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All in all, the state of Mississippi has 11 places where student drivers can learn how to be a truck driver. These include seven private, for-profit schools and four community colleges. Compared to other states this size, Mississippi is doing good for its truck driving students. Based on where you are currently living in Mississippi, here are the trucking schools near you.

Private For-Profit Schools

There are more private schools than public in the state when it comes to the trucking industry. All of the schools are located in north, central, or southern Mississippi. In fact, only one is in the southern part of the state. This gives you a good range of opportunities. Here are the names of the schools in Mississippi offering truck driver training:

  • Ace Training Center in Byram, MS
  • Coastal Truck Driving School in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, M
  • CRW Truck Driver Training School in Jackson, MS
  • KLLM Driving Academy in Jackson, MS
  • Mississippi Truck Driving School in Hickory Flat, MS
  • Southern Mississippi Training Academy in Flowood, MS
  • Truck Driver Institute in Saucier and Tupelo, MS

KLLM is a trucking company offering truck driver training that is sponsored. The rest offer everything you need to be able to pass the CDL exam in Mississippi.

Community College Driver Training

If you are more interested in going to community college to receive your training, there is a good mix of locations for learning here. Each of these is accredited colleges and they are well recommended by students:

  • Delta Technical College in Horn Lake, MS
  • Meridian Community College in Meridian, MS
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in Perkinston, M
  • Northwest Mississippi Community College in Olive Branch and DeSoto, MS

You stand a better chance of getting some form of assistance. Whether that be a scholarship, grant, or loan, a community college is the type of place that offers those. Community colleges often use the credit system for courses. This allows you to transfer your credits to your class if you move to a different school or program. This is something to consider if you want to keep your options open.

What to Look For in Trucking School

When you are searching for the best trucking schools in your state, or in Mississippi, there are certain steps you can go through. These include:

1. Consider the geographical location.

Find out which schools are closest to you. Which ones would you have to physically relocate to? Could you live in a dorm situation? How much will you have to pay for housing? Think about how much you would save by going to a school closer to your home versus how much it will cost to attend school far away.

2. Ask about financial assistance.

Get a list of exactly which programs for financial aid are available to people in your program. Find out what you have to do to secure a place in each program. Most likely have a waiting list; is there a way to move up in the line?

3. Getting a trucking job as a student driver.

What most truck driving students don’t know is that you can go ahead and start applying to trucking jobs when you are in school. Before you get a CDL, you can get a trucking job. Or at least get in line for a trucking job. For most of the top paying trucking companies, there are processes you have to go through. These may include truck driver orientation, driver training, DOT testing, interviewing, etc.

So you could go ahead and start applying for trucking jobs today, even without your CDL. Do not lie on your application. Just say you don’t have your CDL yet and explain why not. Then hopefully your application will move on to the next process. By the time you get to the hiring phase, the idea is you will have your CDL in hand, or pocket.

4. Working While Training

You can work in other truck driver related positions so that you can earn money while training. The most in-demand but lowest paying position is that of a lumper. A lumper is someone who works on the truck docks and loads and unloads trailer freight. You could spend some time on that angle of the job. It would give you a clearer perspective on the life of a lumper for when you are dealing with them later on. Other jobs related to trucking that could help you learn more about this job include dispatching and office work for a trucking company.

5. Consider an Internship.

If the school offers truck driving students an internship at the end of their program, this is often a positive sign. You may even get paid to intern with the trucking company. Just make sure you read the fine print and the bottom line. Often these are driver training situations where the student is agreeing to work for the company for so many months when they graduate. That’s fine if you are ok with sticking around for a while before looking for better-paying trucking jobs.

Deciding on Trucking School

Going to trucking school in Mississippi is not a lightweight decision for any student at any age. Trucking school is an investment of time, money, and energy. However, you stand to reap major rewards for making this investment. Mississippi is located in a prime shipping region including the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River. Trucking has long been a huge part of the economy here in order to keep Mississippi moving along.

Start your journey with a career as a trucker in Mississippi by going to truck driving school first. You will be trained in a career that offers great promise and payback for the long term when you choose to go to truck driving school. Look for more information about schools here at Trucker Classifieds.

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Forbes has recently released the results for the 2018 list of America’s Best Mid-Size Employers, and a favorite trucking company has earned an honorable position. Hub Group, a trucking company in Illinois, has been selected to this respectable ranking. To be chosen as one of the best trucking companies in the US shows the dedication and capability that Hub Group provides for its shipping customers and truck drivers alike. Find out more about what it takes to be one of America’s Best Mid-Size Employers and how you can work for Hub Group.

Earning the Ranks

In order to select the companies to be featured on this prestigious listing, Forbes magazine sought out the opinions of more than 30,000 employees. In anonymous surveys taken among these employees, from more than 1,000 employers, Forbes calculated the who’s who. The employers chosen ranked high in terms of employee satisfaction and being recommended for employment. This is key to understand, that the employees recognized Hub Group as being one of the best. That type of response shows how well that Hub Group treats its employees including truck drivers.

Regarding the recognition, Hub Group Chairman and CEO David Yeager said, “Over the past few years, we’ve taken a look at the way we engage our employees by restructuring our employee onboarding and training process, implementing tools and opportunities to promote growth from within and encouraging a corporate culture that is collaborative, empowering and inclusive.”

Meet Hub Group

If you are just starting out in the trucking business and looking at potential employers, take a moment to learn a bit about Hub Group. This trucking is based in Illinois and has trucking terminals throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. The company focuses on intermodal freight hauling along with dedicated routes and logistics services. In total, there are more than 4,000 people working for Hub Group. The Illinois trucking carrier is publicly traded, featuring a value of more than $4 billion in annual revenue.

Driving a Truck for Hub Group

To get started with working at Hub Group, you’ll need to get a CDL as a Class A truck driver. The carrier has both company driver jobs, as well as independent contractor owner operator jobs. In order to be eligible for employment, you will need to be at least 23 years old. In addition, you need at least one year of verifiable experience in the last three years or two years of experience in the last five years. You should also have a stellar driving record with minimal violations with the DOT or law enforcement.

Benefits to Hub Group Trucking Jobs

As a truck driver for Hub Group, you can earn a bevy of benefits. To start with the company gives its truckers a competitive pay rate along with regular home time. The home time schedule consistently gives you weekends or home time throughout the week depending on your haul type. The carrier provides paid holidays, paid vacation days, and comprehensive medical coverage. More importantly, Hub Group provides freight hauling services throughout the year. You’ll never struggle with a slow season when you sign up for Illinois trucking jobs at Hub Group.

Apply Today for Trucking Jobs

Ready to get started with a trucking job at Hub Group? Start with checking out the current job openings at the company. Here at Trucker Classifieds, you have instant and free access to all of the best paying trucking jobs. We work with only the top rated companies to ensure you are getting the best opportunities for your trucking career. Once you find a few jobs that look good to you, it’s time to jump on board with the application process. We have an easy online application service, also free, that takes the trouble out of applying for a trucking job.

To apply, hit the Apply Now button on your job. Fill out the quick questionnaire and our algorithm will make sure you are a good match for the trucking job based on the job requirements. For those jobs that work for your background and work history, you are ready to apply. Within seconds your application, which is already vetted by our online system, is in front of the person who will give you your next trucking job.

Applying for a trucking job online lets you have the freedom to apply from wherever you are. You might be working on another truck driving job and a thousand miles away from home when you apply. Or you may be a student driver just getting familiar with the jobs that will be available when you graduate from trucking school. Either way, you’ll find our trucking job search and application service super simple to use here at Trucker Classifieds.

Source: Hub Group – Press Release

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When thinking about going to school to be a truck driver in Minnesota, you have a lot of options at your disposal. There are quite a few schools offering truck driver training along with a few private training companies. Considering how big the industry is in Minnesota, it’s easy to see why the state has such a high rate of truck driving schools. Home to the Mall of America, biggest in the US, logging, iron ore mining, corn, soybeans, sugar beets, green peas, and turkeys. Truck drivers in Minnesota are in high demand. To help fill the job need, here are all of the schools that train truck drivers in MN.

Private Trucking Schools

Start with the three trucking schools that are independent and privately run. This type of school is owned and operated by an individual or business, and they run off of profit. They do not have to be accredited but they can, and should, be. It is up to you to verify this. The schools in MN include:

  • Interstate Truck Driving School in South St. Paul, MN
  • Heavy Metal Truck Training in Eagan, MN
  • Class A Leasing in Minneapolis, MN

Each of these schools provides Class A truck driver training.

Interstate Truck Driving School

Interstate Truck Driving School in South St. Paul, MN has a professional tractor trailer program. It includes 30 additional hours of practice backing up and 48 hours of lab time, in addition to 20 hours of one on one training. The school also offers refresher programs and basic CDL training.

Heavy Metal Truck Training

Heavy Metal Truck Training in Eagan, MN trains student drivers living in the Twin Cities. CDL training includes a 160-hour program lasting for five weeks. The optional shorter course has only 120 total hours and lasts for four weeks. For students in need of more in-depth training, there is the 460-Hour Class A Certificate Program. This course runs for 10 to 14 weeks, and classes begin every week so you can start immediately.

Students in this program have the option of completing an in-school training period. This includes a paid externship and job training with a selected trucking company. The school program is Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) certified, which is a seal of approval. It shows the program is the most advanced, progressive, and well thought out in comparison to others in the industry.

Class A Leasing

Class A Leasing in Minneapolis, MN proclaims to help students get a CDL in just one day. That is the shortest running CDL training program in the US for sure. However, if you already know everything and just need guidance with the testing process, this process would definitely help you. Total cost is $3,900, and you get to take the test as many times as necessary until you pass.

Community Colleges in MN

The number of community colleges and technical institutes serving trucking students in Minnesota is impressive. There is more than half a dozen schools, community colleges to boot. At these schools, students are getting accredited training and in some instances the best that their money can buy. Going to trucking school in Minnesota is a smart way to begin this type of career as most schools are partnering with big companies.

Partnerships with companies like Werner Enterprises, Koch Trucking, Bay and Bay Transfer, and Midland Express Trucking help local MN truck drivers find jobs easier. These partnerships often lead to externships or job training that leads to full-time job opportunities. Here in Minnesota, these are the schools offering professional truck driver training:

  • Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, MN
  • Alexandria Technical and Community College in Alexandria, MN
    Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, MN
  • Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand Forks, MN
  • Pine Technical and Community College in Pine City, MN
  • Minnesota State Community and Technical College via the CDL Mobile Unit simulator
  • Rainy River Community College in International Falls, MN

These schools work with students to secure financial aid opportunities. It might benefit you just to check out what kind of scholarships or grants are available to trucking students in your area. You may be able to cut out some or all of your costs for training just by asking and applying.

Final Tips for Trucking Schools in MN

If you are coming from out of state to live in Minnesota for trucking school and MN trucking jobs, there may be one factor you haven’t considered. The weather. This state is part of the Northern-Midwest that gets extremely cold temperatures and a decent amount of precipitation via snowfall. The temps drop below zero often and wind chill can force your truck to slow way down. Consider working trucking jobs in Minnesota in the winter time before moving here to see if you can handle it. If you’re somebody who loves the outdoors and loves cold weather with snow, you’ll do just fine.

Another factor is that you sort of want to have a trucking job lined up. Do this before you attend trucking school. That way if the company hoping to hire you offers tuition reimbursement, you can find out if it applies to your school. If not, you might want to change either employers or schools if one looks like a great opportunity. Here at Trucker Classifieds, you can search for trucking jobs that fit a number of categories.

Finding Trucking Jobs Today

If you are a student driver just starting out, begin by looking for jobs near you. Look for local trucking jobs according to zip code or city and state. From there you can get an idea of what is available near you and what kind of skills they are looking for. Do these companies only hire truck drivers who have a tanker endorsement? Do you need flatbed hauling experience? You can sort through those jobs that don’t meet your qualifications and find jobs for new drivers without those experiences. It all begins by searching for trucking jobs.

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Recently, the Nebraska trucking company Werner Enterprises took the home top prize. In honor of serving veteran drivers, Werner was presented with the Best of the Best for 2018. This award was given by the US Veterans Magazine. In order to be selected, companies must have initiatives or programs in place that allow them to exceed the expectations.

These expectations involve the recruitment and hiring practices for military veterans in the US. Werner Enterprises is one of the most military vet driver friendly companies on the planet. If you are a veteran truck driver interested in working for such a company, learn about the kinds of programs that Werner is currently offering you.

Best of the Best

Werner Enterprises has been selected among hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies as one of the Best of the Best. The US Veterans Magazine conducted a poll of the companies to find out which businesses best serve vets. This includes providing job recruiting services for veterans, as well as offering special services to enable veterans to have an equal playing field. To be named to this list and awarded this recognition shows Werner takes service members, veteran drivers, and their families very seriously.

Veteran Truck Driver Programs

Can you find a truck driver family at Werner Enterprises? If you are looking for a trucking job that pairs you on fleets with other veterans, then yes you can. If you want to make excellent money and have consistent workloads, then yes. If you are interested in operating with some of the newest technologies and equipment, yes.

In fact, Werner wants to hire you and is actively recruiting drivers like you right now. The Nebraska trucking company is committed to hiring at least 2,000 military veterans along with 250 spouses by the end of the year in 2018. By the way, the carrier has already hired more than 10,000 veterans and service members, as well as 700 spouses, since 2012.

Regarding the initiative, Werner Enterprises Associate Vice President of Student and Government Recruiting, Jim Morbach, said, “We take great pride in our commitment to former and currently serving members of the armed forces and their families. We are privileged to have many talented military men and women in our company, and we will continue to invest in their success at Werner.”

At Werner Enterprises, if you are in the military, a veteran, a spouse of someone in the military now or previously, then you are eligible for several vet trucker programs. In fact, the reasons why so many veteran drivers and their spouses come to Werner Enterprises is to take advantage of these special services.

Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program

The Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program has helped more than 4,500 student drivers successfully get a CDL. This program is only available at Werner Enterprises. If you are a military vet, service member, or spouse, you are eligible to be enrolled in the program. While in the Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program, you are going to get paid to train to be a trucker. In addition, you are eligible to receive your GI Bill benefits, if applicable, of up to $23,714.40, in addition, to the pay by Werner Enterprises.

This training provides you with all of the truck driving skills specific to Werner Enterprises that you are going to need for your new trucking job. Once you complete the training, you are provided with a trucking job at Werner Enterprises. The training is completely free as long as you follow the requirements by Werner.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Werner Enterprises also helps out military vets and service members who have recently completed trucking school. If you are fresh out of trucking school, need to start paying back your student loan, and want to find a trucking job, here’s a program for you. The tuition reimbursement program at Werner Enterprises allows you to earn $250 a month for up to $15,000. All of this money is given to you, not to the school. So you can easily get reimbursed for your trucking school tuition costs.

By the way, if you want to attend the Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program at Werner, you have to go to trucking school first. A smart path to take would be to go to truck driving school, approved by Werner Enterprises. Graduate and apply to be in the Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program. Enroll in the program and apply for the tuition reimbursement program. Then you are able to get paid back for the money you spent on trucking school, while you go through training or finishing school and get GI Bill benefits. That is more than $37,000 that you could receive while gaining the skills you need to be a truck driver.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at Trucker Classifieds to see what trucking jobs at Werner Enterprises are currently available. Get a head start and apply today. You can do all of this here at Trucker Classifieds for free including looking for trucking schools. We want to help you take a shortcut in the process of finding that perfect trucking job.

Source: Werner – News

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If you are a resident of the state of Michigan, you have one of the best opportunities for attending trucking school of any state. Here are more than two dozen different training programs dedicated to student drivers. You are able to learn everything you need to get a CDL and how to be a professional truck driver so you are ready for the open road. To begin your trucking journey, here are all of the trucking schools in Michigan. Check out the private training facilities along with the community colleges that teach trucking students.

Trucking Schools in Sterling Heights

A few of the cities in Michigan had more than one school including Sterling Heights. Here you have the following trucking schools:

  • All Cities Driving School
  • US Truck Driver Training School

Next up we have all of the schools in Detroit, Michigan. Being one of the most popular cities in the state it’s easy to see how so many schools ended up located here. If you are living or moving to Detroit, check out your options among these schools:

  • All Stars Truck Driving School
  • Great American Truck Driving
  • Rassem Trucking Driving School, Inc.

And if you like the beach life or outdoor experiences in Escanaba, Michigan, you’ll be happy to hear there are a couple of trucking schools located here. Home of the Upper Peninsula State Fair each year, Escanaba is also home to wineries, lighthouses, museums, and state parks. Back to the trucking schools, here are those located in Escanaba, MI:

  • Midwest Truck Driving School
  • North Country Heavy Equipment School

If you are living in central Michigan, consider attending the Saginaw trucking schools. These include:

  • Driving for America
  • 160 Driving Academy

Then you have several trucking schools in MI that are all scattered around the state. Michigan is fortunate that is so well represented in the truck driver training community. Among the professional, independent training programs, here are those in MI:

  • Suburban Truck Driver Training in Romulus, MI
  • Coast 2 Coast Truck Driving School in Macomb and Marine City, MI
  • West Michigan CDL in Grandville, MI
  • Trainco, Inc. in Taylor, MI
  • Road Warrior Truck Driving School Inc. in Gaylord, MI
  • International Trucking School in Canton, MI
  • FCG Truck Driver Training School in Byron Center, MI
  • Tri Area Trucking School in Freeland, MI
  • GTR Trucking School in Hamtramck, MI
  • Pinnacle Truck Driver Training in Cadillac, MI
  • Bert’s Testing and Training Services Inc. in Dearborn Heights, MI
  • EZ Truck Driving School in Dearborn, MI

Each of these truck driving schools offers its own set time frame, cost, and curriculum. Those are the key factors to consider among each of the schools. Then set your own boundaries. Decide how much you can afford to spend and set your limits. Think about how long you can afford and want to be sitting in a classroom. Then choose a factor that means the most to you.

For example, if budget is an absolute hard line for you that you must stick to, then that is the variable that is pre-set for you. You may have to give and take a bit with other services offered at trucking schools depending on your resources.

Community Colleges and CDL Training

Several community colleges throughout Michigan are currently offering CDL training for students. These include:

  • Mid Michigan Community College in Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • Mott Community College in Flint, MI
  • Gogebic Community College in Ironwood, MI
  • Muskegon Community College in Muskegon, MI
  • North Central Michigan College in Petoskey, MI
Mid Michigan Community College

At these community colleges in Michigan, truck driver training is both affordable and easily accessible. For example, the CDL Class A training program offered by the Mid Michigan Community College is only three weeks long. The total cost for the program is $3,900.

Mott Community College

At Mott Community College, the Commercial Drivers License Certificate requires you to complete 32 credit hours of coursework. This includes courses on supply chain logistics, beginning algebra, computers, and higher math. As a side note, this is one of the only schools that offer CDL training requiring students to take courses in these areas.

Gogebic Community College

The Gogebic Community College charges a total program fee of $4,404. That school also requires trucking students to obtain trucking school credit hours. They must have 16 hours for Class A CDL truck drivers. This includes both in-classroom and behind the wheel lab training.

Muskegon Community College

At Muskegon Community College, students wanting to be a truck driver can choose from a few different CDL courses. There are four and five-week long courses including the basics and advanced skills training. For trucking school students who want to learn everything they can, the Advanced CDL Training program for five weeks is the best option. The four weeks course is a 160-hour program, while the five-week course is a 184-hour program.

North Central Michigan College

One of the longer training programs comes from North Central Michigan College. Here the training for student drivers lasts a total of 15 weeks. That’s one of the longest of any school. This program does give student drivers 10 weeks of 40-hour-week-long behind the wheel training with an instructor. It is excellent for encouraging confidence and knowledge of the equipment.

Finding Trucking Jobs

As you can see, Michigan has tons of truck driving schools to choose from if you are interested in becoming a trucker. When you are ready to find a trucking job after you get your CDL and go to trucking school, let Trucker Classifieds help you. We have all of the listings of trucking jobs for companies paying the best rates and benefits.

Go ahead and check out the jobs we have listed now. Get an idea of what kind of money you can make and benefits you’ll get with certain companies. Then come back and apply for your first trucking job.

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In a state that is famously home to Harvard University, Boston College, Amherst College, and Northeastern University, Massachusetts does not have a lot of schools for truck drivers. In fact, among the rest of the states in the nation, Massachusetts is one of the lowest in terms of truck driver training programs and schools. A thorough search through community colleges and technical institutes revealed that only professional driving schools train truck drivers. The following is additional information about this handful of schools for truckers in MA.

Private Trucking Schools in MA

Among the four truck driving schools in Massachusetts, each is independently operated. None of the schools are directly affiliated or sponsored by trucking companies. Without further ado, here are the schools:

  • United Tractor Trailer School, Inc. in Chicopee, MA
  • New England Trailer Training School in North Andover, MA
  • Tri-State CDL Training Center in Springfield, MA
  • Parker Professional Driving School in Avon, MA

The United Tractor Trailer School is a long-standing trucking school in Massachusetts. For students getting a Class A CDL, the school offers a class-specific program. This ensures you gain all of the information you need to pass the Class A CDL exam. You’ll need to take additional training to learn everything necessary to pass the endorsements exams.

The New England Trailer Training School has locations throughout New England. The Massachusetts CDL training school is in North Andover, which is where you will receive your behind the wheel training. The school has received the Accrediting Commission of Career School and Colleges certification.

At the Tri-State CDL Training Center students can get their Class A CDL training. The program includes 40 hours of training in the classroom and at least 100 hours of behind the wheel experience. This comprehensive training gives students everything they need to pass the CDL exam in Massachusetts.

For students attending the Parker Professional Driving School, they are going to have a chance to train in a 2017 Freightliner semi truck. The school also gives students job placement assistance and private lessons as needed. For military veterans, special training and benefits assistance is available.

How to Find a Trucking School

As noted, there is a huge limit on the number of truck driver training programs you can attend in Massachusetts. Instead, your goal should be to look outside the box, or the state’s border to be more specific. Throughout New England are several states bordering Massachusetts where you can find trucking schools. In fact, here at Trucker Classifieds, we have up to date listings of the trucking schools in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Each of these states has a decent selection of truck driver training programs and schools. Most likely, the schools closer to Massachusetts will offer truck driver training for MA student drivers. This will cover information that may vary from state to state for the CDL exam. Just keep in mind, if you choose to go to a trucking school out of your state, and it is affiliated with a public college, you will be charged as an out-of-state student. Your tuition will be more expensive.

Finding Trucking Jobs

One way to help you pay for trucking school is to find a trucking job while you are still in training. Lots of trucking companies out there are looking to hire student drivers. It is easier to get drivers when they are new to the job. That way the hiring company can train the new drivers to handle tasks the way they want them to. It works out to benefit the hiring company while giving new drivers the extra opportunity to gain behind the wheel hours.

If you find a trucking company that is hiring that offers tuition reimbursement, this is ideal for you. As a student driver who is graduating from trucking school, you could use all the help you can get to pay back the cost of your tuition. Some of the trucking companies in the US will pay back your tuition if you recently graduated from trucking school. Often, the deal is that you have graduated from trucking school within a set few months. If you wait too late, then you miss out on the deal. It is important to understand this information when you are just starting out.

Also, you’ll need to keep all of your necessary paperwork and receipts that you accumulated when signing up for the trucking school. You may need to find out if the school is approved as a partner by the trucking company before you begin. Some companies only pay tuition reimbursement to students who attend a certain type of school or training program. Again, this is the type of information you need to have on hand before you start hunting for a trucking job.

Getting Hired as a Student Driver

Now that you are a student driver preparing to graduate with a CDL, you are ready to get serious about finding work. In the trucking industry, the top paying trucking jobs are the hardest to get. As soon as these become available they are snagged up quickly. That is why you want to consider using the Trucker Classifieds job search tool. With this program you can do everything online. Start by searching for trucking jobs online. Then when you are ready to apply, all you have to do is answer a quick resume online. Then submit your answers online right to your potential employer.

Everything happens in the blink of an eye, and before you know it you are ready to start working as a top paid truck driver. It all started with the help of the free service at Trucker Classifieds. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your new future as a trucker today with Trucker Classifieds at your fingertips.

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MILAN Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce our second pay increase in 2018 for our regional over the road drivers.

Effective July 8th, an experienced company driver will be paid $0.42 to $0.52 per mile, resulting with annual earnings of $63,960 to $76,960 based on 2,500 miles per week.  Our company teams will make $0.494 to $0.544, with annual earnings of $143,000 to $150,800 for 5,000 miles per week.

MILAN will also increase our stop pay by 33.3% as well as will increase our hourly pay for all accessorials by a range of 9% to 50%.

MILAN continues to experience increased customer demand in 2018 and want to reward our current drivers for their hard work and sacrifice as well as increasing capacity for our customer.


 MILAN Supply Chain Solutions is a leading provider of regional transportation services in the southeast and mid-states area, headquartered in Milan, Tennessee and operating over 400 power units and approximately 1,500 trailers with over 400 employees and contractors.  MILAN provides truckload, dedicated, brokerage and warehousing and distribution services. www.milanexpress.com

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Maryland may not be big in geographical size, but the state sure has a lot of truck driver training schools. Whether you want PTDI-certified training or weekend trucking school, there is a program available for you here in Maryland. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we have everything you need to do your research about trucking schools near you. Check out this list of trucking schools along with basic information about some of these schools.

Privately Owned Trucking Schools

As a privately owned trucking school, each of these schools focuses primarily on driver training. Ideally, this means these schools have access to the most progressive training methods and driver labs. In order to choose the best school for you, start with the location of the facility. Then consider the length and cost of the program for Class A CDL training. Ultimately, even the best school you choose is only as good as the amount of effort you put in to the class. Here are the schools in Maryland to choose from:

  • CFI CDL Truck Driving School in Baltimore
  • All-State Career Schools Class B only at Baltimore Campus
  • North American Trade Schools in Baltimore and Windsor Mill
  • HCDL Training Center in Gaithersburg costing $1,800 for training and the MVA driving test for the CDL
  • Mr. George’s Driving School in Montgomery Village
  • Drive-Rite Driving School in Pasadena and Odenton
  • CDL 4 Less in Clinton, which costs anywhere from $800 to $2,500 depending on what types of lessons and payment plans you choose
  • CDL Book Club in Laurel, Marlow Heights, and Denton with training costing $1,200 total
  • Alex CDL Training in Hyattsville

Private trucking schools in Maryland, on average cost a fraction of what the community college programs cost. However, if you choose a CDL school that is not affiliated with an accredited learning institute, you miss out on potential grant and scholarship opportunities.

Community Colleges and CDL Training

The place to go for grant money or scholarships for tuition to trucking school is your local community college. Several colleges in the state are offering comprehensive CDL training in Maryland. These schools provide access to the latest equipment and teaching technology:

  • Prince George’s Community College CDL Training in Laurel

The Prince George’s Community College is providing training for the Class A CDL exam, as well as Class B exam. Currently, Maryland students are being accepted into a weekend training program.

  • Garrett College in Grantsville

CDL Class A training is available via a training partnership with the Mountain Top Truck Driving Institute.

  • College of Southern Maryland Center for Transportation Training in La Plata

This school is PTDI-certified and has been training students in trucking since 1991. Students who are enrolled in credit courses for getting a Class A CDL are eligible for federal aid. You’ll need to fill out a FAFSA form online. This shows your financial eligibility to receive financial grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. For example, individuals eligible for the Pell Grant can receive this grant for the CSMC trucking school program.

  • Hartford Community College in Bel Air

For this comprehensive CDL Class A course the tuition is $4,625. The program lasts for 300 hours of in-class and behind the wheel training. Classes vary from weekly daytime sessions to weekend training.

  • Wor-Wic Community College

This Class A CDL training program includes CDL testing and has a total price tag of $4,185. The facility offers several scholarships, such as the Career Starters Scholarship and Lower Shore Workforce Alliance training program.

All in all, the community college programs for CDL training are top notch and comprehensive. At each of the schools, you’ll find a higher price tag compared to the privately owned trucking schools. However, with the possibilities of a federal grant for funding and PTDI-certified training at least one community college, the higher price tag can be worthwhile.

Consider if you want these services though before committing to paying for them. Also, go ahead and complete the FAFSA form. Make sure to enter community colleges offering CDL training to see if they are eligible recipients of federal funds. This can give you financial assistance that can make or break your decision on a particular school.

Neighboring States

As Maryland is one of the smaller states in the nation, you are within driving distance of schools in neighboring schools. This can open up your training opportunities. Check with the truck driving school pages here at Trucker Classifieds for schools in Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. We have created lists of schools for each of these states to make it easier for you to find the schools near you.

You can contact schools located in surrounding states to see if they offer Maryland truck driver training. This is important since there can be differences in CDL exam topics from state to state. One school that offers out of state training is the 1st CDL Training Center of Nova in Alexandria, Virginia. This school caters to Maryland trucking school students. Bradway Truck Driving School in Vineland, New Jersey serves the northern half of Maryland. However, with so many training options within the state lines of Maryland, you’re bound to find a quality trucking school near you.

Check out the individual schools here on Trucker Classifieds to read a more in-depth profile. Find out who to call about visiting the school and getting more information about classes or tuition costs. This will help you with making a smarter choice regarding which trucking school in Maryland you’ll end up going to.

You can also check out schools in other states in the US. Find out how much it would cost you to attend a trucking school in another part of the country, like the Midwest or Southeastern states. We have all of the information readily available for you as you continue to research this decision.

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Recently Ryder System was selected to be the recipient of the Corporation of the Year award. This award was given at the annual Automotive Global Awards North America that was hosted in Detroit, Michigan. Ryder joined the stage with 21 other companies, as well as individuals, who were all selected for being innovators in their respective industries and fields. Find out what Ryder achieved in order to be selected as a Corporation of the Year, an award presented by the media firm Three6Zero.

Key Performance Indicators

As a shipping provider for customers around the world, Ryder knows how to get the trucking job done right. However, more recently Ryder was noted for being able to help customers reach their KPIs, and in fact exceeded expectations. Ryder set up single-point lessons that helped its team to identify ways to provide customers with cost savings across the board. As a result, companies were able to improve their own KPIs. Ryder was also recognized for helping shipping customers with environmental awareness, customer service, and overall performance.

Corporation of the Year

The trucking company is a leader in helping customers achieve their own goals through a chain of events set off by Ryder. This is why the company was selected as Corporation of the Year by Three6Zero. Vice President and General Manager of Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial at Ryder, Steve Martin, said, “We are honored to receive the Corporation of the Year Award. This award is a testament to Ryder’s dedication to delivering greater efficiencies across the supply chain—something our teams take very seriously on behalf of customers.”

Three6Zero’s Chief Executive, Peter Wooding was in charge of organizing the Awards. Regarding the award, Wooding said, “It is an honor to present these annual awards as they continue to reflect the enthusiasm for development and innovation across the whole industry. This is truly a celebration of the ‘Best of the Best’ in our industry and I am encouraged by the commitment of organizations to develop individuals through the creativity of ideas, adaptation and flexibility.”

Truck Driving Jobs at Ryder

If you are interested in a truck driving career at Ryder Systems, we are here to help you get started. At Trucker Classifieds, we have all of the resources and tools in place for you to find trucking jobs and apply right here online. To get started, check out the types of trucking jobs available at Ryder. The company hires solo drivers, team drivers, flatbed truck drivers, owner-operators, and military veteran drivers. Whether you like the idea of going OTR as a solo driver, or you like the fast-paced setting of team truck driving jobs, there is a position for you.

Military Driving Jobs

Ryder Systems is an award-winning trucking company. Recently, the company was named as a finalist for the US Chamber’s seventh annual Hiring Our Heroes award for military driving jobs. In addition, Ryder was named as Most Valuable Military Employer by CivilianJobs.com.

As a military driver, Ryder understands the difficulties of translating your work experience and driving record into a commercial driver career. As a result, Ryder honors your military driving experience and grants the military CDL skills test waiver for drivers getting a CDL. This is super helpful for military drivers who have the experience but lack the proper paperwork needed to get started with a trucking career.

Driver Benefits at Ryder

When working for Ryder, you benefit from one of the most competitive pay rates in the industry. Drivers also receive health insurance, a 401k retirement savings plan, and a healthy work-life balance. That means you can look forward to regular home time, which is always a plus for OTR truck drivers.

If you are ready to take advantage of these benefits for truck drivers, you’ll need to apply for a trucking job with Ryder Systems. Here at Trucker Classifieds, you can find all of the current job openings for the company. From there, go ahead and send in your truck driver application to begin the hiring process. You may want to learn more about Ryder to see if it is a good company for you. We have you covered. Just review our company profiles for carriers like Ryder to see what kind of driver qualifications and job expectations are involved. Then if you are ready to move on into the Ryder driver’s seat for the Corporation of the Year, send your application in today.

Source: Ryder – Press Release

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For student drivers in Maine, this New England state has a handful of training opportunities. As for truck driving jobs, the state offers a good mix of agricultural and industrial products. Apples, cattle, eggs, and maple syrup, as well as lumber, paper, electronics, and biotechnology, all come from Maine. In fact, the state is the biggest producer of blueberries. Trucking and transportation, in particular, are huge here with the Portland city being a major ocean port, as well as a location for air traffic. To get started with your trucking jobs in Maine, start here with one of these truck driver training schools.

Privately Owned Trucking Schools

The state has more privately owned trucking schools than some of the bigger states in the nation. Here you have three different trucking schools to choose from including:

  • GoDriving Driver Education in Saco, Maine
  • Skowhegan Driving School in Skowhegan, Maine
  • Region 9 Professional Driver Training in Mexico, Maine

Each of these programs offers a unique take on truck driver training.

GoDriving Driver Education

For students at GoDriving Driver Education, the training includes both Class A and Class B CDL courses. If you are interested in getting a Class A CDL, the total cost of tuition is $4,395. The class includes 78 hours in the classroom, along with 25 hours in a learning lab. Then you spend up to 22 hours practicing in the yard, coupled with 25 hours of on the road behind the wheel driving practice. When you take the course, you have two opportunities to pass the CDL exam including the road test and skills test. Once you pass both tests you successfully complete the program.

Skowhegan Driving School

The Skowhegan Driving School offers several types of driver training programs including basic driver’s licensing and CDL. As a student driver, you can train as either a Class A, B, or C driver. Class A training is appropriate for students who want to be a truck driver hauling OTR freight loads. In the Class A tractor-trailer program, you spend six weeks in class. The program includes 32 topics including endorsement training for tanker and hazmat hauling. You can also sign up for private lessons. Impressively, the training program is Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) certified, which is the ultimate seal of approval for any commercial trucking school.

Region 9 Professional Driver Training

At the Region 9 Professional Driver Training school, you can take a variety of different training programs. The school offers Class A tractor-trailer driver training, as well as endorsements for hazardous materials, doubles/triples, and tanker. You can also sign up for refresher courses for truck drivers. If you are a military veteran getting a CDL, the school is VA certified allowing you to use your GI Bill benefits.

Community College and Technical Institutes

The only community colleges and tech schools offering a certificate in truck driver training are:

  • Northern Maine Community College, Commercial Driving Academy in Presque Isle, Maine
  • Northeast Technical Institute in Scarborough and Bangor, Maine
Northern Maine Community College

The Commercial Driving Academy at NMCC offers a 230-hour training program for students interested in getting a CDL in Maine. The course program covers everything from how to fill out logs to passing the endorsement tests. Courses are available for students during the day, as well as on the weekends. For the daytime program, the session is eight weeks. Weekend students can anticipate taking up to 16 weeks for training. The total cost of the program is $4,395, and military veterans can use GI Bill benefits.

Northeast Technical Institute

Northeast Technical Institute is a nationally accredited school offering CDL A Basic training. You can choose from a five-week program for day students or a 10-week program if you prefer to attend on the weekends. Classes start throughout the year. The CDL training program is held at two different locations, Scarborough and Bangor, to best serve you. You can apply for financial aid, grants, and GI Bill benefits when you are enrolled in the school’s program.

Choosing a Trucking School in Maine

The main factor for most students in choosing a trucking school in Maine is location. Since these schools don’t offer on-campus housing for students in CDL training, you’ll need to think about where you’re going to live while in school. Fortunately, the locations of the schools are spread out allowing you to choose a school close to you. Therefore, you may want to look into other factors to help you decide.

Start with the accreditation of the programs. For schools that are PTDI-certified, this ensures their CDL training program includes everything that is necessary for student drivers in the current job market. Some students prefer to go to a training program that is accredited by a college or technical school. On the other hand, these schools often have more loops in terms of paperwork that they have to jump through. This is where private schools shine, by cutting down the restrictions involved with training to be a trucker.

Bottom line, all of these schools will offer you the training and skills you need to become a truck driver in Maine. It is up to you to take these skills and put them to use as a professional driver. Once you have completed any of these training programs, you are still responsible for passing the CDL exam. This is the key to being able to drive a truck and take on trucking jobs in Maine and throughout the New England region.

Whether you want to become an OTR truck driver with long haul jobs, or you prefer local or regional trucking jobs, getting a CDL is the starting line for all of these jobs. Truck driver training programs are simply one path for you to take to get your truck driving career rolling.

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