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Finally, I have moved into my new home.

Here is just a little post with some photos for you to enjoy.

I now live in a village called Bugle, near St Austell in the stunning county of Cornwall, right at the bottom of the UK.
Bugle is a small village that grew up around the china clay industry and is very near to the Eden project and some beautiful beaches.

It has been quite a journey to get here, but the funny thing is you always end up where you are meant to be.

When I first started looking for my new home I wanted to be on the south coast of Cornwall, but there was just nothing in my price range, then I was told about a new development over on the north coast, very near to Tintagel, which is one of my favourite places in the world.

Unfortunately, that was not to be, and just as well as the information I was given was not correct and had I moved there I would have had a world of trouble, so I know one of my Angels was looking out for me.

I then found another home, very near to where I am now, but again so much hassle and people not being honest about the situation.

Finally, we sold Mum’s house and I moved here on the 9th November.

It is very quiet, which is how I like it. I have some lovely neighbours, although I have not met all of them yet. But the 3rd or 4th day after I moved in, there was a knock at the door and a lady said, “hi, I’ve come to meet your Westie” well as you can guess Mr J was at the door with me and put on his best behaviour, as I was giggling that he seems to be the new star of the show.

The great thing is this neighbour has offered to look after Mr J if I go away or have to go out for the day, so that was one issue sorted straight away.

I am mostly unpacked, and we have settled into a wonderful daily routine.

We have been exploring some of the local places to walk and our favourite place is Par Sands Beach, it is around 15 minutes’ drive, with an awesome view of St Austell Bay as we drive down the hill.

Low tide at Par Sands Posh new harness

Mr J can run around, off the lead, and play with the other dogs on the beach, he has a new waterproof jacket and a new harness and lead, so he does not get mistaken for a girl anymore.

There is a little stream near the cliffs at one end of the beach, with a little waterfall inside the rocks, there are also caves to explore at low tide. The beach is fine soft sand which he loves to roll in.

Intrepid explorer

I have plans to refit the kitchen and the bathroom, and to have a little work done in the garden, which is very small. But that is all still in the planning stage, so next year I will get that work done and start to redecorate my new home.

My first visitors will be with me over Christmas, my sister Mary and her husband, which will be wonderful. And hopefully we will have some nice weather so that I can take them to one of my favourite spots in Cornwall, St Nectans Glen.
As you can see the energy is amazing and magical in the glen.

St Nectans Glen

That’s all for now folks.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

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Only one more walk, tomorrow morning, and then Mr J and I are finally moving to our new home in the glorious county of Cornwall.

He did not look this white after our walk this morning, it has been raining quite heavily, so a bath and blow dry was in order when we got back…. he absolutely loves being brushed and blow dryed!

I was born in Bucks, and apart from one disastrous year (but we won’t go into that) I have lived here all my life.

The name Buckinghamshire is Anglo-Saxon in origin and means ‘the district of Bucca’s home’, Bucca being an Anglo-Saxon landowner.

There are many historic landmarks here, like the Hell Fire Caves and the Golden Ball. Hughenden Manor, which was the home of Disraeli who was Prime Minister twice.
Chequers, the country seat of the Prime Minister.
Waddesdon Manor which was built for Baron de Rothschild to house his amazing collection of art treasures.

Florence Nightingale lived in Bucks as did Roald Dahl author of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Matilda, and many more amazing children’s novels and Mary Shelly author of Frankenstein.

As a child I used to go with a friend to swim in Roald Dahl’s pool, and often saw him sitting in his writing hut, which was like a garden shed.

When I was older, and a hairdresser I used to help look after Patricia Neil’s hair (wife of Roald Dahl and famous actress) when she was in the UK .

Buckinghamshire is nestled in the Chiltern Hills, there are acres of ancient woodlands with a predominance of Beech trees. Our daily walks have been in the Penna, or Penn woods to the locals, this is owned by the woodland trust and they are doing an amazing job of restoring the ancient woodlands.

Here are a few of my favourite spots

A stunning tunnel of glorious autumnal colours a fabulous place to sit and daydream.

This is the ancient oak, or the hollowed oak as Mum used to call it, I call him Bear, can you see why?
In the spring there are bluebells all around the base, lots of butterflies in the summer, and now with autumn he is surrounded by wonderful golden leaves.

This is a recent addition to the woods, there are a few amazing sculptures and this one has a gadget in the back where you can wind it up and sit and listen to a poem, heavenly.

I have loved living in Bucks, and have many wonderful memories from my childhood, and from my working life. But now, after years of thinking about everyone else, it is time for me to follow my dreams and move to the one place in the world where I truly feel “at home”.

Every time I go to Cornwall, I have the most amazing feeling of peace and as if my soul has come home, with no more ties to Bucks it was the logical choice for my new home.

This is where Mr J and I will be walking most days, a short drive from our new home, with a very handy pub at the top of the lane.

Also having lived with Mum for the past eight or nine years I am looking forward to being able to finally unpack all of my things…especially all my crystals, and to be able to design my home and garden to be a haven of peace and tranquillity where I can let my creativity flow.

These are just some of my pieces of Amethyst.

I will update you all once I have moved and settled in and will share my journey in creating my perfect home.

Because of the move I will be offline from the evening of Thursday 8th November until the weekend of 17th November, when I hope to have my internet up and running again.

Later today I will pack away my current crochet project, to keep it all safe until I am set up in my new home, but I discovered this odd cake of yarn, so I am keeping this out to see what sort of shawl design may come to light.

I will try to pop onto Facebook at some point during next week, but I know you will all be patient if I am not around.

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Oooh it has snowed again!

Yippeeee, my Mum is just kind of crazy enough to drive to the woods today and let me run around in the snow.

I had so much fun, running and jumping into the snow, rolling around and getting all this lovely cold white stuff all over my face.

We walk in these woods every day, most of the time mum just lets me walk or run at my own pace, sometimes I do have to run really fast to catch up with her when she calls me, but I always get a tiny treat when I find her which is good.

There are days when we don’t see another soul and all we hear is the birds singing and the woodpeckers tapping away at the trees.

Other days we meet some of the friends I have made, and I get to chase around in circles with them while my mum and their mum or dad has a chat, then off we go, on our way again.

The woods can be very muddy, which means I get a shower when we get home, and then mum dries me with her hairdryer and I get a lovely brush, I have found if I lay on my back and raise my front legs I get a lovely warm, dry tummy. Then I am allowed to lay down where ever I want, even on the crochet mum is working on, or under my favourite blanket.

Well it’s time for a nap now, so I will say good bye.

Be happy and live every day with freedom.


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G’day mates!

Wow I have been in Australia for two weeks, no idea where the time has gone.

The first few days I spent in Sydney, with a fabulous friend of mine, we walked in the rain, chatted about everything, saw the Botanical gardens, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, had a lovely lunch, and some yummy cake.

Every picture of the Opera House I have seen, has always looked plain and white, I had no idea how beautifully textured it is.

This statue is in the Botanical gardens “I wish”.

So, I made a wish, for clarity.

I have mentioned that Mum has been very ill, and I have been so torn, should I go home or should I stay? So many people have said, there is nothing you can do, enjoy your holiday.

And I have enjoyed it, but now it is time to go home and be with mum, that is very clear to me.

But the purpose of my adventure has also become very clear to me.

There is always a reason for every experience we have.

I came away to spend time alone, to re-charge my energy levels, to get away from the constant needs of others, and to focus on my own needs.

I stopped just past Coffs Harbour at Emerald Beach, arrived in the middle of a thunder storm, and went to sleep to the sound of thundering surf crashing on to the beach.

I woke up to blue skies and a family of kangaroos, and sat and watched them for hours.

While I was staying in Byron Bay, I spent a day at the Crystal Castle… WOW.

What an amazing place, so peaceful, so many beautiful crystals.

The World Peace Stupa, my lovely friends were involved with the building of it and worked with the monks for weeks.

Each prayer wheel is packed with the energy of thousands of prayers, you set your intent before you start and then walking slowly around in a clockwise direction, spinning each of the wheels as you come to them, this is repeated three times, sending hundreds of thousands of prayers.

I spent time just sitting and allowing thoughts to come or not, a sort of free meditation, with no trying to control anything, I felt so at peace and rejuvenated, it was a blissful experience.

This pair of geodes are Smokey Quartz, Amethyst and Calcites. They are HUGE, apparently the tallest in the world!

And these are also gorgeous, and the painted scene around them definitely, takes you to other dimensions.

And how about this for a water feature, that Rose Quartz sphere is enormous but the power of the water spins it slowly round, so peaceful to watch.

And this is the most enormous, and gorgeous geode which weighs over 20 tonnes!!

I have spent quite a bit of time walking on beaches, and I found quartz, red jasper and yellow jasper.

I also brought myself some new crystals… haha as if I don’t have enough already, but these called to me!

While I was in Byron Bay I walked past a shop, and HAD to go back… I had a very clear image of a flat round piece of Angelite, and made the poor man in the shop look everywhere, he kept saying no, “I don’t have anything like that”, “yes you do” I said, and just as I was about to give up, tucked in the corner of his counter was my “Angel” palm stone.

When your angels lead you to something… listen… there is always a reason!

And once I had this stone I could feel them closer to me.

Then I found something I have always wanted, Australian Bolder Opal…. Wow this piece is just perfect, it reminds me of the ocean. The colours are beautiful and I am going to try to use them as a pallet for a future crochet project.

I have loved seeing so many different birds, here are a couple you may recognise.

Talking of crochet, I have started version two of my new design Rosslyn, I am using a lovely soft 4-ply cotton, with a 2.5mm hook. Much smaller hook that I normally use and I am finding it slow going, but am enjoying every stitch. This design will still be some time in the creative stage.

So the whole purpose of this amazing adventure was to know that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing, and I am going to enjoy every moment of it. Looking after Mum, designing crochet patterns, and being free to do what I want when I want.

After years of major responsibility and the dictates of work and running businesses, this is now a time of freedom and creativity.

And so I leave Australia to all its rain and little flying things that eat you!!

To return to the UK, to look after Mum, and get started on some new patterns.

Sorry to those of you who would have liked to meet up, in the end, time did not allow.

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