of spider mites on indoor plants, leave a comment for our grower community.
**Disclaimer: This article is for reference research / resource purposes only. In no way do we suggest that you attempt this method as it can be extremely dangerous. We do not accept any liability for injury or loss as a result of this research application.
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On September 18th the constitutional court changed its laws around Cannabis in South Africa. In this seismic law shift it is now legal for adults to grow and use Marijuana, locally known as Dagga, in the country. 

So what now?

Well this means that you can legally consume Dagga, however here’s the catch: it is not legal to sell or buy weed, so it is only legal if you grow your own at home for recreational use. The bonus is; you can let your green thumbs go wild, it’s all guilt free growing from here on out.

How do I grow my own Marijuana supply?

Grow Guru* has taken the hard work out of keeping yourself in constant supply of Dagga for recreational use with its easy to use home set up systems. They take the think work out of growing and maintaining a crop, and ensure great yields that will easily keep you in constant supply.
There are two ways to grow Cannabis, outdoor (let nature run its course), or indoor in a hydroponic system (controlled with clear outcomes).

What do I need for a Hydroponics (indoor) system to thrive?

Set-up is relatively simple as Grow Guru has taken the hard work out for you. It is a
matter of assembling the system in a your home, and then maintaining the plant
nutrients with our step-by-step grow guidance.
Plus you can throw a few veggies in there too and fill the kitchen with your harvest.

For a basic set up to get you started: click here or visit our Hydroponics Startup Area

If you are a bit of a hobbyist, and enjoy immersing yourself in a project, you might opt for a more advanced set-up with more grow potential. We have plenty of options to upgrade, improve and enhance your system as you grow, and want to improve your yield. Our advanced range will impress you so take a look at some of the hydroponic components available.

Where do I get seeds from?

You can buy seeds locally or internationally. As the growing of Dagga has been legal overseas for longer, the seed banks are more accurate and the results more predictable.
Attitude Seed Bank is one of the more reliable cannabis seen banks in the world. We recommend you have a browse for yourself.
They are based in the UK and ship to South Africa the next day. Unfortunately once your parcel hits SAPO  the process slows down, and will take around 2-3weeks to get to your nearest Post Office branch. However eventually it will arrive.
We've found the best way to keep track of your parcel is to
visit: http://globaltracktrace.ptc.post/gtt.web/

You can buy dagga / cannabis seeds in South Africa from a number of local cannabis seed banks. Variety seems to be limited at this stage but the beauty of buying local is that you can opt for courier delivery to your door in some cases.

My hydroponic buds are growing, now what?

With Grow Guru’s proven grow systems you can bank on a great yield, so you can start planning for your first harvest. Here are some ways to process your plants, and get enjoying the fruits of your hydroponic system: Harvest

Grow Guru’s got your back

Throughout the process you can be sure we have advice, equipment and nutrients on hand to help you enjoy success with your hydroponic system. We have plenty of
guidance material to help you advance as you grow, and get the most of your system.
The best time to plant is yesterday, the second best time is today. So get those green thumbs to our grow shop and get started.


*There is no cannabis for sale here.

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Grow Guru | Hydroponic by Grow Guru Horticulture (info) - 1y ago

COB LED Grow Lights are the most powerful LED grow lights on earth.

These revolutionary grow lights provide greater light intensity and efficiency than other plant grow lighting systems. With the revolutionary S-Mars Spectrum you will grow superior strains and maximize your yields indoors.




What is S-Mars Spectrum?

S-Mars Spectrum is a unique LED grow light spectrum developed specifically for plants. Yes, we know that you’ve probably never heard of it, and that’s because it's the very latest in COB LED technology, and so we are pleased to bring you this first.

S-Mars Spectrum allows for a greater spectrum range compared to single color LED’s offered by the current market.

The S-Mars expanded range falls between 350 and 850nm in series with 600~670nm and 460nm in peaks, using only one chip to accomplish the task.

The spectrum offered by the current markets LED’s are only targeted in the 460nm and 660nm peaks, as compared to the S-Mars Spectrum.

Through an extremely powerful, single S-Mars COB LED chip you can enjoy true full spectrum output. One S-Mars LED could accomplish tasks which take other manufacturers 11 or 15 individual colored chips or more to reproduce. This increased spectral range allows for performance that actually exceeds the growth rate of the sun itself in an indoor environment.

In the current market, LED spectrum technology has improved dramatically but is yet to completely replace HID grow lights.

After extensive testing, it was proven that the S-Mars Spectrum had the same amount of light energy as the sun. When PAR levels were tested and compared, it was confirmed that this technology would replace the light energy needed by plants from the sun.

What you should know

1. The newly-developed and discovered S-Mars COB largely combines the advantages of HID lamps and the sun's spectrum. It produces twice as much luminous efficiency compared with current blue and red grow light. Through special 90 degree glass lenses the output has been greatly optimized.

2. The specialized Prism Lens is designed according to the prism principle. It can refract the most suitable wavelengths and filter out spectrum's that are useless to the plant. This greatly improves the already superior spectrum which will result in accelerated plant growth. 

3. These lenses will not fade and have added photocatalyst’s to the surface of each lens. This will help resolve dirt issues on the lens, which will maintain a high refractive index time after time.


4. Highly Efficient COB LED Design –  The glass lens and heat sink are designed as a three-in-one module, insuring the working temperature is kept low. The heat-dissipation rate is 30% higher and can be used in many grow environments.


If you are going to invest in next generation LED Grow Lights, the K4 COB LED would be your best buy. It will out-perform leading brands and add huge value to your grow through incredible power savings and unbelievable yields.

View our LED Grow Lights 

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