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Let’s talk Toxicity.

It’s 2018 and everyone is throwing around this “Toxic” word, like it’s free pussy but do we even know what Toxic really means?

Do we?


& let’s get started.

Below are a couple examples of Toxic:

Toxic like Taurus and Scorpio men.

Toxic like a nigga’s balls after a round of hooping.

Toxic like your auntie’s potato salad.

Toxic like Birdman in Lugz.

Toxic like Floyd Mayweather and R. Kelly in a spelling bee.

Toxic like the McRib from Mcdonalds.

Toxic like that unleveled ph balance.

Toxic like having roaches and Honey Smacks in the same crib.

Toxic like a short man in your DMs.

Toxic like two fat bitches in a peacot.

Toxic like that two month old quick weave.

Toxic like the back of Forest Whitaker’s neck.


Toxic like the nigga you’re dating.

Toxic: containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation

In the vocabulary of Donald Trump, toxic is a very very bad thing, it’s hugely bad.

Toxicity is something you don’t want in any of your relationships.

If your friends are toxic, your man is toxic, your dog or cat is toxic, shit if your moma is toxic…


But fuck your mother, is the nigga you’re letting smash your buttery buns to smithereens toxic?

The one you’re letting fuck you into oblivion?

The one who tells you he was shooting dice until 5 am?

The one who borrows your car to jugg all day & night?

The one you’re fucking and giving your all to.

Is he toxic?

He is sweetie, he is.

He’s toxic.

Toxic men carry around emotional trauma which is then fueled by a society that lets men reign over women.

I lost you?

Emotional/Mental trauma + Patriarchal Society + Penis = Toxic Men

We don’t police men like we police women.

How long did we let Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, & R. Kelly go unpunished?

Actually, what about the regular degular men who assault and attack women for rejecting them?

And Men aren’t Toxic?

Men are entitled creatures of nature.

And you should honestly…

You will die, a toxic nigga will kill you.

Yes, I’m dramatic.

Yes, he will kill you.

You’ll end up emotionally and mentally dead fucking with a toxic man.

Sis I know the dick good but look at yourself.

Toxic dick be so damn fye tho.

The toxic dick is good because it’s covered in lies and manipulation.

It’s like when you holding a nigga down in jail and he promises you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, two Pomeranian puppies, matching tattoos, a promise ring and of course his loyalty.

Toxic men lie, and manipulate for their betterment.


Stop entertaining toxic men, you knew who he was within the first three months.

Look at yourself hoe, the bags under your eyes, the constant worry and distraught.

He’s toxic if he causes you more worry than comfort.

Write that down hoe.

Ladies if you’ve read my blog before you know I got us, I got you and I forever.

Men you know I got…

I have nothing for you niggas.

“Bashing men” (calling out patriarchy) is nothing new for this blog.

Patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. 

Until men understand their contributions to this patriarchy and male dominated society we will forever have TOXIC MEN!

I need all the niggas with big dicks to step up and be men. Damn

Check your male friends.

Check yourself pussy boi.

The niggas gone hate me for this one.

The Toxic ones.

To the toxic men this blog will mirror you.

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and fucks like a duck…it’s a toxic nigga.

I Just had to write this and let you in on two things,

One: What is a toxic man?

Two: You can not fix men.


I’m not gone tell nobody else, but beloved that’s not your job.

Ladies I know you want to fix him, clean him all up and get rid of his demons. Like the little clean up woman you are, you’re so cute.

You waiting around on a nigga to..

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DISCLAIMER: This blog almost didn’t get written because I had to choose to either pay my internet bill or eat for the rest of the week.

A choice was made.

And we’re here

Blogging for 300 please.

Food ain’t really shit anyway, just a lil nourishment.

Welcome to Adulting.

I’m here sacrificing myself to provide a little insight on the truths about Adulting.

If you’re underage and reading this please hold on tight, you’re in for THE reality check of your life.

If you’re of age and reading this, then NIGGA we made it.

You stayed ten toes down.

You’re breathing, you’re alive, and you’re well an adult.

Before we get started on the ins and outs of adulthood I just want to say one ting, and one ting only:


Our mothers could’ve easily swallowed, or even SPIT (something I personally don’t condone)

Swallowed or SPAT.

Simple shit.

Dang Moma.


Being a kid was fun, no responsibilities, no cares in the world, no bills, no abortions.

Sorry, Typo.

But anyways, we’re here in our early AND late 20’s paying bills, ending relationships, mending relationships, quitting our jobs, starting businesses/brands, going to weddings, stealing tissue from work, going to baby showers, stretching our last $7, clinging to our youth and pulling out our hair.

We are all Britney Spears in the year 2007.

Shit stressful bruh.

Let’s all gather in laughter and reminisce at the times we wished we were grown.

We some big ass goofies.

We don’t know if we’e coming or going, if we want to be single or in a relationship, if we want to fuck or suck, but mostly if we want to delete all of our social media and run away from the world.

We Don’t Have the Answers.

We LOST as fuck. Lol

And we all need help, which is why we’re HERE.

Me writing and you reading.

Usually I have the answers, but this topic got a bitch questioning herself.

Adulting : to carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals.

Basically, Adulting = Slow death

We (grown ass people) have to complete duties and responsibilities with total lack of knowledge, with random vicissitudes, with shock, with surprise, and the big one with ambivalence.

Shit just be coming out the woodworks.

Our parents warned us, but did they really tell us it would be like this?

Yeah you grown, but you ain’t grown grown.

Can you file your own taxes?

Who still has their mother making their doctor’s appointment?


The kicker is…y’all be fucking, getting hit from the back, swallowing dick, eating pussy & ass, sucking toes, and trying anal without lube.

But y’all Moma still making doctor appointments and maybe even washing your clothes?



I’m here to tell everyone to MAN TF UP.

It’s time to grow up.

It’s time to be intentional about our finances, relationships, and self care.


We didn’t ask to be here, but got damn it we here.

Adulting is hard, there should be courses implemented in high schools nationwide.

Adulting is not only finances, (debts, sallie mae, credit cards, personal spending, parking tickets, and bills, bills, bills).

Adulting is also finding yourself and the relationships that are meant for you.

But most importantly adulting is those damn bills.

Lining up every month like they waiting for government cheese.

Our bills are bullies.

In order to be an adult we must take accountability and responsibility for our actions and our words.

We can not avoid our problems!

Y’all can hear me.

I said we can not avoid our problems, grown ups don’t move like that.

We have to face all of our problems head on, with big dick energy.

Make our problems our bitch.

Because these things:

Are inevitable.

With adulting comes anxiety, stress, and negativity.

Problems are inevitable and you’re not the only mf going through something, so save your tears hoe.

We have to work THROUGH our problems not around them.

Let’s admit it, it’s hard out here.

Not only are we on the journey to finding our true self, we have to pay to stay alive.


But how can we manage all of this? How are we getting up daily knocking this shit out?

How do we deal with stress? Deal with low credit scores? Deal with fuck niggas and snake bitches? How do we balance our family and social life? How do we keep up our appearance and wardrobe?

Nigga HOW!

Let’s break this shit all the way down.

First things first Rest In Peace Uncle Phil forreal.

Second thing, as an adult you can NOT be lazy.

Laziness will kill you and your adult dreams.

A lazy Bitch is a bum one.

A lazy nigga is a man without a plan.

Here’s four must haves as an adult:

Organization/Time Management

Get organized! This is crucial. I’m still struggling with organization, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Do as I say, not as I do.

The easiest way to start organizing your life is to get rid of dead weight (this includes people)

Get rid of those old clothes, shoes, niggas, bitches.

If it’s not feeding your spirit, dead it.

Clean HOUSE!

Holding on to shit that you don’t need, or people who aren’t reciprocating your energy is stalling your growth.

How are you supposed to be a grown up without growth?

Next, grab some organizers, schedulers, and planners.

I’m talking to the niggas too.

Schedule your pussy appointments.

Y’all can do that tho, tuh.

If planners don’t work, organize on your phone. I know you don’t put that lil mf down.

Manage your time or you’ll die.

Sorry that was a little dramatic, but fr.


Events, family gatherings, social gatherings, personal time.

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The rules, the guidelines, and the commandments to being a  BAD BITCH.

Ladies welcome,

Men nice to have you,

If you’re a man reading this blog, it will help you find the perfect woman.

If you’re a woman reading this blog you’ll learn how to be the perfect woman.

So basically I need everybody to take notes in this bitch.

A Bad Bitch is a rarity.

A Jewel.

A Gem.


Not every woman is a bad bitch, lets get this straight.

It’s levels to this shit.

And some of you bitches are lil mamas.

Baby Bitches.

Not bad ones.

A baddie is NOT just a woman of “beautiful” societal set features.

A Bad Bitch is a woman who is  sexually, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially confident.

Confident is the key term. Without confidence you have nothing.

Self-Confidence in each of the previously mentioned categories is what makes you a Bad Bitch.

Say EVERYTHING with your chest.

Own yourself. Accept yourself. Walk in self-confidence daily and live without insecurities.

Too many times women let their insecurities get the best of them.

You can point a bitch out with insecurities real quick like pointing out your man in a crowded party.

We can see it.

They don’t want to tell y’all, but confidence is honestly and truly the key to life.

You have to be confident in your looks, your personality, and your talent or you will FAIL at life.

It’s a harsh reality but the truth.

This blog will give you the rules and regulations to Being a Bad Bitch.

But who the hell am I to be giving out bad bitch bible lessons?

A Bad Bitch.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way:

It looks like School is in session.

And for the first assignment we’ll knock out the people who don’t agree with the term bad bitch.

“But my Momma said a woman shouldn’t call herself a bitch”

Bitch shutup.

If you’re one of those people who say women shouldn’t call themselves “bad bitches” why did you even click the link?

You’re intrigued and it’s ok.

The phrase or term “Bad Bitch” shouldn’t carry the negative connotation that it does.

Shidd, I look at it how black people look at the word nigga.

But that’s just me.

Women took something negative and made it theirs.

It’s endearment if anything.

A Bad B*tch is a woman who is self respected, self-righteous, knows her self-worth, strong willed, and most importantly confident.

A woman who knows who she is, a woman you can not play with.

She’s dangerous.

An advocator, a friend, a fighter, a diva.

A hustler, motivator, and an achiever.

A leader, a lover.

A woman.

A Bad Bitch is a woman who is sexually, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially confident.

The Breakdown. SEXUALLY

Okay, So the first thing we NOT gone do is lie and say looks don’t matter.

That’s just what we not gone do.

Secondly this is not about fucking.

Ya’ll was just too READY.

It’s about SEX APPEAL.

Every woman must carry sex appeal, especially if you’re lacking in the face.

Be sexy beloved.

Sex appeal is what every bad bitch carries on the outside and feels on the inside. It’s every woman’s weapon , her desirability.

Sex appeal is always about mystery. What’s to her? What’s in her fucking box?

Your sex appeal is VITAL.

It leaves men wondering, and these bitches wondering too.

It’s like you can look but you can’t touch and that’s always a fun game.

Sex appeal ladies and gentlemen is having people drawn to you, enticed by you, and longing to be near you.

To be confident in this area is to “use what ya mama gave you”.

It’s all in the eyes, smile with your eyes.

To be desired is to be wanted, and this can be used to your advantage.

Use your sex appeal to get what you want. Get those discounts, get those deals, get that free food, get that dick.

Get that shit.

Turn on your sex appeal and it’s already yours.

Bring men to their knees for no reason at all.

It’s your desirability.

Sex appeal can be boosted or enhanced by learning your face/angles, learning your fashion style, hitting the gym, changing your hair, and smelling good.

No more Love Spell.

And drink water hoe.

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Welp this is it…

The last component of the Double Standard in Doses.

And of course it’s about fucking.

It’s my favorite topic, it’s one of my favorite past times.

But unfortunately this blog is not about getting bent over the sink in your clear heels after a wild night of clubbing.

It’s not about how to fuck or how to suck, but I might throw a couple of tips in there.

It’s about the double standard, hence the title.

We all know how the double standard does women when it comes down to sex, but if you don’t know you came to the right blog to figure it out.

Sex is sex.

Sex is used as stimulation.

Sex is used for reproduction.

Fucking is vital.

Your body needs dick, your body needs pussy.

Shit sometimes ya body needs both.

Sorry, that was for my wild bitches.

or my down low men.

Sorry, I keep getting distracted, back to fucking.

God is one of them niggas.

He created sex.


You see, sex is a natural occurrence.

It’s like walking, talking, breathing, eating or sending me $50 on cash app.


God created sex just for us. For you and I. And by you and I mean women and men.

He didn’t just create sex for men.

Now, that would just be silly.

My God ain’t silly.

Bitches gotta cum too.

Sex is still a male dominated topic and occurrence.

As much as women want the power over their sex, sex appeal, and sexuality we still don’t have it.

Women get bashed for enjoying sex, having multiple sex partners, or even for being sexy.


Bitches can’t catch a break around here, but men….

Men are allowed to fuck whomever they please and skedaddle.

It’s the double standard.

The good Ole: “FUCK & DUCK”

The fuck and Duck is just what it sounds like.

It’s the hit and quit.

It’s the “so what you about to do?”

Fucking and ducking is having sex with someone maybe once, maybe twice, and without warning kicking them to the curb.

Or it can simply be using someone for sex.

Nothing wrong with the fuck and duck, to be quite honest.

You just got GOT.

But it is a problem when women try to “fuck and Duck” and it doesn’t work out in her favor.

She just came to get some dick and leave that’s it.

But now she’s a hoe with no morals nor values.

Why can’t women fuck and Duck like men without being subjected to cruelty and slander?

Men aren’t crucified for their whore-ish behaviors, but my girls are.

Men, trust me…women wonder about how you get to slang dick without consequences.

I’m personally tired.

Let these women hoe in peace.

Let women enjoy sex.

If women are hoes, men are hoes too.

Because if you don’t give a damn, we don’t give a fuck!

We all hoes in this bitch.

But somehow we got to this injustice.

How are men allowed to have leverage when it comes to sex? How do they get to write the rules and have control of who’s allowed to do what?

This is what it trickles down to:

The 3 Double Standards of the Fuck&Duck

1. Women aren’t allowed to enjoy sex.

Well we enjoy it anyway, we enjoy it anyway because that’s how we are.

Y’all make bitches feel guilty after she buss a nut or two.

If women fucked two niggas in a one week and didn’t see if they made it home safely, what type a bitch would she be?

A whore, BINGO.

Men are heralded for fucking sisters, friends, and momas, but women are stigmatized if they choose to do the EXACT same thing.

Let’s take that in.

They put women in a box and make them conform to the sexual standards of society.

This is how strippers get labeled as hoes for dancing.

Dancing not fucking.

Women can’t fuck and Duck, because they’ll be some duck ass hoes. It’s just as simple as that.

Fuck y’all,

Ladies go hoe as you please, wear condoms, and wax your pussy.

2. Men look at sex as something to do TO a woman not something to do WITH a woman.

Women I’m here tapping on your shoulder waking you up.

Get y’all lil ass up.

They look at it like it’s another task on their errand list.

For instance, it’s like mowing the lawn.

It’s a task that has to get completed.

You think men see mowing the lawn as something the lawn and them are doing TOGETHER?

You always hear “yea I fucked her” not “yea we had sex“.

Sex is not an emotional connection for men.

I mean yes, sex means something to them, but they don’t take it AS serious as women.

I know you bitches think your pussy made in him fall in love.

I know you do.

But In all honesty men are so detached from their feelings and emotions that sex won’t evoke those feelings.

He’s balls deep inside of you and still don’t feel you sis.

It’s a sad reality.

Sex is mechanical for men not emotional. This why they can fuck and Duck with no problem.

And men know this, they use sex to play on your emotions.

Men am I right?

Guess I’m loud.

Women see sex as a bonding experience, men see it as a release.

It’s more common for a woman to be dickmatized than it is for a man to be pussy whipped.

3. Last but not least,

As promised…

Ladies drink lots of water before you suck his dick, your mouth has to be extremely moisturized and ready.

If your jaws get tired, take his penis and rub the tip around your gums in clockwise motion.

Men PLEASE learn how to eat pussy, I swear y’all don’t know how.

I’m a woman of my word.

Double Standards won’t go away after this mini series, they won’t disappear from society.


But, I need men to help me understand why women can’t do what they do?

Help me understand this.

I guess I’m a Ghetto Feminist, sue me.

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I’m here to get a couple things off of my chest.

One: Women Must Stop being dependent.

Two: Men must stop associating their self-worth to money.

Three: The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

Four: I got some good pussy.

Welcome back for part two of “The Double Standard in Doses” 

And as we all know the title is a lie.

You bitches be broke too. Ain’t got shit but a pocket full of lent and 6 pennies to your name.

Don’t got two nickels to rub together.

Some of you young ladies are walking around holding on to your money like it’s your last $40…

Hold tight.

Strutting around with a pocketful of imagination.

This title:

“Why Broke Boys Exist and Broke Girls Don’t” This title right here nigga is nothing but click bait.

I know you girls and gals ain’t got shit, but a used pack of swisher sweets filled up to the brim with the guts of the blunts.

Ya broke.

And you exist.

Broke Girls exist just like Broke Boys but we only condemn, banish, and abolish one group.

The Men.

When really we have to come together as family and spit on broke bitches like we spit on broke men.

As a unit.

And when I say broke I don’t literally money.

I mean dependency.

Yes, The struggle is real out here but turn your hustle up.

I’m sick and tired of women’s source of money coming from a man.

I’m calling all of you hoes out!

I mean who gone beat my ass?

Women, you’re sitting on the couch wondering when should you get a job, when should you start a career, when should you stop asking for handouts…

Do it now!

Get the fuck up hoe.

Too many women are settling, waiting on handouts, or even sacrificing their own dreams for men.

Who raised y’all?

Independent bitches where you at?

Y’all get the utmost respect from me.

Why are women allowed to be so reliant on men, but men aren’t allowed to be reliant on women?

I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all.

Let’s break that cycle and end that tradition.

This is not the 1800’s.

We are letting women get by on Co-dependency.

We have normalized “broke boys” but you almost never hear “broke girls”.

Why is this?

When we scream, “God y’all some broke boys, but whisper Broke girls.

We put the pressure on men to be independently successful, but not the women.

If a woman ends up dependent it’s no big deal.

But honestly,

That’s a bum bitch.

We’d be sick if our nigga came to us every week asking for $40 dollars.

$40 funky dollars bro.

Boy get the fuck out of my face, right?

You know there’s different Types of broke boys who get scrutinized and demeaned.

But broke women should meet that same fate.

Women must be independent.

Yes, broke niggas disgust me, but broke bitches disgust me too.

We pay it no mind when a woman is leeching off a man.

It’s the double standard.

It’s one thing for a woman to be out here doing her own shit and being spoiled by her man on top of that.

That’s a bad bitch.

But waiting on a man to feed and clothe you?

Who made y’all?

It is somewhat “ok” for women to be dependent even in 2018. 

 Pussy can’t be your only hustle. 

It stink anyway sis.

This dependency hinders the female population and contributes to the patriarchal system.

Women are helping men win, by depending on them. 

Allowing men to have all of the power, the say so.

Bitches have to stop being so needy.

Waiting on their source of nutrition to come from a nigga.

What you gone do when he leave you sis?

Get a grip bitches. Get your own whatever that may be.

By depending on men to put the food on the table you are keeping men as the superior gender, keeping them in power.

Even if you are out here selling pussy, what are you doing with that hard earned money sissy?

I mean sure

But be a smart hoe.

If I catch another bitch out here selling ass and not stacking that cash, I’m fucking beating they ass.

Hold up I might’ve just did something


I need women to stop depending on men for handouts.

There I Said it.

Because if a man did it he would be a sorry ass nigga.

Well it’s some sorry ass bitches out here, can I get an Amen?

We are living in the era of women, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

(Take advantage)

Women are becoming the bread winners and soon the men won’t be able to handle it.

It’s like men MUST have money or we feed them to the wolves.

It’s fuck broke niggas to the death of us!!!

But it’s not our fault we think like this…

For far too long we’ve allowed men to associate their ego, their pride, even their personality to MONEY.

If a man is broke,

That’s it for him. You might as well wrap his ass up and ship him off.

If some of these men didn’t have money they’d be truly useless to society.

It’s sad really.

But it’s their fault,

You ask a nigga what his name is and he answers,

“Shorty, I have three businesses, a 401k, and money out the ass, I can buy you bitch.


ok I guess sir.

Men don’t know who they are without money.

It’s like they compensate.

A nigga can’t wait to tell you how much money he has just to not share it.

You ask a nigga for $40, and you a gold digging broke bitch, but here he is posting all of his money to Twitter and IG waiting to get robbed?

Men take money very serious.

They’d lose their pride, their self-worth, and their mind without it.

And we deem them as broke boys because of this.

We don’t see women as broke girls because women don’t attribute their worth to money, men do.

What’s wrong with men?

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Welcome back, welcome back, welcomeee back.

Welcome back to Diamond’s Dosage.

If you’re new to this blog then you’re in for a ride, but if you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you already know what the fuck is going on.

You’re in hell and I’m the Devil’s Advocate.

And no I’m not literally advocating for the devil you silly mfs.

But I AM…

a woman who expresses a contentious opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments.


And that’s what a devil’s advocate does.

We undermine, we get the people going, and we assess the results.

WE make people face their truth…in the most unconventional way.

We’re controversial.


But enough about little ole me,

You’re here for one reason…..or 5.

WE all have cheated, been cheated on, or shit CHEATING right the fuck now.

I won’t tell.


Because at the end of the day this blog is NOT here to justify or dismantle your cheating toxic behaviors.

 Go to The Shaderoom for that.

 It’s here to depict the underlying reasons as to why men are ALLOWED to cheat, and women… well women…

 Just Aren’t.

When a woman cheats she is cut off and left for dead.

A woman is crucified, ostracized and begins to unofficially wear THE SCARLETT LETTER.


She popped her pussy for ONE extra nigga and her boyfriend all of a sudden wants to cut her loose?

Niggas not shit.

The bitch is condemned. She becomes useless once she cheats and her partner finds out.

But do men become useless? 

I think we all know the answer to that. It’s like men get passes for cheating because they are men.

Women just DEAL with it, because society has said it’s okay.

WOMEN are taught to be blind to the bullshit and let the nigga come back time after time.

It’s like a nigga fucking up a sack and getting it RIGHT BACK.

Women are the sacks men fuck up, emotionally abuse, and leave for dead.

But a man KNOWS that he can get his bitch back,

Because Society has conditioned this.

Niggas come right back just like ya pubic hair.

The nerve, the audacity. 

How many men have taken their woman back after they found out she was throwing it back for another man?


How many women have taken their man back after they found out he was giving out community dick like  free condoms on a college campus?

All of our dumb ass.


It’s the double standard.

You see we use double standards to our advantage.

As much as women LOVE to scream things like:

“I hate double standards“


Why do men get to fuck 50-11 women and he’s a playa, but if IIIIIII do it I’m a hoe?

But ain’t this the same bitch paying $10 to get in the club, while our black brother pays $63 and some change.

Girl please.

A double standard is a double standard.

Yelling out double standards can be like playing the race card.

Or maybe double standards are like hoes, we use them when we need them.

It’s either we accept them all or leave them all in the dust.

Because when we DO use them we do so to our advantage; we use them to maniupulate and exceed.

Ya’ll ever seen a stud stand in line to get in free before 11 p.m?

I’m sure you have.

She only used the double standard to her advantage. Don’t hate the playa hate the game.

Double standards are tricky.

Because as a woman, yes I want to pay less, but do I want to make less?

And as a man yes you want to make more, but do you reallyyyy want to pay the rent and allll of the bills? Do you?

Shit stressful bruh.

Society has created these standards.

Double Standards are nothing but boundaries and roles, used to keep us in our place.

Control, conformity, compliance.

But How has these standards effected us and our  relationships?

DOUBLE STANDARDS have done more harm than justice to our relationships especially our intimate relationships.

We go into relationships with double standards. We see the men a as protectors, and providers, we see the women as nurturers and sex objects.

We define roles, that come with double standards.

Society has fed us bullshit, brainwashed us, and left us to feen for ourselves.

Illuminati please don’t come for me.

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Not giving a Fuck is easy right? Just…

If NOT giving a F*ck was easy you wouldn’t be here now would you?

You’re not as brazen as you think, most of you are pussies. 


Some pussy ass niggas and some pussy ass bitches. Yea, we starting the blog off just like that. Leave now or forever hold your peace.

Back to yall pussy ass,

NOT giving a fuck is a skill that not many possess. I know, I know, I know you think you’re apart of that 1%.

I know you do.



and it’s ok.

You pissed at this blog? Just stay with me it’s not over. 

To be quite frank, we all give a fuck about SOMETHING. 

Because honestly,

We humans in this bitch.

It’s not only normal to give a fuck but it’s also natural to give a fuck.

It not about NOT giving a fuck, it about your distribution of fucks to give.

Stay with me, it’ll make sense later.

This blog serves as a double conundrum. “How to Not Give a F*ck” is just not that easy.



We all have some fucks to give, but we must pay attention to who and where our fucks are going.

Because honestly I need people to give a fuck about certain things like:

Passing the third grade with the rest of your friends.

Telling your friend her breath stank, her tongue too.

BLOCKING Sallie Mae on your caller id.

Eating pussy with ya ass up in the air.

Cleaning your earring backs.

Dear, You’re sour.

Most importantly washing that ass:

Please wash your ass.

Wash that mf from the front to the back.

Use a white towel to see your damage.


You see,


People live their lives TRYING TO NOT GIVE A FUCK. 

That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works.

It’s ok, breathe again.  Giving a fuck is ok.

When has something eaten you alive but you decided to YELL I don’t give a fuck?


Human to human,

Disguising your feelings isn’t healthy nor is it real.

Because when you don’t give a fuck you don’t have to yell it from the mountain tops.

When you scream “I don’t give a fuck”

And adding context clues to you not giving a fuck…

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I think you can wake up and change your mind. About everything.

I think you can be whatever you want to be, even happy. Wake up and make a fucking decision.

Make the decision to walk away from everything draining you. Let her/him go. Stop talking to your dysfunctional ass family. Know that it’s okay for family members to be toxic and understand just because they’re family they may not mean you any good.

Stop letting people’s fears stop you from facing yours. Go after everything you want because…if you work hard enough, it’ll be yours one day.

End pointless friendships.

Make the decision to only have relationships in your life that nourish you. Only surround yourself with people that empower you.

Stand up for yourself. Face your traumas. Go to therapy. Save yourself from yourself.

Let somebody fucking love you. They didn’t hurt you…the people in your past did.

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