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Everyone loves a good gift, especially if it’s something memorable. Even more so, if it’s functional. Corporate gifts can have both of these elements as well as durability and uniqueness. That’s where The Jacket Maker comes in with not one but five awesome corporate gift ideas that are truly one of a kind, personalized business gift ideas. 

Personalized Business Gifts

That’s right! The Jacket Maker offers you unique, handcrafted, personalized gifts that are made from scratch for every client. These are divided into the following categories below:

1. Personalized Leather Jackets

A creative way to corporate gifting is through a cool leather jacket. You can be as simplistic or artistic as you’d like, depending on your requirements, the options are endless and a leather range that is the widest.

You can get one to several or more leather jackets made from scratch at a very reasonable price. This would be one of the best corporate gifts you could give anyone. Something they will treasure and carry around with them for many years to come.

Leather Jackets 2. Personalized Leather Bags 

Without leather bags, any corporate gift ideas list would be incomplete. Offering you an opportunity to personalize your corporate gifts.

Again, you can choose any leather bag you’d like to be made from scratch and personalized in any unique way. From a logo to a name, quote or anything that would match your corporate requirements. Leather bags have always been a go-to for many business gifting individuals. 

Leather Bags 3. Personalized Leather Wallets

Another leather gift that would make a great business gift idea would be leather wallets. Timeless, functional and high quality.

At The Jacket Maker, you can be sure you’d get the best in leather, craftsmanship, and quality all rolled up in a great leather corporate gift.

You can pick however many you need, in whatever color, design and personalization you’d like. 

4. Denim Jackets 

Denim jackets push the envelope on uniqueness in corporate gifting. They are not only a timeless business gift idea but are also durable and functional. Offering maximum usage as well as appreciation.

As with all corporate gifts, you can choose any type of denim you’d like in any color, style, and washes with a personalized touch to add finesse to this unique and personalized gifting. 

Denim Jackets 5. Textile Jackets

Another way to up your game in corporate gifting is by going for textile jackets that can be in any fabric you’d like including but not limited to cotton, polyester, satin, wool and a hybrid quality that includes two fabrics to be used in one jacket.

It is truly a crowd pleaser, which means that it will be well appreciated. All you have to do is choose your fabric, color, personalization or any other details along with the number of pieces you require and let The Jacket Maker handle the rest. 

Ideas for Personalization 1. Logo Embroidery

Embroidering a logo is a good way to make your presence felt. Not only will it personalize your corporate gift but it will also add a significance for the recipient.

For example, you can embroider your company logo, campaign name, caption or other unique elements on the chest, left arm or back of your customized corporate gift. 

2. Name Embroidered

Another interesting element of personalizing your corporate gift is by embroidering the person’s name on the inner lining or chest of the customized gift.

Maybe even a one-liner, quote or anything that is symbolic or personal to the person. A unique and subtle way to personalization. 

3. Custom Labels

Adding yet another interestingly unique element to personalizing your corporate gift would be through custom labels.

Embroidered labels that carry a name, logo or a one-liner that reflects your company, campaign, event or anything that holds a significance between the recipient and you. 

Custom Labels For whom are Corporate Gifts Meant for?

Corporate gifts can be for just about anyone from your colleagues to your clients, associates, employees, teams, and groups. It can cover an internal office, company or organization, as well as a sports team, club or any other grouping.

A corporate gift can be one single piece specifically made for a special occasion to commend one person or can be personalized for a group of two to ten or more people. 

A Few Corporate Gifts that were Well Received

The Jacket Maker has worked with the likes of MTV, L’Oréal, MedMen, Rage Room, Murtha Cullina, Service Now and Wolf Pack among others in creating high quality, personalized corporate gifts that were not only in multiples but were all well received. 

Corporate Gifts- Possibilities and Inspiration 

By now, you may be thinking as to what exactly can be done for any of the corporate gifts mentioned above.

At The Jacket Maker, you will not only find a wide range of materials, colors, and finishes to work with but also many options for engraving, printing, embroidery and many surface embellishment techniques that also include durable, great looking hardware. 

Corporate Sign-off

Before signing-off and concluding this post, it’s possible; you may be wondering if corporate gifting is really what you need and if so is The Jacket Maker really the place to have this done.

To answer this frequently asked question, corporate gifts are indeed a great idea and is the perfect way to mark any occasion with a personalized gift by which you are remembered.

Interestingly, occasions are not the only time where you can present a business gift, as it is also a good way to forge an even better corporate relationship by simply presenting a corporate gift to anyone whom you’d like to say thank you in a unique way. 

Sure you can pick up anything to serve this purpose but will it be as one of a kind as the person whom you are giving it to?

The Jacket Maker is the place where you have a great combination of materials, options, and possibilities that truly makes for a unique, corporate gift anyone will appreciate.

What’s more, is that you can be involved in every step of this creative process and watch an idea turn into reality, starting from scratch.

The post 5 Corporate Gifting Ideas by The Jacket Maker appeared first on The Jacket Maker.

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Father’s day is a good opportunity to acknowledge the efforts, love, and sacrifices that fathers have provided to the well-being of their children.

A time to celebrate the blessing of having a father and being thankful for this good fortune are just a few reasons why you should present him with the perfect gift of a real leather jacket.

If you’re thinking why a real leather jacket? Then read on and find some awesome qualities and reasoning as to why a real leather jacket is a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

The Classic Case of Timeless Style

Here’s a great point to start with, real leather jackets offer style that is timeless surpassing trends or locations. A real leather jacket that is truly timeless is what a majority of fathers look for.

Whether it’s a leather biker jacket, a cool men’s bomber jacket or a refined looking leather trench coat, style and timelessness go hand in hand, which makes this one big advantage in favor of a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Offering Durability and More

For “Baby Boomers” and “Gen X” as opposed to Millenials, quality and being long lasting are the most important attributes in any products, especially clothing.

They believe in owning less, non-disposable products and also believed that trends come and go, the only thing that remained constant is product quality.

Parallel to timeless style, durability means that fathers will be able to get more wear and enjoy some longevity when it comes to real leather jackets.

Picture a rugged yet stylish double-rider or a leather blazer, better yet a cool leather duster coat, all offering remarkable durability and more.

Sentiments and Style

Sure, real leather jackets will offer style whether they be classic or contemporary but what makes a real leather jacket a perfect gift for Father’s Day?

Is the fact that it will hold a great deal of sentimental value that fathers across the world enjoy the most. Especially when given to them by their children or significant other.

Aging Stylishly Well

Perhaps, one of the more defining reasons for why a real leather jacket is a perfect gift for Father’s Day is in fact that it ages really well.

This means that a real leather jacket will not only offer durability and timelessness but will last for a long time and will only continue to look better over time through aging. Not to mention the cool patina that it develops over the years of use.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Both being welcome qualities that fathers, in particular, will appreciate more, are quality and craftsmanship.

With top-notch quality materials, hardware and finishes to match incredible craftsmanship that is evidently visible, makes this yet another aspect that makes a real leather jacket a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Think of a cool tan suede jacket, a biker jacket with awesome epaulette details or even a stylish yet functional shearling jacket each exhibiting quality and craftsmanship that is truly noteworthy.

Personalization a Plenty

A truly unique quality that makes it all worth it. Personalization enables you to add a one of a kind element that personalizes your real leather jacket for Father’s Day.

From adding names and initials to significant monograms, images, emblems or any kind of element that strikes a chord regarding the relationship between you and your father.

Maybe even a particular color that he’d like such as a Mocha brown leather jacket or a distressed brown leather biker jacket. This is one area that is just as expansive as it is filled with possibilities and options.

Winding up this Perfect Post

There may be many more reasons why a real leather jacket is a perfect gift for Father’s Day aside from those mentioned above, which further the advantages in support of this point.

From being a great alternative to the traditional Father’s Day gifts to being a creative idea for a Father’s Day gift. Either way, a real leather jacket is one item that fathers of all ages, temperaments or cultures will appreciate a wardrobe staple that will not only age as well as wine but will look equally good and stylish over the years.

Offering style as well as function and holding great sentimental value only reaffirms the fact that a real leather jacket is indeed a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

The post Why a Real Leather Jacket is a Perfect Gift for Father’s Day appeared first on The Jacket Maker.

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While many would agree that fashion is fun, accepting and life-changing, few would agree to it being inclusive. As wide a landscape as it enjoys its presence, there are many who have been overlooked simply because of their size.

If you’re familiar with how the fashion industry works, you’d agree to the existence of a predisposition, especially regarding the issue of sizing.

If you look closely, many people; especially those belonging to a plus-size range have been experiencing great difficulties for many years, in getting their favorite fashion pieces or the season’s latest apparel in their particular size.

Plus-Size Consumer Concerns

From a plus size consumer point of view, some of the most commonly shared concerns regarding this issue, include but are not limited to the following:

  1. A  very limited selection of options that are far from flattering, fitting or otherwise.
  2. The unavailability of the majority of pieces that are trendier and current. These are accessible in many other sizes, except genuine plus sizes.
  3. Physical stores that do carry plus sizes, are outdated and are in a small secluded area of the store.
  4. This seclusion makes this section, tough to see at first glance, which makes shopping even more tedious for a plus size person.

Although the above-mentioned issues are but a few of many difficulties faced by plus-sized individuals, the limited options and inaccessibility make it difficult for plus-sized people to shop freely and enjoyable as fashion is often portrayed from many different stand-points.

So the question isn’t so much as why this happens within the fashion industry but rather what can be done to make it easier for plus sized individuals to shop for stylish products that they’d like to wear and feel good in. Isn’t that one of the reasons why fashion exists?

A Plus Size Silver Lining

Simply put, plus-size people expect the same treatment as normal consumers, wear what everyone else is wearing. A plus-size blogger was quoted as “I cannot wait for the day when you can walk into any store and get any piece in all sizes.”

It would be fair to say, that over the last couple of years, there has been a tiny ripple towards change within this plus size issue. A few brands have initiated a change for the better, regardless of the lack of coverage or support, enabling plus sized people to shop their heart’s content.

The Jacket Maker

keeping in mind these sentiments, issues and concerns of all plus size people, and seeking to contribute towards a positive change with the hopes of it having a snowball effect, The Jacket Maker, is one place you can get literally any jacket from the assortment available, made-to-measure as well as custom outerwear for men and women.

Not only does The Jacket Maker offer a wide range of leather outerwear but also enables customers to get any jacket made in their particular size.

The cost? The exact same for all sizes up to 4XL. Sure, that isn’t a cut-off size at The Jacket Maker, it only means that any size beyond this, depends on additional leather usage that is reflected in the change of price.

Through customer requests, The Jacket Maker has entertained many ‘plus size’ individuals, who not only loved the products they received but who also appreciated the experience and attention through one on one customer and consultant correspondence.

In Closing…

It may be a while before this plus-sized issue is resolved. Involving easy access to all fashion products for plus sized individuals and giving them as many options as any other fashion consumer.

On the bright side, there are already some brands on the rise to speed up this process and transform the plus size shopping experience for the better.

What would be even better is to drop us an email sharing your problems regarding your size issue, helping us to better understand any other needs of plus-sized people that we may be missing. This would totally help us in catering to your size requirements in a much better way.

The post A Silver Lining to the Plus Size Fashion Problems appeared first on The Jacket Maker.

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Father’s Day is literally just around the corner. A day to celebrate and acknowledge fatherhood, a strengthening of paternal bonds and a recognition of the contributions to home and society by fathers all over the world.

As a remembrance as well as a thank-you, what better way to show your appreciation and love than through a gift that is timeless, effortless and comfy, exactly what our cool picks for a perfect Father’s Day Gift mentioned below:

1. Ionic Black Leather Jacket

He’ll not only love this Ionic Black Leather Jacket for its simplistic style, functionality, and timelessness, he will also appreciate the comfort and quality that is reflected through the design, detailing and craftsmanship that will only show him just how much you love him.

2. Inferno Black Leather Jacket

This Inferno Black Leather Jacket has a classic style, with a contemporary feel and finish. From that awesome shirt styled jacket collar to the comfy softness of the sheepskin leather from which it is made. A perfect Father’s Day gift that has minimalist elements with maximalist impact.

3. Coffmen Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

If his style is relaxed, cool and maybe even a little rustic, then this Coffmen Brown Leather Bomber Jacket is the ticket for Father’s Day Gift success. He’ll simply love the earth-toned brown leather, the bomber jacket style that may even bring back a ton of memories.

4. Tomchi Tan Suede Leather Jacket

For the man who loves a cool blend of classic and contemporary style, this Tomchi Tan Suede Leather Jacket would be a terrific Father’s Day gift. Not only will he enjoy this awesomely unique style, but also the luxuriously soft suede, the functionality, and versatility as well.

5. Daron Brown Leather Blazer

This Daron Brown Leather Blazer has all the cool elements for an awesome Father’s Day gift. This piece offers him a classically international style that has a fit and finesse and quality that he will truly appreciate.

6. Don Long Black Leather Coat

For the man with more modish tastes and classic sentiments, this Don Long Black Leather Coat is a great option for Father’s Day. Offering incredibly luxe leather that is designed and detailed with awesome hardware and functionality, to suit the man you call the hero.

7. Mr. Bailey Black Leather Naval Peacoat

Putting a cool spin on a timeless classic, this Mr. Bailey Black Leather Naval Peacoat is a great Father’s Day gift for the man who appreciates the finer things in life. Including great style, incredible quality, and craftsmanship that is top-notch.

8. Royson Brown Leather Duster Coat

This Royson Brown Leather Duster Coat is not only good looks in calfskin leather but offers great functionality, style and craftsmanship that is reflected through color, cut and fit, making it a great Father’s Day gift that he’s sure to love and appreciate.

As Father’s Day only arrives once a year, any from the above is sure to give him a gift that is useful, stylish and durable, something that will not only stay with him for a long, long time but one that will attach a memorable sentiment as well.

The post 8 Awesome Leather Jackets for A Perfect Father’s Day Gift appeared first on The Jacket Maker.

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While it’s important to know your body measurements for different reasons, it is vital to know how to get your body measurements correctly.

You may need to take your body measurements to order clothing online, to keep track of your progress with that weight-loss program or simply to update your memory from time to time as to what you weigh or how you measure.

Here you will learn not only how to get your body measurements but how and where to place the tape measure so you don’t get an inaccurate measurement, which happens to the best of us.

Before Getting Started
  • Pick a time that is convenient for you so you don’t have to rush. The best time to take measurements is earlier in the morning (anytime before lunch). This is the time when you will have no post-meal bloating.
  • Make sure you’re wearing something comfortable as well as snugs such as a basic t-shirt and well-fitted pants.
  • While many people think they can get their own measurements accurately. It’s BEST to ask a friend to help you with an accurate reading.
  • For chest, waist, and hips especially; make sure the tape measure is in level and not too tight or too loose. Don’t press the tape measure too much against your skin.
  • Stand upright and look straight ahead. Breathe normally. NEVER ‘suck in’ or stick out your tummy, as this will not reflect your true body measurements.
  • Tie a cord around your natural waist that will serve as a stable reference level. Be sure, that the chord is parallel to the floor and doesn’t move during the process.
  • Write the measurements down, even though you think you will remember each measurement.
You will Need:
  1. A non-stretchable cloth tape measure, or if you’re hard-pressed for time or don’t have one at the moment, you can download one here.
  2. A pencil and paper to take notes
  3. A chord or elastic
  4. An assistant, for taking measurements easily and accurately
  5. A full-length mirror (if you’re taking measurements on your own)
How to Measure Chest, Waist, Hips and More…

To simplify the process of getting your body measurements, that many find a tedious job, we have broken down this process into two parts.

The first part isn’t only helpful for custom jackets, but it also covers measurement details that will help with custom garments such as shirts, jackets and coats, blouses, slacks, ssportswear-inspired garments, unique period pieces etc.

All in all, some pretty helpful measurements. Let’s get started:

  1. Chest or Bust Measurement
  2. How to Measure your Natural Waist
  3. How to Get your Lower Waist (Midway) Measurement
  4. How to Measure Hips
  5. How To Measure Shoulders
  6. How To Measure Sleeves Length
  7. How To Take Neck Measurement
  8. How To Measure Centre Back Length (Jacket)
1. Chest or Bust Measurement

Measure the circumference of your chest by placing the beginning of the tape measure on one side of your chest and going around under your armpits.

Make sure the tape measure is covering the fullest part of the chest for an accurate chest measurement.

2. How to Measure your Natural Waist

Measure the circumference of your waist by placing the tape measure as you would a belt.

Natural waistline is the narrowest area of the waist and is usually an inch or two above the belly button. It can also be located easily by bending towards one side.

3. How to Get your Lower Waist (Midway) Measurement

On the other hand, lower waist unlike the natural waist, is the widest part of the waist and is usually at the belly button or just below.

Placing the tape measure at the widest part of your waist will give you your lower waist or midway measurement.

4. How to Measure Hips

Start by measuring at the widest point of your hips. Place the tape measure at one side of your hip and wrap it around (circumference). Make sure that the tape measure covers your butt.

5. How To Measure Shoulders

Place the tape on “top” of the shoulders. Measure from the edge of the left shoulder across the back of the neck continuing to the edge of the right shoulder.

6. How To Measure Sleeves Length

Place the tape-measure at the edge of your shoulder and guide it down your arm, finishing at the wrist or your desired length.

7. How To Take Neck Measurement

By placing the tape-measure around the circumference of your neck and placing your index and middle finger below the tape-measure to allow some ease, will give you your neck measurement.

The use of fingers below the tape-measure differs from person to person as some use one finger (index) while others use two.

8. How To Measure Centre Back Length (Jacket)

Place the tape at the center back of your neck or shoulder-blade and guide the tape vertically to the center-point of your waist or to your required length.

Getting your Measurements in Detail

This second part will help you in getting additional measurements that will help you in getting a better overall fit. This is for the people who like super-fit and tight clothing or are very conscious about the fitting.

Either way, it’s always good to keep a note of these measurements, just in case you need them at any given moment. Here goes:

  1. Upper arm (biceps)
  2. Wrist
  3. Inseam Length
  4. Ankle
  5. Calf
  6. Thigh
1. How to Measure your Upper arm

Place the tape measure on one side of the fullest part of your upper arm. Usually, this is the bicep-triceps area. Now guide the tape measure around the circumference of your upper arm and make a note of the measurement.

2. Wrist Measurement

For your wrist measurement, place the tape-measure around the circumference of your wrist. Make a note of the reading. If required, you can do the same for an above the wrist reading as well.

3. How to take Pants In-seam Measurement

By placing the tape measure on the underside of your crotch and guiding the tape down to your ankle, will give you your inseam measurement.

You can also get this measurement by using a pant that fits you well. Lay the garment out and measure the inseam as mentioned above.

Although the inseam measurement is enough, sometimes an outer-seam measurement is required.

In this case, you will ask your friend to place the tape-measure on the outer side of your pant leg and make a note of the measurement between your waist to your ankle. Or wherever the garment is to be worn.

4. Ankle Measurement

By placing the tape measure around the circumference of your ankles, right above the ankle bone; you will get your ankle measurement.

5. Calf Measurement

Place the measuring tape around the circumference of your calf to get your calf measurements. This is the area centered between your knee-cap and ankles.

6. Thigh Measurement

By placing the tape measure around the circumference of the fullest part of your upper leg, will give you your thigh measurement. 

Summing it all up…

So here we are, at the end of this post. A step by step guide on how to get your body measurements in the simplest way possible.

Some people often get confused with taking body measurements for various reasons. For instance; taking body measurements vs taking measurements for a jacket.

While there are many points that are common between the two, you will find a few differences mainly concerning the details that you will find in taking body measurements vs a more precise and often times, extract of this information found in measuring for a jacket or any other type of apparel.

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It may seem simple and effortless for the most part, buying your first leather jacket and that would be totally okay.

The thought of it does have an appeal that is often unexplainable. Especially when it’s custom and your first leather jacket by The Jacket Maker.

It’s those who share this sentiment as well as have a clear focus and often times a check-list, on what they’re looking for; that land up with the best leather jackets.

Below we share with you a few key tips on what to look for when deciding on your first leather jacket.

Choosing a Leather Jacket Style

First off; choose a leather jacket style that not only clicks with or enhances your personal style but serves a purpose such as function as well.

For casual looks, a bomber jacket would be perfect, often having a waist length that is really cool for either gender.

These jackets tend to also be good for warmth even though they have a soft lining that is so comfy.

This style has a youthful element about it and can be found in a vast array of colors and even textures and details.

Opting for a bomber jacket will definitely give you a versatile set of winter looks.

For a first leather jacket, you want to look for a bomber jacket that has a good cut and fit as well as good quality ribbed cuffs and collar.

A Bomber Jacket will Definitely Give you a Versatile Set of Winter Looks Motorcycle Mantra

If it’s a bold style statement you want to make, going for a hip motorcycle jacket would be a great idea.

Given it would be your first leather jacket, so choosing something unique and classic would totally make sense.

Motorcycle leather jackets have a flared collar and zipper that runs in an asymmetrical fashion which creates interest toward the accompanying pieces of garments that get an instant boost.

Aside from this, you will notice that motorcycle jackets often referred to as biker jackets, have a longer set of lapels as opposed to their leather jacket contemporaries.

All in all this style of jacket is also associated with the biker culture or the fandom there of.

This would undoubtedly make a great first leather jacket purchase that will give you oomph in an instant.

What you really want to look for in your first leather jacket purchase is a classic style of motorcycle jacket that has minimum design or detail elements.

The perfect color would be black but hey! With colors the sky is the limit.

This Style of Jacket is Associated with the Biker Culture that is a Classic Café Racer Calling

Another option for your first leather jacket would be the racer style which is also commonly called a café racer jacket.

Again; this style as with a bomber jacket, has a slim bodied structure and is exactly right for those looking for something snug.

Versatility too is a feature of this style and will enable you to select any color you’d like.

At The Jacket Maker; color selection is just one of many choices to be made.

Your first leather jacket will totally have that youthfulness and style that will keep you well ahead of the style game.

Provided you look for a café racer that is minimalist in design elements but high on the fit and type of leather.

At The Jacket Maker you will be guided through an extensive consultation practice where the types of leather will be shared and the perfect one that would do you justice.

A Slim Bodied Structure and Minimalist Design Make this a Favorite Cattleman Comfort

If you’re channeling the rustic look, whether you are inspired by the country-side or simply enjoy feeding off this trend, then the cattleman style is just for you.

Your first leather jacket could well be a stylish cattleman jacket that has a thigh length and flared sleeves.

Drawing inspiration from a traditional rural style or playing and experimenting with a mix of classic and modern, with this one your first leather jacket will definitely grab the interest of many.

Don’t forget to run your ideas by The Jacket Maker team to get the most out of this truly unique style.

From a Rustic Style to Playing with a Mix of Classic and Modern Definitive Duster Jackets

Speaking of unique style and an unforgettable first leather jacket, we introduce you to the duster jacket that is a definite dramatic piece that will give you style, function and great impact.

An ideal style for taller people, the duster jacket is traditionally knee length or possibly lengthier if you’d like and is noticeably bold by style even if it is minimalist in design.

It is the piece you’d get for head turning; attention grabbing effect. Not recommended for short people or those looking for more practical and muted styles.

As far as colors go, black would be timeless as would tan, brown or burgundy but hey make the most of this style and let your personality shine through.

An Ideal Style for Taller People Due to it’s Traditional Knee Length Fall Wild Wilder Vest

A well-constructed and styled leather vest though modest in coverage may be something you’d consider as a first leather jacket option given the versatility and wear-ability year round.

Whether you see it as a simplistic style or an artistic reflection of your individuality.

Leather vests can totally make a great first leather jacket possibility, especially when you’d prefer to start small with this particular piece of outerwear.

Incorporating leather in small ways is a great start; especially for those who are not sure if they’d like or love this popular hide or skin made garment.

Who knows if you love your first leather jacket vest then you most certainly would go for another leather jacket style more enthusiastically.

When you’d Prefer to Start Small with this Particular Piece of Outerwear Blazer Business

Moving to a different side of the leather outerwear spectrum, we totally encourage you to consider a stylish leather blazer as your first leather jacket.

A well cut and fit leather blazer not only makes a great first leather jacket option but gives you more room for creativity and versatility with your wardrobe choices that are to accompany this particular style.

You could wear a leather blazer over a t-shirt and jeans for a smart-casual look that you pull off as street style, casual meets etc. whereas you can go the other route and wear a leather blazer over tailored pants or skirts for a more official and corporate look.

The exception although exiting may or may not work for certain work-places which we’re sure you will know of based on your line of work.

Either way, this makes a really good first leather jacket option that is always open to all.

Wear a Leather Blazer Over a T-shirt and Jeans for a Smart-Casual Look Trench Coats

How fun would it be if you could add some mystery or drama through your first leather jacket? Taking inspiration from old films or musicians, novels or artists.

Trench coats are a great way to do so, especially leather trench coats that also add some luxury to the equation.

Picture your first leather jacket as one that is reminiscent of a superhero or an undercover agent the options are truly endless, as are the possibilities for customization at The Jacket Maker.

A perfect piece for either gender, you’re first leather jacket could be anything from dark and mysterious to vibrant and over-the-top. Let us help you figure that out.

Reminiscent of a Superhero or an Undercover Agent

While the above covers all the basic styles that are meant to serve as a start to finding your first leather jacket, there are so many other styles that you can get from customizing and tweaking the above via our customized feature at The Jacket Maker.

We realize your first leather jacket is a big deal and we’re thrilled to be the ones helping you find and execute a style that is best for you.

The post Your First Leather Jacket And Popular Leather Jacket Styles appeared first on The Jacket Maker.

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While there may be great diversity found, when talking about or dealing with leather jackets, there is a lot to be said on the stylized aspect of what is known as the world’s oldest form of apparel.

We’re all way too familiar with the huge variety of leather jackets offered in various shapes and sizes, in a multitude of different colors and an impressive range of functionality and appearance.

Yet taking your leather jacket to a whole new level that not underlines a unique element of your style and personality but allows you to choose decorative features that will highlight who you are and what you’re all about as an individual, is a force to be reckoned with, at least for many.

Below we share with you a few cool ideas that puts the décor into decorating right here at The Jacket Maker.

From first timers to recurring customers, many have shared interesting insights on what they would like or have made that almost if not always circles around the idea of decorating their leather jackets in a unique way.

These ideas may seem vague but have a strong capacity for depth as we’ve always said we’re open to any possible requirements in this area and encourage customers to be as creative as possible, thinking outside the box.

Thus reaffirming our commitment to any type of custom jacket under the sun.

Going for some Embroidery Embroidered Elements

One of the most commonly used as well as the most popular this season, is the embroidered elements on leather jackets.

While this may seem a bit dated for some, a substantial amount of different ideas can easily spark from this element alone.

Embroidery can be done to highlight one’s love for flowers, art deco or music, or perhaps sports, culture or a particular hobby. It is an open field ready to be explored.

Perfect Patch Up

Patches or patchwork is another good idea, especially for those looking to make a statement in a stylish way.

Be it a single patch or design to one that is repeated several times. Perhaps a selection of multiple patches reminiscent of the 90s style that is making a comeback.

With the ability to move from retro-esque features to modern elements, this idea is really a versatile space that many will find has a relevance to many different temperaments and personas.

Patchwork is One way to add Understated Style to your Jacket Paint it Posh

Something that many artsy people will love and be able to relate to and that is using paint in creative ways to decorate leather jackets.

There are countless of DIY articles and videos that show how paint can be used in cool and artistic ways to decorate leather jackets.

This can be something abstract, geometrical or floral, or a bit of each. Here again, it is an open field that is just waiting to be explored.

We at The Jacket Maker will be thrilled to help you in finding the best options that will suit you.

Studs and Style What’s up Stud?

Perhaps one of the most timeless elements with regards to leather jacket decoration is the use of studs.

After evolving over the years in design, shape and size, a large variety is available much to the liking of many across the globe.

Whether you use cone shaped studs or spherical ones, flat rounded ones or a mix of both.

Studs have a tendency of adding some edge to whatever jacket design you may have.

While on the subject of studs, spikes too are used with equal enthusiasm as both are believed to serve similar purposes and give a striking, hip and edgy appearance to the wearer.

Style to Dye for

Using dyeing techniques as decorative elements for leather jackets, go as far back as one can imagine.

This too has undergone an evolution of its own and today offers some of the best and most unique dyeing processes that take leather jackets to a much higher level.

Whether you go for a subtle, minimalist approach with dual tone dyes or multiple tones that make up a cool and creative abstract art approach.

Patterns that are formed by this element transforms any leather jacket in a positive way.

Dye your Leather Jacket in any Color to Highlight your Personality Stripes tell your Story

Adding stripes to your jacket is a great way to add interest to the style and design.

With several options to choose from, you can try vertical stripes running downwards or vertical stripes moving across your front or back, in any style or area you choose.

Diagonal stripes are another option that creates a subtle illusion for people who are on the plump side.

The thinness or thickness of the stripes can be any, from pinstripes to bold thick stripes that can be further enhanced through contrasting colors for an eye-catching look or monotones that give a more subtle style to your jacket.

All in all stripes are great in making you appear slim or tall or even broad or narrow, depending on what you are going for.

Add Stripes to your Jacket for Instant Style and Wow Factor Cut and Strut

Incorporating surprise elements within your leather jacket could be the best move you ever make as far as quality outerwear goes.

With that being said, imagine a leather jacket that can be worn as is as well as a vest or perhaps even a jacket with short sleeves.

Enabling dual or multiple looks, using the same piece is what many people crave for the most, which redefines the phrase of value for money.

As mentioned before, The Jacket Maker is always thrilled to work with customers who love exploring different ideas, know exactly what they want and appreciate the assistance and results which are always well received.

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While we may all have our favorite leather jackets that we are proud of, or perhaps leather pants that we are glad we got just in time for that leather themed event.

Either way, many of us have at least one leather piece if not more that we truly treasure, which is why; taking care of it and maintaining its well-developed patina over the years, is something that is kept under close observation just so that our leather piece may continue looking its best for as long as is possible.

After the thousands of jackets and leather products produced by The Jacket Maker and the continued efforts in developing effortless systems to achieving the most ideal leather pieces in the world, we understand just the same, how important it is to store leather jackets correctly; to ensure optimum usage and durability.

Below are a few vital points on items you definitely must have for suitable storage of your leather jackets:

1. Wide Hangers Please

First off; it is vital to use the correct hangers depending on what type of leather piece you are about to store.

For leather jackets for instance, use a wide hanger that is able to properly support the shoulders of your jacket, so it does not droop downwards. Should this happen, your jacket may quickly be misshapen over time.

While wire hangers are a big NO NO!!! Wooden hangers are so much better for this purpose.

It is crucial that you hang your leather piece as opposed to folding it as would some people, as this method would only leave you with creases that you won’t be able to ease out in the future. Hence, using a wide hanger is best.

Wooden Hangers are so much Better for this Purpose 2. Acid-Free Paper

It is important to stuff the insides of your jacket or leather garment with acid-free paper and then close all buttons or zipper closures or perhaps both; if you have them.

You could also do the same for the outside of your leather product for extra protection from chemical transfer or other elements that could destroy the leather while it is in storage.

Acid-free Paper Stuffed inside Your Leather Jacket for Shape Maintenance 3. Storage Containers

When talking containers, many people have their own take on which types of containers they prefer to use and which work best for them based on experience, which is totally fine with us.

However we’d recommend you use anything from fabric bags to wooden trunks and suitcases.

By NO MEANS should you even consider using plastic containers for leather storage as this prevents the leather from breathing which is crucial for its longevity.

Should there be more than one leather item, make sure each has enough breathing space in between for ideal durability.

Wooden Trunks are One Way of Storing Leather Jackets for Utmost Care 4. Leather Conditioner

Using a good leather conditioner is another key element for correct storage of your leather jacket.

This will preserve not only the leather quality but further retain moisture which is a great factor to reach in this process.

Apply the leather conditioner using a cotton swab for easy breezy procedure.

Using a Leather Conditioner is Another Key Element for Correct Storage 5. Climate Control

No! We’re not talking conspiracy theories, we simply mean that leather storage is best suited to climate controlled area.

Any kind of exposure to elements such as heat, sunlight or moisture will definitely jeopardize the quality of your leather.

Remember certain product instructions on certain labels that say “Keep in a cool dry place”.

6. Professionally Stored

It is not uncommon for some people to seek the help of professionals, even when dealing with leather storage.

Chances are your local cleaners may sometimes offer this kind of service which you can go for, if you prefer to let your prized leather jackets be handled professionally.

Your Local Cleaners may Help you in Storing your Leather Jackets A Tip to Treasure

There have been cases when individuals have done everything correctly to ensure proper leather jacket storage but see that at certain times, their leather pieces seem to change and not in a good way.

This is because, it is really important for you to take your leather jackets out of their storage area occasionally so as to extend their life.

Leather in general can be stored perfectly for lengthy time-spans but need a certain amount of air every now and then.

So simply air them out on occasion and make sure it is safe and sound and super stylish as ever.

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The Jacket Maker by Thejacketmaker - 5M ago

Despite the fact that millions around the world prefer real leather to faux leather, there are still many who opt for faux instead.

Regardless of the notable differences between the two, such as faux being a less expensive and less durable alternative to its real leather counterpart makes it a go to option for furniture, apparel, car upholstery, handbags, belts and more.

It is important to remember that faux being a non-porous surface leads to major staining that will often be found on the top.

It is even more important to prevent it from getting too dry which will certainly lead to it cracking.

It is therefore vital to set-up a maintenance routine for faux and we at The Jacket Maker are glad to share the following with each of you:

Why does Faux Leather Crack?

Quite a few people are already familiar with this point yet many often ask why this happens.

Cracking of faux leather is primarily due to the effect of UVB rays (the second type of ultraviolet rays) on the molecular structure of any type of faux leather resulting in the plastic compounds that become brittle enough to crack.

Another cause of faux cracking could be based on the quality of the product.

If you decide to purchase faux leather that hasn’t been reinforced with natural fibers, for instance, cotton, it will definitely crack regardless of the prevention of exposure to the sun.

It is actually quite simple to at least delay the cracking of faux leather if not prevent it from happening all together.

There are many oils that can be used for this purpose such as baby oil which is considered the best.

Strange as it many sound but baby oil actually creates a protective coating which prevents the sun’s rays or any change in temperature from weakening and cracking the surface.

A second way

To prevent cracking of faux would be by applying special leather conditioners that will help maintain your faux leather.

These conditioners can be used for both real leather maintenance as well as faux which is a surprise for many.

This is because both types of leather resemble each other in grain and texture which is why any special leather conditioner will work well for both types.

Remember this ALWAYS when Maintaining Faux Leather A Faux Leather Jacket 1. No Sunny!!!

Any amount of sunlight can rapidly dry out faux leather. It is vital to keep your faux leathers in the shade especially concerning furniture, apparel, bags etc.

2. Color Transfer

This is another important factor to remember in maintaining your faux leather.

Apparel especially dyed with strong colors or bold colors such as denim blue can easily transfer onto light colors.

Remember washing machine instructions? Light and dark colors separate! Dealing with faux, this type of stain can penetrate real quick, if not wiped with a baby wipe before it becomes permanent.

3. Test Trial

When using any cleaning agents on faux leather for the first time, it’s best to try it out on a small portion that will not be visible.

Let it dry and see the results. If it does not have any adverse effects you can freely continue with the rest of the surface. This is especially useful for furniture.

4. Product Choice

When choosing a cleaning product, ask yourself one question; would you use this product on yourself. If the answer is no then it is probably too harsh for your faux leather.

5. No to the Bleach

Regardless of the size of the stain or the depth of it on your faux, NEVER use bleach.

It has many agents that actually speed up drying, which will only result in weakening the structure and surface, which will shorten the life-span of your faux leather.

6. No Abrasive Cloths

Always say NO to the temptation to rub or scrub a faux leather surface. Never use any kind of rough cloths or sponge.

Scrubbing will only crack the faux without cleaning the stain or removing the mark. The best solution would be to use soft cloths and gentle, circular motions.

7. Clean-up after Cleaning

After cleaning faux leather it is vital to use a mild detergent to clean up the area you were cleaning.

Whether there was a stain or a mark, whether it was successfully removed or not, it is crucial to wipe over the area.

Some cleaners forget this point which is important for maintaining and extending the longevity of faux leather.

Regular mild Clean

For optimum results and positive solutions to faux leather maintenance, conducting a regular cleaning of your faux using mild detergents or washing up liquid again; mild with warm water and soft cloths will go a long way.

Doing this on a regular basis will prevent major staining or marks that could damage your faux down the line.

The post How to Maintain Faux Leather? appeared first on The Jacket Maker.

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Owning a cool leather jacket from The Jacket Maker or having leather incorporated into your lifestyle can be so much fun.

Not to mention the grand impression that is made, when you are seen in one of these amazingly stylish hides and skins.

However, what is most important for the longevity of leather and what most people find difficult to remember, is the maintenance of leather products which is sealed by leather conditioning.

Also, there are different types of leather with each requiring different type of care and maintenance.

Maintenance of faux leather is totally different from that of it real counter-part.

As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. It’s also greatly applicable in maintaining leather products.

Especially leather jackets, where it’s lot to do with how it’s stored and used.

Sure, the whole concept of leather conditioners is not unheard of by many but still, has far more people heading for their nearest cleaners to get the job done that can quite easily be carried out at home.

Here; we at The Jacket Maker break down a few leather conditioners that you won’t believe are as simple and accessible as the products you already have existing in your kitchen. So let’s get started.

Mind over Myth and Reality

When talking about oil-based conditioners you will find quite a bit of controversy especially involving olive oil.

Though many homemade leather conditioner recipes call for an amount of olive oil and vinegar, far many more professional cleaners ask to refrain from this oil simply because it causes more damage than good.

On the bright side, using lemon oil or better still; coconut oil would be so much better for your leather product and its endurance.

While lemons are known for their safety in practically every area of life, coconut oil is hypoallergenic which means that it will not cause an allergic reaction and hence; will not spoil your leather.

You will Find Quite a Bit of Controversy especially Involving Olive Oil

After your leather is cleaned, gently massage the surface with a cloth dipped in either lemon or coconut oil or even small quantities of both mixed together.

Another perk of using this duo is the fresh scent that it gives out when used and how it prevents any kind of cracking anywhere on the leather.

Awesome Alternatives

Those looking for alternatives to the above can definitely try a beeswax-based leather conditioner that requires some preparation ahead of time but which is so worth it when results are revealed.

All you have to do is combine beeswax with cocoa butter and almond oil in a saucepan, using a 1-1/2 ratio.

On medium heat, allow the solid fats to melt into the oil, avoiding excessive heating and after removing from the pan allow it to cool, preferably for around thirty to forty minutes.

By now you should have a thick balm consistency which you can apply to your leather directly using your fingers. Rub it in and remove any residue that may be left behind, with a soft cloth.

Coconut Oil is So Much Better for Your Leather Product and Its Endurance

Flaxseed oil is another great option for those looking for alternative solutions to leather conditioning, as this too; like coconut oil is hypoallergenic.

Though coconut oil would be especially good for leather furniture, flaxseed oil can do the trick as well. Vaseline is a pretty well-known product but did you know that this too can be used for conditioning leather?

Hey baby Hey baby Hey!!!

When talking about very basic homemade leather conditioners, made with soap; most options make bad choices.

However natural baby soap is an exception. Mainly due to its mild and gentle properties and the lack of any color additives that may cause staining, this would be the easiest and safest go-to product that will pamper your leather to no end.

To make your own baby soap-based leather conditioner, all you have to do is mix a quart of warm water with a tablespoon of soap and a few drops of vinegar.

Dip a soft cloth into this solution and apply to your leather surface. Be sure though, that you do not wet the surface but rather dampen it lightly. Let it air dry naturally and enjoy the results.

Baby Soap is an Exception Mainly Due to its Mild and Gentle Properties Remember

Regardless of whether you go for a homemade or store-bought leather conditioner, always start in a small area that is not in direct view but in some place away from your direct focal point.

Also, start in small portions and work your way through the entire surface, once you are sure the chosen procedure is benefiting your leather in all the right ways.

The post The Best DIY Leather Conditioners appeared first on The Jacket Maker.

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