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A picture’s background holds immense significance in professional photography and is an essential part of every illustrative work. A few simple adjustments in the pictures’ background can help direct the attention of the viewers on to the pictures’ forefront. There are tons of free background remover tools available online, which can help you professionally revamp your image backgrounds.

A dull background can suck the life out of the picture and fails to depict the ideas of visual Excellency. Thankfully, due to the abundance of free options available online now, every newbie photographer can quickly transform their ordinary image into a masterpiece of photography. These sensational background remover free tools can remove the haziness from the pictures and get rid of unwanted objects & obstructions. The quality & relevancy of the photograph can easily be enhanced with the removal of distracting & off-putting backgrounds.

The background removal services always come in handy in business & professional projects where decency is required & forefront still serves as the main focal point. Learning the art of background removal & replacement can provide you with an exceptional advantage over your competitors in the world of business and can help polish up your professional eminence.

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Online Background Removal Tools

In an attempt to augment the quality & caliber of graphics circulating across the World Wide Web, many developers had begun developing online background removal tools. These tools offer both personal (free) & commercial (paid) services to clients with high-end accuracy and fast processing speeds. Each and every online tool is battling for globalized supremacy, which had enhanced the standards of services available in the virtual marketplace.

Here’s a list of 5 fantastic background remover online tools ideal for professional & personal photo revamping & background editing.

Remove bg

Remove.bg is one of the best background removers available online and provides the user with the luxury of automatic background removal. It leads the way in delivering 100% automated free background removal services up to 0.25 megapixels. The simple tool isolates the background & foreground layers and removes the dull & hazy backgrounds in a matter of a few seconds. The finalized results illustrate enhanced subtle detailing, which prevents the contamination of colors in the picture. The tool is entirely free for personal use and requires a subscription for commercial use and can process images up to 10 megapixels with the premium subscription.


PhotoScissors Online

PhotoScissors Online is a perfect background removal tool for average users lacking technical & designer skills. The tool extracts the foreground and removes the background object with a simple, user-friendly highlighting algorithm. Widely used for creating collage and swapping backgrounds, this tool serves as a perfect aid for eCommerce marketplace and provides a simple solution to online product image editing. Supporting all the popular graphics formats, PhotoScissors Online homes an incredible range of image editing features. This tool is exclusive from the majority of popular removal tools which require regular subscriptions, and it simply works limitlessly with a one-time fee.


Background Burner

Background Burner is an online image improvement tools which provide a simple solution for removing complex pictures & objects from the background. The tool actively interacts with the users to enhance the quality of the results through editing hints & suggestions. With fantastic features such as pan & zoom, progress store database, and advanced editing, this tool is ideal for images, photos, and clip arts. Graphic designing, brochure designing, and cards designing can now be professionalized with a few simple clicks. Its incredible feature includes website integration through which new aspiring eCommerce marketers can now augment the user accessibility with background replacing solutions.



AutoClipping is another fast & easy free background removal tool developed for professional, personal, and commercial use. Designed to provide high-end accessibility to the users, the online tool offers 3 simple steps solution to every significant image background issue. The high-tech algorithm separates the foreground from the background and provides the users with the luxury of removing or replacing the background image. Guaranteeing professional-like quality, AutoClipping is a great free tool for creating banners, posters, flyers, and creative design elements. This provides the user with the luxury to revamp the visual business life through the social networking platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Malabi is another popular automatic background remover online which excels in producing precise, fast, and scalable results. Focusing majorly on eCommerce marketplace, this online tool provides marketers with a simple photo revamping solution for increasing conversion rates, sales, and overall brand value. The tool also compresses the finalized image to save up space and improve user accessibility. The tool offers incredible batch processing speeds which can work with several images at an astoundingly fast rate. Delivering high-end API solutions to aspiring eCommerce platforms, Malabi is an integrative and ever-evolving online background removal tool.


Desktop Background Removal Tools

Encompassing a more advanced set of features & services, there are tons of offline free background removal tools developed & design to revamp the graphics. These tools continually improve & progress through the aid of online updates. Here’s a list of 6 popular & best background removal tools for desktops and offline use.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop certainly holds a unique superiority over other desktop image editing apps and is the preferred choice of millions of designers, artists, and photographers. Advocating the emblem of creativity & ingenuity, the app is designed to direct the route for newbies to acquire a high level of excellence in graphic designing. Its simple, user-friendly interface can easily remove the obstructions from the background. Unlike automatic online tools, the quality of work depends on the skills of the users.


Torex PhotoScissors

The interactive background remover free software is an offline & feature-packed version of the famous online tool of the same name. The software holds the capability to remove background obstructions effectively within a matter of a few minutes. The background removal software requires minimal technical skills and is an automated desktop image background remover & replacer. Having high-end transparency support, this software gives the user a high degree of consistency with both the offline desktop app and online tool.



The GNU Image Manipulation Program or simply known as GIMP, is one of the most popular free & open-source image editors. The cross-platform image editor works efficiently across every primary operating system including the likes of Windows, GNU/Linux, and OS X. Recognized as one of the best background removers, GIMP also requires minimal technical proficiency and is suitable for all kinds of graphic-related works. Its simple user-interface and quality services make it one of the best free background removal tools.


Microsoft Photo Background Remover

Microsoft Photo Background Remover is another free desktop software available for the Windows operating system. The software provides the user with background removal & replacing capabilities and is designed majorly for personal use. It is one of the best free background removers used for clearing distinctive parts of the image and for changing backgrounds. Although it offers a limited set of photo editing options and is not as powerful as its fellow background removal tools & applications.


Softorbits Photo Background Remover

It’s another popular photo background remover desktop software which enables easy & simple replacement & removal of objects from the background & the foreground. The automatic software major features include effective background detection, batch processing, and smart object selection with smooth edges. This is one of the leading low-cost best background removers requiring minimal technical skills and offering both automatic & manual adjustments features.


Super PhotoCut

Super PhotoCut is specifically designed to offer high-end background removal services for Mac and is available across all major Mac platforms. An automatic desktop software cuts off the images from the background and enables the user to replace and remove the background with ease.


Mobile Background Removal Apps

There are also a couple of amazing mobile applications which offers the user with image background removal features. Available across various mobile platforms, these applications aim to save up time and provide a high-tech solution for effectively removing unwanted objects and background graphics.


Exacto is a highly-popular mobile application designed by Apple to quickly get rid of unwanted backgrounds. The app is an excellent photo cutout applications which vividly isolate the foreground from the background to create sensational results. Exacto is also available with a pen selection tool and is fast, effective, and incredibly user-friendly.


BG Photo Background Eraser

BG Photo Background Eraser is one of the leading free background removal tools which can be effectively used for editing out blur and removing unwanted objects from the image. Being one of the highly-rated free applications, the app provides the user with a high degree of graphic design freedom. This app is also only available for iOS devices.


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Today, almost anybody relies on more than five different companies for their daily activities: finance, communications, insurance, healthcare… Relying means trust and you know how easy this hard builded trust on your company can be quickly destroyed by a lack of effective Support.

That is why the Flaticon Support icon pack can help you provide clear and very visual information about your communication channels with customers, contact details and procedures. You’ll find different assistance, help and emergency related icons that will provide your company a fast and effective experience whenever a client needs to make use of your support service.

Ase always, Flaticon icons are available in three different versions and totally scalable, so you can easily adapt them to every project you’re working on.

Download Source File Format : SVG, PNG License: CC BY 4.0

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You hear everyone’s talking about user experience and how important it is for the company. Is it though, really?

Yes, yes it is. Yet building great user experience is not that easy. You have to follow your company’s core values, provide the best for the client every day and, let them express their opinion.

With the new User Experience Icon from Flaticon, you can create a unique user experience on your website. Variety of icons illustrate different concepts of customer experience can help you collect and illustrate the data you need to improve your business. Icons are available in three different versions and totally scalable, so you can easily adapt them to every project you’re working on.

Download Source File Format : SVG, PNG License: CC BY 4.0

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Social network users run faster than natural evolution. They have developed immunity to advertising. Today they can easily recognize promotion almost everywhere. People become quickly disillusioned with the content and lose interest in reading very fast. An alternative way for this situation is infographics. It is a great option because the audience gains useful knowledge, and advertising is not so obvious.

What is an Infographic?

Infographic is a “visual text”. It displays any data using elements of textual, illustrative and graphical information. It gives even the most complex topic an effective visual image and simplifies the process of its assimilation.

There are different types of infographics. Mainly, this is an image or a large header and smaller items nearby. Also, it can be:

  • pictures
  • graphs
  • diagrams
  • tables
  • sketches
  • and maps
What are infographics for?
  • To inform readers. Visual images are perceived more easily.
  • To attract a new audience. So, you will attract the attention of those who previously did not know about you.
  • To return old subscribers. Here you have a great way to remind yourself: to breathe new life into the old edition.
  • To gain popularity. As practice shows, articles and posts with infographics are often shared (repost) in social networks.
  • To increase profits. How? With the help of new customers.

Since 2012, infographic elements became the most actively developing a type of content. Instead of a boring text with a bunch of numbers — a bright and accessible visual. The more original the presentation, the more interesting it is to come back and talk about it.

Nowadays you can find so much information about infographics such as websites, portals, infographic creator tools, magazines, and books. But in pursuit of beautiful pictures, you should not forget about the accuracy of the data.

Today I have chosen for you free and premium quality resources for your toolkit. Scroll down and let me know what your favorite is.

The Biggest Bundle of Vector Infographic Elements [$14]

This is a large set of fresh infographic elements, with many options to help you create your own infographics. You can use these infographic elements for magazines, your website, content marketing, PowerPoint presentations, advertisements, emails or flyers or brochures for your business.

Among more than 60 elements, you can find such types as:

  • pyramid infographics;
  • cube infographics;
  • business goals infographics;
  • arrow process diagrams;
  • creative bar infographics;
  • three infographics;
  • analysis diagrams;
  • mountain infographics, and many more.

There is a wide range for a little price. You will find here infographics for SEO, social media, business, brands, a content strategy and so on.

All these elements are 100% vector, so you can change them, rescale to any size, change colors and fully customize without loss of quality graphics. Accelerate your infographic workflow by starting with a professional set of templates. Visualize your data in great style! Additionally, you will have access to free fonts. This bundle works with Adobe Illustrator CS5+ and has AI CS5 and EPS CS5 vector files.

Graphic Design Trends Infographic Template [Free of Charge]

Infographics should be big, bright and stand out on the page. That is the point of it. Ideally, there will be only one infographic on a regular page. It could be also a few infographics on a page if they complement each other and form something like a comic strip. Do not be afraid of bright contrasting colors, large fonts, catchy headlines.

The perfect example is Graphic design trends template from Venngage. It is so eye-catching but at the same time well-structured. On the website, you will find numerous free infographic template.

You can’t modify the structure of the scheme, but you can do a lot more things as:

  • change colors palettes,
  • add text in different styles,
  • pick icons (tons of free categorized icons with a convenient search bar),
  • add charts of any form (line, pie, area, bar, column, cloud, etc.),
  • customize graphics objects,
  • add maps,
  • add videos and questions,
  • add custom pictures from the search bar or your pictures by drag-and-drop.

You can view the created project without a subscription and share it, but to download it you need to get a paid subscription.

Venngage allows you to save projects for further editing. All your projects are displayed on the main profile page.

Business Infographic Presentation PowerPoint Template [$20]

Many of us face the task of creating a good presentation at work. In most cases, presentations are a rather long and boring action.

But there is a solution, and I am talking about ready-made PowerPoint presentation templates that will help you make your presentation interesting, vivid and memorable.

This template is a huge set of data visualizations that you can use to create an infographic. This set is packed with beautiful diagrams, elegant graphs, and complex tables. It includes a set of vector elements, such as world maps, shapes, a variety of icons, and universal flat graphics. These infographic template files are organized for easy use and quick customization, so you can quickly incorporate your data into a compelling visual story!

Main features:
  • Over 15,000 ready-made slides;
  • 180+ unique slides;
  • Color switcher;
  • Mobile layout;
  • Multipurpose modern design.
4 Ways to Secure Funding for Your Startup [Free of Charge]

Infographics are simple to use for every niche. With the help of this infographic, companies can visually demonstrate to stakeholders the main milestones on their way to market success. Also, it is a good help for marketers. It clearly shows the advantages and disadvantages of the product and other characteristics. Such infographics help to sell goods and services without overloading the potential buyer with a large amount of information.

So, if you have a start-up and you want to look professional, you don’t need lots of money or creativity. This free template might be just for you. This business infographic is easy to customize. In addition, you can use free stock images. There is no problem to edit content, delete or add a new block. You can even pick any color you want.

Business Infographic Presentation – PowerPoint Template [$20]

Business Infographic Presentation is a clean business presentation template. In this template, you will find a set of more than 5600 slides that can be made out in 14 different color schemes. With the Business Infographic Presentation template, you can create presentations of any stage of business development. In the template, you will find slides for both the HR department and financial or strategic development.

This is one of a few templates that allow you to create presentations for 4: 3, 16:9 screens in HD quality. Thus, on whatever screen you view the presentation, even the smallest details will be clearly visible there.

There is a huge selection of infographics with 7 color variations. All infographics are divided into many categories (three infographics, basic infographics, photorealistic 3D infographics, scalable map infographics, etc.)

Main features:
  • Normal and widescreen mode;
  • Handcrafted slides;
  • Canvas animation;
  • Long-term efficient support;
  • CV;
  • Easy installation.
Trusted Logo Styles Infographic Template [Free of Charge]

This template is perfect for presenting information about logos. There is no problem if you want to use this infographic for another topic. It is just ideal if you want to present new educational material or give an overview of the upcoming big topic.

As a rule, such informational infographics are divided into sections with special headings. Numbering each section will help to structure the information flow.

People receive knowledge almost like children – in a playful way. Information presented in this form is better stored.

Also, you can create an instruction with this template. People love to read the instructions. For this, you need to structure the data properly. And this logo template is already well-structured for you.

Infographic Bundle | 900+ Vector Infographic Elements [$35]

With this mega infographic set, you are armed to make attractive infographics. If you need to create an infographic for your business blog or add an infographic to another project, this set is provided with a huge number of options for work. Vectors are set up correctly to add your data and export it quickly.

There are some great illustrations that work with data visualization in this set. It will give an instant visual insight into your audience. If you have an interesting story that you can tell with your data, take this set of infographic templates.

This infographic template bundle contains over 250 3D elements. It included 4 handmade color themes, both light and dark, as well as a variety of options for visualizing data, icons and simple illustrations.

Main features:
  • Different types of infographics:
    • Mountain;
    • Cube;
    • Pyramid;
    • SWOT analysis;
    • Icon three;
    • Action item three;
    • Business goals;
    • Arrow process diagram, etc.
  • Timeline;
  • Services;
  • Schedule;
  • Extra pages layout;
  • Easy to install;
  • Great support.
Infographic Element Collection [Free of Charge]

You can use infographics everywhere. The most beneficial and useful to a reader at news sites and online publications.

In the media and the news, it is very difficult to hook a reader. A loud title, successful typography, unique style saved the situation. And then infographics appeared, and life became easier and more fun. With it, you can beat even the most boring news. In a sheet of text, the information could get lost. But at the infographic, everything is in sight, clear and accessible.

When you need to bring very much information, in the textual form it would be a long read. With infographics, it is the opposite. It can be quite readable with an excellent balance of text and images.

Infographic element collection is free and included 6 types of graphics. It is a vector in EPS format. So, you can edit it easily with Adobe Illustrator.

UltiPro – Business Infographic PowerPoint Template [$20]

UltiPro PowerPoint template is a great solution for creating presentations in any field. The template has a neutral color scheme in the white-gray-blue spectrum. The proposed color scheme allows you to create presentations for both the medical center and the online store. This template will fit any business idea thanks to its minimalist design.

The template contains 32 modern and unique slides, free fonts and an excellent selection of a variety of charts and graphs.

It has the ability to present infographics on the world map which allows the use of the template in large companies. The presentations created in UltiPro perfectly adapt to any screen size. It is just perfect for 16:9 full HD widescreen. Also, UltiPro is filled with a variety of graphic elements, and icons.

The versatility of the premium template allows you to use it in different presentations, changing the combination of slides and color settings. UltiPro PowerPoint template is one solution for a variety of ways.

How to Infographic Template [Free of Charge]

Creating graphics using boring and not helpful information is a waste of time. If you really do, then do cool. Otherwise, it is better not to try. Choose the most important information, news, commercial offer – and go!

The best topic is giving useful tips. This How to Infographic template is a great example. It is bright and structured. With Venngage it is easy to customize. You can add interactive effects by creating infographics online. There is such a big and free rage of icons, graphs, charts, images, and color palettes. You can even add YouTube video if you want to.

Infographic PowerPoint Template [$23]

In continuation of the theme of business, consider a template for presentations with an incredible number of slides and color themes.

So, this Business Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template has a collection of 631 slides that allow you to create a presentation of your dreams in any area of business or personalities.

The template has 90 premade color themes, which means that the presentation can be created absolutely in any style, theme, and mood.

For such many slides provided an extensive library of vectors and icons. There are more than 3,500 of them. You will get also free icons and font. At this template are two ratios 4:3 and 16:9. In the Infographics PowerPoint Template, you can create the most bizarre charts, graphs, and diagrams. The main background of the presentation template is always white, but you can add your images easily by dragging and dropping to the desired point. This is a universal solution for creating presentations for all cases of business life.

Twitter Case Study Infographic Template [Free of Charge]

I have already mentioned that infographics are perfect to..

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The current business world is growing steadily and dictates the new business rules every day. More and more consumers are shopping online these days. If your business operates on an e-commerce model, you’ve probably done a lot of research on the right e-commerce platform to meet your needs. Magento was one of the few platforms that businesses could use for their online sales efforts in the early days of e-commerce. In recent years, however, e-commerce technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Companies now have a lot more choice as to which platform to use.

Even if you’ve just started analyzing the market and investigating the desired solution, you’ve probably noticed that Shopify’s reviews, comments, blog posts, and so on mentioned several times. As a result, more and more e-commerce businesses are choosing to re-platform with Shopify and around the globe.

We will share some of the aspects you need to consider before migrating to Shopify in this article :

Hosting and Managing :

Magento operates as a self-managed solution, which means you have to manage the product yourself and host it. Otherwise, at an additional cost to your organization, you will have to hire an external hosting provider. Depending on the type of configuration you select, this can be incredibly time-consuming.

On the other hand, Shopify uses a model for Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that Shopify hosts and manages the infrastructure of the platform, with your business operating within that framework. This makes setting up and managing your e-commerce store much easier. The average implementation time with Shopify is two months, compared to any other e-commerce platform.

Fully Customizable :

For larger e-commerce stores that need more features and customizations, Shopify Plus is perfect. You will need solutions tailored to your unique needs as you grow in size and importance. Shopify Plus is a business-grade e-commerce solution with unlimited bandwidth and huge scalability scope. All this comes with a fully cloud-hosted subscription plan that will require you to do nothing but continue with your actual business.

Scalability :

The ability to scale is one of the biggest predicaments that e-commerce store owners face when they use other online store platforms. If we look at Magento vs Shopify or OpenCart vs Shopify, it becomes clear that when it comes to ease of scalability, Shopify easily wins over the other two. Shopify’s cloud-hosted programs do not require any additional effort from your side even if your store grows in stature size. All you need to do is subscribe to the plan.

No Hidden Costs :

When running an e-commerce store all by yourself, you need to consider various expenditure sources such as development fees, server costs, hosting fees, customization expenditure, etc. However, Shopify provides an end-to-end cloud-hosted service that enables you to plug-in and plays your e-commerce store, at a minimal fee. You can choose to upgrade your plan if you want to add more features or seek further customization. Otherwise, the shop fees are transparent and there are no hidden fees you will encounter.

SEO Friendly :

If you migrate to Shopify, your product URLs are probably going to change. You’ll be happy to know that your search engine rankings will have little to no effect. You will be able to create page redirects, minimize changes on the page, monitor duplicate content, and maintain page performance with the proper preparation. Many retailers fail to realize that SEO rankings can be improved by a platform. This is a chance to use high-performance keywords, shorter URL strings, and a simpler directory with less depth.

Easy Integration with other programs :

In order to automate both backend and frontend functions, it always makes sense to integrate your e-commerce platform with CRM or ERP. Online store shop can be easily integrated with your preferred ERP or CRM to optimize your business operations. It is well-known that the integration of ERP, CRM, and store software prevents duplicate copies of data from being created.

Payment Options :

The solution provides you with the choice of 100 getaway options divided into three sections: major, international, and country-by-country additional payment gateways. Worldpay, PayPal, Affirm, Realex, and others can be considered. You can also benefit from the Stripe-powered payment options of the Shopify with the platform without searching for the choices of payment gateways.

Inventory Management :

The Starter Plan for Shopify has certain limitations to a maximum of 25 store records. Other Shopify subscriptions, however, give you the opportunity to get the unlimited amount of items to be added and sold through your online store. Since shopping cart is a host platform, especially if the e-store gets too many products, you can skip the worries about site loading speed and server performance. The solution also offers new users the Oberlo extension.

Theme Collection :

For more than 60 free and paid customizable and mobile-responsive templates, Shopify is one of the most popular shopping carts on the eCommerce market. The themes are pre-populated, so your task is to swap to immediately start selling your content and products. Even if in the short term some of the themes seem somewhat expensive, you can benefit down the line.

Support :

The support team of Shopify is available by email, live chat and telephone 24/7. Shopify experts can easily solve problems and find the best solution for you. Their center of assistance includes resources and tutorials to help you get started and sell your products.

Bottom Line :

Overall, the above reasons for migrating to Shopify can guide you in understanding the advantages of the platform and ensuring that you make the right decision. Migration to Shopify is a great opportunity to improve business processes and boost sales. We see more and more companies reducing overhead expenses and making the switch to Shopify. It can be expensive to hire a full-time development team to manage and maintain an e-commerce platform. As e-commerce evolves, more businesses will embrace a cloud-based solution that is easy to use for their online marketing needs.

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As WordPress continues to dominate the marketplace, it may seem to be the perfect content management system. After all, there are plenty of free and premium WordPress themes out there to make almost any project look great. But despite its many advantages its native structure does limit its utility.

Headless WordPress is a modified version of the CMS designed to remove these limits. But what exactly is headless WordPress and does your business actually need it?

What exactly is headless WordPress?

Headless WordPress is an example of a new breed of API-first content management systems. Traditionally, WordPress consists of a database, some code in a language called PHP and some more code for displaying the content to the user. These ‘back-end’ and ‘front-end’ modules are coupled together so that any changes in the back-end are reflected in the front (or head) end of the website.

This is all very well if you are only interested in displaying your content on one website but what if you want to adapt the content for use on a mobile app, a company intranet or a smart TV? You need some way of making the data available to external applications.

The magic of the REST API

Enter the WordPress REST API. The job of an application programming interface (API) is to communicate between different systems. This is a bit like a translator ensuring people who speak different languages can communicate together.

As long as an application is using the http protocol, the WordPress REST API can accept calls in many different languages enabling content to be adapted for different interfaces. Headless WordPress takes this a step further by decoupling the front-end entirely and placing the API at the center of the CMS.

Transforming user experience

Headless WordPress has the potential to transform user experience by enabling developers to create front-end applications specifically for different platforms. From mobile apps and social media pages to smart TVs, virtual reality headsets and connected devices, businesses can maintain brand identity while adapting the user interface to suit the device in question. In this way, businesses can create an omnichannel experience without redesigning applications for every different platform. This is particularly valuable for small businesses who may not have the budget to build native applications for multiple platforms. Due to the magic of the REST API, any update to the information in the WordPress database will be immediately reflected in the front-end applications.

Speeding up content delivery

Another thing that users will love your applications for is their speed. With 40% of users quitting a site if it hasn’t loaded within three seconds, there is a critical need for lightweight, fast-loading applications.

Since it won’t need to load the back-end every time, an application calling a headless WordPress site will be much quicker to load. REST APIs are also designed to intelligently make use of caching so that cached data will be used when appropriate.

By combining headless WordPress with a content delivery network (CDN), users around the globe will instantly have access to the same data as local users.

With a fast-loading website, social media page or application, your users will be happy and this will be reflected in engagement metrics. Since Google uses both user-focused metrics and page load speed in determining SEO ranking, you will see the benefit in your position on Google’s search pages too.

Progressive web apps (PWAs)

REST APIs are also the magic bullet that makes progressive web apps (PWAs) work. PWAs enable browser-based plug-ins and other lightweight front-end applications to behave much like a native web application. This means that developers can recreate much of the experience of your core website or application on the platforms they are working on. All without having to load the bulky core application.

A PWA is designed to:

  • work for every user, regardless of device or browser choice
  • work even in low quality networks
  • refresh regularly to ensure content is up to date
  • use https for added security
  • be discovered by search engines like regular applications
  • facilitate re-engagement through push notifications
  • be storable on the users device
  • be linkable via a share URL
Setting developers free

The best developers want to improve and perfect their craft. WordPress, despite its many advantages, does not let them do that. WordPress developers are in a niche (albeit a very big niche) where the main language they use is PHP. A great WordPress developer is an asset in today’s world but what happens if PHP becomes obsolete? You don’t want to be in the situation where your developer is out of touch with all other programming developments.

To future-proof your business you need to have the best developers for your budget and you need to keep them hungry. Headless WordPress uses JavaScript, the world’s most used programming language but the REST API can interact with multiple different languages, ensuring plenty of avenues for developers to explore and stay motivated.

Decluttering the back-end

One of the fantastic attributes of WordPress – and the key to much of its success – is the way it combines a content management system with a user-accessible development framework. From the same admin dashboard you can add a post, page or image, update to the latest version of WordPress, install a calendar plugin and design a mega menu.

The downside of this is clutter. Since the development aspect of a headless WordPress application is done ‘beneath the hood’. The back-end can be simplified for pure content management.

This will be great news for your content team who can speed up their workflow. Training new content creators on your system will also be much quicker as adding posts, pages and media becomes more intuitive.

Does your business need to lose its head?

Which brings us back to the burning question – the second part of the headline to this article. Does your business actually need headless WordPress? That depends on your vision for the future of your business, the competitiveness of your marketplace and the developers you have in your team (or are willing and able to hire).

If your vision doesn’t go beyond a single website, a standard WordPress installation will be sufficient. WordPress is built to be responsive so your site will still function well across browsers and devices. It will just load a little slower. This might still be a problem if you are competing against multiple faster sites. For example, e-commerce is a very competitive industry which is why Adobe are exploring headless CMS technology to speed up their Magento websites.

Do you speak JavaScript?

If you do have a progressive vision for your website (e.g. you want users to access your content from their car, through their VR headset or on their smart TV) then investing in headless WordPress now could be the smartest move you make.

Be warned though. It is definitely not the same as working with free WordPress themes and WordPress templates. Your development team will need to be experts in JavaScript in order to develop and maintain your site and will need to know how REST APIs work. The more coding languages they are fluent in the better as they can then work on applications in multiple development environments.

However, if you are only likely to be using one website and need the control to switch designs and add functions without coding knowledge, vanilla WordPress with its plethora of premium and free WordPress themes is probably still the way to go.

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Amazing Colorful Backgrounds for graphic designs. These are good for poster designs, wallpapers, and other print designs. As in the previews, these look stunning for package designs. You can download the source file below. The source file is in Ai, EPS Format, which will allow you to do edits.

Download Source File Format : AI, EPS License: CC BY 4.0

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The importance of high-quality content is finally acknowledged, which means that content writers have been under a spotlight. As a content writer, you are expected to create amazing content that is authentic, attention-grabbing, and SEO friendly.

Considering all the pressure and high expectations you are facing, you should make the most out of online tools which will help you in your work. After some thorough research, I have collected these ten best Online Tools for Content Writers

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

An attractive headline is the first step of getting the audience’s attention. Without a good headline, the readers won’t even get to the point of reading the content. Get some help with this portion of the work by using Portent’s Content Idea Generator. Their title maker lets you type in a keyword and they’ll do the rest. By providing you with different title options, the process of coming up with a title won’t seem that hard. Even if you dislike their suggestions, they can give you some inspiration and direction.

2. Evernote

Every writer should have a notebook close by at all times so that they can write down any good ideas as soon as they appear. However, in the era of technology, there is no need to carry around a pen and paper. Instead, you can use tools such as Evernote. As they claim on their website, “Evernote helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.” However, this app is more than just a digital notebook. It also lets you scan documents, do a pdf or document search, syncs across any device, and have a place where you can connect with your team.

3. Todoist

If you are having trouble with staying organized and making the most of your time, Todoist can be your savior. This handy tool will give you guidance and help you organize your time so you’ll never fall behind with a writing assignment. A task management application such as this lets you make a schedule with to-do lists and timely reminders. With helpful reminders which keep you up to date with your daily writing goals, there will be no more excuse to procrastinate.

4. Google Trends

When you need some ideas for new topics, browse through Google Trends to see what everyone is talking about. People love to follow up on a trending topic and you should use that to your advantage. All you have to do is type a term that is related to your industry and see what type of content is currently popular. Once you see which topics can bring you some attention, just think about how to make it your own and write ahead.

5. Hot Essay Services

Even if you do your own proofreading, a second pair of eyes can notice all the mistakes you overlooked and give you an objective opinion. It is advisable that you have someone else edit your work rather than doing it on your own. For this purpose, Hot Essay Services can be a perfect choice. Their talented editors always deliver the finished product in time. A good editor can help you reach your full potential. This online service will team you up with a real professional on whom you can count on.

6. Hemingway App

This online editor is very simple to use but also very effective. If you need some quick editing solution, try out HemingwayApp. The app focuses on helping you to write more fluid and easy-to-read content. It will highlight all the lengthy, confusing, and passive sentences so you’ll know which parts need to be changed and why. In addition, it lets you know the readability level. The app actually suggests that you should aim under grade 10 since that depicts “bold, clear writing.”

7. Siteliner

Originality is a must if you want to make it in the world of writing. Not only will plagiarized content diminish your reputation but it will also get your content penalized by search engines. As you know, search engines value only authentic and valuable content and duplicated content is none of that. They might even remove the post if they find it to be a plagiarism. Siteliner will help you determine whether you have accidentally picked up someone else’s sentences so you’ll be able to prevent the damage.

8. Piktochart

Infographics are a great way of creating visually captivating content. They can enhance any type of writing whether it is a blog post, an article, or even academic writing. According to Market Domination Media, an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article. Piktochart is an infographic maker with numerous templates to choose from. It is very easy to use so even if you haven’t used infographics before, you’ll be a professional in no time.

9. Canva

The audience will find the content more appealing if it is aesthetically pleasing. Scanning through pages of text without any images can be an instant repellant. Canva will help you to create original and attractive imagery that resonates with your content. Whether you want to make cover images, presentations, or posters, Canva will provide you a template for different options. Search Engine Journal also emphasizes the importance of visuals and shares that content with relevant images earns 94% more views than content without images. Not to mention that consumers are 80% more willing to engage with content that includes relevant images.

10. Keyword Planner

If you know anything about SEO, you know how important keywords are. That is why you should do your research and choose them carefully. Like pretty much everything that comes from Google, Keyword Planner is the best choice for this task. Just specify your topic, industry, or a website and watch how this tool does his magic. It will suggest different keywords and organize them based on popularity, level of competition, topic, etc. Once you have all the options in front of you, it will be easier to pick the ones that suit your needs.

With the help of these tools, you’ll see that there is a way to make content writing a little easier. Once you introduce these tools to your writing routine, you might just come to the conclusion that they are exactly what you have been looking for. Dare to give it a try and the result can amaze you.

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Well, there’s nothing more casual on the web than a blog. It seems that blogs have been out there forever since the inception of the Internet. However, modern blogs are the consummate business and marketing tools that stand apart from their predecessors. Do you want to create such a new-gen blog? We’ve selected the 10 best Creative WordPress Blog Themes just for you.

How These Themes Were Selected?

WordPress Themes we present today are some of the most popular blog building tools on the web this year. With their help, a number of businesses created successful and high-converting websites that are bound to rock on for a long time. Below, we list the aspects that make these blog themes superior in the blogging niche:

  • Visual Builders. Forget about custom code and shortcodes. Enjoy editing your website with your mouse only.
  • New-gen responsiveness. True professionals keep taking theme responsiveness to the new level. Eye-witness this by testing our top 10 web design WordPress themes in different viewports.
  • Ready-made Custom Elements. Now, creating a professional site on the go is possible with custom block presets provided by theme designers. You can use these presets for adding content with visual builders.
  • High-end Performance. As theme packages lose their weight, your website becomes ultimately fast-performing. You’ll rejoice to see your score by PageSpeed Insights.

There are more draws of 10 best blog WordPress themes to uncover. Go through the template descriptions below to uncover the functionality and feature set of each template.

Monstroid2 [$75] WordPress Blog Theme

Let us start with the most prominent WordPress theme of this year. Designed in 2018, this best-selling template was the first to introduce modules like the new convenient working blocks. Thanks to this, Monstroid2 gives you a cool opportunity to mix-and-match the blocks from different skins, creating a unique and diverse UI for each page of your site. We can’t also pass on the fact that after the latest update Monstroid2 rocks on WordPress 5 and supports Gutenberg.

There are numerous advantages of Monstroid2 that root for its superiority. Firstly, this complex and multi-skin theme is surprisingly extremely lightweight. Thanks to its feather-light package, Monstroid2 performs smoothly and always gets a high rating with Google Speed. At the same time, this theme delivers you as much as 500+ pre-designed sections, Elementor Builder, Magic Button, user-friendly Installation Wizard, and many other pleasing features:

  • 500+ Magnificent Sections;
  • Popular Elementor Page Builder;
  • User-friendly Wizard;
  • Competent Support Team;
  • Spectacular Visual Effects.

Details Live Demo

Imperion [$75 & Free Version Available]

Great news! The universal Imperion business template is now compatible with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg. This best-selling theme is renowned for its splendid collection of designs that range from classic business sets to creative and minimal gems. Within the package of Imperion, you get the skins for shops, company websites, presentations, digital agencies and more.

Moreover, with Imperion, you’re not restricted to using only Gutenberg to edit your website. On the contrary, this theme includes the feature-rich Elementor Builder. With this modular constructor, you can create dazzling layouts and effortlessly customize the content of your site. Finally, with Imperion, you won’t ever feel that you miss the needed setting. This template has a robust admin panel with tons of settings that let you control every element of your website. Moreover, such types of content as attractive Brands, Carousels and Post Sliders are available thanks to JetElements addon. Other theme features include:

  • Slider Revolution;
  • JetMenu and JetElements plugins;
  • All Images Included For Free;
  • Elementor Builder;
  • WooCommerce Package.

Details Live Demo Free Version

Gutenberg Starter [Free]

The free Gutenberg Starter WordPress Theme is a good starter for anyone eager to build their first website with Gutenberg without spending a penny. This theme introduces you to the new comprehensive block editing technique. With blocks, you can insert, rearrange and restyle different engaging content without any technical know-how. Moreover, thanks to pre-designed Gutenberg blocks your content looks professional and meets the needs of commercial websites.

Fortunately, Gutenberg Starter Free WordPress Theme boasts not only of its customizability but also of its comprehensiveness. Instead of spending your time working with custom code, you can really wrap your head around the effectiveness of your content and make it to the top. Needless to say, this theme is as lightweight as a feather, pleasing your website users with lightning-fast loading and impressive performance. So, the free Gutenberg Starter WordPress Theme has the following features:

  • Theme Options;
  • Menus Capability;
  • Responsive Design;
  • Valid XHTML + CSS;
  • WordPress – Current Version;
  • Search Engine Optimized, etc.

Details Live Demo

24.Storycle [$75 & Free Version Available]

Create your own universe of effective storytelling with the popular 24.Storycle template. This theme lets you make your sound entry to the digital world with multiple skins that account for different needs of general and niche news websites. Fashion, lifestyle, technology, traveling and business – 24.Storycle has 15+ skins for every news website you can dream of. Moreover, all the designs it includes and compatible with Gutenberg.

If you’re not ready to switch to the new standard WordPress editor, enjoy the premium Elementor Visual Builder generously packed by the theme developers. The capabilities of this builder are immense as they make next to every website design rearrangement possible. Among other useful theme tools, we should mention Header and Footer Builder, MegaMenu Builder, etc. Moreover, the theme Post Slider allows you to create different tile layouts and style them up to your preferences. Other 24.Storycle features:

  • 10 Single Post Layouts at Hand;
  • Create News Tickers;
  • Vertical and Horizontal Video Playlists;
  • Multiple Layouts for Tabs and Accordions;
  • Extended Review Functionality.

Details Live Demo Free Version

Philosophy [Free]

If you’re looking for a kind of fresh minimalism that sells in 2019, Philosophy is the theme that will be an apple of your eye. Built using candid colors and breathing layouts, this theme ensures that your content scores high in readability and is digested by the majority of your website users. Moreover, the comprehensive blocks and pages of this theme are livened up with fun animations and sleek transition effects.

Fortunately, Meltony is the theme that works with two different block website builders. One of them is Gutenberg, the much-awaited staple of WordPress 5.0. The second builder is the reputed premium Elementor Builder that works with the theme without a hitch. With Elementor, you get a chance to completely change the appearance of any page of the theme or create your custom pages using the ready-made blocks. Within the Elementor, you’ll find the block templates for different purposes: content presentation, media display, social sharing, and, of course, formatting.


Hazel [$98]

If you haven’t decided on the design of your website yet, Hazel is a really good option. This multipurpose template comes handy bringing you 9 different WordPress website designs instead of just one. By the way, the ninth skins is a crisp one-page design added by the developer team during the latest Hazel’s 2.0 update.

Fortunately, the new trendy minimal skin is not the only goodie that you get with the new update. Firstly, you can also now work with page builder templates. These templates let you build website pages way faster. Secondly, with the recent update, the theme package got shredded from 17Mb to just 3.2Mb. Now, no doubts about the theme’s performance should ever bother you. Thirdly, the blog functionality and design were also improved to help your website stay on the verge of web innovation. Other theme features include:

  • Stylish Centered Menu with Hover Border;
  • Demo Contents Included;
  • Powerful Admin Panel;
  • Cool Fully Customizable Portfolios;
  • 3 Blog Types.

Details Live Demo

Baltazar [$39]

Are you after a minimal website that nails down every of its conversion points? Then, Baltazar should be a matching design for your Blog. This theme incorporates some of the trendiest fonts of 2019 that ensure the sleek appearance of your well-structured contents. Moreover, Baltazar delivers you 4 ready-made website demos with all the demo content included to the package.

Other themes features are:

  • responsibe & retina ready;
  • support for popular WordPress Plugins;
  • SEO-Friendly;
  • Font Awesome Integrated;
  • reliable Support.

Details Live Demo

Mia Ittalloni [Free]

It may seem that food blog is a well-covered niche on the web and it’s hard to make a mark with a food website. However, it’s your website’s design that decides whether the newcomers get hooked by it or not. With the freshest 2019 Mia Ittalloni, the users are bound to enjoy spending their time on your usable website and to keep returning to your portal for a fresh dose of nutritional lifehacks.

If you pay attention to the yummy Mia Ittalloni homepage, you’ll see that this theme has a sound and engaging header with all the needed contact details at hand. As you scroll down, you’ll get enthralled with the smooth animated content scroll and creative asymmetrical blocks. Fortunately for many, Mia Ittalloni is a theme that combines blog and e-commerce functionality, allowing your site guests to make purchases from you on your website in a convenient time and manner. The links to the Cart and User Profile are neatly placed in website header and footer.

Details Live Demo

Center [$39-$59]

Sleek grey, minimal white and motivating orange constitute the color scheme of this highly successful Center WordPress design. The theme has a full set of pages necessary for an effective web presence. For example, you get an attractive tiles Portfolio page, great Blog section, convincing Contact Us page, well-designed About page, etc.

Finally, Center theme is build with the mobile-first approach and delivers your users an unparalleled UI on mobile. Other template features are:

  • custom google fonts;
  • responsive layout & design;
  • Search engine optimised;
  • unlimited domain usage.

Details Live Demo

Insightis [$75]

Insights is the theme that uses all the visual means to bring creativity and power of imagination to the foreground. It uses a set of inventive design elements that dissociate your website from the crowd and create its memorable and positively-tuned interface. Needless to say, the interface of Insights looks equally professional on mobile and large screen devices, ensuring that your website appeals to users on every screen.

Thanks to Elementor Builder included to the theme, you get a chance to create custom content with the help of pre-made block presets. You get a large number of these presets thanks to the number of Jet Plugins that all provide for streamlined content creation. Moreover, with Insights, you get a chance to create a comprehensive modern MegaMenu that ensures that all the pages of your website are easily discoverable. Other template features include:

  • Cherry Plugins Layouts;
  • Different Footer Lsayouts;
  • WordPress Live Customizer;
  • Valid HTML and CSS Code;
  • SEO-friendly.

Details Live Demo

MalcolmY [Free]

The last item we inspect in this post is MalcolmY, the universal WordPress theme with unique and amazing skins for different needs and niches.

Thanks to Cherry Plugins the standard set of Power Builder gets more than doubled with professional pre-made block templates and custom elements. Moreover, MalcolmY template provides for fast performance and a good score of your website in terms of SEO. Other template features include:

  • Fully Responsive;
  • Retina-ready;
  • WooCommerce-ready.

Details Live Demo

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning our top 10 picks for best blog WordPress themes. Fortunately, all of these themes support visual editing and breach the boundaries of web designs both for professionals and non-techies. Anyway, if you ever feel puzzled working with one of these templates, the high-quality 24/7 customer support will be your safeguard whenever you find yourself in trouble.

We wish you good luck with launching your website using one of these themes. If you have any questions or considerations, feel free to share them in the Comments section below.

Take care!

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Digital User Experience (UX) covers every interaction a user has with a digital product or service from the moment they download an app (or pick up a physical product from the shelf). As such, it encompasses a wide range of skills from broad outward focused skills (e.g., gathering market research, understanding brand positioning, etc.) to specific technical tools and technologies (e.g., working with Bootstrap admin templates and UI kits, etc.)

This article focuses on what can be broadly defined as the ‘planning’ phase of UX design. In terms of the overall workflow, planning sits between the research and communication phases. Planning can be further broken down into seven steps, as follows:

Step 1: Develop User Stories

Assisting clients to understand their target user is a key skill mastered by top User Experience designers. Drawing from the client’s market research – their actual conversations with their customers – User Experience designers and their clients can help to develop a persona: a realistic (albeit generalized) customer profile.

Creating a persona makes it easier for you and your client to avoid bias and guesswork and identify real UX pain points. Only then can they design effective solutions.

Once a persona has been decided upon, the design and marketing teams can work together with the client to flesh out a typical user story. It will help if the client has carried out some in-person usability studies.

A user story focuses on a narrative with the user at the center – as the hero or heroine. This avoids the trap of taking an overly dry and analytical view of things (customers are real people with emotions after all).

Throughout the process, the design team should always ask the following three questions:

  • What does the user need?
  • What will their experience be at this point?
  • Will our proposed solution meet their need and provide a positive experience?
Step 2: Define User Flows

The UX design team then need to carefully map the user story with the app or website they are creating. This is a balancing act between staying in tune with the narrative and accurately matching specific user actions with states and screens.

Understanding and mapping user flow can enable a designer to pinpoint where the user first comes into contact with the product so that they can optimize this experience.

The design team can also find out where user experience is sub-standard or where there is a disconnect between the product and the user story. The unit can then focus on bringing that specific area up to speed.

At this stage, the team is still working in terms of textual descriptions of what the user is seeing and doing and how this progresses them through various pages or screens.

Before exploring visual design concepts, there is one more critical step: defining and prioritizing so-called ‘red routes.’

Step 3. Prioritize Red Routes

Red routes are those sections of the user flow that are critical to the success of your business. If every other screen and page dropped off your app and website, the red routes would still enable the customer to carry out a purchase or otherwise fulfill the primary goal of the business.

As an example, if you wanted to buy a book on Amazon, the red routes would cover the log-in screen, the category search function, the product page, and the checkout process. It wouldn’t include features such as recommended products, wish list integration, customer review pages and the like.

In line with the Agile philosophy, red routes would be those parts of the design that are given the most weight when decisions have to be made around limiting workload.

Red routes are most relevant when working on a big, complex website or app as it enables the design team to place constraints on time allocation.

Step 4. Brainstorm and Sketch

Once the design team is evident on the user flow, it’s time to begin the visual and functional design process. The first stage of this part of the process is all about being innovative and generating ideas. Therefore, it is a good idea to hold this session in a room conducive to creativity (i.e., not your typical working environment).

You might want to book out the board room or even move to an external venue. As long as there is scope for carrying out the practical part of the activities (e.g., a whiteboard, markers, comfortable seating, low noise levels), the actual location isn’t as important as the atmosphere created.

There obviously will need to be a time limit on this brainstorming process. This should be decided at the outset and procedures put in place to make decisions should there still be gray areas when the deadline is looming.

A voting system or Agile-like score weighting system would both be fair and objective methods of deciding between competing concepts.

Step 5. Wireframing

Wireframing is one of the fundamental skills that a UX designer will be expected to master. It is the next step up from simple pen and pencil sketches and, in fact, a properly structured drawing can be considered a wireframe.

In practice, most design teams use digital software to create wireframes for a more professional look.

Wireframes are simple representations of webpages or app screens which are designed to illustrate how a single app screen or webpage will work. All elements of the interface are present in basic form, usually in grayscale, using simple lines and boxes.

Wireframes are used as a platform for graphic designers, developers and the client project team to flesh out.

The tool of the trade:-

Balsamiq Mockups is a popular wireframing tool. It is easy to use with a large canvas and plenty of drag and drop elements. The low-fidelity wireframes created makes it very clear to clients that they are only looking at basic design and usability concepts at this stage.

At the time of writing, a single user license for Balsamiq Mockups was less than $90.

Step 6. Create Mockups

Mockups are a stepping stone between wireframes and prototypes. They are high fidelity representations of app screens or webpages containing content and design elements as well as descriptions of function.

Mockups, like wireframes, are static and often used by clients to present the design to stakeholders to ensure the project is heading in the right direction. Mockups can also be used as marketing materials for clients to preview their new app or website to their end users.

Tools of the trade:-

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshops are commonly used by designers to create attractive looking mockups.

At the time of writing, a personal license for Sketch was less than $100 per year while a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (including all products) cost less than $60 per month.

Step 7. Build Prototypes

The final stage of the planning process is prototyping. Prototypes demonstrate the connections between wireframes and include navigation elements. It is here where the interaction between the user and the system can be experienced and tested for the first time.

UX designers are expected to have the skills and mindset necessary to rebuild prototypes quickly in response to feedback to keep the workflow on track. The most valuable designers will be those who can think on their feet and promptly create and recreate prototypes to fulfill a fluid brief.

The tool of the trade:

The freemium tool InVision is one of the most well-known prototyping and digital product design platforms out there. It includes powerful collaboration tools to help remote project members to work together seamlessly.

At the time of writing, InVision offered the option of unlimited prototypes for $25 per month.

Following the prototyping phase, the project is well on its way towards final refinement and completion.

Image Credit: DepositPhotos

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