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Looking for Tinder Profile Examples for Men? How about learning from the most swiped-right men profiles onTinder? Are they Gods? Aliens? Men of otherworldly handsomeness and wisdom?

No my friends, they just happen to be doing something right. Let’s see what we can learn from them so that your Tinder profiles can also be a success!

10 Tinder Profile Examples & Tips From Most Right-Swiped Men on Tinder 1. DAVID – 26, Bradford, Compliance Worker

What’s your Tinder bio?  My name and my location. 

Opening line?  ”Hello :)” It’s worked out so far.

Best date you’ve had? At Go Ape, on a whim. It was different, and sometimes one-to-one can be a bit intense. 

What makes you swipe right? Nice hair, that’s always a bonus. 

What makes you swipe left?  If they come across as judgemental in their bio” 

Takeaway: What we can gather from David’s profile is that, even though he doesn’t have a bio, he does have his occupation and location, which helps at giving a bit more credibility to his profile. Also, although his picture is a selfie, he managed to do so in a way that his face is clearly seen! 

2. VITALIJUS –33, London, Cabin-Crew Manager 

What’s your Tinder bio? “I like it simple and honest. Chemistry is all that matters. Terms and conditions apply.”

Opening line?  “How’ve you been?” 

Best date you’ve had? I matched with someone who lives in Panama, but we didn’t manage to meet. We kept in touch and ended up going on a date in London six weeks later. 

What makes you swipe right? A genuine look. 

What makes you swipe left? When all the pictures are selfies. 

Takeaway: Vitalijus photo is perfect, a smile, showing his face clearly, without any distractors. His bio is short and to the point. Notice the “terms and conditions apply”? Is a funny way to say that you have standards without explicitly saying so in an obnoxious way. Furthermore, it does imply a bit of a challenge ahead. 

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3. VINCENT –23, Bristol, Student

What’s your Tinder bio?  “London Boy.” [He grew up there.]

Opening line?  “Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.”

Best date you’ve had?  I’m not huge on the “let’s go for a drink” thing. My perfect date would be Laser Quest!

What makes you swipe right? I quite like it when people have done cool stuff. Anything that’s not just five selfies. 

What makes you swipe left?  Snapchat filters. That’s off-putting 

Takeaway: Now Vincent here is a bit bold, with a real close-up picture of his face. His bio, while not as long as we would like it does give a bit of interesting info and it might be a conversation opener considering that he states is place of origin, showing that with just one interesting fact you can do a lot for your profile. 

4. JOHN –31, London, Operations Director

What’s your Tinder bio?  “Loves dogs, seeing friends, travelling.”

Opening line?  If there’s something interesting in their pictures or bio, I’ll ask about that. 

Best date you’ve had? I went with a Spanish girl to Bunkers del Carmel, these civil war ruins that have the highest vantage point over Barcelona. The language barrier was made easier by how picturesque it all was. 

What makes you swipe right?  When a profile seems like an honest reflection of a person, not totally staged.

What makes you swipe left? Snapchat filters. Instant swipe left 

Takeaway: This is a perfect example of a very short list for a bio but with good info. Travelling can be the perfect starter for a conversation, like “what places have you been to?” He also has his occupation listed and his photo is pure gold, not only his smiling like crazy but also he makes sure they know which one is him in a hilarious way. 

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5. CHRIS – 25, London, Corporate Investigator

What’s your Tinder bio?  “Love the outdoors and dogs. Value laughter, a good Negroni and the simple things in life. Ideally looking for someone to build a fort with in the living room of a Sunday. Let’s grab a drink?”

Opening line?  “Is there a boyfriend I should be concerned about?” 

Best date you’ve had?  Probably when I was in Sydney using Tinder internationally to meet new people. I went to a bar with my date, and then we met up a couple more times to explore the city together. 

What makes you swipe right? Good pictures and taste in music. 

What makes you swipe left?  Obnoxious bios making demands like, “If you’re not gym-fit, don’t swipe right”. 

Takeaway: His bio sounds authentic and casual, with various things that can help start or maintain a conversation. Any Negroni lovers out there might be interested and the “looking for someone” part creates engagement. The best part? The closing with a question, direct engagement, which is always a plus.  

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6. DAVID – 34, London, Revenue Control Team Leader

What’s your Tinder bio?  “Midlands boy, living in the big smoke.”

Opening line?  Just the typical, “Hey, how are you?” It tends to work. 

Best date you’ve had?  When we ended up doing shots with the barman in a tapas place! It all got a bit crazy. 

What makes you swipe right? Aesthetically, a great smile and eyes. 

What makes you swipe left? People in sunglasses. It’s like,”Hello, I can’t see your eyes!” 

Takeaway: Now, in all honestly, I’m not a fan of this one, but maybe that’s just me. Abs-showing selfies in the mirror is not the best way to get those swipes, however, the bio although not that long does have a bit of information about where he comes from, and the comment about London is dry but does make him sound a bit interesting to talk to, so don’t be afraid to be a bit of a cynic! 

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7. PABLO – 34, London, Head of Trading Services

What’s your Tinder bio? It’s deliberately blank. 

Opening line?  “Where are you from?” Everybody’s up for answering that. 

Best date you’ve had? Being taken to a good restaurant and having my wine preferences described perfectly to the sommelier. I’d have thought that behaviour on a date was tacky, but I was surprised by the knowledge behind it. 

What makes you swipe right? Someone who looks natural and whose photos were taken by others. 

What makes you swipe left? When pictures seem to include their exes. 

Takeaway: Another empty bio! I must admit, I am surprised. Let’s look a bit closer. Now, Pablo does have a great picture (smile, great background, casually dressed) but an empty bio tends to be a big no. However, his occupation is amongst Tinder’s most swiped-right occupations. See why is so important to put that down? 

8. BRYAN – 28, Tipperary, Irish Dancer

What’s your Tinder bio? “Southern-Irish guy. Dancer in Riverdance and have travelled the world touring. Now teach kids. Primary-school teaching degree with German. Model. Love all sports; athletics, football, tennis. Animal lover – especially dogs!” 

Opening line?  I usually chat about something in their bio. 

Best date you’ve had?  A second date. We walked on Brighton pier at sunset. I was due to fly out that night, but changed it last-minute. 

What makes you swipe right? Someone who’s physically active. 

What makes you swipe left?  Cockiness. 

Takeaway: Now, Danny aside from showing his great smile has a picture with a puppy, that although stereotypical, is followed by a comment on his bio about loving dogs, so this dog is probably his, which is a plus (guys posing with random dogs is the definition of trying too hard). Also, his bio is pretty good with a lot of information on it which is always encouraged. Not only his occupation but also his hobbies! 

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9. DANNY – 23, Nottingham, Student

What’s your Tinder bio? ”Down to earth guy looking for mates and dates. Love to travel and any excuse to see the world and explore new places.” 

Opening line?  “Hey, how’s you?” Straight to the point. 

Best date you’ve had? Watching Sunset Boulevard. We had orchestra seats and it was amazing because I’d never done anything like that before. 

What makes you swipe right? Career-minded people. I’m a sucker for a suit. 

What makes you swipe left? Snapchat filters or no bio. 

Takeaway: Danny has a great picture because first he is alone, second his face shows clearly and third, there’s no partying going on. His bio is a good compliment, with information about one of his hobbies –traveling- and what he is looking for. Casual, but effective.  

10. PETER – 24, Manchester, Postgraduate Student

What’s your Tinder bio? “Irish Citizen with a British accent. If you need an EU passport without arousing the suspicions of your Brexit family, I’m your man. Dog ownership a plus. References available upon request.” 

Opening line? I personalise it each time. 

Best date you’ve had?  We went into Primark with 10minutes and £15 to buy each other an outfit, and did a mini-golf course dressed up. 

What makes you swipe right?  If they seem to have a life outside of social media. 

What makes you swipe left? Exclusively group photos. 

Takeaway: Now, you can guess by now what I’m about to say. Photo: Very nice, shows his features clearly and there are no distractors. Occupation is in there too and the comment on the bio is pretty funny and engages the reader, which as we have said, definitely gives some bonus point to the probabilities of getting swiped right.

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So in summary, what have we learned today?  

You have to play to your strengths, and if you have a great job? Don’t hesitate to put that on your profile!

Give some information, hobbies or things you like in general. Engage! This always helps on getting that swipe right because the other person feels involved already, and remember, is all about getting a reaction! 

So go ahead and update that profile if you haven’t already done so, now you know the tips, and you got them from the very best.

Editorial Notice: Thanks to Cosmopolitan Magazine for making this post possible by facilitating the statistics and data from Tinder.

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Panicked about sending messages? Use the Super Send feature and allow Zoosk to do it for you.

  • Free version: Yes
  • One-month: $29.95/month
  • Three-months: $19.98/month
  • Six-months: $12.49/month

Who’s online: With over 30 million app downloads, you can find over 40,000,000 singles worldwide on Zoosk.

How it works: Like a good wingman (or wing woman), Zoosk starts to understand you more and more as time goes on to help introduce you to the person you can spend the night or rest of your life with. The site’s unique algorithm recognizes your preferences through the actions you take. The more you interact with the site, the better it can match you with your ideal human. 

Features for introverts: The SmartPick can really be your best friend, serving as the best icebreaker.  If both you and someone you’re interested in both vote “yes” on each other’s profiles, the SmartPick feature will let you know the good news by email and shoot you a message in your Zoosk inbox. Another good option is the Super Send feature, which could help eliminate the scary feeling from being the one to make the first move. Choose a message to break the ice, then allow Zoosk to blast it out for you using Super Send. If someone indicates they’re interested by writing back, then you get to view each other’s profiles.

What it’ll cost you: A one-month subscription will run you $29.95, three months costs $19.98 per month, and six months is just $12.49 per month.

Try it free: Zoosk.com

  • The Good
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Intuitive and modern design
  • Ease of use
  • The Bad
  • You need a subscription to do anything on the site
  • Facebook account required
  • Too many dead and fake accounts
  • Bottom Line

While Zoosk has millions of users on its platform, not many of them are active or in use. The dating site is really easy and convenient to use, but you it will be challenging to actually match and meet with someone special.

Who’s online: With over 30 million app downloads, you can find over 40,000,000 singles worldwide on Zoosk.

How it works: Like a good wingman (or wing woman), Zoosk starts to understand you more and more as time goes on to help introduce you to the person you can spend the night or rest of your life with. The site’s unique algorithm recognizes your preferences through the actions you take. The more you interact with the site, the better it can match you with your ideal human. 

Features for introverts: The SmartPick can really be your best friend, serving as the best icebreaker.  If both you and someone you’re interested in both vote “yes” on each other’s profiles, the SmartPick feature will let you know the good news by email and shoot you a message in your Zoosk inbox. Another good option is the Super Send feature, which could help eliminate the scary feeling from being the one to make the first move. Choose a message to break the ice, then allow Zoosk to blast it out for you using Super Send. If someone indicates they’re interested by writing back, then you get to view each other’s profiles.

What it’ll cost you: A one-month subscription will run you $29.95, three months costs $19.98 per month, and six months is just $12.49 per month.

Try it free: Zoosk.com

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Tinder and Bumble are two of the most downloaded dating apps out there, with more than 50 million and 40 million users respectively. Although Tinder predates Bumble by 2 years, the difference in the number of users is not that great, as you can see.

Does that mean that Bumble could surpass Tinder in the upcoming future?

Well, we certainly can’t tell you that for sure, but such a growth in such little time definitely speaks wonders for Bumble. Here we’ll compare some aspects of Tinder and Bumble, the second most popular dating app out there, and let you be the judge of which one is actually better!

1. The demographics:

Tinder Has 2x More Men Compared To Women

A thing in which Tinder and Bumble greatly differ is the women/men ratio, with double the number of men than women, this certainly represents an important difference.

From a female point of view this might be considered as a great advantage because they have a wider selection from where to choose from. It might sound a bit cold but if you see it from and offer-demand point of view, it’s always better to be in the side of the most demanded than on that of the greatest offer.

Therefore, this could actually be detrimental to the guys using Tinder, because this implies a lot of competition out there, with a smaller sample of women to match with.

Bumble’s 59% of Users are Females:

Bumble’s gender graph makes it fairer for both sides, as it does allow more balanced interaction. Also, for the ladies out there that might feel a bit overwhelmed about all the messages they’re getting, this might help to keep things a bit calmer.

2 .The First Move

In Bumble, the ladies make the first move.

This can be seen from a lot of perspectives. The whole concept of the thing is to empower women to take the first step and for them not to feel too overwhelmed by all the messages.

This is easily arguable considering that on Tinder you just receive messages from your matches, who are people that you initially swiped right to, so the whole intimidating thing…might be a matter of perspective.

But it is true that some of those opening lines or first messages can be quite explicit at times, which is definitely not welcomed by the majority of women. By giving them the option to start the conversation, Bumble does make sure that women are the ones that get to try and set the tone of the conversation.

Something that does tend to happen is that on Tinder guys are more proactive and there’s an almost unspoken rule that they have to text first.

Again, it is not a rule, but it is what tends to happen for the majority of people.

This, apparently, also translates into the guys being more inclined to actually get the date and get to meet each other, which is not seen as commonly on Bumble, where a lot of conversations never lead anywhere and actually getting to the dates is not as easy.

Now, something that could contradict this a bit is a survey in which 3,852 students were interviewed and as it turns out, only 29.2% of those that used Tinder, actually got to meet their matches.

So if that’s the percentage for Tinder and we have said that in Bumble this happens even less frequently, we can guess that an even lower percentage of Bumble users actually meet their matches, which is not very encouraging. But we’ll have to wait for statistics to back up that supposition.

3. The Time Limit

Bumble is the clear Winner Here:

This is one of my favorite things about Bumble. So the girl has the opportunity to text first but only during the first 24 hours of a match, so that does add a little bit of pressure but it also pushes you and motivate you to just go for it if you actually like this guy, and I think this is a pretty good feature.

Also, say bye to all those archived matches there, which I think is also refreshing and does keep things cleaner and smoother.

On the other hand, in Tinder there’s not a thing as a time limit, so someone that texted you and you never answered to can actually keep texting you for eternity unless you un-match them.

This is not necessarily a bad thing if you believe in love at second sight or that the one that perseveres is the one that gets the cake…but Bumble’s expediency is something to consider for sure.

4. The Marriages

Yes, you read it, marriage.

According to Bumble’s CEO there have been around 20,000 marriages that have come from people meeting each other on the site.

We don’t have the numbers for Tinder, but considering that the app does have more of a hookup reputations, these numbers might differ. But this doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to find your future spouse on Bumble but these numbers do seem promising.

This also matches with the demographics we talked about earlier, it is more likely to find long-term partners if you’re mostly meeting people that have a certain stability in their lives and are in a good position to start something solid.

So maybe you go on less dates on Bumble but you get more quality dates? The jury is out on that one.

5. Gender identities

This is a huge one in our current world. Just like Bumble benefits from the feminist wave that’s been going on with their condition of women making the first move, Tinder has adapted and allows for identification as belonging to other genders aside from female and male.

#AllTypesAllSwipes | Introducing More Genders | Product Release | Tinder - YouTube

With over 50 different options for identification (and even an option to just write down how you identify), Tinder definitely wins this one over Bumble.

As progressive as Bumble is, you can only identify as either female or male, which I think is a huge drawback if they’re trying to keep up with the current times. This one is definitely a win for Tinder, because they do get a lot more downloads and a broader audience because of this option.

Tinder or Bumble – Which One For You?
  • If you’re a guy that likes to take initiative always or be more in control of who you end up texting with, you might want to go for Tinder.
  • If you are a girl that wants to make sure that you’ll have a second chance to filter through all of your matches, then Bumble might be the one for you.
  • If you don’t identify as any of the binary genders, then probably Tinder adjusts a bit more to your life since it has an option in which you can identify yourself from the start.
  • If you’re looking for a hookup you have better chances on Tinder, not to say they don’t happen on Bumble, but Tinder is definitely your go to app for these things.

This doesn’t mean that the place to finds something serious is Bumble necessarily, because there are a big number of relationships that have come from Tinder, it just might not be the easiest of the two for this purpose.

  • Tinder does have a more diverse selection of people. Be it because is the one that’s better known, or the one that has been around the longest. Either way, there are more options.
  • If you are a girl you have the added bonus of a 2:1 Male to female ratio which definitely can be an advantage at the moment of considering your options.
So which one is better?

Depends on who you are, what you are looking for and your style of approach. As always, it’s all up to you.

At the end of the day, they’re both solid platforms that help you meet new and interesting people and, hopefully, meet someone that’s looking for the same thing that you are. And isn’t that all you really want from a dating app?

My advice? (The Unpopular Opinion)

Why not download both? And just see which one adapts better to you and your lifestyle? After all, the whole idea is to enjoy yourself and explore your options, so as long as you don’t take it that seriously and it doesn’t imply a huge investment of your time, a little bit of exploring might benefit you! And then you are the one that gets to decide.

As always, enjoy! Dating apps are convenient and they can be a lot of fun if you just relax, and go at it with the best of vibes but without putting too much pressure on yourself. After all, we’re all on the same boat, looking for someone to share our time with.

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All the horror stories out there about the dangers of online dating are certainly not too far away from the truth. However, the real dangers of Tinder seem to have migrated to more technological scams. Online dating related crimes have definitely evolved, and we have to evolve with them.

The number of scams that run on Tinder is actually quite high, from the classic catfishing to Tinder bots and chatterbots, which eventually get you to provide personal information that you should never give to strangers anyways or getting you to follow links that will download malicious software into your phone.

Here are some examples of what you should be looking out for when on Tinder as well as some strategies that can make your experience more secure, so that you can safely swipe, match and chat away, in the hopes of getting an actual date instead of a conning experience.

Here are the three main threats you will find on Tinder: 1. The Catfish

Although there is an MTV show titled Catfish the TV show in which couples that had met online finally met in person and one of them turned out not to be who they had said they were, this is not a trivial matter. Feelings can be hurt, and wallets can be spent when this happens.

So what does it entail?

Basically, the person you are texting has photos on their profile that are not theirs or they have been heavily photoshopped, so they look way different there compared to their real-life personas. Now, this can be due to many reasons, the most worrying one, of course, is when they are looking to scam you out of money.

How do they do this?

I know this might be devastating if you guys have actually built something –or you think you have- but trust me on this, is time to run and save yourself some money. Unfortunately, you have been wasting your precious time with a very bad human being.

On the best of scenarios they are actually insecure about themselves or have low self-esteem and they put a different photo because they feel like they don’t have a chance with their actual picture. And yes, I said this is the best-case scenario. So at least you are not getting scammed, but you’re definitely being lied to.

Strategy: Meet this person as soon as possible! And this is actually a regular Tinder recommendation, if they are the real thing, you don’t want to let the conversation cool off. So meet them in person as soon as you can and that way you will lower your chances of falling for a scam!

2. The bot

The first sign of alert for these cases: their photos are just too good. Remember, most of the Tinder profile photos are taken by the user or someone using their phone, so they generally don’t look like magazine photos.

No, I don’t say that all awesome photos are a bot, but since these little parasites use photos from models’ Instagram or Facebook profiles, you’ll see that the photos look as if they were done by a professional because they probably were! So this is your first sign that something might be wrong.

Your second sign is the fact that they type way too fast. You got a match and immediately, less than a minute later, they text you. Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible that they had the app open when you guys matched and that they were just excited to start talking.

Two fine examples of Tinder Chat-bot scams

But if as the conversation goes it so happens that their answers keep being typed way faster than you would expect, then be careful, because you just might be dealing with a bot instead of a human being.

Another thing to look out for is the quality of the answers. With generic bots, you’re going to get very flirty messages but their answers will have a very low specificity. This is hard to determine because dating apps’ conversations sometimes tend to go this way.

The final proof though will be when they send you a link to follow. They might disguise it as a Tinder verification outlet, as an online game they want to share with you or as something else that you guys apparently have in common.

Remember when your mom told you not to accept candies from strangers? Same thing! Never, and I mean never, follow these links!

They will either lead you to a page in which you eventually have to put your credit card number or download some malicious virus or malware that’s going to go right into your phone. So please, unmatch them immediately and use some of these…

Strategies: Ask specific questions. By asking them for something specific it will be harder for the bot to actually give a satisfactory answer since it’s not programmed to do so. Another thing you can do is to throw a random word immersed in a normal sentence. If they keep going with the conversation or, even worse, use that word to continue, you’ll know you’re not talking to a human.

Also, if you see that the entire combination is there, super fast answers, amazing pictures, and generic chat, you might want to get out of there, because you are about to be scammed.

3. The Confirm Your Tinder Profile chatterbot

Now, this one is practically part of the prior one with a lot of things in common, really. The main difference is that these are more sophisticated bots and can keep up with the chat way better than the previous generic bots.

They are going to flirt with you and they might even be witty or funny. The trick?

They still have the same goal as their general bots counterpart so, sooner than later, they’ll show their true colors. And when they send you a link to go to another app, verify your account, a game, another social network, and a long etcetera, you’ll know that you haven’t been talking with someone real and that they only want to take some money from you.

This is yet another example of Tinder scam by chat-bots

So it’s time to unmatch, say goodbye, and move along, after all, there is plenty of real people out there, waiting to match with you.

Strategy: The same ones explained with the former bots apply. And remember, if they ask you to verify your account, don’t forget that Tinder doesn’t use third parties to do this, so you shouldn’t have to follow any URLs for this.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed on Tinder?

There are some things that will apply both to the catfishes out there and to the bots and chatterbots. If you have no common friends on any social media such as Instagram or Facebook, it is more likely than not that they’re not the real thing, even if their pages are extremely detailed and well-constructed, which they usually are, especially in the case of catfish.

If the Tinder profile photos are too good to be true, they might actually be, so beware of suspiciously good photos or overtly suggestive. This last thing can be used to get your attention at first and then try and scam you.

I’m not saying that if they have no bio they are a bot, but almost all bots have no bio, so there you go! Now you see the importance of having a bio! You don’t want anyone to think that you’re a bot. And if you find any of the red flags mentioned above together with this lack of info…well, there you go!

Finally, a couple of reminders that should really just be common sense by now:

Never follow links provided by strangers, don’t give money to strangers – really, why would you do this?- and have a trained eye while you’re swiping away. The first filter is their profile and you have the option to avoid this malicious messages by just using your criteria a bit better while swiping right and left.

I hope this will be useful to you and that you take all these things into consideration. After all, with more exposure, more risks tend to come, but they’re quite manageable if you just keep an alert eye and make use of your common sense as well as following my humble advice. Have fun, be safe and enjoy!

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So you have built a nice Tinder profile for yourself, you have all the right pictures and your bio is well-written and solid. Let the matches begin! And they actually do.

Credit: StockSnap on Pixaby

So now what to say to these girls? How to start the conversation on Tinder? How to continue it? And how on Earth are you supposed to get the date?

Here we have a few tips on what to do and what you definitely shouldn’t do if you want to improve your chances of her actually saying yes and agreeing to go on a date with you. Let’s begin!

Don’ts of Talking with Girls On Tinder:

Before imparting my wisdom on the things you should definitely do, I’d like to go over a couple of things that you definitely shouldn’t do. After all, how are you supposed to fix what you don’t know is broken?

So let’s see if any of these actually apply to you. If they don’t, all the better, you’re on your road to successful Tindering, but if they are, well, it’s time to reconsider some of your strategies my friend, because this might be the reason why you’re not getting as many dates as you wish.

Starting with something extremely explicit:

First, if you’re not looking for only a hookup, NEVER do this.

You’ll be hurting your possibilities of getting some real conversation right there. Now, if you’re actually looking for just a hookup…still, don’t start this way. The possibilities of getting what you want by starting with some explicit message are not actually great.

Maybe you heard it work for someone else, but trust me, they are the 1% and they got lucky. Am I saying that no girl is looking for a hookup? No! There are girls looking for just that, which is exactly what you want.

But the majority of them don’t want you to just hitting them with it, out of nowhere, before you have even exchanged two words with each other. So my advice is to be on the side of caution and actually start a conversation, test the waters and if you realize you both are looking for the same thing…well then go ahead, and explicit away.

Trust me, it’s more likely you’ll get that casual thing this way.

Another thing we can learn from this example is that even if you have an already prepared pick up line, choose if you should go through with it or not. And this apples to more mild ones too. If you want to start with an opening line that involves a question but how the girl answers doesn’t go with the punch line, then switch strategies! It’s better than to try to go through with it and then have it fail because you didn’t try to adapt.


Ugh. Now, a little bit of self-deprecation can be funny or even endearing.

But you have to be careful with this one because a lot of times it just comes across as boring, sad or, sorry if I sound too harsh, pathetic. And is that really the things you want to inspire to that person that you haven’t even met?

Think about it, how attractive are people with this very low self-esteem? If you don’t like yourself than why should we like you? So if you’re doing it to be funny, be careful.

And if you really feel this way, well then maybe you should try and think of the positive things you have going for you and focus on those instead of on what you consider to be your drawbacks!

Tell her she intimidates you

This one is a line that a lot of women get and trust me, it gets annoying. If she intimidates you then why are you approaching her?

What about her intimidates you?

Her beauty? So you are ugly.

Her success? So you are a loser.

Her intelligence? So you are dumb.

I don’t say any of the former statements are true, but really, that’s how it reads, And that “you intimidate me” thing, says a lot more about you than about her. You’ll fall on the low self-esteem spectrum, which is really something you should work on before going out there. Not only to be able to get more dates, but for yourself and your life in general.

Disconcerted is the result you are more likely to get, and there’s not really a lot of places to go from there.

Demeaning pick-up lines

Right there with the explicit ones, there are the demeaning ones. Now, I’m not claiming that there aren’t some people that are into that, but getting it from a total stranger is probably not what we girls are looking for.

And remember that, you are a total stranger!

So don’t be surprised when you never get an answer back, get unmatched or find sarcasm directed towards you as a defense mechanism, because really, all you’re going to do is get her on the defensive, when what you really want is to get to know her, even if you’re not looking for something serious.

The name joke gone wrong

I know you have probably seen out there how making a joke or a poem with the girls’ name in it is a very nice way to open the conversation. And it totally is!

But, just like trying to make an opening line work against all odds, if you the name thing bad, like insulting her or making fun of it, the most likely thing is that you’ll never get an answer,

Besides, remember that a name that might seem weird for you might be just a normal name wherever she or her parents are from, so don’t go around making fun of her name, because you are probably get unmatched.

Inside Scoop: While these are some of the important things to avoid – there are still more to it and for that we recommend you reading our Tinder Etiquette article.

Do’s of Talking with Girls on Tinder

Now that we’re done with the don’ts we can get started with the do’s! I sincerely hope that you’re not doing any of the prior things and if you are well, that’s all in the past! Now, let’s get ready for how to actually start the conversation and also, get that date!

A joke with her name, done right

I’ve seen it all, from poems to jokes, and they all are a good way to catch the girl’s attention. The trick? If you thought of it immediately the most likely thing is that someone already though it –and sent it- first.

So make sure to give it a bit of thought and make it funny but original. Remember, the trick is to get a reaction, and making her laugh is one of the best reactions you can start with.

This one is a good of example of making it funny without it being something terribly obvious that she might have gotten a thousand times already.

And this one is just making the best with what you were given, making a very unique name work in your favor. Also, brownie points for being brave enough to go for it. Remember, if you want to ask her out almost immediately, make sure your profile is awesome! She’ll probably double check it before considering to agree.

Self-deprecation, done right

As I stated earlier, you can do a little bit of self-deprecation but be careful with how you do it.

A good way is to make a joke about dating or Tinder and how you might not be the best at it but to show that you’re willing to try.

That type of vulnerability can be adorable but it’s safe, it won’t make us think that you might start crying in the middle of a date or that you’re going to be a bore who is only going to talk about how sad your life is.

This one is an awesome example.

First of all, he made sure to start with something he saw on her profile, which is a great way to stand out from the rest and get her interest.

Second, he made a joke about himself using a lame pick up line, which is actually funny and relatable to everyone.

And third, and definitely the cherry on top, he went for the Snapchat right away, which shows that he’s interested in her, all jokes aside.


We live in technologic times in which memes are at everyone’s disposal, so why not use them?

This is a great way to start the conversation and, if you use something related to a specific topic, it can even be something for you guys to talk about. Furthermore, you have the “be funny” part practically guaranteed.

For example, this one is a funny one and, if you’re a Star Wars’ lover, you might find out that your match is one too, and this one is a great way to continue the conversation!

The first date trick

Now, there are a few variations of this one but they all have a pretty good chance of working like a charm.

What is it all about?

Introducing a joke or something enticing but that includes a comment regarding when your first date might be.

One that I saw a week ago was one in which the guy pretended to be her husband from the future and was arguing about where they had their first date, and could you please remind me?

Now, the genius of it is that first is funny –if absurd- second, you engage her with a question, and third, you even let her give you a suggestion of something to do for your first date!

So it’s a pretty solid way to break the ice, make it fun, and actually ask her out!

A great icebreaker and way to get the date.

This is a variation of the prior one and it actually works pretty well. Yes, the majority of girls love men hoodies, what can we say? They’re crazy comfortable. So this is a good enticement, you’re offering something right away, and you can either make the fact that you’ll use it on your first date either a condition or just insert it as a comment, and it works like a charm!

So there you go, some advice on how to not only break the ice and talk to girls on Tinder but also be so smooth you’ll get that date in record time! Remember, the key is to be witty, but with just the right type of humor. After all, you’re just getting to know her! I know sometimes ”online thinks” make us feel closer or further apart from the other person, but at the end, we’re all humans and you should be respectful just as you would with any stranger on the street. This is especially true if you’re trying to go out with them!

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Oh my God what to put on my Tinder bio? Should I talk about my likes and dislikes? Food? Put a funny quote? Write something deep? This is so stressful, right?

Wrong! Writing your Tinder bio shouldn’t be as long -nor as stressful- as the process of writing a thesis. Come on! This is just about people getting to know you and you getting to know people. I know sometimes it’s difficult to know what to put there and what to leave out, after all, the most likely thing is that no one will read if it’s longer than a small paragraph but you don’t want to seem like you don’t care.

Why Shouldn’t Keep Your Bio Empty?

It doesn’t look good, to tells us nothing about who you are and what you might like and it shows a bit of laziness to be honest. Besides, with so many fake profiles around, is better to let them know that you are human and that you are real.

Also, remember that your bio, together with your photos, is your letter of presentation. And no, you don’t need to upload your résumé, but a little bit of information can go a long way.

Based on the data research, adding bio to the Tinder profile resulted in 69% increase in matches for Male profiles and 58% increase in matches in Female

What you shouldn’t put in your Tinder Bio?

Don’t put negative stuff in your profile. Remember, the idea of Tinder is to meet someone, yes, but also to make it easier for everyone involved in the process, so there’s no need to put nasty jokes or negative comments. That’ll get them swiping left faster than if your bio was empty.

What you should put in your Tinder Bio?

Make it inviting. Remember, the idea is to get a reaction even before you guys are talking. So by giving information about yourself, she might see that you guys have something in common and she will be interested.

Seems like a lot? Worry not, here I’ll show you some helpful tools for writing your Tinder bio, and getting more right swipes and –surely- more matches. Let’s begin!

1. The Basics

Two things before giving you all the secret tips for building a new bio: Don’t forget about the basics! Which simply are: Your real age and what you do.

And I put emphasize on this because I definitely recommend that you put your real age, I’ve seen people put that they are older or younger as a joke or wanting to get certain matches and trust me, is not the best strategy.

Also, adding what you do for a living or what you are currently studying already gives you an advantage because those might be future topic of conversation!

Inside Scoop: Did you know certain professions get more right-swipe on Tinder? Check our list of most swiped professions on Tinder.

2. The List

Now this is a wonderful method due to its simplicity. You can make a list in which you briefly index, let’s say, no more than 4 things about yourself.

An addendum to this is putting also a very small list of things you would like in a partner, however, this last one is to be used carefully.

Remember not to put anything too explicit or too conditional, you don’t want to come across as someone that’s down to swipe right to everything nor as someone with extremely high standards or taking it way too seriously.

3. Single line comment

Uhhh, risky, but it can play out pretty well. The risk is that it doesn’t give out much more information other than the basics, but this can certainly work in your favor as long as you make it sassy or funny as it makes you interesting from the first read.

Alert: You definitely need to have good pictures if you’re going to go ahead with this one. That way your profile is way stronger and you can definitely jump in with this risky move.

4. Experiences lists

Now this is a variation on the classic list and it’s a good one because it gives a lot of information but in a very dynamic way. A good way to do this is putting firsts and lasts.

For example, you can create a list of firsts in which you include your first job, first concert, first movie that made you cry. On the other hand, you can put a list of last book you read, last show you binge-watched or last place you traveled to.

The pros of this approach is that it gives information about you that people might relate to or they can ask you about, which is great for conversation starters or to make sure the conversation doesn’t get stuck once you guys get to talking.

5. The choices

Now, this one is also great for giving –or asking- information in a dynamic way. You can put a set of choices and compare them to say which one you like best.

For example you can put “Cats or dogs? Cats” or “Beach or mountain? Mountain”. Another way to do this is with the < symbol. That way you can just put “Dogs < cats” and it might seem even cooler.

Whichever you prefer, it’s a good way to give information, conversation topics and you can even end it with a “and you” that can work wonders for your swipe-righting chances!

6. Pros and cons

This last version of the list is really practical too. You can put a list of maximum 3 pros and 3 cons. Make the pros as truthful as possible and the cons as funny as you can.

That way she will be attracted to you for things that you actually can do or actually are and she will find you funny as well (and let’s be real, there’s no need to put the cons out there so soon!).

So again, you give information that can be used as a conversation starter and you let it show that you have a good sense of humor, and who doesn’t like to laugh?

A little of self-deprecating humor (and I do mean just a little) never hurt anyone. The thing about moving the spiders is adorable, and it gets him to start interacting with whomever is reading his bio even before they start talking.

The cons are all super acceptable, funny things. Again, there’s no need to be too literal and put your darkest and deepest secrets in your Tinder bio!

7. The joke

Now, don’t try this at home if you don’t have a great sense of humor! And I don’t mean that you think you are funny, unless all of your friends say that you’re a very funny guy, do not try this (and do not listen to them if they are all men, sorry, not sorry)!

But if you are then you are in luck! A good way to get attention is by making your bio an elaborate joke. It can be about how her dating you will be a huge favor –in a funny, not pitiable way- or about how you are a machine and explain your different attributes as if you were reading an instruction manual.

The options are endless, as long as you are creative and funny.

8. Magazine “quotes”

While this one is a very funny approach it has gotten a little overused and might come across as unoriginal. So if you go for this one, make sure to put some personal info there.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to these bios in which you put “reviews” from famous outlets such as The New York Times or People magazine. A funny way to change this is involving the other person.

For example, “the best son-in-law I ever had”-Your mom. This is a way to show humor while also creating a first interaction with the person that is reading your bio.

Now as you can see, the trick is to make it funny. You don’t want to put a bad review of yourself now, do you? And the trick is to make it as absurd as possible, you can even be a bit outrageous…like saying you are the Da Vinci of your generation. This shows a good sense of humor and might get you a lot of right swipes!

9. Emojis

Did you know using emojis in Tinder bios leads to more matches? This fact was published on the dating app Clover’s data study. Now that you know about it, then whyn’t use it to your advantage? The idea is simple here: just use emojis defining yourself or something you’re interested in.

10. The classic

Now, no one says that you need to do any of these. You can always write your 3-4 lines classic about how you like long walks at the beach, love dogs and are 6 foot tall, and you might get swiped right too.

But if you are not doing that well, you just got started or really, you just want to definitely stand from the crowd, the follow one of these tricks I just gave you and trust me, you won’t regret it.

And as always, a final reminder to enjoy the road. Have fun! The good thing about apps like Tinder is that you literally end up with millions of options where to choose from and you have the opportunity to explore your dating style and see which one fits you best. No stress, just fun. Enjoy!

The post The 10 Best Tinder Bios & Profile Hacks appeared first on DatingXP.

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If and when should you use Tinder? Is spending time on Tinder worth it? Or is it a complete waste of your time?

How Many Million People Can Be Wrong?

You’ll hear people have all sorts of opinions about Tinder. Why? Because they use it for different reasons and end up with different results.

Yet, if Tinder was so entirely bad, how come millions of people are still using it?

Because it isn’t all bad. And it does what it says on the package: it allows you to meet people in your town in an instant. Boom. Thousands of people at your fingertips.

5 Reasons Why I still use Tinder:

So because of all this whining, let’s have a look at the pros with Tinder first and then we’ll tackle the whining.

Credit: Rawpixel (via Unsplash)

1, The Amount of People You Can Reach:

Tinder comes with the above pro: you have thousands of people at your fingertips. You can swipe right and left on half the single population in the city you’re in. It’s a very convenient way of meeting people. Especially if you’re new in town.

2. It’s Easy to Say What You Want and Find What You Want

As you have a profile, it’s also easy to state what you want with Tinder. Some people use it when traveling to meet people to show them around a city. Others use it to make friends (rare). Some use it to find love. Most use it for causal dating, or hookups.

A lot look for one thing and end up finding another as life rarely goes as planned. Still, if you see what someone’s looking for, it’s easy enough to swipe left if it’s not what you’re looking for.

3. It’s Easy to Use

You don’t have to write a long profile and answer fifteen questions about your personality. It’s very easy to upload a couple of good pictures of yourself and write three or so (fun) sentences to describe yourself.

4. It’s a Dating Game

It’s an excellent way of having fun, going through profiles, drooling over hot people whom you might meet. Come on, it’s kind of like playing a game where you might score a date — it’s exciting.

5. It’s an Ego Boost

If you belong to the better looking part of the population, or have a wickedly fit body, or simply know how to dress to impress and write a fun bio, you may also land yourself an ego boost. Particularly when you just join, as your profile will be boosted to be seen by lots of people.

Thanks to Tinder I’m aware that lots of men 6 years my junior (that’s where I cut it off, I could always try to go lower…) want to date me. Thank you Tinder!

I also got a message in the beginning of this year from Tinder stating that in the 2.5 years I’ve used Tinder, 25k men have swiped yes and I haven’t even been active on Tinder for all of that time. So, ego boost, much?

6. You Don’t Need to Get Attached

Rather than being attached to the outcome with whoever you’re currently dating, you can have five more lined up on Tinder. Some people get attached way too fast and end up heartbroken too often. Having more people whom you can date, makes it less likely that you get caught up too soon.

Tinder has simply opened up dating beyond meeting in bars — you have the world of casual dating at your fingertips.

Now, let’s tackle the less savory side to Tinder.
Credit: Giphy

1. True Love Doesn’t Come Easy

If you want to find true love, you might need to be patient with Tinder. The majority of people are on there to do casual dating. Not only that, people swipe right on people they never even bother speaking with.


They realized someone better popped up in their feed, they swiped right without actually reading the entire profile, or they just wanted an ego boost.

2. Conversations Easily Stop

On Tinder it’s easy to be overwhelmed, especially when you just join. As you have five to ten conversations going, the ones that don’t strike your immediate fancy fall to the roadside. And sometimes you simply find out that they weren’t as fun to talk to as you hoped.

Basically, Tinder offers options. That means you aren’t that committed to talk to people before they really hook your attention, because you have others lined up to talk to. It also means people aren’t that committed to talking to you. If you can’t handle people going MIA after chatting to you for a while, Tinder isn’t for you.

3. Ghosting is a Reality (Happened with me!)

I don’t know how many of my friends who have told me: “I met him on Tinder, we dated for a while, then he disappeared after we had sex once or twice, no explanation given.”

Tinder basically made ghosting acceptable. I, for one, don’t find it acceptable at all. It doesn’t matter if you just wanted to hook up, or realize after you hook up that you don’t want anything more, you should still be able to tell the other person that.

But somehow people on Tinder seem to think that it’s perfectly acceptable to simply disappear into thin air when you don’t feel like hanging out anymore.

This happened to me once. I met a guy who I dated for a month, had sex with and then voila, he disappeared. If he’d said he just wanted a hook up, then fine, but that was not fine. I understand, the person is scared of hurting your feelings, doesn’t know what to say, you live in another country anyway so what do you expect it would never have lasted, etc. but it still isn’t right. It’s downright lousy manners. At the time my grandmother was dying as well, so I could have used some support!

If you meet someone in person for one date and don’t hear from them again, so be it. We all know that first dates are like auditions: if we don’t get a callback, we weren’t selected.

And we can just reach out and say: “Hey, I really enjoyed meeting you. Want to meet up again?” if we want to see them. If they don’t reply, we know the answer.

I, for one, think you should reply to a direct text like that. Ignoring people is impolite. And if you date someone for a while, then you need to explain yourself if you intend to disappear. I mean have some respect!

Has Tinder Made It Harder to Find Love?

People have told me that Tinder has ruined dating because there is an infinite supply of dates on there, meaning no one cares to become involved. They have constant back-up of dates.

This means the moment they become bored, they walk out the door, instead of trying to make it work. While this may hold true for people looking for casual dating, I think that once you find love, it’s pretty hard to ignore it. On the other hand, Tinder may have helped making it more acceptable to settle down later in life.

The Blurred Lines

Tinder, from my experience, is used for different reasons in different countries. In Greece sex is the main purpose, though not the only one. In Sweden, Britain and South Africa, people appear a lot more serious.

You’ll find several profiles stating people are looking for love. Still, a lot of them are also open to casual dating and it is still Tinder’s no. 1 sale: fast dates. Anyone using the app knows that.

The problem is, as in real life when we meet someone at a bar, that when we date them we risk falling for them. You know they’re just in it for casual dating, but still. You hope. And if it doesn’t work out and they miraculously change their minds, you feel hurt.

Likewise, not everyone has your best interests at heart. You say you don’t want hookups, but they like you and think they can score anyway.

Or they think it’s obvious they just want something casual, you think it’s obvious you want more and somewhere it gets lost in translation as you both go for what you want. Then you blame each other, because the other party knew what you wanted.

Of course, this could be the other way around: you want something casual, they want something more.

To Sum It Up

Tinder is an excellent way of meeting new people. It’s also time consuming as you’ll start a hundred conversations that go nowhere — you realize the other person can’t engage you in a conversation, or they suddenly disappear when they get busy with someone else.

Other people will match with you, only never to speak to you at all. You’ll probably also realize you were a bit over eager when swiping right on some people who, on closer inspection, you don’t really want to talk to. At least not when you have five others lined up, or you suddenly got busy with something much more important in the real world.

Tinder is an app where people judge you on your looks and the way you’ve written your bio. If you have style, or good looks, or both, you’re much more likely to score with Tinder than if you have zap fashion sense. If you have a well maintained body, all the better.

It’s visual. Now, the trick with the photos is to show off both yourself and your interesting life, as well as accompanying it with a bio that makes you sound like good times. However, no matter how good the bio, if you wear ill fitting clothes and have extreme close ups that make you look like a goblin, people won’t swipe right.

In other words: Tinder can be a total ego boost, or total ego fail, depending on how you present yourself. If you aren’t artistic, have someone else help you with your profile.

Likewise, if you’re looking for true love, Tinder is possibly more hard work than it’s worth. There are serious dating sites and apps for those seeking love and your chances on there are a lot higher.

Tinder simply isn’t an app to take too seriously. When I’m bored I sit down to go through hot guys and swipe right or left. Not the most serious of things. I see it as “the fun thing that may pay off.”

As I travel a lot, it entertains me. I’m new to a place, I want to meet people. That’s also why I have some sky high numbers of men that have swiped right no me — living in the same city all this time I probably wouldn’t have achieved that.

But it’s also sad — 25k likes and no boyfriend?! That said, I have stayed in some odd five cities in the past two and a half years that I’ve used the app. Even if I wanted to find love, I knew I couldn’t ask for it, because I was busy sorting a visa to one country, while hopping around among other countries. So I settled for Tinder.

That said, I’ll still use it when I go “home” because you never know.

Tinder is fun. It’s a great way of meeting people. You just have to be damn clear about what you’re looking for and be up front about it when meeting people. Don’t blur your own lines and don’t make others blur theirs.

And if you have a frail ego, be prepared — not everyone will message you back, people will leave conversations abruptly and you do run the chance of being ghosted by digitalized brains who seem to think it’s OK to date and disappear because, well, you probably won’t bump into them at a party anytime soon and there’s more fish in the sea they can catch without worrying about how they treated the other fish.

The post Is Tinder even Worth it Anymore? (What I Think!) appeared first on DatingXP.

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New to Tinder? Or just not sure how to navigate your way through what to do and not to do on Tinder? No worries. Here’s a rulebook for you.

Credit: Seen at Flocku

It may seem super easy, right. I mean it’s not like Tinder is rocket science. Still, there are things worth knowing. The truth is, most of us make a mistake on Tinder sooner or later and it’s good to know a few things up front to avoid it. The Tinder rulebook, in other words. 

Top 15 Tinder Etiquette You Should Follow in 2019 1. Write a Profile Credit: Zoosk

Tinder is an app that’s all about looks right? Either way, a picture tells a thousand words…

Yes and no.

The pictures are important. Use a picture of the sunset instead of yourself and you’re likely to get 0 right swipes.

But…and this is a big BUT a bio can sway someone to swipe right. If they’re on the edge, not sure, a good bio will make them swipe right.

If you’ve written a profile it’s also a sign that you gave a f*ck and actually took the time. I know people who swipe left if the profile is empty. It doesn’t matter how good the pictures are.

2. Use Your Photos Wisely

People want to see you. That’s the first thing. Five pictures of your car, cat, or home won’t cut it.

While they want to see you, they don’t want an extreme close up where they can see your nose hair. If you aren’t artistic enough to tell a good picture from a bad one, get a friend to help you out!

  • Bathroom selfies. Seriously? Why?
  • Too many selfies? Narcissistic, much?
  • Blurry photos? The point is to be seen. Not, not to be seen.

Inside Scoop: 12 Reasons Why Your Tinder Profile Sucks (I recommend you reading this article to get inside scoop of how to use photos on Tinder)

People want to get a good look at your face in different angles. They want a couple of full-body shots as well to check out your physique and if you can dress. They also want to see what your life is like — photos that reveal who you are. Shots from your travels, a shot when dressed up for a party, another shot with your friends, a shot of you doing something you like, like cooking, that kind of thing. They need to decide whether to swipe right or left, and to do so, they want to see as much of your personality as possible.

3. Don’t Swipe Right on People Who You Don’t Intend to Talk To

Yes, it’s an ego boost to see who swiped right on you. I get it. But if you need an ego boost, go see a psychologist, don’t use Tinder.

We all swipe right a bit too eagerly at times, carried away, or thinking we should give someone a chance. It happens. Just don’t make a habit out of swiping right on people who you know you don’t want to meet.

4. Don’t Get Stuck Online

Maybe you want to be sure, before you meet someone, that you have something in common and that the date won’t be a total waste of your time. Fine. But the truth is, until you meet someone, you won’t know if there’s chemistry. Send a few texts back and forth, but then, if they seem capable of some form of banter, meet up with them.

Remember that some people are terrible at texting — that doesn’t mean they’re terrible in real life.

Personally, I have very little patience with people who want to text forever. I’ve just learned that you never know until you meet. So I find it a waste of my time to text someone for weeks on end before meeting up.

5. Don’t Schedule a Three Hour Dates

A first meeting can end up being great, or horrible. So plan on doing something easy-going that takes about 40 minutes. No three-course meals, in other words.

We have other articles about what a good first date is, but basically, something fun, in public (never at home, or in some desolate place), that gives you something to talk about (like meeting in a quirky place, or bowling).

Inside Scoop: 10 Best & Worst First Tinder Date Ideas

Avoid expensive things too — you don’t know what their economy looks like and you don’t want to invest too much money until you know they’re worth it either.

7. Be Up Front About What You Want

People use Tinder for different reasons. Don’t waste your time on people who want something different from you and don’t mislead people. Really. Don’t. You have no clue what someone’s going through in their life, so if they’re seeking friendship, or a relationship, don’t go out with them a couple of times, bed them and ghost them. It’s such poor manners. Someone once did that to me just as my gran was dying. It was really lovely. Not.

If you’re on Tinder just for Hookups, then make sure people are aware of it.

The easiest way to ensure you get what you want is to put it in your profile. And when you start talking to them, ask them what they want out of Tinder. Most people don’t necessarily know, as you have to date someone to find out what kind of chemistry you have, but we all know what we’d like in an ideal world. I.e. if we’re after casual dating, hookups, or serious relationships.  

8. Read the Profiles Before You Swipe

I don’t know how many people have asked me questions to which the answer could be found in my profile. I either stop talking to them, or reply that they can find the answer in my profile. If they don’t even care enough to read a few sentences about me, why would I care to date them?

9. Be Polite

When you write to people, check your spelling and grammar. That’s the first thing. For many people it’s a huge “they don’t care” if you don’t take the time to write decently.

Credit: Tinder subreddit r/Tinder

Secondly, treat people with respect. If you want to talk to someone, then pay attention. Be interested. If you don’t have a genuine wish to talk to someone, then don’t get into a conversation with them. Or if you realize it’s not for you, leave.

10. Be Ready to Move On

On Tinder, people are having conversations with several people at the same time. The person they find the most interesting, will get the most attention. People will start talking to you at times and then realize it didn’t click, or they found someone they liked better. It’s OK. Don’t get upset. Know it’s part of Tinder. There are plenty more fish in the sea, so move on.

11. No Naked Pics

If you get someone’s number, don’t send them naked pics, or d#ck pics. Seriously.

Think about it this way: do you expect someone who just got your number to tell you they love you? No? Then why send them a picture of you naked?

It may sound like a stupid comparison, but think about it: you’re jumping the gun. Going from zero to hero in a few seconds.

There’s supposed to be a build-up to s#x. If you’re both looking for hook-ups and you’re chatting and things get heated, that’s the time for naked pics. And you should probably ask before you send them. Make them beg first. Increases the tension more.

Also, be careful. People keep the images you send. As a general rule, meet people before you send them photos like that…

12. Don’t Ghost People

If you meet someone for a couple of dates in real life, don’t ghost them. Just tell them you don’t want to see them anymore. Fair enough if you meet once and never message each other again, but if you go out more than once, then they deserve an explanation before you disappear.

Insider Tip: If you Ghost a lot of people then Tinder Algorithm will publish your profile.

Just have some manners. Think about how you’d want your kids to be treated when they start dating. It’s so easy to send one text to tell someone that you enjoyed hanging out, but you don’t think there’s enough chemistry to pursue it further. Done.

13. Don’t Be Too Impatient

Tinder is not on the top of most people’s to-do list. Sure, we’re all excited about meeting new people and dating, but everyday life with all that it entails, including friends and family who have known us for years, come first. If someone doesn’t reply straight away, don’t unmatch them. They may just have a busy couple of days.

If someone is consistently flaky without giving an explanation, that’s when it’s time to unmatch them.
14. Don’t Be the Flaky One

On the flip side of the coin, if you’ve engaged someone in a conversation, follow through. If you’re busy, tell them so. If you realize they aren’t for you, move on instead of wasting their time. 

15. In Closing

Human relationships are precious. Sure, everyone on Tinder is a stranger, but that’s no excuse for treating them badly, misleading them, or wasting their time. If you want to live in a world where people are nice to each other, work on being nice to others. Because those strangers may become friends. And even if they won’t, how you treat them will affect how they treat others. It would be a lot more fun hooking up with people if everyone was nice to each other.

Have manners. Be polite. Take a genuine interest in the people who you engage with. And be up front about what you want out of something.

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