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Do you feel like your family is in desperate need of a vacation? But are you also scared to embark on a family holiday as a single dad? Don’t worry, there are amazing destinations perfect for single parents that will not only provide your kids with plenty of adventure and excitement but also allow you to relax, unwind, bond with your little ones and have some much-needed fun! Here are a few places you might consider for your vacation.

A Disney cruise

Our first pick is not about the destination, but about the journey! If you’re a single dad traveling with his kids, booking a spot on one of these cruises is an amazing move. Your kids will simply love the whole fairytale adventure and seeing them happy and delighted will definitely make you feel like you’re killing it as a parent!

While your kids are busy with entertainment, you can lounge, relax in the spa and enjoy the pool. There are also various nighttime activities perfect for adults, so you can go out to a nightclub or have an exclusive dining experience without worrying about the kids. Those are the two perfect ways to meet like-minded friends or even find a love interest!

Costa Rica

Now, our first destination pick is the magical land of Costa Rica. This country is simply perfect for all kinds of families, including those with single dads. Why? Well, Costa Rica is full of adventures such as horseback riding, zip lining and animal spotting, but it’s also a perfect place for careless beach shenanigans youngsters love. If you’re a father of teenagers, the destination can provide them with some real adrenaline! Take your brave teens white-water rafting, scuba diving or ATV driving and you’ll all have an unforgettable time! All in all, Costa Rica is a place that will turn you into the coolest dad in the world!


Vietnam is an amazing destination, no matter who you ask, thanks to its breathtaking nature, finger-licking food and tons of entertaining things to do. You and your kids will love adventure-filled excursions that involve fun rafting, cave exploring and even jungle camping! If you’re in for a slower vacation, you can book various Saigon day tours that will take you through best city galleries, allow you to taste best local dishes and get you familiar with the culture of Vietnam. There are even night tours for adults, where you can see Saigon in a completely new light!


If you’re a family that’s more into snowy adventures, why not go to good old Canada! There are so many amazing ski resorts in this beautiful country, so no matter which one you choose, you’ll surely have fun. Also, Canadian slopes have something for everyone: youngsters can enjoy sledding, teens can try snowboarding and you can polish up your skiing skills! Is this your first ski trip? Don’t worry, most resorts have amazing ski schools for all ages and skill levels, so you’ll surely learn how to zoom down the slopes in no time!

Las Vegas

This might be an unusual pick, but Las Vegas is actually a perfect destination for single parents! Resist the urge to hit the slots right away and you’ll have an amazing time with your kids. The city is filled with different kid-friendly adventures from water parks to many fun concerts, magic shows and circus performances—there’s something for every taste, age and fitness level. If you want to have some me-time, book a nanny to watch over your kids in the evening while you try your hand at slot machines, catch a cabaret show or mingle in the nightclub!

Don’t listen to those horror vacation stories from other single dads! Pick the right destination that will entertain your gang and offer plenty of relaxation opportunities for you, and your vacation will be nothing but smooth sailing!

Single Dad Holidays – Our Top 5 Destinations was last modified: December 4th, 2018 by Peter Minkoff

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What were the special moments dads made with us? Research says that dads react with kids differently from mums. Mums usually nurture in their familiar way. When we reflect in the memory of dad, we realise he played dozens of different games. Dr Peter West explores more.

It starts with “Peek a boo, where’s Dad? Here I am!” We tickle, we chuck balls, we play hide and seek. Watch dads at a café play with kids in their care. Of course, we do lots of other nurturing stuff as well. I’m always encouraging Dads to read to their sons and daughters.

“Let’s read your favourite story together!” Boys often want to read a weird range of guy-stuff. What we do with our kids can last a lifetime. Memories are linked to happy feelings: music; celebrations; fun in a safe place. And a strong feeling of “I’m special, and I’m loved”.

In memory of my dad

Will your kids have happy memories of you? I hope so! Someone said “We don’t stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing”. DaddiLife also continues to feature what to do to keep those memories.

My own dad taught me to swim. We went down to the ocean baths and he would put me in the water, stand a  little bit away and say ”just swim to me.” Then he would take a step back and I would swim towards him. Another step back- and so on. So eventually I swam the length of the pool. I still swim in the ocean many times a week, right through the year.

Your memories of dad

So in memory of dad everywhere, let’s hear some other stories from people in many parts of the world. What did your dad do with YOU?

“I loved going canoeing with you. My son was amazed that I know how to paddle properly!”

– K.O.

“I have vivid memories of doing unusual things like chucking  Suzie , our labrador,  in the back of the car and taking her for a run and swim in the creek. As I got older, I remember just enjoying the quiet “down times” with you. We would read the paper together or you would make me soup and toast soldiers and we would watch TV together.”

– J. R.

“Dad would let me ride on his scooter with him and I felt the wind rushing through my hair. Later on I got my own scooter and it used to hurtle me through the crowded streets of Mumbai.”


“The canoe trips – a definite highlight. And being able to rampage around in the bush in that strange old house where we had holidays.”


OK guys, over to you. What did YOUR dad do with you that you’ll always remember?

And ask your kids – let’s hear what they love to do with you, too.

Dr Peter West

In memory of dad – What did he do that you’ll always remember? was last modified: September 3rd, 2017 by DaddiLife

The post In memory of dad – What did he do that you’ll always remember? appeared first on DaddiLife.

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