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Why Organic is Best for Pregnant WomenA Mothers’ Diet : A Gift To Your Baby

The pregnancy test came positive!  A new journey begins for you and your baby.  

Excited? Nervous?  

You may probably get the jitters just thinking about it!  There’s a whole new person inside of you! And this tiny human depends entirely on you. 

With that big responsibility, you will have to weigh your decisions from now on. 

Including the decision what to eat.  Walking down on a food court, you will have to think twice before wolfing down a pizza,  gulping down a soda or sipping that margarita.  With every food intake, you will ask yourself,  “ is this the best food for you, baby?”   

The attention you give to the food you eat during your pregnancy will make a difference – for you and your baby.  

Imagine this the food you eat build your baby’s heart, lungs, brain, and skeleton. It will be a big gift to your baby to ensure that all his or her organs are healthy!  

That is why when you are expecting a child, you are now eating for two. It does not mean you can eat twice as much, but you should have a mental note that everything you eat (or don’t eat) may affect the child.  

Ideally, nutrition for pregnancy begins before the baby is conceived.  So, let’s have a reality check: what sort of diet were you eating before you got pregnant?  

A good nutritional diet before you got pregnant is also important!  

When you are eating right, you have a stock of nutrients such as iron, calcium and other essential nutrients in your body and you can give your baby a head start.

But hey, it’s not too late to start!

Healthy living is gaining popularity worldwide.  With a vast of labels out there in promoting a healthy nutrition, organic food would most likely come up!

What is Organic Food?

Here are important facts that  you need to know about organic food: 

FACT 1. Organic food is food that is produced through organic farming.   Through organic farming, food is produced  without the use of harmful chemicals such as the synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farmers use naturally‐derived pesticides instead.  

FACT 2. In the 2017 study,  there are 179 countries reported to practice organic farming.  The United States has currently the world’s largest organic market.  Australia has the largest area with the most organic agricultural land.

FACT 3.  85 of the countries reported to practice organic farming has organic regulations.  In the US for example, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets, defines, and regulates the use and meaning of "Organic" on food labels. The standard that they have set for organic farming prohibit the used of:

  • Most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Sewer sludge fertilizers
  • Genetic engineering
  • Alternate Arrow to Right
    Growth hormones
  • Alternate Arrow to Right
  • Alternate Arrow to Right
  • Alternate Arrow to Right
    Artificial ingredients
  • Alternate Arrow to Right
    Many synthetic additives

FACT 4. In conventional farming, the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and medications is a common food production technique to prevent disease and promote growth. In contrast, organically‐raised animals are given organic feed, and farmers use rotational grazing, balanced diets, clean housing and other preventive practices to help reduce disease. (Mayo Clinic 2012)

FACT 5.  There are now many controversial studies and overwhelming evidences that some of these synthetic chemicals do pose a potential danger to humans (both to farmers and consumers).   The babies in the womb are at risk as well.

  • Studies from University of California and University of Chicago  revealed that pregnant mothers who live near farming lands that applied chemical pesticides experienced a  two thirds increased risk of having a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and some other developmental disorders.  Example of studies :
  • Scientists in Canada also conducted a recent study that revealed that pregnant women and fetuses are at risk of health problems (slowed physical growth) if the mother consumes genetically modified (GM) foods during her pregnancy.

FACT 6. Organic food production is better for the environment because it does not pose any risk of contamination to our soil and underground water contamination.  Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are bad news to our environment.  These compounds contaminate our soil, air, and our lakes and oceans.  They pose a serious threat to animals as well.  Take for example, the cases of pesticide poisoning of river dolphins that were reported worldwide.  Look it up and research about it.  They are now close to extinction.

So what is the healthiest and moral thing to do when it comes to choosing the right kind of food for you and your baby? Check the label of the food you buy!  By choosing the best organic foods for your pregnancy, you are fostering not just health but also a healthy and sustainable environment.

Check out this video below...  

Is organic food healthier for pregnant women? - YouTube

Having settled on that matter, the next thing to ask is:  What is the best organic food that I should eat?

Best Organic Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

It’s perfectly fine to give in to your pregnancy cravings like a Big Mac and large fries– but of course in moderation!   Listed below are the food category that are best to eat during pregnancy, their primary nutrients and some facts you need to remember:

Milk and Dairy Products

The primary nutrients of  milk and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt can supply your body’s need of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin   B-12  and protein.  These nutrients are important for developing your baby’s teeth, bones, heart, muscles and also for blood clotting. 

Organic milk could cost more than ordinary milk in most stores—but some consumers believe that, for health reasons alone, it's worth shedding extra money. Compared to conventional milk, organic milk has  62% more omega 3 fatty acids.   When we drink organic milk from cows that were not exposed to pesticides or antibiotics, we are not ingesting those toxins. 

Note: Pregnant women should avoid  eating unpasteurized milk products, and the types of cheeses that may contain high levels of listeria such as soft blue cheese, brie and Camembert.  Listeria can cause certain serious illnesses for the newborn baby. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables, especially the green and yellow ones, are rich in Vitamin A, folate, vitamin C and E, riboflavin, iron and magnesium.  Fruits are also high in vitamins C.  This food group helps prevent constipation. You should have at least 5 numbers of daily servings of different fruits and vegetables.  To gain maximum nutritional value from them, ensure to wash them thoroughly. Do not overcook the vegetables!

You may notice conventional fruits are cheaper than the organic ones. What will you do if you are on a budget?

You can opt for whatever is cheaper but before you put them in your basket, this is an important note! Have a list of “The Dirty Dozen” : the fruits and vegetables believed to be most contaminated by pesticides by the Environmental Working Group.

The Dirty Dozen (Stay Away, mommies!)


Sweet bell peppers

Snap peas (imported)







Cherry tomatoes

Nectarines (imported)


But hey, there is still hope! The EWG also gave another list.

You can go for the “Clean 15” because they are totally okay!  These are the conventional fruits and vegetables with lowest amounts of pesticides.

The Clean 15 (Yey! Go For It)


Sweet Corn


Sweet Peas



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Are you about to travel with a toddler? Is this your first trip? If it is and even not, this post will help you plan better.

Traveling with a toddler is not easy because you need to give the comfort of home away from home. 

However, this is not true at all because we practically found that kids are natural travelers.

Believe us when we say this, as we speak from experience. They will enjoy new things and appreciate being taken to unseen places.

No wonder some parents even take infants to camping! This only explains that children can adapt better than adults. 

You may be looking for the best vacations with venues designed for families with toddler.

Why not give this post a read and choose one. We have found the following places to be the best for families with kids. Have a look at them and let us know what you think of them. 

Best Vacations For Families With Toddlers

The way to arranging an effortless excursion with little children is picking the correct destination.

Regardless of whether it's a quiet shoreline, a busy city, or peaceful hamlet where children can explore, it must be enjoyable for all of you.

This is why we have penned down a few names that can help you take a call. Pay attention to this section.

Orlando, Florida
Top 10 Things to DO in FLORIDA! - YouTube

It is true that Orlando standouts as one of the best destinations for toddlers. 

Home to the world-popular Disney amusement parks, it is like as if bliss fills the air there. 

Before the coming of Europeans, it was home to Native Indians and belonged to Seminole tribe. It was in established in the year 1885 and the rest is history. It has been tagged as "The City Beautiful" owing to its beauty. It is also known as the "The Theme Park Capital of the World" because of its tourist attracting capacity.

Connectivity - It is well connected by air, road and rail, which means you are free to choose your mode of transport to manage your expenses.

Activities – Numerous Orlando excursion rentals carry the enchantment home with Disney-themed rooms, marvelous pools, and lots of playrooms. Visiting Orlando can bring out the child in you! Here are a few of the major attractions that you can count on while visiting Orlando with a toddler:

  • Simply watch your kids' eyes illuminate while embracing Mickey Mouse at Disney theme parks
  • You can explore a rich, African savanna at Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • A favorite among the toddlers and kids is the Crayola Experience Orlando that makes it worth your time
  • Take a plunge into the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Expense – You can expect to shell out $250 a day on an average a day per person. For a week’s stay it would cost around $1700 per person. It really depends on your budget and expenses as well.

Lake Ozark, Missouri

Attractions at Lake of the Ozarks - YouTube

Built in 1929 Lake Ozarks is a vast reservoir made by holding the Osage River in the northern part of the Ozarks that lies in the central region of Missouri.

It is also called the "The Magic Dragon" because of the serpentine shape of the lake. With miles of picturesque lakefront, world-class drifting, and a helpful area in the focal point of Missouri, Lake Ozark is an awesome get-away spot for families, particularly those with toddlers and kids alike.

Connectivity – It is connected by major highways of the states and is easy to reach by road.

Activities – You can spend hours by walking, swimming or basically unwinding on the beautiful shores. For toddlers, there are unlimited activities and no deficiency of spots to play around for the young and curious minds. By the day's end, kick up your feet at your lodge rental, and watch the dusk over the water. Inside and outside, your entire family will have a ton of fun in Lake Ozark for sure! Below mentioned are a few more things that you can bask in:

  • You can eat or merry make at restaurants for which you may need a boat to reach
  • Enjoy at the state park that covers over 17,000 acres of land and 85 miles of shoreline to play at
  • Just drive down to the Swinging Bridge that can compensate for your whole day
  • Spend a day at the Big Surf Waterpark or Zambezi Falls to make the most out of your vacation

Expense – Well rentals start from as low as $60 on an average a day and you are free to cook your own food or order it from somewhere. The choice is yours and it is as per your budget that you decide your expenditures.

Lake Placid, New York

Top 10. Best Tourist Attractions in Lake Placid - New York - YouTube

Voyagers depict an excursion to Lake Placid as a genuine Adirondack encounter and a serene resort. 

This area became popular since the 1800’s owing to a sudden boom. Although it's well known for being the site of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games and a center point for snow sports, this peaceful city settled in the mountains offers all year fun filled activities for the entire family. 

You'll locate this remarkable goal is as amazingly delightful and loaded with experience as it is little child inviting. 

Connectivity – It is well connected to major cities and is not more than 4 hours’ drive from Ottawa in Canada and 5 hours’ drive from New York. You can avail a bus service if you like to hit the road or rent a car. Alternatively, flying down to Adirondack Regional Airport from Boston Logan Airport, reaching Lake Placid Airport or Plattsburgh PBG, only to drive over to your destination could be a good idea.

Activities – To be honest, it has a competitive environment with so many outdoor activities on offer. Have a look at some of the most prevalent ones are like:

  • When winter comes in, you can go skiing or ice skating
  • Climbing the Whiteface Mountain in the Cloudsplitter Gondola for clearing perspectives of Lake Placid
  • Visit the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, home to Winter Olympics
  • During the late spring, you can pass your time, simply sitting by the fire pit to watch fireflies dance and listen to frogs croak away

Expense – Cost varies as per your lifestyle and there are no doubts about that. Hotel rent starts from a meager amount of $90 a day to any limit of your choice.

Port Aransas, Texas


It has 18 miles of delicate sand shorelines here give a cushiony landing spot to babies as yet getting the hang of strolling.

Make it simple by booking a rental close by the shoreline so you won't need to drag yourself too far to reach it.

This happens to be the only well-formed town in Mustang Island. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, the Corpus Christi Bay and the Lydia Ann Ship Channel. 

Historically speaking it was home to native nomadic tribes.   

Connectivity – You need to take the Ferry System or can take the road (Causeway Bridge) via Corpus Christi.

Activities – There is so much to do at Port Aransas, like

  • Watching vivid Roseate Spoonbills and Reddish Egrets fly through the sky, while listening to the sound of challenging cranes
  • Fill your days in Port Aransas scanning for seashells, angling from the wharf, and investigating the neighborhood nature saves
  • You can take dolphin tours at Roberts Point Park to keep your little ones happy

Expense - In case you're looking for an island withdrawn without a strong sticker price (you can lease a home for under $100 every night!) Port Aransas is the ideal place for you and your family.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Top Places to Explore in Philadelphia Pennsylvania | Visit Philly Travel Guide Series Part Three - YouTube

If you've never been to Philadelphia, you'll quickly notice why it's an awesome city and a standout amongst other excursions for little children. 

That is very true and it has to be mentioned that the largest city the U.S. was founded in 1682.

It had played an important role during American Revolution and the whole of America remembers that even to this day.

Home to native Indians prior to the coming of the Europeans, as of now Philly happens to be one of the most flourished cities of the country. 

Connectivity – You can reach Philadelphia by air from major cities of the world and almost all carriers cater to it. You can take the road if you want, depending on your geographical location.


  • From the gigantic Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse to the Philadelphia Zoo, there's bounty to keep your youngsters diverted for a considerable length of time
  • With young ones continually in a hurry, do whatever it takes not to miss the era of American history in plain view all through the city at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Reading Terminal Market
  • Sesame Place, a theme park is directly over the city line in Langhorne
  • Spend a day at the Philadelphia Zoo that is home to 1300 animals
  • The Spruce Street Harbor Park at Delaware river has tree hammocks, stable barges and container arcades to lure you to an eventful day

Expense – Accommodation may cost you like $150 per person a day. However, you can expect to expend $30 each for food at the most.  

Captiva Island, Florida

Exploring Captiva Island in Florida! - YouTube

Captiva Island rests simply off the bank of southwest Florida in the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

It's known for its shallow waters and delicate waves, which make it a perfect beach getaway for families with babies and toddlers.

Prior to the European conquest it was home to Calusa Indians some 2500 years ago.

Legends have made it immortal in folklore that informs us about piracy along its shores. All this makes this an exciting and intriguing place to be in.

Rest assured it will keep you and your family hooked to your holiday for sure.  

Connectivity – You may have to reach the Southwest Florida International Airport which is some 20 miles far off Sanibel Island. You may consider taking a boat to the island otherwise.

Activities – The drive along the Sanibel Island is scenic and you will be pleased to observe the greenery around. The white sand decorated with shells and the blue sea, all make it worth a visit. You can find some pastimes that you can indulge in:

  • With your little ones next to you, pursue waves withdrawing into the sea
  • Fabricate a gigantic sandcastle
  • Just look over the shoreline and collect the brilliant seashells
  • Pick a beachfront townhouse with kid-accommodating exercises (think kite flying and coconut painting)
  • Take a wildlife cruise at the Cayo Costa Beach
  • How about a mangrove trail via the bays with kayaking tours, young ones will go berserk without a second thought
  • Hike by the Ding Darling Nature Reserve (which is like 2 miles), but go as far as those small legs permit to go
  • Later, book a spacious country estate for an escape into the Captiva Island

Expense – If you find a good bargain, it could go down $99 a night at Captiva Island. Most hotels provide you with free WiFi services and parking as well. Some even offer breakfast and you are free to choose from a wide range of hotels without a doubt.

San Diego, California

Ultimate San Diego Travel Tips | Sightseeing & Attractions | lifeofreilly.tv - YouTube

San Diego is a laid-back shoreline town that is enjoyable to visit, with or without kids!

This southern California town is dope and it has plenty to offer. It was founded in 1769 and was home to native tribes before the Spanish conquest. It is well-known for its extensive beaches and mild climatic conditions all through the year. 

There is more to it, read this section to get a fair understanding of it.

Connectivity – Not to mention, it is connected by main cities by air, road and train. You decide which way is good for you and your budget.

Activities – There is no dearth of activities at this joint and you can start with:

  • The Balboa Park, which is home to an expansive play area, almost 20 exhibition halls, the San Diego Zoo, and will considerably keep your little ones engaged for quite a long time
  • Along the drift, splash some sun at the Mission Beach
  • List Element
  • Carlsbad Flower Fields for an active photography session on the 50 acres
  • Visit the La Jolla Cove, a place where ocean lions and seals roost on the stones throughout the day (charm overburden!)
  • From SeaWorld to the San Diego Zoo, San Diego is outstanding amongst other excursions for little children who love everything that swims and thunders
  • There's a considerable rundown of kid friendly places, like where you can board a Second World War plane carrying warship
  • Paddle a kayak into the La Jolla Sea Caves
  • Cabrillo National Monument to reconnect to historic events
  • The New Children's Museum that has a dance bar for toddlers
  • May be go out for a stroll through excellent

Expense – You can take it as $180 per person on a daily basis. Meals cost you like $33 a day and water would be another $3.50. You do the math, whatever suits you best.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 

Our Dollywood Vacation Experience! - Vlog w Tips & Tricks - Pigeon Forge Tennessee - YouTube

With its residential community vibe and welcoming air, one thing's sure: you're certain to feel quiet in Pigeon Forge (at any rate, while the children aren't trying your understanding!). 

What once part of the state of North Carolina, today reminds us of the rich cultural past. It was built in 1820 and was an iron fort by Isaac Love. It has more to offer than what may seem. 

Connectivity – You can take a car or fly down to this beautiful town. It is totally up to you and your finances. Choose wisely with a toddler in tow, you may want to reach your faster, which is a practical solution.

Activities - Located in the core of the Smoky Mountains that happens to be a destination for the outdoorsy. As such, it's a little child's blessing from heaven. This is what you can do over there:

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One of the greatest opinions for some women (not necessary all) to do is to fall pregnant.

Women are very different from each other and therefore every pregnancy is different, but there are some common ideas for a future mother to look out for in the first trimester (three months at the beginning) of their pregnancy.

‘What to eat’, ‘what not to eat’, ‘how to exercise’, ‘what not to do’, general advice and FAQs are general topics that will be covered, and hopefully give you some insight on how to prepare before you expect your baby.

Being pregnant should not change your life too much, but there are things that can help you get ready for the journey ahead, as well as for after the pregnancy.

However, the best advice anyone can give you, is to speak to your doctor first before taking any other advice. They are the ones that should know your body better than you do and can lead you in the healthiest direction for you and your future child.  

Signs of Pregnancy

The body has a regular pattern of when it’s menstrual cycle (period), given a few days here and there, happens and a clear indication that you could be pregnant is if your period is a week or so late.

Another sign is that your breasts (and not rest of the body, which can happen with weight gain) increase in size, and some women just feel it, they just know that they are with child. As well as your emotions may go a bit ‘all over the place’.

The best advice is as soon as you suspect you are pregnant go take a test.

You can do the home pregnancy tests a week after your period is due and two weeks after you ovulate, but these do have the possibility of giving false positives so the best course of action would be going to a doctor to get a pregnancy test.

But, do this as soon as possible since they can fill up every quickly, and as soon as you know the result, start booking check-ups and attend them regularly.

Attending check-ups three times during the first trimester is a great start for the health of your baby as well as yourself.

The first check-up will be the most detailed since that is when the doctor will need to know your and your partner’s medical history as well as the medical history of relatives so that you can know what you could expect.

There will also be a pelvic exam (do not worry, you will not need to study for it) to see the size and position of your uterus. The doctor will also do a pap smear which is done to see if there are any abnormal cells in the uterus and cervix.

Why the First Trimester is Important

The first trimester is the start of a journey, and getting the start right can help a lot of time goes on, and as your belly grows.

This time frame is when the baby is more susceptible to toxins such as drinking, smoking, and certain medications (check with your doctor), because this is the time that the mayor organs such as the heart develop and grow.

The first month is when the mayor systems of the body form, as well as the beginning feature of ears and eyes, and this can make the embryo look like a tiny tadpole.

There are also limb dubs which grow into legs and arms further down the line. Plus this is when the heart beat is formed, although it is very soft.

Two months into the pregnancy is when the feature of the face: eyes, ears, mouth become more noticeable, and the embryo moves away from looking like a tadpole to looking more like a tiny human.

Dubs of teeth are also formed at this stage. The digestive, urinary, nervous, and circularly system continue to form in this time frame.

With an ultrasound you can see the start of finger and toes. The future child is always moving, but you will not feel this yet.   

Three months into the pregnancy is when the external genitals are formed, as well as eyelids, tiny fingernails and toenails. The voice box begins to grow in this period, plus the fetus moves around a lot more.

What to Eat 

The popular myth that you are eating for two while pregnant is incorrect.

You are not eating for two, and your meal size stays the same. Gaining too much weight is not good for the baby as well as for your body since it is difficult to lose a large amount of weight.  

Therefore, eat healthy, and remember that babies need vitamins from vegetables and not sugar from chocolate.

Choose healthy snacks and drink plenty of water (about eight glasses a day), plus listen to your stomach, if it does not like something or if a type of food does not agree with you, it will tell you.

It is also a good idea to cook your own meals or to have someone you trust to cook for you.

It is important to know what is going into your body, therefore do not eat junk food since no one knows what goes into it exactly.

Fruits like bananas, oranges, cherries, watermelon, pears, mangoes, apricots, and apples are a great way to get vitamins and natural sugar into your body. As well as taking prenatal vitamins.

What Not to Eat 

This is not food but it is still important to do: Quit smoking and drinking, and check with your doctor on all medications, those which you take regularly and those that you do not take regular such as for headaches. As for food:

  • No raw fish
  • No raw meat or organ meat
  • No high in Mercury fish such as certain types of tuna, Shark, Swordfish, and King Mackerel
  • No raw eggs
  • Unwashed fruit and vegetables
  • Unpasteurized Milk, Cheese, and Fruit Juice
  • Pineapples
  • Papaya

And if you are a coffee lover, it is best to cut down to 200 mg per a day which is about two/ three cups.


It is important to stretch as much as you can, but do it in a way that is safe for both you and your baby.

There is no hurry while you exercise, and you can go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

You should do stretches before and after you exercise to loosen your body up a bit, and increase your heart-rate and breathing slowly, as well as drink water before the routine, during the routine and afterwards. The best time to exercise would be in the morning.  

But before you start any physical routine you should check with your doctor what exercises you can do, and how much to do to avoid having a miscarriage before you start or go back to exercising.

Some exercises have programs designed for pregnant women such as Yoga, Pilates (which can help with lower back pains), and walking for about 15 minutes a day.

The reason that you should do exercise it to get you more into shape for childbirth as well as to left your mood, plus help you sleep better. 

If you have not exercised before your pregnancy it is best to start small and slow.

You can try aim for 30 minutes a day, with three to five times a week, but only if you are having fun.

The last thing you need is to stress.

Yoga is the best exercise to do while pregnant since it can help with your breathing, lower blood pressure, keep your muscles limber, and it can build your strength as well as help your balance.

However, there are certain aspects of Yoga you should avoid while pregnant:

  • Backbends
  • Twisting your abdomen
  • Headstand or any poses that require your feet going over your head
  • Lying on your back
  • Bikram of doing Yoga in very high temperatures
However, some women may not gain any weight at all, while other may gain a lot in the first trimester, and slow down gaining weight as the months go on. 

It is best to check with your doctor, and keep a diary (as well as photos) or your belly growth and weight change.

The post What to do During the First Trimester of Pregnancy appeared first on Goes Like That .com - All About Pregnancy, Babies and Parenting and it was created by Nona Amalia.

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Importance of Exercise for Pregnant Women

Almost all women who are pregnant are faced with statements like “don’t walk too fast” or “don’t be reckless, or lie down”, redirecting them to spend the entirety of the next nine months with the word “exercise” blacklisted from their dictionaries.

Contrary to popular belief, gynecologists and obstetricians advise against such sedentary behavior unless there are complications relating to the pregnancy. In fact, they recommend at least twenty minutes of light to moderate exercise to pregnant women.

Moderate exercising like brisk walking or yoga for instance, when done as per the guidelines provided by a gynecologist/obstetrician - are meant to improve one’s fitness to help cope better with the pregnancy.

It is estimated that the weight-gain potential per trimester ranges between 10 and 12.5 kilograms, in addition, the spine, joints, pelvis, and lower back are under a lot of pressure during the course of the pregnancy, which is few of the many reasons why it can be difficult for some women to relax and enjoy the process.

The heart and the breathing rates become erratic in some cases. To keep such issues at bay and to ensure a healthy development of the fetus, it becomes important for the expectant mother to be healthy physically, and in turn, mentally.

Routine exercising can help manage breathing and heart rate, keep blood pressure in check, ease the pressure on the joints and back, cater to constructive weight gain by reducing the build-up of unnecessary fat, help combat nausea, and lower obstetric concern prior to labor.

Yoga and Pregnancy: Importance of Yoga in Pregnancy

Time and again, studies have proven that physical stimulation in the form of light or moderate exercises is necessary for decreasing the risk of complications as well as ensuring good health for the baby.

One of the best ways to keep the mind and body healthy during pregnancy is to practice yoga.

This slow paced, breath-focused, mindful activity is something expectant mothers can indulge in throughout the course of the pregnancy, albeit with the guidance of an expert and upon consultation with doctors because not all kinds of yoga are safe during this time, and safety comes first.

Yoga encourages you to listen to your body, pay attention to it, connect with it, and more importantly inculcate self-love and presence of mind.

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Prenatal yoga, when done with specified modifications, has been found to strengthen abdominal muscles, regulate sleep patterns, reduce stress and thereby reduce the chances of complications caused due to hypertension, regulate hormones, decrease nauseous tendencies, ease pain, and cut-down the risk of premature labor by a significant margin.

More importantly, yoga is essential for the formation of a deeper bond between the mother and the fetus developing inside her, which goes a long way in establishing a healthy emotional relationship between the two.

Yoga Tips for First Trimester

The first trimester is perhaps the most fragile time in the entire pregnancy. After the first trimester, do not practice any asanas facing down or on your stomach

Some important things to keep in mind before opting for yoga in the first trimester include:


Learning more about the changes you’re going through, bombarding the yoga instructor and your doctors with questions to help you learn more about why and how certain poses are beneficial for you and the developing fetus.

Take it easy

Most pregnant women misunderstand the concept of doing any kind of exercise and end up exerting themselves too much. This causes more harm than good. Do not exert yourself in any situation. If there’s an asana that is difficult to manage, it is okay to skip it or keep it within the confines of your bodily comfort.

Be cautious

A major part of your yoga practice is dependent on how many babies you’re carrying. With respect to that number, it is often advisable to steer clear of deeper forward folds nearing the end of the first trimester. It is also important to avoid jumps and closed twists.

Beneficial poses

These include most standing poses like Warrior I-III, Extended Triangle, Tree, and Eagle poses; seated poses like Marichi’s Pose, Bound Angle, and Revolved Head of the Knee, and stretches on the back.

Yoga Tips for Second Trimester

By the time your second trimester starts, you’ve gotten into the groove of your yoga practice and it is now time to carry that knowledge forward with modifications catering to the growth and safety of the baby. Some important things to keep in mind include:

  • Stay mellow – Most pregnant women who have been involved in consistent yoga routines since the very beginning report increased levels of motivation and physical energy. This may prompt you to be more rigorous with your routines. But hold it there! Do not mistake the increased energy-flow for the reason to exert yourself more. Focus on keeping the practice mellow and methodical.
  • Don’t be nervous – Now that the bump has started showing, you might feel nervous to continue. You might experience aches and discomforts too. However, with the right guidance, this is the time where you need to establish consistency to help regulate your hormones and blood pressure.
  • Beneficial poses – These include the Open Chair Twist, Tree Pose, Standing Hand-to-Foot, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior, Triangle, Downward Dog, and Cat-Cow.
Yoga Tips for Third Trimester

This is the time when the baby starts to move about and you find yourself preparing for labor. Yoga done during this time helps strengthen abdominal muscles to ensure a safe and easy delivery. Some important things to keep in mind include:

  • Focus on how you feel – Most of the yoga poses meant to be done during the third trimester help you gain a sense of space and openness to combat feelings of constraint. Go with the flow and open yourself by focusing on how you feel. Here again, do not exert yourself beyond what’s comfortable.
  • Protect your joints – The third trimester means that the joints may start to feel unstable or soft. Since the body is preparing for labor it is important to be mindful of how your joints are doing. Be careful with the poses you practice and steer clear from putting too much pressure on the joints.
  • Make the right choices – If you’re thinking of trying out squat-like poses, then stop and think again. Redirect yourself towards poses that focus on general balance, the hips and abdomen instead.
  • Beneficial poses – These include the Extended Triangle Pose, Extended Side Angle, Tree Pose, Bound Angle, Seated Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose, and the Cat Pose.
Various Asanas for Pregnancy

Any pregnant women must take into consideration her health history before she begins with yoga, especially the first timers or those with irregular routine.

There are various asanas that bring positive energy to a mom and deters mood swings. A lot of asanas are known to relieve back pain, belly discomfort and for promoting overall wellbeing.

Tadasana or The Mountain pose 

It is a great standing yoga pose as it steadies your breathing, strengthens the spine and relieves pains throughout the body. This asana can be practiced any time of the day during your first and second trimester.

Benefits: Strengthens the spine, promotes overall well-being

Tadasana During Pregnancy - Postural Alignment cues for Expectant Mothers - YouTube
Utthita Trikonasana or The Extended Triangular pose 

It relieves backache while strengthening the muscles. It allows fresh blood to flow throughout your body, thereby eliminating the toxins from the blood and lymphatic system. During the first trimester, this asana also helps in dealing with morning sickness.

Benefits: Relieves back pain, eliminates toxins

Utthita Trikonasana (Gives Relief in Backache during pregnancy) - YouTube
Bhujangasana or The Cobra pose 

As the name suggests, this asana resembles the raised hood of the cobra. This should be practiced empty stomach in the morning for as long as you feel comfortable, however, not for more than 30 seconds. This strengthens the spine, decreases the stiffness from the back, improves flexibility and elevates the mood. To be practiced only in the first two months of pregnancy.

Benefits: Relieves lower back pain

Yoga for pregnant women cobra pose - YouTube
Virabhadrasana I (Warrior pose I) and Virabhadrasana I (Warrior pose II) 

These asanas help the spine to restore its health, relieves back pain so that it can take the weight of the growing uterus. It also opens the chest and strengthens the legs. This asana should be performed only during the second trimester.

Benefits: Strengthens legs, relives back pain

Pre-natal yoga - 2nd trimester: Modified warrior pose - YouTube
Warrior II Pose: Virabhadrasana II - YouTube
Vakrasana or The Twisted Pose

This pose strengthens your spine, stretches your neck, hands, and leg joints, and gently massages the abdominal organs. All this helps relieve back pain.

Benefits: Relieves belly and back pain

Yoga Asanas - Vakrasana - YouTube
Dandasana or Stick pose

This pose relieves all the tension in the back and hips. It prevents complications in the reproductive organs and keeps them functioning well. Practice it in the morning on an empty stomach and clean bowels. If you don’t get time in the morning, do it in the evenings after a gap of 4 to 6 hours from your last meal.

Benefits: Releases tension from back and hips

Dandasana - YouTube
Janu Sirsasana or Head to Knee Pose

It stretches your hamstrings and groin, increasing their flexibility to ease childbirth. It stimulates your liver and kidneys, helping them function better to cope with the increased bodily requirements. It is good for pregnant ladies suffering from insomnia.

Benefits: Improves digestion, stretches and strengthens hamstrings and groin

Modified Janu Shirsasana || Yoga For Pregnancy - YouTube
Marjariasana or the cat and cow pose

This yoga pose strengthens the core by gently wrapping the muscles around the baby. While performing this asana during pregnancy one should stretch the abdomen only mildly. It also increases the flexibility of the spine, shoulder & neck, and improves the flow of blood in the body; hence better circulation. It also helps ease the back pain.

Benefits: Strengthens abdominal muscles, improves blood circulation

Marjariasana | Yoga and Pregnancy - YouTube
Balasana or the child pose

Practicing this pose during pregnancy relives the tension in the muscles of the spine, pelvis, and hips. Take slow and deep breaths to feel fully relaxed in this pose. This is a safe pose for all trimesters and is used for focusing on breathing.

Benefits: Reduces stress and fatigue

Child's Pose (Balasana) - Pregnancy Yoga Video - YouTube
Sukhasana or the Easy Pose

Helps in relieving all the stress. Gives back a stretch, broadens the chest and calms the mind. Works like meditation. It improves digestion and betters your breathing, keeping your child hale and healthy.

Benefits: Relieves indigestion, reduces stress

Sukhasana | Easy Pose - YouTube
Baddha Konasana or the Butterfly Pose

This should be practiced empty stomach or with a gap of 4 to 6 hours post meal. This asana strengthens and stretches your inner thighs, groin, and knees and comes handy during childbirth. It also eases out digestive problems and keeps your tummy clutter-free. Baddha Konasana helps improves the health of ovaries, keep the blood pressure in check and relaxes you by opening your lower back.

Benefits: Strengthens pelvic floor muscles, stretches lower back

Pregnancy Yoga - Butterfly Pose ( Prenatal Yoga ) - YouTube
Safety Instructions to Follow during Prenatal Yoga –
  • During the first trimester avoid poses with high energy sequences such as Sun salutations, or Surya Namaskar, as that can lead to miscarriage
  • Standing asanas are the best to be practiced
  • Always take advise from your doctor or join a yoga class under a certified yoga trainer
  • Avoid inversions because you don’t want to increase circulation away from the uterus
  • Avoid closed twists and backbends as you might compress the uterus or overstretch the abdomen
  • Modifications and support might be required to do the same poses that you were doing before pregnancy
  • Every pregnancy is different, do not push yourself to try new poses
  • Every day is different, what feels comfortable one day may not feel good the other day. Go at your own pace

The post The Best Yoga Positions For You and The Baby – Taking care of the Mom to Be appeared first on Goes Like That .com - All About Pregnancy, Babies and Parenting and it was created by Nona Amalia.

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Are you planning to have a baby? Have you been trying for some time now? Do you feel let down your period starts? Then we have a solution to your problem. Do you know anything about Basal Body Temperature (BBT)? Did you know that you can utilize a BBT to determine your most fertile days? Identifying ovulation with BBT charting is generally simple and reasonable. Your gynecologist or endocrinologist may prescribe graphing to help you distinguish when ovulation is going on or to show signs of improvement thought of your menstrual cycle designs. This post will help you with the The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting in an unconventional way. So, keep reading to know more about the possibility of conception on your own.

An Organized Take On The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting

To be precise, Basal body temperature (BBT) is the temperature of your body very still when it is estimated early in the day following at least three hours rest. It is estimated directly as you get up, utilizing a BBT thermometer that can be purchased at any medical store.

Estrogen (a hormone) plays an important role part in month to month menstrual cycle where it encourages the ovaries to create an egg (follicular stage) that is in the long run discharged during the process of ovulation. In the other half i.e. the luteal stage of your cycle, the hormone progesterone keeps up the coating of the endometrium till your menses.

You should simply know that estrogen is “chilly” while progesterone is “warm”. This implies in BBT, before ovulation (the arrival of the egg to be prepared) at the follicular stage, your BBT is generally low. After the procedure of ovulation, your BBT begins to ascend to the point where you can see a contrast when you analyze your BBT when ovulation if plotted on a chart. This infers if there is a rise in your basal body temperature, it implies that ovulation has commenced.

What is Basal Body Temperature?

BBT is basically the temperature that your body maintains after you have woken up from sleep at morning. This temperature is often measured using a special thermometer designed for BT and you can buy this from any drugstore. You have to understand that estrogen very important in this case especially during the initial have of the menstrual period during which the ovaries are helped to make an egg. This egg is released during the period of ovulation.

When you are in the second phase of the menstrual phase progesterone will take over until the lining present in the endometrium gives away causing menses. Typically before ovulation while still in the follicular stage, the BBT is in your body tends to be low.

Benefits Associated With BBT Charting

Here are some of the benefits associated with BBT Charting  provided it is done properly.

  • Once you are into the charting process it will reveal if your partner and you are fertile.
  • The charting and the mucus in your Cervix will reveal the period where the fertility is high
  • You will also get to know the factors like lubricants, intercourse and medications that may alter the appearance of the mucus in your cervix

The charting and the cervical mucus must be tracked properly as the egg will only make for 24 hours right after ovulation, so timing is very important. By charting it  you can analyze the menstrual cycle. In usual cases the woman will ovulate after thirteen days but then again it may change from woman to woman. So you see that by following a BBT charting a woman can have a good understanding of her body. If you face problems with fertility your doctor can assist and help you discover the problems.

How to Choose A Basal Body Temperature Chart?

The good thing about this is that you do not have to put in too much effort from your end. You need to have a good quality thermometer that measures up till 0.10 degrees, as the changes are not that big. Here is something you can do:

  1. You will be required to have a chart or a graph of some kind to record the temperature while you are within your circle
  2. You can find these charts in books
  3. Make your own and keep a strict tab on your cycle
  4. These charts are found on the internet where you can print them or you may get them when you buy your thermometer
  5. Use your laptop, phone or tablet to create a nice digital chart
  6. You can utilize several applications that help you maintain a BBT Chart
  7. You could download tons of software to help you track your temperatures
How Does Someone Start BBT Charting?

Once you have managed to get hold of the instruments you require, you need to get in the morning and record your temperature. This basically indicates that before you start any other activity you must record the temperature,like:

  • The best thing is to record your temperature before you go to the washroom or even drink a glass of water
  • Put the thermometer in the mouth the moment you get up from sleep
  • Make sure you take the temperature at the same time
  • The best way to proceed is to start BBT on the very first day while your cycle begins; this is usually the day your periods will begin
  • Record your temperature by writing it down somewhere
  • The typical range is 97.0 to about 97.6 for BBT before the ovulation begins
  • Now you should also know that all women are not built the same way, so, make sure you keep a note of the temperature changes every day
  • You may notice that after some time the temperature will be higher and will stay that way for 3 days
How To Get Accurate Readings?

There are a few factors that may help you take down appropriate readings. We have created a rundown of all the factors in this section. So, pay attention and read them carefully.

  1. As mentioned, you must get at least 3 hours of sleep for recording the correct temperature
  2. Make sure you take the readings at the same time every morning and you must give this 30 minutes in the minimum
  3. Keep your thermometer handy, may be at the night stand
  4. Shake the thermometer slowly, as any movement can cause rise in your temperature
  5. Do not eat anything or drink water
  6. This brings us to discuss, you may get an increased BBT owing to drinking at night, jet lagging, cold, infection or even for emotional instability
  7. Don’t rush, take your time
  8. Relax and stay away from stress
What Can You Learn From BBT Charting?

If you use a BBT chart you can instantly understand that you have achieved ovulation but the flipside is you cannot predict ovulation with it. In certain cases you may notice a drop in temperature while you have achieved ovulation. This drop in temperature may be caused by estrogen but again it is different for every woman. If you want to predict ovulation you will have to track the mucus in the cervix. This mucus is nothing but a discharge from the cervix.  This changes several times while you undergo menstrual cycle as your hormonal levels fluctuate greatly. This will also reveal the period of high fertility you can do this after your menstrual cycle is over.

Over time you will notice that the mucus has become thicker and chalky. When you move closer to the ovulation period the mucus will become very thin and resemble egg whites. This will actually help the sperms to gain mobility to go to the eggs, this is a sign that you have achieved high fertility and it is time to have vigorous sex.

Sometimes some women can monitor the mucus in the cervix internally. An internal check can be done if you sit on a toilet seat. The best time is to do is in the early morning while you are going to use the bathroom or do it at anytime of the day. You must make sure that you have clean hands and always use a finger (index or middle) to check. The best way to check your fertility is to monitor the mucus in the cervix and by using a BBT chart.

You can have intercourse on a daily basis to see if the mucus has changed form and to continue this till there is an increase in BTT. This will actually make sure that you and your partner will have a child. Be systematic in your approach and you should also have a certain level of patience. You must also make a point to speak to a doctor on a regular basis to make sure that you are doing things the right way.

What To Do If BBT Chart Does Not Help?

Due to a hectic lifestyle, you may not be able to focus on BBT and that is quite normal. Don’t blame yourself for this! Opt for the other way, yes you can invest in an ovulation indicator pack that works by estimating your hormone levels and lets you know roughly when you will ovulate. In case, you and your partner can manage, with a flexible schedule, then you must have intercourse every alternative day during the last 14 days from your cycle. This can be of help too.

Busted Myths                                                                       

The truth is no one can predict conception. Even the best of doctors cannot do so and believe us when we say so, as we speak from experience. This is why we have composed this inventory that you can seek help from.

  • BBT chart is here to assist you find out about your fertile days, it is not a conjecture
  • Doctors will not treat you unless you have tried getting pregnant for a year, is another misconception, as you can always consult your gynecologist for more
  • You must have intercourse on the 14th day from your period, yeah unless you have a perfect cycle and most of us lack that, we all know that
  • You should have sex within 24 to 72 hours of your ovulation, but the truth is sperms can live for 5 days, so in a healthy scenario you must have do it 1 or 2 days in advance
  • Infertility treatment is expensive, but most insurances cover it these days, find out from your provider
  1. How long should you wait for infertility treatment in spite of maintaining a BBT chart?

Ans. You should not waste time in case, your periods are irregular and must visit a doctor immediately.

  1. Can longer cycles pose as a problem?

Ans. To tell you the truth, they can cause some trouble, but you can consult a doctor to get medication if any required for this. They will be the best guide to help you with any other process as well.

  1. Can a BBT chart break your pregnancy news?

Ans. See, most likely if your BBT remains up for 18 days or more, then you may consider taking a test.

  1. Do you need a BBT thermometer only?

Ans. Well, they are more reliable over a normal thermometer. Choice is yours.

By now you must have got an idea, to how discovering The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting is an extraordinary method to track your cycles and ovulation designs. It can likewise enable your doctor to identify conceivable days as well. In the event that you are concerned you aren’t ovulating, convey your BBT graph to your gynecologist.


With regards to distinguishing pregnancy, BBT graphs can offer little clues. You may not find a fertility calendar or a gadget yet, but this could throw some light on conception for sure. We know how enticing it can be to search for early indications of pregnancy, and how disheartening it could get holding up to take a pregnancy test with a negative result. This could be the most ideal approach to utilize your chance, as it may aid you to look beyond conception only.

The post The Untold Secret To The ABCs of Basal Body Temperature Charting appeared first on Goes Like That .com - All About Pregnancy, Babies and Parenting and it was created by Nona Amalia.

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The old thinking has changed and mothers that had cesarean section are no more bound it for their next delivery. That is right, as medical science has developed and modern medicine does not let you down. It is your choice and your medical condition is certainly taken into consideration. Of course, your doctor needs to take a call as well, but rest assured; there is no pre-requisite that would need you to undergo the scalpel once again. Hence, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) plan is an option that you get along with elective surgery for your next delivery.

In case this discussion interests you by any chance, then we would like you to read this post till the end. We have incorporated as much detailed information, as we could in regards to this. Read on to know more.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Plan?

As indicated by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, you’re a decent contender for a vaginal birth after a C-section if you meet all the following criteria:

  1. Your pelvis appears to be sufficiently extensive to enable your child to go through securely. Well, there’s no real way to know this without a doubt, but your doctor can look at your pelvis and inform you.
  2. Your past cesarean entry point was a low-transverse uterine cut (which is usually horizontal) as opposed to a vertical cut in your upper uterus (like the classical cut) or a T-shape and that would put you at greater risk for breaking of your uterine. However, you must make a note that the sort of scar on your stomach may not coordinate the one on your uterus.
  3. Again, you must have no more than 2 low transverse C-sections.
  4. You’ve never had some other major uterus like, a myomectomy that removes fibroids.
  5. You have no other obstetric issue or medical condition or, like big fibroid or placenta previa that would make a vaginal conveyance unsafe.
  6. Never had what is called a uterine rupture.
  7. There’s a physician at location that can monitor you and conduct out a crisis C-section if need be.
  8. There’s an anesthesiologist and other medical staff ready to support you or your infant during a crisis.
  9. Baby’s position also plays an imminent part in this. If your baby is head down, then you can be regarded as a fit candidate without a doubt.
Benefits Of This Plan

If you intend to have more children, then you should realize that each cesarean you have, puts you at the higher for future pregnancies. Bet you have never heard of placenta accreta and placenta previa that makes the placenta embed too profoundly and doesn’t separate during delivery. These conditions may call for a hysterectomy if you want to avoid profuse bleeding or in extreme cases death. With that said, here are a few advantages of vaginal births, including VBACs:

  1. Lesser intricacies, like contaminations
  2. Faster recuperation time and healing center remain
  3. A probability that you can encourage and nestle your child straight after birth
  4. No more confusions for future pregnancies
  5. You are all the more physically ready to tend to your infant (and other kids that you may have) not long after delivery and this helps to bond quickly as well
  6. An effective VBAC enables you to maintain a safe distance from a major surgery and the dangers related to it
  7. Additionally, cesarean surgery poses a threat of building up specific diseases and can endanger other organs too
  8. A C-section requires more time to heal facility remain than a vaginal birth and your recuperation is for the most part slower and sometimes uneasy

Did you know that your abdomen gets into the risk of all the potential intricacies of complications with every cesarean? Scarring can make it more troublesome for sure.

What Are The Chances Of VBAC?

In simple words, VBACs are a personal choice and you need discover a doctor that will help you with one. Research on your own and find out what works for you. We have more to say on this and this is the most important segment of this conversation. So, do read it with care.

If you’re a suitable candidate for a vaginal birth after a cesarean or VBAC, there is always a chance of you succeeding at it. Obviously, your odds of achievement are higher, if the explanation behind your past C-section isn’t probably going to be an issue this time around.

All things considered, it’s difficult to anticipate with any conviction that there will be a vaginal delivery and for those that had a C-section. By and large, it has been found that around 60 – 80% of ladies who endeavor a VBAC have delivered vaginally.

If you choose to attempt it, you’ll require a custodian who also holds the same thought. Remember, that not all healing centers meet the criteria for offering a VBAC. Moreover, a few healing facilities basically maintain a strategic distance from the debate and owing to legal issues.

Risks Involved In This Procedure

Regardless of whether you’re a decent possibility for a VBAC, there’s a little risk (may be under 1%) that your uterus will break right at the point of your previous C-section. This may cause acute blood loss and conceivably oxygen hardship for your may also put your infant at stake. We have compiled a list that will help you understand the risks involved in a detailed manner.

  • The danger of the scar in your womb (uterus) tearing is quite high and this is why doctors and gynecologists screen VBACs in a legitimately prepared doctor’s facility.
  • Women opting for a VBAC have a higher probability of delivering through unexpected cesarean and this could be dangerous, as you may fall prey to contamination and unnecessary blood loss, as opposed to an elective cesarean (because the facility will be prepared for this).
  • There are instances of dying, transfusion or even a hysterectomy (evacuation of the uterus) might be required.
  • Additionally, if you are unable to deliver vaginally, you may have to wait for hours in labor. Keep in mind that an unsuccessful VBAC requiring after hours of labor can be risky.
Factors That May Go Against VBAC

A Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) plan is not just a plan, as it has more to it. You need to think over it and get advice from your physicians about it, well in advance. Nonetheless, we have recorded a few factors that may go against this, like:

  • Your age has to be taken into consideration for sure
  • Your pregnancy has gone past 40 weeks
  • Your weight plays a major role in this
  • Having a child that weighs little more at birth (like 8.8 lbs)
  • Short gap between pregnancies, like that of 18 months or less

We request you to have a whole hearted conversation with your doctor about your accomplishment, advantages and the dangers you may have to face.

Plan In Advance

As mentioned you must talk about your delivery alternatives either an obstetrician or your doctor. Get a second opinion in case you need to know more. In the event that you choose to proceed with a VBAC, you can get things done to help your odds of having a positive experience, like:

  • Find out about VBAC, read about it and take a VBAC labor class with your partner
  • Eat steadily and be active during pregnancy
  • Pick a very much prepared facility that offers VBAC
  • Let your labor begin normally, because labor inducing drugs can make it worse, as it will putting additional strain on your scar
  • Be prepared for the worst because the point is to keep you stable and your baby healthy
Risks Of A Uterine Rupture

Although, there is no surety as to this will be a problem, but studies reveal that there is a high possibility of this during a VBAC. If truth be told, then it has to be admitted that women who have had a past cesarean are in at a constant risk of uterine rupture during a normal delivery. As indicated by the ACOG or the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, in the instance that you had a past C-section with a low transverse cut, the chances of uterine break in a vaginal delivery is .2 to 1.5%. As of late, ACOG expressed that VBAC is more secure than a repeat cesarean and VBAC in excess of one past cesarean does not put you at much of a expanded risk.

Final Thoughts On VBAC

A Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) plan is not an end to a problem because you may constantly have to keep a watch on your baby’s health. Primarily, the heartbeat and you may have to opt for electronic monitoring. Your doctor may ask you to be prepared for a surgery, as the last resort in case things get complicated. So, be ready for anything and embrace what follows suit.

The post Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Plan For New Mothers Who Just Gave Birth appeared first on Goes Like That .com - All About Pregnancy, Babies and Parenting and it was created by Nona Amalia.

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When we talk about labor induction it basically deals with stimulating contractions of the uterine before labor sets in naturally. Now there are several reasons why labor is artificially inducted before child birth. One main reason is complications involving the mother and child’s health. However as a woman you need to avoid induced labor then read the tips to avoid labor induction.

Some Natural Tips To Avoid Labor Induction

Here are some tips that you can try out to avoid induced labor but you must get consultation from your doctor so that you stay safe.

  • Tinctures And Herbs: Before you go out and try this you must always consult a doctor who you visit regularly. Get professional advice as any improper dosage can cause a lot complications. Unicorn root, motherwort, black cohosh and blue cohosh are some of the herbs that bring about labor naturally.
  • Acupressure and Acupuncture: Acupuncture is totally natural and is often practiced by experts by placing needles at certain places all over your body. Acupressure is a very similar procedure but here there are no needles involved, as the expert use fingers to apply just the right amount of pressure. When pressure is applied properly at certain points in the body it may trigger contractions.
  • Sweep The Membrane: This can only be performed by your doctor, you might feel a little discomfort as it reaches the cervix area. In certain extreme cases the doctor may use fingers to detach the amniotic sac from sticking to the wall of the uterine. This will release prostaglandins and will trigger labor.
  • Resort To Massages: You will also come across certain therapists who are licensed to provide massaging services to help induce contractions. With this method you have to exercise a good deal of patience as things will not kick start immediately. You will get results after a couple of sessions
  • Warm Baths: A warm bath will definitely help as it helps to relax the muscles. You must know that relaxation is the best way to bring about labor naturally. Do get a doctor’s consultation on this as how warm the water should be.
  • Food : You will be happy to know that there are a huge variety of foods that help to bring about labor. You may try eating pineapples as these ripen the cervix. Consuming spicy will also help at times.
  • Good Amount Of Exercise : A lot of people have apprehensions about this but the truth is you should get into exercises when your delivery date is close by. The gravity helps your baby’s head move lower and the pressure created will help dilate the area of the cervix. Raspberry tea is quite good for adding strength to the uterus and helping it to contract. Most grocery stores sell this so it is not a challenge buying it.
  • Stimulation Of The Nipple: This method releases a hormone called oxytocin that causes good contractions. This should only be done right before the due date.
  • Indulge In Sex: Doctors have suggested that indulging in sexual intercourse can help bringing about contractions. Your partner’s semen may contain prostaglandins which cause the cervix to become soft.
  • Healthy Diet: Eating healthy is a must if you want to experience labor naturally.  Now you may have heard people telling you that you need to eat a lot of food but the truth is that you just need 300 calories extra than your usual diet which  can be managed. An improper diet will give you gestational diabetes and that can restrict you from experiencing normal contractions. If your baby gets too large quickly then the doctor may suggest artificial labor induction. So a proper diet will ensure that your baby has proper growth for you to experience normal labor.
  • No Scans During Third Semester: Sometimes you may develop medical conditions that will require you to undergo a scan to get a rough idea on the baby’s size. Getting too many scans in at the end of the pregnancy period may cause your body not to produce contractions so it is best not to go for these scans., a good doctor will suggest the same.
  • Due Dates Are Not Always Accurate: You should know that due date given by doctors are not always accurate so do not rush into artificial labor induction. If you cross your due date and you feel fine it means that things are ok and you should continue with your natural methods to bring about contractions.

If a doctor recommends induction of labor make sure you have a say in it which means that you should be able to refuse the procedure too. You must ask them all the required questions about inducing labor. Your doctor should explain every single aspect of the diagnosis and should also give you a solid reason for taking such a measure. You should also get sufficient explanation on the different alternatives and you should get a full explanation on the risks involved in the procedure. Once you have all the necessary information you will not make mistakes based on assumptions that were baseless.

Make sure you ask the required questions as this will help you decide if you want to go for the natural methods to bring about contractions or settle for artificial induction of labor. When he doctor gives the offer of induction sometimes the decision may be tough so choose a good doctor or midwife that you can trust and go ahead with things. However it is still better to stick to a doctor who encourages natural methods to bring about contractions in the cervix.

Risks involved in Induction Of Labor

Here is a list of certain risks involved with the induction of labor.

  • Sometimes babies undergo elective induction that is close to delivery. This is an indication that they are less mature and underdeveloped this increases the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • Without any oxytocin and endorphins the baby and mother lose their alertness and so they find t difficult to interact after birth.
  • When labor is induced then there is no presence of endorphins it means that the mother will require an epidural that will prolong for the first two stages in labor. This also indicates that a lot of instruments will be needed during birth.
  • Induced labor may cause the muscle in the uterine to not relax and so there will be no contraction and will cause stress to the baby.
  • Pitocin is often used to induce labor and cause the uterus to contract. He flip side is the contractions get very strong and so it becomes very difficult to manage when compared to natural labor.
Why Should a person Avoid Induced Labor Completely

Pregnancy is always a special thing for women so while you analyze the dangers of labor induction it is better to wait for it to happen naturally. The period for natural labor to set in can vary from person to person.  Sometimes babies take more than 37 weeks to fully mature. The few weeks right at the end is an important period for mother and child as their body begins to prepare for the delivery so in normal cases it is best not to push that period.

The Benefits Of Natural Labor

Here are some of the benefits of natural labor listed below.

  • The natural methods for labor are never invasive so you and your child will not experience any side effects
  • Women often experience a strong empowerment while they are in labor it is as if they feel their connection with their child coming alive. This periods is painful but some women like to go with it as it gives them confidence.
  • As a woman you will never experience loss of alertness or sensation. You will have full freedom of movement during the labor period. You will be in a state to participate in the labor process and exert pressure to get the baby out.
  • You get to indulge in techniques such as self hypnosis, visualization and breathing exercises to keep calm and deal with the pain
  • You can ask your partner to participate in the process and give you mental support to divert your mind from the pain
  • You will not need to use harsh drugs to speed up the contractions and use instruments like forceps to get your child out of your womb

To have a full understanding on childbirth as a mother you can contemplate on attending classes for child birth. These classes will help you get rid of all your fears which are basically driven by misconception. Most of these classes will also help you understand how the benefits of natural labor. Follow the tips to avoid labor induction and you will be just fine. Remember to consult a good doctor who always encourages natural labor than induced labor. Never hesitate in getting a second opinion for yourself after all your life and your child’s life are very important.

The post The Untold Secret Tips To Avoid Labor Induction appeared first on Goes Like That .com - All About Pregnancy, Babies and Parenting and it was created by Nona Amalia.

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You know that your baby is the cutest thing ever. Everybody discloses to you that your infant has the best grin and has that photogenic face. This perhaps, makes you realize that you child has the potentials of joining the Baby Modeling brigade. Child modeling is more than simply snapping a couple of photos before naptime. Modeling for babies isn’t a drop in the bucket; it’s a business. Simply like some other business, you have to know the intricate details, as you need your experience to be effective.

Benefits Of Baby Modeling

For starters, don’t take it as a get rich scheme. Have respect for your baby and avoid being that pushy stage mother, who basks in the glory of her child. Do not turn your innocent child into a spoilt brat or a nagging diva. None of this is good for their growing personas. However, there is a bright side to Baby Modeling for sure.

  • Social – Modeling brings along a wealth of experiences and being social is one of them. Your baby will soon learn how to interact with strangers and this only makes them confident later. This means it boosts your baby’s self confidence and social skills in the long run. They learn how to handle situations, talk to people and this will help them crack interviews later.
  • Managing Competition – Keeping in mind the end goal to get paid for displaying openings, babies regularly need to compete with many others. While this can at times be upsetting without a doubt, the general advantages of these encounters cannot be denied. We agree that a youngster will not gain from disappointments, but this will enable them to enhance critical thinking abilities, discover approaches to enhance general execution and staying focused. It starts to comprehend the fundamental components of good sportsmanship and reasonable play.
  • Adapting To Rejection – One of the hardest lessons a tyke needs to learn is to accept rejection. This is a significant process of growing up, as it encourages a kid to comprehend that it cannot generally have what it wants. They will learn to praise the individuals that have won and thus the true spirit of sportsmanship will help.
  • Taking DirectionsTraining your child to listen to you could be the hardest thing ever. However, while on the sets they will slowly learn how to take directions and work accordingly. Not to mention that this will help during the growing years. Their willingness to listen and work with coordination could be the biggest asset of their lives. Think about it!
7 Things Modeling Agencies Look for In Babies and Toddlers

Hell yes, modeling is tough, even for babies, as the completion is high. This could be a surprising fact for many of us, but it is true. It could be harsh, so, we thought this to be an opportune moment to help you with some details about the do’s and don’ts.

  1. Lose the sunglassesMost parents tend to make this mistake and they overdo things. There is no need to cover your baby’s eyes with a pair of dingy shades. Their eyes are the most appealing thing and you should not forget that.
  2. Eyes – With that said, it must be mentioned that most agencies look for tabula rasa (blank sheet), they can write on. The innocence of your baby lies in their eyes. Their eyes are the main attraction and let the agencies read them.
  3. Keep it natural – This is yet another thing that parents do out of apprehension. Your baby is a canvas, as mentioned above, so, you needn’t pain them with makeup and crèmes. Let the agency see through the possibilities by keeping it all natural.
  4. Casual – Most modeling agencies want to have a look at the pictures that you took causally of your child. They may not want professional portfolios of babies and toddlers. Make sure that you know what you are walking into. Be careful and tread watchfully.
  5. Neat – Casual does not mean careless and we are not talking about your approach. What we mean is keep your baby neat and clean when walking into an agency. Make sure that you baby doesn’t have food crumbles or drool all over. Hygiene is the basic word here and you must maintain it.
  6. Smile – Keep your baby happy and ensure that they are in a good mood. Of course, you are in control and you know how to keep them smiling. Everyone likes a smiling baby and a smile works like a charm for getting the job for sure.
  7. Posture – We all know that a good posture exudes confidence. The same goes for the baby world as well. We know it is not that easy to train such young ones about this. What you can do it keep them sitting straight as much as they can. Do not allow them to slouch and that should do the trick.
Motivating Your Baby For Modeling

If you are wondering about How To Start Modeling for your baby, then you need to first find out if they are interested at all. That means, your baby may like it and you need to be absolutely sure about it. It could be a fun activity for both parents and babies alike. Nevertheless, if you think that you need to convince your baby for modeling, then how should you do it? We have a few pointers that may help you.

  • Take snaps at home – See if they like it and in case, they do, then make them strike a pose. Appreciate it to encourage them further because a child that loves the camera is hard to find. Make your child love it too!
  • Go for auditions – Honestly speaking, a baby or a toddler as for that matter hardly understands anything of auditions, testing and rejections. Yes, but taking them out in the field can train them well. Take them to some auditions for fun.
  • Fun filled – As, babies will hardly know the difference, so you can create an atmosphere like around the park. They will like it more if you make it fun and see how happy they will be to react. That reaction if captured properly can make a million dollar advertisement.
  • Buy a gift – This is an add-on and this works in the real sense. After each successful assignment, why not buy them a little something that will make them happier. This will motivate them the best and by the time they reach an age to understand, they will take it seriously owing to this compensation!
How To Prepare Them Mentally?

The first thing you should get is a set of proficient photographs, and they must be refreshed once a year. All the more regularly in the event that they begin when they’re babies. The agency ought to have a rundown of pictures to utilize prospects. They will require head shots and full body photographs. Don’t remove their head with close-ups.

You will likewise need to have Comp Cards made in the long run. You could do it all alone with photograph printed card stock (matte finish is more professional) with various “looks” and the fundamental details. This should be the first mental preparation for their modeling career. Follow a few of these for prepping your infant for Baby Modeling:

  • Keep them fed – Bring a baby bag that you usually carry, but make sure that this time you have packed in some added things. Snacks, milk bottles, extra set of diapers, wipes, baby powder and their favorite toy could be a few of them. This will keep your child happy and content on the sets.
  • Let them relax – That is to say, do not make them see the environment as a challenge. Act normally and soothe them even if not required. This will take care of most of the things.
  • Be prepared – Find the shooting spot in advance and reach the sets before time. This assist you to understand what it is all about and calm down the child as well. Parents will have a lot of running around to do and that is something you should be ready for.
Training To Prepare Your Baby For Modeling

You can soon start training your baby in your way. Moreover, youth theaters and network focuses offer classes in theater and acting. In case, your child gets these opportunities at school while growing up, you must exploit them. Additionally, you can help them hone their articulation, talk verse, memory and small acts. These are abilities that will fabricate their certainty when they face the camera.

Auditioning is a way to prepare all without anyone else. If it’s for TV, some of the time they need to learn lines, unquestionably dependably collaborate with grown-ups and express feelings absolutely. Identity is the key for youngster’s acting and modeling.

Then again, taking directions and comprehending the scenes is also important. Most kids will learn on job, but hiring a coach could be a good idea as well. Teach them the significance of practice and this could help them with their studies too.

How To Handle Fame At A Young Age?

Play with your child and do not let them feel dejected. A happy child will be successful in any profession they seek. Be it modeling, acting, photography or anything, happiness means your child is confident and this will create an aura around them of positivity.

Understand the pressure of fame is not easy. Let alone handling the spotlight is not going to be easy for them. You being their parent can put a stop on all of that by:

  • Always catering to their needs
  • Getting them educated
  • Not acting like a pushy parent
  • Do not let your child to be exploited
  • Stardom comes at its own cost, don’t let your child pay for it
  • Don’t let them fall prey to the glitz and glamour
  • Keep it under control
  • Make them responsible and do not treat them differently
  • Help them maintain the difference between reel and real life
  • Most importantly, do not impose your unfulfilled desires on them
Finally The Fiscal Matter

After all this discussion, we thought it would be wise enough to bring up this, as a necessity. Although the rate differs with every gig for Baby Modeling, yet there is a starting point to consider. Whereas, it can begin with $25 to may be $75 per hour, it can shoot up to $125 too! It all depends on the gig you are working with. Nonetheless, you can take $50 as a standard and price your gigs. Yes, it is paying and there are no set rules, but we know this could be of help to get you started. Go ahead and take the plunge if you are willing to take it.

The post Comprehensive Guide To Make Your Baby A Super Model appeared first on Goes Like That .com - All About Pregnancy, Babies and Parenting and it was created by Nona Amalia.

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Are you planning to have a baby? Are you prepared for it, mentally, socially and financially? Apart from this, you may ask yourself, is your body prepared for it. These are a few of the basic questions that you need to ask yourself before you get started. We know that losing weight while trying to conceive is not an easy task. We have been there, done that and speak from our own experiences. However, if you have thought of it, then we must tell you “You go girl,” as we have got you covered for this. Hell yes, read this post and you will know what we mean.

Is It Even Possible: Losing Weight While Trying To Conceive

In order to, nourish a baby; you must have a healthy body, as it will be beneficial for both of you. So, what is the ideal weight like? You must be near to your healthiest self in case you really want to conceive. Now, here are a few ways of losing weight while trying to get pregnant.

1. Be easy on yourself

Radical changes in eating regimen may prompt here and now weight reduction.  Yet an excess of hardship may prompt desires and voraciously easting over the long haul.

Rather, make a rundown of propensities you might want to change throughout the over the next few of months. For example, you can be working out for a couple of times each week, changing from refined to entire grains, no more eating after supper and so forth. Oh don’t worry, as you can be doing them one at a time or may be each for a stretch of 2 to 3 weeks.

Point is, when you have become used to one little change, you can proceed onward to the following. This will enable you to focus on new habit that you can live with for a lifetime. Approach it as a way of life change, and continue at a sound pace. Go for close to a pound or two every week. Most importantly, take it slow and be careful.

2. Be stress free

Stress is both a circumstance and an end result, which is why it can meddle with the generation of hormones like LH and FSH. It can cost you immunity, prompt weight pick up and interfere with weight reduction endeavors.

You can begin by discovering unwinding systems that work for you. You may take up yoga, meditation, breathing and the likes. Go for a massage and trust it or not, even acupuncture can be extraordinarily successful. Again, taking magnesium glycinate or adaptogenic herbs like astragalus root, ashwagandha, and rhodiola can make weight reduction less demanding. Last, but not the least exercise is essential, as it can help with weight reduction and can actually work as an excellent pressure reliever.

3. Eat for nourishment

Of course, not to shed pounds! You’re most likely scratching your head at this premise. When the attention is on weight reduction, will probably eat less and not really better. It does not supplement your body needs for a sound development. Primarily, your emphasis should be on nourishing your body will probably go after supplement rich food that normally will boost your hormones and weight reduction while building vital supplement stores for pregnancy. Spotlight on eating better and not less.

4. Try not to starve

Commonly, diets that fit into this schedule will ask you to keep calories 800 a day. Your digestion and hormones may endure over the long haul, which may prompt further weight gain. A significant number of these weight control plans don’t contain adequate measures of fiber, which can prompt an overburdened liver and estrogen predominance.

On a last note, somebody who is on a diet like this may accomplish their goals within a short time. This may not be healthy speaking from nutritional point of view. In such cases, the weight often comes back with a vengeance. So, keep the nutritional quotient in mind and eat healthy while losing weight.

5. Try not to Count Calories

See, as we said, keep it simple and do not count the calories while eating. In simple words, you need to be strong enough to bear a child. Once more, center around eating better, in light of the fact that the numbers won’t mirror what’s happening inside your body.

6. Plan your meals

Plan your meals right, as it is the best approach to guarantee weight reduction in the long run. When you know what to eat and have prepared them ahead of time, you are significantly more liable to remain on track and practice good eating habits.

7. Home Food

Eatery food that is high in calories, unsaturated fats and sodium. While we as a whole realize that burgers and fries are terrible for us, it might astound you that other things on the menu, like salads may look daunting. Cooking your own food keeps you in control and is the best way to guarantee healthy food.

Do you hate cooking? Bad, no genuinely, as this is the point at which you’ll have to pull up your young lady pants and do it! You don’t need to make super confused with celebrity chefs, however learning basic cooking techniques may help.

Going out to restaurants is costly. Obviously there are times when we are occupied need to go eating out with loved ones or simply prefer not to cook, yet you can’t rely on these niceties everyday for sure.

For brisk and simple suppers, exploit your moderate cooker, purchase natural pre-washed servings of mixed greens and toss a few beans or lentils and different garnishes to finish everything. Do not stray and eat as much as you can at home. It is that simple!

8. Say yes to proteins

When you are eager, nibble on protein-rich nourishments, like a bunch of nuts hard-boiled eggs, or plain greek yogurt. Protein will keep you feeling full and won’t prompt glucose vacillations. You have to stop the glucose crazy ride by supplanting refined carbs with protein and sound fats.

9. Say yes to healthy fats

Solid fats, for example, greasy fish, coconut oil, nut spreads, nuts, seeds, olive and avocados ought to be incorporated into your daily eating routine. Low fat weight control plans are really a formula for debacle since they don’t keep you full. So, you may end up going after food (particularly carbs) to fill the void and going low fat can eventually prompt hormone disturbance. Remember, fats are fundamental for solid hormone generation, and battling irritation, in addition.

10. Quit bad habits
  • Smoking – Keeping away from cigarettes currently will be a big advantage. Smoking builds the danger of unnatural birth cycle and ectopic pregnancy. Truth be told, the propensity wreaks such a great amount of devastation. Your accomplice ought to stop smoking as well because men who smoke cigarettes bring down sperm tally and motility (swimming rate).
  • Caffeine – In any case, you are allowed 8-ounce containers every day. Substantial caffeine utilization has been related to end up pregnant unnatural birth cycle and preterm birth chances. So, you must give it a serious thought, shouldn’t you?
  • Drinking – Excessive drinking is directly connected to absence of ovulation, sporadic periods, and unusual estrogen as well as progesterone levels. Not to mention this can make it difficult to conceive. Furthermore, it can make it quite challenging while taking your basal body temperature. Consider requesting your accomplice to restrict his liquor allow too, since too much drinking can diminish his sperm quality.
11. Read labels

You need to be careful with what is brandished as healthy. This means, be wary of the promotions and we would prefer you to go into your kitchen to get an oat box. Be attentive to fats, calories, proteins and starch readings. This means read in between lines of the fixing list.

Did you know?
  1. That consuming fish with high levels of mercury can tarnish things for you, as mercury is linked to infertility
  2. For this you need to avoid fishes like swordfish, shark, big eye tuna, tilefish and king mackerel
  3. You can have low mercury fishes like clam, cod, tilapia, sole, squids, catfish and sardines to name a few
  4. You must maintain a proper oral hygiene while trying to get pregnant, if you want to hinder premature delivery or compromise weight of your baby
  5. Need to be active and get involved in some kind of activity for good
  6. Again, too much of exercise may not be good
  7. Don’t skip veggies like spinach that are a rich source of folic acid

Losing weight while trying to conceive could be tricky. You must consult an OBGYN or a physician before you start your weight loss regime. Hands down, they are the best to help you out with this. You may also seek additional assistance from a nutritionist for the same. In short, do what you like most while trying to lose weight. Be happy, make your weight loss healthy and stay positive all through your journey. Happy weight loss to you!

The post The Truth About Losing Weight While Trying To Conceive appeared first on Goes Like That .com - All About Pregnancy, Babies and Parenting and it was created by Nona Amalia.

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As a man if you are on the lookout for the best contraception you should only go ahead if you have the correct information. The best way to proceed when it comes to contraception for men is to have frank discussion with your partner. You should take into consideration how every methods works. Certain methods are dependent on your relationships, lifestyle and general health. These methods are not only helpful in preventing diseases but also prevent pregnancy. There may be times when you and your partner do not want to have a child and it is times like these when you should resort to such methods.

Take On Contraceptions For Men  

Here are some of the best methods of contraception for men that are recommended by doctors and health experts alike.

  • Gandarusa

This is a pill that comes from Indonesia the ingredients of this pill is derived from a plant called Justica Gendurusa. This plant is known to get rid of any inflammation. This is known to destroy sperm before it reaches the ovum, scientists are still doing research on this pill.

  • Practicing Abstinence

This is a very effective way in preventing pregnancy. If you do not indulge in sex then there will not be any pregnancy. This is one method that gives 100 percent results. This method is completely natural as it does not require a man to undergo any surgery.

  • The Sheets Pill

This particular method works like a charm for prevention of transferring HIV and any form of STD. These pills completely stop the flow of semen but the good thing is that the sex drive is not compromised at all. The fluids get absorbed by the body very naturally.

  • Contraception Using Ultrasound

This method is usually used if a sportsman has undergone injury . Here a heat wave is employed to cut down the sperm counts. The best thing about this method is that you will feel no pain while undergoing this. This is has been quite successful and has no side effects.

  • Timely Withdrawing Of The Penis

This actually takes a lot of practice and good intuition to withdraw in time before ejaculation However this method is the best method to prevent any pregnancy. You must be able to withdraw your penis just in time before you ejaculate; you should also know that pre cum may also cause pregnancy at times.

  • Contraceptive In The Form Of Injection

This is the most sophisticated method of all one small dose and you do not have to worry about .Typically these injections contain a combination of progesterone and testosterone and it is this combination that stops any sperm from being produced. This is extremely safe and recommended by doctors. Recent studies have revealed that this is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy

  • Condoms

This is a very popular choice for contraceptives and not to mention it is quite cheap. There are many reputed brands in the market making condoms in different flavors and styles. The dotted condoms are by far the best as they do not take away your pleasure from you.

  • Vasectomy

This method is recommended by many specialists and doctors all over the world. This is a minor operation and it can be reversed, with this method you can eliminate pregnancy at all costs. You do not have to indulge in any tests after the operation, this is not a painful procedure at all.

  • Contraceptive Gel For Males

This is a gel that has no hormonal content in it, this is injected to the deferens which is a tiny duct between the uretha and testicles. This keeps the sperms from  coming out.

Different Types of Medicinal Contraceptives

Here is a list of certain medicinal contraceptives suggested by the doctors and these are very safe to be used.

    • Trestolone: This is a steroid that can help to cut down sperm counts
    • Calcium blockers: These can cause infertility that can be reversed by making changes to the lipid metabolism of semen so they are able to add fertility to an egg. These pills are already a hit in the market, the pills were first tested on mice and the results were positive.
    • Adjudin: This is a type of lonidamine that is non toxic and is known to cause infertility. The drug makes the sperms find release before their time and so they never become operational gametes. An updated delivery system has increased the efficiency of Adjudin.
    • Gamendazole: This is also derived from lonidamine and this can lower the presence of inhibin B
    • Phenoxybenzamine: This is a drug that can actually block ejaculation fully and so this is deemed as a good contraceptive.  Research has also revealed that quality of the sperm is not affected and this can be reversed at any time by stopping the usage of this drug.
    • Gosssypol: This is extracted from cotton plant. This is able to suppress the concentration of sperm to a level where it acts as a contraceptive and the effects of this are very much reversible.
    • Triptolide: This is a herbal extract from China that reduces the level of sperm density and mobility.
    • Miglustat: This is a type of inhibitor that contains glycoshingolipid synthesis. This causes the sperm count to drop and also reduces sperm mobility.
What Should You Know about Male Contraceptives

Typically male contraceptives have to be inexpensive and easy to utilize, they should make no changes to the libido and they should be easily reversible. Male contraceptives are used widely all over the world. Studies have shown that this widely accepted at any corner of the world, in fact more and more men are opening up to the idea of using contraceptives regularly.

The Advantages of Hormonal Contraceptives

Here are some of the advantages of using hormonal contraceptives.

  • This actually gives the men the chance to share their responsibility  and to go to the clinic for regular health checkups
  • These are actually good alternative methods as some females may not be able to utilize female contraceptives
  • These contraceptives gives men the chance to use a more alternative methods that they have control over
Facts About The New Contraceptive Pill For Men

Here are some very interesting facts about the contraceptive pill for men.

  • Just take one in a day: The good thing about this pill is that you just have to take one pill in 24 hours and you get the kind of results you want. This new pill is a vast improvement over the previous types
  • Very safe for daily use: The older type of pills that were available in the market, were known to cause serious inflammation in the liver. However the newer ones are very safe to use on a daily basis. These new pills undergo a series of quality checks before being released into the market.
  • Should be consumed with food: The new pills can e used with food for good results, you may experience weight gain but it is nothing to worry about.
  • No alteration to sex drive: The good thing about this pill is that your sex drive remains unchanged for good. Even though your sperm count will be lowered but you will still have the urge to  indulge in sex.
Who Should Go For A vasectomy?

This is a surgical that is perfect for men who do not wish to have any children in the future. The tubes which are connected to the testicles from the penis are blocked or in com cases are cut off. So if a man ejaculates he will not produce any sperms and so pregnancy will not take place. To get the full effect you may have to wait for about two months. You may also be asked to attend check up sessions to see if the procedure was a success. In some cases there may be mild pain or little swelling but then again nothing to be alarmed about.


What you should remember is that before you use any medication or surgical methods of contraception you must always get good consultation. Never try to use these methods on your own as they can have nasty effects. The medicinal methods should not be overused at any time. Always follow the doctor’s advice and sometimes take a break from medicinal methods and use natural practices like withdrawing and abstinence from sex.


So, these are some of the most commonly used contraceptions for men and they all produce fabulous results. Before you proceed with them, you should always consider speaking to a doctor to get consultation. The good part is that there is constant research carried out on these contraceptives so you can expect to be treated to improved versions of these as time goes by. Using these contraceptives may also depend on your personal anatomical setup and personal health. In simple words, if you are interested in preventing pregnancy or acquiring some disease then feel free to use these techniques as contraception.

The post Best Practices For Contraception For Men appeared first on Goes Like That .com - All About Pregnancy, Babies and Parenting and it was created by Nona Amalia.

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