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Back fat can be a serious problem sometimes since it can bring uncomfortable feelings. For example, wearing a tight or light shirt does not seem cute if the back fat is visible through the shirt. And sometimes finding the right size for your bra seems hard enough, so you give up on hiding the back fat. Even though you have finally found the right size, the back fat can appear because of the material or the structure of the bra.

Ever feel uncomfortable with your back fat? Looking for a 360 perfection? These 7 back smoothing bras are totally life changing.

What are back smoothing bras?

Let’s be honest – the struggle is real with back bulges. Do not blame yourself, just choose the right bra.

As you can tell by the name – the function of the bra is to smooth your back and to give a total support. It means that neither the back fat will come out, nor strips pinching through in order to make the back look nice and smooth. Because of the close fitting the bra hides perfectly under tight clothes. The material of the bra is elastic and soft and the straps are wide, so it feels comfortable.

Features of a great smoothing bra

First, let’s talk about the material. Most of the bras are made from nylon, spandex, or polyester. All these the materials are elastic, soft and sturdy at the same time. Some women even say they don’t feel the bra or forget that they are wearing it. The bra doesn’t annoy you or make you uncomfortable. As mentioned above, it gives 100% support.

Have you ever felt pinching or hurting because of the wire of the bra or the straps?

The back-smoothing bra consists of wide and soft back wings, which, finally, do not dig in the shoulders. For some bras, the straps are not adjustable, so there are no metal details on the straps, which release a serious problem.

The contour of the bra is seamless and sometimes it has even no underwire, which is another pro about the bra. No pinching or poking in your body.

That is how the back smoothing bra does its work. Now, let’s talk about the options...

Bra-lellujah by SPANX

It really is like hallelujah for breasts!

The bra does its job by hiding the back fat. It includes front closure – so the back is entirely smooth and nothing pinches or hurts in the back. Although, according to consumer reports, some say that it slightly pinches in the front.

Another exciting detail about the Spanx bra is that it has no underwire so you can breathe on. But do not think that it is a loose bra – it is not. The bra still is tight.

Straps are not adjustable and, again, it means that nothing pokes your back or shoulders. While the non-poking is great, be aware that straps might be too long or too short for you. Then again – you can order it, try it on and send it back if it does not feel right.

Hanes Comfort Evolution

Hanes Comfort Evolution bra really comforts your breasts all day. It is entirely seamless, like a sports bra and supports without the underwire. It is great for hot weather – no disgust about sweating and in the meantime, the bra hides the back fat. Isn’t that perfect?

Features of the Hanes bra (that feels like you would not even have a bra on):

  1. No padded cups, no uplift. Although, it has an outline just to give your breasts shape.
  2. It is flexible by adjusting to your body. Great for doing any kind of work.
  3. Totally back smoothing. Looks nice and smooth under a tight shirt – nothing to worry about.

Other pros: inexpensive and quick drying.

Most of the customers are extremely satisfied with Hanes. Those that are not, indicate some size problems with the bra. Many women recommend to order a smaller size because it stretches.

Bali Comfort Revolution

The BALI Comfort Revolution bra in a way is an alternative of the Spanx bra. The bra has front closure and wide straps. It is soft to make you feel comfortable and confident with a smooth back.

The biggest difference between this one and Spanx are the adjustable straps. Which  are great if you are worried that the non-adjustable straps might be too long or too short. On the other hand, some women prefer non-adjustable straps for comfort.

And let’s be honest – this is a beautiful piece and it makes you look attractive with a bit of a padding.

Wacoal Basic Beauty Contour

Looking for a full coverage? Wacoal Beauty Contour is the answer.

This one includes supportive and breathable cups to support you all day long. The bra is convenient for hard physical work by not giving any strain to your back. Despite the fact that the straps are regular (not so wide), the bra does not tire neither your neck, nor the back. Of course, that is because of the wide back wings and soft material.

The bra is also called a T-shirt bra, which means that it looks good under a tight and light T-shirt by smoothing the back fat and covering breasts. Also, the light padding makes sure nothing appears through the shirt/bra.

Playtex Smeamless Smoothing

The Playtex bra supplies no squeezing and support for 18 hours or even more. Although it has no underwire, it is still supportive – just how a smoothing back bra should be. It is shoulder friendly because of the cushioned straps.

One of the healthiest bras since it has been promoted to women with breast cancer.

Many women with large breasts find the Playtex bra very suitable for them. It is a fact that elderly ladies choose exactly this one – it is all about the comfort. Unfortunately, for both large breasted women and aged women back fat might be an issue. However, the bra takes care of it and hides the back bulge.

Most women emphasize that the indicated size fits perfectly.

This bra does not include any padding, which might be important for some. Sure, it is not one of the fancy-looking. At the same time, think about the comfort your breasts will experience. Moreover, it looks kind of old-school. However, it depends on the taste.

Warners’s No Side Effects

If you are looking for something comfy but also cute, this is it! This one comes with many extras and as you can see by the name – no side effects, which is not a lie.

It is seamless and has wire free contour. It is soft and has wide back wings. That is what a back smoothing bra is, as we know by now.

Now, let’s get down to what makes this bra different.

  1. Extra side coverage – eliminates underarm bulge or mostly known as the side boob. This is something similar to the back fat. Imagine having a bra, which hides both the back fat and the side boob. Warner’s No Side Effects is the answer!
  2. Unlike the previous bras, this one is suitable for machine wash. Finally no hand wash!
  3. Warner’s No Side Effects comes in many colours, and even has a polka dot model.   
  4. It is lightly padded – which is what small-breasted women sometimes look for. On the other hand, the padding ensures that nipples do not show. The perfect padding – not too much.
DELIMIRA Smooth Underwire Convertible

Off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses are a thing. There are two ways to wear them: braless or strapless. However, braless is not the best option always, so we need to think about the strapless option. And strapless can be a nightmare with its not keeping in the place and slipping down or leaving scars and hurting you.

Here is an option for a strapless bra that really works. It functions just how it should by staying in the right place and smoothing both the back and the front. Comfortable and breathable fabric, no padding. Of course, the straps are included, so you can use it as a regular bra.

This was an insight into the world of back smoothing bras. By now you should have a vision about what it brings.

Although, only 7 bras were described, each one has its uniqueness. There is a choice between adjustable straps and non-adjustable ones, front and eye closure, no padding and padding. Even a strapless option is included. Decision is yours now. Just remember the greatest about all of the back smoothing bras – 100% comfort and a guarantee that they will make your back smooth.

Make your life easy and smooth!

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We have a question to answer, gals. It’s the twenty-first century; do we really need barbaric wiring in our bras anymore? I mean, metal and hard plastic in our underwear! Holding us in unnaturally, and sometimes painfully. We’re so used to the artificial support, that it’s hard to make the transition to wire-free.

If you feel like you’re ready for a switch to bras without underwire—or even a touch curious; we’re here to help! We’ve sourced the best wireless bras for everything that matters. Amazing wireless creations for those in need of support, comfort, confidence, and an everyday go-to bra. We’ve put together this list for all shapes and sizes. Including ideal bras for the smaller chest and supportive wireless wonders for a D cup and up!

Get ready to hang up those underwired pests!

1. Warner’s Easy-Does-It No-Bulge Wire-Free Bra

Let’s kick off this year’s ‘best wireless bra’ list with the Warner’s Women’s Easy-Does-It No-Bulge Wire-Free Bra. Like most Warner’s products, this bra is amazing quality AND affordable. It’s our 2019 numero uno for good reason!

The Pros

Here comes the most obvious pro—it’s wireless! It is no secret that a little less restriction is better for the girls. Perfect for you ladies who aren’t so comfortable with going totally braless, while still in need of that extra support. This wire-free gem also features a widened side-panel to smooth out underarm bulges.

Constructed from a combination of Nylon and Spandex; the bra is fully machine washable. Another pro is the slightly wider shoulder-straps. Such a small alteration in design can make a stark difference to your comfort. Say goodbye to dented shoulders!

The Cons

I’ll be honest, it’s been a real mission to dig up some cons on this one. For comfort and practicality this is certainly one of the best wireless bras out there. That said, I’ll admit it’s rather unsightly. This bra isn’t the sexiest or prettiest wire-free bra we’ve found. Though, sexy isn’t what Warners were going for with this one. I think we can let them off the hook.

Size and Color Range

With a generous range of ten assorted colors, you can make this bra work with any skin tone or outfit! This wireless-wonder also comes in sizes from X-small to XX-Large. Making it a top pick for the best wire-free bra for large breasts.


The great size range of this bulge-free brassiere deems it perfect for the larger chest. Not only does it cater for the larger cup, it also features the wide straps to help hold the extra weight. These features make the Warner’s Easy-Does-It bra one of the most supportive wireless bras for 2019.


Lee says; “I absolutely love this bra. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in and supportive enough (for me) to work out in. It’s nice and stretchy and the adjustments on the clap and straps are very accommodating. It doesn’t give me ‘uniboob’ at all. The cups are nice and soft, and they separate well. There is no nipple ‘show through’ and it isn’t really padded but there is a nice layer of cup support.”

2. Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Triangle Bra

It’s no surprise to see our good friend Calvin Klein on this list. Our ‘knight in shining cotton’ has done it again. We’re going for something slightly different here with the triangle shape. A trendy design in the wire-free world. This one is perfect for a naturally perky, smaller chest.

The Pros

Three words. Cotton, cotton and cotton. We love the stuff! A major pro for comfort in a wireless bra. Stylishly designed with Calvin’s signature neutral colouring and logos; this bra can also make a cheeky appearance as an outfit accessory.

Despite the garment’s inclination toward the smaller bust, you curvy gals mustn’t lose hope. It comes in a range of sizes up to an X-Large! The voluptuous Kim Kardashian is living proof that this dainty wireless bra can still be a friend to curves.

The Cons

While the thinner straps in a bra are nice and subtle, they can cause digging into your shoulders if you’re on the chestier side. This can cause discomfort. Another con is the washing requirement. Please don’t make us hand-wash our bras, Calvin! Us gals on-the-go simply don’t have time!

Size and Color Range

As I’ve mentioned in the pros, we have a selection of Calvin Klein’s signature neutral color range. From black and grey, to nude and white. Making life easier when it comes to working your wireless bra with outfits.

Starting from a modest X-Small, ranging to an X-Large—it shouldn’t be too hard to get this bad girl in your size! Though, as a triangle-shaped wireless bra, it may not be very roomy in the cup. Checking your measurements before committing to this one might be a clever idea.


If we were scoring support on a scale of one to ten; I’d give this one a six. Not a front runner for larger breast support, but still a contender. Support-wise, this would be the best wireless bra for small breasts.


Mariana says; “This bralette by Calvin Klein is AWESOME. I have a health condition that I have an issue with tight, scratchy or even just a bit annoying fabrics/clothes. The CK bralettes are incredibly comfy and this one in particular gives you a really nice form, just as if it was a push up or had wires. You can use it if your dress or blouse has a nice cleavage. And the black is great.”

3. Wacoal Women’s Embrace Lace Soft-Cup Bra

Yet another excellent brand in our line-up of the best wire-free bras! Introducing Wacoal’s Embrace Lace Soft-cup Bra. This lacey-lass has no shortage of raving reviews. With sexy styling and a wireless design, it has become very popular among the ladies who embrace their freedom!

The Pros

The lace is a stellar feature for this gem. Mostly the point of going wire-free is for comfort, but why not throw a little sexiness in the mix? The bra also comes with an elastic band for comfort AND support for the larger chest. While it has a triangle shape, there’s still room in the cup. Making this bra one of the trendiest, and best wire-free bras for larger breasts.

The Cons

The delicate lace overlay means you must be gentle with washing it. Wacoal recommend to hand wash, hang to dry and warn against ironing or dry cleaning. Seems a lot of effort for a daily bra. A few reviewers, while they say they love the bra; they also mention tightness around the ribcage. While this may help in support—it can obviously cause some discomfort.

Size and Color Range

Oh, so many colors! You rarely see such a generous color range for any bra. With this garment you can be wire-free in up to twenty different hues! As for size, they range from a 30 to a 42. If you’re unsure on your fit; Wacoal kindly provide a sizing chart to help with your measurements.


This gal ups the ante with double-layer cups and built-in side boning for added support. The adjustable and convertible straps also have a handy ‘J-hook’ to convert the bra into a racerback for added support and shape.

In other words—we’ll call it an eight on the support scale.


Karen says; “As much as I can like a bra. This is my go-to bra brand now. I am thrilled that they sell size 40. I may even go up to 42. Being able to breathe fully without constriction is more important to me than having everything hoisted super-high.”

Melanie says; “Quality is good, as I’d expect from Wacoal. It supports as well as any stretchy non-underwire bra could. Obviously, you won’t get the kind of support you’d get from an underwire, but even as a D-cup, it’s decent enough to wear out in public.”

4. Warner’s Women’s Elements of Bliss Wire-Free Lift Bra

Elements of bliss is right. Another Warner’s genius creation. They seem to know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to the making the best, most comfortable wireless bras.

The Pros

One major pro is the perfect mix of comfort and lift. You get all the freedom of a wireless bra with the added perk of, well, perkiness! It’s not very often you come across a wireless push-up bra. It also features a plunge neckline, so you can easily adapt to a low-cut top or dress. Last but not least, it’s actually machine-washable! Whoop whoop!

The Cons

The added push-up can leave a little less room in the cup, which can make the sizing confusing as it’s not classed as a push-up bra. A few unlucky ladies have ordered their exact size without allowing extra padding. Luckily, this is the only con we could dig up and it’s totally avoidable. Just make sure you allow for the smaller cup!

Size and Color Range

Starting from a 34A, running up to a 40D. If you ask me, I think Warner’s could have at least gone for a DD. I’m sure the curvier of lasses would like a lifted wireless bra in their closet. Though, what this bra lacks in size range it makes up for in it’s color range. Leopard print, lace, metallic, floral, natural, you name it! You’ll have no trouble finding one to fit your personal style.


As has been mentioned, this bra has an extra amount of padding for that extra lift and support. It has adjustable straps for a better fit, and closed-shaped cups to prevent the girls from joining you on a night out.


Amy says; Buy it now!!! Being a devout fan of VS wireless tee shirts bras, I found that paying $50 for bras that the straps fray out was ridiculous…so I took a chance and tried this bra. Super impressed! I ended up ordering a second one after two days of having this! It’s not padded yet has lift. The straps fully adjust, meaning they don’t limit you halfway…if that makes sense. It doesn’t slip. Give this a try!! You’ll be glad you did!! I usually wear a 36D in VS. I got a 36D in this and on the last hooks, it was a smidge loose, but still fine. The 34 on the middle is perfect.”

Emily says; “I wish I could give it 6 stars! I am happy with the quality of the material, the overall shape of the padded cups, and the straps as they are a touch wider offering comfort for the shoulders.”

5. Calvin Klein Perfectly Wire-Free Bra

Calvin’s back! We missed the fella. Only saw him two bras ago but who’s counting? Here we find ourselves moving away from the trendy-triangle, and on to your practical contour bra. Surprisingly, we’re moving away from the cotton too! What’s happening!?

The Pros

Normally, I’d rant about my love of cotton when it comes to a Calvin creation. Now I’m not sure where to begin! Maybe the push-up feature is a good place to start. How often do we find a great wireless bra to give the girls a list? I’ll give you a clue—there’s not many on this list. Push-up bras are famously uncomfortable if made in the wrong hands. Though, according to reviews, Calvin Klein have kept the comfort train on track. Another pro is the seamless cup design. Making it ever so easy to keep a smooth and subtle shape under your top.

The Cons

The added push-up can leave a little less room in the cup, which can make the sizing confusing as it’s not classed as a push-up bra. A few unlucky ladies have ordered their exact size without allowing extra padding. Luckily, this is the only con we could dig up and it’s totally avoidable. Just make sure you allow for the smaller cup!

Size and Color Range

Starting from a 34A, running up to a 40D. If you ask me, I think Warner’s could have at least gone for a DD. I’m sure the curvier of lasses would like a lifted wireless bra in their closet. Though, what this bra lacks in size range it makes up for in color choices. Leopard print, lace, metallic, floral, natural, you name it! You’ll have no trouble finding one to fit your personal style.


As already mentioned, this bra has an extra amount of padding for that extra lift and support. It has adjustable straps for a better fit and closed-shaped cups to prevent the girls from joining you on a night out.

We’ll give this one a seven out of ten for support!


Sam says; “I don’t like bras with underwire, and finding wire-free bras that are still lined enough to keep from poking out are a rarity. So I snapped these up and hoped upon hope that I would like them. I LOVE THEM. They fit perfectly, don’t gap or bunch, are soft, and the straps don’t bother me even though they are convertible and have a little hook in the back. I haven’t needed to use the racerback feature yet, but I’m glad it’s there.”

6. Spanx Signature Pillow Cup Wireless Bra

Spanx is a big name when it comes to comfort and flattery. This bra is no exception. The ‘pillow cup’ allows for a slight lift with extra softness and shape. While the back has a smoothed-out design to avoid the awkward back-bulge. Thanks, Spanx!

The Pros

The hidden bulging is number one on our pros list. I think most girls with a heavier chest feel a little insecure about back-bulges showing. It’s mostly unavoidable, but the combination of zero underwire and a smoothed out back, easily makes this one of the best bras for larger breasts. It also features adjustable, widened straps to avoid any digging discomfort for your shoulders.

The Cons

I’ll start with the most common con; hand wash! I mean, it’s understandable with the material being mostly nylon. It’s just my lazy alter ego complaining. The only other downfall to point out is the limited size and color range, which I shall explain:

Size and Color Range

Something I find very confusing about this bra; it’s perfectly designed for a bigger chest, yet only goes up to a 38D. D cup is still fairly large, but this bra would a be perfect design for a double D and up. As for the color range, we have black or nude to choose from. They’re both very convenient colors, though we’d always appreciate a few more options!


This is very much an ‘every day’ bra. It’s been designed for all-day comfort and support. Spanx have done an excellent job at avoiding the wired-bra discomforts. From the pillow cup, to the wire-free supporting shape and the smooth back design—this bra is great for all-day, everyday support. An absolute closet staple!


Jo says; “This is by far the best wireless bra I’ve ever had. I can no longer wear wire bras, and have been on the hunt for a great supportive wireless that doesn’t look or fit like a leisure bra. I have since ordered all I can find in 38d. I sure hope they didn’t stop making this bra, I would be very upset.”

7. Wacoal Women’s How Perfect Soft Cup Bra

Wacoal has so kindly provided us with a go-to wireless t-shirt bra. Let’s be honest… we all need one. Any bulging from wires, straps or spillage is far too visible in a tee. So, how have they engineered a bra to avoid all these problems? Let’s dig into the pros and find out.

The Pros

The highlight of this wire-free gem is the contoured cups. We can fancy-up wireless bras all we like, but sometimes you just want that support without the pesky underwire. This bra will provide that comfort and support you’re looking for in an everyday, wire-free bra. It features your trusty hook and eye closure, with a smooth brushed outer fabric for extra softness.

The Cons

There’s not a lot of cons with this one! Other than my usual lazy complaint; Sir Hand Wash is in the building. We’re not friends and I’d like him to leave. He’s only allowed back if he brings a washing machine.

Size and Color Range

The size range is slightly odd, starting from a 30B to a 40B. Surely if you’re already making bra’s up to a 40, you could bring the cup to at least a D? Although, reviews suggest it has a roomy cup. This could make up for the lack of cup size in the larger range. We have a decent color range, mostly neutral colors. We wouldn’t ask for more with this type of bra. It’s quite clearly for casual, everyday wear.


I think we’ve highlighted the reasons for this bra’s great support! Let’s just skip the rambling and give it a nine out of ten, shall we?


Amy says; “OMGGGGG. Seriously. This is the best bra in the world!! I ordered not realizing there was no underwire (spoiler alert:..

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a bra! It’s underwear! It’s a swimsuit! It’s a top! It’s… uhh… what exactly is it? It’s the glorious bodysuit. The full-torso top or undergarment. This baby is an absolute wardrobe staple. If this is the first time you’ve heard of such a thing, or if you’ve just been weighing up the pros and cons of wearing a bodysuit—we’re here to help you make an informed decision on the wonderful garment. We’ve even sourced a few great examples for bodysuits that may be for you!

What is a bodysuit?

The bodysuit is a one-piece garment shaped like a leotard or swimsuit to stylishly fit your form. The main difference between a bodysuit and a swimsuit or leotard, is that the bodysuit isn’t typically made for athletic or swimming purposes. It was introduced purely as a fashion product by an esteemed fashion designer in the 1950’s. Then after the lovely Betty Page started rocking it, the bodysuit made it’s mark on the fashion industry.

The shape of the torso can range from anything between a conservative turtle-neck to the daring plunge neck line. While the bottom half of the bodysuit can come with a thong-cut (perfect to wear under jeans or a tight skirt), full bum coverage, a booty-short or even down to the mid-thigh!

A bodysuit can come in almost any material under the sun to fit your needs or the occasion. It’s often made from either lace, mesh, cotton, nylon, spandex—the list of textiles goes on. If you’re feeling a little sexy or daring with your style—the mesh or lace bodysuit could be for you!

Mae Women’s Strappy Halter Lace Bodysuit

Maybe you’re after a little comfort or a convenient yet trendy top to tuck in. This gem of a garment still has your back! For example, this Plumberry bodysuit perfectly shows the versatility of a casual bodysuit to be worn with jeans or anything you’re feeling with it.

Plumberry Cami Strap Snap Bodysuit

5 reasons why you should own a bodysuit

1. The versatility. It’s unbelievably easy to make the bodysuit work with most of your outfits. Casual, smart, sexy, formal or just plain stylish. It’s perfect for any occasion!

2. They’re very flattering. The body-hugging style—no matter what size or shape you are, is a wonderful and comfortable way to show off your waist and celebrate your curves.

Mae T-Back Lace and Mesh Bodysuit

3. Bodysuit’s are free from wardrobe malfunction. Seriously, what can go wrong? You could even do cartwheels down the street and you wouldn’t have to worry about your top. Not that you’ll regularly go cartwheeling down the street… but you get the idea.

4. They’re a year-round closet staple. Buying a bodysuit isn’t a winter or summer chore. It’s merely a matter of layering or flaunting between seasons. Keep this gem in your closet all year and you’ll always find a use for it!

5. Why on earth wouldn’t you? This world of style and practicality must be good for something. If you’ve not yet acquired a bodysuit in your life-time I can confidently say you’ve been missing out!

How to wear a bodysuit

The tucked-top can be hard to rock, as a loose shirt or singlet often bunches. Leaving you constantly rearranging your outfit to keep the look you confidently left the house with.

Personally, I own a few bodysuits as I LOVE the tucked look, and guess what? I wear them to work too! There really is no end to how you can style the body suit for any occasion. Now, I’m not saying I turn up to work in a sexy laced garment—just picture a professional long-sleeved neutral top with just the right amount of body-hug to be comfortable and presentational. See? Straight from sexy to corporate. If that isn’t a wardrobe-must I don’t know what is!

Only Hearts So Fine Mock Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Also, there’s no need to fear any bathroom snafus as the bodysuit often comes with clips or buttons to conveniently undo the bottom. Saving you from having to remove your entire outfit.

If you’re still a little unsure on how to work a bodysuit into your wardrobe, here are a few small tips on how to wear a bodysuit for your personal style:


If you consider this your look—try a simple bodysuit with some smart pants and a chic blazer. Smart, and not too casual. Especially if you pair the ensemble with some heels.


We’ve had a lot of mention of jeans, but have you thought of a patterned maxi-skirt? We’re thinking a cotton bodysuit of your chosen colour and style, a buckled belt and a beautiful flowing skirt! Then, hippie-up the outfit a little more with some bangles and sandals and you’re good to go!


The beauty of the bodysuit is that it isn’t all lace and tight tops. You can easily find one in a T-shirt style for the torso, while still having the convenience and security of the tucked top.

Only Hearts So Fine Layering T-Shirt Bodysuit


Why not pair a laced or cotton bodysuit with some rolled-up mum-jeans, a belt, boots, sunglasses and a round hat? A perfect look for those Instagram festival snaps!

Night out

This is where we get a little sexier. Finish your dolled-up look with a lace or mesh bodysuit for an amazing (and comfortable!) party look. If you’re feeling daring, the mesh look with a bra underneath is an extremely popular look right now! The lace really speaks for itself. As a lace bodysuit is more along the lines of an undergarment, it’s also the perfect opportunity to go braless!

Summer gal

This is a very simple yet VERY effective look. Four words; halter neck, short shorts. Dress it up with whatever you like… but this bodysuit summer look is all you need in the heat, while keeping on top of trends.

OuSunTa Summer Backless Bodysuit


Working the bodysuit into your day-look couldn’t be easier. Pair the garment of your choice with some ripped jeans, a jacket and some sneakers. Now you’re good to go for a coffee-date, shopping, catch up with friends, anything really! Maybe not a ball… or a wedding. Let’s just say almost anything.

So, there we have it, now you’re fully equipped to make your own decision on this life-changer of a garment. If you’ve already got a bodysuit (or a few) hanging up in your closet, hopefully this has given you some inspiration for some new looks. Maybe even rekindled your love for a forgotten item? Either way, this versatile piece of clothing has remained a timeless piece in every trend that has come and gone. In my opinion, the bodysuit is clearly a solid investment.

Happy trending, you wonderful women!

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Alright ladies, we’re thinking it might be time to let the girls out of prison. That’s right, we’re going braless! It’s everyone’s personal choice of course, but we’ve taken the time to weigh up the pros and cons. You may be surprised to find out there are far more pros!

Why you should go braless

It goes without saying that free-boobing is the first stop on the comfy train when you get home from, well… anywhere! That oh-so wonderful feeling of removing your bra at the end of a long day. Now, imagine that feeling ALL DAY. Doesn’t it sound lovely beyond belief?

Clearly, we have some issues with self-image from time to time. This keeps us from rocking what we’ve got. Thankfully we’re now living in a time of natural appreciation. We’re being encouraged to flaunt what our mammas gave us!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Teeny Zucchini (@teeny_zucchini) on Oct 30, 2018 at 10:16am PDT

As this trend is progressing, we’re seeing such a range of unique shapes and sizes. The perky, droopy, tiny, ginormous, round, pointy—they’re all beautiful!

So, why let a wired or push up bra hide our natural shape?

To go braless is as simple as just taking off that underwired, padded, strappy harness. Then keeping it off for as long as you like!

Some prefer to just go cold turkey. Just ditch all bras, bralettes, crop tops, sports bras and go for it.

Others may take the slower approach warming up to the idea. For those it may be better to take it one outfit at a time, or one day at a time, and see where your comfort levels are. Who knows, you might become addicted to it!

Read about health benefits of going braless

Going braless with D cups

You’re probably asking yourself; “why would I go braless when I can keep my breasts contained in a bra?”

Going braless doesn’t necessarily mean your tig-old-bitties have to be out if control. I, myself am a D cup and the way I’ve manoeuvred around this issue is a tank top. Yep, it’s that simple.

You’re keeping yourself contained and comfortable. Obviously, you don’t want to go jogging with just a tank top, but for day-to-day life it’s a pretty perfect solution!

Try to find a slightly tighter tank, or a crop top to achieve the result. Basically, the type you’d wear under most shirts anyway!

If you’re a bit shy about the nips—it’s never a bad idea to sport some nipple covers. Now you’re contained AND covered up. Next stop… freedom town.

How to go braless with style

There really aren’t too many do’s and don’ts, as it depends on your personal comfort and individual style. For some, going braless is entirely for comfort. For others, it’s part of a daringly stylish persona—or just getting on board with he latest trends.

If you’re more thinking of comfort and you’re feeling slightly shy about letting the girls free, here are some tips to help you feel secure and fab: 1. Layer up

As I’ve already mentioned, you can contain the extra boobie-movement with a tank or crop top underneath your outfit. Then, throw a nice jacket or coat over the top—no one would notice a thing!

2. Wear a blouse or any other flowy top

Blouses with fills or similar loose/flowy items will absolutely take the attention away from the girls (if that’s what you’re wanting). The difference between a smooth shirt and a flowy blouse, is that no one can tell the shape of your breasts when the material is floating all over the show! You could be wearing a push up, wired bra or absolutely nothing and it makes almost no difference.

3. Rock some patterns

If you happen to have any floral or patterned items in your wardrobe, this would be a great place to start. For instance, it’s hard for the eyes to make out any shape for when their being overwhelmed by patterns and colours. If it’s difficult to comprehend the shape of an entire chest—you best believe it’ll be difficult to notice a mere nip! The added benefit of patterned garments means you might not have to stock up on nipple covers for that extra privacy.

4. Put on your favourite scarf

This is a great way to get on the braless-bandwagon without having to alter your current wardrobe. This way, you can throw on your regular clothes (minus the bra) and stay secure with an accessory!

If you’re going boldly braless, you may consider: 1. A crop top

That’s right, nipples poking through a crop are hot-to-trot right now. The last few decades of the 1900’s have seen to that. Especially the 90’s, which happen to be the main inspiration for haute couture at the moment.

If you’re getting around braless, in a straight-cut crop and some high waisted flares; you know you’re ready for the pages of vogue.

2. A turtle neck

This is a great way to be stylish, braless and conservative at the same time. Why not channel some Kendal Jenner and pair it with some jeans and vintage sunglasses? That’s the look!

3. The plunge neck line

Let’s be honest, we all love the look of the plunge. Though, not all of us are quite so brave. For those who are game enough—this is an amazing look! If you’re already confident in going braless, why not step it up a notch.

The health benefits of going braless

We’ve all heard the back on forth on whether a bra stops the dreaded droop or encourages it. The simple fact is, wearing a bra does not prevent your breasts from sagging. In fact, you may achieve the opposite result by weakening the tissue and elasticity in your breast over time.

This info came to light in 2013 when a French professor Jean-Denis Rouillon found in his studies that going braless at a young age helped increase collagen production. Basically, as the breasts were left to naturally hold themselves up, the tissue strengthened on its own—resulting in more of a natural lift.

So, if sagging is among your concerns when deciding to go braless—don’t give it another second of thought!

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Going braless in summer

It’s understandable that this can be a problem. In the heat, with large breasts you’ll inevitably be sporting some under-boob sweat. Charming, right?

Well, odds are you’ll be sweating if you’re in a bra or not. You feel this less in a bra as your breasts are slightly lifted. If you’re going to sweat while going braless, it’s not too much of a problem either. Here’s why—sweat dries! We all know this!

Bottom line, if you’re worried about free-boobing through the summer months; I’d say, don’t even sweat it!

…See what I did there?

Pros and cons of ditching the bra

Let’s start with the cons, which I think we’ve briefly covered. One of them is the sweating issue. As I’ve said, sweat dries and you will sweat either way. Though, of course it’s a little nicer to have the lift and absorption of the bra.

The next con would be the exposure. We’re still edging towards being comfortable in our own skin but going braless is a great step in the right direction. Though, everyone is well within their own right to feel more comfortable covered up in a bra.

The pros involve many comfort-related perks, such as maintaining that free feeling all day long, as though you’re just lounging around at home!

Another is avoiding those sore red marks your bras leave at the end of a long day. I think we can all agree on the unpleasant and unsightliness there.

A major pro is joining the braless movement. So many women are beginning to feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin. Parading their natural assets like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re feeling confident enough to join the movement, have at it!

Realistically, we can provide all the info in the world, but at the end of the day it’s a very personal decision. If you’re feeling free and comfortable enough in your bra; then power to you, girl! If you’re feeling at one with your body going braless, fabulous! You do you, boo!

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Welcome to the wonderful new world of bralettes. Well, they’re not exactly new. In fact, they’ve been around since the 1920’s, which was before the birth of wired bra! This begs the question, why have they been so underappreciated all this time? This trendy accessory (now closet necessity) has spent most of its existence outside of the limelight, while the wired bra has taken centre stage all these years.

Now recently making appearances on the biggest trend setting celebs such as the Kardashian/Jenners, the Hadid sisters and countless other red-carpet goers. The bralette is finally taking centre stage.

We’ve done some digging to find out exactly what this new craze is all about, and why this gem has become a closet necessity.

What exactly is a Bralette?

The bralette is essentially your average bra, with the added perk of zero wires or moulded cups (for a little extra freedom). Almost like a decorative sports bra, without the intense tightness to hold you in. The main difference between a bra and a bralette, is that the bralette is free from underwire and padding.

They’ll typically have a lacy or thin strap just like your trusty wired bra, while still providing plenty of support for the smaller to average busted woman. So, there are plenty of bralettes available that’ll work wonders for all sizes.


This type of bralette with extra lace along the bottom is a very universal style. While accentuating the smaller chest, the curvier of ladies are still kept from falling out underneath. Most commonly you’ll find bralettes will be made from a combination of lace, microfibre and/or a cotton blend. Making these gals soft and comfortable with a sexier style.

How do you wear a Bralette?

This really depends on how daring you are with your personal style. You can easily achieve a trendy look with the bralette by exposing it under trendy blazer — or even over the top of a t-shirt! On the other hand, you may be after a more conservative/comfortable approach. In which case, the bralette can still be for you!

As it doesn’t comprise any sort of padding or mould; they can be unpopular among the shy. If your concern is a poking appearance under your shirt — not to worry! You may just need some stick-on nipple covers.

If you don’t happen to have any lying around — it’d be worth forking out a very small amount of dough for a pack. You’ll be surprised how handy they can be, and cheap!

Here’s a link to help you find your very own nipple covers:


This may sound like a hassle, but it may be worth it for the comfort so kindly provided by the bralette.

Bralettes and Large Breasts; Friends or Enemies?

This question seems to come up a lot among the bustier of ladies. As it should.

Most women above a C cup would take one look at the dainty little bra and say “Nope”. The lack of underwire can be an issue in this case, but all hope is not lost. You just need to spend a little more time finding the right fit, and let the elastic support become your new best friend.

We’ve found a very highly recommended bralette for the chestier beauties. Now, your search has reduced to a mere “click”. If this one isn’t for you, don’t worry — there’s plenty more to come!


Will it provide the same amount of support as your padded, wired bra? Not quite. Will you feel braless? Absolutely not!

So, friends or enemies? We think besties!

Do Bralettes Cause Sagging?

Okay, this myth needs to be put to bed. Wearing a wired bra all day and night does NOT prevent sagging. Like all the tissue in your body, your breasts are made up of collagen and elastin, which naturally breaks down as you age.

Sorry ladies, but no garment will stop this natural process! In fact, an overly supportive bra can increase the likelihood of sagging as they may weaken the supportive tissue!

So, in the case of “bralettes vs bras”, it looks like “bralettes: 1, bras: 0”.

Do you wear a bra underneath a bralette?

The perk of the bralette is comfort, so it doesn’t make a world of sense to keep your regular bra underneath.

If maintaining your breast shape is keeping you from ditching the bra — we’ve already covered this! Just and old myth, ladies. So, let’s not sacrifice our comfort for and old wives’ tale.

If you’re blessed with a bigger set of hooters, have had a pregnancy or are just naturally undergoing the aging process; it’s likely you won’t avoid sagging anyway. Also, as it mostly comes from such wonderful things — surely it isn’t so bad to live with our natural shape!

Still — if you feel comfortable wearing the bralette while keeping the security of your wired bra; everyone’s free to choose. After all, these are undergarments we’re talking about. No one must know what goes on behind the scenes.

What kind of bralette is right for me?

This depends on your preference, body shape and choices between style and comfort.

If you’re rocking a smaller set and wanting to accentuate the girls with a trendy bralette; you can always go for the strappy style. These gems will usually take the triangle shape of the bralette, while adding some straps from the centre to your shoulders. Creating an almost cartoon-looking cleavage.

I know the word “cartoon” can be off-putting; but have a look for yourselves!


Larger-chested ladies, we know the bralettes can be daunting but there is hope in the right shape!

For example, this bralette by Anwell does an amazing job at providing a supportive fit for larger breasts. The wide-lace straps with a racerback style prevents any digging into your shoulders. To sweeten the deal — this one actually has some padding!


Lastly, comfort. Old faithful Calvin Klein has provided the goods.

It’s not all lace and straps, the bralette can be your best friend in all its cotton glory, too. This one is more of an under-shirt bralette, focusing more on comfort than style. Though, I think we can all agree a set of Calvin’s are trendy in their own respect!


Pros and Cons of the bralette

Let’s summarise, shall we?

We’ll start with the cons — as there aren’t many! These being, the lesser amount of support and coverage. While it is possible to find a bralette with support for a heavier chest — it’s unlikely to be as supportive it’s underwired sister. This can leave the curvier of women feeling a little less than secure.

Then, there’s the exposure. As the bralette is made without padding or a mould; your breasts will remain closer to their natural shape. The (most commonly) laced material doesn’t provide much coverage for the nipple either, leaving you to find alternative coverage such as nipple covers.

Among the pros, comfort is clearly the main contender — the bralette recently made its way into our “10 Most Comfortable Bras Ever” list for good reason!

If you have the option of sitting down with or without an underwire digging into your ribs; which one would you choose? Surely the latter.

To make things even better, you can be a queen of comfort while rocking the latest trends. Be as creative as you like with the bralette. By adding this piece to your wardrobe, you immediately have a whole new set of outfits!

Not to mention, this dainty undergarment gives the smaller chest something to celebrate. Some ladies sporting the smaller cups tend to feel insecure about their less-then vivacious figure. The bralette is an excellent accessory to accentuate small breasts for an extra boost of confidence!

There you have it, happy bralette-ing, gals!

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Are you sick of that razor sharp underwire digging into your ribcage? The fit that’s never quite right? My guess is yes; because aren’t we all? It seems like a life-long endeavor to find the most comfortable bra. This is obviously a major inconvenience as our bodies are constantly changing. Not only that, but fleeting trends and styles only add to the task. At a certain point you just dread stepping into yet another dressing room for a fresh dose of disappointment.

Thanks to the wonderful world of online research, we can pinpoint the most comfortable bras for every size and shape. As a bonus, you can remain home in your (currently) uncomfortable underwear.

By now you’re probably itching to find your new comfy bra. So we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing the search down to these 10 incredibly comfortable bras. We’ve taken into consideration the material, style and of course – comfort! Take a look!

1. Warner’s ‘This is Not a Bra’ Full-Coverage Underwire Bra

Let’s start off with New York Magazine’s voted ‘The Most Comfortable Bra’, shall we? For just $20 you can get more than your money’s worth with this renowned women’s favorite. This style wise simple bra is made from women, for women. The bra contains ‘the satin comfort wire system’, which means the underwire is encased in luxurious satin to prevent any digging-in and provide long-lasting comfort throughout the day.



This bra consists of nylon and spandex and (the previously mentioned) satin comfort wire system. Even though it’s only lightly padded, you don’t have to worry about feeling a little on-show. The full coverage cup is designed to prevent any spillage, keeping everything hidden under your t-shirt. To top it all off, this baby is fully machine washable so there’s no need to treat it any differently to your less comfortable bras! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


The adjustable stretch straps and full coverage cups will keep you snug and contained to prevent spillover, without any pain over your shoulders. Warner’s definitely know their way around crafting one of the most comfortable bras to suit small, average and plus sized ladies.

The cup size ranges from an A to a double D, which can be tricky to find in a lot of top brands.

Lastly, style has not been forgotten among the aim for comfort. With a generous range of colors, this bra will blend in perfectly with almost all of your outfit choices.

2. Vanity Fair Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra

This full figure underwire bra with 4-way stretch fabric is a real illusionist. It knows exactly how to work its magic on bumps and lines by smoothing them over. Making this bra a celebration for its unmatched sleek look. Have you been trying to find the most comfortable bra for large breasts that’ll look as amazing as it feels? Well, this is the one! 



The combination of polyester and spandex is the real hero here, as it shapes and sculpts your figure. The leotard back keeps the signature honeycomb adjustable straps in place. Lightly lined contour cups and seamless sides offer a smooth look under the silkiest of blouses.

Sounds like a dream, right? That’s not all. The soft fabric also comes in a variety of colors to suit your style needs.

However, with great material comes great responsibility. Be sure to hand wash or wash the bra on a gentle cycle to maintain the quality construction.


This bra’s comfortable banded frame offers great support while refraining from the all too familiar rubbing and digging into your flesh. The thicker cups provide coverage for a comfortable wear without the added bulk. Some may even use this gem as a sports bra too.

The durable elasticity makes this bra extremely reliable for a more demanding lifestyle.  It’ll tend to your exercise needs just as well as the more costly training bras. Hooray for multi-purpose comfort!

3. Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Let’s be real. Most of us have probably worn our sports bra once or twice on a night out or running everyday errands. I know I have! So we simply can’t talk about comfortable bras without mentioning a sports bra, which you can easily wear in everyday life.

This ultimate sports bra combines comfort and maximum support whilst fitting and feeling like a normal bra. This is hands down one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn. It may not be the sexiest option, but for a sports bra it’s still pretty darn flattering. 



The mix of polyamide, polyester and elastane material provides an exceptional freedom of movement. The breathable mesh panels keep your skin cool not only when working out. The bra also comprises a lightweight microfiber fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin.

As with most sports bras this one should be hand washed or washed on a gentle machine cycle.


Where do we start with this one?  First, the wide cushioned straps will evenly distribute pressure across your shoulders for extra comfort. The underwires are wrapped in silicone and sewn between fabric layers for a comfortably supported bust.

Rather than compressing your breasts to the point where you can’t breathe (like most sports bras), this one individually encapsulates each one to avoid the crushing uni-boob. The smooth cups expertly reduce friction whilst lifting, shaping and supporting from all angles.

Also, you still have the easy hooks at the back like a regular bra. You can now save yourself from having to pull that tricky elastic nightmare over your head! Let’s keep our hair tidy before we leave the house, shall we?

To ensure you get a hold of the perfect fit, follow the provided fitting guidelines and advice displayed on the website.

4. Wacoal La Femme Contour Bra

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Get ready for this absolute treat! This bra is the perfect mix between nylon comfort, lace styling and foam cups. Which, when we’re talking comfort–is a wonder trio. The Charlies Angels of bras. This comfortable, yet stylish bra is accented with a pleated bow front and center; just for a little extra femininity! Wacoal’s La Femme Contour bra is also conveniently sized up to an H cup. An ideal choice for the fuller woman looking for a well-designed everyday bra. 



This bra (other than the decorative accents) is made from 100% nylon. This means you’ll be feeling the comfort and support of a sports bra while actually sporting your everyday go-to! The lace trim does a wonderful job of dressing it up a little. I know you may be thinking: “What if the lace trimming itches?”.  (Most of us have experienced some less than comfortable lace bras in our time.) Well, not to worry–the endless gleaming customer reviews say otherwise! Like most, be sure to hand wash this one. Such great quality deserves great care!


The uplifting embroidered frame re-sculpts to create a shapely bust line. This bra has also tackled a very common comfort problem. With a stretch leotard back and adjustable straps, this bad girl has no time for pesky strap-slipping! The seamless contour cups in a luxurious stretch foam also offer enhanced support and provide the natural shaping you desire without a lot of padding.

5. Warner’s Just You Wire-Free 2-Ply with Lace Bra

Well, here we are back in the world of Warner’s! These comfortable bra-crafting experts have done it again. This time they’ve gone for super sleek meets super comfort. This lace covered bra is incredibly stylish while offering exceptional support. They’ve also gone minimal with the extra padding to offer a natural shape that you’ll love! With the added perk of front-adjustable straps, you’ll have no trouble at all adjusting to your perfect fit. 



This gal is made from 81% nylon and 19% spandex; stretch city! We all know—extra stretch, extra comfort. Most of us love a bit of the lacey look, though sometimes you can only pull it off under certain items of clothing. Luckily, this issue has been tackled by using a flat-lying lace material. No need to worry about that bumpy lace showing through your top!


Warner’s wire-free bra also features a back-smoothing fabric to eliminate the possibility of any bumps or bulges on your back. Leaving minimal unsightly red marks around your back and ribcage at the end of the day. The non-existent underwire also provides super comfort for any activity. Nothing to dig into your tummy while sitting down—but still offering great support. This is the main feature that keeps customers coming back for more comforts with multiple purchases!

6. Warner’s Cloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra

Hello Warner’s, my old friend… I’ve come to buy bras from you again!

Now I’m breaking into song. A comfy bra will do that to you.

This super soft, super comfortable work of art is exactly what you need to comfortably hide the girls under your t-shirt. Offering a full coverage cup and perfectly adequate padding; this is an excellent everyday bra.

To add to this list of comfy attributes, it’s also wire-free! The greatness doesn’t stop there. Warner’s choices of fabric are taking comfort levels even higher. 



With a combination of polyester and elastane, it’s no wonder this bra is celebrated for its luxurious comfort. The super soft fabric is incredibly gentle against the skin, leaving no red marks or irritation. Though the perks don’t stop here- drum roll please… It’s fully machine washable!


While style-wise it’s free from frills and extras, they’ve put all their effort into crafting pure softness and comfort. Featuring light contour cups for full comfort and support, convenient front-adjustable straps and a wire-free fit; this bad girl is perfect for everyday (or every night) use. That’s right, we have a sleep bra on our hands. We all know it’s not easy to find a bra comfortable enough to sleep in–but look no further. This gem has got it covered!

7. Bali Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra

Get ready for ultimate comfort! This intelligently designed bra has got it sorted. With a 4-way stretch microfiber; it’s just begging to shape you. The foam cups are lightly padded for a little added modesty to size. The U-shaped stitching under each breast provides much more of a lift than most bralettes. This bra also comes in a huge range of colors, perfectly camouflaging itself under any colored top! 



Mostly comprising nylon with a little added spandex worked in for stretch, this bra has reached an excellent combination for stretch and durability. The super smooth fabric won’t catch the material of your clothes, no matter what you wear.

On top of this, the side straps are made from a 2-ply fabric; ensuring no unsightly bulges under your clothes. This is a bra will require hand-washing to maintain quality of the material, but we think it’s worth the extra effort!


This innovative style features special knit-in zones to provide a targeted support and super easy fit! Super fit means super comfort—AND another sleep bra! We’re spoiled for choices now ladies!

Another one of the features worth mentioning are the elastic straps. I know non-adjustable sounds like a nightmare, but Bali really have this design all figured out. The stretch is generous enough for max comfort, but not loose enough to slip off your shoulders! While also eliminating the discomfort of rings and sliders digging into your shoulder blades.

8. Panache Tango Balconette

Let me start off by saying this bra is BEAUTIFUL. While we are focusing on the most comfortable bras, this stylish piece is as comfy as it is sexy! Looks aside, the Panache Tango Balconette bra absolutely deserves its place on this list of comfort.

The cradle shape gives a comfortable support around the body, making it ideal for the curvier woman. However, the range of measurements ensures a great fit for almost any shape and size! This stylish bra also stands out with its metallic stitch-in pattern work. Just because we’re on a mission for comfort; doesn’t mean we can’t satisfy our fashion needs!



Quality all around! You can tell there had been a lot of thought put into this design. It’s comprising a total of three main fabrics. Polyamide, Polyester and Elastane. There’s that magic word; elastane. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

While the patterns on the outside may not work for the smoothest look under a t-shirt, the inside material is exceptionally soft against the skin. Leaving no irritation or discomfort. This bra may be suitable for a gentle machine wash—but best to take the extra time to hand wash. We don’t want to go compromising the quality!


Now, let’s get to the comfy stuff. The cleverly designed three-section Balconette bra has lined cups for super support and a little extra lift! It also features a power mesh wing for that added comfort in the higher sizes; which conveniently ranges all the way up to a K cup! This bra also comes with fully adjustable straps—just to take it to the next level. This best-seller is really changing the comfort game.

9. Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra

Yes, we’re aware this bra is sleek and stylish—No, we haven’t forgotten that you’re after super comfort! Just like the Panache Tango Balconette, this Freya..

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