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What is Wrong with Me Why Am I Single

While a few people prefer being single, most single men and women would prefer a partner. If you’ve been single for a long time, there’s a reason. On some level, it’s your choice.

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and examine your situation. Only then can you make the changes and find the love of your life.

Determine why you’re still single:

1. You’re attracted to those who are inappropriate for you. Do you dream of a happy marriage with children and a cute little ranch on a corner lot? Yet you find yourself attractive to hardcore bikers that spend three years out of five in prison?

• Maybe you’re attracted to guys that are committed to their careers, or women that are broken and need saving.

• Perhaps you’re single because you’re only interested in others that don’t make a good relationship material. You should ask yourself why.

2. Your self-esteem is too low. We date on our level, or at least what we think is our level. If you think little of yourself, you’ll date people that aren’t high-quality relationship material. Raise your self-esteem and the quality of your dates will increase, too.

3. You’re too picky. There aren’t too many Brad Pitt’s running around. Setting your standards too high will ensure that they’re never met. Consider the criteria you use while searching for a mate. Perhaps you’re focused on the wrong things. What do you need to be happy?

4. You’re comfortable with your routine. The older you get, the less appealing it is to change your routine, no matter how great the other person seems. You might enjoy staying in on Saturday nights, watching old Star Trek reruns, and eating frozen pizza. Heaven forbid you wind up with a partner that wants to go out for pizza and watch a movie on the big screen.

• You might enjoy your current routine. At the least, it’s safe, and you don’t hate it. But you might enjoy a new routine with someone special even more.

5. You’re afraid of intimacy. It can be scary getting close to someone else. They know all your secrets. They might leave at some point. You’re already alone. You know how to handle it. Take a chance on being part of a couple.

6. It’s not a priority for you. It takes some work to find the right person unless you’re lucky. If you’re more concerned with work, spending time with friends, and hitting the gym, a long-term relationship might not be in the cards right now. When your priorities change, a relationship will be possible.

7. Your activities are contrary to finding a partner. Sitting on the couch won’t you help you find a partner. Interact with others that have the same aim. Dating websites and apps make this easier than ever.

• Some women believe that a man should pursue them while they bask in the attention. But he can’t shower you with attention if he doesn’t know you exist. If you want to share your life with someone, take action to find them.

8. You’re difficult to be around. Some people are easier to be with than others. If you’re moody, bossy, demanding, or disagreeable you’ll have fewer options. Men and women can both be guilty of this.

If you’ve been single for an extended period, but you hope to have a relationship, your approach needs a little tweak. Be honest with yourself and make a few changes. The perfect person for you is out there, so make finding them a priority.
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15 Signs You Have Been Single Way too Long

After a painful breakup, most people are struggling to never fall in love again or to get into a new relationship. However, for some of these breaks take a long time, which is why slowly losing the need for a partner. In such situations, a conversation with a friend can help.

What no one ever told you about people who are single | Bella DePaulo | TEDxUHasselt

Movies, novels, love songs, and even scientific research all seem to tell us the same stories: Everyone wants to find that special someone. Once you get married, you will live happily ever after and you will never be lonely again. However, more people than ever before are living single – often by choice.

Finding Love After 50

Many older women and men ponder whether Finding Love After 50 is Possible. You can improve your chances after reading these tips and dating articles. Here are some dating tips to improve your odds: 1. Don’t have Excuses. 2. Be positive 3. Don’t worry about Rejection

What is Wrong with Me Why Am I Single

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7 Strategies How to Pass Life Insurance Medical Exam

While it’s better to be healthy all the time, there are things you can do right now to enhance your medical exam results.

There are two options if you’re thinking about getting life insurance. You can either buy a policy that does not require a medical exam or buy a policy that requires one. The second option is less costly if your exam goes well. Taking steps to improve your results is a rewarding effort.

Learn how to pass life insurance medical exam and get your best rate with these seven strategies:

Avoid consuming alcohol for at least 48 hours before the appointment. While alcohol feels relaxing, it contributes to increased blood pressure. Blood pressure that is high can raise your rate by 20%. If it’s too high, you can be out of luck altogether.

Avoid caffeine for 48 hours. Like alcohol, caffeine can raise blood pressure. It can raise your heart rate and create an irregular heartbeat.

Remember that it’s not just coffee that contains caffeine. Tea, soft drinks, pain relievers, and cold medications can have caffeine. Small amount can have a considerable effect in some people.

Drop excess weight. This tactic requires more time than the previous two, but it’s important. Obesity is a risk factor for many common causes of death. Just a few pounds can move you into the next rate category. Lose weight and save cash.

Stop smoking., if you’ve smoked for the last 30 years but have quit for the last few months, you’re considered a non-smoker. This is the most important tip. Smoking can increase your premium by 200%. That’s a three-fold increase. Eliminating your smoking habit can decrease your premium by two-thirds.

If you continue to smoke, avoid smoking for at least an hour before the exam. It will improve your blood pressure and pulse.

Avoid the health club for 24 hours. Over-training can cause unusual blood pressure, pulse, and other blood values. Any exercise before your appointment can have negative effects. Avoid working out for 24 hours and give yourself a longer break if you’ve been pushing yourself hard at the gym.

Eat healthy for at least two meals leading up to the appointment. Even one meal of fatty meat can raise lipid and cholesterol levels for a short period.

 Eat well for at least three weeks before your exam. According to research, any diet will produce a maximal improvement in blood results after just three weeks.

Rest and relax. A good night’s sleep will lower your pulse and blood pressure. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your appointment. Being late is likely to increase your anxiety.

If your blood pressure is high, ask to have it rechecked toward the end of the appointment. It’s likely it will have improved.

Most of these tips require a few days to put into action. A few require more time but are likely to influence the cost of your life insurance premiums. Cram for your life insurance medical exam and lower your rates. You can enjoy a genuine increase in your health.

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8 ways people blow their life insurance medical exams

You can’t erase evidence of a lifetime habit of cheeseburgers and cigarettes before a life insurance medical exam. But you can avoid mistakes that lead to false test results and higher life insurance rates. A life insurance medical exam takes about 20 minutes.

8 Ways to Prepare For Your Life Insurance Medical Exam –

There’s sometimes a tendency to minimize the importance of a life insurance medical exam. But the best advice I can give is – don’t. While you may not be able to do much about any chronic health conditions that you have, there are ways that you can prepare for your life insurance medical exam that …

Uberzon Club

Uberzon Club is a great way to buy an item that is listed on Amazon for a huge discount. There are restrictions. You can only buy one and may not resell. There is no cost to join. The process is easy. Once you see an item, click on it and you will get a coupon code.

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Tips on Online Dating
Before you try to find an online dating service, decide what you are looking for. Do you want a short-term relationship or are you looking for something more lasting? Is it important to you that your potential partner is a member of your religious faith or shares your heritage or is a pet lover?

Some people want a site that caters to a particular age group, or only to people who are divorced, or only to parents. If that is a deal breaker for you and the partner you want must have that qualification then you should look for a niche dating service that specializes in catering to those kinds of people.

There are online dating services that cater to all different people so chances are good you can find an online dating service that only serves people of your religious background, or only serves people of your political affiliation and so on.  If none of those things are important to you then a general dating site might give you more options.If the first thing a potential match sees in your profile is that you are in the middle of a nasty divorce or you just lost your job they will not stop to check you out. It’s good to be honest, but you need to keep some things that might not show you in a positive light under wraps at first.

You shouldn’t reveal too much personal information. Your online profile also should be clear about what you are looking for to prevent any confusion and to help narrow down your choices.  Writing an online personal profile for a dating site is a real art form.

Watch your tone – You should also always keep in mind the tone of your profile.  Sometimes, dry humor or sarcasm doesn’t translate well to the Web.  When you think you have written something that might come across more harsh than you meant it to be, make sure you have a friend read it over to see what the tone is before you post it.

Make your introductory line unique – Creating a profile that shows off your personality can take some thought, but it’s worth it.  Don’t use a traditional line that a million other people have used like “SWF seeking Husband” or “DWM seeking College Cutie.”  Put some effort into making your opening line creative,  fun and personal. 

If you enjoy gardening, then try something like, “Green thumb seeks matching gardening glove” or “Dog lover seeks partner for romps at the dog park.” To keep your opening line fresh, try changing it every few weeks.  This will also help you draw new potential dates. .  You should post photos that show the real you, so they should be current. You should post two photos. One should be a close up of your face and one should be a larger, full body shot if possible.  Don’t feel intimidated if you don’t look like a super model. It’s important to be up front about your appearance.

When posting photos, also think about what the photos say about you.  If you’re looking for a long term relationship, you should not post photos of yourself drunk in a bar with your friends.  If you’re looking for a serious relationship, avoid posting photos that are too provocative. 

Your photos are representing you, so choose carefully.  Your photos don’t have to be professionally done, but the photos should be clear and focused.  Your photos should show your personality so consider posting a photo of yourself doing something you enjoy. Do not have a photo of you with an ex.

It’s Important to be Honest in Your Profile

Whatever you write in your profile, the most important thing is that you are honest.  If you are trying online dating to find a partner you want to have a serious relationship with, you need to start out on the right foot with that person.  Being honest is starting out on the right foot. 

If you are not honest about things in your life like your appearance, your job, your financial situation, the status of your divorce, or other things in your life, the truth will come out if you develop a good relationship with someone.  It will be a lot harder to tell the truth after the relationship has started so avoid that problem altogether by being honest up front.

It’s always hard to put yourself out there and it’s tempting to embellish the truth to make yourself seem more attractive or more like someone you want to be rather than who you are. No one wants to be vulnerable when looking for a partner and telling the truth makes you vulnerable because if someone rejects you they are rejecting you for who you are and that can hurt.

But to be successful at dating you need to grow a thick skin and be ready to face a little rejection when necessary.  You want to find a life partner right? If you want to attract someone you can spend the rest of your life with, you need to be honest about who you are, what you’re looking for, and what your goals are.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to be so honest that you make yourself sound less attractive than you are.  Just because you’re not a supermodel doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Just because you’re not a college professor doesn’t mean you’re stupid.  Don’t run yourself down.  Word your profile so that everything comes across positively.

The best way to tell if you have a good profile is to read it over as if you were just another person on the site who found the profile. Read it and ask yourself if you would be interested in meeting that person. If the answer is yes, then your profile is ready to go.
 You can talk about your life but just don’t go into too much detail on anything personal.  For example, you can talk about how much you like your job but don’t mention where you work or what your job title is.   You can mention a favorite store where you like to shop but don’t say you like it because it’s just a mile from your house.

Don’t Give Out Personal Information Too Fast

When you email and chatting with someone on an online dating site, you might feel a sense of immediate connection to that person who makes you feel comfortable sharing a lot of your feelings with that person.  It’s good to share your feelings, but make sure you don’t share too much of your personal information too soon. You do not need a stalker or worst,
How to Make A Great First Impression Through Email

Someone you find interesting has answered your great personal ad online. Now it’s up to you to send a great email in response; one that will make that person want to know more about you.  How can you create a great first impression using email? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you write a great first email.

Don’t answer right away – Take some time to craft your email to the new potential date.  Has someone else read a draft before you send it and always use spell check before you send it.  Make sure that your spelling and punctuation are correct. Just like in a resume, people look at spelling and punctuation.

Don’t make it too long – You need not tell this person your entire life’s story. Write a few short paragraphs only.  Reiterate key points from your profile, ask some open-ended questions for the other person to answer, and end the email.

Make it interesting – If you can’t think of anything interesting to say about yourself, why would the other person want to keep communicating with you? Mention a hobby, tell a funny anecdote, and write about something unusual you can do, whatever you do, write something that shows off how interesting and unique you are.

Ask about the other person – Only writing about yourself is boring and makes you look like you are self-centered. For every question that the other person asked you, ask one back. So if the other person asks where you are from in their email, write about where you are from and ask where the other person is from, or ask how long he or she lived there, or some other relevant question.

Asking questions will help you get to know the other person and will also show the other person you are interested in hearing what they have to say. 

Relationships are a two-way street and it’s important to show from the beginning you are comfortable driving on a two-way street and don’t keep trying to make it a one-way street where everything is about you.

Don’t make sexual references or other inappropriate comments. You don’t even know this person yet. The first email is not the time to discuss your sexual preferences, past sexual experiences, or anything related to sex. It can seem daunting to put in all of that effort only to meet someone and not feel any chemistry with them, or to meet someone and get rejected.  You might wonder if all the time, effort, and money you will invest in online dating will be worth it.  It may take some time to find the right online dating site for you and to build a great profile and get great photos for your profile, but at least by going online and trying online dating you are taking control of your life and trying to help improve your life by finding someone to share it with. Men do not send a photo of your penis unless you want to get deleted right away. 

It’s scary to take the risk of trying online dating but do it, anyway. You’ll be glad you did. When you find that person who makes your heart flutter and your stomach jump, you will be glad you tried online dating.
Conclusion-Tips on Online Dating

Online dating might seem scary to someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time online, but using online dating is a great way to meet new people.  You can browse through online profiles to find others who share your interests and background, religious beliefs, or other things important to you.

When you are starting out, it’s important to create a great profile that tells a lot about who you are by emphasizing the positive and camouflaging the negative.

You need to take some precautions and be careful when you meet people you have met through an online dating site but true for anyone you are dating, regardless of how you met them. Your first meeting should be in a public place.

Online dating is a wonderful way to meet new people who live in the same state, city, or town as you if you want a relationship with someone that is local or you can branch out and look around the world for that perfect partner.

Now you have some great tips on online dating, you are ready to jump in and search for the love of your life.

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How to Get a Man to Ask You Out

If you think it’s tough sitting on the sidelines with your girlfriends waiting for a man to talk to you, then you aren’t looking at the guy’s situation. He has to walk over and contact you while you’re surrounded by your friends.

You have support – he’s going it alone. If his approach works, he wins. If he fails, he has to endure the snickers of your girlfriends and walk back to the smart remarks by his friends. 

Every time he gets rejected, he relives that awful moment in junior high school when he was embarrassed at the school dance. It’s a wonder men even try.  That’s enough sympathy – women have their share of dating issues, too.

The point is – what can you do as a female to be more approachable for the right man? Help them out a little. To begin with, you can start a conversation. Not a female version of a pickup line, but a real conversation. 

If you’re stuck in a long line at the grocery store, talk about what’s around you. “Can you believe how the price has gone up for a good steak?”  “Before you buy that detergent, did you know that another good brand has a two for one sale?”

As simple as that sounds, it says, “Hey, I’m willing to talk to you” in a nice, non-threatening way. Admire his car at the gas station or his dog at the park, but don’t get personal about clothes or anything that screams “pickup.”

By keeping the conversation neutral, you get the chance to find out if you’re interested in taking it further. Even if a guy opens the door for you, instead of just mumbling “thanks,” look him in the eyes and say, “Thank you, I appreciate it when a guy opens doors for me.”

That’s flattering, which gets his attention and gives him a chance to join the conversation if he’s interested – or say, “You’re welcome” and move on if he’s not interested.

Maybe this helps you think of places and situations where you could throw out a non-sexual opening line for a man to follow and start a conversation. Since you spoke first graciously, he has some assurance you’re willing to talk, which makes it easier for him to follow your lead without feeling like he’s being manipulated.

Is this just manipulation? No, it’s not – as long as you offer sincere comments and have an open mind about getting to know him.  Can you start a conversation with a man on the street or in a restaurant without a reason?

Yes, you can – no one will report you to the Manners Police. Think about where you are and what’s going on around you.  Starting a conversation with a man in a crowded bar on Friday night is likely to be interpreted differently than making small talk while you’re in the same airport waiting area with him. 

Place and time has a lot to do with whether you appear approachable and interesting or desperate.  And if you aren’t willing to strike up the conversation, at least be inviting for men who have to work up the nerve to talk to you first.

Make sure your arms aren’t folded in front of your chest or you aren’t rolling your eyes and scowling at everyone and everything around you.  Be pleasant and smile and even if he’s not your type, that doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly to someone who took the time to get to know you.

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Gentlemen Speak: What to Do When a Guy You Like Hasn’t Asked You Out Yet

I’m told that there are few things more frustrating to a single woman than a man who seems totally into you but has still not asked you out. What gives? It’s likely that he is just not quite interested enough to make a move, but there is a chance your instincts are correct, and this guy is simply experiencing failure to launch.

How to Get A Guy to Ask You Out Online

Traditional courtship dictates a seemingly simple concept: men pursue women. But this cardinal rule doesn’t always translate when you’re dating in the digital age. Let’s face it — you often find yourself fumbling your way through online dating. And if you’re feeling lost when you log in to your dating site du jour, your eRomeo probably has some questions of his own.

How to Attract Men: 11 Scientific Proven Ways to Attract Him

If you are serious about learning how to attract men – the RIGHT men – then get out a pen and paper and get ready to take notes. Relationship coach Adam LoDolce will walk you through proven techniques to attract men that he’s coached thousands of women on with great success.

Dating After Divorce For a Woman

Dating After Divorce For a Woman is normally harder than for a man. You’re single again-congratulations! You might not hear that from most people. Most will give you a sorrowful look and then say, “I’m so sorry.” But whether you moved forward with a divorce, or your ex-husband did-one thing we know for sure-it wasn’t the right match.

The post How to Get a Man to Ask You Out appeared first on Dating Advice.

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Unhealthy Dating Habits-Deal Breakers for a Woman
Nothing kills a good impression faster than evidence of unhealthy dating habits. So if you have any of the following bad habits, do yourself and your dating life a favor and quit them right now. You’ll look better, feel better, and be much healthier in the long run if you take care of yourself and find healthy substitutes for these habits. Besides, how is anyone supposed to care about you when you don’t even care for yourself?

Smoking: Smoking yellows your teeth, ages your skin, and is getting more expensive every day, and it’s like telling the world you’re addicted to nicotine. Plus, it smells. It desensitizes smokers to the odor, so if you smoke and you don’t think the smell is a big deal, ask a non-smoker if he or she can smell when you come into a room.

Barring a bad cold or a white lie, the answer will be yes. Also, the smell clings to every surface wherever there’s smoke, so even if you get rid of the smell on you, it’s still where you live. The only women who will not mind are the ones who are smokers themselves. But there are so many more women who are non-smokers, why narrow your options?

Drug or alcohol abuse: No man who wants a great girlfriend will ask her to put up with his addictions. If she cares about you, it will scare her and angry about your drug use.

If she hasn’t gotten to know you yet, as soon as she finds out about an addiction she will think of you differently, and not in a good way. If you use drugs, even marijuana, get help and break the habit. The same goes for drinking alcohol to get drunk.

Cruel remarks: If you’re in the habit of cutting other people down, stop. Women are looking for a sense of humor, but not at someone else’s expense. If you speak disparagingly of other people, especially women, you might someday say something cruel to a girlfriend. Nobody wants to be insulted, especially not women. And few women will put up with insults in a relationship.

Unhealthy eating habits: Whether you eat too much, too little, or just the wrong things, you need to take care of yourself if you want a girlfriend. One of the most straightforward ways to take care of yourself is by watching what you eat.

Talk to a doctor about the goals you should have with your health. Then, substitute better foods and eating habits for the ones you have. If you eat a lot of something unhealthy, try different things until you find something that’s just as good.

For instance, ostrich, any wild game, or grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed red meat. Don’t eat low fat, fat-free, reduced calorie, or sugar-free food until the research gets straightened out, and read nutrition labels instead.

High-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and food processed to where you can’t tell what it was are all bad for you, no matter what your weight.  If you take care of yourself, break your bad habits, and show you’re a confident, and smart guy, you’ll be ready to date.

Unhealthy Dating Habits-More Resources

10 Awful Dating Habits that Are Keeping You Single

We have all walked past mismatched couples in the street and thought, “How the hell did she score a guy like that?” or thought nasty thoughts like, “She’s with him because he’s loaded.” Don’t even bother denying it. That’s what humans do best. We question, we complain, we compare.

How To Identify & Fix Your Bad Dating Habits That Hold You Back From Happiness

I’ve never had to break a lifestyle habit like biting my nails or obsessively chewing gum, but I have had to work on bad dating habits in the past (and even now). I’ve deduced – through observation and discussion with my closest friends

4 Bad Dating Habits That Might Be Hurting Your Relationships

Like many women fresh out of college, I thought dating would come easily. After I graduated, I moved to Washington, D.C., had a great job, great friends-but the dating situation wasn’t going as smoothly as I had hoped. I was dating people, but things just always felt a little off.

Dating Tips For Men

Dating Tips For Men Some men think dating today is like trying to swim across an alligator infested lake. They might make it – and then again, they might not. There are always those men who make it look super easy.

The post Unhealthy Dating Habits-Deal Breakers for a Woman appeared first on Dating Advice.

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Rekindle the Flame: How to Reconnect With Your Partner

Has the romance and passion waned in your relationship? This is a common phenomenon. After the excitement of the early phases of a relationship pass, things become routine.However, you need not resign yourself to just a ho-hum relationship.

There are many ways to enhance the romance in your relationship. Imagine how great it would be to feel excited about your relationship again!

Rekindle the Flame today with these tips:

1.     Go to bed together. Studies have shown that a few minutes of cuddling each night increases the bond between couples. Staying up late to watch the late show while your partner is in bed can have negative consequences.

2.     Have a weekly date night. Relive one of your early dates. It’s a fun way to get out of the house and remember the excitement of getting to know each other. Make your date night a habit. If you can get out weekly, great. If you can only get out once or twice each month, that’s okay, too.

3.     Compliment your partner at least once each day. When a couple dates, they keep all the negative opinions to themselves and let the compliments flow. Over time, the ratio swings in the opposite direction. Attempt to say something nice to your significant other each day.

4.     Take a shower together. Not only will you conserve water, you’ll spend some fun, quality time together. If you have time, take a bath instead.

5.     Give your partner a surprise. It doesn’t have to be a new car. A simple note, flower, or other small gesture can make anyone’s day brighter.

6.     Make a list of your partner’s positive traits. You can rattle off your partner’s characteristics that drive you nuts. However, you might have to think about the qualities you appreciate.

·       Spend a little time reflecting on their positive traits. Make a list of everything you like about your partner. Then make a list of everything you find attractive about your partner.

7.     Give each other a massage. This is a real massage, not rubbing her shoulders while she watches television. Pick up some candles, massage oil, and do it.

8.     Find a hobby you both enjoy. Maybe you play poker with the boys while she goes out for wine with the girls. Why not find something you both enjoy? You could take an art class together, join a co-ed soccer team, or volunteer at the local animal shelter.

9.     Avoid attacking the other person. There’s a difference between saying, “It drives me crazy when you leave your socks on the floor” and “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you pick anything up?” The first statement addresses the behavior. Second attacks the person. The difference in the response you receive is significant

10.  Change up your sex life. After a while, most couples fall into a routine that leaves both parties less than enthusiastic. Change things up a little. Get a book and experiment. You might find the excitement coming back into your lovemaking.

Increasing the level of romance in your relationship requires effort and commitment. Relive your cherished memories of the past and focus on your partner’s positive qualities. A daily compliment can open the doors to appreciating each other all over again. Give your relationship the time and energy it deserves. You’ll be glad you did!

Rekindle the Flame- More Resources

14 Ways To Re-Kindle The Romance In Your Relationship

Love is hard work. It’s fun at first. Nothing else matters but the two of you. Then you live together, and everything changes. What happened to those beautiful moments of looking into each other’s eyes and feeling your spine tingle? Your “happily ever after” isn’t happening. Your love was once strong.

How to Rekindle a Relationship | 5 Ways to Reignite a Romance

How to fix a broken relationship Posted by: Team Tony Have you ever started or stoked up a fire? If you have, you know that you have to use kindling. And the smallest spark can eventually become a roaring blaze.

How to Fix a Broken Relationship – Michael Gregory II – Writer. Introvert. Random Thinker

The other night I was watching a TV show called Bridezilla that showed a young couple in “love”, and yet every other scene would display them arguing and not getting along before the wedding took place. How their marriage is doing today? Have no idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up going on the News.

Cheap Date Ideas

Cheap Date Ideas- Making it Work Many of the common ideas of being romantic are expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little creativity and planning, anyone can create the perfect romantic get together. Consider these cheap date ideas to get you started: 1. Take a hike together.

The post Rekindle the Flame: How to Reconnect With Your Partner appeared first on Dating Advice.

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Dating Advice by Jrob - 2w ago

Cheap Date Ideas-  Making it Work

Many of the common ideas of being romantic are expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little creativity and planning, anyone can create the perfect romantic get together.

Consider these cheap date ideas to get you started:

1.     Take a hike together. There’s nothing better than taking a walk together hand in hand. A hike seems like the perfect opportunity to be alone and talk about life. You can both get in better shape at the same time. Depending upon the location, you could even pick some free wild flowers and hand a bouquet to the love of your life.

2.     Pull out the board games. It might not seem romantic to play Monopoly. But what if you had candles, cheese, and a decent bottle of wine?

3.     Attend a free fine arts event. Concert tickets and parking fees can be expensive. But check out your local newspapers to find some free festivals. With a little effort, you can find an event you’ll both enjoy. A musical festival, an art show, or poetry reading could be romantic.

4.     Find the perfect hole in the wall. Most communities have a quaint, but inexpensive restaurant. The best ones seem to be ethnic, which adds to the charm and romance. An alternative is to cook a romantic dinner together at home.

5.     Have a slumber party. Put on your pajamas, make some popcorn, climb in bed, and watch a movie. Not romantic enough? Pick a movie full of romance and pull out the chocolate covered strawberries.

6.     Write a love letter. Even in the roughest of financial times, just about everyone has a pen and a sheet of paper. Mail a love letter to your partner’s work or find another way to surprise him with it.

7.     Breakfast in bed seems common, but it isn’t. Have you ever had breakfast in bed? They often mention it but many never experience it firsthand. Why not try it?

8.     Give each other massages. Nobody can say “no” to a massage. Get a $3 bottle of massage oil and you’re in business.

9.     Just say, “I love you.” This is always the least expensive option.

Romance doesn’t have to be about money. It’s about the mood and intention. Try a few of these cheap date ideas and boost the romance in your relationship and your bank account.

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43 Fun & Frugal Date Ideas You Have To Try! – The Little Frugal House

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101 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Remember when you and your partner used to go on date nights? It used to be so easy — and now it all seems like a distant memory. The good news is that you can always bring date nights back into your routine.

15 Cute & Inexpensive Date Ideas For You & Your Partner When You’re On A Budget

Constantly going out on dates can get pretty expensive, but you still want to make sure that you are keeping the romance alive for a healthy relationship. When funds are starting to get a little low, here are a few cute and affordable dates for you and your partner.

Advice on First Date

Here’s some advice on first date to help you make sure that you’re taking your relationship where you want it to go. Relax-The more you relax and show that you’re comfortable, the more your date will relax. If you feel like you’re getting nervous or tense, just take a deep breath, relax your shoulder muscles and smile.

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How to Enhance a Relationship

Would you like to feel closer to your partner? When you open your mind to having a more meaningful love relationship, you can experience some amazing things together and build a love that’s strong and ever-lasting.

Imagine what it would mean to you to know you’re forging a solid base with the love of your life.

Follow these tips to show your love and strengthen your connection:

1.     Listen well. When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you might tend toward tuning out your partner. So, staying focused and listening when your lover is sharing something is one of the best ways to enhance your closeness.

·       When your partner talks, stop what you’re doing, turn toward them, make eye contact, and listen.

2.     Acknowledge. Show you hear your partner by saying things like, “Uh-huh,” “yes,” “I didn’t know that,” or “I hear what you’re saying.”

3.     Pay attention. From your partner’s facial expression, how do you think they might felt? Do their shoulders seem to sag today? What things make your partner smile, or even laugh out loud? By observing, you can learn a lot.

4.     Plan special time together each day. Let your partner know you love them by designating time daily to do something together. Eating dinner at the table is a common occurrence, but you could also play some cards after dinner for an hour or do some other activity together that you enjoy.

·       Maybe you share a love of the outdoors. Taking a walk is a great way to spend a half-hour or more talking and holding hands each day.

·       During these shared times, attempt to talk about things you want to do and your dreams for the future.

5.     Make quick contact, even when you’re busy. Although you both may work a lot, making quick contacts through the day can be great for your relationship. There are a myriad of ways to stay in touch.

·       You can make a quick phone call, send a funny or sexy text, or send an e-mail just to say, “Hi,” during your breaks. Take care to follow your company’s rules regarding personal use of phones and e-mails when contacting your partner during the work day.

6.     Brag on your partner within earshot. Nothing enhances your connection more than hearing the love of your life telling others how you do something well. So, share out loud your love’s strong points from time to time.

·       Talk about how they cleaned your car or cooked your favorite meal. You can mention how your spouse has a knack for decorating your home or calming the kids.

7.     Plan a secret get-away. What if you were to plan an overnight trip to take your art-loving partner to see that new art museum that’s two hours away? Or to stay at a beach cottage for an extended weekend to celebrate their birthday?

·       Have fun with your undercover planning. You can place “clues” of what your plans are by leaving little hints and notes around the house or send texts that pique their interest in what you’re planning. Your partner will love the thought went in to your elaborate “scheme” to have some alone-time together.

You hold the keys to creating the most intense and loving relationship you’ve ever had. Put these strategies into action now to help build an everlasting bond with the one you love.

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Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are challenging. It’s not something we’re taught in school, and most of us have few, if any, good role models to emulate. Understanding the most common behaviors that damage relationships can be a good first step to having a relationship that lasts.

12 Ways To Radically Improve Your Relationship

Over the course of several years, my beloved husband and I transformed our lightning storm of a marriage into a harmonious partnership that sings in every way. There is still a tremendous amount of passion in our relationship, but we’ve found a way to harness any possible volatility, and cultivate a union based on honesty, respect and love.

9 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Relationship

With the demands of everyday life, it can be hard to remember some of the simple things that keep our relationships strong. But if you make caring actions a priority, they will soon become habit and lead to a fulfilling and happy partnership. Give these nine tips a try, and watch how they transform your relationship

8 Super Small Ways to Improve Your Relationship

When it comes to romance, these mini moves will pay off big time.

How to Enhance a Relationship

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How to End a Relationship
As life would have it, you’re bound to become involved in relationships that lose their sparkle for you. You’re not alone— to find a rewarding relationship, most of us have endured a less-than-satisfying relationship.
But how can you leave a relationship you’ve found to be unsatisfying?
Try these strategies:

1. Be sure about your decision to exit the relationship. Give some thoughtful consideration to the reasons you want to cut your connection with the person. When you go through the “whys” in your head, it will make it easier for you to move forward with a plan.

• Plus, many partners ask why you want to end the relationship, so it helps to be ready for the discussion.

2. What are your concerns about ending the relationship? Perhaps you fear you won’t have another relationship, the chance of never having another relationship is unlikely.

• Perhaps you fear the person will be angry with you. Maybe the person will have hurt and angry feelings—this fear is possible. If your partner voices such feelings, endeavor to listen without interruption.

• Financial concerns might also be a part of the picture, if the two of you are living together. Ensure you give your financial situation some thought before making the break so you’ll have a workable plan on how you’ll proceed.

• Be honest and clear with yourself about your concerns. This way, you’ll have time to think through the sticking points to arrive at successful resolutions for each issue.

3. Decide where and when the discussion will take place. Select a location that’s safe, quiet, and appropriate for the discussion. If you fear for your safety, seek professional advice about how to disengage from the relationship.

• Although you may have no such fears, you might have concerns the other person will manipulate you to stay. If so, it’s wise to have a friend or family member nearby who can step in and help you if needed.

• Plan to get to the point quickly, share your reasons if asked, and outline your plan for leaving if you live together.

4. Speak honestly and say you’re sorry. Use a caring tone of voice as you share your intentions. For example:

• “I’ve been unhappy with our relationship over the past few months. I’ve decided to go my own way. I’m sorry but I feel this is the right thing to do.”

• “There have been some changes between us and I’ve decided to move out. I’m sorry.”

• “I’m sorry to say this but I no longer want to be in the relationship with you.”

5. Use polite language and avoid negative emotions. Although you’ll feel hurt and angry, watch your phrasing. Rather than, “You never…” or “You always…” start with, “I am unhappy because we don’t spend enough time together” or “I feel like my friends and family aren’t welcome in our home.”

• Avoid finger-pointing and blaming. Be confident and keep your cool.

6. Observe your partner’s reaction and listen. Your partner may feel like sharing their own feelings, so be ready to listen. When they finish speaking, say, “I’m sorry I’ve hurt you.” However, stay focused on your desired result to end the relationship.

7. Refrain from prolonging the discussion. Avoid getting pulled into an argument. State your plan to exit the relationship and a few brief reasons. Then, share your timeline. “After this discussion, I’m going back to the house to get my things together to leave today.”

Ending an unsatisfying relationship can be difficult. However, your life will improve when you take control and make decisions right for you. Be optimistic that you’re making the best choice you can. Embrace this change and move forward.
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Relationships Archives – Dating Advice

Second Chance Relationship Advice When a relationship ends, the desire for the breakup is often one-sided. Mutual breakups happen, but they’re the exception rather than the rule. Regardless of who ended the relationship, at some point, you or your ex might want to try again.

How to break up with someone you love: 15 no bullsh*t tips

13.7k Views Breaking up with someone you love is never easy. In fact, it’s one of the toughest things you can do. You’ve spent a lot of time with one person. You’ve built something special. They’re planning their life around you. They love you. Much of their meaning in life is built around you.

How to Know When It’s Time to Let Go of Someone You Love

Love isn’t always enough to make a lasting relationship work. Here, experts explain the telltale signs that it may be time to walk away.

How To Break Up With Someone Who Thinks You’re ‘The One’

Breaking up with someone isn’t easy. Well, OK — if your partner happens to be a piece of sh*t, it’s a little easier than usual. But people usually don’t break up because their partners are horrible people. Rather, they simply feel like things…

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Happy Couples : Strengthen Your Relationship Daily

Would you like to have a stronger, happier relationship? Happiness in a relationship results from several small things done daily. These small tasks are within your capabilities. A little time and attention can grow your relationship into a great source of happiness for both of you.

Strengthen your relationship each day by following these strategies of happy couples:

1. Confront each other effectively. No relationship is free from disagreements. The most important issue is how those disagreements are handled. Handle your disagreements quickly and fairly. Address behaviors and forget about personal insults. Seek to find a resolution rather than proving who is right or wrong.

2. Have compatible goals. Is your dream to travel the world, never staying in one place for more than a few months? Is your partner’s dream to have five kids and live in her hometown, having dinner with her parents every night? One of you will be miserable.

• Your goals don’t have to match, but they must be compatible. Otherwise, one of you will have to sacrifice too much to make the other happy.

3. Forgive. Holding a grudge breeds contempt and upsets the other person. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a bad day once in a while. Forgive quickly and easily.

4. Grow together. Try new things together. See new places. But also make the time to grow. You can learn to surf while he learns how to paint. Do some new things together and others apart.

5. Empathize. When you’re taking on the world by yourself, you can afford to be a little more single-minded and selfish in your approach. When you’re part of a couple, it’s important to consider the other’s feelings and point of view.

6. Make time for each other. It’s so easy to split your time and attention between work, household duties, and the minutiae of life. Ensure that you spend quality time with your partner each day. If you don’t make time, it’s too easy to suffer from a lack of time. Make this a priority in your life.

7. Focus more on your partner’s good qualities than their bad. Does your spouse always leave the toilet seat up? Does it make you furious? What if someone told you they knew for a fact that a particular man was perfect for you, but he had one annoying habit: he left the toilet seat up? Would you say, “Forget it?” Of course not.

• It’s easy to focus on a few negative traits and form strong negative emotions. Spend your time focusing on your partner’s positive qualities and notice how your perception of them changes.

8. Listen to each other. It’s difficult to listen to a 10-minute story about buying a pair of shoes or the details of the Cowboys’ final drive for a winning touchdown. But it’s necessary to show interest and give your attention.

• Once you stop listening, the other person stops communicating. The relationship is then on a downhill slide. Listening is a skill that anyone can master. Give your partner your full attention.

Your relationship can be a great source of happiness or grief. Your partner and you can create a relationship that brings happiness to your lives. Make time for each other and be willing to listen. Find common interests you can explore together. Remember to also make time for yourself. Do these things and you’ll build on your relationship each day.

Happy Couples- More Resources

12 Secret Habits of Happy Couples

Happy couples that stay together for the long-haul work hard to make their relationship last. There’s no “magic bullet” to a lasting relationship, but there are secrets that every couple should know. Every couple that stays together has adopted these secrets and, over time, has developed them into habits.

12 Secret Habits of Happy Couples

Happy couples that stay together for the long-haul work hard to make their relationship last. There’s no “magic bullet” to a lasting relationship, but there are secrets that every couple should know. Every couple that stays together has adopted these secrets and, over time, has developed them into habits.

9 Secrets Of Happy Couples

Relationships take work…and play Post to Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1lEuo04 Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ilcE7k Post to Twitter: http://bit.ly/1l2Fict Music: https://soundcloud.com/olivaw Credits: “Friends” by Todd LaBerge https://vimeo.com/48533138 “Jonny Downie – My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose” John Campbell vimeo.com/jjcampbell https://vimeo.com/30129230 “Love Story” by Selivanovsky Sergey Russia, St.

Healthy Relationship Tips

The Modern Rules for Making Decisions as a Couple Being part of a couple makes reaching a decision more rewarding and complicated. You benefit from pooling your resources, but it’s important to mesh your individual styles. How you decide an issue will often be more important than the specific conclusion.

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