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The Cinematographer Roger Deakins is very Recognizable for One Main Reason,

It's Beautiful !
He Was A Painter

                Roger Deakins was a Painter ,It was his Passion,and Once grown up he decided to pursue this Passion for Visual Arts at the bath school of art design and here he Discovered what became his primary Interest, Photography.

As Deakins grew more Confident in this Skill, People noticed and He was hired to Shoot
Documentary, a Series of Photos of his Childhood hometown in Torquay

This exposure to Filmmaking evidently caught his attention.Because for about a year later ,Deakins
was Pursuing Filmmaking at the National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire.

After Graduating Deakins went on to shoot many major films these include 1984 Barton Fink, The

Shawshank Redemption, A Beautiful Mind,The Village, No Country for Old Men,Doubt ,True Grit
,Skyfall,Prisoners and most recently Blade Runner 2049

Deakins has likely been so successful in his Cinematography because of his Painting, Graphic Design and Photography Skill all, with different Visual Arts Principles that he can channel into his
Cinematography but then again what sets him apart from other Cinematographers.

Style of Roger Deakins 
          Style of a movie is also due to the director ,so it's all inspiring when you think about it that a Cinematographer can attain a certain recognizable style over a period of time.

A lot of what I'm about to tell you has been gathered from Rogers own website Roger Deakins.com

and I've also gathered bits and pieces from the American Cinematographer and some of his recent interviews.So what makes a Style is a pattern that repeats itself so it becomes Identifiable.

 ADP or Cinematographer can only control so many things because a lot of what constitutes Style is also the ambit of the director ,the production designer ,costume designer and so on the DP definitely has a voice in the choice of lens, choice of format and camera movement and blocking and the choice of colors, however a DP has far greater control over the type of lighting and that's fundamentally
because most directors can't light also.The DP decides which t stops to use and the depth of field as a result. In Roger Deakins case he also consults with the production designer and insists on practicals and sets that conform to his lighting style so you know his work is no Accident.

He uses practicals not only to motivate his lighting but also as a design element in many of his scenes.

Technical Aspects 
            He chooses the bulbs to use dims or gels m-man necessary and even has a say in the kind of Lampshades and Fixtures used his attention to detail, is what sets his work apart .He also prefers to bounce HMI through windows for that Vermeer look, One of his tricks to Wrap Light and create the Contrast ratio he wants is to use fixtures of varying intensities arranged in a line behind diffusion or
Vent Bouncing.

He experiments with different diffusion materials and cut his teeth with plain Bedsheets when He was starting out he often tapes muslin onto Walls or Floors to get the job done.

Another one of his cold tricks is to light large interiors with a DIY ring light system built around Tungsten or Halogen fixtures that can be dimmed ,This provides a nice even light around the scene while delivering the necessary contrast ratio through fall-off. When outdoors he prefers to scrim and bounce sunlight over using artificial light but that doesn't mean he won't use HMI he does whatever he has to to maintain his time ultimately.
Aesthetical Aspects
           He prefers to overexpose the lit side of a person's face by one or two stops and maintains an approximate contrast ratio of between two to three stops.One of his defining Characteristics is to mostly have the background lit the opposite.

The Key is on the left and Shadow on the right, the background will reverse, that to give the shot more depth and draw the eye in to the character.He hardly ever uses filters on his lenses and does not resort to gimmicks to make actors look good as far as lenses are concerned.

He prefers Arry master Primes and his favorite Focal Length is probably the 32 millimeter which corresponds to about 50 millimeter on a full-frame DSLR. He prefers the spherical format and his digital camera of choice is the Arry Alexa.

Finally as far as Colors are concerned he tends to Muted or normal-looking colors and rarely Over-Saturates colors.He attributes most of his Techniques from his Documentary Filming days where He learned to Light Efficiently and Economically.
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When it comes to the Craft of Filmmaking, Denis Villeneuve is one of the Most Masterful Directors in the industry has a unique style that is Distinct and Moody. 

Lets Talk Deeper,

Among the Great Films which are enigma, like Mulholland Drive
or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Movies have strong visual poetry that propose strong images.

    Its Beautiful,when an image can have a Strong Emotional Impact on the audience, but create a kind of disorientation from an intellectual point of view.

    Its Also Very Beautiful,when those images that are like a punch 
in the face, but after that you have to deal with it with your intellect and try to find a meaning to it.

"Denis is ideal director in that he has an incredible visual default".

Meaning, his initial inclination is storytelling in the visuals, then whatever is inside of those visuals he has to be deeply intimate with and connected to.

What Denis Villeneuve Says About His Films And Himself :

   "I know that my movies are usually quite immersive, there’s like a strong feeling of intimacy, they are constructed around a very precise point of view.

And so I will say that technically, no matter the scale of the movie, I work with one camera.

I must say that three or four of my past movies have the same kind of cinematic language.

There's a kind of research of trying to be as simple and monolithic as possible that I deeply love. And I'm hypnotized by this approach, I Deeply Love It."

His movie are dealing with fears and angers,we all have inside ourselves, it's a moral conflict, that's what so interesting about his screenplay. It's the same thing that everybody can relate to.The story can be about politics, can be about more socio-politics, but still you relate to the story with intimacy.

A Maze :

       "Denis Films are designed to be like an enigma, a puzzle". 

The main quality that we're looking for is his movie that's designed to play with the audience.That means, it's a reflection on the human condition, on how we deal with the fact that we don’t
know where we are coming from and we don't where we are going, and it's like that pressure of time up on our shoulders, our relationship with memory, our relationship with the past, how we deal with the pressure of our past.

Stories Of  Denis Villeneuve :
"His story in one sentence will be a fight between the institution and individuality". 

It's a very contemporary subject and at the same time it's a story that has been here since the Old West age.Which is, that an individual has the choice to trust his institutions or not.

But that's the Art of the film, because all his Characters are thinking that they are doing the right thing, you know that's what's so powerful about his story, it's like the Heroes are Anti-heroes, and they are just motivated by trying to do what they think is the best as human beings.

Explaining with One of His films 'Prisoners',
          It’s a detective story where a detective is having to deal with a very difficult case,where at one point he makes a discovery that blurs his intellect, that he’s becoming so passionate about his investigation that he’s starting to lose his rationality. And that he’s beginning to be too emotionally involved.This idea terrorized me, who is in control inside yourself? Is it your conscious or your subconscious? And it's not a little question
because in your own intimacy when you are dealing with fear and anger the past is coming back very strong you know, it's strong forces.

All of his Movies in fact deal with this idea, that who is in control
inside yourself, is it you in your conscious in the present or is it your subconscious with all your past experiences, all those angers, or all those fears that we are trapped inside us.

Each character is dealing with a different kind of jail trouble. I mean each character is trapped either in his ego, either with some fear or some anger, some problem, could be belonging to the past. There's similarities of course because all humans are the same,
everybody has to deal with those issues. But that's the beauty of the film.

We all are like the all characters in Prisoners are in our own way prisoners in relationship with different aspects of their life.

He explore fears,anxiety, it’s a way to dig in some part of yourself that you not proud of. The movies are mirrors of reality. The world
is intense right now.But we need hope,need beauty,need poetry,need it for art sake.

             "There’s a feeling of consolation in his films".

It's a movie about ending a cycle of violence, trying to end a cycle of anger inside family, inside of society.

Its a tough task to be an adult, to become a real adult. Meaning someone that is in total control of himself in the present time.

As humans in some ways we are programmed ourselves from our education and from our genetic background, and how can we get free, can we get out of the road, can we get rid of that background

and have more freedom?

The questions are beautiful, the answers are all personal, the idea is to have to deal with the melancholy of it.

Great Movies will be staying with you for days or weeks. That's the beauty of cinema, when you create images, and those images create emotions or questions inside yourself, that you bring with you at home, and makes you think about the world now today.
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     Literature can be said as a form of human expression. Literature is the mirror of our society. It is an art of expressing our innermost feelings in different ways. It allows us to interpret our own life and emotions and find ways to relate our own story so we in turn can reflect.But There are various types of literatures.

African Literature :

African literature can be divided into three forms of literature :
1.     Precolonial African Literature   
2.     Colonial African Literature   
3.  Postcolonial African Literature     

Colonialism In Literature :
1. Precolonial African Literature:

      Pre colonial literature is often takes the form of oral narratives that are sometimes accompanied by music and center around the trickster figure.

2. Colonial African Literature:

      It examines the horror and the slave trade, revolting against colonialism and drawing inspiration from African's past.

     3. Postcolonial African Literature:

         It focuses on the clash between indigenous and colonial cultures, expressing hope for Africa's future.

      African literature also includes themes of women finding strength in each other's company when abandoned or dismissed by their husband and father's who are in turn subjugated by the English. It also says about struggles of women.

      Some of the African Literature Writers ,China Achebe(1930 - 2013), Bessie Head (1937 - 1986), Nelson Mandela (1918 - 2013). Aminatta Forma, Ben Okri Some of the famous books are " So long a Letter"- Mariana Ba, "Arrow of God " - Chinua Achebe etc.

Indian Literature

History Of Indian Literature in Summary :

          Indian literature is generally acknowledged as one of the oldest in the world. India has 22 officially recognized languages and a huge variety of literature has been produced in these languages over the years In Indian literature, oral and written forms are both important.

Attaining heaven (Mukthi) and "Rein carnation" are the two main focus of Hinduism. Charity (Dana) is the concept that is emphasized in Vedas to attain heaven according to the doctrine of karma.

Deeds : "Deeds of the past determine the state of the present". If noble deeds are done in the past, noble in the present is assured.

Human values : It is also the characteristics of Indian literature. Some of the works says about how a human should be obedient in this society. It also says about bravery in war, not breaking promises at any cost etc.

Love :love is one of the major characteristic focused on Indian literature. All forms of love as parental love, Marital love, love of brothers, love of friends are included.

Indian literature reflects the caste system is employed in the two epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The poetic forms was considered as the standard written form in ancient India literature was in verses. Ramayana has 24000 verses and Mahabharata has over 100,000 verses. Sacred books were also in the poetic form called Mantras that recited during workshop.

Indian Literature Writers ; Rabindranath Tagore,Khuswant Singh,Saratchandra Chattopadhyay

Greek literature

           Greek literature dates from Ancient Greek literature, beginning in 800 BC to the Modern Greek literature of today. They are divided into:
·         Pre-classical
·         Classical
·         Hellenistic
·         Roman period


          This literature primary revolve around myths and includes works like Homer, Iliad and Odyssey.

Classical period:

  This period saw dawn of drama and history. Three philosophers are especially notable Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Roman Era:

         During Roman Era significant contributions were made in a variety of subjects including history philosophy and the science.

        Greek literature is characterized by its ground breaking genres, ranging from poetry to drama and it's strict forms of meter. Greek literature includes lyrical poems. Comedical dramas, tragedies philosophies and historical writing. The genres often dealt with political issues God's and historical legends of wars and warriors. The western literature began with Greek literature.

       Some of the famous Roman Poets are, Virgil,Lucan,Seneca The Younger and Petronius, Martial

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Character is something which perceives or views a situation.Interesting Characterization :Here are some examples of characters from movies :Annie Hall, Diane Keaton of course as Annie Hall, Holly Golightly- Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys, Juno and Audrey Tautou from Amilie.

Why are these characters so important to us?

Anything that is common among all these characters?

They are non-conformists, unique individuals, very often eccentric; so all that contributes towards lending a touch of interest to these characters. We have a lot of characters in movies.Jack Niholson from One flew over the cukoo's nest,Munnabhai from munnabhai series.Joker from dark knight,Hannibal from silence of the lambs.

Munnabhai is famous all over the world.What makes this film popular is not the plot, but the Characterization of Munnabhai.

If you look at these all great characters, they all is stand-out,because of one is the way they perceive society, perceive situations and also the way they interact with others.so if they are unique characters,they standout that is just a very simplistic introduction to what makes characters interesting.

Appearance :

Many times, what happen is appearance of character, they are extremely important.Characters become important, because of their appearance.

Appearances make them standout.

Let we take , Fargo and Erin Brokovich.

Now, what is so important about Frances McDormand's appearance in ‘Fargo’?

She is pregnant; she is a small town police officer.does she look like a police officer from any angle? 
Well perhaps in her clothes, she has the uniform but apart from that does she subscribe to the norms of a standard police woman? No, she does not,she stands out.Who would expect a pregnant female police office  investigating a very brutal murder?

Julia Roberts in Erin Brokovich,it got her the academic award.Why does she stand out by way of her appearance; she is after all a social activist, environmental activist, but what is the way she dresses up is matters in this film.she is fashionable queen,which goes against the type of her character.You do not expect a social activist to be dressed the way Julia Robert dresses; otherwise it would give a very common place appearance,she does not standout in order to make her stand out,but you have to give a certain
unique attributes and the looks that count. 

Thus an appearance does matter.
What kind of look you give to a particular character; that also contributes towards making of a character.

Background :

Characters are also determined by their accents,dialects, their vocabulary, the kind of grammar they speak.
When we are talking about accents and dialogues and how they contribute towards making a character; there is movie named Possession.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart.

She is a Ph.D. Scholar and he is a research associate and they are doing research on certain 18th century poets; their romance runs parallel with those two characters they are working on.

So, their dialects and their accents differ from the way the couple in the earlier generation behaved and spoke, when the younger generation is shown to be more vernacular in its speech, whereas the previous generation is more formal and that is what gives out the difference between the two.

Internal and External Actions :

The characters are often determined by action;
external action as well as internal action.Conflict could be external.

In One flew over the cuckoo’s nest,that is rebelling against a conformist society, so that is external rebellion.

Internal rebellion or conflict, we also saw in films like Taxi Driver, so is character.

Schwarzenegger, that would be extremely
in congruous.when you go for Schwarzenegger movie including the recent Expendables and
also the most recent ones.So, he does not disappoint.He will disappoint when he start having internal dialogue or become existentialist hero, so he is no Godardian-hero. 

We are also talking in other words
about a star's image; so a star image also contributes towards the action he performs.I am not saying action hero.it is how he acts on screen, so doing what comes naturally to the character.

Internal action? Think of Antony Perkins from
Psycho, Anthony Hopkins,the other Anthony in the Silence of the lambs,plenty of internal action.

In Psycho there are clues like dark and white lights spilts in antony to shoe the split personality and a huge bird above him indicates that he is the predator.These are early and guessing clues of what the character is all about.

Internal action,
 ‘are you talking to me’, Robert Deniro talking to himself,having lot of action but much of it is also
mental process;you will find that there very little violence on screen except in the climax where he goes on rampage killing everyone in that brothel.

Otherwise, you do not find
any physical violence in the movie, much of the violence comes through the characters' body
language, the music,the lights ,the interplay of light and darkness.

Harvey Keitel again from another Martin Scorsese’s
movie ‘Mean Streets’, lot of internal
conflict and therefore representing internal action;

so he is a gangster at the same time,
he is torn between his loyalty towards his masters (the gangster masters), the gang lords
and his friends as well as his religion.

Therefore, we find him very often doing penance by running his fingers through burning candle, through
burning match strike, like self punishment.
This is something tells you lot of about internal action.

Name Of Character :

Names of characters, the way film makers name characters; also tells you a lot about the characters.
Holly Golightly says a lot, she goes like this; she does not want to carry baggage of the past.

If you read the novel Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she has the past but she wants do away with that. So, names
are often evocative, names are often symbolic.

They can also be ironic. You can name a person,
a particular quality and the person’s characters could be exactly opposite for that but then that lends an ironic touch, a funny touch.

Names also connotes. You have done denotative
and connotative codes.

The Saint, Val Kilmer, of course it is based on comic book series but. Have you watch the Saint, Val Kilmer’s?

You must watch it. 
It is not such an old movie, may be of 1990s.

What is The Saint all about? Is he a saint?
He is a master thief and a master in disguise.

Hrithik Roshan’s character in ‘Dhoom’ was based on the saint; he is an expert thief,he works alone and he changes disguises in a flash of a second.

Name of the character, Daniel Day-Lewis for example,  is hawk eye,playing an Indian, a Native American, in the Last of the Mohicans, as hawk eye. And what does hawk eye mean?

One who has a penetrating insight as well as he never misses a shot.He is an expert in both these things, reading people as well as, never missing a shot.

Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents and the series and what is his name connotes in the movie.

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              “Because we are filmmakers, we can show where a person’s mind goes."                                               
                               - Darren Aronofsky -                                                                                                                                                                                                            

One of the Finest and A Disturbing Director Of 20th Century.His Films are So much Disturbing and Leave you Devasted in the end.It doesn't mean he end a film with controversial or He see this world in an Sad manner.But He States that ,people mind always think through the sad and disturbing awkward situations before get into some good things.He imagined and constructed the world of that Brutal Reality.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Lets Analyse His style of Cinema.                                    

                                           Although he have a different set of film with sad ending.He also not a normal director in his cinematic aspects.He Uses and Have his unique set of Film-making.Aronofsky is able to use the tools of cinema to visualize the abstract emotions of everyday experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
God View Shot:                                                                                                                                    

      He uses lot of God view/Bird's view shot to show that the thing can be wtch through a life's perspective.The Characters are just a members of the earth.he Used the Shot usually in the end or at the beginning.It Explains the mechanism of this Shot and his visual treat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Tracking Shot :                                                                                                               

    Another one amzing thing he using is tracking a character in his/her emotional stage.It Will develop a sensitivity of the character's journey.It grap the audience to look forward to go with the character.Tracking of a character from behind always show that the character is doing something to go forward /Rising.The character sort of going to do some important part in that scene.

Extreme Close Up:

A Close-up generally eliminates the distraction of environment so that a viewer can focus on the Character.Aronofsky takes it one step further. He phases out the physicality of the protagonist, and dives into the molecules making up their reality.

His Films Are Mostly Violence.

His films are never an easy watch and are often punctuated with disturbing imagery and violence.

In One of his interviews , 
He Told "I hate Violence !.
But I treat violence honestly. I never try to trivialise violence. People have no problem with violence if there is no consequence. Films are incredibly violent. In fact, all types of cinema, across the globe are filled with violence. But mostly these create a fictitious world and a version of violence. I think this actually normalises violence. It never shows what violence really does to people who perform or receive the violence. It is similar to showing guns in movies. You never get to know how loud the sound of a gun really is. Or how much damage they really do. Watch a martial arts movie and you will see a lot of violence and no blood…or a single drop of blood dropping in slow motion to the ground…as if it is some sort of abstract dance. I am not interested in that. I don’t want to make violence sexy."

From this point of view you can understand the nature of his mentality towards Visual language,Reality of Life and how his style of filmmaking emerged.
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 Othello, the Tragic Drama by William Shakespeare who is the fame Literarian in England.In this drama Shakespeare brings out emotional things like Love,Possession ,Jealous and Anger.

The main theme is he speaks out Racism[black and white].He ends the drama as a Tragedy.Why should we think that Othello is tragic drama??

 The play starts at Venice in Italy[which is a land of water and love]. Othello is a Venetian General.Shakespeare portraits Othello as a dark man but with boldness. Yes! He is a brave man of world.He is not a Handsome.The Heroine of the drama Desdemona is just opposite to Othello.Shakespeare views Desdemona as a gorgeous and calm girl. She falls in love with Othello even she doesn't see him with her eyes. She only imagines him by other's words about the Brave Othello. She just attracts by his boldness. One day She sees and approaches him. Both are fall in love with each other.They eloped and married together. Othello wants to show that he wins Desdemona's heart by fair not by magic. They live happy life. Then the cunning fellow Iago comes and collapses their life.
 Iago hates Cassio. He wants to destroy him. So, He plays around Cassio and Othello. Iago targets Cassio but it finally ends with Desdemona's  death and Othello's suicide. Iago tells that Cassio has illicit contact with Desdemona. Iago again and again tells Othello to take revenge against Cassio. Finally he plans a scene that he places her a handkerchief in Cassio's lodgings which is the first presentation given by Othello.Othello sees that Iago explains all the things and Othello trust Iago's words. He came to conclusion without any other explanation.He suspects her girl and wants to kill her,because he doesn't want that no one are own her. He goes and meets his loving wife,and he speaks emotionally. Even though when she knows that her beloved man is going to kill her,she loved him more. She is happy to her death because she gonna die by her man. Finally,Emilia brings out Iago,s cunning plan,that Desdemona and Cassio were not wrong. Othello feels shy about his behaviour. At eleventh hour,Othello also commits suicide,he stabbed himself.
 Let we think the end of the drama in a positive way. The first think is Desdemona was the first who said her unconditionable love towards Othello. Though she haven't seen him,she showed her enormous love towards him.  Everyone says that he was dark and unfair but she looked only his love towards her. Why should Shakespeare make Othello to suspect her? On the other hand  being a brave and a man in higher position in an army he could have thinked about this once or twice before killing her, or he could have asked Cassio or Desdemona about this. So that by asking Cassio and Desdemona Othello may understand what is going on and why Iago is trying to confuse him. By making the play in tragedy in Shakespeare make the hero as a Insanity who believes what other says and doesn't want to know the real things behind that.
According to usOthello may ends with a comedy not a tragic paly.  If the play ends in a comic way,surely we would missed a great tragic play and the Great Villain Iago.
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Character Should Be Three Dimensional :

Your Character can be either good or bad.What the important factors that derives audience to look into your character is it's depth.

"Your Character should reflects in all the way by his Own Style."

That Is Three-Dimensional Reality Character...It Contains Many layers of information,Emotions and Behaviors.They never tend to obey the Rule-System and never depend on Anyone to make things for them.They did it by themselves and They follow their own set of Rules and may make others obey them.

They always hungry for something they love.Which is in the next Caption...

They Never Give Up :

Why they always tend to disobey other's rule is that they have their own rule to follow.So  they never become hoax on the failure of what they believe they are doing.And even if the truth dare them,they accept and give it a different punch, enough to set it as a record.They cynically lost all interest in a higher purpose of the normal world.

Remember this thing in mind,that your character is either Good Or Evil they are same when it comes to Strong Character.It's not like the villain says " We are not different ,you and me" and then the hero punch him with the dialogues "I'm nothing like you".

Don't Write these type of idiotic lines,One cannot be a good villain to someone lesser or bigger than him.They Have something that the other don't have.But They will be Equal at last.

The Backstory or The History :

Tell the audience the backstory of your character.

How the character is difference from others?

Why this one? 

Every Strong character emerges from the struggles,disappointments,pains and lot of failures.

That Make them a Strong and Deeper one.So giving a backstory of why they turned like this.. because the birth doesn't tell you to be you.
So The backstory can be a psychological or circumstances things that affect him/her to do so.

It is either Good Or Bad,they turn out to be on their learned way.Some Bad Backstory may construct a good one or Vice Versa.But There Are Exceptional Characters,They Never fit into anything and have no backstory and they doing really bigger things.But you have to work out for it.

Backstory is the thing that make these characters more believable and understanding.Thus if you don't have a backstory,you have to put more details and visual explanation for your character through body-language and behavior and things he/she doing.

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In an old fashioned City,

The period is about 90's age.An age where love is something happened between a girl and a boy only once.Where the happiest games are cricket ,and football and not a rectangular  box.

A boy with his dad have been living happily with their nature of humour.
A Real Superhero dad helps his son get what he wants,and helps miles to get him achieve that.They have faith in life by worshipping his wife ,his son's mother.

They both help each other get their things as well as fight for things like best friends.

At Attain the menscular age,The boy becomes men as he wants a girl to fall in love with.He Wants a true love just like his mother to his father.So He Attempts a number of girls with his charming and humor sense with the help of his dad.

The first attempt was a school girl , a past one side love,he saw her after a long long later,in a beach.Suddenky falls in love with her eyes.He Then Trying hard with his ideas and Failed.At Last with his Dad's inspiration he waits,Door knocked,Opened....He ,Dad Shocked The School girl.With this Surprising event they goes nuts...And suddenly the girl have give him a invitation for her marriage.Oops a Happy ending ...becomes humour.His Dad laugh out loud ,after they gone.

With the second attempt,With the help of His Romantic Heroic Dad (after working several things for his dad,he accepts) Support.He Made a Romantic,Surprising, Cinematic event for his 2nd love on her birthday.Obviously with this event and his charming humor,The girls falls, The Hero is Happy,The story ends.... Wait She falls for a temporary commitment only and not for a long life relationship not even a love.Again Failed. 

At Last the frustration made the hero to accept for an arrange marriage.The Hero had to go on a date with her on the Parents Commitment.They accept and went for a dinner.

The Girl Accepted,For Life...The hero enjoyed as well as the girl with each other company.Story End...

But How....yes they really did that.The Dad And The Son.The BestFriends Did that.The Story was all a lie told to the Girl At dinner.He Never commit a girl in previous life.It Was all an idea given by his Dad To Get The Dinner Girl.
And it worked well Done!

The Visual Story,Watch Here...

Kalyaana Vayasu - Official Movie | 4K | Tamil Short Film | Story of 90's Kid - YouTube

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Mis-en-scene : a French term that means “placing on stage.

First Of All ,The meaning of Mis-en-scene in cinema is considered as placing on the screen.

and Most importantly , Mis-en-scene is not a single shot with artists that running for a period of time without cuts.

and it is not a production term.You would't hear in it on the sets.

So The Mis-en-scene is considered to the result of collaboration of the different professionals.It is by far the artists,camera frames,set props,accurate performance of artists,makeup works,movements and in the end produced a single shot with variety of arts at its perfectionism.Which is often discussed with the accurate crafts before the production.

But in some cases , the Mis-en-scene is used for the emotion and enhancement of the audience throughout the film.

There are several basic elements/Things followed to do a perfect Mis-en-scene.
Setting :            Setting makes both a feeling of place and a temperament and it might likewise mirror a character's enthusiastic perspective.

The most unbelievable story can even become reality only with the set department.the importance of the setting will be shown in the unattached things.
Lighting :                  The action of key, fill, and backdrop lights gives even enlightenment of the scene and, accordingly, is the most normally utilized lighting plan in run of the mill account film. The light originates from three unique bearings to give the subject a feeling of profundity in the casing, yet not sufficiently sensational to anything more profound than light shadows behind the subject.

If it is a single shot,your work have to be worked within a single fixed rectangle especially in a matter of small time.But in a Mis-en-scene,You have to give birth to an entire world of the story with a period of time.So your lightings will not be a three point lightings,it will be greater and larger in the  amount.
Costume :
                 When we discuss "profundity of room", we're discussing the profundity of the picture onscreen. Profundity is dictated by the separations between articles, individuals, and landscape, impacted by their situation alongside camera area and focal point decision.

As regarding you have to be greater in noticing the color of the frame and the matching depth of genre with the artist costumes.Costumes are the one which associated with their personality , character maturity and fashion of their era and reflects the period of time.With Costumes and Makeup you can bring the internal beauty and emotions without any other communication.

Composition :
                       A Film utilizes a large space when there are subjects in the casing found both near and a long way from the camera. It is utilized to to  separate among items or  characters, and also any obstructions that exist between them.The separation of the objects and the characters from the camera called the depth of space.The Depth of space can be changed but shouldn't decreased.

Conclusion :As the Mis-en-scene deals with the perfectionism and Collaboration of all the art on the set,you have to be prepared well in the Pre-production.In a Mis-en-scene,a Perfect co-ordination of time and work should be delivered for the result of perfect visual storytelling.
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Bible says that any human being has to follow moral values and norms in order to live peacefully in our planet. 

The Old Ancestors used to live by those principles that often made into history and are still studied by our teenagers in classrooms.
The term Ethic was first created by philosophers and literates from the ancient Greece. According to them, life is a gift. Happiness and sadness depend on how we live our life and how we destroy it with things called love and society. 

Masterpieces from literature - yes I'm referring to those old and dusty books written by bored people in the past centuries- speak out loud about this
They can affirm that Aristotle had a great sense on moral values. But is there truth among all those pages?

According to an Aristotle quote, life is  the biggest gift from God and we must achieve success in this Earth during our short life.

Success, yes! In the Rat Race.

We have to accomplish something in order to be tagged as succesful person.

Ethics can be one way to gain success, maybe the easiest.This is what our ancestors have written in manuscripts. 

 For a Non-religious guy, Thirukkural would be great source of moral values. But not following such moral values in our life might be better. Centuries ago the people were mostly illitterates, but at the same time they were aware of life and humanity. Not much a Rat Race.They knew how to live and what is life.

Now just think about our present situation,

Is there still humanity within us...? 

Is this a right way to lead a life...? 

Nowadays, people are moving towards materialistic goals.

There is no humanity, love and peace. As technology develops we are moving downwards in our own-self.

We get into mobile-phones, social networks, television and even politicians that dont know how to treat correctly other humans.We need to develop their own economy and status in a society.

We are growing up in our society where we are taught that we must become businessmen, doctors and engineers. As our society develops,Nature in Humanity gets into graveyard.

"There are no relationships and hospitality around us anymore"

And whatever you are going to do, you are still going to be pissed off for sure.!!!
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