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Blackheads are a pain. They are stubborn, usually sit at the most obvious parts of our face, and are hard to conceal with makeup.

This is why when we found these photos posted by a Redditor, who goes by yoofka on the platform, about how she got rid of blackheads, we had to know what she did. According to yoofka, she said that she stepped up her basic three-step routine to a new seven-step one and managed to bust her blackheads in one month.

Thankfully, she shared the routine and it sounds like it’s pretty easy to follow.

What’s the Redditor’s blackhead removal regime? Step 1: Remove makeup

She removes her makeup using the Lancome Energie de Vie The Smoothing and Purifying Cleansing Oil.

Step 2: Exfoliate

She used Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads to smooth over her skin in order to get rid of dead skin.

Step 3: Cleanse again

While most people remove makeup, cleanse, and then exfoliate, the Redditor shared that she reversed the second and third step. She uses Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser to cleanse again after exfoliation.

Step 4: Apply retinoid

She uses Differin, an over-the-counter retinoid treatment after she has dried her skin. This product is usually used to treat acne.

Step 5: Moisturise

She uses the Aquafor Healing Ointment, a treatment moisturiser that is usually used on severely cracked skin to moisturise and protect it to enhance healing. This is usually used on irritated and chapped skin and lips, as well as over cuts and scrapes.

Step 6: Tone

We would usually advise you to tone before moisturising, and also to use products that have thinner consistency first before layering over with something that is thicker. But yoofka does the opposite from conventional skincare wisdom by doing the opposite. She tones her skin with Akaran Moisture Lotion.

When Redditor asked her about this strange step, she explained that her Korean mum and her mum’s family had always taught her use a moisturiser before toner and while she’s tried toning before moisturising, she notice that her skin was brighter, softer, and more supple if she followed her mum’s recommendation.

Step 7: Mask

She occasionally uses sheet masks from The Face Shop.

Does her routine make sense?

Our conventional knowledge of skincare would tell us that her regime is kind of strange, and the use of the Aquafor Healing Ointment on clogged pores (hence, blackheads) just don’t seem to gel well.

According to Allure, who spoke with dermatologist Shari Marchbein, the star of the routine could be Differin. The dermatologist said that retinoid, which is a great treatment for unclogging pores and combatting acne, could have helped improve her skin.

Another dermatologist, Sejal Shah, also told Allure that a thick moisturiser like the one she uses may not be good for her skin. In addition, she said that it could be the exfoliating products that she had used that helped her achieve better skin. She emphasised that toning before moisturising would also help the user get the full benefits of the products.

Would you try her routine?

From a logical point of view, the steps don’t make sense. However, from the photos she shared, it seem to be working wonderfully for her. And the proof is in that – so who are we to say otherwise?

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Women are often referred to as the moon, and there are indeed many similarities between the fairer sex and the natural satellite. Our menstrual cycle governs more aspects about us than we could think of. We probably already know that it can affect our mood, but do you know that it can also impact on our skin?

The idea is simple. High estrogen levels (female hormones) make our skin look more beautiful, while the lack of estrogen and more androgen (male hormones) cause our oil gland to be more active (and this is why men have oilier skin).

In one cycle, the female body goes through periods of high and low estrogen level, and this is why our skin’s condition changes too. Unlike men who can probably stick to the same regime that works for him all the time, women need to take extra care by making minor tweaks to our skincare regime to adapt to our body’s changes.

We are going to break down the cycle for you and recommend the right steps you should take to keep your skin in tip-top condition throughout the month – come PMS or not.

Skincare during menstrual period

Have you noticed how weak and tired you feel on the first day of your period? You may think it’s because of “blood loss”, but it’s really prostaglandins (lipids released by the body during this period) that caused this feeling.

These lipids are responsible for causing inflammation and swelling, and so it makes your skin look dull and puffy. On top of that, estrogens (hormones make you womanly!) are at their lowest. Remember we mentioned that estrogens make you look radiant and beautiful? So during your period, with little estrogens, your skin becomes more oily and prone to acne.

Use: Anti-inflammatory products. Consider products like the Arcona Chamomile Balm (SGD45), which has anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate redness, strengthen skin, and neutralise free radicals. If your skin is particularly oily, try products like the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (SGD51), which exfoliates and unclog pores.

Skincare during pre-ovulation to ovulation period

Just before ovulation, rejoice. This is the time when your estrogen level is at its peak. It seems to be Mother Nature’s way of making us beautiful during our most fertile period. Skin looks radiant and well-hydrated and even collagen production is increased. Because the oil glands become less active, pores also appear smaller. This is also the best period to try new skincare products and go for facial treatments because your skin is less sensitive to irritation.

Use: Products that work on your anti-ageing needs. Your skin is slightly drier so it’s a great time to target at anti-ageing since many of the products in this category are a little oiler and richer. You can try a product like the Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil (SGD84) to nourish and hydrate skin at the same time.

Skincare after ovulation

Your estrogen level begin to see a dip once again, though it won’t be as low as it would be during your menstrual period. To bring over the good skin that you’ve seen just days ago, you may also want to consider facial treatment during this period. Otherwise, work on maintaining hydration level.

Use: All-rounded products that are hydrating and make you feel good. A product like the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Hydro Dew Drop Moisturizing Serum (SGD61) helps to deliver great hydrating benefit to keep signs of ageing away will work great during this period.

Skincare during PMS period

The week just before your menstrual period comes again is also known as the period you experience PMS. Your body realises it’s not pregnant and it triggers your skin to produce more sebum. Your estrogen declines further and so your skin is oily and acne-prone. This is the period when you experience breakouts, which probably make you even more frustrated.

Use: Oil-control products. Products that contain salicylic acid, for instance, will help control oil and at the same time, gently exfoliate to keep pores from clogging – the cause of blackheads and pimples. Take note, though, that you’d need to be conscientious with sunscreen when you use products containing this acid. Go for a product like the Murad Clarifying Cleanser (SGD56). This dermatologist-developed cleanser contains encapsulated salicylic acid that is continually released to provide acne treatment benefits for hours, even though you’ve rinsed it off. It also promises to reduce 99.9% of surface bacteria that can cause inflammation and breakouts.

Final tips
  • Of course you don’t need four set of skincare products to accommodate your different cycle. You can still stick to the skincare products that you notice are working for you. Just take note of the skin changes you’d experience during different times of the month and understand what’s going on. Then, introduce products to combat the skin issues you’re seeing because of hormonal changes.
  • No matter what, it’s important to stick to at least three basic products. In other words, you should still moisturise even when your skin is feeling oily during low estrogen periods. Simply choose one with a more mattifying formula during this period.
  • The understanding of how your body cycle impact on your skin gives you an idea on when you should schedule your facial treatments. So consider planning your facial treatment schedule according to your menstrual cycle.
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We love our beauty products, and we want them to have a happy home.

We have recently found a thread within Reddit where makeup enthusiasts share their vanities. (Psst, many of them are built by their significant others or dads. And we wonder why we don’t get a swanky new vanity for our birthdays or for Valentine’s Day!)

And in case you want inspirations or to drop a big hint to someone you know are great with tools, here are a few beautiful vanity tables that proud owners have put up on Reddit.

Oh, and if anyone complains that you’re wasting time, just remind them that it is for a good purpose – after all, wouldn’t it help shave us precious time if we can easily reach for our tube of lipstick in the morning?

1. For The Aspiring Minimalist

If your aesthetic this year is to have a clean, minimalistic room, this vanity may just be the solution. We especially love the deep wood colours and the beautiful mirror set in its middle, allowing us to prim at our gorgeous reflections. Sleek and simple, the vanity is absolute #goals in our lives.

2. For The Organiser

If a big mirror is out of your size budget, consider this alternative. We also love that the owner of this vanity table has plenty of organisation space: two rows of neat drawers and a lot of clear plastic drawers to stack on top of one another. You can easily buy many of these plastic drawers from places like Taobao at very affordable prices – they are not tacky either, but goes along with the simple theme as well!

If clear plastic drawers are not your thing, simply purchase some fancy floral or crepe paper and line the clear drawers with these. Try Daiso for these craft materials. Pinterest has nothing on us!

3. For The Hoarder

We don’t know about you, but the DV team is guilty of owning way too many beauty products. We could wax lyrical about the importance of owning at least ten different shades of red lipsticks, but that isn’t the focus of this article (another day, perhaps!).

If you have the same sentiments as we do, look no further. Looking at this particular vanity definitely made us jump for joy; most products are compartmentalised neatly in a table top that can be lifted to accommodate more things. That leaves you room to put only the most important items on the table top itself, and even a pretty succulent or two to adorn the area. The best part is that this vanity is bought from IKEA, which we all know is a synonym for inexpensive*.

*OK, we know it isn’t a literal synonym, but that was our poor attempt at a joke.

4. For The Dreamy Workaholic

This vanity made us gasp when we first saw it – how avant-garde! If you dream occasionally of being a Hollywood star, check this gorgeous set-up out.

The backlight of the mirror gives off the distinctive Hollywood vibe, all the while ensuring that you won’t smear your makeup early in the morning. It’s also a genius idea to use a tall cabinet to store all the makeup if you’re not the type to sit down at a vanity to apply your products leisurely. Just grab what you need, slap it on your face, and you’re good to go! Functional, practical yet pretty, this might be our personal favourite vanity yet!

5. For The Space-Constrained

Not everybody has the luxury of owning a room that can comfortably fit an extra vanity, so if you aren’t fussed about making space for an extra vanity table, this could be the one for you.

The trolley can be found in IKEA in various appealing shades (we recommend the teal-blue one for an extra pop of colour) for SGD50 or so. Simply fit a mirror on top and you’re good to go! The three tiers of the trolley also means you can sort your makeup products out in various patterns – perhaps you might want to sort it by frequency of use, or makeup type. Like the Reddit poster, you can also use little storage pockets or containers in each trolley tier to further sort out your products.

We hope this short listicle has somewhat inspired you to work on your vanity, whether you prefer a glamorous or simple one. What more, all the materials you need are easily accessible and relatively cheap, so don’t worry about busting your budget!

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You might be familiar with peel-off masks. Yes, the type that applies as a gel and then dries down to adhere snugly on your skin so that you can peel it off and remove blackheads and other gunk while doing so.

A 22-year-old woman, Genella Pabianes Carabbacan, from the Philippines has recently tried a charcoal peel-off mask only to end up ripping off her eyebrows along with it. This incident is immortalised in a video taken by her brother, and Carabbacan is seen crying.

Check out the video here:

Woman's Face Mask Rips Off Eyebrows - YouTube

It is not clear from the video which product she was using, but Carabbacan said that there are instructions on the product that advised against smearing the gel over hair and eyebrows. She told the Daily mail that she “should have read the instructions”.

The young woman also told the publication that now that time has passed, she is seeing humour in the situation.

“It was funny, and emotional. But it was more down to my stupidity,” she told the Daily Mail.

In order for (what was left of) her brows to grow out more evenly, Carabbacan shaved everything off. However, several beauty companies have reached out to her to offer microblading and threading services, after the video has gone viral.

“The lesson is to always check and research cosmetics before using them,” she told the Daily Mail of what she learnt from this incident.

Okay, we know how scary that video had looked. Here’s something pretty to soothe your nerves!

Dear Dahlia review: Do these marble makeup products work as well as they look? | WORTH A SHOT - YouTube

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You would probably have heard of “glass skin” by now – perfectly smooth with an all-over sheen that makes skin resemble glass. This skin goal quickly become a hit in Korea and the rest of Asia.
If you don’t have the patience to carry through 11 steps every day in an attempt to get glass skin, fret not: you can still achieve the glassy look on your lips, thanks to the surge in holographic lipstick offerings by various brands. Check out our list below for some products you can bag!
1. BECCA Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss (Amethyst x Geode)

Source: Temptalia

This lip gloss is infused with kaleidoscopic pearls, which create that coveted liquid crystal lip look. It is also infused with a coconut and vanilla scent and enriched with nurturing ingredients so that your lips can look and feel good at the same time. If you’re not sure which mix of pearls to get, we’ll recommend Amethyst x Geode – a warm lavender with a pearl finish.

BECCA Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss retails in Sephora at SGD33.

2. Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss (Blush Pearl)

Source: Temptalia

Inspired by a trip to Tahiti, Bite Beauty’s founder, Susanne Langmuir, created this collection of metallic pearl glosses in shades found in rare black pearls. They’re also formulated with lip-softening shea butter to nourish your lips. If you aren’t as adventurous about your lipstick colours, Blush Pearl is a metallic white with pink shimmer that you would definitely love.

Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss retails on Sephora’s USA website at USD22.

3. ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lip (Flitter)

Source: Temptalia

A super intense metallized liquid lipstick created with high-impact metallic pearls, this formula is sadly not completely transfer-resistant. However, it promises to be very long-wearing while still being smooth and comfortable on the lips, so that you can rock iridescent glass lips the entire day. Get this lippie in Flitter, a gold metal shade with a subtle pink hue that truly makes your lips shine.

ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lip retails on ColourPop’s website at USD6.

4. Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom

We all love birthday cakes, and you’ll surely love this lip balm too. Inspired by Milk Bar’s famous cake, Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom brings subtle shimmer and long-lasting hydration to your lips, which is great if you’re looking for glass lips that you can pull off every day. Plus point: it smells like cake!

Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom retails on Glossier’s website at USD12.

5. Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers (Trip)

Source: Lime Crime

Lime Crime’s iridescent lip topper uses a water-based formula that is filled with light-reflective iridescent shimmers so that your lips truly shine like glass. It even promises not to run, feel gritty or drying on your lips for maximum comfort. Besides using this to achieve glass lips, you can also wear it as a highlighter on your cheeks, collar bones and under the brow. Overwhelmed by the 20 shades available and not sure which to choose? Go for a delirium purple with Trip – guaranteed to make you look like a mermaid!

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers retails on Lime Crime’s website at USD20. You can also get it shipped directly to Singapore through ASOS at approximately SGD29.40.

6. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Holographic Lip Strobing Gloss (Sapphire Star)

Source: TrendMood

Who says you can’t create holographic lips with drugstore brands? L’Oréal Paris has a holographic lip strobing gloss that is formulated for longwear lasting up to eight hours. Get truly ethereal lips with Sapphire Star, an icy blue shade that will make your lips glow.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Holographic Lip Strobing Gloss retails on L’Oréal Paris’ UK website at £7.99.

7. MAC Grand Illusion Liquid Lip Colour (Lunar Module)

This holographic lip colour collection from MAC brings a futuristic sheen to your lips, thanks to the iridescent pearls infused in it. No special fix is needed – just one swipe and glass lips are yours! You don’t have to worry about this liquid lipstick drying your lips out either as this formula promises a cooling sensation that makes lips feel instantly fuller. For a truly out-of-this-world look, go for Lunar Module, a pale blue iridescent pearl.

MAC Grand Illusion Liquid Lip Colour retails in all MAC and Sephora at SGD39.

8. Milk Holographic Lip Gloss

Source: Milk Makeup

Infused with meteorite powder and twilight pearl-infused formula, Milk Holographic Lip Gloss will give you shiny, holographic lips to match your dewy skin. You can wear it on its own for an iridescent sheen, or add to any lip color to create a prismatic new hue. Its formula also contains avocado oil, coconut oil, and mango butter – all to hydrate your glass lips.

Milk Holographic Lip Gloss retails on Milk Makeup’s website at USD24.

9. NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss (Lucid)

Loaded with duo chromatic pearls, this lip gloss from NYX delivers great shine, a hint of color and an intense 3-D finish. Simply swipe on your lips or over another lipstick to transform into holographic lips instantly. For a fairy-dust-like effect, try the shade Lucid – a white gold base with flecks of yellow gold and green pearls.

NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss retails on NYX’s website at USD8.

10. Sigma Lip Switch (Transcend)

Source: Popsugar

Hailed as the original pioneers of holographic lips, these Sigma Beauty lipsticks flew off the shelves twice, were finally restocked after six months, and are currently sold out once again. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates on restocks of this holographic favourite!

Sigma Lip Switch retails on Sigma’s website at USD14.00.

11. Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick (Unicorn Tears)

Source: Too Faced

The phrase ‘melted latex’ already conjures images of glossy and shiny lips, which is definitely a kind of look that would go well with glass skin. Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick promises intense and buildable colour that lasts for hours so that you don’t have to keep reapplying. For a truly holographic effect, get this liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Unicorn Tears’.

Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick retails in Sephora at SGD33.

12. Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoat (Regulate)

Go from professional to party-ready with Urban Decay’s Vice Special Effects Lip Top Coat. You can either wear this on its own or swipe it over other UD lipsticks for a uniquely customized look. The gel-cream formula dries down quickly for long-lasting wear that doesn’t feel sticky so that you can rock glass lips all day long. What’s more, the lippie contains Marine Filling Spheres, rich in marine collagen that delivers moisturizing and skin-smoothing properties. For a colour that really pops, try the shade Regulate.

Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lip Top Coat retails in Urban Decay and Sephora at SGD32.00.

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Fifty Shades Freed, the final installment of Fifty Shades of Grey franchise has finally hit theatres. And while Daily Vanity doesn’t care that much for the passionate scenes, all we wonder about is how great Anastasia Steele’s lips look in every scene. That’s when we went to do some research.

According to the head of Fifty Shades Freed‘s makeup department, Evelyn Noraz, she wanted Anastasia to take up a more “classic, modern, and French” look as Christian Grey’s new wife. This is why her makeup look is significantly more muted compared to the bold and vivid looks in the previous installment.

Dakota Johnson was wearing a lipstick in this scene.

For instance, in a fresh-out-of-bed scene, Dakota Johnson (who played lead character Anastasia Steele) was wearing lipstick, said Noraz to Refinery29.  She was wearing Glossier’s Generation G in the shade Like. Noraz said that the light, powdery pink shade was used to enhance the natural lip colour of Johnson on set. The Glossier Generation G lipstick is only available on the Glossier website, and retails at USD18.

We’ve found out which lipstick she was wearing in the wedding scene.

Another nude colour was also used in the iconic wedding scene. Unfortunately for us, it was the YSL Beaute Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick in #7, a shade that is no longer available. But if you’re looking for something similar, consider other nude shades in the same formula – there are quite a number of them. The product retails at SGD52 in Singapore.

If there’s one thing we can learn from Anastasia Steele, it would be that we can rock lipsticks of any price point (yes, pack of arsenal with different ones) and that nude looks great whether it is matte or has a touch of shimmer.

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Makeup is expensive – trust us, we know. In an age of very, very convenient online shopping platforms, we now have the option of buying pre-loved makeup at a heavily discounted price.

To some people, the idea in itself may already gross them out – who wants to buy and use makeup that’s already been opened and used by a random stranger? But to others who aren’t as concerned about this, the temptation of getting almost brand new makeup at a much lighter price tag can be overwhelming.

Buying second-hand makeup and skincare products can be perfectly acceptable in some cases, but there are also several red flags that you need to look out for.

With potentially expired or contaminated beauty products, the best case scenario you can hope for is simply that the product no longer works as effectively as it is intended to. The worst case scenario can include painful infections, allergic reactions, and other unpleasant medical conditions that no one would want to suffer through.

We’re here with some tips to help you stay away from nasty situations after your next pre-loved purchase.

1. Be very aware of the shelf life of beauty products

All right, hands up: how many of us are guilty of not checking out the remaining shelf life of beauty products before we buy them? Some of us are more diligent about this than others, but this is certainly something that all of us should keep in mind when buying any product at all, not just pre-loved ones.

There are two things you need to keep in mind regarding shelf life: there is an expiration date, and there is a limited period after opening (PAO).

  • Expiration date: this is the date on which the beauty product is no longer usable, even if it has remained unopened.
  • Period after opening: after the product is first opened, this is how long more it can keep

The product is considered expired when it reaches the expiration date or the limit of the period after opening, whichever is earlier.

Even if the product is still well within its intended shelf life,  it’s still a good idea to test the product if you can, just so you can spot if there is any suspicious discolouration or funky smell. It’s very possible for products to go bad before their shelf life is up if they were not stored properly.

Expiration dates

Screenshot from Checkfresh.com

Many beauty products only list manufacturing dates and batch numbers, so you may or may not be able to find the expiration date on the product itself. Ask the seller for these details, and input them into online calculators like Checkfresh.com and Checkcosmetic.net.

This step is relevant whether you’re buying a pre-loved or a BNIB product!

Period after opening (PAO)

This is the little symbol that you see everywhere but never really take much notice of:

These symbols give you an indication how long your product is good for after it’s been opened. A symbol with ‘6M’ written means it’s good for 6 months after first opening, ’12M’ means 12 months and so on.

This is particularly important when you’re buying pre-loved beauty products. Even if the seller had only opened it, and hadn’t done anything with it, air has already been introduced into the tube which hastens the makeup’s degradation process, and the PAO will start from that day on.

Usually, sellers should remember at least the month, if not week, in which they first opened the product. If they can only give a very vague answer, whether to buy the product or not will be up to your own discretion.

Can’t find either of those details?

What happens if you’ve met up with the seller and you can’t seem to find any batch number, expiry date, or even the PAO symbol on the box?

We’d recommend to err on the side of caution, and reject the sale. No amount of discount is worth the risk of getting infections!

2. Opt for meet-ups and pay cash

Arranging a meet-up with the seller may be a good idea if you want to be triple sure that you are getting what you paid for. Being able to check the product before you hand over your cash means you’ll be able to 100% certain that you aren’t going to get an expired, near-expiry, or otherwise non-usable product.

This isn’t as necessary for BNIB (brand new in box) products, although it’s still a good idea since they still have expiry dates and you want to make sure you’re going to get something that’s still in good condition for your money.

3. These types of packaging is generally safe to get pre-loved

Not all beauty products are created equal. Some have a higher risk of degradation or transmitting infections, but there are some which you can be more at ease about buying at a second-hand marketplace.

  • Products that come in squeezable tubes, sprays, or pump bottles: these types of packaging prevents people from contacting unused product, so there’s a much smaller chance of bacterial transmission. Be sure to sanitise the nozzle or tip though!
  • Nail polish: because of the chemicals in nail polish, it doesn’t grow bacteria and fungus as readily as other cosmetic products. As long as they haven’t hardened entirely, you can easily shake them up or add some nail polish thinner and continue using them. Also be sure to clean and completely sanitise the brush before using it. This is also why it’s generally safe for nail salons to use the same bottle of nail polish on different customers.
  • Makeup accessories and tools in good condition: these are generally much easier to clean and sanitise. For those made entirely of metal, you can even throw them into a cup of isopropyl alcohol for a thorough disinfection.
4. Stay away from anything liquid-based

Since water is one of the most necessary ingredient for bacteria to thrive, makeup that is liquid-based will naturally have the strongest tendency to breed someone else’s bacteria. Avoid these ones at all cost! There’s always an affordable, brand new option in stores somewhere.

  • Any eye-area makeup, especially mascaras and eyeliners: your eyes are very sensitive and very susceptible to infections so you really don’t want cross-contaminated products that have touched someone else’s eye before.
  • Lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, or any product that come in dip tubes: the wand is taken out, applied to someone’s lips or skin, and then dipped back into the product. We don’t need to explain why it’s impossible to sanitise this properly.
  • Anything that comes in tubs: our hands and fingers contact the most surfaces through the day, which means that they also breed the most bacteria and fungi. A tub packaging means that someone else has dipped their finger (who knows if they’ve cleaned their hands thoroughly?) into the product, leaving whatever microorganisms breeding inside.
  • Makeup sponges: we don’t know anyone who would want to buy, or even sell, a used makeup sponge, but we’re just leaving it here just in case. Makeup sponges soak up everything and they’re almost impossible to clean and disinfect thoroughly because of the material used in making them.
5. These products are in the grey area, so proceed with caution!

With powder makeup, such as powder foundations, setting powders, and blushes, the jury is still out. For those that come in compact pans, such as eyeshadow palettes and most blushes, it’s generally easy enough to rub off the topmost layer which would have contacted another person’s finger or makeup brush.

For loose powders, things can get a little bit more tricky. Powders are generally seen as less likely to breed bacteria since they are formulated without water, which bacteria need to thrive. But because they’re impossible to sterilise, you just never quite know.

The same also goes with traditional lipstick bullets. They’re not as bacteria-friendly as liquid lipsticks, and it’s easy enough to wipe off or even cut off the topmost portion of the bullet that would have contacted someone else’s lips. You can even find ways to sterilise a lipstick bullet on the Internet, which involves dipping the entire lipstick into isopropyl alcohol and then freezing it overnight.

However, we’re not 100% sure how effective sterilising lipsticks really is in preventing transmission of bacteria and the like. Furthermore, lipsticks are products that contact your lips and your oral cavity after all, and we’d like to be a bit more careful about that. You can use your own judgement call here to decide how willing you’d be to buy a pre-loved lipstick bullet!

You may want to check out our review of the beautiful, marble-themed Dear Dahlia products. Psst, we’re giving them away too!

Dear Dahlia review: Do these marble makeup products work as well as they look? | WORTH A SHOT - YouTube

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have probably heard about the Miss Universe incident where Steve Harvey wrongly announced the winner of Miss Universe 2015. Nevertheless, the Filipina winner of Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, has been killing it in the modelling industry and was even a judge at Miss Universe 2017. Raised in the Philippines and starting out her career as a model and actor at the tender age of nine, Wurtzbach is an inspiration to many Filipinas. The 28-year-old’s beauty, elegance and humility have captivated people all around the world.

Since Wurtzbach (also known as Pia Romero) clinched the title of Miss Universe in 2015, many Filipina beauty gurus have enjoyed a share of the spotlight as they work hard to capture public attention. If you’ve been looking out for new, interesting personalities to check out here are 26 of the best Filipina bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers for you to start following (if you haven’t already)!

1. Makeup in Manila

Maj writes about lifestyle and makeup and you can look forward to her reviews of new products as she is always on the look out to try something different. As a sufferer from acne in the past, Maj understands this skin concern very well and have great recommendations for products geared towards combating acne and oily skin. Maj is also a winner of multiple awards including Top Asian Blog and Top Filipina Beauty Blogger.

Check out Maj’s blog here.

2. Camille Tries to Blog

Camille started blogging in 2011 but has since become one of the Philippines’ most popular bloggers. She has even started on her own clothing line, Coexist. Her content ranges from fashion, styling, makeup tutorials, and makeup tips and challenges. She has also won many awards including Teen Vogue’s Blogger of the Month.

Check out Camille’s blog here.

3. Style Vanity

If you’re looking for a beauty blog that highlight the latest trends in Asian beauty and fashion, Alyssa’s Style Vanity is the one to go to. Alyssa reviews popular beauty products that are formulated for Asian skin and as someone who has acne-prone skin, she often shares her recommendations for addressing it.

Check out Alyssa’s blog here.

4. AskMeWhats

Nikki has been blogging since 2008 on AskMeWhats, making her one of the earliest bloggers in the space. Her blog has sustained its popularity in the last few years because of her numerous reviews, in which she gives her readers the low-down of the product she has tried, including both pros and cons to look out for. On top of beauty reviews, you can also look forward to blog posts related to motherhood and travel on AskMeWhats.

Check out Nikki’s blog here.

5. KikaysiKat

Having endured a turbulent childhood and dealing with bipolar disorder, Kaycee is a self-professed “macho mum” who strives to overcome her inner demons and seeks to encourage others to embrace a positive outlook in life. A single mother of one, Kaycee’s optimism and inner strength is uplifting and inspiring. Besides getting inspiration from the blogger, you can also find beauty reviews, hauls and skincare tips from her website.

Check out Kaycee’s blog here.

6. Couchwasabi

Don’t be misled by the mention of food in her website name, Couchwasabi is a beauty blog run by Filipina blogger Jirbie. An environmentalist, Jirbie believes strongly in advocating greener habits involving natural do-it-yourself products and therapies. She has also started vlogging in 2017 and updates her blog with her videos.

Check out Jirbie’s blog here.

7. As Told by Julz

Julie puts out reviews on popular products such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette so that her readers can find out if it is worth the hype. Juliet has been blogging since March 2009 and has been updating regularly with reviews as well as nail tutorials.

Check out Julie’s blog here.

8.  Kimpossibly Gorgeous

Witty but blatantly honest, Kim’s blog is a joy to read! Kim may be young, but she shows that she’s knowledgeable about products and provides great information on tips to help you achieve better makeup results. She is also a fan of Korean-style makeup and has even done tutorials of Bae Suzy’s makeup look in While You Were Sleeping.

Check out Kim’s blog here.

9. My Lucid Intervals

Donnarence is a lawyer by day and blogger by night. She started her blog in 2008 as a channel to escape school stress and to pursue her interests in beauty – and she has not stopped blogging since! Besides reviews, Donnarence also does makeup tutorials to help her readers prepare for important occasions like weddings and holiday parties.

Check out Donnarence’s blog here.

10. Eula Sleeps

Eula is an avid photographer and we enjoyed looking at the pictures that she has taken for her blog. Blogging from her hometown in the Philippines and from America, Eula gives interesting perspectives in topics like skincare, makeup, and travel.

Check out Eula’s blog here.

11. The Beauty Bee

Mariana from The Beauty Bee may not blog regularly, but when she does, she puts up comprehensive reviews that allow her readers to have a clear understanding and assessment of the products she had tried. We also love the layout of her blog and the way she styles her photos.

SourceCheck out Mariana’s blog here.

12. Little Cessang

A graphic designer by day, Princess Peralta is dedicated to blogging about makeup and skincare, and often shares her beauty hauls and personal accounts to motivate her readers. As she is a fan of smokey eyes and winged eyeliner, you’ll also be able to get lots of eye makeup inspiration when you check out her blog.

A post shared by PRINCESS PERALTA (@cessang24) on Feb 11, 2018 at 10:15pm PST

Check out Princess’ blog here.

13. Carizza Chua

One of the winners of the Top 40 Filipina Blogger Award, Carizza blogs regularly about her life, makeup, skincare, and fashion. Carizza has struggled with acne and is dedicated to blogging baout acne-combating products to help readers who have the same problem.

Check out Carizza’s blog here.

Prefer videos? Read on to see our favourite Filipina vloggers! 

14. Michelle Dy

With more than 700,000 subscribers, Michelle does makeup tutorials and reviews beauty products on her YouTube channel. She has created many makeup tutorials that feature wallet-friendly products that teens and college students love. But her most watched video at the moment is her ENCANTADIA Inspired look from the movie Apat na Sang’gre. Click on the video below to watch it!

ENCANTADIA 2016 Inspired LOOK!! (Apat na Sang'gre) - Michelle Dy - YouTube

Follow Michelle’s YouTube channel here.

15. Ana Victorino

For quick makeup tutorials and skincare-related content, Ana has it all! She has done makeup tutorials on prominent female characters on television and movies like Veronica Lodge from Riverdale and Anastasia Steele from the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy. Her most watched video is a natural Modern Barbie look that is perfect for when you want to try a feminine look.

Modern Barbie Makeup Tutorial - YouTube

Follow Ana’s YouTube page here.


Heart has been on YouTube for years and has accumulated more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Born in the Philippines but now resides in California, Heart does makeup, hair and lifestyle videos. Her most watched video a hair tutorial that helps women with shorter hair achieve easy summer looks.

3 Easy Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair ♡ ThatsHeart - YouTube

Follow Heart’s YouTube Page here.

17. Anne Clutz

Anne speaks in Taglish (which means in both Tagalog and English) so it could be hard for some of us to understand if we don’t understand Tagalog. However, Anne is expressive enough for most to understand her thoughts about the beauty products she reviews. The vlogger also creates makeup tutorials that are inspired by celebrities and of everyday looks. She has almost 400,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and her most popular video is one where she shares her favourite whitening products for oily skin.


Follow Anne’s YouTube page here.

18. PinayBeautyAndStyle

Andie is a “late-bloomer” who only started getting into beauty now that she is in her 30s. As a relative newcomer in the vlogging scene, she already has 11,000 subscribers to her channel. Besides vlogging about anti-ageing products, Andie also shares the best beauty steals. While most of Andie’s videos are in Tagalog, she provides English subtitles. Her most popular video is about Whitening Soaps for ageing skin.

Paano Ako Pumuti | My TESTED Whitening Soaps | PinayBeautyAndStyleLover - YouTube

Follow Andie’s YouTube page here.

19. saytiocoartillero

Say Tioco is a Filipino-Chinese living in Manila, and she puts up makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel that cater to viewers of different ages. Note that she vlogs in Tagalog and her videos don’t come with subtitles. A frequent traveller to South Korea, you’ll also find a lot of travel vlogs and beauty finds from Korea on her channel. Her most watched makeup video is a brow tutorial that may have been posted 6 years ago but is just as relatable.

All About Kilay: A Tagalog Brow Tutorial - YouTube

Follow Say’s YouTube page here.

20. AngKikayKo

With over 29,000 subscribers, Teena is a plus-size model, actress and makeup artist. She vlogs about beauty, travelling and style tips for plus-size individuals. Like Ana, Teena is a big fan of the Riverdale series and has done makeup tutorials on the looks of several female characters. Her most watched beauty vlog includes her experience with a lip tattoo. But caution: this vlog is not for the faint-hearted.

GETTING A LIP TATTOO! Does it hurt? | AngKikayKo - YouTube

Follow Teena’s YouTube page here.

21. BeautyKLove

Keren has enviable luscious long hair, and produces many comprehensive hair tutorials that are great for people with thick hair and reside in areas with hotter climates. She is a big fan of creating hairstyles without using heating devices and it’s probably not surprising that her most watched video to date is a tutorial to achieving waves without using curlers, needing to French braid, or even using products.

New No heat curly-wavy hair tutorial- No products, no curlers, no french braiding - YouTube

Follow Keren’s YouTube page here.

Okay, so you prefer to double tap your way to your next beauty inspiration? Here are Instagrammers to follow:

22. @reneeedg

Renée de Guzman is currently in Singapore pursuing her studies. She has more than 28,000 followers who enjoy looking at her travel photos and OOTD shots.

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Can you actually get addicted to lip balm?!

We’ve always been told that lip balm is good to stave off dry, flaky, chapped lips – but we’ve recently seen a growing concern amongst fellow beauty junkies from America about the possibility of becoming dependent on these lip saviours.

Are you addicted to lip balms?

This is the big question: are you addicted to lip balms yourself?

  • Do you find that you cannot leave the house without lip balm?
  • After your lip balms fade, do your lips feel a little drier than before you applied?
  • Do you feel that your lips are perpetually flaky unless you apply lip balm?

If you answered yes to at least two of the above questions, then you may be experiencing what many Internet users have termed as “lip balm addiction”.

A quick search on Google showed us the extent of coverage that this new phenomenon has generated on the American interwebs:

Screenshot from Google

So is this a thing and should you be concerned about it? Read on to find out if you are addicted to lip balms, and what a dermatologist has to say about the whole concern.

Is lip balm addiction really a thing?

In order to find out more about this weird phenomenon, we approached dermatologist Dr. Phay Ken-lin from Specialist Skin Clinic and asked her whether lip balm addiction is actually a thing we should be worried about.

“Lipbalm addiction does not exist,” says Dr. Phay. PhewI However, that doesn’t mean that we can continue going on our merry way, applying our lip balms as before. Dr. Phay shares with us some more insights about what may be causing perpetual lip dryness despite spamming lip balm.

You may have a lip inflammatory condition you don’t even know about

The reason why some may feel like their lips are dry no matter how much lip balm they apply is because they may suffer from a condition called cheilitis, which is inflammation of the lips.

For these people, their lips are just unable to retain moisture no matter how much lip balm they pile on, and that constant feeling of chapped lips has them reaching for their lip balms more and more.

The scary part? You may not even be aware whether or not you have cheilitis, since most people wouldn’t usually have it checked out by a doctor or a dermatologist. Dr. Phay goes on to add, “The condition is often aggravated by the natural reflex to lip-lick or lip-smack when one’s lips are dry.”

Your lip balm is actually the culprit

If you feel that applying lip balm seems to make your lips feel drier, which then entraps you in the vicious cycle of having to apply more and more lip balm, it might actually have to do with ingredients inside the lip balm itself.

Dr. Phay explains, “Some people are actually allergic to the ingredients in their lipbalms.”

Ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in some people and that are very commonly used in lip balms on the market include:

  • fragrance
  • flavouring, such as peppermint oil
  • colouring
  • natural ingredients like lanolin, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and vitamin E
  • sunscreens, such as benzophenone
  • preservatives
  • certain gums or beeswax (propolis) which are included to add a glossy finish or to act as a sealant

According to Dr. Phay, if you’re allergic to any of these ingredients but are unaware of it, you may unknowingly get stuck in another vicious cycle: the lip balm actually irritating your lips, but you apply more and more to try and solve the problem.

Switching brands may not solve the problem,” says Dr. Phay, “as many of these ingredients are commonly used across different brands.” The only way to really know for sure what you are allergic to (or if you are allergic at all) is to do a patch test at the doctor’s.

Allergens don’t just exist in lip balms – they may also be found in other lip products. Common culprits are lipsticks with lip plumping effects or minty sensations. They may feel “cooling” on the lips, but more often than not it irritates your lips and dries it out further.

Should you be applying lip balm all that often?

Don’t get us wrong: there are some times when a lip balm would be preferable to none at all. Dr. Phay says that those who find themselves in these situations should be applying lip balm regularly:

  • Low humidity environments, such as spending long hours in air-conditioned environments, on air planes, or in cold climates
  • On certain medications which cause dryness, such as isotretinoin
  • Perpetual nasal congestion which leads to breathing through the mouth
  • Eczema or on treatment for cheilitis (inflammation of the lips), ensuring that you are not allergic to any ingredient in the lip balm

Is there any regular way you should be applying lip balm in order to maximise its effect? We were curious to know what a dermatologist would suggest to her patients.

“There is no fixed frequency to application of lip balm,” says Dr. Phay. “Generally one should apply a lip balm after each meal, and last thing at night before bed.”

What else can you do for dry lips?

Whether you choose to stick with your lip balms or not after this, you may want to consider incorporating these good habits into your lifestyle to keep those flaking skin at bay:

  • Stop licking your lips: when saliva evaporates on your lips, they can actually make your lips feel drier than before.
  • Drink more water: this one is a no-brainer – lip balms are an external support for your lips to retain moisture, but you need to get that moisture from somewhere.
  • Keep a humidifier in your bedroom and office: dry air will suck the moisture out of your lips, so keeping the air around you at a comfortable humidity will help to prevent water from escaping.
  • Don’t pick the flakes off your lips: you may create painful cuts on your lips which may make it more difficult for your lips to heal properly.

Assuming you don’t have eczema, cheilitis and aren’t using lip products containing ingredients you’re allergic to, it’s very possible to have well-hydrated lips without having to rely on lip balms!

Got any tips for well-hydrated, enviable lips even without lip balm? Share them with us in the comments below!

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You like all things sweet and dainty, like pastel shades, macarons, marshmallow, and rainbows. If these describe the things you’re generally drawn towards, then these latest beauty launches are going to have you celebrate with cakes and balloons.

1. Colours of hydrangeas

The Jongdal-ri Hydrangea Road in Jeju is a popular place of interest in summer when hydrangeas start blooming along this iconic area. This is also the period when you’ll find people taking romantic strolls and slow bicycle rides along the Jongdal-ri coastal road.

The newly launched 2018 Jeju Color Picker (Jongdal-ri Edition) collection by innisfree is inspired by the soft pastel hues of the hydrangea you’ll see around the picturesque Jongdal-ri. The collection consists of the Color Correcting Kit (SGD21) and Contouring Kit (SGD21), both work seamlessly to help create more defined-looking features and radiant complexion.

But what have definitely caught our eyes is the Blooming Highlighter (SGD25), which features five pastel colours to brighten up your skin. This highlighter is formulated with pearl binders and has a pearly finish.

Those who love colours will fall in love with the Flower Cotton Ink (SGD15 each) in five shades and finishes matte on your lips, and the Real Color Nail (SGD4 each) that comes in five shades too.

And if you’re looking for a sweeter deal, you’ve got it. Purchase either the Color Correcting Kit or Contouring Kit, as well as a Flower Cotton Ink, and you’ll be rewarded with two mini makeup brushes. Alternatively, you can receive an Apple Seed Cleansing Trial Kit when you make a purchase above SGD10 from this beautiful collection. (While stocks last.)

The 2018 Jeju Color Picker (Jongdal-ri Edition) collection is available at all innisfree stores.

2. Case that looks like macaron

Spring makeup is made extra sweet with these macaron-inspired packaging. The Lunasol Macaron Nuance Eyes comes in small round boxes that remind us of our favourite sweet treat. Just like choosing a flavour, pick from eight limited edition colours, depending on your mood. On top of its candy-licious good looks, these eyeshadows have soft textures that are vivid but easy to blend. We also love how easy it is to slip one into our makeup bag.

The Lunasol Macaron Nuance Eyes retails at SGD43 and is available at all Lunasol counters.

3. Texture that feels like mochi

The new Love You So Mochi collection by NYX Professional Makeup is inspired by the squishy texture of mochi but its bold and vibrant colours makes sure you stand out in any crowd. The collection includes a highlighting palette, eyeshadow palette with ten shades (consisting of a range of matte and shimmer finishes), as well as the Powder Puff Lippie Powder Lip Cream. While you have fun playing with the bouncy, mochi-like texture of the palette, you’ll also love how the lip cream comes in eight gorgeous shades, and finishes powdery-matte.

The collection is already available in NYX stores and will be available at Sephora from 15 February.

4. Feels and looks like jelly

This may look like a cute ball of jelly, but the Boscia Tsubaki Jelly Ball Cleanser is actually a face cleanser that means business. Enriched with camellia oil and antioxidant-rich rice bran, this jelly-textured cleanser hydrates skin while delivering anti-ageing benefits. The jelly cleanser is fun to use: squish it and then lather the product directly onto your face. Alternatively, you could lather in your hands before massaging onto your face. The best part for us, however, is how easy it is to travel with it because of the non-liquid formula. You may have remembered it in black in the past, it’s not available in pink!

The Boscia Tsubaki Jelly Ball retails at SGD29 and is available at Sephora.

5. Crowned with a unicorn

A newly launched fragrance, Anna Sui Fantasia brings us into a world of magic and enchantment. Topped with a gold unicorn, this fragrance reminds us of the sense of imagination and bewilderment we experienced in our childhood. The fragrance doesn’t just feature an opulent and beautiful bottle, it also has a romantic fragrance. The top notes consist of pink pomelo potion and spicy pink pepper, and its heart notes include raspberry praline. It dries down to accords of golden cypress and Himalayan cedar wood.

The Anna Sui Fantasia EDT is available in three sizes: 75ml (SGD128), 50ml (SGD98), and 30ml (SGD73).

You know what’s another brand that looks gorgeous and has launched macaron-inspired eyeshadows too? Dear Dahlia, a brand from Korea, and whose products have gone viral on Instagram. Watch our review of the products and win them for yourself!

Dear Dahlia review: Do these marble makeup products work as well as they look? | WORTH A SHOT - YouTube

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