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A friend of mine contacted me during the week and asked me what the best way to remove “Fingerprint marks” from a cars paint. He said he tried to wash the car but the marks still remain , so he was unsure of what to do next.

This was an immediate red flag for me as usually you can remove any finger print marks from car paint with a couple of sprays of a good Quick Detailer , and some buffing with a Microfiber Cloth.

Uh oh!

After a quick chat with him , it was clear that the marks he was seeing on his paint were actually stains from Sunscreen that had etched into the paintwork. My friend has some young kids , so i guess they had gotten their sunscreen covered hands all over the paintwork at some point.

If you have ever had this problem , you will know that it is a giant pain in the ass. Sunscreen can very damaging to paintwork ,and the longer it is left to dwell on the paint , the harder it is to remove ( A little like Bird Droppings )

Lets take a look at why this is

How Does Sunscreen Stain Car Paint

The main reason for sunscreen staining a cars paintwork is two of the main ingredients used in most sunscreen formulas – polyethylene glycol and titanium dioxide. These are designed to reflect light and protect us from UV, but when accidentally put on a cars paint, it will leave that white residue and if it’s left  too long, it can damage the paint. Usually the longer that this residue is left on the car , the worse the damage that will be caused!

With most sunscreens that are being sold today ,they are typically water resistant,so normal washing techniques will not remove them fully, and if they are left on for a long time (like many months), it can be virtually impossible to remove them by hand.

The trick to removing sunscreen from your cars paint , is to act quickly.

Lets take a look at the two solutions.

How To Remove Sunscreen From Car Paint ( If recent )

If you are lucky enough to spot the sunscreen marks quite early ( Within 30 mins for example ) , it should not be too difficult to remove the sunscreen from the paint. As mentioned above , the quicker you can act the better.

If your car is pretty dirty or has any contaminants , i would recommend performing a full wash first where possible.

If your car is relatively clean to begin with i would recommend using a Quick Detailer Product , in conjunction with a Microfiber cloth to remove the sunscreen residue from paint

One solid option that i recommend to people for jobs like this is Gtechniq’s Quick Detailer

You can simply spray this on the affected areas of the paintwork and wipe off gently with a microfiber cloth or towel.

It may take a number of passes with the spray and wipe to fully remove any residue on the paintwork.

How To Remove Sunscreen From Car Paint (Not So Recent )

If you are unlucky enough to have sunscreen marks on your paint that have had time to dwell and dry on the car , i’m afraid to say you might have a bigger task on your hands.

The oils in the sunscreen have begun to bond and penetrate the paint.

Again – the extent of the problem will depend on how long it has sat on the paint.

The first thing to try is hand polishing the affected areas with a lightly abrasive polish using an applicator pad and microfiber cloths.

The two polishes i would recommend that can be applied by hand are

SRP by Autoglym

Meguiars Ultimate Compound

If neither of the above polishes are successful in removing the sunscreen marks by hand , the next option is to treat the affected area with a stronger cutting compound using a dual action polisher.

If you are new to machine polishing and need some help , you can refer to my full guide HERE.

This should completely remove the sunscreen stains from the paint.

How To Remove Sunscreen From Your Cars Glass

Removing Sunscreen from glass is a little easier than removing it from the paintwork. Something like Autoglym Glass Polish , which can be applied by hand should do the trick when removing sunscreen residue from the windscreen ( or any other windows )

Hopefully the above guide should help you remove stubborn sunscreen stains from both your cars paintwork and glass.

If you have any of your own tips for this , please let me know in the comments as i would like to hear.

Until Next time ,

Happy Detailing!

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One product that is getting a lot of attention online over the last couple of  months is a new release by Meguiars , what they are calling a “Hybrid Ceramic Wax“. I must admit when i initially read about it and saw the name , i was immediately skeptical. For one , this does not look like a Wax Product , nor does it look like a Ceramic Coating product . Seeing the words Ceramic and Wax used in the same description had me questioning what the hell this product is supposed to be.

“Ceramic” is a big buzz word in the detailing world at the moment , so i assume this is Meguairs attempt to capitalize on that and release a consumer focused product that is easy to use for someone of any level of experience.I must admit is a great Marketing move by the company. Before i looked into it any further , my guess is that this product would be similar to some spray sealants ( Si02 based ) already on the Market such as Wet Coat by Gyeon, Sonax Spray Sealant , P&S Beadmaker etc.

Lets take a look in detail.

What IS Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax?

According to Meguairs themselves :

“Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax is the new face in wax technology. This sophisticated wax hybrid uses a high-viscosity formula to form a protective layer on the exterior of your car with an easy application. No rubbing, curing, or buffing needed. Simply spray on, rinse off, and watch the magic happen!Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax is designed with advanced technology to bond to your exterior paint and form a thicker coating that is long-lasting and durable without the elbow grease ”

Their description does not really give any clues as to what is actually in this product , or what this “Wax technology” is.

Recent developments in automotive-detailing technology features the use of silica-based sealants (i.e. silicone-dioxide or SiO2). These sealants act differently than an old-school wax, as they actually bond with the painted surface to which it’s applied. Once they’re applied and have cured, silica-based sealants are extremely resistant to water, soap, and of course, environmental pollutants. This is because they actually bond with the painted surface.

This Meguairs product is a Si02 spray sealant. I am guessing they are using the term “Wax” to appeal to the average consumer , because that is a term that they would be familiar with.

Also , because it contains the word “Ceramic” in the name , it should not be confused as replacement for real ceramic coating. I have seen this confuse a few beginners already. Just because it has ceramic properties ( Eg The water behavior ) , it does not mean it is a true ceramic product.

There seems to be a growing market for these “Ceramic” Spray products.

Before i made any Judgement on this new product by Meguairs , i decided i would have to pick some up for myself and test it out.

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax Application – How to

Hybrid Ceramic Wax can be used as your main source of protection, but Meguiar’s also suggest using it in addition to your favorite wax/sealant, or even on top of a true ceramic coating coating. ( LSP Layer )

This means you dont need to worry about stripping your car of any old sealant or wax before you apply , and that Hybrid Ceramic Wax should be compatible with anything you may already have on there.

However  – you should absolutely make sure your car is freshly cleaned and have no contamination before applying the product ( Seems like common sense , but it is worth saying it anyway )

There are a two different ways to apply Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax:


For the first time using Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax, Meguairs recommend establishing a “Foundation Layer.” Hybrid Ceramic Wax is simply applied in a “wax as your dry” style.

After washing the vehicle thoroughly, & before drying, spray Hybrid Ceramic Wax across all exterior surfaces of your car.

Once you have ensured good coverage of the product ( You dont need to go overboard with the application , more does not necessarily mean better ) . You can take a quality microfiber towel and begin to dry the car.

I would then recommend that you take a second (Clean) microfiber towel for the final wipe down. This will ensure there is no product left to dry on the car that you have may missed ( This could cause unwanted streaking )

This initial “Wax as you dry” application method helps to get Hybrid Ceramic Wax into all of the nooks and crannies found on a microscopic level of the paint/clear coat. This method will make sure that ample product is applied to the surface so that subsequent uses have a nice even, level layer to adhere to.


After you have used Hybrid Ceramic Wax for the first time, for subsequent applications, you can now apply it in a “wax as you rinse” style, an even easier application method.

After washing the vehicle thoroughly, but before rinsing for the final time, spray Hybrid Ceramic Wax over all exterior surfaces.

Next perform the final rinse on the vehicle rinsing from the top down. It is recommended to use a strong stream of water for the final rinse as this helps spread Hybrid Ceramic Wax across the exterior surfaces.

If you have one , you should use a pressure washer for the final rinse. If you don’t have a pressure washer, use a strong stream from your water hose for this final rinse

Next, dry the vehicle normally & you are done.

Yes it is that easy.

So what happens if you unintentionally end up with some streaking? If you over apply it (too many sprays per panel) it might become trickier to dry without streaking

How to Remove Hybrid Ceramic Wax Streaks?

If this does happen to you, simply wipe area with a with a microfiber towel damp with water, or spray a light mist of water onto the streak, and then wipe with a microfiber towel. This will easily remove the streak.

Can You Use Hybrid Ceramic Wax on Glass?

Yes – you can use Hybrid Ceramic Wax on Glass , or any other exterior surface of the vehicle. Although personally i would recommend a dedicated Glass Coating for the Job.

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax Review – Any Good?

I must say i am initially impressed with this product , especially the ease of application. You can literally add some nice protection to your car in less than 5 minutes total. This is going to really appeal to the mass market of “Weekend Warriors” who don’t want to spend ages applying wax to their car by hand.

To be honest , something like Meguairs Ceramic Wax is going to really outperform some of the mainstream waxes. Below is a video of the water behaviour on the car after i had applied the Meguairs product. You can easy see that this product is repelling water like crazy.

I am sure this is going to result in some nice water beading the next time it rains.

Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax Water Behaviour ( Full Review In Description ) - YouTube

I was also impressed at the glossy appearance that was left behind after the initial application. It was definitely noticeable and the surface of the car was left with a nice slick feeling to it

Here are some shots of the car immediately after.

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax – How long Does it Last?

Time will tell how long this product lasts on my car. I will update this post when i have spent more time with it , and see how the longevity compares to some of the other products on the market. I am hoping to see at least 4 weeks from the product. ( This is the minimum i would expect from these Si02 products )

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax VS Gyeon Wet Coat

How do i feel about this product compared to Gyeon Wet Coat , which i have been a huge fan of for a long time.

There are definitely some differences between Hybrid Ceramic Wax and Gyeon Wet Coat. The consistency of the products seem totally different to one another , so these are not exactly the same. The Meguairs product seems to be a bit thicker , whereas the Wet Coat is a watery type consistency.

The main difference is how the paint feels to the touch. The Hybrid Ceramic Wax gives a FAR slicker feel to the cars surface , which i was nicely surprised by.

Whatever is causing this , seems to have given it a bit more gloss to the finish when compared to the wet coat.

I will be interested to see how the longevity of the production compares to wet coat. I will give it a few weeks before passing judgement on that.

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax – Worth it?

Overall i was impressed with the product – i would happily recommend it to people looking to try it out. The ease of use means that any one at ANY experience level can jump in and start using it , which is a big plus for me.

  • Price 7/10
  • Appearance 7/10
  • Ease of Application 10/10
  • Protection (will update on this in the future )
  • Overall Score 8/10
Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax – Where to Buy?

If you want to try Meguairs Hybrid Ceramic Wax – please consider purchasing it through my Amazon Link

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Valet Pro is a name that has been around a long time in the detailing world. They are a UK company who set up back in 2005 and have been supplying products that are designed to make car cleaning easier and quicker , and are known for offering great value effective products for all aspects of valeting and detailing. Admittedly , i have not used many of their products in the past but always intended to try some out. I was recently in need of some new wheel cleaner when i spotted a good deal on Valet Pro’s “Bilberry Wheel Cleaner”.

I was specifically on the hunt for a wheel cleaner which was acid free and as safe as possible to use on all parts of my alloy wheels. I was also looking out for something that could be potentially diluted with water , which would mean it would give me a lot more product for my money. I tend not to let brake dust and dirt build up on the TTRS So i didnt really need something too aggressive , and only needed a product to help with my weekly maintenance wash. When i read that Valet Pro Bilberry wheel cleaner can be diluted up to 1:10 and still be effective , i was absolutely sold on trying it out.

So lets take a look

What is Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner?

The Valet PRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner has quite a following amongst car detailers, valeters and car cleaning enthusiasts. Go on most detailing forums and it is widely talked about as being one of the best and easiest-to-use wheel cleaners around.

It is claimed to be a powerful, yet acidic free wheel cleaner that’s formulated to safely and effectively remove the most stubborn of soiling and baked on brake dust and because it is acid free it can be used on all kinds of wheel finishes including clear coated, painted, powder coated and even chrome. It is biodegradable and contains anti static properties which help to initially repel dirt and contaminants after cleaning.

As i said previously , i tend not to let a lot of dirt and dust build up on my wheels , so to really put it to the test and see how good it is , i decided to try it on my fathers car first – as it really suffers from excessive break dust and dirt build up on his alloy wheels. He had tried to remove this by washing alone , but with no luck.

I had every faith that this wheel cleaner would be effective on my lightly soiled wheels , So It was time to put Bilberry wheel cleaner to the test on his car!

It was hard to pick it up on some of the pictures but below will give you a small idea how how they looked before i started. This stuff was really bonded on hard to the wheel.

How to use Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner?

Using a wheel cleaner is pretty straight forward and it is no different for the Bilberry wheel cleaner. You just need to spray it on the wheels and leave the product dwell for about 5 minutes. You can then agitate the cleaner on the wheel with a wheel brush if needed.

The only difference with Billberry , is that you have the option to dilute the solution first. ( This will make the product weaker , but give you much more of the product to use in the long run ).

In this case i wanted the strongest possible clean from the product , so i used it undiluted on the wheels. However , if you were going to dilute the product i would recommend the following

Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Dilution Ratios
  • For Heavily Soiled Wheels – Use neat ( undiluted )
  • For Medium Soiled Wheels – Use between 1:3 and 1:5 dilution ratio
  • For Lightly Soiled Wheels – Use between 1:6 and 1:8 dilution ratio

I am currently using the lightly soiled dilution ratio on the TTRS for my maintenance wash and it is working just fine.

Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Review

Once i had left the wheel cleaner dwell for 5 minutes and pressure washed them , there was no doubt that the Bilberry wheel cleaner did a pretty good job of removing the majority of the baked on break dust and dirt on the wheels. Here are some of the after pictures

I was pretty impressed at how well it was able to remove some of the contaminants. Bear in mind that it was impossible to remove with washing alone , it was just too stubborn to shift it. Admittedly the Bilberry wheel cleaner was not able to remove the build up of dirt 100% on the first go.

This is the trade off of using an acid free wheel cleaner , as it will tend not to have as strong as an action on the dirt ( but the trade off is that it is much safer on your wheels)

In cases like above , it is probably a good idea to use something strong on the first initial decontamination of the wheels which will make them much easier to clean on maintenance washes – this is where something like Bilberry wheel cleaner would come into play. However , i’m sure the same result would probably be possible with another 1 or 2 applications of Bilberry. ( i only used one in this case for the test )

All in all ,I am finding Bilberry great for the maintenance washes on my own wheels.

One point to note is that Bilberry wheel cleaner will not remove tar spots , so it is best used in conjunction with something like Iron X or Iron Out for best results.

  • Price 9/10 ( Very good considering it can be diluted )
  • Cleaning Power 6/10
  • Ease of Application 7/10
  • Overall Score 7.5/10

If you want to try this product out , you can find further info HERE

Until Next time ,

Happy Detailing

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If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I recently tried out a product from Angel wax called FastFoam ( You can check out this review here ). I really rated this product highly so I decided i would try out some more of the Angel wax product range.This week i was running low on car shampoo so I decided i pick up Angel Wax Angel Wash

What caught my eye about this product is that it claimed to be self drying , when i saw that i was immediately interested in trying it out , as there is nothing worse than washing your car and being left with some water spotting if you don’t dry it off quickly enough. As we come closer into the summer months this becomes more and more of a problem , so i thought this would be a good product to try out.

So what is this shampoo all about..

Angel Wax Self Drying Shampoo – How does it Work?

“Angelwash encapsulates and lubricates the dirt on the bodywork to ensure that these particles are removed in the safest way possible.
The self drying aspect of Angelwash ensures that the water will evaporate evenly from the bodywork which, in turn, prevents spotting and other water marks that may occur when a vehicle is left to dry.”

Angelwax don’t state exactly how this self drying effect is achieved , but it is a PH neutral shampoo , so you can ensure that it wont strip any wax or sealant you have on the car , which is very important.

Another important attribute of a car shampoo for me , is the slickness of the shampoo and how easily it works with the wash mitt to glide over the surface of the car , so i will be watching this closely when trying out this shampoo.

It was a sunny Saturday morning here in Ireland today , so i decided to crack the Angelwash open and put it to the test!

Angel Wax Self Drying Shampoo – How to use it

The instructions on the bottle are as follows

1. Add two capfuls of Angelwax ANGELWASH to a bucket of clean, tepid water and agitate to create a creamy lather.
2. Wash the vehicle.
3. After washing the vehicle, rinse very thoroughly and allow the vehicle to self dry.

Before i did any contact washing on my car , i did a pre wash with some snow foam using a pressure washer to remove as many contaminants from the car as possible before touching it with the wash mitt

I began by adding what i believed to be roughly two cap fulls of the shampoo to my wash bucket with some warm water. It seemed to sud up pretty well on its own which i liked. Another point to note ( although not that important ) , this product smells really good. I almost wanted to dunk my head into the bucket of water.

Upon placing my wash mitt on the car I could feel that it was gliding smoothly over the paint and there was very good lubricity. Some amount of suds were left behind on the paint as I worked my way around the car. So far I was  impressed with the shampoo, which was making light work of washing the car and seemed to provide good cleaning power.

Once i had worked my way around the car , i used a power hose to rinse off the angel wax shampoo. I was pretty happy with how the shampoo cleaned the car. Once any remaining shampoo was rinsed off – i decided to leave the car sit as it was. Usually at this point i would use a microfiber towel to dry the car down , but since this is a claimed self drying shampoo , i thought it would be a good test to just leave it.

Since it was still early in the morning , the car was still in the shade. I swallowed a brave pill and moved the car into the sun when it was still wet , usually this is a big no no for me as this will nearly always end up in water spotting, but i thought in the interest of testing this shampoo , it would be a good idea. So off it went into the sun to dry out.

Angel Wax Self Drying Shampoo Review – Does it Work??

I must say that i was impressed at the result after leaving the car to dry out in direct sunlight. As i said previously , this is almost a guaranteed way to get water spotting after washing the car and i was surprised at the little (if any) water spots left on the car after it had dried off.  It was not 100% waterspot free , but the little spots i could see could be down to the hardness of the water in the area. It was a definite improvement over some other shampoos i have used , which i certainly wouldn’t want them to naturally dry off.

Is this a revolutionary product? No it is not , but it is definitely a safer shampoo to use if you are living in a hot and sunny climate where a car can dry off naturally very quickly. This is certainly a product which will help to reduce the chances of being left with a water spotted car.

The cleaning power of the shampoo was pretty decent , and at a relatively cheap price i think it is a pretty good value car shampoo and look forward to using it again , in between washing my car with Gyeon Bathe + ( My favourite Shampoo at the moment! )

The end result was a very clean car and a Saturday morning well spent.

  • Price 8/10
  • Suds 7/10
  • Cleaning Power 6/10
  • Slickness 7/10
  • Overall Score 7/10

Until next time , Happy Detailing!

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Last Saturday morning I was setting up all my detailing gear for the usual weekend clean of the TTRS. Just as I was ready to go , I turned on my Karcher pressure washer to give the car a pre rinse before I started the snow foam process. Suddenly I heard a loud hissing noise and the water started spraying everywhere! I looked around to see what was happening and noticed that the hose part of the Karcher Pressure Washer had a massive split in it.

I lost all pressure in the gun and it suddenly became useless!


I had tried to tape up where the hose had split , but needless to say it didn’t really work.

My weekend cleaning plans had been hampered ( of course I still washed the car by hand with the garden hose , but it wasn’t the same )

Once I had cleaned the car , I had to sit down and think what I was going to do about my broken pressure washer.

I jumped on google to see what my options were and I was surprised that you could actually buy a lot of replacement parts for these Karcher Pressure washers . I Did spend some time looking at upgrading the pressure washer I have – A K3 ( albeit an old model ) , but in the end I decided that it would be too expensive , and it was worth trying to repair my current one.

The price of the new pressure washer i was looking at was about 5 times the price of replacing the hose , so it was definitely worth a go at repair first.

On amazon i was able to buy a Karcher Trigger Gun and 25ft Replacement Hose Kit

This kit is compatible with Kärcher electric models: K2 CCK, K2 CHK, K2 Compact, K2 Ergo, K2 Plus, K3, K3 Follow-Me, K4, K5, K2.150, K2.26 M Plus, K2.26M T50, K2.27 CCK, K2.29, K2.300, K2.360 CCK, K2.425, K3.450, K3.540, K3.690, K5.68MD Plus

How to Replace a Karcher Pressure Washer Hose

After doing a bit of bit of reading online and watching some videos , I was happy to give this a go myself as it looked like a very straightforward swap out for the new hose. These Karcher systems come with a “Quick Connect” system which is pretty much plug and play with most Karcher Pressure washer systems.

This is how the Pressure Washer Replacement kit arrived to me from Amazon – Not much to it , but it seemed to have all the bits that i needed to complete the job

Even if you have a different connection type , Karcher supply an adapter with the hose replacement kit , so it should be a straightforward fitting if you have one of the models I listed above.

This is what the quick connect system looks like :

Step One – The first step in putting the kit together is to connect the Karcher trigger gun to the hose that comes in the kit. This couldn’t be easier to do thanks to the quick connect system. The only thing you have to do is slot the connector from the hose end into the bottom of the trigger gun – when you hear a loud click you know that it is place,

One nice thing i noticed about the replacement hose is that it looks to be “Anti-Kink” , which will hopefully prevent any damage in the future. I have a feeling that is why my old hose broke , so it would be nice if this new hose was resistant to that fault in the future.

Step Two – The second step of for replacing the hose on your Karcher Pressure washer is to connect the other end of the hose to the pressure washer itself. Depending on the connection type you have on your machine you may or may not have to use the special quick connect adapter provided.

In my case it was FAIRLY straight forward.

The only trouble i ran into was the quick connect had seized and i had to use some WD-40 to lube it up a bit before i could disconnect.

This is what the quick connect looks like – to release it you need to press it downwards ( in the direction the arrows are pointing ).

and Voila!

Fixing your Karcher Pressure Washer Summary :

All in all , this job was a lot easier to complete than I had originally thought. This is down to Karchers fairly slick and easy quick connect system.

The whole process took about 15 minutes , and it probably would have been shorter if it wasn’t for me having to mess around with the WD-40 on the quick connect adapter.

Fair play to Karcher for making such an easy to use product – lets hope that this hose lasts. To be fair , the original hose has lasted a few years already with a LOT of use.

For anyone trying to do this replacement themselves , here is a quick video i found online for making sure you are buying the correct product , and the replacement process.

How to Replace a Karcher Hose and Handgun on a Karcher Pressure Washer - YouTube

If you have any questions , feel free to reach out in the comments.

Until next time ,

Happy Detailing!

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Angelwax is one of many companies i have heard great things about over the years , but never got around to trying any of their products. Recently i found myself in a position where i needed to replace my current SnowFoam (Gtechniq W4 Citrus Foam ) and was looking for something a bit different. I have found the Gtechniq Foam very good and effective in its cleaning abilities , but this time around i was looking for something priced a bit lower , as i find the Gtechniq stuff to come at a bit of a premium – and at the rate i go through products , this is likely to get expensive.

I Spotted a re seller in Ireland so i decided to contact them about getting a bottle of the foam to try it out. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Angelwax – Angelwax is an Scotland based manufacturer of products. They offer a range of different products, from wax to shampoo. Angelwax is only one of a few manufacturers from Scotland!

Whats unique about Angelwax is that the company was setup by chemists who worked together for over 25 years in the chemical industry.

That time of the weekend rolled around and it was time to break out the pressure washer and foam cannon for some weekend cleaning. It was time to put Angelwax fast foam to the test!

Angelwax Fast Foam – How to Use

1.Before applying FastFoam ( Or any other snow foam for that matter ), always rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer using cold water to remove any loose dirt.

2.Fill up your foam cannon with some of the Angelwax Foam solution. The recommended dilution ratio for Angel Wax Fast foam is about 1:9 ( 1 part to 9 parts with water )

3.Using a foam cannon on your pressure washer, apply a generous layer of Fastfoam using the stated dilution ratios and ensure that the foam remains on the vehicle for a minimum of 10 minutes before removing with a pressure washer.

The longer the foam remains on the vehicle the more effective it will be at breaking down dirt. ( However , dont leave it TOO long either –especially in direct sunlight – as you may risk the foam drying into your paintwork )

Some Pictures of the Angelwax Fast Foam In Action

Angelwax Fast Foam Review – Is it Good?

I have to say , i was pleasantly surprised by the fast foam! The foam, despite the lower dilution ratio than some of the other foams on the market was quite thick, clung onto the paintwork well and looked very good indeed.( it seemed a watery mix at first but it certainly clung on and helped to lift the dirt ) I much preferred the consistency of this stuff when compared to the Gtechniq product i had used previous to this.

Note :Angelwax Fast Foam IS PH neutral so it is safe to you in conjunction with whatever protection you may be using on the car ( Wax , Sealant , Coating etc ) .When rinsed, I was impressed with the cleaning power of the Angelwax fast foam .

What impressed me the most about this snow foam is that It’s well priced compared to some of its competition  (it also looks great for those snow foam pictures you might want to take)
Give it a go you might be able to find a ‘better’ cleaner or a more ‘clingy’ foam but for a good all rounder i think you might struggle to get better – especially at the price.

  • Price 9/10
  • Application 8/10
  • Thickness 7/10
  • Cleaning Power 7/10
  • Overall Score 8/10

I will definitely be picking up some of this stuff again – but more likely in the 5L bottle next time!

What is your favorite snow foam to use? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Until Next time,

Happy Detailing!

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I had recently just run out of my current car shampoo and needed to pick up a new product to try. Having recently been really impressed by a product by Gyeon ( Wetcoat ) , i decided to take a look at what types of shampoo they had on offer. One that caught my eye straight away was their Shampoo + Coating combination called Bathe+. I have read about this product before and heard some positive things , so i decided to give it a try. I had been previously been using GWash by Gtechniq , and it has always been reliable – but its always good to try something new.

Gyeon have two different offerings when it comes to Car Shampoo – Bathe & Bathe+. What is the difference you might ask? And why should you go for one over the other..

Gyeon Bathe vs Bathe+

Gyeon Bathe+ is based upon the same formula is the regular Gyeon Bathe but has been fortified with SiO2 rich polymers. The result of this is a car shampoo that not only cleans but adds temporary hydrophobic coating that enhances surface gloss and strongly repels water dirt & grime which claims to last up to several weeks. Q2M Bathe is the world’s first pH neutral shampoo containing SiO2 – this reason alone is enough for me to want to try it out.

Why would you want SiO2 in your shampoo? Si02 ( Silica Dioxide) is what you would find in many types of ceramic coating products on the market these days. Because Bathe Plus shampoo contains a certain amount of Si02 , you are effectively adding a layer of protective coating as you wash your car without any additional effort.

So the weekend rolled around and it was time to wash the TTRS – lets see what this Bathe+ Stuff is all about!

Gyeon Bathe+ – How to Use

There are 3 different ways of using Q²M Bathe+ Shampoo.

  1. Dilute it and use as a regular shampoo with hydrophobic properties
  2. Spray on the car with a foam lance
  3. Simply spread it on the wet, clean paintwork with a microfiber wash mitt.

For my first test i decided to use it the same way i would use my regular shampoo products. For best results it is recommended to use at a dilution rate of 500:1 (water:product), which equates to 30 ml in a Wash Bucket.

Simply add the correct amount of shampoo to your suds bucket and then fill it to the top with warm water, stirring it as it fills. If your water pressure is low and relatively few suds are produced, blast a little cold water into the bucket with your hose or pressure washer (submerging the nozzle first); this will generate more suds.. I found that this product did not produce a lot of suds either way – and seemed to have a different consistency to any other shampoo i have used previously.

Application using this method is pretty simple – just wash the car as you normally would with any shampoo. In my tests above , i used a pressure washer for rinsing the car off , just to make sure i did not leave any residue of the product behind on any of the panels. Although this probably isnt required and you would be fine with a hose , i decided to use one anyway.

Gyeon Bathe+ Review

One of the first things I noticed when using the product was that this shampoo didn’t feel as slick or sudsy as most of the shampoos I have used before. Cleaning power seemed pretty good on this shampoo – although my car was not particularly that filthy to begin with, it seemed to do a pretty good job of cutting through whatever was on the panels of my car.

As soon as I started rinsing the car off with the pressure washer the hydrophobic effect of this shampoo was immediately apparent! I was actually quite surprised at how obvious the result was.
Granted I had applied Gyeon Wet Coat to the Car a month or two ago , but this shampoo seemed to magnify whatever protection was on the car previously.

Here are some videos of the water behavior after a simple wash , and a nice picture of the beading effect.

Pretty Impressive isn’t it?

The next test of this product is it’s durability. Given it is a shampoo i am not expecting miracles , but i would imagine it would at least last a couple of weeks. I gave my car a blast with a pressure washer this morning out of interest and the water behavior and beading was as strong as when it was just applied! So it was definitely a good start.

Gyeon Bathe+ Worth It?

Now this is where it gets a little tricky. This is not a cheap shampoo by any means , and can cost quite a bit more than regular shampoos that do not contain any SiO2. I am super impressed by this product but i dont think i would use it as my weekly shampoo as it would just cost too much per wash.

I will use this bi-weekly so that it will last a bit longer. I am sure that the protection that this stuff leaves will last a minimum of two weeks. It could also be used as a replacement for Gyeon Wet Coat if you are already using that – i dont think you would need to use both in your wash routine.

  • Price 5/10
  • Application 7/10
  • Appearance 9/10
  • Protection 10/10 ( For a shampoo! )
  • Overall Score 8/10

I really like this shampoo  , i think i will try it with the foam cannon method next to see how it does with that type of application.

If you want to try this product out for yourself you can pick it up HERE

If you have already used Gyeon Bathe+ , please let me know in the comments what you thought of it.

Happy Detailing!

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Just a quick update with some pictures i got of the TTRS recently. Big thanks to Shane O Connor for taking these .

Make sure to check out some of his other work on his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shaneoc

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What price do you put on feeling safe when you step into your car?

In 2019 there’s an array of wonderful and exciting car tech that makes driving more fun. However, getting the most from your car should really be about safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency. These three great pieces of car tech give you all that…and more.


Never worry about a flat battery again

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve run my car down more than once. I love hiking and oftentimes that means driving long distances, parking up, and leaving my car for hours or overnight. If you’re an ass (like me), you might forget to turn off your lights when getting out your car.

If this story is familiar, you recognize that sinking feeling you get when you start the car only to realize your battery is dead. With the Beatit Jump Portbale Starter you’ll have the solution that makes sure you never have that feeling again.

You can jump start a gas car of up to 6 liters, or diesel car of up to 5 liters, 20 times for a very affordable $69.99. The Beatit Jump Portbale Starter has 800 amps of current and comes with durable cables and clamps. Its two USB ports mean you can even use it as a charger for your cell.

Your visual insurance policy

I’ve been lucky enough to have only one car accident in my life. Back when I was a new driver I was in a Walmart car park in a hurry. I put my foot on the gas and heard the sound no-one wants to hear – metal on metal. That accident was my fault and I spoke to the owner of the other vehicle and passed on the details.

But what if it happened the other way round and the driver didn’t leave their details? You’d have a repairs bill and two ways of paying for it –  tell your insurance company and increase your premiums, or use your own money. Either way, you’re paying. Unless, of course, you’re protected by a rear view camera.

There are a range of great of cameras from TadiBrothers, with prices starting at just $79.99.   They give you a visual insurance policy by recording what happens to your vehicle, saving you money and hassle. TadiBrothers stock models suitable for trucks, cars, school buses and more. So whatever you drive you can rest assured that no one can hit your vehicle and leave you with the repair bill.

Keep your eyes on the road

I don’t know about you but the first thing my driving instructor told me was to always keep my eyes on the road. Even if that’s not what your teacher said, you know you have to drive with your eyes open. That can be a problem if you’re driving somewhere new and using your cell’s GPS to guide you. The Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display makes this problem a thing of the past.

It sits on your dash and wirelessly streams the screen of your cell onto your windscreen. The Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display pairs with both Airplay and Miracast via an app you can download for either Apple or Android cells. It works with a range of navigation apps, including Google Maps, Sygic, Baidu and more.

You can use the Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display in any vehicle. All you need to do is plug it into your OBD–II port, or cigarette lighter socket. With this tech in your car, you can focus on driving, enjoying the journey, and keeping your eyes on the road – because they will be, at all times. And what’s the price of enjoying your journey and driving safely? $299.99, which is a lot less than your life is worth.

Getting more out of your car can mean a lot of things. It can mean quicker acceleration, a slicker drive, and more exciting journey. But do you know what, getting the most from your car should really about the boring things – safety, reliability, and keeping costs low. While these three pieces of tech won’t make your car sexier, they will give you greater peace of mind. And in 2019 that’s the first thing you should ask from your car tech.

The post AFFORDABLE CAR TECH IN 2019: TECH TO HELP YOU GET MORE OUT OF YOUR CAR appeared first on DriveDetailed.

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As some of you may already know I recently changed my car to a MK2 Audi TTRS. I have owned the car for a couple of months now and I must say it is the best car I have ever owned. Both the looks and the performance are amazing. Although I bought this car mainly for the driving experience , one thing that it was lacking was the “tech” in the car – particularly the radio and entertainment system. It begs belief how Audi could fit such a basic radio in which is supposedly the top of the range TT model. If it was an old car you may understand , but to be fair my one is 2011 – you would at the very least expect Bluetooth capability!

The interior of the TTRS is absolutely sublime and everything inside it is top quality. The basic looking radio stood out a mile and really took from the appearance of the interior of the car. I also had no way to play music from my phone other than using an Aux Cable. It was time to do something about it.

Although this is not a detailing post , i thought i would document the process of fitting an aftermarket headunit to an Audi TT , in the hopes of helping others who may be thinking about upgrading their own Audi Unit.

Picture of the Standard Radio in the Audi TT

Which Aftermarket Headunit for Audi TT?

After weeks of research online , there seemed to be many after market options for the MK2 Audi TT. My biggest requirement was to be able to use Bluetooth with my phone for calls and also play music via Bluetooth , everything else would just be a bonus. Touch screen was preferred also , as most head units are these days. I read many reviews online from many other Audi owners and there seemed to be a lot of praise for Android headunits produced by a company called Xtrons.

I hadn’t heard of this company before but they seemed to have a good reputation. After seeing pictures of these units installed , I was sold on them! They looked completely OEM in the car , which I was delighted with.

The Model i ended up ordering was PB78ATTP – Pictured Below

A brief Specification of the Xtrons PB78ATTP is as follows :

  • The latest Operating System – Android Oreo
  • Octa-Core processor and its 32GB ROM memory
  • Multitasking Enabled
  • Super High Resolution Screen
  • Screen Mirroring From Your Phone
  • Multiple Inputs ( SD Card , USB Etc )
  • 3G / 4G Module with Hotspot Function ( You can use your phones internet connection )
  • OBD2 – A Window for you to Diagnose your Car Status once you have an OBD2 connection ( I luckily already had one! )
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring is Available
  • Ready to Plug and Play with a reversing camera

As you can see from the above , the Xtrons unit offered far more than the current headunit in the car and was not that expensive so it was a no brainer for me. I also loved the look of it , and looks like something that the TTRS should have came out of the factory with to begin with.

Xtrons PB78ATTP for Audi Review

Once i had placed the order with Xtrons it did not take the headunit long to arrive ( i think it was about 1 week from when the order was placed). The headunit arrived in a nice looking box and was well packaged. Once i opened the box i was greeted with the beautiful looking product , some connection wires and an instruction manual.

Xtrons Wiring Loom pictured below –  Xtrons supply a Quadlock wiring loom that routes all the necessary connections to and from the car into the HU. It includes a Canbus decoder too. If you have a Bose or “standard” audio setup in your Audi then there is no need to make any modifications to this loom. It just works. Ignore the Xtrons site that goes on about needing to make mods to the loom if you’re not running Bose system

I am not a professional or in any way experienced with installing these types of products myself , so coming into this as a total beginner i was hoping that i would be able to do it at home by reading some guides that i found online. A lot of people were saying that it is a relatively easy job once you have the correct tools ( basically just the radio removal keys ) . This unit is pretty much plug and play with the existing connections you have in the car.

I wished myself luck and began the installation on a weekend when i was free.

How to Install Xtrons Head Unit in an Audi TT

The first things you are going to need to buy is a set of Radio Removal keys ( 4 Keys in total ). You will not be able to remove the existing factory radio without these.These radio keys look like this

These are very cheap and should come in handy if you ever need to take the radio out of your car again.

The first step in the installation is the removal of the old headunit. To avoid scratches to the gearstick and centre console, I’d recommend putting a towel or something over them first before you start the removal process!!

Insert the keys with the rounded part of the skewer pointing towards the center of the unit. The HU should come out fairly easily if you’ve got the keys in right.

As the HU comes out, you’ll need to disconnect first the Airbag off light which is at the lower half of the unit, then the Quadlock then the radio aerial. They all just pull-off, apart from the Quadlock which has a plastic U-shaped lever you’ll need to lift first. Note : In my case the airbag off light took a lot of force to pull off. I thought that i was doing it wrong but a bit of brute force got it off in the end.

The next step is to Move the airbag light from the old HU to the new one. It’s pretty self-explanatory once you get to look at it.

Now you are readt to route the new cables ready for the new HU. I found it easier to get all the cables for the new HU prepared in the car and then to connect them to the HU as the last step.

Once you are ready , you need to connect all the cables up to the Xtrons headunit. This should mostly be handled by the Quadlock suuplied by Xtrons.

The last step is to Mount the new Headunit. The new HU slides in the same way as the old – almost . There are two things to watch out for;

a) make sure that you lift the rear of the unit as it gets close to home. There are a pair of guides on the sides that need to match up with supports in the cage in the car. If you don’t do this, you’ll get the HU tipping down and it won’t push fully home.

b) The securing clips are not anywhere near as good as on the OEM HU. They are fitted only on the top and they are fiddly to disengage if you need to – so try to make sure you get everything right before you push it all the way home. Pay attention too to the little bit of plastic that sits under the HU and separates it from the climate controls. It’s fiddly to get in the correct position

Your new Xtrons unit should now be installed and ready to use.

I think you will agree – it looks 100000x better! The job took about 30 minutes in total to complete.

Xtrons Audi Headunit – Worth it?

So far so good , I am very happy with the headunit. Some things I like so far

  • Screen Resolution is very clear and bright
  • It is very responsive and lightening quick ( Octa Core )
  • Better sound quality than the original head unit with the ability to play around the the equalizer extensively
  • Works seamlessly with the steering wheel controls
  • Can use my phone as a hotspot so can use google chrome app , spotify etc on the unit itself
  • Doesn’t seem to put a heavy drain on the battery of the car
  • Very customizable – wallpapers , backgrounds etc
  • Comes with..

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