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How soon should we start an anti-ageing routine? For me, I started after I turned 25, when I find that late nights had begun to take an obvious toll on my skin, and expression lines started to look more obvious.

I have heard a lot from friends who swear by the SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age range of anti-ageing products like the Essence, Eye Cream, and Airy Milky Lotion, although I hadn’t tried any of them myself.

That’s why I was excited the moment SK-II approached me to see if I was interested in trying the SK-II R.N.A Power Airy Milky Lotion and give an honest review – perfect timing to finally see for myself if it really works and if it is worth it!

First things first:

What is the R.N.A Power Radical New Age range?

The R.N.A. Powder Radical New Age is a range of products that specialise in delivering anti-ageing benefits to skin. Just like all other products in SK-II, these products contains Pitera, which is the secret to fans’ crystal clear skin.

The R.N.A Complex specifically helps improve firmness of skin by rejuvenating skin cells and promoting structural protein synthesis in every cell and all layers of skin.

This star ingredient targets anti-ageing concerns such as fine lines and skin firmness. It works at revealing your skin’s youthfulness by enhancing its radiance and reducing the appearance of pores.

You may have heard a lot about the Eye Cream, which has been much raved about by users for its ability to eliminate the look of dark eye circles.

However, I heard that the Airy Milky Lotion is also a must-have for anyone who wants to upgrade her anti-ageing routine, and this is what we’re going to review today.

What’s the SK-II R.N.A Power Airy Milky Lotion?

The SK-II R.N.A Powder Airy Milky Lotion may sound like a rich anti-ageing moisturiser with the powerful R.N.A Complex infused in it, but it has been formulated to be a refreshing, non-sticky formula that hydrates skin without leaving an oily residue.

Its texture looked thick to me at first, but actually absorbed effortlessly into skin. My skin felt refreshed and smoother right after application.

Its fluffy texture that feels soft, and works great as a base before makeup.

How to use the SK-II R.N.A Power Airy Milky Lotion

This moisturiser can be used right after the Facial Treatment Essence and R.N.A Essence. Apply it in an upward motion to encourage skin firming, starting from your jawline to your cheek area.

Here’s an extra tip: if you can afford time, give your skin a gentle massage while applying this lotion. Focus on your troubled areas especially where expression lines tend to appear, such as between your brows, at the nasolabial folds, and the corners of your lips.

SK-II R.N.A Power Airy Milky Lotion: Does it work?

When it comes to my anti-ageing routine, I tend to invest in serums, rather than moisturisers. This is because I find most anti-ageing moisturisers to be too rich and oily for my liking.

This is why I was surprised at how pleasant the texture of the Airy Milky Lotion was. I really like how fast it absorbed and the smooth, velvety texture it left on my skin – no grease or stickiness at all!

I used to wake up to dry skin that feels “tight” whenever I sleep in an air-conditioned room. But on nights when I apply the Airy Milky Lotion to sleep, I woke up with skin that still felt bouncy and fresh.

As it was my first time using the product, I was concerned about how my skin would react to it. Thankfully, there was no nasty reaction for me. However, as with all new products that you try out, you should always do a patch test before applying over your entire face. This can help ensure the product is suitable for you.

After using the Airy Milky Lotion for two weeks, the most visible improvements that I saw on my skin were more refined pores and radiant skin.

Because I don’t have visible wrinkles to begin with and am stepping up my anti-ageing routine as a form of prevention, I’m still not able to tell you how it works on lines, although reviews I read online look very promising.

Overall, I like using the product and if you, like me, are looking to slow down and prevent visible signs of ageing from appearing, you are likely to like the product as much as I did.

Where to buy SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age products?

The SK-II R.N.A Power Airy Milky Lotion (SGD149 for 50g), together with all other products from the R.N.A Power range can be found at duty-free stores, online, or at an SK-II counter near you.

We’ve heard that the product tend to go out of stock at duty-free stores, so you may want to check out domestic counters first, just to make sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Other than a V-shaped face, most women aspire to have a small face. Japanese model and makeup artist Sakamoto Maria shares brow-drawing tips with her Instagram followers, revealing the secret to creating a smaller-looking face simply by getting your brows right!

First, you have the get the basics of brow-drawing right.

久しぶりに以前も紹介させてもらったアイブロウの基本バランスについて紹介します ・ まずアイブロウは、眉の形を整え目元を引き立てる効果があります ・ 後、顔のイメージをガラリと変えることもできますアイブロウの一般的な基本バランス眉尻は小鼻と目尻を結んだ延長線上 眉頭と眉尻の下線は、眉頭を基準とした水平線の同一線上または眉尻がやや上 眉山は、眉頭から眉尻の約2/3の位置 ・ 是非 #マリアメイク で他にも沢山プロセス載せてるので見てみてください ・ #マリアメイク #メイクアップ #メイク #メイク好きさんと繋がりたい #メイクプロセス #プチプラコスメ #ハイライト #ハーフメイク #外国人風 #外国人風メイク #マツエク #裸眼 #ファンデ #アイブロウ #アイブロウスタイリング #シェーディング #コントゥアリング #アイメイク #カラコン #メイクブラシ #cchannel #美意識 #自分磨き #美容オタク #メイクマニア #コスメ #コスメ好きさんと繋がりたい #おしゃれさんと繋がりたい #ハーフ目

A post shared by 坂本マリア Maria Sakamoto (@sakamoto_maria) on Feb 8, 2018 at 7:15pm PST

1. Orange line: This indicates where your brow should start. It should align with where your nose bridge is.
2. Yellow line: The highest point of your brow should be at approximately the 2/3 point of your entire brow’s length.
3. Pink line: This is where your brow should end. The end of your brow, corner of eye, and nose should form a straight line.
4. Blue line: This is less talked about. The start and end of your brow should be near the blue line, with the end being higher than the start.

Now that you’ve learnt the basics, here’s where the magic happens.

小顔に魅せる眉の長さ ・ 左の眉は短めに仕上げてて、眉尻からこめかみまでの距離が長め短い眉のメリットは、幼い、かわいらしい印象を作ることができますが、デメリットでいうと顔の余白が多いので顔が大きく見えやすい 右の眉は、眉尻からこめかみまでの距離が短く顔の余白を埋めれるので小顔効果抜群あまり長く描きすぎると老けて見えるので注意 ・ 他にも #マリアメイク からプロセス見てみてね ・ #アイブロウ #ノーズシャドウ #平行眉 #メイクアップアーティスト #メイクアップ #メイク #メイク好きさんと繋がりたい #メイクプロセス #ローライト #ハーフメイク #外国人風 #ビュースタグラマー #マツエク #裸眼 #ファンデ #アイブロウスタイリング #マツエク #アイメイク #アイライナー #メイクブラシ #美意識 #自分磨き #フォトジェニック #美容オタク #makeup #コスメ #コスメ好きさんと繋がりたい #followme

A post shared by 坂本マリア Maria Sakamoto (@sakamoto_maria) on Apr 7, 2018 at 2:31am PDT

After getting the basic shape right, it’s time to extend the end of your brow a little, forming a slightly sharp shape. The above diagram shows you the difference. Sakamoto swears by this magic extension to help make face look smaller and features look sharper.

Here’s a closer look at how she does it:

マツエク詳細 ・ @petit_eyebeauty にて付け替えてきたよ ・ 今回のデザインは、 目頭から目尻にかけてDカール~Cカールで長さは9〜13ミリで140束つけてます ・ 私のSNS見たと言って頂くとお安くなります ・ 3Dエアリーラッシュ・ 120束 ¥6480円 ・ 150束 ¥7560円 ・ アイブロウスタイリング ¥3240円 ・ ・ peTiT eye beauty 淀屋橋店 〒541-0044 大阪府大阪市中央区伏見町2-6-2 ネット伏見町402号 営業時間: 11:00~21:00(不定休) TEL / FAX: 06-6227-8660 ・ #マリアメイク #マツエク #まつエク #平行眉 #メイクアップアーティスト #メイクアップ #メイク #メイク好きさんと繋がりたい #マツエク詳細 #プチプラコスメ #アイシャドウ #ハーフメイク #外国人風 #外国人風メイク #ファンデ #アイブロウ #アイブロウスタイリング #アイメイク #メイクブラシ #美意識 #フォトジェニック #美容オタク #makeup #ビュースタグラマー #followme

A post shared by 坂本マリア Maria Sakamoto (@sakamoto_maria) on Apr 22, 2018 at 7:28pm PDT

Besides this brow-drawing tutorial, Sakamoto also shares a variety of other tips and tutorials on her Instagram page. Another tip that we especially love is about where to apply the blusher.

久しぶりの #マリアメイク ・ 今回ご紹介するのはチークの入れる位置について ・ チークは入れる位置によって実は老けて見えてしまいがちです、、 ・ 左側の写真の位置にチークをいれてしまうと、頬の位置が下にあるように見えてしまい老けた印象に ・ 正しい位置は、シンプルにわかりやすくいうと笑った時に1番高くなる位置が正確内側の黒目と小鼻を結んだ延長線より内側に入らない事と、小鼻より下にいかないようにを気をつけると、ハリのある若々しい印象になれます ・ よかったら参考にしてみてくださいね ・ #マリアメイク #チーク #平行眉 #メイクアップ #メイク #メイク好きさんと繋がりたい #メイクプロセス #ハーフメイク #外国人風 #外国人風メイク #マツエク #カラコン #ファンデ #アイブロウ #アイブロウスタイリング #マツエク #アイメイク #アイライナー#チークブラシ #メイクブラシ #美意識 #自分磨き #若返り #フォトジェニック #美容オタク #makeup #コスメ #コスメ好きさんと繋がりたい #おしゃれさんと繋がりたい #howto

A post shared by 坂本マリア Maria Sakamoto (@sakamoto_maria) on Dec 24, 2017 at 1:11am PST

The darkest point of your blusher should be above the end of your nose.

Will you be trying any of these tricks tomorrow?

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The hot and humid climate in Singapore, as well as incessant air-conditioning, isn’t good news for our skin. It’s probably why so many of us in Singapore suffer from dull-looking complexion that lacks a natural luster, The strong sunshine here also means stronger UV rays, which may lead to more pigmentation problems at an earlier age!

Psst, if this sounds like your beauty concern, stay till the end because we have an attractive perk for you!

Shakura’s new Pigmentation Facial Therapy is set to address all these concerns plaguing Singaporean women. This facial reduces pigmentation on the skin, helping clients achieve clearer, brighter skin within a 120-minute session!

Specially imported from Japan

Shakura’s story began in the lush green fields of Japan, where a revolutionary discovery was made. A group of researchers stumbled upon a remote dairy farm and found that the women working there had exceptionally radiant, clear, and youthful skin.

The secret is simple: milk. The dairy farm’s unused milk became part of these ladies’ daily beauty ritual, used in nourishing baths and cleansers, contributing to their everlasting beauty.

Inspired by the glowy, fair skin seen on these Japanese women, Shakura mastered this skincare secret and brought it to Singapore to help improve skin in these five areas:

  • Clarity: reduces spots and improves clarity of your skin
  • Translucency: revitalizes skin
  • Radiance: improves your skin’s natural glow
  • Fairness: rightens your skin tone
  • Moisture: hydrates your skin, making it look more supple and dewy

The aim of the treatment is to improve skin pigmentation issues while also improving radiance and revealing a glowy complexion that you never knew you had.

The Facial Therapy is infused with the Shakura Active Formula which consists of a potent and nourishing blend of Milk Essence and Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Roselle) Flower.

Milk Essence is renowned for its ability to stimulate renewal of skin cells for brighter, younger-looking skin while lightening pigmentation. The Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower used is enriched with Vitamin C and amino acids.

Together, these two ingredients synergistically work to refine the texture of the skin, brighten pigmentation, and improve blood circulation so that your skin looks clearer, younger, and more radiant!

Oh, and don’t worry if you think your skin is more sensitive or irritable than others. All Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapies are customised by their professional and well-trained consultants after a thorough and in-depth skin analysis.

This means that the Facial Therapy is suitable for all skin conditions, types, and needs, because your individual skin concerns are going to be taken into account. The treatment is able to tackle a wide range of pigmentation skin concerns like acne marks, post-natal pigmentation, sun spots, and even an uneven skin tone!

What you will be able to see after one session

Based on an internal survey done on 240 first-time customers, 95% of Shakura’s first-time customers have been able to see clearer and brighter skin in just 120 minutes of the treatment. Research conducted by global data measurement company Nielsen found that clients observed visibly lightened pigmentation and experienced no redness or pain* after the treatment.

This award-winning treatment has even been raved about on television program features such as Lady First Singapore (女人我最大) and by top local and international celebrities, like Taiwan beauty guru Kevin Chou and Mediacorp artiste Ya Hui.

Here are just some of the impressive results from Shakura’s satisfied customers!

“After giving birth, the pigmentation on my face worsened. It became bigger and darker. I’ve tried IPL treatments to remove it but the dark spots came back. However, Shakura’s facial treatments have helped me remove those stubborn dark spots and the results are long-lasting! Thank you Shakura!” – Tan Gim Kuan, Lisel

“When I had pigmentation problems, I used to partially cover my face with my hand when talking to people. However, ever since Shakura has helped me regain a beautiful complexion with their facial treatments, I am no longer afraid of looking at the mirror. Instead, I want to start learning how to put on light makeup to make myself look even better.” — Rohani Binte Ahamad

“Singapore’s weather and work stress caused frequent breakouts on my face, leaving behind reddish-brown acne marks and scars. Thankfully, I found Shakura. They have helped me in the removal of unsightly skin pigmentation with their facial treatments. Now my skin is smooth, radiant and fair. Even my husband was so pleased with the results!” – Zhang Xiao Jie

* Based on research conducted by Nielsen, among 805 first-time customers of Shakura Pigmentation Beauty from March – June 2015. ^Aged 50 & above

See visibly brighter skin in just 120 minutes

Now you can experience the magic for yourself. If you’re reading this, you are eligible to redeem a Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy and bring home a 4-piece Radiant Fairness Product Set (total worth SGD378) at just SGD28!

This limited-time offer is exclusive for the first 50 Daily Vanity readers, so make sure you grab it before it runs out!

Get spotless, radiant, youthful skin like the Japanese!
Get clearer, brighter skin in just 120 mins with one Shakura Pigmentation Therapy and a take-home Radiant Fairness Product Set (U.P. SGD378) for just SGD28!

This offer is valid for first-time Shakura customers only!

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We’re sure that somewhere at the back of your head, you wished you had a vanity mirror with light – you know the kind that reminds you of old Hollywood sets?

Besides its aesthetic benefits, a lighted vanity mirror has key functions. For one, a lighted vanity mirror extinguishes shadow caused by normal lighting. This would give its users a clearer and brighter view such that you can apply makeup more precisely so that you can look fresh all day!

Moreover, a vanity mirror with light help magnify every part of your face and bring attention to them as you groom yourself. It’s excellent for eyebrow plucking, drawing your eyeliner, and cleaning away the tiny fallout and smudges from makeup that you sometimes miss. Trust us, you’ll appreciate not having to crouch over a bathroom sink to get a clearer view of your face through your bathroom mirror!

A functional and essential tool, we believe that all beauty junkies need a vanity mirror with light in their room.

If you have the same thoughts as us, and are looking for a lighted vanity mirror, here’s your go-to list! We’ve selected 10 of the best ones in the market today to narrow down your hunt!

1. Lights by HipVan LED Light Vanity Mirror

This lighted vanity mirror isn’t just portable, it is also adjustable to suit your preference. We love its sleek and understated design that will look great on just about any vanity table.

In addition, the base also acts as a mini tray for you to put your accessories, and it doubles up as a simple table lamp when you adjust the mirror upwards. This lighted vanity mirror is available in three colours: cream, mint, and pink.

Lights by HipVan LED Light Vanity Mirror retails for SGD59.90 on HipVan, shipping fees apply.

2. LED Vanity Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror with lights Dimmer Stage Beauty Touch

Like a cute photo frame for your vanity top, this lighted vanity mirror is a miniature version of what you see models and celebrities have in their dressing rooms. Battery-operated, compact, and portable, you have the choice of holding the mirror close to you or leaving it on your vanity as you get ready for your day.

LED Vanity Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror with lights Dimmer Stage Beauty Touch retails at SGD128.24 on Lazada Singapore, shipping fees apply.

3. niceEshop Makeup Mirror Light

Unlike the aforementioned lighted vanity mirrors, this mirror is big and not as portable – making it great for those who want a fixture that also allows you to check your outfit. You may be pleased to know that the brightness of the lights can also be adjusted by a remote control, turning it from a functional mirror to some kind of a mood light if you wish. This mirror has received several 5-star reviews on Lazada Singapore, too.

niceEshop Makeup Mirror Light retails at SGD128 on Lazada Singapore, shipping fees apply.

4. OEM Unique 7 Inches Makeup Mirror

This is a compact mirror that is suitable for travelling or for users who are always on the move. It has five times the magnification of regular mirror and is also powered by batteries. This compact mirror even comes with suction cups at the back so that you can stick it on any surface for free-hand usage. Generally, it has received positive reviews from those who bought it.

OEM Unique 7 Inches Makeup Mirror retails at SGD128 on Lazada Singapore, shipping fees apply.

5. OEM My Fold Away LED Makeup Mirror

Like the previous mirror we’ve listed, this is another great option for on-the-go touch-up because it can be easily folded and stowed away. The double-sided mirror has one side that gives you an accurate reflection, and the other side that gives a 10 times magnification.

OEM My Fold Away LED Makeup Mirror retails at SGD40 on Lazada Singapore, shipping fees apply.

6. CraftersCalendar XL Hollywood vanity mirror

If you have to constantly fight with someone for the mirror, then this huge vanity mirror with light will be what you need. Powered by LED lights, this mirror has been highly rated by many customers who have praised the quality of its visibility.

Most customers said that it was very easy to install and that they either hang it on the wall or left it standing at the vanity table. But if you’re thinking of getting this mirror, take note that bulbs are not included.

CraftersCalendar XL Hollywood vanity mirror retails at SGD384.99 on Esty, shipping fees apply.

7. Rainbows Shop LED Table Vanity

If big mirrors or large bulbs are not your thing, try out this LED table mirror. With smaller bulbs, the lights are not as glaring but still reduce shadows and improve visibility. This is an affordable option if you’re not looking for anything too fancy.

Rainbows Shop LED Table Vanity retails at SGD13.90 on Qoo10, shipping fees apply.

8. Sephora Light-up Mirror to go

If you don’t have that much space in your vanity area, a lighted vanity mirror like this may be up your alley. It looks like a compact and be stashed easily away in your cabinet or your makeup bag when you’re not using it. The LED lights may be small but give you sufficient light for touch-ups in low-light environments. Most customers loved it and rated it 5/5 on Sephora.

Sephora Light-up Mirror To Go retails at SGD26 on Sephora Singapore, shipping fees apply.

9. Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror

We recommend this mini lighted mirror if you just want something to help you with eyebrow grooming or perfecting that lip liner. Keep it as a secondary mirror for your vanity table or bring it along as you travel.

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Splits ends are a super real problem in Singapore. We’re already more susceptible to it than most other countries because of our crazy erratic weather and how we go in and out of the hot sun and cold air-conditioning so frequently every day.

We are also seeing split ends being on the rise because of the funky coloured hair trend that’s been gripping popular culture on our tiny island for the past few years.

You would think that we’d be experts in preventing split ends by now, but that’s actually not true. We are still making a number of mistakes in our hair care routines that create more split ends on our precious tresses without us realising.

We spoke to two highly experienced hairdressers from the top hair salons in Singapore to find out exactly what habits we have that are causing those pesky split ends.

1. You’re not using conditioner

We were surprised by this, but this is apparently true, according to Gary Chew, co-founder and director of mi the salon. “Many Singaporeans don’t use any hair conditioner, and this is jeopardising their hair texture,” he says.

The reason why some Singaporeans don’t use hair conditioners is because they’re not used to how it feels after. Gary explains, “Certain hair conditioners make the hair very oily and so people stop using them all together.”

The purpose of hair condition is actually to close the cuticles of the hair, which may have been opened by the action of shampooing. Closing the cuticles will mean less water damage to the hair, resulting in less brittle hair and therefore less split ends.

“Finding the right hair care to suit your needs is important, and getting a good hairstylist to advise would be the first step to avoiding split ends,” says Gary.

Kevin Chia, Color Expert Stylist at Apgujeong Hair Studio, concurs with this. He recommends using “nourishing treatment shampoos and masks at home” that can help the hair to retain moisture without suffering from water damage.

2. You’re not getting your hair trimmed regularly

Of course, getting your hair trimmed regularly does not actually directly prevent split ends, but it does help to neaten up your overall look and may indirectly contribute to lessen the chances of getting split ends.

“Regular trims are part of an essential haircare routine,” says Gary. It should be followed by using the right hair conditioner and “any supplementary hair oils or serums”.

Kevin also recommends getting your locks groomed on the regular. “The rule of thumb should be to get a trim every six weeks,” he states.

Getting a trim means you’d be cutting away your existing split ends and reducing the risks of your hair breaking even further. Your entire head of hair will also be generally easier to groom, brush, and style on a daily basis, which places less stress on your individual hair strands and indirectly preventing hair breakage.

3. You’re using too much heat on your hair

This one should be a no-brainer, but many of us are too in love with the beautiful effects heat styling can give us and can’t let go. Needless to say, excessive heat on the hair will cause brittle hair and split ends.

“Don’t overuse hot tools,” warns Gary. “If you want to use a hot tool, you should use a heat protectant spray.”

Gary also strongly discourages using hot tools on wet hair. “This would essentially fry your hair. Your hair needs to be completely dry before using any hot tools.”

Kevin echoes the same advice, calling for an avoidance of hot tools for styling if possible and using a heat protectant product before styling.

“Use the lowest possible heat setting on the tool to minimise the damage. When blow drying your hair, finish it off on the cool setting for about five minutes. This helps to seal the hair cuticle.”

4. You’re using a lot of chemicals on your hair

This is particularly pertinent to us today, where permanent blow-outs, rebonding, and bleaching or dyeing of the hair is commonly done in the hair salons.

Kevin states, unsurprisingly, that treating our hair with too much chemicals is also a huge cause of split ends. This includes treatments like bleaching, perming, and rebonding.

“Using vinegar or over-bleaching creates split ends, so people who use either and don’t take care of their hair are at risk of facing split ends,” adds Gary.

The simple solution? Avoid doing such chemical treatments on your hair. If you have to, or want to, take a good break between each of them. In the meantime, you need to also make sure you spam your hair with the good stuff and really put in a lot of effort into having a proper hair care routine.

This brings us to the next point.

5. You don’t have a proper hair care routine

While chemical treatments and lifestyle habits are certainly a cause of split ends, you could still be doing your part to minimise the breakage as far as possible by investing time and effort into a proper hair care routine.

“Our hair cannot be too acidic or alkaline, so hair care is important in ensuring that it does not swing to either extremes in order to maintain the optimum health of our hair,” explains Gary. “The people who are most prone to split ends are those that don’t maintain a good hair care routine, like not using hair conditioners or masks.

“Even when your hair is bleached, if you are religious in taking care of your hair with the right hair care routine, split ends can still be avoided.”

Kevin recommends that people pay attention to the kind of hair styling products that they’re using as well. “Avoid using too much of styling products like wax and hair spray as the hard coating on the surface of the hair can cause it to be more brittle and increase the chance of breakage.

“If styling products are needed, go for products that are flexible-hold rather than strong-hold.”

6. You swim a lot, whether at the beach or at the pool

Most of us should be able to empathise with Kevin’s point here, especially if you did a lot of swimming when you were younger, or if you still spend a lot of time at the pool now!

Whether it’s chlorinated water in the swimming pool or salty sea water at the beach, immersing your hair in either of these for extended periods of time will certainly dehydrate your hair strands, causing it to become more brittle.

7. You are outdoors under the sun a lot

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’re going to repeat again that dehydration is a huge cause of split ends, so it’s no surprise that Kevin warns those of us who spend a ton of time under the hot Singapore sun that we are at higher risk of getting split ends.

If you find yourself not being able to avoid outdoor sports or other activities, make sure you use a good cap to protect both your hair from the dehydrating heat of the sun, and your scalp from UV damage. That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

8. You don’t drink enough water

We can’t deny the wisdom of Kevin’s advice here. Hair is, after all, produced by our body, so how healthy our body is can also make a huge difference in how healthy our hair is.

“Drink more water and have a health, balanced diet,” recommends Kevin. “This is so that your body has all the nutrients it needs to produce strong and shiny hair.”

We agree a hundred percent!

9. You’ve coloured your hair and don’t care for it later

Colouring your hair is a big commitment not just to your physical appearance, but in the steps you take after that to help protect your hair against any further damage. One way to do this is to seek the help of professionals.

“Stylists are trained and equipped to advise you on proper home care routine for coloured hair, and tailor it based on your hair needs and lifestyle,” Gary explains. “By making regular hair trips to salons, we can observe the condition of your hair and analyse to see how your hair is fairing and pitch the best formula for your hair.

“For bleached or permed hair, it is advisable to come by once a month. For coloured hair, once every two months should be fine.”

When you’re rocking a funky purple or green hairdo, it’s unlikely that you’re not also going to want to style it in an appropriately funky way to show off as much of that colour as possible. However, remember also take appropriate care of your hair while you’re doing that.

“When using heat styling tools, do so on a low to medium heat setting, and use a heat-protectant product,” advises Kevin.

“Wash your hair with lukewarm water, but rinse with cool water. Warm water helps open cuticles on the surface of your hair to lift dirt and oil more easily, while cool water closes the cuticles and gives you a smooth, shiny finish.”

These tips from Kevin not only helps to prevent your chemically-treated hair from breaking into split ends, but also reduces colour fade-off, prolonging your dye job for longer. Two benefits in one tip? Yes, please!

The experts we interviewed Gary Chew, Co-founder and Director of mi the salon

With more than 20 years of experience behind him, Gary can be said to be at the forefront of the hairdressing scene here in Singapore. Gary trained under British celebrity hairdresser Trevor Sorbie, and he has since been called “most-value-for-money Michelin-star-quality Singaporean hairdresser you are ever going to get”.

Aside from being I.D. Artist, Gary is also the head of education at mi the salon, and also regularly travels around Asia Pacific as L’Oreal Professionnel’s ID artist to conduct workshops and seminars.

Kevin Chia, Colour Expert Stylist from Apgujeong Hair Studio

Passion is the key to success. This quote both inspires and reminds Kevin to create the best hairstyle for everyone. His inspiration comes from images, shapes, colours and these details guide him to create bespoke haircuts and hair colours for his clients.

A highly experienced stylist with 12 years’ experience in the industry, Kevin is the Color Expert Stylist at Apgujeong Hair Studio in Bishan Junction 8. He specialises in precision haircuts, fashion/creative colouring, and up-styling. These skills are his tools in creating styles that bring out his clients’ inner & outer beauty.

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Hold onto your horses, folks, because Pony Effect is coming to Singapore! That’s right, the highly anticipated Korean makeup brand fronted by YouTube sensation Park Hye Min— best known as Pony— is finally arriving onto our sunny shores.

So, what are some of the products you’ll be able to get your hands on? Well, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice with the wide range available. From daring lip shades to standout eyeshadow palettes, these products perfectly embody the Pony brand in itself: bold, transformative, as well as boundary-pushing, offering infinite makeup transformations even for everyday makeup looks.

Here are a couple of our favourites:

1. Coverstay Cushion Foundation

Is it really a K-beauty brand if it doesn’t come with its own cushion foundation? The Pony Effect Coverstay Cushion Foundation (SGD59.90, available in four shades) is specially formulated for oily skin, promising a crease-free and long-lasting wear. It even helps with sebum production to keep you looking flawless all day.

2. Conceptual Eyes Quad

Coming in with a impressive range of unique shades, the Conceptual Eyes Quad (SGD49.90 each) allows you to create diverse makeup looks for every occasion. Each palette has shadows in different finishes— from matte, to shimmer, to glitter, making it a truly versatile palette that you can just about bring anywhere.

3. Enamellic Glossy Lip

Available in eight stunning shades, the Pony Effect Enamellic Glossy Lip (SGD31.90 each) is high shine, long-lasting, and non-sticky, which is the hallmark of a good gloss. Consider us sold!

4. Stay Fit Matte Lip Colour

Ultra long lasting and highly pigmented, the Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Colour (SGD31.90 each) is guaranteed to last throughout those long days. Choose from seven different shades, from dusty rose pinks to bright cherry reds.

The Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color in Exquisite 

Pony Effect makeup will be available at Watsons Bugis Junction from the 21 June. It will subsequently be released at other selected Watsons outlets, such as at ION Orchard, NEX, and JEM from July.

Here is a price list of other products that you might be interested in:


  • Colour Correcting Master Palette (SGD59.90)
  • Defense Longwear Cushion (SGD65.90)
  • Everlasting Cushion Foundation (SGD59.90)
  • Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter (SGD35.90)
  • Seamless Foundation (SGD49.90)
  • Strobing Luminiser (SGD36.90)
  • Ultimate Prep Primer (SGD41.90)


  • Grind Sparkling Shadow (SGD28.90)
  • Master Eye Palette (SGD59.90)
  • Profection Brush Liner (SGD29.90)
  • Sharpening Brow Definer (SGD21.90)
  • Stay Put Eye Stick (SGD25.90)
  • Unlimited Cream Shadow (SGD28.90)


  • Customising Lip Palette (SGD59.90)
  • Favourite Fluid Lip Tint (SGD27.90)
  • Galaxy Holographic Palette (SGD75.90)
  • Outfit Lipstick (SGD35.90)
  • Outfit Velvet Lipstick (SGD35.90)

Makeup Tools

  • Mini Makeup Brush Set (SGD59.90)
  • Pebble Blender (SGD20.90)
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Embrace the new cushion foundation technology or go back to basics with liquid foundation? There’s only one way to find out: put them both to our foundation challenge!

We timed two women trying out both types of products: KATE Tokyo’s new liquid foundation, the Powdery Skin Maker that sets itself in 15 seconds, and a cushion foundation that has a dewy finish.

Watch and find out which product emerges the winner in the end!

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If there’s a common step that most people tend to disregard from their skincare routine, it is, undoubtedly, sunscreen.

This isn’t particularly ideal, especially considering Singapore’s climate. Sure, we know some sunscreens have a bad rep for being too greasy or sticky on your skin, but trust us when we say that your skin will thank you for it in the long run.

The type of sunscreen you would want to apply on your face is the kind that doesn’t just give great coverage, but also feels lightweight and doesn’t make your skin feel greasy. So with that in mind, here’s a handy list of the best sunscreens you actually want to use on your face. Slather up!

1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50+ Invisible Face Mist Ultra-Light

A light, fresh mist that is quickly absorbed, this sunscreen from La Roche-Posay can be sprayed on over your makeup without causing it to run. Plus, its also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for even those with the most sensitive of skin.

The La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50+ Invisible Face Mist Ultra-Light is available at all Guardian and Watsons outlets. It retails for SGD21.50.

2. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF40

Weightless, colourless, and oil-free, this sunscreen from Supergoop! is a dream for Singapore’s climate. According to reviews, it works best for oily and sensitive skin.

The Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 is available at all Sephora outlets. It retails for SGD48.

3. Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk

This sunscreen from Anessa has achieved cult-like status, with users raving about its great texture and hydrating properties. It even dries into a semi-matte texture that makes makeup application a breeze after.

The Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk is available at all Watsons outlets. It retails for SGD39.90.

4. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50

Suitable for all skin types, the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA++++ sunscreen doesn’t just help defend against UV rays, but pollution and free radicals as well. Its matte, powdery finish also means no forehead glare!

The Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 is available at all Kiehl’s outlets. It retails for SGD56 for 30ml, and SGD89 for 60ml.

5. Biore UV Mild Milk SPF50

This one is formulated for kids, who have more sensitive skin than adults, thus making it ideal for those with sensitive skin types. Its light, milky texture is easily absorbed and is also full of moisturizing ingredients.

The Biore UV Mild Milk SPF50 is available at all Watsons, Guardian, and Fairprice outlets. It retails for SGD10.90.

6. Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk SPF50+

With the lightweight consistency of a serum, this sunscreen from Missha is definitely ideal for layering over a face full of skincare and makeup.

The Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk SPF50+ is available at all OG beauty counters, as well as at all Missha outlets. It retails for SGD35.90.

7. Senka Perfect UV Milk

This sunscreen by Senka has a light, watery texture that is easily blended, leaving no white cast and settling seamlessly into skin. And as if that isn’t appealing enough, it’s also water- and smear-resistant.

The Senka Perfect UV Milk is available at all Shiseido beauty counters at Isetan, BHG, Robinsons, and Metro. It is also available at all Watsons outlets. It retails for SGD16.90.

8. Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

Cited to be a non-chalky, non-greasy formula, this sunscreen by Dermalogica also helps improve skin smoothness and softness. Sounds like a win-win to us!

The Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster is available at all AsterSpring outlets, as well as several other authorized retailers such as Beauty Esthetic, A&Y Beauty Paradise, and Beauty Star. It retails for SGD120.

9. Aveeno Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

Containing 100% naturally sourced ingredients, this sunscreen from Aveeno is a extra gentle formula that promises to give you sun protection without irritating your skin.

The Aveeno Sensitive Skin Sunscreen is available at all Watsons outlets as well as on Lazada. It retails for SGD26.10.

10. Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF30

In its convenient, travel-friendly packaging, this sunscreen from Fresh is sure to be a new addition to your makeup bag. Not only is it water-resistant, it is also moisturizing, which is another plus in our books.

The Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF30 is available at Fresh boutiques at Ion and Raffles City. It is also available at all Sephora outlets, and retails for SGD38.

11. Eau Thermale Avene SPF50+ Tinted Cream

If you’re prone to burning up in the sun easily, then this sunscreen from Eau Thermale Avene is the right pick for you. Formulated for skin that is hypersensitive to the sun, it is also fragrance free, lightweight, and long lasting.

The Eau Thermale Avene SPF50+ Tinted Cream is available at all Watsons and Guardian outlets, as well as on Lazada. It retails for SGD49.70.

12. Skin Inc Hydrating Shield + SPF30

Get this: The Skin Inc Hydrating Shield + SPF30 is not just a sunscreen— it is, in fact, a sunscreen, moisturiser, and a anti-ageing lotion designed to protect your skin from sun exposure and pollution. Sounds like a true triple threat to us!

The Skin Inc Hydrating Shield + SPF30 is available at all Skin Inc boutiques, as well as on Zalora. It retails for SGD72.

13. Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum SPF40

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Located conveniently near the Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Chinatown area, Park Regis is a tranquil gem that is surrounded by great restaurants and stylish bars, as well as several heritage sites.

The hotel has launched a new Stay Well Package, revolving around the themes of Wellness, Play, Work, and Personalised Service. To find out what this package is all about, Daily Vanity checked in to Park Regis Singapore for a night’s stay to share with you what we experienced.

Park Regis Singapore review: What the Stay Well Package includes

From now till end of July, you’ll be able to book the wellness-themed Stay Well Package (from S$198++) and enjoy the following:

  • Butterfly Pea Welcome Drink: Derived from the leaves of the Clitoria ternatea plant, which is native to Southeast Asia, this is a caffeine-free herbal beverage that’s enriched with potent antioxidants. Besides guarding skin against premature ageing, it also reduces inflammation and alleviates stress. Honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice is added to the drink for a more refreshing and soothing sensation.
  • Priority access to #sginsiders trails, held every Saturday morning: This is an easy trek doesn’t just provide you with an energising morning workout, but is also a guided tour around some of the historic landmarks in Singapore.
  • Complimentary use of bicycles or e-scooters for 2 hours
  • Complimentary use of Handy phone with mobile internet
  • Complimentary daily buffet breakfast for up to 2 pax
  • Late check-out until 2pm (subject to availability)

For me, the part of the package that I appreciated the most was taking on the #sginsiders trail at Fort Canning Hill. My partner and I were the only locals in the small group that day, and had a good time learning more about Singapore’s history – or perhaps, a bit of a refresher from our history classes back in school – while making new friends within the group.

The trail lasted for about 90 minutes, but it was an easy one that was very manageable while we were able to work up a sweat at the same time.

Although I’m not a foreign tourist, I haven’t really taken such a thorough tour around Fort Canning Hill, and was excited to learn more about Singapore’s founding history. For instance, did you know that the grave of the Malay Sultan who was said to be the last king who ruled Singapore can be found in the park?

This was the most pleasant surprise of the stay. I would imagine foreign tourists finding it useful as an “orientation” to Singapore’s history (and right before most places of interests are opened anyway, so it won’t disrupt their itinerary), while locals on staycations benefiting from a refreshing perspective about our country.

After the energising trek, we headed back to the hotel and was just in time for a sumptuous breakfast before enjoying the rest of our day ahead.

The availability of bicycles and e-scooters was another nice touch that I think make the experience a unique one, because it’s much easier to explore the area surrounding the hotel using these vehicles (and it’s less tiring than being on foot!)

Park Regis Singapore is located at 23 Merchant Rd, Singapore 058268. Find out more about the hotel at their website.

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We all want to achieve gorgeous-looking hair that looks like we just walked out of a hair salon, all in the comfort of our own home. However, with our fast-paced lifestyles of today, we usually resort to using the hair dryer to speed up the hair drying process.

Heat helps to remove the excess moisture from our hair and create the style we want. Excessive heat, on the other hand, will damage the hair cuticle and result in dry, dull, brittle, and coarse hair.

In this article, we provide ten tips to up your hair drying game and create beautiful tresses with your hair dryer, even when you’re rushing for time.

1. Your hair is too wet

Source: Cosmopolitan

If your hair is dripping wet when you begin blow drying, there is a higher probability of you damaging your hair.

Because of all that water in your hair, most of us will be tempted to use the highest heat settings to blow dry our hair as fast as possible. Even if you can resist that temptation and use medium heat instead, you’d still be spending a considerable amount of time blowing heat at your hair. This will make the hair more dry and brittle as heat damages the cuticles of the hair.

Solution: Rather, towel dry your hair as much as possible first before picking up the blow dryer. When towel drying, do not use rubbing motions as the friction will cause cuticle damage and make the hair coarse and rough. Use squeezing motions instead to wring out as much moisture.

2. Your hair dryer is set at too high a temperature

Source: Cosmopolitan

Because we live in a fast-paced society, we do not really have the luxury of time (nor the patience) to let our hair air dry naturally. Using the highest heat setting on the blow dryer is the quickest method to get our hair dry, but this comes at a cost of damaging our hair.

Using heat will remove the surface moisture, which is the whole purpose of blow drying our hair, but this will also remove the internal moisture of the hair, resulting in hair that is dry, coarse, and brittle.

Solution: You can start the hair drying process with the highest heat setting. As the majority of the moisture is removed, immediately reduce the heat setting and gradually transition to using warm, then cool air to remove the remaining moisture.

For thicker and coarser hair, opt to start with a high fan and heat setting, while those with thin and fine hair should use warm and low fan setting.

3. You’re not using a heat protectant

According to Lab Muffin, heat protectants uses ingredients to ensure that heat is distributed evenly along the hair, that the cuticle is sealed to reduce excessive moisture loss, and that hair health and shine is maintained.

While heat protection is only 50% effective, they nonetheless provide some protection against the aggressive damage of heat styling and blow drying.

Solution: There are so many heat protectant sprays out there on the market now that you don’t have an excuse for not using one, especially if you blow dry or heat-style your hair frequently. Some products available at Sephora include Living Proof Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate, Vernon Francois Light Weight Styling Serum, and Ouai Memory Mist.

4. You don’t end your blow drying with cold air

Applying heat opens the cuticles of the hair. Over time, the open cuticles will cause your hair to lose crucial moisture from the inside out, making it appear dull and damaged.

Solution: After you are satisfied with the level of dryness for your hair, end your blowout with cold air. Cold air will help close the cuticles, lock in shine, and set the hairstyle into the shape you want.

5. You’re blow drying your hair in the wrong sequence

When drying your hair, we often focus more on the hair lengths to remove as much moisture as possible. However, this method does not aid with hair styling nor help you achieve voluminous hair.

Solution: Focus on drying the roots of the hair first as the roots are the most difficult place to dry. Another added benefit of drying the roots first is that you can be sure your hair will not be weighed down by the moisture later.

6. You’re not sectioning your hair

Source: Cosmopolitan

Sectioning the hair might seem like an extra and unnecessary step to take when drying your hair.

However, by sectioning the hair into smaller and more manageable portions, you can ensure that the hair is properly dried in the shortest time. At the same time, you have a higher control over the volume and style that you want!

Solution: Section the hair into four parts and blow them separately before ending it all with cold air.

7. You’re blow drying in the wrong direction

Source: Cosmopolitan

We get it, blow drying can be a tiring business, so many of us rest our arms on our chairs while blow drying our hair upwards. This is actually strongly discouraged by many hair stylists!

Solution: You should be blowing your hair downwards because it follows the natural direction of your cuticles, helping to keep them close, rather than making them flap open.

To get even greater volume when blow drying your hair, an additional tip is to blow the hair in the opposite direction of the eventual style. Flip your hair to the opposite side, dry the roots first, then the hair lengths, flip your hair back, and end it with cold air to set and style the hair.

8. You’re blow drying until your hair is completely dry

Unless you are using a heat styling tool (like a curling wand or straightening iron) after blow drying your hair, it is not advisable to dry your hair completely with the hair dryer.

By completely removing the moisture, you run the risk of applying too much heat and causing excessive damage to the hair.

Solution: Dry your hair to about 90% and then let it air dry completely. You can also apply your favourite leave-on hair treatment while it’s still a little damp after blow drying.

9. You’re not using a comb

Source: Cosmopolitan

Most of us often dry our hairs using our hands as a comb. This is wholly inadequate and we generally need a proper comb to help remove any tangles and kinks so that the hair will dry properly without knotting up.

Metal brushes also conduct heat, so they might not be the most useful if you have thicken hair that needs more time to blow dry. Opt for a ceramic or plastic brush instead.

(Verb Blow Dry Brush)

(Verb Round Brush)

Solution: Use a round brush to help you get more volume while also straightening the hair as you dry it. You can also use a vented brush that helps air circulate so you can dry your tresses quicker. To comb out wet hair, use a wide tooth comb like Wet Brush to smoothen hair before drying.

10. You’re not fully maximising that nozzle attachment

Source: Cosmopolitan

When you buy a hair dryer, you may find various nozzle attachments that can be fixed to the hair dryer. These are not white elephants and actually do serve a purpose!

Solution: Using a nozzle will help to make sure that the hair does not fly everywhere, and won’t create static and frizz. The funnel-like nozzle will help direct air in a more precise manner and helps to dry the roots of the hair in less time.

The diffuser attachment is especially important for people with wavy and curly hair as it helps maintain the natural shape and body of the hair.

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