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It won’t surprise you that I get asked about ghost hunting equipment a hell of a lot. And I absolutely love this question because I could talk about different tools and gadgets that are useful (and ones to avoid) for hours and hours. But then again, there’s only so much free time I’ve got on my hands which is why I decided to create this ultimate blog post. It will answer all of your common questions and give you a checklist so that you don’t miss any useful piece of equipment.

If after reading this you still have some questions or doubts then simply ask me in the comment section at the very bottom and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

What ghost hunting equipment do I need?

Here’s the quick answer: you’ll need a night vision camera and a thermal camera as well if you can afford both. On the top of that you should get an EVP recorder which is cheap and and an EMF meter. Last but not least, make sure you’ve got a flashlight!

Now, that was the quick answer for all those of you who don’t have the time to read the entire post. But if you’d like to learn exactly which products I use and recommend then bear with me.

As far as night vision cameras are concerned, there’s a decent choice on Amazon. But after doing some research, testing a few myself as well as talking to fellow ghost hunters, I’ve realized not all of them work that well for ghost hunting.

There’s one camera that I’ve bought 2 years ago and it’s still with me and serves me well which is this 4K model available on Amazon. It’s only $200 at the time of writing so it’s great value for your money if you can’t afford a thermal camera which tend to be a bit more expensive.

For this very reason, I ended up getting this fantastic thermal camera that you can plug into your phone (and it works for both Android and iOS). Honestly, it’s probably the best ghost hunting tool out there that no one talks about.

You can invest in a thermal camera from FLIR but they tend to be a lot more pricey. Then again, thermal imagining can be a lot of fun so it’s worth the investment at some point without a doubt.

EVP recorder is super useful and allows you to get a ton of fascinating audio material. If you don’t know, EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and it’s basically the sounds that you can record on your paranormal trip. I use this recorder from Olympus and it does exactly all you need.

In fact if you only had $50 to buy your first gear then I’d just get the above mentioned EVP recorder and go out there to try and record some eerie noises.

For measuring electromagnetic field I use this EMF meter which is an absolute bargain works fantastically. I’ve had this model for ages now and take it with me for every ghost hunting trip that I attend – it’s never let me down.

I also mentioned a flashlight. Now, you can just use your regular smartphone flashlight but I definitely don’t recommend that. They’re very poor and not meant to be used when you explore haunted locations. On the top of that, if you’re using the smartphone thermal camera I recommended above then it won’t work either.

For this very reason I use this flashlight which is extremely reliable and lasts forever. The beam distance is astonishing, it’s water resistant and very intense. I’ve dropped mine way too many times and it still works as if nothing has happened.

Where to buy ghost hunting equipment?

Everything you need can be bought at Amazon which is the number one place I recommend. As a prime user, I get it delivered the next day, the support is amazing and I probably don’t really need to tell you all that anyway since you most likely use Amazon too.

There are also some ghost hunting shops online that you can use however I just like to stick to Amazon for the time being. I might try out some small online shops in the future, however Amazon has been too convenient and offers all the ghost hunting gadgets that I need so it’s a no brainer. It tends to be cheaper most of the time as well for all those of you who have a limited budget for your kit.

Alternatively, you can buy some used equipment on sites like Ebay or from another ghost hunter if you know any locally or online. I’ve never bought used tools but I’d imagine you could get a decent deal if you invested some time in searching for the right offers.

I’ve decided to make sure my entire kit is brand new so I can review it for my readers but you don’t need to do that so feel free to get used equipment if you just want to get started cheaply.

If you like reading reviews then you’ll like my posts about my favourite cameras and thermal recorders for hunting ghosts.

How much is ghost hunting equipment?

Another question people ask me a lot is how much does ghost hunting equipment cost? Around $600 if you want to get a decent night vision and thermal camera, EVP recorder and EMF meter as well as a flashlight. Then again, people can spend several thousands of dollars to get the high-end equipment so it really depends what you are after.

I recommend spending around $200 to get one piece of equipment and then learn how to use it properly. Then you can get another one and get used to it. Slowly but surely, you’ll have a full kit without any need to spend a lot of money at once.

What I did is I bought a night vision camera and EVP recorder first and then a few months later got my thermal camera. After that I’ve got the EMF meter and bought this awesome backpack to fit it all. It looks old school which I love but any backpack will do. As far as the flashlight, I had it already anyway so that wasn’t a cost.

If you’re a baller and have several a lot to spend then you’ll want one of the FLIR’s thermal cameras. They’re absolutely the best when it comes to thermal imagining.

How much does ghost hunting gear weigh?

It weighs around 4-8 pounds depending on the type of gear you buy. Also, if you go on a longer trip then you’ll have to include the weight of food, water and maybe some extra clothes. In that case it would weigh a lot more. On the other hand, if you’re only exploring for a few hours then the weight should be minimal.

I tend to pack extra batteries and some other stuff so be quite heavy. Again if you put it all in a backpack then it’s not a big deal at all.

How to make equipment at home?

Some people want to make their own equipment at home and ask me for advice but I simply can’t help you here. The whole DIY for ghost hunting doesn’t appeal to me at all. As a passionate ghost hunter, I’d rather spend a few hundred bucks and be able to record my experiences in a quality way. I’ve got absolutely zero experience with creating a ghost hunting kit at home so I’m of no help here.

There’s some resources online though so I’m sure you’ll find an answer if you want to make your own equipment although as I said, I personally don’t recommend it.

Equipment for beginners

People new to ghost hunting ask me for the best kit for beginners. If I was starting today I’d most likely come to the conclusion to get this infrared camera that comes with a flashlight. You can use it for some many things in your day to day life and it will allow you to record all the paranormal activities you come across.

Where to try it out?

Once you’ve got your gear you’ll die to test it so I wanted to show you a few haunted locations that you will absolutely love. Ohio has some of the scariest prisons out there. If you happen to live in the south or live there, then here are the haunted locations to see in Texas. And then there’s this article that I wrote about the 21 most haunted places in California which has plenty of scary locations to explore with a full gear.

If you know a haunted place that’s not on my radar then be sure to let me know in the comments. It’s shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I’m addicted to exploring these places.

Last but not least, if you’d like some gadgets then check out this post I wrote about paranormal gifts for ghost hunters. I didn’t want to include them all in here since most of you won’t be looking for gadget but some of them are really cool so if you have a minute then be sure to take a look.

Summing up

I really hope that this post was helpful and helped you to pick the right equipment that you need. If you’re overwhelmed by the choice or still have questions then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below. I love reading your comments and answering them.

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Thermal cameras can be a great tool when you want to gather evidence during your ghost hunting sessions. I often recommend these gadgets to newcomers that really want to prove the existence of ghosts in their area Photographic evidence is essential in these investigations. We tend to trust our sight far more than our other senses, and a photograph is proof that something was in the room. It is then up to you to determine if it is a ghost or a more logical phenomenon. The problem is that many new ghost hunters don’t actually know what to look for I am often asked what color a ghost is on a thermal camera. So, let me take you through what to expect.

The normal rules of thermal images don’t apply here

Generally speaking, we tend to use thermal images to look for living creatures rather than dead spirits. Those of us that are familiar with thermal technology — or that have seen enough nature documentaries — know that nocturnal visitors are brightly colored against darker backgrounds. The heat from the body transforms a previously invisible being into a patchwork of color. The hottest areas show up as whites and yellow, fading into oranges and reds. This can be quite alarming in itself for first-time users. The make-up of the image reflects the thermal regulation of the body, rather than its actual shop. Colder extremities, such as hands and noses, can be much darker.

It is important that we understand this idea of color and scale on a thermal image because this helps us to identify potential ghosts and paranormal activity within a horn. The difference with ghosts is that they can appear much darker. The trick here is to look for an area in the image that isn’t the right color, typically on a colder scale than the surroundings.

Why do we need to look for these colder colors when searching for ghosts?

There are two key factors to consider here. First of all, ghosts aren’t going to behave in the same way as living beings on a thermal camera. The obvious difference here is that these spirits no longer have the same circulatory system pumping warm blood through their veins. They don’t give off body heat like a living human because they don’t have a body anymore. This is the first reason why we need to turn away from the bright warm colors on a thermal imaging system.

The second factor here is that ghosts are famed for making the air much colder. That chill that you get when you enter a haunted room isn’t necessarily completely psychological. Ghosts draw energy from the atmosphere as they move around, which in turn leads to moments and patches of coldness. If you have a thermal camera set up to record the room, it might just catch these moments and temperature changes. Again, you can look out for colder colors that seem out of place in a warmer area Greens, blues, and purples are all possible.

Remember that a weird cold patch in a room isn’t guaranteed to be a ghost

I need to point this out before you run off and claim every anomaly on a thermal image as paranormal activity. Unexplained cold regions could indicate the presence of ghosts within a room, especially if they don’t stick around. However, we always have to look at the logical explanations before we can support a paranormal theory. Is there any other explanation for a cold spot. Is there any air conditioning or a draft from a gap in the wall?

Ghosts can be different colors so stay vigilant

This short guide might not offer the clear cut answer that you were hoping for. There is no specific color that you can look for to prove the existence of ghosts. They aren’t 100% guaranteed to be teal or indigo. The important thing to remember here is to look for areas of color that don’t match their environment, especially if they cannot be explained. The more you use your thermal camera, the easier it will be to understand these thermal signatures. Keep filming and analyzing the footage. One day, some oddly-colored haze will appear that might just be the proof you were after.

If you’d like to do some nerdy research, here’s an interesting guide from Flir.

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Does your home have some creaking or rattling noises? Have you heard of some paranormal activities in the neighborhood school? Has your inner ghost hunter come out, and you want to do some ghost hunting?

If yes, you may be confused because there’s a wide range of equipment to use to look for ghosts like barometers, EVP devices, EMF detectors, digital recorders, the latest ghost hunting cameras and air ion counters, that you don’t know what to buy and take along with you.

Well if you ask me, I personally feel that you can be successful in your ghost hunt only if you do it without equipment. I feel that the presence of equipment only distracts you, and prevents you from experiencing the ghost experience.

You will be busy setting up your equipment and you miss the ghost. No ghost will wait for you. You have to be ready to see them because they arrive unannounced.

No point collecting evidence

If you wonder how you can collect evidence of your sightings, well, I feel that there’s no point in collecting evidence. Just imagine. Any video or photos you capture with moving shadows and mists usually end up disputed as hoaxes or something explainable.

So what’s the point in trying to gather proof of your paranormal inspection? Who do you plan to prove you’ve seen ghosts? There’s no need to show anyone any evidence or proof.

In fact, if you want to prove that there are spirits, you better go without any tools. You can at the most carry a flashlight, and of course a friend because the most important rule about these investigations is not to go alone.

Use your senses

If you ask me, I feel that going on a ghost hunt without any equipment gives you a chance to become one with the environment. You’ll agree that it’s a Zen-like experience because most people these days tend to multi-task and have no time to experience their surroundings.

We lose touch with our senses and instincts, which we can revive during a paranormal investigation without tools. If you carry equipment, you end up missing something important while juggling through tools.

This is why I feel my best ghost hunts were when I had nothing in my hand but spent hours sitting in the dark, noticing all the sounds and vibrations around me and getting used to whatever I experienced. I feel that our sixth senses are the best tools you need in your quest for paranormal activity.

I vouch by this because it was while I was sitting in the dark that I realized that my vision was much more acute than normal and my hearing grew really sharp.

I even noticed changes in my skin sensitivity to extreme temperature changes, much better than open windows or air conditioning. That was when I realized that our body was the best tool to carry on a paranormal investigation because it could capture so much to help direct you in the right direction of the ghost.

How to recognize sensations

Now let me explain better The most common sensations people report regarding the presence of paranormal activities is thick heavy air, going off balance, a headache, sudden anger, rage or sadness, nausea, tingling scalps and goosebumps or chills.

There are also lots of theories explaining these sensations. For example, some people say that the air turns cold because ghosts tend to suck the energy out of the surroundings to leave it cold.

Thick or heavy air and a feeling of lightheadedness or off balance is because of changes in barometer pressure. When it comes to Goosebumps and chills, they excite me the most if they happen for no reason at all.

I mean, it’s okay if you hear or think of something and you get Goosebumps because it’s your body’s instinctive reaction to something unseen. However, if you get Goosebumps for no reason at all, then there’s definitely something near you.

See? It proves that your senses are more than enough to catch a ghost! Similarly, I’m sure many of you have walked to some room of your home, just to realize that you’ve forgotten why you went into it, and what you were supposed to do or get from there.

You end up recollecting your actions before entering the room and then you remember why you had to go to the room. Now while you go hunting for ghosts, you are on a mission to find a spirit and are focused and know what you are doing.

So if you walk through a supposedly haunted spot and suddenly stop because you feel lost and don’t know what you were supposed to do, it is because you had entered the hot spot. It’s happened to me, and that’s when my mind started shifting as if I was trying to locate a thought. And boy, was that a psychic moment!

Be sure to check out my favourite haunted places in California and Michigan.

Train your senses

It’s not easy for everyone to get in touch with their senses because like I’d mentioned earlier, most of us are too busy with our work that we don’t have time to tune into our senses.

You have to actually train your senses so that it picks up these changes around you. And the best way to do this is in your own horn. Just turn off all the lights, all devices you have and make sure you are all alone. Spend at least three hours at home like this, and though it may be difficult, you’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself.

You also learn to notice your surroundings and pick up various clues. This is important to go ghost hunting. You need to be ready to be alone and end up bored in a quiet and dark spot, just waiting for spirits and having nothing to do.

If you manage to pass these three hours, and you can focus on your thoughts without distraction and listen to your body, it means you are ready as a paranormal investigator.

This training will help you see even the faintest things in the darkness while you may hear lots of sounds, some eerie, some explainable.

How to go hunting for ghosts without equipment

Now that you are ready to go ghost hunting without tools, you next have to look for a location. You can’t expect to find all your ghosts at home! Spirits are found in most haunted locations, so you need to do your research to get yourself prepared for the kind of ghost you find and its related challenges.

For example, you may want to plan a paranormal investigation in the evening if most ghost sightings in the location were in the evening. Most of the time, paranormal activities take place near battlefields, cemeteries, schools, forts and houses where you may find anything from lost souls to murder victims to playful spirits or angry ones.


You have to choose these locations first, based on the type of energy you want to investigate. Don’t forget to find out as much about the ghost encounters as possible as when they appear, if they are vocal and where they were seen.

Don’t judge spots by its age because spirits can be anywhere. While a house may have been lived in for 28 years and has had ghostly activities for 10 years is only 65 years old, remember that the land it was built on was settled and lived on long back, in the fifth century.

Cemeteries generally have spirits because there are theories that they have portals to the other side, and that some spirits are attracted to their bodies.

Schools build up psychic energies from all the emotional events that had transpired there. Battlefields are obvious locations, for psychic energy and spirits because many violet deaths had taken place in one area It’s worth finding out all you can about the spot’s history through newspapers, books and town historians.

Walk around the area to get a feel of the surroundings and the spirits feel you for about 20 minutes. Note anything unusual that happens like emotions and feelings which seem to of place.

Get permission

Don’t forget to get permission to go hunting for spirits once you decide on a spot, especially if it’s a private property. If you don’t you may end up trespassing and end up liable for any damage caused on the property.

Be careful while investigating abandoned structures because they may not be safe and could have hazards that hurt or kill you.

Never go alone

As I’d mentioned earlier, never go ghost hunting alone as spirits usually visit these spots in the dark. It’s safe to take along your buddies as you never know what you will encounter.

Besides, with them around, you have added proof to verify your sightings and someone to share your experiences. Don’t forget to tell your near and dear about your investigations, and give them all details like how long you plan to be away and the address.

I feel that for safety reasons, it’s always better to do your investigations in haunted spots before it gets dark. This way you will be able to get your bearings and also locate emergency exits you can use if something unforeseen happens.

Basic necessities

At the most, you can carry a mobile phone to contact your loved ones, and a camera if you want, to click photos randomly in different directions to capture unexpected activity.

Instead of carrying tools, I always feel it’s better to take things for your safety purposes. This includes a first aid kit, a rope, food and water, spare batteries for your torch and phone, torches and of course, wearing aid kit, a rope, food and water, spare batteries for your torch and phone, torches and of course, wearing sensible clothes and footwear! I also feel that you should take along some personal ID in case you need some identification proof during your ghost hunt.

Types of spirits

Through my experience, I’d say that there are basically 2 types of spirits you may find while in a paranormal investigation. The first are human spirits which you find in 95% of ghost hunts. They were humans at one time and may not even know they are dead but have remained spirits because of some unfinished guilt or business.

They resemble the person they were when alive and so may be good or bad, but usually are not dangerous. You may at the most witness a residual haunting or a playback of a past event which is like you watching a video of the past over and over again.

The second were never humans, and are bad news. This is just for your information about their existence because the chance of your encountering them is rather slim. I’ve encountered them only once, so far.

A positive frame of mind

And as you are going ghost hunting without equipment, my personal experience says that you need to start in a positive frame of mind. I suggest you go as a group and ask for blessings or protection during the hunt.

This needn’t be anything religious, just all of you spending about 10 seconds on a small prayer because it’s always better to be safe than sorry! To me saying this prayer puts you in a positive frame of mind and ready to face the evil spirits without any worries.

Final tips

You are now ready to go ghost hunting without equipment. I need not remind you that doing drugs and alcohol are a no-no because of its’ consequences.

It’s also better to not wear any perfume or cologne with a scent because someone may mistake the smell for a supernatural occurrence. Some spirits use scents and smells to garner attention.

Remember, you can’t prove any evidence you collect during your ghost hunt, so there’s no need to carry any equipment. I feel that what’s most exciting about the investigation is not capturing proof but experiencing it.

It sends an adrenaline rush that makes you want to return to the spot again just to get a kick and a high’ experiencing the presence of ghosts! I know many people who had spent so much on cool gadgets, and spending so much time trying to get them ready to capture ghosts, but eventually missing out on the experience.

So to me, I promise you that you will get much more from your ghost hunting experience if you do it without tools!

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Ghostly Pursuits by Ghostly Pursuits - 11M ago

Many of us are fascinated by the paranormal in some way. For many people, a few horror films and midnight walks are enough. Than there are those of you reading this that want to take this passion further. Like me, you feel that the Hollywood stories don’t do justice to the real hauntings and spirits around us. The feeling of a presence in a room is great, but it isn’t enough. Ghost hunting allows us to take our interests further and develop a rewarding hobby. We get to seek out evidence of paranormal activity and see ghosts up close. We get to separate the fact from the science fiction.

In this guide, I want to take you through some of the most important considerations for anyone looking to start their hobby in ghost hunting. Preparation, research and a level head are all essential here. They will help you to appreciate the situation for what it is, and then record evidence effectively. Developing a hobby in ghost hunting requires the following:

  1. Dedicated education and training on the subject.
  2. Finding all the right equipment in order to collect evidence.
  3. Remembering to expect the unexpected and roll with the developing situation.
  4. An understanding of how to stay safe when working as a team.
  5. Strong respect for everyone involved in the situation.
  6. The ability to maintain the right attitude at all times.
Educate yourself on different aspects of ghost hunting

This really is the most important step to take when learning how to be a ghost hunter. There is the temptation to head straight out to the nearest haunted building and have a look around. This is great if you want to be sure that ghost hunting is for you However, you will soon find that you are in over your head. Education and theoretical training is a great basis for a successful hobby. I have mentioned this to people in the past. Some are keen to borrow books and find websites where they can learn more. Others roll their eyes and say they want to go out searching for ghosts, not stay in studying books. If you are in the latter camp, this might not be the hobby for you. You need that interest in the subject and a desire to learn. Educate yourself on the following:

  • Important signs and paranormal phenomenons.
  • Local landmarks and legends of interest.
  • How to work with homeowners and help clients.

Important paranormal signs

First and foremost, you need to have a strong understanding of what to look out for. A ghostly presence in the room isn’t always as clear cut as a projection or a voice calling out The more you know about the different signs, the easier it is to identify them. This also means learning how to record and analyze signs — such as video recordings, interference on tapes or other signals.

At the same time, it helps to learn more about scientific explanations for paranormal phenomenons. This means learning about the ways that the mind can play tricks on us, or how technological and electrical interference mimic ghostly encounters. There are plenty of books and blogs on the subject. But, some keen amateurs may appreciate the chance to take a course. These courses aren’t cheap, but can be a great investment if they offer a comprehensive seminar plan. This is also a way to meet other people with the same interests.

Learn about the local area and its legends

Once you have a better idea of the signs and basics of ghost hunting, you can than start to learn more about your local area. Every town, big or small, has plenty of tales about its more infamous ghosts. It is easy to laugh some of the stories off because they become so outlandish with time. Locals embellish the myth and personal encounters to make them sound more impressive. Still, there is no smoke without fire, and no myth without some underlying event. Research these haunted sites and the ghosts within. They could prove to be a good way to test out all this new knowledge.

Working with clients in their homes

This will depend on your intentions with your ghost hunting hobby. I encourage all newcomers to look into the possibilities of turning their interest into something more substantial. Those that just want to have a little fun can stick to searching for ghostly signs with their friends. Those that get really into the process and fine tune their skills can help others with their paranormal issues. This is where things get a little more professional. So, it helps to learn more about the different implications of this business venture. it helps to learn more about the different implications of this business venture.

Equip yourself with all the right ghost hunting equipment

There is no point spending hours pouring over books about the best ghost hunting tech if you aren’t going to use it I have gradually built up my arsenal of gadgets and recording equipment so that I can be sure of capturing even the smallest noise or flicker. Visual and audio recording are essential when providing evidence. You can’t tell a homeowner that their property is haunted based on a gut feeling, or on something you alone saw in the basement. I will set up the cameras and audio recording equipment to either validate my initial thoughts, or debunk them. I can than compile it all together to present to the homeowner. I strongly suggest that you start out with the following:

  • the right camera
  • the right audio recording equipment
  • EMF meters
  • a good 2-way communication system.

A good video camera

A good ghost hunting camera doesn’t mean one that is overly expensive or has far too many functions to deal with. The video camera must have a decent resolution in order to pick up small details on the film. It also needs a reliable night vision mode, either with infrared or thermal technology. Thermal imaging picks up important heat signatures in the darkest rooms, or while outside. Then there is the battery and storage. Both need a big enough capacity to ensure that you can create enough footage over the course of the night. Trust me, there is nothing worse than finally see the sign you were after, only to find that the camera died 10 minutes ago. You should also invest in a good tripod if you stay within a specific room. This eliminates shakes and interference for a clear picture. Shaky cam effects might scare people at the cinema, but they won’t help real ghost hunters. A good addition would be a thermal camera.

The right audio recording equipment

Video cameras with thermal imaging are essential for capturing the best images, but what about all the sounds? Audio recording equipment will pick up different noises within the room, proving that your mind wasn’t playing tricks on you after all This could be anything from a knock on the wall to a perceived voice. When you go back over the audio recordings you can analyze them to see if it was an unexplained presence or just the cat.

EMF readers

This really is a must have for anyone just starting out in this hobby. Ghosts manipulate the electromagnetic field within a room as they interact with their surroundings. There are some people that are better able to sense this than others. Either way, a dedicated EMF reader provides the clearest indication of any fluctuations. The great thing about these readers is that there are some great devices out there at a low cost.

2-way communication system

This doesn’t mean some sort of walkie-talkie system where you can have a conversation with the entity in the room. That might be possible way off in the future, but not right now. I simply mean a basic 2-way communication system for those involved in the ghost hunt. Teams may split into two to cover different rooms, so it helps to have an on-going dialogue about the situation. Also, homeowners might not want to follow you down into the basement. This way you can ask them important questions more remotely.

Expect the unexpected

You can prepare yourself all you want for the possibilities that lie ahead. You can read every book on local ghost stories and commit the signs to memory. But, I can assure you that the ghosts you hunt probably haven’t read the same script as you. They aren’t going to play by the book to meet your expectations. Every situation is different. Every spirit you encounter is an individual entity, not a stereotype. Many will create a range of paranormal signs that you have read about. They will just do so in their own ways. Manifestations and events can depend on the spirit in question, the location and the objects around you. Therefore you can’t go into a ghost hunting trip with too many preconceptions. I advise you to:

  • Embrace the weird turns into the unknown
  • Embrace the logical explanations
  • Embrace the fear

Embracing weird turns towards the unknown

You don’t know what you will encounter at a location until you get there. You may turn up with a little skepticism about a claim, but than find an extraordinary paranormal signature. You may set out on the hunt for one local legend, but then find someone entirely different. This is when you have to make a decision. Do you back out because this wasn’t what you prepped for? Or, do you run with this new situation and see where it takes you This shouldn’t be a problem if you have the right knowledge and equipment within your team.

Some locations I recommend to check out:

Embrace the logical explanations

One of the reasons that Mulder and Scully were such a force to be reckoned with was the balance between them. While Mulder was so open to the possibilities of the paranormal and unexplained, Scully always stayed rational with logic and science. There is a place for both when dealing with spirits and the paranormal. You can’t jump to too many conclusions about the evidence and overlook the logical, scientific reasoning. Rule out the probable causes to make room for the improbable ones. This is essential if you are dealing with clients hiring you to check out their homes. They want the truth more than anything. Don’t exaggerate ideas of ghosts if the evidence suggests that the noises are simply the result of the plumbing.

Embracing the fear

I have met a few amateur paranormal investigators in my time that insist that fear never comes into their work. They are far too brave and experienced to ever be scared of anything that happens. I would argue that they aren’t embracing the full experience. Don’t resist fear. Fear comes when something strange and unexpected happens, when the ghosts manifest themselves in ways you only dreamed of Fear can lead to validation. Fear gets the blood pumping and makes us feel more alive during these encounters.

Stay safe at all times

The fear and excitement of a potential sighting or piece of new evidence can cause a great adrenaline rush. However, I speak from experience when I say that this adrenaline rush can lead ghost hunters to make some rash decisions. The temptation is to go a little further into the woods, or to come back another night on your own. There is no need to put yourself at risk for your hobby. Your safety must come before anything else. Therefore, I advise the following:

  • Staying in a group of people
  • Teaming up with those more experienced
  • Stocking up on the first safety and first aid equipment

Stay within a group

There is always safety in numbers. This is especially true when hunting for ghosts in an unknown area. If you want to investigate a local legend in the graveyard or local woods, take some willing helpers with you. They can act as back up in case you lose your way or get hurt. There is also the fact that they can help to hold flashlights or other equipment when you need another pair of hands. A strong, like-minded team is more likely to come back in one piece with the evidence you were after.

Team up with more experienced ghost hunters for a while

I recommend tagging along with other paranormal enthusiasts for a little while before heading out with your own team. Think of it like a little practical test as part of your training. You know all the theory, have studied all the legends and have a basic understanding of the equipment. Working with these more experienced hunters allows you to put it all into practice. But, you have the safety net of their expertise in unfamiliar situations. With time, you can take what you learn and head out with your own group. Local forums are a great way to connect with others that are interested in particular sites and stories.

In order to strengthen your relations with a fellow ghost hunter, surprise them with a paranormal gift.

Stock up on the right safety equipment

I mentioned the importance of communication equipment above. This is important for tracking spirits and communicating between different sub-teams. But, it is also essential for safety. If a team member takes a wrong turn, or turns their ankle in the dark, they can radio for help. Always make sure someone has a cell phone in case of bigger emergencies. Other important safety equipment for hunting ghosts includes a strong flashlight and a first aid kit. I recommend a good LED flashlight. They last longer and aren’t as blinding when a team member accidentally shines it in your eyes. A first aid kit should include the basics of bandages, band-aids and antiseptic lotions for cuts and grazes. Finally, make sure that those with medical needs have their aids and medication on hand. For example, those at risk of a panic-induced asthma attack need access to their inhaler.

Show respect to everyone involved in your ghost hunting adventure

Respect is paramount for this industry. I cannot express this strongly enough. When I talk about respect, I mean more than just a general respect for the dead. There are lots of considerations here such as:

  • Respecting the spirits
  • Respecting the property and property owners
  • Respecting the wishes of all those in the group

Respecting the spirits

I can guarantee that you will come across people that still think ghost hunting is all about tormented souls and Ouija boards. If there are spirits within the property, they aren’t going to be those evil demons out of some horror movie. These are the ghosts of real people that are yet to fully move on They are grandparents or perhaps even children taken too soon. Some novice hunters may think that they are there to control the spirit or help them move on. The latter takes a lot of training, so don’t even try right now. Work with the spirit and communicate on their terms. If they aren’t keen to show themselves, don’t force it.

Respecting the property and its owners

You also need to remember where you are. I have come across wannabee Ghostbusters that run through an abandoned building as though it were a movie set. It isn’t. The property you visit is likely to be someones home, or perhaps an old hospital or prison if you get the chance. Wherever you go, act like a respectful guest. The property owners won’t appreciate it if you start causing too much noise or damage. On that note, I also have to stress the importance of discretion. Not all homeowners want to advertise the fact that they have paranormal investigators visiting. So, don’t roll up in some weird uniform or your version of the Mystery Machine. Act normal, be polite and listen to their concerns and needs. Always ask permission to enter rooms, use equipment or communicate with the ghosts.

Respecting the wishes of others in the group

As I mentioned before, it is much safer and more advantageous to head out on a ghost hunt as a group. But, even if you are the “leader among them, you need to respect their wishes. If any group member has second thoughts about the situation, listen to them and discuss it Some of your teammates might feel that a spirit is unhappy and it is time to walk away. They might get scared by an alarming phenomenon and ask to leave. If they want to leave, leave as a group. This is meant to be a fun hobby after all.

Maintaining the right attitude

Finally, it is important to maintain the right attitude when starting out as a ghost hunter. The respect mentioned above is an important part of that. You need to appreciate the situation and the feelings of everyone involved. A successful ghost hunting team needs the dedication, respect and perseverance to achieve their goals. It can take a few long, cold nights to get the footage you were after. You then need the commitment to the project to go through all the files with a fine-toothed comb and compile a report. This attitude will help you stay objective about the situation, whatever the assignment. A dedication to the paranormal gives us the incentive to find the truth in every case — even if that means admitting that there is a scientific reason for the phenomenon.

At the same time, you can’t take this too seriously. There is a balancing act between a professional, objective approach and the thrill of the chase. Don’t forget why you spent all that time learning about the subject. Above all else, this is meant to be a fun hobby. A night spent watching out for ghosts should always make the heart race. There should be a genuine sense of accomplishment when you get the evidence you were after. As soon as this feel like another job, or the process becomes a chore, it is time to take a step back.


I hope that you are still keen to pursue this hobby after reading my guide. There is a lot to consider here. A lot of research, learning and preparation goes into a successful ghost hunt. But, it is all great fun for those of us keen to embrace the paranormal.

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When most people think of The Golden State, they think of golden beaches, sunshine and of course, Hollywood. What you may not know is that California is home to some of the most haunted places in the country.

We are going to go through the most haunted places in California that will give you the chills. For all you paranormal hunters and enthusiasts, you can visit some of these places. In case you decide to do so, always keep the trespassing laws in mind.

If you’d like to take your trip to the next level and record some crazy footage then be sure to take a ghost hunting camera and a thermal camera with you.

1. The Wonderland Massacre Site

The Wonderland Massacre Site is located in Los Angeles. This is among the haunted places with grizzly back-stories. Four murders took place at this spot back in July 1981. The murders came to be known as The Wonderland murders or the Four on the Floor Murders.

Nightclub owner and organized crime figure Eddie Nash is thought to have orchestrated the murders. Three members of the Wonderland Gang; Billy Deverell, Ron Launius, and Joy Miller, were killed in a known drug house The fourth victim was accomplice Barbara Richardson.

Although the police made some arrests, the murders have never been solved. The locals say that you can hear the voices of the murder victims who supposedly still linger in the area. This is one place I definitely wouldn’t want to be.

2. Queen Mary Hotel

You can find the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach. This unique hotel was once an ocean liner It is now permanently docked at Long Beach. It is widely recognized among the most haunted hotels not only in California but also in the entire world.

The Queen Mary Hotel is immensely popular with paranormal researchers and enthusiast. The ship has a long history going back to the 1930s. Strange events have occurred throughout this period. Two female spirits supposedly haunt the First Class swimming pool. The two women drown there in the 1930s and 1960s respectively.

Psychics who visit the spot note that they feel some negative presence emanating from the pool’s changing rooms. There are also reports of a lady spirit at the Queen’s Salon, a 1930s male haunting the First Class suites and children making sounds near the storage room.

These are just a few of the paranormal disturbances reported at the Queen Mary Hotel. There are numerous other stories that are associated with this spot. You can go check it out if you are brave enough. Maybe you will come back with the haunted story of your own.

3. Alcatraz Island

Just off California’s Pacific coastline, the Alcatraz Island housed some of the country’s most notorious and violent criminals. The Island prison was operational for nearly 30 years. Alcatraz prison locked up a number of infamous felons including Al Capone and Alvin Karpis as far away as possible from the general public.

The facility was said to be cold, damp and constantly foggy. Alcatraz Prison was closed back in 1963, but it still remains one of the most haunted locations in the country. Some ghosts still linger in the empty prison cells.

There have been reports of some strange phenomenon at the prison. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises such as slamming doors, sobbing, screams and marching footsteps. The weird thing is that the spot draws in throngs tourists from around the country.

4. Greystone Mansion

You can find the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. This 55-room mansion has an incredible history It was the scene of a tragic murder and suicide back in 1929. Ned Doheny and his family moved into the mansion in 1929.

A few months later, Doheny was killed by Hugh Plucket who was his secretary. The official story is that Hugh Plucket lost his mind and killed Ned since he wouldn’t give him a raise. Plucket then turned the gun on himself. Ned’s Widow Lucy later sold the property to Paul Troutsdale.

It eventually became the property of Chicago industrialist Henry Crown, who sold it to the city of Beverly Hills in 1965. In 1971, it was opened as a city park. It remains open to the public. To this day, the mansion is rumoured to be haunted.

A number of visitors have reported seeing the apparition of a man walking the mansion’s hallways. Could this man be Ned Doheny or even Hugh Plucket? Makes you wonder. You could go and try to confirm these reports.

Other visitors claim to have seen a pool of blood in the guest room. This is where the murder/suicide occurred. Apparently, the pool happens to disappear when you notice it

5. The Silent Movie Theatre

The Silent Movie Theatre is now home to Cinefamily and is located in Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles. The ghost of the property’s first two owners are said to haunt the theatre. John Hampton launched the theatre back in 1942.

He dedicated his life to the preservation of silent film. Unfortunately, he used some toxic chemicals that gave him cancer eventually. After Hampton died in the early 90s, Lawrence Austin reopened the silent movie theatre.

He too would have terrible luck as he was shot and died in the lobby. His lover, who was also his projectionist, supposedly orchestrated the murder People in the area say that Austin haunts the lobby area while Hampton covers the upstairs lounge. In any case, I have always found silent movies a little weird and creepy.

6. The Knickerbocker Hotel

The Knickerbocker Hotel is currently a senior living facility. It is located in Hollywood, Los Angeles. This place is one of the most haunted places in Los Angeles. The Knickerbocker Hotel was originally constructed as an apartment back in 1925.

According to reports from visitors, Rudolph Valentino haunts the bar while you can find Marilyn Monroe’s ghost hanging out in the ladies’ room. There are several other sightings at the spot. There is plenty of fodder for these ghost sightings. Director OW Griffith died in the hotel lobby. Actress Frances Farmer was arrested at the location as she sank towards insanity.

Perhaps the most interesting story surrounding this hotel is that of Harry Houdini’s widow, Bess. Following Houdini’s death on Halloween in 1926, Bess tried to contact him each year through a seance on the Knickerbocker Hotel roof. She tried this unsuccessfully for ten years.

7. The Glen Tavern Inn

The Glen Tavern Inn is located in Santa Paula. This inn was constructed in 1911 and features the old English Tudor style. The building’s beauty may mask its ugly past. The Glen Tavern Inn has an eventful history with some dark moments.

The stars of the times once frequented this building. However, the inn experienced an economic downfall following prohibition. The third floor of the building was converted into a speakeasy, gambling den, and brothel.

The hypothesis is that the paranormal activities reported here are connected to these three establishments. The Glen Tavern Inn is said to house a number of different ghosts. The most well known are the ghosts in Room 307.

Supposedly, they are the ghosts of a cowboy named Calvin and an unknown prostitute. People describe Calving as a tall slender man with long hair and a goatee. He wears a white shirt. Visitors have seen him walking through well and even taking photographs.

8. Bangor Fire Station 55

Bangor Fire Station 55 is situated in Butte County Firefighters began reporting paranormal sightings at the station in early 2009. According to reports, the ghosts would pin down firefighters on their beds or pull ignition cords from the fire engine The ghosts are also implicated in several others mischievous deeds inflicted on the poor firefighters.

One of the ghosts could be heard wailing and screeching loudly in the station. Fire Station 55 was torn down and replaced in 2011. At this point, the unexplained phenomena around the station stopped. The demolition apparently freed the spirits. Urban legend has it that the spirits still haunt the hills of Bangor.

9. Lincoln Heights Jail

The Lincoln Heights Jail is located in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is a former jail building and is reportedly haunted by seven inmates. Back in December 1951, members of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPO) severely beat seven prisoners at the jail.

The unprovoked assault came to be known as 917Bloody Christmas’. The novel and subsequent film LA. Confidential are based on the incident. The Lincoln Heights Jail was closed in 1965. From 1979 up until 2014, the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts was housed in the building. Parts of the 1984 horror film Nightmare on Elm Street was filmed her. The seven inmates who were beaten 67 years ago are said to still haunt the building.

10. El Adobe de Capistrano

El Adobe de Capistrano is a restaurant situated in San Juan Capistrano. The building housing the restaurant has been operation since 1948. It also hosts another historic adobe. US President Richard Nixon who resided in the nearby San Clemente frequented the spot being one of his favorites. The southern portion of the restaurant was the Juzgado courts and jails from 1812 while the northern portion was the home of Miguel Yorba in 1797.

The Juzgado jail cell is currently the restaurant’s wine cellar This wine cellar is rumored to harbor a ghost. There have also been reports of headless friar (brother members of one of the mendicant orders) walking about at the front of the restaurant.

11. The Whaley House

The Whaley House is a historic National Landmark located in San Diego. The Thomas Whaley family built the house in 1857. The Whaley House has been host to the town courthouse, a theatre, a general store, a morgue and a granary. That is a pretty interesting combination of establishments for one building. The house was at one point a commercial hub in the early San Diego days.

The house is currently a museum, and the Thomas Whaley family members and an unknown man haunt the spot. The man was reportedly hanged at the location before the Whaley House was constructed. Life Magazine once called it the most haunted house in America. You can visit the museum to try to ascertain the truthfulness of that claim.

12. The Queen Anne Hotel

The Queen Anne Hotel is a unique Victorian building situated on Sutter Street, San Francisco. It began its life in 1890 as a girls boarding school called the Miss Mary Lake’s School for Girls. Over the next few decades, the building became the Cosmos Gentleman’s Club and then the Episcopal Dioceses’ Girls Friendly Society Lodge.

The building was not used for fifty years until 1980. It was renovated and reopened as the Queen Anne Hotel you know today. The headmaster of the girl’s boarding school, Mary Lake is believed to haunt the hotel to date. In 2003, the television show Haunted Hotels explored the paranormal history of the hotel in the episode Where Spirits Speak.

13. Calvary Cemetery

The Calvary Cemetery is a Roman Catholic cemetery in the Hanford community of East Los Angeles. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles runs the cemetery. The land upon which the cemetery is built is open, flat and often appears peaceful. However, some horrors may lie inside.

Visitors have reported seeing a glowing wraith of an elderly woman near one of the cemetery’s mausoleums. The woman is always dressed in white. The visitors usually describe the woman’s eyes as bright yellow or bright green.

Another report is that one of the mausoleums opens itself during some of the nights (especially on Friday’s). The cemetery is also home to the Ghost on the Hill story. Motorists report seeing an apparition standing on top of a hill that overlooks the cemetery.

The locals suspect that it could be the ghost of Thomas Ceuta Reynolds. Reynolds allegedly committed suicide in 1887 after a bout of depression following the death of his wife five years earlier.

14. Juvenile Ranch Facility

You can locate The Juvenile Ranch Facility in Campo. Formerly the site of the old military base Camp Lockett, it is currently an abode for runaways. They receive training to develop skills through which they can have meaningful careers.

The spirit of a protective elderly man is said to accompany the smell of smoke at the location. The man prevents children from hurting themselves. Visitors can hear the old man moving about and sometimes he turns the lights off.

One soldier committed suicide at the location. You can see his ghost looking out of a window near the dayroom. There have been several other paranormal sightings including former soldiers marching down the pathways and a child who fell to his death from a nearby cliff.

15. Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is located in San Jose and has lived up to its name. Construction of the house began in 1884. The construction never actually stopped until the death of the owner, Sarah Winchester, in September 1922.

Current estimates reveal that Sarah spent more than $ 5 million constructing the huge house You may wonder why she would spend such an insane amount of money on the house The story goes that she was convinced that the victims killed by a Winchester Rifle haunted her house The Winchester Rifle is the famous line of rifles produced by Sarah’s husband.

According to Sarah, keeping on the building was the only way to stop the spirits. By some accounts, construction of the house proceeded around the clock. The Winchester Mystery House is a designated California historic landmark and is open to the public. For the paranormal hunters out there, you can proceed to investigate whether the Winchester Rifle victims still linger around the house.

16. Los Coches Adobe

The Los Coches Adobe in Soledad is undoubtedly one of the most eerie-looking places in California. It was formerly the site of a mine in the early days. A terrifying accident happened one day where more than 30 miners were trapped after the mine collapsed. The locals say the tragedy left a stain on the surrounding land.

Visitors and residents state that they have heard the screams of the miners coming from an old well on the premises. There are several sightings of a male phantom and a woman in black walking around the area. Some residents even claim to see an apparition of a man dangling from a tree on the outskirts of the property.

17. East 8 Mile Road

Sometimes, a haunted site is not a building or place. Stretches of the road can also be haunted. Among the most haunted roads in California is the East 8 Mile Road in Stockton.

A malevolent witch is rumored to appear on the road. A number of drivers have reported seeing a scary-looking woman wearing a tattered white dress. The woman always stands in the middle of the carriageway. Urban legend has it that if you turn to take a second look at the woman, she will be seated in your back seat.

Other reports detail the story of a Native American girl who wandered around the road. She always appears on the full moon nights and locals can hear her screaming into the night. Anyone up fore California road trip?

18. Griffith Park

Griffin Park is located in Crystal Springs, Los Angeles. This place is all kinds of haunted. Supposedly, the paranormal history of the park dates back to the 19th century. At the time, Don Antonio Feliz owned the park.

Don Feliz left the property to Don Antonio Coronal. The land was meant to go to his niece, Dona Petronilla Feliz. Industrialist Griffith J. Griffith after whom the park is named eventually bought the land. Rumor has it that Griffith donated the park to the city as a way of getting rid of the tainted property. One account reveals that Griffith’s priced Ostriches were stampeded at night.

The ghosts of Don Antonio Feliz, Griffith J. Griffith, Dona Petronilla Feliz, an unknown young girl and several other people haunt the park. There are also unsubstantiated reports of some humanoid creature that roams around the place.

19. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel competes with the Knickerbocker Hotel for the title of most celebrity hauntings. One notable story is that the ghost of Marilyn Monroe can be seen in Suite 1200. Apparently, she appears in a full-length mirror located in the suit. Monroe stayed at this suite when she initially started becoming famous.

When you visit Room 928, it is said that you may encounter the ghost of Montgomery Clift. Clift lived here while shooting the film From Here to Eternity According to one psychic the ghosts of Betty Grable, Humphrey Bogart and Carmen Miranda also haunt the hotel. Also, the hotel’s Blossom Room has a cold spot where a sharply dressed 1930s era man hangs around.

20. Colorado Street Bridge

The Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena was constructed back in 1912 The bridge spans the Arroyo Seco River and was once part of Route 66. Starting from the early 1930s, it has been referred to as the Suicide Bridge.

The first case of someone jumping to their death off the bridge was in 1919. There have been at least one hundred suicides committed at the bridge since then. Many of the suicides occurred during the Great Depression.

Currently, there are about ten deaths a year reported at the Colorado Street Bridge. Naturally, a number of ghosts are said to haunt the bridge. This includes the ghost of one worker who fell during its construction.

21. Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town is one of the many small mining towns that sprung up during the silver rush. Hundreds of miner lived in this old town. Suddenly, people started to leave the town, and it remains empty to this day. Researchers attribute the exodus to mysterious diseases and disappearances at the time.

You can join the many paranormal hunters who frequently visit the ghost town every year. The scariest part of the town is the Calico Ghost Town Cemetery. There is a campsite here if you are brave enough to spend the night. Some campers have reported waking up with bruises on their bodies that were not present the day before.

Visitors often see lights flickering although no one has lived there for years. One psychic from California visited the place to investigate the stories. She reported witnessing balls of light floating above the empty streets. It is said that some of the men who died in the mines still wander the town.

There are many other haunted places in California. They include Stevenson House, The Fallon Hotel, Hotel Leger, Vineyard House, Linda Vista Community Hospital, The Pierpont Inn, The Sonora Inn and the Stanly Ranch Museum among others.

Do you know of haunted hidden gems in California? You can let me know in the comments if you have had any paranormal experiences at certain spots around the Golden State.

Don’t forget to check out other states as well:

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With their unique characters and interests, people fascinated with ghost-hunting are not just your everyday type of people. When jotting up gift ideas for them, a little bit of creativity and some research comes in handy. If you have a paranormal lover in your circle, it is very likely that you will find them obsessed about some weird ghost-hunting gadget or just something related to the unreal world that they must have.

Here are some paranormal gifts to get your friends obsessed with ghost hunting.

1. The Ouija Skull

This should definitely top your list and trust me, you won’t regret it. The spooky looking Ouija spirit skull, also referred to as the talking board is technically used as a spirit medium. Yes, it is believed to connect the real referred to as the talking board is technically used as a spirit medium. Yes, it is believed to connect the real world to the spirit world. The flat shaped board is engraved with several carvings namely:

  • Alphabetical letters.
  • Numerical figures from 0-9.
  • The words “yes” “no” , “hello” and sometimes “goodbye’.
  • Other graphics and symbols.

For a paranormal fan, they will obviously be into something like this; trying to communicate with spirits and the ghosts they believe in and eager to have a glimpse of what may be in the beyond. To use it, the people participating normally place their fingers on the heart-shaped wood piece which is used as an indicator as it moves, spelling out what the spirits or a spirit could be communicating. And which ghost-hunter would not love this? It is a cool gift especially for Halloween decorations and from its clear and well-structured design, it makes the whole experience look makes the whole experience look and feel real. People have filmed themselves talking with the dead and trust me, it was real enough to go viral and make hits on YouTube. If you want to spook your friends up, gift them this!

Check current price on Amazon

2. Ghost hunting camera

Sure, a ghost hunter will definitely be having a camera somewhere but nothing like the 2018 Wi-Fi Full Spectrum Camcorder. It is the ultimate paranormal investigation camcorder with infrared night vision for those thrilling night escapades small enough to be carried anywhere with ease and with a power zoom that allows you to zoom in or out up to eighteen times.

Whether you are recording in regular mode or you are in night vision, the camera will always deliver The menu is not complex when using and the video quality is just amazing. It also comes packaged with a storage card and to top it all, two batteries. One will definitely not miss any bit of the thrills.

This camcorder will take live filming of ghosts to a whole new level. The best part is that even with these amazing features, the price is still very affordable. So upgrade a ghost-hunter’s recording experience with this camera and it will be worthwhile.

Check current price on Amazon

For more information, be sure to check out my in-depth review on ghost hunting cameras.

3. ‘I’d Rather Be Ghost Hunting’ Embroidered Washed Cap

Exemplary made and comfortable to wear, the embroidered 100% cotton cap is a cool gift. Of course one would feel good wearing something with a sense of authenticity about their character, so this cap would be a great gift idea for a ghost-hunter.

It is made of comfortable and smooth cotton material both in and out, it is unisex so it can go well for anybody and has an adjustable buckle closure, fitting up to extra-large sizes. Everyone is sorted out!

For ghost hunting exploits and spooks, this would be an item not to miss out on.

Check current price on Amazon

4. The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

This one is on my list of favorites. For a newbie ghost hunter this would be an intriguing kind of paranormal gift and it comes at one of the best prices in the market compared to other EMF detectors.

A ghost-hunters favorite place is a haunted area and with this little gadget, they can be able to detect even the smallest, erratic and distinct EMF energy emissions that are frequently found in haunted locations.

This gadgets response rate is super excellent and has even been proven to be better than some of the other expensive ghost detecting meters. Battery life remains excellent even when turned on for a long time and the best thing is that it can operate in silent mode so as not to distract paranormal investigators during their soundings and also not to interfere with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon recordings.

The Ghost Meter is simple to use and can be handled by anyone. So, while you watch ghost hunters on televisions using this gadget, make a plan to gift a ghost-hunter with one and get them started on their own investigations of the unknown.

Check current price on Amazon

5. Ghost-hunting kit

This kit comes with everything a ghost-hunter would need to kick-start their paranormal research and it comes with one of the best-selling guide book, called the “Ghost-Tech” that take one through on the dos and don’ts.

The excellent starter kit includes:

  • Gauss Master EMF meter for EMF measurement.
  • Motion Sensor that is portable for motion detection in complete darkness.
  • EVP Recorder Infrared Pen Type Thermometer to measure surface temperatures.
  • Geo-phone for monitoring unseen surface vibrations).
  • Ghost Tech’ how-to book.
  • Deluxe Carrying Case for keeping all the above items together.

What more could you need to start hunting ghosts? The kit is appropriate for all ages and with the guide in hand everything becomes easy to use So for a gift, this is the whole package. The ultimate gift basket if you will.

Check current price on Amazon

6. Spirit Box

Why should you choose this box as a gift? Well, because it has been recommended as one of the best EVP/Instrumental Trans-communication research equipment. With its astonishing results, it has been widely used in paranormal investigating films. Its reliability sets it up a notch and it can really make an awesome gift.

If you’d like to dig deeper, be sure to learn how to record EVP.

When pursuing annoying ghosts, you will get to appreciate this gadget as it comes to producing the best EVP transmissions. You will be able to stalk the ghosts and track them with ease.

Check current price on Amazon

7. Seek Thermal Compact Imager

The highly portable and powerful seek compact is a one of a kind thermal imaging camera that any ghost buster would love to have It is a android specific imager that you plug directly into your phone and images are translated on the phone through the imager’s technique of manipulating infrared light. Sigh, the beauty of technology!

The imager’s focus lenses give high quality imageries and can enable the user to fine-tune their thermal energy, giving high quality resolutions. With its relatively affordable price, it is very effective when used under the right temperatures and accurate thermal wide range. the right temperatures and accurate thermal wide range.

Be sure to check out this article on the best thermal cameras for ghost hunting.

The case for carrying this imager happens to be waterproof and can easily be kept in a pocket. With such compatibility it should definitely cross your mind when deciding on gifts for ghost hunters.

Check current price on Amazon

8. FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System

The fully featured FLIR C2 thermal camera is one of the best inexpensive cameras in the market. Its pocket-sized nature allows ghost-hunter to comfortably keep it on them at all times especially when pursuing interesting heat patterns and ghost imageries.

The camera is highly sensitive and offers a wide field view which enables you to get very high quality images. It brings out digital background images that allow you to have a clear picture of where photos were taken.

More than that, you can be able to plug it to your computer and download images using a USB cord. The availability of USB slot also make recharging very convenient as you can do it from anywhere including the car or with a portable power bank.

So, for a ghost-hunter, this is a manageable gadget to possess as it can always be in hand, ready to be used to capture ghost hunting moments as timely as so wished. Definitely a gift that would please a ghost-hunter.

Check current price on Amazon

9. Spirit Board

For as long as I can remember, talk boards have been one among the popular mediums used to communicate with the spirit world. The technique used is believed to be the spirits’ way of sharing their messages to the earthly seekers.

Somehow similar to the Ouija spirit skull, this talking board, also known as the spirit board works in the same method as the spirit skull.

The artwork on the board is very well done, gives an attractive view and brings out a loving energy. The board also comes with a planchette, held by the individuals seeking to communicate with the spirits, and it moves while being guided by the spirits across the board letters, numbers and the words °hello, goodbye, yes and no. to convey the spirits’ message.

It is a good gift that you can consider getting a ghost hunter who seeks to delve into the spirit world and indulge in conversations with the dead. It’s definitely an experience worth going through.

Check current price on Amazon

10. Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications

For paranormal fans, the curiosity about the spirit world is something that doesn’t lack in them. Therefore, you can never go wrong when you have selected a spirit communication medium as a gift for a paranormal enthusiast.

Even for the less adventurous fans who just want to satisfy their curiosity and not go beyond the limit, the Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications would still be an ideal gift. This book guides you through the process of becoming a medium by guiding you slowly along the path of spiritual communications.

Normally, Buckland recommends reading the book in sections and taking the quizzes after every chapter The information in the book is full of content and a reader should put a rational amount of time reading through it to fully master the artistry of spirit communications. With the historic facts, multiple suggestions and techniques, this book is perfect at satisfying the highest level of curiosity.

Another plus would be that it does not discriminate against any religion, making it ideal for anyone who finds themselves interested in this topic. I personally think that all this seems quite deep and interesting and if you know that person with spirit fascination, for a gift, double tick on this one.

Check current price on Amazon

11. MS Force Headlamp

Paranormal lovers love the spooky and the dark so a ghost hunting flashlight is an important gadget for them when maneuvering in those dark corners and foggy places. Forget all other headlamps in the market because there is nothing that beats what MS Force has introduced.

This is probably the brightest headlamp one could ever use With three LED bulbs that have an extremely high performance, delivering 6000 lumens beam, you will be left seeing beyond anything you could have ever imagined. The best features of this headlamp include:

  • Enables free movement of hands
  • Super adjustable system bands that are comfortable to wear
  • Pivot mount attached to the head bands which allows you to point your light up to 90 degrees in whichever direction
  • Durability

So if you want to amaze a ghost-hunter then definitely get this headlamp.

Check current price on Amazon

12. The Ghost Hunters Survival Guide

Truth be told, ghost hunting does appear to be one of the most thrilling adventures, but most people do not take time to actually learn the dangers that malevolent human spirits can bring. This book is very well detailed and you will find narrations about real life ghost investigations and guidelines on how to know it is time to use the necessary defense mechanisms against the paranormals you may have encountered.

For ghost hunters who are deep in their exploration this is a must read as is gives better understanding on how to arm yourself, therefore it wouldn’t fail as a gift.

Check current price on Amazon

13. Upgraded voice recorder

With an upgraded quality and improved design, this digital voice recorder captures crystal clear audio. The small size of the device may have you fooled into thinking it’s not all that, but think again because it is awesome. Do not be fooled by the small size because this device is awesome. It is able to pick up even the softest voices and bring them out clearly and we know that a ghost hunter will want to hear that which others cannot hear, right?

So this would be a handy gadget to go ghost hunting with for recording your every move in audio and coming to replay and recognizing the “secret” little sounds; purely an amazing and effective gift to a ghost-hunter.

Another good thing about it that it has an Mp3 player.

Check current price on Amazon


There are several cool gifts for paranormal enthusiasts out there. Whether for Christmas, Halloween, Birthday or just a random occasion, there are very interesting options to choose from and with the many interesting pieces in the market, with a little thought you can never go wrong when getting that perfect gift for your ghost-hunter mate.

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Do you find yourself in the mood for a daily or occasional dose of frightening tales or paranormal activity experience but are probably too tired to get out of the house? Need of some nail biting experience that will keep you edged at your seat ready to run for the lights? Netflix couldn’t have made that any easier for you. All you need is your internet up and running, an active subscription, your popcorns, duvet and your sweatpants, and you are good to go. Time for Netflix and chills….

Like me, there are people who are thrilled by the spooky chills that come along with watching paranormal documentaries; while others squirm at the thought of spending minutes on a rollercoaster of terror of the unreal and unexpected. If you are the former, then takes notes as here as some of the best paranormal documentaries in the history of film making, streamed on Netflix. So if you dare, go ahead and turn your nights from boring to exhilarating.

1.Paranormal Witness (2011)

Run time: 60mins IMDb 7.9

There’s nothing that intrigues me more than listening to first hand stories of people who have gone through some pretty wild and crazy things. If you’re like me then this is a series you should not miss to follow up on.

Filmed in mostly indoor set-ups in several states in the U.S and produced by a British company, the documentary recreates supposed paranormal experiences that defy any possible explanation, which the paranormal witness’ went through. I was a bit skeptical about how well the film would be able to deliver vividly the proofs of paranormal activities but I have to give the producers and the actors credit for the job well done.

The witnesses telling their stories nailed. It was so realistic I had to google to confirm it really happened. With every one hour episode narrating about two to three stories, the testimonies of these people will leave you dumbfounded and I can assure you won’t want to stop exploring the mysteries of the unreal world.

2.The Imposter (2012)

Run time: 99mins IMDb 7.5

Nicholas Barclay takes an interesting role of a missing boy in this documentary, who apparently goes missing for three years from his home in Texas. He later appears after six years in Spain with alleged amnesia. But is it really him? The mystery and suspense in unraveling what really happened to the missing boy will keep you glued to your screen.

I would advise against finding out any further details about the film before watching it though; it will spoil the fun. The directors took filming a notch higher by shooting real-time interviews from actual real people behind this story line and adding reconstructed parts with the actors. Sounds quite fascinating right? Real people talking about real horror! You definitely don’t want to miss this.

3.The Wailing (2016)

Run time: 156mins IMDb 7.4

In paranormal films, when a stranger suddenly shows up out of nowhere, we know things never end well and The Wailing is no different. A stranger appears in South Korea at a small village and suddenly there is a mysterious disease that breaks out, killing many people! People panic as the epidemic is nothing they have ever seen before. As police investigate and it turns out that a wild mushroom is the cause of the plague but one police officer, Jong-goo, is not content. He strongly believes that there is some connection between the stranger and the disease.

When his daughter starts showing symptoms of being sick also, this now becomes personal. From here, things became juicy for me. Towards the last third of the film, the intense and terrifying findings will left me shaken. I had to begin connecting the dots in previous parts of the film. Suspense in paranormal films is everything and this one delivers just that with an ending that I can only say is a bang! Trusting the wrong people can surely land you in the worst of horrors. Or is it the right people????

4. Raw (2016)

Run time: 99mins IMDb 7.0
I think if there’s one thing I literally always want to tell the victims in paranormal activities is that nothing is ever as it seems! Jakob Levin who is a deteriorating delinquent comes to learn this. Written and directed by the award-winning film director, David Strasser, Raw tells of a rather twisted story of a teen hooked on drugs, a family that is in grieving and an ideological movement that is on another level of extremism.

At just 17 years, Jacob Levin is faced with a sentence to work in a transformational organic farm belonging to his uncle in Salt Spring Island. As we all later come to see, there is more to it than meets the eye. I would recommend this documentary as it touches on some family issues and underground things that seem to take place even in the current times with no one noticing. Definitely a documentary not to miss out on.

5. It Follows (2014)

Run time: 100mins IMDb 6.8

I personally still get chills when I think about this film; very cold chills. My goosebumps are already showing writing about it. If you have a strong stomach, then you should check this one out. It Follows, just as the name might imply, the mysterious story of a woman who is haunted by an un-explainable supernatural force after having an innocent sexual encounter. Jay, the main actor, is tormented by horrifying strange visions and a never ending feeling that something or someone somewhere is tailing her every move. And if you think that that’s the worst part, literally shock on you as it only gets more disturbing. After watching the film actually couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder to make sure that there was no one following me. Yes! The impact was that intense. No spoilers, but if you want an ultimate movie scare, stream this film.

6. The Babadook (2014)

Run time: 93mins IMDb 6.8

For a diehard fan of paranormal documentaries, this one is a must see. The storyline of Babadook is based on the life of a mother who is a widow and the struggles she faces while raising her only son Samuel as a single parent. Amelia loses her husband while heading to deliver her son in a very tragic and violent car accident. Besides the trauma of having to deal with her husband’s death and raising their son alone, Amelia has another problem to handle. Samuel develops a strong fear of monsters. He becomes violent on many occasions in an attempt to deal with his fears but this only makes things worse.

The mother and son later come to read a book about a monster that apparently lurks in the dark corners of their house. Yes, Babadook! Amelia tries to get rid of the book and the horrifying experiences she and her son encounter after that will leave you with goose bumps. This documentary for me was a sad but creepy horror, which manifests the anguish and disturbed state of the characters in a very perfect way.

7. The Awakening (2011)

Run time: 102mins IMDb 6.5

I have to say that what made this film stand out is the very strong performance that the cast showed in this film. I hope it was a performance. While there were some critics who almost made me not take a look at it, I do not regret my 102 minutes that I spent on this thrilling horror as I found it to be one of the best old-fashioned horror film of present time. The amount of suspense that grows throughout this film is simply astonishing.

A famous woman known for her abilities to expose hoax travels to a boarding school on an invite from the headmaster due to a mysterious ghost that is scaring the students. She is informed of a previous murder of a man named Walter who she later comes to find out the horrors that befell him. After the staff, students and teachers have gone for vacation, Florence remains in the boarding school with three other people (Bad idea, right?) and this is when strange things begin to happen. If you watched The Haunted (1995) the storylines have very many similarities. The revelations that unfold in The Awakening gives the film its thrill as the plot builds up. Years down the line I can guarantee this this will be on the top list of classics.

8. Hollow 1 (2011)

Run time: 91mins IMDb 6.4

A village in Suffolk, England suffers a curse of spirits that drives couples and especially the young ones to commit suicide. The local legend haunts the village leaving it in ruins and for many years people avoid the village. Making matters more complicated, there is an ancient hollow tree and we all know what that always means in paranormal documentaries. I won’t tell you it is the home for the evil spirits.

While on holiday, four couples decide to explore the town and the horror that unleashes on their lives and in the town shows just how much some mythical beliefs can quickly turn to reality. It may sound a little bit too cliché but the plot is well planned and acted out. The actors manage to develop their characters well and bring an in depth feeling and understanding of the script. It’s definitely a good paranormal to watch with several epics cares.

9. Killer Legends (2014)

Run time: 86mins IMDb 6.4

This paranormal goes deep into investigating the real life stories that may have inspired some of the most horrifying urban legends. Joshua Zeeman, the writer and director of this paranormal, bring us the amazing tale of four urban legends who have continued to haunt the American people, and tries to investigate why people still have so much belief in the legends and the real life crimes that led to the emergence of this legends. If you have no background information on urban legends then this is the right documentary for you for that first time thrill.

10. Dead Silence (2007)

Run time: 89mins IMDb 6.2

Ravens Fair, just like every town in the paranormal world has its fair share of ghost stories. James Wan directs this film of a tale of a widower who goes back to his hometown on a mission to uncover the truth behind the murder of his wife. After a ventriloquist, Mary Shaw, loses her sanity, she faces kidnapping accusations of a boy who had called her a fraud during one of her shows. The townspeople in pursuit of revenge hunt the woman down and give her a tragic death by first cutting out her tongue then killing her. She is buried along with her voodoo dolls and the townspeople think that that’s the end of her.

The real horror begins as the collection of dolls returns from the grave to get revenge on everyone involved in the death of Mary Shaw. Ravens Fair suffers many deaths and what follows is simply tragic. This documentary is one that brought back the feeling I used to have when I started watching paranormal films. It is different and unique, not to mention well scripted. Simply a breath of fresh air. Dead Silence takes you on a ride of terror so when watching it do not be in a hurry to pick the pieces. Just sit back and enjoy. It is a film worth giving another extra star.

11. Hostageto the Devil (2016)

Run time: 90mins IMDb 6.1

When a child’s soul is possessed and the exorcist is trapped in combat with this evil, we are left to wonder just who is the hostage here. The documentary is based on the true story of Father Malachi Martin and his book “Hostage to the devil”. You will need a strong stomach and will to go through the 90 minutes of horror the films brings to you. It is a movie that will giving very many chilly feelings especially if you are the kind of person with beliefs in demonic possessions. The film brings out some real life interviews and some parts which have been reconstructed to show exactly what happened at this time.

However, the documentary tends to focus more on the exorcist himself and attempts to find out the real truth about him. Father Martin explains his experience as an exorcist and the effects the practice has on the people who are involved. While some may argue whether Father Martin was genuine in telling his exorcist stories or whether he was a conman, this documentary will definitely leave you with some thoughts that the war between supernatural spirits actually exists.

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Michigan, such a lovely and a beautiful state in the northern Midwest of the United States of America. Plenty of eye-catching sceneries like four of the great lakes, hilly patches and also the home of America’s automobile industry that gave us the Cadillac, who has not dreamed of owning a Cadillac before. It is a definitely, must visit place in a lifetime for all adventurers and wannabe adventurers.

However, behind the curtains of beauty and glamour that hugs Michigan tightly, is the bone-chilling haunting stories that linger like a shadow to the state. Such a twist to add to the cliche of good and ugly. Ugly is such a strong word as this twist adds some sauce to the beauty and gives stories to tell for ages about the ghostly nature of Michigan. I know most people will have a fit of by after boat riding in Lake Michigan and having a hair rising freaky night in anticipation of Harvey’s ghost.

Let’s take a closer look at the most haunted places in Michigan.

Mackinac Island

Sandwiched between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan in Lake Huron, is Mackinac Island. An island that is popular with tourists due to its rich history covers almost four square miles. Before the British immigration in the 17th century, Mackinac Island was home to the Odawa tribe who had established a settlement here. Apart from the island being a burial ground for the Indian tribes, a military fort built in it by the British explorers, resulted in many people being killed due to fighting over resources and control of the fur trade and commercial fishing that was flourishing at the time.

The Grand Hotel situated in the island is a major hotspot for ghostly experiences. It is said workers erecting the foundation of the hotel uncovered several bodies launching a chain of creepy and hair-raising events. Some say they spotted a weird looking being with a black mass for a body and glowing red eyes coming after them, rushing and at times knocking them off their feet resulting in loss of consciousness. This makes for a juicy bedtime story for a naughty toddler.

The Bruce Mansion

If you thought the narrative of out of place ghostly mansions or castles was a thing meant only for movies then you are in for a rude shock. Take a back to lean on your seat. Built in the beautiful Victorian style architecture in the late eighteenth century in the town of Burnside, it remained unscathed over the course of numerous fires that crept up to the little town. That was expected who names a town Burnside expecting the best. Anyway, the original owner is known as Bruce obviously sold the house that was strangely occupied by six different owners in a span of five years.

Spooky! It is said that the house was also used to conduct funerals in the 1900s, such a sick twist if I may say so that brought the explanation that spirits were always hovering the house. John Walker among the well-known owners of the mansion at one time is said to have been left by his wife and the house went into foreclosure within months of purchase.

Overly distraught by the chain of events unfolding, he is said to have hit a pedestrian while driving one day. Fearful of the long arm of the law, he hid the body in his car trunk and buried the body in the mansions yard. It is also said John Walker hanged himself. Though not proven it gives that agape mouth effect. You can hear growling sounds from the basement at times or weird movements at night according to revelers who have visited the mansion. Personally, I need to go for ghost hunting in this mansion.

The Drowning Pool

Back to Mackinac Island again. Such a load of a place and certainly not for the faint-hearted. Taking you back to the 17th and 18th centuries when being a witch was a kin to the biggest crime ever (I personally think that a lady riding on a broom at night is the coolest thing ever) witches were punished by very creative methods. Among these methods was by drowning.

It is believed that to know if one was a witch or not back in the day, the person had rocks tied to their feet and plunge them into the water. The catch here was that if the person floated, she was deemed to be a witch but if they sunk then they were innocent and dead obviously.

It is said in one of such conquests seven women suspected of being witches were thrown off into a lagoon to prove if they were witches or not The result all of them sunk and drowned setting the place a perfect haunting hotspot. Mysterious splashing or weird shadows hovering above the lagoon have been severally reported by visitors to the point.

The Mission Point Resort

The Mission Point Resort was the home to a religious group established in the 1930s and the structure was built in the 1950s. The popular haunting story over here is of a man known as Harvey, who on being heartbroken by his girlfriend committed suicide by means of a fatal gunshot behind the resort’s premises. His body was discovered almost six months later.

The ghost of Harvey is said to be flirt pulling pranks on mostly ladies no wonder he suffered heartbreak). Visitors especially ladies have reported being poked at or pinched at the resort’s theater. Also, there are reports of people being locked up in their bathrooms and hearing strange sounds accompanied by flickering lights. Real hair rising.

Eloise Psychiatric Hospital

A psychiatric hospital! Even if not haunted those establishments are just way too freaky. The tools used and also to a point some of the patients’ looks and cold stares can scare the hell out of your normalcy. Eloise Psychiatric hospital established in the 1830s was once among the state of art health facilities having the benefit of being among the first to utilize the x-ray technologies.

However, after the great depression news started trickling in of the misuse of the facility and abuse of the patients by the staff. The facility was ultimately closed in the 1980s and the buildings became ruins. It became a feared place where visitors went for the thrill. Here is where reports of weird figures sitting on the steps of the dilapidated building started to surface. This coupled with the scary growls and figures running across the hospital’s yard at night led to the conclusion that it is haunted.

The Whitney Restaurant

Located in Woodward Avenue in Detroit is this magnificent piece of architecture that was the property of a David Whitney Jr, a lumber baron in the 1800s. Built as his personal abode the mansion was set up in the late 1800s and was renovated in the 1980s. Ever since its renovation, there have been reports of paranormal activity of the mansion now converted to a restaurant. The house visitors claim to have experienced elevators moving on their own without passengers apart from the flickering lights in the houses at different rooms despite there being no known electrical fault.

Also reported is the presence of an old man on the second floor of the mansion who appears to be peeking from the window overlooking the yard. Sounds of doors slamming and utensils being stacked or tables being moved are not uncommon over here. Visitors have reported instances where they are all alone in the house or a particular room in the house but have the feeling of a thickening and charged atmosphere as if there were more people in the vicinity.

Considering all these experiences, the curators of the establishment think that David Whitney Jr and his wife, both of whom perished in the mansion have their presence in the house and their souls reside in it. It cannot get any scarier than this.

Seul Choix Point Light House

Lighthouses have been for long objects surrounded by mystique and utter beauty and have been an object in any a story the subject ranging from romance to loneliness and divinity. The Saul Choix Point lighthouse in Michigan has the mystique needed for a poetry session and also the ghostly tag bound to stick to its definition for generations to come. The lighthouse is said to be home to various souls, the commonest being Captain Willie Townsend, a former light keeper who is said to be extremely attached to the lighthouse.

Another soul wandering the heights of the lighthouse is that of Grandma Mary Pebble a mother-in-law to one of the light keepers who previously worked at the lighthouse. Mary Pebble is said to have died during a terrible blizzard to hit Lake Michigan and it is said that the once a while apparition spotting and shadowy moving figures seen at night belong to her spirit. Also, a slight chuckle or a cigar smoke reminiscent of Captain Willie Townsend can be felt at times. Again, disembodied voice recordings have been recorded and it is a suggestion that it may be from the casualties of the terrible blizzard that hit Lake Michigan.

Pere Cheney Cemetery

The talk of the cemetery to most people will spell doom. A cemetery is associated with the dead and the dead are feared and revered by most in equal measure regardless of the context. With a low population of almost 1500 people in 1870, the small town of Pere Cheney was engulfed with a diphtheria infection that cleared most of its population. Just in its path to recovery, it hit the news again this time a fire outbreak that destroyed a lot of homesteads. Disease again and the town soon numbered around 20 persons. Not a town, maybe a household to me.

Anyway, in 1917 the land on which Pere Cheney sat on was sold in a public auction leaving it a ghost town and the only sign of the previous inhabitation was the cemetery where the casualties of the previous catastrophes lay. The legend goes that a witch who was banished from the settlement had unleashed a curse that brought the calamities to the residents of Pere Cheney and for her troubles; she was hanged on a tree in the cemetery as punishment.

Her spirit has not settled, is said to hover the cemetery and visitors to the cemetery have reported seeing ghosts and burning orbs. Also, children crying or laughing can also be heard in the vicinity of the cemetery. Seriously nothing can be more chilling like a witch and a cemetery put in one sentence let alone the same place.

Botsford Inn

Located in Farmington and built in the 1830s, Botsford in is famed as the spot that Henry Ford met his wife Clara. The couple enjoyed the classy establishment especially its ballroom and really had a good time here. However, odd occurrences started being noted by the staff just after Clara passed away. These occurrences were for instance if the room was set for an event, it would be found moments later disturbed and the arrangement faulted. Items eke cups and other utensils set would be found strewn all over the room despite no one being present at the room and it also being locked.

A staff also reported that it would be hard to open the door to particular rooms with no one present in the rooms. However, just as they left the door latch would move and the door would open and still, no one would be present in the room at all.

Traverse City State Hospital

Located in Traverse City is this eerie looking abandoned structure. Established as a mental asylum in the late 1800s, it first admitted patients with mental illnesses but in no time it also started admitting diphtheria and tuberculosis patients too. The gothic style buildings, caged balconies and underground tunnels further add to the mystique surrounding this abandoned building.

Among the people who have paid a visit to the Transverse City State hospital, both patients and non-patients claim to feel vibrations and an unexplained presence engulfing them that they associate with the passing on patients of the hospital some of whom are said to have undergone abuse before their untimely deaths. Apparitions in long white gowns are said to roam through the hospital’s hallways accompanied by moans and groans. There is also the hippy tree, a tree painted in bright colors and hippy symbols and is said to be portal to hell. So much scary for a hospital, no wonder kids fear them.

If you are an adrenaline junky with a thing for the paranormal, these places are a must visit next time you are in Michigan.

Be sure to check out spooky locations in other states:

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Recording EVPs can be interesting and surprisingly easy, and with the right equipment and a little luck, you should be able to capture them in many places. Capturing can be a hit and miss affair for sure, however, if you closely follow these tips and instructions, you should be able to record good ones without too much hassle. But first…

What is an EVP?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is essentially a mysterious recording of intelligible voices from an unknown sources. The origin of the voices doesn’t have a physical explanation, but they are thought to originate from ghosts, other dimensions, and even our subconscious. The theory that some of these voices originate from the diseased is the reason why people began to experiment with EVP.

Ghost hunting researchers and groups attempt to capture and record these voices as part of their routine investigations. The good news is you don’t have to be a researcher or belong to a ghost hunting group to record EVP. You don’t even need to go to the allegedly haunted locations. If you want, you can try it at home.

Characteristics of the EVP Voices

The EVP recorded voices may be sometimes very quiet and difficult to hear and interpret. Most EVP researchers and hobbyists have over time developed an “ear for these sounds and can distinguish them from background noises. Transform EVP voices can be recognized as either young or old and female or male.

Most messages are rarely longer than four words. Words are often spoken very quickly and the voices have a distinctive cadence. Analysis has shown that the EVPs are simulations of voices made from sounds supplied from different unknown sources. The voices often have oddly arranged formats and lack voice box frequencies.

Types of Recording

Recording EVP under controlled condition can allow you to control ambient noise and introduce a special form of background noise. It’s however difficult to keep the environmental conditions under control or supply background sound if you’re doing field recording. In known haunted areas, there may be helpful energy for contact.

The EVP that is formed in audio recorders by transformation of background sound is known as ‘transform EVP.’ With this technique, you can sometimes recognize the voice of the speaker The EVP formed using a computer program or sweeping a radio dial are known as ‘opportunistic EVP’ —this is because sounds required for formation of voices need to be availed on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Recording Procedure

Het a Voice Recorder

Even though you can get started with something as simple as a smartphone, I personally recommend starting with a digital voice recorder. The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune on a recorder as most quality models are also affordable. You should probably avoid analog as they have many moving parts which make noises. Look for a model that can allow you to record for longer periods without having to swap memory cards. If your budget allows, you can invest in a good quality microphone which you can plug into your recorder Good microphones are very sensitive to quiet noises and the quality of sound is really great.

Configure the recorder

Once you get your hands on a good recorder, you need to calibrate it Many recorders come with different quality settings for recording audio. I recommend that you set to the maximum quality offered by your recorder.

Some recorder models come with digital filters which out off some frequencies of sounds to enhance human voice and make it clearer —you should set this off. Additionally, ensure that you use a fresh pair of batteries and carry some extra —it’s said that ghosts drain batteries, you will see.

Set a goal for recording

Most EVP sessions rarely go exactly as planned, however meticulous your plan is. For this reason, it’s wiser to just set up minimum goals instead of having a lengthy, complicated plan. Once you have fulfilled these goals, you can experiment with the paranormal activity.

Some of your goals could include:

  • Asking specific questions.
  • Capturing irrefutable EVP sounds.
  • Recording EVP for a certain period of time.
  • Determining why the paranormal force is present.
  • Finding whether the paranormal forces are friendly or not.

Archiving any of these goals can be a great milestone. I personally like working with a couple of goals on each EVP recording session. These can help you decode further any presence of paranormal force.

Find a place to record EVP

Have you found a place to investigate your EVP investigation yet? There’re many reasons people choose certain places for this investigation —it could be that place has a documented history of paranormal sightings, violence etc. whatever the reason, it’s always a good idea to have some background details which can guide you with the type of questions that you ask.


Voices can be captured at any time of the day (or night). However, you might want to record at regular places and times in the beginning. This allows entities to know when to expect future sessions and contact and also helps you to focus your attention to the process. Try finding a quiet place with minimal interruptions. It’s ok to have some background sounds, however, you should be aware of them and note them so that you can distinguish them from the EVP.

Research has revealed that entities ride on sounds in the environment to help them form words for the case of transform EVP. As you would expect, most field recording situations have some kind of background sounds. If your environment is extremely quiet, you might want to introduce some background sound like running water or a fan. Some investigators use crowd babble, foreign language radio or audio tapes. You should, however, avoid using live or radio static voice of any form.


Some people will begin with a short prayer or meditation as a form of inviting friends from the other sides to participate while welcoming only those who will be intending well. You can do either, whichever works for you It’s also good to record when your personal energy is the highest.


Turn on your recorder and making sure that all the necessary settings have been don. Keep quiet and listen for the first one minimum as you observe any background noise in that area. There might be animals, cars passing at intervals, or some distant voice. Make note of such noises so that you can decode them when it comes to analyzing the recordings.

The entities often come through as soon as you turn in the recorder. You can now start asking questions, which should be clearly vocalized in a normal conversational tone and recorded as well Start with general questions such as:

  • ‘What is your name’
  • ‘Would you like to talk to us?’
  • ‘Why are you here?’

Leave a long pause after each question —about 10 seconds —for EVPs to get captured. If you make a noise or fumble, TAG it right away to ease your analysis later.

At the end of the questioning, ask of the entities have anything else to say. It might be helpful to schedule an ‘appointment’ with the target entities a day before, during meditation, reflection or prayer Some people try recording in the dark, others often try different energy sources and devices to help the entity communicate. I know a few people who have left written questions in the EVP investigations area the day before and it worked.

Keep recording as you occasionally examine your recordings, at least until you understand which area to find the voices. Using two recorders can make finding recordings a little easier. Since EVP will only appear on one soundtrack or recorder, two recorders mean you won’t mistake the local background sounds for EVP.


The voices may not be heard until playback, especially in transform EVP. Researchers have revealed that voices tend to become clearer and stronger as the entities gain the confidence, so the voices may at first speak in whispers. Additionally, you might not record voices in every session and it might take a number of sessions to notice the first voice. It takes some practice and learning to actually hear the voices. For starters, it might take up to 45 minutes to examine a 3 to 4-minute voice recording.

Review the session

Once you finish the session, listen to the recordings closely using headphones. Built-in speakers in most recorders are not great, so I suggest you get a good quality pair of headphones that has noise cancellation. During this review, if you hear any voices you can’t explain, you’re probably captured your first EVP. Not down the timing where it appeared and continue reviewing the rest of the recording.

Classes of EVP Voices

Classification of EVP voices is still in its formative stages, however, there are currently three distinctive classifications. There’re other forms of classifications, but for the purpose of this article, let’s stick to the main three. The other classifications are so low in quality that most serious researchers don’t even consider them. There’re some researchers who feel some EVP may require either running the clip in reverse or slowing it down to understand what is being said.


This class is generally considered the rarest and most difficult to capture. But, is the most easily understood with minimal or no disagreement as to what is being said. Most investigators agree that class A EVP is the most compelling evidence for paranormal existence. This class also doesn’t require any enhancement or computer amplifications to be understood, and you can even hear it without the help of headphones. It’s not necessarily loud, but it has to be clear.

Class B EVP

Class B EVP is probably the most commonly captured during EVP investigations. Class B is not as clean as the Class A EVP and there might be some disagreements on exactly what is being said This class may also require enhancement or computer amplification to be understood. Using headphones is also generally recommended.

Class C EVP

Class C EVP is the least clear and it’s generally difficult to understand what is being said. You may never understand what is being said even with the help of enhancements or computer amplifications. The reason it’s considered to be an EVP is because it somehow sounds like human speech mixed up with background noise, static and hiss. But it can’t be understood or discerned in any way. In my opinion, while the Class C EVP might be also interesting, it shouldn’t be considered as evidence for paranormal phenomena.

Keeping a Log

It’s always important to maintain a record of EVP recording results. Include the location, date, time in seconds, the question asked, and the message itself. Be sure to correctly label the audio file so it can be easily located at a later time Some researchers report that weather can affect results, while this hasn’t been well studied, it kind of makes sense that extreme weather can interfere with your recording.

Save raw sessions in dated folders with an indication of location. You might want to keep a separate folder for Class A examples where you can easily retrieve them demonstration to colleagues and friends. If you’re uploading online or sending the files over email, you can convert the may files to .mps files or compress using a compressing software.

Analyzing the EVP

recording After recording and saving your EVP recordings, you need to take some time and listen to the take for any sounds that resemble human voice. You might also use a computer to amplify or enhance the voices that emerge. Researchers view the wave pattern of the voice and sample things like amplitude, pitch and rate. Further analysis of the voice wave pattern can reveal if the voice is indeed an EVP or simply some stray sounds picked up by the mic.

Researchers also use software to make the EVP recordings sound more audible. Some sound software might help you remove background noise or hissing and clicking from the record and boost the strength of the voices. Class A EVPs generally don’t need these enhancements as they are usually very clear You will also notice that authentic EVP voices are full of emotions, never monotone.

Other tools proved useful are a ghost hunting camera with night vision and a ghost thermal camera.


As you can see, recording EVP’s is not as difficult and mysterious as it sounds. I must admit though, it can be a little scary when things get real, especially when recording at night. I know a number of investigators who ran out of the session when the response got so real. All in all, for the fun of it, recording and studying EVP is an interesting experience —you should try it!





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Summoning demons is a delicate act that is generally frowned upon by society. It is incredibly risky because there is a good chance that you might mess up the spell and summon a demon who just wants to tear you apart. There’s also the chance that, like Calypso from Twisted Metal, the demon grants you your wish but twists it around so that you get what you want but in a really bad way. If you’re reading this blog post then I’m going to assume that you are aware of the potential risks and you’re willing to go through with it anyway. Hey, it’s your eternal soul on the line, not mine.

But summoning demons isn’t all doom and gloom. King Solomon from the bible used to summon demons like he was ordering takeout and used them as his personal slaves to build an empire. If done right, summoning a demon might be the best decision your ever made… emphasis on ‘if done right’.

Choosing the Right Demon

Before you get into the actual ritual, you want to decide on which demon you want to summon.

The Underworld is full of demons and they each have their own personalities, kind of like humans. When you want to pick a demon to summon then you should read up on them first. Chose one who has a history of being easy to work with, and whose specialty is in tune with what you want to deal for.

Bune is the demon for you if want to bargain for riches. If he shows up then you can expect to see a dragon with three heads- one is a dog, one is a gryphon and the other is a man. Despite his appearance, Bune is known to be very eloquent and east to talk to.

Knowledge is the second-most requested thing that people ask for when dealing with demons. For this, you will want to interact with Camion, who appears as a bird, or Paimon who is a demon king that appears to you riding on a camel. Camion will teach you how to communicate with animals but Paimon is the guy who teaches the dark arts that can turn other people into your slaves.

In the quest for love, Zepar is the demon for you. He prefers to remain lowkey and and will appear in a simple red cloak and soldier’s armor His specialty is making women fall in love with men and as an added bonus, he can make her barren too.

Andromalius is the demon who deals with recovering lost and stolen items. If the item was stolen then Andromalius will even punish the thief for you.

These are just a few of the more common requests that are made of demons. If your request is a bit more specific, you can go through the Goetia, Solomon’s grimoire that contains a list of demons under his command, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Decide On Your Offering

Yes, I know that you’re eager to get to the details on summoning a demon but preparation is everything. You need to remember that you’re making a deal here and in order for it to be attractive to the demon, you have to offer something of value. Your soul is the ultimate price that demons covet but they will settle for the life of a loved one in a pinch.

If in doubt, you can just ask the demon to tell you what it wants from you What matters is that you are able to follow through with honesty and integrity or the demon will make it much more expensive for you Nobody likes to be stiffed.

The Summoning Processes

There are many ways to summon a demon. Some work better than others so we’re going to give you a few different options to work with.

The Simple Summoning (Beginners Guide)

Before you get started, you will need:

  • Paper
  • Ink and quill
  • Your own blood
  • Matches
  • A lock of your own hair
  • A lexicon of demons to get the correct sigil from

Once you have everything together you are advised to take a moment to engage in deep meditation. This will allow you to center your energy and create a field of light around yourself to protect you from any evil influences.

The procedure goes as follows:

  1. Take some of your blood and mix it in with the ink.
  2. Burn your hair, catch the ashes then mix them in with the ink and blood.
  3. Pick out your demon of choice from the lexicon and identify its symbol. I would suggest that you practice drawing it a few times so that you know how to do it right.
  4. On the paper you had ready, write a letter to the demon that you want to summon with an exact description of what you want and what you are willing to trade for it You have to be very accurate with this part because the devil really is in the details.
  5. Burn the letter that you just wrote and use the ashes to draw the demon’s symbol on your forehead.
  6. Give the demon some time to get back to you
  7. Let us know if it worked.
The Satanic Calling

Satanism is a religion just like any other They have their own rituals and ways of doing things, but the main difference between Satanism and other religions is that they worship Satan. In Christianity you’ve probably heard the priest say something like ‘We invoke the spirit of the Holy Ghost to fill our hearts and souls’. Satanists do the same thing but rather than angels and Jesus Christ, they’re asking to be visited by Satan and his demons.

Whether you think that demons are evil or not is up to you. I like to think that they have their good and their bad days but Satanists are always quick to point out that demons will be good to you for as long as you treat them with humility and respect. I mean, these are entities that have existed for millennia, so you better mind your tone with them.

Satanists want to become like a god, which is self-empowerment through meditation and developing your personal powers. Magic and rituals are commonly used however if they need a more direct form of coaching, they summon demons.

Summoning demons using the Satanic method is more of a request than a summoning. The first thing that you will want to do is pick a private place where you won’t be bothered. Next, burn some high-quality incense sticks (demons hate cheapskates) and try to use a color that the demon prefers. Red, black and blue are popular choices. For a specific demon, draw its sigil on a piece of paper and keep it safe. The Satanist method defers primarily from the standard method because they do not burn the sigil. It is to be treated with the utmost respect.

In popular TV shows and movies the summoner draws a pentagram or a circle to keep the demon contained. Demons find this to be extremely insulting so just treat the demon with respect and you’ll be fin. You don’t need to use a circle unless you want to summon a demon that is likely to rip your head off for disturbing it Why would you want to summon a demon like that anyway?

Now you’re ready to make the actual calling. Close your eyes, visualize the sigil of the demon you wish to summon and recite Satan’s prayer which is a lot like the Lord’s Prayer but with a few significant differences. Whether the demon will show up or not is up to it It may appear to you in a number of ways such as in the smoke from the incense, in the mirror or even in person depending on how sensitive you are to spiritual beings. Once it shows up, you can get to chatting.

Be sure to give the demon something in return for the services rendered. Souls are a favorite however they may accept a promise to exalt their names, work against their enemies or even to promote Satanism whenever you get a chance. If the demon of choice does not show up, you can try again with a different demon. Maybe the first one just didn’t like you.

The Crossroads Summoning

Crossroads Summonings are a favorite in the American south. Many blues and jazz artists throughout the 1900s are believed to have used this method to barter for fame and glory. The first thing that you will need to perform this ritual is a complete lack of intelligence bordering on too stupid to breath. Crossroads demons are the worst, simply because they are masters at finding loopholes in the deal to screw you over But if you think that you can handle yourself, more power to you.

Compared to other summoning rituals, this one is pretty easy. One variation of the summoning simply needs you to be at the right place (a crossroads) at the right time of night then hope that the demon that plies its trade there likes the look of you If you want a more proactive approach then you can put graveyard dirt, the bone of a black cat and a picture of yourself in box and bury it dead-center in the crossroads.

If the demon shows up then you will almost certainly have to give up your soul, so basically you’ll be trading a few good years for an eternity of hellfire. Is it really worth it? That’s up to you.

Mental Invitation

Demons are entities of the ether. They are able to sense when you want them in your life and if your meditative powers are strong enough, you can make a cosmic phone call.

Interacting With The Demon

Okay, so you made the call and the demon that you wanted to see showed up. What now?

The first thing to remember is that demon’s can read your minds. They have unrestricted access to all of your thoughts and memories so if you even think about screwing one over, it will know before you do. They’ll also know all of your dirty secrets but this is an entity that can transcend time and space so such things are trivial to them. They may come across as angry or resentful but in most cases they are mirroring your state of being so try to stay calm.

Since they can read your mind you won’t have to worry about specific wording. They understand you better than you do so breathe deep, and allow its energy to mix with yours.


I’ve done my best to give you a detailed list of procedures that you can use to summon demons to make a deal with, but here’s a list of popular questions that people ask, and their answers.

Q: There are a lot of demons in the lexicon. How do I pick the right one?

A: Like I said earlier, go for the one that specializes in what it is that you want to deal for. If in doubt, use your gut.

Q: What happens if a demon tries to take advantage of me?

A: Most deals are, by definition, two parties that agree to take advantage of each other The demon cannot take anything that you do not offer however, just like humans, they may twist up a few words to swing things in their favor. Watch out for lawyer-talk.

Q: What kind of safety precautions can I take?

A: The best way that you can protect yourself is by being honest and straitforward. They didn’t show up just to kill one unworthy being so there must be something you have that it wants and it cannot force out of you. Avoid the pentagrams and binding spells because if you get the spell wrong and the demon breaks free, it will make you suffer.

Q: What is the difference between an invocation and an evocation?

A: An invocation is a nice way of summoning demons because they don’t have to show up. Evocations are more like commands and a person performing an evocation must use a circle for protection. GOOD LUCK!










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