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Building Radar by Simonwintter - 11M ago
Talent or training?

Sales training can influence the difference between a top seller, and an average sales representative. Anyhow it is unclear how vital sales talent is to succeed. Some people may think that personality is crucial for success. Some others may think that trained sales techniques determine success and failure.

To find an answer to this question, one of the world’s most extensive surveys on competences in sales was conducted. Usually, surveys of this kind get along with 300 – 400 participants. The study of the Federal Association of Sales Managers (BdVM) in cooperation with the Berlin Humboldt University and the IQP evaluated the declarations of more than 2,400 sales representatives and leaders.

Special feature of the survey: The surveyed sales representatives and leaders come from over 1,000 different companies out of the DACH region.

Result of the survey: There is definitely a connection between personality and sales. That leads to severe consequences for the recruitment procedures in sales!

The DNA of sales representatives

The survey indicates that sales numbers can be increased by up to 11 % if the employee selection of the sales workforce is based on a specific personality profile. The Hay Group from the UK also came to a similar conclusion.

Both studies have one thing in common: There are three personality traits of sales managers that are sticking out. Sales representatives are endowed with a higher readiness to take risks. Also, factors such as a favor for team-oriented work and the demand for security are not as important to sales representatives as to other professional groups.

Talent or training

A total of 63 % of the trial participants have taken advantage of training on sales techniques. The difference in turnover to those participants who did not attend to a sales training was as weak as 0.7%.

The same comparison was made between existing and non-existent personality traits. Here, the difference in turnover between resilient, extroverted and less team-oriented, stress-prone and introvert sales representatives is as impressive as 11.6%.

“I am sure that there are good and effective sales training programs. But the general result of our survey is disillusioning. The salespeople with and those without a special training did not even differ by one percent in their number of turnover. That surprised me a lot! Certainly, training improves variables such as satisfaction, etc. but on average not the actual sales strength.” Prof. Dr. Nachtwei, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

The researcher used a specific psychometric test. This psychometric SALES Test (PsySAT) was revised and is now usable for the human resources departments. The test measures personal features that are linked to successful salespeople.

Consequences for the employee selection

Instead of widespread distribution of sales training, the results of the survey have shown that it’s more efficient to invest in instruments for personality diagnostics.The application of the psychometric test is most suitable in combination with the so-called negative selection (it is decided against the applicants who are very far from the desired personality profile). The application of this method is also possible in the context of personal development to plan measures.

By offering tailored sales training to the carefully selected sales representatives, both sales representatives and companies can benefit equally.

Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

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Construction projects from all around the world

One of the goals of Fenestella International KFT is to expand their business relationships in Europe. To achieve it, the company was looking for a single platform that provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about international construction projects.

Fenestella International KFT

More than 70 employees, the latest technology and more than 20 years of experience. Fenestella is an established expert in planning and manufacturing of wooden doors and windows. With an investment of 1.7 million euros, the technical systems have just been brought up to date.

Fenestella is facing the technological change and is ready to open up new markets in Europe. The company implements the feedback of their customers to improve the quality of their products continuously. The experienced team provides next to counseling, premising and planning also the pre-production elaboration, process controlling and installation.

Fenestella is always up to date with new regulations and standards. That’s the basis for the development of new products and services. During the production procedure, Fenestella uses high-quality raw materials, tools, and equipment. That guarantees the functionality and high quality of their products in a long term.

Phone: +40 757 593 055
E-mail: martonedinatimea@gmail.com
Website: www.fenestellainternational.ro
    Challenge: Finding out about new construction projects

    Before working with the Building-Radar-Platform, project managers and sales representatives in Fenestella had to invest a lot of time for the manual research no new construction projects. Employees had to observe a large number of different sources manually. There are 11.054 municipalities and 294 counties that provide information on new tenders in magazines, newspapers and regional portals – just in Germany alone. For each source, the search criteria must be set separately with CPV codes to get only the latest relevant hits.

    “Without a platform that filters construction projects by place, building phase and type the search for new construction projects is time-consuming and expensive” Fenestella International KFT

    Finding out whether a construction project is relevant or not requires a lot of time, effort, and clicks. Fenestella International KFT is mainly interested in private tenders. Unfortunately, it is not possible to filter public tenders by type (private or public tenders) or by participating companies on traditional platforms. Long story short: The search for new construction projects has been time-consuming, laborious and expensive.

    Major Project 2016 – 2018: Metropol Park, Berlin

    The architects Annette Axthelm and Henner Rolvien formed a contemporary symbiosis between the historical and modern elements. The former administrative building is under historical preservation protection. Fenestella International participated in all three stages of the construction process.

    Transformation Metropol Park NEW - YouTube

    Metropol 1 Products: 297 Historic windows Period: 2016
    Metropol 2 Products: 343 Windows Period: 2017
    Metropol 3 Products: 39 Windows: 45%
    Doors: 55%
    Period: 2018
    Total product value 1.5 million Euro
    Major Project 2015 – 2016: “Joli Cœur”

    The Carlos Zwick architects created a residential area from existing and new buildings. This residential building project includes the repurposing of historical buildings. A historical monument and fifteen contemporary buildings were created. The project was built in several stages by 2018.

    Carlos Zwick - YouTube

    Total number of products 1.265
    Windows 90% Doors 10% Project Period 2015 – 2016
    Total product value 2.5 million Euro
    Building Radar: The future of construction project search

    Monitoring the mass of sources on the internet is not only time-consuming but also absolutely impossible for a human being. That’s the reason why many lead generation tools are specialized in specific countries or regions. Fenestella is expanding business relationships throughout Europe. To cover their whole area of interest, they would have needed several separate platforms. Using multiple numbers of platforms is not only laborious but also expensive. The Building Radar platform applies artificial intelligence whereas traditional tools reach their limit of capability. Algorithms search automatically various online sources – day and night. That’s why Building Radar users have access to data about construction projects from all around the world.

    The Building Radar User Edina Marton has defined individual search routines in close cooperation with her Customer Success Manager Rytas Rutkauskas. Fenestella has specific requirements that a tender must meet to get considered as interesting. The requirements have been converted into CPV codes, postal codes and keywords. The result: Edina Marton receives only the information that is relevant to her!

    The next step for Fenestella is to get in contact with the project manager – without any research! Especially here, the quality and up-to-dateness of the search results saves a lot of time. Contact details such as e-mail address and phone numbers are displayed directly on the platform. The first contact with the project manager thus begins even before the competitors!

      Fenestella International KFT and Building Radar

      The quality of the search results is based on the close collaboration between the Building Radar User and Customer Success Manager. It’s not easy for a foreign company to succeed in public tendering procedures. For this reason, a way had to be found for Fenestella International KFT to distinguish private and public tenders.

      “Public tender platforms do not distinguish between private and public tenders. I am very happy that we have found a way to distinguish private and public tenders for fenestella international KFT!” Customer success manager, Rytas Rutkauskas

      The effort was worth it! Fenestella International KFT has already found interesting companies with whom they had not worked together in the past. Also, they reduced the research time.

      “Building Radar provides early-stage construction information. The search for new construction projects is now easier and faster.” Fenestella International KFT

      Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

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      The date for the launch of the GDPR is set!

      More and more data about each one of us is captured, processed and stored. With the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the legislator adapts the data protection law within the EU.

      Act today and get informed now. Those who start too late to align their processes with the new data protection law will face serious difficulties.

      Unfortunately, the progress of preparing for the launch of the GDPR is a lengthy procedure. Don’t get taken in by wrong information on the internet. In this article, we will reveal the five most common misconceptions!

      ”There will be a transition period to implement the GDPR.”

      The transition period already started in May 2016. Up to May 2018, all regulations have to be applied comprehensively. There is no reason to believe that there will be an extension of the transition period. The date is set!

      ”The new data protection regulation only affects large companies.”

      Some small companies think that the new law does not concern them. Attention! The EU-GDPR is, just with a few exceptions, independent of the size of a company. No company is too small to be punished for violation of the new regulations. Minor infringements implicate fines up to €10 million or 2% of the annual turnover. Severe violations implicate fines up to €20 million or 4% of the annual turnover.
      ”Judges will have to consider that every judgment is supposed to deter. I expect that judges will impose high fines on infringements; everything else would be a perversion of justice.”
      Thomas Ströbele, Data protection expert and CEO of YourIT

      ”The EU-GDPR concerns only companies with headquarters in the EU.”

      The regulations are valid for all companies that process personal data of EU citizens. This leads to the conclusion that it does not matter where a company is based. As soon as customer or employee data of EU citizens is collected or saved, the GDPR applies!

      ”The German data protection is already strict. There won't be a lot of change due to the GDPR.”

      It is true that Germany already takes the toughest stance towards data protection. The GDPR standardizes data protection laws within the EU. This means that some regulations are nonetheless entirely new.

      ”The regulation only applies to data collected from 25/05/18.”

      The GDPR applies to all old and new data. The challenge is that already collected data is often not saved in a uniformed place. The effort to update the already existing data can significantly reduce penalties in a legal dispute.
      Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

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      Giuseppe Poso “on the road”

      Customer contact is an excellent opportunity to convince with personality, professionalism, and expertise. Giuseppe Poso has been responsible for the development and expansion of external sales of Building Radar since 2017. The sales expert can reflect upon 25 years of sales experience. We spoke with him about his tips for success, his work experience, and working techniques:

      Paul Indinger, Giuseppe Poso, Leopold Neuerburg

      Building Radar: Giuseppe, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. How long have you been in sales and what attracts you to this field of business?

      Giuseppe Poso: I’ve been in sales for more than 25 years. I am still looking forward to meeting new companies and clients. Also, I appreciate hearing about different products, sales processes, and successes. And of course, I am excited to improve the companies construction project search with our services.

      Building Radar: As senior account manager and head of key account management, you have accompanied the development of many sales representatives. How do salespeople often sabotage their own success?

      Giuseppe Poso: The worst is when a sales representative starts a meeting with: “And now I will show you how we can help you.” Without a dialog, you don’t know the customer’s markets or their sales processes. The sales representative cannot know what the customer is interested in. The result: The presentation feels rehearsed and unappealing!

      Building Radar: Since 2017, you are responsible for the development and expansion of the external sales at Building Radar. What pieces of advice do you share with your employees?

      Giuseppe Poso: I try to teach that reliability is important, and promises have to be delivered. A successful sales meeting requires a bond of trust and honest interest in the customer’s products and needs.

      Building Radar: How do you keep yourself sharp during a long car ride?

      Giuseppe Poso: I like to listen to online courses of universities or to audiobooks. Also, modern car provides very well-functioning hands-free kits. I use these to clarify tasks and ownership with my colleagues. Sharing successes and experiences also is a vital exchange. I believe we should refrain from non-verbal forms of communication such as emails, WhatsApp as often as possible. Dialogs should not only take place electronically. I’ve heard that it’s so much easier to convey emotions in a personal conversation ;-).

      Building Radar: Do you spend more time actively talking to customers, or on the street?

      Giuseppe Poso: I would like to say that I spend most of my time in interesting discussions with customers. Unfortunately, the truth is that my colleagues and I spend more time inside the vehicle than with our wife, children or the own bed. Therefore, dear employer, always provide a good car ;-).

      Building Radar: How important is the preparation before an appointment on site?

      Giuseppe Poso: Very important! However, you should never assume to know everything about a customer and their products. I have seen salespeople who thought they knew everything about a customer. The budget was estimated before the meetings, offers were prepared, and discounts applied. A big mistake! It is fatal not to ask the customer directly about his secret of success, about his visions and structure of the sales department. A website does not provide any of this information… and it is also much more fun to ask these things in dialogue.

      Building Radar: Your day is packed with meetings. How do you remember the details of each customer discussion?

      Giuseppe Poso: I note the first impression of the customer appointment with a notepad. Afterwards, I use our mobile CRM App to provide the information to the whole team. To offer the best customer service, everyone in the company needs the access to the current status of the negotiations.

      Building Radar: You are rarely in the office and spend most of your time on the road. How do you access customer data?

      Giuseppe Poso: Salesforce provides an excellent mobile app for the CRM system. As a result, I’m up to date very quickly and can just check back shortly before an appointment.

      Building Radar: Giuseppe, you deal with a great variety of people and situations every day. Can you tell us about a special experience?

      Giuseppe Poso: Every appointment is something special. Nevertheless, there are of course some funny anecdotes. I was once invited to a Doornkaat liquor at 10 o’clock in the morning to get the meeting started. Factory tours are always special to me. The huge machines are impressive. A manufacturer of fittings offered the possibility to test the shower on the factory site. There are so many exciting things if you keep your eyes open and be curious.

      Building Radar: 25 years are a long time. How has the job of the field sales force changed during this period?

      Giuseppe Poso: Digitization has changed a lot. Not so long ago everything was slower and manual. I had to use street maps to find the right route to my next meeting. Also, I had to start the PC in the car and needed at least two people to carry the video projector :-). Nowadays, hardly anyone can imagine that. It just happened so much in the last twenty years. What did not chan, is that it is important to listen to the other person. This has not changed in the whole years and it will not change as long as people talk to people.

      Building Radar: Mistakes happen, even to sales professionals. What is your most memorable blooper during a customer visit?

      Giuseppe Poso: A major mistake was that we had a misunderstanding about the meeting place. I headed to the office of the customer. In the same time the customer drove to our office – probably we have seen us in the middle of the highway. Also, you are never safe from technical problems. That led once to the situation that I had to draw and explain the platform on a sheet of paper :-).

      Building Radar: What personal characteristics must a sales representative have?

      Giuseppe Poso: Salespeople must be persistent, self-motivated and able to handle failure as well as celebrating success. Having a goal in mind is extremely important to the inner drive. It is not easy to find such employees! Not everyone can take a constant stream of “no’s” and call after the 10th rejection the eleventh contact.

      Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

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      Effective and successful field sales management!

      A well-trained field sales force has a great value for companies! We spoke with Giuseppe Poso, our Building Radar sales expert. He has been successfully active in sales for more than 20 years. During this time he supported many companies in finding new construction projects. Use his advice and expertise to enhance your own workflow or the workflow of your field sales managers!

      Visit our construction industry blog to read the full interview with our sales expert!
      # 1 Cooperation with the back office

      Trustful and close cooperation between field workforce and back office is vital. This requires an active collaboration of both parties.

      “Dialogs should not only take place electronically. I’ve heard that it’s so much easier to convey emotions in a personal conversation ;-)”
      Giuseppe Poso, Building Radar

      A close communication improves the understanding of the others needs. The communication should be built on personal discussions and meetings. Also, processes have to be clearly divided to avoid misunderstandings. The office staff is responsible, for example, for the qualification of the contact person and the organization of an appointment. The objective is to take the pressure of the field sales manager. This way, the field workforce can concentrate fully on the customer appointments on site.

      #2 Route planning

      Field sales manager spend most of their time in their car. Insufficient time buffers, e.g., for traffic, will cause stress and delays. Thus, efficiently coordinating appointments is of great importance.

      Already 10 customer appointments result in over 3.6 million different route possibilities. Hence, the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence is a must to find the most efficient routes! Portatour is the market leader in route planning software. Various features optimize the planning process:

      • Consideration of working hours and home travel times
      • Connection to the calendar and CRM system
      • Consideration of recurring appointments
      • Automatic recalculation of the route in case of delays or cancellations
      • Offline access to the planned routes
      #3 Time spent in the car

      Sales representatives spend about 85% of the working time in the car. It’s advisable to use the time during a long car ride as efficiently as possible.

      “My colleagues and I see the interior of the vehicle longer than the wife, children or the own bed.”
      Giuseppe Poso, Building Radar

      Through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) it is possible to participate in audio seminars and audio workshops on the road. MOOCs are distance learning courses offered by universities, colleges, and other institutions. Those programmes are accessible to everybody. There are also a lot of interesting podcasts available. Sales trainer such as Anthony Lannarino or Stephan Heinrich offer podcasts that are perfect for the time in the car between appointments.

      Also, it’s important to attach great importance to tidiness in the car. Use Boxes to store the most important utensils. Unnecessary things – especially drink boxes or other packaging – should immediately be removed. It takes 2-3 minutes to clean up the car at the beginning of the week.

      #4 Equipment

      Access customer data, presentations, and forms from anywhere! Presentation apps like Salesphere, product information can be rendered interactively as an image, graphic, animated statistic, or video. Another important point is the mobile access to customer data. Here, CRM apps also enable access to all relevant data while on the go.

      “Our Salesforce CRM system provides an excellent mobile app. As a result, I’m up to date very quickly and can just check back shortly before an appointment.“

      Giuseppe Poso, Building Radar

      #5 Post-processing of appointments

      Especially if there are several customer appointments every day, it is important to document them well. The best time to do so is immediately after the appointment when memories are fresh. Dictation is faster than typing. Voice Assistants like Siri or Cortana enable this process even from the car. It would be fatal if, after an eventful week, it would not be possible to reconstruct what was being discussed with whom.

      “I note the first impression of appointments with a scratchpad. Afterwards, I use our mobile CRM App to provide the information to the whole team. To offer the best customer service, everyone in the company needs access to the current status of the negotiations.”

      Giuseppe Poso, Building Radar

      After a week full of appointments, there are many business cards. It’s necessary to save their data as contacts in your phone and CRM system. Some apps help to regain control over all collected business cards. Snapaddy helps to transfer the scanned business cards to your CRM.

      Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

      The post 5 Productivity Hacks for Field Sales Managers! appeared first on Building Radar.

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      Greenovative: Unrivaled discussions with the respective project managers.

      The search for new industrial park projects and new construction projects is time-consuming. A major goal of Greenovative has been to reduce the enormous time spent on research. A key consideration was to find an external partner. In the summer of 2017, Building Radar became this partner.

      Greenovative advances the energy transition!

      Many companies lack the time and workforce to deal with their power consumption in addition to their main business. Due to increased energy prices and against the background of finite resources, sustainable management is unavoidable.

      Greenovative is a nationwide established full-service provider of turnkey photovoltaic systems and energy concepts. Their goals are to create long-term solutions for companies that are interested in benefiting from self-produced, clean energy. With more than 300 major projects, Greenovative is an expert for commercial roofs, open spaces and private residential facilities.

      Reference system: Company Lechner in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

      Rothenburg ob der Tauber
      20,000 m2
      Number of PV modules
      7,200 PV modules
      Roof types:
      flat roof
      Use of central inverters, civil engineering measures, integration of the photovoltaic system into the plant network

      Greenovative: Together with our customers, we want to advance the energy transition. We strive to completely replace the use of fossil fuels in the long term.
      Greenovative and Building Radar

      The cooperation between Greenovative and Building Radar began with an article in a business magazine. During a free product demonstration, Building Radar convinced especially with the on artificial intelligence (AI) based article search.

      Greenovative: As the only provider on the market, Building Radar scores with the ai-powered article search. With this feature, we find construction-specific newspaper articles fast

      The earliest information on planned construction projects appears mostly in local community papers, journals, and daily newspapers. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Building Radar browses the different sources and makes them easily accessible.

      Finding out about construction projects in newspaper articles!

      Personalized filters allow separating the relevant from the irrelevant newspaper articles, thus reducing reading time in addition to research time. Whether industrial projects, housing constructions or commercial construction. In this way, architects, planning offices or the construction companies themselves can be contacted before the start of the construction.


      Time-saving is a high priority for all our users. Manually searching for relevant construction projects do not fit into the everyday life of a digitized work environment – and certainly not in the innovative business field of Greenovative.

      Building Radar user, Maureen Paulisch, uses the Building Radar Platform every morning to find out about new search results. The Building Radar Inbox automatically lists new projects according to pre-defined search profiles.

      Maureen Paulisch: “I do not have to type myself to do research. Reading the articles on the Building Radar Platform is enough. I enjoy the time that I need to read the articles with a coffee.”
      Competitive advantage!

      To be the first. That’s the primary advantage why Mrs. Paulisch relies on Building Radar. The power to affect decisions of the potential customers requires early knowledge. Because of the innovative article search, Mrs. Paulisch became aware of several exciting projects after only a short period of use. Many of them didn’t appear on any tendering platform! This allows unrivaled discussions with the respective project managers.

      Greenovative: Not only we are excited about Building Radar, but also our customers. The possibilities of a platform and the possibilities of photovoltaic excite. If we mention that we have learned about the latest construction project by the usage of algorithms our customers are truly impressed.

      The daily one-hour-long research work parallels to breakfast has become the start for a trustful collaboration in various major projects.

      Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

      The post Customer Success Story: Greenovative appeared first on Building Radar.

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      Innovative working time models!

      In this article Building Radar reveals how to increase employee satisfaction! Also, it’s possible to reduce Personnel costs up to 20% by introducing innovative working time models!

      Personnel costs are representing on average 30-40% of the operating expenses of a company. According to a survey by AOK about the topic of “absenteeism in companies,” employees call much more likely sick if the work atmosphere is hostile or dysfunctional. Also, the number of absenteeism days is higher than in companies with an excellent working atmosphere. In Germany, the continued payment of salary for sick days is up to 6 weeks. Because of that, sick employees become an enormous cost factor – in addition to the coordination effort!

      In 2016, employees called on average 9.5 days sick.
      The total costs of absenteeism were in 2016 around 130 billion euros.

      Pressure or boredom cause a high number of days of absenteeism. Boredom leads to intrigues and disputes. On the other hand, too much stress and pressure result in a cold social climate due to intense competition among colleagues. Mental illness and general dissatisfaction are the consequences.

      Flexible working time models can increase the satisfaction of the employees. The advantage for companies: Employees extend their working hours if the workload demands it. The employees are more balanced and rarely call in sick.

      #1 Working time model: Part-time
      In 2016, 15 million people worked part-time.

      According to a survey prepared by Arbeitswelten Consulting together with Familie & Beruf Management GmbH and FH Wien, employers rate the efficiency of part-time employees positively.

      169 executives were interviewed about the differences between part-time and full-time employees. 62.1% of executives see no difference in the question of whether “part-timers are more focused than full-time workers.” The remaining 37.9% interviewed executives experienced part-time workers as more efficient. Above all part-time employees focus more on the essentials.

      On the other hand, there is a higher effort to coordinate appointments and distribute work for part-time employees.

      Part-time employment, despite its advantages for employees and employers, has not yet gained full acceptance and recognition. This working model has the reputation just to be an extra income, especially for homemakers and mothers.

      #2 Working time model: Job sharing
      20.4% of companies in Germany offer the possibility of job sharing!

      Two or more employees share a job. The company determines the required working time. For example, two employees can share a weekly working time of 60 hours. The job-sharers split tasks and working hours by themselves. The challenge for the employer is to find job-sharers that work well together and provide similar or complementary skills.

      The model offers a perspective for people in different life situations. Job-sharers are flexible enough to react to challenging circumstances, e.g., if children are sick or colleagues are on vacation. It’s possible to handle different life situations.

      #3 Working time model: Action period
      In practice, the working time model of action periods is often combined with the flexitime model

      In this working time model, employees do not have mandatory attendance times. The working hours are organized by themselves. Attendance times are replaced by so-called functional periods: Certain workspaces have to run during this core time. The team itself handles the division. The work result is decisive. In practice, the team has to harmonize and communicate with each other.

      Especially in companies with a lot of project work, this system gives employees time to recover after exhausting project phases. Employees increase their motivation to complete projects quickly and gain satisfaction as well.

      #4 Working time model: Annual working time
      In 2016, 28% of employees took advantage of the possibility of annual working time accounts.

      The agreed annual working time has to be completed during the year. The company can increase or reduce the daily or weekly working hours depending on the status of occupancy. The salary is paid in the same amount even if the work performance fluctuates.

      This working time model is especially attractive to companies with project work and labor-intensive phases. The available workforce is used in when the need is greatest.

      Working time model: Sabbatical
      43% of 18 to 24-year-olds have taken a sabbatical or want to do so in the future.

      A sabbatical year is a temporary break, which usually lasts between 3 and 12 months. A possibility of implementation is a five-year model: The employee works four years full-time with reduced pay. In the fifth year, the same salary is paid without having to work for it. In some international companies, there is even a kind of “compulsory sabbatical” to be found: Senior managers are sent home every few years for a few months. This is supposed to prevent work-related overload and is also a benefit.

      This working time model strengthens the loyalty between employees and employer. In times of low unemployment, the possibility of the sabbatical year is also a not to be underestimated benefit, with the companies promoting themselves as employers.

      Building Radar Conclusion

      Flexible working time models allow companies to react to fluctuating order situations. The employees are more efficient and more balanced. That increases productivity and often halves the absenteeism days. According to Angela Fauth-Herkner, owner of the consulting office Fauth-Herkner & Partner, innovative working time models can reduce Personnel costs by 15% to 20%.

      Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

      The post How to increase employee satisfaction! appeared first on Building Radar.

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      Digital trend: Virtual digital assistants

      “Hey Siri, call Mr. Brown”, “Hi Cortana, what meetings do I have today?”, “Google, write an e-mail to Ms. Müller.”
      Users of virtual digital assistants (VDAs) such as Amazon’s Echo or Apple’s Siri are already delegating tasks that accompany office life. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, many large corporations have their virtual digital assistants on the market. The development to make the equipment ready for use in the office has just begun!

      Artificial intelligence (AI) powered systems like Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft), and Siri (Apple) communicate directly with the user. Experts agree: Sooner or later, virtual digital assistants will fundamentally change the way of communication. The market for VDAs has a great future. According to a survey from Tractica, the adoption of VDAs will grow rapidly in the coming years, rising from 145.2 million active users worldwide in 2017 to more than 1 billion active users by 2025.

      Enterprise VDA Software Revenue by Use Case, World Markets 2016 – 2025

      Source: Tractica

      Virtual digital assistants offer great sales potential. Annual sales will increase from $ 3.2 billion in 2016 to $ 7.7 billion in 2025.

      “In the past 3 years, significant advances in combining natural language processing (NLP) with other forms of AI, primarily machine learning and deep learning, have made enterprise VDAs more intelligent and more useful,” says principal analyst Mark Beccue.
      Current status

      Despite the significant potential, the scope of use of virtual helpers is still limited. According to a survey by Statista, the use of virtual voice assistants is currently very limited to calling contacts, getting directions, or searching for information on the Internet.

      Application areas of digital language assistants

      Source: Statista

      The goal for all manufacturers is to automate recurring tasks in the future through virtual digital assistants. For example, Alexa is already able to book a suitable meeting room on call, start up the video conferencing system and enter the corresponding dial-in data.

      Alexa for Business: Empower Your Organization to Use Alexa - YouTube

      Speaking instead of typing

      The virtual listeners are getting better in speech understanding. If it is still often necessary to break up a search query into keywords (e.g., “Weather, current, Munich”), a voice search, as in the conversation with a human being, makes it possible to ask questions: “What is the weather in Munich right now?”. Because of the increasing intelligence of the language assistants, a search query is automatically combined with the existing information. So for example, the question “When is the next train to Hamburg?” For a connection query from the train. The language assistant automatically sets the current location as the departure point.

      The principle of “speaking instead of typing” is safer, more precise and above all simpler. The interactions with computers and smartphones will increasingly focus on the language in the long term. This development is comparable to the change from the classic mobile phone keypad to touchscreens. Especially if you have several customer appointments every day, it is essential to document the results thoroughly. You should record the results immediately after your customer appointment. Dictating is faster than writing and apps allow this tasks also from the car. Fatal for the task management would be if it can not be reconstructed, what was discussed with whom.

      Outlook into the future

      All major internet and technology companies invest a lot of money in virtual assistants. Businesses are working hard to make them smarter. The assistants are learning steadily and are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. In the US, Amazon has already entered into a number of partnerships with cloud providers (Salesforce) and monitoring tools (Splunk). Through these collaborations, virtual assistants will become indispensable in our offices in the long term.

      Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

      The post Digital Trend: Virtual Digital Assistants (VDAs) appeared first on Building Radar.

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      Top 10 sales tools by Building Radar

      It is obvious that salespeople cannot achieve successful deals when distracted by time-consuming administrative work. However, salespeople need to perform many tasks and responsibilities at the same time. In addition to the research of potential prospects, they have to contact with the prospects and have to take care of maintaining and expanding existing customer relationships. The right sales tools can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks to the minimum.

      The result: Your sales will increase, and you can show your customers that you care about them at the same time. Do not make it harder for yourself and your team than necessary! We have put together the sales tools with which you can successfully start the New Year 2018!

      #1 Building Radar – Construction Project Search

      Building Radar uses algorithms and machine learning to find out about new construction projects as early as possible. As a result, you will learn about new tenders ahead of your competitors and can directly access the contact details of the planners and architects. Computers are searching magazines and newspapers for information about new construction projects. Users only see the articles that are interesting to their business. With this “Article Search,” Building Radar has developed a unique selling point!

      Visit our construction industry blog to find out how Building Radar enriches your business!
      #2 Moz Pro – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      Online presence is crucial to the success of a company. Unfortunately, a website alone is not everything. You have to be found too. Sales tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help to be reached by potential customers. Moz Pro is a powerful sales tool that provides comprehensive analytics and optimization for your web presence. In addition to search engine optimization, this sales tool can also be used for ranking analysis and keyword research. The software also examines the activities of your competitors so you can benefit from best practice examples.

      #3 LinkedIn – Account-based Sales & Marketing

      Through the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can use advanced search capabilities and save leads. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides tailored lead recommendations, lists your leads, imports your CRM contact information, and provides real-time updates of saved contact information. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides access to profiles that are not yet on your network.

      # 4 Yesware – Email and Call Management

      By using e-mails correctly, you can increase your closing rates. Yesware is an easy-to-use sales tool that runs in the background of your e-mail client, synchronizes with your CRM, and keeps track of and analyzes your e-mail and call data. Your sales team benefits from more transparency, better evaluation options and can do without manual data entry.

      Visit our construction industry blog to find out how to increase your sales calls!
      #5 Adobe Sign – E-Signatures

      Physical signing is impractical and interrupts an efficient workflow. Especially in times of paperless or at least paper poor office, digital signatures are a “must have.” Advantages are, for example, cost reduction or time savings. Sales Tools for E-signatures enable companies to keep their workflow electronic and paperless. An electronic signature offers the same legal status as a handwritten signature.

      #6 Vidyard – Content

      Videos are the fastest growing content format on the Web and convey messages better than plain text. Vidyard allows you to use videos in your sales process strategically. You get the ability to live stream from your website or social channels so that you can reach a greater audience. Better informing and educating prospects will also give you better results on contracting and renewals.

      #7 Olark – Live Chat

      Olark is an easy-to-use live chat sales tool that makes it easy to get in touch with visitors on your website. Olark helps you to track leads, increase sales, and deliver excellent customer service. Real-time information about geographic data or sales histories helps to align sales activities better and strengthen customer relationships. The use of Olark Automated Messages actively addresses customers. If the customer answers, your sales team takes over the conversation and completes the sales process.

      #8 HireVue – Recruiting

      Through the use of artificial intelligence, HireVue increases success in your application process. HireVue is a video-based platform that allows applicants to be assessed and coached. By combining video interviews with artificial intelligence, HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher quality talent, faster. With HireVue it is possible to eliminate candidate phone tag by letting them schedule their interviews. The Software Coordinates with Google and Outlook calendars so that recruiters can focus on their core responsibilities instead of time-consuming interview scheduling and rescheduling.

      #9 Join.me – Communication

      A one-hour meeting can take up much of your day by traveling to and from the area. Flights, accommodation, transportation and perhaps even the booking of a venue, in addition to a high amount of time and high costs. By using online communication sales tools, it is possible to work efficiently and inexpensively. This product solution uses encryption that has similar security to that of banking institutions. All communication is transmitted over an encrypted connection (SSL) and not stored.

      #10 Microsoft Dynamics CRM – CRM

      Tasks, which are taken over by CRM software today, had to be taken over manually in the past. Lost notes, erroneous appointments were the consequences. Customer Relationship Management (CRM Software) software includes practices, strategies, and technologies that enable organizations to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal is to improve business relationships, support customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.

      Get more information about CRM software on our construction industry blog
      Ready to revolutionise your construction lead generation? Browse hundreds of thousands construction projects globally today.

      The post The Master List of Sales Tools! appeared first on Building Radar.

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