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The Call of Duty community has been driving itself into a frenzy over the past month waiting for the next installment of the game to be released, but that wait may finally be coming to an end as the Modern Warfare 4 reveal could be about to happen!

Numerous Call of Duty YouTubers and Streamers have started posting videos and tweets claiming that they will be heading out from their cities and countries to converge on Los Angeles this weekend, all for an event that may be coming this Thursday.

The first hints of this event came from the Italian YouTuber Velox, who posted a video on May 13th claiming that he would be going to Los Angeles at some point in the coming week, and that if you followed him you would probably know what he was talking about.

On the same day Dr. Disrespect revealed his weekly stream schedule, and this coming Thursday it states that he is off due to an NDA’d event. The tweet doesn’t give us any more information than that, but it does start to look a bit suspicious when paired with Velox’s video.

Stream Schedule ⏰ Week of 5/13/19

▪️Mon – 10am PT
▪️Tue – 10am PT
▪️Wed – 10am PT
▪️Thu – OFF – NDA'd
▪️Fri – 10am PThttps://t.co/bHsMu8hnlN pic.twitter.com/mo7vyEc1xb

— Dr Disrespect (@drdisrespect) May 13, 2019

Tom Cassell, better known as his gamertag Syndicate, also released a video on his vlogging channel Life of Tom, in which he flew over to Los Angeles for an event that he claims will be happening on Thursday. Again, Tom doesn’t let us in on what he is flying to Los Angeles for, but the picture has started to become very clear.

The VIP Experience! - YouTube

Perhaps the cherry on the cake, however, is the reactions of the Call of Duty streamer and YouTuber XclusiveAce when asked by fans in his stream what he thinks of the upcoming event this Thursday, which is also when he can talk about it.

The user itsshotzzog asks “what do you think about multiple youtubers being flown out to a secret event rumoured to be mw4”, and TheXclusiveAce’s panicked reaction pretty much gives the game away.

All of this, and information from Gaming INTEL’s own exclusive sources, seems to point toward the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 reveal occurring this Thursday. Also, considering Syndicate has claimed he will be able to talk about the event this Thursday, we should expect to see the first official details of Modern Warfare 4 very soon!

The post Report: Secret Modern Warfare 4 Reveal Event Coming This Week appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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Activision recently held their Q1 investor call to take a look back at the past few months and discuss some of their upcoming plans. In addition to host of statements regarding the upcoming instalment, it appears as though the Call of Duty 2019 reveal is just around the corner.

CoD 2019 Reveal in May

During the investor call, Activision President Rob Kostich confirmed that Call of Duty 2019 “will be revealed later this quarter,” reassuring fans that an announcement was immiment. The only problem is that “later this quarter” can technically mean anytime between now and the end of June, however.

Following a new report, it seems as if the Call of Duty 2019 reveal will almost certainly be taking place in May. “You won’t have to wait til June”, says Eurogamer news editor ‏Tom Phillips. This also lines up with information Gaming INTEL has received.

While a reveal in May has been the norm for the vast majority of previous Call of Duty titles, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

It also happens to be the case that Phillips was one of many journalists to recently tease Modern Warfare 4, which was first leaked by Gaming INTEL back in May 2018.

In a recent Eurogamer article about some NFL stars getting their hands on the title prior to its launch, the words “Modern”, “War”, “Fair”, and “Four” were implemented as a cryptic teaser, which is even more reason to believe MW4 will be the upcoming addition to the franchise.

PREVIOUS REPORT: Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer will not feature Specialist Characters or Battle Royale.

Activision Q1 Investor Call

Alongside confirmation of a rough time period for the CoD 2019 reveal, Activision also made comment on other aspects of the upcoming game. Here’s what they said:

  • It’s their “biggest and most important CoD launch.”
  • The title “will be released in quarter 4, 2019.”
  • The game and its post launch content will deliver “game changing” oppurtunities for fans.
  • Infinity Ward are “hard at work” on Call of Duty 2019.
  • Activision are “excited for what’s coming later this year.”
  • They “continue to feel incredibly good about this year’s game.”

Although a few of these quotes are usually mentioned every year in some way, shape, or form, it really does appear as though Modern Warfare 4 will truly revolutionise the franchise for the best.

Leak Checker


Source: News Editor

Expected Announcement: Mid-May


The post Call of Duty 2019 Reveal Will Reportedly Take Place in May appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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The latest Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update has introduced an array of new changes to the game. Let’s take a look at the BO4 update 1.17 patch notes.

This patch is now live on PS4 and Xbox One, as per usual PC players will have to wait slightly later until they can get their hands on it.

File Sizes – PS4 & Xbox One

Black Ops 4 update 1.17’s file size may vary depending on your platform and region. Several reports from an array of different players suggest you’ll be able to download today’s BO4 update at the following file sizes.

  • PS4 – TBC
  • Xbox One – 12GB
Black Ops 4 Update 1.17

In a livestream yesterday, Treyarch announced various changes and new additions that are part of today’s update.

Operation Spectre Rising

Black Ops 4’s latest new operation is rolling out today with the new update, first on PS4. This will include new weapons, new camos and new characters. More details in the full patch notes below. There will also be a new Blackout event at some point in this operation.

Blackout Map Changes

Update 1.17 most notably has changed the Blackout map.

  • Hijacked location has changed
  • There’s a break inbetween Hydro Dam

Water vehicles can now access more places on the Blackout map with water in more places. Some wheeled vehicles won’t be able to go into places they could before.

New Zombies Content

New content for Zombies in Black Ops 4 during Operation Spectre Rising:

  • New Gauntlets
  • Winter’s Wail Improvements
  • Classic Elixir Restock
  • Quality-of-Life Changes
New Blackout Modes During Operation Spectre Rising
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Ground War
  • Revamped Down, But Not Out

NEW INTEL: Report: Robert Bowling teases ‘Modern Warfare’ for CoD 2019

Official BO4 Patch Notes for Today’s Update (April 30)

The official BO4 patch notes are yet to be released by Treyarch. While we’ll be updating this post as soon as they officially release, you can periodically refresh this page.

The post BO4 Update 1.17 Patch Notes – Black Ops 4 appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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EA DICE have just revealed the Battlefield 5 update 1.15 patch notes on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The BF5 1.15 update is scheduled to go live tomorrow, April 30, with the following release schedule.

Trial By Fire Update #3
  • PC: 8:00 AM UTC / 10:00 AM CET / 1:00 AM PT.
  • PS4: 9:00 AM UTC / 11:00 AM CET / 2:00 AM PT.
  • Xbox One: 10:00 AM UTC / 12:00 PM CET / 3:00 AM PT.

The file sizes for update 1.15 are as follows:

  • PC: Tbc
  • PS4: Tbc
  • Xbox One: Tbc

EA DICE have already revealed a host of changes for tomorrow’s Battlefield V update, with some new additions on the way. Elites will be available in Battlefield 5 from tomorrow, which you can purchase via Battlefield Currency. They are new cosmetics with signature looks, personas, voices, and melee weapons. They won’t affect gameplay.

Other changes include:

  • Battle of Hannut Grand Operation
  • Rebalancing the Blenheim
Firestorm Enhancements
  • The victory end screen will be updated after winning a Firestorm game.
  • The armor plate carry limit will be increased.
  • Players will now have more health whilst downed.
  • More XP.
  • Fixing Permanent Vehicle Death.

NEW INTEL: Battlefield Bad Company 3 in development for PS5 & Xbox Two – RUMOR

There has been a lot of feedback regarding landing rolls and this has been updated also, along with soldier animations. There are also some additional fixes which you can see in the full patch notes below.

EA DICE also released a new Firestorm duo mode earlier this month. Firestorm has been a success since its release on March 25th, although its player base has decreased as of late. With some interesting changes in this BF5 1.15 update, hopefully they can reinvigorate Firestorm.

There has also been a slight change to the Battlefield V Roadmap. The 5 vs 5 close-quarter combat will be available with new maps in late June (Chapter 4), Chapter 3 ends on June 20. The new theater of war is coming between Sept/Oct 2019 in Chapter 5.

Battlefield V 1.15 Update Patch NotesVehicles
  • Fixed the Valentine Autoloader Specialization, which was unintentionally active even if it wasn’t selected. After this change, Valentine Mk VIII tanks without the Specialization will see a 10% decrease in rate of fire.

  • Fixed the position of the muzzle flash from the gunner positions of multiple vehicles.

  • Updated the smoke screen effect for the Panzer 38t and Staghound. The smoke now lasts longer and has more potential for creative use.

  • Made the vehicle equipment smoke a bit more useful by increasing the area of smoke by roughly 15-25%.

  • Improved the visual effects for the 20mm cannon on the Panzer 38(t) and Staghound which now have a red or yellow tint depending on if they are HE or AP rounds.

  • The bleed out state is no longer triggered if players choose to redeploy while they are in the top gunner seat of the Staghound.

  • Fixed a bug with the Mosquito MK VI third person crosshair showing the incorrect missile count if the user fired them all, then switched to first person, and once again back to third person.

  • Tank Turret speed revision: The heavy and medium tanks have had their base turret speed increased and the power of the upgrade has been reduced from 125% turn speed to 115%. We felt that the base turret speed was too slow, so players were effectively required to pick the turret turn speed upgrade to be competitive. By making this change, we enable more diverse builds without sacrificing the physical feeling of the turrets. This change also applies to AA tanks and tank hunters. Tanks should find that they are now more able to brawl with infantry at close and medium ranges.

  • The Ju 88C’s spotting camera can now be resupplied.

  • The Blenheim now has 500 and 1000lb bombs instead of 250 and 500lb bombs. This change should make the Blenheim more potent as a bomber and a better match for the Ju 88. Additionally, the extra 40lb bomb upgrades are now mounted to the fuselage centerline, allowing for more precise bombing runs.

  • The Blenheim’s .50 caliber gun upgrade has been replaced with a nose mounted .50cal gun firing high explosive rounds. The HE rounds are more effective against heavy aircraft and have explosive damage against infantry on the ground. This change allows the Blenheim to function as a heavy ground attack plane when specialized.

  • Fixed the bomb camera not looking at the proper target position when using the Blenheim’s AT mine drop.

  • Swapped the position of the AP rounds and the land mines for the 38t. The AP rounds are now in the center of the tree and can be equipped with either gun type.

  • Added an AP cannon tracer for 20mm AP rounds.

  • The crater impact has been reduced from the FlaK 38.

  • Players that are using the top gunner position should no longer take as much damage from explosions that are hitting the vehicle, but not directly the top gunner position.

  • Improved tank shells to also do damage to certain bushes.

  • Hull gunner position has been added to the Flakpanzer IV.

  • Reduced AA damage to fighters by 20%.

  • Lowered the audio volume of tanks that are very close to the player.

  • Improved the explosions and impact effects from airplane machine guns and cannons.

Weapons, Gadgets, and Specialization Fixes
  • The Lattey sights are no longer missing a part of their scope on the Sten when using the default skin.

  • The cooldown for the Syringe no longer breaks when entering/exiting a vehicle.

  • Removed an unintended delay when switching between the primary weapon and sidearm.

  • The Syringe should now always be visible when performing a revive.

  • M30 Drilling: It is now possible to change the firing mode during the first half second of a reload.

  • Switching firing modes and switching to secondary weapons with a controller is now more responsive.

  • Changed the way camera recoil works. When firing, weapons are now allowed to go a bit more off center. The true point of aim will follow the weapon and is not fixed to the screen center. (This change note was mistakenly included in earlier update notes, the actual change has been implemented for this update.)

  • SMGs and assault rifles: Changed the way dispersion increases while firing in ADS. The second, third, and sometimes fourth (for low rate of fire weapons) are now more predictable while later shots are less predictable. We also shortened the time it takes for dispersion to decrease when no longer firing. This means short bursts are a bit more effective, while long bursts or mag dumps are a bit less effective. (This change note was mistakenly included in earlier update notes, the actual change has been implemented for this update.)

  • Added more sounds for hitting objects with melee weapons such as wood surfaces and vegetation.

  • Increased smoke thickness slightly and made coverage more even for regular smoke grenades.

  • Fixed a bug that in rare cases would make placed gadgets and called in supply drops suddenly disappear.

  • Improved netcode for bullet trajectories to prevent tracers and the actual bullets from being out of sync when playing Firestorm, as well as other netcode improvements that could previously cause inaccuracies between the client and the server.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the M30 Drilling barrel to disappear after firing the Panzerfaust and switching back to the M30 Drilling.

  • Fixed an audio issue for bayonet charges that in some cases could get stuck.

  • The Revolver MK VI was missing one of its bullets in the chamber when doing a reload while swimming in water. This has been fixed.

  • The Urban Blue skin no longer affects the extended magazine size visually on the ZK-383.

  • Players no longer get damaged by AA fire if the projectile detonates close by on a teammate.

  • Improved the animation when the player uses the bipod on the Bren Gun.

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause weapons to not auto-reload after spending all the bullets right after having exited a vehicle.

  • AT Mines now also do damage to vehicles if the vehicles trigger them while being upside down.

  • Improved explosive damage to do more consistent damage to moving targets. This makes damage more predictable in scenarios such as using Dynamite against a vehicle that is moving at high speeds.

  • Made shooting through barbed wire more consistent.

Soldier Fixes

Landing Roll Update

  • During the past few months, we’ve received a lot of feedback from players about the landing roll feature introduced in Battlefield V. More specifically, the frustration of not having any control over it, to the point where players would just do their best to avoid a vault over obstacles that would result in a landing roll.

  • With this update, we are giving players full control over the landing roll with the goal to make it an interesting choice when traversing the world. This means:

  • Landing rolls aren’t tied to vault anymore. They can be triggered from a simple fall by pressing the crouch button when hitting the ground.

  • Players can trigger a landing roll if they hit the ground from a high enough fall. However, attempting a landing roll after a fall from a height that would normally be deadly will not be possible (Yep, Twisted Steel’s bridge falls are still deadly! Aim for the water instead.)

  • A landing roll reduces fall damage by 40HP.

  • The first-person landing roll animation has also been updated.

  • To balance out the heavy landings against the landing rolls, we’ve also made the animations a lot shorter. This means you will now recover much faster from a heavy landing fall.

We look forward to the feedback on this feature update and hope to see some creative use of the landing roll combined with the other traversal mechanics!

Other Soldier Updates

  • Disabled the vault fail hand reach animation (triggered when the obstacle is too high) when the player is moving with enough speed. This will reduce the amount of cases where players trigger that animation when not intended.

  • Players can now be revived after getting killed in a vehicle while playing Firestorm, Combined Arms, and multiplayer.

  • Suppression no longer delays the activation of passive healing.

  • Reintroduced a healing effect that will only be visible at the edges of the screen when the player is currently healing from any sources (passive healing or pouch healing). This improvement is less intrusive than our previous implementation, but, as always, we’re open to feedback.

  • Improved how soldiers hold their weapons while parachuting to decrease the risk of the weapon clipping through the body.

  • The grenade throw animation is now played if players decide to throw a grenade while also having a deployable gadget currently selected.

  • Improved the position of sidearms in the soldier’s hand when transitioning into the laying down on their back.

Maps and Modes
  • General – Fixed a visual glitch that allowed trees and bushes to stretch weirdly when a tank fired close to them.

  • General – Added collision to the artillery gun that is used in Rush, Frontlines, and Airborne so that players are no longer able to get under it and defuse it without being seen.

  • Fjell 652 – Fixed an issue where planes could fly outside of the combat area.

  • Aerodrome – Fixed a spawn point that was placed inside a box in the hangar area.

  • Aerodrome – Players should no longer be able to fall between the edge of the hangar and the larger crates, where they would get stuck.

  • Hamada – Added additional supply stations where they were missing (e.g. German HQ).

  • Devastation – Players should no longer able to get up on the building near Flag D on Conquest.

  • Devastation – Some fixes for floating objects.

  • Devastation – Fixed some areas where players could get on top of buildings that were not intended for gameplay.

  • Narvik – Fixed a floating snow pile.

  • Panzerstorm – The supply stations on Domination and Team Deathmatch are now pre-built.

  • Arras – Removed a debug asset.

  • Combined Arms – Improved the extraction areas visual border walls.

  • Combined Arms – On Desert Declaration, the vehicle AI will now properly aim at the player with the machine gun near the extraction zone instead of firing into the ground.

  • Combined Arms – The AI will no longer clip through the vehicles.

  • Combined Arms – Fixed a bug that could cause an AI enemy to be positioned outside of the combat area on the Market Sweep mission.

  • Combined Arms – Made performance improvements.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing some trees to fall over in slow motion when destruction was activated.

  • Practice Range – Fixed a missing rock texture near the vehicle section.

  • Practice Range – The front gunner seat machine gun is now usable in this mode.

Battle of Hannut Grand Operation Balance Changes


  • Made balance tweaks based on feedback and telemetry.

  • Adjusted spawn points so that the player wouldn’t spawn too far away from the flag.

  • Increased the chance of fog.

Airborne (Panzerstorm)

  • Added some bushes on the upper fields to better conceal players that jump out of airplanes early.

Breakthrough (Panzerstorm)

  • Added trenches and trees around the village in the first sector to protect the infantry against tanks.

  • Removed the tank Resupply Station from the point.

  • Reduced tanks on both sides slightly.

  • Moved some of the attacker tank spawns to the side.

  • Shortened the retreat distance between sector 1 and 2.

  • Added more bushes and trees between the defender HQ and the A flag on the last sector.

Rush (Arras)

  • Increased the combat area in sector 1 and 2 to allow a bit more flanking on the left and right side.

  • The field guns in the first sector can’t be rebuilt anymore once fully destroyed.

  • Adjusted the defender spawns in the second sector to improve balance.

  • Removed a field gun in the second sector that pointed directly at the attacker spawns.

  • Increased infantry cover for attackers to both A points in sector 1 and 2.

Hannut Grand Operations adjustments

  • Adjusted combat areas to shorten the retreat of the defenders on Panzerstorm.

  • Adjusted and unified the Resupply Station placement across all modes on both maps.

  • Added additional supply stations on Arras.

  • If the attackers win on Day 2, they will now receive 30 additional tickets in Rush during Day 3.

  • Improved the Victory screen.

  • Fixed an issue that was letting players leave and rejoin a game through their squads.

  • Players are now able to use weapons and gadgets while in the Schwimmwagen passenger seat if they entered it while being in water.

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make it look like a dead player was crawling or being still alive while prone.

  • Increased the number of armor plates that a soldier can carry from three to five.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause a weapon to be unintentionally fired after reviving someone.

  • Fixed a glitch that would enable players to bring a weapon from the lobby into the Firestorm match.

  • The danger ping time duration has been increased from 7 to 10 seconds.

  • The health of soldiers when in the man downed state has been increased from 200 to 300.

  • Rebalanced the amount of XP given to be more generous to make it fairer compared to the amount of XP given in other modes.

  • Players can now revive squad mates that died in vehicles.

  • Changed the color of the spotting flare radius circle on the mini-map so that players won’t confuse it with an objective area.

UI/HUD/Options/Assignments/Other changes
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the soldier stance icon to sometimes overlap with itself.

  • The squad disarm scoring event text no longer shows brackets.

  • Combined Arms now has matchmaking functionality.

  • In Combined Arms, tool tips no longer show when you’re spectating a squad member after you’ve been killed.

  • In Combined Arms, zoom functionality for the mini-map has been enabled.

  • Tides of War: The chapter rewards screen now takes you to last reward that you’ve unlocked.

  • Vehicles associated with career rank now also unlock when playing Firestorm if the criteria has been met at the end of round screen.

  • Fixed an issue where players could purchase the same weapon multiple times if they spammed the buy button.

  • In Combined Arms, the Panzerfaust can now also be equipped in the second gadget slot, and not only the second one.

  • Class ranks in the menu no longer shows “0 XP TO NEXT RANK” if the player has already reached max class rank.

  • The player’s selected loadout from “My Company” is now properly working in Combined Arms.

  • In Combined Arms, destroyed tanks will no longer show as active tanks on the mini-map.

  • Confirmation sounds have been enabled in the Vehicle Specializations menu when players unlock or equip them.

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make kill confirmed sound effect and UI indicator to not appear after having killed many enemies in a quick succession.

  • Fixed a bug that in some cases would trigger the “kill confirmed” sound effect even though the enemy was only hurt.

  • Fixed a rare issue where players sometimes would incorrectly get a 50 points driver assist.

  • Players are now dealt damage and are killed by the enemy if they get caught in a vehicle getting destroyed while the exit animation is playing, instead of it looking like the player had an accident.

  • Added a camera shake slider in advanced gameplay options that allows players to scale the strength of shakes between 50% and 100% (default is 75%). You can find this setting under Advanced Gameplay Options.

  • The end of round statistics screen no longer shows “Best” if the score of that category is 0.

  • Increased the visibility of critical messages while in-game, making them easier to read.

  • Changed the opacity values of the medals and dog tags that the player has not obtained yet, on the player profile page. This will make it clearer which are unlocked, and which are not.

  • Did you know that many Swedish pizzerias sell a pizza with grilled chicken, banana, peanuts, and curry sauce? A much better choice than pineapple pizza.

  • Made multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.

PC-Specific Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes result in mouse input lag after players alt-tabbed the game or switched to windowed mode.

  • In Firestorm, players will now be able to initiate matchmaking even in the case that they had previously joined a squad in Firestorm and then left it.

  • In Firestorm, players will no longer not be able to matchmake if they had previously played with a squad and the squad leader had quit the game mid-round.

  • Fixed a rare flickering issue that could occur on the Narvik deploy screen.

  • The hotkey for using the X2 500lb bombs now shows the correct key binding when using the Mosquito FB MKVI.

  • In Origin when playing Battlefield V, the Richpresence statuses of your friends are now shown in the localization setting that you (and not your friend) have set.

Xbox One-Specific Improvements
  • The Stuka B-1 Nitrous Specialization activation has now been correctly mapped to the left D-pad button as shown in the user interface. It was previously incorrectly set to the right D-pad.

The post Battlefield 5 Update 1.15 Patch Notes (BF5 April 30) appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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It appears as though eager CoD fans will have confirmation on the next Call of Duty title very soon. Ex Infinity Ward developer, Robert Bowling has just teased Infinity Ward’s next release as a return to ‘Modern Warfare’, most likely MW4.


Although only ‘Modern Warfare’ was teased, it seems as though MW4 is almost guaranteed to be releasing early November. Gaming INTEL first leaked the next Call of Duty as being ‘Modern Warfare 4’ back in May 2018. Our exclusive sources and other reports all seem to point towards this as being the next Call of Duty title.

‘Modern Warfare’ Teased

Bowling teased ‘Modern Warfare’ in a Twitter exchange yesterday, April 24. A fan messaged Bowling saying “I’ll shit myself if it’s modern warfare” and Bowling interestingly replied saying “You better buy some brown pants.”

You better buy some brown pants.

— Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) April 24, 2019

This is around the time that eager fans were expecting to see teasers and we could see a few more. An official announcement is expected soon, however, as previous announcements have come around this long before a predicted early November release.

There has also been a recent private event involving NFL players trying out the new Call of Duty. This seems to happen every year and some eagle eyed fans think they have found some leaked details from the event. Most notably, people may have heard the terms ‘Modern Warfare 4’ and ‘killstreaks’.

Fans are also reporting reflections from the players’ monitors and look like they may give away MW4 as the next instalment within the franchise.

NEW INTEL: Sources: Modern Warfare 4 Killstreaks Will Be Similar to MW2 & MW3

CoD 2019 Reveal

Around now/early May is when rumors are expected, although fans can expect some official details released by Infinity Ward very soon. Gaming INTEL has predicted an MW4 release date as November the 1st or the 8th judging by previous Call of Duty title release dates.

Follow our Modern Warfare 4 twitter for the latest news and intel on Call of Duty 2019.

The post Report: Robert Bowling teases ‘Modern Warfare’ for CoD 2019 appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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Rumor has it that The Last of Us Part II will be coming out later this year. According to an online retailer, we may already have our hands on The Last of Us 2 release date.

When is The Last of Us 2 coming out?

On April 20, European retailer ProGamingShop added a release date to their Cyberpunk 2077 listing. Eager fans have now also spotted that a Last of Us Part 2 release date has been added. Interestingly, this PS4 exclusive is detailed as September 27, 2019.

There are a number of reasons as to why this leak may have some legitimacy. For a start, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann has already confirmed that The Last of Us 2 has wrapped up its final scene. Since this was confirmed, an earlier release date was expected than the previously predicted late 2019 release.

September 27 falls on a Friday this year, and this is a day that new games are usually released. Sony have also released new games on Friday in the past. Furthermore, Sony currently have no big releases for their Fall 2019 release schedule. This would certainly fill the void.

NEW INTEL: The Last of Us 2 Remastered Will Release as a PS5 Launch Title – RUMOR

Alternatively, The Last of Us was released closer to the launch of the PS4 which brought great success. With a PS5 release date being ruled out for this year, a September 27 release may seem strange to some.

It’s important to bear in mind that this could be a placeholder date. ProGamingShop have also added a release date to their Cyberpunk 2077 listing as November 28. This seems far fetched also and doesn’t make The Last of Us 2 release date leak of September 27 sound promising.

While this hasn’t been confirmed, we advise all fans to remain highly skeptical. Prior to getting your hopes up, please await Naughty Dog’s confirmation.

NEW INTEL: The Last of Us 2 Workbench UI Menu & Different Pistol Types Leaked

With the recent PS5 pastebin post that has surfaced, the earliest possible PS5 release date appears to be March 2020. We’d expect The Last of Us Part 2 to be released closer to this time. We can also bear in mind that even though the final scene has been filmed, it can still be some time until the official game is released.

When do you think the Last of Us Part 2 release date will be?

Leak Checker


Source: European retailer ProGamingShop

Expected Announcement: May - August

Comments: European retailer ProGamingShop has listed The Last of Us 2's release date.

The post Rumor – European Retailer Leaks The Last Of Us 2 Release Date appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality 2 and PS5 release date may be just around the corner. A post on Pastebin has surfaced that details PlayStation VR 2 and the PlayStation 5 release date and price.

Interestingly, this is the same post that leaked PS5 backwards compatibility, which was confirmed by PlayStation yesterday, April 16. They also leaked an extensive list of specifications for Sony’s next-gen console and they appear to be almost spot on. This has only added further validity to this post.

While we are now approaching the console’s 6th anniversary since November 15, 2013, it seems ages ago since the PS4 was released. Although Sony has just released some official details, there’s a lot more information on this post, including PSVR2, and we could have an idea of what we can get our hands on early next year.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

The post details the PS5 release date as being in March or November 2020. They say that it’s “not yet finalized.” The two dates being eight months apart seems a bit odd, however. If the leaked information on the post is true however, a March 2020 release is more likely.

Regarding a PS5 release date being this year, PlayStation ruled that out yesterday when they revealed their first details, following an interview with The Wired.

PS5 concept image, this is not the official art

Although initial details were released yesterday, according to the post, you can expect Sony’s official PS5 reveal details to arrive somewhere around E3, which is June 11-13, 2019. Sony won’t be attending E3 this year, however.

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PlayStation 5 Plus Membership

Another interesting revelation is that the usual PS Plus will be included, but also PlayStation Plus Premium. The premium membership would allow players to play early access beta versions of official games and create private servers. We’ll update this with a potential price once we have it.

PS5 Price Point

The post details that the price will be $499 which is around £380. Interestingly, the PlayStation 4 first launched at a price point of $399. “100$ loss per console at a beginning” essentially means that it costs $599 to produce each console.

For those confused, yes… Sony is losing $100 per console if the cost happens to be $499, however they can break even in no time with how much software is available for purchase.

PlayStation VR 2

Firstly, it was revealed yesterday “that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console.”

Sony’s first installment of Virtual Reality was released October 13, 2016, at a price point of $399. The Pastebin post has leaked some intriguing details regarding Sony’s next VR push.

  • Big resolution boost – probably 2560 x 1440, 120hz
  • 220 field of view
  • Eye tracking
  • Wireless
  • Battery life 4-5 hours
  • Headphones integrated
  • Less motion sickness
  • No breaker box
  • Much less cable management
  • Much more focus on VR for AAA games

PSVR 2 Release Date

The post details the PS Virtual Reality 2 release date as 2020 and will be revealed with the PS5.

PS Virtual Reality 2 Price Point

The PSVR2 price is rumored to be around $250, which is interesting seeing as there may be much more focus on VR for AAA games.

Dualshock 5 (PS5 Controller)

Sony’s PlayStation 5 controller will be a key piece to the puzzle as to how advanced gaming can be with the PS5. Rumored details about the new controller include there being some sort of camera inside for VR, more analog precision for FPS games and something similar to the steam analog trackpad.

NEW INTEL: Sony Confirm PlayStation 5 Specs and Backwards Compatibility

Although some of this ‘leaker’s’ details in the post have been proven correct thus far, we advise fans to remain highly skeptical. Some parts of the information seem rather farfetched, nor has Sony confirmed or provided word on some of the details in the post.

Nonetheless, if these rumored details are true, these are some interesting revelations regarding Sony’s PS5 and PSVR2. It seems as though Sony will be once again pushing their next installment of Virtual Reality, alongside the release of their next console.

What do you think of these leaked details that have come to light? Is there anything in particular that you’re hoping to see regarding the PlayStation 5 and Virtual Reality 2?

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Source: Anonymous source on Pastebin

Expected Announcement: Q2 - Q3 2019


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A post which surfaced on Pastebin back in December 2018 is only just starting to attract attention, following Sony’s confirmation of some aspects of the post in a recent interview with The Wired. The anonymous source has also listed Battlefield Bad Company 3 as arriving on the PS5 in 2020, while also seemingly coming to the Xbox Two as well.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumored for Next-Gen Consoles

Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be coming to the PS5 in 2020, in addition to a host of other games, as per the post. The sequel was listed under “non-exclusive games in 2020,” suggesting that the title will also be available on other next-gen consoles.

NEW INTEL: Sony confirms PlayStation 5 specs and backwards compatibility.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Hypothetically speaking, if this rumor happens to have any legitimacy towards it whatsoever, then Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be the next installment within the franchise. The game will supposedly also be releasing on both the PlayStation 5 and the next-generation Xbox console, whether that happens to be called Xbox Two or something entirely different.

PC players will also most likely be able to get their hands on the game. There has been no confirmation on that, let alone any rumors as of yet, however.

While EA DICE hasn’t even confirmed the launch of this game, this rumor has certainly raised a few eyebrows. There is no confirmation of the title being in development, let alone for next-gen consoles. Further, Battlefield V only recently released, so it would seem a little strange for EA to pump out a new addition to the franchise with a launch scheduled for next year.

Battlefield Bad Company

While both Bad Company 1 and 2 were widely acclaimed from the Battlefield community, this rumor will likely come to the pleasure of many fans. It’s important we don’t get our hopes up prior to announcements, however.

Although some of the details have been deemed reliable in this post, that doesn’t mean all the information is correct. In fact, while some parts of the information seem rather farfetched, the most likely probability is that some of the details are incorrect. Until PlayStation announce anything themselves, we should keep an open mind while also remaining skeptical at the same time, however.

NEW INTEL: Battlefield 5 update 1.14 patch notes.

Legitimate or not, time will tell whether we’ll be able to get hands-on with Battlefield Bad Company 3 on the PS5 and Xbox Two as of next year. One thing which is for sure, if this rumor happens to be entirely correct, it’ll be deemed scoop of the century.

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Source: Anonymous source on Pastebin

Expected Announcement: Q1 / Q2 2020


The post Battlefield Bad Company 3 in development for PS5 & Xbox Two – RUMOR appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty installment, believed to be Modern Warfare 4, will include similar killstreaks to both MW2 and MW3.

Infinity Ward is expected to reveal their next CoD title very soon, judging by previous reveal times prior to the game’s release. It’s becoming increasingly likely that the next Call of Duty title will be MW4, previously leaked exclusively by Gaming INTEL back in May 2018.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the first Modern Warfare 4 teaser to see what they can get their hands on when a likely early November release arrives. Gaming INTEL’s exclusive sources have revealed that we’ll be seeing some familiar killstreaks in Infinity Ward’s next release.

MW2 for example, had the Tactical Nuke killstreak for 25 kills in a row, enabling you to end the game within 10 seconds of you activating it. This was a fan favorite Call of Duty killstreak and we’ll likely be seeing this return later this year. See the full list of MW2 and MW3 killstreaks below.

Modern Warfare 2 KillstreaksMW2 Killstreaks

3 Kills

  • UAV

4 Kills

  • Care Package
  • Counter-UAV

5 Kills

  • Sentry Gun
  • Predator Missile

6 Kills

  • Precision Airstrike

7 Kills

  • Harrier Strike
  • Attack Helicopter

8 Kills

  • Emergency Airdrop

9 Kills

  • Pave Low
  • Stealth Bomber

11 Kills

  • Chopper Gunner
  • AC-130

15 Kills

  • EMP

25 Kills

  • Tactical Nuke

NEW RUMOR: Sources: Pro Perks Will Be Returning in Modern Warfare 4

MW3 Killstreaks

3 Killls

  • UAV

4 Kills

  • Care Package

5 Kills

  • I.M.S.
  • Predator Missile
  • Sentry Gun

6 Kills

  • Precision Airstrike

7 Kills

  • Attack Helicopter

9 Kills

  • Strafe Run
  • AH-6 Overwatch
  • Reaper

10 Kills

  • Assualt Drone

12 Kills

  • AC130
  • Pave Low

15 Kills

  • Juggernaut

17 Kills

  • Osprey Gunner

25 Kills

  • MOAB (Mother of All Bombs)

The usual combination of MW2 killstreaks for those that were trying to get a nuke, consisted of a harrier strike, chopper gunner and a tactical nuke. If Infinity Ward provide the opportunity for this again, players will be overjoyed with a throwback to modern times.

For those of you that wanted a bit more excitement, the best options will probably have been a care package and an emergency airdrop. With many similar killstreaks from MW2 and MW3 likely returning to Modern Warfare 4, which ones would you like to see most? Alternatively, would you rather see completely new killstreaks?

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Source: Scoops346

Expected Announcement: May - August 2019


The post Sources: Modern Warfare 4 Killstreaks Will Be Similar to MW2 & MW3 appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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The next installment within the Call of Duty franchise is set to release later this year. A recent post by Infinity Ward’s Communications Manager, Ashton Williams, appears to have prompted speculation as to what Modern Warfare 4 has on the horizon.

Call of Duty MW4 Wasteland Map Teased?

Modern Warfare 4 was first leaked by Gaming INTEL back in May 2018. Now, other hints seem to suggest the title is all but confirmed to be Call of Duty’s 2019 release.

Although the upcoming addition to the franchise hasn’t been announced by Infinity Ward as of yet, it appears as though their staff have kicked-off the usual influx of cryptic teasers.

Ashton Williams recently posted to her Twitter account a link to a Youtube song, which happens to be called “10 Years – Wasteland.” From a distance, this seems to be just any ordinary tweet. Employees usually save them for their personal accounts leaving the more important tweets for their official profiles, however.


— Ashton Williams (@ashtonisVULCAN) April 16, 2019

This was cleared up by Joel Emslie very recently, following the influx of rumors after he changed his profile banner. As he mentions, cryptic teasers or work-related details are not posted to employees’ personal accounts.

Updates to my personal account appearance are not work related.

— Joel Emslie (@ArtPeasant) April 15, 2019

Most interestingly, Modern Warfare 2 is approaching its 10 year anniversary this year. Further, Wasteland was an iconic map in the title.

Players can take Ashton Williams’ tweet a host of different ways. There’s always the chance that this had absolutely nothing to do with Modern Warfare 4, however that seems rather hard to believe considering she has previously posted cryptic teasers. On the other hand, this tweet could suggest that Wasteland will be available in the upcoming Call of Duty title, which we understand to be MW4.

NEW RUMOR: Pro Perks will be returning in Modern Warfare 4.

Most notably, the mere details which Infinity Ward have provided have confirmed that Call of Duty 2019 will be a “game rooted in the franchise.” While Gaming INTEL sources have mentioned that Modern Warfare 4 will feature very similar maps and weapons to both MW2 and MW3, it wouldn’t be farfetched in the slightest to say Wasteland could be coming to the upcoming CoD game.

Many players have been speculating that Williams could be hinting at the arrival of MW2 Remastered later this year with Wasteland to be featured in Multiplayer. Rumors and leaks have deemed MW2 Remastered to be Campaign only, however. Therefore, that seems to rule out that possibility.

Hypothetically speaking, if Williams’ teaser has any deeper meaning to it whatsoever, then Wasteland will be involved in Call of Duty 2019 some way, shape or form.

Ashton Williams did comment on the matter, mentioning that the song came up on her Spotify not long ago and she realized how much she actually liked it, however it’s up to you whether you decide to believe that.

Although the tweet does seem to suggest Modern Warfare 4 Wasteland is on the horizon, it’s important players do not get their hopes up prior to Infinity Ward confirming details. While this is purely speculation, Infinity Ward could very well have an alternative idea up their sleeve.

The post Has Wasteland just been teased for Modern Warfare 4? appeared first on Gaming INTEL.

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