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Are you hunting for the best Tulum wedding venues for your Tulum wedding?

Do you think that getting married in a private beachfront villa might be a better fit for you than the typical Mexico all-inclusive wedding?

Well, I think you’re on the right track.

I work in the Riviera Maya weddings industry and knowing what I know now if my husband Marc and I were newly engaged, I would 100% look at private wedding villas to host my destination wedding.


Gosh, I’m so glad you asked.

Here is why you should consider a private villa for your Tulum wedding instead of getting married in an all-inclusive resort.

Lauren married Chris at Villa Bellamar in Akumal

Check out Villa Bellamar on Tripadvisor

Your Tulum wedding should be unique

Do you want to plan a beach wedding that is as one-of-a-kind as you are?

The best way to make that happen is to rent a private villa.

Even the best destination wedding resorts will limit you to their ‘preferred vendors’. Your big day will be a result of checking the boxes offered in your wedding package:

  • roses or succulents?
  • chicken or beef?
  • chair covers or no?

When your Tulum wedding venue is a private villa, you are not limited to typical Mexican wedding packages. This means you can truly create the wedding of your dreams with your choice of flowers, food, or photography style. The world is your oyster! Rent a Tulum private wedding villa, and watch your Pinterest board come to life!

What should you ask a potential wedding villa when you contact them? Here are The Knot’s questions to ask a destination wedding venue

Dara married Evan at a Villa Sol y Luna wedding

Check out Villa Sol y Luna’s wedding rates here

Your Tulum wedding should be private

Personally, I never wanted a hundred strangers in bathing suits watching me get married on the beach.

Do you?

I think a destination wedding should be a private affair shared with a group of people you love, not an open audience of whoever happens to be lounging on a beach chair nearby.

All beaches in Mexico are public property, so there is no guarantee against curious bystanders for any Tulum wedding. On the other hand, the nice thing about private villa weddings is that they are located on quiet beaches in gated communities with secure access.

Compare that to the Riviera Maya all-inclusive resorts with thousands of guests, nestled between other all-inclusive resorts with thousands of guests.

Private? Uh, no.

Ciara & Thomas’ private Hacienda del Mar wedding

Check out Hacienda del Mar on Tripadvisor!

Your Tulum wedding should feel intimate

Will you host 10 wedding guests or 110 wedding guests at your Mexico destination wedding?

You can rent a private Riviera Maya villa to suit any size of guest list you want, which is wonderful because when it comes to destination weddings, one size does not fit all.

For that reason, choose a space that feels appropriate in size for the number of friends and family you will celebrate with. This creates a feeling of intimacy with your loved ones….and keeps the Groomsmen from wandering off to find a t.v. playing the big game, something that is hard to control in a big all-inclusive resort.

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

Lacy & Mitch had an intimate beach wedding with their children at Hacienda del Secreto

Your Tulum wedding should be flexible

Wedding day stress?

Who needs it!

Because little hiccups are bound to happen at your Tulum wedding, that’s just the nature of weddings! But when it comes to your Big Day, the last thing you want to worry about is TIME!

Big all-inclusive wedding resorts in Mexico need your event to run like clockwork, after all, yours is not the only wedding that day! However, there are loads of reasons you may need flexibility in your wedding day timeline. Here are some common holdups we see:

  • First of all the hair and makeup can take longer than expected (often!)
  • Then a groomsman could forget his pants (yup, it happens!)
  • Finally, rain could be in the forecast (read this to learn how to cope with a rainy wedding day!)

So rent a Tulum private wedding villa, and you eliminate the panic. Shuffle the timeline if you want because everyone is there for YOU and only YOU.

Therefore, if you want to relax and enjoy another glass of champagne ‘getting ready’ with your bridesmaids, then do it! No need to rush your special day.

Kayla & Logan’s wedding was thankfully at a private villa since Mother Nature didn’t cooperate!

The party’s not over until it’s over in Tulum

How does that tune go?

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!

This is the message you will hear at 10 pm (or 11 pm if you are lucky) at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. There is a time limit on noise in common areas because, after all, you can’t impede on someone else’s vacation even if it’s your wedding day.

While a huge pro of renting a private wedding villa is that the rules are much more relaxed.

Let the tequila flow, and keep the dance floor rocking until the wee hours of the morning. Midnight or 1 am are pretty typical wrap times for a private event at a Riviera Maya villa.

And why shouldn’t you squeeze as much fun out of your wedding day as you can?

Check out Villa La Joya weddings!

Get the BEST wedding photos in Tulum!

Do you hope for tons of beautiful, unique and creative wedding photos to tell the story of your wedding day?

As Tulum wedding photographers, we have a soft spot for private villa weddings because:

  • First, the timeline is relaxed, so the Bride and Groom are relaxed. This always makes for looking terrific in your wedding photos!
  • Second, we do not worry about shooting around sunbathers or keeping Looky-Loos out of your pictures. Resort-goers don’t intend to mess up your wedding photos, but in so many ways, they can.
  • Third, villas offer interesting landscaping, pathways, staircases, doorframes, palapas…you name it! We get the opportunity to be creative and make magical images!

Therefore, get the most amazing wedding photography by renting a Riviera Maya villa!

Jessica & Shae’s Villa La Joya wedding

Check out Villa La Joya on Wedding Wire

So, how do you find private villas that double as Tulum wedding venues?

Search for the best Riviera Maya villas to rent and send inquiries to the ones you love. Often the owners and managers will recommend a wedding planner they trust to help you take it from there.

Likewise, you can message us, and we will point you in the right direction. We work with the best in the biz, and are always happy to help! Message us here.

Let’s hear it. Will you choose a private villa for your Tulum wedding? Tell me the biggest reason for your decision! Please share your comments with me below.

Finally, are you hunting for the best Tulum wedding photographer for your private villa wedding? Then contact us now! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, for the best wedding photography in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

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Do you dream of getting married on the beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico?

Can you envision that perfect sunset kiss with your toes buried in soft, warm sand after you have just been pronounced husband and wife?

Planning a destination wedding in Mexico is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming…especially in the beginning! There are 5 things you should plan extra carefully if you are getting married in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

See Karen & Jonathan’s real destination wedding here

When is the best time of year to get married in Cancun?

In Cancun and the Riviera Maya, we have a high season and a rainy season. The high season brings deliciously hot days and pleasant evenings and runs from December 1st through to the end of Easter week. Yummy tropical conditions bring inflated prices. Planning a wedding in Mexico is going to be most expensive during Christmas break and throughout March and April.

It will cost less to plan a Cancun wedding during the rainy season, which brings hot sticky weather and more of the rain that keeps this area lush, green and gorgeous. It officially runs from April to October, with the wettest months being September and October.

However, since we are in the tropics, there is no ‘safe’ time of year to guarantee a dry wedding day. The Knot suggests, if you are having an outdoor wedding you need a backup plan!

Insider tip: We think the best months for planning Riviera Maya weddings are May and November. This is referred to as shoulder season and brings an ideal balance of great weather and lower prices.

See Lindsay & Rob’s real destination wedding here

What should you know about hefty hidden fees at all-inclusive resorts?

Did you know that if you get married at an all-inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya, you will need to pay an additional fee if you want to hire your own wedding vendors? For example, if you find a wedding photographer you love, you will pay a fine to the resort for the privilege of having them onsite. This is called an Outside Vendor Fee and it is over and above your vendor’s professional rate.

The fee can be a day pass, up to $1000 USD per vendor! Ouch! Fees vary from resort to resort, and sometimes even from bride to bride, so it is best to ask what the resort’s policy is upfront before you sign any contracts. Remember that you are dealing with Mexico, and everything is negotiable, but you lose all of your negotiating power once your deposit is paid.

Insider Tip: Sometimes the outside vendor fee will be waived if you book a night for your vendor, and this can end up being cheaper for you in the long run.

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

See Jessica & Harry’s real destination wedding here

Which types of wedding dresses are perfect for a beach wedding?

Let’s tackle this question instead by exploring which types of beach wedding dresses are NOT perfect for getting married on the beach.

  • Lace is lovely and classic, but it also a magnet for sand and debris. Many a bride have complained to us about the weight of the sand they are dragging in the bottom of their dress!
  • Delicate details are at the mercy of snagging on any number of Mother Nature’s tropical obstacles. Think bushes, trees, driftwood.
  • Heavy, synthetic material will make you a hot, sweaty, miserable mess of a bride…and my guess is that is not the look you are going for?

When choosing a beach wedding dress, think simple and sexy. Stick to natural fibers like silk that will let your sun-kissed skin breathe.

Insider tip: If you must wear a big Cinderella dress, plan to wear a different outfit to your reception, so that you can kick up your heels and enjoy the party!

See Lisa & Ryon’s real destination wedding here

When is the best time of day for a wedding ceremony on the beach?

The ideal time for your wedding ceremony is two hours before sunset. The heat of the Mexican sun has started to subside which is hugely important when you need to be dressed in more than a bathing suit. Plus, for your photography timeline, this is perfect timing for all your wedding photos to be taken after the ceremony during the golden hour, that magical window when the light hits everything just right.

Insider tip: If you want to get married close to sunset, then have a first look photo session before your ceremony. That way you still have your newlywed photos. (And we have been told many times by couples that seeing each other before the ceremony is a great way to calm the wedding day jitters!)

(See Rachel & Ross’ First Look photo session here)

What should every bride know about destination wedding etiquette?

Destination wedding etiquette is all about showing the people you love how much you appreciate the effort they made to attend your wedding. Be considerate of the time and money they will spend to celebrate with you.

Start by giving your guests tons of time to prepare, in the form of a Save-The-Date announcement. This should be sent at least nine to twelve months from your wedding date. (Check this out from The Knot’s Save-The-Date etiquette.)

If you are getting married at an all-inclusive resort, and some guests have chosen to stay elsewhere, then you will need to budget for their day passes. It can be frustrating to have people go their own way, but the reality is that they have traveled to your wedding. It would be poor etiquette to charge them to see you get married.

Never expect a gift from a guest attending your destination wedding. It’s that whole ‘your presence is a present’ thing. Instead, YOU should buy THEM a gift. In Mexico, most couples provide everyone with a welcome bag when they arrive, and stock it with the things they need for their holiday, like little bottles of sunscreen and tequila.

Insider tip: Welcome bags stuffed with gifts like matching hats, shirts, beer cozies or drink tumblers will identify you as a group to any casual observer, and be a great memento from the trip!

See Tania & Umberto’s real destination wedding here

Your destination wedding in the Riviera Maya is going to be the adventure of a lifetime! The planning might get crazy, but that’s all part of the fun! Remember to enjoy the ride, because, in a blink, it’s all over. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

If you are hunting for the best Playa del Carmen wedding photographers for your beach wedding, then contact us now! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, the best Riviera Maya wedding photographers.

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

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Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico?

Do you want to skip the super-popular, but totally generic all-inclusive resort wedding, and instead get married in a stunning beachfront villa, in a totally non-cookie cutter way?

Well, then do we have a wedding venue for you!

Nestled between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Mexico on tranquil Playa Paraiso, away from the madness of the tourist hubs, is a stunning beachfront hacienda called Villa La Joya. This is a private residence where you can indulge in planning the beach wedding of your dreams.

What can you expect if you choose to get married at Villa La Joya?

(See more from Jessica & Shae‘s Villa La Joya wedding)

1. The best wedding location in Riviera Maya

Where will you and your wedding guests be staying while in the Riviera Maya?

Will everyone stay in a resort together, a group of condos, or will some guests strike out on their own to find their own accommodation? These are the sorts of destination wedding planning details that can bring stress to the bride and groom.

But you can relax because Villa La Joya is in a prime location between Cancun and Playa del Carmen which opens up a world of possibilities to keep everyone happy. You and your wedding guests have any number of resorts, boutique hotels, or vacation rental options at your disposal, especially important if yours is a group who can’t agree on one location to stay at! Travel to your wedding at Villa La Joya will be a breeze. It’s this sort of forward thinking that keeps your guests from not secretly hating you for planning a destination wedding!

(See more from Yesica & Jose‘s Villa La Joya wedding)

2. Planning a beach wedding of your dreams

At Villa La Joya, the only limit is your imagination.

Are you hoping to plan a destination wedding free from restrictions? An intimate wedding without a crowd of strangers watching you say “I Do”? A wedding created from your unique vision, rather than one slapped together by ticking off a few boxes from a small list of options?

When you choose an off resort Villa La Joya wedding, your dreams can become reality! With the help of a professional local wedding planner, you will choose decor that inspires you, florals that make you swoon, a DJ who caters to your musical style, and a professional photography and videography team to capture it all!

Your wedding won’t be cookie cutter, and yours will be the ONLY wedding held onsite that day, unlike all-inclusive resort weddings. You can expect a wedding that is uniquely YOU!

(Need to find the best wedding planners in Riviera Maya? We can help! Contact us today)

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

3. Choose where to get married

One of the nicest features of Villa La Joya is that you have several gorgeous options of where to say “I Do”.

  • Be a boho-beach bride with your toes buried in the sand on Playa Paraiso.
  • Get married in the beautifully manicured garden with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop.
  • Use the villa’s grand front entrance as the stage for your nuptials.

But what if you (or your family) are more traditional, and you need to be married in a church instead of on Villa La Joya’s property?

No problem!

Have a traditional religious ceremony nearby in the Mayakoba Pueblito, or in Nuestra Senora del Carmen on Playa del Carmen’s iconic 5th avenue. Once you have been pronounced Husband and Wife, head over to Villa La Joya for cocktail hour, your wedding photos, and the reception. So you get the best of both worlds…and keep your parents happy!

(See more from Jessica & Shae‘s Villa La Joya wedding)

4. Plan a destination wedding of any size

Do you picture your destination wedding as an intimate, cozy affair, sharing the day with only your closest family and friends?

Or would you rather a huge, elaborate party with 200 guests?

Maybe you have no idea how many people will actually be able to attend your destination wedding in Riviera Maya, and you just need to know you have chosen a perfect space for small weddings, big weddings, and everything in between to keep your options open right now?

Well, then this is the place! Villa La Joya is an elegant, romantic and striking backdrop for any sized destination wedding.

(See more from Yesica & Jose‘s Villa La Joya wedding)

5. For the best Riviera Maya wedding photography

Are gorgeous, creative wedding photos at the top of your priority list?

We are Riviera Maya wedding photographers, and so our appreciation for the beauty of Villa La Joya runs deep. Villa La Joya weddings offer us so many gorgeous backdrops for the best wedding photos….gah, we get pumped up just thinking about it!

  • The front facade of the hacienda is spectacular.
  • The garden path through the property is lush, tropical and immaculate.
  • The beachfront pool.
  • The winding interior staircase.
  • The wide upper terrace.

Oh right…and of course, then there’s The Beach! Playa Paraiso has what you expect from a beach in the Riviera Maya; soft powder white sand that meets the turquoise sea, but without being overrun with tourists. This makes it perfect for those romantic ‘Just Married’ shots of the two of you. And what’s even better is that there is a rustic old dock perfect for making ordinary wedding photos into extraordinary wedding photos!

(Coming soon! Nicole & James planning their Villa La Joya wedding this winter)

In short, when you choose to get married at Villa La Joya in Riviera Maya, Mexico, you can expect it to be YOUR perfect wedding day. Whatever your wedding vision is, it can be realized here. Have the wedding of your dreams, the wedding that all of your guests will talk about for years to come, at Villa La Joya.

If you are hunting for the best Riviera Maya wedding photographer then contact us today! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, the best wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Let’s hear it. Are you considering a Villa La Joya wedding? Why do you think it is the perfect place to get married? Leave your comments below!

Here is Villa La Joya’s website for more information.

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

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Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico?

Do you want to get married on the beach with your toes buried deep in warm, ivory sand while the rolling Caribbean waves crash around you?

There are few places more romantic than a Tulum beach wedding to say “I Do.”

But with SO many chic beach clubs and rustic boutique hotels sprinkled along this powdery paradise, how do you as bride and groom pick the perfect location for your wedding in Tulum?

Have no fear. We have done the hard work for you!

As professional Tulum wedding photographers, we have the inside knowledge to share with you about choosing the best wedding venues in Riviera Maya.

So which Tulum wedding venue comes out on top?

(Drum roll please!)

We vote for The Ak’iin Beach Club Wedding!

And why?

Oh, we are so glad you asked…

(Lisa & Ryon’s sneak peek, Real Ak’iin Beach Club Wedding)

1. Your wedding ceremony and reception in a one-stop shop

You can expect the Ak’iin beach club to be a superior location for a dreamy boho-beach ceremony, rustic cocktail hour, tropical wedding reception, and wild beach party – and you barely have to move a muscle in between.

Picture it: After your seaside announcement as husband and wife, your guests need only get up off their seats and retire a few feet behind them to the shade of the swaying palm trees where waiters pass out your ice-cold signature cocktails and canapes.

Then, your wedding reception can be set up right on the beach so you can dine with sandy toes, or under the twinkle-lights in the beachfront jungle palapa.

When the speeches are done, and the cake is cut, step out onto the dance floor that awaits you under the stars, and party the night away!

How does that sound for a dream wedding day?

(Jot & Amy’s story, Real Ak’iin Beach Club wedding)

2. Beautiful wedding photography locations

Every Tulum wedding photographer craves the kind of creative photo ops available at an Ak’iin Beach Club wedding, and subsequently, this is how to get gorgeous wedding photos out of the deal!

While your wedding guests get the party started at cocktail hour, you can easily sneak off with your wedding photographer to grab pictures in any or all of these locations:

  • On the sprawling opalescent beach, grand enough to create the impression that you are the only two people in the world. (Which is how you are likely to feel in that moment!)
  • In the winding jungle pathway, lush and vibrant. (seen here to the right)
  • On the rustic dirt road that runs in front of the lobby entryway.
  • At the palapa swing bar.

You hardly need to move anywhere to find amazing photo ops, and what this amounts to for you is less time getting magical wedding photos, and more time celebrating with your loved ones. And who doesn’t want that?

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

3. The perfect location for a wedding venue in Tulum

There comes a time when you need to step outside the romanticism of planning a destination wedding, and consider the logistics and the ‘What Ifs’ of the wedding venues you are considering. This is one of the important ways in which the Ak’iin Beach Club shines.

This beach club is located approximately mid-way down the Tulum beach road. The advantages to this are:

  1. Less beach traffic than you will see slightly further north towards the center of Tulum. Since there is no way to promise privacy on a beach in Mexico (they are all public property) being in a spot with less Looky-Loo traffic is the next best thing.
  2. Its midway location also reduces the travel time down the slow-moving beach road. This is important because you and your guests can be staying in any variety of boutique hotels or condos in the area, and transfers in a booming tourist locale is something important to consider.
  3. They have private parking for your event. Parking is extremely scarce in Tulum, so for any of your guests who may be driving, and of course your wedding vendors, this is a huge plus!

(Jessica & Brian’s story, Real Ak’iin Beach Club wedding)

4. What if it’s a rainy wedding day?

The deepest fear of any couple planning to get married on the beach in the tropics is ‘What if it rains on the wedding day?

No problem. The Ak’iin has you covered. Literally.

If the skies bring rain, all is not lost, you can still get married on the beach! They have an adorable beach palapa large enough to do your “I Dos”.

The grand palapa is equipped with super strong plastic rain shutters to keep a stormy night from ruining your celebration.

Doesn’t an acceptable contingency plan make you breathe a sigh of relief?

(Shane & Brandon’s story, Real Ak’iin Beach Club wedding )

5. Plan a destination wedding in Tulum with ease

The best part about choosing an Ak’iin Beach Club wedding is that you control your wedding planning adventure.

The Ak’iin is a one-stop shop for weddings, with excellent onsite catering, service staff, and wedding coordinator. Let them do the work for you, and bring your vision to life based on your wish list. You can contact the Ak’iin Beach Club wedding department directly to get started.

Or you can begin instead by hiring your own outside wedding planner, who will hold your hand every step of the way in creating the wedding of your dreams with unique decor ideas and personalized attention. Think jaw-dropping floral arrangements, funky furniture on the beach, Pinterest-worthy details. If you want to explore this option, simply contact us and we will put you in touch with the best in the land!

Either way, you can relax back at home knowing that your dream destination wedding is coming together without the need to set foot in Mexico before the main event. How great is that?

(Aubrey & Matt’s wedding sneak peek, Ak’iin Beach Club)

Listen, we know that there are a TON of details to organize and arrange (and stress over!) when it comes to planning a destination wedding in Tulum, but choosing your wedding venue should be the easiest one of them all. Look no further than the Ak’iin Beach Club in Tulum, Mexico!

If you are hunting for the best Tulum wedding photographer then contact us today! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, the best wedding photographers in Tulum, Mexico.

Let’s hear it. Are you having an Ak’iin Beach Club wedding? What made you decide it is the perfect place to get married? Leave your comments below!

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

The post 5 reasons why you should consider an ak’iin beach club wedding in tulum appeared first on Fun in the Sun Weddings.

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Are you are planning a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico?

Do you picture yourself getting married on the beach to a scene where the sun hangs low in the sky, casting a golden sparkle on the turquoise sea, while the warm ocean breeze caresses your skin? Can you picture your friends and family, tanned and teary-eyed, joyfully sharing the moment in the soft ivory sand around you?

Well, I hate to burst your bubble but there can be a lot of annoyances that come with a destination wedding on the beach, especially during our rainy season when the heat and humidity spike! Wedding day hiccups are inevitable, but when you plan ahead for what to wear in the tropics, you can minimize the bumps.

How will you cope with a sandstorm blowing your veil in your face, while your fiance squirms painfully from the torturous sweat pouring down his back?

How will you feel listening to a chorus of wedding guests slapping at mosquitoes while your bridesmaids’ swimsuit-strap-sunburn steals the show in all your ceremony photos?

The good news is that you’re reading this now, learning what to wear to your wedding in Cancun, and thus (hopefully!) preventing your dream destination wedding from turning dire!

How to choose the perfect beach wedding dress?

Okay, I get it. The Cinderella ball gown looks so glamorous against a Caribbean backdrop, right?

But you know what looks even more captivating? A bride who is comfortable and happy.

Does lugging layers of crinoline and taffeta down a scorching beach, scooping up sand and beach debris while racing sweatily to catch your wedding photos sound like fun?

You already know that it’s hot in Mexico, but once the rainy season starts then the humidity spikes and the real heat kicks in! You’d better believe you are going to be scorching in layers of fluffy white fabric!

What kind of beach wedding dress (and bridesmaids dresses, for that matter) should you wear?

When shopping for the perfect beach wedding dresses, stick with a lightweight material made from natural, breathable fibers. Be cautious of too many delicate details like beadwork and lace. Think flowy, slinky, sexy and you can’t go wrong.

What should the groom wear to a beach wedding?

Repeat after me: No Penguin Suits! No. Penguin. Suits!

Traditional layered suits are simply a no-no in tropical climates. Please be considerate of the groom and groomsmen! He may agree to wear a 3-piece suit or tuxedo because he loves you, but do you really want the boys suffering in the sticky heat and soupy humidity of the rainy season in Riviera Maya?

What should the boys wear instead?

Choose lightweight, natural fibers in light colors. A beach wedding is the perfect setting to ditch the tie and cufflinks and opt instead for linen suits, or colorful short-sleeved shirts with Bermuda shorts. Then you can start off your life as a married couple on a good note.

What kind of bridal shoes are best for a beach wedding?

Ever tried to stand in the sand in high heels? The two do not mix, so it’s best to leave the heels for the honeymoon suite.

You can opt for a pretty pair of flat, open-toed sandals. But please, please, please no flip flops! Unless, of course, you want to spend your wedding day with a constant supply of sand up under your dress? Yeah, no bueno.

What are the perfect beach bridal shoes?

Easy answer: None! Go barefoot! With so many gorgeous options for barefoot sandals these days, why wouldn’t you?

Should you wear a veil at a beach wedding?

Okay, admittedly as professional wedding photographers, we love the creative ops we get when the bride wears a veil.

But! Here is what you need to think about when it comes to veils on the beach;

It is often really windy at the beach. Not “gentle ocean breeze” windy, but rather “rip your veil off your head during your wedding ceremony” windy, or “tangling around your torso during photos” windy.

To veil or not to veil?

We say go for it if the veil is on the shorter side, and with the understanding that you may end up just ditching it completely.

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

Are mosquitos a problem at destination weddings in Cancun?

Yes and yes.

The annoying little buggers are worse late in the day, which typically coincides with your ceremony, all your wedding photos, your cocktail hour and the start of your reception. So wear insect repellent and keep it in your beach wedding emergency kit!

Do your guests a solid by providing them with repellent as well. Add it to your destination wedding welcome bags, and make it readily available at cocktail hour.

When do you need to wear sunscreen in Cancun?

Newsflash: You are most likely going to get a sunburn in Mexico if you don’t wear sunscreen between 9 am and 5 pm, and during our rainy season, the rays are even stronger.

Obviously, you know to lather on the SPF if you are getting married on the beach, right?

But even more important is to use a ton of sunscreen in those wild days leading up to the Big Event. As professional wedding photographers in Riviera Maya, we have seen more than our fair share of the following:

  • The bride with tan lines that aren’t hidden by her dress.
  • The bridesmaid with an awful peeling sunburn in her strapless dress.
  • The groom with a sunglasses burn on his face.

These are not the quick, easy fixes in Photoshop that many people assume, and your photographer may charge you for this specialty service.

So pack your sunscreen, wear it, and reapply often!

(We recommend tossing these cute personalized sunscreens into your guests’ welcome bags to encourage them doing so as well!)

What is the little-known item to wear at a beach wedding in Cancun?

Want to know which tool is going to be your best friend at your destination wedding in Riviera Maya?

Baby powder.

The uses for baby powder are aplenty and make it an invaluable weapon in your beach wedding emergency kit.

  • Avoid dreaded ‘Swamp Crotch’ by sprinkling some between your thighs.
  • Sprinkle some on legs and arms to avoid the sand sticking to you on the beach.
  • Apply to your underarms before applying your deodorant to help manage sweat.
  • Set your makeup with baby powder!

Baby powder will help you look picture perfect, and poised under pressure. Never let them see you sweat…especially during your big moment!

Wedding day annoyances are inevitable, especially when it’s hot and humid during the rainy season in the tropics. But! Now you are armed and ready with what to wear for your wedding in Cancun.

We have shot hundreds of weddings, and besides taking gorgeous photos, we know what it takes to make your Big Day perfect, so contact us today! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, for the best destination wedding photography in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Let’s hear it. What tip did you find most helpful for your destination wedding in Cancun? Leave your comments below!

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

*This article contains affiliate links and may earn us a commission if you shop. Think of it as a tip for bringing you great content!

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Are you are planning a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico?

Then you know that a TON of details need to be organized before you can stand in the warm ivory sand next to a twinking turquoise sea and say ‘I Do!’ to your best friend.

You will need to choose the best wedding venue, send out Save-The-Dates on time, make a wedding website, deal with wedding guests and conflicts, find the perfect beach wedding dress, flowers, decor…

It’s enough to make a bride’s head spin!

Then you blink and it’s all over.

Your married friends tell you that your wedding day goes by so fast. And when the dust settles, what will you be left with?

Hopefully, you will have prioritized finding the best Cancun wedding photographers and videographers on that endless To-Do list, because years from now, when memories have faded, you will want to remember all that hard work and the countless details that went into your Best Day Ever, right?

This is not a decision to be made lightly!

Here is what you need to know when looking for a destination wedding photographer and videographer.

Are there any hidden fees when hiring a wedding photographer & videographer?

Do you want to get married on the beach at an all-inclusive resort between Cancun and Tulum?

Heads up! There’s something super important you need to know about hiring your own wedding vendors:

All-inclusive resorts are going to charge you a penalty, called an outside vendor fee, to bring in your chosen wedding photographer, videographer, hair & makeup artist, DJ…anyone! These fees can be hundreds or thousands of dollars, and are nothing more than a short-sighted cash grab to strong-arm you into hiring their onsite employees.

But like it or not, these fees are a reality, and you need to budget for them.

Outside vendor fees differ from resort to resort, can change at any time (and sometimes even from bride to bride!) so it’s super important that you inquire directly and get everything in writing.

In some resorts, you will be charged per vendor. Meaning that if you hire both photographers and videographers, you can be charged a fee for each. OUCH!

However, the nice thing is that most resorts still recognize one company providing both of your photo and video services as being one vendor.

Soooo, wanna to save a few hundred bucks? (or more?)

When you are looking for a destination wedding photographer and videographer between Cancun and Tulum, narrow your search to companies that can offer you both.

(For more information on outside vendor fees and how to deal with them, read this next)

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

Do the wedding photographers and videographers work well as a team?

Have you ever needed to deal with someone at work who you didn’t mesh with, who had the knack of stepping on your toes, or who somehow got in the way of you doing your best?

The wedding industry is not immune to these kinds of conflicts either.

The photographers and videographers you choose need to have a healthy respect for each other’s work or you will likely suffer the consequences.

Picture for example, the videographer who follows the bride all the way down the aisle because that is his vision, while the photographer ends up with some sweaty dude in all of these crucial photos. (Yup, it happens!)

When you are looking for a destination wedding photographer and videographer, ask them if they have they worked together before and if they like and recommend each other. It’s better to learn about any potential bumps before your wedding day.

What’s the safest way to guarantee a photo and video team who work well together?

Choose to go with a company who can provide both services.

Looking for package deals for destination wedding photography and videography?

Are you the type of bride who is a master negotiator?

Do you like to save a few bucks where you can?

Your best ammunition in negotiating a photo & video package will come from sticking with one company for both services. Speaking from experience, a company is in a much better position to work with your requests when they have control of all services involved. They can negotiate with the team on your behalf, saving you time and stress.

And speaking of keeping things easy, when you work with one company rather than multiple companies, you also only need to deal with one payment process, one contract, one point of contact etc…

Who doesn’t want a shorter To-Do List for their destination wedding?

Do the photographers and videographers speak your language?

Newsflash: In Mexico, most people DO NOT speak English!

It’s easy to forget that Mexico is whole other country, with its own culture, customs and languages. This is what makes it exciting and endearing!

However, be prepared to run into communication issues when you first start planning a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico. You will notice right away from email correspondence whether or not English is a first language or if everything is being run through Google Translate. Do you want to risk miscommunication coming back to haunt you on your wedding day?

Also, Mexicans are seriously relaxed people, which again can be a double-edged sword. It certainly makes for a tranquil vacation vibe, but when there is very little urgency with regards to your wedding plans, and you are the type of bride who expects prompt responses to your questions, you should probably stick with a company who comes with a built-in First World mentality.

Just sayin’.

Let’s take a final a step in narrowing your search for the best destination wedding photographers and videographers in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum-

We offer you BOTH services in our packages, speak perfect English, and understand what you need to make your Big Day perfect, so contact us today! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, the top destination wedding photography and videography company in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Let’s hear it. What is your biggest challenge in finding the best destination wedding photographers and videographers in Riviera Maya, Mexico? Leave your comments below!

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

The post what you need to know if you’re looking for destination wedding photographer and videographer appeared first on Fun in the Sun Weddings.

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Planning your destination wedding in the Riviera Maya is sure to be one of the most exciting adventures of your life!

Expect hundreds of details to plan for and execute before you find yourself standing with your toes buried in the sand beside a twinkling turquoise sea, marrying your best friend.

Then it’s all going to fly by in the blink of an eye.

What will you be left with when the dust settles?

If you have played your cards right, hopefully, you will have gorgeous wedding photos and a full wedding film to immortalize the story of your day. How else will you get to relive your best day ever and reflect back on all those special fleeting moments?

You want to hire the very best photographers and videographers in Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Tulum, right? But of course, you have a budget to think about. When you first start shopping around, it’s natural for your first question to be ‘How Much?’

So you are wondering what the average cost of photographers and videographers in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya is…

I’m afraid the answer is not a cut and dry number. (You didn’t really think it would be that easy, did you?)

However, we can definitely help arm you with what to expect, what to ask, and what to recognize when shopping around the package prices.

Is it cheaper to use your resort’s photographers & videographers?

Most Riviera Maya wedding packages at the best resorts in Mexico will include or offer their own in-house photographer. You have the choice to use their recommendation or to hire an outside professional you love and trust.

You are probably wondering what the difference in price is?

It completely depends on who your resort promotes, and the outside professionals you are looking at, so rather than fixating on the dollar signs, you need to focus instead on what you can get from your wedding photo and video package.

  • Is great customer service before, and more importantly after your wedding day, important to you?
  • Will you feel better working with a company that has multiple glowing 5-star reviews to refer to?
  • Is it important that you get everything you want without paying for anything you do not need?
  • Do you want to be treated like you are special, and that your wedding matters?

The point is, this is your wedding day. An awesome experience is priceless. Ask yourselves what is most important to you overall and then figure out who offers that, rather than simply looking at who is cheaper or more expensive than the average.

How much will the resort’s outside vendor policy cost you?

If you have already booked your destination wedding venue, then you know about being strong-armed to use their vendors. Is it fair to get hit with penalty fees by choosing an outside photo & video team YOU love for YOUR wedding? Of course not, but it’s a game changer, right? (No idea what I’m talking about? Read this.)

The outside vendor fee is a nasty, money-grabbing reality in the Riviera Maya and it affects the bottom line of  Photographer and Videographer prices in Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum.

And who does it hurt most? That’s right…YOU!

Want to know how to keep more of those precious wedding dollars out of greedy resort pockets?

In most cases, resorts will only charge you one vendor fee if your photographers and videographers come from the same company, so focus on companies that can offer both top-quality photo & video….like us!

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

Do you want English speaking wedding photographers & videographers?

Still hoping I will toss out an average price for photography and videography in the Mayan Riviera and make it easy on you?

No can do Amigo, because here’s another factor to acknowledge;

Newsflash! In Mexico, English is NOT the native language. Speaking English is a huge advantage and life skill that most people here don’t possess. Going out on a limb and making a very sweeping generalization across industries, those who can speak English earn more money.

Do you value clear communication from the get-go?

Do you want your wedding vendors to understand you without any threat of miscommunication?

If you want your destination wedding photo and video teams to speak Engish WELL, expect that the average price of the wedding packages you are looking at will be higher than with those who do not.

Looking for a cheap wedding photographer or videographer in Playa del Carmen?

You’ve heard the old saying “You get what you pay for”?

It exists for a reason. Getting tunnel vision on package prices, makes you miss the bigger picture. There are loads of reasons that one company might be cheaper than another, and you owe it to your wedding to ask why:

  • Are they new to the wedding industry? Everyone needs to start somewhere in building up their portfolio, and offering cheap prices is usually how to get it done. It’s up to you to decide if you are comfortable being their guinea pig.
  • Are they new to the Riviera Maya? Consider that even experienced professionals from other countries do not understand unique elements like the climate or the light, and that will affect the outcome of the final product – your wedding memories. We certainly had a huge learning curve in our early days!
Planning a destination wedding in the Cancun area during the rainy season?

Wanna gain some bargaining power over the prices of destination wedding packages?

You may see the average prices for photography and videography in the Riviera Maya dip during low season. It’s simple supply and demand really. You are far more likely to find yourself a deal offered when hurricanes invade the Caribbean. This is the time to negotiate extra bells and whistles in your wedding package.

(For more on how to plan a destination wedding in Cancun during the hurricane season, read this next.)

Okay, wait. Seriously – how much are the average photography and videography prices for a Playa del Carmen wedding?

The answer is: It totally depends.

  • Is the wedding vendor in-house or off-resort?
  • What will the resort vendor fee cost you?
  • Do they speak English well?
  • Are they an experienced, local professional?
  • What time of year will you be getting married?

Remember that these are your wedding memories. Do you want average…or priceless?

If you are looking for the best local English-speaking experienced professional wedding photographers and videographers in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, then contact us today! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, for the best destination wedding photography and videography in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Let’s hear it. Have you found there to be an ‘average’ price for wedding photos and videos in The Mayan Riviera? Leave your comments below!

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

The post what are the average photographer and videographer prices for a playa del carmen wedding? appeared first on Fun in the Sun Weddings.

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If you are planning a wedding in Cancun during the months of April to November, then you will be getting married on the beach during the rainy season.

Is this cause for a Bridezilla five-alarm panic?

Not at all!

The chances are very good that the sun will shine on your Cancun wedding, and you will head home from your vacation-of-a-lifetime with a great tan. Rainy season in the tropics usually equates to a short daily downpour and is no cause for concern.

The best thing you can do is to prepare for the inevitable soggy moments, and choosing the right location for your destination wedding in Cancun is the best place to start.

Destination weddings in the Riviera Maya are BIG business, with every resort offering wedding packages and special deals. With so many to choose from, how do you decide what the best Cancun wedding package is for YOU?

Not to worry. We are going to break this down and make it super easy for you. Here is the path you should follow that will lead you to the best Riviera Maya wedding packages.

Search for low season deals in Cancun

When the rain and humidity increase along the coast of the Riviera Maya, the prices typically decrease. Tourism slows down, as do destination weddings on the beach and based on simple supply and demand this puts you in the drivers’ seat for finding great deals on wedding packages.

Your path to the best Riviera Maya wedding packages begins by hunting for those deals.

And how do you do that?

  • Search online for advertised deals and incentives at Cancun all-inclusive resorts.
  • Work with a destination wedding travel consultant who gets the inside scoop on package deals that aren’t advertised.
  • Contact the resorts you like directly and ask them what they can do for you, such as free package upgrades or a guaranteed honeymoon suite (and please get it in writing!)

This should leave you with a short list of great resorts for your beach wedding. A little more digging will reveal the right one for you.

Know the wedding venue’s ‘Plan B’

This is a pretty crucial part of weeding through the muck because although the chances are good the sun will shine on your wedding day, and you will be getting married with your toes in the sand, there can be no guarantees with Mother Nature in the tropics.

The time to learn about your resort’s rainy wedding backup plan is NOT on your wedding day! Ask for the different options available, look at photos of the locations, and search for reviews from former brides and grooms.

For more on coping with a rainy beach wedding, read this next.

Multiple destination weddings a day in Cancun

Yours is likely to be one of many weddings at your resort on any particular day. This can become an issue if the weather turns surly and forces all of the happy couples indoors and undercover.

Consider asking:

  1. How many weddings per day does your resort take as a maximum?
  2. How many ceremony and reception locations would be affected by bad weather?
  3. How many ‘pretty’ backup locations do they have to move their multiple weddings to and what is the process of securing your first pick?
  4. If rain is projected at the hour of your ceremony, would you have the flexibility to move it up or back by 30 minutes to avoid a downpour?

The best wedding packages should be starting to rise to the top of the pile by now. But there are still a few more important points to consider…

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

More than just beach wedding photos

As professional wedding photographers in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, it is our job to scout out your resort ahead of time and choose the best locations for your wedding photos. Of course, we all aim to deliver magical seaside images, because why else are you coming to Cancun to get married if not for the sparkling turquoise sea and powdery white beaches? But sometimes Mother Nature decides that those pictures are not meant to be.

So now what?

Now we hope that your wedding venue offers lots of other creative locations to take photos!

When you are considering wedding packages, search for wedding photos that are not on the beach. Sometimes just a colorful wall, winding walkway, interesting ceiling, or creative architecture is all that is needed for the best wedding photographers in the Mayan Riviera to deliver creative, artistic wedding photos.

Keep your wedding guests happy

Your destination wedding in Cancun is not just about your wedding day! The beauty of a destination wedding is that you get to turn your wedding into an epic vacation with your closest family and friends. This is a HUGE factor when deciding between the best wedding packages in the Mayan Riviera during the rainy season.

If the rain settles in for a day or two, what is there to do?

What are you and your wedding guests going to do if poolside partying is not practical?

  • Is your resort close enough to the city centers of Cancun or Playa del Carmen that you can organize a day trip?
  • Does your resort have a kids club, movie theatre, bowling alley, shopping plaza or multiple indoor restaurants, cafes, and bars to prevent boredom?

Ensuring that a rainy day doesn’t mean everyone piling into one hotel room to watch Netflix will mean happiness for all!

(Need help finding a great resort? Here are our favorites!)

Your destination wedding in Cancun can be a great success for everyone, even if it rains. It’s all about choosing the right wedding package from the get-go. Follow these tips and they should lead you to the best wedding packages in Cancun for your rainy season marriage.

Let’s hear it. Where have you decided to get married? Who has the best rainy season wedding packages in the Riviera Maya? Leave your comments below!

And if you are looking for the best wedding photographers Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, then contact us today! We are Fun In The Sun Weddings, best destination wedding photography in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

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You dream of getting married on the beach in Cancun. Your toes buried deep in the warm ivory sand as you say ‘I Do” to your best friend beside a sparkling turquoise sea…

If you are a bride-to-be with this vision for your destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico…well, you’re not alone.

But what if you want, or need, to plan a destination wedding in Cancun during the fall? A little research will tell you that September, October, and even November can be pretty unpredictable and wet here in the Caribbean.

Add to that, it’s hurricane season!

So what is a bride to do?

Do you accept that planning a fall wedding in Cancun is too dicey?

No way José! Planning a fall wedding in the Riviera Maya isn’t as difficult as it sounds, despite the hurricane season, and here’s why –

(Jennie & Allen, married on a gorgeous October day. See their real wedding here.)

1. Get low season perks with Cancun wedding packages

Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum are a mecca for destination weddings and holiday-makers alike. Ask any local and they will tell you that high season seems to run almost the whole year ’round these days.

Except in September and October.

Most people in the Northern Hemisphere are coming off the high of summer, and so fall becomes a time to hunker down and get back to their regularly scheduled programming.

This is where YOU reap the rewards!

With fewer people vacationing in the Riviera Maya, this means fewer people getting married on the beach here too. You will find that the resorts are not as crowded.  And why does this matter?

  • You get your pick of what time of day you want your wedding ceremony, rather than getting stuck with some unbearable midday hour.
  • There will be fewer Looky-Loos on the beach, watching you on your special day and getting into the background of your wedding photos.
  • You have a far better chance of booking the honeymoon suite!

If you want a destination wedding on the beach that is more private and intimate, then planning a fall wedding in Cancun is the ideal time to do it.

(Jessica & Harry, married on a perfect day in October! See their real wedding here.)

2. How to save money on your Cancun wedding

*Newsflash* – Low tourist season equals lower prices! It’s simple Supply and Demand.

You can squeeze more out of your wedding budget in SO many different ways:

  1. Look for wedding package deals and extras offered by the resorts or off-resort wedding venues you are considering. Discounts are great, but so is a complimentary package upgrade, romantic dinner on the beach, or guaranteed booking into the honeymoon suite!
  2. Expect that wedding vendors will be more open to giving discounts to earn your business. With open gaps in most vendors’ low season calendars, now is the time to master those negotiation skills!
  3. Ask your Travel Agent to shop around for cheap low season flight packages for your wedding guests. Buying in bulk during the slow season puts you in the drivers’ seat with airlines…and this might lead to more of your loved ones being able to afford the trip! Hooray!

Shop around and pay attention to who is offering incentives, and don’t be afraid to ask for a deal! This is Mexico, after all.

Download Our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

(Chloe & Zach, married on a spectacular September day. See their real wedding here.)

3. Welcome cooler temperatures in the Caribbean

Fall in the Caribbean is the tail end of the hurricane season. This is a time of year where we get lots of the rain that keep the tropics lush and gorgeous. Almost like clockwork on September 15th, the rain increases and the smoking hot temperatures of summer shift to welcome in a cooler, fresher fall.

Thankfully, this means that you won’t have to suffer the heat exhaustion of being wrapped up in your beach wedding dress, and your wedding guests will be happier too. You may all love the Mexican heat, but dealing with it in anything more than a swimsuit can be a challenge. Coming off of a string of seriously HOOOOOOT months, Fall is just lovely.

Maybe talk of the cleansing, cooling rain makes you nervous…because this could mean a total beach wedding washout for you?  A little forethought and planning should help calm your nerves, here are some helpful tips to cope with a rainy beach wedding.


(Tracy & Draper were thrilled with their Cancun wedding in early November. See their real wedding here.)

4. Cancun wedding professionals are prepared for ‘Plan B’

Let me preface this by saying that the weather is unpredictable at ANY time of year down here in the tropics. Sure, September and October are typically the soggiest, but that doesn’t mean that it rains all day every day. Usually, it’s a good blast of the wet stuff for 10 minutes a day, and then it’s done.

But let’s assume the worst case scenario: Hurricane-like weather on your wedding day. Yikes!

Professional Riviera Maya wedding photographers and planners know the deal with hurricane season. We all have some level of experience in dealing with stormy weather. Keep stress at bay by asking about the backup plan when you book your vendor. When you have a Plan B you can live with, you won’t need to worry about things you can’t control – like Mother Nature.

The time to learn about your wedding vendors’ rainy day Plan B is not, I repeat NOT when you are hours away from saying “I Do!”

Stick with local Riviera Maya wedding vendors who have experience with fall season weddings in Cancun to Tulum. Then keep calm and carry on.

(Marissa & Colin had wedding day perfection in October. See their real wedding here.)

If you’ve been stressing about planning your fall season wedding in Cancun, don’t! It’s really not difficult as you think. Yes, the weather will be more unpredictable and possibly a bit soggier than at other times of the year, but balance that against the other great low season perks and trust that you will come out on top.

What are you most worried about in planning your fall wedding in the Cancun area? Leave it in the comments below.

And if you are hunting for the best wedding photographers in Cancun then get in touch with us today! We are Fun In the Sun Weddings, the best photographers in Riviera Maya: Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancun.

Download Our FREE Ultimate Guide To Getting Married In The Riviera Maya

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